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Covered in his own sweat and cum, he ended the recording before collapsing onto his bed. His legs and abdomen were aching from the exertion, his wrist having cramped up long ago but having gone practically unnoticed until now. He didn't want to move, even knowing that he was home alone, he had a constant fear of getting caught.

Finally, Shinsou sat up halfway, carefully slipping the vibrator out of his exhausted body and pushing himself onto his feet before making his way down the hall to shower.

At this point, it was pretty routine for him. His parents were never home. His mother only home on some weekdays and his father was basically out of the picture save for the occasional monthly visit. Because of this, he was alone a lot. He was bored constantly with nothing to do, no jobs really available outside of fast food - which he'd sworn against, not because of the conditions but just because he wasn't a fan of talking to people.

So he became self employed.

Sure... it was very much illegal, but he never showed his face and only accepted donations. It's not like anyone he knew would be watching anyway, it was a very sketchy looking, third page result on Google website - no one ever went to that extreme unless they knew what they were looking for.

So maybe Shinsou Hitoshi was a camboy. And maybe he also occasionally produced videos for his fans. That being said, he was definitely making more than any fast food job could get him.

Stepping out of the shower, Shinsou couldn't help but laugh at the thought of someone he knew finding his work. But he'd been smart about everything for the most part: waxing any hair that would be visible on camera off (since indigo wasn't exactly a common hair color), setting up a rather plain background, putting makeup on any distinguishable scars on his body, even pitching his voice just a bit to make it less recognizable. The first few videos he'd even worn gloves out of paranoia alone.

Now, he'd only wear stockings in the videos, or anything one of his fans requested if they donated enough.

Making his way back to his room, he quickly checked over the frames in the video to be sure everything was okay and most importantly that his face wasn't visible. Once he was certain, he uploaded it to the website and gave a short laugh at how some of his long term fans instantly viewed it. It was weird at first seeing five or six views immediately show on the video, but now he's gotten so used to it that he knew most of them by their profile picture alone.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard his phone ring, picking it up from his nightstand to examine the ID. Aizawa-sensei.

It felt sort of wrong to answer the phone while naked, especially with his teacher on the calling end, but that didn't stop him from answering.


"I know it's supposed to be your day off from training, but something came up for tomorrow and I won't be able to meet up. Are you free?"

Shinsou looked down at his lap as he sat down on his bed, tracing over the imprinted lines on his skin of the stockings.

"Oh, uh... yeah I'm free. When did you want to meet?" He asked though he mentally slapped himself. There's no way he'd be able to keep up with the other after just filming. His muscles already felt too loose to even walk for an extended amount of time.

Needless to say, he was going to get his ass kicked.

"In half an hour?"

"Yeah that's fine. I'll meet you as usual."

Shinsou heard the line go dead before he sighed and set his phone down, burying his face in his hands. God help him, he was screwed.


By the forth time he was knocked to the ground within the hour, Aizawa had noticed something was off about Shinsou.

"Are you feeling okay? Your reflexes are novice level at best today."

Shinsou just stayed on the ground, catching his breath and trying to convince himself that his legs weren't going to fall off.

"Y-Yeah... just didn't sleep well." He muttered as an excuse, panting softly.

Aizawa obviously didn't buy the excuse, seeing as Shinsou never slept well, that was literally a part of his quirk, but didn't press too much more, only handing over a water bottle to his student and taking a seat on the ground, facing him.

Shinsou was grateful for that, taking the bottle and pushing himself up onto his elbows to drink. He handed it back over to the other after he'd finished, finally sitting up properly.

"Let's end training early today. Rest up, I won't be going easy on you next time." Aizawa said after a moment of silence, letting his hair down from the messy bun he'd put it in. "I want you to start working on endurance too. You were barely able to stand after the first hit."

Shinsou sighed, frustrated with himself before nodding. "I will. It won't happen again."


Walking back from the school on aching and loose muscles was a lot more of a chore than Shinsou had thought it would be. He found that the longer he walked, the more he stumbled.

No wonder Aizawa-sensei was concerned.

He made it home though and immediately stripped down to take a bath. Unfortunately, the shitty bathtub wasn't exactly made for anyone over 5'5. You'd think with how often his parents worked that they'd actually use the money. But no. Aside from the bath, the kitchen sink didn't even work, neither did the oven. He had to buy his own food majority of the time. Essentially, the house was a cheap shack on the outskirts of town.

Shinsou wasn't ungrateful by any means, but he knew his parents were employed and together made the salary of a pro hero, so why they couldn't fix any of the appliances was a mystery to him.

