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Im Changkyun's Birthday Party

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changkyun's greeted with the delicious scent of pancakes as he walks into the kitchen. only two of his hyungs are there at the dining table, minhyuk and hyunwoo, eating stacks upon stacks of the breakfast food together. sure hyunwoo eats a lot but changkyun thinks minhyuk eats just as much. hyunwoo's smiling as he beckons changkyun to sit between them and who would honestly say no to that. 'kihyun hyung made a lot,' the youngest inhales deeply, appreciating the appetising aroma while he's sliding onto the empty seat.

minhyuk's quick to be all up on him, fingers busy fixing the towel on his hair and pushing the wet strands back, wiping whatever liquid dripped down changkyun's exposed skin, 'you'll catch a cold, puppy.' changkyun just grins and lets him be, knowing how much minhyuk loves to dote and cling onto him for any reason. he has no issue with that whatsoever. 'm'sorry,' the younger gave his cutest smile, earning a pinch to the cheek from hyunwoo instead. 'cute,' hyunwoo remarks with a light chuckle, 'let's eat.'

'wait, let me get the plate,' changkyun starts, about to stand up again but minhyuk's arms are persistent around his waist, making him sit down again, 'hyung?' 'it's okay, let us feed you,' minhyuk pulls changkyun's chair closer to him, hyunwoo following suit from the other side so they're all sandwiched up in the large kitchen. 'honey or jam?'

'honey,' the maknae pipes up. 'honey it is,' hyunwoo taps at changkyun's chin, making the younger grin and lean back onto hyunwoo's broad frame. strong arms now wrapped around his waist as changkyun rests his weight onto the leader, the younger hums in contentment. hyunwoo's warm and all firm muscles, the perfect cushion for a soft and pliant maknae.

minhyuk picks up a piece of the pancake, slim fingers slightly dripping with honey when he begins feeding changkyun, 'open up puppy.' changkyun chews on it happily, careful not to bite down on minhyuk's finger. but he knows the older doesn't mind even if he does. piece by piece, he's handfed by minhyuk, hyunwoo content to just rest his chin on changkyun's shoulder. for a while, they're all quiet save for the sound of changkyun munching, everyone enjoying the warm morning without having to say a word.

the sweet liquid drips onto changkyun's chin and chest when minhyuk did an overkill of the honey. hyunwoo's grinning, knowing very well it's on purpose. even if changkyun's whining softly about 'i just showered' and 'minhyukie hyung, i'm sticky now.' 'i'm sorry puppy, let me clean you up,' minhyuk coos his apology, half sincere and mostly with more intention than just simple words.

changkyun's eyes widens when minhyuk leans in close to his face, 'our puppy is messy now,' before licking up the honey trail on his chin. the younger shivers, and hyunwoo feels it, making him squeeze changkyun just a little in his arms. 'hyung will clean you up,' minhyuk rasps, lips trailing lower to follow the honey drops. moist tongue laps down changkyun's throat, collar and chest before the pink appendage flicks over his hardened nipple. it makes changkyun gasp and close his eyes, cheeks growing ruddy.

'think you missed some spot minhyuk,' hyunwoo's breathing is heavy, very much affected by the erotic sight of minhyuk and changkyun's growing whimpers. 'hmm, really?' minhyuk playfully challenges, a dangerous smirk playing on his lips when he looks up at hyunwoo, 'where?' shameless, the leader dips his fingers in honey and trails them over changkyun's belly, then lower down to his towel covered hipbones, slipping right under the soft fabric to let his nails scratch over dark pubes. 'it's all over our pup now,' hyunwoo tuts, honey sticky fingers now pressed against changkyun's parted lips, imploring the younger to suck.

changkyun didn't object, chest rising and falling fast through the teasing touches of both hyungs as he suckles on the thick digits. 'aww, sorry puppy, let hyung clean you again,' the soft lips land on changkyun's warming skin again, and he accidentally bites down on hyunwoo. 'howwy,' he whines through mouthful of fingers, leaning his head to look at hyunwoo. 'that's okay pup, you can bite as much as you want,' the fingers slide in deeper, touching the back of changkyun's tongue. and changkyun gags, in the process biting down on hyunwoo yet again.

