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W is a fucking dumbass

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A boy, probably 12 years old, stood before the doctor, he had an oversized labcoat on, his red eyes cutting through the doctor.


He blew some of his snow-white hair out of his face and placed down a photo.

"I'm looking for her,"

The doctor knew who the photo was off right away, she had been brought in with burns all over her hands, although in this photo, her eye's weren't like... that. She also didn't have the hair band.

"Do you have a-"

"I'm an adult, let me see her,"

He pulled out an ID, yup, definitely an adult. The doctor sighed and nodded.

"Follow me,"

The doctor watched as the two stared at each other before the girl giggled.

"hody B!"


W giggled more, as B looked at the doctor.

"I apologize for this, but we must be going,"

He coughed, and a galaxy absorbed them both, the bed W was on smacked the doctor full force.

"Nice going Astral,"

Astral shrugged and grabbed W.

"ehehe, well, we don't need another hospital bed, a- anyway! I'm gonna go take her to Medic!"

"Oh god no not him,"

B laughed, and walked into him and W's shared office, staring at the computer, he took a deep breath and continued typing.

File 0.0.2-5.3.3

Intro 5.3.3 was spotted by W talking to Intro 0.0.2, she claims that Intro 0.0.2 was responding.

Intro 5.3.3 (after attempting to strangle W) confirmed this fact.