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The Post-War BP

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Louis was young enough that he didn’t recall war times the same way his parents and the other adults in his country did.  He had been only six when the war began. Some memories lingered of lavish meals and brightly coloured candy and treats, of fancy wrapped presents and many pairs of new shoes.  Since the war had lasted until just a month after his fourteenth birthday, Louis had grown up in the lean times of economic stress. He often heard stories, but mainly it was the only way of life he knew.  

The fighting had lasted for nearly eight long years.  Louis along with the rest of the neighborhood had lost his dad, his uncles, his cousins.  Every able bodied alpha past the age of seventeen had been drafted up and sent into combat with little training and absolutely no choice.  

After several years the birthrate had stalled.  Only the betas left to man the factories were around to reproduce.  Since betas were unable to produce alpha offspring, the number of alphas in the country dwindled to almost nothing.  By the end of the war, they were all but extinct.

A year after the war had ended, the government proposed a plan to both increase the alpha birthrate and take care of the veterans that returned with no jobs since the economy had also nearly come to a halt.  A stimulus package, they had called it, and thus the Breeding Program had begun.

Young omegas of childbearing age were allowed to apply to the BP once they had turned eighteen.  If their application was accepted and the results of their medical exams were approved, the omegas would be given a stipend for living expenses over the course of each pregnancy and food and healthcare would be provided by the government for each child of the program until the age of ten.  The alphas– a majority of them veterans– were also compensated and housed in exchange for fathering children conceived through the program.

Becoming part of the PB hadn’t been part of Louis’ life plan.  Even with the lack of alphas growing up, he still imagined himself meeting and falling in love with an alpha that he would eventually bond and raise a family with from the time he presented as omega.  All of the alphas he knew were of old age and being with a grandpa was not part of his life plan either.

In the end, Louis didn’t apply to the PB for himself.  He saw his mother struggling to make ends meet with his younger siblings and knew the BP would at least assure that they had a roof over their heads.  

The day after he turned eighteen, Louis walked down to the local BP office and filed out his application with one of the social workers.  It had been weeks before he was contacted and he’d nearly forgotten it had even happened. His initial application had been approved. Then came the physical exam, the blood tests, the ultrasounds.  Louis wondered if many omegas at all were accepted into the program with how thoroughly they vetted the applicants. There had been many births since the start of the program, Louis had seen the children with his own eyes, so there had to be enough that had already made it through.  

The process had been intense but now today was the day.  

There was a mix of excitement and dread fluttering in his stomach as he walked towards the breeding center in the middle of town.  It looked like a small hospital from the outside. Louis had only been to the clinic on the first floor when he’d had his examinations and he wondered what part of the building he would be taken to for the actual procedure.  

His social worker met him at reception and they first stopped at her office for Louis to sign the paperwork.  

“By signing this document, you acknowledge and consent to enter the Official Government Breeding Program.  You acknowledge the risks associated with unbonded pregnancy and understand the government’s limited responsibility if complications should arise.  You acknowledge that in the event that you are unable to conceive, you will not be eligible for any further stipends or other BP payouts. You agree to appear for all scheduled breedings and appointments or your participation in the program is void.”  

It continued and sounded like so much.  Louis still signed with a shaky hand and nodded.

“Okay!  You’re all set then.  I’ll take you to the nursing station and they will take you to your examination and then prep before the procedure.”  

Louis nodded and followed her down the hall.  He was handed off to a nurse who took him to one of the rooms and handed him a flimsy gown.  This part was routine and he took his time neatly folding his clothing on one of the chairs after tying the gown together.  He perched on the edge of the exam table with stirrups for this legs and stared down at his socked feet while he waited for the nurse to return.  

A doctor accompanied the nurse to give him a quick exam and gave the all clear for the procedure to take place.  Louis stared at the ceiling the entire time and concentrated on calming his nerves.

The nurse was nice but quiet as she folded back his gown to expose everything up to just below his belly button.  He appreciated that this room seemed to be kept warmer than some of the others but it didn’t stop him from feeling embarrassed about his nakedness in front of a stranger.  He wondered how many omegas she prepped per day, her routine seeming well practiced.

