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Universe 25

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beep beep beep beep beep Beep Beep BEEP BEEP BEEP!

Barry Allen’s eyes shot open at the unfamiliar alarm, he reached out and snuggled with Iris, their naked bodies warm against one another as they cuddled.  He smiled as he kissed the back of her neck, smiling as she moved into his touch.

“Morning.” He chuckled, his hard cock long and hard pressed between her perfect cheeks.

“Morning to you too.” She huffed, moving back against him to grind.  “Why’d you set the new alarm?” She yawned.

“I didn’t.” Barry frowned.  “I thought you did?” He breathed along her neck.

“No…” She moved and then suddenly sat bolt up right.  “BARRY!” Barry’s eyes flew open as he shot up too and looked around the room for the danger, only to realize two things very quickly.  One, they were not in their bedroom, his first thought was that he’d phased them through the floor in his sleep again.  But no, this wasn’t the Antonelli’s apartment.   The second was that they weren’t actually alone in this bedroom.  There were three other beds in the room, each occupied by at least one other person.  Barry slipped out of bed, his hard cock slapping his abs as he stocked over to the first bed and grabbed the person.

“HOLY FUCK!” Ralph shouted, pulling back and startling awake only to pull the blanket up to his chin.  “BARRY!  WHAT THE FUCK MAN!” Ralph panted, pausing and looking at Barry for a moment. “Barry… why are you naked… better question why are you in my bedroom?”

“Is this your bed room?” Barry asked with a challenge in his voice and Ralph frowned at him before looking around the room and his eyes getting big.  “Okay… why are we both naked and why are we not in my bedroom…?” He pulled the blanket up to his nose.

“I have no idea.  Iris is here too.”

“is she naked too?” Ralph looked around and spotted Iris holding the sheet up over her chest and waving at him.  “I…. hi Iris.” Ralph blushed.

“Hey Ralph.”

“Where the hell are we?” Ralph glanced between them.

“No clue.  We just woke up.” Iris sighed.

“I’m going to see who’s in the other two beds.” Barry slunk over to the third bed and noticed a pair of heads, one buzz cut and the other with a full head of hair.  He frowned as he shook both of them.

“hummm?” The buzz cut turned and glanced at him.  “My my Scarlet… if you wanted me that badly all you had to do was ask.” Len smirked as he turned over, his body spilling into view as he turned towards Barry, clearly very happy to be there.  Barry blushed, a momentary thought flashing across his mind that Ralph had been hard too.

“Len… do you know where we are?”

“Heaven?” Len shrugged.  “Last thing I remember was putting my hand in the oculus and holding the bomb down and saying something to the Time Masters…”

“That was nearly two years ago…”

“Crap.” Len sat up, the blanket falling away to reveal Eddie Thawne’s naked body laying beside him.  “Okay… that I would remember getting into bed with.” Len reached over and shook Eddie who startled awake, falling out of bed, realizing he was naked and hard and looking around before peering over the bed.


“Eddie….” Barry blinked.

“Did I stop Eobard?” Barry’s mouth went dry.

“Yes….” Barry nodded, closing his mouth and not trusting himself to speak.  Why the hell were they all here and naked, this made no sense.  Especially since two of them so far were completely dead.  Unsure what he would find next Barry made his way to the fourth bed of the room and shook the occupants, only to land on his back, a nude muscular man atop him, a large hard cock laying on his chest and the hands were at his neck ready to snap his neck.

“HEY HEY HEY! EASY DUDE!” Barry said trying to riggle free.

“Barry?” Barry opened his eyes and looked up at the naked body of Oliver Queen.


“what’s going on?” Felicity had fallen off the bed with a bit of a shriek causing them both to look at where she was on the other side of the bed.

“I’m not sure.” Len smiled.  “But someone clearly has taste.”

“What makes you say that?” Ralph had sat up in bed, letting the blanket pool over his nudity.

“Because why else pick all of us and take us nude.”

“Snart I….” Oliver stopped speaking. “Barry… why are you doing that?” Oliver looked down to Barry who was vibrating.

