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When We Were Young

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          Hi, my name is Melody Shelby Judy Berry-Fabray, I know my name is quite the run-on sentence, but my mothers insisted upon it. My mothers were Lucy Quinn Fabray, famous author and screenwriter; she was blonde, fairly tall, beautiful, and smart. My mom was the whole freaking package. My mama, Rachel Barbara Berry, famous Broadway actress and singer was so kindhearted and stubborn, she was short and had brown hair and brown eyes and was extremely Jewish if you get my drift. Then there’s me, I’m rather short, though I’m a few inches taller than my mama, I have blonde hair, green eyes, and glasses. I can sing, but I don’t feel pretty enough to sing. I just feel like I’d be a bother to whatever club I joined.


          “Hey, mistake, nice day for a shower!” and cue the slushy, I clenched my eyes shut and let the icy beverage, the sixth one of today drench my backup to my backup outfit. I licked my lips, watermelon. Nice to see they were changing up the flavors every now and then if they had hit me with another grape slushy I’d have literally died. I dug the icy slush from my eyes and flicked it onto the floor.

            “Maybe you shouldn’t act so perky all the time Quasimodo!” Andy sneered as she tipped another slushy right into my face as if smiling was a crime or something.


          Now Andy isn’t your average bully, in fact before high school and her obsession with popularity Andy and I use to be friends, best friends. We did everything together. She taught me how to ride a bike and I taught her how to speak pig Latin.  We shared our first boy band obsession and our first crush. She’d practice for gymnastics and I would always cheer her on, little did I know that her passion would lead to her betrayal, but anyway we were insanely close.


Andromeda Mirabel Lopez-Pierce, yeah Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce are her parents, and we were inseparable since birth because of that fact. I mean she had an older brother Chase, and a little sister, Whitney. I had a little brother Finn and an older sister, Beth. We had a lot in common! Well… before she became an intolerable bitch.


 Though in all seriousness, she was my best friend, and I loved her. But the fact was, she was pretty, I was not, she cared about her appearance, I did not, she was athletic, I was a bookworm, she was a cheerleader, I was nobody, she was popular, I was a social reject.


          The popular girls gave her a choice at the beginning of freshmen year, and basically, it was popularity or Melody. It’s no surprise that she picked popularity, I wouldn’t pick me either. However what really hammered the final nail in the coffin of our friendship was the day she threw a slushy in my face and called me Quasimodo. Of course our families… well, our moms didn’t know our friendship was over, Andy was constantly using my name to get away with murder with her moms, and I didn’t want to be a bother. I mean my moms were busy enough without knowing their daughter was a freak with no friends.


Anyway back to the story….


I stared at my former friend, through my slushy hazed glasses, and wanted to cry. I mean I’m a fairly tolerable person, but even I have my limits. I bit down on my lip to stop it from trembling and then Andy’s boyfriend shoved me. I didn’t see it coming, and due to the fact that there was slushy all beneath my feet, I had no traction and I went down, banging my head upon the linoleum harshly.

          “Ugh, I’ve probably gained a concussion.” I whimpered and laughter filled the hallway, laughter at my expense. Though I should be used to it. Instead of just getting back up and walking away like I usually would do, I just kind of curled into a fetal position and silently cried.


          “Melody…” a soft voice filled my ears, shortly after the bell rang, signaling the final class of the day was about to start. “Mel…” I was getting shook rather roughly. I sigh sitting up sluggishly and looked up into Chase’s kind eyes. Unlike Andy, who was tall, had caramel colored hair and bright blue eyes, Chase had black hair and brown eyes and was rather short.

          “Why are you just sitting in the middle of the hallway Chica?” he questioned a slight twinkle in his eyes. I shrug sadly; allowing him to pull me to my feet. At least his nickname didn’t insinuate I was a hideous hunchbacked monster.

          “Sometimes the slushy showers just…” I look into his kind brown eyes and shake my head sadly. “Never mind, better get to class Chase, otherwise you’ll have another tardy and Aunt Santana will kill you.” I leave before he can respond; lowering my head in case any jocks or popular people happen upon my path.

          “But Melody my mama is Santana, not my aunt!” he called and I chuckled softly at his shout out and continued on, knowing that if I tried to correct him I’d just end up confused.




                    I don’t expect anyone to be at my home after school, my mama was usually out with work till late, Finn was at football for ten-year-olds, and my mom was usually shut up in her office working on a book or something.  I shut the door to the condo and throw my backpack against the ground roughly, trying to expel some of the low rage levels that were coursing through my body, tears started trailing down my face before I can stop them, and I didn’t wipe them away as I angrily stare at an old photo hanging in the entryway. The Lopez-Pierce and Berry-Fabray families are all huddled together on the stage at my mama’s set of Wicked. Back when I had at least one friend, back when everything made sense, and I wasn’t so alone. I clenched my hands at my sides and sniff miserably.


