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A Secret Quartet Group Chat

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Jake Long created the group “Secret Quartet”

Jake Long added Adrien Agreste, Randy Cunningham, and Danny Fenton


[Jake Long] thought i should make this group chat for us


[Danny Fenton] but we already have one???


[Jake Long] yeah but thats w/ all our friends


[Jake Long] this one is just us


[Adrien Agreste] Jake, are you sure that this is even a good idea?


Randy Cunningham changed their name to “Bruce Ninja”

Randy Cunningham changed Danny Fenton’s name to “Casper”

Randy Cunningham changed Adrien Agreste’s name to “Kitt Kat”

Randy Cunningham changed Jake Long’s name to “Dovah”


[Casper] you make Randy an admin??? Why???


[Dovah] my bad


[Kitt Kat] But what if someone sees our phones? Won't they figure it out?


[Bruce Ninja] what are the chances of that happening?


[Bruce Ninja ] just put a password on ur phone, problem solved


[Kitt Kat] But what if someone looks over my shoulder and sees it?


[Bruce Ninja] adrien dont be a shoob


[Casper] so what's the point of this group chat again


[Dovah] just to talk and stuff


[Casper] alright, anyone have anything interesting to share with the class?


[Bruce Ninja] played a new game at the game hole, it's the cheese!


[Kitt Kat] Let me guess, you got the number one spot?


[Bruce Ninja] was their any doubt


[Kitt Kat] *there


[Bruce Ninja] adrien stop being a shoob


[Kitt Kat] ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


[Casper] i took down the box ghost again


[Bruce Ninja] thats wonk


[Casper] I never said it was supposed to be interesting


[Kitt Kat] Purr haps you could say you had an un fur tunate day


[Casper] yeah, it wasnt that paw some


[Kitt Kat] ;3


[Dovah] oh no


[Kitt Kat] You just don’t ap purr eciate puns


[Bruce Ninja] ok you know what? ur on timeout. get onto the fridge


[Bruce Ninja] get up there!


[Kitt Kat] This house is a fucking nightmare!


[Dovah] did the Pure Boi™ just swear?!?!


[Kitt Kat] It just be like that sometimes


[Kitt Kat] I’ll be right back, Mari’s calling


[Casper] ahh young love


[Bruce Ninja] ur one to talk


[Casper] u r too


[Casper] Theresa ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)


[Bruce Ninja] ajjnfgsdjdfsj


[Dovah] oh my fucking god she fucking dead


The Straights Are At It Again




[Ladyblogger] whats up Marinette?


[Sadrien] Mari, don’t.


[Sadrien] I’ll do anything


[Sleep? Idk her] Then perish


[Sadrien] Mari no


[Sleep? Idk her] Mari yes


[I like turtles] wait, what happened??


[Black is the new black] This intrigues me


[Sadrien] Sam please don't encourage Mari


[Trixalicious] spill the tea marinette


[Sadrien] mari please no


[Sleep? Idk her] So I was in a video call with adrien and Nathalie came in with some of his fan mail


[Sadrien] sdfgfs im begging


[Thing 1] adrien stop being a shoob


[I like turtles] you know its serious when adrien stops using punctuation


[Dead Inside] pun ctuation


[Sadrien] it would funny if it didnt hurt inside


[Sleep? Idk her] anyways, he starts digging through the pile and he opens up this suction cup bobble head thing


[Sadrien] iTS TIME TO STOP


[Black is the new black] no, please continue


[Ladyblogger] stop, this is tea time


[Rawr XD] im invested


[Rawr XD] also, who changed my name to “Rawr XD”??? Was it you Randy


[Thing 1] for once it wasnt me


[Trixalicious] Guys


[Ladyblogger] It’s tea time


[Sleep? Idk her] so adrien stares at this weird bobble head thing and thinks it would be a good idea to stick the thing to his forehead


[I like turtles] dude you didnt


[Dead Inside] I think I know where this is going


[Sleep? Idk her] so about 15 minutes pass and he pulls the thing off his head because it was “giving him a headache”


[Sleep? Idk her] and it left a big red mark on his forehead


[Sleep? Idk her] he then goes “well this is not ideal” and proceeds to ask me when it will go away


[Sleep? Idk her] and I tell him that the blood vessels are burst and it would go away in a few days


[Ladyblogger] groijgrfdangor hE HAS A HICKEY


[Black is the new black] the tea has been spilled


[Trixalicious] sip sip


[Sadrien] noooooo


[Thing 1] pics or it didnt happen


[Sadrien] Mariiii doooont


[Sleep? Idk her] Hickey.jpg


[I like turtles] what does ur dad think??

