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¬ Ryan picks Jessica up and carries her to the car. He opens the door and sets her inside. He then gets in himself. Jessica then huffs as Yasmin begins to drive them to their new destination.

"Can we have the lights and sirens on?"
The woman asks in a childlike manner.
"No! Shouldn't be doing any of this."
Yaz exclaims.
"So you four know each other?"
The woman asks Grace.
"I'm his nan as well as Jessica's; Graham is my husband as well as Jessica's grandad."
Grace explains.
"Second husband."
Ryan butts in.
"And you two know each other?"
She asks Ryan.
"Me and Yaz were at school together."
Ryan explains.
"Not Yasmin Khan?"
Grace quizzes the police officer in front of her.
"Hello, Ryan's nan."
Yaz calls out.
"And you say you just found it there, this thing?"
The woman quizzes Ryan.
"Yeah, pretty much. I took pictures."
Ryan says handing her his phone.
"Good lad."
The woman exclaims as she looks through the photos.
"That's exciting. No! Not exciting. What do I mean? Worrying. Fast as you can, Yaz."
The woman orders Yaz.



he car begins to speed up; Jessica decides to take her shoes off and inspect her feet. As she looks at it, she notices it swelling. When she looks up; she notices the woman staring at her.

Jessica gives her questioning look, the woman turns back around. As soon as they arrive at the location, Jessica is ordered to stay in the police car.

Jessica just rolls her eyes and stays put. She begins to drift off to sleep around about 5 minutes after they leave. She is shaken awake by Ryan. When she looks around she sees them next to Ryan's car. Ryan helps Jessica get out of the police car.

"Two weird things, one city, same night. Makes me nervous."
The woman informs them all.
"I'll see if there's been anything of that object."
Yaz tells the woman.
"Good, because we need all the information that we can get. Meet us back here."
The woman orders Yaz.

Yaz drives away as the woman turns back around and faces the others. Jessica leans onto Graham for support as the pain begins to arrive again.

"I can have a word with some of my old pals from work. If you want to know what's happening, ask a bus driver."
Graham informs the woman.
"He always says that."
Ryan and Jessica say.
"Yeah, that's because it's true. I'd still be doing that now if I could."
Graham glances down at Jessica as he says this.
"I'll search for weird stuff on social media."
Ryan tells the woman.
"And I'll check in with my nurses group on WhatsApp."
Grace also says.
"Seriously, though, aliens."
Graham looks at the woman with bewilderment.
The woman says.
"Oh, yeah, maybe, I won't mention that bit."
Graham says as he begins to walk towards the town.

Grace catches Jessica before she falls. Jessica holds onto Grace as she watches her grandad walk towards the bus station.

"Suddenly I feel really tired."
The woman informs them all.
"That was a big fall you had, love. Should get you checked out at A&E."
Grace tries to convince her.
"No. I never go anywhere that's just initials."
The woman rambles.
"Although! Can one of you catch me?"
The woman asks them.
"You're going to fall over?"
Ryan questions her.
"In two minutes, 19 seconds. Wait! Forget the two minutes. Nineteen Oh, this new nose is so unreliable."
The woman says as she faints.

Ryan catches her. Grace helps Jessica into the back of the car along with the woman. Jessica had the woman's feet resting on her lap. As soon as they reach the house. Ryan and Grace help get the woman out and into the house while Jessica waits for them to return.


Ryan comes back out with her wheel chair. Jessica groans but gets into the wheelchair. She sees Grace coming out the house with the ramp. Ryan walks up the ramp with Jessica.

Letting go of the wheelchair Ryan let's Jessica go and get something to eat. Humming softly, Jessica opens the freezer door and looks through some food.

Finding her favourite, she sticks it into the microwave and sticks it on a timer. When it finishes she grabs a plate and takes it into the living room.

"Excuse me."
Jessica asks Grace politely.
"Sorry, love."
Grace apologises.
"It's ok, nan."
Jessica replies.

