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Whispers of the Unheard

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Clods. The lot of them.

But it felt nice to help out once in a while. Cleaning up the mess that was dealing with confused, lost widdle gems included Peridot having to contribute to their education. The smartest gem should be the one who helped saved the Earth from the her way.

But seeing this...this Snow Quartz was an honour! Peridot was left writhing on the floor, almost foaming at the mouth. The Snow Quartz in context was displaying a face of concern.

"Are...are you okay?" The Snow Quartz asked.

No she couldn't look like a fool no. The overwhelmed gem quickly got herself back together as she took the book and handed it over to the Quartz. Grief, was she so nervous.

A Recon Gem, almost like her! But they were notorious for going on famous expeditions and being the scribe of their kind and Peridot was in the presence of one!

"Here....y-you can have it! I...I can get another book..." She stammered, feeling flushed.

The Snow Quartz smiled.

"It's okay, we can read it together." She told her.

OH STARS..well, if she was going to....but then she had an idea..

"I've....I've got a Book Club session on later...I'm meant them a you you mind if you read it to the club. I'm sure they'll be very excited to meet you!" She asked.

In...front of a group of people or gems?

Snow didn't like crowds. She wasn't made for this. She could deal with one or many did this Peridot expect? But the look in her eyes, she was so hopeful, those star filled twinkles were so hard to ignore, how could she say no. Peridots were intelligent gems in their own right.

Turns out, Peridot had made a book club, for both humans and gems alike. They had booked in one of the conference rooms attached to the building recently. It wasn't a big room, but it had a stage as she could see a Lapis helping set up red folding chairs. 

"Lapis! You will not believe who I just found!" Peridot said with glee as she ran towards the blue gem.

A Lapis Lazuli. Terraformers. She looked at Snow with widened eyes...another stunned by her presence.

"Uhhh....hi." She mumbled.

Snow waved to her with a warm smile.


Peridot started to get a bit erratic as she danced in one spot, overly excited with the whole prospect of Snow willing to read a story to them. The White gem helped Lapis with setting up the chairs in a large circle. They chatted for the moment, until Snow heard Peridot ask Lapis whether or not this was the Quartz she had seen once before. Lapis said no, which made Snow freeze for the moment, contemplating her words for that moment. She needed to know.

"Hang on, you met a different Snow Quartz?" She queried.

Lapis nodded.

"I'd...seen them, not met fact she appeared more frightening in appearance." Lapis stated.

Milky. Milky had straighter hair, but had this stare that put warrior Quartzes in their place with a single glance.

"Do you know where she is? Or where you saw her?" Snow pushed.

A thought deep enough, as Lapis paused to allow her memories to channel through her. 

"A while ago now....but, I'd seen her...deep underground or something...I couldn't tell...I was using a piece of old surveillance tech." Lapis said.

Underground? Why would she be underground? Maybe in the depths of an old abandoned Kindergarten? Who knows. 

"I don't mean to's important I speak to her. If, possible, can you show me where you last saw her?" Snow asked again. She felt bad for asking for a lot and nothing in return.

The blue gem shrugged, unbothered by it. But Snow could sense something within this gem that had so much unheard. Silence in the lack of spoken text and vibes. She'd say much more, if Peridot weren't in the room. She asked Peridot to get the refreshments for the humans that would be joining them shortly and that she had the bags behind the stage. The green gem complied with a salute, as she wandered off.

Lapis sat down on one of the chairs, with Snow sitting next to her. She wanted to say something so badly. Snow could get more from broken songs and splintered words than soundless cries from ones heart.

"You've been allocated here I imagine?" Lapis questioned.

Snow nodded. But recently, most conversations had become apparent to much more than she had been told to explore.

"Odd...more than one on the same world. Must be serious. I only saw the other one....not far from here." 

Not...far? Underneath the Earths surface? What was Milky doing?

"That would be Milky, my mentor." Snow told her.

"She's one of the older Snow Quartzes. Already been around many planets a few thousand years before me."

Snow peered back in the depths of her earlier memories, walking alongside Milky, in the middle of an ancient forest, where the tree branches would cradle the sky above in the canopies that could be high as mountains. A happiness belonging to her beamed in her smile. She only had her bulky Quartz frame to stand for her, being the body all Snow Quartzes would have, uniform befitting their kind as wandering scribes. But she loved the cloak and cowl that Milky had that when Snow departed for her first solo mission, Milky gave it to her, for humans hold the sentimentality of luck in them, which Milky once believed as nothing but a misappropriation of the drive to the success that they were made for.

