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Just to feel you again

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One hand steady on the steering wheel, Bai Yu fought the urge to thrust into Yi Long's hot and wet mouth.

Desperation thrummed under their skin. The itch to mark and to stake their claim on each other was so strong after they had filmed the last scene together. Perhaps unbeknownst to anyone outside their small circle, their chemistry on screen was so good because it was just as real off-screen. Fans could speculate but perhaps they would not know how close to the truth they are.

After the filming of the last episode, where Shen Wei and Zhao Yun Long had sacrificed their lives to end the war, emotions ran high between the two gentlemen. It was just for the show, yes, but the thought that they could lose each other for real transmitted itself to the screen. On top of that, their time together on this joint project would be coming to an end, and that just adds to the sense of loss.

They had stayed for clean up and the moment the director called it a night, everyone had scattered for some much-needed rest after the past few grueling days of constant filming. They still had to meet up for the farewell gathering tomorrow night, but from now till then Bai Yu intended to make good use of every moment with Yi Long. They got on like a house on fire from the getgo. They just clicked and their personalities complemented each other so well that it felt like they were 2 pieces of a 2 piece puzzle. Their apartment was too far from the studio and they spent so much time training, acting, singing and composing that it just made sense to rent a nice apartment together in a more centralized area. Apart from their managers who had to be in the know about this, no one else on set knew of their living arrangement. They managed to kept it under wraps, or they tried, there were a few times they almost slipped up and they're sure a few of their co-actors have started to suspect. But no one brought it up and everyone just assumed they stayed close to each other since they always took the same route back.

The moment everyone on set scattered, Bai Yu told Yi Long to take his time to pack up while he went to grab the car. Even as he walked away he could feel Yi Long's intense gaze burning into his back. He'd quickened his steps feeling thankful that they ended the shoot so late that there was not another soul loitering around the area.

Driving towards the back of the building where Yi Long was waiting for him - a lean figure leaning against the wall, with one foot propped up against the wall, and his head bent - Bai Yu could read the exhaustion bouncing off Yi Long. Seeing the approaching headlights, Yi Long looked up, adrenaline pumping through his blood. He needed so badly to feel Bai Yi's skin beneath his fingers, to feel his heat, breathe in his scent and assure himself that he's ok. (Well, he does know that he's fine, but Yi Long still couldn't shake off the intensity of emotions that their characters went through over the last few episodes).

The moment Yi Long got into the car, both men feel a heightened sense of awareness and longing to touch, to comfort, to reassure.

However, when they looked at each other, they felt shy all of a sudden and gave each other their softest smiles, turning their faces away and looking straight ahead at the road. Yi Long rested his hands on this knees, still seated properly. Bai Yu had one hand on the steering wheel and the other was casually propped up against the window, as he continued fiddling with the lollipop in his mouth. He's grown so accustomed to having something in his mouth that he stole a few more off the set when they were done with the filming.

They glanced back at each other at the same time.

"Hi," Bai Yu gave Yi Long a small wave that was so in character as Zhao Yun Lan, and Yi Long responded with a shake of his head, eyes rolling fondly at him.

" You're lame." fond overflowing in the tone of his words. Smirking, Bai Yu just calmly drove on.

All of a sudden, he felt a hand on his thigh. Glancing over at Yi Long, who was already staring at him with that look of intensity that Shen Wei manages to convey, Bai Yu felt his pants start to constrict.

"What are you looking at? Can't get enough of my handsome face?" Bai Yu joked. The lollipop pushed out on his cheek obscenely as he broke out a smile at his own narcissism.

Yi Long's voice deepened as he answered rather seriously. "Yes, I can't get enough of your handsome face." A glimmer of the emotions that still ran raw in their bloodstreams cutting through the banter.

Yi Long reached up to smooth his thumb over Bai Yu's bulging cheek. Keeping the ambiance light, for now, Bai Yu threw him a flirtatious wink, reached up, and took Yi Long's hand, bringing it up to his mouth for a kiss.

Yi long looked at the road, they had hit the highway and there was no other car except for theirs. The shoot today took place at another studio which was further than their usual studios. He figured they still had some time yet.

"Some time to what?" Bai Yu asked casually, still holding on to Yi Long's hand. Yi Long didn't realize that he had spoken out loud. He laughed self consciously, still feeling a bit shy as he was not as forward as Bai Yu. But the heat that's been running under his skin. The itch that is just there waiting to be scratched, proved too much for Yi Long. He was parched for Bai Yu.

