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All Comes Back To Haunt You

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It started as they walked out of their rooms, in sinc.” Oi, Shit hair!” Katsuki said, out of habit mostly. This was their second year of being friends. By now, Kirishima knew that Katsuki really just had a shitty social habit, so he didn’t take those insults to heart.

That’s why it surprised Katsuki when Kirishima stopped abruptly just outside of his door, nearly making Katsuki run into him. “Hey what the hell-” He cut off when he caught sight of Kirishima’s face.

Kirishima looked, for lack of better words….like complete shit.

That usual happy, light glow that came from his face was nowhere to be seen. There were dark spots under his eyes, clashing with the paleness of his face. And something about his whole demeanor read ‘Leave me alone’. What the hell?  Katsuki asked himself, not knowing the answer to his own damn question. “What the hell Kirishima? You look shittier than usual.” as soon as the words left his lips, he mentally cursed himself out for how insensitive he sounded.

“What the hell is wrong with me?!” Kirishima said, pissed off. “No. What’s wrong with you, Bakugou? Constantly, day after day after every damn day! Giving people shitty names, not showing even an ounce of respect for any living being. And for what? Are you scared that being a decent human being is going to hurt your damn pride? That it’s going to affect your shitty reputation? I don’t get why you have to be so….so mean.”

Katsuki stood there, speechless. There was only one thing that he was thinking: Why? Why was Kirishima so angry, and so tired? Kirishima looked as though he was doing the same.

Suddenly, the normal Kirishima attitude snapped back, immediately apologizing, “I’m sorry, Bakugou! I just stayed up late last night...uh...studying. Y-yeah. Studying. I’m kind of cranky without my sleep…” He shot Katsuki a smile, which was dimmer than usual.

Whatever, he thought. Let that idiot solve his own damn problems. Silently, he nodded, before he continued walking down the hall, reaching the elevator.

The day went on as usual, except for the exhausted Kirishima that sat in the back of the classroom. Sucks for him. He’s gonna waste my time because he’s sleeping in class. He can’t get mad at me for yelling at him. Katsuki thought, ignoring the nagging feeling in the back of his head.

After school, Katsuki approached Kirishima, who was lying down on the common room sofa.

“Oi, Shitty Hair. Study time.” Katsuki said, grumpy as usual.

When the red head didn’t respond, Katsuki repeated himself, louder this time.

Jumping, Kirishima looked up at Katsuki, expression unreadable. “Oh, yeah.” He started, rubbing his neck awkwardly, “I….uh...kind of need to-” Yawning, he broke his sentence, sharp teeth showing. Smacking his lips, he continued, “-catch up on sleep.” Katsuki hadn’t realized that he had been staring at Kirishima’s mouth, until Kirishima’s words broke his ‘trance’.

Katsuki didn’t pay attention to the next few things he said, too busy thinking about what he was just doing.

“Okay, get some rest.” He said calmly , not processing the way he spoke. Suddenly, the entire common room was quiet.

“Did…” Ochako started, bewildered
“...he just…” Hagakure said, interrupting Ochako.
“...not explode in anger?” Everyone in the room asked simultaneously, overlapping each other.

Even Kirishima was looking surprised, though a streak of pride was gleaming in his eyes. Kaminari approached Katsuki, “ good fam?”

Katsuki mindlessly nodded, not even hesitating. Kaminari turned to Shinsou, “Your not brainwashing him...are you?” Shinsou shook his head, surprise breaking his usual tired look.

This calm demeanour broke when Midoriya approached the blonde. “Kacchan? Is- is something...wrong? If….if you need..uh..somebody to t-talk to…” The boy continued to stutter.

A flare of anger rose within Katsuki, bring him back to reality. He looked around, anger quickly taking over him as he saw everyone that was staring at him. He whipped his head around to face Deku.

“Nothing is fucking wrong, and even if something was, You’d be the last damn person to know. I’d rather go to hell than console you, fucking nerd. If you think anything different, I’ll kill you. Got it Deku?” Katsuki didn’t wait for the boy to stutter a response, he walked past him, purposely bumping into Deku.

“ Wasn’t everyone fucking busy a few moments ago? If you guys had any brain power left, you should probably be spending your dumbasses doing something USEFUL.” The blonde muttered teeth gritted as he made his way to the stairwell.

Once the door to the stairwell shut, he made his way up to the next floor before stopping and sitting down just outside the elevator.

What the fuck was that?! Was all Katsuki could think, eyes closed. He leaned his head on the wall, taking a deep breath.
“Hey, Bakugou!” A voice said, making him accidentally bang his head against the wall. “SHIT! FUCK! AH, WHAT THE-” His head throbbed, and the anger that rose didn’t help it at all.

Standing up, he turned to find the source, his palms crackling. “WHOMST THE FU-” He caught sight of Kirishima, explosions cutting off. Scowling, he turned to the elevator, pushing the button for their floor.

Unfortunately for him, his neighbour tagged along. “What the hell do you want Shitty Hair?” The blonde said, his head angry with pain.

“Ah! I’m sorry Bakubro! I didn’t mean to startle you! Are you okay?” Kirishima said, worry drowning in his tone. Katsuki shot Kirishima a look, “ I’m fucking fine. You didn’t FUCKING startle me, I…did that on purpose.” He crossed his arms over his chest, still pissed off.

A chuckle came for Kirishima, “Oh? Wait...did you just shout ‘whomst the fuck?” Katsuki jutted his lip out, scowling. “All jokes aside, are you actually okay?” Kirishima asked, worry coming back on his face.

Before Katsuki could answer though, Kirishima placed a hand on Katsuki’s forehead. Surprised, Katsuki slapped his hand away, getting out of his reach. “What the HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” he yelled, just as the elevator door pinged. Without a second thought, he stomped out of the elevator, reaching his door in record time. Before he could grab his key though, Kirishima said, “ Y’know, I was just trying to see if my FRIEND was okay. I’M SORRY that you don’t appreciate me caring about you OR your health!” Both doors were forgotten as Kirishima continued ranting. “This is probably new to you, but maybe just maybe, people would actually like and enjoy your presence if you could just tone down the whole ‘Bitchy’ act.” without another word, Kirishima stomped through his door, and slammed it shut behind him.

Katsuki thought about slamming his own door out of spite, he really did. But past all the stubbornness and anger, he knew that Kirishima was right. He wasn’t going to progress if he continued to act the way he does.

Middle school is over Katsuki, he told himself. You don’t need to defend yourself any more. It was true, he didn’t need to be at the top in order to survive. But old habits die hard, especially for him. Sure, everyone in Class 2-A respected each other, but that didn’t mean Katsuki was able to drop a habit that he’s had for years.

Sighing, he turned over to his side. This…...was going to be a very long night.

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Morning came sooner that Katuski would have liked. Waking from a dreamless, restless sleep (though, no dreams are better than looping nightmares if he was honest with himself), he groaned, sitting up. He could hear a crack come from his shoulder blades, “Damn it.”


Twenty minutes later, he was awake and dressed, ready for the school day. As he made his way out of the room, he turned to the elevator and nearly exploded.


Standing before him was some kind of undead person, and it looked somewhat familiar. Crouching, he muttered, “what the fuck is that?” It turned around and…. Oh, it’ just Kirishi-wait, Katsuki started.


Kirishima may as well have been part of the Walking Dread, because the bags under his eyes were darker than before. And his eyes were so, so dead . The only really ‘lively’ thing about him, with the exception of his teeth, was the fact that he was walking.


“I get that I don’t look….normal...right now, but you don’t need to be over the top about it.” He grumbled, looking annoyed. Katsuki looked at him blankly. When Kirishima saw this, he widened his eyes, “ actually didn’t recognize me? Shit. I guess I look worse than I thought.” Katsuki didn’t know how to respond to this. Kirishima never cursed ‘for sport’ as Katsuki called it. Something was wrong, and a hint of worry started to come over him.


But what Kirishima said the night before to Katsuki resurfaced in his mind. If he’s just gonna push me away, then why the hell should I care, and so, Katsuki pushed that creeping feeling of concern deep down underneath layers and layers of anger.


Without even glancing at Kirishima, he walked past, entering the elevator without a word. Kirishima tagged along, looking exhausted.


Again, Katsuki didn’t look nor speak to him, looking straight ahead hands in his pockets. Kirishima seemed to be taking a nap, standing up and eyes open. With a ping, the elevator opened to the common room, Katsuki stepped out.


Somehow, despite the exhaustion, Kirishima was able to keep up with his pace. “Hey bro, what’s up?” He said, speaking in that fake cheery voice. Katsuki didn’t reply, just started walking faster.


“Bakugou? Are you okay?” Kirishima said, worry in his voice. Again, Katsuki didn’t respond. He walked even faster, trying to shake the boy off.


“Bakugou, c’mon man, you know you can talk to me,” Kirishima said, voice cracking a bit. Katsuki shook his head and kept walking. He could see UA’s Student Entrance up ahead. Finally! He thought, but he was stopped.


Kirishima was holding him by the forearm, worry written all over his face. “Please, talk to me.” He looked like he was on the edge of tears, his mask of happiness dissolving before Katsuki’s eyes.


Yanking his arm away, he turned and kept walking, ignoring the nagging feeling within him to respond. “What did I do wrong?” Is what Kirishima said next. Something about the naivety of those words made Katsuki snap.


“Stop. Please just stop.” Kirishima sighed in relief when he heard Katsuki speak, but that relief changed to a frown, “Stop? Stop what?” Katsuki turned around to face him, “Stop worrying about me. I don’t need it.” Kirishima’s confusion gradually turned into realization. “Oh! I wasn’t worrying about you, actually…..I was kind of scared that you were, uhm…” When his eyes met Katsuki's, he stopped. For a few moments the boy soundlessly moved his mouth, trying to grasp the rest of that sentence.


“Yes?” Katsuki asked sounding annoyed, but he gave Kirishima an amused look. “Mad a me…” The redhead broke eye contact, a blush dusting his cheeks and ears. Katsuki could no longer fight the urge to laugh. “PFFFTTT.You fucking idiot! How the HELL could anyone be fucking angry at you?” He hunched over, laughing.


Kirishima’s eyes widened, surprised. His features shifted to a soft smile, grinning ear to ear. Katsuki didn’t notice the morbid hint in Kirishima’s voice when he said, “You would be surprised…” Katsuki looked back up at Kirishima.


The moment he did, Kirishima said “Listen, Bakugou...I-I’m sorry….about…about all those things I said to you yesterday. That wasn’t me, I wasn’t thinking….I-I hurt you, I hurt my best friend….” Katsuki widened his eyes at the ‘best friend’ part. He never knew that Kirishima thought of him as his best friend. By now, Kirishima’s eyes were welling with tears.


“Stop with that shit. Quit it.” Katsuki said, not wanting to see him cry. “But-” Katsuki cut him off. “You’re tired, it makes your emotions go fucking batshit. Trust me, I don’t take your fucking stupid ass words to heart.”


Of course he was lying. Everything that Kirishima has said the day before did strike him to the core. Katsuki knew that he needed that though. Sooner or later somebody would tell him, better Kirishima than some asshat.


“I’m going to be late to class. I guess I’ll see you later…” Katsuki said, leaving Kirishima to stand there. Let him deal with whatever the hell is going on, he reassured himself. Every step he took, brought him to the knowledge that he'd have to address what went down last night. He'd have to talk it out with Kirishima.


And he really, REALLY hated confronting things like emotions.


Everybody in class could immediately sense his brooding presence, they all turned to him, falling silent as soon as he stepped through the doorway. “The fuck are you extras looking at.” He said, glaring at each and every person in the class. Quickly, they all resumed their conversations, glancing curiously at him every so often.


At some point in class he heard Kaminari mutter to Kirishima, “What’s up with Bakugou?” To which Kirishima simply looked back at him before facing Kaminari and shrugging. Kaminari looked back at Katsuki as well, a curious look in his eyes. In response, Katsuki clenched both fists and shot the darkest glare he could muster back to the blond. Kaminari, looked away, glancing at the angry boy now and then. Katsuki didn’t know how much longer he could take all the stares and glances without exploding.


Fortunately, lunch arrived before he knew it. Taking his stuff, Katsuki stomped out of the classroom. His mind took this exact moment to start running, thinking over everything that had happened this morning. I should have fucking said something useful. Instead I told him that I don’t care about whatever the hell he says. I could have been less of a bitch. Damn it, he probably thinks I’m avoiding him because he called me his best friend…Goddamnit I sound like fucking Deku. He looked up to realize that his feet had subconsciously brought him to his and Kirishima’s usual eating space.


That would have been perfect fine and normal had it not been for what had happened that morning, and the fact that Kirishima was right in front of him. The redhead was looking up at him, wearing that mask of happy he always wore, with a dash of confusion and sadness to mix it up a bit. An uncomfortable silence started to evolve into an uncomfortable atmosphere.


“Kirishima, what was it you were gonna…” A familiar voice cut through the silence like a knife. Both of them turned to look at a surprised Kaminari, who was being accompanied by Sero and Shinsou. “Oh, uh hi Bakugou?” Kaminari asked more than said, a tiptoeing tone in his voice. “What...uh...what brings you here?” It seemed by now that Kaminari was just trying to break the overwhelming amount of tension surrounding the two.


Katsuki was at a complete lost for words, all he did was stare back at Kirishima. “Well...uhm...are you gonna sit down, or just keep standing there….or….” Kaminari asked incredibly uncomfortable.


Again, he didn’t reply. Even if he actually had something to say, he wouldn’t be able to. “Bakugou, Deku’s coming!” Kaminari half whispered, dropping to the floor. “I don’t fucking care.” was all he said, not even batting an eye. Kirishima looked down at the ground behind Katsuki, and snickered. Looking behind him, he saw Kaminari, Sero, and Shinsou all lying on the floor like lifeless dolls. “What the fuck?!” Katsuki shouted, turning around to look down at them.


“THAT’S SO OLD!” Kirishima and Katsuki said simultaneously, the former laughing and the latter shouting. Looking at each other, they stopped. Then Kirishima burst out laughing again, tears welling up from laughter, and unfortunately for Katsuki’s reputation, Katsuki smiled.


During that single interval of time, Katsuki was smiling, those three lying on the floor, Kirishima  hunched over laughing, a click noise could be heard behind Kirishima.


It was Mina.


She had a phone held up, taking a photo.


Of all of them.


Including Katsuki.








Katsuki didn’t hear the first few clicks, in fact, he only noticed when Mina had gotten close enough to take a portrait picture of him.


“Nope.” Katsuki said, changing that smile to a frown and ducking out of the camera’s view. Upon trying to escape, though, Katsuki wound up tripping over Sero. And where did he land?


That’s right.


On the motherfucking floor.

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“FUCK!” Katsuki shouted, sitting himself up. Why in the name of All Might is the floor so hard?! He thought, wincing at his broken nose.


His head was throbbing, and it looked as though his palms and knees where scrapped. “Fucking great!” he muttered as a figure walked up to him.


“Bakugou are you alright?” Kirishima asked him, reaching a hand for him to take. The gesture sent Katsuki’s mind straight back to what happened the previous year.


Reaching for his esc—


Not now, he thought to himself, taking Kirishima’s hand. “Tch. Of fucking course. I’m not fucking weak.” He replied, feigning annoyance. Dusting himself off, he grabbed his things making the mistake of glancing at a worried Kirishima.


I can’t believe I’m about to do this, He thought to himself before saying, “I- um. I’m going to Recovery Girl Hizashi-sensei doesn’t tell me to.” To anyone else, this was merely a statement. To Kirishima, this was an invitation.


God that was fucking embarrassing, he couldn’t help but think. Fortunately for him, the only people that had witnessed his demise were the dumbasses he chose to hang out with.


Kirishima caught up to him, quietly assessing his state. “Cut that out.” Katsuki muttered, surprising Kirishima. “But, you just fell on the floor...and, I know that that usually hurts.” Katsuki snickered at his response, “Oh? And how many times have you fallen on the floor before?” He asked, glancing at Kirishima.


Kirishima seemed to be actually thinking about it. A single tooth poking out between his lips. Katsuki looked away, cheeks slightly warm.


“So far this year, I think I’m at a record seventeen times. Don’t tell me that was your first time hitting the floor...” The way that Kirishima was actually invested in discussing this made Katsuki keep it going. “Yeah, it is…” He lied. Of course he’s fallen more than once everybody has. But there was no way he was going to admit that so willingly.


It seemed, though, that his efforts were for nothing. “Liar.” Kirishima responded grinning at him. His smile brought Katsuki back to the reason as to why he fell.


“Shit.” he said, stopping in his tracks. Kirishima looked at him, confused, “What’s wrong?” Katsuki glanced back before saying, “Shit. ShIT. SHIT! That idiot has a fucking picture.” Katsuki turned to Kirishima, putting both hands on his shoulders. “She has proof. Goddamn solid evidence.” Kirishima seemed incredibly confuzzled, “Evidence of……?” He asked, one eyebrow raised.


Katsuki looked at him incredulously, “That I know how to…” “Smile?” Kirishima finished for him. He nodded, “Yeah, uh...that word.” Kirishima didn’t respond, more amused than anything.


Katsuki swiveled around, ready to track the pink girl down. But, what little that was left of his pride died when he tripped over his own legs. He braced himself, ready to hit the ground again.


But he never did. Instead, strong arms wrapped around his midriff, catching him midfall. Opening his eyes, he pulled himself upright.


He turned to Kirishima, whose face was dusted with a pink tone. “Sorry about that...” He said awkwardly, rubbing his neck in embarrassment. Katsuki looked away in his own embarrassment as he said, “It’s fucking fine Shitty Hair. Uh, thanks or whatever.”




The bell went off, signaling the end of lunch. “Shit, we have to get to class.” Katsuki said, running/limping in the direction of room 2-A. But he was stopped when a hand grabbed his forearm. “Oh no you don’t. We are going to Recovery Girl.” Kirishima said with a strict tone.


No matter how much Katsuki tried to fight him , refusing to go, Kirishima won. “Listen here Blasty. Either you go to Recovery Girl willingly, or I carry you over my shoulder.” Katsuki didn’t even have to think about his answer.


About 10 minutes later, they arrived Kirishima and Katsuki exchanging a glance before looking at the door. It was covered with little inspirational posters, health tips, and things alike . But a specific sign that sat smackdab in the center of the door and it was the newest decoration there that read:






(And then heal you because that’s what I’m paid to do)

Chuckling at the sign, Katsuki entered the room with Kirishima closely behind.


Recovery Girl must have heard the door open, for she started speaking before turning. “I swear on my grave, if it’s another one of those pesky first years…” She trailed off when she saw Katsuki and Kirishima standing in the doorway.


She gave them a gentle smile, “Oh, good. It’s just you boys. Come in, come in.” She ushered them in.


Inspecting Katsuki’s scrapes, she asked, “What in the name of all things good did they do to you  this time Katsuki?!” Katsuki had always been one of Recovery Girl’s favourites, mainly because she didn’t have to worry about healing him. Not exactly because he was good at dodging attacks though he was very skilled at that but because he refused to have someone heal him.


Maybe it was his pride, maybe it was his need to be a hero, or perhaps, he wanted a reminder that he wasn’t perfect. Despite how he acted, he knew that he still had a long way to go before he could ever be considered a real hero. Keeping those scars gave him a constant reminder of what he was fighting for. He wanted to heal normally, for he knew that there won’t always be someone like Recovery Girl to heal his battle wounds.


“I fell, I’m fine. Only reason why I’m here is ‘cause this idiot threatened to carry me here unless I walked.” Katsuki jabbed a thumb at Kirishima who smirked. Recovery Girl glanced at Kirishima, chuckling, and did a double take.


“Kirishima! It’s a good thing you came here too!” She said, fussing over him. Hobbling over to the cabinet full of medicines, she rummaged through it, looking for something. “Aha!” She said holding up a handful of some type of candy. “Katsuki, you know by now which candy you need for your scrapes, grab yourself a Gummy Bear.” She said over her shoulder while making her way back to Kirishima.


She shoved the handful of candies into Kirishima’s hand. “Here, take these. They’re Moontime Toffees, to help you sleep.” Kirishima looked at the candies in his hand, before looking back up at Recovery Girl in confusion, “But I don’t-” Katsuki interjected, “Bullshit. You’ve looked like fucking crap for two days, and I know you. You haven’t been staying up ‘studying’.”


Recovery Girl shot him a look and said, “Language, boy!” Katsuki bowed his head in apology. Recovery Girl looking back at Kirishima. “Anyway, he’s right. You look like a walking zombie. I’m amazed that you even have the strength to stand.” Kirishima blinked in exhaustion, glancing at Katsuki before looking back at Recovery Girl.


Katsuki waited outside of the room for Kirishima, whom was being given instructions on when to take the toffees, and how many to take.


Once Kirishima joined him, the two began to make their way back to class, a comfortable silence sitting between the two.


Until Kirishima said, “I’ve always wondered when you became Recovery Girl’s favourite. Like, I get that she doesn’t have to see you, but then when has she seen you?” He asked, voice holding caution and curiosity.


Katsuki tensed, memories from last year flooding back.......


First Year; After Kamino Ward

“Young Bakugou, as your teacher, I strongly request that you visit Recovery Girl!” All Might said, concern etched across his thin face.


Before Katsuki could refuse, Aizawa-sensei agreed, “ don’t want to overwork yourself. Sometimes….it’s better to accept help…” Exhaustion held onto his words.


Katsuki himself was exhausted, so much so, that he didn’t fight All Might and Aizawa-sensei’s advice. Nodding solemnly, Katsuki made his way to Recovery Girl’s office.


He just barely knocked at the door before the elderly woman opened the door. “Ah, Bakugou….come, come.” She ushered him through the door, inviting him to sit in one of her chairs.


Taking a seat in front of him, she casually asked, “Alright, what’s on your mind Bakugou?” He squinted at her before saying, “Don’t you just take care of physical impairments?” She nodded, “Essentially, yes. However, i am perfectly qualified for any medical or mental wounds.”


Sighing, he ran over everything that happened his mind. I’m too damn tired to fight anymore, he thought to himself. So, he talked. Before he knew it, he was crying.


He spoke about his fear of being kidnapped, of how relieved when Kirishima and the other’s rescued him. Of the heavy guilt that burdened him day and night, feeling completely at fault for All Might’s retirement. Of the nightmares he’s had since Kamino Ward.


Recovery Girl listened, humming so that Katsuki knew she was. When he ran out of words to say, she hobbled over to him. “Open your hand.” She said, gently encouraging the boy. When he did so, she placed a bag of crescent shaped toffees. “These, my boy, are MoonTime Toffees.” She said, explaining that they were for sleep.


The next week, he came back. He hadn’t eaten the toffees, and when he was asked, he said just that. “Bakugou, you need to. They can help you with the nightmares.” Katsuki shook his head, “I don’t need fucking treatment, heroes always have to go through this. So will I.” He walked out, heading straight for his dorm room.


And as the weeks went by, he couldn’t help but keep thinking about what she said. Perhaps...she was right.


He came to visit her, “I’ll use them.” He said as he walked through the doorway. She looked up at him, “I am relieved that you’ve decided that.” He leaned against the door frame.


A few moments passed.


Looking down, he started, “Y’know, I never told you this but…” He thought for a moment, “When…..when I was in their…..base, hideout, whatever the hell it was….I didn’t think anyone was going to come after me. I...I thought I’d have to do it myself, like usual. But...I was, that maybe….maybe somebody would realize that….I needed someone to help me….that I don’t like to be alone. So hopeful that I wouldn’t HAVE to do something like that by myself. I knew that believing that was doubtful, but... ”


Tears were silently falling, “When I saw that hand….wanting to help me escape....reaching out to prove my doubts wrong…” He took a deep breath, “I don’t think I can ever forget how happy I was about some idiots proving me wrong…”


She looked at him, “I will not say I am sorry that that happened to you. I can see that it won’t help. So all I will say, is that I wish you the best of luck in forgetting the worst of it.” He nodded gratefully at her, turned, and left.


That night, he did exactly as he had said. He decided to start using the MoonTime Toffees.


Needless to say, they worked. He started to feeling like himself, getting more rest, and feeling better, stronger. But just because he was good now, it didn’t mean he didn’t still have his demons from the attack. He still visited Recovery Girl every now and then, usually just to talk. She was old, but her mind was sharp. Katsuki wasn’t that afraid of getting help anymore…

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“EARTH TO BLASTY!” Kirishima said, shouting at the blonde. Said blonde came back to the present, “GODDAMN SHITTY HAIR! I’m fine!” Kirishima stopped shaking the boy, looking at him questioningly. “You blanked out, I didn’t know…” A few moments of silence passed between the two, until Katsuki realized Kirishima was looking at him expectantly, Oh, yeah. He asked me a question.


Looking away, Katsuki answered Kirishima’s initial question, “Last year...for our monthly checkups, we spoke. Sometimes i just come to talk, maybe have some tea while she complains about the first years. She’s a good listener.” It’s not that Katsuki didn’t trust Kirishima—far from it actually. The truth was, Katsuki really didn’t want to stress the already exhausted Kirishima with his own problems. Thankfully, Kirishima didn’t seem suspicious.


“C’mon dumbass, we have to go.” Katsuki said, beckoning Kirishima to follow. The walked together in silence for some time.


Kirishima took a breath, looking down at the toffees in his hand. “She’s right you know.” Katsuki said, glancing at Kirishima.


Kirishima didn’t look up when he replied, “ Yeah, I know…” he sighed, eyes downcast.


Katsuki watched him for a moment, “It’s not unmanly. I know-” Katsuki raised his hand up before Kirishima could interrupt. “I know you didn’t say it aloud but you thought it, right?” Kirishima didn’t respond, and he didn’t need to. They both knew Katsuki was right.


They walked the rest of the way in silence, reaching class in record time.


Before they could explain to Aizawa-sensei why they were late, he said, “ Ashido told me that you two gave Recovery Girl a visit.You’ve already been excused, now sit down.”


They both sat in there respective seats, sitting through Present Mic’s entry and lesson. Classes seemed to blur past, and before Katsuki knew it, he was outside of Kirishima’s dorm room. He raised his hand to the door and knocked.


No response.


He knocked again, a bit harder this time. Perhaps he was on his balcony.


No response.


“Kirishima?” Katsuki said, knocking once again.


Still….no response.


“Kirishima?!” Katsuki shouted, almost pounding on the door as concern ate him up. Everyone in the common room had said that he would be here. Plus, he’d already checked Room 2-A, the cafeteria—hell, even Recovery Girl’s office.


Alright, one more time. He told himself, before reaching up to the door to knock. But his fist never touched the door, as Kirishima opened it before he could knock.


“Sorry, was asl-” Kirishima yawned midsentence, “-eep. What do you need Bakugooo?” He stretched.


“WhAt ThE fUcK?!” Katsuki shouted, just a bit relieved at Kirishima’s late response. He stepped inside, smacking the light switch.


“Hey dude, calm down!” Kirishima said, fully woke. Now that Katsuki could actually see him, he regretted intruding. The boy actually had been sleeping, Katsuki could tell by how crumbled he looked and how his hair was down.


“Are we gonna study or what?” Katsuki said, gradually feeling more and more like an asshole. Kirishima stopped, “Oh crap! I forgot about that!” He started, turning around to grab his bag. Katsuki opened the door a little more, to see the entire room.


Goddamn, he thought when he viewed how lonely the room was. Last time he came here it radiated this happy, bright energy. Now...the room looked so dull, despite the nothing physically changing in the room—with the exception of that huge-ass punching bag, which was moved into the common room.


“Hey, uh….are we going or…?” Kirishima asked, stepping into Katsuki’s line of sight. Shaking his head Katsuki said, “What the f—uhm...Nah. Go the fuck back to sleep.” Katsuki said, staring Kirishima down. Confused, Kirishima persisted, “Why not? Did- did I do something wrong?” Worry stood in his voice—eye’s wide, looking like a confused child. It made Katsuki’s heart squeeze, willing to do anything to make his best friend smile.


“Quit stressing! You didn’t fucking do anything wrong. Okay?!” Katsuki said, hoping that Kirishima would stop giving him that look. When Kirishima’s expression didn’t change, Katsuki did something that Kirishima would never let him forget, but right now he could care less about it—so long as he was able to lighten Kirishima’s mood.


“Alright. C’mon.” Katsuki nodded his head to the hallway, letting Kirishima slip out of the room. “Where are we going?” Kirishima asked, giving Katsuki a questioning look. Katsuki only replied with a, “You coming?” before turning and making his way to the elevator.


“Uh...yeah, wait up!” Kirishima said, scrambling to catch up with Katsuki. They stepped into the elevator, selecting the common room floor, before turning to face eachother.


“So...uhm...why exactly are we going to the common room?” Kirishima asked, curiosity shining in his eyes. “What did you have for lunch?” Katsuki asked, not answering the question.


“Oh. Uhm...I don’t—I don’t remember.” Kirishima answered, no longer looking at Katsuki. “ The ‘fuck you mean you don’t remember? It wasn’t even 6 hours ago?!” Katsuki asked, suspicious.


