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Black Cat

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"My world is all just shades of grey, Steve. That's why you'll never really understand this version of me" - Felicia to Steve

Birth Name: Felicia Rogers

Alternate Name: Felicia Barnes

Nickname: Licia (Steve an Bucky) Fee-Fee. Kitten (Wade) Kitty. Fell. (Logan)

Alias: Felicia Hardy. Selina Kyle. Irena Dubrovna, Cat, Cathy Whippes

Super-Name: Black Cat.

Date of Birth: September 21, 1920

Age: 30-35 (Physically) 92 (2012 - AA & DP); 94 (2014 - CA:WS); 95 (2015 - A:AOU); 96 (2016 - CA:CW); 97 (2017 - DP 2); 98 (2018 - A:IF);(Biologically)



Hydra (Formerly – Escapee)

Team X (Formerly – Alternate Timeline)

Herself (Always)

Sister Margaret's Mercenaries (Occasionally)

X-men (When the mood takes her)


"I'm not a hero. I'm a thief" -- Black Cat

Occupation: Mercenary and thief.

Education: College graduate (arts major)



Gender: Female

Height: 5' 10"

Eyes: Green (occasionally Blue with contacts)

Hair: Blond

Portrayed by: Katheryn Winnick

Portrayed by: Katheryn Winnick




Steve Rogers – Older half-brother

Bucky Barnes – Older half-brother

Sarah Rogers – mother, deceased

George Barnes – father, deceased

Winifred C. Barnes - Step-mother, deceased

Rebecca P. Barnes Proctor – younger half-sister


Stucky - Felicia's cat (Lives at the Mutant School - Is rather attached to Logan)

Stucky - Felicia's cat (Lives at the Mutant School - Is rather attached to Logan)

Early life

Early life

Felicia Rogers was born on September 21, 1920, the daughter of Sarah Rogers and George Barnes; the result of an illicit affair. Though the truth of her birth wasn't revealed until into her late childhood when Steve and Bucky became friends; which brought George and Sarah into close contact again. Felicia, Steve and Bucky overheard an argument between the two of them which informed them of Felicia's parentage.

Felicia ran away from home that night, angry and hurt by the revelation and it took both Bucky and Steve to persuade her to come home; Bucky bought her her first cat as a bribe.

After that both brothers were incredibly protective of their baby sister.

Felicia grew up to be an overachiever, having been an excellent artist who had also excelled inside the classroom.

After the death of her brothers; Felicia became increasingly unstable which resulted in her being sectioned in the original Arkham Asylum (Then run by Hydra) During her second year in the Asylum, she was nearly raped by a male nurse who cornered her in a bathroom, when she was saved by another inmate, named Ryan. Felicia and Ryan became close friends, spending most of their time together until one night Ryan demanded that it was time for their relationship to become physical. Felicia's protests were in vain. Hating the idea of being a victim, she decided that she would murder her rapist despite the consequences.

One night she snuck into Ryan's cell and stabbed him to death with a fork she'd hidden at dinner. After this the Doctor at Arkham subjected Felicia to shock therapy, greatly affecting her mental state.

Years later it would be revealed to the world that Arkham was run by Hydra and had secretly experimented on it's inmates including Felicia and Ryan.

Eventually, Felicia escaped Arkham and tried pick-pocketing the crowd at a carnival outside New York City but failed. She was caught by the man who ran the place and he offered her to join the carnival. Felicia agreed and soon she learned the art of contortionism, gymnastics, magic and trickery. Using her new learned skills, Felicia also improved her pick-pocketing skills. When the owner of the carnival died in a tragic accident, Felicia decided to take her chances on the streets of New York, surviving as a petty thief.

When the owner of the carnival died in a tragic accident, Felicia decided to take her chances on the streets of New York, surviving as a petty thief

At some point Felicia became associated with Xavier and his mutants. Felicia and Mystique consider each other best friends even if they constantly seem to be fighting. Mystique secretly looks up to Felicia and her strength, having survived such hardships. Mystique also knows that if she ever needed real help, Felicia would drop everything for her, and vice versa.

