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Jessica holds on to the TARDIS, as the Doctor continues to fly the TARDIS. She is currently trying to fly them away from the thing that is currently trying to chase them.

"Hold on!" The Doctor shouts at them all.
"We ARE holding on!" Yaz argues back.
"Well, hold on tighter!" The Doctor informs them.
"Can you do something about this turbulence?" Graham quizzes
"I'm avoiding something." The Doctor tells them.
"Can't get the hang of these new systems!" The Doctor adds.
"What is it?" Jessica quizzes her friend.
"No! It's still coming for us!" The Doctor huffs.
"Oh! It's a teleport pulse." The Doctor adds.
"What's that?!" Jessica exclaims.

Jessica gives the Doctor a quizzing look. The Doctor looks behind Graham and jumps up and down with excitement. Jessica looks over and sees a robot man standing there with a box.

"Delivery for the Doctor." The robot chimes up.
"Ah! It's the Kerblam Man!" The Doctor exclaims in happiness.
"It's the what?" Yaz quizzes the Doctor.
"The Kerblam Man." The Doctor repeats once again.
"You're just making sounds now." Graham huffs in annoyance.
"Delivery fulfilled." There was pause before he continued. "And remember, if you want it, Kerblam it."

Jessica watches in awe when the robot is replaced with the Kerblam logo. Yaz and Jessica giggle when they see Graham's face.

"Space postman. I've seen it all now." Graham speaks.
"Delivery bots. Kerblam's the biggest retailer in this galaxy. I don't remember ordering anything. Must have been a while back." The Doctor says as she takes out the bubble wrap and then goes back in.

She watches as the Doctor places the parcel to the floor and opens it up. She gives a questionable look in the Doctors direction.

"Oh! What d'you think? Still me?" The Doctor says as she places the fez on her head.
"Nice." Graham says with sarcasm.
"Check it out, they even use bubble wrap." Ryan exclaims.
"Oh! Give me a go, dummy." Jessica exclaims running up to him.
"No!" Ryan says holding it up above her.
"Doctor, look at this. The back of the packing slip." Yaz says when she takes out the item receipt out of the box.
"Help me." The Doctor reads out aloud.
"Probably someone just bored out of their minds, mucking about. Trust me, I've been there." Ryan tells them both as he continues to hold the bubble wrap above from Jessica. "Should have seen what we used to hide inside the trainers." He adds.
"What if it's not? What if someone really is in trouble?" Yaz replies to him.
"Can't hurt to check, can it, Doc?" Graham quizzes her.
"Right. Kerblam, here we come." The Doctor says as she rushes towards the controls.

As soon as they land the Doctor places the fez on the desktop, she grabs her jacket and proceeds to take the bubble wrap off of Ryan and places it on the control panel. She places an arm around Jessica walks her to the doors of the TARDIS.

"You two can fight over who gets the bubble wrap when we get back. Now, let's go and see who needs our help." The Doctor tells the teenager.

They both led the group out the TARDIS and onto their new location. Jessica looks around at the planet with wide eyes of amazement.

"Oh, There's the planet Kandoka, and we're on its moon." The Doctor informs them all. "Kerblam turned it into one massive warehouse." She adds.
"Look at the size of it!" Graham exclaims
"Must be thousands of people in there." Yaz adds.
"How are we gonna find out who sent that message?" Jessica asks the Doctor.
"Halfway across the universe and I feel like I'm back at work." Ryan complains.
"Ryan, brilliant! Come on." The Doctor exclaims.
"What?" Ryan asks.
"We're going undercover. Chop-chop!" The Doctor informs them all.

Jessica glares at Ryan, who smiles at her with sarcasm. Jessica elbows him while they walk all the way into the building. Ryan nudges her back which makes crash into Yaz. Jessica smiles nervously at Yaz.

"See when we're off this planet. I'm gonna stick you in one of those parcels and send you far away." Jessica threatens him.
"No you will not. It'll be me doing that because you're both as bad as each other." Graham butts into the conversation before Ryan has a chance to say anything.
"Blah. Blah. Blah." Jessica mumbles making Ryan and Yaz giggle but making Graham glare at her.
"Don't test me." Graham says.

