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Angering Demonic Divinity (It's the End of an Empire)

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Chapter One: The Welcoming Committee is All Sunshine and Daisies (Not)

It had been two years since what the media had the Avenger’s ‘Civil War’ and the team had split apart, and the ‘Rouges’ were finally going home.

When they arrived at the airport, which was smaller than they had imagined it would be, they were disappointed and confused when they realized that no one had come to welcome back, not even Tony who had got them all into this mess.

Steve shook his head disappointed that Tony was being this petty even after all this time. “I’m sure he just lost track of the days working on some project down in his lad,” Steve said.

“Hum, yeah probably building another Ultron, you know what he’s like,” Wanda retorted in disgust.

“He’s probably working on some SI stuff,” Sam said unsurely.

Wanda scoffed not even trying to hide what she thought of that idea or like engineer himself. “Like that’s any better,” she snapped. Natasha just rolled her eyes at Wanda’s apparent hatred of Stark, as they walked down the steps leading off the plane and onto the tarmac runway.

Where they were greeted by a woman wearing, an armoured bodysuit, with a symbol that was a combination of the old S.H.I.E.L.D logo and an ‘A’ on it. “I’m sorry, who are you?” Steve asked in confusion.

“Agent Daisy Johnson. I’m here to escort to the Elysium ,” the brunette replied.

Steve looked at daisy in utter confusion. “Where?”

“I thought S.H.I.E.L.D wasn’t around anymore,” Natasha said in shock when she saw the familiar logo.

Daisy turned her head to look at Natasha so quickly he was surprised that she didn’t get whiplash. “No thanks to you,” the agent snapped, venom practically dripping from her voice. “A lot of good innocent people working for Shield got hurt when you pulled your stun. Had you actually thought about who, and how your actions would have affected others then two my who, were trapped on the bottom of the ocean could have been rescued sooner, meaning one of them may not have ended up in a nine-day coma which he came out of with brain damage.

So no, of course, you weren’t a where that Shield was still around, fighting hydra and saving the world, while you to busy being self-centred, and searching for the Winter Soldier. Who by the way, you had made things worse for with your actions in the Civil War; All the while Shield was slowly making a new name for ourselves.

But don’t expect anyone to be glad to see you they won’t. In fact, most of them would prefer you never come back, but because of your actions, it made gaining the public’s trust even harder than it was, to begin with. So go round expecting people to thank you, or just forgive and forget what you did, because while you were sitting back, putting up your feet  the rest of us have been through a tone of shit you can’t even imagine, and then we had clean up the mess you left behind.”

Daisy paused and took a few calming breaths, to reign in her temper. Losing control of her powers and causing an earthquake wouldn’t help anyone; Once her breathing had slowed, Daisy looked back over to Steve, trying to keep her disgust for the man off her face.

“And to answer your question, to the Elysium it's the name of the newly rebuilt compound. In other words the base you will be staying at temporarily and operating at alongside the agents of A.T.L.A.S and everyone else; is located.. If I were you I’d watch what you say and try not to piss anyone off. Now if you’ll follow me.” With that said Daisy turned on her heel and got into the awaiting black SUV, leaving no room for argument or discussion.

When she got in the car and buckled her seat belt, she answered her phone which had begun ringing on her walk over.

“Hey, AC. How’s it going,” Daisy asked cheerfully, as she watched Coulson roll his eyes in exasperation over the video call.

“Was that really necessary?”

“You know me AC, I never did like pompous, self-righteous, think-they-know-it-alls.”

Coulson sigh at his daughter. “Just try not to kill them. As much as, we might not like it, this was the best outcome we could find. At least this way we will know where and what they are doing at all times.”

“Fine,” Daisy replied pouting. “But I make no promises that they make it there unscathed,” she added, a devious, mischievous glint shining in her eyes.”

“Daisy...” Coulson warned while giving her a pointed looked.

It was Daisy’s turn to roll her eyes in exasperation, groaning, “I know, I know, alive not dead.  May needs someone’s ass to kick after all.”

“Just, be careful Daisy.”

“I know I will. See you soon AC,” she replied, smiling brightly.

Coulson chuckled fondly at her antics, smiling, “You know it. Now hurry up and get moving. That’s an order.”

