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Dabi Makes So Many Mistakes

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Dabi had no idea how it happened, but he figured he’d just roll with it. The whole ‘falling in love with the enemy’ thing. But if you could look at Hawks and not have the gayest of thoughts, he would love to know your secret on how the fuck you did that. Or maybe you’re not into dudes, whatever, he didn’t care.
It’s just that everytime he looked at Hawks, he felt warm and out-of-breath at the same time, complete and incomplete, and he sure as hell hoped Hawks felt the same because there was no way Dabi wanted to go through those bullshit feelings alone because fuck that. Like, what the fuck is this? Is this what love is? Or is it the feeling of wanting to kill someone so bad, it physically affects you? For a month or so, Dabi considered it the latter. Until Hawks tried flying him up and dropping him, and Dabi wouldn’t let go of Hawks and ended up kissing him in an attempt to get them both down. Dabi realized it actually totally was love and they got down. And by “got down”, he meant the kiss shocked Hawks so much that he forgot to flap his wings until they were at the same altitude as the city skyscrapers, allowing Dabi to escape and leaving Hawks to right himself in the air, looking back at Dabi’s escaping form confusedly. Even confused, Dabi had to admit, Hawks looked stunning. That wasn’t fair, not fair at all.
Of course, he realized afterward that his lips were still tingling, still felt Hawks’ over them and damn, he was so whipped. He wanted to feel it again. Which was why he told Shigaraki that he wa going to distract Hawks on the next night they attack UA. Which was tonight. God, Dabi had no idea what he was doing.
While the rest of the League was inside the walls of UA, Dabi spied Hawks speeding towards the school, red wings cutting through the night sky. God, Dabi wanted to pet those wings. Unfortunate, he Hawks brought Endeavor along. Great. Fantastic.
Because he totally wanted to flirt with a literal fucking angel with the literal fucking devil watching from the side-lines. Well, he’d just have to take care of that.
Dabi stuck to the shadows, meeting the heroes halfway. Sneaking upon the two, he suddenly unleashed everything he had on Endeavor, not letting up on the hero until he was completely overtaken by Dabi’s blue flames. Hawks was surprised too, the hot air forcing him up and away from Endeavor. Once high enough not to get burned, he spied Dabi letting up on the Number 1 Pro-Hero, who seemed unconscious, not dead.
He looked around for Dabi, not realizing that the scarred villain was already prepared to pounce on him. Hawks lowered his altitude prepared to defend Endeavor, when he felt someone collide with his back, right in between his wings. He and Dabi both fell to the ground, Dabi’s hands on his wings and a foot on his back, at the base of his wings. Hawks’ glasses were cracked and threatened to fall off. His hair was messier than usual, and even now, below him and messy, Dabi thought Hawks the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. So naturally, Dabi leant down, making his face even with Hawks, and softly kissed the hero’s cheek to find it just as soft as the kiss itself. Dabi was practically giddy when he felt Hawks shiver through his wings at the kiss. Well, how could he resist that?
Dabi, still above Hawks, laid himself along Hawks’ back, still making sure Hawks couldn’t use his wings, which his arms were trapped under, to throw him off and placing his knee on the ground in between the little birdie’s legs. His arm snaked around Hawks’ neck and held Hawks’ chin, turning his face towards Dabi’s. The villain took a moment to admire his prey’s bewildered expression, his eyes blown wide and his face red as a tomato. Dabi licked his lips before pressing an insistent kiss to Hawks’ mouth. Hawks made a surprised noise, allowing Dabi to press his his tongue in. This was it. This was exactly what he wanted.
Until he felt a large mass of asshole plow into him, forcing him away from the literal perfect moment. There stood Endeavor, holding him against a wall and looking at him with a mixture of disgust and murderous intent. Except this look was more disgusted than the previous looks Endeavor had given him throughout the years. The “hero” looked back at Hawks, the look lessening in its severity.
“Did he --?” Endeavor’s voice seemed so raw in that moment, as if there was something bigger behind those small words. That was fucking new.
Hawks shook his head, getting up and rubbing his sore wings. “No. You got him before it went any further.”
Oh. OH. They thought he was going to...oh no. That’s a terrible impression to leave someone, anyone, especially the person you’re flirting with. Then again, holding them down while you force your tongue into their mouth is probably not the best way to build a relationship. It is, however, the best way to make this entire thing very awkward.