Kirishima sighed, “I-I forgot to make lunch, and—” Katsuki interrupted him with a quick, “Why?”


Kirishima stopped, befuzzled. “What do you mean why? I just forgot!” He still didn’t look Katsuki in the eyes when he spoke. “Kirishima, for the past year I’ve known you, you’ve almost never forgotten to make a lunch, and when you did forget you’d freeload the fuck off of one of us—usually me. But you didn’t today, so tell me: Why didn’t you eat today?”


Before Kirishima could respond, the elevator doors opened, allowing Katsuki to step out.


He checked around, thankful that the room was empty, and made his way to the kitchen. “You never answered—” Kirishima started, catching up with him. “And you never answered my question either.” Katsuki said, turning around to face him.


Kirishima was at a loss for words, his eyes flashing with too many emotions. Turning back, Katsuki entered the empty kitchen, stopped, and pulled out his phone.


Kirishima stood in the entryway—dazed. Once Katsuki found what he was looking for, he placed his phone back in his pocket, opened a few cabinets—setting a board, and a knife on the counter.


“There’s some fish in the freezer, get it while I’m getting the rest of the ingredients.” Katsuki muttered, going to the refrigerator.  Kirishima hesitated before doing so, taking the frozen meat and setting it by the board.


Once they’d had everything set out, Katsuki began cutting the fish, “Okay, separate the other shit while I cut.” Katsuki said, never taking his eyes from the fish. The knife cut through the meat smoothly, confidence radiating from every slice.


10 minutes later, sitting before both of them were two bowls that held tataki—seared just right thanks to Katsuki—with tobiko mixed in, yuzu dashed, and a few drizzles of soy sauce here and there.


Katsuki grabbed both bowls before the other boy could dig in. “Alright, I answered your question…now you answer mine. Why didn’t you eat today?” Katsuki was struggling to hide the change in his tone from Kirishima.


“I don’t know! Okay? I just didn’t want to eat today, alright?” Kirishima said, acting defensive for some unspoken reason. Why the hell am I pushing him, he obviously doesn’t want to tell me, but still….. Katsuki thought, faltering just a little. Kirishima took that chance to grab the bowl, and run to the table in the common room.


“Hey! Answer the damn-” Katsuki stopped, seeing how happy Kirishima looked. “Well if your gonna fucking steal it, then eat the damn thing!” Kirishima smiled, before digging in. “Holy shit.” Kirishima said, freezing and looking directly at Katsuki.


“What now?” he said, annoyed.


“This is fucking amazing!” He exclaimed, finishing off the entire bowl in 5 seconds time. Rolling his eyes, Katsuki handed him the other bowl. “Mmm, thanks bro! But...aren’t you gonna have some?” Kirishima asked, suspicious.


“Tch. I’m not the one that ‘forgot’ to feed themself. Besides, I can make myself something later.” Katsuki muttered, crossing his arms over his chest. Shrugging, Kirishima looked down at the bowl before eating.


They sat in a strange silence, not exactly uncomfortable per say, but more like something was unspoken between the two. Kirishima had finished eating a few minutes ago, currently located on the opposite side of the couch from Katsuki, whom was lying down with his feet against Kirishima.


Katsuki’s legs were suddenly lifted up, making him shout, “WHAT THE HE-” But Kirishima had shut him up when he laid down on the other side of the couch, “-ll” , Katsuki whispered.


“Ah! Sorry, didn’t mean to take you by surprise…” Kirishima exclaimed, his feet pushing against Katsuki’s. “Whatever..” Katsuki grumbled, pushing back.


They went back and forth like that in silence, somehow turning it into an exercise routine. Before long, they were talking too.


“So...what exactly is so bad about Mina having a picture of you smiling?” Kirishima asked, an air of curiosity surrounding him.


Katsuki pushed even harder as he said, “She’s gonna share it with the whole motherfucking world. Bet.” Kirshima snorted, “Whatever you bet, you’re gonna lose it all. Give her some credit! I know she’s a bit of a….er…. goshippu... but trust me, she’s good at keeping a secret. Just tell her not to do it, and then she won’t!” Katsuki peered at him, squinting in thought.


“So, she’s kept one of your secrets so far…?” Katsuki asked, just to ruffle his friends feathers. “Augh!” Kirshima said, his eyes wide. The next few seconds slowed down as everything unfolded.


Katsuki missed Kirishima’s foot, accidentally kicking him in the thigh—that, combined with Katsuki’s unexpected question, had him hitting the floor with a flustered pink face.


“WHY?!” Kirshima shrieked, lying on the ground in pain. Not only was he in physical pain, his dignity had taken a rather deep hit too. Katsuki looked at him from above, holding out a hand to help him up.


Hoisting himself up, Kirishima groaned. “S’all right?” Katsuki mumbled questioningly, refusing to look directly at Kirishima. Smiling, Kirishima said brightly, “Yeah, yeah! I’ll be fine. And to answer your other question...uhm, yes something along those lines…” As if someone had flipped a switch, he was back to being a pinked faced weirdo.


“Alright, I’m going to sleep. Night, loser.” Katsuki said, with a snicker before heading up to his dorm room.


Smiling after him, Kirishima followed soon after.


Maybe he’d let himself sleep tonight after all.

Chapter Text

Wednesday morning, Katsuki woke up an hour earlier than his alarm. There was no way in hell  he’d be trying to go back to sleep, last time that happened he almost overslept.


His stomach growled, deciding for him on what he would do before getting ready. He was already scrolling through a list of breakfast foods he could make. Luckily for him, nobody ever woke up at this time, so he’d have the kitchen all to himself.


Or so he thought.


He hadn’t even reached the doorway when he heard voices coming from the common room. Fucking fantastic, he thought as he shoved his phone back into his pocket. He was about to enter the common room anyway, when the words caught up to his ears.


“...listen, okay? I’m 87% positive that I’m right. But you won’t know until you try.” It was Mina, she was talking to someone else. Who she was speaking with, Katsuki didn’t know.


That was, until the mystery person spoke, “But-but...I don’t want to tell him, what if…what if he gets creeped out? Then I won’t even be friends with him, let alone….that.” It was Kirishima, and by the tone of his voice, he was freaking out.


Katsuki wanted to do something, but he stayed still, wanting to hear the rest. “Well, Kiri, it’s your...situation, all I can do is encourage you to talk to him. You can decide whether or not you follow my advice…” Mina said, followed by the rustle of her standing up.


“I’ll see you in class!” Mina said, her footsteps fading in the direction of the girls side. Kirishima sighed, “Why now? Why not three years from now? Why not when….when it’s sa—?” Kirishima stopped himself from finishing that sentence. Katsuki’s heart hurt as he heard how unhappy his best friend sounded. He waited for a few moments, before walking in the room.


He didn’t speak as he made his way to the kitchen unnoticed. But Kirishima’s senses tingled, making him realize that Katsuki was in the room. “Oh! Hey Bakugou!” Katsuki glanced at him before replying, “Fuck. I thought nobody would be here…”


Kirishima laughed, “I woke up before my alarm, so I thought that I’d come down here and look through my notes…” He pointed to his open notebook on the table. Squinting at him, Katsuki said, “Why the fuck can’t you do that in your room? Ugh….” He groaned, lean his head back to add a dramatic affect.


Kirishima almost visibly deflated at this. Sighing, he grabbed his book, “You’re right. I’ll go do that…” He shuffled around the table. His head was down, his hair covering his face.


Katsuki reached his arm out to grab his classmates forearm, “Hey Shitty Hair, your already here—now I have to make two motherfucking plates of pancakes.” He grumbled, leading the boy back to the couch to sit down. “Uh…..ok?” The red-head replied, shocked.


That morning was the only significant thing that happened that day, though Katsuki did take note of the fact that Kirishima looked only slightly better. He supposed slightly was better than nothing.


With Wednesday having come, Katsuki hit the sack, ready to see what ‘genius’ plan that bunch of idiots would think up tomorrow.


He wasn’t that far off, either.


Thursday, though it was only a little ways away, would bring about some...well, you’ll see.




Katsuki woke up to his alarm, got ready and was out the door.


Seemed to be going like usual.


That all went down the drain the moment he twisted his door knob.


When he saw Kirishima in the hall, he wondered if that ‘improvement’ yesterday was just a figment of his imagination. Now, there were dark purple rings under Kirishima’s dull red eyes, and he looked like he could barely hold his own weight.


Damn it, I must not have paid close enough attention to him at lunch… Katsuki thought, as he saw that his friend NEEDED SOME MILK.


Katsuki started, “KIRIS-” Kirishima closed his eyes, sighed, and turned around. He darted to the elevator, almost alone in there before Katsuki squeezed through.


“WHAT-” Katsuki started, angry that Kirishima ran. But when he looked directly at Katsuki, Katsuki could see all the exhaustion and….he didn’t know how to describe it. “Listen man, please just drop it. I promise I’ll be...uh...okay later…” Katsuki nodded reluctantly, not even trying to hide his concern at this point.


“Students,” Aizawa’s voice cut through Katsuki’s thoughts. “...the school board has noted an increase in crime rates near U.A., and they have are now putting an official ‘buddy system’ in place. It looks like it’s just a temporary change, it’ll probably be lifted once things calm down off campus. Still—” He continued on about how everyone was to be safe, report any suspicious behaviour, and generally the same stuff they’d already known. Everyone had already been using the buddy system—always staying in groups of three or more. The only thing this news changed was that the school was officially setting it in stone.


After Aizawa had finished explain the usual precautions, Present Mic entered with a shout, “ HELLO MY GRRRRRRRREEEAAAAT 2nd years!” He went through another lesson, as he normally would, with next to no interruptions—with exception of that fucking annoying nerd, who couldn’t help but mutter the entire damn class period.


Lunch came by, and Katsuki took note to pay attention to Kirishima, as he’d promised to himself that morning. Thankfully, there was nothing strange, besides the usual odd things his fri- those idiots always did.


History and Math were somewhat of a rush, with everyone talking about rumors of their next hero training being next week.


“Ooh, I hope it’s three-way groups!” Kaminari said, eyes twinkling.


“If that’s the case, then we probably won’t be in a group together,” Sero pointed out.


Pouting Kaminari said, “Why not though? It’s not like we do stupid shit…”


Mina, Kirishima, Katsuki, Jirou, Shinsou, and Sero collectively turned and looked at him. His eyes bounced from one person to the next person before saying, “Okay, maybe not. But, still…” He was losing this argument.


‘Just admit it babe, I’m right.” Sero said, almost in a braggy tone.


“-I know that the Evolution of Quirks is rather arousing, but please keep the chit chat to a minimum. Alright, boys?” Midnight said, her sharp gaze cutting through the distracted atmosphere that surrounded the two.


Gulping, they bowed their heads down, embarrassed at being called out. A few snickers rang out in the room.


“Continuing on…”


Afterschool, Katsuki found himself walking to the training rooms with Kirishima. “Hold the fuck up.” He said stopping abruptly. Too abruptly, it seemed.


His abrupt stop resulted in Kirishima crashing into him from behind, triggering a domino affect to occur. Time seemed to slow down, not unlike what happened in the common room two days before. This would be Katsuki’s second time falling in a week—a new record.


Katsuki landed first, his chin hitting the floor, sending a fresh wave of pain coursing through his body. On top of that (pun intended), Kirishima fell, somehow having enough time to wrap his arms around Katsuki, in a hasty attempt to act like a shield.


Katsuki couldn’t yell at Kirishima to get up, primarily because he couldn’t even feel his jaw. Though, he suspected that even if he could, he didn’t think he would. It’s just that Kirishima was really warm, Katsuki liked warm, despite how cold he could be to people. Katsuki’s chin was nub anymore, but he still didn’t say anything.


It was only when Kirishima started moving did Katsuki come back to his senses, “GET THE FUCK OFF ME!”


Kirishima didn’t say anything as he pulled the blonde up, letting go of him once he was sure that Katsuki was able to stand straight. (though that’s not the best terminology)


“Ah! Bakugou, I didn’t mean to run into you! AUgh, I should have been paying attention...Shit. Are-are you alright?” His face was flushed, his eyes a bit brighter than before.


“Tch. I’m peachy dumbass. You?” He asked nonchalantly.


Smiling, eyes closed, Kirishima replied, “Yeah! Thanks for asking!” Katsuki almost had to cover his eyes, because damn was this boy radiating this bright light.


“Anyway….uh….what were you saying before you stopped?” Kirishima asked, looking at Katsuki with interest.


We aren’t going to train today.” Katsuki replied instantaneously, catching Kirishima by surprise.


With eyes widened, Kirishima responded in shock, “What? Why? Are you alright? Should we go to-” He stopped when he sensed Katsuki gritting his teeth. Looking away, Kirishima murmured, “Sorry…”


“It’s not me that needs a break, it’s you! My fucking god! You look like complete shit, and you clearly need sleep. You’re not a formidable opponent right now! You- I want to spar with you at your strongest, damnit! Or else it’s not a fair win.” Katsuki’s anger was slowly bubbling out of control, so he turned and began to stomp to the dorms.


But relentless Kirishima soon caught up with him, “I don’t know what you mean! I’m fine!” Exasperated, Katsuki stopped, turned and made an up and down gesture to him, “Have you fucking seen yourself? Truthfully Kirishima, have you looked at yourself in the motherfucking mirror?” He jutted a finger in Kirishima’s face, before turning away and continuing his journey to the dorm building, fuming.


Kirishima groaned, “But-” Katsuki cutt him of, pivoting to face Kirishima. “No! No buts!” He crossed his arms, slowly cooling down, “WE are going to the dorms RIGHT NOW, whether you fucking LIKE it OR NOT!”


Kirishima rolled his eyes before firmly planting both feet on the ground. He looked down to Katsuki, eyes shimmering with mischief.


Why the FUCK do I have to be shorter than this MOTHERFUCKING PRICK?! , Katsuki cursed to himself, once again hating his genes.


“Make me.” Kirishima said, his lips forming a roguish smirk.

Chapter Text

Katsuki stepped back, sputtering lines of nonsense—a poor attempt at a snarky remark, “WH-WAH-WECJHD-You?!?!?” Kirishima snorted, stand right in front of Katsuki.


“I said—Make. Me.” He simpered, gazing at Katsuki from above. Thankfully for Kirishima, Katsuki couldn’t see the light pink tint to his face from where he lay.


Gradually, bewilderment reshaped to devilry. “I’ll give you til’ the count of three Shitty Hair, to back the fuck down.” He crouched, flexing his wrist.



Kirishima stood, giving Katsuki a squint.




Katsuki leaned into a lunge, ready.




He dropped to the ground—on purpose for once. Kirishima raced over to brawl before stopping short in hesitation.


He walked over to Katsuki, stopping in front of him. Towering of him, his neck craned, “Uhm….wh-what….?”


Turning his neck Katsuki glared up at him, thankful Kirishima blocked out the sun (though he was brighter than the sun itself anyway—not that Kirishima needed to know that) from where he lay on his side, locked in a fetal position.


“FUCK YOOOOOOOUUUUUU. You’re gonna have to get me to train with you then—and that mean if you get me up, you win.” He sneered.


Shrugging Kirishima muttered a ‘Sounds good to me’ before bending over to pick Katsuki up. But, he never did pick him up. Cackling, Katsuki swung his leg out to sweep Kirishima off his feet (albeit in both ways)


Kirishma, surprised, activated his quirk on instinct. But obviously Katsuki knew that would happen, or he wouldn’t have done it.


“Hey! You che-” Kirishima started as he got up. With another swing, Katsuki interrupted him, “Can’t cheat if there ain’t any rules!”


Cursing, Kirishima knew he was right. He activated his quirk, so that Katsuki couldn’t kick him, before taking a moment to think of what to do.


Suddenly, an idea came to him. It was risky as hell, and Katsuki would murder him…..but he knew it was worth it. Plus, he’d been wanting to do it anyway.


Here goes nothing, he thought to himself. “Well. If that’s the case….” He trailed off, taking his phone out of his pocket. Before long, he was on the phone with someone.


Katsuki was beyond suspicious. “Hey, Mina!” Kirishima said, making direct eye contact with Katsuki. So….he’s calling Mina, but why? , the question running through Katsuki’s head was answered soon after, “So sis, you wouldn’t happen to have a certain picture that was taken earlier this week…?” Katsuki audibly gasped, but stayed put—hoping he was bluffing.


Grinning, Kirishima continued, “Awesome! Feel free to email AND text it to me!” Now Katsuki was glaring daggers at him.


“You wouldn’t fucking dare…”


Squinting, Kirishima responded, “OH but I think I just did .”


He earned a kick in the shin for that, “OW! Damn it. Thank’s sis!” He hung up and crossed his arms, looking at Katsuki with interest.


“I swear on the life of your children, if you so much as SHOW someone that picture….” He seethed at Kirishima, still lying down.


The red-head took note of the fact that he wasn’t angry about him having the picture.


Kirishima was incredibly close to saying, ‘Really? You striked me as a family man.’ But thankfully for everyone, he didn’t.


“I’ll keep thinking about it unless you get up.” Kirishima said, eyes glistening. Sighing, Katsuki said, “Fine. I’ll get up…”


And he did. But now Kirishima was on the floor, while Katsuki was standing over him.


“Wh-” Kirishima said, taking in what just happened. “ I’m up! But you? You’re on the floor now! My, the tables are going fucking hogwild now.” He gave a gremlin laugh.


“Shit. I surrender, you win. But, could you help me up?” Kirishima asked, holding his hand for Katsuki to (hopefully) grasp.


And he did—giving Kirishima the chance to pull him closer, and throw him offbalance. “What the he-” Katsuki’s eyes connected with his, “-ll” the last part came out in a whisper.


Their faces were less that a foot away from the other. For god knows what reason, all that Katsuki could think of was how easily he could connect his lips to the person under him.


He hesitated before dismissing the idea.


Licking his lips, he realized Kirishima started speaking, “You said there weren’t rules.”


Oh, yeah. Kirishima was the person under him.




Katsuki studied his face for a few moments.


His hair was starting to fall down, his face was flushed. He looked….happy. It warmed Katsuki’s heart to see Kirishima so happy, after this entire week of exhaustion. Squinting, he almost smiled.




“Blasty, did you hear me?” Kirishima quirked a brow, trying to get his attention (though he already had all of it)


“Yeah, I did say there weren’t fucking rules. But still-” He took his hand out of Kirishima’s grip, “-you surrendered, so I won.” He placed his hands on the other’s chest—struggling to ignore the muscle—and pushed off of him.


Dusting himself off, Katsuki said, “Now...we go back to the dorms.” He put a hand out for Kirishima to grasp, helping him up.


“Alright. But I’m going to sleep.” Kirishima said as he took Katsuki’s help up. Nodding Katsuki said, “Damn straight.”


And he was right. He did go straight to his room. Katsuki did the same, but he was stuck rerunning the same thing over and over in his head. I even fucking considered it. What the fuck is wrong with me? It’s the same damn thing with us falling, and me not screaming at him immediately.


But, that look he had when I fell, made me so fuzzy.


WhAt ThE fUcK iS tHiS bUlLsHiT?!?!?!?!?






He said it. All of it.


Out loud.


And Kirishima is next door, and can hear him.


He cringed, before curling up into a ball.


Knock, knock, knock.


Fuck, he thought, knowing why they were here.


I’ll just pretend to sleep...yeah.


He shut his eyes just as Kirishima said, “Yo, Blasty...I uh...heard you talking, do you uh….want to, maybe, talk?”


He opened one eye at that, intrigued. He almost responded when Kirishima knocked again, louder this time. “Uh...Bakugou? Are you okay?” He sounded somewhat unnerved.


Katsuki kept his mouth shut, not wanting to confront the root of his thoughts at the moment.


“Bakugou?! This isn’t funny man! Please say something.” Okay, Kirishima was definitely freaking out. Katsuki got up, and made his way to the door.


“Please...say someth-” Kirishima whimpered, his knocking growing weaker. The fear in his voice was enough to make Katsuki open the door.


He could barely understand what he was going on. His best friend was looking at him, his eyes shimmering with liquid—but the relief in his eyes was all that Katsuki could see.


He didn’t have time to absorb what was happening before Kirishima hugged him.


“You’re okay…”


He was too shocked to yell. He was too shocked to keep in his surprised breath. He was too shocked to question Kirishima’s words.


He wasn’t, however, too shocked to wrap his arms around the other. He wasn’t too shocked to rub his back. And he wasn’t too shocked, to say, “Yeah. Yeah. I’m okay.”  


It took a moment for Kirishima to regain his composure, but when he did, he stepped away from Katsuki. “S-sorry about that. I don’t—know what came over me. Anyway, just uh….f-forget about that...Please?” He looked at Katsuki pleadingly.


Crossing his arms, Katsuki slowly came back to his usual grumpy self, “Alright, but after you tell me what you were so worried about…” Kirishima didn’t look nor respond.


“Kiri?” Katsuki asked, bending down to his line of sight.


“I didn’t really hear you leave your room...and I didn’t think you went to sleep this early so…” He still didn’t look at Katsuki.


He was definitely lying.


To Katsuki’s surprise, a little part of him was hurt.


But he didn’t like telling people shit, so why should he pry?


He accepted the excuse silently, before jabbing in, “Alright, what the fuck did you want to talk about?” He didn’t care that his tone was sharper than usual.


Kirishima seemed to hear that too, but he didn’t say anything. “I...uh...I forgot….” He looked down at his feet. Katsuki followed his gaze and-




He was wearing those damn BRIGHT FUCKING RED crocs again.


Kirishima jumped, running out of the room before Katsuki could blow those demonic things up. Katsuki stepped forward to face him when a huge wave of fatigue hit him.


Stumbling back, he trudged to his room, glancing at the clock.




Fuck, it was late.


Luckily, he was already ready to sleep, so he flopped down on the bed and did just that.

Chapter Text

Katsuki woke up shouting, “GIVE ME THOSE YOU DAMN SHARK!”


A thump from Kirishima’s room followed.


Grumbling, Katsuki made his way to the other’s room to see if Kirishima was alright. Turning the knob, he was less grumpy to see said person standing up, unmarked.


Normally, this was the part where Katsuki would turn around and leave.


Today, though, he just stood in the doorway not able to take his eyes off of the redhead. Not out of concern, despite what his subconscious kept saying. It wasn’t because he wanted to say something (the opposite really, though he’d never admit that).


Not even close.


Kirishima standing there, sweatpants sitting just below his hips, the band of his boxers peeking out, and shirtless— that was why Katsuki couldn’t stop staring at him.


“Hey, uh...Bakugou?” Kirishima’s tired voice brought an unwilling Katsuki back to his senses. By the sound of it, this wasn’t the first time he said it. Katsuki’s face was red, really red. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. Turning around he slammed the door, flustered.


As he got ready, he kept telling himself that he was just pissed off. Substituting the stare for a glare. Thinking his face was red from anger. Still, no matter how many times he told himself these things, he couldn’t shake the flutter in his stomach.


Once they began walking to class, Katsuki was calm enough to shoot a glance at Kirishima. As expected, he didn’t look any better. But….there was something else too. Katsuki didn’t tell Kirishima how puffy his eyes looked. Nonetheless, it still made Katsuki’s chest ache.


He really wanted to know what was up, but....he also didn’t want to make things worse.


Screw it.


“What the hell’s been up with you this week?” Katsuki said, surprising both himself and Kirishima.


“Noth- I...I don’t know…” Kirishima said, looking down. Katsuki knew what he had to say. Pinching the bridge of his nose he spoke, “Youcantalktomeifyouneedsomeonetotalkto.” His words were rushed, but it seemed Kirishima’s mind wasn’t too tired to understand. He gave Katsuki a small smile before looking back down again.


They walked in silence until they reached Class 2-A’s room, where Kirishima murmured to Katsuki, “Thank You.” He put his bag next to his seat, turned and started to make his way down the hallway, leaving the room. Katsuki wanted to know what he was doing, where he was going but it he (albeit reluctantly) knew that it wasn’t his place to force Kirishima to tell him anything.


He’s got enough time before class starts, and now I can… Katsuki thought, glancing at the clock and then Kirishima. Gritting his teeth he turned and walked over to where Mina, Kaminari, and Sero were sitting.



“What the fuck?! So you really haven’t noticed?!?!” Katsuki shouted at the three of them.


Currently he was asking them if they noticed Kirishima’s strange behavior this past week. He wasn’t getting any useful answers.


“He seems normal….just a little tired…?” Mina said, glancing at Kaminari. “Yeah, I mean he’s probably just been up late imagi—” He was received a large elbow in the gut before finishing his line of the conversation. “Imagining what?” Katsuki asked, intrigued.




His face felt hot at the idea.


“Uh...imagining what our training is gonna be like next week!” Sero finished, giving him a shady smile. Grumbling,” Fucking idiots.” Katsuki turned around, leaving the room to buy himself a soda from the vending machine.


He encountered Kirishima in the hallway. More like he approached me, Katsuki thought to himself as the redhead quickened his pace to reach Katsuki.


“Hey! I was just looking for you!” His smile didn’t reach his tired eyes. Katsuki didn’t like that.


“The fuck is it now Shitty Hair?” He asked, ignoring the worry in his own voice. “Can we study today after school? I just, I really need to study and I barely have this week and it’s the weekend so I thou—” Katsuki grabbed his wrist to silence him.


“ ‘Course dumbass. But do you promise to actually fucking use the Toffees Recovery Girl gave you?” Kirishima opened his mouth to argue but Katsuki squeezed his wrist, “Don’t you dare fucking lie to me!” he was glaring at Kirishima now.


Kirishima closed his mouth, nodding firmly.


“Good.” Katsuki muttered, letting go of Kirishima’s wrist.



“Next week, we will be doing a teamed up hero course exercise.” Aizawa-sensei started. “You will be paired up with another student here and cooperating through a rescue mission.” Iida’s hand shot up, “Yes. Iida?” Aizawa asked, annoyed. “Sir, will we be given partners, or will we have the authority to choose them?”  


Kaminari, Sero, and Shinsou all shared a look before directing their gazes back to Aizawa.


“You will all know next week.” A collection of groans followed.


Sero, Kaminari, and Shinsou began to complain. “How am I expected to withstand this abuse?” “Yeah, c’mon this is torture for us to wait.”


Katsuki glanced at Kirishima, who was looking at the three of them with a pained expression.


Lunch came around, and all anyone could talk about was the exercise next week. Kirishima and Katsuki were sitting with the usual group of dumbasses.


Katsuki could hear a few conversations around them, unconsciously eavesdropping.


“I heard there gonna have sharks!”


“Oooh, really? I heard we’d have to rescue actual people. Like the Hero License Exam!”


“I hope I get paired with one of the guys in our class! Show them just how strong Girl Power can be!”


“I hope I’m paired with someone that knows what they’re doing, cause I sure don’t!”


“Ugh, I really hope that it’s not gonna take up too much time. I had a date planned!”


“Should have thought about being a hero before you decided to ask them out!”


“Not fair.”


“Life isn’t fair.”


Katsuki snorted at that. It wasn’t that much, but it was enough for some heads to turn.


But then he heard a certain conversation that wasn’t too loud, but still loud enough for him to hear.


“I’m just glad I’m not in Class 2-A.”


“Why’s that?”


“Y’know that angry blonde—Bakugou if I remember from the Sports Festival—I’d hate to be paired with him!”


This wasn’t the first time someone had said something like that. But right now, Katsuki didn’t really feel like blowing up on someone. Instead, he ignored it.


“God, he sounded so self-centered at the Sports Festival last year!”


“But...he did get first place.”


“Yeah, but he was like a rabid animal! Calling the Half Cold Half Hot guy those rude names! What a poor sport! He had to be chained up and everything. And he was so ungrateful about winning!”


Katsuki silently took the words in, knowing that they weren’t wrong.


“Ugh! I don’t think I could survive being his partner for a whole minute! Let alone a few hours?!”


Katsuki sighed, bringing his attention back to the conversations happening in front of him.


Everyone was looking at Kirishima, who had been looking at Katsuki. Now though, he was turned around in his seat, facing the table behind there’s.


“What are y’all talking about?!” He asked, a dangerous edge in his voice. He flashed them a sweet smile, but his eyes were a sharp red that sent shivers down Katsuki’s spine.


The two first-year girls didn’t seem to recognize Kirishima, nor anyone else at the table yet. “Oh! We were just talking about who we might be partnered with for next week!” Kirishima didn’t hesitate to respond, “You girls are first years right?”


One of them blushed, probably thinking the redhead was ‘flirting’ with her. “Yeah! W-what abou—” “Then why are y’all talking about being partnered with Bakugou?” He turned his head to emphasize the question.


The one that was blushing was now completely pale. It seemed she had realized who Kirishima was—she made no effort to tell her friend.


“No, we were talking about how glad we are that we can’t be paired with him!” The other girl said, still not realizing what was going on. Katsuki could hear a light gasp come from Mina and Kaminari.


“What’s that supposed to mean?” Kirishima asked, his teeth starting to look really, really sharp. He gave the girl a smile.


“Well, he has, like, some sort of anger issues or something because he acts like he’s got a stick up his a-” Her eyes drifted over to the people sitting with Kirishima, before they landed on Katsuki. He could see the I fucked up look the moment she recognized him.