He sighed, sinking down into the bath the best he could, knees basically against his chest. He grabbed his phone to just idly swipe through social media. However, hearing the designated notification sound for his PayPal, he was definitely confused.

Seeing the amount nearly made him drop his phone in the water. With it was simply "made another video tomorrow, wear the clothes I sent you and I'll make it worth your time."

Worth his time? There was more than just this? That alone made Shinsou curious enough to end his bath early and get dressed. The walk to the post office was definitely long but he was curious. So before his body could protest, he was already out the door and making his way into town.


Shinsou set the large box (along with a few other gifts) onto his bed once he arrived home, locking the door to his room behind him.

He'd set up a P.O. Box under a fake name after his fans insisting that they loved his videos and photos so much that they wanted to reward him for it. He was kind of surprised it worked in all honesty, same went for his PayPal.

After stalling for a few minutes, he finally decided to open up the smaller gifts. It was the usual - a few small sex toys, a collar, a bowl accompanied by about five grams, and a few cute enamel pins. The pins were a common theme ever since they'd been visible on a jacket in a photo.

Now there was no avoiding the box.

Shinsou took a deep breath, knowing literally anything could be inside. Maybe he'd get lucky and it was just an oversized jersey (he'd received a few of those).

Now or never. He stripped the tape off, surprised when the first thing he saw was a brunette wig. Alright, not the weirdest thing he's ever received that's for sure. Upon closer examination, he found that it was a long bob cut with beach waves, short lace in the front for a natural look. Okay. This looked... expensive to say the least.

Setting the wig aside, he continued looking through the box. High end makeup. Okay. Again, expensive was an understatement. Along with that were a few pairs of colored contacts and a couple different half masks to cover his lower face.

So whoever this was wanted him to start posting full body photos and videos. As he looked further in, he found lingerie, mostly babydoll with some garters in the mix. He also found stockings and a few pairs of panties. With it, at the bottom of the box, he found a note.

It read, "I hope it all fits, you're tall so it might be a little short. Mention your shoe size in a video or post so I can send more next time, xoxo"

Shinsou felt an odd feeling in his gut, like butterflies. Next time? He wanted to provide more? This was insane. The box contained easily a thousand dollars worth of items, plus how ever much the wig was, and this sender wanted to send more. It almost made him giddy at the thought.

He smiled softly to himself and set about trying everything on. He was most surprised to see how perfect of a fit the lingerie was. It took a few tries to get the wig in a position that it looked natural, but he was shocked at just how good it looked.

Hours of YouTube videos later, he was able to complete the look by figuring out how to do his makeup and most importantly how to apply false eyelashes. By the end, he barely recognized himself.

Needless to say, he loved how it looked and was actually looking forward to recording.

So he sent out a notification to his fans that he'd be going live soon. Putting on his voice changer, he set up everything, setting out all his toys around him as well as a bottle of lube and his laptop to be able to read everyone's requests.

He soon went live, immediately chuckling at how many people were quick to comment about Shinsou's appearance. It was fast to become a little Q&A, setting his voice changer to a mature feminine tone, one matching his new appearance.

Soon, Shinsou was able to see who sent him the box as the question of shoe size came up. He was a newer fan, which was surprising, but by his typing alone he appeared to be younger, maybe 35 at most.

"I'm a size 11 in shoes." He responded, lazily touching himself as the feed continued, answering similar questions now that everyone was curious about sizes.

Then the question that had been asked throughout his entire career was suddenly spammed.

"How old am I? Well... how old do I look?" He asked simply, watching the replies. "16? ... 18? ... 21? ... C'mon guys, you're pretty close actually, a few of you said it... buuuut I'm not going to tell you. That's part of the fun." He said with a wink. He raised a brow at a question. "What's my natural hair color? Um... I don't think I can share that. It's not the most common one, that's for sure."

The video went on like that for another hour before donations started coming in, resting him to do various things, mostly just to stretch himself out for the camera, see how many fingers he could fit, use his biggest toy, moan like a slut, overstimulate himself... and so on. By the end of it, he was a panting, sensitive mess - luckily the makeup was waterproof and the wig stayed in place.

"I think I'll be doing a little photoshoot next time since it's been a few weeks. Anyway, love you guys. Try not to think about me more than your significant others." He joked lightly, knowing his audience by now to be able to do so. He ended the live stream after that, cleaning everything up before cleaning himself up. He stripped down from the outfit, carefully folding it and putting everything away, being most careful with the wig.

Finally, he cleaned his face with a makeup wipe and put away the false lashes. He felt more naked than usual now, almost wanting to stay in that persona. But he didn't, he knew he couldn't. So he set about stuffing everything away securely in places it couldn't be found if someone were to snoop. It was just a habit of his by now, even if he knew his parents didn't care enough to actually check his room.


