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I was fifteen when I first saw him on that stage, Tweek Tweak. Okay yes, it was a high school play, and the reason I went was because it was extra credit for my English class.

Hey, I got to get my grades up as much as I could somehow, right?

Still, the moment Tweek got on that stage, dressed up as the prince, the spotlight focusing solely on him as he spoke his lines, it felt like the breath was taken right out of me.

Since then, I never missed a play that Tweek was in, whether he was a main or background character, I made sure to buy myself a ticket, sit in the front row, and watch his performance. Once the play was over and everyone was clapping, I was one of the few that would actually stand up and clap my hands vigorously, but I wasn't applauding to all the actors, I was only applauding to Tweek.

Ironically though...I never spoke to Tweek. I never hung out with him, I don't know much about him, and I definitely never ask him to be my partner for whatever class we had together. To Tweek, I was just another student trying to get by high school, but to me, Tweek was someone I couldn't help but admire.

Call me a coward all you want, but I wasn't known as being a people person. I'm terrible with words, I'm uncomfortable with talking to people, and I'm not the best communicator. So it's no wonder I never got the courage to tell Tweek what I think about him.

Sadly, I will no longer be able to see another one of Tweek's performance. Tweek and I soon graduated and I knew that I will never see Tweek again. I will never see his astounding performance ever again. So the moment we all received our diplomas, left the school, and went our separate ways, I couldn't help but feel sad the moment I got home.

As of now, I am in college, majoring in film making. Ever since I started watching Tweek act in school, I started to realize that I actually like performances, that I like making movies, and that I like being behind the camera, putting my ideas out there. Of course, film making is a long road and I got to start out somewhere, so while I was studying, I got a job to be a stagehand for a local TV studio.

The studio was well known for all it's dramas and comedy series, I didn't really care much for any of it since the story was so cliche and kinda overused, but I still get some good tips from the writers and director whenever I get a chance to ask them questions.

As I was working, I received news that the studio will be working on a new drama series, which means more work for me and the other stagehand guys. The director said they found someone to play the main male lead and that he was going to come over today, but I didn't really care.

That is...until I realized it was Tweek.

"Hi, I'm Tweek Tweak, nice to meet you all," Tweek smiled.

Everyone said their hellos, while I just stood there dumbfounded.

"Now everyone, this is Tweek's first time acting in a real studio, so please be nice to him, and Tweek, if anyone gives you a hard time, let me know and I'll fire them."

"O-oh! Y-you don't have to do that, I mean...I-I'm not even a real actor yet, s-since I'm still in school and all," Tweek said, stammering like he did in school. Guess that part never changed.

"Nonsense, when I came by your school and saw your performance, I knew I wanted you to be my main lead," the director said, patting Tweek on the back.

Tweek blushed, and seemed very happy to be complimented by his performance. "Thank you."

The director turned his attention back to everyone, "alright people, you're not getting paid to stand around, get to work!"

Everyone started getting back to work, I remained where I was since I was busy painting one of the props before Tweek showed up.

"Alright Tweek, I'll be in my office if you need me, why don't you walk around and get use to your surroundings?"

"Will do," Tweek said.

Once the director left, it was just Tweek and I, though I'm sure Tweek won't notice me, he hasn't notice me when we went to school together.

"...Um...excuse me."

I nearly dropped the paintbrush I was holding before I turned my head and realized that Tweek was standing next to me. ""

"...Aren't you...Craig Tucker?"

", that's me," I said, feeling my cheeks warming up.

"Oh my god, so it is you, hey! It's me, Tweek! We went to school together, remember?"

"Of course," I smiled, "how could I forget, you were the school's number one actor," I said.

Tweek smiled, "oh come on, you're overreacting," Tweek chuckled. "So, how have you been? What you've been up to?"

"Oh you know...going to as a you can see," I said, feeling awkward, "what about you? What have you been doing since we graduated?"

"Oh you can see, I am taking acting classes and trying to be a professional actor," Tweek smiled, "I just never thought I'd be hired to do a TV show though."

"You kidding? You're a terrific actor," I said. I blushed when I said that. Oh god. "I were really great in school...and're...good at acting." I wanted to die in a hole somewhere.

Tweek stared at me before chuckling, "is that why I see you at all the plays I'm in back in school?"

I blushed, "o-of course not! I mostly go there cause I love the theater! N-not saying you are a bad actor're far from a bad actor and..." I cleared my throat when I realized that Tweek was giving me a confused look. "What I mean is...I're an amazing actor, and I'm happy to see you living your dream," I said.

Tweek was taken back before he smiled at me, "thank you."

We stood there for a bit, it felt very awkward. Looking at Tweek now, I noticed that he's grown a couple inches taller, his hair isn't has messy as it was when we were in school, in fact, it looked shorter. Did he cut it? The one thing that hasn't change is that Tweek's skin was still very light and fair, now that he was older, any acne he had in school was all gone, and he seemed more...confident.

I couldn't help but admire Tweek even more now that he's standing here in front of me.

"Um...I uh...better get back to work," I said.

"Oh um...yeah, sure. Sorry to keep you from that," Tweek chuckled.

"Oh no, don't worry about that. It was...nice talking to you, Tweek," I said.

" too. We should talk again sometimes," Tweek said.

My heart skipped a beat. He wants to talk to me again. He wants to talk to me! Oh god, the only thing that could ruin this moment is if something embarrassing happened to me.

"I-" I was about to place my hand down on the table, but my hand suddenly landed inside the paint bucket. Tweek's eyes widen as he stared at my hand and all I want to do is die somewhere far far away from here.

"A-are you okay!?" Tweek asked as he watched me lift my hand out of the paint bucket.

"...I'm...fine...I'm just...going to go. Yeah...bye," I said as I quickly turned around and quickly got out of there.

"O-okay...bye..." Tweek muttered.

Once I was far away from Tweek, I couldn't help but curse at myself for making that so awkward. God fucking damn it, Craig! Why are you so bad at this!? Ugh...times like this makes me wonder if accepting Clyde's talking to people simulation practice would have been a good idea.

None of it matters, cause now...Tweek probably thinks I'm a weirdo and probably wants nothing to do with me. Great! Just fucking great.

"....." I should probably go to the restroom and wash my hand.

The next couple of weeks has been hectic, with me and the other stagehands working endlessly on preparing the sets to the director and Tweek going over actors and actresses and seeing who would be fit for the roles of the other characters in the show.

Eventually, a number of people were hired and we were getting ready to start filming. Since I now know that Tweek would be in this new drama, I was looking forward to his performance. So after everything was set up and we were getting ready to shoot the first scene of the day, I walked towards the front to get a better view and waited to see Tweek's performance.

"Alright...lights, cameras....action!" The director shouted.

I held my breath as I waited for Tweek to get on set and say his first lines. Once Tweek was on set, I waited patiently for the same performance I saw back in high school.

"....U-uh...." Tweek was staring at everyone, especially at the camera, his co-star stared at him, waiting for him to say his lines. Something was wrong.

"Cut!" The director shouted and the cameras stopped rolling. "Tweek, what's the matter?"

"O-oh lights were...kinda in my...eyes," Tweek said.

"I see," the director said, "get those lights fixed!" The director exclaimed at the lighting people. The crew got to work on the lights and the director turned back to Tweek. "How's that?"

"Oh, that's...great," Tweek smiled.

"Good good, alright people, let's go over this again, starting with Tweek walking in." All the actors went back to their spot, including Tweek. We all waited for the director's orders. "Lights, camera...action!"

Tweek once again walked in, his stride was much more confident, but when he turned to say his line, he froze once again. "U-uh..."

"Cut cut cut! What now, Tweek?" The director asked.

"S-sorry, my a bit thirsty," Tweek said.

"Seriously?" The leading female actress sighed. Tweek looked at her but doesn't say anything. I on the other hand wanted to flip her off, but refrained myself from doing so.

"Someone please get Tweek some water!" The director exclaimed.

"I'll do it," I said as I ran towards the craft's table and grabbed a bottled water from the cooler. I ran towards Tweek and quickly handed him the bottle, "here you go," I said.

"Thanks," Tweek smiled. However, when he reached out to grab the bottle, I noticed that his hands were shaking. Was...Tweek scared?

"...Tweek, are you-"

"You there, get off the set!" The director shouted. I stared between Tweek and the director, but did as I was told since I don't want to risk getting fired. Once I was off the set, the director ordered everyone to go back to their marks. "Action!"

Once again, Tweek walks in with a confident stride, he gets on his mark, turns towards the female lead, and opened his mouth. "I-I h-have s-s-some...t-thing to tell you Miranda..."

"Cut!" The director exclaimed before slumping in his chair and sighing loudly.

"I-I'm sorry! I'll try again!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Just...let's take five," the director sighed.

"You sure? This is the first scene," one of the writers said.

"If I said take five, I mean it! Everyone, take five!" The director shouted before getting out of his chair angrily, knocking it over in the process.

All the actors got off the set, the leading actress looked very pissed as she walked past Tweek, bumping into his shoulder on purpose. Tweek stumbled a bit, but managed to catch himself before looking back for a few seconds then proceeding to leave the set.

"Hey Craig, need some help here!" Someone called for me.

I look back at Tweek, watching him leave to a random direction. I wanted to go after him and see if he was alright, but knowing that it's not my place to meddle, I headed towards the others and helped out with whatever they needed me for.

Minutes later, everyone came back and were ready to continue the scene, however, there was one problem.

"Where is Tweek?" The director asked.

Everyone looked at each other ad started looking around, but there was no sigh of Tweek.

"He's not here, sir."

"God damn it! We'll never finish this scene if we keep having problems!" The director shouted.

"Well if you ask me, I think we need a quick recast," the female lead said.

"What," I said but it seemed no one heard me.

"Recast? What do you mean?"

"I'm saying that we should just fire that Tweek kid and get someone else, someone with experience." This bitch! Saying all of this while Tweek wasn't here, who does she think she is!?

I was about to go over there and tell her off, but the director suddenly spoke up, "Though that seems like a smart idea, we are unable to get anyone else at the moment. Besides, I've seen this kid act and he's perfect for the drama, I just wish I knew what's going on with him..." The director sighed.

"Whatever, if that Tweek kid doesn't show up soon, I'm leaving. I'm done wasting my time here," the lead actress said.

"," the director suddenly pointed at me, "go look for Mr. Tweak and bring him here, got it?"

"Yes sir," I said as I left and started searching for Tweek.

I looked everywhere, the makeup area, the costume area, the restroom, the break room, and even the director's office, but so far, no Tweek. I continued looking around, worried for him, wondering where he could be. I was about to give up and head back, until I hear crying in the distance.

I turned around, noticing in the corner where the fake palm tree props were. Taking a step closer, I see a familiar figure sitting on a crate, crying. "Tweek!" I called out.

Tweek jumped up, tears in his eyes. Tweek quickly noticed it was me before wiping his eyes. "C-Craig, w-why are you here?" Tweek asked, trying to pretend he wasn't crying earlier, but the redness around his eyes said otherwise.

"...Are you okay?" I was concerned.

"Yeah...of course I am. I remember reading a scene where I have to cry so...I was just...practicing," Tweek said.

"Tweek...don't lie," I sighed, looking at him.

"....Okay...okay," Tweek sighed as he sat back down, "I was crying for real."

"Why? What's wrong?" I asked.

"...It's just...I know I wanted to act, I've dream of acting when I was just a kid, and I thought I finally got my big break when I was hired to do this drama, but...but...god...acting on TV is much different from acting on a stage," Tweek said.

"Why? How is it different?"

"It's's fine when only a handful of people in the audience are watching...but...thousands? Maybe even millions of people watching me? That's...that's terrifying! That's way too much pressure! A-and what if this drama doesn't do so well? What if people hate it? I'll never get hired again! My dreams will be ruined...and...and I'll..I'll..." Tweek was shaking, tears in his eyes.

Seeing Tweek like this breaks my heart. I wanted to help him, I wanted to help him so much, but I was afraid. Afraid that I might make things worse.

"M-maybe I should just q-quit...maybe...I should just g-give up on acting all together," Tweek sniffled, wiping his nose.


"No!" I exclaimed, feeling my heart pounding.

"W-what?" Tweek stared at me with his tear stained eyes.

"P-please don't. Don't ever stop acting!" I exclaimed.

"....Why do you care?" Tweek asked.

"...I've seen you perform, I've seen how you are on that stage. Whenever I see you acting, my heart races and I feel like I can enjoy the show knowing you are the one in it. I didn't care about anyone else, I only cared about you. I only cared about what you said, I only cared about what you did, I only cared about you on that stage. When I realized you were going to be on this drama, I was looking forward to seeing you act again, I wanted to see the Tweek I saw performing in those high school plays. So please...don't stop acting. Please...keep doing what you love," I said.

"....Why...are you doing this?" Tweek asked.

"..." I knew it was time for me to say it, I knew it was time for me to finally tell him. "I admire you. I admire everything about you. To're the only actor I can actually see being on TV."

"....." Tweek stared at me, his cheeks were completely red, so were mine. My heart was racing as I waited for him to reply. "Craig...thank you," Tweek said, smiling.

I look at him, smiling back. "Come on, we got to get back," I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. We both rushed back to set.

We made it to the set on time, but it seems everyone was getting stressed.

"Alright, I'm so done with this! I'm quitting!" The main lead actress exclaimed.

"You can't, you signed a contract!" The director exclaimed.

"So what? I am not working with someone so unprofessional as-"

"Don't you dare talk about Tweek like that, lady!" I exclaimed, holding Tweek's hand tightly and pulling him next to me. "Tweek is going to show you just how great of an actor is, and you're going to eat your words!" I exclaimed.

"Tweek! You're finally back!"

"Y-yes, I'm sorry for not coming back on time, I was having some personal issues," Tweek said, "b-but I'm ready to act now!" Tweek said.

"Finally," someone said.

"Alright then, everyone, take your places!" The director exclaimed.

All the actors got to their marks, including the female lead, even though she looked like she was done with this show already. Tweek was about to leave, but suddenly turned towards me.

"Um...could you do me a favor?" Tweek asked.

"Of course, anything," I said.

Tweek smiled, "stay right here," Tweek said.

I was confused, but I nodded, "Okay," I gave him a smile and watched as he quickly headed towards his mark.

"Everyone ready?" The director asked.

"Yes!" All the actors exclaimed.


Tweek look at the director, he gave him a thumbs up. "Ready!"

"Alright. Lights! Camera! Action!" The director shouted.

The cameras once again started rolling. Like before, Tweek walks towards his mark with a confident stride. Once Tweek reached his mark and was facing the female lead, he started to say his lines.

"I have something to tell you, Miranda," Tweek said.

"What is it?" The female actress said her lines.

Tweek closed his eyes for a bit, the opened them, however, what was strange was that in this part, he was suppose to be looking at female lead, as if he's staring at her lovingly, but when I locked eyes with him, I realized he was looking at me.

"...I've seen you this entire time. I've seen you with a happy smile whenever you see me. I watched as you cheer me on on the sidelines, believing I never noticed, but in reality...I've known for a long time. I've always been watching you, curious on every little thing you do. From your happy moments to your sad moments, to even your angry moments. As I watched you, I feel like I got to know the real you...just as you have grown to know the real me."

"...." With every word Tweek spoke, my heart was racing. It feels like Tweek was addressing all of this to me. It's as if he was telling me all of this, not Miranda, not the director, not anyone.

"So even if I'm late to tell you...even if you have moved on...just know...that I love you," Tweek spoke, "I will you, Miranda," Tweek said. Tweek leaned forward and did that fake kissing thing that all actors learned to do.

"....C-cut," the director said, he was speechless. Everyone was, even the female lead once Tweek took a step back.

"H-how was that?" Tweek smiled.

"That was...that was beautiful," the director said. He started to applaud. Soon, everyone in the room started to applaud as well, even the other actors. I smiled at Tweek and took a step forward as I clapped my hands as hard as I could, similar to when I use to applaud for Tweek after each play he did back in school.

Tweek smiled, "thank you, thank you," Tweek bowed, smiling happily. When he turned towards me, his smile grew even more. I smiled back.

"Alright people, let get a few more scenes and we'll call it a day. So everyone take your places!" The director shouted.

Everyone started rushing back to work, but I stood where I was, looking at Tweek.

"You, get back to work," the director exclaimed.

"Y-yes sir," I said. I quickly started moving the furniture around, and getting the next scene ready.

"Hey Tweek, that was amazing!" One of the actors came up to Tweek, looking astonished, "um...i-if you don't mind...c-could you give me some acting tips?"

"Can you give me some as well?"

"Me too!"

Many of the other actors crowded around Tweek, asking for tips, even the female lead asked for some. Tweek looked at everyone, surprised. When he looked at me, I smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up before I continued moving the furniture.

"...Yeah, sure...I wold love to," Tweek smiled.

Once the next scene was ready and all the actors were in place. I quickly went back to where I was standing so Tweek could see me. Tweek looked very happy to see me standing in his line of sight.

Once everyone was ready, we all waited for the director's orders.

"Lights! Camera! Action!"

Today was tiring to say the least. We managed to film five scenes, all of which went pretty well. Everyone has packed up and were ready to head home. I was about to leave myself, but I suddenly hear someone calling my name.

"Craig! Craig!"

I turned around and saw Tweek running towards me. "Tweek? What is it?" I asked once Tweek reached me.

"I just...I wanted to say thank you for earlier...and for giving me back my confidence. If it wasn't for you...I wouldn't have been on that set today," Tweek said.

I smiled, "hey...I was just trying to help the person I admire."

Tweek smiled, "admire huh?" Tweek said, he was looking down, leaning back and forth, arms behind him. "....You know...when I said my lines on that first scene...I was kinda hoping you noticed," Tweek said.

"...Noticed what?" I asked.

"You I said I've always noticed Miranda...but I was looking at know," Tweek blushed.

I blushed back, "s-so...this entire noticed me coming to your plays and...watching you?" I asked.

"Well duh, I've never seen you coming to any of the previous show until I did Cinderella, then I saw you more and more...especially when you're always sitting in the front seat, how in the world is a guy like me not suppose to notice?" Tweek smiled.

I blushed, "How embarrassing," I muttered, pulling down my hat in hopes of hiding my face.

"...Let me asked you something though...why have you never tried...taking to me?" Tweek asked.

"...I was...nervous," I said.

"Nervous?" Tweek said, looking up at me, a smile on his face. "Why were you nervous?"

"....Tweek," I looked at him, my cheeks were red, my heart was thumping in my chest, and it feels like my stomach was doing a back flip. "I have something I wanted to tell you fro a long long time," I said.

"...Yeah?" Tweek smiled as he leaned closer his eyes were half closed.

My heart was racing like mad as I look at him. It was now or never, Tucker. "Tweek...I....I..."

"Yeah?" Tweek smiled as he leaned closer and closer until our noses were a few inches apart.

"I...I would like for you to star in my personal project!" I exclaimed.

Tweek froze. "W-what?" Tweek took a step back.

I was blushing like mad, my heart was thumping so much in my chest. I finally said it. "I've admired your talent for many years and became your biggest fan, and for a long long time, I've wanted to ask you if you could be in this movie I've been planning on making!" I exclaimed.

"....T-that' You wanted me to star in a movie you wanted to make?"

I nodded, my eyes were closed and my face was really red.

"...There...isn't anything else?" Tweek asked.

I looked at him, confused. "No? I don't think so," I said.

"...I what you said earlier...I just..I..."

"...Tweek?" I tilted my head, confused.

Tweek stared at me before letting out a sigh, he then force a smile on his face, "alright, yeah...I'll do it," Tweek said.

"Really!?" I looked at him excitedly. "You'll really be in my movie?"

"Sure..." Tweek sighed, "but you have to do something for me."

"Sure, anything!"

"...Why don't we have dinner together once in awhile, hm?" Tweek said.

I thought about it, "sue, dinner sounds great. Oh and we can even discuss the script together and you can tell me if you want to improve certain things," I smiled.

"Oh boy," Tweek said.

We started leaving the lot together, excitement filled me. I feel so relieved, knowing that I finally told Tweek my personal thoughts. I'm so happy right now.

"...Oh and another thing, if you need anything from me, don't be afraid to ask," I said.

Tweek smiled. "Then...can I have your phone number?"


"Oh you I can contact you and stuff," Tweek said.

"Oh, right!" I quickly took out my phone and Tweek did the same, we exchanged numbers and everything was set. "Alright, so uh...when do you want to have dinner?"

"How about this Saturday, maybe at seven?" Tweek said.

"Seven at Saturday, no problem. I'll be sure to find a great restaurant," I said as I took out my phone and started searching up good restaurants that were near the area.

"Great, then it's a date," Tweek smiled.

I froze.

I put my phone down and stared at him. Tweek smiled before winking at me, he then turned around and proceeded to leave. As I watched him leave, I suddenly remembered how close Tweek's face was earlier, and the way he stared at me earlier..and...and...

My heart was racing once again, and my entire face went completely red as I realized what just happened.

"Oh Jesus..." I muttered as I pulled down my hat in embarrassment.

I really do admire Tweek Tweak.

The End.

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Breakups are considered one of the hardest things people have to go through when they end a relationship, whether you're the one breaking up or the one receiving the news. Sometimes breakups are quick, simple, understandable, or even mutual...but most of the time, they're plain messy.

"Fuck! You!" Tweek screamed as he punched the punching bag that had a picture of Craig on it. "I hate you! I fucking hate you! Go die!" Tweek shouted once more, this time with more anger in his voice as he continues to punch the picture on the punching bag. The picture was getting crumpled up and already has a couple of tears here and there, but that wasn't stopping Tweek. "Gah! I fucking hate you!"

"Whoa...what did I do?"

Tweek turned around, startled to see Kenny McCormick standing behind him. "Gah! W-what are you doing in my garage!?" Tweek asked.

"Well I heard all this yelling and the garage door was I thought I let myself in and check what's up," Kenny said as he leaned against Tweek's father's car, "so...what's up? Why are you beating that punching bag to smithereens...and why is Craig's face on it?"

"Ugh, don't even say that bastard's name!" Tweek said as he resumes his punching.

"...Did you guys break up or something?" Kenny asked.

"What do you think!?" Tweek turned around at Kenny. "It's all that asshole's fault!" Tweek punches the bag once more, but this time, the bag snaps off the chain that was holding it and falls to the ground with a loud thud.

"Jesus, what did Craig do to make you this angry?" Kenny asked, feeling somewhat concerned for both Craig and the punching bag.

"Oh you don't know? I thought everyone knew considering he wasn't even hiding it!" Tweek exclaimed as he starts kicking the bag now.

"I'm not very up to date on a lot of school gossip, so mind filling me in?" Kenny asked.

Tweek stopped kicking the bag before letting out a sigh, he turned towards Kenny with a frown on his face. "That asshole cheated on me!"

"What? No," Kenny gasped.

"He fucking did! Remember that new kid, Micheal or whatever?"


"Well ever since Michael showed up, Craig has been wanting to hang out with him more than me! I mean...I'm his fucking boyfriend, why is he hanging out with this new kid, and with someone name Michael for fuck sake!" Tweek exclaimed.

"I mean...are you sure he's cheating on you with Michael? The two could just be friends," Kenny said.

"Friends don't keep secrets from other friends, nor their boyfriends! Friends don't go somewhere without telling their boyfriend where they are going! Friends don't cancel date night just because they want to hang out with friends named Michael!" Tweek suddenly crouched down and continued beating the shit out of the punching bag, Kenny actually had to take a step back when he saw just how angry Tweek was.

"Okay okay...I can see that you're very very angry right now, but Craig doesn't seem like the type to cheat, I mean yes, he's an asshole, but he's very straightforward. I'm sure if he wanted to break up with you, he'd tell you," Kenny said.

Tweek turned his head and glared at Kenny. Kenny flinched and started laughing nervously. Tweek sighed, "well whether he tells me or not, it's over now. I made sure to break things off first," Tweek said.

"Okay...and how's Craig taking it?"

"How would I fucking know? He's probably hanging out with Michael and being the next cute gay couple in school! So you know what, fuck Craig, fuck Michael, fuck the both of them, and fuck their fucking relationship! I hope they get their heads cut off!"

"...Jesus..." Kenny decided to make a mental note to never piss off Tweek.

Craig threw the empty beer bottle in the air before smashing it with his baseball bat. The pieces smashed into pieces, flying everywhere. Craig wasn't wearing any safety gear or anything, but he didn't care. His friends do, and are trying to stop their friend from smashing more bottles in the empty parking lot before they get any glass in their eyes.


Craig grabs another bottle, threw it in the air, then smashed it with his bat.


Smash. There goes another bottle.


"What!?" Craig turned to his friends. They were surprised to see how red and swollen his eyes were. It seemed Craig was crying before his friends showed up.

"Dude...were you...cry-"

"No! Shut up," Craig said before grabbing a bottle and flinging it in the air. He smashed it with his bat.

"Dude, it's totally okay if you were crying, I do it lots of time and I'm never ashamed to cry," Clyde said.

"T-that's only b-b-because you're a c-c-crybaby," Jimmy said.

"No I'm not!" Clyde exclaimed.

"Yes you are," Token sighed, he turned back towards Craig, "but Clyde has a point. It's okay to be sad about what happened between you and Tweek you know," Token said.

"Don't fucking mention that asshole's name!" Craig exclaimed as he grabbed another bottle and flung it in the air, he swung as hard as hard as he could and smashes the bottle. The boys had to cover their faces when the shards went everywhere.

"Dude, stop. This is dangerous," Token said.

"Then leave! I don't fucking care if I get glass in my fucking eyes! I don't care if my hands get cut! I'm going to smash every last bottle in this lot until I feel better!" Craig exclaimed as he tries to get another bottle, but realized that there wasn't anymore in the box. "God fucking damn it!' Craig shouted as he swung his bat and hit the ground as hard as he could.

"Craig! Craig!" Token ran over towards his friend and held him tightly. Both Clyde and Jimmy ran over and helped out by taking the bat out of Craig's hand and hugging him as well.

"It's okay, Craig. It's going to be okay," Clyde said.

"It is not fucking okay!" Craig shouted as he got out of the hug. "I mean...who fucking breaks up with someone for no reason, annd over text! Who does that!?"

O-oh c-come on, i-it couldn't h-have b-been that b-bad," Jimmy said.

Craig frowned and pulled out his phone, he then showed them the message that Tweek sent. It read, "Fuck you Tucker, it's over. Go drown yourself in the lake!"

"Ouch...yeah that's...that's kinda harsh," Clyde said.

"Exactly!" Craig exclaimed before crouching down, "...and I even spent my allowance just to get him this," Craig pulled out two rings from his pocket. Engraved in both rings were the words, "together forever." The rings also had their names on it, so that way the two will know that it belongs to them and them only.

"Are those...promise rings?" Clyde asked.

"Yeah...I thought I would give them to Tweek on our next date. I even asked that new kid who's dad works at the jewelry store to help me pick it out," Craig stared at the rings before getting angry, "but I guess it's all for nothing!" Craig stood up and was about to throw the rings, but he froze. His hands holding the rings was shaking, but he made no move to throw them. In the end, Craig put his hands down and stared at the rings with a sad look. "I just don't get it...what did I do wrong?"

"Hm...did you flip Tweek off too much?"

"Of course not, I would never do that," Craig said.

"Then...were you being an asshole towards him?"

"No," Craig frowned.

"D-did you e-ever c-call him s-s-stupid?"

"Are you nuts!? Why would I ever say that to him! He's a sweet innocent little angel!"

"An angel who seems to want you dead," Token said.

Craig sighed, "you know what....if Tweek is going to do this to me without a real reason, then fuck him! I'm so done with him! Tweek can just go...go...go fuck himself!" Craig said.

"You say that...and yet you're keeping the rings?"

"...Like I said, I spent my entire allowance on them. I maybe pissed, but I'm not stupid," Craig said as he placed the rings back into his pocket. He only hopes he can return the rings back to Michael's dad later.

" know what cheers me up when I'm all upset?" Clyde smiled.

"Ice cream, pizza, and video games?" Token asked.


"D-does sound a-appealing, r-right Craig?"

"..." Craig sighed as he picked up his bat and look down at the ground, feeling his chest hurt, "sure...whatever."

"Great! Let's go to your house then," Clyde smiled as he grabbed Craig's arm and pulled him forward.

The group headed to Craig's house and hope they can cheer Craig up. As much as Craig appreciates the effort from his friend, it still doesn't heal his broken heart.

It's already been a few days since Craig and Tweek officially broken up, everyone who once supported the couple and were sad that they split up soon went back to normal and moved on, but the only people who haven't yet moved on were Craig and Tweek.

The two would always glare at each other, picking up fights, or cursing at each other.

"Fuck you, Craig!"

"Fuck you, Tweek!'

The two flipped each other off as they walked past each other in the hallway. Everyone, including their friends, couldn't help but feel a bit awkward from the exchange.

Their fights were never physical, much to everyone's relief, but there were times when it was close to becoming a straight up fist fight.

"What do you want?" Tweek frowned.

"My jacket, could you please give it back to me?" Craig frowned.

"No way! You gave that to me, so it's mine!"

"No, I let you borrow it and just let you keep it, but now I want it back, so hand it over. I know it's in your messy locker," Craig said.

"Messy!? You want fucking messy!? I'll show you messy!" Tweek literally ripped the door of his locker off and was about to his Craig in the head with it, but luckily Clyde, Token, and Jimmy managed to get between the two and stopped Tweek from doing anything.

"Tweek! Put the door down!"

"How did you even rip that off so easily!?"

Craig and Tweek continued angrily shouting at each other, wanting to hit the other with their fists, but with their friends in the way, they continued on with the day without any bruises, only heartbreak.

Things continued like this for awhile. Their friends tried everything to convince the two to just make up, but the two were very stubborn. Everyone thought things would be like this until one of them says sorry or until graduation, however, something happened, something that involved Eric Cartman.

" can't be serious right now," Stan said as he stared at Cartman.

"Yeah, this is a terrible idea, Cartman," Kyle said, crossing his arm.

"And you know...if Tweek found out about this...he'd murder you, right?" Kenny said.

"Oh come out you guys, it'll be fine!" Cartman said.

"How will this be fine? You're telling us to lie to Craig and Tweek, telling them that the other said shit about them, and forcing them to fight each other!" Kyle said.

"Yeah...and didn't we this when we were kids?" Stan asked.

"Exactly! Why are you trying to bring back old wounds!?"

"Because I know that along with you guys and myself, everyone at school is fucking sick and tired of seeing Craig and Tweek arguing, so I thought that if we just let those two become a bit more physical with each other, they'll get over their little dispute and finally move on, and we can all go back to our lives," Cartman said.

"...You just want to settle the bet we made when we were ten, aren't you?" Kyle frowned.

"God damn it, how did you know!?"

"Because you're never this considerate," Kyle said.

"Fucking Jew!" Cartman shouted.

"...Actually...this could work," Stan said.

"Dude, seriously?"

"Hear me out...Those two have been fighting none stop for a couple of weeks now, and they both seem like they want to kill each maybe...if we let them do whatever...they'll be satisfied and move on. Go with instincts, I guess," Stan said.

"Guys, come on...this...this is stupid! We shouldn't be manipulating people's feelings for each other just because we want to stop them from arguing...or to settle a dumb bet we made when we were kids," Kyle said.

"You're just scared that Tweek is going to lose and I'll win," Cartman smirked.

"No I'm not!" Kyle exclaimed.

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you fucking are!"

"Screw you fat ass!" Kyle exclaimed, "I'll prove to you that Tweek can kick Craig's ass, no problem!"

"Fine, then the bet is on!"





"....Oh boy," Kenny sighed.

With that, Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny commence with the plans. Stan, Kyle, and Kenny would be the ones to talk to Tweek since Tweek was more closer with the three than Cartman, and Cartman would take care of Craig since he knew how to make Craig tick.

Once Stan, Kyle, and Kenny reached Tweek's house, they all heard a noise coming from Tweek's garage. The three let themselves in and were surprised to see that there were photos of Craig with giant red marks all over them, some with Craig looking like a clown, some with insulting comments, and others just scribbled all over his face.

"Fuck you!" Tweek shouted as he spin kicked the punching bag.

"Holy shit," Stan said.

"Gah!" Tweek jumped and quickly turned, "w-what are you guys doing here?"

"Well Tweek, we came to tell you something," Kyle said.


"...It's about...Craig," Kyle said.

Tweek's eyes widened, the way Kyle was talking about Craig made it sound like Craig was in an accident or something. "W-what happened!? Did a car hit him!? Did he fall into the lake!? Did lightning strike him!? What!?" Tweek exclaimed, worry written all over his face.

"'s...that's not it," Stan said.

"Craig's fine, Tweek," Kenny said.

Tweek stared at the three before blushing at his sudden outburst. "W-what about him then?" Tweek said before turning towards the punching bag and resumed hitting it.

"...Craig...he's been talking shit behind your back, dude," Stan said.

Tweek froze. "He what!?"

"Yeah, said how're a wimpy, two timing, piece of shit that he hopes will die from all that coffee he drinks," Stan said.

"...Shit dude," Kyle said as he stared at Stan in surprised.

"Cartman's words, not mine," Stan whispered.

"He said that!?" Tweek was angry. "How could he say that! He...he's always...supported me...even helped me get over my coffee addiction...why would he...say that?" Tweek muttered.

"Guess he's over you, Tweek," Kenny said.

"...." Tweek stared at the photo of Craig on his punching bag. Tears pricked the corner of his eyes as his hands started shaking. He raised his fist and punched the bag as hard as he could, he kept hitting it and hitting it until the picture was completely ruined. Tweek then took of his boxing gloves and grabbed the photo before ripping it to shred, tearing it piece by piece, even ripping it with his teeth. "Fuck you!" Tweek screamed as loud as he could, startling the boys.

" Craig wants to...fight you," Stan said.

"Yeah dude, he says that he wants to kick your ass and finally settle things once and for all," Kyle said.

A fight? Tweek hasn't fought with Craig with his fist since they were kids. Was this a call back to that? Was this really how he wanted to settle things, Tweek thought. "...If he wants a fucking fight, he got one!" Tweek said as he power punched the punching bag, making a huge hole in the center before it fell off.

"...Holy shit," Stan said as he stared at the punching bag.

"...Craig is going to die," Kenny said as he stared at the bag as well.

The other two nodded.

With Cartman, he headed towards Craig's house. Cartman managed to find Craig in his backyard, Craig was busy fixing up his bike with a sullen look on his face.

"Hey Craig," Cartman greeted.

Craig made a face when he noticed Cartman, "what do you want?" Craig sighed as he placed down the wrench in his hand.

"Just wondering how you're doing," Cartman said.

"Why? We're not friends you know," Cartman sighed as he grabbed a towel and cleaned his hands from the oil he used on his bike.

"True...but I think we're friendly enough, right?"

"Nope," Craig said, popping the "p."

Cartman sighed, "okay...I'm going to be real with you here, Craig. Tweek's been talking shit about you."

"He has?" Craig looked up, his eyes widening.

"Yeah dude, he's been saying how you're a no good son of a bitch who likes shoving guinea pigs up your asshole!"

"What!?" Craig threw the towel down and stared at Cartman in anger. "Why would Tweek say that!?"

"I don't know dude, but those were the exact words he's been telling everyone!"

"But...Tweek would never...he...I just never thought..." Craig was confused and angry at the same time. He knew Tweek would curse at him and call him names sometimes whenever he was angry at him, but Tweek would never say anything bad about him behind his back, that was the one of the things Craig thought Tweek would never do.

"Seems like he moved on and is spreading a lot of nasty rumors about you as payback," Cartman said.

"That...that little..." Craig made a fist as he stared at the ground angrily.

"Yep, Tweek is going really hard on you, dude, and guess what, he says he wants to fight you just to humiliate you in front of the whole school! Could you believe that!?"

"Fight? He wants to fucking fight me!?"

"Yeah, said he'll beat you up, but I thought that was impossible because you're like...Craig Tucker! Craig isn't going to lose to someone like Tweek, right?"

Craig thought about it. Tweek wanted to fight him. Tweek, the guy that Craig thought was the sweetest person he has ever met, the guy who wasn't afraid to speak his mind to Craig and was always supportive just as Craig has been to him. 

"....If Tweek wants a fucking fight, he'll get one, but I'll be the one to kick his ass!" Craig exclaimed.

Cartman smirked, "sweet, so you still remember your sumo wrestling skills?"

Craig frowned, "No...but I do have something else that will be ten times better."

With that, Craig and Tweek were ready to fight each other.

The next day, Craig and Tweek have been glaring at each other nonstop. Tension between them kept building up as time went by. News about the fight has already spread, and everyone seemed excited for it, all except for Token and Jimmy.

"Craig...I don't think you should be doing this," Token said.

"Y-yeah, f-fighting Tweek? I-isn't that t-too extreme?" Jimmy asked.

Craig didn't say anything, he was too busy glaring at Tweek from across the room. "I'm going to murder that little fuck."

"Oh Jesus....Clyde, please say something."

"Oh hitting under the belt, and you'll do fine, Craig," Clyde smiled as he supported his friend.

"...God damn it, Clyde," Token said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

There were other people who were worried as well, those being Wendy and Bebe, who tried their best to change Tweek's mind.

"Come on Tweek, isn't this a bit too...extreme? You and Craig had history, you don't want to end it with broken bones and bloody noses, right?"

"Yeah and besides...didn't Cartman kinda spread the news about this? Doesn't this all seems a bit...familiar to any of you?" Bebe asked.

Tweek didn't listened, he was too busy glaring at Craig from across the room. "I'm going to murder that fucking cheater!"

"Oh Tweek..."

"No, seriously. Does no one see how familiar this all seems? Anyone? Anyone?"

The school day was over and everyone was rushing outside for the big fight. Everyone met behind the school, they all circled around Craig and Tweek who managed to already get there along with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman. As the two stood inside the circle, they both gave each other death glares.

"You better pay up, Kyle, my boy Craig here is going to beat up your guy," Cartman smirked.

"Fuck you fat ass, Tweek is going to win. You should have seen what he did to Craig's picture the other day," Kyle said.

"Oh...a picture, I'm quaking in fear," Cartman said sarcastically.

"You'll see, Tweek is going to murder Craig."

Everyone started chanting for either Craig or Tweek. The only ones who weren't chanting were Bebe, Wendy, Token, and Jimmy.

"I'm so worried," Wendy said.

"Me too," Token said.

"...Hey...where's Clyde?" Bebe asked.

"O-over there," Jimmy pointed at Clyde who was standing behind Craig, cheering for him.

"...God damn it, Clyde," Bebe pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Right?" Token said.

Craig and Tweek took a step forward as Kenny stood between the two. Kenny looked between them before speaking, "alright boys, I want a clean and fair fight. So no hitting under the belt...and I'm looking at you Tweek, we all remembered what you did to Ned back then," Tweek said.

" guys told me too!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Doesn't matter, I'm going to destroy you," Craig said.

"Fuck you!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Whoa, easy you two, I'm not finished with the rules, we're not making the same mistake as we did back then now, are we?" Kenny said.

"Just get it over with, I want to break this bastard's nose," Craig said.

"I'm going to fuck your face up, asshole!" Tweek shouted.

Everyone oohed as they stared at Craig and Tweek, then they all continued chanting on their favorite fighter.

"Alright here are the rules. No hitting really hard cause we do not want to be witnesses to an accidental or on purpose murder. Again...I'm looking at you, Tweek."


"No using weapons of any kinds, got that Craig?"

"Whatever," Craig kept glaring at Tweek.

"One last thing...once the fight is over and one of you is still standing, you both need to fucking move on already, we're getting sick and tired of you two fighting all the time, got it?"

"Deal!" The two exclaimed.

"Alright...then gentleman...go at it," Kenny took a step back and the fight began.

The first thing the two did was take off their shirts so they wouldn't pull them back too much. Tweek then took out his boxing gloves and put them on, he even put on a mouth guard as well. Craig on the other hand cracked his knuckles and was getting ready to fight.

"Oh? Not going to sumo wrestle in your underpants?" Tweek said, hoping to enrage Craig. The crowed oohed.

"No...but I bet you would get a kick out of seeing me in nothing but my underpants!" Craig said. Everyone oohed to that as well.

Tweek blushed and became angrier. "Yeah right, as if I want to see that, especially when you have such a small dick!" Tweek exclaimed. The crowed oohed louder, some were even laughing.

Craig blushed and tightened his fists. "You weren't complaining earlier!"

"Quit talking about your sex lives and fight already!" Clyde exclaimed.

"Clyde!" Token exclaimed.


Tweek let out a angry scream before lunging himself at Craig, Tweek punched Craig in the face, breaking his nose. Craig managed to push Tweek off as he winced in pain, but retaliates by running at Tweek and kicking him in chest.

"Motherfucker!" Craig shouted.

"Fucking two timer!"

The two kept wrestling each other, both of which started pulling each other's hair as they try to punch the other. Craig managed to get Tweek in the eye while Tweek managed to get Craig in the stomach. The two then pushed each other off, falling into the snowy ground at the same time.

"Fight fight fight fight!" The crowd cheered as they watch in anticipation to see who was going to win.

"Oh! I can't watch!" Wendy exclaimed as she covered her eyes.

"You okay, Wendy?" Stan asked.

"Oh Stan...this is too much, those two are going to kill each other!" Wendy exclaimed.

"Oh...uh...I'm sure it'll be fine, Kenny did say they can't kill each other," Stan said.

"Yeah...and he also said that they can't hit each other under the belt," Bebe pointed at the two and everyone realized that Tweek has broken one of the rules already by kicking Craig in the crotch, causing the boy to fall to the ground, wincing in pain. Craig soon retaliated by headbutting Tweek below the belt himself.

"Oh...Jesus," Stan said.

"Should we...should we stop them?" Kyle asked as he watched with a worried expression.

"I'm pretty sure we can't do shit, they're really going at it," Kenny said.

Tweek managed to headbutt Craig in the face, causing him to bleed from he nose and mouth, as for Craig, he managed to pull Tweek's hair, ripping a large chunk off.

"Oh my god!" Bebe exclaimed, "this is all your fault!" Bebe exclaimed as she glared at the four boys.

"Our fault?" Stan exclaimed.

"Yes! You are basically doing the same thing that you guys started back in elementary school! Only this made it worse!" Bebe exclaimed.

"...Oh my god! What were we thinking!?" Stan exclaimed, realizing their mistake.

"I blame you for this, fat ass!" Kyle exclaimed.

"Me!? You guys didn't do shit when I suggested it, you just went along!" Cartman exclaimed.

"This is all your fault, Cartman!" Kyle exclaimed as he wrestled Cartman down.

"Screw you you fucking Jew!" Cartman shouted as he punched Kyle.

The two started fighting, causing everyone who was staring at Craig and Tweek to suddenly stare at them. Soon, the crowd ignored Craig and Tweek and were now interested in the fight between Kyle and Cartman. The only people who were still watching Craig and Tweek were Bebe, Wendy, Kenny, Stan, Token, Jimmy, and Clyde.

"A-ack! Get off of me!" Craig shouted.

"Fuck you!" Tweek exclaimed as he continued to hold Craig in a choke hold.

Thinking fast, Craig quickly reached for his jacket and threw it at Tweek's face. However, the promise rings that were inside the pockets fell out and landed in the snowy ground.

Tweek staggered back, trying to get the jacket off, when he managed to rid the jacket off, he suddenly noticed the promise rings. "Promise rings!? You got promise rings!?" Tweek exclaimed. He suddenly believed that one of those rings were meant for Michael, causing Tweek to get even more angry, "you fucking bastard, we haven't broken up for that long and you're already getting promise rings for your new boyfriend!?"

"W-what? What are you talking about!?" Craig exclaimed.

Tweek was crying as he glared at the rings, "I'll fucking show you how I feel about your relationship, you fucking cheater!" Tweek exclaimed as he raised his foot to stomp on the rings.

"No!" Craig shouted as he reached out and grabbed them, only to have Tweek stomping on Craig's hands very hard.

"...Wait...cheating? Craig never cheated on Tweek," Token said.

"What?" Kenny turned his head towards Token, "but Tweek said that Craig cheated on him with Michael, that new kid."

"What!? Craig was only asking Michael for help on getting the rings. Those rings were for Tweek!"

"Hold you're telling me that...Tweek broke up with Craig because he thought he cheated on him...when in reality...Craig was just trying to get Tweek a promise ring?" Bebe asked.

"...Oh my fucking god," Stan muttered.

Token's eyes widened as he watched Tweek continuing to stomp on Craig's hands in anger. Quickly thinking, he ran towards the two and stopped them. "Tweek! Stop! Those rings were for you!"

Tweek froze. "W-what?"

"Token...don't you-"

"Shut up and listen! Both of you!" Token shouted. "This entire time, Tweek thought you were cheating on him with Michael, but in reality, Craig was only asking Michael to help him out get promise rings for you," Token explained.

"W-what? Those...rings were....for me?" Tweek asked. Tweek lifted his foot off of Craig's injured and bloodied hands. Craig stared up at Tweek before opening his hands and showing him the rings. Tweek takes one of them and his eyes widened when he saw the words engraved in them. "Together...forever...T...Tweek," Tweek was shaking as he stares at the ring, tears fell out of his eyes. " were just...getting these for me this entire time?"

"....Yes..." Craig sighed, all anger leaving him, "you thought I was cheating on you with Michael?"

"Yeah...kinda," Tweek said.

"Dude, I would never date Michael, hell, I'm not even friends with the guy. I was simply hanging out with him and trying to convince him to give me a discount on the rings, you really think I'll ever be friends with him?"

"W-we're not?" Michael, who just happened to be standing nearby, spoke, staring at Craig in shock. "But...I thought we were having a great time together."

"...Meh..." Craig shrugged, "you seem like an alright guy...but...I kinda made a personal rule to never be friends with someone name Michael, you can blame that on Tweek," Craig said.

"...Craig...I'm...I'm so sorry," Tweek sniffled as he got on his knees and stared at Craig, "I'm so sorry for all of this...I should have just talk to you...I should have just trusted you! I're such a straightforward guy, you would never do something like this, you would at least tell me if you weren't interested in me or not!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Dude, that's literally what I said," Kenny exclaimed.

Bebe elbowed him in the stomach, "shut up and let them have their moment."

"Tweek...I'm sorry as well...I should have talk to you about me and Michael, I should have remembered how you're not very good when it comes to secrets," Craig said. "I'm so sorry for hurting you, Tweek."

"No...I'm sorry for hurting you..."

"Well I'm sorry more."

"Well I'm sorry for breaking your nose!"

"Well I'm sorry for ripping a chunk of your hair out!"

"Well I'm sorry for breaking your hands!"

"Well I'm sorry for kicking you in the chest!"

"Well I'm sorry for hitting you in the dick!"

"Well I'm also sorry for hitting you in your dick!"

"We get it, you're both sorry, can we move on already!?" Clyde shouted.

"Clyde!" Everyone shouted.


"Tweek...I love you," Craig said.

Tweek sniffled as he stared at Craig with a smile, "I love you too," Tweek said. The two got up and hugged each other, but winced from the pain.

"...We should probably go to the hospital now," Craig winced when his nose started hurting again.

"I think I lost a tooth," Tweek said.

"Yeah...we should probably get those two to a hospital now," Bebe said.

"What about those two?" Wendy asked as she pointed at Kyle and Cartman who were still fighting each other.

Stan and Kenny looked at each other, "we take them to the hospital later."

With that, Craig and Tweek were taken to the hospital, both of them have finally realized that there was a huge misunderstanding and were now back together, happy once again.

"I told you that this all seemed familiar, but one believes in Bebe, Bebe is just all talk, that she's just a background character with very little lines here and there..."

"Bebe, we get it," Wendy sighed.

"Just checking," Bebe smiled.

In the hospital, Craig and Tweek were sharing a room together, similar to when they were ten and were force to share a room after their first fist fight, but instead of the two feeling awkward and still slightly pissed at the other, they were happy together, even sharing a bed together that the hospital managed to arrange for them.

While Craig and Tweek were watching whatever was good on TV, hey suddenly hear a knock on their door.

"Hey guys, how are you feeling?" Token asked. He along with Clyde, Jimmy, Stan, Kenny, Wendy, and Bebe, all walked inside the room, holding gifts and flowers.

"I feel pain everywhere, and the doctor said my hands will be useless for a couple of days," Craig said.

"And...I'm force to take a lot of pain killers...which are making me very sleepy," Tweek said, trying very hard to stay awake. Craig leaned forward and kissed Tweek on the head, hoping to ease the blonde boy.

"Right...well we came over and wanted to apologized for the whole thing," Stan said.

" was kinda dumb of us to make you guys fight like that," Kenny said.

"Kinda!?" Craig exclaimed.

"The doctor said we'll have to stay in the hospital for two weeks!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Both of our parents are fucking pissed at us for almost killing each other!"

"I almost destroyed Craig's hands!"

"I headbutted Tweek's dick!"

"...Yeah...sorry about that," Kenny said.

"We'll uh...we'll just let you two rest up and we'll see you guys in two weeks," Stan said.

The group nodded and started to leave with the gifts in their hands.

"Wait, what about the flowers and gifts, weren't those for us?" Tweek asked.

"Oh these? Nah...they're for Cartman and Kyle...they really messed each other up the other day and we actually came to the hospital for them," Stan said.

"We thought we'd drop by and and check up on you, since you guys will be staying here much longer than those two," Kenny said.

"So yeah...hope you two get better soon," Wendy smiled.

"Bye!" Everyone said and proceeded to leave the room.

"....Tell me again why we're friends with them?" Craig asked.

"At this point...I have no idea," Tweek said.

"Ugh," Craig laid down, holding Tweek's hand.

Tweek smiled and leaned forward to kiss Craig's hand. "I really love our rings, Craig," Tweek smiled as he lifted his right hand to admire his promise ring.

"Yeah...too bad mine's is hidden underneath this cast," Craig said as he lifted his right hand, which was heavily bandaged.

"...Sorry about that," Tweek said.

"It's fine," Craig sighed.

As the two laid next to each other, smiling. The two leaned forward and gave each other a kiss. They then snuggled closer before closing their eyes and getting some rest.

What Craig and Tweek did was idiotic, stupid, immature, and quite frankly could have been easily avoided if they talked to each other, but in the end, they were happy again, bruised, bloodied, and very much in pain, but happy to have the other in their lives again.

The End.

Chapter Text

I was fourteen when I realized I was gay. It all started when Kenny was showing me a bunch of porn movies he brought over when he came over to my house one night, and let's just say...I was more interested in the shirtless guy than the girl getting fucked in the ass.

My sexuality was soon confirmed when high school came and I was changing my clothes for gym class. Let's just say I ended up being late for my class because I was stuck in the restroom for about an hour.

The only person I ever told about my sexuality besides my parents was Kenny. Kenny has been really supportive and even brought me gay porn magazines and movies. It was embarrassing looking at all of them with Kenny, but I eventually got a hang of it.

When I was seventeen, I wanted to try sex out, something that a lot of kids in my class had already done, I knew that it was time for me to lose my virginity. Of course...being the only gay kid in my entire school, finding someone I could do it with was a bit of a problem. Then there was Kenny.

"A-are you serious!?" I exclaimed. I watched as Kenny took off his jacket and shirt.

"Sure man, you said you wanted to lose your virginity, so I'll let you fuck me," Kenny said.

I blushed, "l-look...Ken...I appreciate all you've been d-doing, but I don't really see you as anything more than as a friend," I muttered.

Kenny laughed, "well duh, I know that. Doing this doesn't mean we're going to start dating, it's to help you lose your V-card."

I blushed even more, looking down, "I don't know...I always thought m-my first time will be with someone I like...and you special?" I said.

"Oh come on man, who knows how long it'll be till you find that perfect guy, especially when we live in a town where there's barely any gay kids around," Kenny said.

I pouted, "I're right...and I guess...if I do this...I'll be more experience for when I do find that perfect guy," I muttered.

"There we go buddy, you wanna do this? Doggy style? Missionary?"


My first experience with Kenny was awkward, stressful, but still very satisfying. Kenny was very patient with me and even helped me with what I needed to do and how I should do it. Though I will never have sex with Kenny again, I really appreciated his help.

"...We're still friends...right?" I asked, laying on my bed.

"Yes," Kenny said.

"A-and you're not hurt that bad...r-right?"

"No Tweek, you were fine. Hell, I bet the next guy you fuck is going to have a fucking best time," Kenny smirked.

I blushed, "you think...there will be a guy out there for someone like me?" I asked.

"Of course, what kind of guy wouldn't like a cutie like you, especially one with a great dick," Kenny said.

"Oh Jesus, after this, we're never talking about this again," I said.

"Yeah yeah...wake me up in hour," Kenny said as he fell asleep next to me.

I stared at him for a bit before laying down and staring up at the ceiling. I smiled to myself knowing that I was no longer a virgin, but I couldn't help but wonder...who my destined partner is going to be.

I closed my eyes and dreamed of myself with my future boyfriend. I imagined him with black hair and dark blue eyes.

College was much different from high school. The fact that I'm now a responsible adult that has to fend for himself, it's a bit nerve wrecking, but thankfully for me I had Kenny. It was Kenny's idea that we become roommates, and I wasn't against the idea since I was still afraid of being on my own. We managed to pay rent since Kenny was working part time as a bust boy, while for me, I work part time at this cafe. Since our schedules are very different, we barely see each other, but on days where we have a break from work and school, we'd just hang out and either watch TV or look at some porn, something I still can't believe we're still doing.

"Hey Tweek, guess what I found," Kenny came into my room with his laptop in my hands.

"What?" I asked, putting down my pen. I was busy doing some homework for my English class.

Kenny placed his laptop on my desk and the first thing I see when he opened the lid of his laptop was a guy shoving a dildo up his ass.

"Sweet Mary Joseph Jesus!" I exclaimed as I fell out of my chair, blushing madly.

"Relax, Tweek, it's just a gay porno sight, nothing to worry about," Kenny said.

"Dude, why are you showing this to me!?" I blushed madly as I got back up and slammed the computer shut.

"I thought we see something new, you know," Kenny smiled.

"New!? What's wrong with reading dirty magazines or watching porno movies?"

"Because, these are more real," Kenny opened his laptop once again and clicked on a random video. This time, it was a guy who was stroking himself with a dildo shoved up in his ass. We couldn't see his face or anything, we only heard his voice as he softly moaned to himself.

I gulped as I watched the screen, feeling myself getting hard already. I'll admit, this does look really...really hot... "Nnngg!" I slammed the laptop once more, not wanting to get any harder, "t-this seems a bit t-too intense," I blushed.

"Alright alright, I get it," Kenny sighed as he takes his laptop, "well if you want to watch a couple of videos on your own, here's the link," Kenny grabbed one of my post-it notes and my pen before writing down the site's name. "Enjoy yourself," Kenny smirked before leaving my room.

I blushed madly as I glared at him before he left. I tried my best to calm myself down before sitting back down and continuing my work. "Stupid Kenny and his stupid little...." I stared at the post-it note on my table, feeling myself getting hot. I angrily stared at it before grabbing it and flipping it over.

I resumed my work without any other distractions.

By the time it was getting close to eleven, I finished up my work and stretched out my arms, feeling relieved from being finished. Looking at the time, I wasn't very tired at all. I thought of watching some YouTube videos on my laptop before I head to bed. Grabbing my laptop, I turned it on, headed to my watch later playlist, and started watching all the videos I had in store. Most of them were conspiracy theory videos.

As I was watching the video, I suddenly remembered the pot-it note on my desk. I looked away from it, but my eyes would end up going back to it. I bit my lip and started tapping my finger on my desk, feeling a bit curious.

"...Nnng...fuck it," I sighed as I grabbed the post-it note. Clicking out of YouTube and going into incognito mode, just in case you know, I typed in the name of the website and headed over to it. My face flushed when I saw so many homemade gay videos on the front page. "Jesus..." I muttered as I scrolled around, trying to see what video to watch. I soon found one that caught my attention, so I decided to watch it. I grabbed my headphones, connect the cord to my laptop, then put them on before I pressed on the video. The video was made by someone called SpaceKid, and it seemed he was decently popular on this page since he has about a thousand fans following him, I wonder what this guy is like. I waited patiently as the video loaded.

"...Hey," a voice filled my ears, causing my heart to race. "Wanna see something fun?" The person on the video said. I couldn't see their face, only the lower half of their body. It seemed the guy was sitting in his chair as he talked to the camera. Just then, the guy pushed himself away from his desk, his face was still hidden, and my eyes widened when I saw that his cock was fully hard. His cock was aching a bit, some cum leaking out. His hands gently stroke his cock as his lips, the only thing I could see, turned upwards, forming a mischievous smirk. "Like what you see?"

"...Nnngg..." I bit my lip as something inside me felt warm and very excited. I can feel my own cock twitching as I continue to listen to his voice. His voice was nasally sounding, sounded so comforting. I wanted to listen to nothing but his voice.

"I got something new in the mail...wanna see?" The guy spoke. I found myself answering, even though I know he couldn't hear me or anything, but the way he was asking all these questions just made me want to answer him. The guy grabbed something from his desk and my face flushed when I saw the long purple vibrator in his hands. "I can't wait to put this in me..."

