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Excuse me, um, I love you

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 " Steve, you fucking idiot. " Are the first things out of Natasha's mouth when she walks into the shared living room. 

 " May I ask, why am I an idiot today? " Steve responds without looking up from his book. It's nothing new for Steve to be an idiot but he couldn't remember what he had done recently. The redhead stares him for a few moments before huffing and taking out her phone. She shoves the bright screen into his face and waits.

 " It's.. my Twitter? " Natasha gives him a look. " Look. Tony said I needed one and set it up for me. No big deal. " She lets out another annoyed sigh and removes the phone from his face, taping at something the pushing it right back in his face. " Natasha, that's just a picture of me. " The red-head stares him down and Steve finally puts down his book. " I don't get it? Look Nat, It's just a picture of me shirtless. I have a bunch on my phone, why is this one special? " 

 " Because Steve, it's on the internet for your 19 million twitter followers! Why did you upload this? As 'super-heroes' we shouldn't be posting things like this. Steve you're supposed to just be Captain America to the rest of the world, not.. " She glances down at the phone. " ..Captain Abs? Oh my lord, the whole world is thirsting over you. Also, why the hell do you have pictures of your self shirtless? "

 " Tony said it's normal! Sometimes I just want to take a picture of my self shirtless, is that a big deal? " She stands there in silence, either thinking about every way she could murder him or about pancakes. 

 " Tony is Tony! What I don't get is how you posted it, you don't even have twitter on your phone.. " The gears in her head start to grind and Natasha clicks her tongue. She turns around and starts walking quickly towards the kitchen.

 " ..Natasha? " Steve questions as the red head walks away. Confused, he turns back to where he placed his book when talking to Natasha. Steve's about to grab it but hears a yell coming from the kitchen. 

 " Tony, you fucking idiot! " Steve lets out a full laugh and grabs his book, taking it and himself back to his floor for an uninterrupted reading session. Maybe he should download twitter to his phone..


 " Sam, I think we should get the tickets. " 

 " I think we shouldn't! " Sam screams back so hard that Bucky winces and has to move the phone away from his ear. Some people near him on the subway turn slightly towards him and all think the same thing, it's too early for this crap. Bucky gives them a sympathetic smile which gets them to go back to scrolling on their phones. " Look Buck, yeah we have enough money for the tickets but we don't need them. We should buy some furniture or something! Get some arm chairs that don't have suspicions stains on them. It's a much better use of the money than wasting it on Ariana Grande tickets. "

 " First of all, I didn't comprehend any of that. I'm running on 2 hours of sleep and 5 cups of coffee, about to get my 6th. Secondly, don't ever disrespect Ari like that. " There's an audible groan from the phone. The subway starts to slow down and Bucky brings the phone back to his ear. " Hey Sam, this is my stop. I'll call you after work, or not I might just get home and pass out. Not sure yet. You'll know when you get home as well I guess. " Sam laughs. 

 " Okay dude, oh and one more thing,"

 " I'm listening. " 

 " Stop drinking so much coffee, I'm pretty sure it's bad for you. "

 " It's only bad if the doctor says it to your face. " Then Bucky ends the call, only hearing the beginning of Sam's laugher. The subway doors open and Bucky follows the flow of people out of the subway car. Trying not to get hit by stray taxis is a skill you learn the longer you live in New York, luckily Bucky has lived here his whole life. Bucky makes his way through the crowds of people and towards the new and improved Avengers Tower. After the attack on New York, Tony stark so graciously donated Stark Tower to the Avengers team. Which by the way is such a strange switch for Bucky. Even if it's the same building and such, there's different people everywhere. More importantly people who save the world basically on the daily. One time he caught Black Widow eating his bagel that he left at the front desk. She just kinda made eye contact with him and then walked away with the bagel. The next time, after the bagel incident, that Bucky had to update Tony about his progress he found a basket filled to the brim with different types of bread. When he asked Tony about it, he just shrugged it off with a " That's just Natasha for you. " 

 Bucky sighed and brought his head back to reality. He pushed open the glass door to the tower and grabbed his Stark Industry pass from his bag. After working on and off with Tony for the past year or so, he finally actually had something that Tony would be happy to hear about. He scans his pass and shoots a smile at Happy, head of security. Happy gives a slight nod at the brunette and though it wasn't much, it was better than nothing. Bucky headed to the usual elevator and it opened up for him, shockingly empty. When the switch happed, there were people everywhere he stepped. He walked into the elevator and waited for the doors to close before speaking to JARVIS.