She first made sure Louis didn’t need the restroom before strapping his shins in place and clicking the stirrups a bit wider so she could easily stand between his legs.  She took out a few special disinfecting cloths and began to wipe down his inner thighs first. He blushed when she got down to the rest of him, feeling like he was having his diaper changed as she paid special attention to his crack and hole.  She finished with thoroughly wiping his small omega cock which left him shivering with the cold left behind.

“I’m now going to insert the hormone plug that will help your body get ready to accept a pregnancy.  The hormones will mimic heat in your body but very few omegas experience full heat symptoms though you may run a low grade fever over the next twenty-four hours.  This stays in for about twenty minutes for your body to absorb the hormones and then your breeding specialist will be in for the procedure. Any questions?”

Louis just shook his head, his nerves making him unable to speak.  He watched as the nurse picked up the slender plug encased in its plastic packaging in her gloved hand and ripped open the seal.  It seemed to have some type of sticky wet coating on it that was cold when she brought it down to his hole a moment later.

It wasn’t thick but it was long, his body clenching around it as the nurse slid it in.  There was a notch at the bottom that was big enough that his own muscles held it in place once it was fully inserted, the base resting snuggly along his crack.  

The nurse disposed of the trash and then pulled her gloves off, making sure everything was in place for the procedure.  

“Your breeding specialist will be in shortly for the insemination,” she let him know before leaving him in the room alone.  

He clenched down on the plug experimentally and wondered if he should have prepared himself for something like this.  He usually didn’t push anything inside himself unless he was in heat and the intrusion felt strange. It felt especially strange since it had been such a clinical process done by someone he didn’t know.   

It didn’t take long for him to start feeling the effects of the hormone laced plug.  His body started to produce slick and he could feel the dull ache in the pit of his stomach that usually came in the hours before his heat hit.  He clung to the nurse’s word that it was rare for omegas to go into full blown heat and hoped he wasn’t one of the few.

He could feel the paper covering the exam table under him growing wet from his slick and hoped that was normal in this process.  It would be embarrassing if his body was acting different than others.

The twenty minutes stretched on like an eternity and then seemed like not enough time to prepare himself once there came a knock on the door.  It clicked open and a very handsome alpha stuck his head in to check before closing the door behind him. Louis’ nostrils flared at the strong alpha scent he’d never experienced in his life and wondered if the world was full of such scents before the war had claimed the country’s alphas.  He wasn’t sure he would have been able to cope.

“I’m Harry and I’ll be your breeding specialist today.” The alpha extended a hand to shake Louis’ like he wasn’t naked and exposed from the waist down.  Louis blushed. Harry was clothed in what looked like comfortable scrubs under a long white lab coat with pockets that was embroidered with the BP logo and left unbuttoned.  

Louis let himself look at the alpha while he busied himself with pulling on a pair of blue exam gloves.  He wondered if there were many alphas working in the facility that performed the actual procedure or if this alpha just had a medical background.  Louis would guess Harry was no older than around thirty and couldn’t fathom that he’d been able to get a medical degree in the short time since the war had ended.  

It made Louis a little more self-conscious that it would actually be an alpha inseminating him but he supposed it would be a little awkward any way it happened.  

“Okay, let’s see how the hormone plug is coming along.”  

Louis had to stare up at the ceiling and then close his eyes all together once the alpha started wiggling the plug around.  It felt good and the gush of slick that came out of him was directly related to the alpha scent that had already taken over the room.  He had to clench his fists at his side and squeeze his eyes closed to keep himself from letting out any embarrassing moans.

“Good, looks like it has done its job, nice slick production.”  

Louis bit his lip.  It would be over soon and then he would never have to see this alpha again or worry about acting like a needy omega at his first contact with an alpha that wasn’t eighty years old.  

He couldn’t help but let out a small gasp when the plug was pulled free but he kept his eyes closed.  He didn’t want to see what it looked like coated with his slick in the alpha’s hand. There was movement and the sound of velcro and Louis decided he didn’t want to look at how this procedure was executed.  He had seen a movie joking about two beta lesbians doing this with a turkey baster but he was sure the real thing happened with more needles than he was prepared to look at.

“Are you ready to begin?” Harry’s deep voice asked and Louis nodded.  He was never going to be fully prepared for the pain he was sure to come, even just a pin prick.  

“Okay you’re going to feel some pressure and then a stretch.”