“You’re right! He’s got a short temper, and that’s all I fucking know about him then the only logical explanation is that he’s gonna be a shitty hero! That makes Perfect. Fucking. Sense.” He said, through gritted teeth. Kirishima’s happy tone was still there, but now it was shadowed with something else completely. Another wave of chills came over Katsuki, bringing him to intervene.


“Kirishima, calm the fuck down.” he said. They both knew he was saying ‘It’s alright.’ Kirishima, reluctantly, backed down—not before shooting a glare at the girl of course.


The girl squeaked, bowing her head in embarrassment, “Sorry! Ah, I didn’t realize—”


“Didn’t realize you were talking shit about someone, who just so happened to be sitting at the table next to yours? Or you didn’t realize you were talking shit about someone behind their back?” Mina said, standing up and crossing her arms. This gave Katsuki and Kirishima the perfect chance to escape.


Widening her eyes the girl bowed her head again, “No! I-” She seemed quite embarrassed about her actions. Katsuki glanced over his shoulder at the three who were finishing the discussion, grateful for how loyal they could be. Perhaps he could ask them for details later…for now, he had ask Kirishima what exactly happen there.



“Mind telling me what the hell that whole charade at lunch was about?!” Katsuki asked, stopping Kirishima as they left class.


Sighing, Kirishima put a hand around his neck, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to go all defensive mode….It’s just....” He paused, looking at Katsuki. “It’s just what?” Katsuki asked, encouraging him to continue.


“I heard what they were saying. I thought I’d have to keep you from blowing up on them like you normally would...but...then, when I looked at you, I didn’t see anger. I saw regret, guilt, remorse—and shame. You looked ashamed Bakugou. The only thing I was thinking about was that someone had said something that made my best friend feel ashamed of himself. Something in me snapped at that. Sorry, but I wasn’t going to stand by and let them keep ridiculing a guy they didn’t even know.” His eyes met Katsuki’s. Pink dusted his determined face—a fire burning in his red eyes.


Katsuki could feel the same feeling from the previous day, his gaze softening ever so slightly. “Thanks.” Kirishima stopped rubbing his neck, surprise written on his face. His blush deepened just a bit, “You’re problem! W-wait, no I mean—No problem!” His face was entirely red from embarrassment.


Snickering, Katsuki said, “C’mon. Get your dumbass moving so I can make it less dumb.” Kirishima smiled before following him.

Chapter Text

When they got to their rooms, Katsuki opened the door, knowing Kirishima was right behind him. It had nothing to do with hearing or seeing him...he could just sense his presence. While he made his way to the desk on the opposite side of his bed, he could hear the drop of a bag followed by an exhausted groan and a weighted mattress.

Just before he got up to scold the other, something changed his mind. His friend hadn’t slept much, if at all...

Let him sleep, he thought to himself.

And he did.


He didn’t, however, sit around doing nothing—that’d be a waste of time.

So, while one slept, the other finished his own schoolwork. While Kirishima snored, Katsuki did his daily stretches—making sure not to pull anything. As his friend rested, the blonde had time to create a routine to study that night. Once he’d gotten all of that done, he took a glance at the time.


6:38 PM

It’s getting kind of late….


Wait a minute, it’s fucking Friday.


Katsuki gritted his teeth as he contemplated which way to go. Eventually, he gave in.


Screw it, it’s the damn weekend. He turned to his bed, where Kirishima lay taking a nap.


When he made a move toward Kirishima—ready to shake him awake, he took a look at the other’s face. Less Better than nothing I suppose.. , he thought. Placing a hand on either shoulder, he shook the other awake. “I’m up! I’m up!” The boy shouted, jolting up as he awoke. Luckily for both of their dignity’s, Katsuki dodged just in time.


He grabbed his phone, checking the time. “6:40! Shit, how long was I sleeping?” Katsuki snorted, “Long enough. Calm your tits, it’s the fucking weekend, Einstein. Feel better now that you’ve actually gotten some fucking sleep?” He asked, giving him a once over.


Kirishima pumped his fist in the air, “Hell yeah man! Thanks!” He grinned, meeting Katsuki’s eyes. Silence sat between the two for a while, not uncomfortable, but not quite comfortable either.


After a few moments, Katsuki broke the silence with a muttered, “Get your damn futon Shitty Hair.” Kirishima, beaming at him, raced out of the room to do just that. Shaking his head in amusement, Katsuki took his phone out.


Every weekend, Kirishima would stay the night in Katsuki’s room so they could study as long as they wanted, without having to drag himself back to his own room at 2 am.


Now, he was struggling to get the previously mentioned futon through Katsuki’s door—not surprising, as it always happened. “Why is this thing so big???” Kirishima complained, taking the futon out of the doorway, and attempting to pull it through in another position.


Katsuki smirked, “Well, they probably didn’t expect idiot’s like you to try and cram the damn thing through the dorm’s tiny ass doorways.” Kirishima shot Katsuki an exasperated look, clearly not amused.


After what took forever, he managed to get the entire thing in the room and next to Katsuki’s mattress. “I have half a mind to just keep this in here.” he said, pretending to wipe invisible sweat from his brow.


Scoffing, Katsuki stood up in a crouch, “And clutter up my room?! Bitch I hope the fuck you do, you’d be a dead son of a bitch I tell you that!”


Dropping the pillow in his hand, Kirishima stared at Katsuki for a few moments. Suddenly, he burst out in laughter.


“Let me guess, Kaminari showed you that, right?” He asked between breathes.


Looking away, Katsuki crossed his arms, “Tch. Please. Pikachu didn’t teach me shit.” They both knew that was a load of bull.


Giving Katsuki a Mhm sure… look, Kirishima finished setting up his futon. Rubbing his hands together, he said “Alright! I’m done! Now….let’s get this bread!”


“The only thing you’re getting is clean! Now, get the fuck out.” Katsuki said, shooing the boy out of his room.


Sighing, he fell onto his mattress, taking his phone out. After 15 minutes of scrolling mindlessly through his phone, his door opened. In stepped Kirishima—hair down, sweatpants on, and black hoodie on.




Katsuki’s face felt hot, but his voice was firm when he said, “Who the fuck wears a hoodie to sleep?” Kirishima messed with his hair before replying, “Well, since you keep your room at an unreasonably cold temperature, I am forced to live my life like this. You hear that? This is your doing!” He gestured to himself.


Trying to keep from letting out a laugh, Katsuki pulled their textbooks aside to make room for the other.


“Sit you little bitch.” He muttered, patting the empty space in front of him. When Kirishima obliged, sitting in front of him, he shoved the boy’s homework in his hands. “You know the drill.” And he did.


Grabbing a pencil, the redhead began working. Kirishima could feel the blondes gaze burning through his skin. It took what little concentration he had left not to get flustered under the other’s stare.


The redhead took 20 minutes to finish his math, and it took Katsuki 10 minutes to check it. While he did, Kirishima moved on to the next assignment. “Oi! You got some of them wrong.” Katsuki said, circling the number’s that weren’t correct.


Sighing, Kirishima took the paper and gave Katsuki his partially done English. “Oh quit your bitching, it’s only 4 out of 10 wrong.” Katsuki responded.


Fixing the problems, Katsuki checked his Math while he finished his English and History. “T’is good now.” He took the English paper, looking over it.


“Your spelling’s off. And your handwriting is literally fucking shit. Other than that it seems fine.” He muttered the last sentence. Kirishima sighed in relief.


By 9:20, they were sitting next to each other, backs against the wall.


“Kaminari and Sero were with me in the baths...they told me you interrogated them….What did you ask them?” Kirishima asked, looking at Katsuki with a question in his eyes. He sounded...nervous?


Nonetheless, Katsuki told him the truth, “I asked those damn idiots if they even fucking noticed how odd you’ve been this week.” He didn’t look at Kirishima when he said this.


“..oh…” was all the other boy said.


Katsuki expected him to explain what had been going on with him….but he got nothing in return.


Silence passed between the two before Kirishima said, “Oh! Yeah, also they invited us to hangout with them on Sunday!” Katsuki looked at him, not showing his intrigue.


“Who else is going?” He asked.


“I’m not quite sure….but I know I am! They did say that some other people would be there...but they didn’t say any names…” Kirishima stuck his lip out in a pout, thinking.


Careful, might fry your brain Shitty Hair. Katsuki thought.


“Eh what the fuck. Sure.” He said, getting the redhead to shut up. “Really?” The hope in his voice was pretty cute.





“Blasty??” Kirishima said, pulling him back to reality. “Yeah, fucking course.” He answered, still a little dazed.


“Great! I’ll text them right now!” He grabbed his phone—sending a quick text before setting it back down.


Yawning, Kirishima said, “I need to get some more sleep…” Rolling his eyes, Katsuki responded, “Took you long enough you fuck.”


Giving Katsuki a tired smile, he flopped down onto his futon, cuddling his face into one of his pillows.


Flustered, Katsuki lay down on his own bed and turned the light off.


They stayed like that in complete silence, giving Katsuki a moment to think.


Why is this time different from the other times?


To Katsuki, it seemed like this sleepover was more of a necessity than an option. It Kirishima needed to stay here—to heal, to feel better. Some part of Katsuki knew that Kirishima felt like that too.


But, no part of Katsuki knew what exactly was going on with Kirishima...and he didn’t enjoy that feeling in the slightest.


“Hey, Bakugou?” Kirishima’s voice cut through the dark silence, despite how quiet it sounded.


Katsuki replied with a mere grunt, letting him continue.


A gulp.


“I-....Thank you.” Kirishima said quietly, shy even. Confused, Katsuki muttered a “huh?”


“Thank you Bakugou. For being you. For being there. For having my back. For…..for being such a great friend...And—and for paying attention…..” Katsuki could hear his voice catch in his throat, definitely on the verge of crying.


“Ts’nothing. Don’t thank me for being better than everyone dumbass...I already know that. Thank yourself for being a stubborn little shit.” He was thankful for the dark room, knowing he’d get called out for the obvious blush he was sporting if Kirishima could see.


A moment of silence.


“I guess, you’re alright too…” Katsuki muttered before turning to lay his side. He heard the other person sigh, before whispering, “G’Night Blasty…” Katsuki gave a tired grunt, shifting to get into a more comfortable position.


He didn’t close his eyes until he heard the soft snores coming from the futon on the floor.




It wasn’t the sunlight that woke Bakugou Katsuki up.


It wasn’t his phone that did it either.




“Bro! We gotta get breakfast! Wake up!”


That’s what woke him up.


Groaning, Katsuki muttered a ‘Fuck Off’ before throwing one of Kirishima’s pillows at the voice. Missed, dammit.


He didn’t get a chance to get up before two warm hands wrapped around his ankles. “Wha-”




Suddenly, he was being held upside down, by his ankles. Looking down—or rather up, at Kirishima’s mischievous face. “WHAT THE FUCK, YOU FUCKMUNCH?! PUT ME THE HELL DOWN RIGHT FUCKING NOW YOU ASSHOLE!” He was shouting at top of his lungs at the redhead.


“Are you awake yet?” His eyes were bright, giving Katsuki a playful smirk. Frowning, Katsuki said, “No, now put me the fuck down.” Laughing—no— giggling at him, Kirishima said, “Okay!”


Suddenly, Katsuki was lying on the floor Kirishima sitting on him, with a grin. Fucking- what? I- His thoughts were interrupted when the other began to tickle him, making him squirm. “WH….HA….WHat th-the fuck Shitty Ha-ha-haha!” He hated it, but he really loved it too. He was laughing, trying to get Kirishima to stop. Before long, he couldn’t breathe, and he was trying to kick Kirishima off of him.


“I-i can’t...heh...breathe..hehaha…” He was gasping for breathe at this point. The tickling stopped, giving him a chance to breathe. Kirishima was beaming down at him, very amused. Katsuki realized he himself was still smiling, quickly converting into a frown. “What?” Kirishima took a moment before answering, “I like your laugh. It’s....” He paused, conflicted, before resuming, “...surprising.” Katsuki looked at him, silent.


For a second…….


I thought….


It sounded like….


He was gonna say…







He still couldn’t shake the feeling...that maybe that was the case. “Wha’da mean by that?” He asked, confused. Kirishima sighed, “It sounds….soft and…...and sweet...and nice coming from someone as….er… .not those things… ?” He bit his lip, a bit unsure of how Katsuki would react.


Quietly, Katsuki said, “Oh” , before he kept staring at the other’s lips.


They sat there, in a tensed silence with Kirishima still straddling Katsuki. One staring at the other, both of them thinking of the same thing. Both of them aware that if one leaned in just a smidge closer—








Scrambling of off Katsuki, Kirishima leapt toward the sound, failing to answer the call before it hung up.


Shrugging, Kirishima went through his notifications—Katsuki’s nosy bitch side got the best of him as he got up. “Wh-12 Missed Calls….from the same number….”Kirishima sounded confused...and a little surprised, but there was something beneath all of that—something that sounded familiar to Katsuki.


He didn’t get a chance to think about it—the device in his friends hand was buzzing again, making him creep closer in curiosity.




“Yes, I’m Kirishima Eijirou…..why—” He huffed at the interruption.


Katsuki was close enough to hear the other end now.


You’re aware you are listed as the ICE for Kirishima Sumiko, correct?


“No, she never—” He didn’t just sound confused anymore...he sounded scared too.


You are her son, correct?


“Yeah but wh—” His hands were lightly shaking.


This is the Ankoku Hospital calling to tell you that Kirishima Sumiko was admitted last night at ten PM


Kirishima’s eyes were wide, his lips were parted. He turned around to look at Katsuki, who looked just as surprised.


The best way Katsuki could describe what happened—the redhead stopped. Not just talking….it seemed he stopped breathing, stopped blinking—hell, maybe he was even trying to stop his heart from beating.


His phone nearly fell from his hand, before he took a deep breath and whispered, “How bad is it?”


I’m sorry. I am not qualified to tell you that information. But




He hung up. He stood there, in shock. Katsuki was silent. He looked at the other one, seeing so many things.








He hated it, hated seeing him like this.





It wasn’t these things, though, that he hated most….




He hated the other two the most.




Katsuki’s heart started to crumble...each newly discovered emotion hitting him like a…..




….like a blast.


Kirishima’s face was flashing with all of these emotions…Katsuki wanted to tell the damn hospital to never call his friend again. He wanted to punch the wall. He wanted to comfort his best friend. He wanted to reach out—hug him even. But right now, he had to do something else…..something much, much harder.


“C’mon.” He didn’t even think twice when he grabbed Kirishima’s hand and took him through the door, straight to Aizawa’s room.


Fuck formality.


He turned the handle and slammed the goddamn door open.

Chapter Text

“Bakugou…..” Aizawa was standing up facing them, his voice warning the blonde. Katsuki didn’t even blink—stomping forward he said, “We need to fucking leave right the fuck now.” Aizawa didn’t move from where he was standing, “Not until you tell me wh—”

“Ankoku Hospital” Katsuki felt Kirishima’s grip tighten.


For such a tired man, Aizawa was out the door in the blink of an eye.


Katsuki never let Kirishima’s hand out of it’s hold. Neither did Kirishima. Both had their own reasons for doing so. Both wouldn’t be letting go any time soon. Not as long as either could help it.


Katsuki wished so, so much that he could find something, anything really, to break the suffocating silence. But everytime he thought of something, it’d disappear as soon as he’d look in Kirishima’s direction.

Unimportant. Forgotten.


So, the best he could do was hold his friends hand.

To Katsuki, it seemed so…..useless. To Katsuki, there should have been words spoken, perhaps an “I’m sorry”. He couldn’t do anything but hold his friends hand.

To Eijirou, it was more than enough. To Eijirou, it was better than any words Katsuki could say. He’d trade every word in the world for this.

And so they sat there, polar opposites….yet so alike in the moment. The car hitting a bump, here and there.


What was 15 minutes, became 3 seconds away from their destination. Doors closed, footsteps. Two free hands—left one, tan; right one, fair—pushing glass doors open.


The cold air hit the three, almost mocking the redhead boy of the hollowness within. Katsuki’s fist clenched in his sweatpants pocket, resisting the urge to scream at the damn air. To scream at the whole world. He took all the anger bubbling within, to look at his surroundings.

An older woman, sitting with a younger girl, smiling.

A man sitting next to a woman, both sharing excited looks.

A young lady laughing with an older one.

Everyone was so happy. Everyone was smiling. Why—HOW CAN YOU BE SMILING?! WHY….how can you laugh right now? Katsuki didn’t understand. He could understand how stupid everyone was. Couldn’t they see that everything wasn’t okay?

Frustrated, Katsuki decided to just look straight ahead—giving the people he passed side glares, tension taking hold of him.

Kirishima, was the complete opposite. He looked around, not really seeing anything at all—his free hand was fiddling with his hoodie string, the people he passed going completely unnoticed.

“Isn’t that the guy who won the Sports Festival last year?” ‘

A whisper.

A goddamn whisper.

Katsuki’s shoulders tensed, but he ignored the voice, picking up his pace to get to the front desk.

“Yeah! And he’s with Red Riot!” Someone said. Katsuki shot them a heavy glare, unaware that Kirishima’s footsteps slowed.

“I wonder why they're here?”

“Maybe their visiting a fan?”

“How sweet!”

Katsuki clenched his fists, unknowingly tightening his grip on Kirishima’s hand. He opened his mouth, ready to release every bit of anger within him. Ready to yell at these damn idiots for being so insensitive. Wanting so much to tell them off, to tell them how they shouldn’t be noticing them. Scold them for being…..for being fans.

For being people. For being curious. For wanting to see their favourite future heroes, to see what they were up to. For not knowing what was going on, even though it wasn’t their fault. It’s not their fault…

Katsuki shut his mouth, giving them a dangerous glare before turning and pulling a blank-faced Kirishima to the front desk.

“Welcome to the Ankoku Hospital!” The young woman was looking at her screen when she spoke. “How can I help…….you…..” She looked at the two, her eyes looking at Katsuki, before falling at Kirishima, making her trail off. Kirishima didn’t seem to notice her, actually…..he didn’t seem to be noticing anything. Katsuki swung his hand a bit to get his attention, at the same time the lady spoke, “....Ki-shi…? Is that really you?” Her eyes sparkled a bit at the name.

Katsuki wasn’t sure which one got Kirishima’s attention….but from his response, it seemed perhaps what the lady said….didn’t.

Looking directly at the desk, Kirishima mumbled, “Visiting….my mom….uhm…..Kirishima Sumiko...” the familiarity in her voice didn’t match the hurt expression when she spoke, “Kirishima….Sumiko? ” Now, Kirishima looked up at her.

Recognition flashed on his face.

Katsuki didn’t want to admit it….but he didn’t like this.

“Yeah, that’s what he fucking said...Aren’t you gonna fucking type something down or some shit?” He glared at her. Hurriedly, she looked away and started typing, hands flying over keys. Giving Kirishima a glance she said, “You are Kirishima Eijirou, right?” He nodded, still not looking away.

“I would ask for a form of identification….but…..” She gave a small chuckle that recieved a wall of tense silence back. Still, Kirishima murmured a quiet, “No.” Nodding, she typed another thing down, before turning to Katsuki.

“Are you….Bakugou...Katsuki….?” She cringed a little, not wanting to mispronounce it, Katsuki assumed. “Yeah, but this ain’t about me.” She gave him the look that he hated most.


Gritting his teeth, Katsuki bit on his tongue. Hard.

“Only direct relatives may visit Sumiko at the moment….” She looked at Katsuki before switching to Kirishima, and then back again. He gestured to his occupied hand before replying, “There’s absolutely no fucking way I’m leaving his side lady.” He didn’t even add anger to his voice, just stating it like the fact it was.

They’d have to pry his cold, dead hands away from Kirishima’s if they wanted to separate the two right now.

Katsuki thought she would say something, but Kirishima spoke up instead.

“.......Mal, please….” Kirshima muttered, looking at his shoes. A little bit of surprise passed her face before she smiled gently and said, “I suppose I could make an exception…..just, don’t tell my boss, m’kay?” Kirishima didn’t respond, so Katsuki did it for him.

“Whatever, just….put me down as his brother or some shit.” His furious gaze burning into her skin. Shaking her head she said, “Well, I would….but Eijirou here doesn’t have any documented brothers….and...well his—” Kirishima looked up suddenly, making her stop.

She dragged her eyes back to Katsuki. “...uh...well, I can put you down as….um….his bo—”

“Okay.” Katsuki said, wanting to get going. She glanced at Kirishima before typing it out and handing them a piece of paper. She leaned forward, pointing to where they were to go, “Alright, you’re gonna go do—”

“We can find our own damn way.” Katsuki interjected, turning toward the hall she pointed to.

He started moving forward, when Kirishima didn’t budge. “Hah? Kiri, c’mon….” He turned back to see the person in question still looking at the lady.

“Thank you miss….Sasaki.” Kirishima said quietly, looking at her. She gave the boy a smile. “You’re very welcome!” Kirishima gave a small wave, which she returned, before turning and taking off with Katsuki.

It surprising how quickly they could get to a room that neither wished was occupied—even quicker than how long it took the two to get to their class from the front doors of the school.

Katsuki’s stomache bubbled with uncertainty as they stood before Kirishima’s mum’s hospital room. “If you want to see her by yourself, I can—” Kirishima exhaled a very quiet, “no”

Unconsciously, Katsuki’s shoulder’s fell in relief. He didn’t remember tensing up…

Did what he remember really matter right now?

Not at the moment, no.

He felt Kirishima’s hand harden a bit in fear, before he rubbed his thumb over the back of the other’s knuckles. The redhead looked at him, grateful, before turning back to the door.

Taking a deep breath, he turned the knob and opened the door.

Katsuki could only see the foot of the bed, it didn’t matter though. Beep after beep, overlapping each other—it made him sick. He wanted to stop walking—to turn around and leave before he or Kirishima saw the worst, but he was already being pulled toward the bed.

It was worse than he could ever imagine.

There was only one time where he’d seen worse—when…..

...when Kiri was recovering….

He wished he hadn’t thought about it at all.

In the bed, there lay a woman—covered head to toe in purple, blue, black, red, yellow.

Covered…in bruises.

She was hooked up to multiple machines….For a moment, Katsuki forgot who she was, who he was. He forgot everything, except the sound of breathing. Three—no….four breaths. Normally, he’d question it…..question who, or what else was there...but…..right now was far from normal.

He couldn’t understand why his throat close up. Couldn’t comprehend why his eyes stung. He didn’t even know this person…..yet……

He felt as though he did.

He’d never met her, hell, he’d rarely even heard about her. Still, in some unexplainable way….he knew her.

Obviously, not specifics….but he could tell this woman was an honest person. He sensed she was kind. That her smile was pretty. That she had a great sense of humor. That she was unbelievably humble. But the one that stood out most: A great mother.

Really….Katsuki could see she was just like the boy who stood next to him.


That voice—the one that made him laugh—spoke, making him remember why he was there in the first place. Reminding him he still had a job to do. Reminding him that the person most like the one he’d never met, yet still knew so well, was standing right next to him—hurt. His hand was numb, blood cut off from how hard Kirishima was squeezing it. Almost instinctively, Katsuki honed in on the him.

Sometimes Katsuki really hated his instincts...

“Mama?” He sounded cracked, broken. Defeated.

The crack in his voice sent Katsuki’s nerves into motion. Fuck. He closed his eyes, wishing to be anywhere but there. Still, his mind kept him still, kept him there because the person closest to him needed somebody….and he was the only one good enough to do it.

Releasing all the built up tension, all the stress, all the exhaustion, Katsuki took a deep breath—combining those three things into one ball, and let all of it out. Mentally kicking out all of it. Letting go of the anger, letting go of his shield of pride…..of that damn façade he always wore.


Opening his eyes, he faced Kirishima. He took his hand out of Kiri’s, receiving a frightened look in return. Before he could say anything else, Katsuki wrapped his arms around him. A tiny intake of breath gave Kirishima’s surprise away. Katsuki let his shoulders drop, relaxed. Slowly, the other mirrored him—arms embracing him.

Katsuki ignored the damp spots on his shirt—Kirishima ignored the ones on his.

Standing there for what felt like eternity—until Kirishima let go of him. He turned around, wiping his face. Katsuki turned the other way, somewhat uncomfortable that he’d laid himself out like that.

Kirishima turned back around, crimson eyes meeting scarlet ones. The only thing that stood between them was silence. Katsuki wanted to tell him everything would be okay. That it was okay.


“Kirishima Eijirou?” A man’s voice came from the doorway. Both turned, looking at the police officer standing in the hall.

Now, Katsuki’s mind started buzzing. Why would they be here? What happened? What are they gonna do? Did— He shook his head, questions flooding his mind.

Next to him, there was a light swallow before a mumbled, “Y-yes?” Katsuki shot the officer the strongest glare he could muster, knowing it wouldn’t do anything. The man spoke, “Is it alright if I were to ask you a few questions?”

Pissed and confused, Katsuki opened his mouth to give an insult of sorts, but the boy next to him was faster, “I—….sure...but can my…...friend, come with me?” He started biting his lip—a thing he did when he was unnerved.

Katsuki looked at the man as if to say, Think very carefully about your answer…. The man shook his head, “No, not yet at least.” With a solemn nod, Kirishima started walking to the door.

Katsuki didn’t want to be alone, not in here at least. He reached out and grabbed Kirishima’s wrist, and spat, “I’m not fucking leaving him.” But it wasn’t the officer that replied……

It was Kirishima.

“Bakugou, please. “He hissed, eyes finally showing a hint of expression. Pleading….Shutting his trap, Katsuki obliged, letting his hand slip away from the other’s wrist. Turning, he watched him leave, kept staring at the spot he once stood long after Kirishima had gone.

What the everloving fuck do they want me to do now? I’m not supposed to be here, I don’t belong here right now. I…….

I don’t want to be alone.

Despite how hard he tried to make himself believe, he couldn’t ignore the other person in the room. With a sigh, Katsuki trudged to the table in front of the bed, nabbed a chair, and sat down.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki never liked talking to people. Sure, maybe as a kid he’d boast to every stranger on the street that he’d be the best hero—but that was before the sludge villain attacked him. After that, he stopped enjoying words coming from his mouth, afraid that if he opened it to speak, he’d start suffocating—every pore, every orifice being invaded by disgusting sewage water.


It was because of that, that he was alone….too damn scared to respond with more than shitty one word answers. Too worried about keep his mouth shut to stop that, tough guy act, that had started becoming a part of who he was, from doing just that.


Becoming who he was.


Even when he started going to U.A., it’d already been too late for him. Yeah, it did make his weak fear go away—but at what cost? Now he was stuck, feeling the need to prove himself to ever person in the room—in the world. At the time…..he never thought about any of that, putting it off as something everyone did. But somehow, someway….a little part of him disagreed—albeit in it’s own fucked up way…..


As soon as high school began, Katsuki’s opinions of himself heightened….well, all but one—which dropped to a negative.


His voice.


Katsuki didn’t like hearing himself speak….he hated the sound of his own voice. There were times, where he’d contemplated trying to change it—maybe Jirou could have, but he doubted it—more often though, he’d thought about ripping out his own vocal chords to save himself the trouble.


But then, that stupid Kirishima started following him around—and although he’d never tell the other this, he’s kinda relieved he did.


He gave Katsuki something to grow from….a foundation to build off of—he gave Katsuki a chance to try again. A chance to grow that part of himself that wasn’t corrupted.


The red head even did some of the work….cracking at his outer shell with ever smile, closed eyes and sharp teeth. With every dumb thing he’d do, trying to lighten Katsuki’s sour moods. With every word, from confident, reassuring claims; to scolding, friendly statements; to gentle, sweet words.


He hated to admit it….but it worked. A year had passed by, and Katsuki…...still hates talking. But it’s not because of his need to prove himself, nor is it because of his former fear….and, though he still hates his voice, that isn’t the answer either...


He just doesn’t like it. It’s not like he’s shy , just that he doesn’t like doing things he sucks at. ‘Practice makes perfect’, is what Kiri would tell him…....right before getting hit in the head with a magazine roll. Eventually, he’d stopped nagging Katsuki about it...though on occasion he would bring it up, but Katsuki was fine with that. He was fine with all of it. He was fine with not having it in him to sit down and have a heart to heart with some stranger.


But the universe seemed to be having fun putting him in morbidly ironic situations—laughing at him from the sidelines.


Because here he was, sitting down and having a heart-to-....well a heart-to-unconscious heart with a stranger (who just so happened to be the mother of the person closest to him). And just like he’d already known……


He didn’t have it in him


But, like the stubborn guy he was, he simply threw his hands up, said “ Fuck it!” , and flung himself at the problem.


To his surprise, talking to this woman….was easy. Even, dare he say , comfortable. He didn’t say it wasn’t stupid or embarrassing though.


“God, I...I don’t even know why the hell I’m doing this…” He muttered under his breath, scooting closer to the bed.


“I don’t know if you can hear me, but just know that if I never get to meet you….I’ll most definitely bitchslap you so hard you’ll come back to life.”