Jessica then goes to the table where Ryan's sat and places the plate on there. Then she moves herself from the chair to the dinning table chair. She then begins to eat her tea. She notices Ryan staring at her with disgust in his eyes.

She questions him.
"How can you eat Chicken Curry?"
He asks her.
"By putting it in my mouth like so."
Jessica tells him sarcastically.
"Oooh. Sorry."
Ryan teases her.
"Don't tempt me."
Jessica threatens.
"I'm so scared."
He says winding her up.
"Behave, you two."
Grace says as she comes into the living room with a blanket for the woman laying on the sofa.
"Ryan. Jessica. Look."
Grace says as she places the blanket across the woman.

The woman is glowing a golden type of colour. Her whole skin is golden. Grace kneels down and places a hand on her wrist.

"She's got two separate pulses."
Grace informs them both.
"Oh, my God. What is that?"
Ryan asks as the woman exhales some golden dust.
"I have no idea."
Grace tells him.

Just then the front door opens; Yaz and Graham walk into the living room. Looking up from her tea, she notices the other two's presence. That's when the woman woke up.

"Oh! Who woke me up? I'm not ready. Still healing. Still Ahhh! Can you smell that? No, not smell. Not hear. Feel. Can you feel Stay still, Ryan."
The woman says like she's woken up from a nightmare.
"What is it? What's the matter?"
Ryan questions her.
"Show me your collarbones."
The woman orders all of them including Jessica show her their collarbones."
"Oh, you've all got them."
The woman adds.
"So, have you."
Ryan points out.
"Yeah, I have. Okay."
She inhales before continuing.
"Really sorry. Not good news. DNA bombs. Microimplants which code to your DNA. On detonation, they disrupt the foundation of your genetic code, melting your DNA. Fast, and nasty and outlawed in every civilised galaxy."
The woman explains.
"How did we get them?"
Jessica asks.
"Never mind that, are they going to go off?"
Graham asks the woman.
"Quiet, I'm trying to think. It's difficult. I'm not yet who I am. Brain and body still rebooting. Reformatting. Oh, reformatting!"
The woman says like she has came up with an idea.
"Can I borrow that?"
The woman asks while pointing to Ryan's phone.
"Yeah, I guess so, but what for?"
Ryan asks her.
"That creature. On the train. When you two came onboard, it zapped us all with these. Simple plan to take out witnesses. Very clever. Merciless, but clever."
The woman explains as she begins to type on the phone.

Looking at the woman curiously, Jessica finishes her tea. But leaves her plate where it is. Just then the phone beeped.

"I reformatted your phone."
The woman says with a proud tone.
"No! All my stuff's on there."
Ryan complains.

The woman then puts the phone to her neck; she is thrown into the wall. Jessica places herself onto her wheelchair. The woman then stands up and gets her jacket.

"Oh! Come on. Keep up."
The woman says as she runs out the door.

Yaz grabs a hold of Jessica's wheelchair handle and wheels her out. Graham grabs Jessica's crutches and follows them out. Ryan grabs a hold of Jessica and sits her on his knee. Yas and Graham put Jessica's wheelchair in the back of the car while they put her crutches into the car.

Then Graham sits in the middle then Yaz sits in the last seat. Grace then drives off. The woman is giving Grace directions. Leaning back Jessica sighs; giving directions. They arrived at the place.

Grabbing her crutches, Jessica is helped out the car by Graham and Ryan. The woman is stood in front of them with the phone in her hand. Just then a loud BANG is heard and a huge ball of fire. Jessica holds onto Graham.

"Bingo. Oi!"
The woman shouts at this huge figure in the distance.
"Oh. I was expecting a tentacley thing."
She says out loud.
"Don't you move!"
The woman shouts once again but that was pointless as the figure started to move.

The woman begins to run, then Ryan, then Grace who is then followed by Yaz. Graham takes his time to follow along with Jessica. Ryan motions for them to follow him and Grace.

Entering the building, echoes of the crutches could be heard then along with a gasp from Grace. Ryan pushes past Jessica and Graham to notify the other two. Jessica gets closer and sees a body laying on the floor.

