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Will watched as his father fished in the cool water of the stream. His eager eyes studied his movements in childlike wonder, believing the activity to be more exciting than it was. His father looked over his shoulder at Will and smiled. Will was eleven years old, close to turning twelve, and soon he would have to learn about the cruelty of the world. He knew Will would present as an omega soon, he could smell the sweetness gradually getting thicker from him. A heavy sigh left the older man’s lips and his eyes were drawn towards the water once more.


Will, being as emotionally intelligent as he was, knew something was wrong in his father. He knew his father wanted to leave him behind, he just didn’t understand why. His blue eyes stared at the firm back of his distant parent, like it was his final chance to ask questions, but no words came out.


A sharp scent permeated the air and both Will and his father turned their heads toward the woods. A man tall and well-built stalked out of the shadows and made his presence known. The stranger had horns that protruded from his head and his eyes that glowed a color like fresh blood. Will wanted to be afraid, he knew he should have been, and yet he wasn’t.


“Will,” his father's voice sounded so distant, “Run.”


Will felt as if his feet had been nailed to the ground. The stranger approached and Will could smell him even better than before. He smelled of hot spice and smoke, and Will found that he didn’t like it. Something inside him told him that the scent was dangerous. The stranger had thick red hair and a burly beard that hid his lower face. His red eyes were wide  and completely focused on Will.


“William,” his father yelled, and it was stern enough for the boy to move. From behind he heard the burly man snarl and it caused his heart to beat faster out of fear. He continued to run but he looked back once to see what was taking place. His father was now fighting with the man, though he wasn’t as big as the redhead. Will stopped when he noticed that his father appeared to have horns similar to the strangers. It was the first time he had witnessed such a thing.


His breath felt like it was taken from him by the shock. Will couldn’t run anymore, he was sure he was dreaming. His young eyes watched as the beasts wrestled with each other, though it was obvious who would win.


With a loud crack sound, Will watched as his father’s neck was snapped to the side and his body fell to the ground.


“D-dad…” Will whispered in disbelief and confusion. The stranger then turned his attention towards him once more. The man began to approach him with a dangerous smirk on his face. Will could hear his father’s last words ringing inside his head to ‘run’, but he couldn’t.


Was this man going to kill him too? Was this a dream? It had to of been, nothing seemed real. When the stranger was a few feet away, another man appeared in front of Will. This time it was a younger man, one dressed in fancy garments with his back turned to Will.


This made the boy even more confused and it made him think he really was dreaming. The last thing he remembered was the scent of wine and fresh earth. Will fell to his knees and his world went black.




When Will awoke he found himself being carried. His eyes saw the same well-dressed back that stood in front of him from before. He pushed his hands against the man’s back to raise himself up and survey the situation.


“Awake, are you?” the man’s voice was calm and collected, and Will found he liked it very much.


“Who are you?”


“My name is Hannibal, and you are?”


“W-Will,” the boy replied softly, not expecting the man to answer him. He took a deep breath, and with it, the calming scent of Hannibal. He smelled earthy like a deep wine that comforted Will greatly.


“What happened? Where is my father?” Will’s memories slowly started to come back to him. The redheaded stranger, his father, the familiar stream, all had disappeared and left Hannibal in his wake. Will struggled for Hannibal to release him so the man set him to his own feet. It was then that Will saw Hannibal’s face for the first time. It was a beautiful and rich face, with sharp cheekbones and deep eyes. Will wasn’t used to seeing people like Hannibal, but then again Will wasn’t used to seeing anybody.


Hannibal looked to be ten years older than Will, and yet he held more of a presence than his father. Will swallowed when he noticed blood on Hannibal’s shirt, but he didn’t run, he knew he wouldn’t get far.


“What’s going on?” Will’s voice sounded so small and helpless, but he was thankful words came out at all. He watched the man look to the sky before he looked back down to Will.


“Your father was killed, I saved you from something you are too young to understand,” Hannibal’s words were so careful and calculated. “Now, I’m taking you to a place where you’ll be safe.”


Will knew his father had been killed but he wanted to hear someone else confirm it. He knew he should have felt sadder than he did, but there was nothing he could do about that.


“Are you going to kill me?”


“Will,” Hannibal’s scolded the young boy before him. “ I told you I was taking you somewhere safe. You need to listen when I speak to you.”  Hannibal moved to step forward as he extended his hand out to Will. The boy looked at the offering and decided he had no other option at that moment. Something about Hannibal was magnetic and the very air he breathed seemed blessed to be used by him.


“Good boy,” his deep voice praised. Will didn’t look back, instead, he followed the man like he was a beacon in the dark.




They eventually came to a small town after an hour of walking. Will’s eyes lit up as he watched people go about their business before him. The boy had never seen so many people in his life. Will had lived in the secluded cabin miles from here with his father, or at least he used to.


Hannibal pulled him along, not stopping for anything or anyone. They walked in silence together hands intertwined, just as they had done for hours. People seemed to light up when they caught sight of Hannibal, but he ignored them. It was obvious the man was in a hurry, it only made Will even more confused about his fate.


A large house near the edge of the town awaited in the evening glow. The property was spacious, surrounded by a fence to keep intruders out. Hannibal moved to open the gate and stepped aside to let Will walk through first.


“Is this your house?”


“No,” Hannibal replied and Will didn’t know what to say after that. He was led to the front door and could only watch as Hannibal knocked. A few minutes passed and the door opened to reveal a beautiful woman.


“Hannibal,” she said in an accusing tone. Her eyes went over to Will’s face and he could only look down at his feet.


“Bedelia,” Hannibal began, “This is Will.” he gently nudged the boy forward at the mention of his name.  Bedelia eyed the boy with disbelief. “I need you to give him a place to stay. His father was killed and I can’t take him with me. Not yet anyway.”


“Hannibal, this isn’t an orphanage!”


“I’m collecting the favor you owe me.” Hannibal continued to press until the woman sighed in defeat. “Will won’t be any trouble, will you William?”


Will looked up at Hannibal and nodded knowing that’s what was expected. Bedelia stepped to the side and allowed both of them to enter her home. Hannibal began to unbutton Will’s coat but the boy pulled away.


“I’m confused!” Will yelled, for the first time in a long while. “What do you want with me?”


Hannibal bent down on his knee so that the boy would feel comfortable around him again. Bedelia watched the exchange happen from the hallway with a raised brow.


“I’m sorry Will, I’ve been terribly rude by keeping you in the dark,” Hannibal’s voice was smooth and controlled, and Will began to cry. Hannibal raised his hand to wipe away the stray tears. “Your father is gone, and you have nowhere else to go. I know you don’t know me very well, but I want the best for you. This is Bedelia,” Hannibal said, and she took the cue to walk closer to the pair. “She is a friend of mine, she will take perfect care of you in my absence.”


“You’re leaving me?”




“Only for a time. Does that upset you?” Hannibal asked with a smile. For some reason it did, and Will couldn’t understand why. Hannibal was practically a stranger, and yet…



“Am I awake?” Will asked softly “It seems like a dream. All of it,” And it had, so much so that Will was afraid he would wake up and find Hannibal nothing more than a dream.



“You are awake Will,” Hannibal answered while he lovingly caressed the side of Will’s cheek. At that, he gracefully got up to stand on his own feet again. He reached in his pocket and pulled out an expensive looking pocket watch. He grabbed Will’s arm and placed the treasure in the palm of the boy’s hand.



“Something to keep you grounded.”



Hannibal said goodbye to the young child with his eyes and turned to take his leave. Will tried to follow but Hannibal discouraged him from doing so.


“I’ll visit you when I can, and one day soon you can live with me,” Hannibal promised.



Bedelia followed outside onto her porch after Hannibal. She told Will she’d be back in a minute, closing the door between them.



“He doesn’t know about our kind, his kind,” Hannibal said with a sigh. “Perhaps some of your therapy would do well in erasing the troubling parts of his memory.”



“And what would you like me to erase?” Bedelia asked with curiosity. She folded her arms in front of her while she waited for an answer.



“Everything except me," Hannibal said with a sly smile, and with that, the alpha went on his merry way

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At fifteen Will fully presented as an omega. During his few years with Bedelia she shaped his mind the way Hannibal had instructed her. Will had no memories of a time before Hannibal, so Hannibal was his beginning. He cherished every memory of the man as if it told the story of his own life in the alpha’s gaze.


In the years that they had lived together, Will had changed exceedingly. While Bedelia had not wanted to explain to Will that he wasn’t human, it was inevitable. When Will had noticed his hunger for the flesh of man, he knew he was not a regular man himself. It was awkward to explain to the boy that he was a Wendigo, though Will didn’t show much surprise. There wasn’t much that surprised the child after all.


“Is Hannibal a Wendigo as well?” He had asked directly after she had told him that one winter night. The snow had been falling heavily and he had been looking out the window. Will would often sit by the bench to stare out, waiting for Hannibal to appear, though he hardly did. Bedelia confirmed that he was and Will was content to be such a creature. It was as simple as the winter’s coldness to the omega, if Hannibal was a wendigo then he wanted to be the same.


 Along with Wendigo, she did explain alphas, betas, and omegas to the boy. Such categories were not even found in human mating rituals, so she made sure Will kept to himself, not talking amongst the townspeople with such matters. They couldn’t afford to have the humans thinking they were any different, not when Bedelia had grown to love this particular place.


Bedelia had her hands full with the troublesome boy and how he always wandered off. Despite the stress Will brought her she was quite fond of him. She had taught him things Hannibal was adamant he should learn. The boy could read books beyond his age and could play the piano exceptionally well. When Will wasn’t dutifully growing his mind with finer things, she found him playing with the wild animals found in town.


“William!” she yelled from the window once her eyes saw the omega and another stray animal. The beta woman stormed outside, hands on her hips as she glared at Will. “I’ve told you not to bring those dirty animals home.”


Will gave a sheepish smile while he continued to pet the dog’s fur. He had already named the dog, and he had no intention of letting Bedelia scare this one off. Not this time.


“This is Winston, he protected me from a snake today.”


Bedelia let out a long shaky sigh. Honestly, Will was more trouble than anything she had dealt with before. It wasn’t that a snake bite would do the omega too much harm, but if Hannibal found any mark on Will, she would be blamed. Bedelia found that her nerves were worn, having to keep Will protected was hard, especially when he was always getting into danger. It didn’t help that Hannibal would visit at random times. Though the alpha didn’t return too often, when he did, Bedelia had to walk on eggshells. Hannibal would thoroughly inspect the omega, to make sure no harm had come to him in his absence.


There was a time when Hannibal had appeared one morning, the morning after Will had fallen from a tree the night before. Needless to say, he was enraged at Bedelia’s carelessness and she witnessed the alpha’s pure anger for the first time.


She shook her head at Will and tried to shoo the filthy creature away. Will gave her a dirty glare and held onto the dog, wrapping his arms around its neck. Not feeling like going through a full battle with the omega she clicked her tongue and tapped her foot.


“The dog-“


“Winston!” Will corrected her, not backing down. Bedelia sighed loudly letting Will know of her feelings on the matter.


“Winston,” she repeated the name with a sharpness to her voice. “If he must stay, he can stay outside.” Will’s eyes lit up at her words, for it wasn’t a refusal to let Winston stay, just a limitation he would abide by, for now.


“Thank you very much, Bedelia,” he thanked her with an honest expression. Her tough exterior melted a little at his warm smile, but she turned around and walked back into the house. “I want you cleaned up and ready for dinner at five, young man.”


“It will be done,” Will yelled out, as he turned to leave the gated fence and explore the town. Winston happily followed behind the omega. The dog could sense the gentleness that Will possessed, it was a trait that most omegas had and it was addictive.


Will ran along the rocky road of the town with Winston barking after. The omega picked up a stick and began to play fetch with his new companion, loving the way the dog’s tongue would peek out of its mouth when running. He continued his trail of exploration searching for an even better stick to throw for Winston. Will had to sneak underneath several branches and thorns to get through but something caught his eye. A girl, naked and bloody began to slowly approach him. It frightened him at first, but he felt no threat radiating from her. Winston didn’t bark at her which was a good sign, so Will ran to meet her.


Once she was within reach she grabbed onto Will with her shaky hands and sobbed. Will didn’t know who the girl was, or how she had gotten to this point, but he wrapped his arms around her comfortingly.


“Please, my-,” her voice was hoarse, perhaps from screaming. “My family was… A wendigo killed my parents.”


Will felt something build up inside him from her words. It was an unpleasant emotion that ate away at him until he shook with her. He instantly believed her, knowing that Wendigo were indeed real, though most people had no clue about such creatures.


“H-how do you know that it was a-“


“It was a monster, it was large and had horns like an elk. It was terrifying.” she cut the omega off and sobbed against his face. She was a little taller than Will was, he noted, believing she was a little older as well.


“My name is Will,” he said with a soft and kind voice. “ I can take you someplace warm.” The girl removed her grip from the boy to look him over, debating if he was trustworthy. She deemed him harmless and nodded her head to say she wanted to go with him.

“Thank you so much, Will. My name is Alana.”


“Alana,” Will repeated the name, smiling when he saw that it fit her well. He unbuttoned his coat and put it around her shivering and naked body. She thanked him again, and he led her to Bedelia’s home.




Bedelia was in the dining room busy setting up the dinner table. She lit candles placed in the center and brought out her finest tableware. They would be having important guests over tonight and she needed things to be perfect. She blew out the match and waved it around, she then looked over her display with a smile on her face.


Footsteps were heard from the porch and she figured Will had come home, though it sounded like he wasn’t alone. She walked out to the hall, her high heels making a strong echo with her walk. The front door open while she was approaching, revealing Will covered in dirt and a little blood. Bedelia quickened her pace worried the omega had done something horrible but stopped when the naked girl came into view.


“Bedelia,” Will looked guilty as he spoke. “This is Alana, I found her in the woods. Her parents were…” Alana looked up at the woman and swallowed, hoping she wouldn’t be kicked out.


Bedelia hardly knew what to say, though she did glare at Will for bringing her trouble when she didn’t need it. She looked at the clock and saw that it was a little after five, meaning she only had ten more minutes before her guests arrived.


“March upstairs and clean up William,” she said as she pointed in the direction she ordered. “And, Alana, was it? I’ll take you to the police station, come with me.” Bedelia waited until Will walked towards the stairs to make her move, taking Alana gently by the shoulder and leading her back outside.


“Can I stay? Please, I’ll leave tomorrow morning. I want to stay with Will,” Alana begged looking back at the omega who had heard her request.


“No, I’m afraid not. I have an important dinner party and-“ Bedelia stopped talking when she noticed the figure of one of her guests walking towards the house. She cursed under her breath, but hurried back inside with the naked girl, and shut the door behind her.


“Get cleaned, I’ll lend you one of my dresses.”


Alana’s face brightened and she ran to meet Will on the staircase. The two ran upstairs together, hands locked and steps light. Bedelia rubbed her temple wishing she hadn’t let Will run off earlier that day. She went upstairs after them, making sure they were properly cleaning themselves. Bedelia went to her room and looked for one of her smaller dresses to lay out for Alana.


A knock was heard on her door and Bedelia let out a startled noise as she ran to answer it. She handed the dress to Will, telling him to stay upstairs with her until she called for him. Bedelia fixed her hair before she opened the door, revealing her first guest of the night.


“Dr. Gideon, nice to see you,”

“Likewise Bedelia, I trust that I haven’t come too early?”  he said with a grin, even though he was aware he had.


“No, your timing is impeccable, doctor.”


“And Dr. Lecter, he will be here too, correct?” Gideon was looking forward to seeing the legend himself, for it was the only reason he came. Abel Gideon was a fan of Hannibal’s since the beginning, and when Bedelia offered him the chance to meet his idol, he accepted in a heartbeat.


“You are correct,” Bedelia said while she stepped aside to let him in. He began taking off his coat and handed it to her with a fake smile. “Though, he doesn’t know that you will be here. I needed to talk with you privately, and I knew the only way I could, was luring you with Hannibal.”


Gideon gave her a confused look, but he shook it off quickly. He continued to walk into the house as if he had been there before. “As long as Dr. Lecter arrives, I won’t mind what we talk about.”


Bedelia knew that would be the case. She walked back to the kitchen to check on the roast in the oven. Gideon followed her as his eyes wandered through her home, studying her lifestyle.


“I must admit,” Gideon began the conversation with a unique tone. “I was surprised to see you have a dog.”


