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Feudal Diaries

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 There was the sound of the cool, gentle breeze. The scent of flower petals and grass that the wind carried. The peaceful chirping of the sparrows as they fluttered by.

 If one word could best describe the atmosphere, right now, it would be..."tranquil".

 Inuyasha sighed softly as he lied on the grass, his hands tucked behind his head as he snoozed. A butterfly fluttered up to his ear and perched itself onto it, its dainty wings flapping slightly as it took its moment to rest. A flick of the ear, however, and it soon flutters away to who-knows-where while Inuyasha remained undisturbed.

 Strange, really. He had never really relaxed like this. Whenever he had a chance to, it was either ruined by some strange sound or a demon attempting to attack him while he slept and most of the time, he would sleep in the branches of a tree to keep out of sight. Rarely did he ever take a rest in someplace out in the open, like a meadow.

 As the half-demon continued to sleep soundly, he was momentarily roused from his nap as his nose caught the scent of strawberry shampoo and rose petals. He felt something press up against his torso, causing him to open one golden yellow eye and glance down and see a familiar mane of raven hair settling down against his chest. A hand placed itself against his stomach and gently rubbed up and down, causing him to relax more as his eyes closed, once again. Slowly, Inuyasha raised his left arm out from behind his head and wrapped it around his company, his sleeve acting as both a blanket...and a shield, a soft smile creasing his lips.

 Asleep or awake...he would always protect Kagome.