“C'mon, I just wanted to get to know you better.” Dabi said with a smirk, feigning his usual carelessness. Wait, no, that had the total opposite effect than desired. Hawks looked fucking scared (oops) and Endeavor looked pissed (score!). Dabi could see Endeavor move to punch him and Hawks’ wings tighten around him like a protective shell, and as Dabi was struck, losing consciousness, he realized that yeah, this could've gone so much better.

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So waking up to see he’d been captured wasn’t fun. As the League escaped, leaving him cuffed, being dragged by his father who had no idea who he was, and into fucking UA of all places, Dabi realized his mistake. Well, mistakes, but that was a small detail.
At least it looked like the League did some damage before they left. He saw students helping each other up and towards the clinic. Looking around, he spied that hothead kid, Bakugou Katsuki, and his friend (just friend?)Kirishima Eijirou walking toward some other students of 1-A, all of them not looking shaken at all. That is, until Katsuki turned towards him and their eyes met.
Quickly, Kirishima bear-hugged Bakugou as the more explosive of the two began shaking, simultaneously trying to attack Dabi and trying to get away from him. Kirishima was tight in his grip and shoved Bakugou’s face into his shoulder, blocking Dabi from view. The other students had seen Dabi by now, and were all either trying to help calm Bakugou now, helping to block Dabi from sight, of in Iida Tenya’s case, asking their teacher why the fuck a villain was being brought in when they just kicked villains out. Well. He was probably more respectful about it, but still. Dabi could seen what was going on.
Eventually, he was so close to them that he could hear that Red Riot kid telling Ground Zero, “Babe, babe, breathe. You’re not at Kamino, you’re at UA. He’s not a threat, and you’re alright. They’re getting rid of him. Breathe, Bakubabe.” Ok, so not just friends.
Dabi hadn’t realized just how messed up they had made the kid after they had captured him. He seemed fine. Or, well, less than fine after leaving him with Toga for a while, and his fighting did seem a bit desperate to get away when they were fighting. Huh. Guess he didn’t really pay attention. Or paying more attention to the kid’s temper than anything else. If he ever gets the chance, maybe he should apologize. He knew he wasn’t doing this to mentally scar children, just stop heroes from being fake fucks. Or maybe his crush was making him soft.
By now, Eraserhead had made it to Bakugou and Kirishima, and helped to move them both towards the dorms, the other students having changed their various actions to the mutual goal of helping Bakugou calm down and get to a comfortable room. It was sort of nice to know that these kind assholes were the future of heroics.
Of course, he couldn’t watch them for very long, given that Endeavor’s dragging him was stopped by Eraserhead, who’s eyes were glowing and his capture weapon and hair was floating a bit. Well, shit.
“Stay the hell away from my students if you value the continued existence of your limbs.” Eraserhead said, eyes twitching in anger. Well, shit.
Dabi smirked either way, knowing full well that Hawks was walking by to get to the 1-A dorms. “If your holding cells are worth a damn, you wouldn’t have to worry about that, now would you?” So yeah, of course Dabi would do this in order to impress someone. Too bad that someone looked disgusted. Oops. Again. “Look, I’m not after your kids. Hell, I didn’t even want to come here. I just wanted to talk with someone. Well, two someones now, but that’s not the point.”
Aizawa seemed to calm, though his quirk was obviously still active, and Hawks’ face changed to something unreadable, and the hero continued on towards the dorms, checking his phone. “Who did you want to talk to then?” Aizawa asked.
Dabi figured honesty was the only thing getting him anywhere at this point, so why the hell not? “Hawks and Ground Zero.”
“Absolutely not.” Came the simultaneous responses from Aizawa and Endeavor, who was still holding him, by the way. It was really odd seeing them give the same response in perfect unison. And apparently Hawks overheard, as he looked over his shoulder in shock and picked up his pace. Goddamnit.
Endeavor decided to put his two cents in at this point, and that really isn’t something Dabi was looking forward to. “There’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell you’ll get to talk to either of them.”
“What, don’t think you can hold me back while I stand motionless and in anti-quirk cuffs as I talk to two pretty powerful people while surrounded by heroes?” Dabi bit harshly, annoyance creeping into his voice. “Look, all I want is a couple of seconds to talk to them, that’s all I want.”
Aizawa spoke up again, growl escaping his throat. “Again, hell no.” The hero looked towards the other, anger not escaping his voice. “You can take him to a holding cell now.”
Meanwhile, Hawks walked through the doors to the 1-A common room, looking for the group of kids that had walked in not a minute before. He heard footsteps above him, realizing where they went. He walked into the elevator, doors opening to the sight of the kids in various areas. Sato was in the kitchen, making sweets for everyone, Shoji, Hagakure, Tokoyami, Ojiro, and Koda were helping to serve the treats. Iida had grabbed a blanket for Bakugou, who still seemed to be shivering and was sitting in between the Bakusquad, Jirou included, while the others had turned on video games on the large TV, giving Katsuki something to put his mind on other than the presence of a villain who helped kidnap him.