I swallowed as I palmed myself in my jeans, feeling how tight it was. I pit my lip harder as I watched the guy put the vibrator into his mouth as he continued to stroke himself. I closed my eyes as I listened closely to the small noises he was making. Once I hear a popping sound, I opened my eyes once more and saw that the guy gently pushed the vibrator into his hole. He was smirking at the camera.

"Mmm...are you imagining yourself going inside me?"

"Nnngg...y-yes," I panted. I started taking off my pants, releasing my aching cock as I stroke myself. I continued to watch the screen, feeling my eyelids getting heavy.

" you feel yourself teasing me down there?"

I did. I stroke myself very slowly, imagining myself teasing the guy on the screen. I leaned back as I rubbed the head of my cock, flushing as I continue to listen to the guy's voice.

"A-ah...yeah...right there," the guy panted as he started shoving the vibrator deeper and deeper.

"Oh god," I whispered as I tightened my grip. Not wanting Kenny to hear me by mistake, I used my free hand to cover my mouth as I continued to stroke myself, I made sure to look back at the screen.

"Oh shit...I think I'm going to come....are you ready?" The guy whispered.

I nodded. I also was getting ready to come. Biting my hand a bit to muffle my voice, I stroke my cock faster as I listened intently to the guy's breathing. When I hear him letting out a cry, I came. "Mmmffff!" I panted as I came all over myself and my chair. I leaned back in my chair as I look back at the screen, face completely flushed.

"Shit...I really came all over myself didn't I? What about you, honey?"

"H-honey?" I blushed, but I realized that was probably what he calls his audience in every video he made. Still, I couldn't stop my heart from racing so much after hearing him say that.

"I'll see you in the next one, and don't forget, you can watch me live every Friday at eleven, hope to see you there, honey," the guy spoke, before smirking. To my surprise, he finishes the video off my flipping the camera off, and then the video was over. I felt that that was weird, yet at the same time, it was kinda hot.

"Oh Jesus..." I muttered as I looked down and saw the mess I made. I quickly grabbed the tissues from my desk and started to clean myself up. As I was cleaning, I couldn't get his voice out of my head.

Once I was done cleaning and putting everything away, I headed to the bathroom and took a quick shower before I put on my PJs and headed to bed. I laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling. The guy's voice was still in my head as I try to go to sleep, I was curious on who his guy looks like, what his real name was, and what does he do for a living besides making porn videos in what appears to be his room.

"....Friday night huh?" I muttered, my heart was still racing as I drifted off to sleep, imagining his voice in my ears.

As much as I hate to admit it, but I'm glad Kenny showed me this website. Though I would I never watch videos on here with him since it was still too embarrassing and new, I feel like I can't get off from anything but videos from this site...specifically videos made by SpaceKid. It seems that the guy always post something on Saturdays, but has live streams on Fridays. However, in order to watch these live streams, you're going to need to make an account and pay the monthly fee, something I didn't want to waste my money. So I decided to get most of my pleasure fill from watching his Saturday videos, even though I still can't see his face.

I guess it doesn't matter, what does is my job. Since my parents are too strict with their own money and barely send me any to pay for the bills and school supplies, I was force to get a job. It wasn't so bad, it was pretty similar to my family's coffee shop. All I had to do was take orders, make the coffee, and give them to the right customer. Easy. My job was ten times better than my family's shop since the hours were more reasonable and works out with my schedule, so I can earn money and still have plenty of time to get to my next class.

"Hey Tweek," I was surprised to see Kenny coming by.

"Hey Ken, aren't you suppose to be in class right now?" I asked.

"It got cancelled today, so me and my pals here got some free time on our hands," Kenny smiled. I looked over and saw two people with Kenny, "let me introduce you to the guys. "This here is Butters."

"Howdy, nice to meet you," a blond kid smiled as he greeted me. I noticed there was a scar that was healing over his right eye, but it was barely there, so I didn't pay too much attention to it.

" Butters your real name?" I asked.

"Well no, my name is Leopold Stotch, but I prefer people calling me Butters," Butters smiled.

"Well it's nice to meet you, I'm Tweek," I said. I then turned my attention to the other guy tall...and has really..really nice dark blue eyes. "Um...hi, I'm Tweek."

The guy nodded, acknowledging me, but didn't say a word. I was starting to get worried, wondering if the guy was mute or something, but Kenny suddenly stepped next to the guy before nudging him with his elbow.

"Come on man, don't be an asshole, you promised," Kenny said.

The guy sighed before turning his full attention back towards me, "Hey...I'm Craig," the guy spoke.

I froze. His sounded so...familiar... "Um...n-nice to m-m-meet you," I stuttered, feeling my face getting warm.

"Yeah sorry about this guy, Tweek, he's very shy around new people, trying my best to get him out of his shell," Kenny said putting his arm around Craig.

"Fuck off," Craig sighed before raising his hand and flipped him off.

My eyes widened. "You!" I exclaimed. The three were startled by my sudden outburst and turned to me in confusion. I started to panic once their eyes were on me, " guys want anything?" I asked, feeling my face go red.

"Oh uh...yeah dude, we'd like a two frappes and one black coffee," Kenny said.

"Got it," I quickly said as I grabbed three cups, "you guys can go and sit down, I'll call for you once it's done," I said.

"Cool, thanks Tweek," Kenny said as he placed down the money for the drinks. I take the money and handed Kenny back his change. I then got to work on the drinks.

Once the three sat down at a table, I started to panic when I realized who that Craig guy was. From his voice to the way he flipped Kenny off earlier, it's without a doubt Spacekid! The guy I've been jacking off to! The guy I kept dreaming about! The guy who lulls me to sleep with his voice! Holy shit! What the fuck!?

...Wait...hold it right there Tweek, you don't know if that Craig guy is Spacekid. I's probably a huge coincidence that the guy sounds similar to Spacekid and also happens to flip people off.'s a coincidence, a huge coincidence.

As I peeked back over to where Kenny and his friends were, I stared at Craig. I blushed when I noticed how good looking he was. Whether Craig was Spacekid of not, he does have a nice face, and his eyes...oh god...they were...they were...

I shook my head before slapping my cheeks, trying to bring me back to reality. Come on Tweek, you're working, no fantasizing during the job! I quickly finished up the orders and called for the three to get them. To my surprise, it was Craig who came over to pick them up.

"Are they ready?" Craig asked.

"Y-yep, here you go," I put on a smile and handed Craig the drinks.

"Thank," Craig said as he takes them inside the tray I provided, he suddenly look up at me, "I um...I wanted to apologize if I seemed...rude earlier. I'm not really great with talking to people," Craig said, blushing slightly. Oh my god, he's so cute!

"I-it's no problem! Not a problem at all! I'm also very bad at talking to people," I laughed.

Craig looked at curiously, "really now?"

I blushed, "y-yeah, I get all tongue-tied, I say very awkward things, and sometimes I would start twitching in the middle of a conversation because I'm v-v-very nervous!" I said, and to prove it, I suddenly started twitching, but I'm pretty sure that didn't help me that much.

"Oh...I see," Craig said, staring at me.

Oh god, why!? " did you and Kenny meet? You seem like the complete opposite of Kenny over there," I said.

"We have a class together and we ended up being partners for a project we had. Since then, he's been sticking to me like a parasite," Craig said.

"Oh come, Kenny probably isn't that bad," I said.

"I gave him ten dollars the other day and he hasn't paid me back, even dodging the question whenever I ask him about it," Craig said.

"...Yeah that sounds like Kenny," I sighed.

"...You two seem close," Craig noted.

"W-well yeah, we grew up in the same town together and he's been like my best friend. Even supported me when I told him I was gay," I said.

"You're gay?" Craig sounded surprised.

I started to panic, wondering if Craig was uncomfortable with me being gay. "Y-yeah. S-sorry if you have a problem with that..."

"No, don't be sorry. It's great that you're gay," Craig said.

I looked up at him, "r-really?"

"Yeah. It's completely fine, hell, I'm uh...I'm g-gay myself," Craig blushed, looking a bit embarrassed. Cute!

"You're gay as well?" I smiled.

"Yep, ever since I found out when I was sixteen. I'm gay and I'm proud," Craig said, but started to blush, "oh god, that sounded so stupid, I'm sorry."

"Pff, it's fine," I laughed, feeling all awkward tension between us melting away.

"...So um...hey...Kenny, Butters, and I were actually heading towards this this party this weekend...and...well I'm not sure if Kenny said anything yet since you two are friends and all, but wanna come?" Craig asked.

I felt my heart race all of a sudden, why does this sound like Craig was asking me on a date!? "Oh uh...yeah..sure, I'd...I'd love to come," I smiled.

"Cool," Craig nodded, "then uh...I'll see you there?" Craig asked.

"Definitely," I smiled.

Craig smiled. The moment he smiled, my heart stopped. "See you there," Craig said. He takes the drinks and heads back to his table.

As I watched him leave, my heart was racing as I thought back to that smile. The exact same smile that I see whenever I touch myself, the same smile that Spacekid has whenever I see one of his videos. That smile...

I turned around, getting back to work, but to also hide my very red face. My heart was beating crazy and my entire body was getting really sweaty as I looked down at the slightly dirty floor.

No matter how I see it, no matter how many times I try to convince myself it was just a coincidence. Without a doubt, I'm pretty sure that Craig is actually Spacekid. Oh Jesus...

I was walking back and forth in my room, staring at my laptop every now and then. I was conflicted on whether to just make the account and check Spacekid's live stream videos. I needed to see whether Spacekid really is Craig or not! On one hand, I could be wrong and I wasted my money on making the account. Then again...if Craig really is Spacekid...then...

"Nnnngg! Oh Jesus!" I sat down in my bed, pulling my hair, feeling completely and utterly conflicted. I stared at my laptop, feeling so lost and confused, but most of all, curious. I just need to make sure, if it isn't him, I can easily cancel my subscription and move on, but if it's him...well...I'm not sure what I'll do. "...Fuck it!" I exclaimed as I got up, grabbed my laptop, and started making my account. I took out my debit card and put in my billing info. Once everything was all set and done, I took a deep breath as I checked the time.

It was almost going to be eleven. Today was Friday, and Spacekid said that they start their live stream every Friday at eleven. I stared at the link to Spacekid's live streams. Was I really going to do this?

It was eleven. I pressed the link.

The video said that the live stream will be ready in a few more seconds, so as I sat in my chair, headphones on and double checking to make sure the door was closed and locked, I waited anxiously for the stream to start.

"...Hey," the stream finally started and my sucked in a breath as I stared at the face I recognized. It really was Craig! "Hello everyone...glad to see a lot of you coming back...and I do see a few newbies, so hey," Craig smiled as he waved his hand in a cute manner. I noticed that he was wearing a very loose shirt that fell off his right shoulder. I gulped when I saw how much skin he was showing.

I looked at the chat and paled when I saw how many people were typing and commenting to Craig. Some were simple hellos, while others were more bold and even started calling Craig as honey, babe, cutie, darling, dear, and even sexy. Fucking sexy!

I hear Craig chuckling lightly as he leaned back in his chair, he seemed more casual in his live streams than in any of his videos, but then his videos, he goes straight to the point and shoves toys up his ass as he stroke himself.

Craig smiled as he looked over at the chat, "there sure is a lot of you, all you newbies must have really wanted to see my face, huh? Are you already bored of my simple videos I post?" Craig asked.

A few of the people on chat started answering. A good chunk of them said no, while the others were saying that they love the videos, but would like to see a face in those videos. Someone on chat even asked why he doesn't show his videos.

It seemed Craig noticed the question so he decided to answer. "I'm a bit shy, you know? I'm not very comfortable with showing my face on my videos, it's okay if I'm doing it live since I know not everyone can afford to see the live shows...and besides...I get money out of this anyways, long as I get paid, no face reveal in my videos. Sorry everyone," Craig bowed his head, almost as if he was apologizing for reals, but in a playful manner. Sweet Jesus.

For whatever reason, I started to type and ask him how long he's been doing this. I'm very curious and needed to know.

Luckily for me, Craig seemed to noticed my question before smiling and replying. "Well...I've been doing this for almost two years now, I started doing it when I was in need of some money for guys won't judge me for that...right honey?" Craig asked in a cutesy manner.

Everyone in chat were exclaiming no, that they would never judge Craig. Hell, even though I knew doing something like this isn't really ideal to getting money, I feel like I sorta understand where he's coming from. It's a big and scary world out there, and getting normal jobs is very scarce, especially with our economy.

More people started showing up and more messages were being typed. I tried my best to read all of them, but they were all going so fast, but the ones I do noticed were simple questions that seemed to ask Craig about his personal lives, then there were ones that were asking when the show was going to start, guess these guys didn't want to wait any longer.

"My...some of you guys can't wait, huh?" Craig pouted, "well...I don't want to keep you guys from it any longer, so shall we begin?" Craig asked. The crowd was going wild as they all exclaimed yes to him. Craig chuckled and grabbed something off his desk, causing the shirt to loosen more around his shoulders. The thing Craig brought out was a bottle of lube, I watched as he squeezed a good amount into his hands before touching himself. I gulped as he continues to stroke his dick before going down and down until he reached his rim.

"No no are not getting off from this!" I said to myself as I closed my eyes. That's right, I only did this to confirm my suspicions, not to jack off to this! I need to get off this page, cancel my subscription, and never speak of this again. I already got my answers and that's that! I took a deep breath as I moved my mouse and was about to click off, but then...I heard Craig softly moaning to himself.

"Ah...shit," Craig bit his lip as he insert a finger into himself. I watched as he clenched his toes as he looked down, but still looking at the camera now and then. "Like what you see, honey?" Craig purred.

Everyone in chat were going crazy once more, all of them saying yes to him. Saying how they all are already jacking off to him, how they want to be the ones inserting their fingers inside of him.

"...." Without thinking, I felt my hands move on their own as they started typing away. I soon replied with a yes into the chat.

"Good...I love it when you guys watch me finger myself...makes me all hot and bothered," Craig sighed as he inserted another finger inside of him. I was shaking as he started scissoring himself with his fingers, watching as his fingers and hole was getting wetter and wetter. I can already feel my won cock getting hard.

Wait! No! You're not suppose to be getting hard! You gotta get off this page and-

"Hey...while I'm prepping myself, why don't you all ask me a question, I'll try my best to reply...if I'm not too busy here," Craig smirked.

I froze. Questions?

I looked over at chat and a few people were already asking away. Some of it normal, asking stuff like what he likes, what does he do, stuff like that, there were some that were a bit more personal, and then there were those that were extremely personal.

"'s an interesting one, 'how many times do I touch myself?' Hm...well...I guess I do it whenever I have time. I am a college student you know, so I rarely have time for myself these days," Craig spoke.

Really now? I wonder...when does he have breaks? When does he have time for himself...and what else does he do besides...this.

"Let's see..'what are you majoring in?' A bit personal, don't you think?" Craig smiled, "but I guess it's fine. I'm majoring in astronomy. I'm hoping to work for NASA one day...oh boy...imagine how much fun it'll be if I brought you guys along with me into space," Craig smirked. The crowd seemed to be really excited by the thought, me included.

Space huh? I guess Craig likes space stuff, even his username is an obvious example. "Hm....I wonder what else he's into..." I muttered to myself, imagining Craig in space.

I suddenly hear Craig reading another question. "'Are you dating anyone?" I froze. I sat up straight, curious. "...No...not yet anyways," Craig smirked.

Oh...Jesus. I gulped as I soon found myself typing. I had to know. "Do you like anyone?"

Craig read my question. It took him awhile to answer since he was getting distracted from his fingers in his ass. "Not particularly...but...I did recently met a guy who seemed like my type," Craig said.

I froze.

The chat were booming once more, asking what his type was, I even found myself asking that question, feeling my heart racing.

Craig read the question, licking his lips as sweat started forming on his head, "My type...well...I'm very into blondes," Craig smirked.

I nearly had a heart attack.

A lot of people on chat were commenting, some were saying how they were blonde, some were saying how they were sadly not blonde, and then there were those that were saying that they'd dye their hair to blonde.

Craig read each and every comment before chuckling to himself, amused at what people were saying. Craig suddenly took his fingers out of his hole, looking quite satisfied with himself. "There...nice and loose, just the way I like it," Craig spoke, winking at the camera. Oh Christ.

Craig suddenly reaches for something from his desk once more, this time it was a long purple dildo with bumps all over it. I felt myself getting harder as Craig started licking the dildo while stroking himself. Oh god, I don't think I'll be able to last much longer. I tried to steady myself by palming myself through my jeans, but it wasn't satisfying enough.

Craig takes the dildo out of his mouth as he continues to read a couple more questions. I soon got back to typing and started asking him who this mystery interest of his was, since besides me, both Kenny and Butters were blonde themselves.

"Well obviously I can't say their names for privacy reasons...but...he seems like a sweet guy...he's not very tall as me, but I don't mind since I love short guys," Craig said. I gulped. Kenny was out since it seems that Kenny was almost the same height as Craig. I continued to listen, "another thing I like about him is the cute way he speaks. My heart would beat really fast every time I hear his voice...just thinking about me makes me all warm inside...and all wet," Craig said, biting his lip.

Oh Jesus! I grabbed the edge of my desk, trying my hardest to not touch myself. Oh god, what is Craig doing to me!?

"Also...the guy I like...he looks really cute when he's stutters," Craig said.

I froze. Stutter? Stutter!? I felt my face go red as I look at the screen, feeling my heart race. He was definitely talking about me. Me! Oh my god! I feel like screaming right now!

I suddenly started typing again, feeling a bit more curious on how Craig feels about me. I asked, "you going to see him again?"

Craig was licking at the dildo before he put it down to read the chat. Craig suddenly started blushing, making him even more cuter. "I hope so...I did invite him to this party I'll be going I hope I'll get to see him there," Craig said.

I felt my heart racing as I smiled. I'm definitely going.

My smile dropped when I suddenly saw someone asking Craig if he was going to let his crush fuck him. I started blushing madly just at the thought.

Craig seemed surprised, but he soon started smirking, "well fuck, I hope day at least...maybe even have him in one of my live shows," Craig purred.

Oh god! The thought of being on camera seems terrifying! Having complete strangers watching me while I'm...I' know! I don't think I can do that!

Someone in chat suddenly asked what he and his secret crush would do if they did came to the show. Craig smiled, "well...first I would kiss him of course, make sure to taste those soft lips of his," Craig said. I blushed at the thought of Craig's lips on mine. "Then....I'd kiss all over his body, making sure to have my hands all over him. I shivered at the thought of Craig's hands all over me. "Then...I'd start sucking his dick, making sure it goes down my throat," Craig purred.

"...." Oh Jesus. My face was red as my stomach did a flip. My cock was so hard that it started to hurt inside my jeans. I suddenly found myself pulling my zipper down and taking my cock out. My cock was leaking with cum as it begs for me to stroke it. I bit my bottom lip as I reached over and squeezed the head of my cock. I turned my attention back to the screen.

The chat were asking for more, they wanted to know what else Craig wanted to do with his "Oh...well I would love it if he pulled my hair a bit...I would also love it if he thrust his hips while my mouth is still around his cock." Craig licked his lips. Craig continued sucking on the dildo until it was good and wet. I watched as Craig started pushing the dildo into his hole, moaning slightly as the dildo goes in and he kept pushing it deeper and deeper. "Then...I want him to lay me on my bed...and...nnggg....put that cock inside of me...I want him to fuck me so hard," Craig said, blushing as the dildo is shoved deep inside of him.

"Oh god," I gasped as I started stroking my cock much faster, pumping and squeezing as I imagine myself over Craig, putting my cock inside him.

"Fuck...I just want him to go deep inside, I want him all in me," Craig panted, biting his lips as he moved the dildo in and out of him.

I started to imagine being inside of him, imagining how great he'll feel. I started bucking my hips in hopes of getting more friction.

"Oh fuck!" Craig cursed as he pumped the dildo in and out of him much faster while also touching his own cock, "a-ah...and just knowing that you guys are...fuck...w-watching us...its going to be so fucking great," Craig said before he let out a low grunting sound as he comes all over his stomach.

I quickly covered my mouth as I came all over my hands. I quickly grabbed a tissue and covered my cock with it to prevent any more of my cum from getting on my chair and table.

"Oh Jesus, that was...really intense," Craig panted, slouching in his chair a bit, "how was that? Did any of you came?" Craig asked, looking at the camera.

I can hear the chat as they started replying, but I didn't care, I was in my own little world as I try to come down from my blissful high just now. I was panting as I leaned back in my chair, just thinking about Craig and how he would look if we were to have sex together. I wanted to kiss him, I wanted to hold him, I wanted to caress every part of his body, and most of all, I wanted to fuck him. Fuck him like he wanted.

Craig finally calmed down after a few minutes before sitting upright and smiling at the camera as if he didn't just masturbated in front of the camera a little while ago. "Alright honey, I think it's time we end tonight's show. Thanks again for coming...literally," Craig smirked. "Hope to see you all again in the next show, and feel free to leave a few suggestions for next time," Craig said.

Everyone on chat started saying their goodbyes and were leaving. There were a few that wanted Craig to stay a little longer, but it was clear that he wasn't going to do that, now when he gave us his signature smirked before lifting his hand to flip us all off, something I've grown accustomed to and fell in love with.

Craig soon turned off the camera and the live show was over. I sat in my chair, staring at my laptop, feeling both ashamed that I let myself go like that when I promised myself I was going to be strong and not get off to this. least I know that Craig likes me, and I couldn't wait to see him at the party tomorrow.

Here's a thing about me and parties. I hate them. I very much hate everything about it. I hate the smell of sweaty bodies grinding into each other, I hate the taste of cheap beer that is always served at these kind of parties, I hate the loud music that almost destroys my earbuds whenever I even get near one of the speakers, I hate the smell of cigarettes in the air, and I also hate that whenever I walk into any room, you'll always find people fucking in them, that includes the bathroom which is the one place you don't want to see people fucking in one of these parties!

Still...if they have weed, I can at least tolerate it somewhat.

Wait, none of that matters right now, what does matter is that I find Craig and tell him that I know he's Spacekid...and hopefully he won't be too mad before I ask him out...maybe? Hopefully? Oh god...I really should have come up with a better plan.

I was walking around the house that the party was being hosted at, not really sure whose house this was, but hopefully they're alright with how many people is in here and how many people were making a mess of this place. As I kept walking, I soon spotted Kenny who was currently shoving his tongue down Butter's throat. Jesus...I didn't know those two were a thing, well I mean I knew Kenny said he was seeing someone awhile ago, but I didn't know it was Butters! Gosh...I wonder if Craig ever felt like the third wheel while around those two.

I walked over towards them awkwardly before I tapped on Kenny's shoulders to get his attention. "Kenny!"

Kenny pulled away from Butters before looking up at me, "Tweekers, glad you made it!" Kenny smiled, Butters waved at me, his face was still flushed from the make out session earlier.

I waved back, but went back to looking at Kenny. "Ken, have you seen Craig anywhere?" I asked.

"Craig? ...Um...I think he's out in the back, said something about wanting some fresh air," Kenny said.

"Okay, thanks," I said as I left the two so they could continue what they were doing. I pushed my way through the crowd as I try to get to the backdoor. Once I opened the door and headed out to the backyard, I soon found Craig leaning over the railing, smoking a joint. When Craig noticed me, he stood up straight and looked happy to see me. "H-hey Craig," I said, feeling all shy.

"Hey, you finally made it," Craig said.

"Yeah well....I wanted to come and see you," I said, but blushed.

Craig was blushing himself before turning his head, "cool...I um....I wanted to see you too," Craig said. Craig leaned over the railing, join in his hand. I walked over and leaned on the railing as well as we both look up at the sky, admiring the moon. "Want to smoke?" Craig held up his joint to me.

"Thanks," I said as I take it and took a hit. I took a deep breath, letting the smoke get into my lungs before I breathe out. I coughed a bit before handing the joint back to Craig. "I'm surprised you like smoking weed," I said.

"Well...I wasn't into it at first because of the smell, but a few of my friends back in school convinced me to try it, now I basically use it to release some tension," Craig said.

"Same here," I smiled.

Craig smiled as he hands me back his joint, " you liking the party?"

I take the joint and took another hit before passing it back, "it's loud, smelly, and I'm pretty sure someone died in there," I said.

"Pff...not much of a party person?" Craig asked.

"Not really, I'd rather stay home and watch a bunch of Netflix movies on my laptop," I said.

"I hear you," Craig said, taking a hit of the joint.

"...Um...if you don't mind me asking...what do you like to do when you're home alone?"

"Tch...lots of stuff I guess. Watch my favorite shows, eat some junk food, get high, you name it," Craig said.

"...Um...anything else?" I asked, feeling my face getting warm.

"Like what?" Craig asked as he turned towards me.

"Oh you porno magazines and jacking off...stuff like that?"

Craig stared at me before bursting into laughter, "straightforward thinking, don't you think?"

"Well hey, what else are you suppose to do when you're home alone with nothing but a laptop, a box of tissues, and maybe some lotion," I snorted.

"True," Craig laughed.

We both leaned back against the railing, staring at each other. My heart was racing as I stared up at his dark blue eyes, they really were beautiful in this night air.


"Hm?" Craig tilted his head as he looked at me.

"...What would you say...if...I told you I wanted to kiss you?" I blushed, feeling my heart racing.

Craig was taken back by that question before his own cheeks became really red. "...Honestly...I wouldn't be against it," Craig said.

I looked at him, taking a courage step forward, "then do you know...kiss?"

Craig looked at me before looking down, he nodded his head, "yeah...I wanna," Craig said.

I took a step close as I grabbed Craig's shoulders to pull him a bit. Craig leaned forward, and I did the same, our lips touched and I blushed when I felt how soft his lips were. The kiss was brief and we both pulled away as we stared each other, both of our faces were flushed red. Not really feeling satisfied, I grabbed Craig's face and pulled him back for another kiss. Craig was surprised at first, but wrapped his arms around my waist as he pulls me closer. The kiss lasted much longer as we pulled each other closer, we opened our mouths as we kept kissing, I even became bold and licked Craig's bottom lip before pushing my tongue into his mouth.

Craig and I soon pulled away, a trail of saliva connecting our lips as we stared at each other, faces completely flushed. Craig stared at me, his eyelids were half closed. I bit my bottom lip as I look up at him.

"...Wanna get out of here?" I asked.

Craig doesn't say anything, he simply nodded his head as he grabbed my hand.

We both left the party and soon started heading over towards Craig's apartment.

Craig's apartment wasn't very big, but I guess that's fine since Craig lives all alone. The moment we stepped inside, Craig already had his hands over me as we continued our kissing session from the party. We stumbled around, taking our jackets off and putting them somewhere, probably on the floor. Craig placed his arms around my shoulders as he continues to kiss me, while I had mines over his back and behind his head as I pull him closer.

We soon found Craig's bedroom and Craig quickly opened it before leading me towards his bed. When we pulled away to breath, Craig was very flushed as he stared at me.

"You uh...want anything to drink before know?" Craig asked.

I nodded, actually feeling quite parched since we came all the way here from the party. Craig nodded, he got up and left his room, leaving me on my own for a bit.

"....Oh shit!" I suddenly realized that I was in the same room that Craig records himself in. Looking around, everything was exactly the same. The poster of Red Racer in the background, the bed, the chair, even the computer is where it's place. However, the one thing I don't see is the camera and the toys that Craig owns. "...." Looking at the door, I got up and decided to snoop around, hoping to find something before I reveal Craig the truth.

I look inside the drawers of his desk and I soon found the bottle of lube that he used to prep himself. I blushed as I grabbed it and placed it on the desk. I ducked down and kept looking around. I finally found the camera. I guess he puts it away after he's done recording himself. Oh how I wonder how many videos were recorded with this thing, and for how long. Searching at a couple more drawers, I soon found all of his dildo and vibrator collection in one drawer. I blushed when I saw how many he has, like Jesus, how many does a guy need?

"Tweek, I got you some-" Craig walks in and froze when he saw me holding up one of his vibrators while his bottle of lube and his camera is sitting on his desk. Craig's eyes widened as he drops the bottle of water in his hand and looked completely shocked and guilty. "T-this...this isn't what it looks like," Craig said.

"...." I smiled before putting the dildo down. "I know you're Spacekid, Craig," I said.

Craig's eyes widened, "y-you knew!?"

"Y-yeah...yesterday actually...I um...I saw you live show and then I saw your face," I admitted.

"Oh god," Craig pulled at his face before leaning against the door, "so you heard me saying...about how I" Craig blushed.

I nodded, "yep...and how you wanted me to fuck you on camera," I added.

Craig blushed, "i-it was the heat of the moment, you know? Just...I was entertaining the audience! I would never...I mean...I would like to but..if you're uncomfortable with it you don't have to-"

"Craig...I'm fine with it," I said.

Craig looked up, "y-you are?"

I bit my bottom lip, but I nodded, "at first...I thought it would be scary...since you know...strangers would be watching...but then I warmed up the idea when I heard you fantasizing about it...and now...I wouldn't...m-mind trying it out," I said.


I took a step forward before grabbing Craig's hand, "Craig...I really like you. I...I want us to be together. I want to kiss you, I want to hug you, and I definitely want to have sex with you. S-so...if you don't mind me...then...d-do you want to have a live show with the b-both of us?" I blushed.

Craig stared at me for a second before smiling, "oh honey, you just made me like you even more," Craig said as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

I blushed but smiled as I leaned forward to kiss him on the lips.

After discussing what we should do and how we were going to do it, Craig started setting the camera up. I was a bit nervous as I sat on his bed, waiting for him, but I couldn't help but feel somewhat excited, not just at the fact that I was going to be on camera, but that I was going to have sex with the guy I've been crushing on for awhile now because I fell in love with his voice.

Once Craig was done setting up, he turned towards me, "you ready?"

I nodded, "yeah," I said.

Craig nodded and turned on the camera and started typing away on his laptop. After a few seconds, the live show has started and Craig was doing his usual greeting.

"Hey," Craig said, his voice was sounded much more hotter in real life than through my laptop. "Surprised huh? Seeing me doing an unexpected show, right? Well honey...I got some exciting news for you," Craig moved a bit until I was seen on camera. I waved my hand, feeling myself getting excited. "Meet my new boyfriend, isn't he cute?"

I didn't' know what to say, I didn't feel comfortable talking to be honest, I simply blushed and look down, feeling shy.

"He's a bit shy, but he'll get use to it," Craig smiled as he stood up and started taking off his pants. " promised from the last show, if I ever brought my crush to these show, I was going to let him fuck me on camera, so...since he's here...might as well keep my promise," Craig said.

I felt nervous as Craig walked back towards me, a mischievous smile formed on his lips, something I have seen him plenty of times on his videos, and that live show, but something it still felt so strange to me, especially after talking to a very quiet Craig earlier.

Craig leaned forward and wrapped his arms around me, "ready?" Craig whispered into my ear, nuzzling my neck a bit.

I nodded, "y-yeah," I said, placing my hands on his hips.

Craig leaned back and stared at me, his eyes filled with affection and lust. I gulped as Craig slowly leaned forward until our lips met once again. Unlike before, this one was much more fierce, hot, and messier, causing my brain to go into hyper drive as I took the lead, almost pulling Craig to lay on top of me on his bed. I blushed harder whenever I can hear our kissing, the smacking of our lips, the juicy sounds, and the soft breathing. Oh god, this was getting too much for me.

I mean yes, I have kissed before, mostly with girls and stuff, but for this level of kissing, I actually had to get Kenny to help me with, it was around the same time he offered to have sex with me, and just like the sex, I was nervous the entire time.

This...I felt a bit more comfortable, more calm. I feel like I already know what I'm doing as I continue to take the lead, feeling Craig getting warm and hard in front of me.

We pulled away, our tongues out as we panted, Craig stared at me, a bit amazed by our kissing session. "Jesus, have you done this before?"

I blushed, "t-this is only m-my second t-time," I said.

"Seriously?" Craig was surprised, he suddenly turned back towards the camera, "you hear that everyone? This is the second time he kissed like that and already my head is getting all dizzy, isn't this going to be exciting?" Craig stuck his tongue out cutely as he licked the saliva off of his lips. Craig leaned back towards me and started to kiss my neck. I let out a sigh as I placed my hand on the back of his neck.

"A-ah...Cr-" Craig suddenly stopped sucking on my neck and placed his lips on mine, shushing me. I hear the chat going crazy on his computer, and that's when I realized I almost said Craig's name.

"Careful, can't let these creepers know my name in real life," Craig whispered in to my ear.

"Sorry," I whispered back, feeling nervous again.

"Relax, I'm going to make you feel good, okay?" Craig said as he kissed me once more on the lips before kissing me on the cheek, then down my neck. "Let's get this off," Craig said as he pulled my shirt.

I gulped and helped him take my shirt off. I already felt completely exposed even if I'm still wearing my pants, but I couldn't help but be excited when Craig eyed me like a ferocious predator.

"Nice," Craig said out loud as he looked at my chest, "don't you guys agree?" Craig turned towards the camera, people on chat were going crazy once again. "People like you," Craig said.

I leaned forward to read the chat and I blushed when I saw all the compliments, even if some of them were a bit too forward. "T-thank you," I said, scratching the back of my head.

Craig chuckled as he walks back towards me and continued kissing my neck and went lower and lower. I let out a yelp when Craig started licking my nipple, something no one has ever done before, but I'll feels...kinda good. As Craig stuck his tongue out and leaving a trail of saliva down my naval, he stopped as he eyed the bulge under my jeans.

"May I?" Craig asked, biting his bottom lip. I didn't answer, I just nodded my head quickly, watching as he got to work on unzipping my jeans. Craig licked his lips as he palmed my bulge, even breathing against it. I let out a coherent noise at the feel of Craig's warm breath, even if my cock was still in my underpants. "'re already so wet," Craig said as he touched the wet stain in the front of my underpants. I squeaked when Craig started licking the wet spot.

This was all still new to me. Even though I was no longer a virgin, a blow job was something I have never done until now, even when Kenny wanted to try it, I shut him down since I felt that one was much more personal than normal sex.

"A-ah!" I muffled my voice as I placed my hand on top of Craig's head. I hear Craig chuckling to himself as he continues to kiss and lick my cock through my underpants. I was so turned on from this and yet still embarrassed, just how can Craig be so calm about this? I suddenly thought that maybe Craig was use to it, that maybe he has done this many times. How many people did he do this for? How many people did he let to see him naked? Were those people past relationships or were they...a couple of fans? Feeling a bit jealous, I suddenly thought of Craig's proposition from the night before, saying how he wanted me to pull on his hair. So...I did just that.

"A-ah," Craig let out a pleasurable yelp, looking more pleased than in pain the moment I tugged on his hair. Craig looked up at me before blushing, much more than he did in his shows and videos. "Oh fuck...I can't wait any longer," Craig said as he got to work on removing my pants completely, even removing my underpants.

I yelped at how fast Craig was being, but I didn't mind it. I wanted this just as much as he did. Once the pants and underwear was off, Craig got on his knees and took my cock in his hands.

"A-ah...c-careful, I haven't done this before," I said.

"Get a blow job?" Craig asked as he slid his hands up and down my cock. I nodded. Craig smiled as he leaned forward a bit, I can feel his warm breath against my exposed cock. "You're going to love this," Craig said. I watched as Craig hollowed his mouth before putting my cock into his mouth.

"Shit!" I yelped as I covered my mouth with my hands as I watched Craig suck and lick my cock so calm like. I was shaking a bit as I let out a soft moan, almost forgetting about the camera that was recording us. Just hearing Craig make these smacking and sucking noises almost made me want to come right here and now. Feeling somewhat bold, I placed my free hand on his head as I gently pushed him down a bit, grabbing a lock of his hair and giving it a slight tug once again.

"Mmmm..." Craig moaned around my cock, the vibrations from his voice made it feel even better. Craig looked up at me, blushing madly as he placed his hands on my inner thighs and started bobbing his head.

"Oh god!" I gasped as I placed both hands on his head now, guiding him him a bit by either pushing his head down or pulling his hair gently.

After a bit, Craig suddenly pulled away, letting some of his saliva fall onto my cock. I already missed the feeling of his mouth around my cock, but I froze as Craig started removing his clothes. The moment I saw his own dick, I felt mine coming to life was again.

"Ready?" Craig asked.

I stood up, nodding my head, but then I thought I should tell him that this was my second time. I held him close to me, letting our cocks touch. I leaned forward to whisper into his ears, but by the look of it on the camera, it seemed I was kissing Craig on the other side of his neck.

"This is my second time too, just wanted to warn you," I said.

Craig looked at me before turning us around until his bed was behind him. Craig kissed me on the lips before smiling at me, "I really want you now, so please fuck me," Craig said.

I gulped as I slowly nodded. I bring him back for another long and sloppy kiss before I gently pushed him onto his bed. Trying my best to remember how I did this when I was with Kenny. I grabbed the bottle of lube and squirt a good amount onto my fingers before I gently pushed my fingers inside of him. I blushed when I felt how warm he was compared to how cold the lube on my fingers was. Craig let out a gasped as I pushed my fingers deep inside of him, he even started clenching his bed sheet as his bit his bottom lip hard. I became bold and inserted another finger into him, watching Craig becoming a complete mess underneath me. Once I was done lubing him up, I grabbed my cock and positioned it near his hole.

"Ready?" I asked. Craig nodded. Taking a deep breath, I pushed inside. "Shit!" I hissed once I was deep inside of him. Craig let out a yelp as he grabbed my arms. I waited for Craig to calm down before he gave me a signal to keep going. I started moving my hips.

Oh god! This was much much different from Kenny, it feels...right. It feels good, it feels...amazing. I grabbed Craig's let and placed it over my shoulder to get more leverage, Craig seemed to love that as he let out a loud moan.

"Oh fuck! You cock feel so good inside me!" Craig exclaimed, clutching his bed sheet.

I bit my lip as I stared at him, I can hear the chat going crazy again, and that's when I came up with a way to make this more fun. "You like my big juicy cock ramming into you?" I said.

Craig looked up at me, surprised by my suddenly dirty talk, but when Craig heard the chat, he smirked at me and decided to play along as well. "Oh yeah, I love how you're fucking me so deep here, I want to feel all of you inside me," Craig said.

I grinned as I grabbed his hips and pulled him closer to me, going as deep as I could. Craig let out a pleasurable laugh as he started moving his hips to match the speed of mine. "Oh're so right. You're squeezing me so much. Yeah you fucking love it, don't you?"

"A-ah! Yeah, I love it," Craig panted.

"I want to see you fucking touch yourself," I ordered.

Craig nodded and started to touch himself. Jesus, his cock must have wanted some attention considering how much it was pulsing. I saw Craig's cum leaking out and all I wanted to do was lick it up. "A-ah! What else you want me to do?" Craig asked as he closed his eyes.

I leaned forward and brought my two fingers towards his mouth, "suck it," I said.

Craig stared at the fingers before doing as he was told. I wrapped my fingers around with his mouth and started to suck them, all while still rubbing himself. At this rate, I was going to come inside of him, I feel lightheaded, dizzy, but over all satisfied by all of this, and just knowing that a camera was showing everything we're doing, it was even more hot.

"Oh fuck! I'm going to come!" Craig exclaimed, grabbing hold of his cock.

Blushing, I used my hands to grab his cock as well and helped him pump it. Craig gasped and moaned as I pumped his cock, and no later than a minute, he came all over his stomach and our hands. Craig panted once his cock finished coming, but was still moaning as I continued to move in and out of him.

Seeing his cum all over my hands, I became bold and placed my hand near my mouth before I licked his cum. The taste was new to me, but I didn't hate it. I kept licking my hand until it was completely clean. Craig was watching me the entire time, his face was completely flushed.

"Oh're so fucking hot," Craig said.

I smiled before I leaned forward to kiss him on the lips. The moment I felt my cock aching, ready to come, I moved my hips faster into him until I let out a low grunt, coming inside of him.

"Oh fuck," I panted as I went completely still.

"A-ah!" Craig laid back, biting his lip.

We were both sweaty, panting, exhausted, but that felt amazing. I pulled away and got on Craig's bed, I leaned forward to kiss to him once more. When we both leaned back, we smiled at each other before chuckling to ourselves.

Craig soon got back up, some of my cum leaking out of him and falling down his leg, I smiled as I watched him walk strangely back towards his desk. "Well...that was fucking great, I give my boyfriend a ten out of ten," Craig said. I laughed and waved at the camera. Craig was laughing as well. "This was really fun...might do this again on my normal live streams...maybe...make a couple of videos with him as well. Who knows," Craig smiled. The chat were saying that they wanted to see more, that they wanted to see me fucking Craig again, some even asking to see Craig fuck me. I hadn't thought about Craig fucking me...but I wasn't against the idea. "Hm...babe, you want to come back for another show?" Craig turned toward me.

Babe? He called me babe. I know he called his audience honey, but babe? I feel like...what this was was more...personal now. I fell my heart racing as I nodded, "yeah...I wanna do it again, babe," I said.

Craig smiled, "you hear that honey? Better get use to this face, cause you're going to see it more often," Craig smirked. "Alright everyone, gonna end the show now, so see you later, bye honey," Craig does his initial of flipping the camera of before turning off the camera. Once Craig closed everything on his computer, Craig turned towards me, a huge grin on his face. "Babe, you were amazing."

I blushed, "y-you called me..babe," I said.

Craig chuckled, "well of course, I don't want to mix you up with my audience, this just shows that you're mine now, got it?" Craig said as he wrapped his arms around me and kissing me on the lips. " you want to stay with me?"

I stared at him before smiling, "babe...I think I'm in love," I said as I pulled him closer and kissed him on the lips.

"....So...wanna go for another round?"

"Oh god, yes!"

We were both laughing as I pulled him onto his bed.

I came back home after I finished my date with Craig. I wanted to invite him over so we could spend more time together, but sadly, Craig said he needed to do some work, and I mean his work for school, not the other one. I understood and let him to it, but he later promised me that he would make our next hang out special. I couldn't wait.

Once I entered the door, I was surprised to see Kenny siting on the couch with a bowl of chips near him. Judging from sound of the TV, he was watching a porno.

"You're watching a porno without me?" I asked.

"Honestly, I thought you were going to be busy hanging out with your new boyfriend," Craig said.

"I wanted to, but he has stuff to do," I said as I sat down on the couch next to him.

"Oh? Like sexy, fucking himself with a dildo kind of stuff?" Kenny asked.

I froze. I turned towards him, shocked, "y-you knew!?"

"Yep," Kenny said.


Dude, I've been using that site way longer than you. I happened to stumble upon his page and started following him. Even watched a couple of his live shows. You wouldn't believe how surprised I was to see him in my class. I never told him though since I felt like he was a perfect match for you," Kenny said.

" you being friends with Craig and introducing him to me, as well as showing me that website was your plan to get me and Craig together!?" I exclaimed.

"Yep," Kenny grabbed a chip from the bowl and placed it in his mouth. "You mad?"

"....Not really," I smiled as I leaned back on the couch, a smile forming on my face. "I'm so glad you're my best friend...even if we fucked each other that one time."

"I thought you said you never wanted to speak of that day ever again," Kenny said.

"I did...but it really helped me with Craig," I said.

"I saw that when you were ended up being his surprised guest on his live show," Kenny said.

I froze. "Y-you saw!?"

"Yeah. While you were heading over towards Craig's place, I brought Butters with me to our place, and let's just say, we had some fun ourselves while watching you two getting some," Kenny laughed.

"Oh my god," I blushed madly at the thought of Kenny watching me and Craig have sex.

"Don't worry dude, I'll keep it a secret...but I'm pretty sure there are a good amount of people that use that site as know? So...hope you don't mind people staring at you as you walk around on campus," Kenny said.

"Oh god," I groaned as I leaned back on the couch.

For the rest of the night, I was blushing madly at the thought of people knowing who Craig and I were, all while Kenny laughed at me and tried to comfort me. We spent the night doing nothing but eating chips and watching this underrated porno.

In the end, I was thankful to have Kenny as a friend, even if he's a bit of a perv and is sometimes a messy roommate, I would have never met Craig if it weren't for him.

" and Craig going to do another show together?"

"Fuck off!" I exclaimed as I flipped him off.

The End.

Chapter Text

For both angels and demons, life for us is a competition. For angels, they compete for God, for demons, we compete for Satan. What exactly are we competing in exactly? Well it's something that you see humans doing for decades. Doing good or bad deeds of course. For us demons, we want humanity to do the most gruesome, awful, terrible deeds known to man, while those fucking angels want nothing but good, sweetness, and helpful deeds.

Quite sickening to be honest.

What exactly are we competing for? Well...that kinda depends on our boss.

"Demons! Hear me!" Satan roared, his voice booming and bouncing off the walls. Satan looked around before taking out his reading glasses and looking over at today's schedule. "Okay everyone, now as you all know, today is the beginning of the annual Humanity Moral competition. Now I know we didn't do so great last year since someone here was sick and got everyone else sick, making it hard to get the job done. I'm looking at you, Jeremy," Satan said as he eyed the demon that was chained to the wall.

"I said I was sorry!"

"Yeah yeah, just stay quiet," Satan sighed, "anyways, you all know that your main job here is to convince humans to do as many bad things before the end of the month, meaning you gotta make those mortals up there to...I don't know...rob a bank, steal candy from a baby, commit murder. You name it, just make sure you get us more points than God's team, got it?"

Everyone agreed. We all don't want those prissy little angels winning, and rubbing it at our faces.

"Um...Satan, what exactly are we winning for this time?"

"Oh you know...just...regular stuff," Satan said, clearing his throat. We all stared at him, wanting a real answer instead of that. "...Alright alright! I want to prove to God that I host great parties! I'm tired of that asshole telling me that my parties are mediocre at best! So with this year's competition, I'll finally show that bastard that I'm the king of parties!"

We all were silent as we stared at Satan, silently judging him.

"Hey! Don't give me those looks, unless you want to end up like Jeremy over there!"

"It's really bad you guys, I really have to pee, but I can't do anything about it," Jeremy exclaimed.

"Shut up, Jeremy!"

"Yes sir!"

"Remember everyone, each human is worth ten points, but if you manage to convince a nice old lady to do bad, that's twenty points, and if you manage to get priest or youth pastor, that's a hundred points," Satan said.

Oh man, anyone who works for the church are always the hardest to convince...but not impossible...

"Anyone who can manage to make a priest or pastor to do bad this year, not only will you get a promotion, but you'll be my new number two," Satan said.

"Wait...what happened to the last guy?" Someone asked.

"...Things didn't work out so great," Satan pouted a bit. Oh boy...another break up story. I really wish Satan would focus on being the king of Hell instead of trying to work on his relationships. "Anyways, get those points and show those loser angels that we demons mean business!"

"Yeah!" Everyone cheered. We all started flying towards the surface, getting ready to get those points.

"Hey Tweek, you ready to cause of havoc?"

I turned my head and smirked, "you know it."

This year, I'm going big. This year, I'll make sure our team wins. This year...I'm going after those hundred points.

South Park, a small mountain town in Colorado, and the perfect place to get points. Yeah you could argue that not everyone in this town are bad per se...but a lot of these people are nothing but huge assholes.

From adults who do drugs and drink alcohol late at night, to kids hitting other kids with rocks, to maybe even someone kicking babies.

Such sinful citizens. I love it!

I smiled when I found the local church up ahead. This was going to be perfect for me. All I need to do is convince the local priest to be a dick or something and those points are going to be a piece of cake.

"...Huh?" I stopped my tracks when I noticed a piece of paper on the door. "Sorry...but I'll be out of town for a month, going on a cruise, and a normal one, so you bastards better stop joking about me going on a cruise to seduce children, cause I'm not. Anyways, the church will be closed, but I will have a close friend of mine take care of the church service, so you don't have to worry about that. God is forever in our hearts and soul. From, Father Maxi."

I stared at the letter over and over, I then let out a scream as I pulled at my hair.

"You got to be kidding me!? I flew all the way here only for you to go on a fucking cruise! What the fuck!? Motherfucker piece of shit! Gah!" I screamed. Luckily for me, a human can't really see me unless I want to, so while I'm screaming, humans are just going to assume there is a large gust of wind around this area.

"Whoa Jim, that's a lot of wind over there."

"Yeah...kinda strange how the wind is blowing in that specific area too, Frank."

"It's even weirder that it's not even that windy today, and yet there's wind over there, Jim."

"Nature sure is beautiful, right Frank?"


The two humans walked away, but I continued to scream my lungs out.

"Damn it, what am I suppose to do!? I'll never get those points become Satan's number two! Come on Tweek, think think think! Maybe I can go to another town...oh but the churches over there are much harder...maybe I can convince a couple of old ladies and girl scouts? ...Fuck no...most of those old bags are witches, they'll only be worth ten points. Gah! Why isn't anything working for me!?"

Just then, a car suddenly pulls up at the front of the church, someone walks out. He was wearing a black dress shirt and jacket with dark blue pants. What I noticed about his get up is that he has a clerical collar. Only those that work in the church wears that.

"Thanks again for giving me a lift, Trish."

"Yeah yeah, but don't expect me to pick you up, me and the girls are going to have a girl's night, so either take a bus or walk home, got it?"

"Yeah yeah," the man sighed before stepping back. "I'll see you at mom and dad's house next Saturday, okay?"

"Remember, mom wants you to bring the desserts, so you better get something good."

"Got it," the man said.

The young woman, who appeared to be nineteen, drove off. The man with the clerical collar stood in front of the church, staring at it. The man walked toward the door until he noticed the note himself. He took it off the door and read it. "Maxi, you owe me big for this," the man said before crumpling the letter and unlocking the door with a key that was in his pocket. I watched as he headed inside, closing the door behind me.

"....." What the fuck just happened? I quickly headed inside, watching as the man placed his belonging he brought with him down and next to the podium. I watched as the man inspected the room before heading towards Father Maxi's office. I quickly followed and continued to stare at this newcomer.

Suddenly, the man's phone rang and the man picked it up. Using my power to hear the other person on the phone, I listened closely.

"Hello Father Maxi," the man said.

"Craig, did you make it to the church?" It was Father Maxi!

"Yep, just arrived," the man, this Craig, said.

"Great. I'm so glad you volunteered to help me here, I know how everyone gets when we don't have a service on Sundays."

"I know, I've seen my parents getting all mopey that one time you took a break and the church was closed for a week. It was weird," Craig sighed as he sat on Maxi's desk, looking around the office.

"Well my son, not only what you're doing is a good deed, but I'm sure God thank you for continuing his work in town. So thank you."

"No problem. I did need something to do since I've been laid off at my last job, so this is perfect, and thanks for letting me stay at your house while you're gone," Craig said.

"Of course, I couldn't let you stay in a motel while you're unemployed!"

"Father, I could easily stay with my parents you know," Craig sighed.

"Yes, but knowing you, you'd probably wouldn't like that, huh?"

"True," Craig smiled, "and don't worry, I'll be sure to water you plants and clean your house while I'm staying there, and I'll be sure to not break anything," Craig said.

"Thank you my child. Now I must get going, there's a buffet waiting for me."

"Have fun," Craig said before hanging up. "Christ," Craig sighed as he leaned back a bit, staring up at the ceiling.

I continued to watch him through the door, opening it a bit more to get a better view. I don't know why I'm sneaking around when I know he couldn't see me, but still...looking at him from this angle...he's kinda...cute.

"...I thought I closed that door," Craig muttered to himself as he walks over towards where I was and slammed the door in my face.

"Ow!" I cried out, rubbing my nose. I stared at the door before taking a step back, thinking. "...This could be my chance!" I grinned victoriously.

Since the old priest isn't here, and this Craig fellow will be taking his place for awhile...maybe I can get those points by making this Craig guy do some bad deeds. I smirked at the thought and flapped my wings a bit in victory.

This was totally going to work!

It's already been a couple of days since this new guy showed up, but I've been gathering as much info on him as I could.

His name was Craig Tucker, he's currently twenty four, a recent graduate, use to work as an office worker for some company before he was laid off. Craig moved back to South Park and is currently between homes right now. He's currently staying at Father Maxi's house and is substituting Father Maxi for a month while the priest is on vacation.

What really interested me was the fact that Craig use to be such a bad kid when he was younger, he would bully others, flip people off, smoke in school, and even stole a girl's Easter egg basket one time. Craig's bad behavior stopped after he almost drowned in the lake one day and Father Maxi was nearby and managed to save him. From then on, Craig has changed his attitude and has become a born again Catholic.

" may have changed your ways Craig, but I know there's still some bad in you, and I'm going to bring them out," I muttered as I stared at him from the rafters. Since today was Sunday, Craig was doing the Sunday service, spreading the word of God to everyone and blah blah blah. Whatever.

"Open your hearts to salvation!" The crowd was cheering at every word that Craig spoke. Looking at my notes once again, I came to realize that Craig was a youth pastor for a short while before Father Maxi convinced him going to school and doing what he wants to do. I guess not only was Craig's life was saved by Father Maxi, but he became a devoted Catholic for awhile. So much so that Craig would come to the church everyday to confess his past sins, to pray to God, and even helping Father Maxi clean up the church.

How revolting.

Still....I won't lie that the guy has a handsome face. I couldn't help but wonder what he would look like with a dick shoved into his mouth. The thought made me laugh.

After the service was over, I flew down carefully, watching as everyone left, only a few remained so they could pay their respects a little longer. However, once I saw that Craig was on his own, I knew this was my perfect opportunity to get things started.

"See that money box?" I whispered into his ears. Craig lifted his head before looking at where the money box was. "You're a little low on cash...and I know you don't want to become a free loader for the rest of your life, right? So why don't you take some of that's just right there," I said.

"....I...I shouldn't," Craig muttered, he was starting to get a bit antsy. Perfect.

"No one will notice...and besides...that money is to help people right? Well let's just say that money is helping someone...yourself. So reach in there and grab a couple of bills," I whispered.

"...." Craig looked around before he headed over towards the money box. I grinned as I watched this man taking the money from the box. I chuckled wickedly as he started to count the money in his hands before walking away. "Mrs. McCormick!"


"Oh...uh yes?" A woman with very dirty clothes turned her attention to Craig, she looked confused when Craig handed her the money. "What's this?"

"I heard your youngest daughter isn't feeling well and I know that you don't have the best health plan, so I want you to have this," Craig said.

"W-what? This this your money?"

Craig looked around, looking nervous, but he puts on a smile and answered her, "yes, this is all my money, and I want you to have it." That was a lie. That money belonged to the church and yet...Craig was...using it to help someone. What is going on here?

"Oh...Mr. Tucker...that's" The woman burst into tears as she gave Craig a hug, Craig smiled and hugged her back. "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"Just make sure you take your daughter to a hospital, and if you need anymore money, you can come to me," Craig said.

"Yes, thank you! Thank you!" Mrs. McCormick cried out as she continued to thank Craig before finally leaving.

".....What the fuck!?" I screamed as I stared between Craig and the woman. He stole that money, he did a bad deed...but then he counters it by giving it to someone else!? Can he even do that!? I grabbed my monitor and checked the balance of Craig's moral. "No fucking way!" It's in the middle! He was doing something bad, but did something right, countering his earlier actions! How is that possible!? What the fuck!? "Nnnnnggg!" I crushed the monitor in my hands as I glared angrily at this youth pastor.

"....Do you feel someone is sending death glares at us?" Craig was talking to a few patrons before asking his question. Both men shook their heads and said they don't feel anything. "...Huh..." Craig turned his head back around and continued his conversation.

I simply stood there, angrily glaring at him all day until he finally left the church.

I decided to try again the next day, thinking what happened the other day was a fluke! Yeah! That's it...a mistake. I'll get this guy to do some bad deeds and he isn't going to counter that by doing some good deeds. Simple.

Looking at his info once again, I noticed that Craig loved graffiti or carving stuff up as a kid and would vandalize desks, walls, and even church benches. Smiling to myself, I got to work.

"Hey look...that bench doesn't have any carvings on looks so plain...boring....don't you wanna improve them a bit?"

"...." I watched as Craig grabs a pocket knife from his bag and walked over towards the bench. I wagged my tail, waiting to see what Craig had come up with. I paled when I realized he carved the words "peace," "love," and disgustingly of all, "God will always love you" onto the benches. "God, I apologize for putting my personal messages onto these benches, please forgive me, but now whenever people see this message, they will come to love you more and more now," Craig said, closing his eyes and clasping his hands together.

I almost pulled my hair out as I glared at him.

I kept going everyday, trying to make this fucker do something bad. I tried making him steal more money from the donation box, he ended up using it to help the homeless. I tried making him comment on how good looking a woman wearing a revealing outfit was, he ended up complimenting her appearance in an innocent way! I even tried making him have dirty thoughts about little boys, but he just ended up telling the boys to be careful when going home for there might be perverts out there.

What the fuck is this!? I tried and tried, and with only three weeks left in the month, I'm going to run out of time if I don't do something now! If I fail this mission, Satan is going to have my head...literally! He'll cut my head off and serve it on a platter for his demon dogs to eat! Gah!

"Father Tucker, may I talk to you?" A young man around the same age as Craig walked up to him, a smile on his face.

"Please, you can call me Craig," Craig said.

The man smiled, "well you can call me Kenny then. I just wanted to say...thank you for the money you gave to my mother. I heard it all from her, and thanks to you, Karen is going to be alright," Kenny said.

"Well I'm glad your sister is going to be fine. Children are this world's future, so we must help them as much as we can," Craig said.

"I get it, but still...thank you," Kenny said before walking over and hugging Craig tightly, "I promise, I'll pay you back the money," Kenny said.

