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This Demon Blood is too OP!

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Shen QingQiu hadn't been on the road long when he felt the first itch.

It was a subtle thing, a tiny spark of heat under the skin of his forearm, like he had been pricked with a needle. It disappeared as quickly as it had come, but left a lingering irritation behind that made him want to scratch.

He frowned, resisting the urge to do so. It was probably a bug bite of some kind, and itching bug bites tended to make them worse. He consciously put it out of his head so he wouldn’t be tempted and refocused on putting one foot in front of the other.

As he walked, his thoughts wandered. He had only just escaped from the Huan Hua Palace prison and the dreamscape that Luo BingHe had sucked him into the previous night was still fresh in his mind.

Luo BingHe had plenty to be angry about, to be sure; getting tossed into the Endless Abyss by the teacher he had previously trusted was no small matter. But when he had his Shizun in his grasp within the dreamscape, all he could seem to complain about was the fact that Shen QingQiu was wearing the robe belonging to that guard GongYi Xiao instead of his! Talk about getting sidetracked. It was such a strange tangent and Shen QingQiu couldn’t figure it out for the life of him.

Another burst of heat flared up around his upper thigh, larger this time, like getting poked by a very sharp fingertip. Instead of fading out like the preceding one, it seemed to melt outwards in a circle of mild pain. He winced, wondering what kind of bug this could possibly be. Airplane Shooting Towards The Sky had come up with a variety of strange insects, but there were too many for Shen QingQiu to narrow it down to a specific one just yet.

In any case, his thoughts turned back to the matter of what had happened in the dreamscape. He really did need to find a new robe to wear, he decided. He didn’t care that it was GongYi Xiao’s, as Luo BingHe so clearly did, but it was identifiably a Huan Hua Palace uniform. For his purposes of traveling below the radar, he would rather something a little more discrete. Perhaps he would trade with the next person he—

His plans were abruptly cut off as a thousand spikes of heat flashed into existence all over his body.

He stumbled, only managing to avoid toppling over completely because his hand shot out and caught a tree trunk. The bark scraped up his palm a little, but he didn’t even notice with the way his blood was suddenly roiling inside him.

Of course, those hadn’t been bug bites at all. It was the Demon Blood that Luo BingHe had poisoned him with!

Leaning against the tree with his shoulder for support, he sank to the ground, clutching his middle. The eruptions of fire under his skin were spreading to cover his entire body, flooding his nerves with too many signals at once such that his brain couldn’t focus on anything else. His legs could no longer carry his weight under the onslaught and he crumpled pathetically, eyes squeezing shut.

He wasn’t in pain exactly, but it was hard to pinpoint what the actual stimulation he was experiencing could be. His senses were overwhelmed to the point of confusion by the Demon Blood, much like touching something too cold could feel like being scalded. All he knew was that it was too much.

Just as his consciousness was starting to flicker, the Demon Blood cooled off. He realized he was shaking and breathing too quickly for the air to reach his chest.

A thin film of sweat had glued his clothing to him and even that light contact was too much for his frayed nerve endings. With trembling fingers, he shed GongYi Xiao’s outer robe, flinching with every movement. It felt like prodding his gums after he’d had a tooth pulled.

All he had on underneath was the shredded remains of his own garment, apparently still clinging to him through sheer force of will. The late morning sunlight hit the patches where his naked skin was exposed and he shuddered at the pinching warmth of it.

Just as he was beginning to relax, the Demon Blood made its presence known once more with a low, blooming heat in the center of his abdomen. He groaned and steeled himself for the oncoming agony.

Except, this time, there was no wave of torment. The Demon Blood sat there innocently for a little bit, before crawling steadily downwards.

Wait, hang on-!

Sure enough, it all pooled in his groin just around the base of his dick, where it wavered for a moment, considering its options. Then it began to curl its way insidiously around the lower half of the shaft, as if to grip him with an invisible hand.

Shen QingQiu’s normal human blood, for what it was worth, was rapidly making its way into his cheeks. There was no mistaking where this scene was headed.

The Demon Blood had certainly been used for sexual purposes in the original Proud Immortal Demon Way; most plot devices were hijacked for smutty scenes one way or another, it would be odd of a stallion novel not to do so. But it had always been used to enhance intercourse that was already happening! Not even Airplane had thought to use it like this!