"It does sound like you've been places. Were you meant to be a terraformer for Earth originally?" Snow wondered.

Lapis shirked as she looked away, uncomfortable with talking about it.

"Ehhhh....yeahhh....a lots happened...I don't...I don't really want to talk about offense....I barely know you." Lapis said.

A sharp rebuttal. But Lapis instead grabbed a nearby globe from a nearby table and presented it to Snow, pointing somewhere near their location.

"But...if you're really concerned about this...Milky, I scanned this location. It's just outside of Beach City...."

Snow rose an eyebrow.

"How come you never told anyone about this?" She queried, noting the oddity.

Lapis looked away, ashamed.

"Look, I didn't know...I know what you gems do, I assumed she was there simply because she doing her work. Nothing more." Lapis answered.

Hmmm...made sense. Snow wasn't angry, but she shook her head, only now noticing that she must have been projecting her body language with with fury attached.

"Apologies if I've overstepped boundaries." Snow told her.

Lapis smiled. Even if she wasn't willing to talk, she bounced back quickly.

"Its fine. It's nothing compared to Peridot's ranting. She's been...a bit obsessed with one thing lately, besides doing work here." She revealed.

Peridot was a handful, that much Snow could agree with.

"What's that?" Snow wondered.

It was then Lapis popped the globe away, then mischievous looked to see if Peridot was coming back, or anyone else for that matter. She then covered her mouth, muttering to Snow with a minor grin.

"I might not be able to tell you about myself and...well, if you need anything for Recon, it seems Peridot has a habit of writing her own fiction." She informed her.

"Not...not just any fiction...but she's been pairing people up again..."

Pairing them up? If that meant what Snow thought that meant. Peridots weren't known for allocating pairs in that sense or ordering fusions for that matter.

"I keep telling her someone is going to find her papers one day like I did."

Why was Lapis telling her this?

"Uh....I guess...well, that I can write that off as an odd thing for a gem to do in general." Snow noted.

Lapis noted. She then smiled as Peridot finally came back with a multitude with bags. But then Snow realized what Lapis just did. She expected Snow to give her information in exchange for information about something else.

"You're expecting something from me, aren't you?"


Snow helped them make the final preparations as Peridot returned with a multitude of bags of food and drinks. She was concerned as the gem carried six bags as she could barely walk around to the table. The White gem expressed concern with widened and baring her teeth, debating on whether she should help her or not. But, Peridot managed. Lapis just kept donning her subtle cheeky grin for what ever reason. It made Snow nervous yet prepared for the worst. Or she could have been overthinking it, like always.

It was then Peridot ordered Snow to hide behind the stage curtain, then slapped a name tag on her chest and to await command for her to reveal herself, handing her the book. It would have to be the same type of dramatics Peridot appeared to enjoy, with the hint of love for theatrics. She'd really go and find Milky if she could, but...these gems and these humans...she couldn't ignore them. Not all were hostile, at least she'd been met with civility. Plus her mission was a typical Snow Quartz mission...albeit one that a tad bit altered on the conventional basis.

She waited behind the stage as she heard shuffling and chatter as she gripped the book tightly in her hand, then biting her lip due the amount of anxiety this was giving her. The book itself was lengthy and whether or not people had time to listen to the whole thing was another thing entirely. Still, it wasn't entirely unpleasant. She didn't have to actually look at everyone for most of the time, which was a slight nudge of comfort on her part.

The room filled with shushes, then went quiet as she heard Peridot begin to talk. Snow swallowed, uncertain of what would occur.

"Hey welcome to our weekly reading session! Today we have an extremely special guest. She's come allllll the way from Homeworld to be here so you better respect her!" The green gem roared.

Oh no... she could hear a slight muttering in the crowd.

"Here she is!"

A recon gem is not meant to be seen or discovered. She envied Dori's invisibility powers at this point. She took a deep breath as she made her....somewhat grand entrance.

"Snoooow Quaaaartz!"