"U-um..." I froze. Craig's face was completely red as Kenny continued to hug him. "Y-you don't have to, I did it from the goodness of m-my heart," Craig said. 

...No fucking way. Is he...

"I won't take no for an answer, Craig. I promise I'll pay you back," Kenny said as he released Craig and started leaving, "thank you again, Craig."

"No problem," Craig smiled as he waved Kenny goodbye. Once Kenny left, Craig let out a sigh and slapped his red cheeks. "God...I need a smoke," Craig sighed as he took out his packet of cigarettes and headed outside to smoke.

"...Bingo," I grinned.

So...turns out that not only did this handsome pastor once was a delinquent when he was young, but he likes guys...specifically blonde men. Oh how I loved the fact that I was blonde, otherwise this wasn't going to work.

Though being gay is no longer a sin, it is a sin if you have sex with a demon. If I can manage to convince him to sleep with me, not only will I finally make this man sin, but those hundred points are good as mine!

I took a deep breath as I hope the spell on my disguise will last long enough for me to do my job. I waited outside for Craig to show up for work. When I see Craig walking towards the church like usual, I began my plan.

I was walking down the icy path, making sure to show how slippery the ground was in front of Craig. Craig seemed to noticed and stopped as he stared at me. Grinning to myself, I kept walking until I pretended to trip. I let out a yelp and hissed in pain, making sure that Craig could hear me.

"Ow! Oh god! My leg!" I exclaimed.

Craig jumped and ran towards me, "you okay?" Craig asked as he helped me out.

"I think so," I muttered before putting my leg down, I pretended my leg was broken and lifted my leg back up the moment I put it down. "No! It's not! Oh fuck! I think I broke it!" I exclaimed.

"Shit," Craig said as he looked at my leg with a worried look on his face. Gotcha. "Come on, I'll take you inside," Craig said as he led me inside the church. He quickly sat me down the nearest bench before heading towards the back. He comes back with a med kit in his hand and he got to work on bandaging my "injured" leg. "Do you want me to take you to an ambulance?" Craig asked.

"No, I think I'll be fine. I just need to rest, that's all," I said, putting on a smile on my face.

Craig seemed to stiffened when he finally got a good look at my face. Perfect. I watched as Craig cleared his throat and his cheeks grew warm as he continued to bandage my leg. "W-what's your name?"

"Tweek, you?"

"Craig," Craig said.

I smiled, "well Craig, as a thanks for helping me out...why don't we go get a cup of coffee together?"

Craig started to blush? "C-coffee?"

"Yeah? Just can even get to know each other," I smiled.

Craig looked away, "I'm not sure, I'm quite busy," Craig said.

"Oh come on...I really want to thank you properly...and maybe...get to know you a bit more?" I said, placing my hand over his.

Craig stared at our hands before going completely red. Man, this guy really sucks at hiding just how fucking gay he's kinda attractive to be honest.

"Well...if you insist...I am free this Friday," Craig said.

"Great, I'll see you on Friday then. I'll meet you back here," I smiled. I was about to get up, but remembering that I'm suppose to pretend to be injured, I got up slowly and limp a bit as I headed towards the door.

"Do you want me to help you?"

"I'm fine," I smiled. "I can manage on my own."

Before I left, Craig suddenly grabbed my hand and squeezed it, "please be very careful. I don't want anything else to happen to you," Craig said.

"....I uh...I-I will...thank you," I said, feeling my heart racing when I saw how close he was.

Craig looked at me with a worried expression, but nodded. He led me towards the door and watched me leave. "I guess I'll see you on Friday, Tweek," Craig said.

"Yeah, see you," I smiled.

Craig nodded. He waved goodbye to me before closing the door. As I walked away from the church, I was smiling to myself, glad that my plan was working. I already had Craig wrapped around my fingers. It won't be long till I make this mortal commit a bad deed.

"...Fuck...he really bandaged my leg," I said as he looked at the amount of bandages that were wrapped around my leg. Weirdo...was he really that worried or is he just that nice? " weird," I said. My cheeks feel warm all of a sudden.

Once Friday finally arrived, I immediately put on my disguised, headed towards the church, and met up with Craig. Craig seemed happy to see me and glad that my leg was all healed up, even if it was never broken to begin with. We chatted a bit at the church before heading towards the coffee shop, since Craig didn't have a car, we ended up walking together, I didn't mind since it gave us more time to talk and get to know each other.

"So, you live here or anything?" Craig asked.

"Oh uh...sorta, I recently moved here," I smiled.

"I see," Craig smiled, ugh...why does that smile have to look so pure? "How are you liking the town so far?"

"Oh it's fine..." I said, but I smirked as I delivered my next line, "but it's a lot better now," I giggled.

Craig seemed to noticed my flirting tactic and turned away, blushing. "Oh um...we arrived," Craig said once we reached the only coffee shop in town. Harbucks, I had their coffee before and I got to say, it's quite delicious.

We headed inside the shop and order our drinks. We then sat at one of the available seats near the window as we continued to talk to each other.

"So...Craig, how long have you been a priest?"

"Oh well uh...I'm not really a priest, but I am a licensed youth pastor," Craig said, "but I'm only taking over for a friend who is on vacation, he'll be back by the end of the month."

"I see...well once your friend comes back, you going to continue working as a youth pastor?"

"....Not really, I think I'm going to find something else to do," Craig said as he takes a sip of his coffee.

"Oh? Then you having a license seems pointless, don't you think?"

"Not really. If I can't find another job, I at least have something to fall back to. Besides...Father Maxi made me realized that my life doesn't just have to revolve around the church," Craig said.

I froze. I didn't know that. "Oh? Then why are you volunteering to work at the church for a month?"

Craig sighed, "to be honest, it was to pay back Father Maxi for all those times he has helped me. He was nice to me when I was having a bad day and he always tried to help me, but I always flipped him off and told him I didn't need his charity...I think my view of him changed when he saved me after I slipped and fell into a lake. Ever since then...all I wanted to do was pay him back," Craig said.

"So is that why you been coming to the church and helping out as a kid?"

Craig froze, "how did you know that?"

"Oh uh...a few of my neighbors been talking about you," I said, cursing at myself for almost blowing my cover.

"Oh, I see," Craig smiled. Ugh...that smile. "Well...yeah. That's why I been going to the church everyday when I was young. I thought of following Father Maxi's footsteps when I got older, but he...he stopped me. Told me to follow my dreams, not to follow other people's footsteps. Maxi knew that I didn't really want to be a priest, that he new I had other ambitions. If Father Maxi never told me that, I'd probably be living my life as a priest, not really happy," Craig said.

"Then...what about the youth pastor thing?"

"Well...though Father Maxi did change my mind, it took awhile. I kept telling him that I wanted to be a priest, and he kept telling me that I shouldn't if my heart wasn't going to be in it. We eventually settled and I became a youth pastor once I turned eighteen. It was fun for awhile, but I finally came to my senses and realized that working for the church isn't really my thing," Craig said.

"Well...what is your thing?"

Craig froze, "...honestly...I don't know...I still haven't figured it out yet. I told Father Maxi, but he said it was fine and that I should give it time...see what clicks. I trusted his words," Craig smiled. That fucking smile again... "So...Tweek, what is it that you do?" Craig asked.

I flinched. Shit, I forgot to make a background story for myself! Quick...think quickly! "I uh...I help people...I'm a...therapist," I said.

"Really?" Craig looked at me, looking interested.

"Yep," I said, forcing a smile on my face. "I love helping people realize their dreams and deepest desires..." I said as I took a sip of my coffee. Oh...that was good. Really good.

"Well then...if I ever need help with figuring out what my dream is, I'll definitely come to you," Craig said.

I smiled, "I hope to see you in my office then."

We continued to drink our coffee, talking about random things now, but judging from how at ease Craig seemed, my plan seems to be working. Just as I was about to ask Craig if he would give me his number, we suddenly hear a man shouting at a woman who accidentally spilled her drink all over the man's shirt.

"You fucking bitch!"

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I accidentally tripped on that chair and-"

"I don't want to hear your excuses, you know how much this shirt cost me? Now how are you going to pay me back?" What a little fuck!

Okay I know my job involves causing people to do bad deeds, but I would never have my targets bashing at people for a simple mistake like that, and also lying about how much your shirt is is such bull.

"What a prick," I muttered as I sat there, watching the two, "wouldn't you say?"

I was surprised when Craig got up and walked over towards the two. Oh god, is he really going to do something? My plan is going to fail if he does something heroic right now! I have to stop him! I have to stop him before he does a good deed!

"Hey asshole, why don't you cram your fucking two dollar shirt up your ass and shut the fuck up and stop being a whiny little bitch?" Craig said.

I froze. I'm pretty sure everyone froze, even the woman and man froze after hearing someone from the church talking like that. Just...what the actual fuck is going on!?

"U-um...father, you must understand that I was only angry because my favorite shirt was ruined," the man tried explaining himself, looking nervous.

Craig rolled his eyes before grabbing the man by the collar of his shirt, "I don't fucking care if that shirt was two dollars or even a hundred dollars, you do not yell at someone just because they accidentally spilled coffee over your stuff. So instead of being a fucking dick, why don't you apologize to this nice lady before I break your fucking fingers?" I gaped at him, surprised he threatened the man like that. What the fuck!?

The man stared between Craig and the lady, he turned towards the woman before apologizing. "S-sorry," the man said.

"Good," Craig pushed the man away, "now get the fuck out of here. Your face makes me sick."

The man nodded before grabbing his stuff and immediately left the shop. The woman was completely stunned at the entire thing, not sure what to say or do. The woman turned towards Craig, thanking him, but Craig immediately waved it off.

"No problem," Craig said, not looking at her before heading back to our table and sitting down. " were saying?" Craig smiled.

"....." I have never been more terrified of a smile until I met Craig.

From then on, Craig and I became close. After I did finally managed to get Craig's number, Craig and I started to see each other more, whether he was working at the church, or whenever he was free and wanted to hang out. We grew close, and that's all that matters.

I did eventually found out that Craig's little outburst was an old habit of his when he was young, and it seemed he hasn't grown out of it.

"It's quite embarrassing, isn't it?" Craig blushed.

"'s a bit surprising to hear a youth pastor swearing up a storm like that," I smiled.

Craig blushed even more, "I've been trying to control it, but whenever I'm just angry, I can't help but say what I think. I know it's a problem," Craig sighed.

"No...I actually find it...cute," I smiled.

Craig looked at me, blushing even more. "S-shut up."

I started to laugh. much as I hate to admit it, I like hanging out with Craig. He's surprisingly fun to be with. Unlike most youth pastors or priests, he never talks about God to me whenever we hang out, the only time he does is when I'm asking him questions about his job and stuff, but he tries to keep in minimal, something I can appreciate. I also became interested in some of the stuff that Craig was into, such as watching the stars, guinea pigs, a show called Red Racer, and more. Hell...even his laugh and the cute way he smiles is quite nice to see whenever I see him.

....Oh fuck! I'm in love with him!

"Tweek?" Craig turned towards me when he noticed the distressed look on my face. "You okay?"

"Hm? Y-yeah, just...just...thinking about work and stuff, nothing to worry about," I said.

"Oh...okay," Craig said as he laid back down and looked up at the sky. Today, we were having a picnic at night and watching the stars together. If this doesn't say romantic, I don't know what does.

I looked over at him, watching how calm he looked. My heart was racing as I stared at him. Oh come on Tweek, you can't be serious! You're not suppose to be in love with this human, you're trying to make him sin for crying out loud! No growing attach to fuckers like him!



"I just want to say...I've been having a great time with you," Craig said.

I froze. "Y-you have?" My heart was pounding.

"Yeah," Craig smiled, "I never thought I would have so much fun watching the stars with someone...but with you here...I'm having a great time."

"...." I looked away, feeling my cheeks getting warm. I laid down next to him as I look up at the stars. "Mind showing me where the little dipper is again?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure," Craig said as he lifted his hand. "There's the big dipper, so if you follow where that star is, that's the little dipper."

I chuckled, "you are such a space nerd," I said.

"Yeah," Craig chuckled, "maybe I should get a job as an astronomer or something."

"...I think you'll make a fine astronomer," I said.


"Yeah...though as much as I think you look good as a youth pastor...I think you'll look good for anything you choose," I smiled.

"...Even if I'm still unsure what I want to do?"

"It's fine to not be sure, Craig. You still got plenty of time to figure it out...and if you want...I wouldn't mind helping you figure that out," I smiled.

Craig stared at me, staring at me with those blue eyes I grew to fall in love with. Craig suddenly started to blush before shyly looking away. "T-Tweek?"


"C-can I kiss you?"

I felt my heart skip a beat. As I looked at Craig, staring into his blue eyes, I suddenly felt myself answering him, "yes."

Craig looked up at me before smiling. I smiled back before I forward. We were going slow, but after a few seconds, our lips finally touched and I felt sparks going through my body.

We pulled away, our faces were really red. Craig suddenly took initiative and went for another kiss. This one was longer, our mouths were opened, and I can feel heat from our bodies. Oh wow...he really is a good kisser.

Craig pulled away before leaning towards my ear, "wanna go to my place?"

I felt a shiver run down my spine as I nodded my head. We both packed everything up and left.

The walk to Father Maxi's house took awhile, but it was worth it because the moment we set foot into the house, Craig grabbed me and pulled me in for another kiss. I returned the kiss with as much fierceness as him. Craig soon pushed me down on the couch as he crawled on top of me. His eyes full of lust and want.

"Come here," I smiled as I pulled him down for another kiss. I hummed when I felt a bulge in his pants. Wonder how long he's been holding back.

"W-wait," Craig pulled away, panting a bit.

"What's wrong?" I asked, wishing he'd stop talking and get back to kissing me.

"...I just...I want you to know that I'm not taking advantage of you or anything," Craig said, looking down.

"What?" I sat up, staring at him.

"Tweek...I know we've only known each other for a few days now, but I just want you to know that...I really like you...and I want to be with you, and I hope you like me and feel the same way, so...if we're really going to be doing this...I just want you to know that I will never take advantage of you."

" me?" I muttered, feeling my heart racing. Oh come on Tweek, that's the point, right? You want him to like you, you want him to have sex with you! That was your plan this entire time, so why are you so surprised by this!?

Craig smiled, "I do...I really really like you." That smile...that motherfucking smile. Whenever I see that smile...I fall for him more and more.

"Craig, I like you too," I said.

Craig looked very happy before he leaned forward to kiss me on the cheek, he then kissed me on the nose, and finally he kissed me back on the lips. We laid on the couch, kissing each other as the bulges in our pants became more noticeable. Craig pulled away and kissed my neck as hand roamed around my body. I blushed when I felt his hand going into my pants.

"Oh fuck..." I sighed as I turned my head. However, when I opened my eyes, I suddenly saw my reflection in the TV screen. I saw myself, real self, and then I saw Craig, who doesn't even realized who I really was.

Here Craig was, telling me he didn't want to take advantage of me, and I am...taking advantage of him. I was using him...just to get a couple of stupid points for a game that seems pretty pointless since it's basically our job. So seeing Craig doing this, when he doesn't deserve to have his soul be damned, I knew I couldn't do this.

"S-stop!" I said as I pushed him away.

Craig froze and immediately got off of me. "Oh god, I'm so sorry, did I do something wrong?" Craig asked, looking worried.

As I stared at him, I knew I was fucked. "Oh fuck me," I groaned as I closed my eyes. I couldn't believe I was doing this, especially when we were so close into fucking each other. "Craig...we can't do this."

"W-why?" Craig asked, his eyes suddenly went wide, " this your first time!?"

"What? Oh fuck no! What do I look like? A virgin to your or something?" I frowned.

"...Then...why can't you?"

"..." I sighed, "I've been lying to you, Craig."

"What? Lying?"

"Yes," I said, my stomach was in a knot. "I'm not a therapist, I don't actually help people reach their dreams."

"...Oh..." Craig looked down, "w-well that doesn't really-"

"And I lied about breaking my leg on the day we met. I knew you'd come help me if you thought I was hurt."

"Oh...were you just-"

"Also, I've been keeping my eyes on you this entire time, I know about your family, your work history, and what you did as a kid. I know almost about everything about you," I said.

"...." Craig frowned, "were you stalking me?"

"...Sorta?" I said.

Craig crossed his arms, "what else were you lying about?"

"...." I let out a sigh, "I'm not a human," I said.


I took a deep breath as I got up and shed off my disguise. Craig watched me in horror as my horns reappeared, my tail came out, my wings were spread out, and my legs started turning back into goat legs.

"D-demon..." Craig gasped.

"Sorta...I'm more imp than demon, but yeah...pretty much," I said.

"Oh god..."

"Yeah...I know," I sighed as I sat back down.

"We just made out!"


"I almost...fucked you!"

"Well hold on...who to say I wasn't the one who was going to fuck you?"


"Right, not the moment," I cleared my throat.

"You...lied to lied to me about everything!?"

"...Not...all of it," I said.

"Not all of it? Then what were you not lying about?"

"I wasn't lying about the part where I make people reach their deepest desires. I mean...convincing people to do bad is technically their inner desires if you think about it," I said.

"I can't fucking believe this!"

"I know you're mad, Craig."

"Mad? I'm beyond mad! I trusted you, I believed you, I fell in love with you!"

My heart ached, "I know...I know," I said.

"And played me? What for? What would you gain by doing this!?"

"...A hundred points," I said.


"Okay look, for decades now, angels and demons have been competing each other in this competition that happens every year where demons and angels have to test humanity's moral and see who can get the most points in making a human do a good or bad deed, and since youth pastors are worth a hundred points...I've been uh...trying to make you do bad stuff..."

"So you wanted me to have sex with you," Craig glared.

"...Yes," I sighed.

"Unbelievable," Craig sighed as he stared at the ground.

"....Do you hate me?" I asked.

"As if you have the right to ask that," Craig scoffed.

"At least I'm being honest now and stopped you from going any further with me, doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"Mean anything? You're a fucking demon! You lied to me!? Why should I trust you!?"

"I get I tricked you Craig, I really do, but...but-"

"But what? Tweek...if that really is your name," Craig said.


"God...I can't believe it...I fucking fell for a demon..."

I got angry, "well I fell in love with a human!" I exclaimed.

Craig froze. He turned towards me, staring at me with wide eyes. "What?"

I blushed as I looked down. "I didn't want to...I didn't want to believe it...but these past few days of spending time with you...I couldn't help myself. I fell for you," I said as I looked up at him.

Craig stared into my eyes, "'re serious."

"You think?" I sighed as I leaned back on the couch. "So...what now? We break this off, I leave, and we both move on and forget each other for the rest of our lives?"

"...That's going to be hard," Craig said.

"Yeah well...what else is there for us?" I sighed.

".....When you said you like that the truth?"

"Craig, I've been honest with you all night right now. If I wasn't telling you the truth, we'd be fucking already instead of talking and revealing everything I've been doing up till now," I sighed.

"...So you do like me," Craig said.

"For the last time, yes! I like you! I fucking like you! I like you enough that I feel bad for lying! I like you enough that I want to kiss you! I like you enough that I want to hold your hand, hug you, get to know more about you, be with you! I like you, Craig! I love you!" I exclaimed, feeling my heart pounding. Craig stared at me, his cheeks becoming red after I said that. I calmed myself down as I sat back down. I stared at the ground, feeling ashamed of myself. "I'm just going to go, okay? I'll never show myself to you ever again." I got up and was about to leave, but Craig suddenly grabbed my arm. "...?"

"...Tweek...if you did manage to make me commit a there a chance I'll be heading to Hell?"

"...Well least not this month. Whenever we have these stupid competitions, we don't judge humans for their sins or good behavior. Helps us focus more on the game than having to see if a human is fit for Heaven or Hell," I said.

"...Then...if we do have sex...I still have a shot at Heaven?"

"...What are you suggesting, Tucker?" I eyed him suspiciously.

"'s obvious you like me...and crazy enough...I still like you, and if I can get past this whole...demon appearance of yours...I think...I think this could work," Craig said.

"...Are you fucking serious right now? You want to make things work with a fucking spawn from Hell!? Are you crazy!?"

"Maybe...but that's just who I am. I do one thing just to get something else. I do bad things for the right can commit a sin for you...if that'll be with me," Craig said.

".....Craig," I sat back down and grabbed his face, "you are one fucked up weirdo. I love it," I smiled.

Craig smiled back at me before leaning forward to kiss me on the lips. Craig pulled me down as we continued to kiss on Father Maxi's couch.

" many points will you get if we had sex on this couch?"

"Considering this isn't your house and this is another priest's couch...a good amount," I smirked.

"Perfect," Craig said as he pulled me down for another kiss.

"...I can't fucking believe I didn't get the job!" I exclaimed as I sat next to Craig.

"Okay...tell me again what happened?"

"So you know how I told you about that Jeremy guy, the one who got everyone sick in last year's game?"

"Um...sorta," Craig said.

"Well turns out, Jeremy had the exact same plan as me and he ended up making a priest at a church in New York to commit a sin!"

"...What exactly did he make the priest do?"

"Photograph the choir boys while they were changing."

"Okay yeah...I can see how that's a problem...but how come this Jeremy guy got it?"

"....He managed to convince that priest to do it since day one," I sighed.

"Well...fuck man, that sucks," Craig said as he takes a sip of his coffee.

"Nnnggg...I'll never get that number two job," I said, "hell...I'll barely get a number three position if I'm stuck with someone like you for all eternity," I said.

"I thought you like having me around," Craig said.

I looked at him, smiling, "yeah...I do," I said as I leaned forward to kiss him on the lips. "You're lucky I managed to convince Satan to not count our relationship as a sin since this is pretty much a sin itself," I said.

"I guess," Craig smiled, "so how did you manage to convince Satan?"

"Oh well...since both of his demons managed to get him more points that the angels, Satan won the game and was really happy about that. So it's a good thing we became official on the day Satan was having a good day," I said.

"Yeah well...hearing the words 'Satan won' is a bit concerning, but whatever. I'm just glad to have you here with me," Craig said.

I smiled, "me too."

"Now...why don't we get off my couch and actually move it inside our apartment," Craig said.

"Ugh...but your apartment is on the third floor and the elevator is out of order!" I whined.

"You're a fucking demon, can't you use your powers?"

"Not when Satan told me that I can't use my powers while I'm living with you and not working," I said.

"Sucks to be you then," Craig said as he lifts up one side of the couch, "now help me out already, or else we're not going to make it to my parent's house and have dinner."

"Right," I sighed as I lift the other end of the couch, " think your dad will like me?"

"Mmm...might take him some time to get use to, but once I tell him that you're the one who helped me get that job as an astronomy teacher and helped me find this apartment, he'll grow to like you," Craig said.

"I hope, I've never had to meet my lover's parents before...then again...demons don't have parents, so..."

"Yeah yeah," Craig smiled, "now quit talking and keep carrying this couch to our new place, we still got the dining table, the chairs, and the bed," Craig said.

"Ugh, why didn't you just hire a fucking mover to do this?"

"Because that would be expensive and we're still tight on money. So honey, please shut the fuck up before I pull your tail and tie it around your mouth, okay?" Craig smiled. Oh that fucking was still terrifying.

"Y-yes sir," I blushed at how sadistic Craig could be, but I guess that's what happens when you date a guy who use to be a bad boy as a kid. Still, no matter how much Craig can be an asshole or how much he can be terrifying, in the end...he's the nicest guy I have ever met, and I love it. "Hey..."


"I love you," I smiled.

Craig stared at me before blushing, almost dropping the couch. "Sh-shut up you fucking demon." I couldn't help but laugh.

The End.

Chapter Text

Patience. That's what everyone told me to do. I have to be patient. At first, it was fine, I could handle being patient, but once the second day rolled in, my patience was was wearing thin.

I kept checking my inbox every now and then, seeing if I got anything. I even checked the spam box, only to find it completely empty, aside from a few spam messages I occasionally receive now and then. I knew the schools I applied to were going to reply in the mail, but I couldn't help but wonder if they were going to say anything through email. Ugh...I couldn't help but worry, what were they going to say? Why are they taking so long? How many people who are probably smarter than me applied to their school? Was I going to get in? Was I going to be rejected? Just why did they say they were going to send me stuff by mail!? Why not email? It's the twenty first century for fuck sake!

I laid on my bed, watching as the time ticked by. I hear the sound of Stripe from his cage to my left. I turned around to stare at my beloved pet, watching as he ran in his little wheel. Stripe soon stopped and looked at me, when I stared back at my beloved pet, I feel like he was telling me something. Telling me that it was going to be okay, that I'll hear from the schools really soon, I just needed to be patient, I needed to wait. Whether I get rejected or not, at least I'll know, but I have to wait first. That was what I believe Stripe was telling me through his eyes. Once we broke eye contact, Stripe continued running in his wheel.

I let out a sigh, thanking Stripe. I felt a bit better, but the anxiety of waiting to hear from the schools was getting to me. I got back up on my feet and started walking around my room, contemplating about the entire thing. So far, I applied to twelve schools, three were schools I didn't really want to go, but might as well apply just in case. Two were community colleges just in case. Three were state colleges. The other three were universities. However, one, which was a university, I was my first choice, my only choice to be honest. I really wanted to go to that school, but as my parents have told me, getting into any school was going to be a fifty-fifty chance.

Still...if I did get into that school, I'd be so happy.

I stopped walking and looked at my computer once more. After I finished applying to the schools, they all said that a reply will come in about five to seven business days. I applied yesterday. The third and fourth day was going to be a Saturday and Sunday.

I became extremely anxious.

It was day three, and still no reply. I decided to take a break from my computer and head downstairs to get a snack.

Once I was downstairs, I saw that my sister was texting her friends on her phone, dad was watching football on the TV, and mom was in the kitchen, baking a pie for dinner. I walked over towards my sister, wondering who she was texting to.

She said she was texting her friends from school, said how they were going to the mall next Saturday. I nodded and said okay. However, when she looked up at me, our eyes meeting, I knew I didn't actually care about that.

She knew.

I walked over towards dad, asking how the game was. He said his team was winning by two points, but it seemed like a close game. I nodded and said that was cool. However, when he looked my way, he knew I didn't actually care much for the game or who was waiting.

He knew.

I headed towards the kitchen, grabbing an apple to eat. I looked over to mom and saw her kneading the dough. I asked her how the pie making was going, and she replied that it was doing fine, even told me that the pie was going to be a tasty apple pie. I nodded and said I was looking forward to it, but the moment she stared at me, she knew I didn't actually give a damn about what we had for dessert tonight.

She knew.

They all knew. They all could read me clearly. They all knew how worried I was becoming, they all knew that I was waiting patiently for the letters. They all knew, of course they knew.

I quickly retreated back to my room. I didn't come out until dinner time came. As I sat with my family, talking about mundane things, I can feel them looking at me, feeling worried for me. I sat at that dining table, feeling a bit uncomfortable. I wanted to go back to my room and check my inbox one more time, but I knew I shouldn't waste all this food that my mom prepared for the family. Besides, I only have to sit here for another couple of minutes.

Still, as soon as I cleaned my plate and mom was serving the pie, I already lost my appetite and asked to be excused. They allowed me, knowing how I feel. Once I left the table, I immediately headed back to my room and checked my inbox.

There was still nothing, but that didn't ease the anxiety I felt as I continue to wait.

Soon after, my mom came into my room, she had a slice of apple pie on a plate for me. She placed the plate down on my desk and told me to have some before I go to bed. I thanked her as I continue to stare at my empty inbox, wondering whats taking so long.

I felt a hand on top of my head as mom gently petted my head, telling me that it was going to be alright, that I'll hear from them soon. She smiled at me before leaning forward and kissing me on top of my head. She soon left and closed the door behind me.

I sat there, feeling a bit better. I grabbed the fork and happily ate the pie, not caring about my inbox for the rest of the night.

The fourth day, came and things were getting back to normal. I continued to wait for the mail to get here, but I wasn't as worried as the past three days. However, I did have something else to worry.

While I was busy helping my mom with the laundry, she suddenly spoke how great it'll be once I enter college, how I'll be a responsible adult, how grown up I was going to be. She suddenly became tearful when she spoke how she was going to miss me once I leave, how everyone was going to miss me. She soon left the room so she would stop crying. As for me, I stood there, getting worried all over again.

I didn't think about my friends or family.

Yes, all my friends were waiting for their letters too, but then what? Will I see them again? Were they going to move on if they got accepted and leave? What if I didn't get accepted and I'm stuck here, while they all move on with their lives? What then? Would they even want to be friends with someone like me if I ended up not going to college like them? Would we still be friends?

What about my family? What would happen if I got rejected? I know they'll eventually get tired of me being around the house, and probably want me to move out eventually, but will I even be able to find a place to stay if I ended up working at a minimum waged job? Actually, will I even be able to get a job? Christ, what if I can't get a job because I don't meet the requirements? Maybe mom and dad could hook me up with a job? Ugh...this is all so tiresome.

...Fuck...I can't forget about Tweek! What was going to happen between me and Tweek? Would we still be together? A large percentage of couples who dated in high school ends up breaking up once they enter college, mostly because of the lack of being together and how busy they all end up being. Is that going to happen between me and Tweek? Were we gong to be too busy to see each other? How far apart were we going to end up being? Christ! How long will it be until we're too busy for each other? If I ended up not going to college and Tweek does go, would he still want to be with me? Will we ever see each other again?

All these thoughts filled my head. Scenarios of what would happen if I got rejected, scenarios of everyone moving on and never seeing each other again.

Feeling anxious once more, I couldn't help but send a quick message to the guys. I sent a message to Clyde, he replied back telling me to not worry, telling me that no matter what happens, whether we both go to college or not, we were still going to be friends. He then sent me five crying emojis and saying that he was going to miss me if we do go to college.

I sent a message to Token and he replied the same way, telling me to not worry, that we were still going to be friends. He then said that even if we did drift apart, it's nothing to worry about. Friends come and go, but true friends stick together. I had nothing to worry about.

I sent a message to Jimmy, and his reply was the same as the two. He then told me that we'll all make new friends on the way anyways, and that we'll meet new people. We'll all move on, but if we're all still willing to be friends, if we all continue to remember each other, then everything will be fine.

I read each of their replies, feeling relieved. They were right, no matter what happens, everything was going to be fine, whether we all go to college or not, we'll be fine, everything was going to be fine.

I then thought of Tweek. I wanted to send him a message, but stopped. I wanted to see Tweek, I wanted to tell him in person. He deserves that at least. So putting on a jacket, I left the house and got on my bike. I biked all the way to Tweek's house, my heart was racing as I worry for what Tweek was going to say.

Once I reached Tweek's house, Mrs. Tweak was the one to let me in. She told me that Tweek was upstairs and that I was welcome to head up. I thanked her and quickly headed upstairs to see Tweek. I knocked on the door and announced to Tweek that it was me. I hear Tweek quietly telling me to come in, so I did. When I entered the room, I noticed an envelope on his bed. Tweek stared at me, a sullen expression was on his face. I gulped as I walked over towards his bed and read what was inside the envelope.

It was a rejection letter.

Tweek sniffled, wiping his eyes with his sleeve. Said that he really wanted to go to that acting school, but he guessed that his grades weren't high enough. I stared at him as I said sorry to him. Tweek smiled, telling me I didn't have to apologized, saying how he knew this was going to happen, saying he blamed all those times he freaked out and disrupted class with his sudden outbursts and panic attacks, how all of that affected his school work.

I told him to not blame himself, I told him that he should never blame himself for not getting into the school. I even told him that there were other options for him. Tweek smiled at me before sighing. He told me that he has tried applying to other schools, but unfortunately, the tuition was too expensive for him and his family, he didn't want to apply for a loan, and his grades weren't high enough for a scholarship.

I said sorry multiple times as I stared at him. Feeling just as upset as he was, maybe even more. I wanted to yell at the people who rejected him, telling him that they made a mistake. I wanted to tell those assholes that they should have accepted Tweek, tell them that Tweek was an amazing actor and deserved to be in their stupid school.

I grew angrier and angrier, but when I felt Tweek's hand on mine, my anger subsided a bit. Tweek smiled and thanked me for getting angry on his behalf, he then told me that he can always attend community college or even take local acting classes. Tweek then sighed and said that he's going to work at his family's shop for awhile, just until he can figure out what he wanted to do. I told him that if he ever needed help, I was going to be there for him, that I was always going to be there for him.

Tweek smiled before getting up and hugging me. I hugged him back. I can feel Tweek shaking in my arms as I try my best to comfort him.

This entire time, I was worried about my own problems, I didn't stop to wonder about how Tweek was feeling and his own problems. In the end, I came to realized that everyone has to go through what I'm going through. We all worry about our future and what will happen to the people we've grown up with. In the end, we don't always have control of what happens to us as we grow older and move on, but we do have control of what we can do about it.

So as I hugged Tweek, telling him everything was going to be alright, I meant it. Everything was going to be fine, just as everyone said. I have nothing to worry about.

The envelopes arrived on the fifth day. I was anxious as I held them in my hands. I laid the envelopes on the coffee table while my family surrounded me, waiting to see if I got in or not. There was a total of five envelopes, meaning that the rest will be coming later, but I didn't care about that, I only cared about the ones that came today. There was one envelope from the community college, there was three from the state, but there was one from the university and it was the one I wanted to go.

Tricia told me to open one of them already, she was waiting in anticipation. I nodded and quickly grabbed the one from the community college. I opened it and read the letter. As expected, the school accepted me with no problem.

My mom soon told me to open the ones from State. I nodded and opened those. I held my breath as I read the first one. I got accepted. I then opened the second one, also accepted. Then I opened the third one. I was rejected. My dad told me it was fine, I at least got accepted to two of them. I nodded feeling okay.

I then stared at the one from university, the college I wanted to go.

Dad told me to opened it, but I couldn't. I grabbed the enveloped, realizing that I wanted to open it, but not here, I wanted to open it with Tweek. I told my parents that I would be back and tell them the letter later. I needed to see Tweek right away.

Grabbing my jacket and stuffing the envelope into my pocket, I quickly headed to Tweek's house. Once again, Mrs. Tweak answered and let me in. I headed upstairs to Tweek's room. I didn't bother knocking and opened the door, knowing it wasn't locked. Tweek seemed startled to see me, but when I showed him the enveloped, he got excited.

Tweek told me to open it, wanting to know if I got in or not. I nodded to him and teared the envelope open, however, before I took out the letter, I looked at him.

"...If I get accepted...I won't be able to see you that often," I said.

Tweek stared at me before smiling, "whatever happens happens, but just know...that I'll always be waiting here for you, and I'll keep waiting for you to come back."

"...." I nodded and took out the letter. I was too nervous to actually read it, so I pushed the letter to Tweek and asked him to read it.

Tweek smiled and took the letter. I watched as he read the letter, his eyes moving and reading each word that was typed on there. I held my breath, wondering if I got in or not. Tweek put down the letter, he stared at me. I felt disappointed, I got rejected, didn't I?

Tweek suddenly smiled, "congratulations, Craig." Tweek held the letter and I read the words accepted on it.

Astonished, I grabbed the letter form his hand and read it over and over, feeling my heart pounding in my chest as I felt tears forming in the corner of my eyes. I looked at Tweek, a giant smile formed on my face.

"Thank fucking god," I exclaimed. Tweek laughed and hugged me, I hugged him back, feeling relieved.

Later that night, Tweek and I headed to my house together. We both told my family, and they were all happy for me. We all ended up hugging each other, Tweek included.

" getting ready to head to college?"

"I's going to be weird living on my own though."

"It probably will planning to live on your own or with a roommate?"

"On my own of course, I don't think I could stand living with a complete stranger who could easily end up being an asshole," I said.

"Good point," Tweek chuckled.

We laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling, our hands were clasped together. I looked over at Tweek, feeling sad that Tweek and I will be apart for awhile.

"I'm going to miss you, you know?"

Tweek smiled, "as I've been told five times already," Tweek said.

"Well I's going to be weird not seeing you everyday...holding your hands...kissing you...and hanging out like we normally do," I said.

"I get it...I do...I'm going to miss doing all of that with you too," Tweek said.

"I'll be sure to visit whenever I have free time, I promise," I said.

"And I'll be sure to visit you since it seems I'm going to have some free time on my hands for awhile," Tweek said.

"....You know...that acting school in town isn't so bad, from what I heard. It even got great reviews, and the payment isn't so bad...maybe you can take some classes there while earning money from your job to help pay for it," I suggested.

"Hm...not a bad idea, Craig," Tweek smiled.

"I really think you'll make a great actor one day, Tweek," I said.

"Thanks," Tweek grinned, "and I know you'll do great with whatever major you end up choosing once you head to college," Tweek said.

"I hope so...there's so many to choose from," I said.

Tweek laughed, "well you don't have to worry about that now. You'll be leaving at the end of the month anyways, so for now...just live in the present, enjoy the time you have here before you leave. Spend time with your friends, family...and of," Tweek said.

I smiled at him as I wrapped my arm around him. "I love you, and no matter what happens...I'll never forget you."

Tweek smiled, "Me too."

We both smiled at each other before we leaned forward and kissed each other.

In the end, we all worry for what our future holds, we all worry whether we go to that college we want to go or not, we all worry about growing up and flipping to a new chapter in our lives, but in the end, we all go through something differently, that there is no one right answer. It's up to us to choose our own path and what we want to do with our lives. So yes...applying to college is stressful, and waiting for that envelope can be just as stressful, but once you get past all of that and actually enjoy what's happening now, it'll all be fine in the end.

Everything is going to be fine.

The End.

Chapter Text

In this world, there are two types of people. You are either prey or a predator. Most would want to be born to be a predator, but very little would choose to be a prey. If you were born as a predator, you were considered lucky. If you were born as prey, well...your life basically suck for the rest of your life.

A long time ago, it was once said that predators use to hunt and kill prey and eat them. Prey feared for their lives each and everyday, wondering if that today would be their last. As you can see, there was a huge inequality between prey and predator. That doesn't mean predators don't have problems themselves. For one thing, predators get easily tired when chasing down their next meal, and would sometimes lose their prey after a long chase. Those predators end up starving until they can find something else to eat. An advantage for us prey is that we run fast or have great defense mechanisms. In the end, both prey and predator have their own problems and their own advantages. It's quite tiring to be honest.

It's probably why after decades of this game of cat and mouse, prey and predator have finally come to an agreement and were now at peace. You'll see both working together to building homes, businesses, even governments. No longer do prey have to worry about getting eaten anymore, and predators no longer have to worry about catching their next meal. Life was peaceful. we thought. and society may have advanced over the years, but that doesn't mean our instincts are gone. Predators were still bloodthirsty creatures that want to chow on a cute little animal that has enough meat on their bones. As for prey...they're still terrified for their lives.

Because of these instincts and possible anarchy, the government has created rules that each animal must follow.

If a prey and predator were to be in the same room together, there must at least be two other prey or a camera in the room.

Predators are not allowed to eat anyone. The only time they are allowed to eat real meat is if a prey is badly injured or close to death.

Children are to walk to the other side of the street if a predator is walking on that same street.

Both prey and predators are to only enter their respected public facility. Which means if a predator or prey are to go to a restaurant, predators can only go to a predator restaurant and a prey must go to a prey restaurant. Only time prey and predator can go to the other's area is if they were invited or have official business.

For public places such as schools and hospitals, prey and predator must go to their respected side of the entire building, no crossing sides and no climbing the fence that separates the prey and predator section.

If a predator does go wild and kill someone, they are given two chances. If they kill someone after the second chance, then that predator will be sentence to prison. you can see from that last one, some of these rules actually favor the predator more than the prey. I guess that's what happens when your mayor is a fucking predator.

Life is still unfair, but least it's not as bad as when we were completely naked, tearing each other up, and being wild animals.

Still...if you asked me what I want to be in this fucked up life we live in, I'd totally be a wolf...or maybe a dog? Maybe even a dog? But nope! life decided to screw me over and made me into a fucking bunny with a cotton ball tail and big floppy ears. So yeah...remember when I say being prey suck? fucking does.

I, Craig Tucker, am a rabbit, I'm prey, and I'm living in a small mountain town where predators are complete dicks. Fuck. My. Life.

In a small town called South Park, everyone was either a predator or prey. On the predator side, you'd see lions, tigers, bears, and most of all, wolves. For prey, you'll mainly see sheep, deer, and rabbits. The majority of the townsfolk were wolves and rabbits, and I happen to be a rabbit.

I didn't want to be a rabbit. If you were a rabbit in South Park, then the first thing the wolves would go after once they turned wild are rabbits, so me being a rabbit isn't really ideal. I actually thought of trying to change my nature and try to become a predator, along with my friends. I thought that if we became predators, no one would bug us anymore. Hell...I remember how my friends and I even tried eating meat and seeing if we could handle it.

" it real?" Clyde asked, his nose twitching a bit.

" real as it can be when buying from the supermarket," I said.

"W-what are t-the ingredients?"

"Let's see...flour, water, plants...and...insects," I said.


"It also said that rabbits and deer rubbed their scent on it and even added some fish meat into it."

"Do we have to do this, man?" Token asked.

"Hey, if we're going to stop being targeted by those predators, we gotta suck it up and try eating a piece of this. If predators can eat it, than so can we," I said.

"I'd rather drink a grass smoothie than eat this," Token said.

"Quit whining," I sighed. "Now...who's going first?"

The guys looked at each other before looking back at the meat in front of them.

"I'm not touching that," Token said.

"No way!" Clyde said, "it smells really bad!"

"A-as much as I-I would love to...I-I'm allergic to f-f-fish," Jimmy said.

"You never eaten fish before, Jimmy," I said.

"M-my point exactly...I don't e-eat it b-because I'm a-allergic to it," Jimmy said.

"Tch...babies," I grabbed my fork and poked at the lumpy meat thing before stabbing into it and tearing off a piece. I took a sniff of it, almost gagging from how awful it smelled.

"Dude...don't!" Clyde said.

"Let's just forget it and head downstairs to try some of your mom's carrot cake, okay?" Token said.

"Y-yeah, l-let's just th-throw this thing away b-before we g-get in trouble," Jimmy said.

I glared at them before opening my mouth and shoving the piece of meat into my mouth. I almost gagged from the flavor, but forced myself to chew. The taste was awful and I wanted to spit it out, but I kept chewing and chewing until I finally swallowed it down.

"Oh predators actually like this stuff?" I said after I finished eating it.

" do you feel?" Clyde asked.

I checked myself, seeing if I was going to have a reaction to it. So far, I look normal. I looked up at my friends. "See? Nothing to-"

I ended up throwing up in my trash bin, as my friends helped me by pulling back my ears. Jimmy ended up telling my mom and we had to throw away the meat. I stayed in bed for two days with food poisoning. I guess cooking it would have been a better idea than eating it raw.

After that, we didn't try to eat anymore meat, the thought of it made me remember that day and made me want to throw up. So we stopped trying to be predators for awhile, and continued with our lives. Things were peaceful for us.

"Go long!" Clyde threw the football in the air.

"I got it!" I exclaimed as I rushed towards the ball before jumping up and catching it in the air. I then landed on the ground with ease.

"Nice catch, must be great to be a rabbit," Token said.

"I guess," I sighed as I gave the ball to him. "Your turn to throw," I said.

"Got it," Token said as he walked down the street. He was about to throw the ball, but Jimmy suddenly alerted us.

"P-p-predators!" Jimmy exclaimed.

The guys gasped and quickly started packing up. I simply sighed and slowly got my stuff.

"Dude, you gotta hurry!" Clyde exclaimed, his nose was twitching, showing he was really scared.

"Calm down," I sighed.

"Craig, you don't get it, they're predators, they eat guys like us, so excuse me if I don't want to end up being lamb chops," Token said.

"Oh come on you guys, what can they even do to us? Remember the rules?"

"Y-yeah, b-but p-predators g-get t-two excuses," Jimmy said.

"Pff, whatever," I frowned.

Just as we finished packing up, a group of wolves showed up. They all seemed to noticed us before looking pissed.

"Hey, shouldn't you tasty morsels be home with your mommies or something?"

"Fuck you," I said as I raised my hand and flipped him off.

The guys gasped behind me, they all cowered together as they looked between me and the wolves.

"My, for a cute little baby rabbit, you sure got some balls," the wolf guy said. His friends snickered behind him.

I was getting more and more pissed off as this guy kept talking. I started to bouncing my foot in anger, glaring at these assholes as my hand started to ache, desperately wanting to flip them off already.

"Oh look, the little bunny is all angry, he's even bouncing his foot so angrily." The wolves started to laugh.

"Look here, Thumper," The wolf in front of me grabbed the right flap of my hat, he pushed my head until I was looking up at him. "You and your little friends better play somewhere else, this is our territory, and we don't appreciate little kids like you being in our territory and dissing us."

"Oh no, I'm so scared," I said sarcastically.

"Craig," Token said, "just shut up and let's just go."

"You better listen to your sheep friend, kid...otherwise...that cute little face of yours is going to be ripped apart."

That was it, "fuck you," I raised my hand to flip him off.

"That does it," the wolf started to growl as he showed his sharp teeth to me. My friend started to panic and try to save me, but the other two wolves stepped in front of them. "You're fucking dead."

Quickly thinking, I raised my feet and clawed at the wolf's face, the wolf yelped in surprised and dropped me. I then quickly kicked the other two wolves in the leg before grabbing my stuff.

"Run!" I shouted.

"Oh fuck!" Clyde exclaimed as we all started running.

Both Token and I carried Jimmy as we started running from the wolves. We weren't sure where to go, but we better think fast, wolves were really fast.

"In there!" Clyde exclaimed as he points towards an alley, we started running, but stopped when there was a fence in the way.

"Crap, what now!?"

"L-l-look!" Jimmy points at a small hole.

"It's going to be a tight squeeze, but it's better than nothing," Token said.

We all nodded and quickly crawled towards the hole. The first to go was Jimmy, we helped him go through the hole, making sure his antlers doesn't get tangled with the chain link fence. The next was Token. Some of his wool got caught on the fence and we tried our best to help him out.

"I smell them! They're here!"

"Crap! Toke, I'm sorry," Clyde said.

"For wh-" Clyde pushed Token through the fence, causing some of his wool to be ripped out. "Ow!" Token exclaimed.

"Sorry sorry sorry sorry!" Clyde apologized as he quickly ducked under the hole and got on the other side. "Craig! Hurry!"

"Coming," I was about to go next, but a hand grabbed me and pulled me up, this time by my actual ears. "Ow!" I exclaimed, wincing as the wolf's claw dug into my ear.

"You're fucking dead, kid."

"W-wait! Y-you know child murder really really bad, right!?" Clyde exclaimed, trying his best to convince the wolves to let me go.

"I'll take my chances," the wolf opened his mouth, about to take a bite of my face.

I closed my eyes, waiting for it, but before I can feel any teeth sinking into my flesh, I hear sirens in the distance.

"Shit! It's the cops!"

"Dude, I can't get caught! I've already got two strikes!"

"...Damn it," The wolf dropped me and started getting out of here, "you're so fucking lucky kid, I better not catch you anywhere near my territory again!"

I watched as all three wolves ran out of there, tails between their legs. Bunch of cowards.

"Yeah! You better run!" I shouted.

"Craig, are you nuts!? We could have died!" Clyde exclaimed.

"I-it's a g-good thing a p-police car drove nearby, otherwise w-we'd be another p-predator's main c-course," Jimmy said.

"..." I let out a sigh, kicking a nearby rock. "This fucking sucks!"

"Come on Craig, don't be angry," Clyde said. The guys ducked down the hole and walked toward me. "We're alive, and that's what matters!" Clyde said.

"Um...guys? Little help here?" Token said, he was stuck again. He really needs to shave off some of that wool or something.

"We wouldn't be worried about our own lives if we were...meat eaters like those bastards," I said.

"W-why would y-you want to e-eat meat?" Jimmy asked.

"I don't...looks gross...both the fake and real ones...but if we did eat meat, than guys like those would stop pushing us around all the time. We'd be able to do whatever we want!" I said.

"Not really, we'd still...nnnnnggg....still gotta follow those know," Token said. "Ow! Jimmy! Careful!"

"Y-you s-s-seriously n-need to shave t-this wool off d-dude," Jimmy said as he kept pushing Token through the hole.

"I don't know if you noticed, but all these rules are stupid. I fucking predators two chances before the justice system actually does something? What the fuck!? Or how about the fact that any injured prey are immediately killed off and are sold to restaurants for their meat?"

"Oh come on. You're exaggerating," Clyde said.

"Clyde, the hospital is literally at the center of town, and all the markets and restaurants are built near it. Doesn't that seem suspicious to you?"

"We get it, Craig, but what can we do? I was born as a sheep, Jimmy is a deer."

"S-stag," Jimmy corrected.

"Right, stag, and you and Clyde are bunnies. We can't change who we are, Craig, so live with it," Token said. Jimmy finally managed to push Token through the hole and now Token was helping Jimmy get to the other side.

"You are basically telling me to just stand here and hope to god that a predator won't go wild and chew on my face, is that it?"

"No...I'm telling you to stop whining and stop agitating predators and almost getting us killed," Token said.

"You know what...fuck you," I flipped them both off as I started heading home.

"Craig! Come on! What about our game?" Clyde called out.

I didn't say anything and continued to flip them all off.

As I was walking down the street, heading home, I suddenly saw a crowd in the distance. I walked over to see what was happening, and that's when my eyes widened when I saw a dead man in the center.

"...He's dead," one of the paramedics said.

"Poor guy, I heard he got into a car accident," a woman standing in front of me said.

"Really? Who was in the other car?"

"A predator, but they let him go know..."

"Oh how awful..."

I had a sick feeling in my stomach as I stared at the mangled body.

"Excuse me, but...may I buy that body?" A tiger woman came up with a couple of bills in her hands.

"Sorry ma'am, we can't. We gotta take this body to the hospital and inform the family members. You'll be able to purchase the body once he's been sold to the supermarket."

"Oh please? Getting real meat like this is very hard, and I want to serve it to my young ones," the woman said.

I stared at the woman. How could she say that? Don't these predators have hearts? I'm sure the man's family would want to see the body before he's being sold like that.

"Well...maybe if you convince the family to sell the body to you, but it might take awhile."

"Oh I'd do anything for some fresh meat like this. Lead the way gentleman." I watched as the tiger woman walked with the paramedics, her eyes never left the body.

Once the ambulance left, the crowd dispersed and continued on with their day. Another normal day...that's what everyone is probably thinking.

"...You think that woman is going to be able to buy that body?"

"Well considering that the man was a rabbit, and she was a tiger...I'm pretty sure the family will be terrified if they say no to her."

"Oh I feel so bad...but better them than me."

"Same here."

"...." I stopped listening to the woman and continued walking home.

There's another flaw with being a prey, when it comes to a life or death situation, it's everyone for themselves. So even if you have a best friend, there's no doubt that you'd push them towards the predator as you escape. As that woman's better someone else...than yourself.

It was Monday morning and already...things were hectic.

"You got your homework?"


"You got your lunch?"

"Uh huh."

"You got got your pepper spray and bite proof vest."




"Craig, answer me young man," mom said.


Mom sighed, "march upstairs and put your vest on."

"Do I have to? I'm just going to school," I said.

"Yes, but you know how those children on the predator side can be. One day they'll break through the fence and try biting someone, and I don't want you to get bitten," mom said.

"But mom, the vest is bulky and so uncomfortable. Can't I just go to school with just the spray?"

"Laura, Craig has a point, maybe we should just trust that he won't get bitten and go to school without the vest for now," dad said.

"Thomas, I do not want my children to get ripped to shreds, now Craig, put on your vest. You little sister has hers on," mom said.

"Only because she's a goody two shoes," I said.

Tricia stuck her tongue out at me before flipping me off. I flipped her off.

"Stop flipping each other off you two," mom sighed. She ended up flipping the both of us off.

"Please mom? Can't I go one day without wearing it?" I begged.

"....Fine...but if something happens, you are going to listen to me when I say you have to wear your vest, got it?"

"Yes mom," I said.

"...Okay," Mom said before kissing me on top of my head. "Alright, let's get going," mom said as she grabbed both my hand and Tricia's. "Have fun at work, dear," mom said as she kissed dad on the lips. Both Tricia and I gagged.

"Be good you two, and Craig, don't do anything I would," dad said.

"Punch a predator in the face?"


"Oh god," mom sighed. We said goodbye to dad before walking out of the door and heading off to school.

Once we reached the building, I watched as the predator kids headed inside through the left door while the prey went to the right. I noticed that some of the predator kids were eyeing the prey kids.

"....God...days like this makes me wonder if homeschooling you kids would be better," mom muttered.

"Quit worrying mom, I'll take good care of Tricia while we're at school," I said.

"Yeah, but who's going to take care of you?" Mom said. I flipped her off and she flipped me off in return. "Just...please be careful...and don't make anyone angry," mom said.

"Yes mom," I sighed.

Mom hugged us and kissed us on our heads before leaving. We waved her goodbye before walking towards the building. As we were walking, I suddenly hear Clyde's voice.

"Craig!" I turned around and saw the guys walking towards me.

I was still made at them for yesterday, so I didn't say hello or anything. "What do you want?"

"Come on man...we're sorry for yesterday," Clyde said.

"Yeah...and even if you almost got us killed...we're still friends," Token said.

"W-we're the f-four amigos, w-we gotta stick together, r-right?"

"...." I turned towards them and smiled, "yeah...and hey...I'm sorry for almost getting us killed the other day."

"Well in your defense...those guys were being assholes," Token said.

We laughed. I was glad we finally made up and were friends again. From what I learned in this world, you don't want to be alone when you're prey, the bigger numbers you have, the more likely you'll survive in this world.

"Craig, can I go play with my friends?" Tricia asked, pointing at a group of girls around Tricia's age.

"Go ahead, and don't get too close to those predators," I said.

"I won't," Tricia said. Tricia headed towards her group of friends and I watched as they all started talking to each other.

"So hey...did you hear that Mr. Franklin died yesterday?" Clyde asked.

"R-really? H-how?"

"His neighbor who was a bear barged into his house and ripped him to shreds. Turns out the neighbor went wild," Clyde said.

"Jesus...poor Mr. Franklin," Token said.

" least we won't get yelled at for running in the halls anymore," I said.

"Dude, too soon," Token said.

"I was just kidding," I raised my hands in defense.

"Ow! Let go!" I turned my head when I hear Tricia's voice. My eyes widened when a tiger kid grabbed Tricia by her ears.

"Trish!" I exclaimed as I ran towards them. The guys quickly followed, and Tricia's friends were cowering close to each other as they could only watch their friend. "Let her go!" I exclaimed.

"Or what?" The tiger kid growled.

"Come on dude, you're not suppose to hurt anyone on school ground!" Token said.

"Screw you, this little rabbit stepped on my feet with her big foot, and she's going to pay!"

"I said, let go!" I pushed the tiger kid, causing him to collide with another predator.

The tiger kid got back up and growled at me. "You're so fucking dead, rabbit boy," the tiger kid walked back up to me and raised his hand. He was going to scratch me with his claws. I covered my face with my arms, hoping to shield myself.

"Stop!" I opened my eyes and turned around. I see a blonde wolf kid running towards the tiger kid and grabbing his arm.

"Lay off, it's got nothing to do with you!" The tiger kid said.

"Yeah but if you try hurting those rabbits, your mom is going to ground you, remember?"

"She won't know," the tiger kid said.

"She might if someone told her, now put down your hand and don't do something you'll regret," the wolf kid said.

"...Fine," the tiger kid put his hand down, but he does shove me a bit. "You got lucky, but next time, I'll be chewing down on your body."

I glared at him before flipping him off. "Bite me."

"We'll see," the tiger kid huffed before continuing to head inside.

The wolf kid turned toward us and actually looked worried. "You okay?"

"I'm fine," Tricia said.

"Yeah, we're all fine, thanks to you," Token said.

"I could have handled it," I said, crossing my arms.

The wolf kid looked at me before crossing his arms, "oh really? So you looking scared and cowering just now was you handling it?"

"Hey, I never asked for your help," I said.

"Yeah well if I didn't help you, you'd be that kid's lunch today, so you better be nice that I actually helped you," the wolf kid said.

"Fuck. You." Everyone gasped, including a few predators that were listening.

The wolf kid stared at me, surprised, but he then frowned. "Fuck you!"

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you times ten!"

"Fuck you times fifty!"

"Fuck you time infinity!"

"Fuck you times infinity and one."

"Okay, stop," Token got in between us, "I'm so sorry about my friend here, he can be a dick."


"Yeah well your friend here better control that attitude of his before he makes the wrong person angry."

"Whatever," I said. I turned my back towards him and headed inside. "Come on!" I said to the others.

"Um...see ya," Token said.

"Thank you again," Tricia said.

"...Bye," the wolf kid said.

We all headed inside without looking back.

"Dude...that was a dick move you know, he did save both you and your sister," Clyde said.

"Who cares, he probably did it because he wants to eat us first, but I ain't falling for it," I said.

"God're such a negative Nancy," Tricia said.

I flipped her off.

School was normal as usual, well...except for when we all had to go to the auditorium to hold a memorial for Mr. Franklin, but things were normal for the most part. By the time it was recess, my friends and I all headed to the yard and played with our football.

"I got it!" Clyde exclaimed as he ran across the yard to catch the ball.

"Clyde, look out!" I exclaimed.