The Luo BingHe of this messed up version might have become a failure in every other aspect of romance, Shen QingQiu reflected in the background of his increasing panic, but he had to give credit where credit was due: this was certainly creative.

As if to underscore this point, the System helpfully chimed in: [+50 Coolness points!]

If you’re not going to offer any help, shut up!

There was a phantom squeeze around his dick and Shen QingQiu’s hand flew to his mouth to cover a rather undignified squeak. His poor nerves were still recovering from getting burnt to a crisp, so even a gentle touch was enough to send a shockwave through his whole body when it was in such a sensitive place.

The Demon Blood seemed to take the hint and let go of him there, receding back to simmer under his naval. Unfortunately, this was Luo BingHe he was dealing with, so it could only get worse from here.

Sure enough, after a brief minute of contemplation, the back of Shen QingQiu’s head slammed against the tree trunk when he felt something manifest inside his ass, of all places! He shoved his fist into his mouth to muffle any embarrassing noises he might make, electricity whizzing up his spine from where the Demon Blood moved around experimentally.

It was strange because it wasn’t solid. There wasn’t actually anything there, apart from the Demon Blood banging against his nerve endings haphazardly. But the signals shooting up to his brain insisted there had to be some kind of object doing this inside him, creating a mental dissonance with the visible reality that there wasn’t.

The result of all of this was that Shen QingQiu found himself feeling quite terribly empty.

The hand that wasn’t desperately muffling his voice flew down between his legs as if it had a mind of its own. The reflex was to feel around his ass for himself to confirm there was nothing there, but halfway through the motion, his self-consciousness returned to him. The thought of touching himself there was just too mortifying to bear! He was a man, wasn’t he? Even in a situation as compromising as this, couldn’t Luo BingHe at least save him the barest minimum of face and focus the torment on his dick instead?

With this in mind, Shen QingQiu diverted his hand to palm his cock instead. Unfortunately, he was denied even this when a surge of Demon Blood came up to neutralize the contact, rendering any touches there completely useless. He couldn’t even tell if he was hard or not, although it wouldn’t matter anyway.

He could cry with frustration!

The heat rippled inside him and his thighs squeezed shut around his wrist to keep his traitorous hand in place. The way the Demon Blood was loosening his muscles as it rocked through him in waves, the burn of it simulating friction – it really felt like something was forcing him open and thrusting inside, only when his hips jerked in response, there was nothing to push back against.

He was drooling around his fist at this point, teeth bruising his knuckles as he choked on another moan. Pitiful, this entire situation was just too pitiful! To rub salt in the wound, the System was ringing in points and congratulating him in the background the whole time, but he couldn’t be bothered to pay it any mind.

The Demon Blood began to move faster, making him squirm as it pierced deeper and deeper and still refused to fill him the way it should have been. His other hand slipped through his thighs and his breath caught when the pad of his index finger pressed up against his hole through his clothes.

The touch seemed to spur the Demon Blood into a frenzy. It exploded under his skin in legions of roiling fire that hissed wherever it met fabric. Without even thinking about what he was doing, he began to tug frantically at his belt, and then at the robe as a whole. It was already in tatters so it hardly took any effort to tear the remaining pieces away.

Once he was free, he slumped more fully against the tree and instantly his hand plunged back between his legs, as if possessed. When he touched his hole again, heat bloomed under his fingertip and the Demon Blood simply opened him, allowing the finger to slip inside to the first knuckle, almost without meaning to.

A startled moan escaped him before he could swallow it back. It was probably because the Demon Blood was messing with how his brain was interpreting stimuli at the moment, but it felt unexpectedly…

He quickly covered his mouth again, vainly holding back a whimper as his finger slid in deeper. F***, it feels so good! Way too good, this isn’t normal!

Luo BingHe! Why are you testing this shameless seduction on your poor Shizun? This master knows he wronged you, but can this experience really be applied to a woman later? I would prefer the pain to this humiliation!

His articulate thoughts seemed to be running parallel to the baser section of his mind that had been overwhelmed by the Demon Blood and was now wholly devoted to seeking pleasure. It was no use resisting from a logical standpoint; his carnal desires were running rampant!

Once he accepted this, his rational thinking began to drift too. It was Luo BingHe doing this to him, after all, and that made him wonder: what could this stallion novel protagonist be thinking?