“Uh….I don’t know how this shit works...I mean usually Kiri introduces me to people he knows….but as you can’t see, he ain’t able to do that. So…um...I’m Bakugou Katsuki…? Ah, friends with Kiri.” He swallowed.


“And you...are Kirishima Sumiko, his mom…” Katsuki looked at the ground.


“I don’t know who, or what did this to you…..but I do promise that once I find out, I’ll snap ‘em.” He looked back up at the mat. “But either way…..Kiri needs you to stay...and so do I…..I don’t—” He took a deep breath.


“I don’t think I could make him feel better if you….y’know….” He closed his eyes for a second. “I know...I know it’s selfish,” He gave a small chuckle, “I have habit of doing that.” He paused, thinking.


“Kiri, he… should be proud of him—If you aren’t already, yeah? I mean sure, he’s the biggest idiot I’ve ever met….but he’s emotionally inclined….if that makes sense...” His indifference shifted to amusement.


His entire demeanor changed as he continued simply talking about the boy.....quiet laughs here and there, mostly when he described something especially stupid.


But then…..he had talked himself into a full loop, it made him remember what got him there in the first place...and like a switch, he stopped talking.


And now there was silence…...until Katsuki spoke up again.


“I don’t think I’ll ever know how he manages to be a good person….” And an even better friend, Katsuki silently added.


“He carries this light with him, too goddamn bright if you ask me….Well, it was too bright. Now it’s gotten harder and harder to find….” He pushed on, feeling like he had to .


“He’s really damn reckless, and it’s so....frustrating. I’m not joking when I say—he’d be crippled and still make sure some bystander isn’t traumatized.” He turned to look at the ceiling, closing his eyes. Fuck.


He tried so hard to keep the salty tears from escaping, but….his will wasn’t enough. Then again….in a fight between you and the universe, it’s hard to will yourself to do anything when it puts you in the most fucked up of situations.


He bowed his head down,  ignoring the sting in his eyes. Ignoring the shaky breaths he took as he forced out a wet laugh.


“Heh, all of this is really freaking stupid,” He huffed, “I’m not even related to you, I’ve never even met you—yet I’m ….” He gestured to himself.


“It’s so stupid wish for impossible things…..that’s what I’ve always told myself. Yet here I am, being a big hypocrite, ” He coughed, hiding his sniff, “Here I am, wishing that I already knew you….So...maybe I could have something to actually cry about.” He shook his head, “If I were meeting you under better circumstances, maybe….maybe I would've be less of a wuss.”


Under better circumstances….he’d actually get to know what this woman was like. Under better circumstances, he’d get to spot all the differences and similarities between her and his friend.


But these weren’t better circumstances….not in the slightest. He couldn’t change that this was the way he’d meet her. So, he had to make the most out of it….make the most out of these shitty circumstances.


He wiped his face on his sleeve, whispering a “Thank You”


Perhaps, it was so easy to talk to this stranger...because she couldn’t judge him. She couldn’t hear him...didn’t know who he was, what he was saying. Maybe, it was so easy...because she wasn’t going to say anything….


And he thanked her….it didn’t matter if she couldn’t hear him. Didn’t matter if she couldn’t understand….Katsuki just needed to say it. Why he was thanking her….he wasn’t exactly sure. Was it for listening to him? For being alive?


For raising Kirishima to be the person he was today? To be the person to help him?




Maybe it was all of those reasons….or….Maybe it was none of them….


Katsuki didn’t care too much of finding out, because….because some part of him already knew….


He just needed to give it the time it needed to share that knowledge with the rest of him. It’s a good thing I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, he thought, a smirk splayed across his face.


The buzz of his phone in his pocket made him jump ever so slightly. Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed it and turned it on.


Expecting to see 5 people staring back at him, he nearly dropped the phone when he saw only one red eyed blond looking back at him. When he saw himself on the lockscreen—smiling. The picture that Mina took, he realized.


This wasn’t his phone….


It was Kirishima’s.


Just as he was about to turn it off, his eyes caught a text notification.



[Unknown— Friday, 09:42 PM ]   

  Say hi to Sumiko for me!            



Who….? Who else knows about her being here?  Maybe it’s another family member? But why wouldn’t they be saved…..


Katsuki reread the message, when after about the thousandth time, his eyes caught on the timestamp.


He recalled something from the phone call that Kirishima received,


….Kirishima Sumiko was admitted last night at ten PM…


He reread the timestamp, over and over, willing it to change. But, as the universe had already proven to him....his will just wasn't enough.


Friday, 09:42 PM


18 minutes before they found her.




His mouth went dry, his stomach dropped, the wheels in his head spinning violently as he processed everything.


Just before Katsuki could tap the notification, to see the conversation….or to reply...the door of the room opened.


With his senses heightened, he jolted up, turning around, explosions at the ready. And— Oh.


It’s just Kirishima.


Except that it wasn’t….it was never just Kirishima, but especially not now. Especially not Kirishima with the foreign tear streaks on his face. Most definitely not Kirishima with the solemn look on his face. Absolutely not his Kirishima.


Shoving the phone into his pocket, he walked briskly to the other—hesitating in front of him. His friend didn’t meet his eyes as he murmured, “They want to talk to you too….” He was looking at his shoes. Katsuki growled, “I swear to god, I’ll kill them for making you—” He stopped when the other looked up at him, the worry in his eyes hitting him full force.


It only grew as the other took in the drying streaks on his face, the tears long gone...but having left a reminder behind. After a few moments, he flicked his eyes seemed he was afraid he’d break down again if he looked at his mother.


Katsuki gently placed a hand on his forearm, giving him a silent reassurance. Slowly, the other looked up, at the woman lying on the hospital mattress.


As His face crumbled, so did Katsuki’s heart.


Katsuki didn't respond when the Kirishima pulled him into an embrace, holding onto the back of his shirt like Katsuki's life depended on it..... my life....?  



Mentally shaking his head, Katsuki lightly hugged him back.....a few minutes passed—Katsuki's chin resting on the top of Kirishima's head, arms not as lightly wrapped around him. A morbid silence sat between them.


They stood there for what felt like forever, until finally Kirishima pulled away from him....and turned around—indicating to Katsuki that he should follow.


And so he did.


Before he knew it, they were in a tiny room sitting in two chairs across from a man seated in another chair, with only a desk between.


After the two took a seat, he spoke, “Bakugou Katsuki, correct?” He looked up from a folder, closing it gently. Katsuki didn’t—couldn’t do anything but nod. “I’m sure you’re rather confused as to why—” “Yeah, I am. I’m confused as to why the hell you believe that interrogating him—” he nodded to Kirishima, “—is helpful right now? I get that someone did this, and I want to know, even more than you, who did….but why won’t you come back in a few days?!” He was standing now, fists clenched on either side.


“You realize, your fucking job is to make sure people are okay?! We’re teenagers and we know that! Just cause someone’s physically fine DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE NOT BREAKING DOWN INSIDE!” He kept pushing, despite the crack in his voice.


“What the hell goes down in your mind?! ‘Oh, hey. I know this guy literally just arrived to find his mother bruised and battered, lying unconscious in a hospital…. You know what would be a good idea?! Asking him fucking questions?! I’m sure he knows why she’s here! I’m sure he’s not surprised that she’s here! CAUSE THAT MAKES FUCKING SENSE?!” He finished, almost screaming. He was breathing heavily, relieved to have released all of the pent up tension.


But Katsuki never saw the way his friend looked at the ground at the words, ‘knows why she’s here’. He didn’t see the way Eijirou winced when he’d described the state of his mother. He never saw any of it.


And Eijirou didn’t want him to.


Katsuki slowly sat back down, under his breath, “I’ll find whoever did this, and I’ll kill them. ” before bowing his head down.The officer wasn’t near enough to hear it, but Eijirou was.


Those words held a darkness unlike anything Eijirou had ever heard Bakugou say….nothing like the instinctual threats that he gave their friends all the time. It—


It wasn’t an empty threat.


Katsuki looked up at the officer, surprised to see him sitting there, calm—as if Katsuki hadn’t just shouted at him, telling him how to do his job. “I understand your frustration kid, I really do….but I suggest you listen to what I have to say—if not, you might be the next person your friend receives a call about.”


Katsuki really didn’t know how to respond. Well, he did, but based on how the officer reacted to it, he guessed he mistook the statement, “Is that a fucking threat?!”


The officer shook his head, annoyed more than anything, “Sit down kid.”


Reluctantly, Katsuki obliged.


With a sigh, the officer crossed his ankles over the table—the start to a long explanation.

Chapter Text

“I suppose I’ll explain why I’m here, as to prevent you from blowing up again,” The man started, pinching the bridge of his nose.


“For the love of all things good, just refer to me as Detective Hoshimoto. I don’t want to be here as much as you…” He gave both of them a glance.


“To answer your question kid, I didn’t get the option of waiting to speak with your friend. Trust me, we all wouldn’t be sitting here if that were the case.” He held his hand to his mouth, coughing.


“—ah. But it’s not, seeing how this…..incident just opened a cold case.” Katsuki’s face must have revealed his confusion, because the detective elaborated.


“Eight years ago, I was assigned to a missing persons case—15 year old female and 40 year old male—but the damn thing was out almost a week later.” He took his hat off, running a hand through his hair.


“Now though, this attack might help us find one—if not both—of them.” Katsuki didn’t know what to say to that. Luckily, the man wasn’t done speaking.


“Now, as for you…’re here, because of an anonymous tip—saying that you’re the biggest target at the moment.” He paused to let that sink in to Katsuki’s mind, before continuing.


“What I mean by that, is that whomever or whatever —if our theory is right—is following a pattern to their attacks...which shows you as the most likely victim for the next one. If we don’t set precautions beforehand, and our theory proves to be true…….you won’t be going to a hospital, kid.” I’ll be going to the morgue .


To the damn universe’s surprise—Katsuki didn’t explode. He didn’t blow up. Sure as hell didn’t cry.


He stared at the desk…..too overwhelmed to produce words—let alone sentences. But then, an unfamiliarly small voice said something from the chair next to him.


“Bakugou….? Are….are you okay?” Was what he said, giving his shoulder a shake.


Now the universe would get the reaction it wanted, Katsuki thought with gritted teeth—because it was now he said, “Fucker….” He stood, every muscle in his body tense. His nails were digging into his palms, probably enough to make him bleed, but Katsuki didn’t care.


“I’ll fuckin’......I’ll tear them apart limb-by-limb if they even think about laying a motherfucking finger on me or Eijirou.” He hadn’t meant to use his friends first name, but that wasn’t what he cared about at the moment. “If they even think they can get me, they’re fucked!” He grit his teeth, hard enough to make his jaw ache.


That was when he saw the pained smile in his periphery.


Katsuki almost missed what it was he whispered.


“I knew you’d say that.”


Katsuki whipped his head around to face him.


“You, knew…...I’d say…?—What?” His glare was less intense when his eyes landed on Kirishima. Kirishima’s eyes widened, seeming have said something he didn’t intend to.


“I know your tough, that’s why—” He stopped, shifting his eyes to his hands. Katsuki and Detective Hoshimoto’s gazes were trained to him when Katsuki asked, “Why what?” Kirishima opened his mouth to respond just as the man spoke, “Why you’re the next target.” Katsuki swung back to look at the man now.


“Hah?!” Katsuki asked, confused. Why would they……


“Well that’s one of the reasons we believe. There’s also the fact that you’ve been kidnapped by the League, so perhaps they’re sending in someone to eliminate you—though it’s unlikely, because of the period of time between the two. There’s also you having won the Sports festival last year….Or you being one of the top students…..You interning for Best Jea—”


“—Damn, alright I fucking get it!” Katsuki snapped.


“Good. Now, for the precautions we’ll be setting—calm down kid we ain’t gonna take ya outta U.A.” He said when he saw Katsuki open his mouth to argue.


“We will be relocating your family though….and adding extra security to U.A.—and we’ll ask the staff to tell reporters that villain attacks have been nearing the school—to keep suspicions low.”


Katsuki nodded, albeit reluctantly. “I don’t think there will be any issues with the staff nor students…..however, if there is we may have to relocate both of you—but that’s only if things get worse.” Katsuki’s shoulders dropped in relief.


“Worse?” Katsuki asked, perking up. “The fuck do you mean worse? This is already pretty fucking shit—” “—from the things I’ve seen kid…..this is minor. You may be training to be a hero, but even you kids shouldn’t be witnessing the things I’ve seen.” The man had a haunted sort of look to his expression, making Katsuki shut his mouth.


Katsuki noticed the unusual silence from Kirishima, making him turn.


For a second he thought that the redhead was gone. When he looked at the chair where his friend sat he didn’t see his friend. It almost looked like he’d replaced himself with a small child—perhaps even a doll or a puppet. But as Katsuki stared at the chair longer, he realized that that child WAS Kirishima. Physically, it was the same guy he ‘tolerated’. But mentally? Emotionally?


He’d didn’t know who this was. But a part of him knew that he wasn’t supposed to know.


Here he found a familiar redhead, knees to hid chest, his legs covering every feature but his eyes—wearing an unfamiliar expression….




He couldn’t (and didn’t) stop his body from moving him toward this person. Crouching in front of him, Katsuki even brought his voice to a gentleness he’d never known he’d been capable of, “Hey.” He said simply, giving Kirishima a small smile.


Gently, he grabbed both of his hands, place his finger between Kirishima’s. “You’re hair’s the shittiest thing about you.” And damn he was glad the Kirishima understood what he was trying to do. His face lightened a little, a hidden smile appearing.


“Like honestly the only thing worse than your hair is Kaminari’s hairstyle.” He said, earning a chuckle from Kirishima.


“Though we both know the worst hair is Sero’s. Straight-looking black shit.” He grinned, Kirishima laughing now.


Katsuki felt his chest contract when he saw fresh tears on his friends cheeks.


“Who are you?” He said, growing more serious. Confusion flashed across Kirishima’s face.


“Wh—what do you—” “Who are you?” Katsuki repeated, determined eyes meeting lost ones.


“Kirishima Eijirou?”




“Kirishima Eijirou.” He said, wiping his cheeks with his sleeve.


Katsuki nodded, “Who. Are. You?”


Fear replaced with fire, Kirishima exclaimed, “Kirishima Eijirou! Hero-in-training: Red Riot!”


Letting go of his hands, Katsuki gave a wicked grin, “Damn right you are!” With that, he sat himself back into his seat.


The detective’s eyes flicked between the two before he bowed his head, “We’re done here.” He stood, indicating the other two to do the same.


After Kirishima was ahead of them, Hoshimoto stopped Katsuki.


“Let’s chat for a second.” He said, getting a distant shrug from Katsuki.


I should really make sure he’s al —”He should speak with her alone for now….” The man interjected his thoughts.


Seeing the reason Katsuki turned his head, implying he was listening.


“You….you’re uncomfortable with this—you don’t know what is too over the edge, what’s too much….what’s too little, what’s not enough—you’re struggling to find a middle ground. There’s a tense way you carry yourself.”


“And you’re probably thinking you should be doing more to help….” Katsuki shifted his eyes to the side, not wanting to admit it.


“But….strangely enough, you’re still here. Because he’s your friend, you care about him, you hate seeing him like that—one of those, maybe all of them….” Katsuki stopped, opening his mouth to question how he was right.


He beat him to it, “My quirks called Blueprint….let’s me layout a problem and find a solution. Good for cases.” he chuckled.


His faint laugh turned to seriousness, “—I was in your spot y’know. A person closest to me lost his brother in an accident when we were kids….the only person in his family that truly treated him right….that truly…. accepted him.” his eyes glazed over, pain coming with those memories.


Shaking his head, he ran a hand through his hair, “Truth is, your buddy…..a lot of things are hitting him today. Much of it surrounding his family. I’m sure he’s ost right now, confused as to where to go from here. You only know the surface of it, kid.”


“And unfortunately,” He said, noticing Katsuki’s readiness to ask, “I’m not the person to tell you. He is—though, don’t misunderstand it. That kid cares about you, which is why he’s keeping secret’s. Doesn’t want to impact you.”


The man sighed, “Just, keep that in mind. I’m sure you’d do the exact same thing…”


He turned, looking directly at Katsuki now, “I noticed how you were ready to cheer him up. Ready to make him smile if need be. Ready do anything to distract him from all of this. He’s gonna need a whole lot of that.”


He began to walk off when he stopped, turning around.


“I need you to do something for me.” He said. Katsuki tilted his head, telling him to continue.


“Keep track of—write it in a notebook or something—the exact time, date, place, etc. whenever he acts unusual….Can you do that for me?” He asked, squinting down at Katsuki.


Scoffing Katsuki clenched his teeth, “I’m not a fucking idiot—obviously I can.”


Nodding, the officer left.


Leaving Katsuki to gather Kirishima.




He forgot how to get back.

Chapter Text

After ten wrong turns, three nurse’s offering to help, and one bathroom break, Katsuki was back to the room.


A voice drifted from the small crack in the doorway, “—was here…..she’s always really brave about those things—” A strained laugh.


“I remember that one time, she asked a girl if she was an astronaut…..saying she was ‘out of this world’—” He snorted, rubbing his face.


“I want to be brave like her….but, that’s hard to do considering how intimidating it all is—” He sighed, letting his head drop.


Katsuki looked up suddenly, wanting to hear the rest—until he thought, Eavesdropping is for wimps.


So instead, he gently knocked on the door, alerting Kirishima of his presence mid sentence, “I really—”


Their eyes connected, making both freeze.


A voice spoke from the doorway, “Bakugou, Kirishima, it’s time to leave.”


Turning sharply, Katsuki beelined for the exit, his neck warm. The sound of light footsteps followed behind him.


Once they reached the front desk, there was different person there. Not that it mattered, Katsuki had been staring at the door the whole time.


To both of their surprise, Aizawa stopped when they reached the door. “The fuck are you waiting for?” Katsuki muttered, glaring at him.


Turning, Aizawa said, “Wait here.” And then he was gone.


At this point, Katsuki didn’t even feel like arguing.


Behind him Kirishima was silent, making Katsuki’s skin prickle with anxiety. “Kiri?” He turned his head to the side, enough to see his friend but still stay in place. The redhead looked up, eyes wide.


“What?” He asked, confused. Probably thinks he zoned out.


Katsuki opened his mouth to say something, even though his mind hadn’t actually figured out what it was. He thought of all the things he could say to help Kirishima—to cheer him up.


I’m sorry….

I wish….

It’s alright….

Don’t worry….


Fucking shit, He thought, dismissing ever shitty, average word of reassurance he thought up.


That’s when it hit him.


The boy behind him wasn’t in need of reassurance. He needed something reliable. Something to give him confidence.


Something he knew would be damn near impossible to change. And something Katsuki’d never told him.


“You know why I’m here?” Katsuki muttered.

Surprised, Kirishima muttered a, “No…?”


“Because you…’re the first real friend I’ve ever had...And probably the best too….” He murmured.


“And because I’m a stubborn bitch.” He added, less serious.


Kirishima gave a laugh, breaking off into a coughing fit.


“So—” He took a breath, recovering from the fit of coughs. “—so am I.”


He earned a snort from Katsuki before he’d turned his back to face the door again—hiding the small smile that brushed his lips.


A smile that was broken by a sudden force, nearly knocking him over. “Wha—” He felt arms wrapping around his midriff.


“Get the fuck of—” Katsuki started, uncomfortable that so many people could see them.


Then he felt the other pair of shoulders shaking.


Screw my damn pride.

What the hell would people think if they saw Red Riot… this? Bad shit

What if they saw him hugging a friend? Just being a friend


So slowly, he rested his palms on Kiri’s hands—relaxing in his impenetrable hold. He might have even leaned into the hug.


The car ride was heavy, even the weather matched the mood—thunder able to be heard not too far away.


When Aizawa pulled up he muttered, “Here.”, signalling the departure of the two students.


To Katsuki’s surprise, Kirishima didn’t do anything but walk beside him as they made their way to the cafeteria.


“Hey Kirishima! Hey Bakugou! Where’ve you guys been?” Mina asked, surprising both of them from behind.


“Where they hell did you come from?!” Katsuki shouted.


“ mom’s—” A hand had appeared, making sure she didn’t finish that sentence.


“Mina!” Hagakure shrieked, the rest of her body becoming visible.


Mina looked at her, peeling her hand from her face, “Sorry, just answering his question….” Her eyes flicked back to Katsuki’s, “And now, he should answer mine.” She gave him a smug look, “You boys have fun?” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.


Katsuki glared at her before saying, “No, the whole damn world puts the best people in the shittiest of events—and then laughs at them, mocking them in their misery. I’d say that’s the farthest thing from fun. ” He spun around, ignoring the look of shock on both of their faces.


“Kiri?” Mina asked, looking at him.


Eijirou didn’t look at her, but gave her a smile with cheery words, “He’s just hungry, it’s not your fault!”


It’s mine.


No matter how many times Bakugou told him he was wrong, he couldn’t help but feel otherwise.


“Kiri….you comin’?” Katsuki said, turning his head to the side. With a solemn nod, Kirishima was by his side once again, waving a goodbye to the girls.


“Kirishima?” Katsuki said, looking up at him.


Both of them had finished eating their food, and now…..they didn’t know…


Kirishima stood, bring his plate and such to dispose of—Katsuki followed his movement’s, letting him lead the way to the dorms.


“Alright….er—” Katsuki started when they stopped on their floor.


“Bakugou?” Kirishima turned, looking up at him.


Katsuki had no words to say but, “Huh?”


Kirishima squeezed his eyes shut, seemingly attempting to keep back the increasing shimmer in his eyes.


Eventually, though, he opened them anyway, revealing the pools of liquid gathered in his eyes—which then fell freely.


“I’m scared.”


The words hit Katsuki harder than anything he’d imagined—his chest caving in on itself, making him feel…he didn’t know how he felt.


But suddenly his hands were on Kirishima’s face, wiping away tears.


“Me too.” He whispered.


Both of them drew each other into a suffocating hug—only letting go when Katsuki said, “C’mon.”


Once the door shut, Kirishima’s cracked mask was gone.


It came in waves—tears, flowing freely as the redhead stained the blonde’s hoodie. Wails muffled by cloth, as Katsuki’s friend released every ounce of emotion within him. Screams and shouts that were only heard by Katsuki. That were only answered with hushed whispers and gentle touches.


Fucking useless, the words kept repeating themselves within Katsuki’s mind.


Finally, it seemed, Kirishima was left—throat raw, voice hoarse, tears still falling. He closed his eyes, slowly falling into a sleep—still clinging on to Katsuki.


Now, it was Katsuki’s turn—to let go of his own mask.

Chapter Text

Katsuki’s eyes fluttered open, squinting at the sunlight that filtered through the curtains. He turned his head, or tried to. The only thing that prevented him from doing so was that his arms were wrapped arou—


Hold up, what now?


He opened his eyes more, seeing a familiar head of red hair sleeping right next to him . Kirishima’s arms were still clinging to Katsuki—albeit loosely—and his cheek was pushed against the pillow.


That's actually really cu


Nope, nope, nope. Not today Satan.


Slowly, Katsuki pried Kirishima’s arms away from him—allowing him to get up and go to the bathroom.



Scratching his head, Katsuki closed the door behind him—muting the dissipating flush behind. Turning, he froze as he found Kirishima sitting with his legs crossed, staring at him.


“Uh…” Katsuki squinted, trying to read Kirishima’s face. He seems….calm.


“G’morning.” Kirishima mumbled, yawning.


“Morning.” Katsuki said, relaxing. Slowly, he started making a few steps forward—toward Kirishima.


“What time is it?” The redhead asked, grabbing his phone from the nightstand—just as Katsuki shoved a hand into his hoodie pocket.




That’s not

Katsuki’s face looked up, opening his mouth to say it—but it was too late, Kirishima had already turned it on.


“Dang, it’s only seven thirty-two?” Kirishima mumbled, pulling his feet to the floor.


Did he not


“Yo, I’m gonna go eat breakfast….you comin’?” The redhead looked at Katsuki.


Confused, Katsuki shrugged—switching the phone in his pocket with the one on the nightstand, before following him.


He looked once more at the nightstand, where Kirishima had picked up Katsuki’s phone.


His phone, which had a picture of him, Mina, Sero, Kaminari, and Kirishima all laughing as the lock screen.


Not like it matters…. He thought with a shrug.


“Hey, um…..Bakugou?” Kirishima said, glancing at him.


Katsuki hummed, letting him to continue.


“—” He shook his head, looking down.


When the doors closed around them in the elevator, Katsuki just barely heard the other say, “Thank you.”


Katsuki shrugged, ears warm, “S’ Nothing.” His eyes slide to the side, catching the small smile Kirishima held.


Once the elevator dinged, Katsuki braced for their usual group to attack them with questions—but nothing happened.


Nobody even looked up from what they were doing.


What the hell?


Kirishima stepped out, seeming to have noticed the unusual silence too.


“Hey guys!” He said, a smile plastered on his face.


Jirou looked up from her lap, concern in her eyes.


“Are you okay Kirishima?” She asked, holding his gaze.


What is she talking about? Katsuki’s mind was spinning.


“Uh…..yeah? I mean—” He shared a look with Katsuki, before looking back at her.


Katsuki knew the two of them had the same thought, Does she know about yesterday?


“Have you looked at the news? She asked, recognizing the puzzled expression between the two.


They shook their heads, walking over to her outstretched hand—looking down at the screen in her hand.

Breaking News: Pro-Hero Suneater Found Petrified In A State Of Unrest. Authorities Are Still Investigating The Cause Of His Horror.


“Oh geez. That sounds bad.” Kirishima said, relief fading into concern. Jirou watched him closely, taking in his reaction.


“But wasn’t he really…..I don’t fucking know—anxious…..last year?” Katsuki muttered, looking at Kirishima. He received a nod in response, “Yeah, he was….but not like this….”


Katsuki could tell that Kirishima’s thoughts were beginning to wander to worse places—just as his were. Keep him happy, he said to himself. “Kiri, we gotta go get breakfast.” He shifted, letting their arms brush.


Jumping, Kirishima nodded, “Yeah. Oh, yeah! Breakfast is gonna be gone before we know it! See ya later Jirou, and I’ll keep watch for updates!” And then he was back on track.


Just like that.


Except Katsuki knew it was just a way to hide everything else.


When they were alone in the hallway, Katsuki said, “He got past the shitty raid last year, he’ll be fucking fine.” Kirishima’s step faltered, before picking back up.


“’re right. I’m sure he’ll be okay. Plus, now that LeMillion’s back, he’ll have someone to help work through this!” He seemed to relax at this.


Mirio had been gone, retaking the rest of his hero class once he’d gotten his quirk back—having finally been announced an official hero, he and Amajiki had formed a partnership almost immediately.


“Y’know, I think it’s kinda cool that they work together.” Kirishima said.


Katsuki shrugged, “eh. Seemed really fucking soon to make such a…... permanent… decision ….


Kirishima shrugged, hiding his disappointment at Katsuki’s reaction—or trying to.


“Whatever, s’not like I’d know shit about that anyway.” He opened the door, holding it open for his friend.


“Do you—thanks—ever think you’d make one?” He asked, walking next to him.


Shrugging Katsuki said, “I used to think that it was just a waste of time…” He moved forward, grabbing breakfast.


“But now…..?” Kirishima asked as they made their way to their table.


Katsuki looked at him, “Now….I don’t know....” He looked down, taking a seat at a two person table.


Sitting across from him, Kirishima started eating just as Katsuki did the same.


“What about you?” Katsuki said, taking a swig of orange juice.


“What about me?” Kirishima asked, dumbfounded.


“You plannin’ on making a partnership?” He asked, trying to sound casual. Since the start of this conversation, the question had been eating him up from the inside—and he didn’t know why exactly.


“Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping!” He grinned, eyes twinkling with excitement.


“What do you mean….hoping?” Katsuki asked, curious more than suspicious.


“Well, there aren’t many people who’d wanna work with me for the rest of their career, and…..well, I’m a bit picky too.” He gave a bashful smile.


“Why’d say that?” Katsuki asked, getting up to throw his trash away.

“What? Me being picky?” He asked, doing the same.


“No, that makes complete sense—I would be too. I mean why do you say that there aren’t many people who’d wanna work with you?” He could tell what Kirishima was gonna say.


Who would want to?  I’m annoying/weak/less flashy. Heck, I wouldn’t wanna work with me either.


“I mean, it’s a big deal. You don’t just choose a person all willy-nilly. That’s like me being partners with Mina or Kaminari cause they were my first friends in U.A.”


Katsuki was not expecting that, at all.


“And, well let’s be realistic here…’re essentially working with eachother for the rest of your lives—so it’s not uncommon that some…. things are gonna go down between you and them, whether they be good or bad.” Kirishima’s cheeks held a blush.


Katsuki snorted, stopping to lean on the wall and catch his breath.


“Hey! I’m not kidding, look it up! Partnered heroes usually end up, like…. together. ” Kirishima exclaimed, trying to not sound ridiculous.


“, I know’s just—” He tried to control the fits of laughter bubbling from his lips. “— that’s what you’re worried about —” He laughed, rather loudly too.


“—Partnered Heroes becoming partners !” He finally breathed out before rolling into another bout of laughs.