Clyde forgot about the chain link fence and accidentally collided into it. Clyde fell to the ground, his cheek had a red mark in the shape of the chain link fence. I sighed and helped him out.

"You idiot," I said.

"I forgot," Clyde said.

"You think?"

"C-c-crap," Jimmy pointed to our ball which is on the other side of the fence. The predator kids' side.

"...Well Clyde, you didn't catch it, so go over there and get it," I said.

"W-what!? It was Token who threw it, he should get it!" Clyde exclaimed.

"No way. I ain't going over there," Token said.

"Well someone has to go over there," I said.

"Not me," Clyde said.

"Not me," Token said.

"N-n-not I," Jimmy said.

"Fine, let's rock-paper-scissor to see who goes to the other side of the fence and gets the ball."

"That's not fair, both Jimmy and I have hooves for hands," Token said.

"Well sucks to be you," I said.

Before we could argue any further, our ball suddenly comes back from the other side of the fence. We all turned around and realized it was the wolf kid who threw it back to us.

"There's your ball," the kid said.

"Thanks!" Clyde smiled as he walked over towards the fence to get closer.

"No problem," the wolf kid smiled, "I saw your ball coming over here and I thought I'd help you guys out, since you know...prey aren't allowed on this side," the wolf kid said.

"Well that's very nice of you, kid," Token said.

"W-w-what's your name?" Jimmy asked.

The wolf kid fidget a bit before answering, "T-Tweek. I'm Tweek," the wolf kid smiled.

"Hi Tweek, I'm Clyde, that's Token, That's Jimmy, and the big grumpy bunny over there is Craig.

"Fuck you," I said as I picked up the ball and threw it up in the air before catching it.

"Don't mind him," Token said.

"H-hey, w-wanna play with us?"

"R-really?" Tweek asked.

"Sure, we'll throw the ball to your side of the fence and you catch it, then you throw the ball to our side and one of us will catch it. It'll be fun," Clyde said.

"S-sure, okay," Tweek smiled.

"I am not playing with a wolf," I said.

"Come on Craig, don't be a dick," Token sighed.

"Fine, play with him, but count me out," I said as I threw the ball towards them.

"...Okay," Token said.

I was shocked to see the guys throwing the ball across the fence, playing with the wolf kid. Tweek jumped up and caught the ball in his mouth before spitting it out and throwing it back. This went on for awhile, so I angrily sat on the ground, glaring at them.

On the fifteenth catch, Tweek stopped and looked over at me. "Craig, come on, play with us!" Tweek said.

"No," I said.

"Come on, stop being so grouchy and just play with us," Clyde said.

"No," I said.

"You're being a complete dick, Craig, just get up and play with us," Token sighed.

"I'm not playing with a wolf!" I exclaimed.

The bell suddenly rang, signalling that recess was over and it was time for us to head back inside. Wait...recess was over already?

"Aw man, I wanted to play a bit longer," Clyde said.

"Hey Tweek, let's play again next time, okay?"

"S-sure," Tweek smiled. The guys waved goodbye to him before heading inside. I stood there, shocked at what just happened. "You know...not all predators are...bad. Some of us do want to be friends with you guys," Tweek said.

I didn't say anything, too angry to speak, so instead, I stuck my tongue out at him. Tweek seemed surprised by this before angrily sticking his tongue out at me as well. We continued this for a bit before we hear a teacher yelling for us to come inside. We both glared at each other for a bit before quickly heading back to class.

For the rest of the day, I was in a grumpy mood.

Once school was finished, the guys and I had to go our separate ways since Jimmy had to go home to do a project, Token had basketball practice, and Clyde said he was getting vegan tacos with his dad. I would be fine with it if it weren't for the fact that Tricia was going over to her friend's house to play. This means I have to walk home all alone. Great.

I guess it wasn't so bad, it was still daylight outside, and nothing bad ever happens during the day, so I'll be fine. As I was walking home, making sure to keep my guard up whenever I see an adult predator. As I was walking, I suddenly got hungry and thought of buying some candy from the candy store. Since it was around the corner, all I had to do was just keep walking until I reached it.

"Well well well, if it isn't our little bunny friend from yesterday." Oh come on!"

"Shit," I said as I turned around and looked up to see those three wolves from yesterday. "Just leave me alone, or do you want me to call the cops?" I said.

"Easy kid, we ain't feeling like picking a fight with a ten year old," the wolf leader said, "now why don't you walk the other side of the street while my friends are here?"

I turned around and saw the candy store. It was literally right there! Why do I have to move just so these assholes could continue walking when they could easily walk around me! You know what...fuck that noise.

"No," I said, crossing my arms.


"No. If you want to get to wherever you want to go, you can easily walk around me or walk across the street yourself, I ain't moving," I said.

"You're really testing my patience here, kid," the wolf leader said. "Do you really want to get us angry again?"

"Fuck. You," I glared at them.

"That's it! I don't care if I end up going to jail for this, I ain't letting this brat telling me off!" The wolf leader tried to grab me, but I quickly ducked down and started running. "Get him!"

Well...I fucked up, didn't I? I kept running as fast as I could, bumping into people and jumping over fire hydrants and the like. As I looked back, I saw that the wolves were getting closer and closer, so I knew I needed to think quick.

Running into an alley, I saw a fence up ahead. There weren't any holes, so I had to climb over it. I jumped up and tried going over the fence, but I hand grabbed me and pulled me down. I laid on my back in pain.

"Nnng...fuck..." I groaned.

"End of the line, bunny boy." The wolves hovered over me, teeth being shown and hungry looks on their faces.

Was this it? Was this how I die? Getting eaten by three douchebag wolves at the age of ten? I haven't even lived my life yet! I haven't found a nice rabbit to fall in love with, I never got to drive a car, I never even got to be the first rabbit in space! Now here I am, about to get eaten.

I was shaking as they came close, I closed my eyes, regretting so much in my life. I regret not telling mom and dad how much I loved them, I regret not being a better brother to Tricia, I regret not telling the guys that I really cared about them, and most of all...I regret being an asshole towards that wolf kid. In the end, he did save me and my sister, and I ended up being a dick to him. ...Maybe...maybe I do deserve to die.

"Let him go!" I shrilled voice suddenly stopped the three wolves before I see Tweek running towards them and jumping on the leader. Tweek then bit down on the leader's neck, drawing blood.

"Ow! What the fuck, kid!?" The wolf leader exclaimed as he grabbed Tweek and pulled him off.

Tweek does let go and spat out some blood from his mouth, he then growled at the wolves angrily. "If you don't leave him alone, I'll kill you!"

"Jesus!" The wolf leader stepped back, actually looking scared.

"Come on, man...he's just a kid, we can take him."

"Hell no, he bit me! That means that rabbit is his."

"He's got a point, best not mess with another wolf's prey."

"Fuck this, let's just get out of here!"

I watched as all three wolves left. I was...shocked...really really shocked.

"Craig, you okay?"

I looked up at him, surprised to see him. "How did you know I was in trouble?"

"I saw you running while those guys were after you. Since it was you, I knew you did something to piss them off," Tweek said.

"But why did you save me? I was a jerk to you," I said.

"Yeah well...I did thought of leaving you so you'd learn your lesson...but when I smelled how aggressive those guys were, I knew they weren't going to beat you up," Tweek sighed, "just...Jesus man...why you gotta go and make predators mad when you're a rabbit!? You're just going to end up in some predator's mouth one of these days."

"I know, don't remind me," I sighed as I sat down and had my back against the fence. "You know something...I wish I was like you, a predator..then I wouldn't have to worry about my life all the time, I wouldn't have to be careful, and especially don't have to follow these dumb laws," I said.

"Dude, you think being a predator is better than being prey?"

"Well...isn't it?"

"Fuck no! You know how tiring it is to have a lot of people avoiding you all the time, or how you keep hearing adults talking bad about you when you've done nothing that they say about you? Hell, you know how hard it is for some predators to get a job when most of the jobs here are run by prey? It's fucking hard to be a predator just as much as its hard to be prey. So you don't have any right to complain," Tweek said.

"....I never thought about that," I muttered.

"Yeah because you're too busy being a jerk," Tweek sighed.

I bit my bottom lip, feeling a bit ashamed of myself. Here I was, being prejudice against predators when really I never thought how the other side felt. Just as Tweek said, not all predators are bad.

"...I'm sorry," I said.

"....It's fine," Tweek sighed. Tweek offered his hand and I took it. He helped me stand up and we both started leaving the alley together. "Look...if you really don't want me hanging around you and your friends, just tell me, and I'll back off," Tweek said.

"...My friends wouldn't like that," I said.

"...I figured," Tweek smiled.

"...." I sighed, I can't believe I'm doing this. "Hey...if you want to hang out with us...both during recess and after school...I...I think I'll be okay with that," I said.

Tweek looked at me before smiling, even his tail was wagging. "I'd like that."

"But don't think that we're friends, I still don't trust you."

Tweek smiled, "we'll see."

I wouldn't say that Tweek and I were exactly...friends. We're close, but not that close is what I mean.

It feels weird to have a predator walking next to me and my friends everyday after school, but I won't say having him around doesn't have its advantages. For one thing, all the other predators left us alone, thinking that Tweek has placed a claim on us, which he hasn't, thank god. We also don't have to walk on the other side of the street all the time whenever we see a predator nearby, which is nice since all the places we want to go our a lot more easier to reach now. The best part of having Tweek around is is that no matter where we go or play, no one is going to tell us off and leave.

As much as I hate to admit it, having Tweek around has been really nice.

"Hey Craig," Tweek greeted.

"Hey," I said.

"Where's Clyde, Token, and Jimmy?" Tweek asked.

"They had to stay behind for clubs," I sighed.

" it's just us then?"

"I mean...I guess, or we could go our separate ways and just go home," I said.

"Not feeling like going home right now," Tweek said.

"Well what do you want to do?" I asked.

"....Hey...want to get something to eat?" Tweek asked.

My stomach growled after hearing that. I was a bit hungry. "Sure, you want to go to the Carrot Bar? They have great blueberry pies," I said.

"Actually...I thought we'd go to my favorite restaurant," Tweek said.

I was confused at first, but I followed him nonetheless. We soon found ourselves in front of a place called Predator Cafe, a predator only restaurant.

"Uh...Tweek, you know I can't go in there," I said.

"Well you can if a predator invites you, and you're with me, so it'll be fine," Tweek said.

"...Alright..." I said. I followed him inside.

We sat at a table and a waitress came and handed us a menu. I can feel eyes on me the moment I sat down. I tried ignoring it by reading the menu, but most of the food here were meat based.

"We have a special today, fresh rabbit soup, and with real rabbits," the waitress suggested. I noticed her looking at me when she said that.

" thanks...I'll get the number five," Tweek said.

"F-five? You sure? That one doesn't-"

"I know, I want to order it, please," Tweek smiled.

"Alright...and for you, cutie?" The waitress smiled, showing her fangs.

I gulped and looked at he menu. The only thing that didn't have meat was the blackberry cake. "I'll get this one," I said.

"Of course," the waitress smiled. She takes our menus and headed off to get our orders. Eyes were still on me.

"Tweek, I really don't feel safe here," I said.

"Don't worry, as long as you're with me, you'll be fine," Tweek smiled.

"Easy for you to say," I said, tapping my fingers on the table.

After a bit, the waitress comes back with a plate of meat, not sure what kind, and the cake. The waitress also placed two glasses of water for us before leaving.

"You sure you want to eat that cake? It's very sugary," Tweek said.

"Well what else can I eat that doesn't fish and insects in it?"

"...Well...wanna try this?" Tweek gestured to his plate.


Tweek smiled, "don't worry, there's no meat in here. No insects, no fish, nothing. It's vegan," Tweek said.

"What? Why is that on the menu?"

"You'd be surprised by how many predators want to stay healthy or are vegans," Tweek chuckled. "Here, try some," Tweek pushed the plate towards me and I stared at it cautiously.

"There really isn't any meat in here?"

"Nope, it's one hundred percent fake," Tweek smiled, "it's nothing but plant based."

"...." I sighed and grabbed a fork. I stabbed into the fake meat before putting it in my mouth. My eyes widened by how good it tasted. "Holy shit, this is good!" I said.

"I knew you'd like it," Tweek smiled.

" If I knew something like this existed, I would have ate this instead of that real meat I had a long time ago," I said.

" ate real meat?" Tweek said.

"I was...trying something," I said.

"Well...why don't we share this? I won't be able to eat all of it on my own anyways," Tweek said.

"Thanks," I smiled before stabbing into the meat and taking another bite. It was so good that I even tore off a huge chunk and bit into it ferociously. Some of the customers that were staring at me earlier were shocked and turned away when they thought I was eating real meat.

"...Jesus...and I thought predators ate so messily," Tweek said as he stared at me.

I didn't say anything, I simply licked my lips before eating some more.

After we ate, Tweek decided to take me to the forest, he said he wanted to show me something. After we walked around for a bit, we soon found a treehouse.

"This is my secret space," Tweek said.

"Well it's not very secret if you're showing me now is it?" I said.

"Don't be an asshole," Tweek sighed before grabbing a rope that was hanging off the edge and pulling it down. Soon, a rope ladder comes down, giving us a way to climb up. "I was thinking of showing it to you and the guys, but I wasn't sure if I could trust Clyde to keep this place a secret," Tweek said.

"Yeah, Clyde does have a big mouth," I said.

Tweek climbs up and I follow close behind. When we were inside the treehouse, I was surprised to find a slightly clean mattress, a round carpet, and even curtains where the windows were. I looked around a bit longer and saw that there were a few chew toys laying around, most of which looked to have been chewed up over the years.

"Homey," I said as I picked up a chewed up rubber bone before throwing it back with the other toys. "How long have you been coming here?"

"Well I built it when I was five with my dad, then I kinda been coming here whenever I was free from school work and stuff. This place helps me relax," Tweek said. I watched as Tweek sat down on the mattress, looking relaxed.

"So...why did you bring me here?" I asked, "I could have sworn I give you a lot of stress," I said.

"To be honest, not really. Don't tell the guys,'re the most relaxing person I've ever been around," Tweek said, "I like hanging out with you."

I felt my ears twitch, something they do when I feel surprisingly happy. Feeling a bit prideful, I sat next to Tweek and looked around the treehouse. "So, you going to tell the guys about this place?"

"....How about...we keep this between us? No offense to the guys, but I'd rather keep this place nice and quiet," Tweek said.

I smiled, "well luckily for you, I'm all about that nice and quiet life," I said.

Tweek chuckled and we sat on that old mattress, talking about stuff and getting closer.

In the end, Tweek and I became the best of friends.

Middle school was the weirdest and most awkward time for us. The thought of growing taller or gaining some skills sounded cool and all, but when our parents told us how around this age we'd be getting interested in mates and stuff, I nearly wanted to gag.

Yet here we are. We graduated from elementary school and were now middle school kids. I saw many familiar faces once we entered the new school, that also means I saw many of the same assholes, both those who were predators and prey.


I turned my head and saw Token, Clyde, and Jimmy. Clyde looked the same, so did Token, aside from looking more fluffier, and then...there was Jimmy.

"Whoa, did your antlers grew in?" I asked when I noticed the little nubs grew a couple of inches.

"Y-y-yep, and s-s-soon, I'll get my f-f-full antlers in a c-c-couple of years and the ch-chicks w-will be all o-over me," Jimmy said.

"Oh yeah! I can't wait to be surrounded by cute girls!" Clyde said.

"Hold it, Romeo. You know that sixth graders don't participate in the spring fling, we're stuck having to watch that boring movie about the birds and the bees for an entire week," Token sighed.

"Seriously? We're going to be stuck inside for an entire week while the seventh and eighth graders get it on?" Clyde exclaimed.

"Relax, everyone knows that middle school kids barely get mates. High school is where the real action is," I said.

"High school!? I can't wait that long!" Clyde exclaimed.

"Too bad, cause you're going to have to before you can start meeting anyone," Token said.

As we were chatting, poking fun at Clyde's expression, we suddenly hear a familiar voice behind us.

"Guys!" We all turned around, happy to see our predator friend.

"Tweek!" Clyde exclaimed as he ran towards Tweek and hugged him.

A few of the kids from both sides stopped, surprised to see Clyde and Tweek hugging.

"I missed you, where were you all summer!?" Clyde exclaimed.

"Sorry, my parents really wanted me to work at the coffee shop all summer," Tweek said.

"Dude, this should be consider child labor," I said.

"Well what do you expect from a family owned business," Tweek sighed. Tweek suddenly looked me over, at first, I thought he was eyeing me in a hungry way, but he had a mischievous smile on his face. "Why Craig, did you actually grow taller?" Tweek placed his hand on top of my head, "and...fluffier?"

I frowned and flipped him off. "Do not patronize me, wolf boy," I said.

Tweek chuckled, "sorry, I just had to."

I rolled my eyes, "whatever."

Clyde suddenly looked at Tweek for a bit before speaking, "whoa Tweek, is it me or do you have more muscle on you?"

We all looked at Tweek, Clyde was right, he seemed to be more muscular than the last time we saw him, fluffier too.

"I-I can t-tell someone is t-trying to i-impress the wolf l-ladies already," Jimmy said.

Tweek blushed, "n-no I'm not! It's just genetics, that's all," Tweek said.

"Sure it is," I rolled my eyes.

"It totally is," Tweek said, "I don't see why you're being so smug, do bunny girls naturally like skinny guys like you?"

"Fuck you," I said as I flipped him off.

Tweek flipped me off in return and we stood there, flipping each other off as we glared at each other.

The bell suddenly rang, and it was time for us to head to our first class.

"Well we better get going," Token said.

"See you after school, Tweek," Clyde said.

"Yeah," Tweek smiled.

Clyde, Token, and Jimmy headed towards the right side of the school, while Tweek and I stood where we were.

"I keep forgetting that we won't be seeing each other much during school now," Tweek said.

"Yeah well...we still got gym and breaks, that's better than nothing," I said.

"I guess," Tweek sighed. I noticed that he looked really nervous.

"You'll be fine, it's just the first day of school," I said.

"Easy for you to say, the first day is always the hardest," Tweek said.

"Hm...well...if you want, we could all go get some ice cream after school," I said.

Tweek lifted his head and his tail started wagging. "I'd like that."

I smiled at him, "tch, your starting to act more like a dog than wolf," I said.

"Yeah well you're more like a cat than bunny," Tweek said.

"Fuck you," I smiled and flipped him off. Tweek chuckled and did the same.

We went our separate ways and headed to class. It was good to see Tweek again, I really missed him over the summer.

Thing were normal as we went through our first year of middle school. There were awkward times, embarrassing times, and times where we all probably wish we'd stay in bed.

By the time spring finally came and mating season has finally arrived, everyone was excited, all except for us.

" long is this movie again?" Clyde asked, banging his head against his desk.

"Another hour and thirteen minutes," I sighed, feeling my eyelids getting heavy.

Everyone in the room groaned as we continued to listen to the two hour film about the birds and the bees. I honestly don't know why we have to listen to it, it's not like we're that clueless about sex and stuff. Hell, I still can't get the information my parents told me when I was ten out of my head.

As we continued to listen, I couldn't help but wonder how Tweek was doing. He's probably bored out of his mind while watching his predator version of the film. Actually...I wonder how different is our movies, it can't be completely different, right?

"And remember, as we all enter spring and our hormones takes control of our bodies, just know that having a different preference is completely fine. If you like an animal that is the same gender as you, just know that it's perfectly fine, no need to feel ashamed or anything."

I lifted my head, a bit curious at what the narrator was saying.

I have seen same sex couples in my life, hell, I've seen a rabbit dating a sheep once, but I couldn't help but wonder how that would exactly work. Is there a different trigger if you're attracted to the same sex? What does your brain tell you when you smell those pheromones?

Hm...I wonder what Tweek's smell would be like once we finally start mating season.

"....Hey...why's your face red, Craig?" Clyde asked.

I didn't realize until Clyde pointed it out. I quickly laid my head on my desk, trying to calm myself down. "It's nothing, just keep quiet and watch the movie."

"Ugh....I'd rather eat my own ears than having to listen to this...and I bet the teacher feels the same way."

We both looked over at the teacher, who was having a difficult time keeping awake. We felt sorry for the guy, he was definitely not getting paid enough to do this.

School finally ended, and I couldn't help but noticed a strange smell in the air. It didn't really affect me or anything, it just smelled...weird. As I looked around, sniffing the air, I noticed that a lot of couples were coming out of the school, looking lovey dovey and the like. Everyone was so madly in love with their new partner, that predators weren't looking so vicious, and prey weren't looking scared. this what spring does to people?

"Craig!" Tweek spotted me and quickly headed towards me, "how was the film?"

"Too long," I said.

"Same here," Tweek sighed.

We both looked around, watching as couples held hands and were already kissing each other. Gross.

"I really don't get it, how does this smell make people want to fuck each other?" I asked.

"D-don't say that," Tweek blushed.

"What? Fuck?"

"Y-yes," Tweek said, "you know mating season isn't completely about fucking and making babies," Tweek said.

"Tweek, that is literally what that means when it comes to mating season," I said.

"Okay fine, but a lot of these guys just want to spend time with the person they chose to be with. It's a special bond that can never be broken," Tweek said.

"Sounds like a load of garbage to me," I said.

"Hmph, well just you wait, bunny boy, cause once spring comes for us, you'll be whistling a new tune," Tweek said.

"Whatever," I sighed.

I still think the smell was weird.

First year of middle school came and went, and we were slowly finishing up our second year. Most of us were a bit more excited since this year, we'd finally be able to participate in the spring fling. So once spring came, we all lined up and were ready to head to the field and start interacting with each other.

I really hate socializing with anyone of any kind.

The moment we stepped outside, the smell of pheromones filled the air, I nearly gagged at how many smells were going into my nostrils.

"Ugh," I pinched my nose, not feeling anything but disgust.

"How can you say that, Craig? We're finally going to meet chicks!" Clyde grinned.

I rolled my eyes, "Clyde, no girl will want to be with us. Compared to the other male rabbits here, we're not exactly big or muscular. Hell, our tails aren't even that fluffy," I said.

"Oh don't be such a Debby downer! Come on!" Clyde grabbed my hand and we started heading towards the center where it seemed most of the action is.

Everyone looked shy as they all eyed each other. A few made their moves already and were talking to each other and the like, but everyone calmly walked around, staring at the person they were interested in, wondering if they should make their moves or not.

"Whoa...look at the cotton ball tail on her," Clyde said as he stared at Bebe Stevens. I'll admit, Bebe was good looking, she had a lot of curves to her, but I wouldn't say she was my type. Clyde on the other hand... "I'm going to make my move," Clyde said.

"For the last time, no one is going to come for us," I said.

"Maybe for you, but I've been waiting all year for this, so just you watch, Tucker," Clyde said as he practically hopped towards Bebe. Good luck,'re definitely going to need it.

I sighed and walked over towards a bench that was near the fence that separated the predators from us. Once I sat down, I looked over at the predator side, noticing how their interaction is a bit similar to us, having a few shy guys here and there, but otherwise, seemed a bit more fierce than ours when I noticed one of the couples already nipping at each other. Ouch.

I let out another sigh as I watched everyone. They all looked...really happy and excited. Some of them already found their perfect match, while there were a few who merely walked around, having their eyes on a specific person.

I noticed a few girl rabbits walking by. I couldn't help but have my eyes on them. I felt my heart racing, wondering if they'll come over, but the moment one of them looked at me, they simply kept walking, not giving me another look.

"Damn it," I sighed, bouncing my leg in anticipation. Even though I knew this was going to happen, I was slightly hoping I would be wrong. As I sat there, watching as a good chunk of people already found their matches, I couldn't help but envy them.

Lucky bastards.

"Someone has the green eyed monster in them." I turned my head and saw Tweek, he was sitting on the bench on his side, the one that was behind mine.

"Shouldn't you be trying to impress a girl wolf with those muscles of yours?" I asked.

Tweek huffed, "I'm not really feeling up to it, I think I would rather be alone for awhile," Tweek said.

"Oh wow, getting cold feet already?" I smirked.

"Fuck you," Tweek blushed, "it's perfectly fine if you're not ready at this time...and I just...I'm not really interested right now," Tweek said.

"Hm...must be nice knowing whether you're ready or not," I said.

"Well...what about you? Are you ready?"

"....Not really," I sighed as I looked around. Sure, I wouldn't mind having at least one person being interested in me, but at the same time, being in a long term relationship already was...kinda terrifying. I wasn't sure if I was ready for that kind of commitment yet.

"Oh well...we still got another year until we graduate from junior high, then we'll be off to high school, and we both know that we'll be ready for spring by that time," Tweek said.

"I guess...but for now...I wouldn't mind staying as a single bachelor, eating carrots, playing video games...and hanging out with you," I said.

"I feel honored," Tweek chuckled.

We both laughed and continued to talk, not really caring about finding a partner or the smell of spring in the air. We were both happy just being single for now, and honestly...I prefer things like this. Just me and Tweek.

After school, that smell still lingered in the air. I swear, if I have to smell that shit any longer, I'm going to barf up my lunch.

"Hey," Tweek said as he walked up to me.

"Hey," I said.

We both stood there, watching as many couples come out of the school and walking home together. Gross.

"Where's Clyde, Token, and Jimmy?"

"Clyde is busy crying to himself since everyone rejected him, Jimmy wanted to stay a little longer and hope to find someone, and Token...well...our boy is all grown up," I said.

"No way, he found someone!?"

"Yep," I said. I then pointed to Token who was with another black sheep named Nichole. The two seemed to be really hitting it off. "We won't be seeing him for awhile."

"Oh god, hopefully he won't turn into those obnoxious couples who end up talking about their partner all the time," Tweek said.

"If he does, I'm shaving off his wool and stuffing it into his mouth," I said.

"I'll help," Tweek smirked. As we continued to watch everyone heading home with their new partners, Tweek and I looked at each other. "Treehouse?"

I grinned, "treehouse," I said.

We left school and headed towards the forest together.

That's weird...the smell was still there.

We reached the treehouse and the first thing I did was hopped on the tire swing we managed to put in when we found an abandoned tire on the side of the road awhile back.

"I never asked you this last year but...what was your birds and bees video like?" I asked as I swung on the tire.

"Ugh, I don't want to remember that, I'm still scarred from the scene where this guy was dry humping this drunk girl. I never understand why dicks like that think it's okay to have sex with someone who aren't in the right state to say their consent! It's fucked up if you tell me!"

"You are really passionate about consent, aren't you?" I asked as I kept swinging.

"Of course, you don't?"

"I mean...yeah, we still ask people for consent, but that's like second nature to us. I guess consent is much more harder for predators," I said.

"Hey, don't assume all predators are like that," Tweek pouted.

"I'm just guys are more ferocious with your love making," I said.

"Screw you," Tweek said as he hit the tire, causing me to swing higher. "I can totally prove that predators are capable of asking for consent," Tweek said.

"I never said predator's aren't capable, but go ahead, I'm listening," I said.

Tweek stuck his tongue out before clearing his throat. "Hey Craig."


"Is it okay if I touch your penis?"

I panicked and accidentally fell off the tire. "What the fuck, dude!?"

Tweek was laughing, "just showing a demonstration, that's all," Tweek laughed.

"Demonstration or not, you are not touching my penis!" I blushed madly.

"Okay okay okay, how about this," Tweek cleared his throat, " it okay if I kissed you?"

I froze. My heart was racing when he said that, even though I knew he was just showing a demonstration, I...I couldn't help but be curious. "...Okay..."

Tweek froze, "uh...I was don't actually have to answer," Tweek said.

"I know," I blushed more.

"O-oh," Tweek said.

We both looked down, our faces were completely red. God, this was awkward.

"Look, let's just forget it and-" I suddenly felt furry lips against mine. My heart was thumping in my chest as I looked up and saw that Tweek has closed the distance between us and was kissing me.

Tweek stepped back and his face was completely red. "How's that?"

"...W-why did that?" I asked.

"Y-you said I could!"

"I didn't think you'd actually do it!" I blushed more.

"Well sorry, you're the one that said it was okay, so I just assumed you wanted to do it," Tweek said.

"Well you...I mean yeah I said..but you...oh god," I sat back on the tire swing, not sure what to say. "I was just..surprised," I said.

"...Did...did you not like it?" Tweek asked.

"....No...I liked it," I blushed even more.

"Oh...uh...good," Tweek said.

We didn't say anything, we simply stared at the ground in embarrassment. I couldn't stay there any longer.

I got back up on my feet and grabbed my backpack. "I'm going home," I said, "I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"Oh...uh...okay," Tweek said.

I quickly walked off, feeling my heart racing as I left the forest and headed home.

Weirdly enough...that smell from earlier faded away once I left.

Tweek and I never talked about that day again, even as we finished our second year of junior high and started our third year, we never spoke of that kiss again.

Once again, spring came and left, Tweek and I were still single, but we didn't mind. Token was still with Nichole, so he didn't actually have to participate in this year's spring fling, Clyde was upset that he still didn't manage to impress anyone, and Jimmy had a few flings here and there, but nothing really long termed. In the end, all of us besides Token had graduated middle school without having a mating partner.

We then entered high school.

"Look out everyone, I, Clyde Donovan, is the hottest rabbit in school!"

"Please don't say that so early in the morning," I sighed as I stared at him. I tried to pretend I didn't know Clyde when I noticed a few people were staring at Clyde before snickering.

"Oh come on, Craig! We're in high school now! The time where we get to be wild animals for once!"

"I thought that when we enter college," I said.

"No, that's when we get to be wild animals at parties, slight difference," Clyde said.

"Whatever," I sighed.

"Guys!" Token came up to us and we were both surprised to see that Token has shaved off his wool around his body and was rocking his new hairstyle.

"Looking good, Toke! You're no longer a fluffy boy," Clyde said.

"Please don't say that," Token frowned.

"Not going to lie, I'm going to miss all that fluff you had going on here," I said as I eyed him. "Well at least this part is still fluffy," I said as I poked at his hair.

"Quit touching my hair, man," Token said. I grinned and kept touching his hair, admiring how soft it felt. "Come on, I'm really self-conscious here. I haven't even shown Nichole my new look yet."

"She's going to love it dude, don't worry," I said.

"H-hey f-f-fellas," We all turned around and were surprised to see how much Jimmy's antlers have grown.

"Jesus, how long do those things get?" I asked.

"M-m-my dad said they'll be a-as tall as his, and I-I'm looking forward to it! The g-g-girls will fall for me in an instant once t-they see these a-a-antlers," Jimmy smirked.

"Dude, I'm not even a deer and even I'm attracted to those antlers," Clyde said.

"Well shit, if you and Jimmy end up together, you might make jackalope," I said.

" offense Jimmy, but I rather stick with bunny girls," Clyde said.

"Careful with how you say that, Clyde," a familiar voice caused us to turn and we were all surprised to see Tweek.

"Holy shit," I said.

"'re ripped!" Clyde exclaimed.

"And look at all that fur," Token said.

Tweek blushed, feeling embarrassed, "oh come on...I don't look that different..right?"

"Well aside from the fact that your hair looks messier than usual, yes, you do," I said.

Tweek let out a whine, and I patted his back to comfort him.

"Don't be so sad, Tweek. With this, you'll definitely get some cute wolf girls coming your way," Clyde said.

I flinched at the thought of wolf girls fawning over Tweek, it just sounded...wrong.

"Tch, I'm sure Tweek here isn't really interested in stuff like that, right Tweek?"

"...W-well..." Tweek looked away, looking shy.

"Tweek?" I turned my head to look at him.

"O-oh shit, seems our f-f-favorite p-predator here is r-ready to find a m-m-mate," Jimmy said.

Tweek laughed, "i-is it that noticeable?"

"Well good for you, Tweek. With the way you look right now, you'll definitely find someone," Token said.

"I hope so...and I wouldn't mind if it was a...male," Tweek blushed. I froze and stared at him.

"Oh...going for the same team, huh? Nice," Clyde said.

"What the fuck is that even suppose to mean, Clyde?" I sighed.

"I'm just saying," Clyde said, "but remember Tweek, while you're railing your new wolf boyfriend, don't forget about us little people," Clyde said.

Tweek laughed, "I'll think about it."

As everyone laughed, I was the only one who didn't. The idea of Tweek finding a mate, whether it be a male or female, didn't exactly sit with me.

"So, going to find a mate this year?" Tweek asked.

When Tweek looked at me, my stomach did a flip when his eyes were on me. I looked down, feeling a bit shy all of a sudden. "I don't know..."

"Come on, Craig, you're in high school, this is the prime time to find a good mate! After this, it's just going to end up feeling like a job if you are still trying to find someone," Clyde said.

"Wow Clyde, you are the definition of romance," Token rolled his eyes.

"B-but C-Clyde does h-have a point, finding a m-mate when you're still young i-is the best time, l-later than that and your chances a-are s-s-slim," Jimmy said.

"....I'll think about it," I sighed, already feeling tired from this conversation.

The bell rings and it was time for us to head to our first class. As always, the guys headed towards the right side and Tweek will be heading towards the left.

"Hey...Craig, you feeling alright?"

"Uh...yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"You," Tweek said.

He was...smelling me? I blushed and looked away, "I'm fine, really. Just...go to class already. I'm getting tired of being stared at just because I'm talking to a predator," I said.

"Okay...I'll see you later then," Tweek said before leaving.

As I watched him enter his side of the school, I let out a tired sigh and headed to my class. It was only the first day of school and already I'm in a bad mood.

High school was very different from middle school and elementary school. It feels like everyone has become more wilder than before. Many of the predators were very active in trying to provoke us prey, and we prey have become more bolder, smug even. Hell, we even started developing new skills we never thought we'd get.

For one thing, I found that I could jump more higher than I was use to when I was still a kid. Clyde was much faster at digging tunnels than he was use to. Token's wool was much more softer and refined, Jimmy was really strong when ramming head to head with other stags, and Tweek...well...he was a lot faster...and his teeth were a lot sharper too. We all actually grew up pretty well as teens, nothing like when we were in middle school and everything was so awkward for all of us.

It's no wonder that there are more couples for high school students than in middle school. With a new set of skills, appearances, and capability, it's no wonder that more and more people are becoming a couple.


I stopped in my tracks and turned around, Tweek was running towards me, catching up. "Hey...where you going?"

"Going home," I said.

"Already? Don't you want to hang out with me and the guys?" Tweek asked.

The thought of hanging out with Tweek, when his scent was getting stronger and stronger by the minute, was going to drive me crazy.

"No...not really...not feeling well," I said.

"Really?" Tweek suddenly placed his hand on my head, I started to blushed. "You are a little warm...but you don't smell sick."

"I-I'm not sick, I just...not feeling like hanging out with anyone right now," I said.

" this all because the spring fling is tomorrow?" Tweek asked.

"N-no!" I exclaimed, "I could give a damn what tomorrow is, who cares," I said.

"Look, I get it. You're not into the whole finding a mate and stuff like that, but you really should give it a try. Who knows, you might even find a cute rabbit girl and you know, do what rabbits do," Tweek said.

"Oh you'd want that, don't you?" I frowned.


"You'd want me to find someone so you don't have to worry about me clinging onto you all the time while you get busy fucking someone," I said.

"Shit man! What the fuck!?" Tweek frowned as he glared at me, "where is this coming from!?"

"Well it's true, isn't it? You'd rather go off with someone else and leave me...and the guys...on our own," I said.

"What are you talking about? I would never..." Tweek's eyes suddenly widened, "holy shit...this is about that kiss back in middle school, isn't it?"

I blushed, "I told you not to mention that ever again!"

"But that's what this is, isn't it? You're still thinking about it," Tweek said.

I blushed even more, "well of course I'm still thinking about it, who would forget something like that!?"

"I just...I didn't think it's bothered you that much," Tweek blushed.

"Well it does!" I said, feeling my heart pounding. "I can't get that kiss out of my head...and now...I'm thinking weird and feeling strange," I said.

"S-strange? Like how?"

"Don't make me fucking say it," I pulled down my hat, feeling embarrassed.

"...Oh my...oh my m-"

"I said don't say it!" I blushed fiercely, "I don't want to hear it, I don't want to acknowledge it, and I especially don't want to feel like this! It's so...wrong!"

"....Why is it wrong?" Tweek asked.

I gaped at him, "are you fucking serious right now, Tweek!? I'm a rabbit, you're a wolf. I'm prey, you're a predator! Don't you see how wrong that is!?"

"...I don't. Why does us being who we are have to be an obstacle? I mean...we've seen different species dating each other and they're doing fine," Tweek said.

"Huge difference. If you see a sheep and a rabbit together, it's fine. If you see a wolf and a fox together, it's fine. If you see a wolf and a rabbit, we might as well get ready for an angry mob to come after us."

"Craig, you never once cared about stuff like that before, so why now?"

"I don't want to say it," I said.

"No, you are going to tell me this instance, why do you care?"

"Tweek, drop it."

"Why do you care!?"

"Because I like you and I don't want to see you get hurt!" I exclaimed. I blushed as I stared at him. Tweek stared at me, surprised, but doesn't say anything. I feel sick. "Just leave me alone, Tweek. It's best that we stop hanging out together."

"....Craig, don't do this," Tweek said.

"...." I closed my eyes and let out a tired breath. I looked up at him with a blank face, "goodbye Tweek," I said before turning around and leaving.

"Craig! Craig!" Tweek called my name, but I didn't turned back. I just started running.

Once I reached home, I didn't say anything to my mom, I just headed straight to my room and laid on my bed. It felt like my heart was broken into a million pieces when I said I didn't want to be with Tweek anymore, but I knew this was for the best. There's no way a predator and a prey can be together, it's just unnatural, it's against nature itself.

"....Fuck," I sighed as I clutched my pillow, feeling tears forming in the corner of my eyes.

I really was in love with Tweek.

This years spring fling came before we all knew it. Similar to middle school, everyone was led outside to the field, and were walking around, seeing which of the possible mates caught their eyes. Considering that almost everyone looked more mature and were more well built, the chances of everyone getting a mate this year was much higher compared to middle school.

However, instead of feeling excited that my chances were a lot higher than back in middle school, I felt nothing but dread.

"Oh look, a couple of girls are looking at us, it's our chance, Craig," Clyde said.

"...." I did noticed that a few girls were eyeing us, they seemed pleased at what they were seeing, but I didn't really care. "You go on ahead, I'm going to sit this one out," I said.

"You sure? A lot of them seemed really interested in you," Clyde said.

"Just go have fun, I noticed that Bebe is looking your way this time," I said.

"She is!?" Clyde turned his head, and indeed, Bebe was looking at him. "See ya dude, I'm making my move," Clyde said as he left me and headed toward where Bebe was.

I watched him leave for a bit before sighing and heading over to a bench that was nearby. As I sat down, I looked over at the predator side and noticed how there were a lot of couples being formed already over there. Predators sure work fast.

Suddenly, I noticed a familiar blonde wolf just near the fence. He was surrounded by three wolf girls, all of which were showing some interest in him, however, remembering what Tweek said on our first day of school, he wasn't interested in girls. Still, that didn't help ease the uneasiness feeling I had.

"Hey." I turned my head when I hear a shy voice behind me. It was a girl rabbit.

"...Hi," I said.

The girl smiled, glad I noticed her, "why are you sitting here all on your own?"

I looked down, feeling a bit shy all of a sudden, "just...not really use to this kind of stuff," I said.

"Really? I would have thought you were look pretty handsome," the girl said.

I blushed, feeling embarrassed, "n-not really. I wasn't that good looking in middle school," I said.


"Yep," I said.

"Well...if I went to the same middle school with you, I'd probably still think you're cute," the girl said.

"Oh...uh...thanks," I said. I felt my ears twitching.

"I'm Bonnie."

"Craig," I said.

" looking for a mate?"

I felt my heart stopped when she asked. I was looking for one, I've been looking for one all these years, but I didn't want her, and I didn't want any other bunny boy or girl. Hell, I didn't want any prey that was in this school.

I wanted Tweek.

I suddenly someone staring at me. I turned my head slight, not too much to make Bonnie noticed, but enough for me to look over at the predator side. I noticed that Tweek was staring at me. His eyes were on me and Bonnie, but mostly me. I couldn't read his expression at all, but judging from the way he was looking at me, it didn't look good.

"Is something wrong?" Bonnie asked.

"Huh? Oh uh...n-not really, just...checking over there," I said.

"Ugh...predators, even the way they find their partner is so...mean looking," Bonnie said.

"Really? Seems normal to me," I said as I looked, but I was mostly looking back at Tweek.

"Yeah, but I was reading a book about predators in the library once, and I heard that some predators would bite their mate on the neck."


"Uh huh. I mean, not too hard to draw up blood, but hard enough to leave a mark. It's their way of saying that this one belongs to them and only them," Bonnie said.

I felt my ears twitch once again. I looked over at Tweek and noticed that he was still staring at me, even when the three wolf girls were trying to get his attention. I couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to have Tweek bite down on my neck, marking me and making me his. The thought made me feel warm inside.

"I also read that some predators would lick their mate often, even licking every part of their body. Ugh, the thought of being licked everywhere would give me a hard attack, it's almost as if they were tasting me."

I wonder what I would taste like to Tweek. Would he like my taste enough to keep me to himself forever?"

"And don't get me started on how possessive some predators can be. I feel like I wouldn't be able to breath if someone was that possessive."

I wouldn't mind...I'd probably be as possessive as them. I wouldn't mind claiming me and leaving a mark. I wouldn't mind being licked everywhere. I wouldn't mind having a larger body towering over me. I wouldn't mind staring at someone that could easily eat me show affection towards me. I wouldn't mind having a predator be my mate....

Tweek was still staring at me, his eyes were full of lust, but not for the wolf girls by his side, but for....

I couldn't take it anymore.

The moment the bell rang and it was time for everyone to leave, I immediately stood up and started walking away.

"W-wait! Don't you want to talk more?" Bonnie asked.

I stopped and turned toward her, "sorry for wasting your time, but I actually have someone else I want to mate with," I said, "so excuse me," I said as I quickly ran out of there. I noticed that Tweek has also ditched the wolf girls and was heading back inside, I can still feel his eyes on me. I gulped as I kept walking, ignoring the calls from the other guys.

Once I made it outside, I sniffed the air, ignoring the smell coming from others, there was only one smell that I'd recognize anywhere. I kept walking around, feeling my heart race as the crowd of people started to vanish around me. I soon found myself behind the school where there weren't any students or teachers walking around, and with the tree blocking the view, even the cars that drove by wouldn't be able to see

Leaning against the wall was the familiar blonde wolf I couldn't get out of my head, the closer I got to him, the smell that was coming from him filled my nostrils, making me want him more and more. Tweek finally noticed me and stood up straight, he didn't say anything as he stared at me. At first, he looked unsure, but when he saw how nervous I was, he too a step forward, ears pointed up high, and a determined look on his face.

"Well? We doing this or what?" Tweek asked. His tail started to wag.

"...Fuck it," I said as I ran towards him before held him tightly in my arms and leaned in to kiss him fully on the lips. They were as soft as last time.

Tweek stood frozen for a bit before placing his hands on my back, holding me tightly as he kissed me back. We soon pulled away, panting as we stared each other, our eyes were hooded with longing.

"Took you long enough," Tweek panted.

I didn't say anything as I pulled Tweek's head down and leaned in for another kiss.

We were both panting as we laid on the old mattress in Tweek's treehouse, it wasn't exactly the most comfortable place to lay on, but it's better than doing it on the floor.

"Oh fuck!" I panted as I felt my feet twitching as Tweek continued to lick my neck.

"Ha ha...dude, your foot is tickling me on the sides there," Tweek pulled back and stared at my leg.

"I can't help it, it's like it has a mind of its own sometimes," I said.

"Well you better tell them to knock if off if we're going to mate," Tweek said.

"I'll try," I sighed, "now keep going," I said, feeling impatient.

Tweek chuckled before leaning back and continued to lick me. I never thought I'd get excited by being licked, I always thought the idea of being licked was terrifying, but the way Tweek was using his tongue, it's no wonder a few animals enjoy this.

"Ugh!" Tweek pulled back as he started spitting. "Jesus, you are really furry," Tweek said as he continued to spit some of my fur out of his mouth.

"Well what about you? I'm almost completely naked here and yet it feels like I'm wearing a fur coat with you laying on top of me," I said as I started to use my hands to tap his chest.

"Ha ha...what are you doing?" Tweek giggled as he noticed my hand movements.

"Just kneading a bit," I said as I continued to push back his chest a bit.

"I thought that was a cat thing," Tweek said.

"It is...but I kinda like doing this," I said.

"Pff, you're one weird rabbit, Tucker," Tweek said.

"Says you, you're fucking a rabbit, that makes you the weird one here," I blushed.

Tweek smiled before leaning forward to rub his cheek against mine, "I guess you're right." Tweek continued and I nearly lost it as I felt Tweek and I getting close at last.

We laid on the old mattress, exhausted, a bit sore, but over all...happy.

"Wow...if I knew how amazing this felt, I would have mated with you sooner," Tweek said.

"As if it would have been that easy," I sighed as I started to groom my hair and fur.

"Yeah...but at least we're finally together...right?"

I froze. I looked back at him, seeing how he really wanted me to say yes. I looked away, feeling a ashamed. "Its not that easy, Tweek."

"Why? We both like each other...don't we?"

"God, of course I like you, I fucking liked you the moment we kissed, maybe even before that," I said.

"Then what's the problem?" Tweek asked.

"Society. Parents. Adults. You name it," I sighed, "I mean it was already hard when we started becoming friends, but a rabbit and a wolf dating? That's a new level that will bring nothing but trouble for us."

"Jesus, Clyde was right, you really are a negative Nancy," Tweek chuckled.

"Tweek, I'm serious. Aside from you being a predator and me being prey, you're a wolf and I'm a rabbit. Natural enemies in our history books," I said.

"I get it, Craig," Tweek sat up and nuzzled against me, "but that's history, this is now. We've advanced since then, and thing will keep changing. So...maybe one day...there will be equality among all of us, maybe one one will be scared of anyone anymore, and maybe one day...there'll be more predators and preys being together."

"Yeah...well when will that be?"

"Starting now," Tweek smiled as he kissed me on the lips.

"Mmff!" I tried to pull back, but Tweek wasn't letting me go. Eventually, I stopped resisting and kissed him back, feeling just how soft his lips were.

Tweek suddenly pulled away, staring deep into my eyes, "you're mine, Craig, and I won't let any animal, whether it's a rabbit or another predator, take you away from me. Got it?"

I felt my ears twitched as I nodded, feeling really excited, "got it."

"Good," Tweek smiled before kissing me on my neck. I suddenly felt Tweek's fangs poking me on my neck a bit, and I realized just what he was about to do.

Before Tweek could bite down, I stopped him. "Stop!" I pushed him away, causing him to fall off the mattress.

"What? I'm just marking you," Tweek said.

"Not there!" I blushed.

"Why not?" Tweek asked.

I looked away, blushing, "cause...I'm not ready for anyone to find out yet...I'm still unsure about this," I said.

"Craig..." Tweek got back on the mattress and touched my cheek, "I know you're scared, so am I, but I really care about you and I want us to be closer."

"....I know," I said.

"..." Tweek sighed, "'re still uncomfortable with this, I'll hold it off, but I better not catch you hanging out with any other bunny boy, got it?"

"...." I looked up at Tweek, feeling my heart race before I grabbed his hand and bit down on it.

"Ow!" What was that for!?" Tweek exclaimed.

"I left my mark on you, somewhere where it won't be too noticeable," I said.

Tweek looked down and examined the bite mark I left on the back of his hand. Tweek smiled before leaning forward to kiss me. "I'm so happy," Tweek said.

I blushed before offering my hand. "Here...but don't bite hard, got it? I would like to keep using my hand you know," I said.

"I won't bite too hard," Tweek said. Tweek grabbed my hand, he placed a gentle kiss on the back before opening his mouth and biting down.

"Ow!" I hissed as I quickly pulled my hand back, staring at the bite mark. "Jesus, do your teeth gotta be that sharp?" I winced.

Tweek chuckled before taking my hand back and licking the mark he left. I stared at him before smiling. I leaned against him and let him lick my hand as I admire the mark. Our mark.

As Tweek and I snuggled closer together, admiring our marks, we ignored the possible conflicts that awaited ahead of us.

Of course, things between me and Tweek didn't last forever. Eventually, Clyde, Token, and Jimmy were able to figure it out, judging from how similar Tweek and I smelled.

At first, they were shocked, then they were pissed off that we didn't tell them there was something going on between us, then they were happy for us.


"I'm happy for you two," Token said.

"So and Tweek are now a couple?"

Tweek and I stared at each other, then Tweek answered, "pretty much."

"Okay...I get that...but how does that work in bed?" Clyde asked.

I blushed and punched Clyde in the arm. "Mind your own damn business, Clyde!"

"I'm just saying, mating is suppose to be all about making babies and stuff, so how are you two gonna do it know...the species difference...and the fact that both of you are guys," Clyde said.

Tweek and I blushed.

"Nngg...t-that's way too early to be talking about k-kids!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Let us graduate from high school before you say shit like that, Clyde! Jesus!" I pulled down my hat, covering my face.

"Okay, aside from that personal stuff that you shouldn't be talking about, Clyde," Token cleared his throat, "have you told your parents about this?"

"Fuck no!" I exclaimed.

"Oh god, my parents are going to kill me if they knew I ended up being with a rabbit!" Tweek exclaimed, "it was hard enough when I told them my friends were two rabbits, a sheep, and a deer!"

"Hey!" All four of us exclaimed.

"N-no offense, I like you guys," Tweek said.

I sighed, "Tweek has a point though, Tweek and I being together is not normal, think of all the people we'll upset," I said.

"W-who cares, w-why does your r-relationship have to a-a-affect others?" Jimmy asked.

"Jimmy is right, remember in history class how prey couldn't date other species of prey back then? Now you see it all the time," Token said.

"Yeah, but this is an interspecies relationship between a rabbit and a wolf. That's completely different!"

"So what? You and Tweek like each other, and that's all that matters, right?"


"Clyde has a point," Tweek said as he grabbed my hand.

"....Ugh....okay..fine...I'll go talk to my parents, and do the same...and whatever happens...whether both of our parents like it or not...we'll stick together," I said.

"Yeah," Tweek smiled.

" exactly are you going to do this?" Token asked.

"....I...may have a plan," I said.

It was Sunday, and today I was going to tell my parents everything. So while both of my parents weren't working today, I managed to convince them to come out to have lunch outside.

"C-Craig...are you sure this is the right...p-place?" Mom asked.

"It is," I said, feeling nervous.

"Um...I don't know if you noticed, but we can't go in there, Craig," Tricia said.

"Well luckily for us, we were invited," I said.

"What?" Dad asked.

"Craig!" I turned my head and smiled to see Tweek, but I dropped my smile when I see two wolves walking behind him. "H-hello, you must be Mr. and Mrs. Tucker," Tweek smiled, "I'm Tweek, so glad to finally meet you." My parents froze, looking between me and Tweek.

" you're Tweek...Craig's predatory friend," mom said.

"That's right, and these are my parents," Tweek said.

"Why hello there, its so nice to meet you," Mrs. Tweak smiled, showing her sharp teeth. Both of my parents looked nervous.

"U-us too," mom said.

"I wish I could say the same," dad frowned. 

"Dad," I said as I nudged him in the arm, "be nice."

"Well I don't see why we have to be nice to a bunch of wolves," dad said.

Mr. Tweak suddenly chuckled, "I'd be careful if I were you long ears, these chompers of ours aren't just for show you know, so you better appreciate that we too a break from our busy lives just to invite you and your family out for lunch, as requested by my son here."

"D-dad..." Tweek said.

"Look, why don't we head inside, get something to eat, and talk, cause...Tweek and I have something to say to you all," I said.

"Fine, but I'm watching you," dad said.

"Same here," Mr. Tweak said.

Tweek and I looked at each other nervously before urging both of our parents to head inside.

Once we were inside and sat at a booth near the windows, the stares my family were getting from the other predators were very noticeable, and my parents were extremely uncomfortable.

As we all ordered our food, we sat there, tension in the air. Tweek and I looked at each other, wondering how we're going to do this.

Our food finally arrives and the waitress placed our plates down, Tweek and I ordered the same thing we always ordered whenever we come here.

"...Craig...did the waitress made a mistake with your order?" Mom asked when she noticed the fake meat on my plate.

"Don't worry, it's fake," I said as I stabbed my fork into it before putting a piece into my mouth.

My parents stared at me with a shocked expression on their faces.

"My, your boy sure knows how to eat," Mr. Tweak smiled, "got good taste, too."

"Thanks...Mr. Tweak," I said. I felt happy that I got on Mr. Tweak's good side.

I looked at Tweek, he nodded his head, telling me to start our plan. I cleared my throat and was about to say something, but my dad suddenly spoke.

"Hey...I've been meaning to ask, but aren't you the one that runs that coffee shop down the street here?" Dad asked.

Mr. Tweak suddenly perked up, "indeed I am. Tweek Bros. Coffehouse is the best place to get your cup of coffee."

"Dad," Tweek groaned, looking embarrassed.

"I like the coffee?" Mr. Tweak smiled.

"Wouldn't know if I like it or not since I never ordered one from there, considering it's a predator only place," dad said, "I'm just talking about it because I was wondering why that place always smells like rotten meat whenever I drive past there? Aren't you suppose to be selling coffee or something?"

Mr. Tweak's smile dropped and he glared at my dad. Oh no. "Just because we sell coffee doesn't mean we don't do other things, Mr. Tucker. Also...none of my customers have complained about the smell, they actually enjoy it."

"Dad..." Tweek looked between his dad and mine.

"Yeah well I don't, the smell is unbearable," dad said.

"Dad..." I said.


"Oh? Not enjoying it? Is it because...that smell reminds you of someone?" Mr. Tweak said.


"Why you piece of crap. It's bad enough that we have to live around your kind," dad said.

"My kind?" Mr. Tweak laughed, "what about you? Always hopping around with those big feet of yours, always quick to judge us just because we're comfortable in our own skin."

"O-oh, we are also comfortable in our own skin, pal, we're just not comfortable with you guys being near us, especially around our kids," dad said.

"Dad, please stop," I said.

"Dad, come on," Tweek said.

"Richard, maybe you should-"

"Not now dear," Mr. tweak said, "as if we'd want your little ones, it seems you have more meat on your bones."

"Oh you'd like that wouldn't you? Wanting to tear me up and eat me. You're probably just waiting for me to kill over one day so you can buy my corpse and have for dinner!"

"Maybe I am," Mr. Tweak growled.

Knowing that if we let this go on any longer, someone is going to get hurt, and I'm not sure who.

Tweek and I stood up and finally said it, "Dad! We're dating!" We exclaimed. Everyone in the restaurant froze as they all looked at us, our families included.



I looked at Tweek and he nodded, "that's right...we're dating. We've...mated," I said. I lifted my hand, showing Tweek's mark, Tweek did the same.

"We...invited you all here to tell you," Tweek said.

The moment our families and everyone in the room looked at our marks, all hell broke loose.

"You son of a bitch!" Dad exclaimed as he tries to strangle Tweek. "You took advantage of my son!"

"Oh don't you dare yell at my kid, maybe it was your son who tricked my boy into...whatever this is!"

"Craig, how could you do this!? Did he hurt you?" Mom exclaimed.

"Mom, stop," I said as I try to get her hands off of me.

"Young man, we are going to have a long talk about this," Mrs. Tweak said.

"But mom!"

"I should kill you for what your son did to my son!" Dad exclaimed.

"Not if I kill you first!" Mr. Tweak growled.

It wasn't just us who were arguing, everyone who heard us inside were also shouting and yelling at us, telling us that what we were doing was an abomination. Soon, we were all outside, and the crowd was still behind us. Before we knew it, everyone who was walking outside came in to see what all the ruckus was about.

"A wolf and a rabbit!? Disgusting!"

"You kids should be ashamed of yourselves!"


"Don't you dare call my son a monster!" Mom exclaimed.

"Yeah, how dare you predators call us monsters when you're the one eating us!" Someone called out, joining in with the argument.

"You prey and your quick judgement on us!"

"Well if it's true!"

Somehow the fight shifted from us to the whole prey and predator prejudice, the only ones who were still fighting about Tweek and I being together were our family.

"You son of a bitch!" Dad grabbed Tweek's dad, trying to attack him.

"Get your hands off of me!"

"Make me, meat eater!"

Before we knew it, the crowded started to move and everyone was fighting each other. Prey versus predator. It was chaos.

"Tweek!" I exclaimed as I tried to get through the crowd and reach for Tweek's hand.

"Craig!" Tweek exclaimed as he tried to grab my hand.

We were being pushed around by the crowd, avoiding people's fist and bites. Tweek and I finally managed to reach each other as we looked at the chaos before us.

"Oh god! This was a disaster!" Tweek exclaimed.

"I know...I'm so sorry, Tweek," I said.

"'s not your fault or mine...its just these assholes and their prejudice! I wish they could just see that we're all not that different from each other!" Tweek said.

"I'll fucking kill you!"

"Fuck you!"

I turned my head to see my dad still fighting with Mr. Tweak, while my mom and Mrs. Tweak try their best to hold back their husbands. I suddenly had an idea.

"Tweek, watch my back," I said as I ran towards our dads.

"Craig!" Tweek tried to stop me, but I kept going.

