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Bowyer was walking through the forest.
The jade green leaves shifted with the wind as they cast a shadow, cold sunlight barely reaching the grass below him.
He was holding a bundle of flowers in his hand. What they meant he didn't know what they meant, and frankly didn't care.
His hair blazed red, like a tower of flame.
Bowyer eventually came across a figure sitting against a tree, neon eraser pink hair against a highlighter green sweater.
And so, Dupli raised a hand to greet him.
"Nya! Arrive, I have! Flowers for you, I have brought!"
The bow yelled, his grin stretched out ear to ear. He managed to restrain his excitement to see his love, sitting down next to them.
Dupli rested their head on Bowyer, body heat rising up to their face as they smiled.
"T-Thank you, Bowyer...!"
Bowyer's heart skipped a beat.
"Nya! No problem, it is!"