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Kidneys, Unfortunately, Are Kind of Necessary

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            “I’ll reschedule it,” Trevor said. He was sitting on their bed, arms crossed, looking at the floor, eyes darting up sporadically.

            “Trev,” Kieran said, “I need you to take these pills now.” He held out two white pills and a glass of water. Trevor didn’t even look up.

            “I’ll reschedule it for next week.”

            He was still in his pajamas, loose cotton pants and a T-shirt, brown hair ruffled, and his appointment was in an hour.

            “Trevor,” Kieran said, just a little harder this time, “You need to take these pills now.”

            Trevor turned his head to the side, still looking down. His grip tightened on his arms.

            “C’mon Trev, open up, it’ll make you feel better,” Peter said, sitting down on the bed next to him.

            “I’ll go next week,” Trevor said, his voice small.

            “Trevor, we’re going to get this done today,” Kieran said gently.

            Trevor shuddered and shook his head. “I’m gonna reschedule,” he said, his voice starting to stutter, “I’ll do it after my heat.”

            “Trev, your heat’s not gonna make a difference,” Peter said, “we’ll get it over with today and then it’ll be all done and you won’t have to worry about it. Just take the pills, alright? You’ll feel better afterwards.”

            “I don’t wanna go,” Trevor said. He looked up at Kieran, eyes pleading. “It’s gonna be awful.”

            “You’re going to be fine,” Kieran said. Peter started rubbing his back and Trevor trembled again. “You need to take your pills though,” Kieran said. He held them out.

            Trevor looked at them, and then a moment later finally reached out and took them. He swallowed them quickly and then held the glass tightly in his hands, looking nauseous.

            “There, you’ll feel better in no time,” Peter said. “Drink some more water, OK? It’ll make it easier.”

            Trevor finished the glass and then drank another full one as well before they left, to hopefully make it easier for the nurses to find a vein. He sat on the bed for another twenty minutes before they were finally able to coax him into getting dressed. Kieran packed a bag while Peter helped him. It took about a half hour for the anti-anxiety medication to start working, and after that Trevor was a little calmer. Kieran drove them to the hospital. When they got there Trevor wouldn’t get out of the car.

            “I can’t do it, I can’t do it today,” he said. He was hyperventilating. “Please, I wanna go home, I can’t.” Tears welled up in his eyes.

            “Hey, shh, it’s gonna be fine,” Peter said, “Just breathe for a minute Trev, OK?”

            “No, I can’t, I can’t, I wanna go home,” Trevor said, shaking his head.

            “Hey, look at me,” Kieran said, cupping the side of Trevor’s face gently. “Look at me. Breathe, Trev. It’s OK. You’re OK.” He leant over, and hugged him, and Trevor pressed his face against Kieran’s neck, and stayed there while Kieran rubbed his back, until his breathing had evened out again. “How about you take one more pill, and then we’ll go in,” Kieran said, pulling back.

            Peter grabbed the bag they packed and fished out the bottle of pills and the water bottle.

            “OK,” Trevor said quietly, and he took the pill. He still hesitated to get out of the car. “Can we wait a little longer?”

            “We’re already late, Trev,” Kieran said. “It’ll take a bit for them to set up anyway, OK? It’ll give that pill time to kick in.”

            “OK,” he said, nearly a whisper, and finally, reluctantly got out of the car. Kieran kept a hand against his back as they walked in, and Peter went ahead and sighed him in at the front. They sat down to wait.

            Trevor had his head in his hands, leaning down while Kieran rubbed his back. “Oh, I don’t wanna do this, it’s gonna be awful, it’s gonna be so bad,” he said, all in a rush. “I’m gonna be sick. I’m gonna throw up, I can’t do this.”

            “It’s gonna be fine,” Kieran said calmly. “We’ll be with you the whole time. It’ll be fine.”

            “I wanna go home, I wanna go home, I can’t do this.”

            “You’re going to be just fine,” Kieran said. “We’ll get this over with and afterwards you’ll start feeling better and we’ll go home and relax, alright? Unless you want your reward tonight.”

            “I’m gonna feel like shit afterwards,” Trevor said thickly. “It’s gonna be awful and I’m gonna feel horrible and this whole week is gonna be horrible and I’d rather just keep feeling sick than do this.”

            “You need it done,” Kieran said, “and I’m so proud of you for going. You’re going to be fine. We wouldn’t let anything happen to you.”

            Peter came back and sat down on the other side of Trevor. “All signed in,” he said. “Shouldn’t be long.”

            Trevor made a noise of despair at that. Kieran just kept rubbing his back until Trevor’s name was called. They followed the nurse into the room. Trevor got partly undressed and he lay down on the hospital bed while the nurse started attaching some monitors. Trevor trembled. He looked with stark fear at Peter and Kieran.