Mr. Tweak grabbed my dad by the collar of his shirt, he snarled at my dad, looking ready to bite off his face.

"I'm fucking tired of being nice, you're going to get it, rabbit boy!"

"Fuck you," Dad exclaimed.

Before Mr. Tweak could bite down on my dad's head, I leaped in and grabbed his arm before I bit down on it. Mr. Tweak yelped in pain and let my dad go, but I held on, gnawing deep into his skin before I managed to tear off a piece from him.


"A-ah!" Mr. Tweak started howling in pain as he fell back, his arm started to bleed from where I bit him.

The crowd stopped, watched in horror at what I did. They all backed away from me, staring at me in shock.

"Oh my god, that rabbit kid bit a wolf!"

"What the fuck is wrong with him!?"

"Honey!" Mrs. Tweak crouched down next to her husband as she helped him stop the bleeding from his arm.

"Craig, why did you do that!?" Mom exclaimed as she walked toward me. "Spit that out right now!"

Instead of spitting it out, I forced myself to swallow it. Feeling sick from how it tasted and how it went down. Everyone gasped when they heard me swallow, but I didn't care, I needed to make my point here and now.

"Oh look, a rabbit bit a wolf and ate his flesh, I guess that means I'm a predator now, right!?" I exclaimed.

"C-Craig, what are you doing?" Tweek asked as he stood behind me.

"Making my point here," I said, looking down at the ground. I felt my heart racing as I looked at all the faces I saw. I saw prey and I saw predators. As I looked around, I couldn't really tell the difference anymore. "Look at all of you, fighting over something that we should have all moved on from by now. I mean yeah, a long time ago, we were all enemies, predators use to come after us prey and try to eat us. I get it...but that's all in the past now, so why are we bringing it back up!? I mean come on...a hospital was built in the center of town...just so when the next prey dies, their bodies are being sold to restaurants and supermarkets!? Come on!"

"He's right! You predators have no respect for the decease!"

"I'm not done!" I exclaimed, shushing the prey side, "cause there's also a problem with you guys too. Yeah...predators are vicious and mean looking...but they are still people too. They have feelings too, and from how I see it...not all of them are as bad as the ones we're use to seeing. Yeah...predators buy our bodies to eat...but they do it because it's to feed their kids who aren't completely use to this new type of meat that the government made. I a way...aren't all parents just trying to take care of their kids?" I asked.

The crowd started murmuring, all of them started to look at each other. Even my family was looking at me with a confused expression.

I took a deep breath. "I get it...this is...weird...and new...but so was us walking on two legs...or us driving cars, or even wearing clothes! All of this was probably new back then, but we ended up getting use to why can't you all get use to Tweek and I being together?"

"He's a predator! They're aggressive!"

"Well whose partner isn't? Hell, I've seen my dad get aggressive whenever someone messes with his family," I said.

"...He's right," dad said.

"Not only that, but predators aren't all bad, parents can be very sweet to their mates and their kids you know," Tweek said.

People from the predator side were agreeing, even Tweek's dad smiled.

"Look....its a new generation, we've all grown from how we were when we were still wild and savage animals...but we've advanced from that. We've all...changed. In the end...even if one side eats meat and the other side eats nothing but veggies...we're all the same. We all walk on two feet, we all speak the same language, we all care for our families, and we all...are scared of something."

I looked at Tweek, he looked at me with a smile on his face.

"Hell...both Tweek and I were terrified when we thought of telling our parents about us...but now...we're telling you...and I'm not scared anymore...because I have my boyfriend here by my side. Yeah, he's a wolf, and wolves use to eat rabbits like me...but Tweek...he would never do that, cause he's my friend...and my boyfriend."

Tweek smiled, "a-and if you all have a problem with that...I'll...I'll bite you, and I don't care who you are...whether you're prey or predator!"

"Yeah...and if you ever bug us about this again, I won't hesitate to bite you all too, like how I did with him!" I said as I pointed at Mr. Tweak. "So if you don't like it, if you don't like this new change...well then...go fuck yourself!" I exclaimed.

My hands were shaking as I looked at the ground. I was too scared to lift my head up, but when I felt Tweek grabbing my hand and squeezing it, I felt the tension leave my body.

I hear someone clapping, I lifted my head and was surprised to see my dad clapping. Soon, my mom was clapping as well, so was Tricia, Mr. Tweak, and Mrs. Tweak. Soon, the entire crowd was clapping.

I felt my ears twitched as everyone cheered for us. When I looked up at Tweek, he had tears in his eyes, looking extremely happy.

"Hey...I'm sorry for yelling at you like that," I hear someone in the crowd say.

"No no...I'm sorry for trying to eat bad."

"I'm sorry if I was quick to judge you, I'm sure you're a nice woman."

"Thank you."

Everyone was apologizing to each other, it didn't matter if someone was prey or if someone was a predator. Everyone wasn't scared anymore.

I felt Tweek's hand squeezing mine, and I squeezed back as we watched the scene unfold before us.

It feels like we can finally breathe again.

After that whole scuffle, almost everyone in town were on board for the law to change, demanding the mayor to get rid of these laws that separated prey and predator from each other. After a month of board meetings and protest, the mayor eventually got rid of the old laws.

No longer can predators buy fresh meat from hospitals or the like, they are to leave the bodies alone and let the family have their peace and either incarcerate the body or bury it.

No longer will there be a fence that separates prey and predators. The school would be rebuilt and now every kid would be seen walking together, playing together, and being in the same classes together.

No longer were restaurants to serve only prey or predator. All were welcome.

Those who break the law will not get a second chance if they are a predator, justice will be serve no matter what.

All these changes were terrifying for everyone, but after a month of dealing with the new changes, things got better. No one was scared, no one went after another and threatened them, and no one was getting eaten by anyone. Everyone was an equal. I wish I could say that to the rest of the world, but change doesn't happen in one day, but hopefully that the world around us will see us as an example that something needs to happen, and hopefully one day we'll see something changing in the future, and for the better.

" think we should have our future house in a tree?" Tweek asked.

" a second treehouse?" I asked.

"Well...maybe more like...we rebuild this one and make it more like a home," Tweek said.

"What about electricity? What about plumbing? What about a bunch of other stuff we can't live without?"

"You're right...but I'm sure we'll figure something out and have all of those things if we do make a house here," Tweek said.

"That sounds like a lot of work," I sighed.

"Come on, don't be such a lazy bunny," Tweek said as he grabbed my ear and started rubbing it, something he started doing a little while back.

"Look who's talking, you're the one who wouldn't get up after we just fucked yesterday," I said.

"Well what do you expect? You bunnies have way more energy than us wolves. It's a good thing we're both guys, otherwise we'd be surrounded by babies at this point," Tweek said.

"Oh ha ha, the old bunnies fuck a lot joke, very funny," I said. I nuzzled up against his chest as I looked up at the sky, watching the clouds go by. "....You know what...maybe having our future house here won't be so long as it has a sky roof for us to watch the sky, I wouldn't mind," I said.

Tweek smiled, "now you're talking," Tweek chuckled as he held my hand. He lifted our hands up, admiring the bite marks we made all those years ago. They faded a bit over the years, but we could still see them. "You think we'll be known as the first wolf and bunny couple in history?" Tweek asked.

"I don't know, I'm sure there was someone that did what we did before us, there's a lot of weirdos out there," I said.

"Yeah...but just imagine when we tell this to our kids, they'll be so shocked to think that us being together isn't normal," Tweek said.

"Tweek, who we are and what we did, we weren't normal to begin with," I said, "but I guess that's okay."

Tweek smiled before leaning in to kiss me on the lips. I stared up at him, admiring how such a ferocious looking wolf ended up being the love of my life. I kissed him back, enjoying the softness of his lips.

Do I still wish I was born as a predator? be honest with you, yeah...but not as much as before. That didn't matter though, as long as I have someone like Tweek by my side, I couldn't give a damn on what I ended up being in this life.

"...So....want to go for another round?" I asked as I sat on top of him, wiggling my tail.

"Oh Jesus, you're going to be the death of me," Tweek sighed, but does pull me in for a kiss.

Oh god, I really do love this wolf boy.

The End.

Chapter Text

I didn't like her. I didn't like her one bit.

She was rude, she flipped people off way too much, and her name is weird. Not her real name, the nickname that she preferred people to call her by, Craig. What kind of girl wants to be called Craig? I mean I know my name is ridiculous, but Craig? For a girl? What was she thinking!?

Ugh, it doesn't matter, I just don't like her, I don't like her one bit.

The first time I met Craig was all the way back in elementary school. We had the same class and were introducing ourselves to everyone. Craig was the one who went up before me, so as I sat, waiting to listen to them, I was completely shocked when Craig ended up flipping everyone off in class, including the teacher. Throughout elementary school, I would always see Craig sitting outside the counselor's office, an angry scowl on her face.

Middle school was the worst. Not only did Craig flipped people off, but she acted like a complete bitch to everyone. Whenever someone asked her a question, she wouldn't look up and simply flip the person off while having her headphones in her ears. Whenever she was walking, she'd push people out of the way instead of asking them nicely to move. Whenever a guy made a comment on her looks, she'd kick them in the nuts. ....Okay maybe the last one is a bit more justified, but everything else wasn't! Especially with the first one. All I wanted was to know if we had a test on Friday because I was sick a day before, and all she did was flip me off and not looked up from her phone! I never even talked to her until that day and she already hated my guts!

Ugh! I seriously do not like her!

....But as much as I didn't like Craig...I can't avoid her, not when we share the same friend group.

Turns out, Claudia is Craig's best friend since they live next door to each other and have known each other since kindergarten, and since Claudia is also my friend, and the girls actually like Craig, I'm force to hang out with her, much to my dismay.

At first, I thought maybe Craig was going through a bad mood, so I thought I'd try being friendly towards her when we all started hanging out. Any attempts I made were completely shot down. No matter what I say to her, no matter how nice I am to her, and no matter how much I try to let her join in on our conversations, she would remain silent, but not to everyone, oh no, whenever it's someone else like Claudia, Toke, or even Jenny, she's a chatterbox, but when it comes to me, she's as silent as a mouse.

What. The. Fuck!?

Throughout middle school, all I wanted to do was grab this bitch's hair and rip it out of her skull, see if she'll finally say something after that! I never did anything to her and yet she's giving me the cold shoulder! Not only that, but whenever Craig isn't around and it's just me and the girls, I always tell them about how I feel about Craig and how she treated me, but they would tell me that Craig does that to everyone she's not use to, that it's her own way of dealing with stuff like this, that she's shy!

Shy my ass, the girl literally tells complete random strangers to go fuck themselves whenever they piss her off. Saying that girl is shy is like saying I'm the queen of Scotland!

I seriously, without a doubt, do not like Craig Tucker, and I continue to have these feelings all the way to graduation and when we all entered high school.

The moment I saw Craig in the new school, I was amazed by how pretty she looked. Back in middle school, she had braces, acne covering her face, and her hair was short and messy, but now...her skin was almost clear, she no longer wears braces, and her hair is long and neat looking. Craig Tucker was very pretty...but she's still a bitch.

"Hey beautiful, how about you and me go get some tacos later?"

"No thanks, asshole," Craig said, not looking up from her phone.

"Oh come on, honey, I'll show you a great-"

"Don't call me, honey, fuck face. I'd rather lick someone's asshole than go out with a dick like you, so if you want to keep your balls in your pants, I recommend moving away before things get violent real quick," Craig said, glaring at the guy.

The guy stared at her before backing away. I heard him call her a bitch before walking away. I was shocked, and looked at Craig in astonishment.

"You're going to let him call you that!?" I asked.

Craig put down her phone to look at me, this was the first time she acknowledged me whenever we talk. "I'm use to it," Craig sighed.

"Yeah but...I just thought you'd run up to him and kick his ass," I said.

"Meh...too much effort," Craig said and resumed looking at her phone.

"...." As I continued to wait for the girls, I couldn't help but feel a bit happy that Craig was finally talking to me, even if I still don't like her. Still...I couldn't help but admire her bravery when it comes to assholes like that.

By the time clubs were promoting their club activities to everyone, I was actually interested. Toke was in the female basketball team, Jenny was going for the newspaper club, and Claudia wanted to try out cheerleading. As for me, I decided to try out volleyball since I have been told I had great agility and flexibility, as well as decent strength, so why not.

As for Craig...I wasn't sure what she wanted to do, I wasn't even sure if she wanted to join any clubs aside from the going home club. I would ask her, but in all honesty, I couldn't give a damn what she wanted to do. I decided that now that I'm in high school and I'm trying to be more independent, I'm going to ignore Craig and her weirdness, her rudeness, and over all bitchiness.

Tweek Tweak is starting her new life starting now!

I managed to get into volleyball after tryouts, I was worried I wouldn't get in since I missed hitting the ball twice, but the coach said my speed and focus on the ball were pretty good, so here I am, a volleyball player.

I'm actually having a lot of fun playing volleyball with my team, it's competitive, sure, but it's kinda nice. It feels like all the frustration and pent up stress I had in me were finally released when I hit the ball over the net. It's such a stress reliever.

Things got better when I heard we'll be having our first game in a couple of weeks. It got even more better when I heard that Claudia, who managed to get a spot in the cheer squad, was coming along with the other cheerleaders to cheer us on.

Then things went downhill when I realized that Craig wanted to join the cheerleaders.

"...You?" The leading cheerleader asked as she looked at Craig, shocked. Everyone in the room who heard were completely shocked, even Claudia and I were shocked. "You're kidding...right?"

Craig sighed, crossing her arms, "no, I'm not. I want to try out. You're still holding tryouts, right?"

"W-well yeah,'"

"What's that suppose to mean?" Craig glared.

The head cheerleader started to panic when Craig was showing how pissed off she was getting. "Okay you really want to try out and show us what you can do, go for it, but just know that we're very picky when it comes to who gets to be in the squad and who doesn't."

"Then why are you here?" Craig said.

The head cheerleader glared at Craig before Craig walked past her and grabbed the pom poms that Claudia was holding. The judges, which consisted the coach and the head cheerleader, all sat down and waited for Craig to start. The other cheerleaders sat down and waited themselves, as for me, I continued to practice, while also looking back once in awhile.

"Alright Ms. Tucker, you may begin," the coach said.

"Woo! Go Craig!" Claudia exclaimed, giving Craig moral support.

"Shut up, Claudia," Craig sighed. Craig then looked ahead, a bored expression on her face as she waved the pom poms around a bit. At first, everyone thought that's all she was doing, causing the head cheerleader to laugh, but suddenly, Craig started counting down. "!"

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Craig started moving her body, dancing with the music that was playing, she raised her pom poms up, shouting out the stereotypical cheers. Craig even hopped around, doing flips, and even doing some of the more advanced jumps.

"Go Craig go! Go Craig go!" Claudia continued to cheer for Craig.

As for me, I stopped paying attention to practice so I could look at Craig, amazed, shocked, and completely dumbfounded to see that Craig is able to do this. Craig Tucker, the girl who lacks school spirit, is actually killing it as a cheerleader right now! What the fuck is happening!?

"Look out!" I hear someone from my team say. I soon found myself getting hit in the face by the ball, hitting the ground with a thud.

"Tweek!" Claudia exclaimed as she stopped cheering for Craig and looked over at me.

Craig stopped cheering and looked over at me. She actually looked...worried for me there.

"Ms. Tweak, are you okay?" The coach asked as she crouched down next to check up on me.

"I'm good," I said, groaning slightly.

"You need to go to the nurse dear?"

My head started spinning, maybe going to the nurse would be a good idea. I gave a small nod and Claudia actually volunteered to take me. I thanked her and we both left he gym. I noticed that Craig never once left her eyes off of me.

As Claudia and I were walking to the nurse's office, I couldn't help but wonder what Craig was doing.

"Just what is Craig thinking!? Cheerleading!? As if Craig even has any school spirit in her! I bet she only wants to join so she could make fun or even ruin the routine in every game! Oh god!" I exclaimed.

"Tweek, relax. I've known Craig since we were kids, she's not going to make fun of cheerleading, I mean if she was going to do that, she could have easily done it without joining," Claudia said.

"T-then why is she joining?" I asked.

"Not sure. Ever since everyone joined their club and I got in, Craig has been asking me a bunch of cheerleading questions, even asking to show her some moves I learned. I gotta say, seeing her asking all of these questions and's almost as if she's being motivated to do this," Claudia said.

"Motivated? By what?"

"That...I'm not really sure...maybe it's to impress a cute boy," Claudia smiled.

"B-boy? What boy? If you haven't noticed, everyone in the gymnasium were girls," I said.

"Yeah...but you do realize that we cheerleaders also go to other sporting events too, right? I'm sure there's a guy she's really into and wants to impress," Claudia said.

"...." A guy. Was Craig doing all of this because she's interested in a guy? The thought was so weird, especially when Craig has turned down so many guys already, most of which were very good looking and popular, so what kind of guy caught Craig's attention?

"...Yikes...your face is swelling up a bit. That ball must have hit you really hard, Tweek," Claudia said.

I didn't even realized just how swollen my face was until Claudia pointed it out.

I didn't think much about Craig's reason for joining the cheerleaders after that, even when I heard that Craig actually got in, I didn't pay too much attention to it. I was too focus on the game that was coming up.

After a couple of days of practicing and working hard, the game finally came. Families, staff, and friends all came to watch the game. I was nervous, but after working hard for the past couple of days, I wasn't going to let my nerves get the best of me.

The game was brutal, and the crowd either cheered for our team or the other. I can hear the cheerleaders cheering for us and getting the crowd to join in. I could barely hear myself think from all the screams, but at the same time, I was motivated.

With the timer counting down and our team just one point away from winning, the moment I saw the ball, I quickly ran towards it and managed to hit it. The ball flew over the net, and the other team missed hitting it. It was over, we won!

"Yes!" I exclaimed.

My team started cheering, along with the crowd. We all started hugging, glad that the game was finally over. We walked over toward the other team, telling them it was a good game and that they did really well, showing sportsmanship.

As everyone was celebrating, I noticed that Craig had a smile on her face, something I was surprised to see. When I shook my head to see if I was seeing correctly, the smile disappeared when I looked back.

Craig suddenly walked over toward me, her face was still blank. "Meet me outside," Craig said.

My heart froze. Oh god, she was going to beat me up, wasn't she? But why? What did I do? I just played the game and stuff.

Craig doesn't say anything after that and proceeded to leave. Feeling nervous, I looked around close behind, hearing my own heart pounding against my chest. What was she going to do? What did I do? Why did she want to meet me outside? Was she going to kill me? Was she going to dump my body in a dumpster!? Oh god!

We were outside where the dumpsters were. The cold air hitting my face, I started to shiver, not just from the cold but also from what Craig was going to tell me. I gulped as Craig turned around to look at me.

"S-so...w-what do you want?" I asked, feeling nervous.

"...." Craig doesn't say anything, she just looked down, her bangs covering her eyes.

I stared at her for a bit before I got pissed. Now what!? Why is she like this with me!? Does she have a problem with me or something!? Why did she invite me out here if she's not going to say anything!?

As Craig continued to stand there, not saying shit, I decided I had enough of this. "I really don't get you, like at all!" I exclaimed. Craig looked up at me, surprised at my sudden outburst, but I don't give a shit anymore! "Seriously! What did I ever do to you!? Why do you hate me so much!?"

Craig looked at me, surprised, "I-I don't hate you."

I was surprised. "T-then why do you never talk to me when I talk to you? Why do you always flip me off whenever I talk to you? A-and why did you call me out here!?" I exclaimed. I was cold, tired, and a bit hungry, but I cant do anything about it until I know what Craig's deal is.

"...I like you."

I froze. I went perfectly still as I stared at the ground, my eyes widening. Did...did I hear that correctly? Did she just...did she really just say...

"U-um...m-mind saying that again, cause just now, it sounded like you said-" I was going to believe that I misheard her and she meant something else, but when I looked up to see her blushing face, I knew I didn't misheard her. "O-oh..."

Craig's face was completely red, she was biting the bottom of her lip, as she stared at the ground, her hands fidgeting with the hem of her skirt.

I suddenly thought back to when Claudia said that the possible reason Craig joined the cheerleaders was because she wanted to impress someone, but seeing as Craig was standing here, confessing that she liked me, I now know that she wasn't trying to impress a boy.


Craig closed her eyes and interrupted me, "Fuck! This is too embarrassing! I really thought of telling you after the game, but now that I did it, I'm too embarrassed! S-so just forget I said anything and d-don't say shit about this! Got it!?" Craig exclaimed.

"B-but...d-don't you want to know my answer?" I asked, not sure why I said that.

Craig blushed even more before turning around, "Y-you don't have to answer! I just...want you to know, that's all! Anyways...j-just forget about it and I'll see you later," Craig said before running back inside.

I watched her as she left, I stood there for a bit until the cold became unbearable. I soon headed back inside, joined my family, had a celebratory dinner, then headed home. However, the moment I set foot into my room and laid on my bed, my face went completely red as I thought back of what had happened with Craig over and over.

I didn't get any sleep that night.

Craig Tucker...also known as Crystal Tucker. She has a habit of flipping people off, no matter what her mood is. She's doesn't speak much, but when she does, you kinda wish she didn't. She's a bitch who speaks her mind and doesn't give a damn about what people say about her.

Craig Tucker...she has a fucking crush on me.

"Ms. Tweak, pay attention!" 

I quickly looked up to see coach staring at me, "s-sorry," I said.

The coach sighed then continued on with talking to the team. "Now we may have won the game last week, but that doesn't mean you can all start goofing around and not practice. We still got plenty of games in the future, so you all better keep practicing, got it?"

"Yes coach!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Alright ladies, get to work!"

Everyone got up and started practicing, however, my mind was too occupied, thinking about Craig and everything.

I don't even know why i'm even stressing out, I mean, Craig technically took it back, and she said I didn't have to say or do anything! I can even pretend she never said it and we can go back to our normal lives!

"Tucker! Move your hips more!"

I almost tripped when I heard Craig's last name. I looked over and saw that the cheerleaders were practicing themselves, probably since the football game is coming up very soon. However, when I looked at Craig, she seemed very distracted.

"Come on, shake your hips as if you're trying to please a man!"

"That is a fucking weird analogy, Bridgette," Craig sighed.

"Who fucking cares, either you start moving that booty of yours or you're off the squad, your choice," Bridgette, the head cheerleader, threatened.

"...Okay," Craig suddenly dropped her pom poms and walked past her. She noticed me, and her face went bright red before quickly walking through the doors.

"...W-wait! I didn't mean it! We need you! You're the only one I can actually count on! Wait!" Bridgette shouted before chasing after Craig.

I let out a sigh, she's still a bitch in the end. Hell, even if she does like me, I'm pretty sure I don't like her.

Still...I would wish Craig stopped avoiding me. Ever since she told me her feelings, she's been avoiding me all day. Whenever we hang out with the girls, she'd make up an excuse and leaves. Whenever I try to talk to her in class, she gets up and leaves, and whenever we walk towards each other in the hallways, she would quickly walk past me and avoid making eye contact with me.

I feel her physically avoiding me is much worse than her not talking to me.

Once class was over, I decided to go look for Craig. I might as well turn her down easy, tell her that I'm flattered, but I would rather have us being friends, and who knows, she might finally start talking to me.

As I was walking down the hallway, looking for Craig, I suddenly hear two boys talking by their lockers.

"You see the boobs on Crystal?"


"You know, Crystal, the one who wears a chullo hat, long black hair, flips people off, that girl?"

" mean Craig?"

"Ugh, it's weird calling her that."

"Well dude, she's weird in general, even if she does have a nice figure."

"Yeah, I bet if she wasn't such a bitch, she'd be great to have fun with."

I froze. I stared at the two boys, feeling my anger building up. Before I knew it, I lunged at the one talking about Craig and started beating the shit out of him.

"Don't you dare talk about her like that!" I screamed as I kept punching and tried scratching at the asshole's eyes.

"What the fuck! Get her off! Get her off!"

"Shit!" His friend tried to pry me off of him, but I kept a strong hold on the asshole as I continued to scratch his face.

"Tweek? Tweak!" I hear Craig running towards me as she grabbed me. "What the fuck!? Stop!" Craig exclaimed as she held me back.

"Not until that asshole apologizes!" I exclaimed.

"For what!?"

"For what you said about Craig, you fucking bastard!" I screamed, ready to scratch the asshole's face off.

Eventually, a teacher came by and heard all the commotion. The teacher took us all to the counselor's office immediately, and I knew we would be getting into trouble. However, using my acting skills, I started crying, telling the counselor how the boys were being sexist pigs and were trying to take advantage of us. The counselor believed me and let Craig and I go free, while the two boys get suspension.

"I hope they get what they deserve," I muttered as I angrily left the counselor's office.

"...Why'd you do that?" Craig suddenly asked.

I stopped and turned toward her. "They were saying shit about you! I couldn't just stand there and let them do that!"

"...But why? I's not like we're close or anything...right?"

I froze. She does have a point, no matter how friendly I was with Craig, me and her technically not friends. "...Well...still...they shouldn't be saying that kind of stuff about you...even if you do tend to be bitchy," I said.

Craig rolled her eyes, "I know I can be a bit bitchy towards people, but that's just who I am, and if people don't like it, they can go fuck themselves cause I'm not changing myself one bit," Craig said.

"....." I looked down, feeling a bit amazed, "you sure are brave, Craig. I'm not sure if I could ever be as brave as you," I said.

Craig looked at me, "you serious? You literally attacked that dude for me, how does that not say you're brave. If anything, you're braver than I will ever be," Craig said.

I looked up at her, blushing a bit. "Thanks...Craig," I said. I never thought there'd be a day where I would be thanking her.

"It's one of the reasons why I like you," Craig muttered quietly, but I was still able to hear her. I suddenly remembered the confession and felt my cheeks getting pink.

"Craig...about that night-"

"I thought I said to not bring it up," Craig blushed.

"I-I know, but...I really don't want to leave things as it is. Craig stared at me, but doesn't seem to be running away, she was going to let me continue. "...Look, thank you for showing your interest towards me, but I'm not really ready to date anyone right now," I said.

"...I see," Craig looked down, actually looking sad.

I stared at her, amazed that she could make any expression besides getting angry, being embarrassed, or simply having a blank look on her face. I took a deep breath and continued, "but...if you want...we can be friends...and...h-hang out?" I suggested.

Craig looked at me, looking surprised, "you still want to be friends with me?"

"O-of course," I smiled, "look...I know you can be hard for me to handle at times, especially with your attitude and stuff...but in the end, I still want to be friends with you," I said.

"...." Craig looked at me before smiling, "I...I wouldn't mind that."

I smiled, "great." We started leaving together now that we got that over with. "By the way, you still going to cheerleading practice?" I asked.

"Pff, why should I when I only joined so I could watch you practice," Craig said, her cheeks were red when she said that.

I giggled, "that's your reason for joining, so you could watch me? Wow, you must like me a lot," I said.

"...W-wasn't is obvious?" Craig pouted.

When I looked at her, I started to blush at the cute expression Craig was making. I looked down as we continued to walk in silence. 

Not going to lie, but Craig looks really cute when she smiles and blushes like that.

Since that day, Craig and I got closer. She would finally start talking to me, she stopped flipping me off...more or less, and we actually became good friends.

Hell, I even managed to convince Craig to continue cheerleading and in the end, Craig admitted that she kinda like it, even if she still lacks school spirit, her response would be that she looks good in the outfit.

"Egotistic much?" I chuckled as I was changing into my gym clothes.

"You're just jealous that I look great in this skirt," Craig said, shaking her hips to taunt me.

I rolled my eyes and looked away, but that didn't stop the pounding in my chest or how red my face gotten.

Okay okay, I'll admit, the more I hang out with Craig, the more I see her good parts. Like how Craig is actually a dork who loves space, guinea pigs, and anime, one of her favorites being this show called Red Racer. Craig can also be surprisingly sweet in her own weird way. One time when I kept coughing all day because of how dry my throat was, Craig came in and dropped a cough drop on my head.

"Here, it's starting to get annoying," Craig said as she walked away.

I watched her before smiling and placing the cough drop in my mouth.

Though Craig can be blunt and she can say the meanest things, she's actually sweet.

"Come on, Tucker, bend those knees!"

"I'm already bending them," Craig sighed.

"Well bend them some more! If we're going to do this pyramid, then I can't have you wobbling!"

"...Or, instead of me being at the bottom here, why don't I be the one on top of the pyramid?"

"W-what!? That's where I'm suppose to be!"

"Who says?" Craig said as she stood up and glared at the head cheerleader. Considering Craig was a few inches taller than her, she was very threatening looking.

"...U-uh...okay girls, change in positions! Ha ha...Craig here will be on top so..don't...drop her."

"That's what I thought," Craig smirked.

I shook my head as I stared at her, she's still bossy and a bitch as ever, but I couldn't help but smile.

"Go South Park high! Go Cows!" The cheerleaders exclaimed as they formed the pyramid.

Looking up, seeing Craig smiling and actually cheering, she looks good...and she does look good in that skirt too.

"...Hey...Tweek, you okay? Your face is red...and why are you smiling so much?"

I got out of my daze and touched my cheeks, they were incredibly warm, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't sick. "Oh uh...just tired I guess, um...let's just go back to practicing, okay?" I said.


We headed back to practice and I made sure to serve the ball this time, however, when I hear Craig cheering at the top of her lungs, I couldn't help but look over and see. She looked like she was having a lot of fun, even if originally she only joined to watched me. Craig looked to be having a lot of fun, I couldn't help but be happy for her.

I felt my heart beating in my chest as I continued to look on. I couldn't help but realized just how beautiful she was. From her long black hair, to her slightly dark skin, to the smoothness of her legs, and I can't forget the smile on her face. She really was...beautiful...and my heart won't stop reminding me that.

"Look out!"

"Huh?" I turned my head, remembering I was still playing, and before I knew it, the ball hits me straight in the side of my head, causing me to stumble back and fall. "Ah!" I screamed in pain when I fell on my arm in a weird way.

"Tweek!" I hear Craig screaming before she started running toward me.

"Everyone, give her some room!" The coach exclaimed as she crouched down to help me. "Are you hurt anywhere?"

" arm..." I hissed in pain. I rolled to my back and looked at my arm, I paled when I noticed it wasn't bending the right way.

"Uh...I may not be a doctor...but I'm pretty sure arms aren't suppose to bend like that," Claudia said.

"Shut up," Craig said as she punched her in the arm. "Let's get you to the nurse's office," Craig said.

"I'll take her, you girls just keep practicing, especially the cheerleaders since we have that football game on Saturday."

"Who cares about that?" Craig frowned.

"Watch it Tucker, or else you're off the squad."

"Craig...I'll be fine, just keep practicing...and if it'll make you feel better, you can always cheer for me for a speedy recovery," I smiled.

"...." Craig doesn't say anything, she suddenly wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug. I felt my heart racing as my face went completely red. "Get better, okay? Otherwise me being here isn't going to be fun anymore."

"...Don't worry," I smiled, patting her back.

The coach helped me get to the nurse's office while everyone else went back to practicing. As I looked back, I saw Craig was still looking at me with a worried look on her face. Once we left the gymnasium, my heart was beating like crazy the entire time.

My arm is broken.

The doctor said it wasn't too bad, and over time, it'll heal. For now, he recommended that I don't do anything physical for the next couple of weeks.

That's what I told the team and to my friends. They all understood and wished me well. Craig was one of them that was glad nothing too bad happened to me.

"So how long do you have to wear that cast?" Craig asked.

"The doctor said it will take about three weeks or so," I said.

" need help carrying your books or stuff?" Craig asked.

I laughed, "it's not that bad, it's actually just a bit of a fracture, nothing I can't handle, so you don't have to carry my stuff," I said.

"Alright...but if you do need someone to help carry your books, I'm always here," Craig smiled.

I laughed. We were sitting on the bleachers after school. We were waiting for Claudia to finish so we could go out and get something to eat with the girls. While we were waiting, we suddenly hear someone calling for Craig.

"Craig!" We turned our heads and saw it was a guy who was on the football teams.

"Wonder what he wants," Craig said.

"Probably to tell his undying love for you," I teased.

"Oh shut up, as if I would date guys," Craig rolled her eyes.

"Oh my god, you're such a lesbian," I giggled.

Craig smirked before sticking her tongue out at me. I really like this Craig, the one who's more open with me. She's much more easier to read and feel comfortable with. "Well I better get down there and see what he wants," Craig said.

"Well tell your future husband that he better invite me to your wedding," I teased.

"Shut up," Craig punched me in the arm before walking down the steps and heading towards the football player.

I was watching people running on the track while also looking back at Craig and the guy, however, when I did look back at them the fifth time, I noticed something was off. The guy's face was all red as he kept talking to Craig, but what was even weirder was how Craig was slightly blushing herself as well.

What the fuck?

The two finished talking and instead of Craig flipping the guy off, she waved goodbye to him before coming back up the bleachers. Craig soon sat back down next to me, not saying a word, her cheeks were still a bit red.

"'d it go?" I asked.

"Hm?" Craig turned her head, as if remembering I was there. "Oh uh...okay...I guess," Craig said.

" did he say?" I asked, feeling nervous all of a sudden.

"Oh, said how like...I look good at cheering and stuff...and said he was looking forward to seeing me at the game tomorrow," I said.

"," I forced a smile on my face, the uneasiness in the pit of my stomach didn't go away, "...anything else...he said?"

Craig shook her head, "no...not really," Craig said, not looking at me.

"...You sure? You did took I just...assumed there's more," I said.

"Well...there isn't, so please drop it," Craig said, frowning. Oh great, now she's getting upset, but you know what? I don't care! I feel like she's hiding something from me.

"Well I just want to know if...I don't know...he was asking you out or something?"

"What? Why would he ask me out?" Craig turned her head.

"I mean...the way you two were all red in the face...I just assumed...and you didn't do your signature flipping someone off routine," I said.

Craig scoffed, "so what if I didn't flip someone off? I can have days when I don't feel like flipping people off you know?"

"I know...I just..don't think you're capable of doing stuff like that," I said.

Craig froze, " just see me as some sort of bitch that likes flipping people off all the time?"

"No, I see you more as a bitch who never talks to her friends and be honest with them!"

"Honest!? I've been honest with you this entire time!"

"Well you're not being very honest here, Craig...or should I say Crystal?"

Craig blushed, "don't call me that, you know I hate that name!"

"Who fucking cares, that's your real name!? Why do you even want to be called Craig so much!? It''s weird!"

"What the fuck is wrong with you!?" Craig exclaimed.

"Well what the fuck is wrong with you!?" I shouted back, "blushing, talking to guys normally, and...and making me feel weird!"

"What?" Craig stared at me.

I blushed after realizing what I said, "f-forget it!" I grabbed my backpack and started leaving.

"Where you going!?"

"Home! I don't feel like going out anymore!" I exclaimed as I kept walking.

"Okay, I'm done with practice, sorry for keeping you guys-" Claudia ran towards us, but I just walked past her as I kept leaving. "Tweek? where you going!?"

I didn't say anything to either her or to Craig, I just kept walking. I feel like crying for some reason.

When I got back home, I got into my bed, and laid flat on my stomach. I placed my face on my pillow as I let out a scream, something I've been holding back the entire walk here. My screams were muffled by my pillow, but I kept screaming and kicking my feet.

What the hell was wrong with me?

I turned over and stared up at my ceiling. I started sniffling, but I wasn't crying yet. I think I just ruined my friendship with Craig...didn't I?

"Fuck!" I shouted as I turned over to my side and stared at my messy floor.

Why couldn't Craig have told me what was going on? She always tells me everything! She was always honest with why wasn't she honest with me this time?

What exactly did that guy say to her? Why were they blushing? Why didn't Craig do her usual routine when dealing guys like that? Why was I feeling like this? Why do I feel sick?

All these questions filled my head, none of which I knew the answers to. However, I suddenly thought of one answer that could be possible.

"....Does she like him?" I muttered.

That wasn't possible...right? I mean...Craig is gay...right? Or was she bisexual? Ugh!

I went back to laying on my back, feeling uncomfortable. So what if she suddenly starts liking him? It's not my problem...right? I mean...Craig and I are just friends. So what if she moves on from me? I's not like...I wanted

My eyes widened when I realized why I was acting weird. When I realized why my heart was racing, why I like being with Craig, why I think she's pretty and cute, why I hate the idea of someone else being with her!

I like Craig Tucker.

"...Gah!" I screamed.

It was Saturday, and the football game was happening tonight, but I didn't feel like going. Not after yesterday with Craig.

My parents and friends all tried convincing me to come to the game and support our team, but I wasn't feeling up to it. I don't know if I had the strength to see Craig.

So once it got dark outside and the game would be starting in an hour, I just laid in my bed, staring at nothing and only feeling sorry for myself.

"...." I really wanted to see Craig.

I suddenly hear my phone ringing, but ignored it. I thought it was possibly one of the girls trying to convince me to come last minute, but I just didn't have the heart to reply. My phone kept ringing for the next couple of minutes, but I refused to answer. Finally, getting annoyed by the ringing, I picked up my phone and was about to mute it, but froze when I got a text message.

It was from Craig.

Look. I'm not asking for an apology and I'm definitely not apologizing myself, but...can we at least agree that we both went too far the other day?

I stared at the message, feeling my heart throbbing. I soon got another message from Craig.

I know you're not coming to the game tonight because of me...right? I don't blame you if you don't want to show up...or if you don't want to be my friend anymore.

No...that's not it....that's definitely not it. I felt my hands shaking, but I got another message.

I'm not going to convince you to show up...but I feel like I should be honest. The reason I didn't say what me and that guy talked about was because he told me he liked you.

My eyes widened.

I was...shocked and confused...and even a bit jealous. I wanted to tell him to fuck off and say that you're not interested, but then I realized I had no right to say that. It's up to you if you want to date a jock like him or whoever...even if...I may still like you.

I felt tears falling from my eyes as I read the message.

I'm sorry...but...I don't think we can be friends anymore...not when...I still really really like you. So if I don't see you at the game...then I know that you don't want to be friends with me...and that'll be it. We'll just see each other in the hallways, but never talking to each other. We'll go back to how things were, if that's what you prefer.

No...I don't want that. I never want to go back to those days...

If you do show...well...I'm not sure. If you want to be with that jock...then I'll give up on you. I won't hold you back...I won't get involved, I'll just stand by the sides and cheer for you...even'll hurt...but as a job of a cheerleader, I gotta support the people I like...and I definitely like you. God...that sounded corny....but...I do hope you're reading these messages.



"....." I stared at the messages, rereading them over and over. I could only focus on the fact that Craig said she still likes me. After all this time, she still likes me. "C-Craig..."

What the fuck am I doing!?

I quickly got up and changed my clothes. I then put on my jacket and left the house. I grabbed my bike and started biking all the way to school. I think this is the first time I've ever ridden my bike this fast, but that didn't matter.

I wanted to see Craig.

Once I reached the school and ran towards the field where the game is being held, I looked around until I spotted Craig with the other cheerleaders.

"Tweek! You showed," Toke noticed me and walked down the bleachers to meet with me, along with Jenny.

"W-w-we thought y-you weren't f-f-feeeeeling w-well," Jenny said.

"That doesn't matter," I said as I ran towards where the cheerleaders were.

"Hey! Stop! You can't come over here!" I hear one of the coaches shouting, but I didn't listen and kept running towards where Craig is.

"Craig!" I exclaimed.

Craig was doing the pyramid and was standing at the very top. She looked down, surprised to see me. "Tweek, what are you doing!?" Craig said, looking between me and the crowd.

"Um excuse me, we're kinda busy here, isn't that right everyone!?" Bridgette exclaimed. The crowd cheered.

"I don't fucking care, I need to talk to Craig," I said.

"Well can't you do that later? Cause we're busy, so why don't you fuck off already?" Bridgette said.

"If you don't let me talk to Craig, I'm going to kick you in the face!" I shouted. The crowd oohed at me.

" two can talk, but we're not moving from our spot. You have ten minutes." The other girls started groaning, but don't say anything and just kept holding the pyramid.

"...What do you want?"

"...I got your messages," I said.

"Oh," Craig looked down, "so you're here to tell me you don't want to be friends anymore or something? Tell that jock that you'd rather be with him than me?"

"That's not it!" I shouted. "'re a complete bitch. You're mean, you flip people off way too often, and frankly...I wish someone could punch you in the boob!" I said.

"...My...what? Why the boob?"

"I don't know, I'm not use to this okay, so shut up!" I blushed, "'re a terrible person...but that doesn't mean you're all bad. I use to think that I would never like you because of how you treated people, but seeing up close on what you're really doing...I're just doing something nice in your own aggressive way!"

"Eight minutes!" Bridgette said.

"I got it, now shut up before I punch you in your pretty little face!" I shouted. I continued, "and Craig...I really...really like being your friend...and I don't want us to go back to how things were before...before we started hanging out...before you confessed to me. I want us to be together," I said.

"....As friends?" Craig blushed.

I shook my head. "Craig...I really...really," I said, blushing.

Craig stared at me, her face went completely red. "You like me?"

"I do," I smiled.

The crowd awed at us, but it didn't matter. Right felt like it was just me and Craig.

" guys done now cause my back is aching from being in this position for this long," Bridgette said.

"Bridgette, I swear to god, if you don't shut the fuck up, I'm going to pull those extensions in your hair!" Bridgette's eyes widened, "yeah, I knew. Everyone does! Even coach!"

"...It's kinda obvious, dear," the coach said.

Craig laughed, "Tweek, let's continue this after the game, okay?" Craig smiled.

"O-okay," I smiled. "I'll be cheering for you," I smiled.

"'re not suppose to be cheering for the cheerleaders," Craig said.

"I know," I smiled as I took a step back and then walked back towards our friends.

I hear Craig calling me cute before I left. I smiled.

We watched the game together, me and my friends, cheering for our team to win, but frankly, I didn't care about our team or the other team, I didn't care about the game. I just kept my eyes on the cute cheerleader in front of me.

The game soon ended, our team won. Everyone was cheering, including me. I smiled as I headed down the bleachers to meet up with Craig, but I suddenly spotted the jock that talked to Craig yesterday, he looked over at me with a huge grin on his face. I let out a sigh as I kept walking.

" saw me over there? Throwing the ball and stuff?"

"...." I stared at him then stared at Craig, who was waiting for me. "Sorry, but I'm gay," I patted the guy on the shoulder before walking past him. Not caring that he looked shocked as I left.

"Wow...that was kinda bitchy to tell him that," Craig crossed her arms, smiling.

I stepped closer, "who fucking cares?" I smiled as I leaned forward to kiss her on the lips.

My arm healed up after a few weeks, and I was able to get rid of that itchy cast once and for all. Everyone was glad that I was better now, but since I still needed a couple more days to let my arm rest for a bit, I still couldn't practice with the team, but I do show up after school for practice, not to watch my team, but to watch the cheerleaders.

"Go Cows go! Go Cows go!" The cheerleaders exclaimed.

I clapped my hands for them, along with Toke and Jenny, who finished their club activities early and we're now waiting for Craig and Claudia to finish.

Once the cheer practice was done, both Craig and Claudia came over.

"My arms hurt," Claudia whined.

"Why exactly? All you did was dance and waved your pom poms them around," Craig sighed.

"That's tiring work too you know...waving your pom poms around," Claudia pouted.

"Well now that you guys are done, can we go now? I'm getting hungry," Toke said.

"Y-yeah, I s-s-staaaaaarrrrrrvvvvvving," Jenny said.

"Yeah, just let us change and we'll go," Craig said.

"Alright, we'll meet you outside," Toke said. Both she and Jenny got up and left. Claudia started heading toward the changing room, leaving me and Craig behind.

" looking forward to going to Denver for an entire weekend?" I asked, grabbing Craig's hand.

"Not really," Craig sighed, "I'm going to miss you."

"If traveling expenses weren't so high and my parents were so busy, I'd definitely come to see you," I smiled.

"And not for the boy's basketball team?" Craig snorted.

"Tch...boys are so underrated," I leaned forward to kiss her on the lips. Craig hugged me as she kissed me back.

We suddenly hear everyone in the gym cheering for us, but our moment was ruined when coach told us to knock it off and save it when we were outside.

We pulled away, grinning at each other. I grabbed Craig's hand and we started to leave the gymnasium together.

At first...I really didn't like her. I thought she was bossy, pushy, mean, and somewhat of a bitch. Then...I grew to admire her. She was brave, she didn't care what people say about her, and she definitely knows how to hold on her own. Now...I love her. She's beautiful, cute when she smiles at me, and is the sweetest person I've ever known.

I love Crystal Tucker, also known as Craig, and I hope to spend the rest of high school and more with her for the rest of my life.

The End.

Chapter Text

Craig and I have been friends for many years now, then we became boyfriends when we reached high school, but through all that time, there's been one thing that Craig would always do for me.

"Shit! I forgot my homework!" I started looking around my messenger bag to see if I can find it, but to no avail.

"...Here," Craig sighed as he took out his own homework, "copy it quick before the teacher gets here."

"Nnng...I-I can't copy you, Craig!"

"I'm letting you copy me, Tweek, now just do it before the teacher gets here, otherwise you're going to get into trouble," Craig said.

I looked between him and his paper, I knew if I don't hand in my homework today, the teacher was going to give me detention. "T-thank you!" I exclaimed as I grabbed his paper and quickly copied the questions and answers. I managed to finish a minute before the teacher arrived. I sighed in relief, knowing that I won't get scolded. I turned back towards Craig and thanked him. "Thanks."

"You don't have to thank me all the time, Tweek, what are boyfriends for?" Craig said. That caused me to blush.

It's weird, Craig and I have been dating for a year now, but we've known each other since elementary school. I've had feelings for Craig since middle school, and it seemed he was the same. He was the one who confessed to me during our middle school graduation, and I immediately accepted his confession. We've been going steady since.

However, even before we started going out or before we realized our feelings for each other, Craig was always there...being my hero.

Whether I was having trouble sleeping during nights I slept over at his house or vice versa, he would wake up, get me a glass of warm milk, sit next to me in my bed, and rubbed my back until I finally went to sleep. There was even a time when Craig would stop everything he was doing and help me get my pills for my panic attacks, he would even run all the way to my house if I happened to forget to bring them with me. Of course, he doesn't do that anymore and we usually go to the back of the room, crouching in the corner, him rubbing my back, and telling me everything was going to be alright in a soft and gentle voice.

Craig was very patient.

There are even times when Craig would save me from embarrassing moments. Whenever I'm working and Craig was waiting for me to finish up so we could hang out, I was always very clumsy at my job. I kept having to make drinks over and over again because I kept spilling them. However, when it came to serving customers and I accidentally trip myself, Craig would come in and catch me before I hit the ground. Later, Craig has started helping me with work to make things faster, he was like an unpaid worker.

Craig....he really is like my own personal hero....

I fucking hate it.

" h-hate it when C-Craig s-saves you?" Jimmy asked.

"I mean...I don't fully hate it...I just hate that he's always saving me and being my hero! It makes me feel like I'm not doing much for him while he's always rescuing me from life threatening situations in my life! Gah! I feel like I don't deserve him!" I exclaimed.

Token, Jimmy, Clyde, and I were currently sitting at the lunch table together, waiting for Craig. It seemed Craig got himself into trouble and was being held back in one of his classes for awhile. Plenty of time for me to complain my problems to the guys.

"I still don't see what's so bad about it, I mean, Craig wants to protect you and help you out, so what if he's always helping you out?" Clyde asked, taking a sip of his soda.

"It's not just that. As much as I love Craig and I love that he's always there for me...I feel like he's helping me out way too much! It makes me think I owe him for all the times he saved me!" My eyes widened, "y-you don't think he's planning on making me do something...s-something weird...right!?"

"Dude, this is Craig we're talking about. The most he could make you do is clean up Stripe's cage over the weekend," Token sighed.

"But since you're you, he'll probably ask you to watch a Red Racer marathon with him," Clyde said.

"I guess you have a point," I sighed as I placed my head on the table, " much as I'm thankful for Craig...I kinda wish I could be the one doing the saving, you know? Be Craig's hero for once," I said.

"...W-well w-why don't you?" Jimmy asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I-I-I'm just suggesting...i-if something were to happen to C-Craig, you would step in and s-save Craig, s-simple," Jimmy said.

"How's that simple!? How am I suppose to know if something were to happen to Craig? It's not like I'm with him all the time," I said.

" could stick around him all day and see if something comes up. Who knows, you might save Craig from getting a paint bucket over his head, or maybe save him from a rabid dog!" Clyde said.

" could just not do anything and wait to see if something happens cause the likelihood of any of that happening is very slim," Token sighed.

"...N-not if w-we p-plan it," Jimmy said.

"W-what do you mean?" I asked.

"J-just saying...i-if you r-really w-want to s-s-save C-Craig for o-once...t-then maybe planning some o-of the stuff that'll h-happen to C-Craig might g-get this m-moving?"

"Wait...are you suggesting that we plan for stuff to happen to Craig so I could save him!?" I exclaimed.

"Jimmy, that's stupid," Token said, "what would happen if Craig got hurt during the process?"

"Well duh, Tweek will be there to save him," Clyde said, "and it's not like we're going to do anything that life threatening, right?"

"E-exactly. I-it'll be all m-minor s-stuff, b-but enough that T-Tweek and C-Craig won't g-get hurt," Jimmy said.

"Guys, don't you think this is a lot of effort just so Tweek can save Craig once?" Token asked.

"....Let's do it," I said.

"What?" Token turned his head towards me, "Tweek, you're not serious, are you!? You're not even really saving Craig from anything!"

"I know...I know that...but maybe...maybe if I do this...I won't feel like I owe Craig so much...and maybe...maybe Craig and I will finally feel like equals," I said.

"That's the spirit, Tweek," Clyde said.

"A-and w-we'll be here to help you," Jimmy said.

"Come on guys, this is crazy!" Token exclaimed.

"Come on, Toke. Get that stick out of your ass and help poor Tweek here become a hero for his boyfriend," Clyde said.

"He's not even going to be a real hero!"

"Please Token, I really want to make it up to Craig, please?" I begged.

Token stared at me for a few seconds before sighing, "fine...fine! But don't blame me if things end up failing," Token said.

We all placed our hands in the middle and lifted them up, cheering.

"Alright boys, let's start planning," I said.

We all started planning out different scenarios we could do. By the time Craig finally showed up, we kept our little plan a secret from him.

It was Saturday and Craig and I were going out for a date. We decided to head to the park to feed the squirrels, something we both enjoy doing when we want our dates to be relaxing and doesn't require that much planning.

As we were walking in town to buy some nuts for the squirrels, I would check my phone often to see if the guys were ready. Clyde said they got the paint buckets all ready for dumping. I just got to get Craig in position.

"Hey, why are you looking at your phone so often?" Craig asked.

I nearly dropped my phone when Craig asked before I quickly stuffed it back into my pocket, "just checking the weather, I heard it was going to rain later today and just wanted to make sure we don't get rained on during our date," I said.

" you wanna just head back and try again another time?" Craig asked.

"No!" I panicked, I cleared my throat, "I's just feeding squirrels, that's all, and we're almost there, so let's just buy the nuts and go to the park, okay?"

"Alright, but please don't use your phone so often, it's annoying," Craig sighed.

I chuckled before rolling my eyes, "says the guy who loves reading gossip on his phone," I said.

Craig blushed, "they have a lot of interesting stuff to say, don't judge me. Besides, at least I'm not using my phone at all today so I could spend more time with you."

I blushed, "aw...Craig," I grabbed his hand and placed my phone down. "Come on, let's just go get those nuts."

We smiled and kept walking until we reached the store. I was so happy to be with Craig that I almost forgot about where Craig was suppose to stand. So when Clyde noticed us and pushed the paint can down, letting the paint spill out, I panicked when I realized Craig stepped out of the spot he was suppose to be standing in and now I was on it.

"Oh shit!"

"Tweek!" Craig grabbed my hand and pulled me into his arms as the paint splattered all over the sidewalk. "Jesus, that was close. Where did that paint come from?" Craig asked as he looked up. Clyde was already hiding and making sure to not be seen by Craig.

"I-I wouldn't know," I said as I looked at the paint. I suddenly realized that I was in Craig's arms and started to blush. "U-um...y-you can let me go now," I said.

Craig looked down and started blushing himself. He let me go and turned his head in embarrassment. "S-sorry..."

"It's fine...thanks for saving me...again," I chuckled, but really I wanted to cry. Damn it, I guess we're going with plan B.

"Seriously though...where did that paint come from? It's weird...right?"

"Yeah yeah totally weird, now let's go inside," I said as I pushed Craig inside the store.

Okay, so here's plan B. Jimmy and Token are going to have a trained bird with them and release it to fly towards Craig, Craig will think one of the birds in their cages somehow escaped and will start to panic, but then I'll step in, push Craig out of the way, and save him. Easy!

"I'll go get the nuts," Craig said.

"Okay, take your time," I smiled as I stood near the cash register. I looked over and saw Jimmy and Token behind the dog food bags. I signaled them to release the bird and they both nodded. I watched as Token took the bird out and started instructing it to aim for Craig. The bird started moving. "Craig! Watch out!" I exclaimed.

"Huh?" Craig turned his head and saw the bird aiming for him.

I was about to run towards him, but I accidentally tripped on a rubber dog bone, and fell to the ground. I started to panic as the bird got closer. "Look out!"

I watched as Craig ducked down, missing the bird by a hair. The bird crashed into the canned cat food pile and I winced when I hear the bird squawking in pain. Oh...I hope that poor bird is alright.

"What the fuck!?" Craig stood up and stared behind him. "What happened!?"

"O-oh uh...that bird must have escaped from its cage," I said.

"Well Jesus, thank god I ducked before it got any closer to me...but I hope the bird is alright," Craig said as he looked over to check on the bird.

"I'm sure it's fine. The pet store owner will take care of it!" I exclaimed, "now come on, let's pay for the nuts and get going," I said.

"Alright alright, no need to be pushy," Craig said as he paid for the nuts.

"Sorry, just really worried about the weather," I said. I felt like crying. I looked over and saw Jimmy and Token taking the bird and getting it out of here. Token looked extremely worried for the bird. God...I seriously hope its okay...

Once the nuts were paid for, Craig and I left and started heading towards the park. I quickly grabbed my phone and messaged the guys that we gotta do plan C now. As Craig and I continued heading towards the park, I was growing more and more nervous.

We soon reached the park and found a nice bench to sit on as we threw some nuts on the ground and watched squirrels grabbing them. It was peaceful, comforting, calming.

"Jesus, that's one fat squirrel," Craig said when he noticed a squirrel who looked a bit more...bigger than the others.

"Guess someone wanted to pack some pounds for winter," I chuckled.

We both started chuckling and continued to feed the squirrels. As Craig was distracted, I looked over to see where the guys were. When I spotted them in the distance, I look back at Craig and used my hands to signal them.

"It sure is cloudy tonight," I said.

Craig looked up and shrugged, "I guess."

"I hope it doesn't start raining while we're out here," I said.

"Me too. Maybe I should have brought an umbrella or something. I would hate it if we both ended up getting-"

Clyde quickly jumps up from behind us, wearing a wolf mask. The plan for this was that Clyde would put on a scary mask, scare Craig while he isn't looking, and I would come in and pretend to attack Clyde and run with Craig to safety.

That didn't happen because the moment Clyde jumped out, roaring, Craig turned around and punched Clyde in the face.

"The fuck!" Craig exclaimed, looking more surprised than scared, "...Clyde? What the fuck are you doing, dude?"

"Ow...why did you punch me!?"

"You were trying to scare us, asshole! What was that for!?"

"Well you didn't have to punch me so hard in the face! God! I think I'm bleeding!" Clyde exclaimed as he got up and rubbed his cheek.

"Okay...what the fuck is going on here?" Craig asked, "Tweek, did you have anything to do with this?"

"W-what!? Why are you assuming that I have anything to do with this!?"

"Because you've been acting weird, pushy, and kinda distracted lately. Not only that, but you kept making these weird hand gestures," Craig said. He saw that!?

"I...I uh..." Come on Tweek, think of something! "...I was just...trying to prank you," I said.

" Why?"

"It was....Clyde's idea!" I grabbed Clyde's arm and gestured towards him.

"What!?" Clyde exclaimed, but I pinched his arm to tell him to shut up. "Ow! I mean..yeah..this idea," Clyde said.

" was the paint spilling above us and that random bird coming at me was part of your prank?" Craig glared.

"....Yes," Clyde said.

"....." I was sitting here nervously as Craig stared at us suspiciously. With every second, I felt myself getting more nervous. "....Okay...well then knock it off, asshole," Craig said. Oh thank god! Craig believed it!

"Ha ha...sorry dude," Clyde grinned.

"As for you, I thought you knew better than to help Clyde with his dumb pranks," Craig sighed.

I flinched and looked down, "I'm sorry."

"...." Craig sighed before patting me on the head, I blushed. "I guess Clyde must have convinced you to do it, otherwise you would have straight up rejected him. So I forgive you, but as for you," Craig turned back to Clyde, "I'm not letting you off that easily."

"Y-yes sir," Clyde shuddered.

Craig sighed, "well I guess our date is ruined, I'll see you later, Tweek," Craig said as he handed me the bag of nuts before leaving.

I wanted to tell him he didn't have to go, but it looked like Craig was in a bad mood, so I let him be. "Bye...."