Daisy gave Coulson a mock salute. “Sir, yes Sir.”

The rouges stood there baffled. Shocked at what had just been ranted at them. Steve was the first to regain his composure. “I’m sure, what she said isn’t true,” he said trying to sound reassuring, however, there was a pang of doubt in the back of his mind even as he said it.

“You’re right. We might as well get this over and done with,” Wanda said confidently.

With that, the Rouges walked over to the SUV, which didn’t wait long for them to climb in and buckled their seat belts before the engine started and they were on their way to the base they’d be staying at.  

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Chapter 2: Obliviousness Comes at a Price

The Rouges had been only been back in the states for a few days before Steve caught a glimpse of tony.

Steve was in the Elysium compound’s common kitchen. He was making himself a cup of coffee when he heard voices coming from the main sitting area, of the common section of the compound.

He looked over his shoulder into the other room and saw two women. The first who was around 7ft. had pale skin, icy blue eyes, black wavy hair that reached below her shoulders. She wore black and emerald metallic armour and a long flowing emerald cape.

The second woman who was around 6ft. had lean but well-built muscles with royal blue hair that reached down to the small of her back, with a parting and  fringe to the right, midnight sapphire eyes that looked almost black, feline-like ears and tail and her body was covered in light golden fur except for face/head, abdomen and chest below the shoulders, palms and soles of her feet. She wore a pair of black shorts with gunmetal grey chains attached to the belt loops, a navy blue crop top, black bandages wrapped around her upper chest, wrists/forearms, and feet/ankles, a set of dog tags, a black choker, a silver chain whip wrapped around her waist like a belt, and an unzipped black and navy blue assassin’s creed jacket.

Also, with them was Thor with his hair cut short, his ‘brother’ Loki, Rhodey, a man who was the spitting image of Howard Stark when he was younger, with stubble covering his jaw, spiked up messy hair and was wearing black trousers and dressing and a black bottom-down shirt, with the sleeves rolled up passed his elbows.

A blond in a long trench coat, a white shirt, a red tie hung loosely around his neck, black trousers and black combat boots, who was around 5’11ft, a 6’3ft man with fair/pale skin, short jet black hair, brown eyes so dark they appeared almost black, wearing a black three-piece suit, with no tie, a crimson red shirt and black dress shoes, were stood either side of who he could only guess was Tony.

Said man now he looked younger than he ever had before. Now the engineer looked to be in his late 20’s maybe early 30’s, his hair was almost black, and he was wearing causal cloths consisting of a pair of jeans and one of his infamous band Tees.

Tony burst out laughing at something the blond brit, what part of Britain he came from Steve couldn’t tell you. The super soldier watched as the genius lent against the other tall man, who turned out to also be British but with a much posher accent.

“Ya know I could always just command them down to hell, and get ‘em off all our backs,” the Howard look-a-like with a Texan accent said off handily, while walking back wards in front of Tony.

Tony let out a burst of laughter, wiping tears from his eyes. “Oh Jesse, my der lil’ bro. As enjoyable as that would be to watch I’m going to have to decline.”

“I don’t see why you put up with these mortals Anthony,” Loki huffed flopping down onto one of the sofas.

Steve’s mind reeled, Tony had said that the Howard look-a-like was his brother. ‘But that wasn’t possible,’ Steve thought to himself his shock clearly visible on his face, ‘Everyone knows that Howard Stark only had one child.’

Steve was snapped back to reality when he heard someone speak, what they had said he wasn’t saw.

“Can we help you with something Captain?” Thor asked curtly and as politely as he could manage while not trying not to punch the former-Avenger in the face.

“Why did just say he was your brother Tony?” Steve demanded.

“Because he’s his brother you bloody wanker,” the blond Brit retorted sharply. Causing the taller Brit to snort in amusement, which in turn earnt him a glare from the shorter blond.

“How is that possible?”

“The fact that Howard wasn’t completely faithful isn’t news to anyone here,” the genius replied.

“Plus, it’s a widely known fact that Howard cheated on Maria more than once.” Rhodey added. “Luckily for Howard Jesse’s mom was the only one he ever actually managed to get knocked up.”