            “It’s OK,” Kieran said. “Worst part will only last a moment.” He turned to the nurse. “Would it be alright if I got on the bed with him? It’ll help him stay still for it.”

            “Sure, as long as I can get at his arm,” she said.

            The second Kieran was on the bed Trevor was latching onto him, and Kieran held him close.

            “Shh, it’s OK,” he said, “you’ll be fine, it’s alright.”

            “I don’t wanna do this, I don’t want to, Kieran,” he said, more tears welling up in his eyes. He hid his face against Kieran’s chest.

            “Alright, sweetheart, let me just see your arm now,” the nurse said, taking his wrist for a moment to turn it before Trevor ripped it back, shaking his head hard against Kieran.

            “I can’t, I’m sorry – I’m sorry, I can’t,” he said.

            “It’s alright, Trev,” Kieran said, “just give the nurse your arm now. Come on, I’ve got you.”

            “No,” he said thickly, “no, please, I can’t.”

            “Peter,” Kieran said softly.

            Peter got up and moved over to the other side of the bed. He tapped Trevor’s arm before taking his wrist. “Just me, Trev,” he said. “Just gonna move you a little. It’s alright.”

            Trevor started shaking badly. “Just a bit of cold now,” the nurse said before swiping a wipe across the inside of his elbow.

            “Here, squeeze my hand,” Kieran said, taking Trevor’s free one. He squeezed down hard, eyes screwed shut.

            “Relax your arm,” Peter said, still holding Trevor’s wrist gently, other hand over his, rubbing gentle circles on the back of it.

            Trevor started crying. “Wait, wait,” he said, giving a short tug at his hand.

            “Shh, we’re gonna get it over with now, sweetheart,” Kieran said. “Stay nice and still. It’s OK.”

            Trevor let out a sob. He shook his head. When the nurse’s hand reappeared on his arm he gave a yelp and tugged on his arm again, but Peter held it firmly.

            “Shh, it’s OK,” Kieran said. “Look at me. It’s alright.”

            “Just a pinch now,” the nurse said, and she inserted the needle.

            Trevor cried out, jerked away, and then started sobbing earnestly. “Stop, stop, stop, please,” he cried.

            “All done,” the nurse said, quickly taping it in place. Trevor kept crying, and Peter grabbed the bag they’d brought, quickly pulling out a blanket. He used it to cover up Trevor’s arm where the IV was. “Just going to start the transfusion now,” the nurse said.

             “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe,” Trevor said.

            “Shh, you’re OK,” Kieran said, “you just have to slow down, Trev. You’re breathing fine.”

            Trevor shook his head. “Can’t do this. I wannit out. Please – please Kieran – Peter, please.”

            “You just made it through the worst part, Trev,” Peter said, “it’s alright, easy going from here.”

            “No, I wanna go home, I wannit out,” he cried. “I can feel it, I hate it, please.”

            “Shh, just take deep breaths,” Kieran said, “it’s alright. You’ll feel better in a little bit.”

            They had to stay for three hours for the blood transfusion. Thankfully Trevor fell asleep for a good portion of it, once he finally stopped crying and managed to calm down a little. The pills made him sleepy, and he dozed for a bit. When he woke up Peter showed him a string of funny videos he’d found, and they both tried to keep him distracted. When it was finally done and time to take the IV out Trevor got anxious again, but not nearly as bad as having it put in. He fell asleep on the car ride home, head on Peter’s shoulder in the backseat while Kieran drove.




            “That was awful and I never want to do it again ever,” Trevor said later that night, when the drugs had worn off.

            “Hopefully you won’t have to,” Kieran said. “Are you feeling any better from it?”

            “No, I feel awful,” Trevor said.

            “Well hopefully tomorrow you’ll start feeling the effects,” Kieran said.

            “Tomorrow I’ll start my heat,” Trevor said. “I’m gonna feel awful anyway.” Trevor shuddered. “What if I have to do that again? What if my blood levels come back bad again?”

            It was the second blood transfusion this year, and it was not a good sign that he had needed another. His blood levels had been getting worse for months, and they’d been changing his medications but it wasn’t keeping up.

            “We’ll talk to your psychiatrist about upping the anxiety medication,” Kieran said. Trevor wasn’t supposed to take more than three pills, but when it came to the phobias, they barely helped. If he had to start having blood transfusions regularly then they’d need to find something else.

            “I can’t do that again. That was awful, I can’t.”

            “Hopefully you won’t have to,” Kieran said, “but if you do you’ll get through it. It’ll be OK.”

            Trevor shuddered.

            “You got through it today,” Peter said.