“Bakugou!” He exclaimed, face red in embarrassment.


What? It’s fucking funny! ” He said, grinning.


Kirishima’s face went from embarrassed to amazement pretty quickly, his lips parting in surprise. His cheeks were no longer red, but pink now.


“Woah.” He said, looking at Katsuki’s face.


Raising his eyebrows, Katsuki asked, “What?” Kirishima looked up at his eyes, one flicking to the other and back.


“You’re smiling.” He still looked awed as he mumbled this.


Immediately Katsuki put on his usual pout, “Better?”


Kirishima shook his head, “No, I like your smile!” He grinned.


When Katsuki didn’t smile again, Kirishima started to get pouty.


“C’mon, pleeease?” He gave him (rather effective) puppy dog eyes—inevitably winning that argument.


“Fine.” He said, giving a half-assed smile. Crossing his arms, Kirishima said, “Good enough.”


Once they’d gotten back to the dorms, Kirishima took his phone out—Katsuki knew it was in case he smiled again, though he never admitted it.


“Oh, crap! I forgot, we had a thing with Kami, Sero, and Shinsou ton—” He stopped, distracted by something else.


Katsuki knew for a fact he just saw a flash of fear on his face.


“What is it?” He asked, his voice making Kirishma look away from his phone.


Shaking his head, he said, “Nothing. Just misread something, uh….anyway—what was I talking about again?” The tone to his voice was off—strained even.


“Plans with Bermuda?” He offered.


Bermuda was the name they’d given the three, too lazy to say all of they’re names.


Nodding Kirishima said, “Now that I’m really thinking about it, I might cancel…..I don’t really feel well…” Now Katsuki knew something was up.


Kiri never cancels on people.


“Well, I’m still going.” Katsuki said, ready to be a defiant bitch if he had to.


“Wh—” Kirishima widened his eyes, turning in surprise.


“I’m sure I’ll be miserable without my friend, but I’m sure me and Shinsou could talk—” He shot a quick glance at Kirishima, almost counting down in his head to his reaction.


“Now that I think of it, it’s pretty unmanly to cancel last second…” Kirishima said, avoiding Katsuki’s knowing look.


That’s more like it.


“Oh, what changed your mind?” Katsuki teased, a hint of a grin playing in his voice.


Face red, Kirishima changed the subject, “I’m gonna see Mina. You should probably come and apologize to her today.” He looked at Katsuki before turning to the door, and holding the door open like the gentleman he was.


Grumpy, Katsuki stomped behind him.


On their way there, they got stopped by Sero.


“Yo, have you guys seen Denki or Hitos—”


“Hey! That’s cheating!” Kaminari’s head appeared from between the sofa cushions.


“Found ya!” Sero said, completely forgetting about the two boys, standing dumbfounded.


“Are they—”  “—playing hide-n-seek.” Kirishima gave a hopeless sigh.


“What the actual fuck? They do realize they’re 16 years old, right?” Katsuki asked, looking to Kirishima for an answer.

Kirishima shrugged, “At this point it’s unknown.” He shook his head, a smile on his face.


Snorting Katsuki kept walking.


“Oh hi Kiri!” Mina greeted them at her dorm doorway. Her eyes slid over to Katsuki, “Bakugou.” Her voice gave away her feelings about his presence.


Shit, she’s mad.


Katsuki had to admit, for as annoying as Mina was….her bad side was scary as shit. And she somehow knew everyone’s secrets….not a good combo.


“Hi Mina! Bakugou here has something to tell you,” Kirishima stepped aside, surprising Katsuki with the sudden spotlight.


Glancing behind Mina, he was relieved to see nobody else there.


“Sorry. For being an ass to you yesterday…” He grumbled, hands clenched in his pockets.


Slowly, she smiled, “It’s like watching a constipated kid try to talk.” She giggled, making Kirishima laugh too.


Clenching his teeth, Katsuki said, “Shut up!” Before ripping his hands out of his pockets and setting off explosions.

Chapter Text

For the next few hours, it was mainly Mina, Kirishima, and Katsuki hanging out—though some of the other girls joined them from time to time, but not outrageously long. And if Katsuki was really being honest with himself, it was nice hanging out and just playing video games. Of course, nobody would hear it from him.


He hadn’t noticed Kirishima was watching him until Mina said, “Uh….Kiri? You gonna choose your character or….”


Katsuki turned to look at Kirishima, just barely catching his eyes on him before he turned to Mina.


Thinking he’d imagined it, Katsuki shrugged.


“Ah, right. Sorry!” He said, choosing his usual character.


But Mina seemed to have completely forgotten about the game.


“You know how obvious you’re being, right?” She said, setting down her controller.


“What do you—” He said, a steady blush growing on his cheeks.


“Don’t play dumb. You couldn’t hear me cause you were zoning out.” She teased, arms crossed.


“Zoning out?” He asked.


She smacked her forehead, “You were staring a Bakugou the entire time!” She sounded exasperated.


“W-was I?” Kirishima asked, a blush covering him from ear to ear.


‘Yes!” She said, laughing a little too.


But now Katsuki felt put on the spot, and his neck was warm. But maybe Kirishima had rubbed off on him a bit, because he defused the situation differently than he usually would.


“I can’t fucking blame him, it’s hard for me to leave the mirror every morning.” Katsuki said, not looking at either one.




Shit, did I say something wrong?




“YOU SOUND LIKE AOYAMA!” Mina shrieked, falling over in a fit of laughter—resulting in the start of her and Kirishima’s duel.


Kirishima wasn’t even able to fight her, as he was looking at Katsuki—a smile shining from him.


A warm feeling spread from the bottom of Katsuki’s stomach, and for the first time—he welcomed it.


He wore a smirk as he silently took Kirishima’s controller, while looking at Kirishima’s face.


Once he’d had the controller in his hand, he quickly looked at it, and then the screen before annihilating Mina’s character.


“Hey Pinks!” Katsuki said, getting her attention.


“Yeah?” She asked, catching her breath.


“My turn.” He waved Kiri’s controller in the air, making her swing her head to the screen (which was replaying her defeat.


‘Hey that’s not fair! I wasn’t even playing!” She glared at Kirishima.


“Neither was he.” Katsuki said, grinning.


Surprised, her eyes flicked to Katsuki, “You!”


“ That’s what you get for calling me constipated bitch.” He laughed maniaclly, before shoving the controller back into Kirishima’s hand.


“Fine.” She huffed, grabbing her phone.


Just as Katsuki was about to pick his character, Mina said, “Yo it’s 4:45, y’all said you wanted to leave at 4:30…”


Oh shit, yeah.


Dropping their controllers the two boys hollered a, “Later!” before racing to their dorms.



After bathing, Kirishima showed Katsuki a singleplayer game that he absolutely loved.


“So, you’re saying the point of the game is to NOT kill everyone?” Katsuki asked, incredulous.


“Well, that’s the best route. But you can if you really—” Immediately, Katsuki said, “Fuck yeah!”


Sighing, Kirishima shook his head, “Of course you are.”


Just as Katsuki finished off the fish lady (Who, he had to admit, was pretty badass), there was a knock at the door.


“I’ll get it.” Kirishima said, scrambling up from lying on the ground to answer his door.


Curious, Katsuki found the nearest save point, and paused the game.


He only heard Kirishima’s voice say, “Oh hey Midoriya! Me and Bakugou are hanging out, you wanna join?” What the fuck no, don’t invite him Kirishima!


After a second, Kirishima looked at Katsuki, nodding for him to come.


“What the fuck is it now?” Katsuki grumbled, glaring at Deku.


“Could I talk with Kacchan in private please?” Deku asked politely, looking at Kirishima.


Shrugging, Kirishima muttered a, “Good Luck” before leaving.


Taking up as much space as possible in the doorway, Katsuki glowered, “The fuck do you want Deku?


“Hello to you too Kacchan!” Deku replied, sarcastic, as he stepped around Katsuki into the room.


For a second, Katsuki was taken aback by Deku’s sarcasim—making it easy for the little fucker to get in the room.


“Ge-ET THE FUCK OUT!” He shouted, everything sinking in.


“No thanks.” Deku said, setting himself comfortably on the floor.


Setting off explosions, Katsuki said, “What the fuck are you doing here?!” (but obviously louder)


“I’m here because A) I can be and B) I need to talk to you.” Deku said, as though it were obvious.


“Get the fuck out.” Katsuki said through clenched teeth.


“I’ll pass. Now, let’s get straight to the point.” He patted the seat in front of him.


Angrily, Katsuki sat down, a ways away from him but still facing him.


“Okay, so I’m lowkey really tired of your bullcrap— I’m gonna explain what’s really happening that you can’t seem to get through your thick skull.” He started.


Katsuki sat in angry silence, glaring at him to continue.


“When we were kids, I’d always looked up to you. Still kinda do if we’re being honest. But of course, you being the stubborn butthole you are—you always think ‘Oh He MuSt Be LoOkInG dOwN oN mE.’ Cause that makes sense. Really though, I’m just trying to be nice. And it seems that you take that the wrong way. Every. Single. Time.” Deku gave Katsuki a bored look.


“It’s kind of annoying. Definitely not intimidating. And it makes you seem like a little bitch.”


Gritting his teeth, Katsuki held himself back from lunging at the green headed loser before him.


“For the past two years I’ve literally just been nice to you, so I don’t get why I deserve your attitude, but then I remembered that you’re close minded and only believe everyone is challenging you 24/7. Even though they aren’t. And honestly, I do wanna be your friend—but you don’t exactly make it easy.” Deku said, exhaling.


“Do you think we could be friends?” Deku asked, curious more than anything.


Katsuki couldn’t stop glaring at him.


“Do you think we could put all that in the past and, be friendlier? I know I’ve said I want to surpass you—and I will—but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.” Deku finished, looking at Katsuki for an answer.


Guess I have been a bit of an asshole….. Katsuki thought over what was said to him.


Finally, “Fine.”


Surprised, Deku perked up, “What?”


“I’ll be your fucking friend.” Katsuki glowered, tense.


“What, sorry I couldn’t hear that.” Deku said, milking it.


“Go to hell Deku.” Katsuki said, pushing him before he stood up.


Laughing, Deku left the room, Katsuki (for the first time) behind him.


“See you later Kacchan!” Deku waved.


Rolling his eyes Katsuki turned to where Kirishima stood, who was gaping at him, mouth wide open.


“Wha?” He asked, surprise turning to excitement.


“Does this mean what I think—” “Shut it Shitty Hair!” Katsuki growled, lunging for him, but only finding his arms wrapped around himself as he missed Kirishima.

Chapter Text

They ended up being late to the ‘little’ group party—completely because Katsuki had to be convinced not to blow up Kirishima’s phone.


But Katsuki didn’t exactly regret it, as he managed to prevent Kirishima from sending a text to all of their friends.


“What do you think’s gonna be going on?” Kirishima asked as they waited for the elevator.


Stepping inside, “Probably that fake alcohol shit.” Katsuki said, pressing the common room button.


“Oh, that stuff…. Tabooze he called it…” Kirishima said, thinking.


“How the fuck is he able to have that shit?” Katsuki asked, confused more than angry.


“Well he’s basically Aizawa-sensei’s son, so….” Kirishima trailed off, pointing it out.


“Eh...yeah, makes sense.” Katsuki replied, ignoring the embarrassment of being mistaken on his face.


“But my question is how does the stuff even work? ” Kirishima said, thoughtful


“Well it’s like the normal shit, without all the health problems.” Katsuki stated.


The ding! Of the door told them they were at their destination.


“They’re here!” A chorus of voices came from the common room—many people clapping.


A familiar voice, Kaminari, said, “Fashionably late, that’s our Kirishima.”


“The fuck is this?” “Hey it wasn’t my fault!” Katsuki and Kirishima said in sync.


“What took y’all so long?” Mina asked, a hand on her hip, and brow raised.


“Ooh, did you guys—” “Sero!” Kirishima, Mina, Uraraka, and Deku shouted. Wait….Deku?


For fucksake.


Kirishima looked at Katsuki, face red in embarrassment, while Katsuki was indifferent, not caring what was at the tail end of Sero’s sentence.


“But seriously, why are you guys late?” Kaminari asked, curious.


“Got caught up in….. fuck…... what was it called again?” He looked at Kirishima, hoping he’d catch the hint.


“Oh! Yeah we were playing Unde—”  “Dude, we’re just joking—you didn’t actually have to answer us.” Kaminari said, laughing.


Kirishima gave a nervous laugh, eyes connecting with Katsuki’s.


“So are you fuckers just gonna stand around or are we gonna do shit? ” Katsuki asked, looking around to see who was there.


IcyHot, Deku, Uraraka, Shinsou, Pikachu, Kermit, Iida, Pinky, Jirou, Aoyama, Hagakure….then me and Kiri.


Small enough I guess.


“Heck yeah! Let’s the games begin!” Mina exclaimed, handing everyone a 64 oz plastic water bottle filled with the Tabooze as Shinsou had called it—and with that, handing 2 of half the size, both filled with water.


“Alright! So everyone get in a circle!” mina said, making a circle motion with her hands.


Once everyone was aligned, she started listing off the agenda, “Alright, so first—because he’s our... provider , Shinsou will choose a game we play. Once somebody either gives in, or finishes their bottle, the game is over! The person who lost will be the person to choose the next game! Then they will use their water bottle instead of their tabooze bottle. Any questions?” She looked around, nodding when she found no confusion.


“Alright, what game?” She asked Shinsou.


“Let’s play Chinese Whispers….you drink if you got the sentence wrong.” Shinsou said, making it clear to everyone that he didn’t want to talk.


“I’ll go first!” Mina volunteered, holding her hand in the air.


Shrugging, Shinsou said, “Less work for me.”


Giggling she leaned over and whispered to Hagakure, who was in her invisible form.


When it reached Katsuki’s ear, he repeated it to Kirishima, “Siri is the sickest creep in the world.”


He didn’t think too much into the light blush on Kirishima’s face as he leaned away.


Once it got back to Jirou, she said aloud, “Silly I’m the richest of the lords.”


Mina snorted, “Noooooo, it was ‘Someday I’ll peak in the world.’” Shrugging, Katsuki took a sip, a sweet taste coming from the bottle.


“Wow, just about everyone got that wrong.” She said, looking around the circle.


Of course, Iida refused a drink, and instead, had a buttload of water bottles sitting around him.


“Hagakure! Your turn!” Mina exclaimed.


Thinking, she (supposedly) leaned into Uraraka’s ear.


A confused look fell upon Uraraka’s face—she looked to Hagakure to make sure there wasn’t a mistake.


Shrugging she whispered it to Deku, who shared a confused look, but nonetheless passing it on.


Katsuki repeated the words, “Hoo-hoo dilly succ’s into battle.” Kirishima gave him a look, which he responded with a shrug.


Shaking his head, Kirishima repeats it to Kaminari, eventually reaching Mina.


“Hoo-hoo dilly loves to battle!” She threw a fist in the air, confident in her answer.


“Uh….hun, no.” Hagakure laughed. “It was Hillbilly’s suck in battle.” Immediately, Kaminari said, “In what way?”


There was a silence before everyone bust out laughing.


“Kaminari!” iida shouted.


“What it was just a question? I didn’t say anything!” He raised his hands in defense. Sighing, Iida relented his fruitless efforts to keep everyone’s thought PG.


When it came to Katsuki’s turn to come up with something, he acted on impulse. Maybe it was the drink that made him less... filtered , but he leaned to Kirishima’s ear and whispered, “Glad you didn’t bail?” It was generic enough, but still personal.


Kirishima looked at him, a smile in his eyes.


“Yo, Kiri? You gonna keep gazing at Bakugou like he’s the sun, or you gonna get on with it?” Kaminari asked, breaking their moment.


Looking over to Kaminari, Kirishima whispered what Katsuki said. Once Kaminari was passing it down, Kirishima gave Katsuki a quick happy glance, before watching those words get passed down and corrupted.


Aoyama stated, “Born to fail.” Katsuki snorted, “Fuck no.” And then repeated what it was he said.


And then it was Kirishima’s turn.


Aoyama whispered to him, “Sonic’s Poverty? Every nerd here.” Katsuki looked at him, and said, “What the actual fuck?” He repeated the words, earning a laugh from Kirishima.


“Toxic Masculinity? Never heard of her. That’s what it was…..i don’t know where Sonic’s poverty came from.” Kirishima shook his head, amused.


By the time it came back to Mina’s turn, Kaminari was showing the effects.


Mina said, “Let’s do something else.” Because only Mina has a short attention span, though everyone had started to zone out, needing people to repeat themselves more than once.


“Let’s do…..” Her eyes slid to everyone, but seemed to stay on Katsuki and Kirishima a second longer.


“....Two Truths One Lie!” She exclaimed, happy when every nodded in agreement.


They had decided that Ochako would go first, which was a big mistake.


“I’ve used a shank on someone, My quirk is No Gravity, and I have 2 cats.” She said, a strange look in her eyes.


Everyone was silent in thought, before Tsuyu raised her hand tentatively.


“It’s the second one, right?” She asked.


Ochako nodded, beaming, “Yup! My quirks Zero Gravity! Not No Gravity…” it took a few moments for everyone to realize what that meant.


“Who’d you shank? And why are you so calm about that Tsuyu?” Sero asked, sounding intimidated.


“Oh, just some villain.” Ochako said, waving it off as though it were no big deal.


Everyone could tell that this wasn’t true….but they didn’t ask because they all knew who it really was.




Katsuki snorted, receiving a few curious looks his way. Scoffing, he crossed his arms over his chest.


He zoned out a bit until it got to his turn.


Opinions aren’t facts, so i can’t say I’m the best, even though I am.


Hmph. I’m gonna regret this.


“I sleep at 8:36 every night. I can prepare food. And I….er—” He paused, looking around for an idea.


Somehow he ended up glancing at Kirishima, who promptly looked away, embarrassed. He made sure to look over at a few other things before saying, “And, I like red and orange most.”


Everyone thought for a moment, before Uraraka said, “I’ve seen you make dinner so, that’s true.” Everyone nodded, accepting her reasoning.


“I think it’s the last one, cause you wear mostly black,” Kirishima piped in, automatically getting everyone to agree with him, because of how well he knew Katsuki.


Slowly, his indifference changed to cockiness as he said, “Drink up bitches.” Everyone widened their eyes.


“But you got to bed at—” “—8:30 pm.” Katsuki finished for Kirishima, smirking.


He almost thought he saw Kirishima’s eyes flicker to the lower half of his face before turning, but just brushed it off, blaming it on the Tabooze.


Slowly, everyone took a huge gulp of their bottles, the lowest one being Kaminari and Mina’s.


“Alright! My turn!” Kirishima rubbed his hands together, stalling until he had three facts.


“First, I’ve never been to a cat cafe. Second, my hair is dyed, Third, I’m an only child.” He seemed somewhat out of it, Katsuki had noticed.


“First one, definitely.” Mina said, Katsuki agreeing with her.


Giggling,   yes actually fucking giggling, Kirishima said a giddy, “Nope!”


The entire atmosphere seemed surprised. I mean, it makes sense…..he and Mina go way back, and she didn’t even get it right.


“You have a sibling?” Katsuki asked quietly.


Kirishima nodded, smiling as he watched Kaminari go next.


“I was born with this streak. I—” Katsuki started to get lost in thought.


Kirishima has a sibling…..? Why doesn’t he talk about them? Why didn’t Mina even know? Why wouldn’t he…..


Because it’s none of my business, of course.


Still, it hurts a little that he wouldn’t share something like that…




Someone was trying to talk to him.


Lifting his head up from where it rested on his hand, Katsuki looked for the source of the voice.




He raised his eyebrows in question.


“You alright?” Concern fell on Kirishima’s features, laced with cheeriness, “If you don’t wanna stay we don’t have to—”


Snorting, Katsuki said, “Tch, yeah i’m fine dumbass.”


Katsuki forced himself to believe that, and ignore the tiny twinge in his heart.

Chapter Text

“Let’s do something really original!” Ochako said, after being chosen to choose the next game.


“Never Have I Ever!” She exclaimed, ignoring the groans from Sero, Shinsou, Jirou, and Katsuki.


This shit? Really?


Mina acknowledged the complaints though,“Well, since you guys are so enthusiastic, how about you guys go first! Starting with….” her eyes locked on Katsuki.


Shit, shit, shit, shit. She’s getting her revenge now.


“Bakugou!” She exclaimed, victory shining in her eyes.


“Damn it.” He cursed under his breath.


“C’mon Bakugou! Give us a Never Have I Ever!” Ochako said, catching on to Mina’s drift.


Scowling he said, “Never have I ever been told to shut the fuck up.” He watched as, everyone but Jirou and Hagakure took a drink.


Smirking, Katsuki said, “Exactly.”


Mina squinted at him from across the room, “Wait, wait guys… that—” She put a hand, as if shielding her eyes.


“—it’s a bitch!” She said, giving Katsuki the finger.


Glowering, he shot her an angry look, before sending a finger right back at her.


“Never have I ever—!” Kirishima said loudly, trying to break up the attention. When everyone was looking at him, he started, “Never have I ever….um….” He bit his lip, trying to think of what to say.


Or that’s what Katsuki thought.


Until he realized that Kirishima was staring at him…. again.


But the really, really weird thing was that Katsuki didn’t want to snap at him. He didn’t want to say “What?” No, he’d rather prefer to do the exact same thing.   He’d stare at this—this idiot redhead for forever, at least some part of him would.


What the fuck?


“Kirishima!” Mina nagged, making his head snap up in an answer.


“Yeah, sorry…..” He said, biting his lip as he thought.


“Never have I ever been on a date.” He said, distracted.


The fuck kinda generic shit is this?


“Like, a date-date? Or like, does a date with friends count?” Ochako asked.


“Hmmm…...first one.” He said, a blush starting to form on his cheeks—from the drinks or the topic, Katsuki wasn’t sure.


It surprised Katsuki how few people took a drink—only Sero, Shinsou, Kaminari, Mina, Todoroki, and Jirou.


Kaminari immediately started, saying incredibly slurred and indecipherable words.


This kid has zero tolerance, what the hell?


“Let’s skip you babe.” Sero said, amusement glittering in his dark eyes.


“M-ok” Kaminari said, a grin replacing his moving lips.


“Never have I ever, had a sibling.” Sero said, looking immediately to Kirishima, who seemed to suddenly have a sibling. Katsuki ignored the same twinge he felt before.


“Hey! No fair!” Kirishima whined, giving a cute little pout. Cute what the hell?


He watched as Todoroki, Ochako, and Aoyama all took sips, no questions asked. Begrudgingly, he brought the bottle to his lips nonetheless—and Katsuki was stuck, watching silently as Kirishima’s Adam’s apple bobbed in an oddly satisfying way.


Okay Katsuki, what the actual


He shook his head, fighting hard to keep back the warm blush spreading across his face and neck—fighting hard to ignore the smack of Kirishima’s lips, fighting hard to keep back the thought of how said lips would feel against his own—


Okay, something was seriously wrong with him.


Something within him wasn’t right.


Why was he suddenly so…. warm, and—and…. soft. He was Katsuki fucking Bakugou, he shouldn’t be feeling soft , and... giddy. He shouldn’t be feeling happy just from looking at a person. But yet…. This feeling of whatever it is, is…...nice.


He looked at Kirishima again.


What is this feeling? He thought, trying to resist the growing amounts of warmth that were starting to overtake him.


I swear to god, if this is the flu I’m gonna


“Uh...Bakugou? You good?” The person that his thoughts spun around like the moon asked.


He realized that everyone was staring at him. Shit. “Fuck, yeah.” He said, not really thinking on it too much.


A few people kept glancing at him from time to time, but other than that, he was relieved that the attention was off of him once again.


Leaning over to Kirishima, Katsuki whispered, “Whose turn is it?”


Kirishima turned, face less than an inch away from Katsuki’s face, red eyes piercing into equally bright, red eyes. They held this silent staring showdown, until Katsuki broke it apart to say, “You gonna answer me?”


Those eyes….their so….bright. So...lively.


I like them. A lot.


“Oh, yeah sorry. It’s er...Mina’s turn?” He looked over to the girl, confirming that he was correct.


“Thanks.” Katsuki said, without thinking.


“Yeah, no problem....” Kirishima said, trailing off.


“Never have I ever been to another country.” She said, looking around to see who would drink.


“Does I-Island count?” Deku asked.


She shook her head, “Nah fam. I was there.”


Aoyama, Jirou, Todoroki, Tsuyu, Iida and Shinsou took drinks.


Katsuki nearly shit himself when he heard the next one.


“—thought of kissing someone.” Hagakure said, luck on her side, as she was invisible so nobody (like, Katsuki, for example) could strangle her for such a basic question.


Still, rules were rules, and Katsuki wasn’t gonna give up any time soon.


He didn’t make eye contact as he quickly drank from his bottle. Of course it was useless, as everyone noticed his action. He wiped his mouth, glaring at everyone, “What?” he snapped, feeling exposed.


He really needed to drink more than a fourth of this thing to unwire his nerves.


Everyone broke off from staring at him, instead giving him glances as they took their own drinks. He could hear all their stupid heads buzzing with questions. He could hear everyone’s minds whirring. It didn’t stop.


His mind was whirring, having caught on to the rhythm. He kept thinking about how surprised everyone looked. As though they couldn’t believe he of all people even cared about that stuff. As if they were surprised at the thought that Bakugou Katsuki is as much of a teenager as the rest of them. As if he wasn’t worthy of any of it. As if—


as if I don’t deserve love.


He felt sick to his stomach, his head felt light. He looked at his bottle. Not even ¼ empty. This wasn’t the drink’s doing. It was his mind’s. He couldn’t breathe, his heart—


“I’m going to the bathroom.” he said, getting up and taking his bottle with him. He could feel everyone’s eyes watching him as he left.


Katsuki slammed the door shut. His hands were shaking, why were they shaking?


I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, i can’t bre


Nerves, that’s it. It’s nerves. I’m too ‘stick-up-my-ass’ Katsuki right now, I just need to


His eyes slid to the bottle in his hand, medicate.


He downed the damn thing in 10 seconds.


Fucking useless.


He turned the sink on, splashing his face with water, which seemed to help only a little.


“What the fuck is wrong with me?” He whispered to the blonde that held weakness in his eyes. He whispered to the blonde that reflected himself—to his reflection. Holy shit that’s me.


There were stains— tear stains on his cheeks. He didn’t recall crying. His eyes were puffed up a bit, he looked like shit.  


I look fucking we


“Bakugou?” A knock at the door


“Fuck off.” He said, Kirishima being the last person he wanted to see at this moment—especially after why he took that drink.


“Can you open the door?” The gentleness in his voice gave made Katsuki able to breath again. It made him want to do something.


Glancing at the bottle at the sink, he turned back and slowly opened the door, by just a little.


He didn’t look at Kirishima, at least, not entirely. He kept his eyes focused on the ground between them, a hand on the door, and another in a fist, clenched at his side. He was too….too afraid to talk, thinking he’d say something strange. As Kirishima stepped forward, he felt his stomach churn, thinking at first that he was going to have another attack. But it was a different sort of feeling…..something more….enjoyable. It made his nerves go all over the place, in a good sort of way.


“Can I...come in?” kirishima asked, again with the gentleness . As their eyes met, katsuki found comfort in the fiery red eyes that were softer than his own. A freedom of sorts when he’d met with the swirling pools of care.


Opening the door just enough to let Kirishima through, he closed the door and avoided Kirishima’s gaze.


“If you want to talk to me, feel free.” He said, a kind look in his eyes.


Despite this tempting comfort, Katsuki had to refuse. He didn’t have anything useful to say. Besides that deep down he’s just a panicked kid trying to figure shit out on his own. Kirishima, somehow, understood that. Katsuki could see it in the way he smiled, holding his arms open in case he needed physical comfort.


Honestly, a hug didn’t sound to bad to Katsuki right now.


He looked at Kirishima, before accepting the offer. If Kirishima was surprised, he didn’t show it.


“C’mon, let’s go get some more of this stuff.” Kirishima nodded toward the barely filled water bottle.


“I don’t—I can’t go back out there Kirishima.” Katsuki said, feeling just a rush of anxiety at the thought of having to go back out there.


“I know.” The way he said those two words made Katsuki trust whatever plans he had.


“Okay.” Katsuki said, letting Kirishima pull him to the kitchen, where Shinsou stood, making himself a cup of coffee.


“Be right back, I’m gonna go tell them we’re leaving.” Kirishima said, leaving Katsuki and Shinsou alone.


A comfortable silence stood between the two boys, until Shinsou said something.


“It’s okay not to be okay.”


Katsuki didn’t make a movement to agree or disagree.


“Took me awhile to figure that out. But I’m glad I did.” Shinsou said, seeming to end the conversation there.


Katsuki was silent, before he said, “Does it ever get too….overwhelming?” Katsuki asked, still not looking at him.


“Life? Ye—”


“No—being in a relationship.” Katsuki said, perhaps a little too bluntly.


Shrugging, Shinsou said, “Sometimes. But they make me happy, because they know when it’s too overwhelming. They know when I need help, need to be alone, in a conversation, out of one….”


