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        These days, gambling is commonplace. Some gambles are worth it, while some are not. For some people, they just want what they paid back. And gambling also exists in this game as well.


         'Gachapon'  You could refer to them with this word… They’re so tempting to every player. The machines are available in different types and they grant items that based on luck and type… some machines are for newbies looking to clear a specific level. Other machines grant players decorative items meant for glamour and not for utility.  Other machines grant players decorative items meant for glamour and not for utility. Lastly, there are also machines that grant weapons or apparels meant for fighting, but they come at a huge cost.


        Katsuki Bakugo is standing in front of a Gachapon machine for Summoners, hesitation marred across his features. His secondary class is that of a Summoner, but he doesn't want to restrict himself to swapping back and forth between his classes if he could simply just get a pet to fulfill his needs. If he could stick with his primary class (that is, the Blade class) for constant attack while his pet covers his blind spots by playing decoy or supporting, it'll help him progress through the game much faster and more effectively.


        If he’s lucky enough, it could turn out to be some rare pet that he could use for transportation, aiding him in his journey.


        The bright glorious future is not far from his grasp. He has planned for it carefully but the luck roll has been harsh on him for the last three years.


        It took him blood, sweat and tears to reach this level, the price for this roll was also not cheap, so why? WHY?



        Why did he end up getting this one stupid leech?!




        Katsuki stares at the gross dark green stupid-looking leech that's one size too big for his hand before opening its status screen to check its traits. Low HP. EXP at zero. Level at zero. No MP. No attack damage. No defense.




        It’s not a leech, but a slug…but who cares!? He thinks that the game system must have glitched or is rigged against him. Crappy stuff like this couldn’t be in this Gacha machine because the machines' rewards scale according to the players' levels.


        Forget the support. Goodbye to the decoy. I wanted a transport animal, not a fucking burden!!


        To make things worse, he can't stash the useless thing away in his vaults or slots, or get rid of it by trading or throwing it away. He is well and truly stuck with it.


        And to top it all off... he can't summon another pet.




        Katsuki wonders if this means that this stupid slug has to stick with him forever. …it is so useless. It can do nothing at all. Which effectively means that he can only rely on his Blade class for his pet is completely trash. Once again, he has to depend on his own skills to get through this blasted game... Time to hunt for more items and upgrade his skills to make up for what his pet lacks.


        All he can do is submit to his fate in frustration before naming the stupid slug with a name that suits it best.






        And after naming it, Katsuki learns that the stupid slug in his hand can talk! Also, it tries to get to know him. Its voice resembles that of an adolescent boy.




        Katsuki isn’t sure if every animal companion in this game can talk, but this stupid slug is very talkative. Not only is it utterly useless, it's also extremely annoying.


        Can’t he just toss it away?




. . . . .





        Katsuki unwillingly bring the stupid slug along with him on his journey. And throughout the journey, it really cements its uselessness. ...well, it’s a slug. Yup! It’s a goddamn slug! So it’s sluggish. It’s slow. It’s a burden that he has to carry. Great. Fucking great. Not only can’t he ride it, he has to let it ride on his shoulder! Wonderful!


        However, after travelling with it for a while, he can see that it is useful in some way. At times, when Katsuki pulls out a map or encyclopedia, it gives him extra information beyond the scope of what these items can provide, such as secret monsters, rare plants and items.




        It’s not an AI that is limited to only answering or conversing in topics that it has been programmed to do. It can talk to him freely as if it’s another player…but mostly it would say garbage and annoy the hell out of Katsuki. Not to mention that it also has a cheering function, which Katsuki thinks is pretty creepy. Despite its ability to talk, it struggled with a lisp for the first few days, like a toddler testing out words for the first time.


        This is how his name, Katsuki, became ‘Kacchan’. Even when it's more familiar with speech, it still insists on calling him 'Kacchan'. So much for wanting to look cool, having a slug yapping away with a cutesy nickname is not threatening at all.


        Who the fuck’s gonna fear him?!!


        However, there’s no use losing his head over this. It's almost routine by now; just another shitty roll that he has to deal with.


        Sighing, Katsuki opens the slug’s status menu another time. It seems like some of its character stats can be enhanced with skill enhancement items. Well, that’s good news. At least it’s not completely useless… maybe, if its level is upgradable it can be better and be more useful.



. . . . .




        Even though it hasn’t been too long since Katsuki first travelled with his summon, Deku is seeing much improvement due to Katsuki's efforts in hunting monsters, searching for items and completing quests. His skills and abilities are much more varied now, and is steadily becoming more useful for Katsuki's journey.


        From being just an encyclopedia, now the slug can provide some extra item slots for him in case he has used up all of his. Also, it can also pick up items even if they’re very far away. It made things easier for him, and that made him happy. Even though it can't help with combat, it can at least help with carrying his inventory. For extra measure, Katsuki has given him a defense buff skill as well.


        Despite its slow speed and dependence on Katsuki's shoulder as a mode of transport, its abilities are satisfactory. It seems as if the slug has realised that its newfound usefulness pleases Katsuki a great deal, and has begun to be more outwardly supportive of Katsuki.


        He's tried to ignore some of the more blatantly creepy behaviours from Deku, such as his loud muttering and weird advice.


        However, he can't disregard the strange cheering that Deku does occasionally. he's pretty darn sure that the slug is molesting him by climbing all over his body like that.


        Deku explains that it's trying to analyse Katsuki's body so that it can offer more in-depth advice but Katsuki calls bullshit on that. It's doing way beyond that!


        Katsuki knows that he's proud and that he likes to gloat, but he is aware of his own limits. He will never strike blindly and will even work with extras if need be. Deku needs to stop giving weird explanations to excuse its molestations!




        And with that fact, don’t fucking make any excuse, liar!!



. . . . .




        After a while, Deku's strange advances have become way too unbearable. When Katsuki finally unlocks another special skill which allows him to mimic other classes, he picks a Mage skill. This Mage skill not only allows him to attack with a wider range, but more importantly, it gives him the ability to create a barrier. A barrier not against enemies, but the stupid slug when he's sleeping.


        Katsuki has never expected this to ever occur to him, but he's glad that he finally has a way to ward off shitty stuff away from him, including the stupid slug.


        The ingredients for creating the barrier aren't difficult to forage for - just water and salt... because slugs don't like salt!


        Katsuki watches with satisfaction as he activates the dome-shaped barrier around the stupid slug. It’s face is priceless. it looks like it's suffering a lot. Katsuki initially wanted to place the barrier around himself, but realised that it would require less energy if he places it around Deku instead. Good, now it can't bother Katsuki in his sleep. And nobody can accuse Katsuki for being cruel for he ensures that a ward is placed around Deku every night so that it won't be harmed as long as it steers clear of the barrier.


        Sleep well and sweet dreams, stupid Deku. Stay in there and think of what you've done, damn pervert slug!


        When Katsuki removes the barrier in the morning, the stupid slug would always look stupidly depressed and tired. But does Katsuki pity him? Nope! Katsuki is without guilt, especially so when the slug has no remorse for its wrongdoing. It continues to cling to Katsuki's leg as if nothing has transpired.


        Their journey continues.



. . . . .



        “Hey Kacchan… do you have any goal?” Deku asks  its master out of the blue.


        “Of course! Sure thing! I’ll be the top adventurer. I’ll have every item including secret items… I’ll have emblems of every dungeon and finally my achievement book will be in full colored and record my victory in five stars! In the end I won’t be just the top adventurer. I’ll be number one of the server!” Katsuki  glows with pride and enthusiasm. His goal is so important to him, and his enthusiasm makes his summon's eyes sparkle in support.


        Katsuki has already finished his main quests and completed the main story, leaving only side quests. He's finished some of them and he intends to complete them all. He's a perfectionist through and throughRecently, he finds himself with one new side quest. Strangely, he doesn't recall receiving it. All he remembers is checking his quest menu and finding it.



The Demon King of Midoriya forest.



        That is the name of Katsuki’s quest. It seems to be a special quest. Not main or side but a special event that are assigned to players at random after they have done something. And strangely, there is no introduction story for this quest.


        Regular quests allow players to replay their stories. This ensures that players are aware of their progress. However, this particular quest is odd; it doesn't have a progress bar or an option to replay the story. Katsuki has no idea where to start, or what to do.


        Fuck, he doesn't want to rely on his summon for this. His dependence on it has made him feel incompetent and worthless lately. However, he's met with a brick wall. And asking for advice seems more amenable than walking around aimlessly like a pathetic loser.


        “Ugh...” Katsuki groans. His summon perks up its ears in curiosity, and turns to look at him. “Hey Deku. What do you know about the Midoriya Forest?”


        Upon hearing the question, the slug freezes and looks at its master with an expression mixed with curiosity and fright before falling silent for a while.


        “Midoriya Forest is a habitat for many species of monsters. In some spots, you can find communities," Deku replies.


        “Hm,”  Katsuki hums, evident that he's not paid much attention to what Deku has said. Despite the possibility of being ambushed by numerous monsters, it seems like the perfect forest for grinding and collecting rare items. He smirks, at least this quest isn't completely pointless. It seems like he can gain a lot of items from this quest for sure.


        “Then another question… who is the Demon King?”


        Deku flinches at the mention of the name. It's a name it hasn't heard in a long time and it's unsure how it should best approach this question.


        "The Demon King was the king of demons as his name implies. But this wasn't a name he gave himself. A few groups of monsters named him that. Long before this, the monsters in the Midoriya Forest would fight for dominance or territory all the time, until the Demon King showed up and made everyone yield to his command. In order to appease the Demon King, monsters gave up their territory in exchange for safety. Over time, the Demon King expanded his territory and covered most of the forest."


        “Hmmmm,” Katsuki hums before a smirk tugs at the corner of his lips. Interesting. He looks forward planning his heist. Turning back to his slug, he announces, “I will go to Midoriya Forest.”


        “Eh?” Deku exclaims weakly. It doesn't know if it should feel worried or elated. History... may repeat itself. There's so much that Katsuki doesn't know about itself and the Demon King. And that at the back of its mind, Deku is sure that Katsuki's feelings have remained the same...


        Maybe, just maybe, it's a good time for it to go home...


        “I’m gonna go hunt for monsters in the Midoriya Forest. Gonna find some items and maybe… I may find that Demon King as well.” With excitement, Katsuki increases his speed but comes to an abrupt halt when Deku speaks up.


        “But there’s no Demon King at that forest anymore, Kacchan.”


        “What do you mean?” Katsuki turns his head to look at Deku with a frown. “Not anymore?”


        Deku seems tense as it continues, “lots of things happened. Even though the portion of the Midoriya Forest under the Demon King's jurisdiction remained peaceful, humans still found him dangerous and sent a Sorcerer to take him down."


        “What? Don’t tell me that the Demon King got his ass kicked by one single Sorcerer… does he suck that bad?”


        Deku's face falls a bit. "It's not as simple as that, Kacchan. The humans exploited the trust of the Demon King, the Sorcerer lived in the Demon's King domain under the guise of studying plants for medicinal purposes... They lived together for a long time, and the Demon King fell in love."


       Katsuki is speechless. His annoyance from earlier has faded to nothingness. He can only guess what happened next.


        However, somewhere in his brain, he wonders why Deku is privy to such information. And the way it has retold the story... it's as if it lived it. Or is this part of the special quest? In any case, Katsuki still hasn't figured out what he's supposed to do.