            “You did such a good job,” Kieran said, petting through Trevor’s hair. They were on the couch, Trevor leaning against Kieran, curled up and Peter laying down with his head in Kieran’s lap and his feet over the end of the couch. “Do you want your reward now?”

            “No,” Trevor said, “I don’t want to move.”

            “OK, it can wait until tomorrow,” Kieran said.





            Trevor and Peter had met at work, when Peter was 22 and had only graduated a month earlier, stepping into the daunting role of junior analyst at his father’s investment banking firm and Trevor was an intern in the IT department, about to go into his senior year of college. By the end of the summer they were dating, and when Trevor graduated he got a job at the firm easily because of his prior internship, and he moved into Peter’s apartment. It was then, just shy of a year after they had met, about ten months since they started dating, when they met Kieran, at a BDSM club.

            They had been to a couple of other clubs, but they had never played publicly, and they hadn’t particularly liked the ones they’d went to. Trevor was an omega, and Peter was a beta, and too often alphas saw them, unmated, and were a bit too aggressive in their approach. Peter had to repeatedly tell a couple to fuck off on more than one occasion. They especially went after Trevor, and it made him uncomfortable. But Peter had heard of a different one, supposedly more high class and with a better atmosphere and Trevor agreed to try one more.

            They sat in the back, in a booth, but close to the bar where they would be easily spotted by a staff member if there were any problems. Peter sat with one arm around Trevor, watching the stage up front, where a female alpha was tying intricate knotwork over a male omega.

            “I’m bored,” Trevor said, looking around the place idly. He pushed his glass around the table, an orange soda. He’d recently turned 21, but he had a medical condition that affected his kidneys and liver, so he couldn’t drink alcohol.

            “You’d look so good in that rope,” Peter said, still watching the front.

            Trevor rolled his eyes. “You are not doing that to me. We’ve been sitting here for twenty minutes and she hasn’t even gotten to his arms yet.”

            “Patience,” Peter said.

            Trevor rolled his eyes again, looking around the room. There were a couple other displays, and there were more rooms – the place had a winding sort of set up. One woman was getting spanked on the left side, but Trevor had to crane his head to look, and anyway it was an alpha female who was doing the spanking. While he was attracted to both alphas and betas, he really found no appeal in women. Peter wasn’t as picky.

            Trevor’s eyes roamed around the room when they stopped suddenly on a man walking over to a seat. He had dirty blonde hair, just barely there stubble across his face, and sharp green eyes. He was gorgeous. And he was shirtless.

            Trevor stared. His jaw did not drop, but his mouth might have parted just the slightest bit.

            It took a few moments for Peter to realize he had stopped idly looking around and was now staring at someone. When he did he followed Trevor’s eyes, then smirked.

            “Finally found something you like?” Peter said.

            “Do you see him?”

            “Mmm, he’s hot,” Peter said, pulling his arm back to slide it down Trevor’s thigh instead. “Think he’s an alpha? Looks like an alpha.”

            He had the stockier build of an alpha, though he wasn’t huge, not like some were. He was tall too, and with his absent shirt it was easy to see the muscle definition.

            “You should go say hi,” Peter said.

            Trevor gave him an incredulous look.

            “What? You know, people do come to these places to hook up. It is a thing. You could go and say hi.”

            “You go then.”

            “Nope, wanna see you do it.”

            “I am not doing that.”

            “Come on, he probably likes omegas anyway. You two would look so hot together, wonder if you could get him to pop a knot.”

            Trevor swallowed. “Peter.”

            “Don’t worry, I’m not the jealous type,” Peter said, smiling, “and I like to watch.”

            Trevor knew. They’d discussed it. While triads weren’t exactly rare, and there were plenty of omega-beta and beta-alpha couples, alpha-omega and beta-beta pairs were still much more common. While Trevor wasn’t comfortable just sitting back as Peter and someone else hooked up, Peter had made it clear that if they came across an alpha who was only interested in omegas, he’d be happy to just watch.

            Peter’s hand had drifted over to Trevor’s crotch, palming lightly. “Wonder if he’d let me tie you up first. Maybe we could both just play with you for a while.”

            “Peter,” Trevor said, almost whining.

            “Teach you some patience that way,” Peter said, his lips ghosting over Trevor’s neck while his eyes stayed trained on the man. “Tease you until you cried. Till you begged for his knot.”

            Trevor let out a ragged breath. He was hard now, Peter still just lightly palming at him.

            Just then the man looked around, over to another display, and caught their eyes for a second. He looked away, but then his eyes flicked back, and while Trevor quickly averted his, Peter just kept looking, a slow smile growing on his face. When the man noticed, he started to smile as well.

            “Peter,” Trevor said under his breath.

            “What?” he said, and the smile grew to a smirk as the man stood up.

            “Oh my God,” Trevor said, eyes going wide, darting between Peter and the man.