Once Craig was gone, Token and Jimmy soon joined us and we all sat on the bench together, feeding the squirrels.

"I told you this was stupid," Token said.

"W-well it's not our fault c-completely, w-we s-s-still have a chance," Jimmy said.

"Oh come on, today we already failed three times. I don't think Tweek wants to do more of this," Token sighed.

"...No. Let's keep going," I said.

"What!? Tweek, come on!"

"I'm sorry Token...but seeing Craig looking like that...I just...maybe if I saved him...and show him how much I care, he'll feel better," I said.

"That is terrible logic, Tweek," Token said.

"Y-yeah, well...I'm not the logical one here, so...we're going with it!" I said.

"....Fine...but if we keep failing, he's going to catch on and you're going to have to tell him the truth," Token said.

"Fine," I sighed, I continued to watch all the squirrels eating the nuts.

"...Guys...I think one of my tooth is missing."

When we were back to school on Monday, the guys and I continued our plans to get Craig into trouble and having me save him.

For our first plan, we thought of having a random skateboard rolling in front of Craig, causing him to fall backwards, and I would be there to save him. So while Craig and I were walking to school, Clyde pushed a skateboard from the bush he was hiding behind in. Craig was about to step on it, but suddenly stopped and turned around. He was petting a dog that was nearby. The skateboard went past us.

"Damn it," I said.

"What did you say?" Craig asked as he continued to pet the dog.

"N-nothing," I sighed, but crouched down to pet the dog with him before we resumed heading to school together.

The next plan we had was to have Craig trip while we were walking in the hallways, and I was going to catch him. Jimmy, who was standing by his locker, hidden behind a group of students, was the one who was going to trip Craig. So while Craig and I were talking and walking down the hallway, Jimmy used his crutches to trip Craig while he wasn't looking. I was about to catch him, but Kenny who just so happened to be walking by, caught Craig before he fell.

"Whoa, you okay dude?" Kenny asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine...thanks," Kenny nodded and continued leaving, as for Craig, he was looking around, "that's weird..."

"W-what is?" I asked, feeling a bit pissed off with Kenny.

"...It felt like something tripped me on purpose," Craig said.


"i don't wasn't a foot that tripped me...but whatever felt like it was on purpose," Craig said.

"You're probably imagining things, now come on, let's get to class," I smiled as I grabbed his hand and we continued leaving.

The next plan was to have food spilled all over Craig during lunch. I was a bit unsure about this one, since it required me to get in between Craig and the food that's about to hit him, resulting me getting covered, but at this point, I'm desperate and I would allow myself to get food all over myself if it means Craig and I are finally even!

So while we were all eating our lunches and waiting for Token to arrive, him being the one to trip and spill food all over Craig. I was getting myself ready. ...Oh..wait...maybe I should take my phone out and put it somewhere safer.

"...What are you doing?"

"Just uh...just putting my phone away," I said.

"By why in your backpack?" Craig asked.

"Oh you know...I feel like lunch time should be the time to not use your phones and actually enjoy your food and everyone'" I said.

"...What?" Craig looked at me, confused, but before he could ask me anything else, Token finally showed up.

"Alright guys, let's dig in and enjoy-" Token pretended to trip on something and dropped his tray. 

"Look out!" I was about to get up and save Craig, but because I was putting my phone into my backpack, the strap tangled around my arm, the moment I tried to get up, my backpack was caught onto something, causing me to sit back down. "Craig!"

It was too late.

"...." Craig's eyes were wide as his head and most of his body was covered in mash potatoes, corn, jello, ketchup, and burger meat. The horror.

"C-Craig? A-are you alright?" I asked, my voice was shaking a bit.

"...." Craig turned his head, but instead of looking at me with a calm expression, he looked at me, anger in his eyes. "Okay, what the fuck is going on here!?" Craig exclaimed.

"W-what do you mean?" I asked.

"All day, you have been acting weird, I barely see you guys before this, and now I'm covered in gross cafeteria food! Are you guys pranking me again!?"

"W-what? Again!? Why would we-"

"Tweek, don't you fucking lie to me. All day you've been acting more and more suspicious. You maybe a great actor, but you're a terrible liar. So spill."

"Nnngg..." I looked at him, I then looked at the guys.

Clyde was panicking, Jimmy was looking nervous, and Token just sighed.

" gotta tell him, now," Token said.

"Tell me what?" Craig narrowed his eyes.

"...." I let out a sigh, I started to tell him the truth. "The truth is...I've been planning all of this. The skateboard this morning, the tripping in the hallway, and this. I even....planned the things that happened on our date on Saturday. It wasn't Clyde's idea."

"....Why did you do this?" Craig asked.

"....." I bit my bottom lip as I looked back at the guys. Token nodded at me to continue. "....It's because...because...nnngg...I hate that you always help me all the time!" I exclaimed.

Craig's eyes widened, "w-what?"

"It's're always there to save me. Whether I'm having an attack, or when I forget my homework! You're always helping me! And...and I hate it!" I exclaimed.

"U-uh Tweek, you might want to rephrase that last part," Token said.

"...I get it," Craig said.

I lifted my head to look at him. "Y-you do?"

"Yeah...I do," Craig looked at me, but instead of smiling at me or having a blank expression, he looked...sad. "If you don't like me helping you and just trying to be there for you, you could have said so instead of leading me on."

"L-leading you on? What are you talking about?"

"Don't lie, Tweek. I get're tired of our relationship and want to break up with me," Craig said.

"What!? T-that's not what I'm saying at all! I don't want to break up!"

Craig frowned, "then why are you doing all of this crazy stuff to me! I could have gotten hurt, with the bird or falling down. Hell, if I didn't realized something fishy was happening all because Token actually eating cafeteria food was suspicious, who knows what would happen if this went on any longer!"

"Well from our list, we were going to set the fire alarm and have a stampede of people running down the hall and almost knocking you down," Clyde said.

"C-Clyde, not the t-t-time!"

"S-sorry," Clyde said.

"....You know what...fuck you guys," Craig stood up, "I'll leave you alone, Tweek. I can see when I'm not wanted," Craig left.

"Craig! Wait!" I tried to go after him, but Token stopped me.

"I'm sorry Tweek, but even when I kept telling you how wrong this was, you wouldn't listen, but now you are. I think you should leave Craig alone for awhile, and give him some time to calm down," Token said.

I started crying, "b-but...I don't...I didn't mean to..." I burst into tears.

"C-come on's alright," Jimmy hugged me, so did Clyde and Token.

Even though these guys were trying to comfort me, I didn't feel any better.

"Nnngg...what did I do!?" I was shaking like mad.

For the next couple of days, Craig and I haven't talked since Monday. He never comes to pick me up from house so we could walk to school anymore. He never answers my calls or replies to my texts. He especially stopped hanging out with me. Even when we see each other in school, he would go out of his way to ignore me.

For the next couple of days, I've been holed up in my room, feeling sorry for myself. I wanted to apologize to Craig, explain to him everything, why I did it, why I went through all of this! I wanted to tell him that I still love him, that I only did it for him....

....Or...was I actually doing this for myself?

Dear god, that was it! I was mostly doing this for myself, not for Craig! For years...I've always looked up to him...seeing him as my hero whenever he came to save the day...seeing him doing all of this for me...when...I'm not even worth it. I always believed that Craig was wasting his time with me, that he doesn't need a reason to help someone so much...someone like me.

I feared that one day...Craig was going to dump me because I'm such a burden to him. That one day he's going to get tired of always helping me so much! I just thought...if I did the saving this time...I can prevent it...cancel it out or something. Instead...I made things worse. Instead of preventing the break up, I made it happen. I'm such an idiot.

"Tweek, you okay dear?" Mom asked.

"I-I'm fine...just...just thinking about school and stuff," I said.

"Well alright, but I just wanted to tell you that Craig is here, looking for you," mom said.

I looked up, "w-what? He's here!?"

"Yes, he's sitting in one of the booths, he said he wanted to talk," mom said.

"O-okay," I said as I got up and left the backroom, "thanks mom," I said.

"I hope it isn't too serious, Craig had a very stern looking face, even for him," mom said.

I gulped, "m-me too...." I saw Craig on the other side of the store, sitting in a booth near the corner. Using all my courage, I walked over towards him. "H-hey..."

"...Hey," Craig said.

"H-how are you?" I asked.

"....Okay...I guess," Craig looked down at the table, a cup of coffee in his hands. "We need to talk," Craig said.

"O-okay," I said. I stood there, feeling uneasy.

"Please sit," Craig said.

"Right," I sat across from him, feeling my heart racing. "W-what do you want to talk about?"

"You know what," Craig sighed. I flinched. "Tweek...what you did...was totally uncalled for. What would happen if I got hurt, what would happen if you got hurt? What would happen if we all got hurt?"

"I know...I know..." I said.

"Tweek...just be honest...why? Why did you do it? Do you hate me?"

"Of course not! Why do you think I hate you?" I asked.

Craig looked down, "I don't know...that's what has been bugging me all week, it's the reason why I came here and wanted to talk."

"Craig...I'm really really sorry for what happened," I said.

"...If you're sorry...then you have to tell me why you did this," Craig stared at me with a stern look.

"....I'm afraid if I tell'd leave me," I said.

"Tweek," Craig grabbed my hand and started rubbing the back. "No matter what you say, I'll never hate you for it. You're just being honest. No one has any right to hate you for being honest with them and yourself. So quit second guessing yourself and just let go. Whatever you say...I won't get mad, and I definitely won't leave you."


"Yes...well...unless what you say is really really bad, then maybe, but if it's not, just go for it," Craig smiled.

"....." I really am being an idiot. "I was afraid...okay. I was afraid that you'd get tired of helping me all the time...find me as a burden...and leave me. I was afraid that you would start regretting our relationship. So...that's why I did it...I thought...if I helped you for once...then maybe...maybe I can prevent us from b-breaking up," I said.

"...Are you fucking serious?"

"You said you wouldn't get mad!"

"I'm not mad, I'm...surprised? Shocked? Maybe even slightly annoyed, but not mad," Craig sighed. "But seriously? That's why you did it? Because you were afraid that I was going to see you as a burden?"

"....Yes," I said.

"...You fucking idiot," Craig said.

"Nnngg...Craig..." I placed my head down on the table.

"Dude...we've known each other since we were kids. I've been helping you out since kindergarten. You really think I would be tired of you when we've been through so much?"

"Well...I don't know...I just of these days you'd get sick of me."

"Tweek, if I were sick of you, I wouldn't have been friends with you, I wouldn't have started to like you, I especially wouldn't have told you that I wanted to be your boyfriend. If I really thought you were a burden, I'd have told you and left you already," Craig said.


"Yes really. I'm more straightforward than that. So me still being with you proves that I don't see you as a burden. I like helping you out, I like spending time with you, and I...I..." Craig started to blush, "...I love you."

I blushed and felt myself getting warm inside. "C-Craig..."

Craig blushed harder before turning his head, " saying you never helped me is a total lie."

"What do you mean?"

"Tweek, you've helped me plenty of times, remember? You helped me communicate better, you helped me be with people, you even helped me stop being too negative all the time. You actually helped about another person...besides the guys of course," Craig said. "You helped change my life for the better. So saying you never helped me before, that's almost an insult."

"....Craig..." I never thought about it like that. I mean sure, ever since Craig and I started dating and hanging out more, who he use to be has changed so much over the years. Instead of being an asshole who flips people off, he's now a dork that is more open about his feelings and talking about his hobbies. I just never thought all of that was because of me. "I really was an idiot," I said. I felt like crying from how tiring this all was.

"Yeah, you are," Craig snorted before taking a sip of his coffee. " that we got that out of the way. You gonna stop pulling all those tricks to make yourself look like a hero now?"

I smiled, "yeah, no more."

"Good...and you gonna stop doubting our relationship now?"

I nodded, "no more doubts, now that I know you love me," I smiled.

Craig blushed, but doesn't look away, "so you gonna let whatever happens...happen?"

"Yeah...if I'm in can save me...but if you're even in trouble for reals...I'll be sure to save you," I smiled.

"Good," Craig said, "so...we good?"

I chuckled, "yeah...we're good," I said as I grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Good, causing being angry with you and trying to avoid you all week was so exhausting," Craig sighed.

"Yeah...tell me about it. I couldn't sleep without at least seeing you next to me," I said.

"Tch...I'm sure you would have lived if I weren't in your life," Craig said.

"Maybe...but I don't want to move on with my life without you in it," I said.

Craig blushed, "Jesus, you're so corny."

"That just shows how much I love you," I smiled.

"Yeah yeah, now...why don't you make me a refill and I'll help you with work?" Craig offered.

I smiled, "I'd like that."

We both got up and started heading towards the counter. I took Craig's cup and was about to walk towards the back to get him a refill, but suddenly, a man sitting at a table near Craig got up and had Craig in a choke hold. He then took out a knife and held it close to Craig's face. Everyone in the room panicked, including me and Craig.

"Everyone get down on the floor or else I kill this guy!"

"Dude! What the fuck!?" Craig exclaimed, panicking a bit.

"Shut up. Now listen here you, I want all the money in your cash register, or else I'm using this knife to cut your boyfriend. Got it?" I stood frozen, staring at Craig, worrying more about his safety than the robber's demands. "Hey!? Did you hear me!? I'll cut him up if you don't-"

"Gah!" I let out a scream, surprising everyone, including the thief. Without another second, I grabbed the ceramic cup and threw it at the thief's head, hitting him straight in the face.

"Shit!" The thief let Craig go and fell back, placing his hand on his face.

I didn't waste another minute before grabbing a chair and running at the man and started hitting him with it. "Gah! Don't! You! Touch! My! Craig!" I screamed as I continued to beat the thief out with a chair. I hear my mom calling for the cops right away, while Craig tries his best to stop me.

"Tweek! stop! He's down! You can stop now!" Craig shouted.

"Gah! Son of a bitch!" I shouted as I continued to hit the thief in the head with the chair, even as the chair I was holding breaks, I used the broken leg to keep beating him up.

The police soon arrived, and they along with Craig had to pull me off the guy so the officers could arrest him. Once the thief was apprehended, everyone left the shop and my mom, Craig, and I were the ones to go with the officer to answer any questions they might have for us. We ended up closing the shop early, and my mom had to tell dad what happened.

Once we were outside, watching the police car taking the thief away, I let out a sigh and sat on the curb with Craig while my mom was busy talking with one of the officers.

"That was so fucking terrifying! I thought I almost lost you!" I exclaimed as I held onto Craig's arm.

"...Well at least you can finally say that you were my hero today," Craig said. My eyes widened as I look up at him. Craig smiled at me and patted me on the head. "Nice job, honey."

I felt my tears building up before I hugged Craig and kissed him on the lips.

Fucking finally....

"....So wait...a thief grabbed Craig, had a knife pointed at him, and was threatening to kill Craig unless the thief gets the money?" Clyde asked.

"Then you came up and saved Craig. Is this right?" Token asked.

I let out a sigh, "for the last time, yes! I actually saved Craig from a life threatening situation! This one was for reals! Tell them, Craig!"

"He's right, I almost died the other day," Craig said.

"It's j-just...the timing...and how d-d-desperate Tweek was with the w-whole thing," Jimmy said.

"You fucking told me to do it, Jimmy!" I frowned.

"I just d-didn't think you'd a-a-actually listen to me, y-y-you should have l-listened to T-T-Token," Jimmy said.

"Exactly," Token sighed, "so the next time you idiots want to do something reckless and utterly stupid, ya'll better listen to me when I say not to do it," Token said.

"Yes mom," Clyde sighed. Token punched him in the arm. "Ow! I mean...yes, Token...sir."

"That's what I want to hear," Token smiled.

"I just hope you all learned your lesson and will stop trying to do things without my acknowledgement. Aren't I suppose to be the leader of this group or something?" Craig asked.

"To be honest...we kinda forget that sometimes," I said.

"Yeah I offense...but you have terrible leadership skills, dude," Clyde said.

"I agree, I mean there was a time when Clyde took over the group when you and Tweek weren't around," Token said.

"Y-yeah, t-this i-isn't much your g-group anymore," Jimmy said, "a-and I'm barely here s-since I'm b-busy with clubs and s-s-stuff," Jimmy said.

Craig frowned, "screw you guys," Craig sighed. He got up and picked up his tray, "I don't need to take this." As Craig was about to leave, Craig accidentally stepped on a soda can that was placed there by some littering asshole, and Craig started stumbling back.

"Look out!" I exclaimed as I got up and caught Craig before he fell back. "Got you," I said as I looked down at him. "You alright?" I asked, holding him in my arms.

"....." Craig blushed and pulled his hat down as he tries to avoid eye contact. "I think I prefer me being the hero here."

I looked at him before smiling. I helped Craig back up on his feet and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, "sorry, but I'm taking the hero role now," I grinned.

The End.

Chapter Text

I got my first tattoo when I was five...okay wasn't a real one, it was one of those fake ones you buy from a store and just put water on it to get the image onto your skin. Mine was a image of a heart with the words "Bad Ass" on it, it didn't come out great since the end corner was missing, but for the next ten days, I was proud to show the fake little tattoo to my friends.

I knew that when I get older, I wanted to do tattoos for people, and so when I got my license at the age of twenty two, I was excited to be working at a tattoo shop near my town. It's too bad I can't really handle needles that well.

Though I have used the equipment before and know how to actually give people tattoos, the problem is...I've never gave a tattoo to anyone before. I've only given them to test dummies I use to practice on when I was in school. The idea of putting that needle so close to someone's skin and possible drawing up blood just...just...

Ugh...the idea makes me want to throw up.

So instead of touching the equipment and actually doing the tattooing, I'm the one that does the drawings and sketches for customers, I put the design on a stencil, and then assist my the guys that actually does the tattooing. It's not much, but it's better than having the pressure of putting a needle so close to someone's skin.

"Here's the design," I said as I handed the stencil to the boss.

"Nice work, man," my boss looked over at the image of a rose before letting the customer seeing it. "It's good thing you chose to let this guy do the design, he's an amazing artist."

I blushed, "just doing my job," I smiled.

" how about you give this guy his tattoo then?" my boss chuckled.

I paled and shaking my head and backing away. "N-no thanks! I prefer not to be near needles and skin! Thank you!" I exclaimed.

The customer looked worried, "you never...gave people tattoos before?"

"N-no...not exactly. I mean I'm qualified to do it, I just choose not to," I said. "B-besides, boss here is kidding, you're going to be fine," I said, trying to reassure him.

"Yeah yeah," my boss said before finishing cleaning the customer's arm. "Alright, here we go."

The moment the machine turned on and the needle was touching skin, I watched for a few seconds before falling back and fainting.

As much as I love tattoos, I just can't stand needles.

It was about an hour since that customer left with a new tattoo on his arm. When I woke up, my boss told me how the customer was really really worried the entire time. I apologized, but my boss let it slide.

"It's fine kid, I get it, but you...I wonder why you can't just get another job with that skill of yours, I'm sure you'll do fine either way," my boss said.

I looked down, "you're right...I-I could easily get another art related job...but...I like tattoos, and e-even if I can't really g-give people tattoos...I just enjoy seeing people's happy faces when they get one. It makes me happy," I said.

"Yeah well...I do hope one day you'll be able to pick up one of our machines and give someone a tattoo, after're wasting that license of yours," boss said.

"I-I know," I sighed.

"Anyways, you earned yourself a break. Just take it easy for awhile and handle the front, alright?"

"Got it," I said.

Boss left and I stayed behind the counter, looking out the door, seeing if any customers were going to show up. Feeling bored, I took out my sketchbook and started sketching up flowers, dragons, and skulls. While I was sketching, I looked back towards the door and I held my breath.

There he was. Right on time.

Across the street was this flower shop. I don't know how long has it been opened, but by the time I started working here, I noticed one person that would come out at around this time, tending to the flowers that were outside. The flowers that were outside looked beautiful thanks to this guy, and I couldn't help but be amazed by how much work must have been put into growing those flowers. What's really shocking was that the person who's tending to these flowers...didn't look like a flower guy to me.

He always wears black jeans, a dark blue hoodie, and a blue chullo hat with a yellow pom on it. His face looked serious, and I noticed that he has piercing on his left ear. Whenever I see him, tending to the flowers, I couldn't help but laugh at how odd it looked to me. Someone like him, taking care of flowers, hilarious!

...Still...he looked kinda cute when he is taking care of them.

"Now's my chance!" I said as I flipped through the pages of my sketchbook and resumed sketching Mr. Flower Boy.

I started sketching him on the fourth week since I started working here. I was bored and didn't know what to draw until I saw him tending to the flowers again. Seeing him with a small smile on his face as he waters the flowers and stuff, I couldn't help but sketch him. However, since he doesn't stay outside for too long, it's taking me awhile to finish up this sketch of him.

"Damn close," I sighed as I watch flower boy heading back inside. I looked down at the sketch and sighed when I only got up to his eyes. Still...I'm glad I got his eyes mysterious...yet...warm. I closed my sketchbook and looked outside, staring at the flower shop.

I wish I knew who that flower guy was, I wish I knew his name. I wish I knew when he started working at the shop, and I especially wanted to know if he was single or not. I blushed at the thought of asking him, but sadly, I was way too shy to ask him anything, let alone talk to him. For now, all I could do was watch the mysterious flower boy whenever he appears in front of the shop, tending to the flowers, while I'm here...sketching his cute face.

It's...fine this way.

"What do you mean you're going to be out?" I asked.

"My wife is going into labor and I got to be there for right now, so I need you to take care of the shop while I'm gone," boss said.

"B-but...w-what if a customer shows up!? I'll be the only one here!" I said.

"Look, I already called my friend, Henry, to come and help out while I'm out, he'll be here soon, so if any customers show up, just either ask them to wait or reschedule," boss said.

"A-alright," I said, "a-as long as I'm not doing any tattooing, I guess that'll be fine."

"Exactly," boss patted me on the shoulder, "I'm trusting you, Tweek."

"Yes sir," I said.

"Good, I'll see you later, I got to go," boss said as he left.

Once he was gone, I was all alone in the small tattoo parlor. I looked up at the clock on the wall, it said it was a quarter past nine. Not sure when this Henry guy was going to show up, but hopefully soon. We're usually busy around eleven.

As I sat behind the counter, waiting patiently for boss's friend to show up, I looked at the flower shop across the street. Usually at this time, the flower guy would open the shop. However, as I continued to look at the store, I see that it's still closed, which was odd.

"...Is he sick?" I muttered, looking at the store. Suddenly, the door opens, at first I thought it was Henry, but it wasn't him, it was flower boy. "Y-you!"

"...Um...yeah?" Flower boy gets inside and stared at me, confused, "have we...met before?"

I blushed at my outburst and shook my head, "o-oh no...not really...I kinda see you often...across the street and s-stuff," I coughed and looked down.

"Oh, I see," flower boy nodded.

We were silent for a bit, making the air feel all awkward and stuff. I looked at him, seeing him looking at me, I would then looked down in embarrassment.

"S-so...c-can I help you with something?" I asked, hoping to stop this awkward tension.

"Oh uh...yeah...actually um...I was wondering can do a tattoo for me?"

"W-what?" He...he wanted a tattoo? He wanted a tattoo!? "Y-you want a t-tattoo?"

"Yeah...if that's guys are busy...then I can come another time," the guy said.

" see...the guy who usually does the tattooing isn't here right now and...the guy I'm waiting for isn't here yet, you mind waiting?"

The guy looked at the clock, "shit...I can't. I got to open up the shop by twelve and this was my only free time," the guy sighed.

"Oh...I'm sorry," I looked at him sadly.

"It's fine...maybe I can try again another time...might be awhile though. Thanks anyways," before flower boy could leave, I suddenly felt panicked.

He came all the way here on his only free time, and I was going to let him go like that!? This is the first time we actually talked! Come on Tweek, think of something!


Flower boy stopped and looked back at me. "Yes?"

What the fuck am I doing!? "....Um...i-if you want...I can give you a tattoo," I said.


"...Yes," I smiled. Seriously, what am I doing!? Abort! Abort now! Abort! "I do have a license and everything, so I can easily give you one if it's not too difficult or detailed," I said. Tweek, stop!

"Oh no, it's nothing too hard, just a small rose on my right arm, that's all," the guy smiled.

"Great, roses are very easy for me, I'll have it done in no time," I said. Don't! Tweek! Stop! Before you regret everything!

"Sweet, so," Craig showed me an image of a rose on his phone. "I want something like this, but with a stem coming out and going down my arm, and I don't want it too big or anything, maybe...medium size?"

I nodded, "sure thing, that'll be easy," I said. God fucking damn it, Tweek! You're walking on thin ice here! "Let me just make a quick sketch and I'll show you how it'll look, okay?"

"Sure thing."

"Great, so uh...why don't you sit down and I'll make a quick sketch," I said.

"Cool," flower boy sat down at one of our couches, and I got to work on sketching.

While I was sketching up the rose, I couldn't help but look over at him once in awhile. God...he looked even cuter up close, and that got my heart pounding. Once I was done sketching, I walked back over to where flower boy was and showed him the sketch.

"Wow...this looks really good."

I blushed and smiled, feeling happy that he complemented my drawing, "thank you."

"Yeah, this looks great. I can't wait to have this on my arm," flower boy smiled.

My heart was pounding as I stared at his smile, but I was also terrified since I knew I had to...use the equipment.

Dear god, I hope I don't faint.

"Y-yeah...s-sure," I said as I guided him to the back.

I was terrified the entire time, from when I told flower boy to sit down to having to clean the machine and make sure everything was ready to be used. As I looked at flower boy, I couldn't help but feel my heart pounding, wishing there was a way to get out of this. Maybe it's not too late to tell him that I can't do this?

"Thanks again for doing this, I've really wanted to get a tattoo for awhile now," flower boy suddenly said.

I froze, "h-how come you didn't get one sooner?" I asked.

The guy shrugged his shoulders, "been busy. It's not easy taking care of your own flower shop, especially if you're the only one working," the guy said.

"I see," I said, as I grabbed the alcohol swab and started cleaning the area where flower boy said he wanted his tattoo to be. "Um...if you don't mind me asking...but...why a flower shop?" I asked.

The guy smiled, "I's...odd to see someone like me owning a flower shop, right?"

"Well...kinda...but you must have your reasons," I said.

"I do. To be honest, I didn't want to work with flowers, I actually wanted to be a film maker," the guy said.

"A film maker?"

"Yep...but sadly...Hollywood doesn't have the same views as me, so I came back to town after being rejected twelve times, and...well...after getting some advice from my mom...I opened up a flower shop. At first, I felt awkward and didn't like it...but after seeing so many people looking happy to receive flowers or getting some for their love grew on me," the guy said.

"That's sweet," I smiled. I put in the needles and started up the machine. Just keep talking to him, then maybe you'll be at ease. "It's nice that you're happy now."

"Yeah," the guy smiled. He suddenly turned his attention to me, "what about you? I haven't seen you around for too long, how long have you been working here?"

"Oh uh...over three months now. I got my license a year ago, so I'm still learning about tattoos and stuff, but I guess you could say I'm a professional," I said.

"That's cool, must be nice giving tattoos to people."

"I uh...I wouldn't really know...I've never given one before," I said.

" does that mean...I'm your first?" The guy looked more surprised than concerned, something I didn't expect.

"Y-yeah, you're kinda my first, b-but don't worry! I practiced many times with dummies and stuff, so you'll be fine," I said.

"Well...I'm not really worried, you seem capable enough," the guy smiled.

I felt my heart beating as I stared at him. " one has ever...said that to me before," I said.

The guy smiled, "I'm Craig, by the way."

I smiled, "Tweek."

"Well Tweek, while you're giving me a tattoo, mind explaining me about yours?"

I looked down at my arm. My one and only tattoo. It was a yin yang tattoo, small, but still noticeable. God, I remember the first time I got it. I was getting it from boss the first time I came here, and I ended up fainting during the entire thing. Why boss hired me after noticing I fainted, I'll never know.

"Well...I kinda study Buddhism, and I guess you can say that this symbol gives me peace in my mind and body," I said.

"Sweet, it looks cool," Craig said.

"Thanks," I smiled. I soon felt the needle touching his skin, but I don't seem to be having a problem with it. Maybe this talking is helping. "So...mind telling me what this tattoo is suppose to symbolize?"

"Well like I said, I've been wanting a tattoo for awhile now, but never got the time to do it. So this tattoo here is suppose to symbolize the time I first opened my shop. Roses were always my favorite," Craig explained.

"Mine too," I smiled.

"Really? Then you should totally get a rose tattoo, it'll go great with your yin yang tattoo," Craig suggested.

"Oh no, I don't think I can," I said.

"Why not?"

"I'm terrified of needles," I chuckled, I froze. Why did I say that!?


"W-well you see....I uh..." Christ, I got to tell him. "I'm scared of needles. I never liked them one bit, never liked the idea of something sharp going near my skin or other people's skin! I would end up fainting at the sight of that! Hell, when I got my first real tattoo, I ended up fainting the entire time! I even twice the other day! Oh god! I don't even know why I agreed to give you a tattoo when I'm not so great with needles!"

"....You sure about that cause...this looks fine to me," Craig said when he looked down.

"Huh?" I looked down and was shocked that the rose I drew up came out really well, and I didn't faint at all. "Jesus Christ! How did I do that!?"

"I guess all that talking helped you feel calm," Craig said.

" did...didn't it?" I said. I turned off the machine and sighed, "look...I'm sorry for not telling you. You probably want me to stop before I mess up, huh?"

"...Not seem to be doing fine, just keep going," Craig said.

"B-but...what about...the fainting...and...and-"

"Tweek, it'll be fine. You seem to do okay if we just kept talking, right? So just focus on your work...but focus on me as well, okay?"

"....O-okay," I said.

"Good, and you better not make a mistake, otherwise I want a refund," Craig said.

I gulped, but nodded. I then got back to work, chatting with Craig the entire time until the tattoo was finally finished.

After wrapping Craig's arm with saran wrap, giving him instructions on what he needs to do for a couple of days, and giving him some ointment and sunscreen, Craig got his tattoo, and I did not once fainted.

"I...I hope you like it," I said.

"It looks great," Craig said.

I smiled, "I just...I wanted to say...thank you," I said.

"Why? I didn't do anything," Craig said.

"W-well...i-if you haven't started talking to me, I wouldn't have done this, so thanks," I said, looking down, "now...I think...I think I can finally give customers their tattoos," I said.

Craig smiled, "that's great, and the next time I want a tattoo, I'm definitely requesting for you," Craig said.

I blushed, "I'll be waiting then," I grinned.

Craig soon handed the money for the tattoo and was about to leave, but before he left, he suddenly turned back towards me, "...actually....I haven't been completely honest myself," Craig said.


Craig looked down, blushing, "honestly...I was terrified the entire time. I was scared of getting a tattoo because I thought it was going to a lot," Craig said.

My eyes widened, "t-then why did you come here?" I asked.

Craig looked at me, still blushing. I felt my heart pounding when our eyes met, "you know...when I'm outside...watering my flowers...don't think I never noticed you staring at me..." Craig said.

I blushed, "I-I wasn't doing anything weird! I swear!"

Craig chuckled, "don't worry, I know you aren't...but just know...I've been watching you as well," Craig said.

I froze, "y-you have?"

Craig smiled before turning his back towards me, "see you later, Tweek...and hey...if you have the time...maybe you can stop by my shop instead of looking at me through the window? Just saying," Craig said before leaving.

The moment he left, I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs.

Oh god...I really am in love!

Today was my day off, so I didn't have to go to the tattoo parlor that day, however, I did wanted to visit a certain shop during my day off, just to see a certain chullo hat wearing boy.

I walked into the store, the smell of flowers was strong, but not unpleasant. I see him behind the counter, his back facing me. I hear him humming to himself as he sprayed water onto a few flowers. I took a deep breath before walking towards the counter, I then rang the bell that was on the counter.

"Yes? How may I-" Craig's eyes widened when he looked at me, he then smiled, "hey."

I smiled as I placed my hands behind my back, staring at him. "Hey."

"How may I help you, dear customer?" Craig smiled, I laughed.

"I um...I'd like a red rose, please," I said.

"Oh? Giving it to someone special?" Craig asked.

I nodded, "yeah," I said.

Craig smile before plucking out a single red rose form a bouquet that was next to him. He handed it to me. "That'll be a dollar," Craig said. I rolled my eyes, but handed him the bill. Craig takes the dollar and placed it inside the register before looking back at me with a smile on his face. "Well?"

I chuckled before looking down shyly. My cheeks were dusted pink as I held the rose in my hands. I then lifted my hand and gave the rose to him. "Here you go," I said.

Craig chuckled before taking the rose and taking a whiff of it. "You know...roses are considered a romantic symbol when you give it to someone you really like," Craig said.

I grinned, "I know, that's why I chose it...and wanted to give it to you," I said.

Craig smiled, "roses sure are my favorite," Craig said.

I walked closer and placed my hand over his, "mine too," I said.

We spent the whole day, talking about beautiful flowers and lovely tattoos together. This is love after all.

The End.

Chapter Text

I was crying.

I had no idea where I was, I had no idea where anyone was. I was hurt, hungry, tired, and scared.

"M-mommy!" I called out, hoping to hear her voice. No one. "Daddy!" I called out once more. No one. "....." I continued to hug my knees, hearing the scary sounds around me. I wasn't sure what to do, I didn't know what to do.

I just want to see my mommy and daddy.

I suddenly hear a twig snapping and I turned my head. I was surprised to see a giant monkey standing nearby. "Monkey!" I said, feeling my fears go away. I remembering reading about them in my story book...I think mommy called them...gor....gorillas! Gorillas! Yeah! "Gorilla!" I said walking towards them.

The big monkey stared at me, sniffing at my hair and looking at me, I started laughing when its warm breath tickled my face. The big monkey, the gorilla looked at me before lifting its arms. I grabbed the arm, as the gorilla picked me up with ease, I smiled as I stared at it.

"Gorilla," I said.

The gorilla stared at me before placing me on its back. I grabbed on tightly as it started taking me away, not sure where I was going, but I

"...Mama..." I muttered as I closed my eyes and let the gorilla take me.

A chair was thrown and it nearly hit me in the head before I duck down. The chair hits the wall and pieces of it scattered everywhere, pieces of it hitting me in the back.

"Fuck!" Cartman screamed as he kicked his desk, he was getting red in the face. "Son of a bitch!"

I sighed and stood by his desk, pouring him some orange juice. "I'm guessing you're taking Broflovski's ski resort not so well, sir?" I said.

"You fucking know it! Fuck!" Cartman shouted as he kicked another chair down before jumping on it and destroying it. I'm going to have to order a new chair, ones that are identical. That's going to be a pain.

"Sir, I don't mean to interrupt you little tantrum here, but you really need to sign these documents and get back to work," I said.

"Don't tell me what to do with my job, Tucker. I can easily fire you and make sure you never get another job in this city ever again," Cartman threatened.

I frowned, but kept calm, "yes sir, I apologize," I said.

"Fuck...who does that little Jew think he is, opening up a ski resort! Ha! I bet he only did it because I opened up an amusement park," Cartman said.

"Which reminds me, it seems Cartmanland is having a bit of an issue with some of the rides and we been getting many complains from guests about the food and the restrooms over there. Shouldn't we be checking them out?" I asked.

"Oh just have Butters look over it, I'm trying to come up with a plan to get even with that prick!"

I sighed, "sir...I know you and Mr. Broflovski have been having this...competition in own property and the like, but can't you just let this go and just work on fixing some of the stuff you're running? The hotels in the Bahamas aren't doing so well, there's been many complains with the hotel in Sweden, and don't get me started on how many construction incidents are going on for that Mexican food restaurant you are building."

"Look...Craig was it?"

"Um...yes...I'm your secretary for five years now...remember?" I said, feeling a bit annoyed.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Just listen, as much as I would love to put all my attention on making the hotels, restaurants, and amusement better...I just can't...not when that fucking Jew is walking in my territory and opening up ski resorts on the exact place I wanted to open up my ski resort! That motherfucker!"

I sighed, "sir, for the last time, Broflovski managed to secure the property before we could. Besides, even if we did get the property, we wouldn't be able to build that ski resort," I said.

"What? What do you mean?"

I sighed, "like I've been trying to say, all your businesses aren't doing so well. Customers are complaining on how bad the services and the construction. I mean come on...seriously? Having Africans being servants in the hotel in Africa!?"

"What? They needed a job don't they?"

"That's not the problem, the problem is that you have them wearing very inappropriate attire. Attire that is very degrading for the African community, Cartman!" 

"I'm just trying to be authentic," Cartman said.

"Authentic!? We don't even have a theme for that hotel! It just has faces of you all over the walls! None of it even relates to why the employees are wearing shackles and chains!" I exclaimed.

"Look, I'm the one with the money and ideas here, you're just a lowlife secretary that simply deals with all the crap I don't want to deal with, so why don't you do your job and just fix it yourself!"

I sighed, "as much as I would love to fix it...I can't. This is something you need to look at, sir. If this keeps going any longer, sooner or later, you're going to run out of money, your businesses will fail, and you'll end up bankrupt, so my suggestion is either fix these businesses or make one that isn't going to be a disaster!"

"God fucking damn it," Cartman sat down at his desk, thinking.

"Sir...any ideas on what you want to do?" I asked.

"I'm thinking here," Cartman said. "....Got it!"

I looked at him, wonder what he was going to say. "What is it?"

"I have an idea for a hotel..."


"A hotel...will definitely beat that fucking Jew in his own game! Ha ha ha! I'm a genius!"

Never in my life had I wish I could grab a chair and bash it over this fucker's head. The thought was too tempting.

By the time it was close to eleven, I was on my way home, exhausted from the long hours of being with Cartman and trying to get most of his work done. The bus ride was silent, which I like much better, gives me time to stay calm and try to relax. Once I made it to my apartment, I headed inside and tried my best to be as quiet as I could. I turned my key, and entered my apartment, I slowly closed the door, hoping not to not wake her up.

"You're late."

"Fuck!" I jumped and hit the door before I turned around, feeling my heartbeat going wild, "Jesus...don't fucking scare me like that, Trish," I said.

"Then don't be coming home so late and sneaking around like you just did something," Tricia sighed before turning the lights on. "Why are you late?"

I sighed, "work, what else?"

"Fat ass giving you a hard time again?" Tricia asked.

"That man is insufferable," I sighed as I headed towards the kitchen to pour myself a glass of water.

Tricia followed me, crossing arms, "well why don't you quit then?"

"It's not that easy, Trish. You know finding a job is difficult, especially since I never finished college, I'm just lucky I managed to get my current matter how fucking annoying it is," I sighed.

"Still...I think you should quit," Tricia said.

"You know...why are you up? Shouldn't you be in bed? You have school in the morning young lady," I said.

Tricia rolled her eyes, "you're not my dad, Craig. You're just my annoying big brother," Tricia said.

"Yeah, but I'm pretty sure if dad was here, he'd tell you to go to bed already," I said.

"...I couldn't sleep," Tricia said.

"...Nightmare again?" I asked. Tricia nodded. I smiled at her before picking her up and setting her down on the couch. I sat down next to her, placing my feet on the coffee table. "Dreaming about mom and dad...and the crash?" I asked.

"...Yeah," Tricia said.

"Trish...I know it's hard...that mom and dad are gone...and it's just us now...but you need to stop blaming yourself, it's not your fault," I said.

"Yeah...but if I never told mom and dad to take us to that stupid amusement park, we wouldn't have gotten into that incident...."

"Hey, it was that fucker who was drinking and driving, he was the one who crashed into the car. Just be glad the bastard is serving his time now," I sighed.

Tricia smiled, "yeah... Tricia sat back, "you think mom and dad are looking out for us?"

"I'm sure they are..and they're happy to see you alive and well," I said.

"....I hope they're happy," Tricia said.

Not wanting to continue talking about our parents, knowing full well how painful the memories must be, I decided to change the subject, "did Kenny and Karen take good care of you?" I asked.

"Uh huh, we even had pizza for dinner," Tricia said.

"Pizza huh?"

"Yeah, oh and Kenny said he saved you a slice, knowing that ham is your favorite," Tricia said.

"Great, now I have to be nice and make him something in return," I said.

"How is that nice? You suck at cooking," Tricia said.

"Screw you, you never complained when I make my special pasta with mushrooms," I said.

"Only because pasta is so easy to make. You really need to take a cooking class," Tricia said.

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes. I really think I should thank Kenny for taking care of Tricia, so maybe a nice dinner would be fine. "Invite Kenny and Karen over next time I'm free, I'll treat them to dinner," I said. Tricia smirked. "...What?"

"You like Kenny," Tricia said.

I blushed, "w-what!? Don't be stupid," I said.

"You totally do. Come on...why don't you just ask him out already?," Tricia said.

I sighed, "look Trish, with my job and trying to pay the bills as well as taking care of you, I don't have the time to date. I really appreciate that Kenny volunteered to look after you after school everyday, but I don't think it's a good idea to date him," I said.

"Come on. If you continue to be single for the rest of your life, you're going to regret it," Tricia said.

"Well Trish, if I find that right person, I might consider it, but right now, I don't see Mr. Right at the moment," I said.

"Yeah yeah...but you should definitely give Kenny a chance....he likes you you know," Tricia said.

I blushed, "alright squirt, enough talking. Get to bed, it's a school night and Kenny is going to take you to school in the morning," I said.

"Fine, whatever," Tricia got up and stared heading to her room, "the pizza is in the fridge if you're hungry," Tricia said.

"Thanks," I said as I took another sip of my water. Once I hear the door closing, I got up and headed back into the kitchen, I opened the fridge and saw the plate with the pizza. I grabbed it and noticed a note on top.

Save a slice for you. I hope you're taking things easy, I'm starting to worry about you these days. Talk to you later. -Kenny

I read the note before rolling my eyes. I opened the drawer near the door and placed the note with the others. "Idiot," I muttered before shutting the door and heading back into the kitchen to heat up the pizza. As I was waiting for the pizza, I suddenly hear my phone ringing, I quickly took it out, but groaned when I realized it was Cartman. "Fuck..." I sighed before answering the call. "Yes sir?"

"Craig! I got an idea on how to save the company!"

I stood up straight, eyes widening, "y-you have? What is it?"

"Well while I was looking around on Google maps to see if I can find a place that would be more perfect than Kyle's stupid ski resort, I stumbled upon a beautiful spot in the south! Looking it up, turns out...there aren't any reserves on it, no one owns it, and it's just sitting there...waiting for the perfect casino hotel to be built on it."

"W-what are you saying, sir?"

" and I are going on that island, scoping it out...then we're going to build ourselves a casino hotel. It's going to be perfect! We're definitely bringing that fucking Jew down! Ha ha ha!"

I couldn't hear myself think as I listened to Cartman's laughter on the other line.

The jungle was very big and basically covered a good chunk of this unknown island. There were many animals around us, from monkeys, to sloth, to even macaws. However, judging from our guide, we were also told that there were ferocious animals around, so we have to be very careful as we walked around.

"Craig take a note," Cartman spoke, I took out my notepad and waited for him, "I think...this place would be great for a tropical restaurant, don't you think?"

"Oh no, this place is very dangerous, there are too many wild animals here, most of which will feel threatened if you disturb their territory," the guide said.

"He's right, are you sure this is a good idea, you know people are going to be pissed if you built somewhere where there's a lot of animals," I said.

"Ugh...small details, Craig. Well just hire someone to move these dumb animals to somewhere where they won't bug us. We'll keep a few of the plant eaters to entertain the kiddies," Cartman said.

"Sir, I really don't think building your hotel and casino here is such a good idea," the guide said.

"Who asked you, I hired you to keep me safe, so instead of telling me what to fucking do, do your job!" Cartman said.

"Yes sir," the guide sighed as we continue to follow him.

I let out a sigh and followed the two. I took out my phone and saw a message from Kenny that Tricia is fine and is having a great time at his place. He also asked me how I was doing. I smiled and texted him back, saying that I'm okay, just a bit tired and annoyed like usual.

I put my phone away and continued looking around. I'll admit, this place is beautiful. There was a lovely waterfall we past by, though Cartman said he wanted to turn it into a pool for guests. This place was very beautiful, but knowing Cartman, he was probably going to ruin it.

"Stop!" The guide suddenly exclaimed, holding his arms out.

"What now?"

"Gorilla nest," the guide said.

"Gorilla nest?" I looked over, and indeed, there were a bunch of nests around. "Whoa...I didn't know gorillas live around here," I said.

" would be great if we capture a couple and trained them to serve customers! What do you think?"

"I'm pretty sure that would go against animal laws, Cartman," I said.

"Ugh fine...but once we get things started, I want those things out of here, can't be having another Harambe incident," Cartman said.

"Dude, seriously?" I frowned.

"Whatever, let's just keep going already!"

We were about to keep going, but suddenly, we hear growling nearby. We all froze and turned around, only to see a gorilla in the distance.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, dropping the notepad. I took a few steps back, feeling terrified.

"It's okay, as long as we stay down, it won't attack. Just lay on the ground and don't make a sound," the guide said.

We both nodded our heads and quickly got down to the ground. I was shaking as I covered my head and held my breath, not wanting to make a sound. We hear the gorilla in the distance, but when we started hearing footsteps, we realized that the gorilla was leaving.

"Oh thank god," I sighed in relief.

"It's a good thing there was only one, we would never stand a chance if there were more than two," the guide said.

"Okay...we are definitely getting rid of those gorillas," Cartman said.

We all continued walking around, but I remembered the notepad. I quickly grabbed it, cleaning it from the dirt as best as I could. As I was about to catch up with the group, I suddenly hear something moving behind me. I quickly turned around, but I see no one, but I did see a couple of leaves falling.

".....God..." I was so done with this shit. When we get home, I'm definitely going on a paid vacation.

I left and quickly caught up with the group.

Everyone was gathering, tension filled the air. Alpha is standing in the middle, he was telling us about strange creatures who have come to our home, entered our nesting grounds, and have a strange smell to them. However, one smell that Alpha said he knew was that they smelled dangerous and that we must keep away from them at all costs.

I was sitting at one of the nearby tree branches, listening, watching. However, I've seen those creatures, I don't understand why Alpha thought they were...dangerous, they look weak, even the one with the round shape looked and smelled weak. Just from hearing the large creature, it looked like it was more loud than dangerous.

Don't get me started on the one who looked very skinny compared to the other two creatures. It looked weaker than the other two, if one of the stronger looking creatures don't kill it, then I'm sure the lack of finding food will.

Alpha was hitting his chest, telling us that we should all be ready to move somewhere else, far away from those creatures. However, he would like one of us to stay behind and keep a good eye on these creatures, just to see how dangerous they are. Alpha suddenly turned his attention to me.

"...Me?" I asked. Alpha nodded. I gripped the branch I was sitting on before turning to look at my mother, she nodded and nudged me so I could speak. "I won't let you down, father," I said.

All the gorillas started to screech and pound their chests to celebrate, I did the same.

The moment I stood inside the campgrounds, I was greeted by five scary looking men holding guns and rifles. They all looked at me, wondering what I wanted.

"Um...hey guys...just...just got to talk to the boss, so...excuse me," I said as I walked past them and headed towards the giant tent that Cartman was in. "Sir?"

"Craig, come in, sit down!" Cartman said as he gestures towards a chair that was inside.

"I'm fine, thank you," I said. I look back to see that all the men were still staring at me, " the scary looking guys outside...necessary? We're suppose to be looking around and finding a perfect spot to build the hotel and casino, aren't we?"

"Yes yes, but they are more for insurance reasons, can't have this pretty face of mine getting damaged by a couple of stupid monkeys and stuff," Cartman said.

"I guess...but isn't Mr. Rodriguez  suppose to be our guide here? Isn't he suppose to be the only one protecting us?"

"He is, but having a few more armed guys around isn't so bad, right?"

"...I guess," I sighed, feeling a bit uncomfortable to see all those guns. "So, have you figured out where you want to build your casino and hotel?" I asked.

"The places we've been to so far looked great for a few other business ideas, but aren't good enough for the casino and hotel, we'll keep looking tomorrow," Cartman said.

I did not want to spend another day here, especially with him and a bunch of scary dudes with guns. "Well do I really need to be here, sir? I'm sure you have everything taken care of, and I really should be going back home and taking care of my little sister," I said.

"That reminds live all alone with your sister, right?"


"Why is that?"

I looked down, feeling a bit agitated, but I answered, "my parents died five years ago in a car crash, the other driver was drunk," I said.

"Ah...drunk driving, the worst thing anyone could do...well aside from texting while driving," Cartman said.

"Y-yes," I said, feeling even more uncomfortable.

"Is that why you dropped out of college, Craig?"

I sighed, "yes...I had to take care of my sister, sir," I said.

" old is she?"

"Twelve...she'll be thirteen soon," I said.

"Ah...a preteen, a very delicate age, don't you agree?"

"Sir, could we please stop talking about my personal life?" I asked, feeling more agitated by the minute.

"Ah, I'm sorry...I just wanted to know you more...since...I've been thinking of giving you a promotion," Cartman said.

My eyes widened, "p-promotion?" I asked.

"Yes, you've been working very hard for me, Craig, and at first...I wasn't sure if I wanted to give you a promotion since you'e a college drop out, heck, I barely wanted to hire you as my secretary since originally I wanted a woman to be my secretary," Cartman said. I decided to ignore that sexist comment, "but I see potential in you, Craig. A lot of potential. If this job goes well, not only will you be promoted, but I'll consider making you my partner," Cartman said.


"Yes! Think about it, you'll be making just as much money as I am, and you and you sister will be living the wealthy life. No more small apartments, no more saving up money all the time. Your life as well as your sister's will be filled with riches. So what do you say?" Cartman asked.

Riches? No more small apartments? No more having to worry about paying bills or having to ask Kenny all the time babysit Tricia, and...and I might finally have some free time to spend with Tricia and my friends. No more worries.

"W-what exactly do I need to do?"

Cartman smirked, "that's what I want to hear," Cartman got up and patted me on the back, "tomorrow, I need you to help me find the perfect animal to be our mascot for the hotel and casino," Cartman said.


"Of course, we can't have a business here without a mascot. I'm thinking...tropical, and nothing says tropical than a animal that lives around here. So tomorrow, I'm going to need you to look around and find me a animal that the kids will like. Maybe a monkey or sloth, oh...maybe even a gorilla," Cartman said.

"G-gorilla!? Do you want me to die!?" I exclaimed.

"Calm down, one of those men outside will be with you the entire time, so you don't have to worry about anything," Cartman said.

"..." I wanted to say no, thinking this was a suicide mission, but thinking of the good life Tricia and I could finally be having, I knew I couldn't say no. "Alright...but...whoever I take better have a tranquilizer and not a gun...I don't want to hurt any animals," I said.

"Of course, you know me, I'm all about animal rights and all that other bullshit. Trust me, when you find that perfect mascot for our hotel, you'll be living big."

"Yes sir," I said. I left his tent, feeling...feeling...honestly...I wasn't sure how to feel. On one hand, I was going to get the luxury life for me and my sister, that's more than Tricia and I could ever wanted...but on the other hand...I would be imprisoning an innocent animal and forcing them to entertain guests at a lousy hotel and casino.

I guess in the end....I feel...troubled.

I let out a sigh and headed towards my tent, that's a bit farther away from Cartman's and the campgrounds. The reason I chose this is because judging from Cartman and those guys, I wouldn't be able to get any sleep. Once I reached my tent, I headed inside and laid down on the ground. I let out a sigh before taking out my phone. I can barely get a signal out here, so I can't tell if Tricia sent me a text or not. I sighed and decided to go through my files of photos and examined them.

".....Heh..." I smiled when I see a picture of me, Kenny, Tricia, and Karen. We were at the beach and Kenny thought it would be funny if he wore a scuba diving mask and an inner tube around his waist. We were all posing and making weird faces...well all except for me. I kept scrolling around, smiling and chuckling when I looked at all the photos of Tricia and I. The time she had sauce all over her cheek when we went out to eat some Italian food, or the time Tricia took a picture of me with bed head, or the time Kenny took of us sleeping on the couch with markers covering our faces. The good old days.

I suddenly stopped when I found one picture that I took a long time ago. It was of me, Tricia, mom, and dad. My smile dropped as I stared at the picture. This picture was taken on the day mom and dad took us to Disneyland six years ago. Thinking about it, mom and dad must have worked really hard into getting those tickets so we could all go.

"....I miss you," I whispered as I clutched my phone tightly in my hands. "Are you watching? Aren't you happy to see Tricia all grown up? She misses you...and so do I," I said, closing my eyes. "I...I'm really trying my take care of her...I really am...but it's so hard...but...I'll keep trying...for both of you, I promise," I said. I felt tears forming in my eyes as I quickly wiped them away, sniffling. I soon noticed that my batteries were getting low, so I quickly got out of my photo files, smiling at the screensaver of Tricia and I when were were kids. I turned my phone off to save a bit more power just in case of emergencies. I then set my phone down and decided to get some sleep.

Tomorrow, I'm going to find that mascot and I'm definitely going to give Tricia the better life. Don't you worry, mom and dad.

The next morning, I woke up early to have breakfast, that way I can get a few minutes head start into actually searching around this jungle and hopefully find an animal that Cartman will like.

Once I finished eating, I got ready and started heading out with one of the gunmen that would protect me from any danger. The guy I ended up going with was this guy named Mr. Ricardo, he was big, muscular, and had a pencil mustache. He was taller than me, adding more to how intimidating he looked.

"We'll be heading out, sir," I said.

"Good, and don't come back until you bring me the animal!"

I froze, "wait...bring you the animal? I thought you wanted me to take a picture of it and then having a animal wrangler come over and take care of it," I said.

"We don't have time for that, if I'm going to promote our new business to future clients, I got to have the mascot already! Now no complaining and get to it!"

I never knew how much I wanted to flip that fat lard off. I took a deep breath and nodded, "yes sir...I'll be sure to bring the animal back to camp...somehow," I said.

"You better, or it's your job on the line," Cartman said. I paled.

I quickly left camp with Mr. Ricardo and were went around, searching for any exotic animals we could find. Mr. Ricardo was holding the walkie talkie radio, so whenever we find an animal, we would stop and I would ask Cartman if the animal was right now not.

"Stop," I said when I see something in a tree. "That monkey up there looks cute, don't you think?"

"...." Mr. Ricardo doesn't say anything.

I gulped and just asked for the walkie talkie. "Cartman, I think I have something," I said.

"Oh yeah? What is it?"

"It's a small monkey, tiny, yet cute looking. I'm sure the kids would love to see a monkey," I said.

"No way, kids seen plenty of monkeys at the zoo, I need something more...amazing, something no one has seen before!"

"Um...that's going to be hard," I said, finding an animal that no one seen before, you know?"

"Just do it, and report to me when you find what I want to look for!" Cartman hangs up and I handed the walkie talkie back to Mr. Ricardo.

"Great," I sighed, we kept going.

We've seen at least about five animals already, but none of them are something Cartman wanted. When I saw a very colorful bird, I thought this one would be the one, but when I told Cartman about it, he said that another place did something with birds. He ended up yelling at me for five straight minutes.

I was at the end of my rope at this point. None of these animals are good enough, at least...the animals that I've been choosing. Cartman probably wants a jaguar or a gorilla, something I didn't want to go near since I know how dangerous that would be. Still, as I look back at Ricardo and remembering that he was here to protect me, I guess I have no other choice.

Remembering where the gorilla nesting place was the other day, we decided to head over there and hope we will find at least one gorilla...and one that isn't surrounded by a bunch of gorillas.

As we were walking, I decided to start up a conversation with Mr. Ricardo. " long have you been doing this job?" I asked.

"...." Mr. Ricardo doesn't say anything, he was silent.

"The quiet type huh? Yeah...I was very quiet when I was a kid, but now that I'm older...I just...yeah," I looked down, not sure what to say. I look back at Mr. Ricardo and he kept looking forward, not looking at me or saying anything. This is so awkward. As we continued walking, I suddenly needed to pee, so I stopped, "so uh...I just need to take a piss, so just wait here, okay?"


"...Right," I said before walking away and finding a perfect spot to relieve myself.

I was able to find a giant rock, which was a good distance away from Mr. Ricardo, which is fine since I don't feel comfortable if he was that close. I unzipped my pants and did my business. I got startled when I hear birds chirping very loudly, but calmed down as I looked around. This place was beautiful, and I wish I could bring Tricia, Karen, and Kenny to this place, I bet they would have love it.

I let out a sigh, knowing full well that Cartman was going to demolish this place and turn it into his so-called perfect vacation spot, all so he could get even with Mr. Broflovski. Seriously, I am not getting paid enough for this shit.

Once I was done and I zipped my pants back up, I was about to head back when suddenly, a small monkey jumped out of nowhere and startled me. "Jesus!" I gasped as I almost fell back.

The monkey stared at me, screeching and jumping up and down. It didn't look like it was trying to hurt me or anything, it looked more like it wanted to play.

"Where'd you come from little guy?" I asked, taking a few inches closer. The monkey of course didn't reply and simply hopped around, looking rather cute. " hungry little guy? Can't find any bananas around here?" I asked. The monkey tilted its head, staring at me. "...Well...I was saving this for," I took out the trail mix I brought with me and dumped them all out of the bag and onto the tree branch he was sitting on. "There you go," I said.