Bedelia was confused for a moment, forgetting that she allowed Will to keep his mutt. “Oh yes, though it’s not my choice.”


“It’s not?” Gideon pressed, “Is it the human’s pet? I smelled one as soon as I walked into your home.” Bedelia put a finger to her lips to shush the annoying alpha from speaking any more.


“Will has a habit of bringing home filthy animals,” She said with her voice in a whisper. “ He brought home a girl moments before you arrived, and I couldn’t send her on her way, now could I?”


“Will?” Gideon looked at her with a spark in his eyes. “Who is Will?”


“None of your concern,” A deep and accented voice said from the entryway.


“Dr. Lecter,” Gideon said in a flustered tone. “I didn’t even hear you come in,” Hannibal said nothing, but his face seemed annoyed. It had been four months since he had last visited Wolf Trapp, the town where Bedelia and his Will lived. He found himself very busy and couldn’t find the time to come any sooner. Hannibal moved with grace like he always did, moving to the kitchen to kiss Bedelia on the cheek.


“Dr. Lecter, this is Abel Gideon, a fan of your work,” Bedelia said with her arm outstretched to introduce the man. “I needed to speak with him, and you just happened to be visiting.” Bedelia didn’t even hide her sly smile.


Hannibal narrowed his eyes, but he gave his own sly smile. “Imagine that.”


“Dr. Lecter, it is an honor to meet a pureblood such as yourself, though I also am a fan of your…art.” Gideon was also an alpha wendigo, though his blood wasn’t as rich and ancient as the line Hannibal came from. Hannibal’s ancestors could be traced to the first wendigo that walked the earth.


“Thank you,” Hannibal said with hardly any emotion. He turned back toward Bedelia with a bored expression.  “Where is my Will?”


Gideon didn’t miss the way Hannibal called Will his, which only meant one thing. He swallowed knowing that not only was he meeting Dr. Lecter tonight, but also the omega who would help continue the purest bloodline.


“Will,” Bedelia bit her lip, trying to find a gentle way of explaining the situation. “He has a terrible habit of bringing home strays, as you know. This time he brought home a human girl, and they are both upstairs at the moment.”


“Well, we will just have to be careful with our words, won’t we?” Hannibal said with amusement in his voice. While he wasn’t pleased with Will’s behavior it didn’t compare to how much he missed him.


Bedelia nodded and left to go fetch Will for Hannibal. She walked up the stairs hoping she would find the troublesome omega cleaned properly.


Will was in his room with Alana, both were cleaned and dressed to her liking. Will’s eyes were wide and excited when Bedelia opened the door. A familiar scent carried through the air and caught in his nose.


“Hannibal is here?” Will excitedly said as he jumped to his feet. The omega was radiating joy and grabbed Alana’s wrist to pull her along.


“Who is Hannibal?” Alana asked she was very curious who such a person was to elicit such a reaction.


Will didn’t answer her, instead, he hurried down the stairs, Alana trying to keep up with his pace, and Bedelia smiling behind them.


“Hannibal!” Will cried when he caught glimpse of his favorite alpha. He let Alana’s hand go and lunged into the embrace of the man who smiled at him with nothing but genuineness. “I’ve missed you so much!”


“I’ve missed you even more,” Hannibal said softly against Will’s curly hair. Something in Alana clicked when she heard Hannibal’s voice. It was like she had heard it before, and she dug deep into her memories to think where.


Her eyes widened in the realization, and she quickly grabbed a knife from the counter and charged at Hannibal. Alana managed to stab the knife into Hannibal’s arm, her eyes were crazed and she screamed at him. Will was terrified and he tried to move to push her away, but Hannibal pushed Will behind him.


“You killed my parents! You’re a monster!”




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Bedelia pulled Alana back away from Hannibal. The alpha remained calm, though a knife was stuck deep in his arm. Blood had fallen onto his pant legs, and some splattered on the floor. The hysteric girl still thrashed about in Bedelia’s arms, trying to free herself and attack once more. Will felt Hannibal’s body tense and something fearful snapped inside of him.


“Alana!” Will’s voice was firm yet shaken. The omega moved to stand in front of the alpha, his eyes burned with resolve and determination.  “You will not hurt Hannibal!”


He had already decided on saving her and he wouldn’t let that decision fade. Will felt the aura of a wickedly strong power from Hannibal, and it was the first time he felt such a thing. The omega looked at Alana, and she looked back at him with a blank stare. Will’s voice calmed her down a little, though her heartbeat was still erratic. She looked at the sincerity in his blue eyes, and it made her question her own judgment. Had she made a mistake? Will, the boy who was so willing to help her, protected this man as if he hung the stars.


“Why on earth would you think Hannibal killed your parents?” Bedelia asked in a strict tone, though she knew it was a possibility he had. Alana ceased her struggling and looked at the bloodied knife she had used to stab him with.


“I-,“ Alana looked at the blood on her own hands. She began to feel ashamed she had acted out so viciously when she had little proof. “His voice sounded similar to the man who tricked my parents.”


Gideon, who had been examining the whole event felt anger within him. How dare such an insolent, human child attack Dr. Lecter, his precious blood spilled on the ground.


“So you attack someone for having a similar voice?” Bedelia felt embarrassed that she had allowed Will to keep his ‘pet’, though she was terrified Hannibal would blame her. “You have to leave, now.”


“No,” Will’s voice caused everything to stop. The omega swallowed hard trying to piece his thoughts together. He turned around to look at Hannibal, his beautiful beginning who had been attacked by a stranger. Will adored the alpha, there was no doubt in his mind, and yet…


Alana’s situation felt familiar to him for some reason. Her helplessness, the loss of someone, for some reason Will felt it at his core as if he had experienced such things. Hannibal, who had not said a word yet, saw Will trying to bring up memories that had been removed. With a gentle outstretch of his hand, the alpha gently brushed his curly hair behind an ear.


“Hush,” Hannibal’s voice calmed Will, as it always had. “Everything is alright, no harm done. Your friend is not in too much trouble.”


Bedelia released her hold on the girl, but Alana didn’t move near Will, he was far too close to Hannibal. Gideon growled from behind, unable to contain his disgust towards the accident.


“Dr. Lecter, she has insulted you-“


“Enough,” Hannibal said in a firm tone, while he raised a hand in the air. Gideon immediately stopped his noise and sat back down on the chair. Will was about to move to Alana’s side, elated that she didn’t have to go, but Hannibal grabbed his arm.

“William,” The alpha’s voice was smooth, and he rubbed a thumb against Will. “It is good to see me, isn’t it?”


“Of course, always.” Will smiled at him, and the answer was enough to gain him freedom. Happy with Will’s words, Hannibal released his hold on the omega and watched him run to the girl.


Bedelia let out a shaky sigh when she noticed a certain look Hannibal gave her. She bit her lip but ushered the kids into the hall. “Come, you can eat upstairs.”


Before they made their feet move, Hannibal pulled the knife from his arm and set it down on a plate. Alana felt a stir of emotions within her, but she mostly felt lightheaded.


“I’m sorry sir,” She whispered to Hannibal, and he nodded his head. Will didn’t want to go upstairs and eat, not when he hadn’t seen his favorite person in so long. He looked at Hannibal with concerned eyes, as if the moment he left the room, he would disappear.


Hannibal saw the expression on Will and gave a genuine smile. “I would never leave without saying goodbye. Run along with your friend and I will see you after dinner.”


With that, Will felt it was okay to leave with Alana. He grabbed her hand and led her back upstairs. Bedelia informed them that she would bring the food in a few minutes. Once the two were out of sight, Bedelia looked at Hannibal, nervously she waited for his response.


“I know it’s hard to deny him, but you must. It’s not good for him to have… attachments.” Hannibal said while he picked up the bloody knife.


“Hannibal I’m so sorry. I would have never imagined-“


“Did you kill her parents?” Gideon jumped into their conversation. Hannibal eyed the other alpha with an annoyed expression.


“Probably,” Hannibal sighed.


“You need to punish that omega, if you ask me-“


“I didn’t ask you,” Hannibal said with narrowed eyes focused on Gideon. “If you keep being a bother, I will cut out your tongue and make you eat it.”


Gideon swallowed harshly and looked down at the table, sealing his lips as tight as possible. Bedelia left to bring the food upstairs. She had everything placed neatly on a silver tray, and Will could hear her high heels walking closer toward his room.


She set the food down on his bed and turned to leave without saying a word. Will knew he had disappointed her, but he didn’t have any spare energy to apologize. The omega moved to bring the tray closer to himself and Alana. He lifted the lid to reveal roast and vegetables soaked in broth. There were two portions laid out, Will let Alana pick which dish she wanted.


“Do you hate me?” Alana asked, not looking up at Will.

“Why would I?” Will said as he took a bite of the roast. “You’ve been through a lot today I’m sure. I know you would have never meant to hurt Hannibal had you been feeling okay.”


Alana felt better knowing that Will didn’t hate her. She smiled and went to take a bite of the food. It tasted as good as it looked, especially since Alana never had such rich food before. She let the broth sit in her mouth while she continued to look at Will. He was different than any other boy she had met. His eyelashes were long, his eyes beautiful, and though he was firm in his decisions he was also dainty. He was beautiful.


“How old are you?”


“15, almost 16,” Will said in between bites. He never talked with his mouth full having been brought up in such a way, but he liked to rebel when he was alone.


“I just turned 17,” Alana said, happy that they weren’t too far apart in age. They continued to eat in silence for a few moments until she asked a different question.


“What is Hannibal to you?”


“Everything,” Will said without any hesitation.




Bedelia served the alphas food, trying her best to impress Hannibal most. She knew better than anyone how picky he was with food. Hannibal picked up his utensils and tasted the meat while he closed his eyes. Bedelia took it as a good sign and then allowed herself to dig in. Gideon tried to mimic Dr. Lecter’s movements once he saw how perfect he did everything. He tried but he fell short doing so.


“Why is he here, Bedelia?” Hannibal asked, referring to the obsessive alpha beside him. Bedelia cleared her throat before she set down her fork.


“Dr. Gideon, you live near Wolf Trapp, yes?”


“I live in the next town over,” Gideon answered as he took a sip of wine.


“Well, another doctor has moved here recently, a man named Dr. Chilton. He has been sent here because a lot of people have been claiming to see a Wendigo. Apparently, Dr. Chilton helps them realize no such things exist but-“ Bedelia paused wanting to word her accusation correctly. “Well, You would be the only Wendigo in the area. Have you been careless?”


Gideon set down his glass of wine and looked toward Hannibal who didn’t pay him any attention. He sat back in his chair and tried to remember if he had indeed been careless.


“No, I don’t think I have,” Was the honest response he gave. Bedelia raised her brow and began to tap her finger against the table.


“Well, who do you suggest it was?”


“I couldn’t say,” Gideon knew the possibility of another Wendigo in the area was slim. There kind were far and few in-between, and usually made themselves known to others nearby. Alphas were the only ones capable of transforming into the legendary creature, so it made sense why Bedelia thought it was him. “Do you think it’s a new alpha who has noticed the omega you keep here?”


Hannibal slammed his utensils on the table and Gideon made a little plea of regret. Bedelia found herself jumping back at the sudden movements her alpha friend had possessed.


“I’m not trying to be rude doctor, honest. I just don’t understand why you don’t keep him next to you. He is almost at the age where-“


“I’m giving Will the gift of being free, of having a childhood without witnessing how we obtain our… meals.”


While it was true that Will admitted to being hungry when he would sometimes look at humans, he didn’t actually know he had eaten them. Will wanted to live amongst the humans, to befriend them. It was a small mercy to keep his innocent dream alive a little longer. When an omega’s body started going through heat cycles, they liked to eat the meat as fresh as possible. It would be a difficult thing to avoid after he turned 18.


“It’s not a gift, it’s an illusion,” Bedelia said out loud before she realized she had opened her mouth at all. Hannibal gave her a look, but she quickly tried to save herself. “But a beautiful illusion it is.”


Footsteps were heard nearby and soon Alana and Will appeared in the kitchen with the tray. Will placed the tray on the counter thanking Bedelia for the wonderful meal. Alana showed her appreciation as well, letting them know she had never eaten anything as tasty before.


“Will,” Hannibal called out to the omega, and Will came over with a grin. “I’ve brought you a gift as usual, but will you give me a gift in return?”


“What would you like?” Will’s excitement grew at the mention of his present. Each time Hannibal returned to visit he brought the omega back something precious.


“Will you play something on the piano?” Hannibal asked and Will accepted. The alpha was adamant about the omega learning the instrument because of his love of fine music. Will waltzed over to the piano and began to play a piece from Chopin prelude in e minor. Hannibal closed his eyes and let the solemn notes seep into his soul. Alana stood in awe as she listened to Will play. He was extremely gifted at playing, there was no doubt, and everyone in the room felt his talent. Bedelia smiled as she drank her wine, Will’s playing always put her in a good mood. Even Gideon was silent while he took in the young omega’s music, he knew better than to disrupt Hannibal again.


When Will was finished Hannibal was the first to clap, and everyone followed. Alana watched the man from the corner of her eye, watching how he looked at Will so lovingly. She had to of been wrong about him, no man who killed could appreciate the beauty of Will’s piano playing. Will bowed with his face red from the attention, but his eyes went straight to the alpha, making sure he was the most pleased.


Hannibal moved to retrieve Will’s promised gift from his suitcase. The omega followed like a happy puppy waiting for a treat. The alpha pulled out a gorgeously wrapped present and handed it to Will. He pulled back the paper to reveal a book all about canines and a box of expensive chocolates. Will was more excited about the book, and he jumped to hug the alpha around his neck tightly.


“Thank you, Hannibal,” The omega released his hold on him and looked over the book once more. He began to flip through the pages with a childish expression on his face. Alana felt a pain in her heart watching Will examine the book. Her father always loved reading, but she’d never get to see him excited over finishing a novel ever again.


As if Will sensed Alana’s drop in mood, he hurried over to her with open arms. Hannibal felt a little jealous of how much attention the girl was getting from his Will. Normally when he would return to the house the omega couldn’t be more than a few inches away.


“I’m saying goodbye Will,” His tired voice said. This time Will was the one who made a sour expression.


“So soon?”


“I must.”


“Will you be back soon?” Will asked, his frown still present. Bedelia and Gideon were waiting to hear his answer as well, both surprised he was leaving so suddenly.


“I will try,” was all Hannibal promised. “Dr. Gideon, would you accompany me outside?”


The other alpha was overjoyed by the offer and hurried to fetch his coat. Bedelia got up from her chair to see him off as well. Will went to move to give Hannibal one last hug, but Alana held onto his hand.


“Do you have any other books?” It was an innocent question and a distraction.


Hannibal watched as Will grabbed her hand and ran towards his room, not giving the alpha a proper farewell. Bedelia didn’t miss the dangerous look in Hannibal’s eyes as he watched the omega disappear upstairs.


“Shall we?” Hannibal cleared his throat and moved to open the door. Gideon pushed his way to walk directly beside Dr. Lector and Bedelia followed with crosses arms. “You will make sure to be more careful won’t you, doctor?”


Gideon made an unintelligent noise but nodded quickly. “I’ll keep an eye out for… strangers as well.”


“See that you do,” Hannibal said “And Bedelia, she cannot stay here. Take her to the police tomorrow.”


“I was planning on it, Hannibal.”


And with a nod, the alpha turned and began his journey back to Lithuania. Bedelia watched his retreating figure disappear with the night’s veil, and Gideon was quick to leave after him. She waited outside by the gate for a while noticing the stray dog making it’s way over to her. She pet Winston’s head once and turned to go back inside. Before she reached the first porch step, Bedelia noticed Will looking out his bedroom window with a longing face.


“Oh Will” her voice was soft and gentle. “Enjoy your illusion while you can.”


Chapter Text

 “Will are you okay?” Alana asked when she noticed the somber look on his face. She moved closer to look out the window as he had been doing. Her human eyes couldn’t see much, but she had a pretty good idea of what made him sad. He let out a sigh and committed to move away from the window.


“Yes, sorry I didn’t mean to be rude,” Will said with a small smile. “I’m glad to have met you today, it’s just-“


“You don’t have to apologize to me. I should be the one apologizing to you. I stabbed your friend with a knife after you took me in.” Alana began to cry, the more she thought about her situation the sadder it was. Her parents were gone and she was all alone. Immediately Will’s heart tugged harshly at the sight of her sorrow, and he tried to lighten the mood. He pushed aside his own pain, knowing that he would see Hannibal again, whenever that may be.