Katsuki nodded, understanding what he was saying.


Kirishima does that too.




“Mind if I snag some of the shit before I leave?” Katsuki asked, getting a quiet chuckle from Shinsou.


“Go batshit dude.” he said, before leaving the kitchen.


Feeling a little easier, Katsuki opened the fridge, finding bottles of Tabooze, and snagging a dozen, and then some, of them.


When Kirishima came back, katsuki was ready to leave.


“Goddamn Blasty how many did you get?” Kirishima said, carrying the small reusable grocery bag to their floor.


“Enough to get absolutely fucking wasted .” he sneered, much more comfortable now that they were out of the common room.


Opening Kirishima’s room, Kirishima set down the bag, pulling out his own, half empty bottle of liquid.

“Alright, I have an idea.” Katsuki said, finding a way to wrap their game with the drinks.


“Mhm?” Kirishima said take a controller.


“Loser drinks up.” Katsuki said.


“Unless I’m the winner, then we both drink.” He added.


Laughing, Kirishima said, “Deal.”


Chapter Text

Katsuki awoke to a few things all at once. The annoying alarm (that could only be Kirishima’s) was playing “What’s Up?” while something soft kept tickling his nose. He opened his eyes a little to find that Kirishima’s head of hair was in his face. He opened his eyes a little more, trying hard to remember how…. this happened.


How they ended up being cuddled together, legs tangled, Katsuki’s arms wrapped around Kirishima, and Kirishima’s arms wrapped under Katsuki’s. Either this was just sleep conscious doing the work, or somebody much bigger than the two of them [Me <3] had set this up.


Either way, he wasn’t complaining. He relaxed against Kirishima once again.


Closing his eyes again, he said, “Oi. Shitty Hair, turn that damn alarm off.” His voice was hoarse, the vibrations of every word sending a throbbing pain in his head.


Movement within his arms caught his attention.


Raising his head up a bit from the center of Katsuki’s makeshift arm hoop, Kirishima slowly opened his eyes, his face just a centimeter away from Katsuki. His eyes slitted open, peering up at Katsuki. 

<a href="">Bakugou</a>

<a href="">Kirishima</a> 


At this point Katsuki wasn’t even going to try to deny it. Kirishima looked really, really cute with that face. As Katsuki gazed down at him, his heart stopped, his stomach dipped in the way it does when he sees Kirishima do cute shit like this.


It was funny how much power that lazy gaze had over Katsuki, he was trying not to breathe too deeply, to grab his face and just hold it, to doing anything at all that might disturb this beautiful moment. He’d found himself frozen in place by these same eyes that he sought comfort in the night before.


The moment was broken though, when Kirishima dragged his palm down his face, accompanying it with a miserable, “Augh…what time is it?” He turned, breaking Katsuki’s hold and grabbing his phone.


He rubbed his eyes, yawning, before checking the time.


The bitch near shit his pants. “Holy shit! We gotta get ready!” and without another word, he leapt out of his bed, scrambling to the bathroom to get ready.


It took a moment for Katsuki to process everything, and when he did, he damn well flied to his room, rushing to get ready, setting a record speed for his entire life.



Okay, so ‘being late’ really meant they wouldn’t be as early as they usually were.


On their way to class Kirishima said, “Ugh….I feel—” “—like an oddly shaped piece of shit from the deepest pits of hell?” Katsuki offered, irritated at how uncomfortable he was right now.


“I was gonna say dead inside, but yours is much more creative.” Trying to smile through the throbbing in his temples.


Snorting, with much regret, Katsuki muttered, “Whatever loser.”


Trudging into their classroom, it seemed that they were the only ones to be hung over, having not drank enough water to outweigh the liquor.


“Too bright” Kirishima muttered as he took his usual seat by the window, closing the blinds on impulse.


Katsuki took his seat right in front of him, as he did every day.


He tried to think back of what had happened the night before.


We stayed up, probably until some ungodly hour. And


“Hey Bakugou!” A voice surprised him, making him furrow his eyebrows in curiosity.


“So….who were you thinking of?” It was Ochako, her arms were bouncing up and down, as if she was having a hard time keeping her anticipation hidden.


“Hah? What do you—”


thought of kissing someone.” Hagakure said. Quickly Katsuki brought the bottle to his lips, avoiding anyone’s gaze.


But everyone was staring at him. He couldn’t breath, he couldn’t think….he felt alone… until that hand reached out to him once again.


“Y’know yesterday at the par—ah!” She squeaked, shutting up. Katsuki assumed she realized he was glaring at her, until he connected her line of sight to something behind him.




The redhead’s face was shadowed, looking at her menacingly. It was actually kind of….




Okay, cute is one thing hot is a whole ‘nother uncharted territory Katsuki.


“Eh...B-bakugou?” Ochako said, looking for an answer as to why Kirishima looked so terrifying.


Katsuki shrugged, but not letting his own glare fall either.


Quickly, she shuffled away from the two angry guys, retreating back to the group of girls in the corner. Katsuki ignored the frequent glances he started to receive from the girls.


The bell rang, Aizawa-sensei, as usual, walking in just on time. Immediately, everyone in the room was tense, as if they could sense the news that was to come.


“Students, due to unexpected circumstances, the entire school—dorms and all—will be on a less flexible lock down.” A few curious whispers moved throughout the classroom.


“Security has been upped to the maximum, for the school AND dormitories will be heavily guarded. There will be NO leaving campus without a staff member’s knowledge, permission, and presence. Anybody whom does not follow these guidelines, will not only be putting themselves, as well as, their classmates in danger—but can face consequences as bad as suspension. Your student I.D.’s will be necessary in order to enter and exit the dorms and school.” Everyone groaned at this, save for Momo, Iida, Todoroki, Deku, and of course he and Kirishima.


Speaking of him… Katsuki glanced behind him, anger bubbling within him as Kirishima watched all of their classmates with guilt in his eyes. As if any of this was his fault.


Gritting his teeth Katsuki raised his voice, “HEY! STOP FUCKING BITCHING ABOUT IT, YOU USELESS FUCKS!” He stood up, his hands balled up into fists on his desk.


“Oh look at me... I have to flash a badge to somebody instead of sitting in some ditch bleeding out. Oh yes! Poor you! If you really think that handing someone a badge to confirm you goddamn identity, to confirm that you go to the best goddamn hero school in the area is the worst of your problems, then you should really reconsider why the fuck you chose to be a hero. If you’re gonna complain about a thing like that, when the alternative is potentially death, then maybe you shouldn’t be in this class.” He grinded his teeth together, angry from head to toe.


Everyone was staring at him now. He met all of their eyes individually, most of them looking at him with nervousness, as if he was lethal. Furious, he banged his fist on his desk before storming out of the room.


“Bakug—” The door cut off Kirishima’s voice as it closed, only to reopen a second later.


When he heard the door click shut, he turned, not surprised to find Kirishima standing before him.


“Bakugou….” He started, something unfamiliar shining in his eyes. “Shut it Kirishima. I don’t care what your gonna say or do to reprimand me on saying it, because it’s already been done and I don’t regret it.” He glared, standing his ground.


But he found himself surprised when Kirishima smirked.


‘What? What’s so funny?” he asked, abrasive.


Kirishima shook his head, “ Bakugou , after what you just said—the last thing I want to do is tell you that you were in the wrong. Dude, that—” His eyes held small tears, different from those shed two days before.


He held his hand up and clenched in his signature ‘manly fist’, “—that was the most manliest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m so moved dude.” He made that weird face, that, at some angle could probably look good—but from Katsuki’s angle, just looked plain weird.


Rolling his eyes, Katsuki said, “Whatever Shitty Hair.” a smile playing on his lips.


Opening his eyes, Kirishima gave him a hopeful look.


Suddenly, the door behind Kirishima opened, making Kirishima jump into Katsuki (thoughh not with enough force to knock him down thankn fuck), to where Kirishima was half held by Katsuki, looking a lit like Scooby and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.


“Oi! Get the fuck off dumbass!” Katsuki shouted at him, dropping him close enough to the ground for him to use a little bit of hardening without damaging himself or the floor.


“Now, may I please continue my class without any distractions?” Aizawa-sensei looked around, making sure nobody said anything.


“Good.” he said, just as Katsuki and Kirishima sat back down into their seats.




Classes continued relatively normally after that until...


Lunch time.


Katsuki and Kirishima were sitting together, just the two of them, and Katsuki was giving input to Kirishima of that video game he’d introduced him to.


‘I mean, it’s pretty sweet that they’ve got the whole ‘different endings’ shit going on. ‘S new—kinda refreshing.” He said, popping a small square of tofu in his mouth.


“Agreed. Who’s your favourite character? Undyne, right?” Kirishima asked.


Katsuki shook his head, “Toriel.” He was rather proud when Kirishima gave him a flash of surprise. Or….something behind him a look of surprise.


Turning around, Katsuki saw what it was Kirishima was so surprised about.


Monoma was walking toward them, looking extremely pissed.


“What does this asshat want?” Katsuki grumbled.


Monoma slammed his tray down on their table, and jabbed a finger in Katsuki’s face.


“This is all your fault!”


Chapter Text

“The fuck are you talking about?” Katsuki said, glaring at the pale finger that was pointing between his eyes. 


“The lockdown!” he said, rage in his eyes. 


“What about the lockdown?” Kirishima asked, confused as Katsuki was.


“‘What about the lockdown?’ He says.” Monoma mocks, looking at Kirishima before glaring back at Katsuki.  “ What NOT about the lockdown? ” he snarls, as if Kirishima’s question was the dumbest thing he’s ever heard. 


“Oi! Watch your mouth asshat.’ Katsuki defended, getting Monoma’s anger back at him. 


“Why is it Bakugou’s fault though? It’s not like he told principal Nezu to do this…” Kirishima questioned.


“Obviously not. They just told us it involved Class 2-A’s students. Though...” Monoma turned back to Katsuki, a sneer on his face. 


“I’m betting you got caught in another little game of Capture the Bakugou with the League of Villains.” 


The words surprised Katsuki, his mind flying back to the previous summer, flashes of memories here and there.


Seeing Deku, Shoji, Todoroki just before everything went black. 


Waking up to the smell of burnt skin.


Feeling trapped, contained no way out.


Stuck sitting in that dark building, left to his thoughts waiting for help to arrive like some helpless citizen…..NOT a hero-in-training.


Unable to breathe as he was placed somewhere new. That shit gray stuff reminding him of the ugly sludge villain.


Opening his eyes to find All Might fighting his last battle as Symbol of Peace. 


Desperate to reach the hand that was outstretched to him.


Desperate to laugh with the idiot with the calloused hands who shouted, “Come on!” to him.


Afraid that he’d fail, again. 


Thankful when he was wrong.


Watching Kirishima’s grinning face as they escaped the scene.


Smiling, squeezing that hand and shouting, “Idiot!”


Having to take some stupid candies because he couldn’t get over it.


He still can’t.


Katsuki came back to the current conversation, his eyes landing sharply on Monoma.


Despite how shaken Katsuki was feeling, he managed to grunt, “Piss off Copy Cat.” Adding the finger for good measure.


Monoma sneered, “I could. But now I’m curious.” He said, pulling a chair up to sit at the table.


Angry, Katsuki scowled at him. 


“What the fuck do you think you’re doing blondie?” He snarled, stretching his legs out under the table, leving little room for Monoma.


He and Kirishima shared a glance, before looking at Monoma for answer.


A coy laugh came from him, “You do realize that you’re blonde as well, right?” 


Just ignore him. Words from his classmates came back.


“No dipshit, I thought I had fucking purple hair.” He sneered, silently challenging Monoma.


“Tell me, does that stick up your ass hurt? Or is your bitchy attitude just the way you were born? ” Monoma shot back, accepting the challenge.


“You’d know asshole.” He snarked, “Perhaps you wouldn’t be asking so many questions if you’d gotten into Class A last year.” He knew he’d hit a weakness in Monoma’s armor, and he didn’t really regret it.


If he’s gonna play dirty, so am I.


“I’m glad I didn’t. Wouldn’t want to be the reason a hero retires.” Honestly, those words took this ‘challenge’ and turned it into something much worse.


Vision red, Katsuki looked Monoma in the eye as he grabbed his tray, lifted it up, and blew it up right in front of him.


Instead of shrieking, Monoma cackled, “Oh you’re gonna get in deep shit for that!” He stood up, turning to leave, when something stopped him.


A tan hand wrapped around his wrist.


He tried once, twice, three times to free himself—but it was useless. 


Kirishima had hardened his hand enough to make it near impossible to escape, but not enough to cause harm.


“Hey! Let go of me!” Monoma said, glaring at him. Kirishima was silent, looking at nothing, pissed.


Like, Katsuki pissed. 


It was so unnatural in his features, yet still looked good. 


And when his eyes finally shifted to Monoma’s, all Katsuki thought was, Oh damn.


There was a tense silence between the three of them. 


Finally, “Listen very, very closely.” Kirishima said, pulling Monoma closer to the table. “When Tetsu gets back with Aizawa-sensei, I am going to let go of you. When he asks you what occurred, you are going to tell him every detail. Don’t leave anything out. Then, you’re going to apologize to Bakugou for saying all that stuff to him. And—” He clamped his jaw shut, before saying, “—the less you struggle, the less guilty you’ll look.” 


Monoma widened his eyes, shocked at the grip on his wrist—Katsuki knew he probably didn’t hear a word Kirishima said, but that wasn’t his problem. 


Well not until Monoma opened his mouth.


Let go of me, freak! ” he hissed, struggling even more now.


Katsuki snapped.


“Oi! The fuck did you call him Ditto?” Katsuki seethed, standing up with his fists clenched. 


Monoma’s eyes shifted to Katsuki, now returning to their cockiness, “Oh?” 


Katsuki was less than a foot away, his fist ready to punch the fucker in the face when Tetsu’s voice drifted to his ears, “They’re over here!” Then he caught sight of Aizawa-sensei and Tetsutetsu making their way toward them. 


Dropping his fist, Katsuki glanced at Kirishima—who still looked beyond furious, it was….kinda intimidating.


“What is going on here?” Aizawa-sensei asked, looking directly at Kirishima and his angry hold on Monoma. 


Letting go of his wrist, Kirishima said, “Tell him.” His face still outlined in that unfamiliar anger. 


Immediately, Monoma began, ready to accuse the two of being in the wrong, “They sta—” 




There was a pause. He looked back at the two guys, eyes flicking between the two—trying to figure something out.


“Well?” Aizawa-sensei asked, prodding him to continue. 


Monoma looked back to him, “I was angry about the lockdown, so I blamed Bakugou….dug up some past stuff, and I pushed too hard—then he blew up my tray. I went into the situation without knowing all the information. So—” he turned around to face Katsuki. 


“I’m sorry for what I said to you. Nobody should be reminded of an event like that, and me bringing it up was crossing the line.” he bowed his head in an apology.


Katsuki, Aizawa-sensei, and Tetsutetsu were all surprised by his words. They stared after him in shock as he left. Aizawa-sensei left once he’d figured there was no longer a conflict to deal with.


“Wow. I didn’t know he had that in him.” Tetsutetsu said, getting the attention of Katsuki and Kirishima. Katsuki nodded in agreement. Didn’t even know he knew what the word sorry meant.


Kirishima’s voice surprised the two of them, “I knew.” They both turned to him, curious. “Just like how I knew that Bakugou wasn’t really a bad person.” he stated, lifting his head up. There was a small smile on his lips.


“You...what?” Katsuki asked, confused. 


“You use your anger as a shield. Monoma uses his words. Just because someone acts a certain way around people, doesn’t mean they’re naturally that way. Deep down, he’s sensitive to the people around him—but life has broken him in, he’s had to adapt. All I did was use his own weapon against him, making him result to his true nature” Kirishima closed his eyes, flexing his hand in a circle. 


“Woah bro, that was really smart.” Tetsutetsu exclaimed, looking at his friend in awe. 


Actually, yeah, it was. 


Kirishima shrugged, “I guess…” 


Tetsutetsu opened his mouth to protest, before shaking his head and returning to his friends. 


Katsuki nodded to the door, Kirishima followed.


When they were out of the lunch room, Katsuki said, “Just to let you know, I don’t hide shit.” His eyes slide over to Kirishima.


Smiling, Kirishima said, “Whatever you say Bakugou.” 


Stopping, Katsuki crossed his arms over his chest, looking at Kirishima.


“Don’t take this as me caring.” He said, continuing when Kirishima nodded.


“What do you think I’m really like?” He asked, ignoring the way Kirishima’s eyes widened.


“Oh...uhm, I’m not sure you really—” “Try me.” 


Kirishima swallowed, “Well, er….” He looked at his feet.


Katsuki huffed, “Whatever, just forg—” “You’re fierce, obviously.’re—you’re also mindful of everything around you, and…. everyone around you.” Kirishima finally said, not looking at Katsuki. 


Katsuki was silent, he kept walking. 


Finally, “Bullshit.” he said, earning a chuckle from Kirishima.


“Yeah…. bullshit .” Kirishima said, smiling.

Chapter Text

“Remember to keep your I.D.’s on you until we say otherwise,” Aizawa reminded them as they left. 


Kirishima and Katsuki walked out of the classroom, comfortably silent. As Kirishima split off from the center of the hallway, Katsuki continued walking, pace slower now.


Kirishima came back with a drink in each fist, offering the orange (Katsuki’s favourite) one to Katsuki. Muttering, “Thanks.” Katsuki took it. Giving him a grin, Kirishima drank—tossing it into a passing trash can when he finished. He did the same to Katsuki’s when he finished.


“Do you mind tutoring me?” Kirishima asked the question Katsuki knew was coming. “Fucking knew you wanted something, suck up.” He smirked, watching as Kirishima’s face grew a little pink. “Gotta soften the target man.” he joked. Rolling his eyes, Katsuki muttered, “Whatever loser.” Smiling, Kirishima said, “Good, then I can take my futon back!” 


A part of Katsuki wanted to argue on that. To let him keep the damn thing in his room. But he refused, It takes up half the room. 


But then his crazy mind came up with an even crazier solution, He can just sleep in the bed. 








Katsuki must have been showing his frustration, because Kirishima said, “What are you so angry about?” He looked amused.


Shaking his head, “Fucking nothing. Just thinking.” 


Shrugging Kirishima looked back ahead of them. He stopped, watching something. Curious, Katsuki followed his gaze, finding Monoma sitting against the wall. 


He looked like he was crying. 


Strange .


But, not enough for Katsuki to intervene. Until Kirishima dragged him into it.


“Yo, Monoma!” He exclaimed, waving at him. The blonde looked up, surprised. His surprise morphed into his smartass confident look. 


“What? Come to thank me for saving your asses?” He smirked, but Katsuki watched his eyes flicker from confidence to sadness. He’s faking it .


“Wanted to thank you for doing the right thing man.” Kirishima exclaimed, smiling. 


“Haha. The right thing….” he said, trailing off. Now he seemed to be losing face little by little.


“And...uh, I saw you er…” Kirishima gestured to where Monoma had been sitting. 


“You gonna make fun of me or something?” Monoma said, looking worried. 


Kirishima stopped, looking at him, “No man! Why would someone make fun of you for that?” He laughed, looking at Monoma, processing the look he had.


“Wait...your serious? You really think I’m gonna laugh at you.” His voice dropped as did his head. 


“Have—have you been made fun of for something like that before?” He asked, looking Monoma in the face. 


He didn’t answer his question. “What do you want Kirishima?” 


“I just wanted to see if you were okay.” He breathed, stepping back to stand beside Katsuki. 


“Does it look like I am?” He asked. 


“No, but…” Kirishima started.


“Then I’m not.” He said, eyes watering. 


“Hey man, it’s—it’s alright. You can talk to us if you—” “I just want to talk to my fucking sister!” Monoma said, tears falling down his face. 


Surprised, Kirishima jumped back at the aggression. 


Katsuki surprised himself when he said, “Why the fuck can’t you?” 


Monoma looked up, surprised at how blunt Katsuki was. 


“It’s because of the lockdown….isn’t it?” Kirishima asked.

Monoma nodded, wiping his face, “She’s a year below me, and I visit her dorm every week. Now, I can’t even visit her at all.” Monoma explained, looking down. 


“Did you try asking—” “Yeah, they didn’t care.” He answered. 


Kirishima stood still, his face holding guilt. 


“I’m sorry.” He said, his voice full of fault. 


“It’s fine, it’s not like it’s your fault.” He said, not looking at Kirishima. 


“But—” He stopped when Katsuki shook his head. Don’t say it. 


Kirishima sighed, “I’m sure she’ll be alright.”


Monoma shook his head, “I don’t know. Every time I visit her, she always tells me how excited she is for the next time I see her. She acts like I’m the greatest person in the world, doesn’t even realize how far from the truth that is.” He took a deep breath.


“What makes you think that?” Katsuki, not Kirishima, asked. 


“Really? Literally a few hours ago I was talking shit to you about the training camp. And I blamed you for what happened to All Might.” Monoma said, looking at him like he was an idiot. 


“Just because you said that doesn’t make you a bad person.” Kirishima said. 


“Annoying? Definitely. A bitch? Absolutely. But fucking bad? Not a chance.” Katsuki grunted. 


“What makes someone bad is if they purposely seek to harm someone.” Kirishima explained to Monoma.


“But I did—” “No, you didn’t. You said those things to Bakugou in defense. From yourself.” Kirishima said, putting a hand on his arm to calm him down. 


Monoma looked between the two, that same look from earlier flashing in his eyes as he looked  between the two. 


“But—” “But nothing. That’s just the truth. You’re not a bad person. That’s like saying I’m a bad person because I have sharp teeth.” he laughed. 


“You aren’t a bad person.” Monoma said. “And neither are you.” Kirishima said, letting go of his arm. 


“Y’know, you could call her.” Katsuki spoke up. 


Both of them looked at him, surprised. 


“Wh-what?” Monoma asked, straightening up. 


“Your sister. You can call her. Video or audio.” Katsuki said. 


Nodding, Kirishima hopped onto the train, “Yeah! You could always call her!” He smiled.


Slowly, Monoma smiled back, “Yeah….yeah, I could. Thanks.” he said to both of them. 


Shrugging, Kirishima said, “It’s no problem man.” He looked at Katsuki, a look of thought in his eyes, before turning back. 


“Well, we should get going, see you around Monoma!” Kirishima waved, before turning back to Katsuki. 


“Thanks Bakugou.” He beamed. 


Scoffing Katsuki said, “Shut up Hair-for-Brains.” He started walking again, speeding to the dorms.


“No problem Kirishima!” Kirishima responded, mocking Katsuki’s voice. “You looking for death?” Katsuki asked, no venom behind it. 


Laughing, Kirishima said, “You wouldn’t.” Katsuki grinned swiping his fist to just barely skim his nose, satisfaction within him as he saw Kirishima instinctively harden around his fist.


“Okay, okay. Point taken.” Kirishima grinned, looking at Katsuki’s face—eyes flicking from his eyes, to his grin and then back. Suddenly, he tapped Katsuki on the nose with a, “Boop!” 


It took Katsuki a few seconds to realize what happened, and when he did, his face fell into a harsh blush. “The fuck was that for?” He asked, trying to looking angry. 


Kirishima widened his eyes in surprise, “You’re not….gonna try to kill me?” He asked, confused.


Katsuki shrugged, “I don’t really care if you touch me.” A moment of silence followed as Katsuki rethought his words. He noticed the furious blush on Kirishima’s face too. 


“Wait, shit. Not like that.” He said, his cheeks blushing warmly. “I mean, doing shit like that is just annoying—I’m not gonna waste energy on trying to end you on it though.”


Kirishima stopped, staring at him in awe. 


“What now?” Katsuki asked, annoyed. 


“Nothing. It’s just….” Kirishima trailed, looking down at Katsuki’s confused pout. 


His eyes flicked back to Katsuki’s, wanting something from him—Katsuki just didn’t know what .


“Just what?” Katsuki asked.


“Nevermind. So, are we gonna study or what?” Kirishima asked, another smile on his face.


Suspicious, Katsuki shrugged, “Whatever.”


Grinning, Kirishima exclaimed, “Last one to the dorms has to do the laundry!” 


Grinning Katsuki said, “If you lose my socks I’ll fucking kill you!”


Chapter Text

A few hours after they’d started studying, talking, and hanging out in general, Kirishima stated he was going to take a nap in his room, making no move to move the futon


Now, Katsuki was left alone with his (gay) thoughts. Fucking fantastic.  


He thought of looking up what was wrong with him—why he felt so fuzzy and warm and sweaty around Kirishima suddenly. Why he kept thinking of kissing the damn fool. Why he couldn’t stop imagining all these things surrounding his best friend. 


But when he looked at his search bar, he realized how stupid that idea was. It’s just gonna tell me I’ve got cancer or someshit. He thought, turning his phone off. Sighing, he readjusted his head on his pillow, pursing his lips in thought. 


Why the hell don’t I know what this is? It’s like feeling happy and nervous at the same time…


Letting out an loud groan, he got up. 


Sitting around won’t help me. I need some insight. 


He stopped, thinking about who he could talk to. 


Besides Kirishima….there aren’t many


He paused, realizing exactly who he had to talk to. 




He threw open his door, stepping out to go two floors below his.


As the elevator pinged open, Katsuki made his way to the third door, making sure to stomp. Without even knocking, he flung open the door—angry to have to consult this guy of all people. He wasn’t surprised to find Todoroki in here, the dude was basically attached to Deku. He shot IcyHot a look, dismissing him. Ignoring him, Todoroki looked back at his phone before saying, “Bakugou’s here.” 


Deku turned around from his desk, where he was writing in one of his notebooks. “Oh, hey Kacchan!” He smiled, waving him in. 


“I need to talk. Without your boyfriend here.” Katsuki felt satisfied when he saw Deku blush at those words, and Todoroki’s left half light up. 


“We’re not—” “Does it look like I actually give a fuck?” Katsuki replied, sarcastic. 


Deku looked at Todoroki, a small nod sending him away. 


Katsuki glanced around the room, feeling both jealous and uneasy at all the All Might’s staring back at him. 


“Okay Kacchan, what’d you want to talk about?” Deku asked, turning his chair around to face him. 


“I need to figure something out. And I don’t want to be diagnosed with cancer so….” Deku gave him a strange look at these words. 


“It’s about this feeling I’ve got.” Katsuki explained. 


Deku widened his eyes, “I don’t think you should be asking me about tha—” “Fuck off. It’s not like that.” Katsuki replied, annoyed. 


“Oh, alright.” Deku breathed a sigh of relief. 


Snorting Katsuki said, “Damn, chill. I’m not that socially inept.” 


He flung himself onto Deku’s mattress, not even taking his shoes off. Crossing one leg over the other he started, “I can’t go to Kirishima because he’s asleep, and everyone else are just idiots. But you don’t shut up about shit, so I thought I’d try you.” Deku nodded.


“Okay, so this started like...last Monday…...” Katsuki recounted every single strange, unusual idea or thought he’d had up until that moment. 


A few seconds of silence passed before Deku started laughing. Laughing?


“Oh my god Kacchan! You’re so oblivious!” Katsuki felt fear pang through his entire being, “It’s cancer isn’t it?” 


Deku froze, looking at him in wonder. 


What the hell Kacchan? ” he asked, holding in a laugh. 


“Hey! What’s so funny?” Katsuki asked, explosions going off in his palms. 


Todoroki was immediately in the room too, staring Katsuki down. 


“Sho—Shouto…” Deku said between gasps. 


“Shouto!” He kept laughing, out of the chair now. 


Todoroki shared a confused look with Katsuki. 


“He—” Deku pointed a finger to Katsuki, “—he thinks that he’s got cancer.” 


Todoroki looked as though he were reevaluating his life choices, “um...what?” 


Deku, stood up, taking in a deep breath.


“Kacchan, thinks that liking someone means he’s got cancer.” He started laughing all over again. Todoroki’s eyes lit up with amusement as he looked at Katsuki. 


“Hold up—what now?” Katsuki asked, wanting to know if he heard right.


“You like him Kacchan! You’ve got feelings for him.” Deku exclaimed, as if it were obvious. 


And now that Katsuki was really thinking through everything, it was obvious. 


Embarrassed, he muttered, “Tell anyone and I’ll kill you.” And then left.



He couldn’t stop thinking of how stupidly obvious he had been with himself. He just hoped it wasn’t too obvious to other people. 


Like Kirishima for example.


Kirshima, who was knocking on his door right now.


God damn it all. 


Katsuki sighed, “What is it dumbass?” 


Kirishima opened the door, a stupid grin on his face—looking at something on his phone. “Hey Bakubro, look at this—” he stopped when he saw Katsuki’s face. “Uh…” He pocketed his phone, “You alright?” Concern reflected off his face.


“Tch. Yeah i’m fine idiot.” He muttered, furious at how easily his dumbass blushed. Kirishima crept closer, “You sure? You look a little red—” “I said I’m fine!” Katsuki snapped, his eyes jolting to Kirishima’s.


His mouth was open, surprised at Katsuki’s outburst. Surrendering, Kirishima said, “Alright man. to me when you want.” He said, taking his phone back out and plopping down on his futon. 