Felicia and Hank McCoy are also close. Him having made her Black Cat suit for her. It can be assumed they are at least friends.

Charles sees Felicia as a sort of damaged little sister, and he's constantly trying to save her from herself, and others. And he will go out of his way to protect her. (She has a room at the mutant school)

Rogue sees Felicia as an older sister/mother figure - And Felicia rather likes spoiling the girl; Rogue also cares for Felicia's cat when she's not around. 

- Logan and Felicia keep missing each other at the school (She's there; he's not. He's there; she's not)

 He's there; she's not)


Felicia was once a highly intelligent, calm, and compassionate young lady before Hydra transformed her both mentally and physically into "Black Cat". Through shock therapy and their manipulation, her mind and emotions were twisted to the point where she transformed into a person barely recognisable from the woman she once was.

Felicia carries almost an innocent persona, wide-eyed and bright, finding humour in otherwise dark situations. After attacking and killing Ryan before finally being restrained, she maniacally began giggling to herself in a sinister way, happy and pleased with how funny she found it, showing how fractured her psyche had become.

Felicia is also quite tough and pathologically fearless.

She has a very dim view on a regular life, stating "normal is a setting on the washer" however, Felicia does have the dream of having a family.

Although often painted as a victim of psychological abuse, Hydra claim very little credit for Felicia's condition. Indeed, according to her former doctor, Felicia was always mad deep down (simply better at controlling her insanity then most), and that he himself had merely made all her madness rise to the surface.

 Indeed, according to her former doctor, Felicia was always mad deep down (simply better at controlling her insanity then most), and that he himself had merely made all her madness rise to the surface


Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Whilst at Arkham Felicia was subjected to numerous experiments which altered her physiology.

- Enhanced Strength: As the Black Cat, Felicia's physical strength is immensely enhanced to the early levels of superhuman condition by a series of treatments performed on her by HYDRA scientists.

- Enhanced Durability: Black Cat's bones and muscles are apparently vastly denser and more resilient than a normal human's.

- Enhanced Speed: Black Cat's speed is tremendously enhanced beyond the peak of human potential, moving into the early levels of superhuman condition. In theory without her super suit she could still be just as fast as Black Panther, Captain America and Winter Soldier.

- Enhanced Agility: Black Cat's vastly enhanced agility is superior to even Olympic gold medalists.

- Enhanced Stamina: Black Cat's musculature produces far less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human, allowing him to exert herself at peak capacity for hours before tiring.

- Enhanced Reflexes: Black Cat's reflexes are enhanced to extraordinary levels.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Felicia can heal and regenerate all physical and mental harm to herself instantly. She is able to quickly heal from any injury, even able to regrow entire lost anatomy. Minor injuries, like bullet wounds and broken bones, take mere minutes to recover, while full dismemberment takes about an hour to restore, which goes through a period of accelerated maturing, starting as an infant-like limb before becoming fully grown. Even if she clinically dies, she can quickly resuscitate herself, making her near-immortal. However, she is still capable of feeling pain and enough harm can render her unconscious. This ability does not heal damage that had been done to her before she gained this ability.

- Ageless Longevity: Felicia's healing factor keeps her from aging beyond her physical prime, having remained virtually unchanged despite being born in 1920, potentially able to live forever. In addition to prolonging her life, her overall health, prowess, and condition remain at its peak.

- Disease/Contaminant Immunity: Felicia is virtually immune to all viruses, diseases, and most poisons or toxins. Only the most potent of chemicals will affect her and only for a brief period before returning to normal.

- Enhanced Vitality: Felicia exhibits inexhaustible drive, willpower and stamina, able to continue her exertions far longer than any normal human while showing no signs of weakening or exhaustion. She is highly accustomed to pain, able to withstand most levels of it while only slightly fazing her. She also has great endurance.

Feline Empathy: Black Cat has a strong affinity for cats. Feline species tend to flock to her, accepting her almost immediately, recognising somehow that she is not an enemy but a friend. This allows her to calm injured cats, train them, befriend them, and form strong bonds with them. These animals will even sometimes come to her defence when she is attacked. This has proved most beneficial, especially when it has involved big cats.