“Don’t cry,” Will practically whispered the words. “I’ll show you all my treasures.” The omega smiled when she sniffled and tried to cease her sobs. Nothing made Will feel better than looking at all the gifts he had received from Hannibal over the years. He moved to pull out the bottom drawer of his dresser to reveal various things. Alana wiped her tears and moved to follow him, her eyes widening at the sight of his gifts.


“Every time Hannibal came back he would bring something just for me,” Will said in a lighthearted tone. He let his fingers brush over some of the collectibles in the drawer. “But I was always happy just to see him.”


Will pulled out a case of ancient coins and showed them to Alana.


“Are these…real?”


“Hannibal said so, and that means it has to be true,” Will said matter-of-factly. He continued to lay out more things, a mini chess set from London, and then a preserved rose in a glass bottle. “Hannibal said this kind of rose only blooms once every hundred years.”


The omega handed the bottle to Alana who was as gentle as she could be with the gift. It was a beautiful thing and she felt almost unworthy to look upon it. Among other treasures, there were several books Will had stashed away and he even placed his new gift in the pile. Alana never witnessed anything as deep nor meaningful as the gifts Will received. It was no wonder Will adored the man, though she couldn’t shake the bad feeling in her gut.


“How did you meet Hannibal?”


“I don’t have any memories of my childhood or parents. The first thing I remember is the smell of Hannibal and his back protecting me from something. He is my first memory. He brought me here to stay with Bedelia and I owe her a lot.” Will answered honestly.


Alana had never heard of someone forgetting childhood memories, but she figured Will must have been in an accident. Alana kept herself quiet as she looked over the book titles handed to her. How much money did Hannibal have?


“This,” Will began with a certain shine in his eyes, “Is the first gift Hannibal ever gave me. It’s my favorite.” The omega placed the beautifully detailed pocket watch into her hands. She opened it up to hear the ticking of the clock clearly. The initials H.L. were engraved into the top of the lid and carved angels reached for the hands that moved in time.


“I have no words for how beautiful all of these things are,” Alana said honestly. “I’m curious what he wants from you in return.”


Will let her words enter the deepest parts of his mind. True most people gave things in order to gain something back, but Hannibal wasn’t ‘most people’. He reached out for the pocket watch and she handed it back to him with care. The omega held it against his chest and looked over all of his things.

If Hannibal wanted anything from Will, then that would be fine. He would gladly give over anything so long as he could continue to know the alpha.


“Why don’t you like Hannibal?” Will asked, not looking directly at Alana. “Is it because you still think he killed your parents?”


Alana hadn’t been expecting such a question so her face flushed a bit. She picked up the rose in the jar once more and studied the preserved petals. “I- What makes you think I don’t like him?”


“You’ve been trying to…” Will waited until he found the right word, “discredit him almost. Maybe you aren’t even aware of it, maybe it’s all in my head.”


“No, it’s not-” Alana was embarrassed Will had hit the nail accurately on the head. She moved her body to set directly in front of Will’s own. She knew she had to be clever with her choice of words, after all, Will knew Hannibal longer than he knew her. “I was traveling with my family to Baltimore on a trip. My father met a man halfway through, not far from here. It was dark so I couldn’t see him clearly, but his voice was distinct and intelligent. My mother got out of the carriage next, but I stayed inside. I saw the shadow of the stranger transform into a tall and scary beast. It had large horns and claws that… ripped into my father. I was so scared I ran into the nearby woods. Hannibal’s voice is…well, if not the same then scary similar.”


Will kept quiet knowing that Hannibal indeed was such a creature, one who fed on human flesh. He knew how distinct and uncommon the alpha’s voice was and how he would have probably been in the area at the time. Will knew all these things yet he also knew he was supposed to keep quiet about them. A knock on the door gave Will a momentary distraction. Bedelia stood in the doorway with a tired expression.


“Bed,” her voice sounded as defeated as she looked. “Alana, you sleep in the guest room downstairs.” Alana wanted to stay with Will, but she knew better than to bring the woman any more trouble. With a tight hug, she got up and waved goodnight to Will. He gave her a side smile and watched as her figure disappeared into the hall. Bedelia paused a second, looking over the omega as if something was off. She normally would have poked for information but Alana was waiting to be shown the guest room.


“Goodnight Will, we will talk in the morning.”


Will moved to sit on his bed once Bedelia closed the door. His eyes glanced at the clock in his room, only a half hour after Hannibal had first left. If he ran and tried to follow the alpha’s scent, there was a chance he could catch up to him.


Will was not allowed out of the house after dark, but he had a burning desire to know the truth about Alana’s family. Deciding he wouldn’t be able to get sleep if he remained in his room, Will hurriedly grabbed his jacket and pulled it over his night clothes. He unlatched his bedroom window and moved to walk out on the roof. The drop was high, but Bedelia had a lattice on the side of the house. It was the place where her coleus plants had been spreading like wildfire. He maneuvered his lithe body and began to crawl down the lattice, accidentally tearing a few of the plants with missteps.


When his feet hit the ground a smile appeared on his face and a small sense of freedom swelled in his chest. Not taking too much time to revel in the glory of his escape, he searched for Hannibal’s scent and chased after it. The smell was faint having been outside in the windy air, but Will had trained his nose for the scent years ago. He moved like a baby deer that had just found out it could move its legs. He exited the gate and held back his giddiness of how easy it was to leave.


The moon shone brilliantly down on him, almost like it possessed his body to act more graceful. Will loved the night. The faded smell of rich wine tingled his senses, and he ran in the direction he had last seen Hannibal. Will knew he would get in trouble for being out, but he needed to know the truth. Alana’s story made him feel guilty and he needed to be rid of the feeling. Yet, Will wasn’t quite sure what he would do if Hannibal had actually been the reason for her parent’s death. Regardless, Hannibal was more important to the omega, and he promised he would not let the outcome change him in any way.


‘That’s not true,’ Will heard his mind say. ‘You have been changing without your knowledge. You’re hoping that Hannibal didn’t kill Alana’s family, that’s why you’re out here searching.’ Will tsked at the terror of his own thoughts. Hannibal was Hannibal, and nothing could take Will’s affection for the man away.


Will had been running for quite some time until he found himself near a stream through the woods. It was serene and somehow familiar. Instead of following Hannibal’s scent, Will walked along with the stream searching for a lost memory. He walked along the water, the moon’s reflection acting as a small light in the dark. Something caused the omega to abruptly stop his movements and a chain in his mind almost snapped. A scent of sandalwood and sawdust came first and then a man appeared after. The man was clearly an alpha, tall and in control, and Will felt instantly helpless. Another snap of a string played out in the omega’s mind, like an instrument being broken after use. Had he experienced something similar before?


“What is a beautiful, male omega doing out in the dark, mm?” the alpha was practically teasing Will.


Will opened his mouth to speak but his head began to hurt and his vision blurred. Instead of distinguishable words, a pathetic noise left his lips.


“Oh, you are a rare find,” the stranger purred as he approached Will. The omega squinted his eyes to get them to focus on the man a bit better. He was a black man, one who was dressed well and had a sophisticated air about him, yet sometimes Will’s eyes deceived him and the stranger appeared differently. It was like his eyes glitched and sometimes in the alpha’s place, a man with red hair and horns would appear.


“Would you like to come home with me? I can take good care of you,” the alpha moved even closer, his hand outstretched and ready to touch Will’s face. It was then that Bedelia’s knowledge about wendigo dynamics entered his mind, and he felt so stupid for being out alone.


‘Will,’ a voice yelled out in his mind. ‘Run!’ The voice wasn’t familiar and yet it was. Will’s attention was forced back to the situation once the stranger’s hands were an inch away.


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Hannibal’s deadly voice practically growled behind Will. The omega quickly turned to verify that his favorite alpha was indeed there. Hannibal’s usually stoic face wasn’t present, instead, his eyes were red and narrowed in warning. The blonde alpha was becoming more and more scary to Will, yet also more alluring.


“Oh, forgive me,” the stranger said as he put his hands up. “I didn’t realize he was already taken. My name is Tobias, I haven’t touched him, no harm done.” he said this as he backed up a few steps to get some distance from the omega.


“Will,” Hannibal’s tone left no room for argument. The omega rushed over to his side and let himself be hidden behind the alpha. “You must be new here,” Hannibal said to Tobias, it was clear he was still angry.


“Yes, relatively new, I am the new music shop owner for Wolf Trap.”


“You better not draw any more attention to yourself,” Hannibal was stern with his warning. “You’ve brought enough attention to the town. You must have been careless in your hunting.”


“I’ll try to do better,” Tobias smiled with such fakeness that Hannibal scoffed at him. “It was nice meeting you, sweet omega.”


At that Hannibal grabbed Will’s hand and pulled him away from Tobias. Will looked back once at the alpha who held a cunning smile on his face. When his gaze lingered on Tobias longer than Hannibal wanted, he called the omega by his name sternly.


Once they were far away from the other alpha, Hannibal turned to look at Will with disappointment and worry clear in his eyes.


“I assume you have an incredible reason for being out in the woods at this time?” Hannibal wasn’t happy to see him at all.


Will swallowed before he spoke, almost forgetting why he had been out in the first place. “I wanted to see you, and I wanted to know the truth.”


“The truth about what, Will?”


“Did you kill Alana’s parents?” Will looked up at the alpha with vulnerability. Hannibal let out a sigh and looked back to the woods. He seemed to be brewing an answer fit enough to give Will, but the silence was enough for Will to know he had. “Are you going to eat her too?”


That made the alpha stare down at him, but Will couldn’t look back. Instead, the omega dropped his gaze to the ground, a mix of emotions bubbling inside him. Hannibal looked down at his fragile little omega, who began to chip under pressure. The alpha’s stress was already out of place, especially with Will seconds away from being touched by another alpha. He wanted to lock Will up in his room for pulling such a stunt, but it wouldn’t help their relationship. Hannibal was about to answer to Will, but the omega asked one final question.


“Did they,” Will was hesitant, never looking up from the ground, “taste good?”


Ah, there was the deadly little wendigo Will was growing up to be. It was rare to see such a thing, and it made Hannibal’s body warm in delight. The alpha reached out to brush against the side of Will’s face and forced him to look up. When Hannibal looked into the confused, blue eyes, all was forgotten and forgiven.


“What do you think, my little Will?”

Chapter Text

Will didn’t reply to Hannibal’s question, instead, he felt shame weigh down on his shoulders. The alpha led him back to Bedelia’s house, hand in hand like the first time he had. Hannibal would occasionally squeeze Will’s hand as a reminder he was there. Will felt lost like his mind was trying to split itself in two. His wendigo side wanted to relish in the details of human consumption, and yet he thought of Alana.


He knew how depressed the poor girl was and how honest she had been with her feelings. While Will had hoped Hannibal hadn’t been the killer, he was almost excited when he heard that he was. His mouth watered at the thought and it disgusted him. She shared her pain with him because of trust, and he felt he had betrayed her. He didn’t know how he could look at her the same way.


“Will,” Hannibal’s voice was as calm as usual. “Self-loathing is a slippery slope, especially when wrongfully placed. You’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to be angry with yourself for.”


“I don’t want to eat humans,” Will said firmly. “I don’t want to even think about it, but I can’t help myself.”


Hannibal let out a small sigh and squeezed Will’s hand again. The poor boy was so fragile at the moment. While he had wanted Will to stay naive a little longer, it seemed impossible now. The omega was at the age when he was starting to form a solid identity, it wouldn’t do him any good to be confused about what he was. The hungry wendigo inside him that lay dormant was tired of sleeping, and it made Will even more desirable.


“Do lions feel guilty about eating lambs?” Hannibal asked though he wasn’t expecting an actual answer. “It’s the way things are.”


“Well, they should if the lion parades around like a lamb.” At that Will stopped his walk and tried to remove his hand from Hannibal’s. The alpha didn’t like the way Will had a burned anger hidden in his eyes. He knew better than to tell him that he had brought him human meat to eat before, he wasn’t ready. He couldn’t tell Will his favorite dinners were made out of people, not now. Perhaps Hannibal had miscalculated when he thought keeping Will in the dark was a good thing. The conflicted omega stood wide-eyed and waiting for someone to take his guilt away.


“You and I are Wendigo, Will. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, you should feel important,” Hannibal came closer to Will and lifted his cold hands to his lips. He pressed a gentle kiss on the skin before he continued. “I knew you were special from the moment I saw you. Don’t feel guilty about taking pleasure in what you were made to do. I know I don’t.”


Will took in every word the alpha said and yet he remained empty. He pulled his hands away from Hannibal once more, realizing that the action seemed to displease the alpha. Will wasn’t acting like himself, he realized that, but he didn’t know how to act currently.


“Hannibal, am I important to you?” Will’s voice sounded so small and confused. Hannibal raised a brow at the omega’s question.


“Is air important to living things?”


“That’s,” Will looked to the side, “Air is something needed. It’s not a matter of importance, it’s a need.”


“Exactly,” Hannibal replied as easy as he took his next breath of air. Will felt something inside of him ignite at the poetic words, but he tried to stay in the moment.


“Well, Alana is important to me. Please don’t hurt her,” Will practically begged. While he had no power over what happened to her parents, he still held some say over her life. He wanted her to live a long and fulfilled life, one where she could overcome her pain.


Hannibal was taken back by his little omega’s request, but it hadn’t completely surprised him. With one swift move, the alpha bent down on one knee and reached for Will’s hand. Will jerked at the suddenness and instantly gave Hannibal his full attention.


“Am I,” Hannibal’s voice sounded so deep and raw. “Important to you, Will?”


“The most important,” Will replied with a genuine smile. It was then that Alana’s words came into his mind, ‘I’m curious what he wants from you in return.’


Hannibal smiled at Will’s answer and once again kissed the smooth skin on his hands. Will understood that it wasn’t hard to please the alpha, he always wanted to hear of Will’s affection.


“What are you going to do with me, Hannibal?” Will asked, curious though not completely unaware of Hannibal’s intentions. He may have been young, but he wasn’t so young.


“Nothing yet, I’ll wait until you’re a little older,” Hannibal promised while he rose from his knelt position. “Though I’m sure a smart boy like yourself has a good enough idea.”


Will watched as the alpha stretched his hand out for him to take. They were close to Bedelia’s home, and he suddenly felt extremely tired. With the tiniest bit of hesitation, Will allowed Hannibal to capture his hand once again and was led back to home.




Hannibal had a spare key to Bedelia’s home so Will didn’t have to wake anyone up. The omega turned to say goodbye to the alpha but stopped when he noticed Hannibal take his coat off.


“You’re staying?” Will asked, curious and a little hopeful deep down.


“Is that alright with you?”


“Of course,” Will said a little louder than intended, “It’s just, you were on your way back before.”


“I figured it would do Tobias good to have someone who knows the area. I would love to help him out,” The venom was not lost to Will. The omega understood perfectly why Hannibal wanted to stay now. The older Will got, the simpler Hannibal seemed to be. “Run along to bed, Will.”


The omega was about to, but he remembered Alana’s defenseless body sleeping in the guest room. While he had begged Hannibal not to harm her, logic said that the alpha still could. He maneuvered his way around Hannibal and signaled that he was going to check on her.

“I think I’ll go sleep with Alana, you can stay in my room,” Will offered, hoping it would entice the alpha. Despite his efforts, it didn’t entice Hannibal at all. He gave the omega a dominating stare.


“I think it would be better if you slept in your own room,” While Hannibal’s stare was intense, his voice was calm and calculated as usual. Will felt a twinge of fear for the first time, though he didn’t know if it was for Alana or himself. Knowing it wouldn’t be wise to argue, and that he was already in some trouble for sneaking out, he obeyed. His blue eyes never left the alpha as he walked past him and moved to climb the stairs. “Very good, Will.”


Once the omega was on the top stair, Hannibal moved to the kitchen and out of Will’s sight. The omega waited and stepped back to see if he could continue to watch the alpha. He ducked his head between the wooden railing of the stairs, but could see only the shadow of Hannibal. Suddenly Bedelia’s door opened nearly giving Will a heart attack. She caught glimpse of the suspicious omega and opened her mouth ready to scold.


“What exactly are you doing, William?” her hands went to her hips after she tightened her robe.


“I wanted a drink of water,” Will lied, not wanting to get into an argument this time of night. “Is that wrong? Hannibal is here, he is downstairs.”


