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The Shattered Being: Mob

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“Hey kid-!” A man shouted before Mob was abruptly grabbed behind and something cold and metallic was pressed against he throat. A knife he belatedly thought. The sudden grab caught up and he couldn’t help the sped up breath or shuffling to get away from the villains hands, unfortunately pressing into the blade.




He just wanted to get home, really. Nothing bad had happened at school per say. It was just that, school. Kids talked, rumours flew, conversations were spoken and horrible horrible (untrue) facts came to light. Like some “facts” about Mob.


Screaming citizens snapped him out the thoughts of the events that happened today-

“Loser-“ “Lol he’s so weak-” “OMG he tried to talk to me!-“ “If you have a quirk why don’t you stop us?-“ “Look, here comes the Floater-“ “Gross-” “Whys he’s so creepy looking?-“ “I heard he had a useless quirk like his toenails grow quicker or something-“

To see Kamui Woods monologuing to the villain. Honestly it was a good move if he was bluffing for reinforcements but the emotionless captive knew he was not. Kamui was new therefore Mob had to get out this situation himself.


Except the place was bustling with people. The crowd was watching eagerly as to what the new hero would do to help this poor captive kid. But that was it, no fear for the knife pressed roughly up to his throat or how close his death could be, is . Because a hero was here! Of course they would save him!




The villain snickered to which caused the hero to stop and stare in confusion while the crowds suppressed a shiver at the pure hate towards them.


“So, hero , how are you going to save the brat? Your quirk is useless against mine.”


 Which was true. It had to do something involving fire from the way the ground lit it a almost neon blue glow and how hot he felt.


“You disgusting villain! Using a a child as a captive! Your evil ways shall be stopped!” replied Kamui before getting into a fighting stance (why wasn’t he from the beginning? Maybe he wanted Mob to stay a captive).


The reply was enough for the villain who laughed once again straight into his face. The crowd froze in fear and Mob tried to get his quick breathing down to make sure he didn’t faint. Don’t want to actually get killed.


(Did he?)




No no, he had his wonderful brother Ritsu and his amazing boyfriend Teru and and and (his dad?) Shishou! He couldn’t die (not yet).


So Mob idly watched the slowly diminishing silhouette of the hero who should’ve called backup and listened to the uproarious crowd asking why he didn’t save that child as he was dragged backwards. He watched the newly built houses turn into falling and rotting buildings and the semi clean air turn into the smell of disappointment and hate He wondered why the villain didn’t turn around and walk normally now they weren’t surrounded. The passerby’s didn’t glance in his direction once.


Mob didn’t want to hurt the villain.


But he was going to hurt him and if they knew him, see his face, they’d know about his family, his family .


Maybe in another time, or universe, or whatever there is out there, he would be a pacifist. He would refuse to hurt. But then how would he protect his loved ones?


He would control his powers. He had help after all.


And so the black haired teen calmly walked with the villain who still held him at knifepoint but (thankfully) didn’t hold him.


“Kid... What the fuck is your deal.” The villain asked after 5 minutes of walking in silence.


Said teen minutely tilted his head to the side. “My deal? What deal? Deal with who?” asked Mob.


The villain, who had now turned forward, let out an aggravated sigh and grumbled under his breath about ‘stupid dumb kids’. “Yes, your deal. Why aren’t you scared? Running for your life? You could easily escape right now, hell, i’m not even seriously putting the knife up to your throat!” he whisper yelled as to not draw attention. Not that anyone would care anyway.


Mobs mouth formed a small “o” as he suddenly understood what the villain meant. “Well, your going to chase after me if i run? Right? And your quirk could probably turn me crispy real quick since it was blue.”


The villain had a smirk on his face before mob continued. “Plus i know your face. It’s rather unique and you’d be easy to spot.”


Which was true, purple scars covered most his captives face held on by what looks like staples in mobs opinion. Maybe they were medical ones? Not to mention the villains pretty blue eyes. Secretly, Mob thought he was quite handsome.


“Ugh, don’t remind me about it.” he scowled and spat out which caused Mob to look at him in even more confusion. It was probably the most emotion the scarred individual had seen on the teens face which said a lot since he had just been used as a hostage.


“What’s wrong with it? Your face i mean.” Mob innocently inquires.


Scarred hands tightened around the knife he was carrying before he scoffed, lifting it from Mobs neck fully and slipping it into a pocket with practised ease. “Don’t lie kid, i know i’m not beautiful or nice to look at.”


Surprise coloured the smaller boys face before his face fell into contemplation.


