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Caught Inbetween

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Zhao Yunlan was confused, which wasn't a state he was used to. As a rule he was the one to cause confusion with deliberate eccentricities, breezing past barriers with a flirtatious smile and the teasing twirl of his tongue around a lollipop.

Then Shen Wei dropped into his life, followed in short order by the legendary Black Envoy. Yunlan had heard so much about the latter, the surge of awe he felt in his presence, an antithesis to his usual confidence, was almost expected. Entirely unexpected, however, was the jolt of recognition when he first laid eyes on the former, leaving him unsettled - and determined to find out more about the mild-mannered professor.

Two strange encounters with two very different men, yet for some reason Yunlan was deeply attracted to them both. The half-smile seemingly hidden in the corners of Shen Wei's elegant mouth when he thought Yunlan wasn't looking begged to be coaxed into full bloom with his tongue, and Yunlan would have given anything to dishevel that buttoned-up exterior, see the professor come apart under his hands until he confided all his secrets in him. Secrets were also brimming under the Black Envoy's mysterious demeanour, power barely contained by cloak and mask, tempting Yunlan to push and pull, wanting that razor-sharp focus on him, those capable hands on his body.

Yunlan didn't understand either of them, but he wanted them. Wanted them so much he could almost taste it. And strangely, in his imagination, they tasted the same.