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Save a Camel, Ride a Cowboy

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“Come in.”

Captain Ana Amari didn’t look up from her computer monitor, finishing her review of Overwatch’s latest after-action report. The presence of the holidays didn’t exclude Overwatch as an organization from participating in a variety of dangerous missions worldwide. The field agents owed it to her to read up to the last word before getting distracted. Plus she recognized the distinct nature of the knock, the heavy thunk-thwump-thwump of broad knuckles sliding and pressing against the door rather than softly or distinctly tapping the surface.

The door slid to the side and Jesse McCree stepped in, forehead shadowed by his insufferably anachronistic cowboy hat, boots jingling as his equally out-of-place spurs clicked against the floor. He tipped the rim towards the Captain: even if Reyes was his direct commanding officer, the Blackwatch Agent knew who was above him in the organization’s hierarchy and how to properly address them. Unless they were Morrison, of course.

“Pardon me, cap’n. You called?” The man drawled, voice sounding as rough and scraggly as the lazily maintained facial hair dotting the skin on his throat. “This about what happened earlier? W’ Genji and the Doc?”

Ana steepled her fingers in front of her, resting her thumbs on the bridge of her nose. “Yes, Jesse. I know all four of us played a part in that, but I wanted to give you special thanks. You performed your role beautifully.” A smile creased the corners of her mouth, juvenile amusement twinkling in her eyes. The Captain wasn’t above a bit of fun at the workplace and planting some mistletoe in the path of the broody Shimada agent and the overworked Swiss medical researcher had required a fair pit of planning. Winston, Tracer and herself had all helped make their little trick work, but McCree was closer to Genji than anyone else among them and without his input, the whole thing would have fallen apart.

Jesse had been more nervous than he dared reveal to the Captain. If he’d messed up, let slip something to Genji or failed to disguise his glee, the fallout would have gone down on his head worst of all. But he didn’t have to worry about that anymore: it was done, and he allowed himself to sit at the chair across from Amari and chuckle. “Ah, yer givin’ me too much credit, cap’n. My playactin’ wouldn’t have been worth nothin’ if Winston’s cameras weren’t set up, or Tracer hadn’t convinced the Doc to take that hallway, or if you hadn’t encourag’d Genji to train that time o’ day.”

“Jesse.” Ana quirked an eyebrow and let the statement stand. Jesse muttered under his breath, but relented.

“Ah, but yer welcome, cap’n. Glad I could help. Really, I am. I think they’d be cute t’gether.”

“Indeed. I’m no matchmaker, but they’ll find something with each other yet. Angela deserves a man like Genji, and he a woman like her. And that’s a compliment to the both of them, before you think of something snide.”

“Wouldn’t dream o’ it, cap’n. They’re both fine folk. But that’s not why you called me in here, I reckon, ain’t it?” Now it was McCree’s turn to look bemused as he leaned back in the chair and rested his heels on Ana’s desk. Such a casual demeanor would have invited censure or accusations of insubordination from some of Ana’s fellow leaders, but she and Jesse had a...special arrangement.

She didn’t dance around the topic any longer. “That would be correct, Jesse. I’m nearly done with this report, but there’s a bit left for me to finish. And since you’re here, you know what that means.” McCree lowered his legs and hunched forwards, slipping his hat off to place on Ana’s desk.

“The usual, ma’am? I just finished lunch, but I’m certainly not gonna turn down another meal.”

“Atta boy, Jesse.” It was a pattern they were all too familiar with: Ana at her desk, McCree kneeling below it, head between her thighs. They were lucky she was in her black-and-blue wool civvies, given that her combat uniform wasn’t really made for easy removal. Her trademark navy jacket was the only item of that outfit that remained on her person, hanging low beneath her chair and pressing tightly against her shoulders.

McCree had seen Captain Ana Amari wearing it and nothing else before. He was looking forward to the next opportunity a little more than was probably healthy.

Ana had already done half the work, unbuttoning her belt and leaving the rest for Jesse to take care of. He obliged, latching his teeth onto the hem of her waistband and slipping a finger through her belt loop to pull the fabric down to her knees. He blinked and looked up at Ana, as if she could see him through the grey material of her desk. “Goin’ commando today, Mrs. Amari? For shame.”

“That’s ‘Captain’ or ‘Ma’am’ to you, Agent McCree. Unless I say otherwise.” Ana’s tone brooked no argument, but McCree could hear the smile on her lips as she spoke. “But yes. I was impatient this time.”

“Understandable.” McCree leaned forward and planted a kiss on the hood of Ana’s sex, letting his facial hair brush against her vulva. “I’d be impatient for me, too.” He punctuated his boast with a long, slow lick down Ana’s slit, pressing forward with his tongue to taste her deeper. All Jesse could see was the dark brown skin and taut muscle of her stomach, thighs and pelvis, which was fine with him.