At that Bedelia’s face tightened and her body lost its control. She moved past Will after she told him to go back to bed. He moved to open his own bedroom door, watching as she exhaled before treading down the stairs. For the first time, Will noticed how afraid everyone was of Hannibal, and for the first time, he knew it was warranted.


He pushed open his door with his tired body and fell onto his mattress. He rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling. He blinked his burning eyes, much too tired to fall asleep at this point. He looked over to the window that was left cracked open from his earlier escape. The moon was so beautiful that night.




“Back so soon?” Bedelia’s voice momentarily stopped Hannibal from pouring coffee.


“It seemed to be the best option,” he replied without even looking at her. “Will was wandering in the woods until another alpha found him.”


Bedelia’s heart dropped to her stomach and she forgot to breathe. “I- he,” She didn’t even know what she was trying to say. The brat had lied to her face when she had asked him earlier, Will was going to be the death of her.


“The alpha, his name is Tobias, I believe he is the one being careless with his hunting. I’ll take care of him, no worries there, Bedelia,” Hannibal finally looked up at her, though she wished he hadn’t. His eyes were red like blood, and his face clearly held disdain.


“Will has never snuck out before, I’m-“ Bedelia was trying to even think of how the omega escaped in the first place.


“He’s at the age where he’ll rebel a few times before ultimately behaving. It’s expected of his age and gender. No harm was done to Will, so no harm will come to you, Bedelia,” At that she let out a sigh she didn’t know she was holding. “Only by a few seconds, you’re quite the lucky one.”


“Please just take him with you,” she said with defeat in her voice. “He is too much for me, this is too much for me.” Hannibal handed her a cup of coffee before gesturing for her to sit down in the dining room. It didn’t matter if she wanted the coffee or not when Hannibal wanted something, she had to bend over backward to do it. He enjoyed the power he had over everyone, he enjoyed being seen as a god.


“I’ll have a firm talk with him before I leave again,” Hannibal promised in-between sips of caffeine. “Just a few more years my dear, nothing is more unsightly than a quitter.”


She gripped her own mug at his words, not taking a sip, just staring at the black color. Just three more years, if she could make it that long.




Jack Crawford arrived in Wolf Trap that night, the clean air invading his lungs. He stretched his body once he exited the train station, enjoying the cracks of his bones. He looked around the small station, smaller than anywhere else he’d been. With one suitcase in hand, Jack looked on his map for the place of interest. Murders, along with the number of people entering asylums, were rising in the small village of Wolf Trap, something that he couldn’t ignore.


Dr. Chilton had asked that he come an investigate. While his insane hospital was booming, he found that he had too much business. There were hardly any people out at the time of night he arrived. Jack stood underneath a streetlight looking over the area’s map. Out of the corner of his eyes, a man, very well dressed and obviously of noble status was walking. Beside the man was a younger boy with curly hair and a scared expression. The two walked hand in hand, the older man looked straight at Jack, noticing he had been watching. He nodded his head to Jack but continued on his way with the boy in tow.


Jack nodded back before returning his attention to his papers. Wolf Trap was interesting indeed.




Will hardly slept the rest of the night, instead, he decided to leave his room at six that morning. He dressed in tan pants with a white button shirt and dark blue vest. When Hannibal was around, Will knew better than to dress in his favorited flannels and jeans. He looked at his face briefly, only pushing some of his curls in place before he hurried down the stairs.


The smell of sophistication was strong. Rich coffee grounds were the first to tantalize his senses, then followed by the quality meat being fried. Will didn’t have to look to know Hannibal had been responsible. The alpha loved to cook, and would always bring back the best tasting meat with him. Will found his mouth watering from the smell alone. When his bare feet reached the downstairs floor he slowed his pace down and tiptoed past the kitchen doorway. Hannibal’s back was turned to him, and he could hear the work of his knife chopping parsley.


The omega wanted to continue sneaking past to check on Alana, but the alpha called his name. Will stopped immediately and turned to enter the kitchen.


“Good morning, Will.”


“Good morning,” He replied, looking over the incredible spread the alpha was working on. Hannibal turned around with one of his charming smiles, his knife like an extension of his right hand.


“Did you sleep well?”


“Not really,” Will answered honestly, not feeling it necessary to lie. Hannibal could always tell when he lied anyway. The omega took in a deep breath of the fried sausage and eggs,  “It smells amazing.”


Hannibal smiled at Will and quickly went to pour him a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice. Will gladly accepted anything edible from the man, knowing Hannibal’s cuisine was well above anything else. From the corner of his eye, Will saw Alana and Bedelia sitting at the dining table. He smiled when he saw Alana and made his way over to hug her.


She seemed just as excited to see Will if her wide grin was anything to go by. Bedelia said nothing, instead, she looked out the window. Alana moved over to let Will have the chair right beside hers. Pushing his guilty thoughts away, he sat down next to her.


“I thought you’d still be in bed,” Will said starting a conversation. “I normally am at this hour.”


“I couldn’t sleep very well, either,” She said having heard Will’s conversation with Hannibal. “I am surprised to see Hannibal here though.” The omega did a quick glance over to the alpha who was busy with a pan of fire in one hand, and a bottle of wine in the other. Alana watched as Hannibal worked in the kitchen like he was the best entertainment she had seen.


In a matter of minutes, Hannibal came over to the table with plates of food, crafted beautifully like art. He set Will’s plate down first, it had a few extra bits of meat compared to the others. There were eggs, sautéed vegetables and some sauce Will couldn’t pronounce. When everyone had their plate Hannibal was about to sit down, but there was a knock on the door.


“I’ll get it,” Hannibal said taking his apron off and wrapping it as he moved. He opened the front door to reveal the same man he had seen last night.


“Good morning,” Jack said with a smile, “Am I interrupting?”


“Depends who you are,” Hannibal said with a smile. The scent of the freshly cooked food was intoxicating Jack, and his stomach growled.


“The name is Jack Crawford, I’m working with the police about the murders in the area. I heard the most intelligent doctor can be found here sometimes. Well, so the people of Wolf Trap say.”


“Come in,” Hannibal said with a pleased expression, any flattery was welcome. “I guess that doctor would be me.”


“You’re a little young to be a doctor aren’t you?”


“I’m 27, graduated most of my classes early. Top of the class. I studied in Paris mostly.”


“That is very impressive, your accent is-?”


“I’m from Lithuania originally,” Hannibal answered all Jack’s questions as he led him to the dining room. “Please sit down and have breakfast with us.”


That lit Jack’s face up instantly, and he pulled out a chair near Bedelia with a friendly nod. She returned the smile and made room on the table for him. Hannibal was quick to bring the man over a heaping plate and sat down on the other side of Jack.


Jack was quick to take a bite of the sausage first, he closed his eyes once his taste buds touched the meat. He chewed slowly and Hannibal watched him with a knowing smirk.


“My god,” Jack said aloud, without even realizing he had. “This is incredible.”


“Thank you,” Hannibal said as he took his own bite with a pleased expression. The alpha looked over to Will who was happily eating his own food. Jack’s eyes went right toward Will’s, mostly because he was sitting across from the boy. “So what do you need my assistance with Mr. Crawford?”


After Jack swallowed he paused to answer Hannibal.


“You’ll have to excuse me, I smelled the food and got too excited,” he admitted. “I didn’t even get your name, doctor-“


“Lecter, Hannibal Lecter.”


“Dr. Lecter,” Jack said with a smile. “I heard you are a surgeon, would you mind coming with me to examine some bodies found near the town?”


Alana dropped her fork, but Will quickly moved to pick it up for her. Jack looked over to the girl but chose not to say anything about it.


“I would be glad to,” Hannibal said as he continued to finish his meal.


“Fantastic,” Jack said as he went to sip on his coffee. “I know you’ll be a huge help to everyone.”

Chapter Text

The rest of breakfast went by quickly. Most conversation consisted of Jack asking more about Hannibal. The alpha answered every question the man asked of him. After he grabbed his coat from the rack, Hannibal left with Jack and promised to be back that night. Bedelia instantly busied herself by cleaning up the dishes from the table with Will’s help. Alana remained in her chair, not wanting to move, looking out the window.


Will wanted to go comfort her, but with his guilt from last night eating away at him, he couldn’t move. She turned to look at him with a smile and he returned the favor.


“Do you think they are looking at my parent’s bodies?” Alana asked Will figured she would. The omega tensed up at her expected question, but didn’t let his anxiety show.


“There’s no way of knowing. A lot of people have been disappearing lately,” Will answered moving across the room. Alana nodded her head, her face looked like she had more to say but she kept quiet. Bedelia’s heels were loud in the silence between them as she walked back into the dining room.


“All right,” She said with a tired voice. “Alana, I’ll take you to the police station now. Get ready.” Alana’s eyes went straight to Will, longing present in her pupils, hoping she could stay with him forever. There was such a deep connection between them despite the short time they had known one another. Will could feel her begging him to speak up, feel her hesitation at Bedelia’s words, but what was he to say? He held her stare for only a moment, before defeatedly looking away. He heard Alana push her chair out enough so that she could stand. Bedelia’s heels clicked and he listened to the two of them move towards the front door.


“Will,” Alana’s voice wasn’t hiding any anger. “Thank you.”


The omega’s heart squeezed in a painful way and he had to look up at her. She was smiling but turned to follow Bedelia.


“I- I want to come with you,” Will said while he rushed to get his coat. Bedelia had nothing to say against him tagging along, but she did tell the boy to hurry up. Will pushed his guilt away and stored it into a room in his mind. He would deal with those feelings later, for now, he wanted to be there for the girl. After he buttoned his jacket he reached for Alana’s willing hand and they walked out of the house together.




Hannibal’s eyes scanned over the mutilated body in disgust. He knew Tobias was responsible for the sloppiness because of his lingering scent. If it were Hannibal, he would have harvested the meat he wanted, and would carve the rest of the body into something beautiful. It was his gift to the livestock, to make them into art as a proper thank you for their patronage to his hunger. This, however, was mutilation and to Hannibal, it made the human an even bigger waste than before. The bloodied carcass was torn in half, most of the limbs missing, but the genitalia was still present.


“Definitely a man,” Jack’s voice was distressed even through the joke. “This looks like a beast attack.”


Hannibal’s eyes narrowed at his choice of words but moved closer to inspect the body. “Or a man with the right pet.”


Jack reached for the flask of alcohol he kept in his pocket and allowed himself a swig. He wiped his mouth on his coat sleeve, twisting the lid back on while he stayed thoughtful.


“I’ve seen a lot, but nothing like this,” Jack admitted. He walked away from the body once Hannibal turned from the scene. “What do you think doctor?”


Hannibal rubbed his chin in thought to appear more perplexed. He could always blame it on an animal, but what species could he blame it on? A bear, wolf, coyote? Those predators wouldn’t have left behind valuable meat, but a Wendigo would. His species was known for its particularly picky eating, only taking one or two of the best sections from the body.


“Well, this kind of thing isn’t exactly my field,” Hannibal said as he watched Jack nod at his reply. “Though I can only confirm it wasn’t human.”


“That’s what I was afraid of,” Jack said as he rubbed his temples. “I came here to investigate all this talk about mythical creatures. People have been claiming to see a Wendigo, as I’m sure you’re aware.”


“I have heard the rumors, though I can’t say I believe in such creatures.”


“Neither do I,” Jack was quick to confirm. He had thought the whole thing seemed ridiculous, but he couldn’t exactly turn down an area with an increase in murders. He had his assumptions that a man had been training some sort of wild animal to attack at random. The victim found this morning was a traveler and had no relatives in the area. “I’m sorry for wasting your time, Dr. Lecter.”


“Oh no,” Hannibal gave the man one of his cunning smiles. “Not a second was wasted today. Thank you for asking me to tag along. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you catch whoever is responsible.”




Alana stood in front of the small police station with a queasy stomach. Will was there beside her, he gently rubbed his thumb against the top of her hand. Bedelia walked up the steps first looking back to encourage the pair to follow. Alana sighed but moved to start her way up the few stairs. Will was about to join but he felt a jolt travel through his body, and he was forced to turn around.


Blue eyes met with the man he had seen in the woods. The omega swallowed at the smile the alpha gave him. Will hurried up the stairs to get away from Tobias as fast as he could. Something deep inside him whispered to stay away from the alpha.


The inside of the building was old and smelled of cheap coffee. Bedelia went straight to the man who sat at the front desk to explain the situation. Alana began to twiddle her fingers while she half listened to Bedelia’s voice. Realistically, her family wasn’t so poor that their name meant nothing, but she didn’t want to go back home alone. Her home was far from here and how was she to earn money to live?


Will was too busy in his own thoughts to notice Alana’s nervousness. The omega peeked through the small window only to see Tobias watching him. Will’s skin prickled in an unpleasant way and he quickly moved from the window.


“Young lady,” The man’s voice was deep but caring. “You’re welcome to stay with me and my family until we decide how to move forward. I need you to tell me everything you remember.”


Alana nodded and walked closer to the officer with hesitant steps. She looked over to Will who gave her a nod of encouragement.


“Thank you so much officer,” Bedelia sighed a small huff of relief at one of her problems leaving. “ Alana, I wish you the best.”


“No, mam’ thank you for being such a good neighbor,” The man said with a smile. He was truly grateful that Alana didn’t have to wait until morning to find food and shelter. Will noticed the man had a kind heart, and it helped him feel better about leaving Alana.


“Will,” Bedelia called for him to come. The omega hugged Alana one last time before he agreed to say goodbye. Her arms tightened around his body in a constrictive way, but he didn’t mind. “Come along, Will.”


“You know where to find me,” Will said to Alana. He gave into Bedelia’s calls and waved goodbye. The door shut between them, but he knew he would see her again. He could feel it in his body. The momentary distraction caused him to forget about the alpha who waited outside. Tobias stood with the same grin as before. Will’s breath hitched when he noticed him walking closer. The omega could feel Bedelia tense up at Tobias as well.


“Excuse me,” Tobias had an even voice, it exuded confidence and richness. It was one of the characteristics that made alphas so dominating and charismatic. “I’m new to town and I don’t believe we’ve met.”


It was then that he reached for Bedelia’s hand to place a warm kiss on her skin. During the whole action, the alpha never took his eyes off of Will.


“I don’t have to greet every person that comes to town now do I?” Bedelia teased. Her guard was up as she had learned to always have a guard up around alphas. Tobias let out a small chuckle at her words, but it was clear they annoyed him a little.


“Well, I’m a little more interesting than the average stranger.”


“Bedelia, I want to go home,” Will interrupted. He didn’t like the way the man’s eyes studied him lustfully. Bedelia guided Will to the other side, keeping herself in-between him and the stranger. While this man was definitely intimidating, Hannibal was far more dangerous.


“Nice to meet you, we’re leaving,” She said as sternly as she could. She didn’t need another problem right after she had fixed one.


Tobias didn’t let them walk away, instead, he followed their movements and walked alongside them. Bedelia was nervous now, but she doubted the man would attack in broad daylight. She doubted, but she wasn’t completely certain either. Omega Wendigos were rare, not to mention male ones, and she wasn’t sure how far Tobias would go.


“I’m the new music shop owner, you should stop by. I would be sure to give you a discount.”


“We are leaving!” Will spoke up. Both Bedelia and Tobias were shocked at the omega’s sudden boldness. Will’s body was obviously still shaky from the fear of being near Tobias, but his eyes were angry. “Leave us alone, or I’ll tell Hannibal.”


The alpha’s shocked face quickly turned into a sly smile. He found the omega even more desirable than before. “Then go ahead and tell him, little deer.” Will’s small threat was enough to get Tobias to turn his direction to both of their surprise. Bedelia was grateful though she wondered what the alpha was planning.




Hannibal opened the door to the music shop. He quickly grabbed the bell to make his entrance a surprise. In the other room, he could hear someone playing on the piano, though not a sweet as his little Will. Hannibal turned around the corner and that’s when his scent gave him away. Tobias instantly stopped his playing and turned to watch the other alpha.


“You’re Hannibal I presume?” Tobias figured he had to be.


“How do you know?” Hannibal asked with a slight head tilt. He was always curious to know who had been talking about him. He moved further into the room, and that’s when Tobias stood from the piano chair. He didn’t feel as comfortable sitting with the stalking predator in the room.


“That sweet little boy, the one I met in the woods,”


“The one I want you to stay away from?” Hannibal interrupted, his eyes flashed red for a second.


“Ah, yes, that one. He told me not to follow him, or he would tattle on me to you.”