All of his security was soon torn down after the Kamino Incident and everyone was moved into the dorms. He, because of Aizawa-sensei, was placed into the 1-A dorms despite not officially being a part of it yet. Mineta had already been expelled, so his spot was secured, but until the semester was over, he was still attending 1-C classes.

The entirety of 1-A was surprised to see Shinsou's name outside one of the dorm room, the thought to be vacant one beside Bakugou's room. He'd moved in after the rest of them so the reaction was to be expected.

"Whoa! Shinsou, you're moving into our dorms?!" Kaminari exclaimed, excitement in his tone.

Shinsou offered what could barely be considered a lopsided smile - it really was no wonder so many people thought he was related to Aizawa-sensei by their smiles alone.

"Yeah... I'll be in 1-A next semester. Aizawa-sensei thought it'd be easiest just to have me move here instead of packing up again in a month."

After that, he was off to his room and checked the time. It was late, almost dinner time, so he started laying out his wig and an outfit he'd received recently: a loose fitting black crop top and a black high waisted pleated skirt, pairing them with fishnets and one of the many cute half face masks he'd received. Finally he set out his makeup and prepared everything for a little photoshoot he was planning. He set everything (aside from the makeup) on his bed and stepped out of his room, locking the door behind him to be sure no one could snoop.

He sat with Kaminari, Sero, and Mina for dinner, making small talk as they ate, mostly just watching the blond mess around, doing various impressions.


Shinsou started training with Aizawa again after that, and it was made very clear from them on it was nothing but serious training. Aizawa would come at him with the intent to actually hurt to help him learn to develop his reflexes.

Around this time, however, was when he finally managed to land a good hit on his teacher, knocking him back a few steps.

Aizawa actually smiled.

Things went on like that, Shinsou managing at least one hit on Aizawa every time they trained, being praised lightly with either a smile of a verbal comment.

That was until the week before break.

Aizawa was acting off and Shinsou didn't understand. It seemed to get frustrated over the littlest things, such as footing being slightly off, or his student not going for an attack when he should've.

By two hours in, it was getting ridiculous.

"S-Sensei... are you okay? Did something happen?" He finally asked after getting another scolding. The sessions were usually filled with occasional corrections, light praises, but were mostly silent. "You seem frustrated."

Aizawa tensed at the mention, apparently not realizing he'd let his emotions show.

He stayed silent and Shinsou was about to apologize for overstepping boundaries when he finally sighed, taking a seat on the ground and waiting for the other to sit across from him.

"You know I care about you, right?"

Shinsou furrowed his brows. "Of course."

"And you know it's my duty to protect my students at all costs." Shinsou nodded. "Well... for the past... I don't know... seven months, I've been seeing things around. And they all look a lot like you. And now that I'm training you and have seen different aspects of you, I know it's you."

Shinsou felt himself go pale. By Aizawa's expression, they both were on the same page.

"Hitoshi... I don't know what's going on, but can you explain to me why you're doing this? I haven't told anyone, don't worry. It's none of my business. You're almost of consenting age by now, but you are still my student."

Shinsou bit his lip, his gaze shifting to the ground, unable to look at his teacher. "I just... needed money. It's an easy way to get money. And... and the guys there care about me in a way that I've never experienced before. They don't always want me making that kind of video for them. They like asking questions about me, asking how my day's gone, asking if I'm eating properly. I... I like it. And if I have to, um... get myself off on camera for them in exchange, I'm fine with that. It's the least I can do to show my gratitude anyway. You wouldn't believe how many gifts - expensive gifts - I get weekly. Most aren't even lewd."

Aizawa sighed and pulled out his phone, handing it over to Shinsou when he'd pulled something up. His purchase history. It was filled with expensive wigs, all of which had been sent to him. And outfits, cute ones, very few had anything lewd. The only ones were the babydoll lingerie and some panties. But that had stopped a few months ago - he assumed when Aizawa pieces together it was his student he was watching.

"Wait... y-you're the one who's been doing this? How do you afford it?"

"I'm a pro hero, Hitoshi. Even if I'm not number one like Endeavor or the symbol of peace - I still make quite a bit. Plus I work for the best hero school in the country. I only use money for bills and food, the rest has just been sitting in my bank account for the past ten years. So I figured I'd spend it on something I enjoyed."

Shinsou was left speechless, unable to really process everything. He'd been found out long ago. His own teacher was sending him expensive gifts regularly. Aizawa has seen him naked and masturbating every week and he'd seen him cross dressing. Talk about a wake up call.