Hawks smiled at the scene before clearing his throat, alerting everyone to his arrival. Tokoyami smiled at him as he sat on the arm of the couch, while Sero scooted closer to Denki, allowing the pro-hero more room. “Hey, kiddo. How’re you doing?” He addressed Bakugou, whose face was practically buried in Kirishima’s neck.
“Bullshit.” Was the muffled response. Hawks looked at Kirishima, hoping for any expansion on that answer.
“He could be better, but appreciates you checking in.” Eijirou said, not looking up from where he was keeping his eyes on the TV. A grunt from Bakugou confirmed the translation provided.
“Well, that’s good.” Hawks took a breath before continuing, tensing. “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Bakugou, but we might have to talk, if you’d like to come with me, just for a second.”
Bakugou frowned deeper, if ever a thing were possible at that point. Kirishima frowned towards Hawks, eyes pulling away from the TV. The rest of the class following suit, the games even pausing. “Whatever you have to say to him, you can say in front of all of us.” Kirishima pulled his boyfriend closer to him.
Hawks tensed even more, the kids intimidating him even more than he could’ve predicted. But instead of responding directly to the red-haired protector, he still spoke to Katsuki again. “Is that alright with you?”
Bakugou’s voice was muffled, but still cut through the air like a knife. “If I had a problem with it, I would’ve said so, asshole.”
Hawks took a deep breath before continuing, trying to ignore the look Eijirou gave him. “Dabi didn’t come here with the same goals as the rest of the League. According to him, he came here ‘to talk’ with two people. The first person would be me. And the second person, Katsuki, is you.”
The entire room was silent except for the oven, the students letting the information sink in. Kirishima broke the silence with a growl. “Are you suggesting he goes to talk with the villain who captured him?”
A floodgate of questions had been broken, all of the students either going to question Hawks or going to make sure Katsuki didn’t have another panic attack. Bakugou himself had turned his head out of Kirishima’s neck so quickly to look at Hawks that the hero was sure he heard his neck cracking.
“What the hell?” Katsuki was calm in his delivery of the question, but it had everyone freezing in what they were doing. “What was your goal in telling me such dickery? Like, did you just fucking think, ‘hey, great goddamn idea, I’ll go tell this kid this bullshit I just heard from a villain. I beat they’ll kiss and make up.’?”
Hawks swallowed before answering, hearing the murderous intent in the student’s voice. “I thought you should be aware of what was happening.”
“Look, you can talk to him all you want. We all know you want to suck the guy’s dick, but I don’t, so I’m staying the fuck right here. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” Hawks tried not to look like a dog with its tail between its legs as he left, but he knew the effort was in vein. He knew it would go pretty bad, but damn, that was terrible. He left the dorms quickly, looking out for Nezu or Aizawa or even Present Mic. Just a teacher to ask what the hell is happening. He could feel Endeavor watching him from across the vast yard, but at the moment he didn’t exactly want to talk about what he woke up to see Dabi doing to him. Or talk about the fact that he didn’t not enjoy it.
He finally stumbled upon Aizawa, who looked more tired than usual. And generally irritated, but that is what he usually is. “So what happens now?”
“That depends.” Aizawa faced the other, monotone voice poorly covering his anger. “Do to really want to talk to him after what Endeavor told me what happened?”
Hawks sighed heavily, pressing a hand to his face. “I don’t know.”

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Kirishima didn’t know what to do anymore. Usually, when Bakugou had a panic attack he seemed to be comforted by Eijirou’s presence. But after Hawks left, Katsuki went to his room, locking the door behind him. Most of the class had tried to follow him, but Midoriya and Kirishima had stopped them, explaining that so many people might not help. Instead, they tried to hear from the end of the hallway as Kirishima knocked on the door, softly notifying Katsuki of his presence.
“How are you holding up?” Kirishima asked through the door. He didn’t hear anything, not even a sniffle through the door. “I’m coming in, alright?” He did as he said he would and opened the door quickly and quietly, being sure to close the door behind him. The room itself was empty, but Kirishima could see Bakugou standing on his balcony, looking down onto the lawn. Eijirou quietly stood next to him and saw that Hawks and Aizawa were talking now.
Kirishima shifted his gaze back to Bakugou, who still wasn’t looking at him. “Hey. Do you want to talk about it?”