Hannibal felt pride in his chest knowing Will knew to use his protection. Few were stupid enough to bother what Hannibal deemed his own. He looked at Tobias with contempt, knowing that he was one of the few.


“The police are onto what you did. They were examining the body. I told you to be careful,” Hannibal said while he looked the instruments for sale. He had to admit, some of the stringed pieces were beautiful.


“My apologies I’m not used to all these rules.”


Hannibal offered the man a fake grin. Being near Tobias left an unpleasant taste in his mouth. He straightened up his stance, and eyed the man once more.


“Allow me to, welcome you Tobias,” Hannibal’s eyes were dangerous and alluring. “I want to have you for dinner, what do you say?”


Tobias had to admit the alpha had confused him with the offer, but he wasn’t backing down. Perhaps this was his chance to show the omega who the top alpha really was.


“I’d love to,” Tobias replied.




Bedelia told Will he wasn’t allowed to explore the woods, or leave the house today. If it were any other time, the omega would have protested, but he was warry with Tobias around. The inside of Bedelia’s home felt safe with the lingering scent of Hannibal. The omega had finally allowed his body to feel tired after the lack of sleep hit him. Surprisingly the boy was able to take a short nap in the living room. He woke up an hour later to the sound of barking. Will saw Winston from the window and desperately wanted to pet the dog.


Instead of trying to disobey her completely, he compromised and promised to stay on the porch. Once he opened the door, Winston barked happily at the return of the boy and began to lick his face. The wet tongue brought a genuine smile to the omega’s face, and he couldn’t help but laugh. His hands ruffled the wild hair of his pet in a loving way, rubbing his face against the fur.


Winston began to whimper suddenly and Will looked up to see Hannibal approaching the house. Will stroked the dog’s head and hushed his noises. The omega stood up and smiled when Hannibal opened the gate. Hannibal walked as graceful as usual, but he stopped when he made it to the first step.


“Aren’t you going to run to hug me, Will?” The alpha asked. “I always look forward to it.”


“Oh,” Will said and he moved to embrace the man. It was true, every time Hannibal came home Will would practically tackle him. This was the first time he hadn’t. “I’m sorry, I’m still a little tired.”


Hannibal stroked Will’s curls and placed a loving kiss atop his head. “I forgive you.”


Hannibal released the omega after a few moments and continued to walk up the stairs. “I hope you’re hungry, we are having a very special dinner.”



Chapter Text

Bedelia was furious when she heard that Hannibal had invited Tobias to dinner. Her displeasure only grew when he had insisted to have quite the spread laid out that night. Though she despised being ordered around, she had no choice. Bedelia’s fear of Hannibal controlled almost every action she committed, but she was growing tired. Death seemed like a rest she longed for, a dream of peace away from the monster who tortured her. It was all too much for her. Will was slowly awakening into a creature with awareness, one she couldn’t keep cooped in her house. Now, with another alpha to watch for, she felt years slipping off her life anyway. With a scattered mind, she slowly began to head towards the kitchen to prepare some of the vegetables.


Will wasn’t pleased to hear the news either. In fact, the omega spoke against Hannibal and claimed he would not attend the dinner. Hannibal of course, wouldn’t stand for Will’s rebellion and simply stated he would be good or else. The omega wanted to defy Hannibal, to test the waters and see how far he could go before sinking. Something inside of him wanted to disobey the alpha, but Will knew better. An inner voice, or perhaps logic held him back from angering Hannibal too far. While Hannibal had never hurt him or came close to trying, the alpha was still like a hungry predator in the room. Will’s instincts warned him to stay compliant and he couldn’t see a way around it, not yet anyway. Not yet… Will shook his head at his defiant thoughts. He loved Hannibal, and he trusted the alpha to know what he was doing.


Will, being the well-behaved omega he was trained to be, marched upstairs to get ready. Hannibal watched him with a smile, one of triumph for his level of control still present over Will. The alpha unbuttoned the cuffs of his white shirt and rolled them upwards. He moved to enter the kitchen not bothering to glance over at Bedelia who peeled potatoes in the corner.


Dinner had to be perfect tonight because Hannibal wouldn’t be so rude to deny a man a good last supper. His intentions were to murder Tobias, undecidedly in front of Will or not. Having such a display would appeal to Will’s darker nature, but it could also distance them. Despite having such a great deal of influence over the boy, Will was unpredictable. Hannibal opened a bottle of wine with a loud pop sound and thoughtfully sniffed the cork.


“Tongues en Papillote beside this fine wine,” Hannibal muttered mostly to himself. Bedelia slammed the knife down beside the cutting board.


“I can’t keep up with your games, Hannibal,” She dared to raise her voice, yet it was still fragile. “I know why you invited him to dinner. Do you think Will is going welcome you with open arms after the display? He’s different, he’s growing up and leaving the awe he had for you behind.”


Hannibal turned his body to intimidate without words. Bedelia didn’t stop her rant, she continued on even after the alpha stalked towards her. She clenched the knife tightly in her right hand, her eyes couldn’t afford to let him out of her sight.


“Little by little,” She continued, she would torment him as he had done to her. “Will is going to resent you, he will fear you just as everyone else does. Fear might be useful, but it has no place in love.”


“Will is, “Hannibal began as he stood on the opposite side of the counter. Bedelia was within his reach, but he remained cool and collected as usual. “He is merely in his chrysalis stage, he is growing more beautiful by the hour. His fantasies will dim in the wake of his first heat. Humans are beneath his kind. He can’t resent me for anything. I’ve only wanted what was best for him.”


Bedelia couldn’t exactly disagree with him. Hannibal took him in after the death of his father and hadn’t forced him to do anything inappropriate. She was disgusted by how gentleman-like his courting was, especially for the animalistic part of their Wendigo nature. He was courteousness and polite but Will hadn’t exactly given him a reason to show his true nature.


“You did erase his memory,” Bedelia’s tone wavered. Hannibal smiled before he argued her point.


“I believe you were the one who did it. It was merely my idea.” Hannibal was about to reach up, the beta woman saw it and closed her eyes in waiting. Bedelia braced herself for something to happen, but she heard Will instead.


“Bedelia,” Will sounded as he always did. The omega showed no sign he had heard the quarrel in the kitchen. “Bedelia, will you come help me find something to match this shirt.” He looked up at her with his pleading blue eyes. Her mouth opened in surprise but turned her attention back to Hannibal. At Will’s voice, the alpha lowered his hand and relaxed his body.


“Yes, of course,” She said as she set down her knife and rushed to the omega. Hannibal eyed Will but allowed himself to turn and go back to his cooking. Bedelia looked back once and noticed that the alpha’s back was now turned.


Will grabbed her by the wrist and led her upstairs. He said nothing, but by the way, he squeezed her and the urgency he was moving, she knew he had heard.



“Will-,” Bedelia was cut off by Will’s hand.


“I heard everything, I heard about my memory being erased,” Will said voice uneven and shaky. “It’s true, isn’t it. Why did you erase it?”


“He told me to, so it had to be done,” Bedelia said with a whispered voice. “Hannibal has hurt me before for not complying to his wishes. I’ve lived in fear of him, I’m merely another one of his puppets.” At that, she looked down and brought her hand to cover her mouth. It was clear she fought back the urge to sob and completely break down.


Will had to look away from her. While he was angry about his memory and confused about Hannibal, Will understood Bedelia’s suffering was real. Hannibal, the alpha who he adored, the one who brought him gifts and stroked his hair, grew darker by the minute. He had killed Alana’s parents, tortured the woman who was the closest to a mother Will had, and invaded his mind. Will felt exposed and violated so deeply knowing his own memories were taken from him.


“Bedelia, who is Hannibal?” Will whispered looking off out his window.


Bedelia sniffled a little, while she wiped the small tears from her face. She had let her frantic moment pass and had cooled down a little. She looked over at Will, at the boy who seemed broken and desperate, just as when she first met him.


“Hannibal is as close to Lucifer as one could get. Beautiful and alluring yet dark and grandiose. He is the villain in every story, and still, he is the protagonist as well. I’ve seen the hell he can create alongside the gifts of a blessed artist.” Bedelia’s voice was mature and even, per usual, and Will tried hard to understand her words. “I guess,” Bedelia paused before she turned to look at Will better. “I don’t understand him at all.”


Will looked over to his drawer of gifts from Hannibal. He was silent and let the new information soak into his mind. Will walked over to pull it out, revealing all the beauties the alpha gave him.


“Do you think,” Will’s voice sounded wounded and cracked. “Do you think Hannibal killed my parents? Do you think-“


Bedelia frowned while she heard the omega list the possibilities.


“I have no way of knowing,” Bedelia said.


“But, is that something he would do?”


“Hannibal does whatever it takes to have what he wants,” Bedelia answered, “And he wants you more than anything.”


Will felt rolls of intense emotion, first sadness and then pure rage. He grabbed the drawer and dumped all its contents on the floor. Bedelia watched as the omega acted out, rightfully so. Will bent down and began tearing the pages from various books, all while tears poured from his eyes.


“Will, he will hear you,” Bedelia warned. “I’m going to head down, do the same once you’re calmed.”


“You think I’m going to continue living like this?” Will asked with a strong glare. “Hannibal has made my life a lie, I don’t even know what to believe anymore. What else have you erased? My chest hurts so bad I can’t breathe.”


Bedelia rushed to go comfort him, but Will moved away. The omega would not be comforted.


“I would have died for him,” Will said, not stopping his rant. “I loved him. Though he might have killed my parents.”


“You don’t know that,” Bedelia tried to intervene, but Will wasn’t letting her dissuade him. The omega put his foot down and was about to speak, but a knock was heard at the door. Hannibal’s voice was deep and Will watched Bedelia’s whole body tense at his presence.


“Everything alright,”


“I pulled a drawer out a little too far trying to reach a pair of socks,” Bedelia lied, and Will noticed how good at lying she was. He backed up until he was against the wall by his window. His family, the one he had cherished more than anything, had lied so deeply to him. How could he stand alongside them anymore? Bedelia looked at Will hoping he would understand that resistance was a futile thing when dealing with Hannibal.


Bedelia moved to grab Will’s blanket off the bed and pull it over the mess. She opened the door, revealing an impatient Hannibal.


“Excuse me,” Bedelia said and she stepped around the alpha and moved toward the stairs. Hannibal looked at Will and at the tears that were still on his cheeks.


“Will, are you-“


“I want to be alone,” Will interrupted. His voice was bitter and firm. The sight of the alpha acting like he had done no wrong made Will sick in his stomach.


“You look sick Will,” Hannibal said as he took a step into the room. Will moved to open his window never taking his eyes off the man. Hannibal raised a brow at the omega’s actions. “What are you planning to do.”


“I don’t want to be here anymore,” Will spit eyes narrowed. “I- 'm confused and…I don’t want to know you.”


“Where is this coming from?” Hannibal asked as he took a step closer to the omega.


“You deceived me, I gave you my heart and mind blindly,” Will said as he shook his head slowly. Tears welled up in his eyes once more. “I can’t even tell what’s real and what’s a lie. I thought I could trust you.”


“You can trust me, Will.”


“No, if that were true you wouldn’t have messed with my mind. You wouldn’t have touched the memories of my past. I need to leave. I need to get away from you.”


“And where will you go,” Hannibal asked, humoring him for a moment. The alpha had no intention of letting his little lover go.


From downstairs loud knocks were heard on the main door. Muffled voices from Bedelia and Tobias filled the halls.


“It’s rude not to greet your guest,” Will said forgetting Tobias was invited to dinner in the first place. Hannibal growled in displeasure, obviously upset at the other's timing.


“You don’t have to come downstairs,” Hannibal said with a low voice. “However, you will stay in your room and clean this mess. If I find you gone you won’t like the consequences. Nothing can keep me from you Will, not even your resistance.”


Hannibal turned and closed the door letting Will be by himself. The omega sunk to the floor and sobbed, wondering how things had gotten so painful. Will felt he had been blind until this point. He felt angry with himself for still wanting to run to the alpha side. Despite what Hannibal said, Will had to leave, and he was going to leave tonight.

Chapter Text

Hannibal met Tobias’ eyes when he came down the stairs. Hannibal looked tense, but he didn’t need Tobias knowing why. Before he made it to the bottom step, he fixed his sleeves and put on a welcoming face.


“Glad to see you on time,” Hannibal said with a smile and a darkness in his eyes. He was anything but pleased with Tobias arriving a little early. Bedelia moved to the kitchen to see if anything else needed to be done, but also to get away from Hannibal.


“Where is that darling omega boy?” Tobias boldly asked, “I have a gift for him.”


Hannibal gripped the railing hard enough for a crack sound. Despite the indent now in the wood from his anger, he still wore a smile.


“He’s not feeling Well,” Hannibal said as he moved into the hall. It wasn’t a lie, Will had been emotionally sick. With Bedelia in his room minutes before his panic attack, Hannibal didn’t have to guess why. Will must have heard the conversation about the memory loss. It wasn’t something Hannibal regretted. It was what he needed for Will to form an intense bond with him. With the alpha being the only thing young Will remembered, it was easy to keep him docile and in one spot for so long. Now, it seemed the whole ordeal had worked against him. “This way to the dining room.”


Tobias made a displeased expression but followed the alpha nonetheless. The room was neatly decorated, almost too simplistic for the kind of man Hannibal was. Tobias hadn’t known Hannibal at all yet he knew the man had expensive taste. It was obvious in how he dressed, walked, and presented himself. The young doctor held out a chair for him and Tobias took his seat.


“It’s not the dining room I would have expected from someone so... lavish,”


“This is not my house,” Hannibal replied. It was true, his own home was more like a palace full of beautiful and rare things. Tobias made a face, one that read ‘tell me more’, but Hannibal didn’t oblige. The blonde alpha turned to fetch his well thought out wine choice, but Tobias called out again.


“This is for Will,” Tobias said as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a small box. Hannibal stared at the little blue box as if it were the ugliest thing in the world, and to him, it was. “I can go give it to him if you’re busy.”


“You can wait until after dinner for such things,” Hannibal said with a very present glare. He left the room to grab the wine. Once he was in the kitchen he saw Bedelia who was looking out the window. Without warning, Hannibal came up behind her and gently touched the coolness of her bare arms. She jolted by surprise but quickly regained her composure.


“It’s a beautiful evening, isn’t it Bedelia?”


“I suppose,” She replied as solemn as ever.


“Poor Will seems to be having a hard time,” Hannibal’s voice changed in an instant, one of collectedness to pure rage. “You wouldn’t have any idea why, now would you, Bedelia dear?” He gripped her arms and she hissed at the sharp pain.


“He knows,” Was all she said before she managed to escape his clutches. Hannibal let her go and grabbed the bottle he had set out.


When he reentered the dining room, Tobias was there with his same sickly smile. Hannibal poured the man a glass of his finest wine and did the same for himself. In the other room, Bedelia was trying to open the front door, purse in hand.


“Oh Bedelia,” Hannibal’s dark voice entered the hallway. “You wouldn’t be trying to step out on our guest, now would you?” Her body moved as fast as it could to open the door, but Hannibal was on her in an instant. He grabbed her and held her flailing body down with ease. He practically carried her into the dining room and placed her in the chair opposite of Tobias. She sobbed, embarrassing herself in front of the men, but she didn’t quite care.


“I assure you, I’m not that bad of a guest,” Tobias said, visibly uncomfortable by the woman in front of him.


“Hannibal, Hannibal don’t,” Bedelia begged, she knew what he was planning. Hannibal said nothing, instead, he took his seat at the head of the table.




Will laid on the floor of his bedroom while he gripped his chest. He hurt so deeply, and part of him felt it was all his fault. Logically he knew it was Hannibal who was in the wrong, but his emotions caused him to second guess himself. Will even began telling himself that Bedelia had been lying and that Hannibal would never request such a thing. He knew now, that Hannibal would do just that and more. His heart was so cruel, it beat for a man who was a monster.


Will couldn’t help but blame himself. His mind kept enforcing the positive memories, the loving touches, and gentle promises Hannibal gave him. Will curled in on himself and held his stomach in pain. Everything was agony, yet everything in him craved the alpha he loved.


From the upstairs, Will could hear Bedelia crying loudly and out of character. As much as he wanted to move to check on her, his body seemed to weigh a ton.


In spite of his feelings, he thought of his parents, whether or not he had loving ones. He thought of Hannibal taking him away from them and it burned deep in his mind. He thought of Alana, of her kindness and smile. He thought of how distressed Bedelia sounded downstairs. All those he had come to love, Hannibal had hurt them be it directly or indirectly.