            “Hi,” Peter said, when the man had reached their table.

            “Hi, do you mind if I sit with you for a minute?” he said.

            “Not at all, go ahead,” Peter said smoothly. The man slid into the booth. It was rounded, facing the stage, and he slid into the side next to Trevor, who quickly shot Peter a panicked look, which he ignored.

            “Are you two new here?” the man asked, “Or do you just usually come on the weekends? I haven’t seen you here before.”

            “No this is the first time we’ve been here,” Peter said.

            “And how do you like it so far?” he asked easily.

            He spoke smoothly, but without the edge that Peter was putting into his voice, friendly. He sat a good several inches away from Trevor too, something that Peter didn’t miss. He alternated looking at Trevor and Peter, though he spoke more directly to Peter, as if sensing how Trevor was more nervous.

            “It’s nicer than the other places we’ve tried,” Peter said, “and I like the knotwork demonstration. Trevor here finds it a bit too tame though.”

            Trevor made a choking noise. “That is not what I said,” he said quickly, “I said it was boring, not that it was tame, it’s just – they’re just tying knots, how do you spend that long just tying knots.” He spoke in one flustered outburst.

            The man laughed lightly, “Yeah, it’s not the most fast-paced night tonight. You guys should come on a Friday. It gets pretty wild then, but it is a lot more crowded. And, I’m sorry, I’m Kieran.”

            “Peter,” Peter said, “and this is Trevor, but I already said that.”

            “It’s nice to meet you,” he said, “so, are you two playing tonight, or just watching?”

            “Just watching tonight,” Peter said, “maybe next time though.” He shot a grin at Trevor who just gave him a doubtful look.

            “That’s probably a good idea,” Kieran said, “it’s good to get a feel for the place first.”

            “What about you?” Peter asked.

            “I did a scene earlier,” Kieran said, “I always come during the week, because I like when it’s less crowded, but I have work in the morning so I usually come earlier.”

            “And what do you do?” Peter asked.

            “I’m a tailor,” Kieran said. “You?”

            “Finance,” Peter said. Trevor huffed and Kieran looked at him, giving him a questioning look.

            “He’s being modest,” Trevor said in explanation. “He’s a junior analyst in investment banking.”

            Kieran raised an eyebrow. “That sounds pretty impressive. How’d you get there so quickly? Unless you’re older than you look.”

            “Nepotism,” Peter said.

            “That is not true,” Trevor said, “he’s just a genius.”

            “Now who’s exaggerating,” Peter said.

            “And what about you Trevor?”

            “Computers – IT,” he said.

            Trevor was quickly growing less nervous, even though the man was still startlingly attractive and sitting only inches from him. He could smell him too and he was definitely an alpha.

            They kept talking, and after about twenty minutes Kieran excused himself and said it was about time he had to leave.

            “I’ll be back again on Thursday though, probably next Monday too,” Kieran said, “If you wanted to talk some more again.” He gave them a smile that had just a glimmer of something that was a bit more predatory, and then he was off.

            They went back Thursday, early this time. After talking for another hour, Kieran went home with them.





            Another couple weeks and it became clear that they all wanted something more than a casual hookup. They went on a few dates, and that became a clear relationship, and then they started spending the night at each other’s places, usually Kieran at Peter and Trevor’s. They had been officially dating for only a month when Kieran found out about Trevor’s illness.

            They hadn’t brought it up. Trevor didn’t like talking about it for many reasons, and Peter wasn’t about to tell Kieran if Trevor wasn’t ready to himself. A couple weeks into their dating and Kieran started to notice something odd though.

            “Hey, I was thinking about making one of my mom’s recipes if you and Trevor wanted to come over tomorrow night,” Kieran said, talking to Peter on the phone while balancing some bags of groceries.

            “That sounds amazing but Trevor unfortunately has plans tomorrow,” Peter said regretfully. “He’s visiting a great-aunt. I’ve met her, trust me, not missing anything.”

            “Oh, well, do you want to come over then? Or I could come over there?” Peter hesitated, and Kieran rushed forward. “Oh, unless Trevor would be uncomfortable with that? We could also just, you know, eat dinner.”

            “I was actually just hoping to get to bed early tomorrow,” Peter said, “I’ve been working really late at the office lately.”

            “Oh, OK,” Kieran said, frowning.

            It started like that, with a couple of weak excuses for not hanging out, and while it had Kieran feeling off, he dismissed it. When they were together, both Peter and Trevor were nothing if not entirely affectionate. It was obvious they weren’t just blowing him off because they didn’t want to spend time with him.