Something new occurred to him. Could it be that this wasn’t just a creative form of torment, but also Luo BingHe playing out some fantasy? Could it be that right now, Luo BingHe was imagining doing this to him in person?

That idea made Shen QingQiu pump his finger inside himself – just a single, rapid movement, but one that had his toes curling with how it made the Demon Blood flood his senses in boiling satisfaction.

Was Luo BingHe imagining himself in place of this finger? Was he also touching himself, familiar with how to pleasure his own body but aching to explore Shen QingQiu’s?

It was far more likely, of course, that Luo BingHe was doing nothing more than laughing at Shen QingQiu’s disgraceful state and scheming about what he could do next time to make things even worse. But Shen QingQiu had fully let go of his reason by now, so this was shoved into some corner of his mind to be unpacked later.

Right now, suddenly all he could think about was Luo BingHe leaning over him, pinning him to the tree – he had grown so tall and it would be no effort at all to overpower him – refusing to touch just yet, instead whispering in his ear—

Show me, Shizun, teach me how to touch you, show me how to make you feel good, this disciple has so much to learn, let me see what makes you fall apart—

Shen QingQiu barely noticed the whine that skidded over his lips. The Luo BingHe in his head reached down to feel where his finger was moving inside himself with a rumbling laugh.

Only one, Shizun? Have we not finished learning the basics?

The imaginary Luo BingHe held Shen QingQiu’s hand and began to coax a second finger inside. In reality, Shen QingQiu complied without a fuss, and the Demon Blood held him open that much wider to allow for more.

“BingHe,” he mumbled breathily against his palm, “BingHe, BingHe, please…”

His two fingers were thrusting so quickly now that it would be straining his wrist if the Demon Blood weren’t supporting his movements. He prodded something inside him that made his back arch in an eruption of electricity, flashing fireworks in his mind’s eye and short-circuiting his rhythm. A cry tore his mouth open, unable to contain his voice anymore.

His eyelids fluttered shut, forcing a few stray tears to roll down his cheeks and mingle with the perspiration. His hand was still in front of his mouth, but mostly because he hadn’t thought to move it; otherwise, he was moaning openly now. His heart was beating so fast in his chest, he could swear it was trying to burst out of him. And his fingers, lighting up every nerve they so much as brushed past, making him shudder and choke on the sheer intensity of the heat… He couldn’t stop moving them if he tried.

It was all building so quickly now, his legs kicking out weakly of their own accord and digging his toes in the dirt just for something to hold onto before he unraveled completely. His hand finally dropped from his face to drag fingernails down his chest, a scream frothing in the back of his throat as he rammed his fingers relentlessly deep inside himself, almost—

His eyes flew open.

It was useless for a second as his vision morphed from black to blurry shapes, before finally clearing up.

He was horizontal now, and the whiplash of changing position that fast was making his head spin. It was so bad that he didn’t notice the weight on top of him right away.


His sight and senses properly reassembled, Shen QingQiu abruptly realized it was Luo BingHe above him.

The man was wearing a devilishly handsome smile and nothing else, his loose hair flowing over his shoulders in a mockery of modesty. He was kneeling between Shen QingQiu’s legs, one hand pinning his wrists above his head while the other cradled his cheek.

“You were calling for me,” he cooed, swiping his thumb across Shen QingQiu’s mouth.

Bullshit! Shen QingQiu denied vehemently within the comfort of his own mind. It was only because you were controlling the whole scenario, who else could I have thought about?

“This is a dream,” he observed coolly, changing the subject.

Luo BingHe hummed in acknowledgement, leaning down to brush their lips together. “Shizun wanted to see me so badly. This was the only way I could come take care of you.”

You knocked me out cold with your blood parasite! Quit making it sound so romantic!

Before any such objections could be voiced, Luo BingHe rocked his hips into Shen QingQiu’s ass and the nearly unbearable heat returned all at once in a dizzying rush.

“Hh—“ Shen QingQiu clamped his mouth shut before he could cry out and the tension of holding it back made his thighs clench around Luo BingHe’s waist.

“Shizun is so shy,” Luo BingHe said, his smile suggesting amusement despite the relatively flat tone of voice. “What is there to be embarrassed of? There’s no one else here.”

Being trapped alone with you is the problem!