        "The Demon King was too powerful to be killed. Thus, the Sorcerer sealed him within something before he took him out of the Midoriya Forest and left him with others who would keep him... Everything happened without others knowing. The Forest is still peaceful because of the army the Demon King left behind. It's stayed like this for hundreds of years."


        "What the fuck?" Moodily, Katsuki curses as what Deku retold gave him no starting point at all. "Sealed? How the fuck can I find him then?!" At this point, Katsuki suspects that Deku is clueless as well. But he's wrong; Deku knows everything that happened to the Demon King.



. . . . .




        Eventually, pushed by the desires of Katsuki, Deku leads him to the Midoriya Forest. This, coincidentally, is in accordance with Deku's secret will as well.

        How nostalgic it is…

        Deku looks around in excitement and introduces many things to Katsuki as they traverse the forest. Katsuki is likewise excited to collect a variety of new items.


        Just as he thought, a heaven for collectors! His inventory space is running out!


        The two explore the dense forest for quite a while before they finally stand before the Demon King’s castle. It is a castle that is not much tall but very much wide. Katsuki notices that the tallest tower is only about 5 floors tall.


        As they enter the castle, he hears a noise from his notification pop-up. He leaves Deku on a fountain before he reads the message.



     Demon King of the Midoriya Forest



– The great Demon King, in his suffering, counts down to the time when he will be released from the curse of his deal. The unshakable feelings will seek their return. The love will remain firm and last forever. -


        Katsuki reads the confusing description of his quest and tries to understand it. So all he has to do is find the way to release the Demon King. But he doesn’t know where the Demon King is located. And if the eternal love refers to the Demon King’s devotion to the Sorcerer, Katsuki is completely astounded. How can the Demon King still love him? If it had been him, as soon as he was released he would hunt down the descendants of that Master Sorcerer and wipe them out.


        Well, if he is the Demon King, he's expected to be evil, right?



        After musing, Katsuki notices that there is another message This time, the alert is from his summon's menu. He opens it up and sees that there is a upgrade that involved some kind of evolution.



        Deku, in its slug form, is on the first frame. Next to it is a humanoid figure covered with a dark filter. Wait, humanoid?!


        Katsuki moves his face closer to the screen and squints. Could this really be true? The following slot does indeed show the shape of a person bigger in stature compared to Katsuki. It has green curly hair like tree roots and a pair of horns jutting out from its head which finish in a curl to the back. Its eyes glow like emeralds and stand out from the silhouette.


        Overall, it does have a pretty evil appearance... and said evil appearance is emphasised by its name at the bottom... "Demon King".

        What stunned him earlier is nothing compared to this - his jaw hangs from complete shock as colourful curse words flood his brain. Its status bars! Every single one of them is marked with a (?), which indicates that they've already passed their maximum levels!



      What the hell did I summon! What the fuck has been with me all this time?!



        Taking deep breaths, he tries to calm down. The Demon King's status itself is marked with (???), indicating its immeasurable power.


        His eyes flit between the status menu and the slug, which is still swimming in the fountain without a care in the world. He wants to scream so badly.


        Breathing deeply, he attempts to collect himself. At this moment, the last thing he wants is to be near Deku. He doesn't know how to act around it at all.


        Suddenly, a noise cuts through the silence. A gigantic monster appears before them, teeth barred and an ugly snarl stretched across its face.


       Perhaps it's instinct that have developed from prolonged periods of protecting the slug, but Katsuki finds himself darting forward to fish up his summon. Held against his chest, Deku... sees the status menu that is still on display.

        Its master knows the truth.


        As his attention is focused on the gigantic monster, Katsuki fails to notice that Deku knows what he knows. But it isn't the time for this; the truth can be addressed later. Deku shifts its attention to the monster in front of them, and realises that this particular species is not under its authority. Is it attempting to take over the castle? Given that there is only one of them, it is likely to be a scout. And Deku knows it isn't very strong.


. . . . .


        The fight doesn't last long. Perhaps it's because Deku already knows the strength and weaknesses of the monster, or that Katsuki is way above its level.


        And this brings them back to the awkward situation between them.


        Katsuki contemplates about dropping the damn lying leech on the floor right then, but decides against it. He holds it tightly in his palm and jabs at his summon's status menu, as if demanding Deku to explain.


        Deku, or the exposed Demon King, seems speechless for a moment.


        "Well, it's like... what you saw." Deku is lost for words since the truth is laid out, clear as day.


        Groaning, Katsuki throws Deku onto the ground and plops himself down with his back facing the latter.

        "How the fuck?" Katsuki questions. Is this even possible? Can there be a secret storyline that forces a player to do a random roll that results in summoning a Secret Boss as their pet?

        Even though it seems like a blessing in disguise, it still irritates him to hell and back!


        And if he completes this special chapter, the summoned Demon King may disappear and he has to make another roll for a new in-game summon… HELL NO!


        Katsuki lets out a small sigh before turning to his summon. “So how can we fix your shitty curse?


        "Kacchan, you have to perform a spell..." Deku explains as it struggles to climb onto its master's lap. "There are a few steps, but nothing too complicated for Kacchan."


        After hearing that vague instruction, Katsuki figures that the best way to do it would be to find some herbs known for lifting curses, throw them AND Deku in the boiling cauldron and see what happens!



. . . . .




        Despite his brilliant plan, Katsuki does not end up executing it. He finds all the ingredients that Deku lists out for the counter curse. After which, he draws a magic circle as per Deku's instructions and notes down the required chanting on a piece of paper.


        He places Deku in the middle of the circle and starts to chant. The circle starts to glow and suddenly, the powder scatters everywhere like a sandstorm, obscuring his vision.




        Not too long after, the sandstorm subsides and what remains is a pile of white powder. And the slug is gone.

        The empty space where the slug used to be is what Katsuki notices first. Before he can stew in his confusion, he feels a hug from behind him. One arm wraps around his form while the other covers his mouth and held his head in place so that he can't turn around.



        “Thank you, Kacchan…”



        A voice said to Katsuki. That name, he is sure that there is only one thing in this world that calls him that. Its voice is also so familiar to him, except that it’s no longer adolescent-sounding. He knows what stands behind him, but should he refer to that person as it or him?


        His gaze flits downwards, and he sees that the arms that hold him are unmistakably humanoid despite the black scales running down their length and fingers that resemble dragon claws.


        "Let me go." Katsuki demands and Deku releases him without complaint. He quickly moves away from the stranger (?) and inspects him with wary eyes. He resembles his silhouette in every way except that his eyes do not glow.





        And for the strangest reason, he's smirking.


        Katsuki checks his quest menu and realises that his quest is marked as complete. The status menu of his summon has not disappeared as well... instead, the clear form of the Demon King glows on his screen.


        “I’m not going anywhere, Kacchan,” the Demon King says with childish enthusiasm. “Let’s go on an adventure!”


        Katsuki is at a loss for words. Does it count... as cheating? If he has the Demon King as his companion? He is sure that even if they were to go to a high-levelled monster nest to fight, Deku would surely knock them out with one hit. Katsuki is starting to think that he is the one that needs protecting in this arrangement.


        Katsuki taps on the button that will hopefully give him more information on his new situation. After reading it, he feels a little better as his new arrangement does not give him any advantage in PVP situations (which means he can still refine his skills!) and since others have gotten this quest as well, it is not like the game favoured him out of everyone else. It's just convenient that he doesn't have to worry anymore when it comes to fighting the game's AI monsters. The ease in which he clears dungeons initially unsettles him, but he finds himself steadily happier as his companion wipes out map after map on his behalf.



. . . . .




        With time, Katsuki begins to enjoy himself and having his summon journeying with him. At times, Deku would revert back to his slug form and sit on Katsuki's shoulder just like old times. He still calls him "Deku", while the latter continues calling Katsuki "Kacchan".

        Unbeknownst to him, Katsuki did not finish the quest and therefore the full truth did not reveal itself.





       The Demon King Midoriya Izuku stares at his master's back and he pushes forward, foraging the forest for rewards. This is the very image Izuku has longed for all this while... and it brings up an image from a long time ago. The Sorcerer, the man he gave his heart to, and the man who sealed Izuku away with tears streaming down his face.



        You were the one who created a seal that could not be broken except by the hand in which that cast it.


        At that time, nobody would have suspected that the Demon King would break out of his seal as the caster would naturally die a few decades after. Even though the Sorcerer loved him, a duty was a duty.

        The Sorcerer never would have thought that after hundred years, he would reincarnate and release the Demon King unknowingly. And he would remain blissfully unaware that the Demon King himself also placed a curse on the Sorcerer before he was successful sealed away.

                        A curse for both of them to fall in love like they had before.





And this time, I won’t let you betray me ever again.







Chapter Text

        A mixture of impatience and bewilderment left Bakugou Katsuki with a less than thorough run in the current game he was playing-- incomplete achievements meant that the story wouldn’t be revealed to him in full.


        He did fully intend on going back for them, both for his own peace of mind and for the sake of completion…but hadn’t gone as planned. The achievements didn’t unlock any more of the lore, and the only other place he could get an understanding of the plot was in his journal, where all the previous quests were recorded.


        That’s when shit hit the fan.

        Not only was he already aware that the completion of this event would improve the bond he had with his summon up to a very specific point, but due to his prior knowledge of the plot, he had also come to another realization.

        He was its bitch.

        Katsuki’s suspicions were not entirely unfounded; the plot apparently stating that he was its lover since who knows when added to the title he held clearly labeling him as the “Consort of the Demon King” did not leave much room for doubt. Could this get any more fucking embarrassing?

        It had been a while since he finished the quest line for the event in question, and he himself was partially at fault for not seeing the early signs…that his summon wasn’t exactly interacting with him in a normal manner. Only once he saw the big picture did he realize that he was being courted the entire time.

        Blushing, he recalled all the interactions they’ve had with each other up to this point--all the times it worried over him and took care of him…with this newfound knowledge, thinking about everything in retrospect was enough to make his heart pound in his chest.

        He had been played. The Demon King had taken advantage of his ignorance to take control of his emotions. That’s why he began to soften up once enough time had passed. He was sure of it. Katsuki couldn’t believe his own stupidity.

        “ Tch! ” He clicked his tongue in mild annoyance. How dare he…!?

        Standing some ways back, his eyes swept across the vast plain in front of him, which was infested with high-level monsters that his summon was currently in the process of toying with. That’s right. None of you stand a ghost of a chance against the Demon King. He’ll hunt each and every one of you down, toy with you, and then kill you.


        The Demon King certainly seems to be enjoying himself, bullying all the weaker monsters. Pinning their bodies down with a single foot, before executing them then and there with cold, dead eyes. Body after body busted open in the green pastures, bodily fluids thoroughly painting all the loot dropped from said beasts. He had done what his master had asked, and his mouth split open into a wide grin, fangs glinting.

        God damn , that’s hot.

        Katsuki flinched at his own inner thoughts. Blushing furiously, his head found its way into his hands, nails digging into his scalp. What the fuck am I going on about!? Isn’t this kind of shit supposed to be normal for a Demon King!?

        He looked back up to see he summon collecting the drops scattered by the monsters he had just finished massacring mere moments before. Soon afterward, a new objective popped up. As he took the time to move all the items from the Demon King’s inventory into his own as both the monsters and bloodstains began to fade out of existence.

        Demon King Midoriya Izuku smiled. “Let’s go home, Kacchan!”

…to Katsuki, that would have to be the Demon King’s castle in Midoriya Forest. He had relocated all of his items there; storage chests, treasure, even his trash items, along with everything on his secret item collection shelf. Plus, all the Demon King’s treasures were technically his now, too.