Leaning over the console, even though it was only the 2 of them in the car, Yi Long rubbed his nose lightly against Bai Yu's ear, inhaling his scent. From the corner of his eye, he could see Bai Yi's grip tightening on the steering wheel.

Yi Long laughed lightly, still amazed at the effect he could have on this amazing man. "I'm going to give you a blow job, take you deep in my mouth and you have to get us home safely." saying so, he leaned back to watch with satisfaction as heat rose from Bai Yi's neck all the way up to his ears.

"Speechless? Silence means consent."

Bai Yu swallowed hard, he couldn't form a response and he was so hard at this point he wasn't sure if he should just pull off to the side of the road.

Yi Long took their linked hands and placed Bai Yu's hand on the steering wheel.

"No matter what, keep your hands there." Yi Long instructed.

Bai Yu could only look straight at the road ahead and nod subtly.

He did not dare to watch as Yi Long's fair nimble fingers made quick work of his pants, releasing him from the constricting tightness of his jeans. Yu Long kicked his lips in anticipation. He swiped his thumb over the slit of Bai Yu's head. Once. Twice. Watched as his pre-cum came bubbling up each time he swiped it to the side of his cock head.

Blowing air gently across his dick, Yi Long chuckled darkly when he felt Bai Yu's thigh muscles tightening in response beneath the denim.

The moment Yi Long took him into his mouth, Bai Yu's world narrowed down to the feeling of his whole body being engulfed in tight wet heat. Yi Long carefully slid his man's impressive erection to the back of his throat, swallowing around the bulbous head, once, twice, thrice, before pulling back to suck some air into his lungs.

The tangy flavor of Bai Yu's precum thick in his mouth. He breathed in the earthy scent of Bai Yu. Nuzzling his nose to the base of his crotch and repeatedly swallowing around his dick, he listened attentively to Bai Yu's rough breathing and breathless moans. Looking up coyly at Bai Yu through his eyelashes, he noted the tension in Bai Yu's extended arms which were desperately grabbing onto the steering wheel, lips parted as he breathed through them, cheeks flushed, and with an intense look of concentration in his gaze.

The sound of Yi Long's slurping on Bai Yu's dick obscenely loud in the otherwise quiet car. Each time he swallowed Bai Yu's impressive erection, he felt it hit the back of his throat, cutting off his air supply. By now he no longer had a gag reflex and was enjoying the feel of his throat muscles fluttering around Bai Yu's dick. Pulling off, he flattened his tongue and started giving him broad licking swipes, from the base to the tip, catching the dews of pre-cum that keep forming at the tip of his cock.

Bai Yu groaned in frustration. "Don't tease, I can't concentrate any longer." His hips canting up to get Yi Long's mouth on him longer. Yi Long just nuzzled him affectionately and without warning went back to deep-throating him. Bai Yu whimpered, torn between relief and exquisite torture.

They were arriving to their estate and Bai Yu stopped the car at the traffic light even though they were still the only car on the road. "Long-ge.. I.." he tried to warn of his impending orgasm but could barely get the words out when his muscles spasmed and he groaned lewdly he shot his cum straight down his boyfriend's throat. Yi Long barely jerked and happily guzzled the load down. Yi Long kept on sucking him even though he was dry and he started to be oversensitive. Knowing him well, Yi Long continued to lick him clean, letting Bai Yu enjoy the overstimulation. Finally Yi Long reluctantly pull away from Bai Yu, tucking him back into his pants. Face flushed, lips rosy red and shiny with spit and the most innocent adoring look aimed at Bai Yu.

"Thank you baby, you did so well." Bai Yu said breathlessly, as he fought to get more air into his lungs. He could barely hear himself over the ringing in his ears, his body still thrumming with the release. He wiped off the remains of his cum on Yi Long's lips and brought it to his own lips, licking off his own juices.

Yi Long traced the movement with hooded eyes. "Thank you for letting me do this." and fuck, his voice sounded so wrecked and yet he still had that look of innocence and Bai Yu just wanted to get them home now so that he could wreck him.

Leaning forward to kiss Yi Long, Bai Yu reached for Yi Long's crotch and came across a large damp patch. Amazed, Bai Yu pulled back and took a good look at Yi Long. "You came untouched just from sucking me off?" Face ablaze, Yi Long silently nodded. The tips of his ears stained red. Bai Yu leaned back in his seat and took a few calming breathes, his spent dick already up at half mast.

"We're almost home, be prepared to be stretched out tonight baby." Bai Yu rasped. Yi Long sat back with a look of utter satisfaction on his face.

They just had to wait for the light to turn green again and they're quite sure they've been parked at the spot for at least 3 traffic light changes.