“Can you... lean down a bit for me?”


Blinking unsurely the villain warily leant down until he was face to face with the smaller individual.


Mob seriously looked at the villains face (why was he being nice to a villain?) before studying it just at intensely.


The villain flinched at the serious expression and intense stare but was shocked to find the boys pale face become more and more pink in the cheeks.


“... Are you... blushing?” he asked unsurely, unable to mask his surprise.




Blinking and acting like he wasn’t, Mob gave a quick nod. “I don’t see what’s wrong? Y- your. Um. Why do you say that? Your v- very uh, handsome?” Mob quietly admitted near the end but not after stumbling over his words.


The villain looked like he was psychically buffering for a second before letting out a bark of startled laughter. “Kid! What the fuck! I’m a bit too old for you don’t you think? Plus i just nearly killed you.”


“I don’t know how old you are so how would i know? I have a boyfriend as well anyway. Who said you nearly killed me? I’m not defenceless you know.” Said Mob casually supplied which caused goosebumps on the villains non scarred flesh.


Coughing, the villain slouched over more and tried to think of something to say to clear the tense atmosphere. “Uh, so, what’s your name kid? I basically kidnap you, you compliment me and i don’t even your your name.”


“I’m Mob. What’s your name mister?” Mob questioned back.


Raising a brow at the name, the villain let it slide since his own wasn’t that much different. “Dabi, and please don’t call me mister. I’m old but not that old.”




A single nod was Dabis reply, and before he had a chance to realise they were both wondering in the back streets which wasn’t safe, even for him , he was met with “I hope we meet again. It was nice talking to you Dabi-kun” and flung off the ground into a cracked building and gently set on the ground .


All Dabi thought was, what the fuck was that and peeked out the hole he came in.


Mob wasn’t silly. He had heard the footsteps that gradually got louder the more he and Dabi spoke. It was a shame to end their chat so soon since he was enjoying it.


What looked like a gangster stepped into the light as he turned around to see who was following him. “Oi brat! Where did that scarred freak go you were walking with?”


The teen shook his head and suppressed a small frown at the name they called Dabi. Mob hated lying, but he was doing it for his friend(?)/companion(?)/neighbour(?).


The gangster strode confidentially forward and leant on the baseball bat he was carrying. “Ehhh? You don’t know where he went? Didn’t you just throw him somewhere? Your not lying to big brother are you?”


Mob once again shook his head, oddly calm.


A voice in the back of his head says its because how often people come after him nowadays.


“HAH?! This brats lying to us guys-“

More gangsters stepped out into the street from an ally.

“-we should beat it out of him since he’s not gonna tell big brother. Right boys?”


The small crowd of people with baseball bats yelled in agreement. Some bats were covered in wire, screws or even blood.


Mob sighed. He hated dealing with so many people. Not because they could severely injure him or even possibly kill him, but because there was so many people who could potentially overtalk about his quirk. It was a mighty slim chance his classmates would find out, but inside, Mob was still scared they would find out.


Mob lifts his hand.


“How about big brother teaches you a les-“


And quickly and efficiently throws “big brother” to his lackeys, making them all fall over.


[Like bowling]




He suppresses and small smile.


Picking up some random bricks laying around with his quirk, the teen hits each member one by one making sure to hit away from their temple and use the blunt side of the brick.


An easy smile is bought to his face before it slips right off again. Dabi probably left already... hopefully they would bump into each other soon. Mob doesn’t think Dabi would hang around the main street. Maybe he should walk around the back area for him.


Dabi stood there in... shock was an understatement of the century. Small, defenceless, emotionless Mob, just took out the people who had been giving him a hard time. He gulped nervously, when the kid had said he wasn’t defenceless, he wasn’t kidding . Dabi was grateful he and Mob got along despite the slight hiccup in meeting.


Mob was just about to call the police and inform them he had “found some unconscious gangsters on the street” when he heard very very quiet steps heading towards him.


He just wanted to go home, or maybe chat with Dabi some more. When will god strike him down already .


Before he could raise his hand, a grey scarf speedily wrapped around his arms tying them to his body.


“Are you ok kid?” a gruff voice spoke out.


Mob let his body ragdoll and let the sturdy (but comfy) scarf support most his weight. “Yes, im fine mister. Sorry.”


A sigh met his ears, much like the one Dabi let out earlier and a... homeless man stepped out?


“Call me Eraserhead kid i’m a pro hero, not mister. Are you sure?” The homeless- Eraserhead asked in a neutral tone that hid his concern well.