            And then a week later, only a week after Kieran had spent Trevor’s heat with the two of them, Peter blew him off three days in a row. And it was Peter, because Trevor wasn’t answering his calls, just sending apologies in text messages, saying he wasn’t feeling well. Kieran offered to come over, to bring soup, movies, but Peter insisted that he didn’t.

            Afterwards, it was the same as always, and they went back to hanging out all the time, spending the nights at each other’s places. There was nothing to indicate that anything was wrong, and Kieran put it in the back of his mind again.

            And then Peter called him just as he was getting out of work, and his voice was frantic.

            “Hi, Kieran, are you – you’re out of work, right? You get out at four? Look, I can’t get out of the office until six, I – I tried but my dad – we’ve got this big investors meeting and I have to be there and I – I told him I needed the day off but he sprung this on me and –”

            “Hey, slow down,” Kieran said, “what’s wrong?”

            “It’s Trevor, he – he has this…” he trailed off for a second. “I just, I need a huge favor, it’s – I wouldn’t ask if I could reschedule it, and – God, he’s going to kill me, it just, it’s important, it’s really fucking important and he’s going to tell you it isn’t but it really, really is and I already called the hospital and tried to reschedule it but they couldn’t fit him in for three more weeks and –”

            “Wait, hospital? Trevor’s at the hospital?”

            “No, no, he’s – he’s at home, and he doesn’t know I’m stuck at work, but he should be all ready to go and –”

            “Peter, what is going on?” Kieran said.

            “Trevor needs a blood transfusion,” Peter said, “He really, really needs it because we already rescheduled once and if he doesn’t get it soon he’s going to get sick but he’s terrified of needles and he won’t go on his own.”

            Kieran took in a breath, taking that in. “OK,” he said, “so you want me to take him?”

            “Yes,” Peter said, “please, it – I really wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t this important and if there was someone else who could take him but the last time his brother went with him he –”

            “Hey, it’s alright,” Kieran said, “I don’t have any plans. I can take him, Peter, I don’t mind, really.”

            “Really? Oh, God, OK, good, that’s – thanks, I’ll – I’ll send you the name of the hospital, and his doctor, OK? It’s – it’s long, it takes like three hours, but hopefully I’ll be able to get there before it’s done, OK? And he has medicine to take, because he gets – I mean he gets really scared, it’s – it’s bad, and he just, he’ll need you to stay calm, OK, you’re not – you’re not afraid of needles are you?”

            “No,” Kieran said.

            “OK, great, then, yeah, he should have already taken his medicine but if he didn’t then make sure he takes two pills, and he can’t have more, even if he asks. And um, I haven’t told him yet that I can’t take him, and he’s going to kill me later for telling you.”

            “We can worry about that later,” Kieran said. “I’ll take him, I’ll take care of it, Peter, OK?”

            “OK, thanks, Kieran, I’ll get there as soon as I can.”





            So Kieran drove to Peter and Trevor’s apartment. He rang the doorbell. There was no answer. Kieran knocked on the door, and after a moment called Trevor’s name. A long moment later the door clicked open.

            Trevor looked awful. His eyes were red, he was very pale, and his hands were shaking. Kieran immediately frowned in concern. He smelled like fear and panic and a deep, sharp dread – the smell was so strong that Kieran immediately felt on edge and alert, his alpha side reacting to his omega in distress.

            “Hey,” he said, moving into the apartment. Trevor wiped a hand over his face. “Are you OK?”

            Trevor nodded shakily, not meeting his eyes.

            “Peter called me,” Kieran said. Trevor’s eyes snapped up. “Did he talk to you?” Trevor shook his head and Kieran took in a breath. “He said he got pulled into a meeting last minute,” Kieran said carefully. “That he really tried but he couldn’t get out of it, and he asked me to come over and take you to the hospital for your appointment.”

            Trevor went stiff. His face paled further.

            “No,” he said, “no, he can’t – he said he’d be home, I – I’ll call. I’ll call and reschedule. I’ll just – I’ll just do it later. It’s OK, you don’t have to, I’ll just –”

            “Hey, hey,” Kieran said gently, taking Trevor’s hand when he reached for his phone, than moving his hands up, over Trevor’s arms. “It’s alright. It’s OK.”

            Trevor shook his head, then wiped his hand across his face. “I – I can’t do this anyway. I’ll reschedule. I – I can’t.”

            “Peter said you get really nervous,” Kieran said carefully, “that you don’t like needles?”

            Trevor shuddered, he nodded shallowly, looking at the floor.

            “He said you have pills to take that help. Did you already take them? Two?”

            He nodded.

            “That’s good, are they helping at all yet?”

            Trevor shook his head, hands starting to shake harder.

            “OK, hopefully they’ll kick in soon then. Your appointment is at five right? I have my car, so it should only take about twenty minutes to get there. Do you want to sit down until we have to leave?”

