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Izuku couldn’t take his eyes off the limp body on his bed. The long, lean man was spread over the bed, completely naked and unconscious. It was heedy and erotic. He’d spent too many hours around Toshinori in varying degrees of consciousness after he burned the apartment building down but now that he’d finally brought the man from the warehouse he’d been keeping him at to begin his training, he couldn’t help himself. And when he’d first awoken and looked at Izuku so open and so happy, he needed this. Needed this like air.

He’d cleaned his body, held him close. He’d fed him and given him water when his pawns pushed him hard. He’d talked to him in his half delirious, half dreamed state and listened to him beg so sweetly to be let go. Toshi had to learn he’d never leave Izuku. Never go back to before where he’d suffered so much because of those other people. And he’d done it for three months with no reward but his own hands. He couldn’t live like that and fucking Shigaraki wasn’t any fun now that the man had submitted to his will. None of the others had even been slightly worthy of this. But now, now he’d have these stolen moments with his sweet lover.

His plan was so carefully considered and there really was no way to push things but these moments he’d carved out would make it easier. He’d drop Toshinori into a medical coma and slake his lust over him then heal the damage. After, he’d bring the man from the coma slowly, imprinting his training onto his psyche so the man would be his and only his. He was Izuku’s soul mate, he would have to be perfect.

But for now, he smiled. He pulled his clothes off and stepped up to the bed. He had some time so he wanted to enjoy it, wanted to enjoy Toshi’s body in every way. But he burned already with need. He stroke long lines down the naked body, admiring the way he was so pliant. He couldn’t wait to do similar when he was awake, when Toshi would arch into him and he told him so.

“When you are mine love, all mine, I’ll take you to my bed. You’ve been alone for so long, I know you’ll love it. I’ll be so gentle, so sweet. It’s just, now, I can’t, you see. It’s been hard watching you for so long and I’ve done so much to make this happen. I just need you. I know you’d understand sweetheart. I know you would.” Izuku slid onto the bed and perched over him.

He moved Toshi’s legs up and shifted his hips onto a few pillows. He liberally inserted lube into the man’s tight hole without stretching him, wanting to feel the tightness squeezing him.

“When you are awake, I’ll be so good to you. But now, now I need you.” He huffed out, forcing his cock into that wet hole. Toshi was making a delicious hurt noise, breath panting out unevenly and Izuku couldn’t control himself. He thrust in, unable to stop or even pause but he watched himself slide in and out, entranced when the lube on his cock started tinting red. He lost himself in the rut, holding out for as long as possible but when he felt the edge too close, he forced himself out of the other man.

“Not yet lover, we’ll have to wait for that. I wouldn’t mark you like that without your permission.” Izuku babbled as his hand stripped his cock. He fell in, crowding Toshi’s still form and hummed in pleasure. “Fuck, Toshi, mine.” Izuku groaned low and deep, cumming all over the still man. He rubbed his cum into his skin speculatively.

“You felt so good my love. But now I’m ready to play.” He slid a needle in Toshi’s arm and injected half of his serum. Toshi started shifting, eyes opening slowly and not focusing. Izuku had created the serum just for this. Toshi would be somewhat coherent, able to react and feel but he wouldn’t remember any of this, just the overlay of feelings and, of course, the imprinting. Izuku smiled at Toshi, teeth bared. Yes, he’d feel it, that was for sure.

He’d started with the knife, laying small cuts on the long scarred torso. Toshi was whining, begging for him to stop in a husky tone but he bled so prettily. And Izuku wouldn’t have these moments often. Toshi could take a little bit more. Izuku was always so sweet and so kind after all, he was owed this. And Izuku told Toshi that. Told him how good it would be when his training was complete and Toshi would love this, would love to suffer for Izuku.

Izuku kept comforting the man as he put his blade away. He was so hard already, ready to plunge into him again. Instead he climbed up the man’s body and rubbed his cock over Toshi’s lean face.

“I’ll teach you how to suck my cock later. Right now, I want to feel that tight throat.” Izuku held Toshi’s face still as he shook his head weakly. “Don’t worry lover, I’ll help you with that.” And with that, Toshi’s mouth was pried open and Izuku forced a spider gag in. “This will keep you from misbehaving. I’d hate to have to punish you.” Izuku smiled, sliding his cock into that wet heat. And Toshi looked so goddamned beautiful like this, blood on his chest and tears in his eyes. He wasn’t even fighting anymore, resignedly laying there with the most delicate sounds and Izuku rewarded him by turning around so he could get his hand on Toshi’s flaccid cock. Toshi shifted hard against him, broken sounds becoming louder and more insistent.