“Don’t get cocky, Jesse. That’s reserved for, well, your cock.” Ana rebutted even as she stifled a sigh at the sensation of his warm, thick tongue pushing inside her, lightly parting her folds as the young American licked her up and down. Jesse was good at eating women out, especially her. He’d gotten quite a bit of practice, and the light scruff certainly helped. “You were a hopeless marksman when you landed here. I taught you how to shoot, and I’ll make a gentleman out of you yet, Jesse. Don’t forget that. Now keep licking.”

“Undrshtud, mm.” His voice muffled by her thighs around the side of his head, McCree assented and sped up his lapping, circling her clit with his tongue and tasting the inside . He tilted his chin to rub his facial hair against the bottom of her slit and the inside of her thighs, sucking in whatever arousal he could find glistening against her lower lips. He ventured so far as to nibble lightly on the side of her labia, feeling the skin tense and tighten beneath his teeth. It was a delicate balance of pressure on her erogenous zones and sensitive gliding, but McCree knew what to do.

Ana was deeply relaxed and interested in a quick, lazy orgasm rather than a drawn-out leg-numbing experience, and Jesse was doing well. She was already breathing heavily, red coloring her cheeks, but she wasn’t at the “grab him by the head and grind against his face” stage yet. That would come another time.


“Mm?” He didn’t stop eating her out, latching his mouth onto her clit and sucking as hard and fast as he could. Ana hissed, placing a hand on his head, pushing him away. Her thighs throbbed with want and the warmth building in her crotch begged her to let him keep going, but they had limited time and she wasn’t going to leave him without his own fun.

“Desk, Jesse. And here.” McCree crawled forward as Ana scooted her chair back, trying to look dignified even as he scrambled upwards with Ana’s vaginal fluid on his face and his head mussed from being beneath her desk. Winking at the older woman, McCree licked his lips free of her arousal and whistled.

“Delicious. M’ compliments to th’ chef.”

“Flatterer.” Ana pushed past him and dropped something into his fingers, planting her hands on the desk and flipping the bottom of her jacket up. Her rear came into view, taut and muscular, and McCree bit his lip. Gawd, he was a lucky man.

Ana bent over and turned, pursing her lips at McCree and flicking her eyes back and forth between the bulge in his pants and his left hand. She’d dropped a rubber into his palm as she’d walked by. Clever girl.

“Do you carry these around everywhere, cap’n?” McCree asked, unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants with a clanking sound. Unlike Ana, he hadn’t gone without underclothes, but the outline of his erection was clearly visible through the protrusion in his boxers before he yanked those down, too. His dick jutted out proudly, hefty balls swinging beneath them, both orbs bristling with the same hair that made a tangle at the base of his crotch.

“Only when I need to.” She responded as Jesse tore the package open and gritting his teeth as he struggled to get it past his tip.

“Fuck, it’s tight.” McCree’s cock was girthy, but not uncomfortably so. Still, this wasn’t the easiest process. “Can we skip this this time, ‘least till you get a bigger size?”

“It’s either that or nothing today, Jesse. And hurry it up, my ass is getting cold sticking out here, waiting for you to fuck it. That’s an order, agent.”

“Unnerstood, ma’am.” Jesse grunted and finally managed to roll the condom down his length. A bit restrictive, but he knew it wouldn’t be too much of an impediment to getting off. “So, when ye said ‘arse’, didja mean…?”

“Cut the chatter and fuck me, Jesse.” Ana bent over further forwards, pressing her cheek against the desk and raising her rear up to press her buttocks against his erection. In the interest of complying, Jesse opted to reply with actions rather than words. Gripping Ana’s hips in one hand and the base of his dick in the other, he slid forward towards her dripping slit and pushed into her, swearing under his breath as Captain Amari bore down on him.

He moved the hand that had been on his dick to her ass, grasping and kneading her rear and dragging his fingers up towards the small of her back before giving her a soft slap. Ana moaned and pressed back against him as McCree kept fucking her. Fuck, this was good. Dangerous, even with the closed door that he hoped she’d locked, but good. Ana was tight and hot and there, and McCree was almost too focused on how she felt around him as he thrust forward and backward into her to watch how her tight ass bounced against his stomach as he fucked her on her desk.

Ana extended her arms forward to grasp the front of the desk with one hand, the other clawing fruitlessly at the unyielding surface. If Jesse’s cock was thick to look at, it was definitely thick to feel plunging deep into her, pressing forward and rubbing backwards against her inner walls. His hard grip on her hips and the sensation of his weight behind her made her feel vulnerable in a way that she wasn’t used to, but the change was welcome. The exposure made her feel every thrust, every rub of his cock that much more. The heat radiating off of Jesse’s dick was bringing a flush to her skin and Ana knew it’d get even warmer once he came.