'don't bully my puppy,' minhyuk tuts back at hyunwoo from the floor, on his knees as he laps and suckles at all the mess hyunwoo made, hands already tugging at the towel on changkyun's waist so he could lick lower. 'sorry pup,' hyunwoo kisses changkyun's jaw, the maknae just shaking his head lightly to say he's fine, 'let me make you feel good too.'

between minhyuk's hot tongue licking so close to his needy erection and hyunwoo's fingers pinching his hard brown nubs, changkyun's panting hard. 'hwungg,' he keens, one hand reaching back to grab the back of hyunwoo's hair, the other slipping between minhyuk's locks, 'pweathe.' both men look at each other then at changkyun, panting messily in their hold, eyes lidded and saliva dripping down to his throat, hyunwoo's fingers very much still forcing those luscious lips open so they could hear each hitch of changkyun's breath.

'let me prep you,' minhyuk coos, arms lifting changkyun's thighs over his shoulders to spread them wide, 'wanna make you feel special on your birthday.' changkyun nods, trusting them. knows they thrive in the trust changkyun puts in them too, his fingers now gentle on the hair he was gripping. and he's never wrong in trusting the two.

at the slick muscle lapping and prodding his puckered hole, changkyun's hips are jerking in pleasure. it doesn't take long for minhyuk's persistent tongue to finally breach deeper, poking at the heat of changkyun's walls. and the maknae cries out, so sweet and sinful, as minhyuk makes sure to go deep each time. 'fhuck,' he mewls and arches with eyes shut tight, hyunwoo's hand wrapping around his leaking cock beginning to pump as well.

'your fwingers,' the maknae whimpers before taking hyunwoo's slick fingers, sliding them down to his messy entrance, 'want your fingers.' 'anything you want, pup,' hyunwoo growls, kissing those spit slick lips and stealing changkyun's breath. minhyuk leans back to guide hyunwoo's fingers where changkyun wants them, ever the helpful man. and hyunwoo wastes no time in pushing two bitten fingers. deep to his knuckles. screaming into the kiss, changkyun's writhing and jerking. 

'yes pup? like that?' hyunwoo bites on changkyun's lower lip, fingers seated still inside the tight heat. 'yes, please, yes,' changkyun tries to move his hips but minhyuk's quick and strong enough to hold changkyun down. both seem to gang up on making changkyun mewl for more then giving him too much all at once. but watching changkyun like this, disheveled and shivering, they think changkyun's fine with it. and changkyun's actually way more than fine with it.

pumping those fingers in and out, he's finally giving the relief changkyun seeks. minhyuk soon joins back in with his tongue, lapping along hyunwoo's fingers. changkyun's moans drip freely, spine arched with a cry as hyunwoo presses down on that sweet bundle of nerve. 'there, pup?' hyunwoo teases, but changkyun's too lost in ecstasy to retort, instead nodding dumbly as he rides those fingers and tongue.

by the time they're four fingers deep (minhyuk slipped in two, moving in tandem with hyunwoo), changkyun's ready to explode. 'c-cumming,' changkyun moans, one hand tugging at his cock, sprung so tight and hard he's not sure how he's still alive at this moment. and when he finally bursts, he thinks he might have died for a few seconds. everything's dark and bright at the same time, like a night sky full of shooting stars, and changkyun's an endless floater in the universe.

slowly coming to gentle kisses and coos by the two men, changkyun whimpers pitifully. the two clean up the mess they made, changkyun included, until the maknae's back in one piece and breathing properly again. the towel's sticky now, and so is changkyun. 'i've showered twice now,' he whines, making hyunwoo chuckle and pull the maknae to lie his head on hyunwoo's chest, 'i don't wanna shower again.'

'fine, only for today we'll allow you to be messy,' minhyuk grins and kisses changkyun's cheeks, letting the maknae and leader cuddle as he cleans their breakfast plates. and at this moment, changkyun's really happy he decided not to wear clothes in the morning.