The Howard look-a-like whose name Steve now knew was Jesse gave a small nod of his head. “The only reason people don’t know Howard had a second child and Tony a half-brother is because I was raised by my mother and step-father. Then my Grand Ma’ after they were killed,” Jesse said, an undertone of bitter spite, malice and hatred filling his tone and his expression darkening as said he spoke the last part.

The blond super soldier cast a look scrupulously at the Texan, before turning to look at the engineer. “Tony can I talk to you?” He asked, glancing briefly at the others before pointedly adding, “Privately.

“No.” The tall, dark haired British man stated firmly, pulling Tony behind himself to put some distance between the shorter man and the blond soldier. “Absolutely Not!”

Steve moved to close the distance, when was suddenly pinned to a wall with a surprising amount of strength from the tall feline woman, a pair of foot-long metallic extending from between the knuckles of her right hand, aimed at his throat.

The blond Brit chuckled deeply. “I wouldn’t try anything if I were you mate. You so much as move in a way she don’t like, and she’ll slit your pretty lil’ throat. In’t that right Pet?” He asked, smirking darkly. The woman pinning Steve merely grinned in response, showing off two impressively razor-sharp feline-like fangs that are usually not seen.

“Who the hell are you?!”

The other blond who was only an inch shorter, smirk widened as he looked Steve dead in the eye. “I’m the Hellblazer also known as John bloody Fucking Constantine. And if you don’t know what that means, then you’re in way more or your head than you bargained for.”

“Are you threatening me?” the former-Avenger asked lowly.

oh no, Captain that was no threat, merely a promise. And one we intend to keep should anything happen to Anything to Anthony, and we find out that you were responsible for OR could Have stopped. Understand?” the tall black and emerald dressed woman hissed dangerously.

Nodded as much as he could while being pinned to a wall at knife point. “Good,” She said, smirking, as though the cat had just caught the mouse.

“JoJo, you can let him go know,” Tony informed the feline woman, who growled dangerously at the super soldier. “Quinn.

Reluctantly she let him go. “Next time you hurt Tony, not even my Grandfather will be able to stop me from Tearing You Apart,” she half-hissed/half-growled dangerously. With that they group left leave Steve alone with his thoughts in shock.

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Chapter 3: Prove to you How Little I Must Know


Later that Evening:

“So, I heard you had a run in with Stark. How’d that go?” Sam asked, leaning against the door frame to the room he slept in.

Steve raised an eyebrow at the other man “How do you think Sam?” He replied sharply, before sighing and running a hand down his face. “I’m sorry. It’s just the moment I tried to speak to Tony two guys and dame a from Britain got in the way,” Steve huffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Well, you’ll just have to get him when they’re not around.”

“I suppose you’re right. God, how’d it all come to this?” He asked openly, not entirely expecting to get an answer.

“By not talking or listening to each other,” Sam responded matter-of-factly.

Steve sat up straighter on his bed. “I tried talking to Tony but he’s the one that wouldn’t listen. He thinks he knows everything. He didn’t even give a chance to explain! He never listens and ever tells me anything! And yet he expects me to trust him!” the blonde exclaims.

Sam shook his head. “Steve,” he said gently. “Stark’s not the only one guilty of not listening.” At that, the super-soldier gave him a sharp glare. “Let me finish. You expect him to listen and trust you. The problem with that is that you can’t just expect him to trust you when you don’t trust him you.”

“I Do Trust Him!” Steve argued defensively.

“No, you don’t. He knows it, I know it, and deep down you know it too. You want him to tell you everything, but that doesn’t work if you don’t trust him back. It’s a two-way street Steve, you don’t get the outcome you want without putting in the work yourself,” Sam said placing a hand on the blonde’s shoulder.

“You make it sound easy,” Steve huffed tiredly, flopping back against the pillows; an arm draped over his eyes blocking out the light.

“If everything was easy, then no one would do anything because it wouldn’t be challenging enough,” the soldier replied with a weary sigh. “Just think about it. And get some sleep,” he said before walking out.


The next day Steve walked into the common room while looking for Tony. Only to find said genius sat on a sofa talking to a tall man, with dark/sandy blond hair and stubble covering his jaw, while watching a movie. Laying at their feet were two large dogs, one brown, black and white, and the other white a patch of grey and black on its back.