Katsuki took a moment, seeming to still be lost within his own head. “I think I should see him.”
Eijirou was startled at this. “What? Babe, you don’t have to see him if you don’t want to. I don’t know why he even came here and said that, but --”
“I don’t know either. But if feels like something I should do.” Bakugou said. They stood in silence like that before Katsuki straightened himself and headed back inside his room and began undressing.
“You’re going now?” Kirishima asked.
“Yup.” The hero costume was brought out, gauntlets shining and boots unlaced.
“Don’t you think you should give yourself time?” When Kirishima got no answer, he went to hug Katsuki from behind. “I know I can’t stop you from speaking with him, but can you at least wait until tomorrow?”
Katsuki patted Eijirou’s hands a bit before putting his costume down. “Alright, ok, don’t be a sap. Shitty-haired prick.”
“You fucking love me.” Kirishima grinned.
Katsuki grunted in response. “There better still be cake down there. Cause if not, I’m blowing something up.”
Kirishima laughed and opened the door, quickly shooing their classmates away. “I’m sure there is.” He gave the peers a pointed look before Bakugou could spot them spying. “I’m sure there most definitely is.”
The two walked down to the common room together, the silence being permeated by the approaching sounds of the video games. The sounds of Izuku losing at Mario Kart never failed to put a smile on Katsuki’s face.
As they entered the room, 1-A was normal. They were playing and fighting, cooking and eating, and Bakugou would never admit it, but he appreciated the effort of normalcy. As Kirishima went to sit on the couch, Tenya approached Bakugou with a plate of cake and a smile. “Hello, Katsuki.” Iida said it softly, meeting the explosion hero’s stare. “I would like to ask if you would like to help me train tomorrow?”
“Sure.” Bakugou responded before he actually thought about it. Well, he wasn’t going back now.
The future Ingenium smiled quite broadly, though still reigned it in to still look gentlemanly. “Thank you. Shall we meet up at the situation center? Eleven?”
Katsuki hummed in response and dumped himself, with his cake, next to his boyfriend.

Inside an interrogation room, UA

Hawks sat across Dabi as Endeavor cuffed the villain to the table. This was so fucked. The villain glared at the new Number 1 Hero as he left the room to watch from the viewing room.
Hawks was expecting to have to say something first, but as soon as the door closed, Dabi started talking. “I don’t usually say this, pretty bird, but I’d like to apologize.”
“Apologize? I know you hero types don’t really do that --” Dabi smiled.
“Not that, you prick!” Hawks was furiously blushing. “Did you just call me a pretty bird?”
Dabi smirked again, forcing his own blush down. “Well, I’m supposed to be honest to get what I want in this situation, aren’t I?” When Hawks went tomato red, Dabi’s smirk grew into a dark smile.
Hawks decided that this was most definitely the time to change the subject. “And what exactly do you want in this situation?”
“Why, you, of course! I thought I made that obvious.” Dabi said.
Hawks cringed. “Right, and cornering me in an alley was the best way to accomplish that.” The sarcastic bird sarcasmed. “Look, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you’re a wanted criminal, a villain, and an asshole.”
Dabi snorted. “And you could be all that too if you cared a little less.” They both sat in silence for a moment as Hawks glared at him.
The hero seemed to come to a realization when he burst out. “You’re trying to recruit me!”
“What?” Dabi was surprised.
Hawks burst up from his seat across from Dabi. “You’re trying to get me to join the League of Villains! You slick bastard!”
“I’m really not --!” Dabi tried to interject.
“I can’t believe you! I can’t believe I was ready to talk to you!” Hawks began rambling, pacing across from Dabi. “Miruko was right about you, oh my god.”
“I just wanted to talk to you!” Dabi interrupted, catching Hawks off-guard. “I was hoping we could start talking, and see where it goes.” Hawks was silent, as if observing him, so Dabi sighed and continued. “Look, I usually don’t do the whole alley thing. I don’t do any romantic thing usually, but when I saw you, I thought that maybe I could do that with you. The whole ‘romance’ thing. All the sappy shit that comes with it, occasionally spending the nights together and holding hands and binge-watching rom-coms on Valentine’s Day and shit. I saw you and I thought, ‘yeah, I can do all that with this fucking angel’.”
Hawks seemed to want to respond when the door burst open, revealing the flaming hero Endeavor. The hero glared at Dabi when he addressed Hawks. “I think that’s enough of an interrogation, Hawks. We have some business to take care of.” The hero dragged Hawks out, leaving Dabi alone in the room, cuffed to the table.