Though Will felt he had lost almost everything, he forced himself to stand. He would get away from Hannibal, he would leave the monster. He would do so solely for the fact that Hannibal wanted him. Will made a promise that he would no longer give Hannibal the pleasure of his company ever again.


Will rushed to grab a coat from his closet and some of the expensive coins Hannibal had gifted him. Will tucked them away in a leather bag. If he was going to run away he would need money. Will looked around and grabbed a few other things he deemed important enough. With his bag almost full he moved to the pocket watch that laid on the floor. His first gift from Hannibal, his measure of time. He picked it up and ran his thumb across the detailed top like he had done so many times before. Will wanted to throw it as far as he could out the window, but instead, he tucked it into the bag.


Downstairs Will could hear intense movement, and furniture being shoved around. Growls echoed through the house and it frightened Will. What was going on? He moved to escape through the window, but down below Will saw Hannibal and Tobias fighting outside. In complete shock, Will watched the two battle it out before he realized he had to move. Without thinking too much about what he was going to do, Will ran down the stairs and planned to leave out the backdoor.


His legs never changed their pace, not when he knew his window of opportunity was so small. Will was about to sneak past the dining room entrance when he almost fell down at what he saw. Bedelia’s dead body laid on the floor, her throat was slit and her blood painted her body. Will covered his mouth, and tears poured like a dam had broken behind them.


“Bedelia,” He said her name in a whisper. He felt so heavy and shaken he couldn’t speak properly. Will’s whole body was shaking violently but he forced himself to move closer. To him, Bedelia was the only mother he had known. She wasn’t always the most loving, but he loved her. “I’m sorry.”


Will heard the front door handle move and his body jerked away from what was left of Bedelia. He ran to the backdoor and carefully left as quietly as possible. Will had no idea where he was to go, but he didn’t look back. He ran to the train station, hoping to sneak on and flee to an unknown location. Will knew Hannibal would come looking for him, he knew Hannibal would smell his trail, so he would move often.  The omega would do whatever he could to stay away from the man.




They were all eating in silence, though Bedelia hadn’t touched her food. Tobias made comments here and there of nothing substantial. Hannibal listened halfheartedly and found he couldn’t control the tapping of his pointer finger. He was agitated and his fury only grew as he watched Bedelia play the victim, and Tobias moved his mouth.


“Eat your food, Bedelia,” Hannibal said when Tobias took a break from talking. “I worked hard on it.”


“No,” She said as if she were already a ghost. Hannibal grew even angrier in her defiance. She stood up from the table and began to walk away.


“Bedelia!” Hannibal called her name twice, upset that she seemed far gone. He stood up from his chair while Tobias watched the scene unfold. The beta woman turned around once, with a look of confidence and a newfound peace. She seemed to have accepted something.


“I hope Will leaves you, and that you and your family line die.”


Hannibal saw red, and in the blink of an eye, he slit her throat. Bedelia fell to the floor, the sound loud and unforgiving. Hannibal was finished playing along. In his rage, he turned to Tobias and pointed the knife at the alpha.


“If you thought for a second that I’d let you court Will, you’re sorely mistaken.”


Tobias grinned at Hannibal’s declaration, but grabbed his own knife and move to his feet. Their movements were like a deadly dance, and their game fatal. Chairs were knocked over, and glass was broken. Tobias tried to run outside to get out of the unfamiliar layout of the home. Hannibal chased after him, eager to taste blood.


It was euphoric for Hannibal when he tossed his blade and strangled the rival alpha. Tobias struggled against his grasp, but he couldn’t quite escape him. Hannibal watched with a sadistic smile as the light left Tobias’ eyes. He lengthened his claws and cut a line down the middle of Tobias’ chest. Reaching in the body, Hannibal pulled out the warm heart and removed it like a prize.


In the light of the moon, the blood looked black to Hannibal. He looked over his work and took pride in it. He would give Will the heart and feed it to him raw, it was only proper. Hannibal tilted his head back to relish in his victory for a moment longer.


Hannibal entered the house as he always had, mindful of wiping his feet on the mat. He headed upstairs like a predator on the hunt. When he made it to Will’s door, he found it unlocked and smiled as he opened it fully. His smile quickly dissipated once he realized that Will was not in his room. The alpha moved to check the closet and underneath the bed, but his omega was nowhere to be found.


He ran down the stairs expecting to find his little love in shock from the scene he had left behind. Though Hannibal soon found that Will was nowhere in the house. The backdoor hit violently against the side of the house like someone had left in a hurry. Hannibal could only smile. While he was certainly annoyed that Will had left, he was excited for the chase. With no one else to watch Will, Hannibal decided it was time for him to come to Lithuania with him. With a roll of his shoulder blades and crack of the neck, Hannibal stalked outside and began to follow the trail of the sweetest scent he knew.


“You can run, but I will always find you, Will.”



Chapter Text

Hannibal had been birthed into the oldest line of Wendigo since creation. As a child, he was quiet and frighteningly intelligent and not much else could be said. He rarely knew any other wendigo children and his father refused to let him befriend any other species. He was taught that his kind was above all others, akin to gods of ancient times. ‘The sun only shines on the dirt out of pity, not because they are friends.’ Count Lecter would tell his son, ‘Why should, you, the sun, waste your glory on dirt.’ Hannibal quickly learned that grandiosity was a Wendigo’s best trait.


Since his first breath, Hannibal had been alone in a world full of expectation. His father was never loving, and his mother thought he looked too much like the man she loathed. Because of that, she never smiled upon him or called his name in a sweet manner. When she looked at Hannibal, she couldn’t help but feel disdain for the miniature version of the Count she was married to.


Hannibal’s mother was forced into bonding because of her pureblood and nothing more. Once a Wendigo bonded itself to another, they became meshed for life, for better or worse. She was beautiful, an omega with dark curls and pale skin. In all of his books of poetry, Hannibal imagined the maidens that captured the hearts of writers, looked something like his mother. He himself looked every bit like his father, which she reminded him often. Hannibal didn’t understand his’s mothers hatred of him, but he tried not to get in her way. With age, he soon realized why she sneered at him.


The young wendigo spent his days studying in the towers of the dark Lecter palace. There was no color, no life, only emptiness and the harsh words of his father. When Hannibal turned six, everything changed. A baby girl was born to the Lecter family, one with blonde hair and big eyes. Hannibal loved her like he loved all things worth worship. He could feel her innocence, see the fragility in her, but was never allowed to touch her. His mother named his sister Mischa, the lovely name for the little seraph who stole Hannibal’s heart. He vowed to cherish his sister, to love and respect her as much as possible. With her birth, she gave Hannibal the color, or rather a small inkling to appreciate.


As the children grew older, Mischa sought out her older brother and would ask him to play with her. He would put away his books and let her demand whatever silly game she felt worth her time. Their mother would catch them most of the time, she would find Hannibal reading to Mischa in the garden. Her blood boiled at the sight and she would march over and pull Mischa away from her son.


You will not speak to Hannibal, Mischa,” He heard his mother scold her, many times. “He is a little devil, and he will only steal your joy.”


Hannibal did not want to ruin Mischa’s life, as his mother often said of him. He did not want his beloved sister to even feel sad, so he began to hide from her when she called.


Hannibal, brother,” Her excited voice would echo in the large halls of the palace, but Hannibal didn’t answer his sister. As much as it hurt him, he would not ruin her life.




It happened in the fall of Hannibal’s fourteenth year, the event that made his heart stone. His father, bitter about everything killed his wife and daughter on a night he had been drunk. Hannibal found their bloodied bodies, mutilated, and half-eaten. Count Lecter stood by the fireplace, his chin stained with his precious daughter’s blood.


Father,” Hannibal could hardly believe the reality he stood in.


Don’t give me that look, you selfish brat,” Count Lector said with a drunken slur. “I only needed a male heir anyway. The bitch was threatening to make a fool of me.”


Hannibal’s body burned with an intensity which he had never felt before. The beast inside him snarled to be released. To unleash its fury on his poor excuse of a father. He felt his rage overtake him like a forest fire, unstoppable and unpredictable. It was then Hannibal transformed into his Wendigo form for the first time. He became distorted and his bones shifted out of place. His shape grew in feet until he stood taller than his father. Long and dark antlers protruded from his skull, like deadly spears ready to impale his enemies. His pale skin was like the black of night, like deep ink that poured over every inch of his body. Hannibal was beautiful, but he was also the very image of a nightmare.


He killed his father and he had enjoyed it greatly. He feasted on his flesh just as he had done to Mischa. Despite his fulfilled revenge for his sister and mother, Hannibal felt empty. Now alone in the haunted palace in the mountains of Lithuania, he had never felt as cold as he did then.


He buried what was left of his families bodies, his dear mother and sister, and placed markers for them. He wept above the ground, down to the bones now below the dirt. He pounded against the earth and spoke of all the injustice his precious sister had endured.


If only it were me, Mischa,” Hannibal would whisper each time the grave came into view. “If only.”


Hannibal had brooded in the dark for years after the incident. He sat in the pitch black of night and contemplated what in life was worth pursuing. Other Wendigo would come to visit and pay their condolences to the little Lecter heir. They would encourage him to press on and continue his bloodline despite his loathing. It was his duty being of pure blood, to carry on the legacy of their kind, but Hannibal wanted death. They would come to the Lecter palace with their omegan daughters and sons to offer, but he would have none. There weren’t many Wendigo left so the number of potential mates had been small, much to Hannibal’s pleasure. Despite this, year after year they would bring their daughters or sons to him again and again in hope that he would change his mind.


Hannibal thought them all tasteless creatures for bringing up such topics. Life was dull, just as dull as each of the suitors brought to him. Life without something worthy of worship proved to be hard to endure; and so, Hannibal Lecter began to worship himself.


Throughout the years that passed by, Hannibal traveled and studied whatever he could get his hands on. He went to Italy, Paris anywhere he saw the potential for growth in his mind. He bought whatever he thought beautiful and brought it back to the dreary palace of Lithuania. Soon, his home began to look more and more like a museum of beauty rather than a large sepulcher of a tortured soul.


It was in his twenty-third year of living that he found himself near a small place called Wolf Trap. Bedelia, one of the suitors who had always been thrown at him years prior, lived there. Though she had been eight years older than Hannibal himself, Hannibal always made sure she never had control. It wasn’t that Hannibal liked Bedelia, but he found her the most useful.


Hannibal had planned to barge into Bedelia’s home and demand she pose as his mate so that he would stop getting pestered by others. He would of course never mate with her, she knew that well, but he was growing tired of the endless supply of mates shoved his way.


It happened so quickly that Hannibal had forgotten how to breathe properly. Near the stream that cut through the road before Wolf Trap, Hannibal saw him, an omegan boy wide-eyed and beautiful. A burly alpha had currently been trying to lay claim, but Hannibal interrupted within seconds. It had been easy to fight off the weaker man, a matter of seconds lost in the grand scheme of things. When Hannibal had turned round’ he saw that the omega had fainted.


He moved over to the boy and examined his features. Pale skin, dark curly hair, features Hannibal had grown to think lovely because of his mother. Features he had craved to find comfort in but was forbidden from. He bent down to sniff at the boy, who so strongly smelled of citrus and tea. Hannibal looked around to see a headless alpha’s body a few feet away, figuring it had to of been the boy’s father. The scene told the story clearly, the omega and his father had been out fishing until the red-headed brute appeared. In a small corner of his heart, Hannibal felt for the child, having lost his only family, to be alone – just as he was. His heart ached with the memories of his darker years of solitude

before he had built himself up again.


Hannibal picked up the boy as gentle as he could and placed him to hang over his shoulder. It was a bit of a barbaric scene, but Hannibal enjoyed hauling the boy with him. When he awoke, the boy was confused and frightened, rightfully so. Hannibal set him down only to see the most beautiful pair of blue eyes he’d ever witnessed. It was the first time Hannibal had ever come to appreciate the color blue. It was limpid and crystal, the color of the sky after a rainy afternoon. They burned with an intensity of the darkest flames, forcing Hannibal to praise him in his mind, ‘What a lovely boy you are.’


“Will,” The omega said, and Hannibal let his small voice seep into his being. Hannibal vowed then to himself that Will would become his and that he would continue his cursed bloodline. For with someone as lovely as the omega before him, Hannibal hoped the Lectors would lose their dark history. He vowed to give Will the best of the world and promised to lay the ashes of anything and everything at his feet.


He had made it to Bedelia’s as he had originally planned, giving her proper instruction on Will’s care. Hannibal left with a warmth in his body that he hadn’t felt in years. He would wait for his little omega to grow up properly and make the palace a solace for Will.




Hannibal found himself returning to Wolf Trap whenever he could, all to see Will. His beautiful boy seemed to grow more charming each visit, and Hannibal couldn’t help but glow with pride. It was after meeting the omega, that Hannibal began to dream of filling the palace with his own family. Will, he knew, would make a very good mother for his children when the time was right. Each year Hannibal found himself awaiting the day when Will’s first heat would hit.


Will seemed to love Bedelia, Wolf Trap, and the house in which he stayed. He was a happy child, one who seemed carefree yet thoughtful of others. He reminded Hannibal so much of his little Mischa, the purity and innocence of her, the beauty which was untouched and shimmering through every pore. Hannibal longed for Will’s smiles like he pined for his lost sister. He cherished nuzzles of Will’s cheek against his, the warmth of every hug and savored Will’s dependence on him. Everything that Mischa could have been, and yet so much more. The potential for so much more that it blinded Hannibal to imagine it. Will was everything, his everything. Things seemed to flow along well within Hannibal’s plan until the human girl appeared.


She had entered his little love’s heart like an infection and threatened to take him away. Hannibal would never allow anything to attempt to take away his family, not again. He would rid any interference and he would do so with a smile. Though he could not fault Will for his kind and compassionate heart, his empathy and perception were inconvenient when given to humans.


More than Alana, a rival alpha appeared only to further anger him. His impudence and blatant interest in his little one fueled a rage inside Hannibal,  a rage he had not felt since he had ripped his father limb from limb. Bedelia even seemed unwilling to cooperate any further, which put Hannibal in a rough position.


All in one night, Hannibal had slit the throat of a woman he knew from childhood, killed Tobias, and lost Will.


Hannibal had been as quick as he could with trailing his omega, but Will was a clever little thing. It was clear Will had managed to board the night train to an undisclosed location. Hannibal winced when he thought of Will running into another alpha along the way. If any dared to touch his mate, Hannibal would rip out their lungs and feed them to Will.


When he made it to the station, he found it mostly emptied aside from a few tired men in the ticket booth. Hannibal made his way over, his movement heavy with purpose. The man at the ticket booth recognized him and straightened his posture.


“Oh, Dr. Lecter, what a pleasure,”


“Have you seen a teen boy here tonight? One with curly hair and blue eyes,” Hannibal went straight to the point. The alpha could smell Will’s sweet scent that lingered nearby, it was clear he had been here.


The worker brought his hand up to his chin in thought. He made an irritating humming ‘sound to better help him recall something that had to of only happened minutes ago.


“I- I don’t think so, sorry sir,” the man sheepishly answered. ‘Can’t even properly do your job,’  Hannibal thought bitterly but refrained from speaking it out loud.


“Where did the last train go?” Hannibal asked his patience dangerously thin.


“Boston I believe, shall I get you a ticket for the next trip?” The man asked.


Hannibal let out an angered sigh. Will had put himself in a dangerous position being miles from Hannibal’s protection. Waiting for the next train would be a bit agonizing for Hannibal, but it would take longer to walk there. Nodding his head to the man, he paid for the next ticket and took a seat praying Will would be in his arms as soon as possible. Hannibal tilted his head back and ran a tired hand over his face. He looked down an noticed a little blood had gotten on his sleeve. The alpha looked around, thankful no one seemed to notice. He rolled it up and crossed his arms over his chest.


He inhaled the many scents that danced around the station, Will’s definitely among them. His little love was growing so defiant and strong that it both pleased and upset Hannibal. He could only hope that in time, Will would grow to understand that he was not a monster, just a concerned alpha. Having made sure that he was the only strong alpha presence in the boy’s life, Hannibal was confident Will would seek him out for his heat. Until that time, Hannibal would continue on with the little game of chase his mate played.


“Such a naughty boy, Will.”