The room was filled with ooos and aaas from the group. She recognized a few people who clapped and smiled at her reveal. Steven, Connie, Pearl and Amethyst mostly. Some were new, like the tall blond human boy with glasses, his name tag said Ronaldo, with his mouth agape and eyes wider than the planet, and a few other gems and humans. She knew one was a Jasper who was stunned, though her aura indicated she didn't really want to be here, especially every time she made glances with Lapis on the other side of the room, but had to be brought back to her sense by Amethyst.

Peridot escorted Snow to the middle of the room as Snow could barely move on her own with all these eyes on her. Steven, Connie and Pearl were joyous to see her there, the others... debatable. Amethyst just ate the food more than anyone else. A gem consuming local delicacies interested her. Kind of.

"Oh my...uhh...hi. can just call me Snow..." She said, feeling her face warm up.

How much torment could one gem get?

"Snow's gonna be reading today's book with us. It know it's gonna be lengthy, but trust me. You'll love this one...take it away Snowy!" Peridot assured.

It was then Snow took a look at the cover properly. It was blue and had a picture of a mythological dragon on it.

"Uh....yes thank you Peridot." Snow said, trying so hard to break through the nerve.

" is my first time reading this..if you have read it, please...keep the spoilers to yourselves..."


The book was generally about a young woman who finds out she has mysterious powers similar to Dragons, except she fears Dragons and has to cope within a world, literally fighting her fears at the same time. She works with a criminal gang and finds the one person who discovers her secret and attempts to help guide her through her phobia.
The irony was not lost on her. But the way she captivated the people around with her words alone and that occasionally raised her voice for the drama in each characters tone and emphasized on hand gestures, expressions and body movement, acting out as some of the characters in the story and speaking the words to people in the room. She'd approached Connie at one point, who was completely lost in the flavor as the main character had encountered a dragon and had begun to describe some the feelings she had.

"Yes, the sweat..., the tight throat, the flush of heat, the heavy breathing, the inescapable fate of my nightmares!" Snow said dramatically.

Wouldn't be much different from what Snow was experiencing earlier. Though she felt herself drop so well in entertaining them that she began to enjoy acting it out to them. Fearless heart in the heat of the moment.

She ended on note where the one person who finds out her secret. The room groaned in disappointment, as Peridot told them that they had run out of time. Snow was more worried she'd been boring them to death, but their manner was more positive than anything else.  Steven, Connie and Pearl fretted over the cool parts of the story, while Ronaldo was keen to chat with Snow Quartz himself, trying to work out the flaws in the story itself, before he ended up being dragged away by Jasper and Amethyst. 

"See yas all next week!" Peridot called out.

Wait...they had to do it again?

She helped Peridot and Lapis clean up the mess, as Peridot fawned over Snow's performance.

" really had them roped in!" 

She did didn't she?

"Did you see them holding hands Lapis during the scene where Petra and Bryn fight the dragon together?"

Who? She didn't see anyone holding hands.

Lapis donned a small grin.

"Yes Peridot I saw them holding hands. You really churned that intensity up Snow. You do have a powerful voice after all." The blue gem complemented.

Though the Quartz was perplexed as to who they were referring to. Peridot ended up giggling and snickering.

"Garnet said I wouldn't have been able to do it, but I proved her wrong!" She stated, throwing her fist up in the air for the sign of triumph.

It was then another aura in the corner of the room began to shine through. How Snow didn't detect this ages ago confounded her.

"I never said it wasn't." Said a familiar voice

It was Garnet.

"Yes you did." Peridot argued.

"You said, and I quote 'that ships already sailed.' and I proved you wrong!"

Garnet's aura wasn't hostile however. She seemed pretty stable this time around.

"I never said that." Garnet told her.

"I said the ship will already be in, you don't need to rudder it for them. Leave them to their own devices and they'll get there naturally without us intruding on them. Besides, they'll come for help if they see they're struggling."

Peridot groaned and rolled her eyes, telling Lapis to finish up so they could leave. Peridot told Snow she could keep the book but to use her library card in order to consider it borrowed. What ever that meant.

Snow then sat on the stage to run through her plans ahead in regards to finding out where Milky went off to. Outside Beach City was pretty vague and Lapis being secretive about it made her more concerned. Meanwhile Garnet approached her, making Snow feel complicated feelings.

"Mind if I sit next to you?" The fusion asked.

"Uh sure." Snow answered, uncertain on how to go about this. Or even begin to understand what their argument was even about. So many questions, unable to even decide on which one to use first.