        He and Izuku teleported to the fast travel point situated in the room underneath the giant staircase of the ground floor hall. This one was special; the only way he could have accessed this point was through this specific event. Even so, its functions were essentially the same as any other warp spot where he could teleport to other places he had already visited, as well as doubling as a save spot.

        With Midoriya Forest being one of the more popular farm zones for other players, three warp spots could be found scattered across the area—still, nobody has even come close to approaching the castle save for seasonal events that would allow them to warp directly into the hall to group up and fight the Demon King himself.


        In the end, that’s really the only purpose it serves—it’s a lobby. These other players do not have the ability to access any other room, save for Katsuki (though it could be said that he probably owns the castle at this point), and God does he hate that time of year. If it’s not their unending chatter, then it’s the sound of players harmlessly flinging spells or weapon skills at each other to kill time waiting for the boss to show up. And don’t even get him started on the fucking tremors once they all start fighting in the basement.


        Once the season came around, he’s naturally left with little choice other than to go out and (begrudgingly) grind alone or resign himself to watching the battles the Demon King is subjected to. Not that they’re an interesting , mind—his summon will win and will continue to win, because none of the players are strong or competent enough to defeat him within the allotted two-hour time limit they’re given.

        Christ, Deku, at least 
act  like you’re having trouble now and then…

        He had to admit…he did feel a sense of pride—and maybe even the slightest bit of sentimentality. His summon’s come a long way from back when it was just some shitty little slug thing, though it seems like he never grew out of the habit of wanting his master to baby him. Especially after events like these.


        And, well, it’s not like he’s opposed to the idea of showing affection…the annoyance and aggravation usually win over, is all. But if he wants to be the one showering him in hugs, then he can do what he wants. Katsuki’s already fully aware of what he is to the Demon King.

        I mean, we’re already fucking married, aren’t we?

        He had initially rejected the notion, but he had come to accept the hand he had been dealt…eventually. As time went on, the shame and embarrassment gave way to familiarity. Maybe this isn’t so bad … The level in which their bonds developed to then seemed to unlock one cutscene…

        adult scene….

        Katsuki remembered every single word he wanted to scream and shout and complain about, but all his efforts to avoid it were for naught. They were going to have sex. Something that seemed oh-so-gentle from the outside…but wasn’t when it came down to it.

        With this looming inevitability, he refrained from logging in for a good while. Sure, he’s come to accept and even welcome the sort of relationship they’ve grown to have, but his feelings haven’t extended that far.

        The next time he returned to the game would be during the next scheduled seasonal event; as per usual, being tied to the quest line, the Demon King would again be confined to the space of his own boss fight and rendered unable to travel with Katsuki. In other words, he could be avoided entirely if he played his cards right and came in only to update a few things or mess around mindlessly.

        Unbeknownst to him, his summon did have the ability to sense whether or not he was in the game. He, on the other hand, has only had the pleasure of seeing his partner’s status bar.

        Eventually, Katsuki had all but lost track of how long it’s been since they’ve actually seen each other face to face. He had spent all this time playing on-and-off, and not once did the thought of going back to him cross his mind.


        Until he felt that he had steeled his resolve enough to face what was unavoidable.


        Of course, the Demon King welcomed him with wide, then very tight arms. He could sense that the gesture was overflowing with fondness. And lust.

        “Where were you? Why didn’t you come to see me at all?” Demon King Izuku inquired. His so-called master, while certainly perceptive, had not sensed the quiet anger radiating from the summon before him.


        Sure, he could understand a couple of days of silence; his master might have needed to take care of personal business. Running into some issues while traveling would have also made a week’s absence reasonable…he couldn’t very well teleport himself over to him without being explicitly summoned, either. A rather long stretch of time later he sensed Katsuki’s presence, but again was unable to go and greet him due to his obligation to his seasonal “guests”.


        Then a year passed. The Demon King was beginning to lose faith and started to doubt if his master was ever going to come back, likening it to how that sorcerer had betrayed him long ago.

        If you really think I’m just gonna let something like that happen again…!

        The grip on his master tightened painfully, his status bar all the while clearly showing that the action was slowly but surely depleting his HP.


        “Are you going to leave me…?” Izuku questioned, his voice laced with a thin veil of anger. The memory of everything that happened to him centuries ago had freshly resurfaced again.


        Katsuki began to struggle. “Fuck’s gotten into you?” Is this how the game’s punishing me for neglecting my own summons for so long…? I didn’t know the relationship and trust points would deplete over time…sounds like something out of a pet simulator.

        “I’m asking you why you were gone for so long. Are you leaving me? ” He could barely contain his pent-up rage just repeating the question. “ Where were you, Kacchan!?” Screaming that last sentence out, he punctuated it with a bone-crushing squeeze, as if he were attempting to merge with him.

        A groan of pain escaped from the lips of his target of affection…and aggression. “ What the fuck is wrong with you!? ” He was then slammed into a wall, the forceful impact taking another large chunk of his HP.

        Though he loathes admitting that he’s hurting, he was pretty sure his partner was fully aware of it. Yet he wondered why this aggression was persisting. “ Deku!! 

        Demon King Izuku’s face, which should have been rightfully scrunched in fury, fell into a saddened expression, his teary eyes not at all betraying his pain. “I can’t stand this, Kacchan,” he began, trying to swallow his sobs before they rose to the surface. “I can’t stand the idea that you would even think of abandoning me…” He sunk to his knees, burying his face in the abdomen of the man he called his master.

        Katsuki froze, trying to process this sudden change of demeanor with what little he could understand. “I wasn’t going to abandon you, I just…” he began, only to hesitate, reluctant to finish the sentence.


        “I was just… busy .” He supposed a white lie would have to do for now. It’s too embarrassing to talk about the real reasons.

        Izuku kept his arms around him, unsure of whether or not to believe in his carefully chosen words. He ultimately decided to ignore the deeper implications of the vague reply, as his mind was still drowning in the swirling storm of memories that was his past.

        His rage began to build anew. The darkness eating away at his heart began to manifest in appearance as the Demon King he truly was, but it was softened by his feelings of affection.

        Neither side knew how it was going to end, or how long it would take for things between them to go back to normal. Izuku was determined for things to end in bed, while Katsuki had the complete opposite in mind, nearly losing said mind completely once he remembered what he did not too long ago as a fun, yet thoughtless way of killing time.


        He implemented NSFW mods into the game.


        Katsuki didn’t know what else fate had in store for him, or even if these mods would affect this… event, he had been trying to avoid. He cursed himself for his stupidity and how he had, like a complete idiot , forgotten to remove them after he had had his fill of fucking around.


        All his clothes and accessories were forcefully unequipped, and his hands were tied to the bedposts. His last sexual encounter had been particularly violent , and he didn’t know what to expect from this point on.


        His Demon King summon began to hungrily devour his mouth, kissing him as if his intent was murder through asphyxiation. He didn’t allow Katsuki even a moment’s respite for air, paying no mind to the saliva streaming down his chin. Things did not stop there; he gripped his master’s thighs, spreading them to make room for himself as his hands migrated over to his pectoral area…which was particularly large for a man of his age.


        Nearly large enough to be compared to a woman with petite assets, but soft and supple all the same.


        He slid downwards until he was at eye-level with Katsuki’s neck, and fervently unleashed a torrent of kisses upon it. The smooches turned into licking, then sucking, then straight up biting with his fangs, intentionally drawing blood here and there. He was alerted of his master’s loss of HP…but he kept at it. He could always heal him back up to full later when they were done.

        They didn’t bestow upon him the title of Demon King for nothing, after all.

        Though he tried to will himself not to, Katsuki could feel his own arousal building. He was getting hard, and it definitely seemed like his summon could feel it poking against his front.

        Izuku pulled himself back up into a sitting position, a small smile on his face as he admired the view before him: Katsuki’s erect dick. He took it into his fist and pressed his thumb to the head before taking notice of how tense his master was…before gently squeezing and jerking his hand downwards. Katsuki flinched.

        His hand comfortably nestled to the throbbing member, he began slowly stroking in an attempt to coax him into further excitement while his free hand conjured something out of thin air. It resembled some sort of small hoop--or rather, a sizable ring--and he slipped it onto the very thing he was currently lavishing copious amounts of attention on. A light blue fluid began to seep out of the pointer finger on that same free hand after the ring made its way down to the base.

        He again rubbed the head, this time smearing the mystery liquid around only for all of it to seep into Katsuki’s dickhole.

        Izuku paused and waited for the intended symptoms to take effect.

        Katsuki’s entire body began to spasm violently, and his mind was suddenly filled with an intense need , the need to be bred before he felt his legs forced open and suspended in place.


        “You could think of it as a sort of… aphrodisiac , Kacchan…but I’m not going to let you cum that easily. That’s what the ring and the blue stuff is for,” Izuku explained, a playful expression dancing across his features. He had his master right how he wanted him—spread, vulnerable and unable to protest.

        Through ragged lusty breaths, his dick throbbed and twitched angrily, and with an involuntary clench of his ass, he was beginning to wonder if this was another feature the mods he had implanted offered. One thing was certain, however; this fucking asshole sure seems pleased with himself.

        Izuku reached around in the purple fog he had created just moments before and pulled out a flask, the pink contents quickly being introduced down Katsuki’s throat. It was, naturally, another aphrodisiac that would kick in, given a few minutes’ time. His master would likely lose his mind by the time this ordeal was done and over with… he , on the other hand, would diligently watch his sensual movements and bide his time.


        Keeping your emotions in check was a normal part of being a demon. He was used to it.

        “I’ll be back in just a bit,” he declared, deciding to leave him to his own devices for a while as a form of torture.

        Katsuki was about ready to lose his mind with everything going on inside his body. He’d all but ceased thinking about anything , and even then the drugs still found a way to jolt him back into being aware of his own helpless horniness. It was also the drugs, coincidentally, that got him to feed his bodily desire with a variety of erotic thoughts for the time being to stall for time.

        How long has it ever been?

        Izuku was greeted by a very pleasing sight upon his return: Katsuki, his master, looking like he was about to come undone. Seeing his consciousness very nearly leave him entirely was enough to turn even a demon like him on.

        He reclaimed his place on the bed before reaching for the flask (that he had placed a small distance away) again, force-feeding him more of the concoction. As if that were not enough, he proceeded to pour a generous amount of it on the angry erection so it could coat the entire area and then some.


        After undoing the bonds that kept his legs open, he lifted Katsuki up by the hips and shoved the neck of the flask deep into his entrance so that he could empty what little was left inside.

        With the container still penetrating him, Izuku lowered him back down and rubbed where he thought the contents had settled to encourage speedier absorption. Katsuki could only moan at what he was being subjected to. Eyes glazing over, he felt a hand turn his face to the side and immediately sensed something warm poking at his lips. It didn’t take long for him to see the full picture.


        This…this is  him  ...

        The time he took hesitating was better spent by the owner of that appendage positioning both his length and Katsuki’s head so that he could shove it in in one clean motion. Any grunt of protest he tried to raise eventually died down in his throat altogether.


        It was hot in and around his mouth, but especially the latter when he began to feel it chafe his lips. It almost seemed as if it were still heating up even after the intrusion had slowly but gradually get closer to the back of his throat, making it increasingly hard for him to breathe.


        This damned summon was going to keep his head on that cock even if he wasn’t even thrusting.

