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A soft knock at his door brought Denki’s attention quickly away from his Pokémon game. He checked the time, it was 10 minutes before curfew.

Oh well, he didn’t really care. It was probably Mina or Sero like usual, so he got up and opened up the door-- only to be immediately confused.

“Oh?...hey, Todoroki.”

It’s not like he didn’t like Todoroki, he considered all of his classmates to be friends, after all. It’s just that Todoroki was kind of scary, and the many attempts Kaminari had made to befriend him were thwarted by the other boy, so eventually he gave up. He was glad Todoroki was starting to make friends with Iida and Midoriya, but still…..

“Hello. May I come in?”

Kaminari, now thoroughly confused and a bit afraid (because he couldn’t read Todoroki’s expression or voice, like, ever,) blinked before flashing him a smile.

It was fine, maybe Shouto was just trying to make more friends.  

“Sure man!”

He opened up his door wider to allow the other inside, and Todoroki came in. Kaminari shut the door behind them and there was an awkward few moments when Todoroki just stood in the middle of the room and stared at Kaminari.

Is he trying to intimidate me?!

no, he just...isn’t that social?

Denki swallowed his nerves, going to sit on his bed.

“Uh, you can sit wherever you want…”

He offers, keeping his smile on for the other boy. Todoroki does as he’s told, sitting in Denki’s desk chair.

And then there’s more weird silence, and Kaminari considers asking Todoroki if he wanted to play video games or something, because while he was more than happy to hang out with him, he didn’t really want to just sit there.


“I came here because I want your help.”

Shouto states, his eyes locking with Kaminari’s.

Oh, so he has a reason after all. Thank fucking-- wait, what does a guy like him need my help with? He’s literally good at everything.

“Oh, uh...sure, but with what?”

“You’re popular with girls.”

Todoroki answers flatly, and Denki nearly chokes on his spit.

“I--I mean, yeah, I guess so?”

“Please, teach me how to ask a girl out.”

Okay, now this was getting interesting, and Kaminari lit up like a lightbulb and grinned, completely forgetting his previous discomfort.

“Todoroki, do you like someone? Who is it, man?”

“Momo Yaoyorozu. She’s in our class.”

Denki tries desperately not to laugh.

“Yeah I...I know who she is, dude.”

And in that moment, Kaminari realizes that Todoroki wasn’t actually good at everything - there was one thing he desperately lacked which Kaminari had.

Social skills.

“I want to spend more time with her.”

“Cute! So cute, bro!”

Kaminari clasps his hands together in excitement.

Todoroki just stares at him, before Denki continues.

“Okay, so, like….i’m actually pretty sure she already likes you, Todoroki. All you really have to do at this point is just...ask her out. What sort of things does she like?”

“Yaoyorozu likes tea. She also likes books.”

“Okay, there you go. Tea might be a little cliche, so why don’t you take her to the new bookstore that opened up downtown? That way you can ask her about which books she likes, which will make conversation a lot easier, since you’re both...pretty shy.”

He explains, noticing the way bichromatic eyes watch him so intently, as if Shouto is hanging on every word.

“Okay. How do I ask her?”

“Well….there are a couple ways.”

Denki scratches his chin.

“First, you could put a letter in her shoe box and tell her to meet you at a certain time and place….I personally don’t recommend that one. You could also just straight up ask her.”



“Please give me an example. What do I say?”

“You should compliment her first. Say, ‘I think you’re beautiful and smart, and I want to spend more time with you. Do you want to visit the new bookstore in town with me on Saturday?’ You know, something like that.”

Todoroki nods furiously before standing up.

“You’ve been really helpful. I’ll spar with you to thank you.”

Denki shivers.

“, that’s okay! No need to thank me, just let me know how it goes, alright?”

He stands, patting Todoroki’s shoulder.


“Okay, goodnight buddy!”

He opens the door for Todoroki, but not before the half and half boy shoots one more glance at him.

“We’re friends now?”

“Uh--I mean, yeah, of course! I thought we were friends already.”

“Okay. Goodnight,”

Todoroki says in that monotone voice of his, and Kaminari waves again before shutting his door and taking a few big breaths.

Geeze, that guy….