They didn’t speak. There was a time and a place for banter, and this wasn’t it. Now, Ana and Jesse needed to focus on getting each other off hard and fast, and teasing words were replaced with grunts and muffled swearing as the younger man pounded his superior officer such that her tits pressed deep into her desk.

Jesse sped up, his balls slapping forward against Ana’s hood. She was tempted to bring a hand down to her clit to hasten her own climax, but Jesse beat her to it, moving the hand from her ass clumsily to brush against her clit. Ana bit her lip to keep herself from wailing, contenting herself with a muffled cry as her thighs twitched and her legs quaked. She came around McCree, spasming and tightening around his length as he felt his load unleash into her, spurting out from the tip of his dick to coat his cock as the liquid bounced against the condom separating them.

They stayed there for some time, Ana feeling the warmth of even his covered orgasm heat her nethers as Jesse loosened his grip on her waist and moved his hand up from her clit.

“Well done, Jesse.” Ana gasped, breathing heavily against the desk, back heaving as she struggled to keep her hyperventilation down. “That was one of the best. Definitely better than our first.”

“Ya think?” He responded, similarly exhausted, coming down from his high. “How much do ye remember ‘bout that?”

“More than you, I suspect.”

The first time Ana Amari had fucked Jesse McCree, it hadn’t been some loving, tender moment where two virgins had experienced all the joys and awkwardness of sex for the first time together. Or even one virgin.

After a particularly successful practice session at the shooting range, McCree hadn’t been able to resist the urge to crack a joke. Plugging six targets within two seconds with a six-shooter at maximum effective range had given him the confidence boost he needed to talk back to his superior officer.

“Haha! Well, cap’n, I reckon that if’n I replicate this feat in one second, you gotta owe me something big!” Under normal circumstances, such a comment would have been grounds for discipline and merited an insubordination report. But Ana Amari was no normal woman, and Jesse McCree was no ordinary man.

She met his challenge with a smile. “And if you fail, you owe me something even bigger. Say, a date. Deal?” Ana wasn’t sure why that had come to her: perhaps she’d wanted to call his bluff with something so outrageous that he’d have to back down. Perhaps she wanted to play along with him, even if his jokes weren’t really flirting. There were a lot of “perhaps” to be found that day.

Whatever the seriousness of her claim, Jesse McCree took a step back and chewed his lip. He didn’t seem sure whether or not he should press forward on this path, but he was a natural gambler. Came with the territory of playing cowboy in the second half of the 21st century. “Yer on, cap’n.”

He’d failed. Not spectacularly, mind you, but he’d gotten just a hair between one second and one and a half seconds. McCree had still made all the shots, however, and Ana was very impressed. “Well, cowboy, looks like your luck’s run out.” To his credit, McCree didn’t look too upset. Ana wanted to attribute that to the maturity of his character rather than his anticipation of what might happen next, but he was probably just shocked at how close he’d gotten. With a sigh, he turned towards Ana, safetied and holstered his pistol, and tipped his hat in her direction.

He really needed to stop doing that.

“Fair’s fair, ma’am. Now what?” Ana wasn’t sure. She didn’t want to do something she regretted, and truth be told she was happy to let the matter rest.

The question was, would McCree?

“Nothing. It was a silly bet, McCree. You’re free to go: you did well today.”

“Hol’ up now.” McCree grabbed her bicep as she moved to turn around, and she nearly punched him on instinct. She was much more relaxed about rules compared to straight-laced Jack Morrison, but McCree was toeing the line. “We made a wager, cap’n. An’ while I’m not suggesting anything ‘bout yer character, ain’t it poor form to hold this against me for the future?”

Ana turned and crossed her arms over her chest, frowning. “What are you drawling about, McCree? Is there something you’re looking for?”

“Nothin’ in particular, ma’am. But I’d prefer if you not lord this over me for an unspecified time. If something’s gonna happen, bes’ get it over with.” McCree chewed the inside of his cheek, and Ana didn’t get a chance to think before she leaned forward and let her lips brush against his ear. He stiffened and tried to step back, but she grabbed his forearm.

“Do you want something specific, McCree?”

“W...wut?” Jesse blabbered, and Ana nearly giggled at his bewilderment. She had absolutely no idea why she was playing with this promising young man, but she admitted it was rewarding. And he was handsome enough.

“I think you know what I’m talking about.” She stepped back and released him. McCree looked like he was about to dart off like a startled rabbit until the realization hit him.

“Ah. Oh. Yes, please.”

“Come to my office after lunch, McCree. Understood?”