Jessica smiles at him sarcastically, the Doctor shakes her head at Jessica. Once they enter the building. They make their way to the desk sitting at the front. Jessica rolls her eyes when they get to the desk.

The woman working there had a clipboard which is electric, just like an iPad but better. The woman also wore glasses and had short hair. She looks up when she hears the group arriving.

"Can you check again? We just came in from Kandoka. We must be on the list there somewhere." The Doctor questions the lady once she started up the conversation of them being new employees.
"Not expecting anyone new today. Didn't even know there was a shuttle coming in." The woman informs her as she looks at the clipboard.
"Do you mind if I take a look? It might just be the spelling." The Doctor asks as she takes out her sonic screwdriver. "By the way, this is our reference." The Doctor adds as she takes out her psychic paper.
"You're relatives of the First Lady!" The woman exclaims looking at them all.
"Oh. Did she put that? We asked her not to. Didn't we, gang?" The Doctor says.
"We don't like to talk about it." Yaz agrees
"Yeah. So awkward." Ryan adds.
"Very awkward." Jessica also adds.
"We're very private." Graham finishes.
"Well, there must be some- Oh, no. There you are. Got you." The woman pauses as she reads what's on her clipboard. "Private shuttle landing. Sorry. Person error. Me, I mean."
"Um-Right. Well, uh, let's get you on this induction, then." The woman stutters. "Uh, follow me. This way." She adds.

Everyone follows her to wherever she's taking them all. Jessica looks around at everyone walking around. She notices a young man cleaning out one of the glass cabinets.

She smiles at him when he looks in their direction. He smiles back timidly at her when he notices Ryan glaring at him.

"Welcome to another rewarding shift at Kerblam, fulfilling orders from the human colony of Kandoka." The woman informs them as they continue to walk.
"Hi!" The Doctor greets a man walking by them.
"Morning." The man replies.
"Sorry, what's your name?" The Doctor asks the woman.
"Judy Maddox, Head of People." Judy introduces herself.

The man walking by them walks up towards one of the robots and begins to have a conversation with the robot.

"Morning, Les. How are the family?" The man greets.
"Good morning, Daniel. My name is not Les, but I acknowledge your amusing coworker banter." The robot greets back, Jessica lets out a giggle when she sees the man's face when the robot corrects him with the name.
"Every morning. So much for machine learning." Daniel grumbles.
"Have a great day, Dan." The robot bids farewell.
"Hiya!" The Doctor greets the robot.
"Good morning, new workers." The robot replies back.
"Is it me, or are they pretty creepy?" Ryan questions Yaz, Graham and Jessica.
"It ain't you." Graham agrees.

The Doctor then butts in and tells them that they're being robophobic. Jessica stiffs a giggle when she sees Ryan go quiet as well as her granddad. Yaz laughs as well.

The gang then proceed to follow Judy. Ryan and Jessica continue to annoy each other until the Doctor and Graham step in. The Doctor makes Jessica walk with her towards their destination.

"The system allocates work details based on fitness, stamina, dexterity and mental assessments." Judy tells the group as Graham steps into a machine to be scanned.
"Same model as the Kerblam Man! I love the Kerblam Man." The Doctor says once again.
"The Teammates are the friendly face of the system. They're here to assist and to supervise the organic workers." Judy replies.
"Organic?" Graham exclaims in horror.
"Oh, sorry. Listen to me. You get so used to the jargon. Gone native." Judy replies as the Doctor got into the machine.
"Oh! Two hearts." She exclaims when she sees the two hearts come up on the screen.
"Courtesy of the First Lady." The Doctor replies.
"Very good healthcare policy. I don't like to talk about it." She adds.
"So Kerblam is completely automated?" The Doctor quizzes Judy as Ryan gets into the machine.
"Uh, no, 90%, as per Kandokan guidelines.
Proud to be a certified 10% people-powered company." Judy answers. "I know some people are against quotas, but I'm all for that one. Mind you, I would say that, wouldn't I? Head of People. Self-interest." She adds.
"It's funny, I don't normally talk this much." She trails off.
"Huh." All of them say as the power goes off.
"Don't worry, it'll come back online in a moment." Judy reassures them all.
"Not paid your bills?" The Doctor asks her as the power comes back on.
"Build a warehouse on a moon, it's never gonna be perfect." Judy replies. "We get the occasional power drain. It's down to the self-optimisation systems." She adds.
"How's the morale among the workers?" Yaz asks her.
"Uh, I like to think very good. It's my job to make sure that everyone's happy. Not that it's difficult, I mean, we're all so grateful to have a job, right? We all know how hard they are to come by. No, I hope that people feel it's a privilege to work at Kerblam." Judy answers Yaz's question.
"Your turn, dear." Judy tells Jessica.