“Alright lover.” Izuku said amused. His cock was starting to fill and Izuku dropped his head to lick at it. He sucked Toshi down as he continued shallowly thrusting into Toshi’s mouth, too enamoured with the sounds to cut them off. One hand supported his weight but his other traveled along Toshi’s side, pushing into the cuts so he could hear the winded noises torn from Toshi’s throat. Toshi started thrashing and his movement caused Izuku to thrust in farther. The feeling of a tight throat around his cock distracted him and he let go of Toshi’s cock to grind against his face for a few minutes.

“Alright lover, I’ll give you more.” Izuku finally said, pulling his cock from the heat. Izuku removed the gag and positioned his cock back at Toshi’s entrance as Toshi begged Izuku.

“Ah love, you never have to beg for me to fuck you. But I still won’t come inside you sweetheart. You’ll have to wait for that.” He thrust in deeply, one smooth motion and Toshi howled.

“You like that huh?” The tears falling down Toshi’s face tripled and Izuku kissed the man deeply. “That’s right, you love this don’t you? You love being played with like this. Must have been some deep dirty fantasy to want something like this. No one would ever give you this but me. Oh sweetheart, no wonder you never told anyone you liked being treated like a filthy slut. They would have turned from you so quickly. I won’t though love. I’ll give you exactly what you want. You like it when I hurt you don’t you.” Izuku continued pounding into the limp, crying man, twisting Toshi’s cock in his hand savagely. When Izuku felt close to the edge again, he pulled out. He inserted the toy from the bedside table and placed it right against Toshi’s prostate, turning the small motor on. He smiled, gripping his and Toshi’s cocks together. His hand encircled them both and stroked them together.

“Fuck Toshi. You feel so good my soul mate. Come for me darling. Come with me.” The toy buzzing deep within Toshi did it’s job and the man spilled with Izuku. He was still softly crying when Izuku finished cleaning them up, activating one of the quirks he’d taken from All For One to heal the damage.

“Why?” Toshi’s voice was broken, raw with passion and Izuku covered the man gently with a soft blanket.

“You asked me to love, you wanted it. Was it good? Was it what you wanted?” Izuku smiled gently. “It’s alright lover, we’ll get there.” He slid the new needle back in and watched as Toshi tried to fight sleep.

“I love you. I’ll always be sweet and kind to you my darling. No matter what you ask for.” And everything went dark for Toshi. Just as it was supposed to. Toshi was his, he wouldn’t need sex with any other person when he was done with him.

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Toshi didn’t know how to bring it up with Izuku. Normally the man knew everything Toshi wanted even before he asked. And Toshi wasn’t afraid, he wasn’t but, this was a lot. No one else would be able to handle his fantasies and Izuku was so sweet to him. When he kissed Toshi, it was always so softly. And Toshi loved it. He loved the frequent kissing sessions and he hadn’t been ready for more and Toshi appreciated it, he really did but now he was ready and Izuku still wasn’t doing more. He hadn’t had to ask for anything before now and he didn’t know how to ask about this.

And it was such a taboo thing he wanted. No one would understand him. Would Izuku? He’d been fantasizing about this for so long. He pulled his knees in and stared out from his patio. His door opened and he turned and smiled when he saw Izuku.

“I missed you.” Izuku said smiling and Toshi felt bad. He normally spent his mornings in Izuku’s office but he hadn’t left his room yet today.

“I’m sorry.” Toshi responded, still feeling miserable. He’d never had something this big with Izuku. What if Izuku decided this was the last straw? He was mostly useless and Izuku was so lovely and kind. Even Izuku’s good nature wouldn’t last forever right?

“What is it my love?” Izuku sat in the chair next to Toshi and Toshi couldn’t control himself. He burst into tears and Izuku stood and picked up Toshi. He carried Toshi inside and set him gently on his bed before climbing in and wrapping Toshi around him. “Whatever it is my love, I will make better. Can you tell me?”

“Will you…” Toshi snuffled, voice rough with emotions. “I don’t know!” He finished abruptly. How could he tell him?

“Toshi.” Izuku was so understanding and Toshi relaxed when Izuku pressed his lips against Toshi’s. “I think I know what you want.” Toshi was relieved.

“You want to take things further right? I’ve been feeling like you were ready but I didn’t want to do anything before you said something. But by waiting I’ve just twisted you up inside haven’t I?” And Izuku was so kind. Toshi was so relieved. He nodded sinking into Izuku’s warm embrace. Izuku kissed him again, this time with more passion and Toshi rolled with Izuku so he was bracketed between his strong arms. Izuku slipped a leg between his and Toshinori shifted, cradling Izuku between his legs. And it was good, Izuku’s weight just resting on him and warm comforting, passionate kisses.