McCree had shown up as expected, and Ana had had a very enlightening conversation with him about ballistics and geopolitics and no, actually, they were only a few sentences in before he was necking her and she was rubbing her fingers all over his covered cock. They’d had some trouble getting her out of her combat suit, and Jesse had been so eager that she almost hadn’t had time to get a condom on him before he was in her, but soon enough Ana was riding him as he sat at her desk. The older woman leaned back as far as she could go, her tits bouncing in his face as he bit at her nipples and rubbed his fuzzy cheeks against her skin, her cunt gripping and squeezing on him while she held onto the back of his head with both hands to stay steady.

Jesse had his hands gripping her waist and thigh as he swore and grunted furiously. Ana felt him stretch and spread her out, his cock thick and hard and hot inside of her. She came at least twice before he muttered “Fuck” in an especially pointed manner and dumped his cream into her. His load was so warm that Ana could barely tell that he was wearing a condom, and he certainly wasn’t complaining.

Afterwards, they’d separated somewhat awkwardly and Ana had had to find a new set of pants for her combat suit since Jesse had ripped the old ones in his haste. She couldn’t blame him, really.

That had been the first time they’d fucked, and it wouldn’t be their last. Still, they were part of a busy organization, and it wasn’t like they could be open about what was happening, so their chances were limited.

But when they had them, though...Captain Amari always looked forward to the chance to get pounded into the wall by Agent McCree, or laid into on her desk, or grinding her face against his mouth as he lapped up her orgasm. Once, she’d sucked him off and let his load drip down her tongue onto her stomach, cum and spit pooling onto her bellybutton, and that had gotten him hard enough to fuck again.

Ana occasionally wondered if what she was doing was unfair to Sam. During the Omnic Crisis, she’d been too busy with war to give Sam the relationship, and wife, a good man like him deserved, and it only got worse once she was part of Overwatch and had to juggle politics alongside ground operations. They’d divorced amicably after her workload got too intense, sharing custody of Fareeha, and she was still in regular contact with her ex-husband even for matters unrelated to their daughter.

But even considering that, Ana sometimes couldn’t help but feel as if she was still betraying Sam by sleeping with Jesse McCree. She really did love Sam, and if her life had permitted it she’d have stayed with him. She was no longer his wife, and inshallah, that would be enough to drive the guilt from her soul. Such concerns didn’t pass once she remembered that Sam would have wanted her to be happy, and unease still dogged her conscience each time she was with Jesse.

Plus, she was McCree’s superior officer. The power imbalance might not seem to be of serious concern when she was getting pumped full of McCree’s loads, or when he was wringing her out on his dick, but it was there. She didn’t think he was only going along with it for fear of prison time related to his deal with Blackwatch, but she had to admit that the initial boundary-breaking had been her decision. That information wasn’t exactly helpful for rationalizing their intrigue.

So Ana did something that she’d long dreaded. She’d called Sam. She hadn’t timed her call well and had caught him just before he would normally wake up, but he was too polite to ask her to try again later. Part of being Canadian, no doubt.

“So, what’s going on? Are you all right? Fareeha’s still asleep.”

“I’m fine, habbibi.” Ana had felt her voice catch in her throat as the old word slipped through. “Sorry. Force of habit.”

“Don’t worry about it. How can I help?”

“Well, Sam, I…” Ana had faced machine threats on a scale the world had never seen. She’d fought brutal terrorists and dictators and waded through warzones. So why did this scare her so much? “I...I think I found someone.”

A pause. “Ah. I trust your judgement, Ana.”

“Thank you. It’s...someone from work. Not someone I think I’ll marry, but…”

“You’re having fun. I understand, Ana. You don’t need to ask for my permission.”

A huge weight seemed to lift from Ana’s shoulders. She let out a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding. “Thank you. I wasn’t...I didn’t mean to, but it helps to hear.”

Sam had paused again there, breathing softly into the phone. She could picture him now, wrinkling his nose the way he always did when allowed a moment too long to think. “I’m glad you’re happy, Ana. Please don’t worry about me, okay? And Fareeha is doing fantastic. She’ll go back to you in Switzerland soon, okay?”

“If you want to spend more time with her, I understand.”

“Up to you, Ana.”

She’d stopped to collect her thoughts. On the one hand, she missed her daughter. On the other, she’d feel guilty having Fareeha away from Sam after delivering this news.

“I think she should stay with you a little longer, Sam. Things are wild over here in general. Tell our habibti Mommy loves her, okay?”

“Of course, Ana. Ni sā-kē-tin.”

Her heart skipped a beat. Sam grew quiet on the other end of the phone. Slowly, she started to feel her pulse throb once again, but her blood was still ice. Sam spoke first.

“Sorry. Force of habit.”

The call ended with a click, and Ana was glad that Sam wasn’t able to hear her when she started to bawl.