            “I don’t – I don’t wanna go,” Trevor said, and he looked up to show tears in his eyes.

            “I know, Trev,” Kieran said, “but Peter made it sound really important. I promise I’ll stay with you the whole time, OK? Is there anything specific you want me to do to make it easier?”

            Trevor shook his head.

            “OK, then let’s just sit for a bit first now. Can you try to take some deep breaths? What do you usually do to help you calm down?”

            Kieran sat with him for another fifteen minutes, rubbing a hand over Trevor’s knee. He seemed to grow more calm though.

            “Pills starting to kick in?” he asked.

            Trevor nodded. He still looked nervous, but he had stopped shaking, was breathing better. They went out then, to the car. That was a little worse. Trevor got more nervous the closer they got, sitting in the seat beside him. When they got there Trevor picked at his seatbelt, not moving.

            “It’s gonna be OK,” Kieran said, squeezing his hand before getting out of the car. 

            They walked to the office building and Kieran had a million questions – why did Trevor need a blood transfusion, how long had this been going on, why was he so afraid of needles, why hadn’t they told him sooner – but he didn’t ask any of that. He focused on Trevor, on trying to comfort him and keep him calm. Now that they were actually at the hospital he was gripping Kieran’s hand tightly, and he kept looking at him, eyes darting all over the place. Kieran went up with him to sign in and then they sat down.

            When he was called he looked like he was ready to pass out. Kieran walked with him to the exam room, where a nurse instructed Trevor to undress from the waist up. That was followed by some monitors which stuck to his skin, and then the nurse set a bag of blood hanging on the IV stand.

            Kieran was sitting in a chair next to him, holding his hand. Trevor started trembling again.

            “OK, Trevor, could I see your arm?” the nurse said.

            But Trevor shuddered violently and shook his head. “I – I’m sorry,” he said, voice cracking. “I – I can’t.” He looked desperately at Kieran.

            “Hey, it’s alright,” Kieran said, leaning a little closer. “Here, why don’t we do this, come here.” Kieran moved out of the chair and sat down on the edge of the bed, then moving over and swinging his legs up. Trevor curled in next to him, hiding his face and suddenly crying, shaking his head.

            “It’s OK,” Kieran said. “Shh, it’s alright. I’m right here.”

            “I can’t do this, I can’t, please,” Trevor said. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I can’t.”

            “It’s alright,” Kieran said, shocked at how terrified Trevor was, almost nauseated by the fear smell coming off him. It made him want to bundle Trevor up and get him as far away from there as possible. “You don’t need to apologize. It’s OK.” Kieran rubbed his back for another moment before gently saying, “Trev, do you think you could give the nurse your arm now?”

            Trevor shook his head violently.

            “I think you can do it,” Kieran said, “I know you can. Just let her touch, OK? She’ll let you know before she does anything else, OK?” Trevor shook his head again. “Come on, I know you can. She’s just going to hold your arm now, alright? That’s it, I promise.”

            Trevor whined, and Kieran carefully took one of his arms and gently guided it over. The nurse took it carefully and Trevor whimpered.

            “There, you’re doing so well,” Kieran said, “I’m so proud of you. It’s OK.”

            “This will just be cold now,” the nurse said, “I’m just wiping it down, OK? Is that alright, Trevor?”

            He whined again but nodded this time, never lifting his head from where it was pressed against Kieran.

            The nurse wiped it down. “Now I’m just tying it off. You’ll feel the band tight on your arm, but it won’t hurt, OK?”

            “Shh, it’s alright,” Kieran said when Trevor let out a sob.

            “I don’t want to, I can’t, please,” Trevor said.

            “It’s OK,” Kieran said softly. “It’ll be OK. I’ve got you.”

            “I wanna go home,” Trevor cried, “I – I can’t.”

            “You’re already almost there,” Kieran said. “Just one pinch now, OK? It’ll only hurt for a second, and then it’ll be all done.”

            “No, no I can’t, please,” Trevor said, “don’t.”

            He was shaking so badly, and the Kieran looked over to see the nurse with the needle.

            “OK, Trevor, big breath for me now, OK?”

            “No, no don’t, please don’t,” Trevor said frantically, and he pulled at his arm, looking up only to look around, panic stricken.

            “Hey, easy, easy, it’s OK,” Kieran said, grabbing Trevor’s arm so he didn’t rip it back. “Look at me, Trev, look at me.”

            Trevor turned, looking at him, tears across his face.

            “It’s OK,” Kieran said steadily. “You’re OK. We’re gonna get this over with for you, OK, Trev, and then it’ll be all done.”

            “No,” Trevor said, shaking his head, more tears falling.