The little monkey stared at the trail mix before grabbing one of the nuts and taking a bite, it looked really happy and started stuffing its cheeks.

"Glad you like them. Be sure to share them with your other monkey friends, okay?" I said. I then started leaving. However, before I could get far, the monkey suddenly jumped on my backpack and onto my shoulder, giving my head a little hug. "Ha ha, you're welcome, but I got to go now, so go home to your family," I said. The monkey didn't let me go. "You're cute, and I bet you'd make a great mascot, but like Cartman said, he doesn't want any monkeys, so I can't take you with me...nor do I even want to. Just go home, little guy," I said.

The monkey still didn't let go.

Sighing, I carefully grabbed the monkey and pulled it away, I then placed the monkey back on the giant tree branch. "Stay," I said, holding my hand up. The monkey stared at my hand before sniffing at it. It suddenly grabbed my hand and started playing with my fingers. I smiled. "Alright alright, no play time. I gave you all the trail mix I had with me, so just go, okay? Goodbye," I said as I pulled my hand away and continued walking away. I suddenly felt the monkey's hand on my shoulder again, and I let out another sigh. "Alright little guy, I told you that I can't play right now, so please-"

That was not the little monkey's hand. It was a big monkey, staring down at me. It did not look friendly.

"Oh shit..." I gasped. I tried backing away slowly, but another big monkey jumped down, then another and another. Soon, I was surrounded. "M-Mr. Ricardo!" I shouted out. The monkeys growled and took a step closer. "N-nice monkeys....n-nice monkeys," I gulped as I stood frozen, waiting for Mr. Ricardo to save me. Suddenly, I felt many hands grabbing me and pulling me up into the tree. "H-hey! Let me go! Help! Mr. Ricardo! Help me!" I screamed.

The monkeys swung me around, pulling me in every direction. I didn't know where I was going nor where these monkeys were taking me, all I knew was that I was terrified.

"Let me go! Get off!" I shouted as I tried to pull my hands away from them, but they all hissed and growled, and had a strong grip on my limps. I soon found myself on the highest point of a giant tree, shaking when I looked down and seeing how high I was. "Oh shit!" I exclaimed as I grabbed hold of branch and not wanting to get down. "Y-you monkeys better put me down o-or else," I said, though I wasn't sure what to say or how to convince them to take me down.

Suddenly, the little monkey I met earlier hopped around before climbing onto my shoulder and giving me a hug. Oh this little monkey asking his parents to keep me like some sort of prize!?

I listen as the little monkey communicates with the other monkeys, while the others talked back. Not really sure what they're saying, all I knew is that I can't stay here. I quickly grabbed the little monkey and threw it towards the nearest monkey so they could catch it.

"Sorry!" I exclaimed as I quickly ran and tried climbing down.

I can hear all the monkeys screeching before I hear them coming after me. Just fucking great. I kept running, jumping from one branch to another, even using a couple of vines to swing me across another tree. I continued to run, but these monkeys were fast and weren't going to let me go that easily, especially after I just threw their youngest one at them earlier. I continued running, but my foot got stuck in one of the branches and I fell, almost falling off the tree entirely.

"Oh shit!" I exclaimed as I climbed back on the branch and held it tightly. "Fuck!" I cursed as I tried pulling my leg out of the two branches, but I'm having a really hard time. Just as the monkeys got closer and closer, I closed my eyes, waiting for the clawing and the biting. "I never thought I'd die by monkeys, but...fuck you Cartman!" I shouted as I covered my head.

Suddenly, I feel someone jumping down in front of me. I opened my eyes and gasped when I saw that all the monkeys have stopped, but what was more surprising was seeing this guy with messy blonde hair, dirt covering parts of his bodies, and wearing nothing but a...loin...cloth?

"....What...the fuck?" I muttered.


I watched closely at these creatures. They me...they stand on their two legs like I do, they barely have hair on their bodies, like me. They me...but so different. They speak in a way that sounded...familiar...words that I haven't spoken in a long time...not after being adopted by the ape family. I learned to speak to other creatures because of my ape family, I learned to talk, walk, fight, and more because of my ape family. matter how much I act like my family, I knew...deep down...I wasn't one of them.

Are these strange creatures like me? Am of them?

I continued to watch them, watching giant looking group holding something. I'm not sure what they are, but I hear these creatures calling them...gun? I wonder what a gun is...and why does it smell strange...and dangerous? The round one was talking very loudly once more, their voice would probably wake up the entire jungle, maybe even make the ground shake if they spoke any louder.

As the round one was talking, I suddenly saw one of them, the thin looking one, leaving the group and heading towards what they call...a tent. I noticed that the thin looking creature's tent was smaller compared to the others. Judging from how far their tent is to the others, the thin one must be an outcast, but remains with the other creatures. Very strange.

For whatever reason, I decided to keep my eye on the thin one, believing that there must be something special about the thin creature if the others are allowing them to stay in their group. Usually, anyone who is considered weak or don't contribute to the group are left behind to die, and yet...this thin creature continues to follow the group and converse with them, even if they were an outcast.

A strange light appears inside the tent, but then it disappears after a bit. Feeling curious, I quietly jumped down, making sure to be close to the ground as to not alert the others. I peeked inside this tent and saw that the thin one has fallen asleep. I soon noticed a strange looking item next to the creature. I headed inside and grabbed it, wondering what this device was.

It was strange. It was small...rectangular. I tried biting into it, but the taste was strange and it hurt my teeth. This was definitely not a fruit. There were tiny bulges on the side, and I couldn't help but touch and push them. Suddenly, a light appeared on the thing and I jumped back, ready to attack, but when nothing happened, I walked over. The light disappeared, and wondering how to get the light back, I pushed the bulge once more, the light came back.

Very strange. Similar creatures were inside this rectangular thing, but what was more strange was that these creatures didn't move. I take a closer look and I realized that the thin creature was in this thing...but...younger looking...happy.

"...." I looked at the thin creature then looked at the others that were next to them. One was bigger than the thin one, rounder, hair like fire. There was another one, this one looked different from the thin one and the big one. Was it...a female? She had blue eyes...and hair like mine..but more vibrant. A little one standing next to the thin one, hair similar to the big one, but eyes like the female and the big one. "....." I suddenly remembered the words...mommy and daddy. Words I haven't spoken in many moons. "....Mommy...daddy..." I whispered as I stared at the creatures. Were these...the thin one's family? Then where are they? Why is the thin one with someone else?

All these questions filled my head, but I knew I will never get the answers. I looked over at the thin one who is sleeping, even as he sleep, he frowns, much different from the younger version of him in this...rectangular object. I wonder why?

I carefully place the object back inside before going back up the trees to watch these strange creatures. Very unusual...and yet...are similar to me. Have I people? I wonder....

The next morning, I saw that the thin one has woken up earlier than the rest, eating foods I've never seen least...not in a long time. I watched as the thin one put on...what was it called again...oh right! Clothes. It's been so long since I've worn any clothes, the only thing I use to cover my waist is the remains of the shirt I once wore when I was a child, many moons ago. Alpha was against it at first, but I would tell him that I needed them to protect my real mother told me they were called a long time ago.

I watched as the thin one left the others and was with one of the big men holding a gun. I followed them closely, wondering why they have separated from the others. The thin one seemed to be examining other creatures, smiling at them, looking...quite...happy. The thin one suddenly started speaking to this big rectangular object, different from the one I saw last night, but somehow similar. A noise came out of it, almost sounding similar to the round one. The thin one would talk and then the voice of the round one came out of the strange object. How did the round one get in there?

I continued to follow them, watching as they two looked at more jungle creatures, all of which are harmless and would never attack them. I couldn't help but smile when the thin one smiled, they looked...very happy. They look nicer when they are happy.

As I continued to follow them, I noticed the two suddenly stopped and the thin one was talking to the big one with the gun. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but I kept my eyes on the thin one, who looked...strange, especially when their legs are so close together like that. The thin one suddenly left the big one and I started following them. I soon realized that the thin one came here to relieve himself. I blushed and looked away, feeling quite embarrassed to see another creature when they are relieving themselves. I remember my real mother telling me to never stare at another when they relieve themselves, saying that it's...what was it Yes, inappropriate. So remembering my real mother's words, I would always close my eyes whenever the other apes relieve themselves, something they thought was strange, but learned to accept it.

Once the thin one was finished, I noticed a small monkey climbing down. The thin one was startled at first, but soon smiled as the little monkey hopped around, wanting to play. Though I didn't understand what the thin one was saying, the way he spoke sounded...gentle..calming. I like listening to it, and I believe the little monkey did too. The thin one suddenly handed a gift to the little monkey, it was food.

"Uh oh..." I muttered, remembering how my ape mother told me that you should never share food with these monkeys, if so, they will claim you, make you part of them. I watched as the thin one tries to leave, but the little monkey has already placed their claim on them. The thin one was in trouble.

Already, I can hear the screeches above, the little monkey's family. They were going to come down and take the thin one. They were going to steal the thin one from their group. I tried to help, but it was too late, the thin one was surrounded and the monkeys immediately grabbed the thin one, pulling him up the trees. The thin one let out a screech, they sounded panicked, scared, and angry.

However, one word I haven't heard in a long time was something I caught. "Help."

"...." I started climbing the trees, ready to save the thin one.

As I looked up, I noticed that the thin one has tried to escape after throwing the small monkey up, causing the others to catch it. Big mistake. The thin one kept running, and I followed close behind. I suddenly noticed that the thin one's foot got stuck between the branches, and with the horde of monkeys coming close, I knew they would be killed.

Without another second, I jumped in and got in between the thin one and the monkeys. I then started talking to them, telling them to not hurt this one for they did not know about the traditions of gift giving and the like. The monkeys screeched and snarled, looking angry and unsatisfied with my words.

"...What...the fuck?"

I turned my attention back to the thin one. I was surprised by how...appealing they were, but I can't focus on that right now, I need to save them.

"You must stop! This creature is said to be dangerous, and if you kill them, the others will come for their revenge," I spoke in the monkey's language.

"This creature threw our child at us! Punishment is death!" One of them said back.

"If we kill this one, we can easily kill the others! Don't get in our way, white ape!"

I frowned, and took a step back. I turned back towards the thin one before pulling their leg out of the branches and quickly picking them up. I started walking back slowly, keeping my eyes on the monkeys.

"W-what are you-"

I jumped.

"Holy shit!" The thin one screamed, grabbing me very tightly.

Using my free arm, I managed to catch a vine that was nearby, and swing us down to another tree, there I started running with the thin one in my arms.

"L-let me go!" The thin one shouted.

I didn't understand, but judging from how they were struggling in my arms, I assume the thin one wanted me to let go, however, I wasn't going to do that since the monkeys were close behind us. I nudged him with my shoulder and gestured towards behind me.

"...Okay just...keep running!" The thin one exclaimed.

I didn't need to understand what they said to know that they wanted me to keep running. I continued running and jumping from tree branch to tree branch, using vines to swing myself and the thin one across. However, no matter how far we get, the monkeys were still close behind.

"Fuck! They're getting closer!" The thin one exclaimed.

"...." I knew running from them wasn't going to help us, so I had to face them. I stopped running and placed the thin one down before turning my attention back to the monkeys.

"W-what are you doing!?" The thin one exclaimed. They tried to run, but I grabbed their arm and made sure they don't run. "They're going to kill us!"

Taking a deep breath, the moment the horde came close, I let out a strong roar. The birds flapped away, the monkeys stopped running, and the thin one fell to their knees as they stared at me.

"Enough, we shall settle this once and for all!" I exclaimed.

"You'll let us kill this creature?"

"No...but please...bring me the little one. I want to talk to them."

The monkey chattered with each other before looking back at me. The little monkey soon stepped forward, looking at me and the creature.

"Friend!" The little one exclaimed, clapping their hands.

"Friend? Then why chase after them? Why threaten to kill?" I asked.

"....I don't want to kill the skinny one...they are nice," the small monkey said.

I smiled, "if they are nice...please let them go. They cannot stay with you," I said.

"Why not?"

I looked at him before remembering the creatures I saw on that strange object from last night. "They have family. You would take this creature away from their family."

"Oh...I don't..I don't want that," the small monkey said, lowering their head.

"Then please...let them go," I said.

"...Seriously, what is happening right now?" The thin one asked, looking between me and the monkeys.

I watched as the small monkey turned towards their family, telling them to stop and that they were going to let the thin one go. The monkeys looked at each other before turning towards the small one. They all agreed to let the thin one go. I sighed in relief once all the monkeys turned and left.

"T-they're leaving?" The thin one asked, calming down a bit. I didn't understand what they said, but it seemed they are relieved. "Oh thank god." The thin man slumped down, I let him go. The thin one looked up at me, smiling, "thank you. Thank you so much!"

"....?" I tilted my head, confused at what he was saying. Some of the words they spoke was...familiar...but I can't remember what some of them mean. Judging from his face, I believe they are showing their gratitude towards me.

"....Do you not...understand me?" The thin one asked.

"....." I tilted my head once more.

"...Who are you? Why are"

Feeling curious about this creature, I crouched down and started smelling them. They had a strange smell, different from the smells I'm use to. Their smell was strong...and strange. I looked down at...I think they were called...pants, and I started examining it. Using my hands, I tried to feel, to see if they were male or female.

The thin one went red before slapping my hand away. "What the fuck, man! Don't touch me there!"

I can confirm that the strange creature was a male.

Another male, like me. Hm...judging from the creatures on that device, it seemed those that look soft are females, and everyone else are males. It's good to know. Feeling more curious, I continued to poke and explore this male creature.

"G-get off! What are you doing!? Don't you know anything about personal space!?" The thin one exclaimed as he shoved his hand at my face. Feeling agitated, I bit down his hand to show dominance. "Ow! D-did you just...bit me!?"

"Grrrr..." I growled, before pounding my chest and showing my teeth, something Alpha told me to do when another creature dares to challenge my dominance.

"...Holy shit, you are feral," the thin one said.

We stood there, staring each other in the eyes. He didn't move nor say anything else, he simply sat there, watching me. I continued to look him over, but when my eyes landed on his blue ones, I froze.

Wow...I never seen such blue before. So...pretty.

I sniffed at him, getting closer. The creature had his back against the tree, closing his eyes and shaking. He was terrified. "....?" I tilted my head, looking at him, wondering why he was scared.

"Please...don't kill me. I have a sister I need to take care of," the thin one spoke.

Sister....sister....I...I remember that word. My real mother and father once told me that they planned on having another child...a brother or...sister. I remember...they weren't able to have another child because of problems, I wasn't sure what kind of problems, but I knew I never got a brother or sister, and my parents never spoke about it again.

"....Sis...ter. Sister," I said, mimicking the way he said it.

"...Y-yeah...sister. I have on back home, and I...I need to go back to be with her," the thin one said.

"...." I assumed he wanted to return to his family. I nodded. Standing up, and using my small knowledge of the language I once knew, I decided to take him back to his people. "Take...back," I tried very hard to say.

"Take...back? Take back...oh! Y-you're going to take me back?" The thin one asked. I nodded. "Oh thank you! Thank you!" The thin one stood up and suddenly hugged me. "Oh god...I thought I was going to die here..."

"...." His body was warm when he wrapped his arms around me. I blushed as I returned the hug, nuzzling against his neck. Hm...I'm kinda starting to like his smell.

I lowered him down as he wrapped his arms around me, holding tight. It was going to be awhile since we were still high up, but I didn't mind. I wanted to know more about this creature...know more about who I was and where did I come from. I wanted to know everything about my people.

"Um...I'm Craig, by the way. Do you have a name?"

I was confused at first, but remembering those words, I tried to think. I know my ape family have named me White Ape, but I knew that wasn't the name my real mother gave me. If I were to speak to these creatures and realize where I came from, then...I must say my real name.

"T-T-Tweek," the familiar words tingled my lips. Oh how I missed saying my name. "Tweek! Tweek!" I said more and more, feeling happy to be saying these words.

"....Well it's nice to meet you Tweek, and don't worry, once we get back to camp, I'll be sure to help you out," The thin....Craig...said.

Though I have no idea what he was saying, I just hoped that I'll get to spend more time with this beautiful blue eyed creature.

Walking back to camp after being abducted by monkeys is...weird, but walking back to camp with a Tarzan like dude being as my guide back to camp is weirder.

I continue to follow this strange man, looking between him and the path ahead of us. long has he been here? What happened to him? Who was he? So far, the only thing I knew about this weird man was that his name is Tweek...I guess, he speaks a little English, but not that well, and he doesn't seem to understand what I'm saying, except for maybe a few words.

" you remember where you mom and dad are?" I asked, hoping to get any info from him.

"Mom? Mom...Mom!" Tweek smiled, jumping a bit.

" she?" I tried speaking slowly, but I knew that wasn't helping.

"...?" Tweek tilted his head, looking confused.

"Oh forget it...I'm sure we'll find some info of you once we get back to America," I said.

"A...mooo...caw?" Tweek said.

I chuckled, "no, it's America," I said.


"Pfff," I chuckled, "close enough," I said. "Hopefully once we bring you to America, we'll be able to teach you some English, if possible at least," I said.

"...English? Teach?"

"Well at least it looks like you're not a total lost cause, so that's good," I smiled. Tweek suddenly stopped walking and stared at me. I stopped myself, confused. "You alright?"

"...." Tweek leaned forward to poke at my lips. He even started making gorilla sounds as he poke at my lips.

Blushing, I slapped his hand away. "Knock it off. Seriously, once we get you some help, I hope they'll teach you a thing about personal space," I said.


I sighed and ushered Tweek to keep leading me back to camp. "Come on. As much as I would love leaving you behind, I don't know where camp is, so keep walking," I said.

Tweek does so.

We continued walking for a bit until we finally reached camp. The moment I recognize my tent and the familiar smell of cheesy poofs and the like, I started running, feeling extremely happy.

"Mr. Cartman! I'm back!"

"Craig? Craig!" Cartman smiled, "I thought you died when Mr. Ricardo told me you were gone. Glad to see you're back," Cartman said.

My smiled dropped, " didn't even try...looking for me? To see if I really was dead or not?" I asked.

"Sorry, been busy with these plans," Cartman said. I glared at him, "well don't look at me like that, I was going to call someone to come look for you eventually, Jesus...touchy," Cartman said.

I sighed, "whatever, I don't have time for that," I turned my attention back to Tweek, who stood a few feet away, but was still visible. "I found a man who's has become feral," I said.


"Look," I pointed to Tweek, who was currently looking around, sniffing at a few of the items that were on the ground.

"...What the fuck?"

"I know, right? It's a real jungle man. I think he got lost here when he was a kid, and seemed to have survived after apes been taking care of him. Like Tarzan!" I said.

"....Yeah...but unlike Tarzan..this could benefit us," Cartman said.

"What do you mean?"

"Forget animals as our mascot, Craig, we're using that guy! A legitimate jungle man!" Cartman exclaimed.

"W-what!? You can't be serious," I said.

"Oh I am. We're definitely getting authenticity with this guy," Cartman smirked.

"This is highly immoral. The guy can barely say any English or even understand what we are!" I said.

"Well we'll teach him how to speak English, if you're going to be such a prick about it," Cartman said.

"Cartman, we can't. We should send him to the proper authorities and get him some help," I said, "I mean what if he has family that's still looking for him? We just can't do this to him just so you can make a profit!"

"Look here, Tucker. If you want that fucking promotion, I suggest you do as I say and keep your mouth shut...or else..."

I glared at him, "or else, what?"

"Or else I'll fire you...and not only that...but I'll make sure you and your sister are living in the slums, and let's face it...a young girl like that in the city filled with pedophiles and creeps...I'm sure that's not the life she wants," Cartman said.

"....." I looked down, feeling my fist tightening up.


"...Fine," I sighed.

"Great," Cartman patted me on the back. "Now start packing things up, we're already done finding the perfect location. Turns out, the perfect spot is right here! Who knew? It's close to that waterfall, we can build a restaurant around here, and once we get rid of all these stupid trees and rocks, this place will be perfect for the casino and hotel! That'll show that fucking Jew!"

"...." I looked back at Tweek, who was staring at one of the gunmen before standing very tall and trying to mimic him. The guilt I feel inside stayed with me, even as we packed up and were heading home.

Things were strange after Craig showed me his people. These creatures, which I soon found out were called humans, they all were strange. Still, if I was going to learn a thing or two about these...humans...and learn about my past, then maybe I should get along with them...even if some of them seemed to agitate me.

When all the humans were picking up the strange objects that were around, I watched as Craig ushered me to come with him. I wasn't sure where he wanted me to go, but I trusted Craig, he didn't seem dangerous at all.

As I took a step closer, a pair of hands grabbed me from both sides, picking me up. I growled and thrashed around, trying to get free.

"W-what are you doing!?" Craig exclaimed as he stepped forward. He looked angry at the two males that were grabbing me.

"Just doing as Mr. Cartman said. We can't have this guy going crazy on us now," the male to my right said.

"Just put him down! He's not going to go crazy," Craig exclaimed. Whatever Craig said, the two men eventually let me go. I felt gratitude towards Craig and leaned my head to give him an affection head rub. "I-it's fine, Tweek. Don't worry," Craig said as he touched my head and moved his hand up and down. It felt strange...but I like it. "Tweek."

I looked at him, smiling. I like it when he calls me by my real name, it feels so nice to hear my real name again.

"...Do you want to come with us?"

"....?" I tilted my head, confused at what he was saying.

" Home," Craig pointed to himself as he said the word "home." I know that word far too well. Home. Was he...asking me to come see his home? Was I going to see my people?

I jumped with joy, excited to see where I came from. Wanting to know about Craig's home. "Home! Home!" I repeated over and over, wanting to go there now.

Craig smiled, "okay're coming with us," Craig smiled.

I like it when he smiles, makes his blue eyes seem brighter and prettier.

After the humans finished packing their belongings, I was placed inside this large round thing that moves. I wasn't sure what kind of animal it was. What kind of animal allows someone to go inside it, and why are the legs round like this? Very strange.

I then experience what it's like to be a bird. We got on this giant white bird thing that we also go inside. We all flew up in the sky, something I never thought I'd experience in my life. Amazing...I couldn't wait to tell my brothers and sisters that I flew up in the sky like a bird, they'll be so surprised.

Once we were back on the ground, I noticed other white birds that were around, all of which were much bigger than the one we were in. When we got out of the large bird, I spotted many other humans, all of different shapes and sizes. A female, a male, and little ones. They all look like me, standing on two legs, no hair all over their bodies, and spoke in that strange language I barely remember.

All the humans stared at me when we entered another area, I'l admit, I was a bit scared. I didn't know there was that many humans around here. I feel...intimidated.

"Grrr..." I growled when a man walked by me, thinking he was going to attack.

"Tweek, relax. You're okay, no one is going to hurt you," Craig spoke in that soft voice he kept speaking in the entire time we were on that white bird. I like it when he spoke in this tone, it was relaxing.

We soon got into another strange creature with the four round legs. I was confused as to why all these creatures look different, and even tried to talk to the one we were inside, but Craig soon informed me it wasn't an animal or anything like that. He said it was a thing called a "car."

We then stopped at a very large looking tree, or as Craig called it, a building. It was very tall, almost as tall as the trees back home.

We entered inside this large building, there I saw more humans, all similar to me.

"Welcome back, Mr. Cartman."

"Welcome back."

"Yeah yeah, what's my schedule for next week," the round one, named Cartman, as Craig has told me, was talking to these humans in an angry voice. It made me think he's an alpha, but judging from his smell and his behavior, I don't think him being an alpha is true.

"Well you have a meeting with-"

"Cancel it."

"You also need to see-"

"Cancel it."

"Sir, you-"

"Cancel it! Cancel all of it! I need to be free all week since I need to prepare for my new hotel casino, as well as our newest mascot here," Cartman said as he grabbed me. What's a mascot?

"Careful with him, sir," Craig said, grabbing me back and holding my arm. Oh my...was...was Craig trying to claim me? I blushed at the thought. I never had anyone claim me before, especially among the female apes. Still...if Craig wanted to claim me as his mate...I wouldn't mind.

"Whatever, let's just get this jungle boy to learn some English already so we can get him ready for the hotel casino!"


"What!? What is it, Butters!?"

A small young man with blonde hair like mine, but much much shorter, was shaking after this Cartman fellow roared at him. Something an Alpha would never do unless he has to, and I don't see any need for him to roar at this human.

"M-Mr. Broflovski is w-waiting for you in your office. It seems he has heard about your....plans."

"....Oh really?" Cartman smiled, but his smile wasn't as nice as Craig's. "Well then...guess we can't let Kyle waiting. Come, Craig," Cartman said.

"Oh god," Craig sighed as he held my arm and ushered me to come along.

We entered a small area where a fourth wall suddenly closes. I felt trapped and tried getting out, but with Craig's calming voice, I settled down, trusting him that this is fine. When the walls opened, I was surprised when we were no longer in the same place from before.

I let out a curious howl as I looked at the strange thing that transported me to this new place. What was this? It's very strange.

"It's just an elevator. Craig, calm that monkey boy down," Cartman spoke.

"I'm trying, but when there's a language barrier between us, it's kinda difficult!"

"Whatever, just shut him up before-"

"Cartman!" Walking towards us was a very angry looking male with hair like fire. If anything, he smelled more like an alpha than this giant round man. "You have some explaining to do."

"Oh, what do I need to explain, Kahl?" Cartman said.

"Oh knock it off with that accent, we both know you grew out of that accent since college."

"Fine, whatever you say, Kyle," Cartman smirked.

The man named Kyle glared at Cartman. Was this turning into a competition for dominance. If I wasn't trying to learn about humans, I would have gotten in there and challenge them all for dominance.

"What is this about building a casino and a hotel in a tropical island in the south?" Kyle asked.

"It's exactly what it sounds like, you dumb Jew. I thought you were suppose to be smart, or is that only when it comes to money?"

"Fuck you fat ass! What I'm trying to say is that you're doing something very wrong and illegal! You can't be building a casino in a place like a jungle, filled with beautiful animals! It's not right!"

"Oh please, no one owns that property and it's just sitting there for someone to take it. Since I called dibs, I now own that island and I can do whatever I want," Cartman said.

"Well what are you going to do with all those animals that are living there?" Kyle asked.

"Easy, sell them to the zoos, relocate them to another jungle maybe, keep them around to entertain the kids...or even better...exotic lunches and dinners."

"You're sick!"

"Well sorry Kahl, we can't all be special snowflakes like you, now if you'll excuse me, but I have to teach this jungle boy here some English," Cartman said.

"Jungle boy?" The Kyle person noticed me and seemed surprised. " this...a real jungle man? Like...Tarzan and stuff?"

"Pretty much," Craig said.

"What is he doing here!? You should be taking him to the police or something! His family must be worried sick!" Man, this Kyle person was much louder than Cartman. His voice makes my ears ring just as much as Cartman's.

"That's what I've been wanting to do," Craig said.

"Oh don't get into my business, Kyle. I'm helping the jungle boy find his family and helping him get back to society, so nothing to worry about," Cartman said.

"Cartman, what you're doing is by far the most heinous thing you could be doing!"

"Not like I'm breaking any laws here, am I?"

"....Well...not technically...but you should really be taking this jungle man to proper authorities," Kyle said.

"We will, I would love to help this poor defenseless jungle boy, but I can't do that when you keep grabbing my balls, Kahl!"

"Ugh! You...fine. Whatever, but I will find a way to stop you from destroying that jungle and the animals that lives there. Just you fucking wait, fat ass," Kyle said.

"Yeah yeah, and hey, tell Stan that you're busy sucking a lot of dick instead of his, I'm sure your boyfriend would love to hear that!"

"Fuck you!" Kyle shouted before leaving.

I had no idea what was happening. Did...did someone win? I couldn't tell. Humans are sure complicated, and I'm suppose to be one of them, I think.

"...Cartman, Kyle is right, we should be taking Tweek here to proper authorities. Maybe once we find his family and help him get back to society, we can ask if he wants to be our mascot, he'll still be a jungle boy...just...less wild and stuff, you know?"

" trying to grab my balls here?"


"I trying to grab my balls here? Cause the way you're questioning my seems like you're grabbing my balls right now," Cartman came closer to Craig, towering over him. I didn't like it.

"Sir....I'm just suggesting...if we don't give this man help, the media will be all over it, you'll be ruined and-" I was surprised when Cartman grabbed Craig by the weird fake snake that wrapped around his neck, pulling it and choking Craig. "S-sir...s-stop..."

"Look here...Craig. If you want that promotion, I suggest you keep your mouth shut and let me handle it. Trust me, I know what I'm doing, so if any word about jungle boy's existence before we can get this casino running, it's your well as your little sister. Got it?"

"G-got it," Craig coughed.

Getting angry to see this fake alpha hurting Craig, I jumped in, snarling. I got in between the two, keeping my eyes on the large human, daring him to step any closer.

"Tch, control you little pet here, Craig."

"Tweek, calm down, I'm fine," Craig said, placing his hand on my shoulder.

"Alright, it's been a long and exhausting couple of days, why don't you head home, and take that jungle boy with you," Cartman said.

"What? Me!?" Craig exclaimed.

"Yes you, he seems...attached to you, so better he stays with you," Cartman said.

"W-what are you going to do then?"

"Oh don't you worry, I'm going to be hiring the best tutors to help Tweek here, as well as...find out about Tweek past and see if we can find his family, no worries," Cartman said.

"Okay...but how am I suppose to take him back home with me? He's a wild animal, and I have a sister at home!"

"You figure it out, I don't have all the answers to your personal needs, now go...and give jungle boy a bath, I nearly threw up during the plane ride here," Cartman said.

I really did not like this fat man. I did not like him one bit. When I finally understand what a human is, I'll be sure to take down this fake alpha.

"Tweek, let's go," Craig said. It seemed he wanted me to come with him, so I listened and followed Craig.

The moment we stepped back inside that strange thing they called an elevator, I started to panic.

Getting Tweek on the bus was a nightmare, especially when he kept moving around and looking through the window, it got worst when he started annoying the other people on the bus. I tried my best to calm him down, but it only ended up with him messing my hair and almost giving me a bloody nose.

By the time we reached my apartment, I tried my best to calm him down, and I hoped to god that Tricia hasn't come back home with Kenny yet. I needed to get ready to tell her about our surprised house guest.

"Will you take it easy? You're going to disturb my neighbors!"

Tweek started making gorilla noises and pounding his chest. He looked around, tensing at everything he sees. I guess he's feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of this.

As a last attempt to calm him down, I pointed to my apartment, saying one of the words he seemed to know. "Home."

Tweek stopped and stared at my hand before looking at my door. "...Home?"

I nodded, "yes, this is my home. Home."

"...Home...home! Home!" Tweek smiled.

I sighed, at least he's somewhat calmed down. I opened the door and let Tweek in. He looked around, confused at everything. I had to keep my eyes on him, making sure he doesn't break anything.

"Careful with-" Tweek pushed a vase off the table and it shattered everywhere. "...Right..." I sighed, feeling a headache coming on. "That's wasn't even that expensive. I'll just clean it up," I muttered as I grabbed a broom and started sweeping up the shards.

It was hard to clean with Tweek in my way. He kept trying to grab the broom, howling like a monkey. When he tried to take the broom from me again, I pulled back, getting annoyed now.

"Will you quit it? I get you've been living in the jungle for a long time, but I really can't deal with this right-" When I tried to grab the broom back, I slipped on the water that spilled from the vase, and fell back, pulling Tweek with me.

The moment we fell, I felt something touching my lips. I opened my eyes and realized that Tweek was very close that our lips were...oh dear god.

"Mmff!" I pushed Tweek away, blushing. "Oh fuck! I didn't mean to..." Wait...why was I apologizing to the jungle man? I bet he doesn't even know what a kiss is. When I looked back at Tweek, he touched his lips, but didn't seem fazed by it. "...Never mind," I sighed.

"....?" Tweek stared at me, looking really confused. He suddenly pointed to his lips, probably wondering what happened.

I blushed, "it's called a's what two humans do..when they like each other," I said.


I sighed, "yes...but what we did was an accident and it will never happen again," I said. I got back up and picked up the broom, but when I stood up once more, Tweek was in front of me, standing very close. "W-what?" I blushed.



Tweek leaned forward. No fucking way...

"S-stop! Get away!" I exclaimed, feeling my face go red. Tweek continued to lean forward, but before our lips could touch, I hear the door opening.

"Craig, I'm here, I brought Tricia and-" Crap, it was Kenny. " I...interrupting a moment?" Kenny asked.

Blushing, I pushed Tweek away, causing Tweek to huff in anger before turning his attention to something else. "It's not what it looks like!"

"Wow...I didn't expect you to bring a boyfriend from your trip...and I can see you're really into dressing up...I didn't know you were into that kinky," Kenny smirked. Tricia came in, looking confused to see Tweek in our apartment.

I rolled my eyes, "this is not a sex thing or anything like that," I said.

"Then who is he and why is he wearing a loincloth?" Tricia asked.

I sighed, "this is Tweek. He's a jungle man I found during my trip," I said.

"No fucking way...a real life jungle man!?" Kenny walked over, looking at Tweek. "No way....what is he doing here?"

"you can say that...he's work I am force to take home," I sighed.

"Your boss is forcing you to keep a jungle man here?" Tricia asked.

"Yeah, but don't worry, as soon as we figure out what to do, he'll be out of here," I said.

Tweek hopped around, looking a bit agitated when seeing Kenny, but when his eyes turned towards Tricia, he seemed to ease up. Tweek jumped off the couch and landed in front of Tricia. He pointed to her before looking at me.


"Yes, this is my sister," I said, pointing to her then to me.

"Why are you talking like that?" Tricia asked.

"He can't understand English that well, only knows a few words," I said.

"Seriously? That must be a pain," Kenny said.

"You think?" I sighed.

"....Well you know...back when Karen was young and didn't know how to speak yet, I was the one who taught her. Maybe I can help you teach this jungle guy?"

"You'd do that?"

"Of course," Kenny smiled.

"Dude, I have no idea how to thank you," I said.

"Well...make make some of that tasty pasta of yours and we have dinner together?"

I scoffed, "you know pasta is very simple, right?"

"Yeah...but the way you make taste great," Kenny said.

I smiled. "I'll be more than happy to make that pasta then," I said.

"...Craig, look!" I turned around and paled when I saw that Tweek is holding Karen upside down, swinging her by the foot. "He's really strong!"

"T-Tweek! Put her down!" I shouted.

I felt...ill. Not ill like when my entire body was very warm...but ill in my chest.

"Tweek, how you enjoying the clothes?" Craig asked.

These clothes that Craig gave me felt weird against my skin, but after taking what Craig called a bath, I felt I didn't mind it too much. Besides...they smell like him. Craig's scent calms me.

"Sorry if it's a bit too big, these were the biggest ones I could fine. They use to belong to my dad before he handed them to me a long time ago, I usually wear those a pajamas," Craig said.

I sighed, wishing I could understand him. I looked outside, staring at the lights that were around. Much different from the jungle.

"...You homesick?"

"...Home," I said as I thought back of the jungle. I already miss my family, I wonder how they're doing. Are they worried about me? When will I see them again?

"...I's hard to be somewhere else after living somewhere you considered your home, but don't soon as we help reintroduce you back to society, I'll be able to help you find a new home, maybe a home with your real family?"

"....Home..." I said, wanting to go back to the jungle already. As much as I would love to find out about my past and who I am...I also wanted to return to my ape family again, see my brothers and sisters, see my ape mother, and see Alpha, my father.

"'ll be okay. I promise...I'll be sure to be by your side and take care of you, I mean...I feel like I owe you that much ever since you saved me," Craig said. I sighed once more. Craig placed his hand on my back, rubbing it. It felt nice, being touched by this human male. "Everything will be okay, I promise."

"...." I smiled and leaned against him, feeling like I finally understood what he just said.

The teaching process with Tweek began, and at first, things were very hectic. Tweek was very stubborn and wouldn't pay attention, even when Cartman hired a professional tutor to help Tweek read and write, Tweek would simply try to bite the tutor, scaring him away. Cartman ended up having to hire three more after that.

When it came to Kenny teaching Tweek, Tweek was still more stubborn, but because I was there, along with Tricia and Karen, he seemed to be more at ease, especially when Kenny gave Tweek treats whenever Tweek pays attention and does something right.

"....I feel like you're teaching a dog right now," I said.

"Hey, at least he's learning, right?"

"I guess..."

"Wow, you're right, Trish, he really is strong!"

"I know, right?"

We both looked up and paled when we saw Tweek lifting both Karen and Tricia by the leg, swinging them around.

"Put them down!" Kenny and I exclaimed.

After a few weeks, Tweek was able to read and write his name and a few other words, and we even managed to have a little conversation with him, it was still rough, but it was better than nothing.

"What would you like for dinner, Tweek?" I asked.

"Um...more of...cheesy bread...shaped in triangle!" Tweek said.

"Pizza again? Well...they do have special today...why not," I said.

"Yes!" Tricia gave Tweek a high five, something Tricia taught him on the third week of his learning process.

Seriously, teaching Tweek was very tiring, and having him living with me is also tiring...but after these past couple of weeks, I was starting to get use to this jungle man around. Tricia seemed to like him a lot, Tweek seemed to care for Tricia, and he does make a great playmate for Tricia when I'm too busy.

"What are you doing?" Kenny asked.

...And I'll admit...if Tweek wasn't here, I wouldn't be spending this much time with Kenny.

"Been busy looking up any past missing child reports," I said.

"Trying to find stuff about Tweek?"

I sighed, "pretty much, especially since Cartman isn't doing shit, he's been busy trying to make that stupid casino hotel of his."

"Well have you found anything?"

"So far...nothing. There's been so many missing people around here, it'll take me months to find who I'm looking for, and it doesn't help that I don't know Tweek's last name," I said.

"Hm...ever tried...Tweek Tweek?"

I scoffed, "that's not funny dude," I said.

"How about...Tweek Tweak?"

"How's that different?"

"The last name is with 'E' and 'A,'" Kenny said.

"Not helping," I said.

"Just trying to loosen you seemed...tense," Kenny said as he sat down next to me.

I let out a tired sigh, "I am. I really want to help Tweek out and find his family, but with Cartman on my ass about the casino and telling me to prepare Tweek for opening day, its kinda hard..."

"...Hey...can I ask you something?"

"Go for it," I said.

"...Are you...sure about this casino hotel? I mean...not trying to get you fired or anything...but...isn't destroying a jungle where Tweek once live kinda...wrong?"

"Don't remind much as I would love to stop this project, I can't...I have to do this for Tricia," I said.

"....Well what about Tweek?"

"...." Of course I can't stop thinking about Tweek. The guilt I feel whenever I see him looking happy and oblivious to what we're doing to his home, I just want things to be over with. "Well when he returns to society, he'll...forget about the jungle and move normal," I said.

"Craig, even if Tweek moved on and lived a normal life, he'll never forget one of the places he considered his home," Kenny said.

"Well...he'll have to get use to it," I said.

"Alright," Kenny said.

"...Speaking of Tweek...where is he?"

"Playing with Tricia and Karen in Tricia's room. Tricia and Karen are styling his hair. You really need to give that guy a haircut."

I snickered, "as much as I would love to give him one, he doesn't want me anywhere near his hair with a pair of scissors. He would freak out and start biting my hand," I said.

"I'm surprised it hasn't gotten longer then," Kenny said.

"Well I do try my best to cut it when he's sleeping or when I surprise him from behind, but honestly...I like his hair at the current length. It looks good on him," I said.

" I need to be...jealous here?" Kenny asked.

I froze typing on my laptop and looked over at him. I blushed, "why would you need to be jealous?"

"Come know why," Kenny laughed.

"...." I looked down, feeling unsure, " know I can't date you," I said.

"Why not? We both like each other, don't we?"

" matter how much we like each's just not the right time. I need to focus on taking care of Tricia, I won't be able to spend time with you," I said.

"I can always wait," Kenny smiled.

"...But for how long?" I said. " need to focus on taking care of Karen. I mean...we both have to look after out little sisters."

"Yeah well only because my parents are deadbeats and never gave Karen, me, or my Kevin a good childhood. I just only hope Kevin is doing okay in mechanic school."

"Yeah still have to look after Karen, and I have to look after Tricia. Us dating isn't going to work out," I said.

"....Well if you ever change your mind...I'm always here for you," Kenny said as he placed his hand on mine.

I looked at him, smiling. I soon found ourselves leaning forward. I knew this was a bad idea, especially after what I just said, but I couldn't help it. It felt like an invisible force is just pushing us closer and closer, our faces nearly touching.


"Shit!" I pushed Kenny away, blushing. I cleared my through before turning my attention towards Tricia. "Y-yes? What is..."

"Ta-da!" Tricia said.

"What do you boys think?" Karen asked.

"Holy shit, what did you two do to him?" Kenny laughed.

Tweek's hair was in braids, he looked confused, but he doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

"Tweek, you doing okay over there?"

Tweek tilted his head before smiling, "I look pretty...yes?"

"....Pff!" I burst into laughter as I looked at him, "yes, you look beautiful," I laughed.

"Beautiful!" Tweek chanted.

Soon, everyone started chanting the word, "beautiful," making everything loud.

Honestly, I can't think of dating anyone, not when my hands are very busy with dealing with someone like Tweek.

After being around these humans for a couple of days now, I have learned a lot.

I can finally understand what they are saying. I can understand the words written in their books. I can understand what certain objects are. I can understand how to write words.

Learning all of these things...they helped me remember of when I was young, before I met the ape family. Before...the incident.

I learned many things from my teachers...though honestly...I found both to be annoying.

With Mr. Landler, he was very mean with his words, always yelling at me. I usually end up fighting back whenever he tried to hit me with that stick of his. It usually shuts him up until Craig comes in and calming the both of us down, apologizing to the mean man. Not sure why though, he's the one hitting me.

As for this Kenny fellow...I don't like him one bit. Though lessons from him are much easier to understand and he never hits me, I didn't like how he was close to Craig. I don't care if he gave me delicious food as a reward, I did not like how close he was to Craig. I did not like how he touches Craig with ease, I did not like how he makes Craig blush, I did not like how he makes Craig laugh, I especially did no like how he makes Craig smile. All of these things, I wanted to do to Craig.

"How's math going?" Craig asked.

"Going well, wanna see?" Kenny asked.

"Nah man, you know how much I suck at math, even today," Craig sighed.

"Well want me to teach you?" Kenny asked. He was oddly moving closer to Craig.

Craig's face went red before turning his head, "yeah right, you suck at math just as much as I do."

"Well at least I'm a bit better than you," Kenny leaned forward.

"Prove it," Craig said.

"Two times two?"

"Four, duh," Craig smiled.

"Three times six?"


"How and a bed?" Kenny smirked.

I frowned before grabbing a block that was on the table and I threw it at Kenny's head.


"Tweek! Why'd you do that?"

"He's suppose to be teaching me, not teaching you," I crossed my arms.

"Jesus, you could have said so, no need to throw blocks at someone's head," Craig said.

"Yeah...seriously," Kenny rubbed his head. I simply smiled, feeling like I won this fight.

Still...I won't deny that this Kenny fellow makes Craig feel happy. I just wish I could make Craig feel happy, especially since he's helping me remember so much about my past and who I once was.

"'re up late," Craig came into the room I was sleeping in. Judging from the smell the first time I came here, this room once belonged to him. He now sleeps in the living room on the couch, something I feel bad about.

"Couldn't sleep...the loud noises outside wakes me," I said.

"Yeah well that's what happens when you live in a city," Craig sighed. He handed me a mug, "warm milk? It'll help you get some sleep," Craig said.

I smiled, "thank you," I said as I take the mug and took a sip of the warm milk.

"Glad to know that Kenny taught you some manners, unlike that Mr. Landler." Craig sighed.

"Don't mention those names, especially Kenny's," I said.

Craig turned towards me, "why do you hate Kenny so much? Between him and Landler, I thought you'd hate Landler more."

"I don't like both of them," I muttered.

"What's your beef with Kenny anyways?"

I frowned, "I don't like how he makes you smile," I said.


I turned towards him, "I want to make you smile! I want to make you happy. Not Kenny!" I said.

"....Oh wow...Tarzan wannabe is jealous over me," Craig spoke.

"....I'm better than Tarzan," I muttered.

Craig laughed. I smiled.

We both continued to sit near the window, taking sips of the warm milk. Looking over at Craig, I couldn't help but like these alone moments with Craig. They were so calming...relaxing. However, when I look at Craig, he seemed...tired.

"You alright?"

"Hm? Oh I'm fine...just been busy with work and trying to find info about you," Craig said.

"Sorry I can't help you much. My memories isn't that great," I said.

"It's fine...I just wish there was something that could help us. A last name...birthday...anything? Hell...a blood type would be helpful right about now," Craig sighed.

".....Though I don't remember last name...nor my date of birth...or even my blood type...I do real mother and father," I said.

"....Do you remember what happened to them?" Craig asked.

"....It's...blurry...barely...remember...but...I was on the water...on a boat with mother and father....we were...going somewhere...not sure where...then...I remember...the sky turning dark and roaring....the water got higher and higher. Boat...was tilting...and soon...I was underwater. I ended up in the jungle when I woke up. I didn't know where mother and father were. I search and search, but could not find. I that moment...mother and father were gone," I said.

"....Tweek...I'm so sorry," Craig spoke. "I know...I know how hard it is to lose a parent. I've been there," Craig said.

I looked down. Though I don't remember much about my real parents, I do remember that I cared about them, and I especially remembered a few of the lessons they taught me, ones that I'll always keep in my heart.

"...What about Craig? Where is his mother and father?" I remembered seeing the female and large male in that image on his phone.

"....They're gone too," Craig said.

"What happened?"

"...." Craig looked down, he looked sad. "A few years ago...we were going to an amusement park together. Something we like doing each year depending on the prices and stuff. While we were driving to the place...a drunk driver suddenly came and rammed at us. I remember glass shattering everywhere...and my head hitting the roof of the car. I blacked out....but when I came to at the hospital...the doctor told me they did everything they could, but they weren't able to save my parents. ....I remember...seeing Tricia sitting outside the room where our parents were...she was crying so much. Sometimes...Tricia would blame herself because she thinks it's her fault since she's the one who insisted we go to the amusement park, other times, she blames the actual drunk driver...but most of the time...she doesn't blame anyone...and isn't sure about anything anymore."

".....You were both....very sad...yes?"

Craig nodded, "Very sad...but things are getting better. Thanks to Kenny, Karen, a few of our friends....and," Craig said.


"Yeah...I've never seen Tricia brighten up so much these days. She barely gets nightmares, and she seemed more distracted from the bad memories all because of thank you," Craig said.

"....." I smiled as I leaned against Craig, enjoying his scent. "You know...I really wish I can introduce you to my mother and father. They would love you," I said.

Craig smiled, "I wish I could meet them."

"...Well...when we return to home, I will gladly introduce you to them," I smiled.

"...W-what do you mean?"

"Introduce you to ape mother and ape father! They'll love to meet you!"

"U-uh...not sure if that's a good idea. Gorillas are very dangerous Tweek. Hell, I'm surprised they didn't hurt you the moment they saw you," Craig said.

I chuckled, "oh well...they did try to eat me when ape mother brought me to her nest, but after I let out my shrieks, they all believed I was a monkey. Then after playing with the other gorilla kids, they all believed I was one of them. I became part of their family. I may have lost my old family, but I gained new one," I said.

"...Yeah...a new one...even if they did try to eat you," Craig said.

"Do not worry, when we return to jungle, I'll be sure to tell them to not eat you," I smiled.

"...Thanks," Craig smiled.

We continued to look out the window, drinking the warm milk. I rested my head on Craig's shoulder as he rested his on my head. I can feel my heart pounding as I take in his scent, enjoying the warmth coming from his body.

I knew immediately...that I wanted Craig to be my mate.

I was under a lot of pressure this morning. Not only did I have to work on meetings, but I also had to work on plans for the casino, making sure that construction is doing well and the like, and on top of that, I still need to prepare Tweek for the opening of the casino.

Luckily, after a month, Tweek's understanding of English has improved. He's able to hold a conversation quite well, he understands what things are, and he's very well-mannered. Though his short temper still needs improvement, as well as his tendencies to climb on things and swing around, he's pretty much doing good. I wouldn't be surprised if sooner or later, he'll be reentering society after a couple more months.

"Craig...come on, shouldn't you be taking a break by now?" Tricia asked.

"I can't take a break, I need to go over these documents," I said.

"Dude, isn't today suppose to be your day off? Here you are, working to the bone, not taking a break," Tricia said.

"Trish, just leave it. Why don't you play with Tweek?" I suggested.

"Can't, Tweek is getting all agitated. I bet he wants to go outside right now," Tricia said.

I let out a sigh, "Just give him something to eat, he'll calm down eventually," I said.

"He'll get fat if you keep feeding him like that. Let's just go outside to a park or something, it'll only take us a short while," Tricia said.

"Trish, I really can't," I said.



"Come on!"

"I said no, Trish. I'm really busy, and if I don't get this stuff finished, it's my head!"

"Craig!" I froze when I hear Tweek.


"Craig...can't I go outside? I'm getting tired of sitting inside all day. Please?" Tweek asked.


"Told you," Tricia said.

"....Alright...we'll head to the park," I sighed.

"Yes!" Both Tricia and Tweek exclaimed, giving each other a high five.

We all ended up going to the park, I made sure to bring my laptop with me so I can get some of my work done while we were there. Once we reached the park, both Tweek and Tricia ran around, chasing pigeons and squirrels. As for me, I sat at the nearest bench and continued working, while also looking up once in awhile to watch the two.

"Keep climbing Tricia, let's see how far you can climb up that tree!" I hear Tweek shouting.

Looking up, I now saw the two climbing up a tree. "Be careful!" I called out.

"We will!" Tricia exclaimed. the two continued climbing up.

I shook my head, smiling. I then resumed looking over the documents that needs to be sign and get approval. After awhile, I checked my watched and knew an hour was almost up. Thinking it was time to head home, I called for the two to come back.

"Alright, enough play time, time to get going!" I called out.

"Already? We barely reached the top!" Tricia said.

"Sorry you two, but we made a deal. We stay here for at least an hour and then we head home. So climb on down and let's get going already!"

"...No!" Tweek suddenly said.

"Excuse me?"

"No! If you want us down, you'll have to come up here and get us!" Tweek said.

"Yeah, get up here and get us!" Tricia said.

"Trish, don't encourage him," I pinched the bridge of my nose, "Tweek, you better get down here, right now!"

"No!" Tweek said.

"No!" Tricia said.

"Tweek! Trish! Get down, now!"

"No!" The two exclaimed.

"God fucking damn it," I groaned as I walked back and forth before looking up. "Fine, but when I get you two, you are both grounded!"

"Fine, but only if you can get us all the way up here!" Tricia said as she continued climbing.

"God damn it," I muttered as I pulled up my sleeves and started climbing up. "When I get you two, you are both dead!" I exclaimed.

"You can't catch us, bro!" Tricia exclaimed.

"Oh yes I will!" I laughed as I continued climbing up. Just as I was about to grab Tweek's foot, he suddenly jumps up to grab another branch. "No fair! He's basically a professional at this!"

"Quit whining and just keep climbing if you want to get us!" Tricia exclaimed.

"You little..." I continued climbing, even when I've already reached the midway point, I just kept climbing and climbing.

"Uh oh, no more tree to climb," Tweek said.

"Crap," Tricia said.

"Ha ha, got you now you little brats!" I grinned as I continued climbing. As I made it to where they were, I was about to grab Tweek's foot once more. "I got you-" Before I could grab them, my foot accidentally slipped and I started going backwards! "Shit!"

Before I could fall, I felt a hand grabbing mine, pulling me up. It was Tweek. "I got you," Tweek smiled.

"....Jesus, Tricia was really are strong," I said.

Tweek grinned before pulling me up with ease and placing me on the branch he was sitting on.

"You alright, bro?" Tricia asked.

"Yeah, just tired.'s been so long since I climbed a tree," I sighed.

"Why not climb tree more often?" Tweek asked.

"Well unlike you, I'm busy with my job, taking care of the bills, and taking care of the apartment," I said.

"....Humans sure make things difficult for themselves. Gorillas never have to stress about any of that stuff, we only worry for ourselves and our family. We always ended up having plenty of time to play and climb trees," Tweek said.

I scoffed, "yeah well until we help you get back to society, your tree climbing days are over," I said.

"....Have you found my family yet?" Tweek asked.

"...Not yet, but don't worry, I'll keep trying," I smiled.

"....Thank you," Tweek smiled.

I smiled back. He really looks nice when he smiles. "...The view up here is great," I said.

"Yeah...but it's nothing compared to the view back home," Tweek said.

"I'm sure it is," I laughed.

"....You two gonna keep talking or are you going to kiss already?" Tricia suddenly said.

"Trish!" I blushed, feeling embarrassed.

"Kiss?" Tweek muttered, "what does kissing mean anyways? When you mentioned it the first time, I didn't understand, and when Kenny taught me about it, I still don't understand."

"...Why the fuck is Kenny teaching you about kissing?" I groaned.

Tweek pulled on my sleeve, "what does it mean...and why does humans do it?"

"...." I blushed, looking away. I can't believe I'm about to tell him this. I cleared my throat, "well you see...when you kiss someone in a certain way, there's multiple meanings to it. There's lustful kissing, there's familiar kissing, and then there's romantic kissing..."

"Familiar? Romantic?"


"....Show me!" Tweek said.


"Show me! Show me!" Tweek said.

"You better show him, Craig," Tricia said.

"A-alright alright, calm down, I don't want this branch breaking," I sighed. Tweek waited patiently for me to kiss him. I felt my heart racing as I looked at his face then his lips. "U-um..." I cleared my throat before I leaned forward and kiss him on the forehead. "There."

"...." Tweek touched his forehead, looking confused. "Last kissed me here," Tweek said, pointing to his lips.

"For the last time, that was an accident, besides....kissing on the lips is meant for those who um...really really like each other. At least with the forehead, it means I trust you and I think you're my special friend," I said.

"....Hm," Tweek smiled, but he still looked a bit unsure.

We all turned back to watch the view, enjoying the moment...something I never thought I'd get to do these days. ....It's nice.

"....You do realized that once we get down, you both are still grounded, right?"

"Oh man..."

Later that night, we returned home, and after getting some Chinese food for dinner, we all were getting ready to head to bed.

"Goodnight, Trish," I said.

"Night. Night Tweek," Tricia said.

"Goodnight," Tweek said, sitting on the couch and watching TV. He was watching a kids' cartoon show, it seemed he is really into it.

Once Tricia went into her room, I got to work on cleaning the dishes and glasses. I would lift my head whenever I hear Tweek laughing at a funny scene on TV, then smile before heading back to work. He's like a little kid when he's like this.

"....Craig...can I help?" Tweek asked, looking at me.

"...You sure? It's not very exciting you know," I said.

"I don't mind, I want to help," Tweek said.

"...Well alright, just grabbed that rag over there and help dry the plates for me," I said.

Tweek nodded before jumping over the couch and grabbed the rag. He picked up a plate and started drying it, similar to how I usually do it, then he places the dry plate into the cupboard.

"...Thank you," Tweek suddenly said.

"For what?" I asked.

"For many things. Thank you for bringing me to your home, thank you for taking care of me, thank you for teaching me the forgotten language, and thank you for helping me find family. You are very kind, Craig," Tweek said.

"...." I smiled, "oh come's the right thing to do," I said.

"Yes are the one who is helping me, so thank you," Tweek said.

I looked at him, feeling my heart beating. I went back to washing the dishes, handing Tweek the plates and glasses for drying. By the time we were finished, it was time for us to get ready for bed.

"Better head to bed, I'm going to work a bit more," I said.

" should really think about your own well-being, you don't have to worry about work all the time, you know," Tweek said.

"....I'll think about it," I smiled. Before I could head towards the couch, I suddenly felt Tweek grabbing my hand. "...Tweek?"

"...." Tweek looked at me, his cheeks were a tinted pink. He suddenly leaned forward and I felt his lips on mine. It was very brief, but my lips were tingling.

"W-why'd you do that?" I asked.

Tweek looked down, his hand was still holding mine, "...I like you...and...I consider you a likely mate."


"Uh huh," Tweek nodded, he then smiled. "I'll protect you...and you don't need to worry about anything anymore. I promise," Tweek said. I was speechless, even as Tweek finally let my hand go, I didn't say a thing. "Goodnight, Craig."

"..N-night," I stuttered.

Tweek then left and headed inside the bedroom. As for me, I just stood there, blushing.

Just...what was that? Does this mean that Tweek likes me more than a friend? What does he mean by mate? I mean I know what he means, but..ugh...I'm so confused. I walked back and forth, unsure what to do, so I decided to sit down on the couch and get some work done. However, no matter what I try to do, my mind went back to those lips on mine.

"...Soft..." I muttered as I touched my lips. I was startled when I hear my phone ringing, and I quickly grabbed it and answered the call. "H-hello?"


"...Cartman? What is it?" I asked.

"I need you to bring that jungle boy to my office tomorrow," Cartman said.

"What? Why?"

"Some very important promoters are going to come tomorrow to promote the casino, and I need to impress them, so bring jungle boy and make sure he's wearing his loincloth!"

"Y-yes sir," I said. The guilty feeling suddenly came back, I ended up remembering about the jungle and what is going to happen to Tweek's ape family. "Sir..I was just hotel a good idea?"

