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A Decision

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“One of them,” Chihiro said, his knife resting against Kasumi's back. “Kill one of them and I'll let you and the other go.”

Kasumi considered his offer. It wasn't like he was a stranger to murdering his classmates himself (he thought about his hands covered in Yuna and Hotaru's blood only minutes after the game had started), but he had heard things. Things about EmeKare.

No. About EmeKill.

Things like how at first they refused. They wouldn't kill anyone they fought, instead choosing to spare them. Out of love for their friends? Out of fear? Kasumi didn't know.

He heard that they had spent nights alone, crying, thinking about the peaceful times where they weren't all trying to (literally) stab each other in the back. Thinking about Azuki, and wondering if he and the others that were spared were okay.

But then. Haruto had snapped.

He had killed Ren violently, Midori quickly following behind, resulting in Rei's death as well.

Sawa was next, falling out if a tree, killing Shiro in the process, meaning another 2 (although accidental) kills for EmeKill.

Then, they turned on each other. Midori wasn't safe from EmeKill's wrath either.

Kasumi was brought back to present by Chihiro's knife tearing his shirt.

“Pick one, Kasumi. Haruto or Ranma.”

He looked at them both. Despite the grave situation they were in, they still had their regular, soft smiles. Hands tied, bloody and bruised, staring holes into Kasumi.

He could practically feel the murderous intent behind their eyes.

“I won't,” he said at last.

“Hmm?” Chihiro smiled. “That's fine then,” he said, raising his knife to Kasumi's throat.

Kasumi hoped that if there was an afterlife he'd at least be able to see EmeKill triumph against Chihiro.