Between the kisses, Izuku removed Toshi’s shirt and his broad hand stroked over his skin. He arched into the touch and it was so good but it wasn’t enough and Toshi wanted to cry from it. Izuku was too sweet and Toshi some lecherous mistake.

“Izuku…” Toshi whined and Izuku looked at him with heat in his eyes. He laid kisses down Toshi’s throat and nipped gently at his shoulder. He moved down farther, pulling Toshi’s pants and underwear down. And Toshi couldn’t stand it. He was touching him so gently and it wasn’t right. He pulled away and tugged Izuku up, stripping him of his clothes. He pushed at Izuku gently, setting him on the edge of the bed and dropped to his knees in front of him.

“Izuku.” Toshi whimpered, and he swallowed nervously. Izuku was watching him with soft eyes, so kind and Toshi licked at his lips. “Can I?” He asked looking down.

“Do you want to? You don’t have to,” Izuku’s voice was rough with want and Toshi nodded frantically. “Then yes, of course my love. Nothing we do together could ever be wrong.” Toshi moved closer and licked at Izuku’s cock, wrapping his lips around it. He tried to find a good rhythm but he was too distracted. Finally he growled to himself and lifted Izuku’s hand, placing it on the back of his head. He shifted against it, hoping Izuku got the message and when Izuku made a shuddering sound, Toshi was concerned.

“Oh Toshi.” Izuku’s voice was warm with emotion. “You want me to… to force you.” And Toshi couldn’t stop the whine, sensation so sharp it cut into him. That’s what he’d wanted from Izuku, what all of his fantasies were about. He’d always wanted someone he could trust with this. “I need you to tell me this is what you want. I need you to tell me you want me to… to hurt you.” Izuku pulled Toshi off his cock and Toshi shuddered at the words.

“Yes, please. I didn’t want to tell you but, I want it.” Toshi blushed, ducking his head but he jolted when Izuku moaned at his words. “Oh Toshi, you are so perfect.” Toshi felt so warm. Of course Izuku would understand, would want him. Izuku was perfect. They were perfect together.

And Toshi felt even better when Izuku grabbed his hair and pushed his cock into his mouth. He stayed, on his knees, as Izuku thrust shallowly in and out, holding Toshi right where he wanted him. It aroused him, this feeling and it felt like he’d done this for years even though this was their first night together like this. But Izuku felt so familiar and perfect and Toshi was so lucky he was so kind. And wasn’t this perfect? Izuku was always giving to him, always doing for him and now he could take what he wanted from Toshi. And Toshi would never tell him no. Who would want Toshi if not Izuku?

The pleasure shifted inside of him and Izuku pulled him up after a bit. He was positioned on the bed, ass high in the air and head down. “Toshi, I can’t wait. Can I?” And there was only one answer, Izuku deserved this, was so good to him, it was such a little thing. And he gasped at the feeling of the cold lube being pushed inside of him, followed by the sharpness of two fingers twisting and prying. Before he could get used to it, before it could feel good, he felt Izuku’s blunt cock head, fingers removed and he relaxed. This was for Izuku. And it was good. Of course it was, the pain adding a sweetness to it.

“Can I come in you my love? I’ve dreamed about this moment.” And of course Toshi said yes. He’d been dreaming about this too and when Izuku hit that spot inside of him, pounded it relentlessly, he begged for Izuku to come. It was sharp, almost too good with the push and pull and of course it was what he wanted. Why wouldn’t he want sweet, loving Izuku when he fulfilled all of Toshi’s fantasies? It was good. How could it not be perfect between them?

And when Toshi came, it was only normal he’d felt a little dirty, turning their first time into something rough like this. And of course when Izuku came, he only felt pleasure because it was Izuku, Izuku who loved him so well.

They cleaned each other with gentle, soft hands and Toshi barely winced at the pain. Izuku had been so kind. And Toshi had so many other things he wanted to experience for the very first time. So they retreated to Toshi’s bed and Izuku held Toshi so lovingly while Toshi shared all of his filthy desires because Izuku deserved to know and of course, his loving, perfect Izuku just held him and told him how proud he was of telling Izuku and how he’d be willing to try those things for Toshi and maybe he could do it how Toshi wanted and of course Toshi was happy. Especially when Izuku told him next time, he’d use the knife. Just like Toshi told him he wanted. Izuku was perfect. They were perfect.