He felt Harry’s gloved hand on his bare thigh and then something warm against his opening.  It started to push into him without hesitation and the feeling was not what he expected. His eyes flew open to see Harry feeding his bare alpha cock into his body and was stunned at this new development.  It didn’t hurt but he did feel uncomfortably full as the breeding specialist pushed until the entire length was inside. It was a feeling his body hadn’t been expecting.

“Is this— are you supposed to do it this way?” Louis gaped, still staring at where their bodies were connected.  

“It’s difficult to keep alpha sperm vital outside of the body.  It’s cheaper and more efficient to inseminate directly from the source.”

Louis was taking his first alpha with his feet up in stirrups on an exam table.  There was nothing special or passionate about it at all. He stared at the specially made pants Harry was wearing that opened in a triangle to easily free his cock  without having to fully undress. He wondered how many other omegas the alpha had inseminated that day and if it had been the same as it was with Louis right then. Did the alpha enjoy it?  

Harry was making small motions with his hips and the drag felt so good deep within him.  He was shocked to find his tiny omega cock standing stiff between his legs and his fingers twitched to touch such an infrequent occurrence.  It wasn’t common for omegas to experience erections on a regular basis, their cocks not built for reproductive purposes. Louis himself had only had one a few times, the little thing chubbed up proudly at barely two inches no doubt a result of the hormones that had absorbed into his system.

“Go ahead and touch it,” Harry said.  He must have seen Louis’ need. “The odds of conceiving are better of the omega has an orgasm.”  

That was all the encouragement Louis needed, his hand rushing to take his little cock in his hand.  He began to stroke it between his thumb and middle finger, the combination of movements making all of his nerves on high alert.  

“I’m going to knot you,” Harry told him in a barely controlled tone and Louis hadn’t even thought about that part of it.  Of course the alpha would have to knot him or his body would never accept the sperm into his womb. The knot was what triggered the response to open for his cervix for reception in a natural setting.  

Louis couldn’t help but moan when he felt it start to expand, his little cock twitching between his fingers in a dry orgasm that rocked his entire body.  He could feel the cramp and ache as the pheromones prompted his cervix to dilate.

Harry’s knot was big and kept them locked together long after Louis started to come down from his high.  The scent of alpha arousal still made him feel pleasantly light headed and he shut his eyes for a few minutes and concentrated on the feel of the alpha pulsing inside him.  He couldn’t feel the spurts Harry was filling him with but could feel the contraction of muscle making his dick jump every time his body pushed more out. It felt so intimate.  

He began to wonder about Harry as they stayed tied, Harry standing with his gloved hands holding Louis’ hips while he stared out the parted blinds of the window.  

“Were you in the war?” Louis asked when he couldn’t bear the silence anymore.  

Harry’s jaw set and a coldness washed over his face for a few seconds.  He looked down at Louis once he had schooled his features and then nodded.  

Louis got the impression that small talk while knotted was not protocol and kept his mouth shut until Harry’s knot started to deflate.  

A shorter plug was inserted into him directly after Harry pulled out and it didn’t feel like enough after having so much stretch him open for so long.  He caught a glimpse of Harry’s softening dick and was glad he had taken a look. It made it seem more real to see it hanging there before it had gone back to normal.  

Harry tucked himself back into his velcro pants and then disposed of his gloves before washing his hands.  

“The nurse will be in to help you clean up,” Harry said and then he was gone.  

The nurse came in and again wiped Louis off like he wasn’t capable of doing that himself.  She checked the positioning of the plug and told him he would be able to remove it in two hours.  Louis nodded and stretched his legs when he was finally allowed to stand up. The plug shifted as a constant reminded of his first alpha knot each time he moved.  

“You will return every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning for an examination and, if you haven’t yet caught, another insemination.  Harry will be your breeding specialist throughout your time with the BP. Many omegas take a while to catch when it’s their first time so please don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away.  It sometimes takes a few weeks for your body to get used to and open up to the synthetic hormones. You may get dressed now and see yourself out. Stop at reception for your bag of instructions and medications and we will see you back on Wednesday morning!”  

The nurse was chipper and Louis just nodded along.  He pulled on his clothes and tried not to walk funny down the hallway with the plug nestled between his cheeks.  He picked up his bag on the way out along with his first check and set off for home with his head so full of emotions that it was easier just to turn it off while he walked.  He’d sort himself out in the comfort of his own home. Being knocked up by a strange alpha was bringing with it more confusion than he had anticipated.