Will had left his scent at the station, knowing Hannibal would think to look there. Without buying a ticket, he left once his scent was convincing enough for Hannibal to be tricked. He had no real idea where he wanted to go, but he had an urge to see Alana. He wanted to apologize for his disbelief of Hannibal’s bad character and so much more. He had time to look for her, knowing the policemen lived near the station. He ran there, hoping she wouldn’t be too hard to find.


Will was like a lost child all over again, or perhaps he always was. He knocked on doors asking if a girl named Alana was currently staying there. On his fifth try, a familiar face opened the door, the face of the man at the police station.


“Please sir, is Alana here?” Will’s voice sounded strained and it worried the man.


“Are you okay?” He asked, his wife coming to check who was at the door.


“I’m fine,” Will lied, he was the furthest thing from fine. “Please let me see Alana.”


The man stepped aside and welcomed Will into their home. Alana was seated at the table busy with papers, but she jumped up at the sight of Will. She ran to him, noticing the scared look on his face. Her arms wrapped around his small body, holding him tight, afraid to let go.


“Will, you look awful,” She meant it in a caring way. “What happened, why are you here?” The feel of a loving hug caused the omega to cry. She held him and pat his back, afraid to know the answer. The officer and his wife, though concerned, gave the two their privacy. ‘Well’ be upstairs if needed,’ the wife informed. Things quieted down once the older couple left the downstairs. Alana brought Will to the living room and sat him down to look into his eyes. They were watery from tears and unwilling to look at her from shame.


“I’m so sorry, Alana,” Will sobbed, it was like he had held his apology in for a while. “You were right, Hannibal did kill your parents. He killed Bedelia too, and he erased my memory.”


Alana was at a loss for words, unable to process all that Hannibal had actually done. She focused on her parents, and let hatred burn its way back into her heart. She knew it, she knew it so much yet they made her feel crazy. Will seemed genuinely apologetic and she held him tight once again.


“Will,” Her voice no longer strong, but shaky with emotion. “I forgive you, but Hannibal is the one all blame is due. We have to make him pay.”


A part of Will wanted to beg Alana not to even think of hurting Hannibal. Despite everything the alpha had put him through, he still held the beast in his heart like a disease. If only he could tear out his affection for the man, never to be swayed by his emotions again.


“I’m leaving Wolf Trap,” Was all Will managed to say in return. “I have to leave, Hannibal is looking for me.”


“Is he going to kill you too?” Alana looked even more concerned then she had before.


Will shook his head violently, knowing that Hannibal would never wish Will dead. Hannibal, in his own twisted way, adored the little omega and Will knew it very well.


“Hannibal would never kill me, he is in love with me,” Will said clearly, hoping Alana would understand. But her confused expression told Will that she didn’t understand at all. She wanted to argue his point, that Hannibal wasn’t capable of loving anything that wasn’t himself. Will didn’t want to argue, but she hadn’t been on the receiving end of Hannibal’s fingertips or heard his sweet promises as he had.


“I have to go,” Will reminded her with a trace of bitterness in his voice. Wolf Trap had been his home, one he enjoyed, yet he was forced to leave. “I don’t know where, but I have to go.”


Alana wanted to interrupt his thinking, she wanted him to stay with her, that she would do everything to make him happy. She didn’t say any of this, but Will could tell she wanted to.


“I want to go with you,” Alana said aloud. Will shook his head. She moved in closer to protest but he gently pushed her back.


“I’m not—I’m different, Alana,” Will didn’t know why he was trying to explain himself to her. He had always been trained to never talk about what he truly was to a human. He hadn’t ever planned to, but he had no one else to find comfort in. “I’m not human, I am the same creature that Hannibal is, the same dark being that killed your parents.”


Alana’s eyes widened as did her mouth, but she didn’t run away from him. She looked away from his sad face, but only for a moment.


“You are you,” She said as simple as she could, “That’s all that matters.”


“It’s not as easy as that,” Will sounded tired, and his eyes glanced to the clock in the room. He noticed how much time passed, and how he needed to start moving.


“I love you, Will, it’s easy for me,” Alana’s voice was almost angry with him, but Will felt nothing at her declaration. It was scary how little those powerful words meant to him.


“I love Hannibal and nothing about that is easy, nor will it change.”


Alana looked at him like she was about to cry, but she held it together. She nodded her head heartbroken and ashamed of herself for forcing her affections on Will.


“I have to go,” Will whispered softly, this time he stood up from his seat. Alana stood with him, not wanting him to go, but she could do nothing.


“Let me go with you, I can be useful,” she was practically begging now, “I will bury my love for you.”


Will gave her a smile and kissed her cheek. He couldn’t explain to her that a woman could never satisfy what his creature was; an omega. He would crave an alpha, seek out his alpha when things were unbearable, never a woman.


“Goodbye, Alana,” Was the last thing Will said to her before he turned to walk out the door. He could hear her wailing like a woman who had lost a child, but he didn’t turn back. He couldn’t afford to. While he would have enjoyed Alana’s companionship, he wouldn’t risk her life in such a way. Will moved on, the night sky seemed so dark.


Will walked until he looked upon his home once more. It still stood, despite the shattering events that took place early that night. Will fell to his knees and looked up at his bedroom window.


“Will?” A voice called his name from behind. The omega turned to see Jack standing a few feet away, his hat held against his chest in respect. “Do you want to tell me what happened?”


Will slowly stood up, shaking his head at the man. Jack started to walk closer to the omega, arms up in a non-threatening way. He looked briefly over to what was left of Tobias’ corpse in the yard.


“Hannibal did this, didn’t he?” Jack asked. Will nodded.


“Will you help me catch him?”


“No,” Will’s voice was quiet but firm. “He will never be caught, Mr. Crawford.”


“We can always try,” Jack pressed him. He somehow knew if he had Will’s help, he would capture the man who slaughtered others like animals. Jack would be renowned for his victory over the one they called the Ripper. “Will you come with me to Michigan?”




-2 years later-



Will’s eyes were tired from overworking. Jack had him moved around from state to state, working on cases. While Will refused to touch anything related to Hannibal, he helped with all others, only to keep his mind busy. It was the perfect way to hop around so that Hannibal couldn’t pin down his scent. He had managed to elude the alpha for two whole years, yet he felt empty. The older he got, the more his wendigo nature grew. It wailed at Will, demanding to be with its mate, but Will couldn’t.


Whenever he thought of Hannibal his chest hurt so bad that he couldn’t breathe. He missed the alpha, missed his voice and scent, but he had to be strong. Will was weeks away from turning eighteen, the age when his dreaded heat would come, but he needed to keep level headed.


Will never told Jack that he was a Wendigo, nor Hannibal for that matter. He wouldn’t give the narcissistic man reason to put him in a cage. Jack would only have him studied like some animal. His hunger for human flesh became unbearable at times, especially having to be around bodies all the time. It hurt Will, damaged him in ways he couldn’t comprehend. He was skinny, and his head was always foggy from lack of proper nutrition for his Wendigo self.


As Will left the car to examine the latest crime scene, he found the area familiar. Michigan had been the first place he fled with Jack two years ago. The body of a woman tore open, while her lowered half had been burned so bad, her skin was blackened on her legs.


After all this time, the Ripper had ended his silent period. Will knew at first glance it was Hannibal’s work. He looked around half expecting the alpha to be nearby, watching him, testing his reaction.


Jack came up behind, flask in his hand.


“What does it mean?” Jack asked, never quite figuring out what the murderers were trying to convey. It was a sign of Will’s upcoming heat. It told him of the unquenchable burn the omega would feel, yet the top half remained cool. Inside her chest, was the very glass rose that Hannibal had gifted him all these years. ‘You’re still mine, Will. I know you haven’t forgotten.’


“It’s… It’s a gift,” Will said suddenly his body feeling very overheated, despite the winter’s cold.


“A gift?” Jack said in a mocking way. Hannibal must have been watching Will for a while, he must have smelled the heat nearing. Goosebumps appeared on the omega’s skin, and inside his darker nature reveled at the present.


“A gift for me.”

Chapter Text

Will was anxious to leave the crime scene. He could not help but feel a sense of creeping dread and fear after he caught Hannibal’s scent. Jack tried to keep him there, but the omega knew better than to listen. His body felt flush and heavy on his drive back that evening. He was grateful that Jack allowed him to use the automobile, as it was much faster than a horse. It was almost impossible for Will to drag his limbs along the track to his hotel room for the night. Will didn’t even bother turning on the lights, instead, he slumped onto the bed and inhaled like he hadn’t known air before.


Hannibal, his smell had been so clear on the site, and it had done things to him. He hadn’t forgotten about the alpha, but he tried his hardest not to dwell on the past. Will found that if he allowed himself one indulgent thought, he would actively search out the monster of a man. Will rolled onto his back keeping his eyes closed. The darkness of the room helped cool his body down, but only a little. With his eyes closed, it was easier to picture the alpha in his mind. He would see the man leaned up against the doorframe of Bedelia’s home, waiting for him to run down the stairs. Will remembered how Hannibal would smile at him after he played the piano, though he hadn’t played since the incident Most of all, Will’s memory of the alpha’s touches was so ingrained, at times it felt like Hannibal was there. Now that his Wendigo side had become more of a presence in his mind, it fought him daily. His Wendigo didn’t understand why Hannibal was so far, but Will was determined to keep himself away.


“Hannibal,” Will’s lazy voice whispered in the darkness. He had always been afraid to call out for the alpha like it was taboo.


“Hello, Will,” The all too familiar voice replied. It was the same velvet-rich voice that Will found himself dreaming about. The same deep accented voice that he had wanted to hear for years. Will’s eyes snapped open, and his body jerked to attention, flipping upwards off the bed and grabbing at the sheets.


“Hannibal?” Will’s voice was shaky, the darkness of the room causing panic to seize his body. The omega fumbled for the light after tripping over himself multiple times. Stumbling from the trapping cloth, he grabbed for the switch. The light came on and there Hannibal sat in an armchair in the corner of the room. Will couldn’t help the gasp that came out of his mouth. The alpha seemed even more deadly than before and his maroon eyes glowed with brilliance.


“I’ve been very patient, Will,” Hannibal’s voice almost seemed tired. Will nodded because he understood that Hannibal had. The alpha had been watching him all along, giving him the illusion of freedom. Will could not help but tremble in fear. The years of being afraid of Hannibal taking him away again, the bitter-sweetness of the memories they shared, and the longing he had felt flooded his mind. There was a war that raged in Will that never settled, and seemed to only grow into burning flames at the sight of Hannibal before him. He had spent all this time fighting his yearning for him, irrational or not depending on which part of himself he listen to. Will began to inch closer to the door, and Hannibal’s eyes narrowed. “You know how many Wendigo’s I’ve fought off for you? Do you understand how selfish you are for leaving me?”


Will stopped his moving and narrowed his eyes. Even though Will was turning of age soon, Hannibal was still speaking to him like a child. Will showed his teeth to the alpha, his little fangs came out to play. Hannibal’s eyebrow raised at Will’s aggressive display, but he remained seated in the chair.


“I’m not a child anymore,” Will growled. “Stop treating me like one!”


“I know you’re not a child anymore, Will. Your body has been calling out to me, more than usual, reminding me that indeed you are an adult.” It was then that Hannibal moved from his chair and began walking towards Will. The omega began shaking at the strong scent of the alpha. He wanted to run away, but his legs refused to move, his body wanted Hannibal badly. Still, his mind screamed at him to flee. Danger it warned him, but his Wendigo tried to hush away the panic. This was the man who had killed to obtain him. This was the alpha who had manipulated his affection for him. All the sweet words, all the lies that once comforted Will echoed inside of his hollow body. Despite everything, Will couldn’t rid the love he felt for Hannibal.


“Look at you,” Hannibal’s voice was so close now, and it made Will’s body sweat. “You may be an adult by age and body, but you can’t even care for yourself. You’re suffering because you refuse to eat what you need.” The alpha lifted his hand and caressed the side of Will’s face. The contact felt so nostalgic and right that Will felt like sobbing at the touch. Hannibal, his alpha was right here in front of him, and Will was having a hard time keeping it together.


“Y-You killed Bedelia, and—” Will tried to speak up against the man, but it was hard.


“Hush,” Hannibal interrupted. The alpha bent down until he was eye level with the omega. “I did what I had to for you, my love.”


Hannibal sounded the same even after the years that passed between them. His murders, his violence, the blood he shed, he claimed all was for Will. The omega was torn, as part of him couldn’t help but admire Hannibal’s darkness while the other was terrified. Will would never forget the things the alpha had done, especially how he took him away from his family.


“So you killed my family for my sake too?” Will’s tone was bitter, and he began reaching for the pocketknife in his pants. Hannibal’s eyes widened at the omega’s claim and stood up straight at the accusation.


“I didn’t kill your family, Will,” Hannibal said calmly as he used to when Will was younger. “Is that why you ran away from me? You think I killed your family?”


How could he not think that? Will’s memory was so fuzzy that it hurt him to look back at all. Hannibal was the only person he could ever distinctly remember properly. was always and only Hannibal. Though he felt lightheaded, Will tossed his head around to look for something to use against the alpha. After finding nothing useful, he chose to use the knife he carried. In one quick motion, the omega reached for the knife and pulled it out. He swung his arm at the alpha. The blade scraped along Hannibal’s upper cheek, letting a little blood spill from his skin. It wasn’t deep, but it wasn't nothing. Will took the opportunity to open the door and run from the scene.


He almost fell down the stairs, at the rate his legs were moving. His body felt like his bones were missing. Will was a flimsy mess. He only looked back once, shocked to see that the alpha wasn’t chasing him. Will didn’t bother taking the time to wait until he was. He fumbled until he drove away to somewhere more public.


Hannibal stood in awe as he brought his finger up to trail along the scratch. He slowly moved along the cut, bringing his own blood to his mouth. In an instant, the cut dissipated, but Hannibal’s smirk remained. Will was the loveliest creature in the world to him, and his beauty only grew. The fire that Will held was like an untamed lion ready to devour. He heard the sound of the car engine leave the dark parking lot, but it didn’t worry him.


“I’m not going to play your game anymore, William,” Hannibal said aloud. The alpha had grown very tired of the chase. He couldn’t stay satisfied with just watching his little boy, now that Will was older, he wanted a taste. After all, Hannibal’s instincts longed to feed Will a proper meal, not liking how skinny the omega had become. Almost anything could be cured with a good meal, or so Hannibal believed.


In time, Hannibal had no doubt Will would come to him. His heat was close, and his body already recognized the alpha as his. He could see it in Will’s eyes, those gorgeous defiant eyes, how his desire for him remained. Will had only seen him as the kind and caring alpha who would bring his gifts and spoil him with affection. Now, his body was forcing Will to see Hannibal in a different light. Heat was a wondrous thing in that regard. Will’s mind was now whispering the promises of how good it would feel to be taken care of, to give in.


Hannibal left the room, his steps calculated and slow. It didn’t matter how well Will thought he could hide, his body left a sweet trail of his scent. The alpha gripped onto the railing and tapped his index finger in thought. The night had come faster than usual, allowing the air to chill. It felt good to stand under the shade of the dark sky.




Will pulled into a diner once he saw a crowd of people. He calmed his breathing before he forced his legs to walk again. The diner seemed old but it seemed to be open for twenty-four hours. As soon as the omega opened the door, his nose was hit with the sweet smell of syrups and coffee. It was comforting to him, but it didn’t make his mouth water. A woman with her hair tied back in a bun smiled at him as he walked to a booth in the back.  


“Be right with you sugar,” she said as her hands were full of plated food. Will nodded his head as he made himself comfortable. The booth seat was hard, and syrup stuck to the table, but Will wasn’t off-put. He found the rundown place charming in its own way.


He kept his coat on, though his body started to overheat and his face flushed. Now more than ever, Will felt exposed with his upcoming heat. He preferred to be buried in layers and away from stranger’s stares.


“What can I get you?” The waitress came from behind Will, surprising him slightly. The omega bit his lip and looked around the room. He didn’t feel like eating sweet pastries or American breakfast items.


“Um,” His voice was soft, and he rubbed his chin in thought. “I’ll have a black coffee, please.”


The waitress smiled at him, putting away her notepad realizing she didn’t need it. She informed Will she would be right back. Will gave her a faint smile in return but quickly brought his gaze to the window. It looked dark outside, everything seemed like a shadow. He brought his hand up and pressed It against the coolness of the glass.


Hannibal, he had just seen Hannibal. Will wanted to cry, yet part of him wanted to dance. The alpha’s eyes were so deadly and beautiful, and his memory could never match the real thing.


