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Nocturnal Enuresis

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Doc McStuffins woke up groggily on the warm sunny day. It was summertime and she had big plans for it. She rubbed her eyes tiredly and stretched, freezing as she felt something cold clinging to her skin. She slowly pulled back to covers to reveal her soaked pajama bottoms and a moderate wet spot on her bed. Doc blushed, thankful she left her toys in the clinic last night. She got up and threw her soiled pajamas in the bottom of the dirty laundry and made her bed to cover the wet spot. She then dried herself off and got dressed for the day.

Trying to act natural she went downstairs to breakfast with all the thoughts running in her head. "Oh how will I clean that up? Should I tell someone? That will be nasty to sleep on tonight. I can't tell anyone, it's to embarrassing. Maybe I should drink less water tonight? But that still won't fix last night's mess. Mom and dad still tuck me in, there's no way they won't see it. What will they think? What will Donny-" "Hey Doc, you ok?"

Doc was shaken from her thinking "Oh yeah I'm fine." She said a little too fast, now calmed enough to see it was her little brother speaking to her. Donny looked skeptical but let it drop.

"Ok, come on we're having waffles for breakfast!" With that Donny grabbed her hand and dashed down the hallway. Doc smiled, leave it to Donny to get excited about waffles. They arrived at breakfast and greeted their parent before sitting down to eat. Breakfast went by with idle chitchat and Doc tried her best and ended up doing a mediocre job of acting like everything was okay. Soon after a few concerned questions from the parents and Donny, breakfast was over. Doc waved goodbye as she headed out to the clinic. She flipped the sign on the door over and smiled as she entered "the Doc is in."

Once inside she put on her magic stethoscope and waited the few seconds for her toys to come to life "Hi everyone."

Stuffy and Hallie waved as they greeted her while Lamie gave her one of her famous cuddles "Hi Doc."

"Who's our patient today?" Doc asked, trying to be inconspicuous.

"Robot Ray, He fell in the water again." Hallie answered, gesturing to the waterlogged robot.

"Oh, well let's give him a check up" Doc said. And thus, the song started. "Time for your check up, time for your check up. I'm gonna check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you've grown! Time for your check up! I'm gonna listen to your heartbeat, fix you up, ready to go! Time for your check up! It's ok if you giggle, this will only tickle a little! Time for your check up! Time for your check up!"

And Doc checked all his vitals and his reflexes, eyes, and ears. "Well everything else is fine, you just have a case of water-in-batteries-atosis." She declared, and opened his battery case, dumping out the water into the little sink, and finally drying him off with a towel before closing his battery case and watching as Robot Ray sprang back to life.

"Thanks Doc, now we can play!" Exclaimed the happy Robot.

And so they did, happily playing until Doc had to go in for lunch, but resuming upon her return. Doc began to get antsy after dinner, seeming nervous about something. This worried her stuffed friends.

"Are you ok Doc?" Asked the stuffed Lamb. Doc got nervous again.

"Yeah I'm fine, totally fine. Nothing's wrong I promise." She stammered out. This made them all more worried, and Doc knew it.

"Doooooooccccc, time for bed!" Donny called from the back steps. Doc was half relieved because she could escape questioning from her toy friends, and half more nerve stricken because of what awaited her.

"Well time for bed, I'm fine. Gotta go, bye guys." She said, nerves clear in her voice. As she walked away the toys decided to do what was probably the single stupidest or maybe bravest thing that they have ever done: follow Doc inside. They had to get to her but knew if they were caught their "we're alive" secret would be blown. Because Doc had already gone inside without any one of them. And so they worked together, dodging the family as they did their before bed stuff and finally got to Doc's room. Doc was in the bath so they had a little time to look for clues before confronting Doc with their concerns. Maybe there was a reason that she was acting weird today to be found in her room?

The toys split up and searched the room, careful to make sure they didn't make it look like a search had been underway in case someone came in. but after several minutes of searching nothing was found.

"Aw, we're never gonna find what's wrong with Doc!" Stuffy exclaimed, jumping on the bed and scrunching the sheets.

"Hey! careful stuffy." Lambie said as she climbed up to him. "what's that?" she asked, gesturing to the discolored part of the sheets. All the toys climbed up and pulled the blanket back to reveal a spot on the bed that looked weird to the rest of the sheets and felt weird and cold to the touch.

"Maybe this is why Doc was upset today?" Chilly offered as an answer.

Doc walked in, in her pajamas at this moment and gasped. "Guys, wha-what are you doing in here?" She asked, blushing brightly.

"Doc, what's this?" Stuffy asked, gesturing to the spot.

Doc blushed deeper and turned away, completely embarrassed, not saying a word.

The toys looked at her worriedly. "Hey, what's going on? tell us what's wrong, we know their's something we can do. It might not be clear, and that's why we're here. Tell us what's bothering you. Got somethin' on your mind, don't you keep it inside. You're gonna be fine. Hey, tell us what's wrong. What's going on?"