        Izuku leaned over and pumped the improvised buttplug he called a flask in and out of Katsuki’s ass. The drugs seemed to become well into full effect by now.

        Katsuki moaned sound lodging in his throat from choking on the shaft that was now beginning to leak ejaculate. Left with no other choice than to swallow, he was now painfully hard from not only what was being done to him, but also from not being allowed physical release himself.

        He flinched again when felt Izuku yank the flask out of him with enough force to bring his attention to something leaking out of his recently freed hole. His mouth, as well, was liberated of its duties soon after, the taste of semen is the only evidence of the events that transpired.


        Izuku returned to his original place and flipped his master over onto his stomach, lifting his lower body upwards while pushing down on his back to force him into a position where he now had his butt in the air.


        He wasted absolutely no time in plugging the well-prepped hole back up with his dick. Violently. He would not give Katsuki the luxury of settling into the new turn of events, not when the feeling of finally being able to slam into him balls deeprepeatedly with reckless abandon was so gratifying. His thrusts were such that he was no longer able to stop himself, even if he tried.


        Not even the hemorrhaging at the entrance he was currently ravaging was enough to deter him…nor were the indications of his master’s dangerously low and still-depleting HP. Again, he was a demon —handling these sorts of things with more savagery than a primal beast came like second nature to him. That he was, frankly enough, proud to admit.

        Groan after groan escaped Katsuki’s lips. The pain was nigh unbearable; his health bar completely spent, shades of black, white and gray flashed and pulsed before his bleary eyes. Everything sounded so far away…the only things audible to him now were his own screams and the sound of loud slapping skin.

        Even then… even then , it was somehow exhilarating. He still, however, was unable to find any relief despite being there and getting jerked off by him and being this pent-up was so god damn frustrating—

        “ Just a little more, Kacchan… ” Izuku inched upwards to whisper into his ear, dragging his hand up to cup the head of his shaft and squeezing gently. The blockage would disintegrate…after he came.

        “ You’re almost there…we’re going to cum together… ” He continued to pound away at his raw hole incessantly, each and every hot thrust heavy with intent.

        The steadily increasing speed eventually came to a head, and Izuku had reached his peak. He exploded inside of the man who supposedly had control over him, painting his insides with thick cum as he felt himself pulse. Stilling for just a moment to relish at the moment, he pulled back until only the head remained embedded and slammed back in, again and again, and again —and watched his dick shovel more of the ejaculate out of the orifice with each renewed thrust…until he ended his assault, still buried deep in his ass.

        It was impossible to tell which of the fluids staining the bedsheets belonged to whom by this point, as everything had conglomerated into one unified mess. Izuku reached around Katsuki to blindly grope at his member to find it twitching and slick with cum. He pumped at it in an attempt to milk out every last drop from the sputtering cock before sliding off the ring that had been choking it this whole time.


        The cock ring, now in his hand, transformed into an eyeball-sized marble. Pulling out, he immediately stuffed said marble in to prevent any more of his juices from leaking out of the ruined hole before retaking his place and pushing it further in with a good deep shove . And again he stayed inside.


        The marble would ensure that his master would be hot and bothered and riled up again in a matter of moments…and that they would go back to going at it at least several more times.

        Sure, what he had done was terribly immoral and incredibly selfish…but he would continue to hide behind his identity as a demon as his excuse. That’s just what I am, and I would consider this sufficient punishment for what he did to me before you came along.


        Then there was Katsuki, teetering on the absolute brink of unconsciousness.


I’m deleting those fucking mods the first chance I get back out of this damn game…!!


Chapter Text

The town was small, simple in its layout, and could even be described as quaint. Cobblestone lined every street, each house featuring blooming flower gardens or flower boxes along the many stained glass windows. It lay on the outskirts of a small forest and a grand, sparkling lake in the northwestern lands along a well known road into the mountains. It could be considered a nice, peaceful place, the perfect rest stop for travelers. At least it would be if not for the deep fog and eerie silence that lingered in the streets. ‘Haunted’ is what the townsfolk called their home. Katsuki would say that was a stretch of the imagination, as were the rumors and stories told of the set of ghostly monsters that roamed the lake, along with something simply called ‘Dangerous’. 


Another typical side quest.


The barbarian fighter spent the day gathering information in town. Going from general stores to open shops and unlocked houses, he simply waltzed in with no questions asked from the owners of said homes (fucking game logic, really). He demanded to know about the ghosts and dangerous beast that kept the townspeople inside once dusk hit, terrified of leaving their homes. Katsuki heard the whispered rumors about kidnapped and missing children, listened to how the town doctor fainted in fright upon seeing the little ankle biters walk in a trancelike state from their warm beds toward the fogged lake. There had also been talk of a mysterious man in exotic cloaks coming through, asking about the town’s brats before disappearing in the direction of the lake. The robes sounded much like the type magic users wore, and the bright blue of their color signalled he was from the far North. In other words, it pointed Katsuki to the work of a power hungry sorcerer and most likely a couple of goony henchmen who were using the children as a power source with heavy fog spells to cover their tracks. 


He had been prepared to storm into the lake and take it by force, but the town had a comfortable, warm inn that offered Katsuki a free night of real rest in return for solving their troubles and returning the children. It had been a while since Katsuki had slept in a real bed, and there was no way he could turn down free food and a hot bath. Even the sea slug companion Katsuki had, Deku, was eager for a night of relaxation. He longed for a bath and wouldn’t shut up about it once the offer was made by the innkeeper and his wife. Hell, the couple said they would have no issue with his ‘pet’, that it was welcome to join Katsuki in his room instead of sleeping out in the stables like many of the larger, more standard animal companions. 


Never let it be known that Katsuki actually did have a heart and couldn’t say no to the sparkle in green eyes, to Deku’s delight. 


Katsuki decided that he would take a simple nap to restore his energy before exploring the town at night for any clues to the sorcerer and ‘ghosts’. He had gotten into the habit of putting the damn slug in a protective salt barrier any time he slept or bathed. It wasn’t to keep Deku safe but to instead protect himself from the pest’s groping touches and horny nuzzling. Yet when he looked to where Deku had made himself comfortable at the foot of the bed, he saw the leech fast asleep. It was most likely the safest he would ever be around Deku, Katsuki decided, to at least sleep for a couple hours until he went out. Deku slept like a fucking rock; no simple jostle or noise could wake him. Besides, Deku wasn’t any bigger than both of Katsuki’s hands put together, he’d just throw the annoying slug against the wall, right?


Yet it wasn’t even an hour into Katsuki’s nap that he woke to the damp touch of Deku across his lower belly, teasing down his abs and into the hem of the barbarian’s pants. The pressure and chill of the slime against his heated skin sparked a mixture of Annoyance and Anger, but also a flare of Arousal. The ‘Big Three A’s’ of dealing with the slug, as Katsuki called it. He reacted without much thought, grabbing Deku by the scuff of the neck and lifting the slimeball to eye level with a snarl on his lips, sharp teeth exposed. 


“You disgusting, slimy fuck. Can’t keep your filthy fuckin’ paws off me? That fuckin’ it?” he snapped out, demanding answers but not giving Deku any time to answer in that sweet little voice he had, the one that Katsuki would never admit to enjoying. Well, he enjoyed it in small doses. After an hour of the creature’s habitual muttering and mumbling, he wanted to shut the damn leech up in any way possible. Instead of torturing the slug by shoving it in one of the multiple pouches of salt Katsuki kept stockpiled in his inventory screen at all times, he used his free hand to undo his belt and throw it across the room. The buttons to his pants were flicked open after. Deku’s wide eyes went rapidly from looking into Katsuki’s red ones, to the bulge of his crotch with an eager look. 


The way Deku looked at him with hunger and desire was so human, so….so unlike the typical AI systems used for companion animals or even the game’s prostitutes for hire in various towns. Katsuki had long stopped questioning what the fuck was wrong with Deku’s AI system; the creature only smiled at him and said nothing to the questions, refusing to explain, or maybe he had no explanation to give. 


It didn’t matter, anyway. 


“You want me that badly, you sick fucker? You want my fucking cock that damn bad? Then I’ll use you like the sex toy you are. I’ll fucking wreck you, Deku. I’ll use you fucking good as my cock sleeve.” Katsuki’s words dripped with the venom of the threatening promise. 


Deku squirmed in his hand, trying to move closer. Katsuki took that as an answer from the slug, and didn’t question why he was doing this as he pushed Deku toward his groin, other hand pushing his pants down enough for his thick cock to bounce free. Deku opened his mouth wide to take it in, swallowing and suckling when the head popped into his slick mouth. Katsuki was torn between the incredible pleasure that coursed through his veins at the wet heat swallowing down his cock, the amazing visual that was seeing the first quarter, then half, finally all of his cock enter Deku’s mouth. He could see through the translucent, borderline transparent slug just enough to see the outline of his dick. He could see the beads of precum rise from the slit with every swallow Deku gave, saw them dissolve into the creature’s body, slowly lightening the forest green of his body. Deku’s expression was blissed out, eyes half mast and cheeks flushed in his desire and happiness to finally get what he wanted. 


One of Katsuki’s hands raised to cover his own mouth as he leaned back against the wall behind the bed, muffling his own groans as he rocked his hips up into the greedy mouth of the leech. Those dazed, green eyes watched him closely, gauging what Katsuki did and didn’t like. Katsuki couldn’t let such a damn pest have an advantage over him like this, though; he refused. No, Katsuki must have the upper hand in this. The hand that was covering his mouth moved to Deku’s rear, pressing two fingers against the tight hole under his tail. Deku had more than once wagged his ass in Katsuki’s face in invitation, so he knew where to press without looking. 


Surprisingly, what Katsuki found was something wet and slick flowing freely, Deku’s hole loosened and trying to suck his fingers in. Katsuki was reminded of a bitch in heat and he smirked wickedly, bucking his hips into the slug’s mouth roughly to force more of his cock into him. Katsuki hoped he would choke on the fat length.


“Fucking slut. Absolute fucking whore. Just a sex toy, aren’t you? So fucking eager to please me that nothing else matters to you, does it? You’re so damn soaked, it’s embarrassing. Shameful,” Katsuki taunted. 


Even as Katsuki spoke, he sank two thick fingers into the slug. Deku gave a loud whine around his cock, laced with heady pleasure, and pushed back against his hand to take them to the second knuckle. More of Deku’s slick coated Katsuki’s fingers, pooling in his palm as he pumped them in and out. Never once did Deku stop sucking Katsuki’s cock. If anything, Deku was determined to swallow every inch down. A third finger pushed into Deku, and the slug gave a squeal of delight around Katsuki’s dick. Drool slid down what was left of the thick length not in the creature's mouth, loud slurps and pleasured sounds escaping his filled mouth. 


“You good for nothing leech. Found what you’re good at sucking, at least.” Katsuki’s taunt turned into a groan as he felt his orgasm grow closer, hips twitching to fuck into Deku’s mouth. Maybe this is what the damn creature’s AI was focused on, because Deku seemed to know Katsuki was close, and he picked up the pace until Katsuki tilted his head back, thunking against the wall as he came with a low, shameless moan. Through sheer determination, Katsuki kept one eye open and on Deku, watched his own cock spurt thick cum into the slug’s body, watched that forest green slime turn a mint green from the amount of cum he absorbed. 


Damn, that shouldn’t be so hot. Katsuki finally dropped Deku onto the bed, his fingers pulling out of him, covered in a mostly clear, green-tinted juice. So, the slimeball produced slime. Huh. Even as the thought entered Katsuki’s mind, he was bringing his fingers to his own mouth. 