“Where’s John and Lucifer?” The blond asked.

“John said something about exorcising a demon and Lucifer is at Lux with maze setting up for the night,” Tony replied.

“Oh, come on your even holding the bow right!” the blonde complained at the tv.

Tony burst out laughing. “Oliver, they can’t hear you,” the engineer stated, while his arms were clutching his abdomen.

The man Steve now knew was called Oliver, grumbled something the super-soldier couldn’t quiet hear, but sounded like something along the lines of ‘stupid movie makers not paying attention to detail’.

Oliver and Tony’s heads snapped around when the two dogs shot to their feet and growling in the direction behind them. “Is there something you needed Rogers?” Oliver asked, not even attempting to hide the hostility in voice.

“Uh, no. I, I’m just getting something to drink.” Steve stuttered in reply, shocked by the hostility in the man's voice as he walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. “So, what are you guys watching?”

“You know, I don’t actually know?” Oliver replied.


“I was a castaway for five years, I didn’t exactly have the time or accesses to keep up with all pop culture,” Oliver deadpanned.

“You're never going to stop using that excuse are you?” Tony groaned.

“Hm, as long as it’s true?” the blonde asked and pretended to think about it. “Nope,” Oliver replied happily, grinning widely.

“Stupid billionaire cast away archer who is hot…” Tony grumbled, his chin resting on the palm of on his hands with a pout on his face.

“HEY!” the blond archer yelped indignantly.

“Well, he’s got you there mate,” John said chuckling deeply, walking into the room accompanied by a woman with blond hair and her natural brunette hair showing at the roots.

“He’s not wrong Ollie. You are hot,” she said.

“Whose side are you on?” Oliver asked.

“Yours of course,” the woman replied, as she walked over sat next to him leaning her head on the archer’s shoulder. Oliver wrapped an arm around her and placing a kiss on the top of her head while stroking the white Siberian Husky’s head to calm him down.

“How hav’ you been luv? I know how tiring putting up with his pompous ass can be,” the warlock asked while nodding in Oliver’s direction.

“I can hear you,” the archer deadpanned.

“That was point mate,” John retorted with a grin, while he rounded the sofa and planted a kiss on the inventor’s lips. Said inventor happily returned the kiss. “So, Luci has the night off thanks to Maze taking over for the night, and he has booked us a reservation at that Italian restaurant you love so much, you better not be late.”

Tony leant forward and pulled the blonde warlock into a heated kiss. “God,” he said breathlessly after breaking the kiss. “Have I mentioned how much I love your brains?”

“Repeatedly, several times, on multiple occasions among other things,” John replied, smirking slyly as he leant down and kissed the genius yet again.

“Oh god! Guys were right here!” Oliver complained.

“Look away or cover your eyes if it offends you so much,” the warlock replied in retort.

Steve watched the scene before him, play out in silence, too shocked to say anything. He was pulled out of his thoughts when Oliver groaned at their continued make-out session. “What the hell is going on?!” the super-soldier demanded.

John and Tony broke apart as the engineer could respond, “Um, I’m kissing one of my boyfriends? Why?” he asked in confusion.

“What do you mean why?!” Steve exclaimed. “You were kissing another guy that’s why!”

“Why wouldn’t I kiss my boyfriend?”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BOYFRIEND?” the former-Avenger demanded.

Tony gave Steve a look of pure confusion as if the answer should have been obvious. “It means that I’m in a committed relationship with him.”

Steve staggered back as if he’d just been hit, “what?” he asked quietly.

“Why is this such a problem for you?” Tony asked.

“Because I thought we had something special, and then I come back to find you sleeping around some other guy, cheating in me!” Steve exclaimed.

“I’m sorry WHAT!?”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 4: Too Many Tears, Too Many People in Too Many Years. Some Tears of Laughter and Some Tears of Pain

“I’m sorry what?! I think I misheard you” Tony said in shock; the other three people looking at the super-soldiers with looks of disbelief as if he were crazy (Which he is).

Steve scoffed with an angry eye roll, “Oh, c’mon Tony stop being so goddam petty, cheating on me with these guys as if they could ever replace me.”