Katsuki’s stupid loveseick mind decided to kick in a tthat moment, “Do—” but he shut it down as quickly as it started. 


“Hmm?” Kirishima asked, turning his head before putting his eyes on Katsuki. Katsuki shook his head, “Nah. Nevermind. Are you gonna take your futon back or not?” He changed the subject as quickly as possible. 


Kirishims squinted at him, trying to figure something out. Finally, “Nah, it looks better in here anyway.” He smirked, lightening up the tense atmosphere like he always did. “Whatever, just don’t complain when it’s suddenly in pieces one day.” He grumbled, relaxing a little. 


“Then I guess I’ll just have to sleep in the bed instead.” Kirishima teased. A furious blush grew on Katsuki’s face, his heart speeding up—he silently cursed at himself for his stupid reaction to Kirishima’s stupid words.


“Don’t say shit like that!” He muttered, glaring at Kirishima (or at least trying to).


Smirking Kirishima said, “Aww….I thought you’d be a cuddler.” That got him a kick to the chest, which ended up just hurting Katsuki’s toe what with Kirishima being ripped, and hardened. 


Shit.” Katsuki hissed, caressing his foot. 


Kirishima snickered, before rolling over to Katsuki. “You need me to kiss your boo-boo?” He joked, looking up to meet Katsuki’s furious glare. 


“Hey, hey. I’m just messing with you dude.” He said, putting his hands up. Sighing, Katsuki muttered a, “Fuck off.” and pushed Kirishima off of his bed completely. 


A yelp came from Kirishima before he sat up, rubbing the back of his head, “You’re lucky I can harden my head, or else my brains would probably be all over the floor right now.” Snorting katsuki said, “What brains?” 


Kirishima lunged for him, wrestling him down with a fist over each of Katsuki’s hands and straddling him—his teeth were gritted in a playful focus, “Fuck you.” Laughing, Katsuki shoved him off, feeling light and happy. “Isn’t that my line?” He asked, now in the same position Kirishima had previously locked on him, brow raised. 


Grinning Kirishima said, “Not for long.” And then he moved upward, forcing Katsuki below him. 


Now, the redhead’s face was close to Katsuki’s, his chest heaving to catch a breath—their fingers were intertwined, and Kirishima ‘s legs sat between Katsuki’s. As Katsuki noticed the light blush to the boy’s face, he felt himself blush too. 


That’s really, really close. 


Close enough to


Kirishima smirked, “I won.” He blew air in Katsuki’s face, before relaxing his body more. 


“Hey Kirishima?” 


“Mm?” The boy sighed, looking up at Katsuki. 


“Do you think I deserve love?” Katsuki asked suddenly, surprising every part of him. He had been curious to see what his best friend thought. To see if he was any different than their classmates. But he didn’t expect himself to ask that question so….out of the blue. 


Kirishima’s face flashed with surprise, “Are you serious?” Katsuki looked away, embarrassed by his reaction. Kirishima turned his head back to him, “Of course I do! Everyone but Mineta does. Why would you ask?” The look of concern baffled Katsuki, why does he care so much?


“I don’t fucking know, I was just curious—” “Did someone say you weren’t?” Now, Kirishima’s eyes held that same look he’d had when talking to those girls, Monoma, even Ochako. The fierceness. 


“Hell no. S’ just been thinking….” He trailed. “Yes?” Kirishima asked, wanting more info than just that. 


“When everyone was looking at me, because I…” Kirishima nodded, knowing what he was talking about. “ felt like they were all thinking that.” He said, not looking at Kirishima. 


But Kirishima still found a way from him to see him. 


“Well, even if they did, they’d be wrong. You’re too cool not to! Though….” Kirishima trailed, cheeks pink.

“ kinda surprised me too. But not in the way you think!” He added, when Katsuki scowled. 


“S’ just, you don’t...act as though you keep anything like that in mind. You seem like the type to do work before feelings. Though, I guess wanting to kiss someone doesn’t mean you’d like them necessarily.” He said, biting his lip in thought. 


Yet here we are. Katsuki thought, rolling his eyes. 


Something else from the day’s events came to mind for Katsuki. 


“Kirishima.” Katsuki said, getting the redhead’s attention again. 


“You know that this whole…’lockdown’ thing isn’t your fault, right?” He asked, looking to Kirishima.


“Yeah, I know.” Then Kirishima made a move to get up, but Katsuki stopped. “Bullshit.”


Sighing, Kirishima flopped down beside Katsuki, “I just….I feel like if only I’d done something then maybe….” “Maybe what? You’d been in the hospital instead of your mum?” Katsuki asked, getting straight to the point. 


Wincing, Kirishima didn’t answer or meet Katsuki’s gaze. “Holy shit Kirishima. No.” Katsuki breathed, sitting up on his side. 


“But the she’d be alr—” “Yeah physically! Do you know how many people would be broken if they woke up to find you lying unconscious in some hospital bed?! Mina, Kaminari, Sero, literally everyone in class, your mum, your fans. And your friend—Melina, she’d have to look after you! She’d have to see your unconscious face every. Single. Day. And...and your—your family? Your mom would be wish the exact same thing you do! Your father—” Kirishima watched him with wide eyes, surprise seeping into comfort. But before he could finish, “—don’t say that name.” 


Katsuki stopped, “What name?” Kirishima looked up at him, “Father.” Katsuki froze. 


“Wh—” “That man wouldn’t even visit me if I were dead.” he stopped, taking a deep breath.


Katsuki released a breath he had no knowledge of holding. 


“Why do say that?” Katsuki pushed his luck. 


Kirishima shook his head, “Because….” His eyes squeezed shut, shaking his head. 


“Forget I said anything.” Katsuki said, giving into the urge to rub Kirishima’s back. 

Chapter Text

Katsuki ended up subconsciously avoiding Kirishima for a few days straight. 


He didn’t do it on purpose, especially since he actually enjoyed hanging out with him. 


But he hated the gross fuzzy feeling he got whenever he was near him—which made him want to puke on the spot. 


Katsuki knew he was being a wimp, but right now he couldn’t bear the thought of it. 


That’s how, when lunch came around, he found himself sitting with Deku’s group—unfortunately, he was also kind of enjoying it, thought it wasn’t anything like the chaos of his usual group...but…


He never knew how funny these guys were. 


It the best way Katsuki could explain it…. intelligent humor. 


“...and then Izuku started crying.” Todoroki said, recounting a story to all of them. “A pro-hero praised me! How do you expect me not to cry!” He squeaked in defense. Katsuki snorted. 


Todoroki gave Deku a fond look, “Yeah, but it was right after a fight. No wonder they were so freaked out, they probably thought you broke your ankle.” Ochako snickered, “Wouldn’t be the first time.” 


“Hey!I haven’t broken anything for months!” He defended, before Ochako interjected, “Didn’t you break your nose last week?” She raised an eyebrow at him. 


Deku sighed, “That was an accident.” “Oh I’m sure it was. Just like breaking your arm at the entrance exam was an accident.” She teased. 


Right when Deku opened his mouth to answer, the bell rang, signaling an end to lunch. 


Breaking off from their group, he waved his departure, making his way to class—hopefully not running into Kirishima on the way there. 


“Hey Bakugou!” Kaminari’s voice approached him, making him roll his eyes. 


A weight was placed on his shoulders as Kaminari but an arm over his shoulder. 


“What?” He grunted, already growing annoyed of the blonde’s presence. 


“Let’s talk for a second.” He pulled away so they were a little ways away from the rest of their class. Katsuki ignored the red pair of eyes burning him to the core. 


“The fuck do you want dunce fa—” he looked at Kaminari, who looked between confused and angry. 


“Why do you keep avoiding Kirishima?” he asked.


Confused, Katsuki said, “I’m not avoiding him—” “Then why does he look like a confused puppy?” He asked, nodding his head to something behind him. Katsuki made the mistake of looking there, meeting Kirishima’s gaze. Shit he’s right, he does. 


Still, Katsuki said, “I don’t fucking know. Why don’t you ask him?” 


Kaminari looked dissatisfied with his answer, “Because he won’t tell me. But I know you’ve been avoiding him, and he doesn’t seem to know why. Maybe he’d stop looking like that if he knew.” He glared at Katsuki. 


“Goddamn it Kaminari I’m not avoiding h—” “Yes, you are. Tell me why!” Kaminari pushed. 


Katsuki glanced behind him, seeing the hallway mostly empty, save for an upperclassman here and there. 


“I swear to god if you don’t fucking back the fuck off—” “Just say it already!” Katsuki sighed, angry to find no way out. 


“If it tell you will you leave me the hell alone?” He snapped. “Depends on your answer.” Kaminari replied. 


“If you fucking tell anyone I will murder you.” He growled. 


Kaminari nodded, unfazed. 


“I fucking…..”He cursed, embarrassed to say the words. 


“Yeah?” Kaminari prodded.


“ him.” he muttered, furious with the way his ears flared at the words. 


Kaminari didn’t seem surprised, “Is that really why your avoiding him?” He asked, suspicious. 


“No, dumbass, I just felt the sudden need to avoid my best friend.”, his mouth went dry when he realized what he said. He’d never called Kirishima that before. Only in his mind.


“Geez. When did you figure that out?” Kaminari asked, lightening up on the fury. 


“Monday,” Katsuki answered, walking to catch up with their class. 


“Wait, this Monday?” He asked, surprised. 


Katsuki hissed, “That’s what I fucking said, isn’t it?” he caught sight of the class, approaching the room at a slow pace. 


“Dude—” “If you keep fucking talking about it I make sure you can’t talk again.” He threatened, less than a few feet away from their class. 


“Alright fine. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” Kaminari sighed, before jogging off to catch up with Shinsou and Sero, who looked to be having a serious conversation. 


“Good.” Katsuki muttered, finally caught up with the class, just as they were entering the room.




Afterschool, Katsuki decided to get his shit together and stop avoiding Kirishima. 


Which, would have been easy, if he knew where he was. 


Katsuki looked in his dorm, Kirishima’s dorm, and in the common room. Sighing, Katsuki went up to Mina, who was watching some make-up tutorial on her phone. “Hey, Pinks. You know where Kiri is?” 


She glanced at him, before putting her attention back to her phone, “Finally decided to man up?” She replied sarcastically. 


“Just—do you know where he is?” Katsuki asked again. 


Nodding her head to the boys dorm, “He went with the boys.” Katsuki almost thought he saw her smirking, but her phone was blocking his view now. 


Muttering his thanks, he stomped to Kaminari’s room—they usually all hung out there. When he found no one there, he did the same for Sero’s and eventually Shinsou’s room. 


A head of blonde hair answer Shinsou’s door, “What’s up Bakugou?” “Oh Lord Explosion Murder’s here?” Sero teased, his head popping up behind Kaminari’s. Yes, his friends still made fun of him for his old hero name. And yes, he threatened to kill them just about every time. 


Katsuki huffed, trying to look past their heads for a familiar splash of red. 


Giving up, he stood back down on level feet. “Is Kirishima here…?” 


Kaminari, leaned his back on the door way, letting Katsuki meet eyes with the redhead. “Ooh….is this a confession?” Sero asked, stepping in Katsuki’s line of sight. 


“Fuck off.” Katsuki said, rolling his eyes. 


“Hanta! You know it’s not the right time for that!” Kaminari elbowed him in the gut. 


Katsuki couldn’t tell whether or not Kaminari had told them, and for Kaminari’s sake, he hoped he hadn’t. 


“It’s never the wrong time to tell someone you love them.” Shinsou’s head appeared above the two of them, making it impossible to see into the room. 


“Just answer the damn question—” “Yeah, I’m here.” Kirishima said, standing up. 


“Oh thank goodness.” Katsuki sighed, trying to push past the trio. 


“Why’d ya ask? Kirishima asked, not making any effort to move toward Katsuki. 


“Cause I need to talk to you.” He looked at the three blocking the doorway before adding, “Alone.” 


Kirishima looked reluctant, until Katsuki sent him a pleading look. 


“Okay, I’m coming.” Kirishima sighed, giving the three a look before walking to Katsuki. 


On the way there, Kirishima broke the silence.


“Did I do something wrong?” Kirishima said, not looking at Katsuki. “What do you mean?”Katsuki asked, confused. 


“You’ve been avoiding me right? I was worried I did somethi—” “I haven’t been avoiding you. It’s just— fuck , no. It’s not your fault. It’s me just being an asshole.” He muttered, picking up the pace. 


“Then what’s wrong?” Kirishima asked, stopping Katsuki with a hand on his forearm. 


Katsuki cursed under his breath at the way his arm tingled from Kirishima’s touch.


“I-it’s nothing alright? I thought you might want some space after telling me about your father. And I knew it would probably make you feel better of you saw me hanging out with different people…” As Katsuki said these words, he realized that they weren’t wrong. 


While part of him was avoiding him because...well, because he liked him—another part of him was attempting to make his best friend happy. 


This is really confusing, I can’t distu=inguish any of my emotions. What. The. Hell. 


“Bakugo—” “And then, Pikachu came up to me and asked me why I was avoiding you—I told him I wasn’t, but then I saw your face and realized that maybe it seemed like I was,” Katsuki was starting ramble. It seemed like Deku was rubbing off on him. 


“Ba—” “So afterschool I went looking for you. After I looked in every place I thought you could be, and then some. Took almost an hou—” 


“Katsuki!” Kirishima shouted, getting his attention. 


He used my given name. Why’d he use my given name? 


“S-sorry— Bakugou. ” Kirishima corrected. 


“ were looking for me?” Kirishima asked, never breaking eye contact with Katsuki. 


“‘Course. It’s not like I can just yell ‘Heimdall!’ and get teleported to you.” Katsuki replied, using sarcasm to cover up the fact that he was acting just like Deku. 


Kirishima smiled, “Yeah, I supposed not.” His eyes burned into Katsuki’s skin. 


“So…” Katsuki started, 


“Are you ever gonna move your futon out of my room?”

Chapter Text

By Friday, showing their I.D.’s had fit perfectly fine into everyone’s morning routine. 


Well….almost everyone. 


Katsuki watched with amusement as Kaminari held him and Kirishima up, rummaging through his wallet.


“I’ve got it here, somewhere…..” He mumbled, pulling out a few crumbled reciepts. 


Sero’s voice drifted from a few feet in front of him, “Try your back pocket babe.” Kaminari followed his instructions, his palm coming up with a plastic white card. 


“Thanks Hanta!” He smiled, showing it to the guard. 


When he got through, he apologized for the hold up, before joining Shinsou and Sero. 


Katsuki was smirking when he and Kirishima went up to the guards. 


“I.D. please.” The man looked to be in his twenties, based on the young beard that he’d accomplished. 


Katsuki showed him the small card which held an even smaller picture of himself on it. 


Nodding, the man let him pass—just as Kirishima’s guard did the same.


“Who do you think we’re gonna be paired with for the practice mission today?” Kirishima asked when they made it past the guards at school.


“Probably somebody I don’t want to be paired with.” Katsuki stated as though it were obvious. 


“Yeah, knowing Aizawa-sensei, you’ll probably be paired with Todoroki, or Ochako, or Aoyama, or—” “—don’t remind me.” Katsuki seethed, fists clenched at just the thought. 


“Though who knows....maybe you’ll get to pick who you work with!” Kirishima added, ever the optimist.


Katsuki rolled his eyes, grumbling a sarcastic, “Yeah, and I’ll be straight.” He froze, realizing he’d said that aloud.


A laugh came from his right—from Kirishima


“Haha, yeah. I guess you’re right—he’s probably not gonna let us choose even if our lives depended on it.” He smiled, holding the door open for an absent Katsuki. 


“Bakugou?” He said, popping his head out the doorway. 


KatsukiBakugou.exe has crashed, please wait while we try to restart


“Bakugou?” Kirishima repeated, now right in front of him. 


Katsuki blinked, finally back to the present. “Huh?” 


“You blanked out man, you alright?” Kirishima asked, peering at Katsuki. 

Katsuki scoffed, “‘Course. I’m fine, let’s go before we’re late.” 


Giving him a weird look, Kirishima agreed. 




“Hello my students! In case you’ve forgotten, today is our practice rescue mission!” All Might exclaimed as soon as the bell rang. 


“Your partners have already been predetermined, All Might will read the list off to you.” Aizawa said, taking a sip from his juice pack. 


“Alright! Young Kaminari and Young Asui will be going first! Followed by Young Midoriya and Young Ojirou!” He looked to those students before continuing. 


“After that Young Bakugou and You—I mean Monsieur Aoyama.” He looked at Katsuki, before looking to Aoyama, as if unsure about Aizawa-sensei’s choice in pairing. 


“Keep reading Toshinori.” Aizawa-sensei said. 


“Right! Er...Young Kirishima and Young Todoroki. ” He continued, listing off people who Katsuki could care less about. 


“And lastly, Young Sero and Young Yaoyorozu!” He exclaimed, just before deflating—coughing into his fist. 


“Okay students. You all have been paired up and assigned to a course that has been set as a disadvantage for one of you. An example, Kaminari and Tsuyu.” Aizawa-sensei gestured to the two, “You two will be given a rescue mission involving water. Now, who would have the disadvantage?” He nodded to Ochako. 


“Kaminari! Because he’d just end up electrocuting everyone in the water.” She said, smiling when their teacher nodded in agreement. 


“Right. So, now I’ll be giving you guys your areas.” He said, standing up straighter. 


“Ojirou and Midoriya; you two will be in a rescue mission involving martial arts styled fighting bots. Bakugou and Aoyama; you two will be rescuing ‘people’ from a gas filled building. “ Katsuki gritted his teeth, so hard that Kirishima had to tell him that he could hear his teeth scraping each other. 


“Kirishima and Todoroki; A frozen over lake, where you must save all the people without the water freezing over you.” Katsuki heard Kirishima whisper, “Awesome!” behind him. Chuckling, he brought his attention back to their teacher. 


“Hagakure and Shinsou; You guys will have to disperse a flash mob.” 


After he’d finished explaining what each group would do, he said, “Before we give you 20 minutes to go over strategy, let me explain some rules. Number one: Both teammates must participate in some way. Number two: Those of you who have to fight bots, more grading points will be given to villains defeated than to people rescued.” He looked to everyone to make sure they all understood. 


“Then begin strategizing.” He said, walking over to talk to All Might. 


“Bonjour, Monsieur Bakugou!” An annoying voice came toward him. 


“Fuck you Baguette Boy.” He grumbled, arms crossed. 


“Oh? For what may I ask are you so cantankerous? Is it for the reason of working with moi? ” He asked, fluttering his eyelashes. 


“I’m so cantankerous , because I don’t want to get a shitty grade on this just because my teammate sucks.” He dragged out the word Aoyama had used. 


“Haha, well moi assures you there is nothing to be of worry!” he sparkled. Yes, verbally sparkled. 


“Whatever. What is the strategy?” Katsuki asked, wanting to get this entire thing done. 


“Well, it seems to shine easily above every objecting possibility. Simply, I can clear the path for the two of us. You can easily rescue the citizens, no?” He said, striking pose. 


That’s actually…..not that bad.


“Sure. Whatever.” Katsuki murmured, getting up when he saw Kirishima approach them. 


“Oh ho? What is this?” Aoyama said, a knowing tone in his voice. 


Elbowing him in the gut, Katsuki said, “Shut the fuck up.” 


“Hey Bakugou! Did you guys plan up something?” Kirishima asked, smiling like usual. 


Katsuki looked over to Aoyama to find the place he stood empty. Motherfu

“Yeah, we have.” Katsuki seethed, cursing mentally at the blonde for abandoning him. 


“That’s great!” Kirishima grinned. 


“‘S just, this dudes always showy, so I don’t know if he’s actually a good hero…” Katsuki mumbled, glancing over to where the blonde was flirting with Tokoyami. 


“Yeah...but, I know Aoyama. He won’t make you fail….don’t worry. Despite all of the glitz and glamour, he cares about being a hero too.” Kirishima reassured him. 


Sighing, Katsuki said, “Yeah, I guess….” 


“Alright students. Grab your suits and head to the locker room.” Aizawa-sensei said, walking out of the room. 


“Good luck Bakugou!” Kirishima gave him a toothy grin accompanied with a thumbs up. 


“You too.” he murmured.

Chapter Text

Now in their hero suits, the class found themselves in the spectator’s room, where there stood a large screen used for viewing the arena’s. 


“Kaminari and Asui….you guys are up.” Aizawa-sensei droned, shooting them a bored glance. 


“Kero. We’ve got this Kaminari!” Tsuyu croaked, giving Kaminari a reassuring smile. 


Nodding Kaminari grinned, “Yeah! Let’s do this!” 


When they entered the arena, the class turned to watch the big screen—viewing a flooded neighborhood. 


As Kaminari brought bags of flour, or “people in danger” to a high and dry area, Tsuyu dove under to find more of those in need of rescuing. And when the timer ran out, they carried the bags of flour to the arena exit, grinning when praised on their teamwork by All Might. 


“Alright. Now that you’ve seen an example...Ojiro and Midoriya, it’s your turn.” Aizawa turned to an overwhelmed Ojiro and a muttering Midoriya. “Midoriya!” the boy’s head snapped up. “Oh, sorry!” He apologized, standing straight. (well, half straight)


As much as Katsuki would have enjoyed watching his rival act like All Might (sarcasm, he’d do anything but that), he heard Kirishima congratulating Kaminari. As if magnetically attracted (instead of romantically), Katsuki found himself hovering over to the pair. 


“Yo Bakugou, I was just telling Kaminari how cool he and Tsuyu were out there, right?” Kirishima grinned, beaming up at him. (Katsuki’s costume gave him a little bit of a height advantage, which he very much enjoyed)


“Oh, hey Bakugou.” Kaminari almost purred, raising his eyebrows up and down. 


Refusing to blush, Katsuki said, “Oh Fuck You Dunce Face.” Kirishima turned to look at him puzzled, “What are you—” Katsuki’s gaze flicked to movement behind Kirishima, landing on Kaminari, who was making kissy faces. 


“I swear to god Pikachu if you don’t stop I’ll explode you into the sun.” He seethed, his heart racing when Kirishima turned around at the same time Kaminari stopped. 


“What’s goi—” 


“Bakugou and Aoyama.” Aizawa-sensei’s voice cut through Kirishima’s sentence. 


Looking over at Aizawa-sensei, Katsuki gave a parting middle finger to the two idiots he called friends and made his way to the door. 


“Good luck Bakugou!” Kirishima shouted behind him, making his heart race a little. 


He barely heard a faint voice say, You’re gonna need it.



“Oi! Ba—Aoyama! I’ve got the last of the survivors, we can g—” Katsuki looked up from the hole he was climbing out of, the sacks of flour weighing heavy on his shoulder. He searched around the room for Aoyama, but failed to locate the shimmery blond. “Oi! Aoyama, stop messing around!” Katsuki snapped, looking around for his partner. 


“I swear to god if you make us fail because you decided to gaze at yourself in a window…” Katsuki grumbled, setting the flour down gently, before hoisting himself up. Grabbing up the bags again, Katsuki looked around for his comrade, annoyance turning to concern. 


“Hey! Aoyama! Come on!” He barked, finding only cold empty air wherever he went. 


Maybe he made it to the exit already, knowing I can handle it. 


Katsuki huffed, adjusting the weights on his shoulders before moving along the building to the exit. 


On the way there he kept calling for Aoyama. 


“Aoyama! Where the hell are you?” Katsuki shouted once again, feeling more and more concerned with ever answer being silence. 


“Hey! This isn’t fun—” Suddenly, the lights cut out. 


Oh, I get it...this is part of the assignment. 


Katsuki sighed in relief, before realizing that he had no way to see.


He couldn’t use his explosions for light, and Aoyama’s navel laser was gone, as was he. 


Katsuki huffed, stuck with only 4 of his senses to complete the assessment. 



Eijirou’s POV


Eijirou watched with confusion as Aoyama walked away. Maybe Bakugou told him to go on ahead? 


But then he saw the look of confusion when Bakugou reemerged with the flour over one shoulder a few minutes later. 


“Oi! Ba—Aoyama, I’ve got the last of the survivors, we can g—” The speaker crackled above them. 


The way Bakugou was looking around, annoyed at the thought that his companion left him to do the rest of the work. 


“Hey, where’s Aoyama going?” Mina asked, pointing to a smaller screen which showed Aoyama running from…nothing. 


“Something’s wrong.” Aizawa-sensei muttered, reaching for the intercom button just as the lights went out. 


A few gasps fell across the room, as students huddled closer to one another for reassurance.  


Someone said, “Kaminari?” To which Kaminari responded, “It ain’t me.” 


Ochako’s voice lifted above the whispers of confusion, “Could we get some light in here?” 


In the corner of the room, a low flame flickered on, revealing Todoroki, who was using his quirk for light. 


A few of the other students followed—Momo created flashlights for everyone without a light-based quirk; Hagakure turned herself into a literal lightbulb, her silhouette a cool white. 


“Kaminari, do you think you could start up the screen again?” Aizawa-sensei asked, turning to the electric blonde.


“I can try.” he said, shuffling over to the huge device. Gently, he placed a finger on one of the input sockets, a successful hum following soon after. 


“Good, thank you.” Aizawa-sensei said, pressing a button on the control board that changed the screen colors. Night vision, Eijirou realized, remembering what his night vision scope could see. 


“Do you want me to start up everything el—” Aizawa-sensei shook his head, “Not yet, no.”


He watched the screen, changing to a map view of the building—heat signatures coming from not two, but three places in the arena. 


Aizawa-sensei tensed, he grabbed his phone from his back pocket, cursing when he found it useless. 


Turning to his students, the ragged man spoke, “Okay class. It seems your classmates are not alone. Listen to me closely.” He looked at everyone through the makeshift light, “I will be separating you guys into two groups, in which I will lead one, and Iida will lead the other.” 


“Shinsou, Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami, Jirou, Todoroki, and Kirishima. You six will be with me—” “But Aizawa-sensei!” A voice interrupted him. 


Everyone stared at Midoriya. 


“Yes Midoriya?” he questioned, tone sharp in a warning. 


“Let me go too, I need to make su—” “No.” “But Aizawa-sensei, Kacchan’s in tr—” “I said, no.” Midoriya looked thoroughly angry, his quirk causing small flashes of green lightning around him.


But —” “NO!” Aizawa-sensei shouted, cancelling Midoriya’s quirk. Everyone was frozen in shock, both at Aizawa-sensei’s temper, and Midoriya’s fury. 


This is reminding him of Kamino Ward. Eijirou realized. And, he couldn’t help but think the same thing. 


We’ll get to him before they do. Eijirou silently vowed to Midoriya.  


“Iida, I need you to make a group to alert the staff that there has been a break-in, and a group to go check out the generator. I leave it up to you as to the specifics of that.” Iida gave him a firm nod, turning back to his classmates with respected authority. 


“Alright, let’s go.” Aizawa-sensei said, leading the other six through the doorway.




Yaomomo had given Aizawa-sensei, Kirishima, Shinsou, and Jirou a double functioning device that could be used for both a flashlight, and a night vision scope. When they came across a path that split apart, Aizawa-sensei had Yaomomo create six-way communication earpieces. 


“Okay, Tokoyami, Momo, and I will go left, you guys will go right.” ,Aiz—no, Eraserhead said. 


Nodding firmly, Kirishima, Todoroki, and Shinsou took the left side, while the other three took the right. 


Todoroki had a flame in the palm of his left hand, leading the way while Shinsou watched their backs. 


Shinsou glanced at Kirishima, “Kirishima?” he whispered. 


Kirishima responded with distracted, “What?” 


“Relax.” Shinsou commanded. 


Kirishima felt every ounce of tension within him drain. 


‘Ah…. wait! ” Kirishima stopped, breaking the hold Shinsou had on him.


“Damn it Shinsou, don’t do that!” Kirishima hissed. 


Shinsou shrugged, “I’m sure Todoroki will agree with me when I say that we don’t want Bakugou getting all pissy because you’re stressed.” Shinsou chuckled, a light chuckle from the front joining him. 

Kirishima sighed, "I just really don't want this to end like Kamino Ward. To me just standing around, useless..." He trailed, his mind taking a darker turn. "It won't be. Be confident in his ability Kirishima. Sure, he's a bitch...and a pain in the ass..." Todoroki snorted, murmuring, "Amen to that." Kirishima grinned. "But, as much as I hate to admit it—he's also pretty badass." Shinsou said, amusement in his words. Sighing, Kirishima said, "Yeah....he is." He looked back into the night vision scope in his hands. 


Tensing up, he started, "Do you see—" "—i see it." Shinsou said, stopping beside him. 

A huge flucuating shaped figure was slowly approaching it's prey—Bakugou.


“Who the hell are you?!” The sound of the voice made all three boys jump.


It was Bakugou. 


Katsuki’s POV: 


After wandering around the dark for what felt like ages, Katsuki heard a voice call to him. 





But why would Kirishima be here? He thought, his feet stopping. 

“Bakugou?” Kirishima said, more earnest now. 


“Kirishima?” ,Katsuki chanced, calling to the dark.