“Here you go,” The waitress voice caused Will to jump, but he quickly played it off.


“Thank you.”


“Take your coat off and stay awhile,” She joked with him. Will laughed out of nervousness and shook his head no. The woman seemed like she was about to open her mouth again, but another customer called for her.


Will looked down at the black liquid in his cup. It showed him his tired reflection in a mocking way. He couldn’t live like this forever, but maybe that was fine. He held the stained mug in his hands, letting the warmth punish him further. As much as the alpha deserved his wrath, Will felt bad for cutting him. Hannibal had tried to say he hadn’t taken Will from his family, but Will couldn’t believe him.


Will’s nerves bubbled beneath the surface of his skin. The adrenaline from the fight, the anxiety, and pain he had felt at Hannibal’s returned ached in his bones. His inner animal itched tear and rend, it snarled like a caged beast. Will would never set the beast free. He had a great responsibility, and he held the keys to the cage like a nun with a cross. His Wendigo couldn’t be trusted, it yearned for Hannibal every day. Especially with his incoming heat, it whispered to Will that his Alpha was near, that he needed him.


‘Stop!’ Will fought with himself in his mind. ‘ I don’t want to want him. I don’t need him. No matter what he says, he has killed people I love.’


As hard as he tried, Will could not forget the sight of Bedelia’s corpse that night. He could still smell her blood as it poured from her throat. Will was haunted by more than one ghost from the past. Alana’s broken heart and teary eyes condemned him when the world quieted itself. His home, the one he had remembered running through the halls, had been stolen from him. The way Bedelia would scold him for bringing in mud, or how Winston would chase him through the fenced yard. All memories were tainted now.


Winston, his beloved pet had vanished the night everything changed. Will missed him desperately like he had lost a good friend.


No matter how much the animal within him growled, a human mind remained. Will could not shake his humanity, nor his ideas of right and wrong. Eating human was wrong, but his stomach demanded it. His body ached at night, declaring its hunger for flesh, though Will ignored it. Humans were not livestock to him, as they were to Hannibal. Humans were beautiful, tragic, and fragile. Will couldn’t betray them as he had betrayed himself.


He brought the mug of coffee up to his lips. At first, he pressed against the heated cup, trying to bring himself back to reality. It did little to clean the mess of his mind, but he drank anyway. The liquid burned his throat in a pleasant way, the taste bitter and bold.


The bell to the diner door rang out, alerting the waitress of a new arrival. Will dropped his cup, as the familiar scent of wine and earth assaulted him. The shattering sound of cheap glass brought everyone’s attention to Will. His eyes widened, but he tried to slide his way out of the booth.


Hannibal smiled at him, as he prowled forward, reaching Will’s table quicker than the omega anticipated. Will was intercepted by a concerned waitress who blocked the exit.


“It’s alright sugar, people drop these things all the time,” Her tone was kind, even as she bent to pick up the bigger pieces. “You’re not hurt are you?”


“I- um,” Will tried to remember how to use words.


“I’ll get you a new cup,” She promised. She turned her attention to Hannibal, blushing at the man’s charm. Hannibal seemed out of place in the dingy diner, but he glowed like the sun nonetheless. “Can I get you anything, sir?”


“No, thank you, miss,” Hannibal answered, but his eyes were on Will. The sound of her heels faded as the waitress left for the kitchen. Hannibal reluctantly sat across from the omega, loathing the stickiness left behind from prior patrons. “It’s time to come home, Will.”


“I have no home,” Will said sharply, “Not anymore.”


Hannibal folded his hands together as he took in Will’s threatening aura. They stared at each other, having an unspoken conversation. The waitress came to drop off Will’s new coffee but quickly left once she felt the uneasy vibe.


“I’ve been hard at work, making you a worthy home. I’ve been preparing it since we met all those years ago,” Hannibal broke the silence.


“I won’t go with you,” Will argued as he reached for his mug.


“I prefer you to come willing,” Hannibal said. His eyes narrowed like a hawk about to lunged for its prey. “I don’t need your willingness though.”


“I’d expect no less from a monster like you.”


“A monster,” Hannibal almost chuckled. “Do you think you’re a monster as well?”


“We’re not the same!” Will said louder than he wanted. A few customers turned their heads to look but hurriedly turned away again. There was an awkward silent moment between them. It made Will’s skin crawl, and he wished he were anywhere else.


“You’re not a human, Will,” Hannibal’s voice was almost a whisper. “You know that, don’t you, sweet boy. Tell me, are you hungry for the food served here, or do you want to take a bite out of the waitress?”


“Hannibal, stop,” Will’s voice was low with warning. This wasn’t going to be like the old days. Will wasn’t going to let the alpha twist his thoughts so easily. Will was an adult now, not the helpless little boy Hannibal saw.


The alpha reached for Will’s cup of coffee. The liquid almost overflowed the top, a careless misstep by the waitress. Will’s eyes went from anger to curiosity. Hannibal sliced open his hand with one of his claws, letting some of his blood fall into the dark drink. Will wanted to be horrified that the alpha had ruined his drink, but he found himself salivating.


“I’ve failed you,” Hannibal said with genuine displeasure laced in his words. “You know more about humans than your own kind. Were are not monsters, Will, we are akin to gods.”


Hannibal pushed the cup back over towards Will careful not to spill the liquid. Will eyed the mug but held back from reaching for it.


“It will help you,” Hannibal pressed with a smile. “Please, I don’t like seeing you so sickly.”


Will’s body seemed to move on its own. He brought the cup to his lips and began to drink with vigor. He could taste the bitterness of the original drink, it coated his tongue and the walls of his mouth. Underneath the familiar taste, a sweet and satisfying flavor stood out. Will lifted his head back as he drank until the coffee was gone. As much as Will wanted to be disgusted with himself for drinking the alpha’s blood, he wanted more. Hannibal looked at him as if he had just won a game of chess.


“The blood of one's mate soothes like medicine,” Hannibal said sweetly.


“You’re nothing to me,” Will growled out. Hannibal’s smiled grew wider at Will’s statement. Without even realizing it, the omega reached for Hannibal’s hand, seeking out more blood.


“You’re a bad liar, Will.”


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Chapter Text

Frustrated and annoyed Jack Crawford didn’t bother staying around after Will left. He had ordered the boy to stay, but Will always had a hard time obeying his orders. While Will was a great asset to the team he was also anxious and unstable. He was often surly, unsociable and even rude, but he always had a layer of professionalism, at least on the outside. His health seemed to be declining as the months rolled by, but he would refuse help from doctors. It was understandable that doctors frightened him, as that was Hannibal Lecter’s profession. Though often dazed, Will’s mind had acted like a key into the world of murderers. He was so good at his job that Jack had to ask for his help with every case.



While Jack had continued to hope Will would come to his senses, he would never help apprehend Hannibal. No matter how many people begged him or shamed him, Will never budged. It seemed his loyalties were blurred, and that at any given chance should Hannibal appear Will would return by his side. Jack witnessed first-hand how charming the good doctor could be so he didn’t blame Will. The boy never said how or why he knew Dr. Lecter, but he had left enough of a mark to keep Will silent. Jack suspected abuse, his imagination thought of horrible things that could’ve happened during his time with Hannibal. There was a darkness that haunted Will’s dreams and kept him from socializing with others. Will never spoke of his time with Doctor Lecter, but when Jack asked, his eyes would always twist in pain and the boy would close in on himself.



He knocked on Will’s hotel door, but there was no answer. The motel was on the cheaper side so the material that made up the walls were thin. There was no way Will couldn’t hear him. He tried again, this time with more power but was only met with silence. He even pressed his ear against the door, hoping to hear rustling at least.



“Will,” Jack didn’t want to yell so loud. There were guests in the other rooms and it was pretty late. Feeling a sense of panic, Jack kicked open the door, to find it empty. The bed covers were rumpled letting him know Will had been here. He checked the bathroom, but it was empty. He had a very bad feeling settle in his stomach, something that had to do with Hannibal Lecter.





Will woke up to the sound of a train whistle. His head was rested on top of Hannibal’s lap, but he stayed still. He needed to think about what was going on and how he would escape it. The omega found himself on a train, in a private section alone with the alpha. The light above him was dim and calming, as was that alpha’s familiar scent. Will turned his head to look up and see that Hannibal’s eyes were closed. Hannibal’s lashes were silver and long, and the omega had almost forgotten how beautiful he was. A memory of Will laying like this near the fireplace of Bedelia’s home came to his mind. He could remember the way the fire crackled and burned. He could see the glow of the flames casting light over them as Hannibal read aloud. He could almost cry at the remembrance.



‘I love you, you monster, I’ve always loved you.’



Despite the turmoil inside, he had to remember his promise to himself. He would not let Hannibal had him. Will tested out how asleep the alpha really was and rolled his body to the left. Hannibal didn’t move which was a good indication Will could get up. As he lifted his head, Will realized the train had already begun moving. The tunnel lights passed by like stars from the window and Will felt sick. The motion of the train caused Will to wobble as he stood up. Where was Hannibal taking him? Before the omega could touch the handle of section door, Hannibal’s low voice stopped him.



“Where are you going, Will?”



“You kidnapped me!” the omega said angrily turning around to point. The last thing he remembered was drinking coffee in a diner, drinking the alpha’s blood. Hannibal’s eyes stayed closed, but the alpha crossed his arms and listened. The alpha was poised as always, dressed to impress always stating that he had power and wealth. Hannibal was bold. He was never afraid of going where he pleased, whether he was a wanted man or not.



“As I’ve said, all I do, I do for you, Will. You’re sick, you’re dying I have to take you home.”


Will wanted to scream at Hannibal, he had already told him he had no place to call home. The alpha’s presence filled the train cabin making Will feel small. The strong smell of wine and earth was like a blanket around him and it called to Will like a siren call, lulling him to come and bury himself in it. It was difficult to be near Hannibal, especially with his body so close to its heat. Will looked out the window one the train left the tunnel. It was night out, but the moon shone brightly as always. It illuminated everything with an eerie glow, making Hannibal seem like an angelic beast. Will was no fool. He saw the man before him, but he was aware of what the doctor was capable of. Hannibal just stared at him, his eyes glowed in the dim light provided by the train. His finger twitched wanting to reach out and embrace the omega.



“Why are you denying me, William?” Hannibal's eyes started to shift to a deep blood color, his voice weighed down in his throat. “Why are you denying yourself?”


Will let out a frustrated laugh not knowing what else to do. There was no escape from Hannibal, there never was. He was a fool to think he had outsmarted the alpha, he never had any freedom. Even if Hannibal died, Will’s heart would never let him move on. The alpha was the blood that allowed Will’s heart to pump, and yet he hated him. He hated what Hannibal had done, but he ached for him at the same time. Will ached for him above all else. Hannibal was the only one he couldn’t forget about, no matter how desperately he tried. He balled his fists tightly and let out a long and slow breath.



“Why are you obsessed with me?” Will calmly asked. He didn’t dare move from where he stood. He kept his body near the door, on the ready to flee if needed. While he knew it was pointless to run, Will wanted to make it hard to catch him as possible. After all, Hannibal never made anything easy for him.



“Is it a crime to be infatuated with the one you love?”


Will’s head snapped up and he turned to glare at Hannibal.


“It is with you,” he growled. A wave of something he hadn’t felt before came over him. Will’s hands burned as claws found their way out replacing his soft nails. He clenched them into fists, feeling the bite of his nails against his palms. His eyes itched inside their sockets, but his vision improved drastically through the pain. Hannibal sat still in his seat, his leg crossed over the other with a look of amusement on his face. He dared to smile, showing off his impressive set of fangs.



“This is your becoming,” Hannibal whispered, but Will heard him clearly. “You’re so beautiful, Will.”


Will lurched forward, his body convulsed and ached all over. Goosebumps danced on his skin that seemed to thicken over his dark veins. He fell to his knees suddenly feeling a need for air. It was like the oxygen was not getting to his lungs fast enough. Will was on all fours now, like an animal heaving for its life. Hannibal moved to gather him up. The omega panicked at the tremors that attacked his body. Hannibal hushed him and stroked the back of Will’s neck. As much as Will hated to admit it, he found so much comfort at the feel of the alpha’s fingertips brushing against his skin.


“Shhh, don’t fight it,” Hannibal’s accented voice soothed a screaming part inside of Will. He found that he couldn’t move from the alpha’s lap.


Will panted like a man suffocating, he lifted his hands, or rather, his claws and they trembled with fear, even though Will could feel how powerful they were. They were growing, sharp and inky, and dark as night. He wouldn’t change into the full form of a wendigo because he was an omega, but he felt like he was being birthed into a new being. His body felt enflamed, his sweat ran down his forehead. He felt gross and uncomfortable. There was a strange desire to shred the old skin he wore and replace it with another. Will felt the beast inside him so profoundly for the first time. Not only could he feel it, but he also empathized with it, with its wants and desires; its need for Hannibal. Will trembled at how hungry his stomach felt, how empty his body really was.


"What's happening to me?" his voice was like a choked whisper. Hannibal hadn’t stopped running his hands over Will’s sensitive skin. The alpha came close and pressed a kiss to Will’s damp curls.


“Your heat is presenting itself early, though your birthday is a week away,” Hannibal said with assurance. “It creates a fog to seep into your mind, and it also explains the mood swings.”



“I don’t want to go into heat,” Will sobbed. He was so strong moments ago, and now he was boneless. He wouldn’t be able to move from the alpha’s lap even if Hannibal wanted it. Judging by the way Hannibal’s arms wrapped possessively around his body, the alpha had no intention of letting him go. He brought his nose to the alpha’s neck and inhaled Hannibal’s scent, his mate’s scent.


Will, he killed people you love,’ his voice of reason was almost too quiet to hear. Anytime it tried to speak up, his wendigo would snarl, ‘Hannibal loves us, Hannibal provides for us.’


“Did you kill my family?” Will’s clarity came back for a moment. It proved how stubborn he really was. As sick as it made him, Will could forgive him for Bedelia’s death, he could forgive him for keeping him in the dark about the creature he was. He could do these things because the monster inside of him was terrifying, and he understood that Hannibal had the same being inside him. The only thing Will couldn’t forgive the alpha for was killing his family.



“I found you near a stream, an alpha had killed your father and wanted to rape you,” Hannibal’s voice was scratchy, Will’s scent was getting to him. “I can restore your memories if you wish, I had planned to give you the choice when you were older, but you left me.” The alpha tightened his hold on Will afraid the omega would try and run off again.



Will nodded his head, as he couldn’t get words to come out of his dry mouth. His eyes leaked tears, and they dripped down off his chin. Will could hardly understand what the alpha was saying anymore, his mind wouldn’t let him focus on the conversation. A warm liquid started seeping out of his hole, and it embarrassed him.


Hannibal’s leaned even closer to the omega, his nose pressed against his neck. He inhaled deeply and let out pleased rumbles from his chest. Will smelled so ripe and ready, in a way that he never had before. It was getting harder and harder for the alpha to control himself. He had waited so long, tortured himself by only watching the boy grow. His mind always wandered, but Hannibal had practiced his patience. Now, Will could finally be his.



“You’re mine, Will,” his voice was so close. Hannibal’s lips brushed against the omega’s ear. Will shivered as he felt the hot breath roll out from the alpha’s mouth. “You were born to be mine.”



“I—” Will couldn’t think at all anymore. All he knew was that he had been fighting his true desires all along, he had been denying himself the pleasure of his alpha. Hannibal was near him now, his smell filled his nose. It promised Will that all would be okay and that he would take the pain away.


“Mylimasis, you do not know what you do to me,” Hannibal’s gentle voice, quickly turned less and less human. Will squirmed as slick started to soak its way through his underwear. Hannibal moved to undo his tie, removing it from his neck altogether. He brought it to Will’s wrists and began to tie the omega’s arms together. “I’m so sorry, I can’t hold back any longer.”



Hannibal’s lips pressed against Will’s own, causing the fire to burn hotter inside his body. The omega started to rub his bottom against Hannibal’s lap seeking friction, seeking anything. The train’s loud whistle couldn’t even deter the alpha from exploring Will’s mouth. Hannibal knew the train wouldn’t stop for hours to come, and while he found it a little crass, he was going to have to knot Will here. It would only cause Will pain to wait, and Hannibal didn’t believe he could hold off anymore.



“I’ll take care of you, Will,” Hannibal said as he pulled away from the omega’s mouth. Will was a mess, a beautifully wrecked mess. “I always do.”