"Not a weapon blast. More of an ice burn."
The woman mutters to herself as well as the others.
"It broke his jaw open, too."
Grace informs them all.
"Looks like it took one of his teeth. What sort of creature kills someone then stops to pull out a tooth? I'm sorry you all had to see this."
The woman apologises.

Jessica turns around and sees Ryan studying a broken object which is laying on the floor. Jessica moves forwards to join him with studying the object.

"This is it. This is the thing."
Ryan says as he moves closer.
"It was all sealed up earlier. Looks like it's been broken."
Yaz adds.
"Or it's done what it came here for."
The woman says as she inspects the object.
"Some sort of transport chamber. Presumably for that thing we just saw in the alley. But why here? Why tonight?"
She asks.
"Actually, that might have been me."
Ryan admits.
"Why? What did you do."
The woman questions him.
"When I went to get my bike, there was this line in the air and then it moved and there were shapes."
Ryan admits.

Jessica's mind then goes off into it's own world. She is brought out of her trance by the woman bring over a chair for her. Jessica gives her a smile to say thank you, which she returns.

Jessica sits down and lets out a sigh of relief as she gets the weight off her leg. Grace and Graham are sitting next to her talking about Ryan. Jessica leans back against the chair and looks at the ceiling.

Hearing a loud bang as well as a bright light lighting up the room, Jessica sits up and stares at the curtain where the woman is working.

The curtain then opens up; the woman steps out and shows off the object she's made with pride. It makes a spark but she looks at like it stills works.

The woman says.

Jessica lets out a small giggle and stands up. Her leg seems to feel better; picking up her crutches. She carries them.

"Hey, we found a load of stuff."
Ryan says as he and Yaz come back into the room.

They all go to the room that Yaz and Ryan found. Jessica takes notice of the photos around the room. It's of the same two people but different pictures. It reminds her of the room where people hang their photos. She shivers at that thought.

"It's come back. The thing I saw the night my sister. Everyone always says 'disappeared', but I know she was taken. Seven years now. Tracking energy signals, building predictive programmes, so that I'd know when the atmospheric disruptions matched what happened that day. But tonight it came back again and I've got it. I'm going to find out what happened to my sister. If anything happens to me, her name was Asha. Don't let anyone else go through this."
The man on the computer says.
"He knew what he was doing might kill him."
Ryan says.
"She was his family."
The woman says in a soft tone as she takes the picture from the desk.

They all follow the woman back to the main room where that shell thing is. She begins to use her 'Sonic Screwdriver' to find out what it is. The woman then looks down at her 'Sonic Screwdriver' and let's out a little huff.

"Did you just make that?"
Ryan questions her.
"Sonic Screwdriver. Well, I say Screwdriver, but it's a bit more multi-purpose than that. Scanner, diagnostics, tin opener. More of a Sonic Swiss Army knife. Only without the knife. Only idiots carry knives."
The woman rambles.
"What were you doing with it?"
Ryan questions her again.
"Mapping the distance this object has travelled. It looks like it started over 5,000 galaxies away."
The woman explains to them all.
"How can you tell?"
Jessica asks her.
"That bit there. Recall circuitry. It's designed for a return journey."
The woman points out.
"So whatever killed that bloke will have to come back here?"
Graham asks her.

Jessica just stares at the shell type thing and takes in its technology. Her brain then gets into its sciencey way. Jessica notices the woman grabbing some stuff from the table.

"Give me nine minutes, a bit of quiet, and I'll be ready to roll."
The woman demands as Jessica comes back from her little world again.
"Hello? Yeah, Kevin. No. No, mate. That's exactly the sort of thing."
Graham says on the phone as the woman finishes grabbing the stuff.

They all follow out back to the car and get in. This time Jessica shares a seat with Yaz who smiles at Jessica.

·the second part of this book. sorry that this is badly written. I'm trying to remember who said what and what Jessica would say. Also would Jessica and this doctor have a mother/daughter relationship or a sister/sister relationship. Let me know in the comments.·