[Sadrien] hE CANT KNOW


[Big H] youre a shoob


[Too Fine] press f to pay respects


[I like turtles] f


[Too Fine] f


[Sleep? Idk her] f


[Black is the new black] f


[Thing 1] f


[Dead Inside] f


[Trixalicious] f


[Ladyblogger] f


[Spud the Spudnificient] f


[Big H] f


[Rawr XD] f


[Sadrien] I hate this family


[ Spud the Spudnificient] dont worry dude, ive done that too


[ Spud the Spudnificient] it just be like that sometimes


[Sadrien] My friendship ended with all of you


[Sadrien] now Spud is my best freimd


[Too Fine] freimd


[Rawr XD] freimd


[Sleep? Idk her] freimd


[Dead Inside] freimd


[Black is the new black] freimd


[Trixalicious] freimd


[Ladyblogger] freimd


[I like turtles] freimd


[Thing 1] freimd


[Big H] freimd


[Spud the Spudnificient] freimd


[Sadrien] Nevermind, you’re all dead to me


[Dead Inside] this is transphobia


[Sadrien] this is panphobia


[Dead Inside] (ง'̀-'́)ง hey buddy u wanna go


[Sadrien] (ง'̀-'́)ง yeah I wanna go, lets go


[Dead Inside] Alright lets go out


[Sadrien] Go out on a date


[Dead Inside] yeah c'mon let's go out on a date


[Sadrien] You want kids?


[Sleep? Idk her] @Black is the new black wow I can't believe my bf is going out on a date with ur bf


[Sleep? Idk her] and is starting a family too


[Black is the new black] guess we’re by ourselves


[Sadrien] I think you mean bi yourselves


[Black is the new black] jokes on you, i’m not bi


[Big H] is everyone here queer??


[Big H] not that theres anything wrong with that


[Ladyblogger] hmm IDK… lets check


[Ladyblogger] I’m Bi


[Sleep? Idk her] Same


[Black is the new black] I’m pan and non-binary


[Sadrien] I’m also pan


[ Trixalicious] I’m straight


[ Spud the Spudnificient] im also straight


[Big H] straight


[Rawr XD] I make four


[I like turtles] I’m asexual


[Dead Inside] I’m Trans


[Too Fine] Questioning


[Too Fine] I like girls but I’m not too sure if I should leave it at that


[Thing 1] same


[Sadrien] Don't worry, its alright to not know


[Sadrien] There's no pressure


[I like turtles] Pure Boi™


[Sadrien] ¬_¬


[Ladyblogger] That makes 2 bisexuals, 2 pans, 1 asexual, 1 trans, 4 straights, and 2 questioning


[Ladyblogger] So 6/12 of us


[Sadrien] So our group name is incorrect? Do we need to change it??


[Rawr XD] no, us straights are at it again


[ Rawr XD] we always are


[ Trixalicious] rt


[Spud the Spudnificient] rt


[Big H] rt


[Sadrien] It’s getting late and I have a photoshoot tomorrow, I’m heading to bed


[Ladyblogger] yeah i should too, cant stay up too late or nora will kill me


[I like turtles] I’m going too


[Sleep? Idk her] <---


[Sadrien] Mari


[Sleep? Idk her]




[Sleep? Idk her]




[Sleep? Idk her] fine


Secret Quartet


[Kitt Kat] hey can you guys come over??


[Kitt Kat] i need cuddles


[Kitt Kat] and i dont want to bother mari


[Kitt Kat] she needs to sleep


[Kitt Kat] and she cant come over to cuddle


[Bruce Ninja] omw


[Dovah] be right there


[Casper] im bringing snacks


[Kitt Kat] thanks guys