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Aizawa sighed, leaning back on his office chair. The corners of his mouth twitching in annoyance.

"How long are you going to stand there exactly?" He muttered, his dark eyes peeking through the bangs that fell on his upper face.

Giving him a sheepish smile you stepped through the open door, holding your bag against your legs. Admittedly it was silly to spy on him, but you felt a bit giddy doing so.

"I was coming to check if you were done so we could walk home together." You pouted, batting your eyes lashes innocently at him.

Aizawa snickered. You always seemed to have such an innocent demeanor, yet he knew exactly what you were capable of beneath that pretty facade.

Mulling over his options he scratched his stubble littered chin. He could do his reports at home, but then knowing what usually went on in private he doubted any work would get done. Coming to a conclusion, he motioned you over with his index finger.

"C'mere, you can sit on my lap until I'm done working." Aizawa mumbled lazily. Others would think he was just being insensitive, not exactly thinking about his choice of words, but you knew better.

Heat pooled in your gut, sending a steady stream of blood to rush to your face in embarrassment and excitement.

"There's still people here." You argue.

He just smirks, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

"I know."

Bitting your bottom lip, you shuffle over to his desk. He rolls back a bit to make room for you to sit.

At first you position yourself stiffly, hands on your thighs and feet carrying most of your weight. Aizawa accepts it for a few minutes until he lifts you up, turning you around so your back was against his chest. Once you made yourself comfortable, he pressed his semi erection between your butt cheeks, showing you just how much it turned him on.

"S-shouta!" You stutter out in a whisper. The rumble in his chest from laughing ruins the mood but only for a second as his free hand travels up and down your exposed thigh. His nimble fingers traveling under your skirt, the calloused tips poking against your clothed aching clit.

Involuntarily twitching at the contact you swallowed a moan, trying but failing to pry yourself out of his steel grip. "No more." Your plea turns into strained moan when he palms your left thigh, he squeezes gently while paying close attention to his other task.

"What, does that feel good?" He breathes into your sensitive ear, earning a half growl half gasp from your parted lips. Darting his tongue behind your ear, he licks your nape with gentle strokes. Each flick having curses escape your mouth. He does each movement with precision whilst never looking away from writing his reports and good lord does it make you feel hot.

Moving your legs to trap his between yours you rut agaisnt his thigh, eventually he stops it, swiftly pulling you back into place. You whine in protest until he traces your wet lips through the cotton underwear. The pressure stirs the growing pool of arousal in your abdomen, eliciting a sigh from you.

"People could come in at any moment." You sigh out in a final attempt of defying him, your composure wearing thin.

Letting out a grunt he leans into your back, putting pressure against your ass once again with his erection. "I could just pull these aside," A single finger slips underneath the fabric, pulling it out of the way for his fingers to continue their ministrations. "No one will notice."

Slowly he dips in a finger, curving it to trace your walls until he hits your sweet spot. You practically yell his name as he mercilessly fingers you, adding in another finger when you roll your hips, angling your body while using the arm rests to support your weight.

A smile graces his lips, his eyes shining bright with pride at how you unravel with just his fingers. If it weren't for the fact that other teachers lingered in the building, he would've let the growing carnal passion escape him and fucked you on the desk. Instead of focusing on his needs, he quickened the pace of his fingers and scribbled away with his work.

"Ahh I can't wait to clock out and go!"

You mewled pathetically when he removed his hand, and then gasped soon after when he slapped your butt. Somehow your skirt had ridden up during his semi public humiliation of you.

"Under my desk, now." His command came quick with no time to protest or argue so you did as he said. Luckily he had his sleeping bag tossed on the ground.

If it weren't for your flexibility quirk, the next thing would've been hard to pull off. You hastily ducked under his desk, bending over so your throbbing cunt was still presented to him. Most of your body was hidden by the annoying yellow bag so whoever was coming wouldn't see you.

"You're still here? Would've expected you to bolt home and sleep." Yamada, or rather present mic said, his eyes shrouded by his glasses.