“I…. uh…”

“Barry that…” Oliver tried to hold in a moan as he began to leak precum on Barry’s vibrating pecks before Barry speed up and arched himself as he came on Oliver’s back.

“Oh now that’s interesting, he do that with you?” Len looked at Iris.

“Never on my back… at least not anymore.” Iris sighed.

“You don’t seem so mad….?” Ralph frowned.

“He’s on our list.” Everyone glanced at Eddie.

“List?” Oliver strangled the word out as he came against the vibrating body that was bringing him to climax.

“Our okay to cheat list.” Iris nodded.  “You’re on mine, Eddie’s and Barry’s.”

“I…” Oliver frowned.  “What?”

“Oh.” Len nodded. “Makes sense, given how he looks, I’d say that’s a fair agreement for all three of you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Oliver frowned.

“They mean they won’t hold it against any of each other if any of them have sex with you.” Felicity had managed to gather the sheet and wrap it around herself.

“Why would you have something like that?” Oliver looked at Barry.  “And why did you…”

“because you’re hot and we’re all attracted to you…” Barry blushed.  “It’s kind of weird… but if you think about it…”

“Think about what?” Oliver glared.

“Ralph’s my ex, Eddie’s Iris’ ex.  You’re on Iris, Eddie and I’s lists.  Felicity’s there too because we’re not blind.”

“Aw.” Felicity smiled.  “That’s so sweet.”

“You’re welcome.” Barry smiled at her.  “And Len is on my list.” Barry looked away.

“I’m what now?” Len smirked.

“You’re on my list okay.  The if I had a shot in hell with you Iris wouldn’t hold it against me.”

“I didn’t realize you were bisexual.” Len smiled.

“All my life.” Barry shrugged.

“And the vibrating?” Oliver sighed.

“Oh that… I can’t really control… I get close… and I just… vibrate.”

“Lucky you.” Len smirked at Iris.

“Oh you have no idea, living breathing warm vibrator…” She chuckled.

“I can imagine…” Len smiled turning back to the sight of Barry’s hard cock against his thigh.  “He doesn’t get soft after?”

“oh god no.” Iris sighed.

“Really?” Eddie sheepishly looked at Barry, comparing himself for the first time.

“Healing factor.” Barry blushed.  “I have no refractory period.”

“No way.” Felicity’s shoulders relaxed.  “Like..none at all, how the hell is that possible, even Oliver needs time between…”

“Curse of healing factor and super speed… My balls are constantly creating new sperm cells…”

“We call it our four times, two quickies, a hand job, and Barry takes a long shower before we go anywhere rule.” Iris smiled, sitting with her elbow on her knee, her glorious breasts hanging out in the open as she relaxed.

“What?” Oliver blinked, his eyes drawn to her curves as he tried to focus.

“We do four full sessions of love making, then two quickies, then I give Barry a hand job, and then he takes his vibrator and has a long shower with himself while I’m getting ready.  What’s your record now?” She glanced at Barry.

“Fifteen in the shower.” Barry blushed.

“Holy shit.” Len’s jaw dropped.

“Aren’t you sore after?” Ralph frowned.  “I mean nine times and I’m looking for some lotion…”

“Again, healing factor.  Frankly speaking… new skin every ten minutes…”

“You’d be incredibly sensitive to touch then…” Len frowned and then smirked.  “Is that why you shivered when I touched your bare skin?”

“yes.  That too…” Barry blushed.

“That too?”

“I have a huge crush on you.” Barry blushed.

“That’s not the only huge thing on him.” Eddie shook his head.

“Are we sharing about what we can see from our vantage points now?” Len turned to Eddie who blushed furiously.

“no… just saying… you’re… well… big.”

“Big, my dear detective, does not begin to cover what I am.” Len dropped the blanket letting all thirteen thick inches of himself fall into view.

“holy shit.” Felicity gasped.

“Thank you.” He smirked.  “And Barry.”


“I have a huge crush on you too.”

“Goody.” Oliver sighed.  “Anyone know where the bathrooms are?”

“No….” Barry blushed.