 " Good morning Mr. Barnes, the usual floor? " JARVIS asks in his posh British accent. Bucky smiles, JARVIS might be his favorite person at stark towers but don't go telling Tony or Happy that. 

 " Yes please JARVIS. " The AI beeps and Bucky knows what comes next.

 " Sir, your caffeine levels are very high. Are you sure would like to consume another coffee? " 

 "  Thanks JARVIS but I've got something very important meeting with Stark today. I have some good news for him. " If JARVIS could roll his eyes, he would. 

 " Mr. Barnes I hate to say it but you tell me that everyday that you're here. " Bucky scoffs but doesn't let his smile drop.

 " Yeah I do but today I really have something for him. " The elevator doors open and Bucky slips out, giving a quick goodbye to his favorite AI. Bucky makes his strides to the in building coffee shop where his drink is ready for him. Sometimes, only making friends with the AI is a good thing. It isn't that Bucky doesn't like people, he has Sam and Sam's like his best friend. Most people are just so exhausting anyways so he likes to keep his friend pool small. He gives a small smile to the barista and makes his way to Tony's lab, prepping his self for the worst. He opens the door and is met with, quiet? Bucky stands in the door way confused with all the peacefulness when Tony pops out from the back room.

 " Hey Buckwiser! Heard that you've got somethin' for me today? " The older man smirks and makes his way over to wear Bucky is standing.

 " Uh yeah I do but what's up with the quietness? It's never this peaceful, like ever. " Bucky looks at Tony and sees the offense in his eyes. " What! You know I'm right! "

 " Yeah, yeah Buckaroonie. I had a meeting this morning with some really important people. AKA the avengers. My team. " Tony wiggles his eyebrows and Bucky sighs. " So I haven't done anything yet. Probably something will be on fire in the next 5 minutes so, appreciate the quietness for now. " The second Tony says that a crash comes from the other room. Bucky just shakes his head. The older man gives a sheepish smile and rubs the back of his neck. " I'll deal with that. " Then he runs away to deal with the issue, not sparing Bucky another look.

 " Not even 5 minutes Stark. Not even 5 minutes. " He says under his breath, it's going to be a long day.


  Steve could of asked Natasha to help him download twitter but she would probably murder him with just her stare. So he went to his next best option, Stark. Tony had to know how to download twitter judging by the fact that he had posted the mirror selfie of Steve. Also, Steve's pretty sure that he's heard Pepper complain about how much Tony tweets. The blonde steps into the open elevator and asks JARVIS to take him to Tony's lab.

 " Yes, Captain Rogers. Fair warning though, Mr. Stark is currently with someone. They are just finishing off. " Steve quirks his eyebrow.

 " Tony has someone in his lab?" He asks the AI. Steve swears that Bruce is in D.C right now. " He hates having others in his lab."

 " No Captain, he just strongly dislikes having you in his lab. " Steve snickers and shakes his head.

 " Anyway JARVIS, who is in his lab right now, I don't want to disrupt anything important. " He thinks of everyone he had seen that morning. Is Bruce back already? During their meeting Bruce was just a fancy hologram, so was Clint. Maybe Pepper had gone to check on him. 

 " Mr. Stark is currently with Mr. Barnes. " Barnes? Before Steve could ask who that was the elevator doors opened and JARVIS ushered him out. Steve wished the AI a nice day then worked his way though the floor. He smiles at the barista who just seems to weep at it and opens the lab door to an unexpected sight. A handsome man not much shorter than him reading some file while siting on one of Tony's counters. He seemed engrossed by the file, judging by the fact he didn't notice Steve walk in. The man in question had cropped hair which seemed to be a popular style. Steve cleared his throat and the guy finally looked up. He was beautiful, was he a model? Regardless, Steve liked him so he made sure to be extra charming. 

 " Excuse me doll, " Steve started with a pet name and watched the man's ears turn red. " but have you seen Tony? I need some help with something. " The stunning brunette seemed to be shocked at first but seemed to shake it off after a second or too. 

 " Uh. Well-uh. He's is-uh. " Maybe not so much. As much as Steve wanted a twitter, watching the flustered man was equally enjoyable. 

 " It's alright sweetheart take your time. " The second pet name made a lovely little dusting on pink appear on his cheeks. This man is fucking adorable. Steve flashes his famed 'lady killing' smile and the brunette turns into a blushing mess. Steve laughs and looks around for Tony before eyeing the slightly open door in the back. He starts waking in that direction but stops when the adorable man calls out to him.