Aizawa barely acknowledged him as he replied with a lazy hum. Lowering his gaze, he almost chuckled at how eager your cunt looked. The throbbing was visible, your sweet arousal leaking from your hole in anticipation of his unfinished work.

Yamada frowned at his friend, this behavior the usual. Shrugging it off, he swayed over to his own desk to gather his things.

Aizawa slipped his pen, internally freaking out at the risk of Yamada catching you in a discriminating position. Then a thought came to mind, one making him feel a bit more adventurous.

"Ah shit." He murmured before ducking his head under his desk. While reaching for his pen he slipped his tongue through your slick folds, making you cry out silently. He stayed there for some seconds, sucking on your clit until he was sure Yamada would begin to suspect something.

The bastard was turning this into a game, if you made but a sound he would instantly stop it. Not only that, you would be caught.

Smirking you stretched your hands to reach his pants, unzipping them as slow as possible to not make a sound. When you finally got it down you tugged his pants, then reached into his boxers. He was as hard as a rock!

Once again praising your own quirk, you began to pump his length.

As Yamada went on and on about something in particular that you didn't care to hear, Aizawa grunted in surprise.

"Dude, are you okay?" The blonde man raised a brow, his toothy frown returning.

"I'm just perfect." Aizawa replied, his eyes dead set on finishing his report so he could punish you for this.

If it wasn't for the desk and clutter stacked upon it, he was sure that present mic would see your hands pumping his cock.

"Did you see (y/n)? She was looking for you earlier, don't know if she found you here."

Aizawa grit his teeth when you bent his cock, teasing your own wet cunt with the head. Closing his eyes for a moment he cursed himself for putting himself in this situation.

"She did come by, she said she was going on without me." His reply was almost raspy, the way you played with his cock making his throat dry. The entire view was driving him mad.

He really wanted to just fuck you there, to fuck you in front of everyone so they would know just how dirty you could be and who you belonged to.

"Right." Yamada scratched his head and pulled his bag off of the desk. "Well, I'm gonna jet. Catch ya later!" He waved off his friend who only replied with nod.

Once he was sure present mic was gone. Aizawa gripped your hips and pushed his chair back. Falling to his knees he rolled his hips, burrying his needy cock deep in your walls.

Your head snapped up, a muffled moan drowned in the thick blanket. His tip pushed harshly against your uterus, the feeling of his raw penis drawing your orgasm close.

"You. Are. Such. A. Dirty. Girl." Each word was delayed by him pulling out only to slam back in with quick, hard thrusts. You reveled in the feeling of an Aizawa pushed to his limits. His punishments were always the best.

Despite not using a condom and not using birth control, the thought of being impregnated at work made you eager to receive his cum.

Though he had other plans for you. "Are you gonna cum for me? You horny girl. Naughty, naughty girl." Nobody would've ever expected this side of Aizawa, but you loved it.

"Yes!" Crying out a single word was the only thing for you at this point. A sentence would just turn into incoherent nonsense with how little breathing time he was giving you.

Like a dog in heat Aizawa ravaged you on the office floor, the sound of his clothed hips meeting yours made for a blunt clapping. Thankfully mostly everyone was either in their own classrooms or gone home.


"Oh God shouta! I'm gonna cum!!"

Aizawa grinned wickedly, he had been waiting for this. Licking his dry lips he pulled out, roughly he tugged you over. Making you face him, once he did so he forced your head down into place and began to fuck your mouth. You didn't even process this until he shoved his cock into your throat, making you swallow his cum as to not choke on it.

"That's not fair!" You heaved out. Feeling frustrated and sexually tensed you glared at your smirking husband with the intensity of a volcano.

He shrugged nonchalantly while giving you his smug grin.

"You shouldn't have started."

Yelling every curse word in the book you punched at his arms as he laughed.

"You started this.." you mumbled, sitting on your knees in a defeated gesture.

Aizawa chuckled, he tucked his now limp cock back into his pants before pulling you onto his lap. He kissed your temple a multitude of times before mumbling into your hair.

"If you catch more villains than me tonight I'll let you have your way."

A lot of dirty things flooded your mind, all of them stuff you could do to him that he'd never say yes to.

Maybe now was your chance.