Mob nodded absentmindedly and wondered what the scarf was made of. Maybe he could get one for Shishou since he didn’t have one?


A few moment of awkward silence filled the dingy street that was cleared of people.


“U-uhm. Can i go Eraserhead?” Hesitantly asked mob as his body suddenly regained bones and wanted to hatch and leave .


The pro hero studied him before asking “Do you want to be a hero?” out of the blue.


The teen in question blinked before thinking. Does he? Wouldn’t becoming a hero make the spotlight shine on him, and also his family? He didn’t want to bring even more trouble than he has to them.


Just before Mob is about to say no, Eraserhead speaks up. “There are underground heroes, hero’s who hide from the public eye.” Which causes the captured boy to hesitate.


Does he want to be a hero? Want to help others without backlashes and his family in danger? Help people like shishou?


Images of grateful smiles and watery eyes profusely thanking Shishou and himself pop into mind and Mob thinks,


Yes, he does.


And so Mob nods, determination filling his dull eyes and promises to himself.


He will become a hero, a hero to protect his family and to protect others .



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After yesterdays encounter with the pro hero Eraserhead, Mob felt good. Great even. While Eraserhead walked him back home he asked questions-


Mob took and breath and readied himself for any judgement that may come. "Uh- uhm" The pro turned around to look at the nervous teen and raised an eyebrow. This was a bad idea.


"Yes kid?"


Regardless he forced the question out of mouth. "W- well, uhm. What would I have to do to become a hero? I- I mean I know you have to save people and be strong b- but-"


[Get yourself together, man. Move to Philly] "Work out,-" [Buy a loft. Start a noise band.] "-plan meals,-" [Get six or seven roommates... eat hummus with them.] "-don't get in trouble,-" [Book some gigs] "-practice self defence,-" [Paint, Smoke cloves. ] "-practice your quirk-" [Listen to Animal Collective.] "-and have the right heart." [Start some type of salsa company.] the bedraggled man listed off before stopping in his tacks altogether and analysing the boy who stood fiddling with his fingers in front of him (and looking vaguely as if he wanted to laugh).


"You've certainly got a hold of your quirk and your hearts in the right place, all you need in practice and planning now." he nodded curtly before starting to walk down the street again.


"Try to get into UA." he added as if an afterthought.


Mob was planning to anyway.


So he started planning and following Eraserheads advice. Starting after school (after the beatings and foul foul words that escaped the other teens lungs and echoed in their tombs of skin and flesh and rattled and vibrated in the fold and creases that made humans converse and then escaped into the classroom and world and echoed echoed echoed into others ears and heads and brains and hearts and-) he went to his Shishous office more often than not to borrow his laptop.




It was harder to admit to him that he wanted to be a hero that he liked to admit.


But Shishou took it stride claiming "If you don't expect the unexpected, how will you help those who don't expected it?" to which Mob took to heart. He gave advice to the teen and explained how important stretching was before exercising, how much gym fees were (which made Mob internally flinch) and most importantly, knowing your limits.


"Reaching your limits is nothing to be afraid of Mob! Reach as far as you can go but don't push past it! You don't want to hurt yourself otherwise you'll spend more the recovering than it'll take to cover that small amount gained. Pace yourself and be patient."


To which Mob did. Reigen helped plan out a fitness regime and food planner in only a few hours and shoo'd him away when he wanted to help out the office as well as exercise.


"Remember my dear student! Don't push yourself! Now go and train for your heroics! I await my students rise in fame!" he stated dramatically to only fall out his chair because he was leaning too far forward.


As Mob was walking home he couldn't help but worry at how his parents would react. Would they help him? Would they even react at all?


He shook his head, they wouldn't.


An alternative option would have to be achieved, maybe he could help some neighbours moving stuff? That would count as weight lifting right? But he would run out of neighbours... Maybe he could clean something? Oh! Wasn't there a Body Improvement Club? Maybe he could join them. And for food he was pretty fine since it was always stocked up with fresh fruit and veg at home. There was also plenty of spirits that needed help or exorcising! That would count as training his quirk right?


Tomorrow, tomorrow he would ask the club if he could join. Tomorrow he would jog in the morning and cook for ritsu and himself like the planner says.


Tomorrow he would start.




Today he walked home ignoring the pain flaring in his back and how his bones creaked and screamed to him to sit down stop moving and crusted blood aggravating his wounds as his clothed rubbed against his skin.


Today he got home and watched as blood dripped down down down and his percent went down down down.


Tomorrow he would have to get more bandages.