“Bakugou?! Where are you?” He sounded panicked, heavy footsteps telling Katsuki he was close by. 


Wait, that’s not right…...Kirishima’s footsteps aren’t heavy. 

Kirishima’s footsteps were much lighter than these ones. 


But if this wasn’t Kirishima then….

...who is it?

Chapter Text


Eijirou’s POV:

Shinsou looked to Eijirou and Todoroki, motioning to be silent. 


“Bullshit” Bakugou said to the figure. 


The three shared a look, Telepathy? 


“Your footsteps are heavier than his!” He shouted, smoke escalating from his palms.


Eijirou had to fight back the instinct to defend his best friend. 


Shinsou whispered, “I’ve got the villain….you two go get Bakugou.” 


Nodding Kirishima crouched, Todoroki close behind. 


“Who’s there?” the figure turned in the dark, facing the three silent boys. 


Todoroki and Eijirou silently crept closer and closer to Bakugou, until Eijirou’s foot kicked a piece of concrete. Wincing, he gripped Todoroki as glowing magenta eyes passed him—slitted pupils looking around wildly in search of the source of the noise. 


The glowing eyes stopped on him for a split second, before a devilish grin formed from the darkness, a deadly glint shining off of the sharp white teeth. It took all Eijirou had not to shudder. 


Then, the face was gone. 


“Shit.” Eijirou hissed into the breath he released. 


“Kirishima?” A familiar rough voice came from a few feet away. 




Todoroki hissed, "Damn it." Now, all four of them could hear the voice as the darkness boomed, “Oh, ho! This plan just went from good to great .” ,the villains voice dipping at the end. 


Immediately, Todoroki unleashed his flames, lighting up the room—and temporarily blinding their foe. “What plan?” Shinsou asked, warranting a response from the villain. 


“A go—” He stopped, under Shinsou’s control. From what they could see with their flashlights and Todoroki’s fire, his expression was blank...meaning that it worked. 


Shinsous seemed to have sensed it, as he started giving directions. The villain’s expression changed for only a second, but it showed devilish glee. “Tell us what your quirk is—AH!” The purple haired boy gripped his head in his hands. “Shinsou!” Eijirou and Todoroki shouted in concern for their classmate. 


“Shit.” He cursed, rubbing the side of his head. He was hunched over, rubbing his eyes over and over again. 


“Shinsou, what—”Eijirou stopped when he saw Shinsou’s eyes. 


They were completely black. The entirety of each eye turned black as though dipped in ink. 


“Sh-Shinsou?” Kirishima stuttered. 


He looked at his surroundings before pausing on...something. His expression turned horrified, terrified, and then a sound—mixed between a scream and a wail—ripped from his throat, and he started sobbing. Shinsou Hitoshi started sobbing—a strange sound coming from the face that always held a bored expression.


He kept muttering the words, “No, please, no. Not them.”


A deep voice came from further away, “You know, this could have been avoided…..all you had to do was ask me.” He laughed, a deep sound echoing throughout the hallway. 


“Ask you what?” Todoroki said, impassive as ever. 


Fear. That’s my quirk’s name.” , suddenly he disappeared, almost as though he disintegrated.


“You seem like you’ve been through quite a lot kid.” He said from behind Eijirou and Todoroki—a hand on Todoroki’s shoulder. 


Shoving him off, Todoroki asked angrily, “Why should you care?” The man laughed, “Oh I don’t.” 


The response surprise both Todoroki and Eijirou.


He leaned closer to Todoroki’s ear and said, “But you might.” before disintegrating once again. 


“Todor—” he watched as his friend stood, body turning rigid, paralyzed in fear as he relived those terrible memories from the past.


No, no, can he just...


Eijirou tried shaking Shinsou back into reality, glad to succeed—only for victory to be deflated by the shaken look on Shinsou’s face. “Kirishima!” He gasped, like one surfacing after a deep dive in an ocean. 


He gripped Eijirou’s forearm like his life depended on it, “D-denki, Hanta….are, are they alright?” He asked, worry so…. unnatural on his face. Eijirou nodded, “Yeah, yeah. They’re fine...c’mon—” He looked up, his one arm supporting Shinsou. 


“Icyhot! Wake the fuck up!” Eijirou nearly dropped Shinsou in shock. Before him stood Bakugou, who was gripping Todoroki’s shoulders to death, and trying desperately to shake him out of his trance. He looked concerned, and it made Eijirou’s heart lift as he watched his best friend working to help their classmate. 


Finally, Todoroki’s eyes returned to normal—his eyes taking in his surroundings quickly. 


“We need to get the fuck out of here.” Bakugou said, looking out for the villain, whom had disappeared after talking to Todoroki. 


“Yeah. Shinsou…can you run?” The brainwasher nodded, letting go of Eijirou. 


“And Todoro—” “—yes.” He responded, expressionless, save for a few tear stains.


“Okay, let’s go!” Eijirou yelled just as the villain reappeared behind them. 



Katsuki’s POV:


“Okay, let’s go!” Kirishima yelled just as the villain reappeared behind them. Missing them by just a few inches, the villain hissed. Katsuki used his explosions to keep back the man, while Todoroki had them sliding along an ice path to put speed on their side. 


They kept running, in what felt like an endless loop—even after their legs started to scream for them to stop, they kept running. 


Until one fell. 


It was a simple mis-step, a foot placed on the ground at a wrong angle.


The other’s kept running, their heads filled with the screams of their past, the wails of their nightmares. Katsuki didn’t blame them for not being able to notice. 


But Katsuki didn’t miss it when Kirishima stumbled, somersaulting forward until the momentum was weak. 


“Kirishima!” Katsuki shouted, getting the attention of the other two. 


They repeated the name. 


Katsuki ignored the objecting whispers from God-knows-where. Ignored the words surrounding him that said, “Leave him.” 


“Shit.” The redhead cursed, stumbling to get up. 


A voice came from behind him, “The great thing with fear……” An arm appeared above Kirishima’s face, waving over it, making his eyes go black. 


“Todoroki, why’d you put out your fire?” Kirishima said, his head to the side, not realizing he was experiencing the villain's quirk


“ that it does whatever the hell it wants to you.” His face appeared, in a grin, then his entire body. He was a walking silhouette, long horns protruding from his head, wearing a dark purple tailcoat with magenta mixed in as the undershirt, and matching trousers. He looked to Kirishima.


Katsuki’s eyes flicked to Kirishima just as he drove a hardened hand through his own calf. 




He felt himself frozen in shock—his mouth dry, everything around him going blurry, his eyes wide. At how easy it was for this villain to hurt Kirishima. For this monster to turn Kirishima against himself. Katsuki was frozen, he couldn’t hear Todoroki and Shinsou trying to get him to keep going. All he saw was the gaping wound in Kirishima’s calf, the blood rushing out of it, onto his own hand. Using Kirishima as a weapon against himself.


And for the first time in his life, 

He wanted to kill someone. 


Gritting his teeth, he aimed his hand at the monster in purple. Hand hovering of his gauntlet's pin.


But he never pulled it.


Not when he saw Kirishima’s eyes return to normal. 


“Ah!” He seered through clenched teeth, no doubt feeling the slice of pain in his calf. Katsuki dropped his hand, too paralyzed to help Kirishima up.


C'mon MOVE! Katsuki, Move! 


He watched as Kirishima ripped part of his costume, and wrapped it around his leg tightly. He stood to get up, but something was wrong. He swayed a little, wincing at his leg. 


Katsuki, ever the empath, “Idiot! Harden your damn leg!” His voice cracked. Of course it did. He just watched his best friend stab himself in the leg. 


“Oh, yeah.” Kirishima slurred, giving a lopsided grin. His walking improved, but he still looked dizzy. 


“Ah.” he sighed, looking at Katsuki.


Katsuki saw the  monster behind Kirishima again. 


He could feel his pupil’s dilate as he realized what the villain was about to do.


He made a move toward Kirishima, screaming, “MOVE! MOVE EIJIROU MOVE! USE YOUR DAMN LEGS YOU IDIOT! PLE-ase!” Another voice crack. Two arms held him back, he was too dazed to care who. He didn’t realize he was crying until he tasted salt.


He watched as his best friend turned around, face falling in realization with a small, “Oh.”


He used explosions to break free of the grip, his legs moving on their own. 


He recalled what Deku had told him the day he got attacked by the sludge monster—something about his body moving on it’s own. 


Is this what he meant?


Katsuki slid in front of Kirishima, blowing up the man’s arm before he could strike. He turned, grabbing Kirishima by the wrist before running. 


“I-I can’t—” Kirishima stuttered, his leg failing him. 


Without another word, Katsuki hoisted and carried Kirishima on his back running and running, pushing well beyond his limits. But every breath he heard in his ear, every tiny bit of movement from the boy he carried, gave him a new rush of adrenaline. 


Ironically, the “Thanks Katsuki.” that was whispered to him sent shivers down his spine. 


They saw the doorway in their sights. 

Nothing was stopping them. 

Nothing but their instincts.


“Something's off.” Katsuki murmured, the others nodding in agreement. As they approached the doorway, they began to realize they wouldn’t be able to open it. Not with the power down, that is. 


Breathing hard, Katsuki was ready to turn and juke the villain, when everything went bright again. 


“The lights—” The door behind them opened up. 


Quickly they shuffled through, just as the villain disintegrated. 


And suddenly all of their classmates were attacking them.




“Kiri!” Mina shrieked when she saw the state he and Katsuki were in. Rushing over to them first, she gave the two a bear hug, “Y’all scared the crap out of me!” She scolded, here eyes soft. Katsuki just shrugged, but not too hard to jolt Kirishima, “Whatever Pinky.” She grinned, before skittering over to Hagakure, giving some space for the next person. 

Alltheir classmates were gathered around the four, billions of words being exchanged.


“Hitoshi!” Two voices drifted across the room, followed by a happy sigh. Katsuki glanced over to Shinsou, who was surrounded by Kaminari and Sero. He registered the small smile on his face, before turning to Todoroki—who looked quite the opposite. 


“Kacchan!” Deku’s voice came from right in front of him. 


“I swear to go if you touch me, I'll kick you with Kirishima's leg," Katsuki swore, glaring at Deku.


“No, don’t worry, I wasn’t gonna do that—.” Deku smiled, before his eyes slid to something behind him, smile fading. “Wh-what happened to Shouto?” He asked, looking at Katsuki desperately. Katsuki shook his head, a silent ‘ Too much’. Immediately, Deku went up to Todoroki, comforting him. 


“Where are the others?” Kirishima groaned, lifting his head up to look around. Ochako looked at him, “We thought they’d be with you.” 


As if on cue, Momo, Tokoyami and Aizawa-sensei burst through the doorway. 


All conversations grew silent as they all watched Aizawa=sensei with big eyes. 


His eyes flicked to everyone in the room, pausing briefly on the group who had encountered the villain.


“Who turned the lights on?” He asked searching around the room for the culprit. Everyone shook their heads, until Kaminari said, “I did see someone in the room before they disappeared.” 

Everyone turned and looked at him. 


“They...they had some sort of vigilante styled outfit going on, and a long braid of white hair.” he mumbled the description. 


Aizawa-sensei cursed, before looking to Katsuki and Kirishima.


“You two, go to Recovery Girl.” He muttered. 


Obliging, Katsuki slid out the door—more than ready to get Kirishima healed.

Chapter Text



The image of Kirishima under the villains control kept playing over and over in Katsuki’s mind as he and Kirishima made their way to Recovery Girl’s office. There was a tense, morbid silence between the two. 


Kirishima, somehow, still had enough energy to fill the silence. 

“Hey Bak—” “Katsuki.” Katsuki interrupted, saying it before even realizing it. 

“Huh?” Kirishima asked, lifting his head up a little from Katsuki’s shoulder. 

“Just fucking call me Katsuki.” He snapped, heat prickling his face, neck, and ears. He was really, really hoping Kirishima wouldn’t notice how warm his neck was. 

“Oh, o-okay.” Kirishima stuttered, his hair tickling the nape of Katsuki’s neck as he moved his head. 


“What were you gonna say idiot?” Katsuki huffed. Please don’t be about what happened. Please don’t be about what happened. Please don

“I was gonna visit my mom this weekend….d’you maybe wanna come with me?” Kirishima asked, hope mixing itself into his slurred words. 

“ she—” “Awake? No, not yet.” Kirishima gave a slight shake of his head to emphasize. 


Katsuki deflated, wishing away the recurring image in his mind. 

“Why the hell not.” Katsuki murmured, his mood lightening a little when he hears Kirishima laugh. 

“Thanks,” he paused. 

“Katsuki.” he added, a smile in his voice. 

“Whatever.” Katsuki grumbled, cheeks lighting up.


“Maybe we’ll see Mal again!” Kirishima said, his words bright. 

“Why...why do you call her that?” Katsuki asked, trying hard not to let his jealousy show. 

“Mal? and her go way back. She’s—what, 21 now?” He fiddled with his hands, which were slung over Katsuki’s neck. Katsuki stayed silent, giving Kirishima room to continue.

“We became friends in that hospital. The one my mom’s in….” He trailed, letting his hands fall. 

Katsuki hummed, letting Kirishima know he was listening. 

“...When I was nine, I stayed there for awhile….She was there because she needed a brain transplant. We became friends, and spent a lot of time hanging out with one another. I left the day of her surgery. I never saw her after that.” His voice went quiet, nostalgic. 

“What were you there for?” Katsuki asked, curious. 

“I...oh, um—” Kirishima sighed. 

“My mouth. That was around the time my teeth started to kick in.” He mumbled.

“Wait….your teeth weren’t always like that?” Katsuki had always picture Baby Kirishima with awkwardly big shark teeth. Now, though, it was hard to picture him without those teeth.

“No, these teeth grew in after I lost my baby teeth. Probably for the best,” He chuckled, relaxing and slumping over Katsuki’s shoulder. 


“You said I could call you Katsuki….” Kirishima started, hardening then unhardening his pinky finger. 

“ you can call me Eijirou.” He said, voice quiet. He started again when he was met with silence, “I-i mean, only if you wa—” “Alright then, Eijirou. ” Katsuki said, maintaining an even heavier blush.

With a smile in his voice Kirishima said, “Okay.” 


And then silence. 


Until Kiri— Eijirou , once again, decided to break it. 

Resting his chin on Katsuki’s shoulder, he mumbled, “Katsuki?” 

Damn it, Katsuki thought as he felt chills when Kirish—no, Eijirou said his name. 


“Thanks for saving me.” He mumbled, quiet. 

Katsuki huffed, “Whatever, it’s not like I had anything better to do anyway.” Meanwhile, internally, he was screaming at this idiot for being so stupid. 

“I...I’m sorry. I should have moved instead of just standing there….I just didn’t know what to do. I was frozen, watching as he was about to get me. Then you….you just appeared in front of me man—having my back. And then, PWOOSH!” He demonstrated an explosion with his hands. 

“You blew up his plan like a badass. Meanwhile, all I could do was watch it in slow-motion. Felt kinda….” He paused. 

“...kinda like a guardian angel.” His voice was in quiet awe. 

Katsuki was silent, before breaking off into laughter. 


“ME?! AN ANGEL?! HAVE YOU MET ME SHITTY HAIR?” Katsuki snorted, nearly knocking Eijirou—god it was weird thinking his first name—off of him. Only when he hardened did Katsuki realize it. 

“Okay, maybe a really, really pissed off angel.” Eijirou grinned, holding onto Katsuki for dear life. “Yeah, pissed because of the idiot he’s gotta watch over.” Katsuki teased, regaining composure. 

“Hey! I’ll have you know that the last time I got myself hurt was when Midoriya tried out my quirk against one of Momo’s canon’s!” Eijirou exclaimed, readjusting his position on Katsuki’s back.


Or when you stabbed yourself in the calf out of fear. Katsuki immediately thought, his mind turning dark once again.


“But seriously….I—thank you Katsuki. You kept telling me what I needed to do, and I….I didn’t do it. And because of that, this guy got me in the leg. So now you have to carry me to Recovery Girl, when you could be doing some—” His tone was taking a dark note.  

“Oi! Hold on.” Katsuki stopped, reprocessing everything Eijrou was saying. “First off, stop that. Second, what do you mean by got you in the leg? ” 

Did Eijirou think that

“I mean I was open and he got me.” Eijirou said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“...yeah…” Katsuki muttered, continuing their walk. He didn’t have the heart to tell Ejirou what really happened.

Or maybe he just didn’t want to.


There was a silence full of unsaid worries. 


“Why do you….” Eijirou tried, huffing when he failed. “You…”He huffed again. 

“Why do you do this?” He finally managed to say. 

“Hah? What do you mean Shitty Hair?” 

“I mean this.” He lifted his hands from Katsuki’s shoulders, making a gesture that Katsuki couldn’t see from his angle. 

“Carrying me. Going with me to visit my mom even though you never had to. Making me Sashimi. Worrying for me. Letting me take advantage of you even though I wasn’t at my best. Giving me a hug even though you hate hugs…” His voice trembled a little. Katsuki could feel small wet spots on suit. It sounded like this had been eating up Eijirou from the inside. Katsuki hated that.

“Because I can.” He replied gruffly.


Because for some goddamn reason care about you, you idiot. 


‘Why?” Ejirou asked again, his voice slowly decreasing in volume. 

“Because…..” Katsuki tried hard for an excuse. 

Finally, he gave up, “Because your my fucking best friend or whatever it’s called.” He huffed, furious at how easily this guy could make him blush. 

Eijirou lightened up at that, “R-really?” The hope in his voice made Katsuki’s heart clench. 

“I’m not gonna say it again.” He grumbled, stomping to the door ahead. 

“Aww….alright.” Eijirou said, his voice growing quieter in exhaustion. 


“Oi! You lost too much blood, don’t think you can fall asleep on me just yet.” Katsuki growled, waking the redhead up. 

“Ah! Yeah, sorry…..” He trailed, Katsuki assumed his eyes were closing. 

“Oi!” He shouted again, making the redhead jolt, “Sorry! Sorry!” He said, just as they reached Recovery Girl’s office. 


The door burst open, “GET YOUR BUTTS IN HERE BEFORE I SHANK Y’ALL!” The small woman shouted at them, pushing them inside. 

“Goddamn we are—” He received a whack on the head for that one. “Language!” She hissed, retracting her cane back. 

Rolling his eyes, Katsuki carried Kirishima to the hallway that connected Recovery Girl’s office to the hospital cots she kept for overnight stays in the clinic. 

“Just set him down.” She instructed, leading them to one of the patient rooms. 


Once Katsuki laid him down on the bed, he pulled a chair out and sat down. 


“Oh no. You, boy, are going to your dorm.” She exclaimed, looking at him with a ‘try me’ look. 

“Yeah, and Deku will stop breaking his bones.” Katsuki replied drily, crossing his arms and making himself comfortable. 

Glaring at him she paused before saying, “Alright fine. But don’t come to me looking for treatment when your back hurts.” 

And then she waddled out of the room. 


“As if I’d ask for your help old—” he grumbled under his breath, eyes falling back to Eijirou, who was giving him a lazy grin. 

“The fuck you looking at?” Katsuki grumbled, cheeks pink. 

“You, silly.” He grinned, reaching for Katsuki’s face. 


“Oi! Recovery Girl, he’s acti—” He stopped midsentence as Eijirou grabbed his cheeks in each hand. 

“I like your face.” He smiled. 


That statement alone made Katsuki’s heart kick into overdrive. 


“What the hell were you saying bo—” Recovery Girl said, approaching the doorway. 

“I ‘shad he’sh acting werd.” Katsuki tried to say as Eijirou squished his face between his hands. 

“Probably the lack of blood sweetie.” She stated, sarcastic. 

‘Well are you gonna heal him or what?!” He shouted, making Eijirou retract his hands in surprise. 

‘Ah, yes. I suppose I should do that.” She responded walking over to Eijirou. 

Planting a kiss on the boy’s cheek she said, “He should fall asleep in five….four….three….two…” Eijirou’s eyes shut, knocked out. 

“Ah. There it is!” She exclaimed, giving a small enthusiastic clap. 

“Mk, thanks.” Katsuki said, trying to dismiss the elderly woman. 

“Y’all don’t do anything stupid.” She said as she hobbled out of the door. 

“Oi! The fuck—” “Language!” She yelled from the hallway. 

Sighing, Katsuki slumped down in his chair. 

This was going to be a long night. 


Chapter Text

Katsuki kept dozing off every now and then, until nearly midnight, where he found himself shivering. 

Having long taken his gauntlet’s off, he grabbed an extra blanket from the table, and wrapped himself up in it, eyes slowly sliding shut again. 


“Stop.” Eijirou murmured, making Katsuki’s eyelids flutter open a bit. 

Relaxing, Katsuki closed his eyes, dozing off. 


“Stop!” He said, a little louder, shifting on the mat. 

Katsuki’s eyes opened a little wider, watching Eijirou. 


“STOP!!” His voice was choked, making Katsuki sit up straighter. 

He started to writhe around under his blanket. “Yumi! Dad!” he whispered-yelled in panic. 

Yumi….? Is that…?

Katsuki came up to Eijirou’s side, hesitating as he tried to think of what to do. 

What would….what would Kirishima do? , his mind immediately went to it.

And immediately he knew what to do. 


Putting a hand on Eijirou’s shoulder, he shook it and said, “Eijirou.” The redhead didn’t wake, but did say, “K-Katsuki?” 

“Yeah, that’s my name.” He responded, sounding more tense than he intended.

“Where’s….where’s Yumi?” Eijirou asked, his eyes still shut. 

“Who the fuck is that?” Katsuki asked, curiosity within his aggressive tone. And is this idiot still asleep or not?

“Yumi….my sister?” He said as though he’d already said it before. 

“The fuck? You don’t have a—”But then he remembered what Eijirou had admitted the previous weekend. 


I have a sibling. 

“—sister…” Katsuki’s voice went quiet. 

“Katsuki, where’s my sister?” Eijirou asked again, grabbing onto Katsuki’s hand, squeezing it hard enough that Katsuki was starting to feel a dull pain in his hand. 

“I don’t know Eijirou.” Katsuki said, trying hard to pull his hand out of Eijirou’s grip.

“Where. Is. My. Sister, Katsuki?” Eijirou’s eyes flew open, his head turning to look at Katsuki. 


Katsuki’s eyes flicked up to see that painful black replacing the fiery red that normally ruled his eyes. Shocked, Katsuki froze—his mind whirling him back. 


“ that it does whatever the hell it wants to you!” Katsuki looked to Eijirou. “GAH!” A pained cry echoing throughout the halls. There lay Eijirou, harmed by his own hand. His hardened hand splattered in his own red. 


His throat cut open. 

The sound of blood choking him as he tried to breathe. 

The man disappeared, not that it mattered. Either way Katsuki would’ve ended up right next to Eijirou tears flowing freely as he clutched Eijirou. 

Trying to wake him up. Trying to wake himself up from this nightmare. 

Eijirou telling him gurgled, hard to understand words. 

“I’m sorry…..”


Katsuki’s mind flew back to the present, where Eijirou was holding his hand as his eyes became a normal color once again. 

“K-katsuki? What….what happened?” He asked, looking incredibly shaken. 

“You were having a nightmare.” Katsuki replied once he’d finally regained his composure. 

“What about...what about you though?” Eijirou asked, squeezing his hand in comfort. 


“What about me?” 

“When...when I woke up...your—your eyes were….were—” Eijirou’s eyes were doing a weird fluctuation between wide and squinted. 

“—black.” he finished, looking up at Katsuki again. Katsuki stiffened. My….were….but that’s not fucking


“You’re just seeing shit.” Katsuki scoffed, yanking his hand out of Eijirou’s grip. “Go the fuck back to sleep Shitty Hair.” He grumbled, sitting down on the chair once more. 

“ to get something to drink first—” He lifted the sheet, his leg moving to the side of the bed. 

Jolting up, Katsuki shoved him back onto the mat—tucking him back in, “Like hell you are, you little fucker!” He growled, stomping out of the room. 


Coming back with the water, Katsuki nearly shoved it into Eijirou’s face. And of course, because of his annoyingly obvious gay side, his heart jumped when their fingers brushed.

“Thanks.” Eijirou said, wiping his mouth and tossing the now empty cup in the trash can that sat beside the bed. 

“Whatever.” Katsuki mumbled, fighting the fluttery feeling in his stomach once again.


Eijirou eyed him for a few moments before saying, “You cold?” 

Katsuki looked up, tired eyes meeting equally exhausted eyes. “Eh? Fuck off.” And of course, because his body loved to prove him wrong, he shivered. 

“Okay, Pinky. ” Eijirou teased. Katsuki shot back, “Oh, fuck you .” 


“Well, I was gonna say….if you were cold, you could always just come up here.” Eijirou suggested, patting a Katsuki-sized spot on the cot. [Hehe that rhymed]

“The fuck?” Katsuki asked, a blush already formed on his ears.

“Body heat man. That, and the combined blankets.” Eijirou stated, grinning through red cheeks. 

“You’re acting funny again. I’m just gonna get fucking Re—” “I’m serious Katsuki. This is a serious invitation. You don’t have to accept it, but just give me an answer.” Eijirou said, his eyes showing defeat.

[<a href="">Imagine Kiri doing this but for the hospital bed instead of his lap</a>]

“FINE!” Katsuki exclaimed, glaring at the redhead. 

Perking up, the redhead patted the mat, trying to coax Katsuki to be quicker. And, just to spite him, Katsuki moved slower. 


Eventually though, he had reached the bed in a blushing grumbling mess. 

“Stupid Kirishima. Fuck you. Stupid..” He kept muttering. 

Snickering Eijirou said, “I’m not the one crawling up here.” Katsuki stopped, looking Eijirou in the eyes, shooting him his best glare, and said, “Nothing’s stopping me from walking back to my dorm Shitty Hair.” He’d meant the words as a threat, a way to remind Eijirou that he chose to be here—instead, it came out in a pout.

“You’re right. But yet here we are.” He smiled, eyes shimmering. 

“Oh fuck off Shitty Hair.” Katsuki grumbled, lying down in the spot that Eijirou had gestured to. 

“Nah it’s too late for that.” , replied Eijirou with a teasing grin.

It took a moment for Katsuki to realized what Eijirou was referring to, and when he did his entire face felt like it was on fire, and he shoved Eijirou, “Oi! Don’t say shit like that dumbass!” 

Cackling Eijirou said, “No homo bro.” 


Grabbing the blanket that covered the both of them in a fist, Katsuki moved to lift it, but Eijirou stopped him. 

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop….” He surrendered, a smile playing in his voice. 

“Good.” Katsuki muttered, settling down beside Eijirou. He shifted. Then he shifted again. And again. And again, and—”Katsuki, you don’t have t—” “Shut up!” He snapped, settling with his back to Eijirou, nearly hanging off the edge of the mat. 


“You’re literally floating off the ground dude. If you want me to move over I can—” “Then move!” Katsuki growled, slowly scooting to the center of the cot. 

Snickering Eijirou did so, his chuckles dying down as he gazed at Katsuki. 

“You’re lucky that I’m too goddamn cold to blow up this damn bed.” Katsuki grumbled, a hot blush taking his face. 

“Yeah….I suppose I am.” Eijirou smiled.


“Oi! Stop being weird.” Katsuki demanded. Sighing, Eijirou turned so his back was to Katsuki, “Sorry, sorry.” 

“I didn’t fucking say turn around did I?” Katsuki mumbled, a furious blush radiating from his neck, cheeks, and ears. 

“But I thought—” “Well you thought wrong dipshit.” He countered, looking at everything but Eijirou. 

“Alright.” Eijirou said, turning around with the biggest goddamn grin Katsuki had ever seen.

“Stop smiling like that weirdo.” Katsuki cringed, looking away because this boy was way too bright.


“Night.” Katsuki murmured, letting his eyes slide shut before Eijirou could say a word. 

“Goodnight Katsuki.” Katsuki heard Eijirou say just before the depths of sleep carried him off. 



Eijirou’s POV: 


Eijirou had to admit to himself, that he was being kinda creepy. But it was totally worth his dignity any day. 

Because Bakugou Katsuki was, by far, the most adorable sleeper in the universe. 

His hair was spread out around the pillow that was holding his face, his face pushed against the crook of his elbow—lips parted slightly. He wore a peaceful expression, changing only to furrow his brow as he mumbled unheard words in his slumber. 

Despite how glorious the sight of his face alone was, Eijirou had to solve his curiosity. His gaze drank in the boy’s face, before flitting to his hair. 


Biting his lip, Eijirou slowly reached over until his fingertips brushed the soft strands. Ready to pull his hand away, should Katsuki attack him (though he really doubted he would)— Eijirou lightly thrust his hand further within the soft cocoon of blonde hair. God, it was soft. 

Kinda like petting a kitten. Eijirou stifled a snort as he imagined a small fluffy angry kitten resembling Katsuki. 

Without even realizing it, Eijirou found himself massaging Katsuki’s scalp, running his hand through his hair. He allowed his exhaustion to overtake him as he fell asleep beside Katsuki—his guardian angel of sorts, with his hand stroking Katsuki’s hair. 


So soft……