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Everyone needs a little bit of Chaos once in awhile

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Ian had been pacing the halls relentlessly, occasionally biting his finger nail. He knew that Roman didn't particularly like him, calling him a new founded dark side, however he couldn't help but be worried about his older brother.

He held a mug in his small hands and was debating whether to knock on the door or not, he really didn't want to be yelled at, but he knew that he had to help in some sort of way. Taking a deep, hesitant breath, the boy reluctantly knocked on the door, "R-Roman-" He stutters out, he gets no reply in return, making the boy bite at his lip. He knocked again, only this time, He received a choked sob and a "Go away" as a reply.

Ian looks down at the hot coco and the movie he was holding, pouting slightly, he had really wanted to try and bond with his brother, but as fate would see it, of course that would never happen. Sighing, the boy opened the door nob and slowly entered the room. Upon looking around, the room appeared to be a mess, Disney movies scattered across the floor, comforter hanging off the bed, Posters hanging by one pin. Whatever got Roman down, it got him down good.

The boy slowly moves to the bed after disregarding the hot chocolate and movie. Roman looks at him slightly and tried to clean up his tears, however, that was no use as the child had already seen him. Ian sits at the end of the bed, not meeting Romans eyes, knowing that that would make it much more worse then it already was.

Ian bites his lip, casting his gaze downwards, holding his knees to his chest, knowing that Roman is most likely glaring at his back at that very moment, even with the little strength the man had. "Uh... Hey.." Ian starts, still not looking at the other, "I know you hate me and all... because of what I represent... but uh... I heard you crying... and I just wanted to say.. that whoever or whatever made you cry isn't worth it, and if it's j-just y-your thoughts t-telling you that you are the worst, t-then uh... don't believe them.. or whatever... I-I'm bad at this- s-sorry" the boy grips his arms slightly, he was honestly horrible at trying to confront others, cause he knew all the others didn't like him. The only one's that shown interest in him was Deceit and Virgil... and sometimes he felt Virgil might not even like him.

Roman looked at the boy slightly sniffling, "Why are you here... I thought I had scared you away." Roman's voice was scratchy as he said that, making the boy flinch, Ian turns his head and looks at Roman sadly, "you're going to ruin your voice if you keep talking," He said in a worried tone, causing Roman to show slight surprise. Ian looks around the room before remembering that he could summon the hot chocolate again.

As he does this, Roman was in deep thought, trying to understand the 11 year old's motives, that's until he notices a hand holding a cup in front of his face, "Here" the boy gives him a soft smile. Roman slowly takes the cup, still not entirely trusting the boy, before taking a very small sip, "it... isn't poisonous" Roman says, amusement falling on his face. Ian gasps, "Of course it isn't!!! I am offended!!" He crosses his arms pouting, "Calm down, I was joking" Roman smiles softly, slowly relaxing in the boys presence. "Didn't sound like a joke to me" The boy pouts more, pointing his head in the sky.

Roman rolls his eyes at the boy before looking around, "Ah! my room is a mess!!!" he gasps, "Ya think!!!" Ian says out loud, only to soon put a hand on his mouth and scrunching up slightly, "S-Sorry" He says, looking down, he knew that getting friendly with him would only cause in his heart being crushed later on.

Roman realizes the boys sudden anxiety and was soon to act, "Hey, it's fine, I'm not going to hurt you, as much as I might seem like a scary guy, I would never hurt a child" He says, laying a hand on Ian's head, messing up the boys hair. Ian looks up in bewilderment, "what? but I thought... you didn't like me.." Ian Fiddles with his white sleeve, He still didn't have a proper outfit of his own as he had just formed 2 weeks previous from this day.

"I'll be honest... I am still very hesitant about you.. and 1 day isn't going to clear that up.. however, I... will be willing to give you a chance... If you're willing to accept it...." Roman says, "Wait!!! weren't you just sad a moment ago! what the hell happened to that!?" the boy asks, feeling like things were jumping all over the place. "I'm having my time of the month" Roman looks sideways, "WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?" Ian yells. "Jeez, it seems i'm not the only one" Roman laughs.

"Not funny" Ian huffs, but eventually gives in to the laughter. Roman hums before flicking his wrist and changing the room back to it's fabulous self, causing Ian to look at it in awh, "Whoa!!! you gotta teach me to do that!!!!" He says in excitement. "Maybe when your older" came the response that Ian would soon learn to get used to (Or upset at oof). Ian pouts and huffs, "Fineeeeee" he says, that's when he remembers something, "Oh yeah!! Papa said that I should bring this to do some 'Brotherly bonding' with you... I don't know much about Disney but...""IS THAT LION KING!!! I LOVE LION KING!! HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW IIiittttt oh... yeah" Roman starts to giggle, taking the movie from Ian, "Well we better change that, buckle up, we shall be watching every Disney movie there is tonight my little Simba" Roman grins.

Ian tilts his head slightly before nodding, "Okay!" he grins back.

That night was filled with gasps and laughter as the two watched at least three Disney movies before Roman started to notice the young boy drift off. Smiling to himself, he picks the boy up and lays him in his bed, tucking him under the covers and kissing his forehead, "I'm glad we finally got along" He says, before taking out the movie and coming back to the bed and getting in, bringing the boy close to him, and with a flick of his fingers, the lights turned off and Ian had a new piece of clothing, a stash that matched his older brothers.