How did it taste?


It didn’t have a strong taste—like seaweed jelly, if anything—and Katsuki sucked his fingers clean, tongue swirling the digits to collect every drop, eyes meeting Deku’s. Would it be stronger from the source? Considering the fact that he could see the erect and protruding hemipenes that Deku had, he doubted the leech would mind at all if Katsuki decided to be extra greedy in taking what he wanted. Deku was roughly grabbed again, but this time, he was brought to Katsuki’s mouth, belly up, ass toward him. Katsuki’s tongue swiped up and between the two dicks, getting a full body shudder from Deku that turned to tremors when Katsuki did it again. His tongue slid from the gummy-like hemipenes to that leaking hole. Just from a small lick, the taste of seaweed became stronger. A lick turned to a prod, turned to shoving his entire tongue into Deku and letting his senses be flooded by the taste of seaweed jelly. It wasn’t the greatest flavor—tolerable at best—and the slick filling Katsuki's mouth was gummy and slimy. Yet it was like a drug, pushing Katsuki on and bringing his spent cock back to life. 


Katsuki pulled his mouth from Deku's ass with a pop and licked his lips. Slick trailed down his jaw and throat. “I’m not fuckin’ done with you yet, Deku. Got another hole to fuck. Gonna stuff you full of my cum.” 


“Please.” Deku finally spoke, voice desperate and needy in that cute tone Katsuki hated to admit he was weak for. There were small tears in the corner of those big eyes. Deku’s dicks leaked onto his own belly, absorbing it into his body immediately just to expel it again as more slick and dribbling precum. “Please, Kacchan, please. Please, please, please. Use me, fuck me, I need it.” 

Katsuki didn’t doubt that. Deku seemed almost drunk in his need, on the verge of fat tears if he didn’t have Katsuki’s cock inside him soon. Katsuki didn’t doubt that he could get more begging out of the leech, and he gave an almost teasing, seductive smirk as he swiped his tongue along his soaked hole once more. 


“You think you deserve getting what you want? Been fucking molesting me for goddamn months, any chance you got. Don’t think I didn’t notice how you try gettin’ to my dick during baths. Can’t even fucking sleep without you taking advantage of my body. What makes you think you should get what you want?” Katsuki asked, demanding an answer. 


Deku’s lower lip trembled and those tears in his eyes fell with a sniffle. “P-Please, Kacchan. Anything, anything, I’ll do anything. Please!” 


“Do better than that, bitch. What you fucking offering me?”


“I—” Deku squirmed in Katsuki’s hold, both to look at Katsuki properly as well as to move closer to his mouth again. “I will tell you exactly when, where, and how to finish this quest. Who you need to beat.” 

Katsuki pretended to think about it for a moment before switching the hand he held Deku with, wrapping his other hand around his middle and holding him in his fist. “Deal,” he said. With a grin, Katsuki pushed Deku down and onto his hard cock, moaning as he watched it disappear into Deku. With the new mint color, Katsuki could see his dick even better inside of Deku, see just how wonderfully tight he was around the head and every inch as he dragged Deku down to take him all. The display was nothing compared to the way Deku felt around his cock though. The almost jelly like body the slug had gripped tight, shaping itself perfectly to his dick to the point of feeling delicious pressure just edging along his slit. Deku’s head was tilted back, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth with a gurgling moan. Once he was fully settled on Katsuki’s groin, Katsuki snickered softly. 

“Fuck, you make my cock look so damn big.”

“Is bigggggg, so big, Kacchan,” Deku slurred. “So goooood.”

“Shut the fuck up, leech,” Katsuki snapped, using Deku’s body mercilessly to stroke and jerk off. 


It was so fucking tight, so wet and hot, better than the creature’s mouth. Katsuki could see, could feel the extra slick Deku was producing from his stretched hole pool at Katsuki’s hips, sticking to golden hair. Like hell did he care, though, not when he lifted Deku and pushed him back down, and the leech gave a loud squeal and begged him to keep going. That voice pushed Katsuki to be rougher, using him just like he would a toy, or when thrusting into his own tight fist. This was so much better, though, like Deku’s body was form fitted to him. 


“You like it, don’t you? Being my toy, my fuck hole. Best fucking use I’ve found for you yet,” Katsuki said, panting and trying to push back his own pleasured, desperate noises that dared to escape his lips. He couldn’t seem to stop the words, but the more he talked, the further under Deku seemed to go in his stupor. Deku must like his voice, as well. Or perhaps simply the things he was saying. 


“Yeah, you fucking like it. You fucking love it. Should start using you regularly. Why should I put up with just my hand when I can fuck you and use you like my own personal cum sponge? Can fuck that mouth to shut it the fuck up, dump my cum in your ass any time I wanna. Fuck, I’ll even abuse those little things you call dicks.” Katsuki’s thumb slipped down to rub along the underside of one of them, pulling even louder sounds from Deku, and more precum drooled from both cocks. 


“Don’t you fucking dare cum until I do, slutty leech. You don’t get to fucking cum until I tell you to, yeah?” 


“Yes, yes, yes!” Deku cried out, little nubby legs squirming about as if he could do anything with the way Katsuki had a tight hold on him. It wasn’t to run, though, it was to get as much as possible. Bury Katsuki deep in his body and milk every drop of cum from his balls. Deku wanted it; he had been wanting it for so long, been waiting for this for so very, very long. 


Katsuki came with gritted teeth and a hissed out ‘fuck’ and ‘Deku’. Just like when he came in Deku’s mouth, the ribbons of cum were taken into the minty body, turning Deku a green-tinted cream color. It only took a few more strokes of his thumb to make Deku cum as well, coating Katsuki’s thumb and knuckles. 


Deku looked good fucked stupid, Katsuki decided, as he dropped the slug onto the bed and slid down as well, panting for breath. When Katsuki finally caught his breath, he gave a flick of his wrist to pull a digital reading of the time in front of him on a small transparent screen. Another flick of the wrist sent it away, and Katsuki rolled himself enough to hover over Deku’s body. There was still slick dripping from his stretched out, abused hole, and Katsuki grinned. 


“Let’s see how you taste now.”


Deku barely registered what Katsuki had said before the barbarian battler was spreading him open with two fingers and thrusting his tongue into him. The people in the room next door must hate them at this point, but damn did seaweed cream taste better. Not like they planned to stay at this inn again, anyway. 


The side quest could wait; they still had plenty of time before sun down, and this quest of using Deku every way possible was far more important than some stupid sorcerer and a haunted town. He already had Deku’s promise to do most of the work for him, after all. 


[Achievement Unlocked: Sex Toy Mode]


[Achievement Unlocked: Cum White Edition]


[Achievement Unlocked: Slugku Fucku]


Chapter Text

Having the legendary Demon King as a companion on his adventure was frustrating. Katsuki had grown used to Deku’s chattering his ear off and the large humanoid had become as familiar to him as the slug form was. Clearing maps was twice as easy with the Deku taking out high-level monsters with a swipe of his claws, a whip of his massive tail, or one of his impressive spells. 


However, the ease of it all was making the game gradually lose some of that initial excitement—the thrill of rising above everyone and everything, of becoming the highest rank player, all on his own was starting to fade. Nowadays, both Katsuki and Deku were simply too strong for any challenge to be entertaining anymore. 


Katsuki was getting impatient because of it, eager to finally cement his authority over the game as the number one ranked player, but it had to be on his own merit. Deku wiping out the competition with just a look was amusing, sure, but nowhere near as satisfying as Katsuki doing it himself. 


Of course the idiot couldn’t seem to help himself from defeating monsters left and right, excited to finally stretch his tired muscles and use his great powers after being a useless slug for so long—and yes , he could call the Demon King an idiot and get away with it because he’d done the same thing when Deku was a dumb little leech. Katsuki wasn’t afraid of him. 


Not really anyway, not with Deku trailing after him so happily and vibrant. Deku was having the time of his life journeying with Katsuki. It was...well it was sort of cute, really, the way this big bad guy who could bring hundreds of monsters under his control because he was so strong and unyielding, was content to wander around with Katsuki as the blond cleared dungeons. 


But Katsuki still wasn’t the undisputed champion of the game yet and couldn’t be, not unless he could reign supreme over everyone. That included the Demon King, Midoriya Izuku.


Katsuki had been checking his quests list and watching his notifications like a hawk to try and figure out a way to become the absolute strongest player in the game. One day, Deku was busying himself, toying with a small boar-like beast who’d tried to steal some of their supplies. 


He was tossing the creature up into the air and catching it, it’s high-pitched squeals kind of amusing, to be honest. It was possible that Deku wasn’t actually trying to scare it. They might have been genuinely playing together. 


The Demon King was strange like that, as kind to those that deserved it as he could be cruel to the ones that didn’t. Katsuki felt a small smile grow on his face when he pictured Deku playing with their future child the same way... what? 


His smile fell, what was he thinking? Deku, having a kid? With him? Ridiculous. What would the benefit of children be in a game? Katsuki shook his head to clear it of the hazy dreamlike image of Deku cuddling a smaller version of himself in his hands, beautiful grin directed at Katsuki, the father. That was...Katsuki needed to concern himself with his goal.


That’s when it happened. A quiet ping! had Katsuki looking down to find a new secret quest linked to Deku’s summons page and an updated entry in his description. Before, the information was fairly basic and with question marks regarding Deku’s power. The only updates were on the spells and offensive actions he used, similarly not displaying a number corresponding to their strength because he was simply too powerful. 


However, now there was a small section depicting the Demon King’s anatomy with an illustration. Including his genitalia, of which Katsuki was surprised and slightly aroused to learn he had both male and female genitalia. A womb was tucked up into his body, accessible through his ass. That dream of Deku bearing his child seemed a lot less far-fetched now. He could get Deku pregnant, no…he would get Deku pregnant.


Moreover, the quest stated that there was an item of some sort that Katsuki could equip hidden deep in the forest. The item, according to the description, was capable of controlling the Demon King. 


An item crafted by the Sorcerer, the very same who’d sealed Deku away all those years ago. The man who’d gone on to be reincarnated as Katsuki himself. Fitting. Katsuki hadn’t seen the quest before no matter how many times he’d checked Deku’s status and his list, so he must have unlocked it by releasing Deku’s seal.


Though that had been a while back, maybe it was one of those dinky little side quests for players interested in those boring achievements that didn’t matter in the overall rankings, the ones where your interactions with other players or specific characters in the game raised up friendship meters or love meters? 


Katsuki kept his notifications for those things off. He didn’t bother aiming for those pathetic little achievements because he knew they wouldn’t be of any use to him. He just cared about being the best player. 

But Deku was obvious in how much he enjoyed adventuring with Katsuki, so if the meters had anything to do with it, they were probably maxed out from how fucking in love with him the Demon King was. Which was flattering. It’d be even more flattering if Deku was forced to listen to his every whim. That would be nice.


All that mattered to Katsuki now was getting a hold of that item. Controlling Deku, wholly and completely. “Oi, Deku!” Katsuki called out and Deku set the boar monster down and patted its rump, the thing grunting noisily and scampering off into the woods. “Yes, Kacchan? Are we going somewhere new?” Katsuki smirked at the oblivious king of the demons. 


“Yeah, Deku. We’re going on a little trip. Hurry your ass up! We’re leaving now .”




When they made it to a decrepit area of the forest, Deku seemed slightly taken aback. Katsuki lifted an eyebrow at him and received a curious look in return. 