"But... recently I haven't liked how others are treating you. I guess I'm jealous, but seeing them calling you pet names is endlessly infuriating."

That... was even more shocking.

Shinsou was again left speechless, unsure how to respond, trying to form words.

"If you're going to continue making the videos, let me mark you. I want them to know there's someone taking care of you."

As if in an instant, all the blood that had rushed to his cheeks, was now quickly released and he was feeling it elsewhere. He barely even comprehended moving and pressing his lips against his teacher's. Everything was a blur. Everything went so slow but was over so quick. Lips were leaving his but soon tracing down his jaw and the column of his throat, marking him up heavily as they went.

By the time they'd finished, Shinsou's chest and neck were littered in hickeys, his collarbones and shoulders sporting a few very bruising bites, each more possessive than the last. His stomach had marks ending just above his pant line. But that was it. Aizawa just wanted to claim him, wanted everyone to know that Shinsou belonged to someone, even if that someone was anonymous.

"R... Record with me sometime. Please. I want them to see someone claiming me. I want them to see you taking me." Shinsou slurred his words slightly, very worked up and straining in his pants.

Aizawa chuckled, placing a possessive kiss to his student's lips before responding. "If you can manage to knock me to the ground in a future training session, I will. But for now, I'll make sure you have fresh markings every time you record." He promised before standing and giving a purely sadistic smile before walking out, leaving Shinsou with a lust driven mind and an uncomfortable situation in his pants.


That night, he recorded. He wore the first wig he'd ever received, the short brunette one, along with a lacy pair of black panties and a black collar, pairing them with black stockings. His makeup was as it usually was except he put none anywhere but eyes and eyebrows, not wanting to cover any mark that's been made but also needing to conceal his identity.

Immediately comments were flooding in about his hickeys. He just chuckled lightly.

"Maybe you can meet who's claimed me sometime." He hummed lightly, voice pitched by his voice changer.

And it went on like that throughout the night.

The next time he went to retrieve his mail, there was nearly double what there usually was, likely others trying to prove their worth, impress him with gifts and luxuries. He'd never had anyone fight over him before but that seemed to be what was happening.

And he loved every second of it, actually feeling wanted.



It was again time for him to be marked, however his teacher was less forgiving than last time, actually marking his hips up, leaving dark hickeys and bites that pierced the skin there. God, he loved it. He'd never seen him so dominating before.

But like last time, he never went past marking only wanting to see his student completely blissed out and on the verge of spilling beneath him. He wanted him to become desperate and work towards his reward.

However, his constant edging, did make Shinsou improve quickly, wanting desperately to be properly touched and not just left there after his teacher had gotten his fix.

And within three weeks, he'd finally managed to knock Aizawa onto his back, albeit it was hours into training and both were near exhaustion.

Both seemed to get a second burst of energy at the accomplishment.


Needless to say, some of his fans weren't happy to see that Shinsou was actually with someone. Some were ecstatic though, immediately asking questions.

Shinsou had put Aizawa in one of the long wigs he owned, a navy color, and did his makeup for him while Shinsou wore the first wig he'd been given. Instead of dressing, both were naked aside from face masks to conceal their identity.

It was definitely an experience, Shinsou losing his virginity on camera, to his teacher while both of them crossdressed. Aizawa has been gentle though, only speeding up when the mantra of "sensei" spilled from his student's mouth, only feeding their audience more with the taboo of their relationship. Of course, his fans thought it was role play, only assuming because they'd almost all come to an agreement that Shinsou was probably nineteen.

Shinsou didn't correct them.

At the end of their video together, Aizawa wanted to make it clear that the boy they'd all been watching wasn't available anymore by moving his mask aside just enough to be able to bite down on where Shinsou's neck met his shoulder, hard enough that he'd actually broken the skin and a few droplets of blood trickled down.

The sound the younger produced was one Aizawa wouldn't be forgetting: a high pitched whimper that tapered off into a groan, all accompanied by his back arching and body shaking.

Unlike how he'd usually set up the videos, Shinsou let this one drag on, showing some aftercare, mostly Aizawa holding him as he was cleaned up with a damp towelette, whispering soft praises into his ear, finally ending when Aizawa was no longer in frame.

Now knowing that Aizawa was essentially his honey daddy this whole time, as well as knowing he was very much still interested in him, Shinsou was almost ready to quit being a camboy all together.


He loved to see his sensei's expression at training the day after he'd recorded alone, the overwhelming sense of possession showing in his expression.

Now that was something priceless to him and the hot jealous sex afterwards was always something Shinsou looked forward to.

So for now, he'd continue performing for others and deal with all the welcomed consequences.