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The Woman Who Fell To Earth {part 1}



     ¬BEEP! BEEP! Awoke Jessica Ashford from her slumber and bad dream. Fumbling around her dresser; she knocks off the alarm.

"Wakey! Wakey!"
Grace, her grandmother, knocks on the door.
"I'm up!"
Jessica replies.
"Good. Breakfast is ready!"
Grace informs her.

Jessica wipes the tiredness from her eyes and sits up. She takes in the sight of her room. Clothes are scattered around the room; books are scattered across hee desk. She sighs and gets up. She walks over to the door; she grabs her dressing gown.

Placing it on top of her body; she opens the bedroom door. As she opens the door, a strong smell of Bacon and Eggs hit her nose. She closes the door and runs down the stairs.

Opening the kitchen door, she sees Ryan already sitting at the table eating his breakfast. Ryan Sinclair is Grace's grandson. Ryan has been living with his mom since he was 4.

3 or 4 years ago Grace bumped into Graham while he was in the hospital for treatment due to Cancer. Ryan just so happened to be with Grace while Jessica was on her way there. Grace and Graham had gotten to know each other and then a few months later they begin dating.

Then 2 years after that, they got married and that was when Jessica began to live with them. Jessica was just 13 when she began living with Graham, Grace and Ryan. Ryan had accepted Jessica as he knew what it was like to be abandoned by his parents.

"Morning, Jess."
Ryan greets the teen.
"Morning, Ry."
She replies as she grabs a bit of bacon and egg.
"Right, you two. We are going to the mountain top so we can get you both riding a bike each."
Grace informs the teens as Graham comes into the room.
"Hell no! I am not riding a -."
Ryan complains.
"Language. Yes you are. We've got to help you with your dyspraxia. While we've got to help Jess with her physical therapy on leg which we are gonna try with riding a bike."
Grace cuts in.
"Why do I have to do therapy on a bike? It's not gonna end well."
Jessica complains as well.
"It's the only way we will be able to do it without the doctors complaining at you, sweetheart."
Graham tells her.

Sighing, the teens gave in and went to get changed. Jessica rushes to the bathroom and brushes her teeth. She then brushes her hair and walks downstairs. She sees Ryan, Graham and Grace sitting on the couch.

When they notice her, Graham and Ryan grab the bike and helmets. They walk towards Ryan's car. Grace and Jessica are walking behind the two men. They put the bikes on top of the car.

When they arrive at the mountain top, they walk towards the place where they are doing the bike test and sit on the benches getting ready. Jessica let's Ryan go first so he can prove that he won't ride a bike. After a few attempts he throws the bike off the mountain top.

Grace says as her, Jessica and Graham rush towards him.
"No! Not nearly."
Ryan exclaims.
"I'm sick of coming up here, I'm sick of falling and I'm sick of this stupid bike."
He adds as he lifts up the bike and carries it over towards the edge of the hill.
"Ryan Sinclair, don't you dare."
Grace orders him.

Too late, Ryan throws the bike over the edge. Jessica bites back a laugh; whilst Grace sighs out of annoyance at Ryan. Graham just shakes his head towards Ryan with amusement.

They all go and sit towards the mountain top. Ryan sits in front of them all. Jessica just tones out and admires the view. She feels a nudge and gets up with some help of Grace. As her foot is beginning to give her some pain.

She winces as they enter the train station, Grace helps her walk towards their train. Graham helps Grace help onto the train. Laying her down on the train seats, Grace and Graham sit in the opposite seats.

"Grandad, what's the matter with Ryan? I have never seen him like that before."
Jessica asks Graham.
"He believes that his condition is beginning to take over his body."
Grace informs her.
"Oh, so he wants to but his condition is stopping him."
Jessica replies.
"Yes, sweetie."
Graham replies.
"What about my condition? Is it still getting better or worse?"
Jessica questions both adults.
"We won't find out until two days."
Graham replies with a smile.
Jessica finishes.

The train journey continues with a few conversations from the adults. Suddenly, the train stops and the lights go out. Everyone falls off their seats.

