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Everyone needs a little bit of Chaos once in awhile

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"What? where-"


"Who are you!! Show yourself!!"

"Ian.. join us"

"No!! I don't even know who you are!!!"

"Join us Join us JoIn uS JOiN UsS JOINUS JOINUS"

Ian's eyes widen, looking around, he was brought back to the door.

"Who are you!! What do you want!!"

He got no response in return.

"Tsk" Ian growls slightly, "I see how it is, don't answer me then, guess i'm just too-"

A dead body was hanging from the ceiling.

"AH! WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!" There was slight insane like laughter, before the body fades away.

"An.. Illusion...?" Ian whispers, "That isn't funny ya know!!!" Ian yells, only getting more laughter from whatever side this was.

"You belong with us, Our little chaotic prince"

"Never! I'm not coming with you!!!"

"Have it your way~ Don't blame me for one of your precious family members being hurt~"

"What!? Don't touch them!!!" Ian shouts, however, he couldn't finish as he heard a loud snap.


Ian jolted up in his bed, breathing hard, "W-What t-the hell- a n-nightmare... no... it... it felt to real..." Ian held his head slightly. He looks to his own door frowning.

"I.." Ian gulps, before letting out a deep breath. He slowly gets out of his bed, slowly going over to his dresser and pulling out his outfit and getting changed into it.

"Fine. Since you want me, you will get me. But hey, if someone gets harmed, don't go blaming me" Ian takes out his sword, given by Roman, "No one messes with my family."