“I remember coming here once. With—with the Sorcerer. He was trying to make something and he needed some of my blood for a spell to make it stronger. I haven’t thought of it that why you wanted to come here? For the weapon or whatever it was he made? I didn’t think he finished it. I was sealed away before it was completed.”


Katsuki nodded but kept his eyes focused on the forest ahead of them as he conjured up an orb of sparkling red and gold light on his palm to help him see in the darkness as night began to fall around them. 


“Well he made whatever the hell it was and you can bet your ass I want it.” 


Deku didn’t even know how strong the item was? Even better. Katsuki was going to enjoy having the powerful demon king under his thumb, following his every order. He wouldn’t even know what hit him. 


“Move it, Deku, I want that item. Either come with me or don’t, I ain’t waiting for you.” 


And soon he wouldn’t have to wait at all, the new equipment giving him full control over the Demon Lord. He could make Deku crawl on his hands and knees, use him as a footrest while Katsuki planned out his next moves. He’d conquer every inch of this game world with Deku as his pet slave, ready to follow each command that fell from Katsuki’s lips. 


Katsuki would have the greatest power in the land bent to his will, could make the strongest being beg at his feet like a mewling little kitten. He felt his lips curl up into a dangerous smile; he’d own Deku. 


He could hardly wait. He raced forward, slaughtering the monsters that spawned sporadically from all sides as they trekked deeper and deeper into the dark forest with a near-manic glee. Deku on his heels, casting curious furtive glances in his direction while he clawed and cut through one fanged, horrid little goblin-like creature after the next until the duo finally stumbled upon the shambles of a decrepit hut.


If it could even be called that anymore. It was more a pile of decaying wood held up by thick tendrils of blue-black ivy and decades-old magic that had weakened with each passing year. Katsuki hardly touched the door before it fell forward into the shack with a dull thud. Shrugging, he stepped carefully forward onto the warped wood and looked around the place. 


Noting there wasn't any more beasts to battle and possibly because this hut was once the home of a past lover, Deku unequipped his armor with a causal wave of his hand to reveal his sharp outfit with its distinctly royal flare—accents of gold throughout and the fabric as soft as it was fine—as the two adventuring travellers began to inspect the area around them.


It wasn’t much. A slab of stone that might have served as a bed as well as a worktable, judging by the faint runes carved into the side now covered in layer of crunchy dark red leaves, likely fallen from the gaping hole in the sunken roof. At the foot of the bed was a chest. There was dust everywhere. 


There was a small table with a rusty candle holder beside it, the wax burned down to a sad little nub. Yellowed pages of hastily written notes in a dead language lay beside it in a haphazard pile. A stool where Katsuki’s former self must have sat in a thousand times was leaning against the table, one of its legs broken. 


Deku was near silent as he roamed around the tiny place and let his claws lightly drag along the surface of things before coming to rest by the aged papers and began reading them, fondling the faded handwriting with a soft sad smile on his face.


It unsettled Katsuki to see the normally bright—and occasionally violent, fearsome—Demon King so lost in memories. Something dark and possessive and vile curled in Katsuki’s stomach: jealousy. 

The Sorcerer of the past was dead and gone. Katsuki was here now, stronger and better and real and alive; Deku shouldn’t give a damn about anyone else but the man in front of him now. Katsuki was his present and his future. The centuries-old being needed to forget his past and focus on Katsuki and Katsuki alone. With an aggressive snarl, Katsuki opened up the chest and discarded the threadbare cloth covering the prize inside.

He lifted up the crown, a horned headpiece resembling a dragon claw with vibrant rubies, as red and as precious as blood itself, nestled in the middle of them. 


Rising to his feet and facing Deku, Katsuki settled the crown upon his head, feeling a strange oldness settle in his veins before it felt like his whole body lit up with a fire of raw, primal energy. Power! Such incredible power! Coursing through him, a burning hot magic that felt at once foreign and familiar in his veins. He was a King now, a King over the strongest demon around and therefore, King of all! 


Deku gasped and Katsuki’s red eyes locked onto wide green eyes as if he too felt the surge of power flowing into the blond. 


“Sit, boy,” he intoned lightly, almost casually, and the Demon King fell down hard to his knees, back ramrod straight as he gazed up at the blond, awestruck. The crown glowed faintly as its power was used.



“I,” Katsuki began, “or rather my former self, had the sense to think ahead should your seal ever be broken. This crown ensures whatever I say goes. I want you to do’ll do it.” 


Deku swallowed hard and his brow furrowed as he struggled to get up. His muscles tensed, Katsuki could see it in the flex of the other’s neck, the sharp flick of his pointed ears turned down and then back up. 


But he couldn’t move, not with the magical hold Katsuki had on him. Deku was trying to test the invisible restraints that held him in place only to find them impossible to break free from. Katsuki watched with eyes darkening in pleasure as the reality of the situation settled on Deku’s shoulders.


The Demon King, for all his strength and might both physically and magically, could do nothing. He was helpless, incapable of disobeying Katsuki. And that knowledge...excited Katsuki. 


To know he could make Deku do anything, could treat him however he wished and the other was powerless to stop him. Oddly enough though, there was a spark in Deku’s green eyes; he was excited too, to be so thoroughly dominated by another being, something that hadn’t ever happened before. 


Even with the Sorcerer, Izuku had been in control. Love may have influenced him to the very end, but each decision he made was his own. Now, the reincarnated form of his past lover was standing before him in the middle of a rundown old shack with the grace and power of a god, calling all the shots. 


Izuku was...he was honestly aroused by the thought that he’d have to follow Katsuki’s orders. Izuku had never considered being subservient or submissive to anyone before because no other being had been stronger than he was. Now that had changed. And he was getting excited thinking about Katsuki dominating him.


“Crawl to me,” Katsuki said with a dark look. The blond was going to see just how well these nsfw mods were implemented while enjoying his newfound control over Deku. Dutifully, with a sparkle of pleasure in his eyes, Deku began crawling forward the short distance to Katsuki but the blond added more. 


“Ass up higher, Deku,” he commanded and the Demon King made a noise of surprise as his lower half raised up, tail high and swaying like a cat in heat. He felt his cock twitch in the sheath of his thick tail, eager to be played with.


“Look at you. Haven’t so much as touched you and your drooling for it. Such a dirty cockslut. No wonder you fucking follow me around so much. You’re practically gagging for my dick, aren’t you Deku? Filthy.”


The sight of his green length twitching and dripping fluid onto the floor seemed to trigger something primal and possessive in Katsuki, as evident by the way his own thick cock slapped Izuku’s face wetly after it was pulled free. 

Izuku’s first instinct was to taste Katsuki, to lick a long strip up the underside of his partner’s dick and suck the wet tip into his waiting mouth but Katsuki’s hand tangled in his curls and his head was wrenched up away harshly. The sting of his hair being tugged and his head pulled back so that the he met the blond’s eyes was enough to bring the Demon King to tears. A pretty little sheen of wetness came over his eyes.


“Kacchan—let me—!” 


“Did it not get through your thick skull, Deku , that I’m in charge? That this is all about me ? I know you’re so desperate to suck at my cock, cum-hungry demon that you are, but this crown means I’m your fucking owner . You’re my pretty pet who does what I say, when I say it. Now who am I to you?”


Katsuki was...everything. His past, present, future. His love, his rival, his companion. And now, his owner. “...Master,” Izuku said softly, reverently, eyes wide and awestruck as he gazed up at the handsome blond, “Kacchan is my Master.”


“Damn right. Good boy. You’re not a complete moron. But you still don’t get to suck my cock,” he growled as he conjured a gag. Deku snarled at first and tried to shake the contraption off but he froze at Katsuki’s spoken command. The bar was pushed between Deku’s plush lips and his fangs bit down into the material as Katsuki tightened the leather straps to secure it on the Demon King’s head.


Immediately, Deku began to leak saliva around the bar preventing him from doing anything else and his ears flicked down submissively. He nuzzled Katsuki’s thighs, spit slathering over the man’s hard cock but unable to lick him properly. 


Deku whined pathetically and Katsuki smirked down at him, his grip loosening to cradle the other’s head sweetly just under one of his horns. Deku looked like a little kitten, weak and needy. Cute. Too fucking cute. Katsuki could hardly stand how perfect the Demon King was for him. This shitty little slug, this powerful creature of magic and might. 


Deku’s tail continued to flick back and forth, as if to try and coax Katsuki into touching him. Mmmm, now that wouldn’t do. Katsuki took off his cape and tore a long strand from it, shifting behind Deku and shoving him forward. 


Katsuki pushed a foot down on his slave’s shoulders and ordered him to stay put, Deku huffing and whimpering at the rough treatment, equally upset and turned on by the degradation. His face was pressed against the ground as Katsuki grappled the playfully flicking tail into his warm palms and began winding the red strand around Izuku’s painfully needy tail erection.


“Mmmnn! Rrrmnnnngh!” Izuku tried to call out, tail thrashing to be freed though he made sure not to put his full strength into the motions and hurt his beloved Kacchan. 


But if the appendage was bound, Izuku wouldn’t be able to cum! He was already so worked up, so desperate for it. The soft teasing touches as Katsuki bound him were driving him insane and copious amounts of sweet liquid poured out of the tip. The ridged cock trapped in his pants was leaking too, dampening the cloth as the length strained in its confines.


Was Katsuki going to torture him like this? Make him writhe and beg wordlessly for more, reduced to nothing but choked noises around his gag and high-pitched whimpers more befitting a common whore than the king of demons? 


As Katsuki moved around to face him and brought him back to his knees, Katsuki’s cock brushing around Izuku’s wet stretched out mouth and prodding at his cheeks just below where tears were threatening to fall, the Demon King realized that was exactly the plan. It made him shiver with want. He moaned, muffled through his gag, trying to tell Katsuki how badly he wanted to be used, to be played with like the toy he was.


Katsuki gave Izuku’s sensitive tail a vindictive little squeeze that prompted another moan and then backed off, waving a hand over the stone slab to rid it off debris and set down a soft fur from his inventory. He perched himself atop it, stroking his own cock languidly with his dark eyes focused on Deku. 


The Demon King looked up at him, full of lust, the picture of submissiveness on his knees. A hand slightly raised up with other poised on the ground as if awaiting the command to move. Katsuki could hear that word ringing in his head in Deku’s voice, “ Master ,” and his dick twitched in response. 


“Get up here and warm my cock, Deku,” he commanded and Deku’s eyes lit up with pleasure as he moved to him, pants disappearing and his hard cock suddenly pressed against Katsuki’s. He rubbed himself off on Katsuki and while the ridges felt amazing dragging along the underside of his prick, the blond wanted more. 


“Properly, Deku! I want your ass bouncing up and down on me. You don’t get to enjoy yourself without working for me. You’re my prize, my slave. Now turn around and let me slide into that tight ass of yours.” 


The words had hardly left Katsuki’s mouth before his pet was fulfilling them, grinding his ass onto Katsuki and nearly dropping down on him all at once before the blond stopped him. “Fuck, shit, stupid Deku! You’ll tear open like that! Do I need to fucking specify to prepare yourself first?!” He didn’t want to hurt Deku, not like that anyway.


Izuku only whimpered, trying to speak around the gag but incapable of it. He reached back and dragged Katsuki’s fingers to the base of his tail and then to his waiting hole. 