 " Wait! " Steve turns and makes eye contact with the cute guy, waiting for an answer while leaning against the counter. " Uh Sir- I mean Captain, he's doing an experiment right now testing some new tech that I've been working on. The only reason the door's open in so I can hear him he messes something up. Could I help you? " The brunette has a light blush still, although not as strong as before, he still looks adorable.

 " Sugar, " Steve basically purrs and the blushing mess is back. " You could help me with a lot of things love, but right now I need help downloading twitter. " The brunette is taken back by both statements coughs to cover it up. 

 " Could I see your phone please Captain? " The brunette asks him. Steve pulls out with phone along with a witty response and a smirk.  

 " You know babe, as much as I love you calling me sir or captain, feel free to call me Steve. " The blonde says as he passes over the phone to the yet again blushing mess. 

 " Uh, then in that case, you can call me Bucky. " Steve cocks his eyebrow. " Not that I don't like your nicknames! They're cute and shit but-uh-yeah. " Bucky finishes lamely, looking down at his feet so Steve can't see his blush. Steve's grin grows just a bit more. 

 " Well then Bucky, yesterday Tony posted a picture of me shirtless on twitter and I would like to have control of my tweets. Could you help me with that? " The brunette seemed puzzled by the fact that Steve didn't post it himself but nonetheless, goes with it. He has Steve open up the phone, shows him how to go to the App Store, click a button that downloads twitter, and then shows how to set everything up. Steve's decided to be quiet while Bucky works so make sure he doesn't distract him but he's pretty sure just him being there is a distraction at most. Soon Bucky is at a login page when he looks at Steve.

 " Cap- I mean Steve, could I know your password for twitter? It's just the login and I promise to forget it after I help you set everything up. I would ask for your username but I already know it because I might already follow you twitter account?" He rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. Steve thought it was cute.

 " Buck, as much as I would love to tell you the password, I honestly don't know it. That's kinda why I was going to Tony to help me, he set it up. " A light blush settles on Bucky's cheeks thanks to Steve's take on his nickname. Before Bucky can say anything else a crash comes from the back room and a slightly smokey Tony comes out of it.

 " Barney- " Tony looks at the pair and his eyebrows go up in surprise. " Capsicle? When did you get here? Also, I didn't know you too were so close. " Bucky responds before Steve can open his mouth.

 " Stark, we met today. I'm helping him with twitter. What do you mean close? " Tony eyes the two of them before gesturing to the space or lack between them. Somehow they managed to migrated to one of the counters and ended up in a compromising position. It wasn't risqué so to say but it kinda did give the wrong idea. Steve was slightly hunched over Bucky's shoulder, trying to look at the phone. Bucky was looking up at Steve, which made it look like he was going in for a kiss.  After the realization of what was going on, Bucky placed his face in his hands and his ears turned red. That's when Steve came up with an idea, not exactly a good one but an idea. He leaned down and whispered into Bucky's ear in a husky tone.

 " Darling, if you really want to. We could be in a different position later? " Bucky turned even redder. " You can even call me sir. " He added for good measure. Bucky let out something close to a squeak and then Steve backs off with a laugh. When Bucky takes his hands away from his face his face is red and very adorable. Steve kinda just wants to kiss it. 

 " Hey, hey, what the fuck was that Rogers? Bon-Bon what did he just say? " Tony just stares in confusion, still trying to process it. Bucky looks up at Steve, ever so sightly bitting his lower lip. 

 " I think I might take you up with that ofter Cap. " Some sort of surge of confidence seemed to run through Bucky and catches Steve off guard. The brunette winks and makes his was to the lab door, closing it as he slips out of the room. A goofy grin spreads across Steve's face and he turns towards the still very confused Tony who watched the whole thing happen.

 " What the fuck was that! Why did that happen? I am a fucking GENIUS and I don't know what I just witnessed. " Steve ushers Tony closer and Tony complies. 

 " I don't kiss and tell Tony. " 

 " What does the fucking mean! " Steve throws his head back in laughter as Tony just stands there absolutely confused. 

 " Anyway, can you help me with twitter? I might want to post more shirtless pictures of my self. " Tony, still bewildered, helps Steve set everything else up and he's good to go. Steve waves good bye to Tony and makes his way back to his room with a very pretty brunette on his mind.