Suddenly, Shen QingQiu felt his jaw go numb and he could no longer keep it closed all the way. His eyes went wide, an ice-cold trace of alarm slithering down the back of his neck.

This f***ing Demon Blood was just too OP!

Luo BingHe closed the gap between them in an open-mouthed kiss that Shen QingQiu was now truly helpless to resist, his tongue voraciously mapping everything it could reach. When he pulled away, he caught Shen QingQiu’s lower lip between his teeth and then murmured, “I want to hear you.”

At that, he began rocking against Shen QingQiu in earnest, cock grinding into the cleft of his ass. Shen QingQiu squirmed underneath him, a few shamefully high-pitched whimpers escaping him as his wrists strained against Luo BingHe’s grip in vain.

It wasn’t supposed to feel this good, was it? The Demon Blood was still in his system, after all, keying up the intensity of the friction until there were too many sparks in front of his eyes to see a thing. And the size of the dick pressed against him- it was just too big, there was no way that thing could fit, and yet he was still moving against it, a shiver running down his whole body to curl in his toes every time it caught against his rim.

Luo BingHe laughed at this reaction and nuzzled into his neck. “No more teasing then,” he said, using his free hand to hitch up Shen QingQiu’s ass, and then the tip of his inhumanly huge cock was pushing inside.

Just as before with his fingers, under the auspices of the Demon Blood, Shen QingQiu could feel himself just give way under the pressure, melting open like he was made for this, like his body had been waiting for it the whole time.

It was impossible for him to cage his voice anymore but at first, even though his jaw was pulled as wide as it could go, the scream that came up had been choked into total silence. His head was thrown back so far he could feel his spine creaking as every inch of Luo BingHe was propelled inside him. The heat was near unbearable, tongues of fire licking away at the edges of his flickering consciousness. He was at once entirely senseless and hyperaware of his every particle, the callouses of Luo BingHe’s palm against his wrists and etched into his shaking thigh, Luo BingHe’s lips cool against his feverish cheek, the smell of his hair, that cock going in, out, in, in, filling him up to his limit—

Luo BingHe released his wrists to wrap an arm around Shen QingQiu, clutching him tight to his chest as he fucked into him, once, twice, over and over and over. Shen QingQiu’s hands instantly flew to Luo BingHe’s back to hold on for dear life as his voice was ruthlessly punched out of him in an endless line of sharp cries and strangled gasps. He probably wouldn’t have been able to contain them even without the meddling of the Demon Blood, just as he couldn’t prevent tears from streaking down his face.

He was distantly aware of his fingernails piercing through Luo BingHe’s skin where they had dug into his back. Luo BingHe groaned against his shoulder and bit down hard as he picked up the pace even faster. It should have hurt, Shen QingQiu could feel blood leaking from the wound, but it only flashed as a few more sparks amidst the frenzied uproar of pleasure in his brain.

There wasn’t any sense of build up this time. It was just a barrage of too good, too much all at once. He thought he might have come at some point, because there was suddenly liquid between his and Luo BingHe’s stomachs, but it didn’t even register.

After what could have been just one minute or several hours, Luo BingHe dropped his full weight on top of Shen QingQiu, crushing him down as he spilled inside him. He kept thrusting as he came, muffling a moan in Shen QingQiu’s hair, before gradually petering out.

How did he come so much? Shen QingQiu thought hazily, painfully aware of how it was trickling out around Luo BingHe’s dick still stuffed inside him. It occurred to him that this volume of sperm explained how the original Luo BingHe had managed to have so many children, and when he remembered that it was all wasted on him in that regard, he couldn’t help the insane little giggle it dragged out of him.

The edges of the dream were getting increasingly fuzzy, slowly closing in on them. Luo BingHe must have exhausted himself and was having trouble keeping the dream together. It was bound to collapse very soon.

 “Shizun,” he whispered.

He buried his nose into the crook of Shen QingQiu’s neck as if to hide there. He brushed against the still-bleeding bite as he did so, making Shen QingQiu wince internally, but he didn’t let it show. After that over-the-top display of machismo dominance, Luo BingHe’s voice was suddenly heartbreakingly small.

Shen QingQiu didn’t get a chance to reply before everything faded out.

When he woke up, still slumped against a tree in complete disarray, the Demon Blood had scrawled the bite mark into his shoulder.