Jessica steps into the machine and watches as it spins round. Jessica looks as Judy exams her scan. Judy then motions for them to follow her. She walks them over towards table full of gadgets.

"Relax as I affix your Group Loop." The robot assures them.
"Are we under house arrest?" Graham quizzes Judy.
"Oh, no. The Group Loops monitor productivity and report back to the system." Judy reassures them all.
"I wore one of these at my last job." Ryan tells Judy.
"Oh, really? Where was that?" Judy asks him.
"Sport Stack, People's Republic of South Yorkshire." Ryan answers her.
"I don't know it. But it's nice to meet someone with experience. You'll feel right at home." Judy tells him.
"Yeah." Ryan says with sarcasm.
"Right. Time for the tour." Judy tells them as the robot finishes putting the tags on them.

They all follow Judy out the room and in to the main building. Jessica walks next to the Doctor. Jessica watches as Judy points stuff out to them.

"600 million products, 10,000 employees, the biggest human workforce in this galaxy.
Welcome to Kerblam." Judy tells them as they reach the main part of the facility.
"10,000 workers." The Doctor exclaims.
"One wrote a message." Ryan scoffs.
"Might take a while, this." The Doctor thinks out loud.

They all follow Judy again to where they pack the stuff up into the box. Then where they put them down the chute.

"The system instantly relays customer orders to workers in Fulfilments. They scan the product and send it down to the packing stations. Once it's packed, the customer's order goes on the conveyor." Judy begins to explain to them.
"Rule number one, keep all loose clothing, hair and body parts away from the conveyor and never, ever, climb onto the conveyors.
Any person found on the conveyor faces immediate termination." The Doctor lets out a scoff at the last rule.
"This is Final Checks, where parcels are inspected, sealed, and go down the hatch to Dispatch. Through this hatch beats the heart of the Kerblam operation."
"Hundreds of conveyors pumping parcels down to our fully automated lower level. From Dispatch, our postmen retrieve the parcels and teleport direct to the customers. Any questions?" Judy finishes.
"Can I do the packing slips?" The Doctor asks her.

Jessica lets out a giggle when the Doctor looks at Judy with hopeful eyes like a little girl waiting for her ice cream. Even the others were looking at the Doctor with amusement.

"Sorry, only purple Group Loops work the packing stations." Judy answers which causes the Doctor to pout like a little child.
"Leisure breaks in the Home Zone." Judy informs them.
"Right. I'll leave you in the capable hands of the Teammates. I'll be checking in on you, make sure you're OK. Gotta keep an eye on the 10%. As my dad used to say, "Go, organics!" He was, uh a bit odd, my dad." Judy says as she walks away.
"Stand still, Graham." The Doctor informs him.
"What you doing?" Graham quizzes her.
"Switching jobs with you." The Doctor replies.

Yaz and Jessica stand on the opposite sides of Ryan. Jessica watches as the Doctor swaps jobs with Graham.

"I need purple. Whoever sent that message had access to the packing stations. That's where I need to be." The Doctor tells Graham.
"And where does that leave me?" Graham quizzes her but doesn't get an answer a Kerblam robot interrupts them.
"Hello, coworkers. We're so thrilled to have you with us. Yasmin Khan and Jessica Ashford, please come with me." The Robot politely asks them.
"Ryan Sinclair and the Doctor, great name, with my colleague to the left." The robot tells the doctor and Graham.
"Hello, team!" The robot greets the Doctor and Ryan
"Meet you at break time in the Home Zone?" Yaz asks the others.
"Yes, ma'am." Ryan replies.

