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LOCKWOOD & CO - A wedding

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Lucy POV

It was a normal day for Lockwood & Co. We had a case the previous night and was tired but awake. I had been sitting in my room everything seemed pretty calm until I hear George screaming my name from downstairs. I had to scream back at him and set my stuff aside.

Running downstairs, I see George at the end of the staircase sorting through the mail, "You got something in the mail here," he holds out the letter, it was plain and I suspected it may be Mary as she wrote to me from time to time. The address confirmed that it had been from my old home. Knowing it's from Mary I'm curious, and as George goes back to looking at the other mail we have he walks away leaving me to rip open the letter.

I stare at it a bit and smile to myself. I run back upstairs, preparing myself (Sometimes other people leave little friendly notes in her letters and I can get pretty pissed from time to time.)

"oh-ho-ho what ya got there luce, a love letter maybe?" The skull in the jar teased. He had always been convinced that if he'd teased me enough about my sad excuse for a love life I'd snap. I knew it would happen one day, even if this wasn't the day.

"No, Just a letter"


I stuck my tongue out at it and tore open the letter...

Dear Lucy,

How are you doing? It feels like forever since I wrote to you!!! (because it has been). Well, I'm writing this to inform you that Caroline is getting married a week from when you receive this (on Friday!)  I know it may seem sudden but I do hope you can attend, I miss you a lot and I'd hate to go to a wedding all alone.  You can bring those friends of yours too! Caroline is in a fantastic mood nowadays and is hoping for as many people as possible to attend (She's always been a bit of a show-off) (Also I would love to meet your friend Lockwood. Maybe help you a bit ;) )

I hope you decide to come it felt like a million billion years since we talked in real life. And I really do miss you. Besides weddings are so much fun. It'll be fun to see everyone dressed up.

I hope you decide on joining us!



I then noticed an invitation to the event with the date and time on it.

"Well this isn't fun at all", I mutter to myself. I have better things to do.

"Well if your precious Lockwood didn't notice me I would be mad too"

"Shut up"

"Make me"

I'm I really going to go to this?