“How about we go look for it?” Ralph blushed.  “But uh…”

“What’s wrong Ralph?” Iris looked at him.

“I’m horny, like on the verge of just doing myself by hand… and it looks like everyone else is almost there too… maybe we… uh…”

“You can’t be serious?!” Eddie blushed.

“Hey if we do it here it’s at least something we know all of us did and…”

“Ralph’s right.” Oliver bit his lip.

“Excuse me!?” Felicity gaped at him.

“I just came and I’m already ready to go again.” Oliver pointed down to his hard cock laying in his own essence on Barry’s pecks.  “I’m struggling not to push into Barry’s mouth right now.”

“My hand’s already in my lap.” Iris shrugged.

“Mine too.” Felicity agreed.

“So maybe we take care of that… before we go walking around naked through this place… so we’re not all distracted by our needs?” Ralph blushed.

“That makes sense.” Eddie sighed.

“Who’s going to start?” Ralph looked hopeful.

“Might as well…” Barry took a hold of himself, out in the open, still under Oliver, using his own cum as lube as he took himself in hand.  His eyes locked onto Oliver’s body as he stroked his cock, Oliver could feel the movement under him and blushed before taking himself in hand.  Stroking it into Barry’s face, his eyes focusing on the big cock rubbing against his pecks, Barry for his part couldn’t take his eyes off of Oliver’s cock and with a burst of speed slipped down and took the swollen tip of that massive cock into his mouth.

“BARRY….” Oliver moaned.

“Been there…” Ralph nodded, his hand moving under his blanket.

“You’re telling me.” Iris was deftly working herself open.

“He that good?” Len looked at them.

“You have no idea!” Ralph panted.

“Great at fucking with his cock, but good gods is he good with his mouth.” Iris nodded.  “God is he enthusiastic….”

“And a double jointed tongue….” Ralph added.

“And it vibrates.”

“What?” Ralph turned to Iris.

“He can independently vibrate every part of his body.”

“Oh the fun I’d have with that.” Len’s hand started moving faster.

“I’ve… never…” Eddie blushed as he started to stroke himself watching Barry suck on Oliver’s cock.

“With a man?” Len asked, turning towards Eddie.

“yeah…” Eddie looked down.

“You want to?” Len smiled at him.

“R-really?” Eddie blushed as Len leaned in and pulled him into a kiss, his hand slipping down Eddie’s body till he grasp his cock and began to stroke him with his off hand.  Eddie gasped into the kiss as Len made love to his mouth.  Len’s warm hand flying up and down Eddies nearly eight inches before he parted kisses.  “What?” Eddie looked a little lost and worried.

“I need my mouth back so I can go down on you.” Len gave him a small peck before kissing his way down Eddie’s body till he was at the base of his throbbing need.  He planted an enthusiastic kiss right at the base before licking his way up to the darker tip and swallowed it whole, his eyes moving to lock with Eddie’s who’s jaw fell open.  He’d only had girlfriends and then Iris to compare this to.  But clearly Len had had some guys in his mouth before.  He felt his face flush at the idea of being with someone so much more experienced.  He wasn’t sure why that turned him on, but he could only make a strangled gasping noise as Len took him farther and farther till his lips were parted around his base.

“holy fuck.” Iris had kicked her blanket away, openly manipulating her moist lips with four solid fingers from one hand while she teased her clit with the other.

“You said it.” Felicity joined her in being fully nude as she let her eyes go from Oliver and Barry to Len and Eddie.  She wasn’t sure who she owed this sight too but she was ready to sing their praises.  “Fuck…” Felicity was running so fucking hot right now.

“You… like… this?” Oliver looked at her.

“You fuck him in the ass and I’ll let you do whatever the fuck you want to me.” Felicity begged.  “hell you let him fuck you and I’ll let you both in me at once…” She panted, body convulsing as she teetered on the edge of falling into the endless abyss of her own pleasure.

“You let Barry fuck you and I’ll turn into a double of Felicity and let you do both of us.” Ralph moaned and everyone’s eyes turned to him.  “I’m serious.  I’ve gotten better at being a woman.” He panted, before moving the blanket and shifting everything of his body but his cock so he looked like an exact replica of Felicity but with his swollen cock in her hand.