“I’m sorry but, how on Earth am I cheating on you we aren’t or weren’t DATING!” Tony exclaimed in bewilderment, throwing both his arms up in the air. At that moment Cint, Natasha and Sam walked with Wanda not far behind. While Rhodey entering through the second door at the other end of the room with Thor, Loki and Hela.

“What are you Talking about Tony, we’ve been dating for over four years,” Steve replied unaware of the looks he was being given.

“Um yeah, Steve I’m gonna have stop you there. I may not like him all that much but I’m pretty sure you guys were never together,” Clint stated while his brow furrowed.

Steve looked the archer in confusion, he couldn’t believe that Clint was said with Tony after what the engineer did to him. “Yes, we were. We got together about a year or more before Tony decided to build Ultron,” the blonde soldier as if it were obvious.

“What when Tony, Lucifer and I started dating, a couple of months after he came to Los Angeles after he and Pepper broke up?” John asked, raising an eyebrow challengingly, secretly daring the super-soldier to something stupid so he could punch him… or possibly send him to hell; you never know when someone’s possessed, and if just so happened to die while he was checking and acting on a ‘suspicion’ no one could blame him if they even cared.

“Okay, okay. First of all, Tony didn’t build Ultron he came online by himself, after your little Hydra Bitch, I’m sorry witch, messed with his fucking mind. And second, as his best friend since MIT, I can, in fact, confirm that you weren’t dating Tony at any point. What the hell made you think you were?” Rhodey asked.

Steve turned to look at Tony. “Tony, why are they saying these things? If this is you trying to get back at me for what happened in Siberia, I’ve already apologised for that. Just please stop this petty nonsense and tell them the truth,” he asked seemingly not understanding what everyone was saying.

That was the last straw before Tony finally snapped. The room grew silent as the engineer’s eyes glowed bright orange, as he stalked towards Steve.

“Apologised?” Tony asked, his voice eerily calm while he burned with rage. “You mean that shitty letter and crap phone? I burnt them to nothing!” he hissed, shocking the 6 ft. blonde to the core. “You want the truth? The truth that when you smashed your shield into the arc reactor you also shattered my artificial sternum and caused so much permanent damage that they had to put the arc reactor back into my chest and inject me with extremis so I wouldn’t die?! The truth after watching my mother be murdered, with the weapon that did so not feet away. That you beat me black and blue when I rightfully lashed out? The truth that I almost drown in my own blood when you left me in the freezing cold of the Siberian wasteland. The truth that you knew about my parent's murder for over two years and didn’t tell me?! Is that the truth you wanted Rogers?”

Steve reeled back, stunned by the venom that was practically dripping from the genius’ tone by the end of the rant.

“But you want to know the sad thing? Despite what you put me through, despite the fact that you made my childhood unbearable because he was to busy looking for you, despite the fact that I couldn’t live up to his expectations because of you. The fact that Howard became an abusive drunk because he couldn’t find you. The fact that I shed too many tears over too many people over too many years. I have been disappointed and let down too many to even begin to count. And despite having my heart broken repeatedly, I still loved you. Well, up until you drove your shield into the arc reactor, my metaphorical heart, and yet I still cried” Tony said looking Steve in the eyes.

“And the funny thing is after all times I’ve been kidnapped, they never managed to break me no matter how much they tortured me. But you Rogers succeeded where they failed. So, CONGRATULATIONS! You broke me without even trying, with just a single word.” With that Tony turned and fled the room; Rhodey, Oliver and Laurel following after him.

“I hope you got what you needed you bloody wanker! Stay away from ‘im. you’ve hurt ‘im enough as it is. And if I found out you’ve hurt ‘im again I can promise you that they’ll never find your body.” The bleach blonde warlock hissed, low and dangerously sending the sliver of fear down the super-soldiers spine.

John then turned to Loki. “C’mon you, posh wanker. I think your sis’ wants a word with ol’ Rogers over there,” the Brit said gesturing to Hela and the super-soldier. Loki saw the thunderous on the Goddess of Death’s face and smirked.

“Yes, I do believe that you’re right for once.”

“Oi!” John said indignantly, offended by Loki’s comment as they left the room.

Steve and the rest of the Rouges gulped when the saw the expression on said Goddess’s face. Hela on the other hand merely smirked at their reaction.

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