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A Mess

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Inko and Mitsuki have been friends since they were toddlers, including when they were in a somewhat notorious girl gang as teens, which they have sworn up and down to NEVER tell their kids about
Mitsuki is a truly hopeless cook who refuses to admit that her husband would be much better suited to meal prep, so she always just drowns everything in hot sauce to cover up the otherwise unappealing flavor (hence Katsuki’s love of spicy food)
so whenever Katsuki would get sick, Mitsuki would ask Inko to make some nice get-well-soon soup because Inko's kitchen skills do not begin and end at toast

back in present day:
Shouto is suppressing her fever via quirk and being like No I’m Fine, Really and just continues her usual work out because what is self care
despite feeling like shit, she responds to Katsuki’s booty call because things are still pretty new between them and they haven’t Talked about it and she doesn’t want to throw things off just because she’s sick
pretty much as soon as Shouto’s in the door of Katsuki's apartment, Katsuki is like woah, no, nope, jfc, sit down, we’re having tea and food and when tf did you last bathe you absolute goddamn disaster
Shouto is a little shit about Katsuki's fussing, partly because Bickering and partly because she just genuinely does not know what the fuck to do with someone caring for her physical wellbeing
Katsuki calls Inko for a recipe, but Inko doesn’t trust Katsuki not to burn water like Mitsuki would, and hmm wow isn’t this a perfect opportunity for me to mother this poor neglected Todoroki girl I always hear about from Izuku hmmmMMM
“Aun- Auntie, I can- you really don’t have to- but- I- *sigh* yes. I know. Okay. Bye.”
“…who were you just on the phone with? You were so… polite.”
“Don’t sound so fucking surprised that I can be polite! I fucking won cotillion, okay? I know what all of the shitty little forks and spoons are for, and I will waltz you into an early grave if you don’t fucking believe me.”
“Okay, you’ve convinced me that I wasn’t hallucinating, but I still don’t know who you were talking to.”
“Halluci- Deku’s mom. I just wanted a recipe, but now she’s sending Deku over with food because APPARENTLY I can’t be trusted to make goddamn soup.”
“Oh. That’s… nice, actually.”
“Yeah, whatever, she’s great, now take a fucking bath, would you?”
per request, Shouto takes a fucking bath
when she gets out (feeling a little less like she’s actively dying and also a little more confused about where she & Katsuki currently stand) Katsuki is gone, but Izuku is in the kitchenette
Izuku tells her that Katsuki went out to run a quick errand & they chat for a bit
“Katsuki is just being so nice to me and I don’t get it? I’m fine??”
“…Shouto, there sure is, a lot to unpack in that.”
they talk a bit about Sometimes People Care About People They Like
Katsuki hears a bit of this as she walks back in
throws a bag full of cough drops and nyquil in Shouto’s lap
K: Okay, so, let me get this straight, we’ve been dating for like two months now and you don’t think I fucking like you? What the fuck! I can’t tell if I’m more mad at you for being an idiot or for being an idiot.
I: Kacchan, be nice, she’s sick.
S: I can hear you fine when you’re not yelling
K: I can KILL YOU fine when you’re not yelling
I: Kacchan that doesn’t even make sense, calm down
K: I will calm down when I am good and goddamn ready to! UGH… Look, I’m, gonna go dish up the soup. YOU sit there and try to be less goddamn stupid, and YOU can like, hug her or something. Whatever.
Katsuki returns with soup and (kind of) expresses insecurity about not being able to communicate nicely
Izuku & Shouto do their best to cheer her up
it gets a little awkward because Izuku starts to feel like a third wheel, but then Shouto takes the Katsuki approach of “don’t say it, just show it” and asks Izuku to stay
they fall asleep on the couch because emotions are exhausting
the next morning, all three of them are sick, and they have to answer Inko’s increasingly worried missed texts wondering why Izuku never came home OOPS