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Assassin's Dilemma

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A man who lost his family to a country corrupted politics, drives on empty highways. A sweat rolls from his forehead, speed meter shows this desperate man drives this car speed of 110. His hands are trembling, his vision getting darker due to stress.

“Why? Why he did betrayed us? Us, his father and mother?” he murmured.

His mind was full with those questions, that he can not find the answers.

Slowly but surely sun started to rise and cloak of darkness who gave him anonymity is going. He kept going. His mind kept playing events of yesterday like a looped recording. Over and over again. He remembered his sons betrayal, gun on his head, his wife’s last words.

But he did survive. He given a second change. Tears fell from his cheek, bluring his vision. His headache was getting worser too. He was chased by MSS, if he caught everthing was over for him. His fate would be worser than death. He would be their lab rat for his entire life.

He was escaping now. But he will be returning this country eventually. For revenge. They will pay for this. No, they will pay for everthing they done. He will make sure that.

His head was full with thoughts thats why he didnt notice the woman on road. He only noticed he was hit something. He hit the brake. Car stopped.

Then he noticed the blood on front window, his eyes are wide open now.

“No, no! İt-it cant be. I m-“

He couldnt able to say last word… His breathing become eratic, panic returned him at fullest and with shaking hands he opened the car door. Started to look for his victim.

He spotted the his victim a few meters back from his car.

His victim was a woman. A young one. He wanted to go check for her… But he didnt. Quickly returned the car and he went his way.

He slowly calmed himself. Still he was trembling. That was the womans fault. She shouldnt be on road. Yes, it was all the womans fault he repated.

Then… He heard a voice. A babys voice. He shut his eyes, put his at his ears. Both guilt and voice ate him inside… When he opened his eyes car was speeding towards the cliff. He fell and fell and the car hits the ground.


He wokes up at his bed… That was just a nightmare. He take a deep breath and give. He repeats this for a while…

“Grisha are you okey?” his wife next to him was awaken too… Carla was always worried for a while… She started to worry much when murders started.

“Yea my dear just- Just a nightmare… I will take some shower” Grisha still heard the voice of the baby… The woman. He always remembered her. Even after 19 years this guilt ate him inside. Grisha got up and went to bathroom… But before of that he went to his son’s room.

Eren was sleeping peacefully. Today he returned from Trost. He also visited Hannes's too. Eren said they were fine and will send them Ackerman reports. Grisha knew MSS was after him. No matter what they musnt get those reports. Formula of creating perfect soliders. They will kill him and kidnap Mikasa. And he is prepared for that. They will not hurt his family again. Grisha sweared he will be not doing that mistake with Eren.

After he taken the shower and dressed up his phone ringed. İt was message from police…

“Oh no… Please, Please Hannes cant be…” He always think the worst possibilities… Those often come true and he hated that. Grisha opened the message and it said Hannes and his family was killen. No one seen a thing and they had no idea who doing those. He was trembling, Grisha barely sit down to chair and started to cry…


-from 19 years ago-
Two hours later the MSS found the victim. She was dead already but her baby was alive and well. The man take the baby from the corpse. Suddenly baby woke up and started to cry.

“I wonder who killed your mother little boy” one man said with sarsactic voice. Other man laughed. Of course they knew who killed this woman. Sadly her killer escaped from this country already.

“Dont worry young lady we will take care your baby. He is in safe hands.” Other man whispered to corpse.

There was no point to chase anymore, they knew he was gone already. But how did he escaped from MSS? A mole? İf there was a mole then who it was?

“İt’s seems like we have a lot of work to do” the other man talked. Then he realized his partner wasnt listening. He put his hand at mans shoulder “Hey, are you listening?”

“I was thinking a name for this little guy.”

“Father instics already? Well if you ask me… Lets name him Jean”

The man turned around, looked at his partner. His new partner… Without saying anything they went to car and drive away from the scene.

The traitor sworn to get revenge… Little he knew his sin will be reason why his family is going to hurt again.