"What's happened?"
Jessica asks as Graham helps her up and forces her towards the back end of the carriage.
"I don't know, sweetie. Just stay with your grandad while I try the doors at the front."
Grace tells the young teen.

Jessica tries to stay up straight but the pain wouldn't let her as it spreads along her leg. She lets out little cry as she begins to slide down.

"The doors are locked. We're shut in!"
Grace exclaims.

Jessica begins to panic, but she doesn't know if its because they're locked in or if it's from the amount of pain she is in.

"I think something is coming down the train."
A man informs them.
"Right, get away from the door."
Graham orders Grace and the other man.

Grace phones Ryan to se if he could help but the signal on her phone went due to whatever is on the train. Jessica just sits in the back trying to calm herself down. A huge crash is heard from the train's carriage door. Jessica screams then covers her eyes.

Graham hides Jessica behind his leg. Screaming could be heard then a huge crash from the roof of the carriage to the floor of the carriage. Everyone looks towards the person on the floor who stands up. The person was a woman wearing a worn out suit.

The woman asks.

They all just point behind her. Jessica holds onto her grandads leg and stares at the creature curiously. The woman just takes some cables and sticks into the creature. Suddenly, the creature falls to the ground.

"Should buy us a few seconds."
The woman informs them all.
"Long story, I'll tell you later. Doors?"
The woman asks them.
"Locked, shut!"

The woman then grumbles how she doesn't like empty pockets. Jessica looks at the creature as it begins to come back to life. The creature flies around the woman and goes towards the man who begins to plead with it.

Hearing footsteps, Jessica looks towards the beginning of the carriage and sees Ryan with a girl around about his age. However, she's wearing a police uniform. The creature then blasts them all with electrical power.

"You four, relax, but stay put. I'll check ouy the rest of the train."
The woman orders them.
"Fat load of use you two were."
She tells Ryan and the girl.

Graham and the other man went and looked up towards the sky. Grace helps Jessica to stand up; Jessica lets out a cry of pain. Grace and Graham send her a look of concern. Grace places her on a seat.

A few moments later the lights came on and the sound of the doors unlocking is heard throughout the carriage. Then a few minutes later, the woman, Ryan and Ryan's friend come into the carriage.

Ryan rushes over towards Jessica when he sees her trying not to cry. Grace is sitting beside her trying to comfort her. Ryan's friend, Yaz, notices Jessica holding onto her leg.

"What's the matter?"
Yaz asks Ryan.
"Looks like her fractured foot has decided to come out and play."
Ryan tells her.
"How bad?"
Yaz questions him.
"Don't know. But by the looks of her and the amount of pain she is in; it's really bad."
Was Ryan's reply.

Then Yaz goes on to take a statement from the other man, whose name was Karl. The woman then walks towards Grace, Graham and Ryan. Jessica just giggles away at the woman and everyone's reaction towards her. She then winces as she accidently moves her leg. She notices everyone looking at her.

She questions them.
"Sweetie, we're going in a car and you're gonna have to share a seat with Ryan."
Graham informs her.
"Hell, no. I'd like to survive the journey and not die from his farts."
Jessica complains.
"Well, it's either that or sitting on your grandad's lap."
Grace replies.
"I'll walk then."
Jessica respones.
"You won't get far on that leg."
Ryan says as he leans against one of the seats.
"Does it look like I care?"
Jessica snaps at him as she gets up and limps towards the back of the carriage.

She opens the door with a struggle but manages to open the door. She then carefully jumps down and limps her way towards the road. Everyone is following behind her making sure that she doesn't damage her leg even more.

Jessica begins to feel lightheaded after a few minutes. She then trips over a rock. Ryan reaches her first. Jessica just pushes him away and grabs her foot. She moves her sock down and takes a look at it. It's blue and purple.

·the first part of this book. Is anyone looking forward to seeing what sort of accident do think Jessica has been in. What sort of relationship do you think The Doctor and Jessica will have.·