“Melody?” my mama questions coming into the living room her face a mask of concern, then horror when she gets a look at me. I hastily wipe my eyes and force a smile to my face.

“Hi mama, I thought you’d be rehearsing till late…” I murmur trailing off at her un-amused look. I mean I was covered in green slushy and tears, I got lots of looks on the subway alone, why should my home be any different?

“Quinn!” my mama yelled down the hallway and then rushed towards me. “Melody what happened to you?  Are you being bullied? Are you hurt?” she exclaimed frantically, grabbing my face in between her hands as she forced eye contact with me. I tried to shrug her off, but it was futile, as I said before my mama was so super stubborn.

“I’m fine mama; just someone on the subway lost their balance and spilled their slushy on me. It was an accident.” I smiled again and my mama gave me an incredulous look.


 “LUCY QUINN FABRAY!!!” she growled when my mom didn’t come at her first call, I jumped slightly at the sudden volume change. A door banged open and my flustered mother came stumbling down the hallway and she shuffled out into the living room. Her blonde locks were yanked back into a ponytail and she had forgone her contacts today, obviously by the glasses that rested on her nose. My mama walked to meet her.

“What? What is it? What’s going on?” and she had obviously been sleeping from the flushed tinge that tainted her cheeks, and the pencil mark that resided on her left cheek.  My mama nodded her head in my direction and the dazed look left my mom’s eyes and was replaced with fierce anger. “Melody who did this to you?!” she growled lowly and I shook my head.

“No one, it was an accident, on the subway,” I mumbled dryly, sticking to my claim. My mama looked flustered and annoyed by it and my mom suspicious.


“Melody that’s bullshit, someone threw that at you and you’re going to tell me who!” my mom snapped and I shook my head, I didn’t have the patience for this. I was surprised however that my Mama was so unusually quiet. She just appeared to be seething, silently.

“I’m fine.” I ground out through gritted teeth, I hated confrontation; I always lost them. This whole conversation seemed to be heading down that road into becoming a confrontation.

“Melody-” my mama started and I just lost it, all the pent up frustration from a year and a half of being tormented just bubbled to the surface and burst.

“NO! You don’t understand anything! Everybody hates me, they hate me and me… I don’t even know why they hate me, I get slammed into lockers, thrown into dumpsters, they knock my books out of my hands, they dump my backpack on the ground and kick my stuff down the hallway, they call me names, they threaten me and… and … people throw up to ten slushies a day at me, and that’s on a good day. I can’t even wear anything nice to school because then people will just ruin it with slushies or something else they feel the need to pelt me with!” I sob burying my face in my hands miserably, this was a nightmare. There’s nothing but quiet, tense, pure torturous quiet, that makes me want to drop dead.


“M-Melody why didn’t you come to us?” my mama whispers softly after a few minutes of silence. I chance a look at her and see her tearful expression.

“I…didnot want to…be a bother…you both have more important things to worry about…” I grumble feeling a lump forming in my throat just from making my mama cry.

“Nothing is more important to your mother and me than you Melody! Do you understand me? You and your siblings are our whole entire universe, we love you, and if someone is hurting you it kills us baby and we need to know. You can always come to us.” She rants looking ready to smother me in a hug.

“I’m going down to that school and talking to that fucking worthless ass hat of a principal and he’s going to explain to me why we’ve just now heard of this!” my mom growled as she struggled with putting her coat on, too blinded by her rage to really focus on actually completing the task.

“No mommy, no please that will just make it worse, please mommy no….” I sobbed, feeling like an infant, but if she went down to the school then well Andy would be discovered and I guess a part of me still cared about her. Even though she didn’t care about me anymore, I still cared about her with all my heart and I wanted to protect her in some way.


“Mel baby, what they’re doing is wrong. If they’re threatening you, hurting you, bullying you it’s not okay! Sweetheart if they threaten you, then that’s a crime, its assault.”  She exclaimed and my mama brought me into her arms and kissed the top of my head.

“Tell us their names, Melly.” She cooed, running her fingers through my hair and humming softly. I melted into her embrace, it was so nice and warm and comforting.

 “Rory Evans… Lonnie Abrams and all the jocks…besides Chase…”  I smile at my mom before I hesitate, “and … um…” I closed my eyes did I say her name? My mama sat down on the couch pulling me into her lap.

“I am so calling Mercedes and Tina!” my mom seethed pacing the living room after my mama told her to calm down a minute.

“Quinn cool it.” My mama hissed as she rubbed my back and I sniffed into her shirt. “Who else baby?” she asked gently humming once more and I took a deep breath.

“All the cheerleaders…” I murmur and I watch my moms share a look of concern when a whole minute ticks by and I don’t once say. Besides Andy