Two of Katsuki’s fingers slipped easily inside of the wet channel and Izuku twisted his upper body to make eye contact, trying to convey that his body was ready, that he’d responded to the sight and smell of Katsuki’s arousal with his own. That he needed Katsuki to fuck into him hard. That Izuku wanted to feel Katsuki’s cock plunge into him deep until he hit his womb, stuff his insides full of cum.


He could only greedily push his hips back onto the questing fingers as they explored his open hole. Still attempting to follow the earlier command and sit on Katsuki’s cock. He didn’t need to be commanded, but he liked the feeling of the magic settling firmly over his body, forcing him to move. 


Katsuki’s power over him was exhilarating. He wanted more. He lifted up and Katsuki’s fingers slipped out to drag wetly on his bare hip until he was gripping it firmly. Izuku’s tail brushed affectionately against Katsuki’s face as the he settled down on the human’s cock, inch after inch swallowed up in his hot channel. He growled appreciatively as he was filled.


Katsuki’s cock was so thick, pressing firmly against the walls of his ass as he pushed deeper and deeper. Izuku threw his head back and moaned long and loud as Katsuki’s dick dragged against his prostate while the demonic being began to slowly rock in place wasn’t enough! 


Izuku couldn’t stop himself from moving on Katsuki’s length harder and faster, mind going hazy until he could only think of being pumped full of cum. He clenched down tight around the appendage inside of him, trying to milk it as his hips canted wildly and his animalistic growls filled the air to mingle with the wet slap of his ass hitting Katsuki’s pelvis again and again. 


Katsuki was just as lost to the pleasure as Izuku was, arms coming up to grasp tight around Izuku’s waist and fucking up into the tight wet heat. 


“Fuck! Fuck, shit! You filthy little whore! You want it so bad, don’t you? Such a pathetic cumslut.”


He brought a hand up to wrap around the base of Izuku’s neck and leaned forward to bite at the pointed ear. “You’re so disgustingly weak like this. I bet I didn’t even need this fucking crown to turn you into my perfect cocksleeve. Mmm, yeah, you fucking wanted this the whole damn time, didn’t you?” 


Izuku couldn’t answer with the gag but he tried to nod and ground his hips down in tiny circles, which made Katsuki’s hand around his throat tighten further. The pain and the way his airflow was being cut was causing him to feel dizzy with pleasure and he was vaguely aware of his HP being depleted but he was so powerful that it was hardly worth noting. 


And even if Katsuki truly hurt him, each bit of pain, every mark left, would only be something Izuku accepted with pride. He loved Katsuki after all. 


He tried to fuck himself down harder on Katsuki and the blond grunted, growing impatient. Katsuki yanked at leather strap of the gag, making Izuku’s jaw ache, until it was close enough to get between his teeth and rip apart. He needed to hear the sound of Izuku falling apart as he was fucked. 


“Kacch—Ka—ahh!! Fuck, ahhnnn, fuck me!”


“Don’t fucking order me around, Deku!! I’ll do what I want with this hole! It’s mine! All of you is mine, say it! SAY IT!” he commanded and Izuku tensed up before shivering through a ruined orgasm, his tail slapping against the bed hard enough to crack the stone. He needed to cum, he needed to cum, dammit, dammit, his cock was throbbing !


“Yours, yours, yours, fuck! I’m yours, Master! Please, please let me cum, Master! Fill up my hole and let me cum! I want your seed, Master. Use me !!”  


FUCK!! ” Katsuki cursed, roughly changing their position to put Deku underneath him on all fours so he could pound into him deep. He could feel it, feel the way his tip kissed the womb deep inside Deku and he howled like beast, forcing his cock to push all the way inside. 


If he thought Deku’s ass was tight, his womb was even tighter and it fluttered wildly as Deku’s pleasure peaked. Katsuki dug his teeth into his bottom lip until it bled, groaning long and loud as he buried himself as far into Deku as possible and came. His hips didn’t even still as he came and he continued thrusting deep and hard into Deku as the Demon King cried, pleading to be allowed to cum.


“Fulllll, Master I’m so fulllll!”


“Mmm, full of my fucking cock and cum,” Katsuki purred into Deku’s cute ear, nibbling it after. “Going to get you fucking pregnant, Deku. So fucking good for me. Mine. All mine,” he whispered possessively and Deku convulsed underneath him, whining high and needy.  


Deku was so strong , but so weak for Katsuki. The blond loved it. He gripped Izuku’s hips hard enough to bruise and then picked up his speed again, determined to cum a second time. Izuku was weeping now, desperate to cum. 


Katsuki growled, “You wanna cum, my pretty little pet? Wanna spill that sweet cum all over yourself?” He grabbed at the tail and tugged it to point into Deku’s face.


Izuku turned bright red from embarrassment but his mouth opened for his tongue to loll out and his eyes were blown wide with lust. “Master, Master, nngh ...whatever Master wants, I want it!”


“Then make a mess of yourself you filthy Demon King,” Katsuki demanded, fingers yanking at the red string until it unwound in a smooth movement and Izuku’s tail flexed wildly, cum pouring out all over his face and into his mouth as he panted and screamed for Katsuki. 


The tightening of his womb brought Katsuki to the edge all over again and his eyes rolled up as he thrust once more, hard, and settled deep to pour out everything he had to offer. Deku felt so good around his cock, he didn’t think he’d ever want to leave it. 


Blinking down at the mess of Deku’s face, Katsuki smirked. Well, he was going to be the number one player now, right? He’d keep first place easily...and keep Deku where he belonged, hanging off his cock and covered in cum just like this.



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Chapter Text

Katsuki had been walking for hours.

He'd grown used to that, over his time in this world, but that didn't make it any less draining.

The extra weight on his shoulder didn't help, either.

"Oi, Deku," he growled, flicking his slug-like companion in the forehead. "Where can I camp out around here?"

"Well, Kacchan," it began, humming to itself quietly. "There are some quiet spaces further east where travellers won't come across us, but we might be bothered by wild animals. We could climb a tree for the night, but that wouldn't be very comfortable for you. I'll gladly serve as your pillow though!"

"No way in hell," Katsuki countered. "Next?"

"If you turn left at the next fork, there's a little inn where you could rent a room?"

"Lead with that next time, you little shit," Katsuki sighed, plucking the creature off his shoulder and giving it a stern look. "Your wealth of stupid and unnecessary knowledge is the closest to a useful trait that you have, don't ruin it."

"Understood, Kacchan!"

He considered dropping the slug to the ground, maybe even giving it a little kick just for fun, but he was too damn tired to deal with the whining and pouting it would generate. Instead, he shoved it on the other shoulder to balance things out, feeling it nuzzle happily into his neck as it settled.

"Don't you dare," he growled, when Deku stuck its tongue out to lick him. "Keep that shit to yourself."


To Katsuki's relief, Deku remained still and quiet for the rest of the trip, draped limply over his shoulder. It didn't bother to speak until Katsuki had paid for the room and locked them inside, dropping his gear heavily in the corner and throwing Deku at an armchair.

When he was feeling generous, he rented out a room with two beds. He'd learned very quickly that the creature had an affinity for real beds – no matter how many times he offered armchairs or nests more appropriate to his size, Deku was determined to end up in a bed. Usually at Katsuki's expense.

Today he was not feeling generous.

"Are you sleepy, Kacchan?" Deku asked, looking up with shining eyes as he wriggled off the chair. "Shall I tuck you in?"

Katsuki didn't bother to answer him, busy tearing off his sweaty clothing and tossing it at the bed. By the time he glanced back, Deku was already building a nest in it, and he growled at the dopey slug when their eyes met.

"I'm gonna have a bath," he scowled. "Don't do anything weird while I'm gone."

"I'll have a bath too!" Deku declared brightly, hopping down from the bed with a little squish as he hit the wooden floor. "I can wash Kacchan's back!"

"Not a hope in hell."

Deku followed him regardless, eager to help as Katsuki filled a bucket to wash himself. He stepped aside and let Deku splash around a while as he waited for the water to warm up, watching it roll in puddles and lick at a stream of water like the idiot he was.
The little dork seemed to be convinced that water meant play.

"Nope," he said sternly, putting his foot down when Deku made for the bathtub. "Not happening."

"But Kacchan!" Deku whined. "Wanna swim!"

"You keep your filthy ass out until I've had my turn."

With a little pout on his squishy face, Deku retreated to hang out in the sink, curling up in the little stone basin. He peeked out over the edge, watching Katsuki step into the hot water with a sigh, his expression softening as he relaxed.

He liked playing in the water a lot, but he didn't mind watching Katsuki enjoy it, either.

"Stop staring at me, you perverted little slug," Katsuki growled, throwing a washcloth and hitting Deku right in the face. "You hiding a pathetic little worm erection in that basin?"

"Kacchan wants to know about my penis?"

" No," Katsuki stopped him quickly. "Get those thoughts out of your head right now."

"If Kacchan gets curious, I'm happy to help him learn!"

"I will never be curious enough to look at your dick."

"I could draw you a picture!"

" No. "

With that, Katsuki hauled himself out of the water, and Deku felt a little guilty for making him tense up again. He was about to apologise for making him uncomfortable, but two warm, strong hands wrapping around his body had him immediately distracted. He glanced down at Katsuki's taut muscles, but the view was torn away when Katsuki threw him across the room again.

He landed in the water with a splash that drenched the room, and by the time he rose back to the surface, paddling with his stubby little limbs, Katsuki was gone.

Katsuki needed time to cool off, Deku had learned that facial expression far too well over the time they'd been travelling together. And, well, he shouldn't let the bath go to waste after all.

Katsuki collapsed onto his bed, a little relieved to have some peace from the squeaky slug for once. He could hear the thing splashing around in the bathtub, hopefully wearing itself out enough to sleep without disturbing him. The bed was surprisingly comfortable, too, and he felt himself softening into it, sighing contentedly as his eyes fell closed.

By the time Deku returned, dripping a tiny trail of water across the wooden floorboards, Katsuki was already out for the count. He lay sprawled across the mattress, his head not even entirely on his pillow, dressed only in a pair of soft, loose pants that hung low around his hips.

Deku was a good boy! He had to take care of his Kacchan!

He climbed up onto the bed, slipping his head under the edge of the pillow and pushing hard. It took a few tries, and a lot of effort, but eventually he managed to nudge it far enough to cradle Katsuki's head properly, watching the young man nestle into it.

Step one complete! He was going to need his own quest book, at this rate!

Now, step two: Blankets! He wouldn't want his Kacchan to get cold!

After a few fruitless attempts, scrabbling at them with his stubby little paws, he settled for grabbing the hem in his mouth. He dragged it all the way up to cover Kacchan's bare chest and shoulders, making sure he was all snuggly and warm for the night.

He was such a good boy, making sure his Kacchan was comfortable! There was no way Kacchan wouldn't reward him for being so helpful!

With a happy little hop, Deku wriggled his way under the blanket, curling up against Katsuki's bare chest. If he positioned himself just right, with the way Katsuki lay, he could even feel like Katsuki was cuddling him.

Which was only fair, right? He'd been such a good helper!

For a long while, he snuggled comfortably in Katsuki's arms, breathing contented little sighs. As the night wore on, though, he began to feel twitchy. Katsuki's abs felt so good against him, he couldn't help but rub himself on them just a little. It wasn't like Katsuki would ever know!

He rubbed a little harder, straining to keep himself quiet when he saw how sinfully low Katsuki's pants sat, a little tuft of hair peeking out the top. He was so amazing, so handsome, Deku could hardly be blamed for thinking about him the way he did! Especially with their history.

