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red in tooth and claw [PODFIC]

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Stream or download here on my site!

You will need to subscribe to the site if you want updates, as I won't be adding new chapters to AO3. Don't worry, I rarely post anything that isn't a new chapter notification.

Chapter 1: iloveyou by Between Friends
Chapter 2: Outlaws by Alessia Cara
Chapter 3: Stone ft. Sebastian Kole by Alessia Cara
Chapter 4: Eyes a Mess by Broods
Chapter 5: Easy by Alison Wonderland
Chapter 6: Bloom by Paper Kites
Chapter 7: Just Like Fire by P!nk
Chapter 8: Boxes by Goo Goo Dolls
Chapter 9: In My Head by Galantis
Chapter 10: Patient by Charlie Puth
Chapter 11: Wild Love by James Bay
Chapter 12: Holes by Layla
Chapter 13: I Don't Mind by Joseph
Whole playlists are linked over on the original fic.