            “It’s alright, just lie back down,” Kieran said, using his other hand to guide Trevor’s head back to his chest. “Just relax your arm now, there you go. You’re doing such a good job.” He made eye contact with the nurse, and then looked back at Trevor, who let out another sob. “Can you take a deep breath for me now, Trevor?”

            He did, and the nurse inserted the needle and Trevor yelped, and then broke into full body tremors, sobbing and trying to pull his arm back, but Kieran held it.

            “Easy, easy, it’s OK, it’s all done, all over,” Kieran said, trying to hold him still and comfort him at the same time. The nurse quickly taped the IV in place

            “All done, Trevor,” she said, “Just starting the bloodflow now. Hard part’s all done.”

            She let go of him, and Kieran did as well, to hold Trevor more securely instead. He kept crying against him for a while. He kept moving the arm that had the IV in it, and he wouldn’t stop shaking.

            “Shh, it’s alright, it’s all done,” Kieran said, “you did so well. It’s all over.”

            “I wannit out,” Trevor said thickly. “I can feel it, I h-hate it, I wannit out.”

            “Shh, I’m sorry, Trev,” Kieran said, “it’s OK though. You’re OK.”

            Eventually he quieted down, but not for some time, and even then he was obviously still scared and very shaky. He had just started to breathe normally again when Peter ran in.

            “Trevie, I’m so sorry, baby, I’m here now,” he said, still in his suit from work, tie haphazardly loosened, out of breath. He was on Trevor’s other side, up on the bed in a second, kissing his forehead and hugging him, touching his face. “I love you, I’m so sorry I couldn’t be here, how are you doing?”

            “I wannit out,” he said thickly again, and he pressed his face against Peter’s chest for a moment, before settling more evenly between the two of them. He reached out and took Kieran’s hand, and then moved and leaned more firmly against Peter.

            “I know baby, but hey, you’re already almost halfway done,” Peter said. “Want me to find a movie? Or we can look at some funny videos?”

            “I just wanna sit,” he said.

            “OK,” Peter said, kissing his forehead again. “We can do that too. We can definitely do that too.”

            It was only about a half an hour later that Trevor started to grow agitated again. He kept picking at the IV line, and he wouldn’t lie still.

            “Here, let me see your hand, Trev,” Peter said, and Trevor gave it to him. Peter rubbed gently at his arm right under where the IV was. “That better?”

            Trevor shook his head, reaching for it again and pressing at it, making a noise in his throat.

            “Careful, Trev, you don’t want to dislodge it,” Peter said, “Come on, let’s just leave it alone, OK?” He took a blanket that was there and brought it over Trevor’s arm, so he couldn’t see it anymore. Trevor shifted again, making a distressed noise. A minute later and he started to cry again.

            “Shh, it’s alright,” Kieran said, running his fingers through Trevor’s hair. “Why don’t we try watching some TV or a movie.”

            Trevor shook his head. “I wanna go home,” he said, voice cracking. He turned to Peter. “Please, I – please, can you ask them? Can you ask them if I can be done now?”

            “You’ve still got a little while left, Trevie,” Peter said.

            “I know but – but it’s already been so long, it – can’t I be done now?”

            “We have to stay the whole time, Trev,” Peter said. “But it’s alright – it’s almost over.”

            “I wanna go home now,” Trev said, “I want it out, Peter, please.”

            “I know, baby, but we have to stay,” Peter said, giving his hand a squeeze.

            Trevor let out a sob. He was starting to shake again. “Please, please, I wanna go home. I’ll come back – I’ll – I’ll finish it another day.”

            “Trevie, you know that’s not a good idea,” Peter said. “Come here, Kieran’s gonna set up a show to watch, OK? We’ll just watch a show for a bit and then it’ll all be done soon.”

            Trevor continued to cry and Peter tried to comfort him while Kieran got a TV show playing on his phone. Eventually Trevor quieted again, watching the show distractedly, still squirming and rubbing at his arm where the IV was.

            By the time it was finally over and they left Trevor was exhausted. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, and then on the couch again when they got there.






            “Trevor has secondary heat syndrome,” Peter said with a grimace. “It puts a lot of strain on his liver and kidneys, so he has to get regular blood tests to make sure everything is OK, and if it’s not he gets a blood transfusion. It's been about a year since his last one. Hopefully it will be another year before he needs another.”

            “It has to do with his heat?” Kieran asked.

            Peter sighed. Trevor was in bed, and once he’d fallen asleep Peter and Kieran had slipped out.

            “He gets two heats,” Peter said, “The first one is normal, that’s what you were there for, lasts five days, and then about a week afterwards he gets a second heat – it usually only lasts three days but he’s less horny and more sick – the kidney and liver problems are a side effect of the actual disease. Basically, his body is always geared up – he has a super high sex drive and a really fast metabolism. It also causes anxiety and ADHD – and sometimes problems with other organs, because everything is working harder, going faster, than for most people – for Trevor, his liver and his kidneys.”