And maybe... Maybe Katsuki would like to feel good, too? They'd been travelling together for a long time now, and Deku had never seen the man... Well, have fun . So Katsuki was probably pent up! And Deku was just the man – slug – to help him out!

He shifted a little lower, looking up at the peaceful, relaxed expression on Katsuki's face before he melted himself down to slip beneath the loose waistband. It was one of the few benefits of his small, squishy stature – he could easily turn into a sloppy goop to fit through tight spaces. He wasn't sure Katsuki knew about that ability, wasn't sure he wanted Katsuki to know about that ability. He'd probably think the whole thing was pretty gross, after all, and he'd certainly make more of an effort to secure the
narrow gaps Deku sneaked through in the night.

Every time the man woke with Deku curled up to him, or licking his face, he always grunted the same words: "How the hell did you get in here?"

Deku just smiled and continued campaigning for snuggles, hoping that one day maybe he would give in, maybe he would pull Deku closer and grumble "fine, whatever" as they went back to sleep together.

For now, though, it let him huddle in the warmth of Katsuki's trousers, wrapping himself around thick thighs and a taut little ass, humming contentedly as he savoured the feel of the tight muscles in his grasp.

It wasn't enough.

He solidified himself again in the dark little cove, the pants stretching to accommodate him, and gave a tentative little lick at Katsuki's buttcheek.

Kacchan always tasted so good.

Katsuki huffed a little in his sleep, but didn't stir or wake, so Deku continued his little trail of licks along the curve of his ass. And if he buried his face between the two pert cheeks, who could blame him? Kacchan was so handsome, so manly and well-built, and Deku was just a lowly little slug monster. He was hardly built with the capacity for self-control.

One strange positive of being so small was that he found he fit perfectly over the curve of Katsuki's ass. When his head nuzzled at the warm little hole, his body draped down the swell of muscular cheeks and fell between perfect thighs. He knew if Katsuki woke up and decided to try it, he could probably be cut in half like a guillotine with those thighs, but the feel of being nestled between them was worth the risk.

He lapped at Katsuki's hole, listening to the tiniest of moans creep between Katsuki's lips, and the sound only spurred him on. He licked a little deeper, drawing more gasps from the sleeping man, until the tight hole began to loosen under his touch. Even down there, he tasted surprisingly good – cleaner than Deku would have expected, although he supposed that could have been his horniness talking.

Deku brought his little paw up to touch, stroking along firm cheeks before he squished it into the hole. Katsuki hummed faintly, squirming in his sleep, and Deku began pumping his paw in and out, stretching the hole a little wider. He knew exactly why he wanted to stretch the man, although he tried to deny it to himself as he worked. He wasn't going to go that far.

Was he?

Every little noise Katsuki made vibrated right through Deku's sludgy body, filling him with pleasure. His dick began to peek out, growing harder as he rubbed against Katsuki's thick thighs and the swell of his backside, his tiny lungs taking huffs of frantic breath as he searched for friction.

He still needed more.

Deku's penis was emerging before he even realised he was doing it, sliding out of his squishy body and rubbing at Katsuki's hole, hardening as the breathing in front of him grew more harried. When he peeked over Katsuki's hip, he found a large bulge staring back at him, Katsuki's face flushed pink and sweaty.

Clearly he was having a nice dream, thanks to Deku's efforts.

He knew he shouldn't go further, knew he should just stop there and be satisfied that they were both happy, but he was still rubbing himself across Katsuki's hole, the arcs of his two-pronged hemipenis taking turns to toy at the opening. Each shaft took turns pressing inside as they passed, sweeping from side to side to give attention to both sensitive tips, precum smearing across everything he touched and leaving slick wet streaks. Deku whined again as he slid his tongue back inside, his own fluid sweet on his tongue, but it mingled with the staleness of his paw and the clean taste of Katsuki’s freshly washed skin.

The next thing he knew, he was pushing his cock inside, gasping for air as he brought himself flush to Katsuki's asscheeks. It was so warm, and his walls squeezed just right around Deku, still just a little bit tight with how far Deku had managed to stretch him. He began to move, slowly at first, but the slick slide of his precum inside Katsuki's hole was too much to resist. 

Moving a little faster, his annoying, squishy body squelched both inside the hole and around it, and his moans became a little longer and louder as he began to thrust in earnest.

"Do you feel nice and full, Kacchan?" he whispered. "I wanna fill you up just right."

When he pushed Katsuki onto his stomach, rolling with him to land on top of his hips without breaking their connection, red eyes fluttered open. Katsuki looked back in a tired daze, as if he wasn't sure what was going on, and Deku's tears finally began to fall when the man grunted at a particularly hard thrust.

"Kacchan, Kacchan!" he moaned, voice choked by his tears. "I'm so sorry, Kacchan, I couldn't help myself!"

Katsuki still didn't say a word, but sweat dripped down his face, and he balled his hands in the sheets tightly.

"You looked so good, Kacchan, so handsome and- and it's been so long Kacchan."

He began to sob, but still his little body moved in harsh slaps, the sound of their motion echoing through the room.

Katsuki opened his mouth, and Deku braced himself to be yelled at, to be shoved away. Any words Katsuki had intended to tear him apart with, though, were lost to the void as Deku hit his prostate. A long, loud moan burst from Katsuki's lungs, and all Deku could do was hit that same spot again and again, tormenting it with every thrust as Katsuki buried his face in the pillow, flushed red and stifling his noises.

"You feel so good, Kacchan," Deku cried. "I missed this so much!"

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed the next move Katsuki made. Instead of pulling away, instead of punching him across the room, Katsuki arched his back and pushed his hips back, toward Deku.

"I wanna make you feel so good," Deku sobbed. "Wanna make you feel better than you've ever felt before, Kacchan. Please, please, I wanna see you cum, Kacchan. Kacchan!"

Through the hazy fog of his exhausted brain, addled by the intense pleasure radiating through his body, Katsuki had two thoughts. One: this felt so, so familiar. He could have sworn he'd been there before, lying in the same position as a heavy weight leaned on his back, pressing him into the sheets and filling him up so well. And two: there was something about the slug-monster's dick that made him wish he'd agreed to see the drawing. It stretched him wider every time he moved, rubbing at every wall, hitting his prostate perfectly no matter which way the creature moved or thrust.

Whatever was going on with that dick, he needed to find out. It filled him so much better than anything else he'd felt before, and with his head and heart pounding, all he could think was more, more, more.

He didn't even realise he was cumming until it was too late. The sheets beneath him soaked through with his sticky fluid, but still Deku continued to pound into him, forcing more, more, sending a jolt of electricity up his spine with every touch and milking more and more cum out of his poor, tired dick. He couldn't breathe, couldn't think, all he could do was lie there in his own mess and feel every delicious stroke of Deku's cock between his cheeks.

His dick was flagging, but Deku still moved mercilessly, making him ache with overstimulation. He couldn't say a word, couldn't complain or argue, couldn't even move to roll over and shove the slug off of him. The squishy creature's surprisingly hard dick – surprisingly large dick, for that matter – was like a drug, peeling away his inhibitions and stubborn arguments, turning his biting words into pathetic moans.

Deku noticed the mess, a whole new batch of tears pouring from him when he saw how happy he had made his Kacchan, how much pleasure and joy he had brought to the man beneath him, the man gasping for air as Deku pushed him into the mattress with a strength that surprised even himself. He pried the cheeks apart further with his little paws, sinking himself in deeper, making sure to hit Katsuki's prostate with every ragged stroke.

He knew the man would be in pain, knew every touch would be making him course with that odd ache, but he also remembered words from so long ago, words whimpered at him in a much bigger, more elegant bed. A bed built for two.

"Don't stop, never stop," the man had begged him. "I want it. More, more."

His Kacchan was a master masochist, after all. Nothing made him hard again quicker than the pain and humiliation of being fucked through his recovery period, being pounded ruthlessly even when he felt like he was going to explode from the stimulation.

He leaned in as he continued his rough pace, licking and sucking along Katsuki's lower back. As he trailed his way down pert cheeks, he found himself almost doubled over, watching his cock push in and out through a tight red hole. He slapped his paw down on Katsuki's cheek, leaving a pink mark behind and wishing, not for the first time, that he had hands as big and strong as Katsukis, so he could leave bigger, redder bruises.

Katsuki wriggled beneath him, quiet whimpers finding their way out, a pink flush spreading down his neck and shoulders. Deku wished he could touch every part of him, caress every muscle and kiss every inch of his skin, taste every tear and every bead of sweat the man produced. He could spend hours lavishing that hot, tight body, if only Katsuki would give him the chance.

For now, though, he settled for spanking him again, watching him jolt at the touch and listening to him whine like a pathetic little dog, bucking his hips back into the pronged penis. The slide of his cock through Katsuki's ass was delicious, as if it were made for him, and the sexy thigh muscles squeezed tight and tense on either side of Deku's body, only further accentuating the man's strength.

Deku crawled a little higher, reaching toward the soft curve of Katsuki's back, rubbing his cheek against the smooth skin while his lower body struggled to maintain his pace. He was getting so close, he was so ready, and Katsuki just continued to whimper and moan and choke out half-words that Deku couldn't decipher.

His cock was rapidly hardening again, Deku could see it. It was the hottest thing he'd ever seen in his life.

A long, pleading whine from Katsuki was enough to tip him over the edge. With a moan, Deku shot his load into the tormented hole, his pace slowing but continuing all the same. He pushed his cum deeper into Katsuki's body, filling him up, spurting again and again until it began to squirt out around his dick.

Katsuki came again with a soft moan, barely a trickle of cum managing to squeeze its way out, his dick softening despite valiant efforts to remain. His chest heaved beneath him, his head falling to the side to breathe a little easier, still flushed bright red and sweaty.

Deku began to tremble as he pulled out, his dick hanging limp and pathetic between his stubby legs, retracting a little into his sludgy form. He shuddered, trying desperately to get air into his body, tears pouring down his face again despite his best efforts. He looked down at Katsuki's exhausted frame, his handsome face riddled with confusion and frustration, as if he were still trying to piece together what he just went through. His eyes were glazed, a duller colour than the vibrant scarlet Deku knew and loved, but still he managed to focus his gaze on the shaking monster.

"I'm so sorry," Deku choked. "I don't- I shouldn't- I- I-"

"It's okay," Katsuki said softly, the room falling oddly still around them. "Stupid nerd. You really did your research, didn't you?"


"Damn idiot slug," he growled, but with a hint of fondness sneaking into the words that he didn't normally hear. "Come here."

Deku flinched when Katsuki reached for him, preparing to take his beating, to be thrown across the room, or worse: out the window, to be at the mercy of all the creatures of the night.

Instead, Katsuki rolled over, pulling Deku into his lap.

Was he going to beat him up right here? Pummel him with his fists? Pull him apart with his bare hands until he looked like spilled jelly?

"It's okay," Katsuki repeated softly, curling his knees up and settling Deku in the little space it created. His arms even wound around the nest, and Deku realised with a shuddering sob that he was finally getting those cuddles he always dreamed of.

"I kind of feel like we've done this before."

Deku didn't bother to answer the implied question, nuzzling into Katsuki's bare chest and savouring the feel of the man he loved finally holding him again, finally letting him be close and warm, together as one.

"D-Did it feel okay, Kacchan?" he asked quietly.

There was a pause, the room falling silent for a long moment, before Katsuki snorted the faintest of laughs.

"It felt good," he admitted. "Stupid slug.”

“I’m glad!”

“But next time you fuckin' ask first."

"Understood, Kacchan."