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[podfic] Hard Way Home

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click to see coverart; spoilery for fic

Title: Hard Way Home
Author: quickreaver
Reader: applegeuse
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: gen
Rating: mature
Author’s Warnings: major character death (a necessary evil!), suicidal ideation, angst a'plenty
Summary: Divergent from 9x10: Sam, Dean and Castiel drive off together after expelling Gadreel. Everything comes back to haunt them. The Trials are not forgotten, Dean hates his life, the tiny town of Widow Jones Hollow has a few unexpected visitors.
Length: 00:35:34

Podficcer’s Notes: Thanks so much to quickreaver for a) writing this awesome story <3 and b) having such a generous blanket permission policy! I used a piece of the art she made for the fic in the cover art; you should absolutely check out her full piece in all of its glory by following the fic link and scrolling toward the bottom. <3

And, of course, thanks to darling fishpatrol for beta-listening! <3

Download: (zipped folders; right click & save as)
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ETA: Both versions also available at the archive here.

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