            “So he just has to have blood transfusions every once in a while, though?” Kieran said, frowning. “Is everything else alright?”

            Peter winced. “He’s on a lot of medications for it… it causes some problems with his heats. His… his doctors are pretty sure that eventually his kidneys will fail,” he said softly, “But probably not for another twenty years at least, and both his brother and his sister are matches, and definitely willing to donate.”

            Kieran ran a hand through his hair. “That’s… that’s a lot to take in.”

            “He doesn’t like to talk about it,” Peter said, “we didn’t mean to hide it from you, he just… he really doesn’t like to talk about it, and I didn’t want to bring it up before he was ready. I only found out because his sister showed up after he skipped three appointments in a row.”

            “And did something happen, to make him so afraid?” Kieran asked.

            Peter shrugged. “He started having health issues when he was young, before his first heat, and they didn’t know what was wrong. It’s rare, so they weren’t looking for it at first, and they did a lot of tests. According to his sister there was never any one specific traumatic experience, but he’s been afraid of needles since he was a little kid – it got worse as he got older.”

            “That’s awful,” Kieran said

            Peter gave him a tight smile. “It sucks,” he said.

            The door opened then, and Trevor came out slowly. He looked lost and so young. He came up to Peter, who was closer, and Peter wrapped his arms around him.

            “Can I… can we do a scene?” he said quietly, mumbled against Peter so that Kieran almost didn’t hear.

            “Are you sure you don’t want to just sleep some more?” Peter asked. It was only around eight o’clock, and he’d taken a long nap, but he had been exhausted after the procedure.

            Trevor shook his head. “Please?”

            “Yeah, baby, of course,” Peter said. “What do you want to do?”

            “I don’t care,” Trevor said, “just… something soft?”

            “OK Trevie,” Peter said. “Go get undressed for me first.”

            Trevor went back to their room to get undressed and put his clothes away.

            “Anything I should know for scenes after his procedures?” Kieran asked.

            “Just nothing too intense,” Peter said, “Nothing more than mildly painful. Lots of contact – I don’t leave him alone. I’m gonna have him kneel for a little while first – that usually helps.”

            Trevor came back out, naked now.

            “Go get your pillow and kneel by the couch,” Peter said. He went into the kitchen then, and started shuffling through the cabinets. Kieran watched for a second, before going to the couch and sitting down. Trevor was kneeling facing the couch, right next to him, eyes lowered submissively. Kieran started playing with his hair and Trevor leaned into the contact minutely. Peter came back with some crackers and sat on the other side of Trevor. He took a bite of cracker and then placed the other half in front of Trevor’s mouth. Trevor’s eyes raised questioningly for a second before he took the piece of cracker.

            They sat like that for a while, Peter feeding Trevor pieces of crackers while Kieran played with his hair.

            “Good boy,” Peter said when they’d finished the roll of crackers.

“Come sit up here now.”

            Trevor went up onto the couch and Peter hugged him towards his chest.

            “Spread your legs, pet,” Peter said.

            Trevor moved his legs apart. He wasn’t hard yet. Peter started playing with his nipples though, and Trevor closed his eyes, his breathing changing noticeably. Kieran took his limp cock in hand and started rubbing just under the head.

            Trevor got hard quickly. Kieran kept his touches teasing though, while Peter started to torment his nipples a bit more, adding pinches and using his nails to rake lightly over them, causing Trevor to whimper and flinch. When it had been a bit Kieran stopped and Trevor whined and looked pleadingly at him.

            “You’re not coming tonight, pet,” Kieran said.

            Trevor’s expression grew more pleading and he whined again. “Please, sir.”

            “No,” Kieran said, petting his thighs instead.

            Trevor let out a very unhappy huff. “But – sir, please.”

            “Do you need a punishment?”

            “No, sir,” Trevor said, eyes going down.

            “Hm, I think you might,” Peter said.

            Trevor looked up at him, a betrayed look on his face. Peter grinned.

            “I did have to tell him no three times,” Kieran said. “But he has been such a good boy today otherwise.”

            “I think he needs a spanking. Go over Kieran’s lap, pet,” Peter said.

            Trevor whined but moved. Kieran started spanking him, keeping his hits light. Trevor gasped with each one and Kieran could feel his erection against his thigh. He knew this kind of spanking did more to arouse Trevor than actually punish him. He stopped when Trevor’s ass was an even red and his gasps turned shaky.

            “Good boy, we’re all done,” Kieran said, rubbing Trevor’s ass for another moment before helping him sit up. Trevor curled against him.

            “I think it’s time to go to sleep, pet,” Kieran said.