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“Is that Tiger?? The scream...”

Barnaby’s eyes glows blue. “KOTETSU-SAN!!!”

Flash of pink followed by desperate and angry cry storming without second thought to the near-collapsed facility. His fellow heroes calling him or the heavy smoke that surrounded the facility didn’t bother him as his number one priority right now is Kotetsu.

Kotetsu-san! Kotetsu-san! Kotetsu-san!

There’s a subtle light at the secluded bathroom inside the facility, as he focused on any human presence using his hundred power, he heard a faint breathing inside the said bathroom.

He rushed at speed of lightning to see whether he’s not imagining it.

As he stumbled inside the bathroom, his eyes caught the sight of his beloved. He WOULD be happy as finally, he met his other half...


His beloved wasn’t as pale as this, eyes shut, blood streaming down from his forehead, splashing sound of water from the bathtub and more blood...blood...blood.

Barnaby choked on air, couldn’t contain the terrible horror he experienced right now. Past trauma gushed in.

He caught a sight of Lunatic, standing next to the bathtub holding something in his bloodied – glove hands.

Barnaby lost it.

All he could see now is RED!




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