Acrobatics: Felicia is a gifted and accomplished athlete, with incredible acrobatic prowess.

Disguise: To pull off her many escapades, Felicia often resorts to disguises and aliases. She once posed as an old lady in order to steal a valuable piece of jewellery while on a cruise ship. Later, she posed as a night club goer in order to get acquainted with its owners and return later to rob them.

Martial Arts: Felicia is a dangerous, clever and resourceful fighter, known for precise, agile attacks and speedy getaways. Her formidable hand-to-hand combat skills are augmented by her cat-like speed, reflexes, balance, and flexibility.

Seduction: Felicia often uses her feminine allure to distract or manipulate her male opponents. Her ability to seduce Hawkeye has allowed her to evade his capture numerous times.

Stealth: Felicia is as stealthy as any large cat. She has easily been able to sneak up on large groups of people and even other vigilantes on patrol. She shows marked prowess in this ability while she's on the prowl for her next job.

Thievery: Felicia is a master thief, known throughout New York for her burglary of cat-themed objects and/or gems and jewels of the highest quality. Hardly one to knock over a bank, Felicia would rather break into the chairman's office and take his personal documents.

Expert Marksman: Felicia can throw most projectile weaponry with great aim and is well-versed in the use of firearms. Felicia also shows expertise in knife throwing.

 Felicia also shows expertise in knife throwing


Main Suit: Felicia's main suit was designed by Hank McCoy, and created using leather material, and is designed to increase many of her natural physiological attributes beyond her natural levels by means of micro servos embedded into it. (It has white fur cuffs and collar)

- Peak Human Strength: Felicia's costume increases her physical strength to levels; whilst in this suit it can be assumed she has a slight strength advantage over Captain America, Black Panther and the Winter Soldier.

- Superhuman Speed: Felicia's speed is similarly enhanced, again whilst in this suit it can be assumed she has a slight speed advantage over Captain America, Black Panther and the Winter Soldier.

- Superhuman Agility: The costume she wears also possesses various implants. Without these implants, she has the agility that far exceeds an Olympic level gymnast. However, the implants augment her natural agility to levels that are beyond the capability and physical limits of the finest human athlete.

- Retractable Claws: The gloves of the Felicia's suit contain steel micro-filaments that form retractable claws at the tip of each finger when she flexes her fingers by triggering a magnetic surge which condenses the filaments into polarized talons. These claws are highly durable and razor sharp, allowing her to tear through most substances and to easily scale walls.

Stealth Suit: The all black (Including black fur cuffs and collar) skintight costume features retractable razor-sharp claws in her gloves and spring-action climbing pitons in her boots. Felicia's stealth suit is designed to give her maximum flexibility and movement while providing her some anonymity, and stealth. Her mask covers her features, keeping her from instant recognition in her civilian identity. The material is a thick insulating cloth, protecting her from cold and wet conditions, while also being fire retardant. This suit has all the added enhancements as her main suit.

Electromagnetic Contact Lenses: Felicia wears contact lenses created by Hank that allows her to see in various ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infrared and ultraviolet light. When wearing these contacts, Felicia's eyes appear to have blue irises as opposed to the green irises that Felicia naturally possesses.

Grapling Hook: Felicia has a miniature grappling hook device hidden in the "fur" of each glove, designed by Hank, which enables her to swing from buildings in a manner similar to Spider Man and Daredevil despite lacking the associated speed of either. She can also use the cable from this device as a tightrope, wall scaling device, swing line, or as a weapon in combat.

Gerber Mark II Combat knife: Felicia also carries one of these combat knives for cases of emergency when all else fails. She has one holstered on her right thigh.

Motorcycle: Felicia occasionally uses a motorcycle for long-distance transportation, but generally prefers rooftop prowling for short distances.


Pairing: Wade Wilson/Deadpool and Logan/Wolverine

Pairing: Wade Wilson/Deadpool and Logan/Wolverine