“that…” Oliver groaned.

“You like me with a cock?” Felicity frowned.

“Yes.” Oliver nodded, his eyes raking over Ralphs form.

“Ralph get over here….” Felicity demanded and Ralph walked over kneeling as Felicity between her thighs and began eating her out while she watched Oliver being blown by Barry, pushing Ralph’s face into her dripping center as she struggled to keep her eyes open.  “He fucks you Ralph fucks me.”

“Barry get your dick in my ass.”

“wur?” Barry SPOKE with Oliver still deep in his throat.

“You heard me.  Barry Allen get your vibrating meta dick in my virgin ass.”

“YES SIR!” Barry flashed to behind Oliver, stopping to eat him out and finger him till he was open enough to plunge his hard cock into Oliver’s creamy virgin hole and bottoming out slowly he draped himself over Oliver’s msuclar shoulders.

“Get in her Ralph.” Oliver gritted his teeth.

“Aye aye.” Felicity’s voice came out of Ralph’s stolen shape as he got up and mounted Felicity, her fingers traveling to mock her’s nipples as Ralph fucked into her.

“Duplicate Oliver’s cock.”

“While inside you?”

“maybe later on that… I want an extra one in my ass.” Felicity groaned out and Ralph went wide eyed for a moment before he sprouted a second penis and slammed into her ass, already drenched in her leaking fluids.  “FUCK YES!” She panted.

“Harder Barry.” Barry blinked at Oliver but did the only thing he could do, started fucking Oliver in earnest as his cock began to vibrate.  None of them were going to last long.

“Ralph, do me with Barry’s cock.” Ralph nodded, concentrating and splitting off, a thin line connecting the two hims, before the Iris with a black version of Barry’s cock mounted her.  She started making out with herself the room filling with moans as Eddie was the first to break.

“FUCK!” He screamed as he came down Len’s throat, Len swallowing him whole and riding through it before moving and jerking himself off to a creamy end on Eddie’s face.  Oliver groaned and doubled over, spraying his untouched load on the floor as Barry came in his tightening hole.  Felicity and Iris both came around Ralph’s cocks before he came out of all three of them, panting and moaning before he snapped back to himself in the middle of the room, a half melted mess of pleasure before he eventually pulled himself back together.

“holy fuck?” Ralph panted.

“you could say that again.” Len sat down falling flat on his back.  “I haven’t done something like that in forever…”

“Something’s wrong?” Oliver panted.

“What?” Barry started to inspect to make sure he hadn’t hurt Oliver.

“I’m still horny.” Oliver looked at the others, noticing that as they looked down they too realized they were still on the edge of arousal.

“That’s not normal.” Iris panted, laying flat on her back, a pillow under her ass to raise her up better.

“Something’s causing this.” Barry nodded.

“Great… science, sorcery, magi-tech, or extra dimensional something, or alien tech?” Felicity sighed.

“Or alien technology used by a sorcery to create meta-tech and magi-tech’s evil red headed step child….” Len panted.

“you made a joke… not a pun, but a joke.” Barry looked up at Len on the bed.

“I’m pushing forty and I’m as horny as a nineteen year old who just figured out what his cock is for.  I think I’m allowed to joke.”

“Not complaining….” Barry panted as he waved his arm like a flag of surrender.

“Showers and maybe see where we are and why we can’t stop fucking?” Ralph asked.

“How are you so coherent?” Oliver frowned.

“I’m a walking hard on, and I just fucked two women with three cocks, one of them a replica of yours… I should be unconscious and a puddle of pleasure right now, instead I’m ready to go again.  Hell…” Ralph reshaped his cock and started fucking his own ass.  “That’ll do.  I want a fucking shower.  I’m sticky and wet, and someone’s either going to have to turn this sex thing off or at least at a lower setting.” Ralph got up slowly.  “Who’s with me?”

“Let’s find those showers…” Oliver nodded.

beep beep beep beep beep Beep Beep BEEP BEEP BEEP!

The alarms sounded in another room.