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Foot/tickle one-shots

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Some people of this world can be tolerant,some can be calm instead of enraged, but once one is provoked over and over and over again, it is difficult to judge them on their post actions. After weeks. Hermione had just about enough of that annoying, blonde mudlicker. Dealing with his cronies was bad enough, but being directly annoyed by him? She wondered how many disgusting, terrible past lives she must have lived. An EA CEO,Steve jobs, she wasn't certain, but it was a strong theory. She sat on her bed in her room, her bedmates out. She laid back onto her bed, swinging her legs over as she did so. As she pondered a way to get back at the dreaded "pure"blood, she stared down at her soles, clad in black knee socks. They were small and dainty, with plumpish toes that went down in order, high arches and a roundish, but not too protruding heels. Despite not being overly vain, she did admire them from time to time. The only thing that embarrassed her was the way they tended to sweat and smell easily. Despite it going usually unnoticed, she was still self-conscious about the ouder problem. She was afraid of damaging her soles with a spell or potion, and was too embarrassed to ask for assistance from anyone else, it appeared there was nothing she could do about them. Pushing them into a certain squirming Draco's face would be a delight. As if like a lighting strike, an idea popped into her head. With a benevolent smirk she rushed to prepare.

After some searching, she found Malfoy in a secluded part of the library, no wonder studying for the upcoming potions test. She slowly sauntered hey way over and plopped down into the seat across from him, momentarily gaining his attention. Too busy to study to argue, he simply stared back down onto the pages of his book. After a while, Hermione inconspicuously knocked one of his textbooks by "accident", forcing him to go under the table. Before he could retrieve it, he stared straight ahead. Hermione's feet were slightly out of her black Mary Janes,both heels coming out with an audible pop, revealing the blue bottoms of her shoes.Malfoy couldn't force his eyes to stray,as he continued to watch.After some movement (unconscious,of course),both shoes fell off.His heart rate quickened as he peered over the table.Hermione seemed to be entranced in a novel, causing him to duck back down.As if he was being programmed to do so, he slowly brought both shoes to his face and took a deep sniff, mind in ectasy from the pungent aroma.Hermione was beside herself.Causing the great Draco Malfoy to sniff her disgusting shoes? It was fantasy come true.Given,a spell had been the caus-.With a start, Hermione's eyes widened.She didn't want to risk using a smell spell, so she simply wore her socks for a few days, but soon she remember she didn't use a charm spell on here feet. This meant, she thought with glee, this was all just because of her soles. She began slowly using her toes to pull her black socks off her feet, as Malfoy stared in pure awe. First her smooth legs, ankles, her heel with a slightest pinkish tinge, her arches, the ball, and finally her-.

With a snap Draco was brought into reality as Hermione had closed her book and was getting up from her seat, and pulling her socks back on. "Find your book?" She questioned innocently as Malfoy rose. He simply nodded as she walked back to her room, barefoot, leaving her shoes. She was positive Draco would "borrow" them, and soon become obsessed. She looked forward to many weeks of teasing, and she would be more than glad to explain why she was missing her shoes to her bunkmates.