Jessica and Yaz walk off the robot. Both of the girls look at each other with nerves. They both know that there is no way that the doctor is gonna leave without finding out who sent that note and why they sent it.

They are met by Dan from earlier, the polite man helps them with understanding how everything works down where they are. Jessica looks at him curiously as he does his job and gives them some stuff to scan.

"Help with what?" Dan asks the two girls as they begin questioning him.
"I dunno. Someone who was having a hard time, or got themselves into trouble." Yaz replies as she looks down from scanning a box.
"Word of advice, the Teammates can hear everything, if they choose." Dan warns the two girls
"Everything?" Jessica quizzes him.
"Constant random monitoring. No such thing as privacy here." He replies to her.
"Are you from the union? Is that it?" Dan asks them both.
"Just trying to get a sense of the place." Yaz replies.
"Well, best way to get along, do as you're told and try not to bump into the robots. If you can manage that, you might end up on a poster!" Dan says as he stands next to a poster.
"That's you!" Jessica exclaims.
"Film-star looks." Dan replies. "I got extra credit for it. Sent a poster to my little girl, for her bedroom wall." He adds with a small smile.
"How old is she?" Jessica asks him.
"Six." He replies.
"Where is she?" Yaz asks him.
"She's upstairs." He answers her questions.
"She's Head of Finance." He jokes.
"No, she's back home, on Kandoka. She made me this. Lacquered with arcadium. Outlast anything, this will. Including me. Actually, that's a bit depressing." Dan adds.
"Hello, coworkers. Please confine social interaction to leisure breaks." The TeamMate robot interrupts.

The three of them walk away from the robot and into a different aisle. They walk in silence for a few seconds before they begin to talk again.

"How often do you see your daughter?" Jessica asks him with a smile.
"Twice a year, I splurge on an economy shuttle.
The rest of my wages I put away for her education. I do this job so she doesn't end up like her dad." Dan explains with a sad expression.
"Her dad's alright." Jessica reassures him.
"Well I was a rubbish husband to her mum.
But I'm making up for it. It's tough being away from family. Well at least I'm working, unlike half the galaxy." Dan tells them both.
"I suppose we've only got ourselves to blame.
Whilst we were busy staring at our phones, technology went and nicked our jobs." Yaz replies nudging Jessica.
"Great conversation, guys. But unnecessary talking can lead to efficiency reductions. Why not pick up the pace a little?" A teammate robot interrupts once again.
"Sure thing, Basil." Dan says in an apologetic tone.
"Thank you." The robot says.
"He was a pole dancer till his hips gave out." Dan says, his joke makes the two girls laugh at him.
"I like you two, you both laugh at my jokes." Dan tells them both.
"Hmm. Antique lamp, section 99955/7." Jessica reads as her machine bleeps.
"No. Not a good idea. Not on your first day. I'll take that. You'll get lost in the triple-9s." Dan says.
"Dan, I'm perfectly capable of." Jessica tries argue.
"I know you are. I'm just not sure the system is." Dan replies. "There's barely anything down the triple-9s anymore. The last person to search for an order down there got the sack. I never saw them again. Not having that happen to you." He adds.

The two girls look around as the man disappears down the aisle. Yaz looks through one of the holes in between the boxes and sees one of the robots just staring at the two girls. Yaz quickly leads Jessica away. They continue with scanning items and placing them in their trolley.

"Dan?" Yaz yells out, Jessica following behind her.
"Dan? Dan? Dan?!" Yaz continues to yell.
"You down there?" Jessica adds.

The two girls look at each other and run towards the sound of the scream they've just heard.

"Dan?! Are you there?!" Jessica yells out.
"Um I-I just found these. They belong to Dan Cooper." Jessica asks after she picks up Dan's necklace.
"Do you know where he is? OK. Never mind!" Yaz says as she grabs Jessica's hand.

The two take off running down the aisles, away from the robot which was about to grab them both. As soon as they left the room, Yaz took them both towards the Home Zone.