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The start of a Normal Uprising

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That morning, Saten-san barged into the judgement headquarters that the four found themselves converging every day.

“Guess what guys, I enrolled in a kendo class!”

Misaka gulped audibly.

“Now I’m going to fight with Misaka-san and Shirai-san!” She cheered miming sword motions.

Misaka didn’t think her encouragement would spur her into putting herself into such danger, but she didn’t have the heart to disagree with her after having heard the thoughts of all the level 0’s in academy city.

Kuroko began to speak, “Saten-san that is far too dangerous for you and I can no-“

Misaka began to put her hands over Kuroko’s mouth.

“Th- that’s amazing Saten-san I look forward to it!”. Misaka managed to choke out.

Saten beamed.