"What are you saying?"

"It's just....there's a lot of beautiful animals over feels...wrong to just take their home like that...can't we the casino somewhere else?"

"Look Craig, the theme of the casino is tropical jungle, and we can't have a tropical jungle theme unless the casino is built on a fucking jungle! So quit saying stupid crap to me and just bring the jungle boy here tomorrow, or else it's your fucking job!" Cartman screamed before hanging up.

"....." I let out a sigh as I placed my phone down, feeling the guilt crawling towards my heart. I leaned back on the couch, staring at the ceiling. "....I'm sorry..." I muttered. I wasn't even sure who I was saying sorry to at that moment.

I was excited the next morning. Craig was taking me to the office and said I could wear my old clothes again, or as he called it, my loincloth. I missed wearing it, it was the only thing that belonged to me and only me.

As we were taking the bus ride to the office, I sat next to Craig, looking out the window and watching cars and buildings go by.

"You're excited," Craig said.

"Yeah! I miss wearing my old clothes again. No offense to the clothes you gave me," I said.

"It's no problem," Craig smiled.

"...." I sat down, placing my hand over his and leaned against him. "I can't wait to tell my family that I found a mate," I said. Craig looked at me before looking down. "...Craig? You do want to be my mate...right?"

"....Tweek...I really appreciate that you consider me as your potential mate and everything, but...I just can't," Craig said.

I looked at him, "why not? Do you me?"

Craig started panicking, "no no no, I do like you! I like you a's''s complicated," Craig said.

"...Does it have anything to do with Kenny?" I frowned.

"What? No...of course not," Craig said.

" this complication have to do with work?"

"...S-something like that," Craig said.

I sighed, "you humans sure just love to make everything complicated for yourselves," I pouted.

"Come on Tweek, can't you understand that not everything can go your way just because you''re..."

"A jungle man?" I turned my head to look at him.

"....I'm sorry," Craig sighed.

"....Hmph," I crossed my arms and looked out of the window. My happy mood was gone.

When we entered the office the person to meet us was Butters.

"Glad you made it, Cartman is talking with the promoters already," Butters said.

"Alright, we'll head up soon," Craig said.

"You better, Cartman is having a hard time distracting those promoter fellas," Butters said.

"Christ," Craig said. We continued walking as Craig turned towards me, "Tweek, you have to do exactly what Cartman says, got it?"

"Why must I follow that fake alpha's law?" I asked.

"Just please do it," Craig begged.

I sighed, "fine, but just so you know, I am not happy," I said.

"I know, I'm sorry," Craig said. Why is he apologizing so much today? I really don't get him.

Once we entered fat one's office, I noticed a couple other people with him. The fat one, Cartman, noticed us, and had a huge grin on his face.

"You finally made it!"

"Is this...the jungle boy mascot you told us about, Mr. Cartman?"

"That's correct! Meet Tweek, the real life Tarzan!" Cartman said.

The people I didn't know all looked at me, their eyes looked to be judging my appearance. I felt a bit uncomfortable.

"...No much..."

" sure he's a real life Tarzan and not an actor paid to wear a loincloth?"

"He's the real deal, I swear! Tweek, show them your climbing skills," Cartman said.

"...." I didn't move.

"Tweek," Craig said.

"Ha ha...he's a shy one, aren't you, Tweek?" Cartman said, his smile looked forced. "Craig...tell Tweek to start climbing. Now!"

"...Tweek...please climb," Craig asked.

"...." I let out a sigh before looking around until I found a perfect spot to climb. Running towards the wall, I jumped as high as I could and reached the spot on the wall that looked stable enough for me to climb. I continued climbing up and up until I jump off the wall and started swinging on the chandelier. I then jumped off the chandelier and got back on the ground with ease. "There..."

"Oh my, he was amazing!"

"Indeed. I can't wait to see what else he can do at your casino, Mr. Cartman."

"So you'll sponsor us?" Cartman asked.

"Indeed, we'll make sure you casino hotel is the perfect vacation spot."

"I must say, choosing the jungle is very exotic."

Wait....vacation spot? Choosing the jungle? What are they talking about?

"Well Mr. Cartman, it's been a pleasure talking to you."

"You too, thank you," Cartman smiled. The group of people left, leaving just me, Craig, and Cartman.

"...Craig...where is this vacation spot you keep speaking off?"


"It'll be in the jungle of course," Cartman said.

"'re building your business in my jungle!?" I was furious.

"Tweek, calm down," Craig said.

"I will not! You are going to destroy many homes! Where will all the animals live?"

"Oh don't worry, we're capturing all the animals that are there and selling them to zoos and people who wants exotic animals as pets," Cartman said.

"Wait, what?"

"Oh but don't worry Tweek, I decided to keep your ape family, so once you start working at the casino, you'll be with you ape family," Cartman said.

"C-Cartman, that wasn't the deal!" Craig said, "I thought you said you were going to find Tweek's family!"

"Well I did, and guess what, he got none," Cartman said.

"What?" I muttered.

"...What are you talking about?"

"Well I managed to find out who Tweek is and what happened to his family. Parents drowned after a storm, he got no aunts or uncles, and his grandparents are dead. Basically, jungle boy here got no family," Cartman said.

"" I said.

"W-why didn't you tell me!?" Craig exclaimed.

"What's the point in telling you? This is perfect. Now we don't need no permission from family members to have Tweek here be our mascot! This is perfect, Craig!"

"....No," Craig suddenly said. I looked at him.

"...No? What do you mean....'no?'" Cartman glared.

"I'm not letting you turn Tweek into a mascot! In fact, I'm not helping you destroy his home and imprison his family! This is wrong, and I'm done listening to you! I don't care if you fire me or whatever, I'm not letting you destroy Tweek's home!" Craig said.


"....Sad to hear that...really," Cartman said. He suddenly takes out his phone and started calling someone. "....Get in here. Take jungle boy and escort Mr. Tucker off my property."


Suddenly, the door opens and large men came and grabbed both Craig and I. They pulled us away from each other, the two holding down Craig was taking him away.

"Craig!" I exclaimed as I tried to go after him, but the two men holding me held me down.

"Tweek!" Craig exclaimed. "Let me go! Let me go!"

"Sorry Craig, but since you're no longer my partner or secretary, you are now trespassing, so...bye," Cartman smiled.

"Tweek! Tweek!" Craig called out.

"Craig! Craig!" I struggled to get free, but to no avail. Getting angry, I used my teeth to bite down on one of the men's hands and scratch out the other's eyes out. Once I was free, I started running towards the door to reach Craig. "Craig!" Before I could get to the door, I suddenly felt something sharp hitting me in the shoulder. "Nngg..."

"Whoa, it's a good thing I had this handy tranquilizer with me," Cartman spoke.

"" I tried to attack Cartman, but my head was spinning. I fell down with a thud, looking up at the fat man. "Craig....Craig!" I called out Craig's name, wanting to see him.

"Alright boys, take jungle boy here to the private jet, it seems we gotta take him to the casino by force."

I felt hands grabbing my arms, and I found myself being lifted up. I looked at Cartman, his smile made me angrier and angrier.

"Fat" I felt my eyes getting heavy, and before I knew it, everything was dark.

Before things went dark, I could hear laughter in my ears.

What have I done?

I tried calling Cartman, but he wouldn't answer my calls. When I heard they were taking Tweek back to the jungle, I tried getting to the airport as fast as I could, but the moment I finally made it, the plane has already left.

Tweek was gone..and it's all my fault.

"What do you mean, Tweek is gone!?"

"...It's exactly what I just said, Trish...Tweek is gone. He's back in the jungle," I said.

"W-well...we have to get him back!" Tricia exclaimed.

"Trish...we can't," I said.

"Why not!?"

"Trish, come on...take it easy on your brother," Kenny said.

"I won't take it easy! Craig....Tweek was part of our family...he belongs with us...and you just let him go? Just like that?"

"Tricia! He's not one of us. He's a jungle man who was raised by fucking apes! He's barely speaks normally, and he barely understands many things! He's barely human!" I exclaimed.

"So what? So what if he doesn't understand a lot of things? So fucking what? We took him in, we helped him understand, we became his new family."


"If mom and dad were here...they'd be so disappointed in you," Tricia said before storming off to her room.


"Easy, let her calm down for a bit, Craig," Kenny said.

"God...w-what am I going to do? Cartman is just going to hurt Tweek, abuse him and his family!"

"Well...what do you want to do?"

"...I want to help Tweek...I want to save him and bring Cartman down! I want to save his home, save his family, and save all the animals! I want to...I want to make things right." I said.

" must really care for Tweek, huh?" Kenny asked.

"...." I looked down, feeling my heart ache, "yeah...I guess I do," I said.

"Well then...I guess this means I'm helping you," Kenny said.


"You don't think I'm letting you do all of this on your own now, right? Whether you like it or not, I'm helping you save your jungle boyfriend," Kenny said.

"....Kenny," I hugged him, "thank you...I don't know what I'd do without you," I said.

"....Just be sure to make me that delicious pasta with white sauce once this is done," Kenny smiled as he patted me on the back.

I smiled, "deal."

"So....any ideas on how to get a plane ticket to where Tweek is? I'm pretty sure buying some is out of the question, especially since you're out of a job and all," Kenny said.

"....Actually...I may know someone that can help us," I said.

As I opened my eyes, it was dark. I sat up, only to realized that I was inside a cage. I grabbed the bars, panicking, wondering where I am or why I was in a cage.

"Craig!? Craig!" I called out. "Craig!"

I suddenly hear a familiar noise. I turned my head, only to see my father, Alpha.

"Alpha? W-what are you doing here!?" I asked.

"Don't remember...those strange creatures suddenly came and shot at us with this strange thing that causes us to fall asleep. We woke to find ourselves here," Alpha said.

"Wait...if you're here then...then..."

"Glad you're awake, Tweek."

"Cartman!" I exclaimed.

"The one and only," Cartman smiled.

"Cartman! You let my family go!"

"Oh come, living inside the casino isn't so bad. I'll be sure to send my men to feed you all the bananas you want...and in and your little ape family entertain my guests," Cartman said.

"We will not entertain you! Let us go!" I shouted.

"Thought you might say that," Cartman took out a strange looking stick before walking over towards Alpha. Suddenly, Cartman jabbed at Alpha and Alpha started roaring in pain when the stick shocked him.


"See here? This is shock wand. If you and your ape pals here don't do as I say...I'll be sure to shock every last one of you...and I'm starting with the babies," Cartman said.

"No! Don't!" I begged.

"Then you better tell your family here that they better be good little gorillas and entertain my'll be losing another family," Cartman said. Cartman soon turned around, leaving.

Once he left, I tried breaking the bars, but to no avail. I tried kicking, punching, even biting, but nothing. I couldn't even make a dent. I started crying as I sat inside the cage, not sure what to do.

I'm sorry Alpha. I'm sorry mother. I'm sorry brothers and sisters. I have failed you. I don't deserve to be an ape like all of you...and I don't know if I deserve to be a human. I don't know if I deserve to be anything anymore.

"...Craig...." I cried out, wanting to see him the most.

"For the last time...I need to see your boss and ask him to help us with an important matter!" I shouted

"And for the last time sir, Mr. Broflovski is very busy at the moment, and unless you have an appointment, I'm going to need you to leave."

"Ugh! Look, I'm trying to save someone I really care about, and if I don't see your fucking boss right now, I'm going to take his stapler and shove it right up your-"

"What's going on here?" Stepping out of his office was Kyle Broflovski, and walking out next to him was a black haired man, who I recognized as Broflovski's boyfriend, Stan Marsh.

"I'm sorry sir, but these people are trying to talk to you, but I kept insisting that they need to make an appointment to see you."

"You little-"

"Hold it...aren't you...Eric Cartman's secretary?"

"I use to be, I was recently fired," I said.

"I see...well what brings you here?"

"You said you wanted to take Cartman's casino down, right? Well I may have some info that can easily help you," I said.

"Really? What is it?"

"Here," I took out a couple of documents that I managed to retrieve before Cartman's company blocked my access account. "These documents clearly shows all the problems that each of Cartman's businesses have. If you use these, then you'll be able to sue Cartman for not having the proper work done for all of these businesses and for possibly endangering people's lives," I said. I then took out another document, "as for this clearly talks about how Cartman is keeping that jungle man you saw earlier as a hostage...and what he is planning to do with all the animals."

"Animals! Kyle, we can't let Cartman hurt those animals!" Stan exclaimed.

"Hold can I trust you? You could easily have been sent here to make me a fool, just so Cartman can gloat in my face," Kyle said.

"Look...I don't care if you don't trust me or not, but I really am trying to bring Cartman down once and for all!"

"Why?" Kyle asked.

"....Because I need to save my mate," I said.

"...Dude...that sounded so lame," Kenny whispered.

"I fucking know that, Kenny, it sounded cooler in my head, but let's just role with it because I'm embarrassed to say anything else and we don't have the fucking time!" I exclaimed.

"....Kyle...he looks serious, we should help them. We especially need to help save the animals," Stan said.

"....Will this really bring Cartman down?"

"Definitely," I said.

"....Alright...what do you need?" Kyle asked.

With the help of Kyle, we were able to get on a plane ride to the island. As each minute ticked by, I couldn't help but feel worried.

"Nervous?" Kenny asked.

"Yeah...I just...I really hope Tweek is okay," I said.

"....This Tweek really like him, huh?" Stan asked.

"...Yeah...I do," I said.

"I knew it!" Tricia exclaimed.

"Trish, I thought I told you to stay quiet," I said.

"But it's so boring, I thought being on a private jet would be cool and stuff, but it's no different than being on a normal plane," Tricia said.

"Ugh..." I groaned.

"Tell me again why you brought you younger sisters?" Kyle asked.

"Kenny and I couldn't find a sitter," I sighed, "don't worry, they won't be trouble, right you two?"

"Yes, Mr. Tucker," Karen said.

"Whatever...hey....are there any snacks around here?" Tricia asked.

"Check the mini fridge," Kyle smiled.

"Cool, thanks," Tricia said.

"...You seem to like kids," Kenny pointed out.

Kyle blushed, "I've been thinking of getting a kid," Kyle said.

Stan blushed, "w-we're already looking at some places to adopt."

"Well good for you," Kenny smiled. " thinking of getting kids once you and Tweek tie the knot?" Kenny asked.

I blushed, "too soon, Kenny," I sighed.

"Sorry," Kenny laughed.

"...You're taking this who Tweek and I being a thing very easily," I said.

"....It's...hard to get use to...but...seeing you happy...well...that's all I can ask for, really," Kenny smiled.

"...." I smiled at him. "You'll find someone better...someone who won't be easily attracted to a jungle man," I said.

"Yeah...or I could easily dress up as a jungle man and make things easier for myself," Kenny laughed.

"Dude," I sighed.

"...We're here," Kyle looked out the window and we knew we have arrived.

We landed a few feet away from the casino, since we didn't want Cartman to know we're here. Once we landed, we all headed towards the casino, making sure to not be seen by Cartman's men, in fear that they will inform Cartman and our plan is ruined.

"Alright, what's the plan?" Kenny asked.

"Here's how we're going to do this, Kenny, you, Karen, and Tricia head to the control room and check out the security cameras and keep an eye out for us," I said.

"How exactly do you expect us to get in there?" Kenny asked.

"Easy. the girls will pretend to be a couple of lost kids and convince the guards that are in the control room to leave," I said.

"Alright, got it," Kenny said.

"What do you need us to do?" Kyle asked.

"You two need to distract Cartman. Knowing him, he'll be too busy gloating his ass off, so if he knows you're here, it'll give me time to find Tweek and the other animals and save them," I said.

"I am so not looking forward to this," Kyle said.

"Don't worry, I'll be right next to you," Stan said.

"Alright, does everyone know what they need to do?" I asked. Everyone nodded, "alright, let's do this." Everyone left, all except for Tricia. "Trish, what are you doing?"

"Bro, you need me," Tricia said.

"Trish, it'll be dangerous," I said.

"I don't care! I'm not letting you do all of this by yourself. You're my brother...and I don't want to lose you like how we lost mom and dad," Tricia said.

"....Tricia," I placed my hands on her shoulder, "don't're not losing me, and we're especially not losing Tweek. We'll get him back safely and be a family again, I promise," I said.

"...Let's go get our jungle man back," Tricia said.

We both headed inside, sneaking into the back. We soon found ourselves in the kitchen and quickly walked around, trying our best to not be seen by anyone.

"There's the door, let's go," I said.

We both quickly ran towards the door, luckily not getting spotted by anyone, however, the moment we stepped into the main room, we witness the most horrible thing ever.

"It's Tweek!" Tricia exclaimed.

"My god...and the gorillas," I muttered.

Trapped in a large cage on what appeared to be a moving platform, there was Tweek and all the gorillas in every corner of the room. The crowd was cheering as lights flashed around and smoke was in the air. Tweek was looked tired, and I can see why. Cartman would step toward the front and take Tweek out of his cage, there, Tweek would perform for the audience, doing flips, climbing the fake vines that were around, and letting out a gorilla roar.

"Why is he doing that? He should just rip Cartman's face off!" Tricia said.

"Something must be wrong," I said. Once Tweek was back inside his cage, the platforms started going down and all the gorillas and Tweek went down through the floor. "Come on, I think I know where they are," I said.

The moment we saw Kenny and Karen heading inside the control room, and Kyle and Stan were talking to Cartman, we knew it was safe. We headed towards the elevator and went to the basement area, where I knew is where Tweek and the gorillas were. Once we reached the floor, we stopped when we saw a guard.

"Hold it, guests aren't allowed here," the man said.

"Oh we're sorry, we were...looking for the restrooms and kinda got lost," I said.

"Restrooms are back on the main floor."

"Yeah well they were full so we thought there was another one down here, so there?" I asked.

"No, and I would like you two to please leave, now."

"Come on man, I have a little girl that has a small bladder," I said.

"Yeah, I really need to pee, like seriously bad!" Tricia said.

"For the last time, we don't have a-" I quickly punched him in the face, managing to knock him out.

"'d you do that?"

"Remember when mom and dad forced me to take judo for awhile?"


"I accidentally knocked out the teacher one time."

"Is that why you suddenly stopped going?"

"Pretty much," I said.

We quickly headed to the right, where we found a door. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and I knew we found them.

"This is it."

"Look at all these poor animals," Tricia said.

"I know...but don't worry, were going to get them out. First, we need to find Tweek," I said.


We both turned a corner and there he was. Tweek.

"Tweek!" I ran towards the cage. "Tweek! It's me!"

"....Craig?" Tweek lifted his head, oh god, he looked exhausted. " that you?"

"Oh god..Tweek...I'm so sorry...I'm so so sorry. I didn't want this to happen to you. I'm so sorry that I let this happen," I said.

"....You're here...and that's all that matters," Tweek smiled.

"...Don't worry, we're going to get you out, you and your family," I said. I looked around, trying to see if there was a key or something that can help us, "Trish, look around those crates over there and see if you can find a nail file or crowbar," I said.

"Got it," Tricia said. Tricia walked off and started searching, while I stayed next to Tweek, trying to see if I can find another way to open the cage.

"...Why'd you come all the way here for me, Craig?" Tweek asked.

"Why? It's because I want to save you, you're my friend, you're're family," I said.


"Tweek...I know that your real family is gone...but just know...that we're your family now. Just like how these gorillas took you in, we also took you in. We love you, Tweek, and you're part of our family, remember that," I said.

"....You also said you were my mate," Tweek smiled.

I blushed, "w-we don't have time for that, dude, let's just get you out of here and save your gorilla family," I said.

"I found a couple of crowbars!" Tricia said.

"Perfect, now help me pry these bars off," I said. We nudged one end of the bar into the slit of the door and started pushing the other end. With both of us pushing, we managed to open the cage. "Got it!"

Tweek stepped out, looking happy. He looked at me with a smile, and I looked at him, happy to see him free. Tweek ran over and gave me a hug, I hugged him back.

"Thank you," Tweek said.

"...Come on, let's save the others," I said.

Grabbing another crowbar, we headed towards the cage where Tweek's father was. Tweek's father growled at us, and looked like he was about to bite our heads off, but after Tweek reassured him that we were his friends, he calmed down a bit.

"What did you say?" I asked as I nudged the end of the crowbar into the door.

"Told him you were my mate and that you were here to help," Tweek said.

"Did you have to mention the mate part?" I asked.

"No...but it's better to tell him while he's in a good mood, otherwise he'd rip your arms out," Tweek said.

"...Noted," I said.

The cage was a bit more trickier to open since it looked like it was made with a different metal. Probably strong enough to not let a gorilla out, but we kept at it.

"Nnngg...almost there....Trish...keep a lookout and make sure no one is coming!" I groaned.

"....Too late," we hear a gun cocking and we all turned our heads to see Cartman with Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Karen, all of them had their hands up, and Cartman was accompanied by two large guards.


"Sorry, I tried to warn you, but they got us," Kenny said.

"How'd you know?" Tricia asked.

"Well next time you knock one of my men out, be sure to tie them down before they wake up, you idiots," Cartman said.

"I told you we should have tied him up," Tricia said.

"With what? It's not like we had rope with us," I said.

"Shut up! You think you can waltz right into my casino and try to take my mascot?"

"He's not your mascot! He never gave you his consent to be a mascot and what you're doing is illegal!"

"Yeah, and if you kill us, my people will be sure to spread news about all your businesses and the construction work you have done on them. You'll be ruined," Kyle said.

"....That could happen...or...I could kill you, call my men to destroy any evidence you found, and Tweek continues to be my jungle man slave, how about that?"

"You piece of shit!" I ran at him, ready to attack, but before I could throw in a punch, one of Cartman's men grabbed me and punched me in the jaw, hitting me back.

"Craig!" Tweek and Tricia exclaimed.

"Seriously? You were going to punch me? Come on Craig, I thought you were smarter than that? Face it, I have a gun and two very strong men here, you're fucked." Cartman said.

"You son of a bitch," I spit some blood out of my mouth as I glared at him. "If you kill us, people will find out."

"Yeah well until then," Cartman raised his gun, aiming it at me, "might as well get rid of some rats." Before Cartman could pull the trigger, Tweek quickly grabbed the crow bar and threw it at Cartman. The crowbar hits Cartman's hands, causing him to accidentally shoot one of the men in the foot. "Shit!"

"Fuck!" The man groaned as he fell to the ground, bleeding.

"You shot him!" The other man said.

"no, he made me shoot him!" Cartman shouted.

Tweek let out a gorilla screech before jumping at Cartman, pulling the gun out of his hand. Tweek then threw the gun away and started clawing at Cartman's face. "I'll kill you, fat man! I'll kill you for hurting my mate!" Tweek screeched as he continued to punch and scratch at Cartman's face.

"Get him off!"

The other man tried to grab Tweek, but Kenny stood up and rammed into the man. "Karen! Get to safety!" Kenny exclaimed. Karen nodded and ran towards us.

"You okay, Karen?" I asked.

"I'm fine, what about you? You're bleeding a bit," Karen said.

"I'm food, just stay here with Karen, I got to help your brother I said. I got back up and started helping Kenny, Stan, and Kyle with the guards.

We all punched and kicked, blocking hits and trying to knock the two guards down. We were able to knock down the guy who got shot, but the other guy was a bit of a problem.

"Kenny!" The guard swung Kenny around, knocking me over.

"Craig!" Tweek jumped on the man and scratched his eyes out, saving Kenny.

"Thanks," Kenny said.

"Don't mention it," Tweek said. The two then jumped on the man and continued hitting him. As for Kyle and Stan, they turned their attention to Cartman.

"Fuck. You. Fat. Ass!" Kyle screamed.

"You fucking Jew!" Cartman shouted.

"Don't you yell at my boyfriend like that, you shit!" Stan shouted as he jumped on Cartman's back and tried strangling him.

"Oh god, this is insane, if we don't do something, someone is going to die!" Tricia said.

"Yeah but what?" Karen asked.

"....." I noticed Tricia staring at the crowbar on the ground and then at the cage where Tweek's dad was.

"Tricia, no," I said.

"'s the only plan we have. Either we do this or one of us dies. Your choice," Tricia said.

"....Oh fuck me," I said as I grabbed the crowbar and all three of us struggled to get the door open.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing!?" Cartman shouted.


"Stand back!" I shouted to the others. We managed to pry open the cage and we all fell back. The door slowly opened, and Tweek's gorilla dad stepped out, looking very pissed.

"...Holy shit..." Kenny muttered.

Tweek's dad roared, shaking the room almost. Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Tweek quickly ran towards our side. Tweek stepped next to his dad, telling him something. Tweek then turned towards Cartman, glaring at the fat man.

"Attack!" Tweek shouted.

Tweek's dad started charging towards Cartman and the two guards. One guard was helping his bleeding friend as they both got out of there, as for Cartman, he tried to run, but with the gorilla close on him, the gorilla managed to grab him and started attacking Cartman.

"Oh! That's gonna hurt!"

"Karen, don't look at the violence!" Kenny said as he covered Karen's eyes.

"Uh...he's not going to kill he?" Stan asked.

"...You did not want him to die?" Tweek tilted his head, confused.

The gorilla swung Cartman around until he threw Cartman across the room into a pile of crates, knocking him out.

"That'll teach him," Kyle smirked.

Tweek's father turned towards us and started walking. I quickly held Tricia behind me as everyone crowded close together in fear. Luckily, Tweek stood in front of us and started talking to his father.

Tweek's father seemed to be responding, before he turned towards me.

"W-what did he say?"

Tweek smiled, "he said, thank you for taking care of my son and bringing him into your family. He's glad that I found someone that is like me."

I smiled, "you're welcome...uh...sir," I said.

Tweek chuckled before talking back to his father. "Come on, let's save the others," Tweek said.

"Right," I said. Going back to Cartman, I managed to find the key from his unconscious body. We all quickly opened up the cages and freed all the animals that were trapped here. I was worried that some of the jaguars were going to attack, but after witnessing what we did, they were kinda friendly, one of them even licked Tricia's face....though...I don't know if that's them being affectionate...or hungry.

"Is that everyone?" Kenny asked.

"That's all of them," I said.

" are we going to get them out of here when there's so many people here?" Karen asked.

"....Hey...Ken, remember back in high school you use to do that prank where you announced that there was a fire and everyone started panicking?"

"Well yeah, we didn't have classes for the rest of the day and I got detention for three weeks...why?"

"Gonna need you to send a little warning to the guests," I said.

We all headed to the control room, where Kenny grabbed hold of the microphone. We all looked at the cameras, seeing Tweek waiting for our signal.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yep," Kenny said. Taking a deep breath, he screamed, "Animals on the loose! We're all gonna die!" Kenny screamed.

Everyone started screaming and getting out of the building. We watched as everyone ran out in hundred, pushing and shoving, just so they could get out. I grabbed the walkie talkie and signaled Tweek to start moving.

"Go!" I said. Looking at the monitors, I watched as all the animals, led by Tweek, all ran up to the main floor and started wrecking shit up.

Gorillas were wrecking the slot machines, jaguars ripped up the curtains, macaws were shitting all over the tables, and monkeys were flinging things everywhere.

"Oh man, Cartman is sure going to have a fun time paying all of this off," Kenny chuckled.

"Yeah...right after he serves his time in prison," Kyle said.

I smiled as I watched Tweek, waving at the cameras with a big grin on his face.

We soon left the building, admiring the destruction the animals made. Once we were outside, we saw Tweek with his family, all of which were waiting for us.

"Tweek!" I ran towards him.

"Craig!" Tweek grinned.

"....Hey," I smiled.

"Hello," Tweek smiled.

"....Look...I really am sorry for everything. I should have stopped Cartman from trying to use you for profit, and...I wouldn't blame you if you started to dislike me, but just know that I really like you and I want to-" Tweek covered my mouth with his hand.

"You humans sure like to talk a lot. You need to relax and enjoy the moment," Tweek smiled. Tweek leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I was surprised, but I eased up and started kissing him back.

The gorillas and our friends started cheering for us, happy to see that we're together.

"Tweek...I love you," I said.

Tweek smiled, "and I really really like like like you," Tweek said.

"....Ha ha ha," I laughed, "dude, you can just say love you know," I said.

"I know," Tweek smiled.

We pulled away and Tweek turned back to his ape family. Taking a deep breath, he walked over towards them. Tweek talked to his father in his animal talk, he looked sad, but happy at the same time. He then looked at one of the other gorillas before walking over to them and hugging them, I assume that is Tweek's mother. With one last chest pounding, the gorillas all left, as Tweek waved them goodbye.

Tricia and I walked towards Tweek, grabbing his hand.

"What did you tell them?" Tricia asked.

"...I said...'thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for being my new mother, brother, sister, and father. Thank you for choosing to be my family...even when my old one is gone. I will never forget you, and I hope you'll never forget me. Even as I leave our family and to be with a new one, I will always consider you my family,'" Tweek said.

"....You gonna miss them?" I asked.

"...I will...each and everyday...but I won't be sad...for I have you and Tricia...and Kenny and Karen. You are all my family now," Tweek smiled.

"Well then...welcome to our family, Tweek," I said.

Tweek smiled, "Thank you for accepting me," Tweek grinned. He leaned forward to kiss me once more on the lips.

After we saved Tweek and the gorillas, we were able to get enough evidence to lock Cartman up for a long long time. News about Cartman's casino as well as evidence of him not putting enough safety procedures for all the other businesses he owns, Cartman was ruined, and his company was now up for sale. Luckily, thanks to Kyle, he managed to buy Cartman's company, and making sure all those who once worked for Cartman now worked for him.

I guess in the end, Kyle won. Oh how I wish I could see Cartman's face when he heard the news about Kyle buying his company.

Now that Kyle owned two companies, he needed someone to run the new one he bought, and surprisingly, he chose me to be his partner. I guess he heard about how much I did most of the work when Cartman was in control and thought I was more capable at buying property and stuff. I happily accepted his offer. Now that I was an owner of a company, the first thing I did was hire Kenny to be my right hand man, and I also did Butters a favor and gave him the secretary job, something I found out he enjoyed more than being an abused intern by Cartman.

The moment Butters and Kenny met, I swore...I saw sparks flying everywhere. Oh boy.

I heard Stan and Kyle got engaged, and were already planning on adopting a kid. I was happy for them, really...I just wish that Stan would stop throwing up whenever someone brings up about their future kid and junk. Jesus.

As for Tweek, well....with my help, I was able to start up a rock climbing business for him. There he'll teach many customers how to climb and stuff, he also teaches kids to climb, as well as swing around. He seemed happy with his new job...though...his people skills still need some work...and he definitely needs to know a thing or two about personal space.

As for me and Tricia, well...our lives our finally brightening up.

"Hey...what are you doing up so late?" I asked when I walked into the living room to find Tricia looking outside the window.

"Can't sleep," Tricia said.

"Oh? Nightmares?" I asked.

"No...I'm just not use to sleeping in a big room," Tricia said.

"You'll get use to it," I said.

"...Did we have to move? I kinda miss that small apartment of ours," Tricia said.

"I know, but with this place, Tweek has more space to swing around," I said.

"I guess..."

"Don't forget, once Kenny's lease ends next month, he and his sister will be moving in with us, meaning you and Karen will be spending more time together from now on," I said.

"That does sound nice," Tricia smiled.

"Milk?" Tweek surprised us as he hung upside down, holding three mugs full of warm milk.

"Get down there you," I chuckled as I grabbed two of the mugs and handed one to Tricia. Tweek got down and sat down next to me, we all watched out of the window. "The view is beautiful, isn't it?" I asked.

"'s just as beautiful as the view in the jungle," Tweek said.

"I'm glad," I smiled.

"Hey Craig, we still going to visit Tweek's family during in the summer?" Tricia asked.

"Of course, I mean I still need Tweek's parents' approval if I'm going to marry their son," I said.

"Oh you don't have to worry about that, for my family, our wedding rituals mainly involve us mating and leaving our love marks all over our bodies. So if you want us to get married, then be prepared a I decorate your body with my bites," Tweek said.

I blushed, "yeah that's not happening, especially with your sharp ass teeth," I said. Tricia laughed.

"When can we mate? My brothers never had to wait this long just to have sex," Tweek pouted.

"Yeah well I'm not fucking ready and you can just drop it," I blushed.

"Come on Craig, just let Kenny babysit me and get kinky with your jungle boyfriend," Tricia said.

"....I'm really curious on what Kenny is teaching you while I'm working, Trish," I sighed.

We all laughed and continued looking out the window. We all looked up at the sky, admiring the full moon.

" think mom and dad are happy with us?" Tricia asked.

I smiled, "I'm sure they are," I said.

" think my human mother and father are with your parents?" Tweek asked.

"I'm not sure...but wherever our parents are, I'm sure they're looking out for us, and are happy to see us alive and well," I said.

"...I hope my mom and dad are at peace," Tweek said.

"...Me too," I said as I hugged Tweek and pulled him in for a kiss.

With Tweek and I holding each other, and Tricia sitting in between us, we all happily looked out the window, admiring the view. We were happy, we were well, and we no longer have to worry about anything anymore.

Though it's weird to think that someone in your family was once a jungle man, in the didn't matter. For as long as we have each other and as long as we consider ourselves as a family, it doesn't matter where you came from or who you are. Just enjoy the present and looking forward to what's happening right now.

So mom, dad, and Tweek's parents. Wherever you are and if you're watching us, just know that your children are well and happy. Our once broken family has healed and have created a new one. So wherever you are, I hope you're happy with our new family.

The End.

Chapter Text

Once upon a time, there once was a king. A friendly man with a pleasant smile, had a beautiful wife, and a handsome child. His people adored the king, calling him kind, heroic, and a good man at heart. The king was very giving, as the people would say, no one has ever said anything bad about their precious king or his family.

The king was well-known across the lands, to have found treasure, much richer than gold itself. He called them coffee beans, rich with flavor, grind them up and add warm water, the taste was something the people loved. Kingdoms far and wide would come over to trade with the king in hopes of getting these coffee beans. These little beans with such a strong flavor were what gave the king his riches and his power over the land.

Sadly for the king, not everything last forever, for in another kingdom to the west, another kingdom have found coffee beans themselves, however, instead of adding just warm water to the grounded up beans, they added fruit, they added honey, and much more, giving coffee a different and more favorable flavor. News of the new flavors spread everywhere, including the king's very kingdom. Soon, the people would leave the king's kingdom to try this new type of coffee, as well as tasting many other delicious beverages and foods that were out there. As more and more kingdoms explore different types of flavors with food and drinks, the people in the king's kingdom diminished more and more each day.

The king became desperate, the king became angry, the king...became greedy. The day he brought these coffee beans to his kingdom, the fame and love he received filled his head. He enjoyed the compliments he got from his people, he enjoyed receiving gold and goods from neighboring kingdoms. Ah yes...the king has become mad with power. So of course, when news of these new coffee flavors and food items came about, the king became angry, and a demon was born inside his heart.

Fueled with anger and greed, he sent his knights to go to every kingdom, stealing all of their goods and treasures, and destroying everything, killing everyone inside. The king would tell his knights to not let anyone live, to kill everyone and take everything. Do not leave evidence that it was he who have sent his knights to destroy the kingdom, do not speak a word of the king's plan. The knights followed their king's orders, in fear of being beheaded by the king himself. So off the knights went, under oath they shall not speak of the king's plan. The knights would plunder each kingdom they were ordered to destroy and steal, killing the innocent people inside. It does not matter if you were old, if you were a woman, or if you were a child, the knights swung their swords until blood stained them and their armor.

Even as the people screamed, even as the people begged for their lives, even as the people swore they would not speak a word of this, the king did not listen, he did not care. His knights pillage and plundered the kingdom, stealing all the treasure inside. Killing everyone, even the animals that were there. Once the knights stole everything, and the people were all killed, they would return to the king at night, when the people were asleep. They offer the stolen good to their king, showing their loyalty for him.

The next day, the king would announce his new discovery to his people, he would offer the same food and drinks that the other kingdoms had, saying that he now has them too. This made his people excited, and soon his people returned, and his numbers started to grow. The king was loved once more, even when his people do not know about the king's demon side, not even his family knew. The only ones who knew were his knights, the king himself, and the ghost of those he has killed.

One day, the king ordered his knights to steal all the chickens from a kingdom in the south, after hearing about how large these chickens were, much larger than the ones he owned. His knights listened to his orders and off they went to the kingdom in the south. Just like the kingdoms before, the knights set fires to homes, they slashed people's heads off, raped the women, stole from those that were already poor, and even snapped a babies neck.

Leave no one behind, the king demanded, and that was exactly what his knights did. They made sure to not let anyone live. They killed the king, they killed the queen, they killed the princess, and they especially killed the people.

"Is that all of them?"

"I checked every home here, there is no one left."

"We've gathered all the chickens and gold, shall we head back now?"

"Well since there is no one left, I believe it's time to report back to our king."

"For our king!" The knights clanked their swords before riding their horses back to their kingdom, a trail of bleed followed them.

The knights believed they have killed everyone in that kingdom, the people, the king, queen, and the princess, but they forgot one person, who hid underneath the castle after his father placed him there. They have forgotten the young prince.

"....Mother? Father? Sister?" The young prince walked around his empty castle, but all he saw was blood decorating the floors and walls, and piles of bodies, most of which were missing their heads. The little prince stumbled upon a room where he let out a terrified gasped. Laying just before the throne, were the bodies of his father, mother, and youngest sister. "" The young prince wailed as his entire body started to shake.

When the young prince heard the knights leaving, he watched them from the shadows. He got a glimpse of their armor and knew immediately which kingdom they came from. The boy was shocked to realized that the kingdom where the beloved king lived was the one who sent these knights to destroy his home. Once the knights all left, leaving a trail of blood behind them, the young prince stood there, anger filled his heart.

"For my father, my mother, my sister, and my people...I will kill the king of the north. I will kill king Tweak."

The boy swore to kill the king, and he grew up, preparing for his revenge.

The young prince happily walked around the small village, greeting his people with a dazzling smile. The people adored the young prince, saying how handsome the boy was, from his golden locks, his charming smile, and his lovely green eyes. The young prince was kind to his people, and everyone knew that once prince takes over the kingdom from his father, he will continue to be kind and bring peace all over the lands.

"Good morning," the prince said.

"Morning, my prince."

"Good morning, baker," the prince said.

"Good morning, my prince. May I offer you my tastiest breads?"

"You are too kind," the prince smiled as he takes the bread, "here," the prince handed the baker two pieces of gold.

"Thank you, my prince."

"Prince Tweek! Prince Tweek!" Two children ran towards the prince, with smiles on their faces.

"Hello young ones," the prince smiled.

"Prince prince, may I get a kiss on my head?" The young girl asked.

"Prince prince, could you show me your sword skills?" The young boy said.

The prince smiled, "For the kiss, here you go," the prince leaned forward to kiss the girl on her cheek. "For you, I'm afraid I can't, for I did not bring my sword with me," the prince said.

"Aw..." The boy pouted.

The prince smiled apologetically, "here," the prince handed the two kids the loaf of bread he received from the baker. "Be sure to share this with your families, okay?"

"Thank you, my prince!" The two children waved their prince goodbye before heading home. Seeing the two children warmed the prince's heart.

The prince continued his walk, greeting his people and admiring the shops that were around. He soon stopped at a stall where beautiful jewelry were on display. The prince had his eyes on a blue diamond ring, admiring how the ring shined.

"It would look lovely on you, my prince," the shopkeeper said.

"You think?" The prince smiled.

"Of course, anything would look lovely on you, for you are such a handsome prince," the shopkeeper said.

"You are too kind," the prince blushed. The prince picked up the ring and placed it on his finger, he held it above his head, admiring how the ring shined. "I'll take it, how much is it?"

"Oh for you, it cost nothing, you can have it for free," the shopkeeper said.

"Are you sure? I would be more than happy to pay," the prince said.

"Oh no, my prince. I could never ask you to pay me money. You may have the ring," the shop keeper said.

"Thank you," the prince smiled.

The prince waved goodbye to the shopkeeper and continued his walk. However, just before he could step any farther from the jewelry stand, he suddenly hear the shopkeeper screaming.

"Thief! Thief!"

"Thief?" The prince turned his head and noticed a hooded figure running away, as the shopkeeper pointed at them.

"Thief! He stole my necklace!"

"Oh no he isn't," the prince turned around and started chasing after the thief. "Stop! Stop in the name of the king!" The prince shouted.

The thief turned their head to look back, but didn't stop. They kept running and pushing people out of the way.

"Damn it," the prince said. He suddenly noticed a blacksmith and quickly ran towards him. "Sir, I must borrow one of your swords!"

"Of course, my prince," the blacksmith handed the prince a sword and the prince thanked him before continuing his chase.

"I said stop!" The prince exclaimed, trying to catch up, but with all these people in the way, it was difficult. "Damn...." The prince looked around until he noticed a path to his left. Judging from the direction the thief was running, the prince ran on the path to his left and hope to meet up with the thief with this shortcut.

When the prince saw the thief, he drew up his sword and blocked the thief from running any farther.

"Stop! You are under arrest for thievery!" The prince exclaimed.

Instead of stopping, the thief kept running at him, suddenly, the thief jumped over the prince, surprising him. The thief landed on the other side of the prince before continuing to run.

"That damn thief!" The prince exclaimed before running after the thief once more.

The prince was close, but the thief was a step ahead of him. The thief would push carts over, slowing the prince down. The thief would even throw fruits at the prince in hopes of slowing him down. However, no matter what the thief threw, the prince kept running and getting closer to the thief. Soon, the thief found themselves in a dead end, blocking between two houses and a fence in front of him. The thief tried turning back, but the prince had him cornered.

The prince drew out his sword and pointed it at the thief, "nowhere to run, thief."

"....Heh..." The thief suddenly drew out their sword and aimed it at the prince.

"....Okay then," the prince smirked before lunging at the thief.

The thief blocked the prince's attack and quickly turned to strike the prince, but the prince reacted fast and used his sword to block the thief's sword from hitting his neck. The prince then kicked the prince in the leg and tried striking him, but the thief rolled out of the way and then quickly swung his sword. The prince once again blocked it in a nick of time. The prince pushed the thief before swinging his sword, this time managing to slash at the thief's leg, causing the thief to bleed.

"Fuck!" The thief howled in pain and crouched down, clutching their bleeding leg.

The prince knew right away that the thief was a male because of their deep voice, but that didn't stop him from holding his sword up. "Give up now, boy?"

"Never!" The thief tried to strike at the prince, but the prince blocked and managed to knock the thief's sword out of his hand, throwing it far away. "Shit..."

"It's over, boy. Stay down or else," the prince said as he pointed his sword near the thief's neck.

"....Fuck," the thief raised his hands in surrender, knowing to listen.

"Good," the prince quickly searched the thief's pockets and bags before finding the necklace. "Honestly...stealing from an old woman, have you no shame?"

"....I had no choice, my prince," the thief said.

The prince sighed, shaking his head. "If you were that desperate for money, you should have come to my father, he would have been more than happy to give you money," the prince said.

The thief didn't say a word, he kept quiet, but the prince could feel the thief's eyes on him.

"My prince! My prince!" Two knights came running and met with the prince.

"My prince, are you alright? Is this the thief that we heard about?"

"It is. Please, you give this necklace back to the shopkeeper," the prince handed the necklace to the knight.

"Yes, my prince," the knight bowed his head and left.

"What about him, my prince? Do we execute him?"

The thief flinched and lowered his head. He looked afraid the moment the word execution left the knight's lips.

"....It's not for me to decide, it's up to my father," the prince said. The prince turned his attention back to the thief. "Boy, do you mind telling me your name?"

"......" The thief was silent.

"You better tell me your name and be cooperative, otherwise you will be hanged for this crime of yours," the prince said.

"...." The thief sighed before pulling back his hood to reveal his face. The prince was surprised when he saw the thief's face, if it weren't for the clothes, the prince would have thought this thief was a prince himself, from his dark raven hair to his dark blue eyes, and his perfect smooth skin. The thief was beautiful, the prince will admit, but he was still a thief nonetheless. "My name is Craig, my prince."

"...Well Craig, as much as I would love to let you go since all you did was stole one necklace, you still did a terrible crime, even threw fruit at me. I'm sorry, but...I have to take you to my father," the prince said.

"...." The thief doesn't say anything, he simply let the knight tie his hands with rope before pushing the thief forward.

The prince followed them, he couldn't help but noticed the blank look the thief had the entire way.

Once the prince and the thief reached the castle, the thief stood before the king and his wife. The king examined the prince, and listened to what his knights had to say, as for the prince, he stood by the sides, waiting to hear what punishment the thief was to receive.

"Stealing from an old woman? Doesn't that sound a bit too harsh, my boy?" The king asked.

The thief didn't look at him, he lowered his head before muttering, "yes, my was."

"...You know...the punishment for thievery in my kingdom is death," the king said.

The thief closed his eyes, almost as if he was accepting it. "Yes, my lord, I know."

"....However...I noticed something that my knights found in your bags. Aside from the necklace, we seemed to have found many expensive goods, which I assume does not belong to you?"

"No, my lord, they do not," the thief said.

"How did you get them?" The king asked.

"...I stole them, my lord," the thief opened his eyes and looked straight at the king's face.

"....I'll are very impressive my boy. You managed to steal all of these items without getting noticed and without the people noticing they are missing. You have very sneaky hands, hands that could be of use to me," the king said.

"Father?" The prince turned his head towards his father.

"My does being one of my knights sound to you?"

"Father!" The prince stood forward, "y-you can't let this thief be one of our knights! He stole from an old woman! He must be punished!"

"Now Tweek, I am in charge and I know exactly what I'm doing. Besides, I always thought you were against punishment by death," the king said.

"I-I am...b-but he-"

"Enough, my son. Please keep quiet, I must hear this boy's reply," the king said. He turned his head towards the thief, "what do you say? Will you joined my court and be one of my knights?"

"....I would love to, my lord," the thief didn't smile, he didn't even bat an eyelash, he simply bowed his head, thanking the king.

"Excellent," the king smiled, "now...what is the name you go by, my boy?"

"Craig Tucker, my lord," Craig spoke.

"Well sir Tucker, from now on, you are the king's knight. You shall fight for the king and you shall die for the king. You understand?"

"Yes, my lord," Craig said.

"Excellent. You there," the King points to one of his knights.

"Yes, my lord," the knight bowed his head.

"Please take Craig here to his new living quarters and help him settle in. Also bring him food and our finest coffee, the boy must be starving."

"Yes, my lord," the knight guided Craig to the knights' living quarters.

"Tomorrow, my dear Craig, you shall start your training, so be prepared."

" lord," Craig said and continued to follow the knight.

The moment the knight and the thief left, Tweek once again stepped forward, fuming in anger.

"How could you have let that thief go so easily!? What if he ends up stealing from us right under our noses!?" Tweek exclaimed.

"Tweek, a prince does not raise his voice," the queen spoke in a gentle voice.

"Mother, please convince father that what he did was ludicrous!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Tweek," the king stood up and walked over towards his son. He placed his hand on his son's shoulder, "I know this seems odd, turning a thief into a knight, but my boy, his skills are much needed. Times are changing my dear son, peace does not last for long. One of these days, we will have to ready ourselves for war."

"....But why him? Why turn him into a knight? He didn't even seem to appreciate the offer," Tweek said.

"Don't worry my son, though his attitude is questionable, after we whip him into shape and teach him to be loyal to the king, he'll change his tone. Besides, his thievery skills could prove to be very useful to us, just you wait," the king said.

"...I really hope you know what you're doing, father," Tweek said.

"Trust me my son. Once that Craig fellow knows just how wonderful I am, he'll learn to obey my law and be loyal, just like my other knights."

As the king reassured his son that everything was going to be alright, the prince decided to let it go, but he still couldn't help but be worried that the thief would try something later on.

Meanwhile, with the knight and the thief, the knight led the thief to the sleeping quarters where all the knights were. The knight assigned a bed to the thief, telling him that he shall be staying here.

"This is your bed, don't forget it and don't switch with anyone, got it?" The knight said in a harsh tone.

"....." Craig didn't say anything, he simply placed his belongings onto his new bed before sitting down.

"Quiet huh? Good, I don't want to hear word from you. I don't care if the king himself appointed you as his knight, you are still a thief in my eyes."

"....." Craig continued to not say anything, and simply sat on the bed, staring at the wall in front of him.

"Alright you, I'll be getting you food, you better appreciate how generous our king is to you," the knight said.

"...Generous..." Craig whispered, barely audible to the knight.

The knight sighed and proceeded to leave, leaving Craig all on his own. As Craig sat on his new bed, he looked around. The smell of sweat, dirt, and possibly blood filled his nostrils, making him feel queasy. After making sure Craig was alone, Craig took out a piece of cloth with a royal crest printed on it. The crest was of a kingdom that has fallen many years before, a crest that was forgotten by everyone, all except for the thief himself.

"Father, mother, sister...I will avenge you," Craig said as he kissed the cloth and started to pray. 

His heart has become cold as he grew, even when he turned into a thief, his mind and heart wanted revenge. No matter what, even if he was punished by death, the prince now turned thief, will play the role of the king's knight, and once he gets the king's trust, Craig will be sure to stab the king in his heart.

The next morning, Craig awoke when he hears the other knights waking up very early in the morning and have begun training. Since it was Craig's first day of training, he wasn't use to waking up so early and was having a difficult time getting up.

"Come on, boy. It's time to train," the oldest knight said.

"Must it be this early, sir?" Craig asked.

"Yes, we train before the sun rises," the knight said.

"What about breakfast?" Craig asked.

"We don't eat until we had at least an hour worth of training."

"A-an hour!?" Craig was shocked.

"No complaining, boy. Get your ass up and put on your armor," the knight said as he pushed Craig forward and ushered him to get ready.

Knowing to not anger the other knights or stall, Craig quickly put on the armor that the knights brought him. It fit him perfectly, though was still very heavy and slightly tight around the waist. Still, Craig did not complain. He does complain once he got to work.

"Ugh!" Craig fell down after being knocked over.

"Come on, boy, have you never defended yourself during a fight before?"

"I never had to fight anyone," Craig said, picking himself up, though was a bit difficult because of the heavy armor.

"Well my boy, now that you're a knight, you must know how to fight and know how to defend yourself. So try to block my attacks this time," the knight said.

"Fine," Craig sighed as he picked up his wooden sword and got ready. The knight swung his fake sword and Craig quickly blocked it, however, when the knight quickly turned and strike Craig in the side, Craig fell over once more. "Damn it!" Craig took off his helmet and threw down his wooden sword. "This is hard!"

"No complaining boy, the king trust us to protect him, his family, and his people. So get up and try again," the knight said.

"Damn the king, damn his family, and damn these people!" Craig shouted.

The knight froze before glaring at Craig. The knight that was training with Craig suddenly took out his real sword and pointed it at Craig's neck.

"I'd hold my tongue, boy. If the king heard of you speak that way of him and his family, it is your head."

"...." Craig went silent as he stared at the sword, feeling his sweat forming on his forehead. "Forgive me, I take back my words."

"Good..." The knight put his sword away and picked up the wooden sword. "Now...let's try again."

Craig spent the next hour getting hit and falling over. He still didn't know how to block or fight.

Once breakfast was ready, all the knight gathered in the dining area and enjoyed the meal that was served to them. Craig painfully grabbed his serving and looked around to find a place to sit. He found an open spot and hurried to sit down.

One of the knights noticed him and had a smile on his face, "so, you must be excited to be a knight, huh?"

Craig didn't say at first, but knew he should reply. "Not really, being a knight seems...difficult," Craig said.

"Indeed it is, but an honorable role, especially if the king grants you knighthood," the knight said.

Craig flinched at the mention of the king, his mood becoming sour. He couldn't help but speak the words that left his mouth. "What's so great about this king, anyways?" The table fell silent when Craig spoke those words.

"I thought I told you to not speak in that tone, boy, unless you want your tongue to be cut off," the head knight said.

"Yes boy, just because you weren't born into our kingdom doesn't mean you have the right to speak about our king in such a way."

"The king is kind!"

"The king is generous!"

"The king is a good man!"

"...The king is nothing but a dirty rat," Craig muttered. However, it seemed he didn't say it quietly enough for the knight sitting next to him suddenly slammed the table and grabbed Craig by his hair.

"You want die, boy?"

"N-no..." Craig grunted in pain as he tried to pull back, but that only caused the knight to keep pulling his hair.

"Then watch you tongue. If we hear you speaking ill of our king anymore, we won't hesitate to kill you. You got that?"

"Y-yes..." Craig said.

"...." The knight pushed Craig's head away. The knight suddenly picked up Craig's food and threw it to the ground. "After breakfast, you are to stay here and clean that up."

"...Yes sir," Craig said. Once all the knights settled down, Craig left the table, knowing fully well that he was not wanted.

Standing near the door, the prince was there. He couldn't help but be worried about the thief and wanted to make sure the thief wasn't up to something, however, he was surprised to see the hostility of his knights towards the thief, and the prince couldn't help but feel bad.

The thief ended up eating the remainder of his breakfast away from the other knights.

Once all the knights left and headed back outside to train some more, Craig stayed behind, having to clean the mess one of the knights made. Once everyone was gone, Tweek came inside the room, looking at Craig, who hasn't noticed him yet. As Tweek walked closer, he froze when he hears sniffling.

"...." Tweek was surprised to see the thief crying, wiping his eyes as he continued to scrub the floors. The sight actually broke the prince's heart. "Are you alright?"

Craig was startled and turned his head towards the prince. "My prince!" Craig bowed his head, making sure to not show his face.

"Please...raise you head," Tweek said.

"...Forgive me about the mess, I'll be sure to clean it up," Craig said.

"But why are you cleaning it up when it was someone else who made the mess?"

"...You saw that?"

"I did...and heard everything," Tweek said.

Craig sighed, "Forgive me, I did not mean to speak ill of your father."

"It's fine. I understand that not everyone has the same views of my father as most people here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions," Tweek said.

"Yeah well...if people were free to say what they thought about the king, I'm sure they would be hung for it," Craig sighed.

"...Let me ask you this...why do you dislike my father?" Tweek asked.

Craig clenched the scrubbing brush in his hand, feeling anger in his heart. "Your father....he did something...horrible to me...a long time another kingdom," Craig said.

"Not my father! He's a kind and generous man, there must be a mistake," Tweek said.

"...." Craig wanted to tell the prince that his father was nothing more but a murderer and a thief, but knew that if he did so, he could never fulfill his plan for revenge. "Whether it was a mistake or not, what he did was just...unforgivable," Craig said.

"...Well maybe if you talked to my father, you two can make peace," Tweek said.

Craig did not want to make peace with his family's murderer, he wanted the king's head on a stake. "I would love to, my prince, but...until I can be a worthy knight for your father, I don't think I can speak to him," Craig said.

" is your training going?" Tweek asked.

"A load of horse shit it is," Craig muttered.

Tweek stared at him before laughing, "you are very honest with your words, aren't you?"

"I guess, though my words have gotten me into a lot of trouble, especially now with those knights. I believe they hate me now...and I don't think they want to train me any longer," Craig sighed.

"Well that doesn't sound good, you'll never be able to make peace with my father if you don't become a proper knight," Tweek said.

"Well what can I do? If none of the knights will teach me, then I might as well go back to being a thief...or be hung if the king wishes," Craig said.

"....How about this," Tweek cleared his throat, "why don't I teach you to be a knight?"

"You?" Craig scoffed.

Tweek frowned, "yes me, I'll have you know that I've been training with the knights when I was a young boy."

"Why on earth did you do something like that?"

"So I can learn to fight and defend myself, of course. It was my father's idea actually, and I'm thankful he told me to train with the knights. Now I know how to fight and use a sword, if you recall from when we first met."

"How can I not? I still have the sword wound on my leg here," Craig said.

"I apologize for that," Tweek said.

"It's fine, I deserved it," Craig said.

Tweek smiled, "so how about it? Would you like to be trained by me?"

"...Are you going to be hard on me?" Craig asked.

"Well...not as much as the head knight has been, but I'll still be pushing to do better, if that's what you're asking," Tweek said.

Compared to the knights and the prince, Craig thought that being trained by the prince might be more beneficial, especially since he might be able to find information about the king if he hung around the king's son.

"I'd love for you to train me, my prince," Craig bowed his head.

Tweek smiled, "please, call me Tweek."

Thus, the prince became Craig's tutor into knighthood.

Craig’s training with the prince began, however, because of the prince’s busy schedule during the day, the two only had time to train together during the night when everyone in the castle has fallen asleep. The two would end up either meeting at the prince's room or in the gardens where the prince knew they wouldn't be disturbed.

”Ugh,” Craig winced in pain as his head hits the ground after the prince had managed to knock him off of his feet.

”Oh come on, you barely blocked my attack, even a squire knows how to block a simple attack like that,” Tweek sighed.

”Piss off!” Craig exclaimed, throwing down his wooden sword.

”Careful. You do realize who you are speaking to, yes?”

Craig let out a tired sigh, “forgive me, my prince. I haven’t been able to get much sleep ever since I started training under you, and it doesn’t help that I still train with the other nights every morning. Maybe I’m not cut out to be a knight.”

Tweek poured himself a cup of water before walking back towards the boy, he offered the cup to the boy, who accepted the cup happily.

”Forgive me for not being able to train you during the day, young knight, but I must attend to business with my family during most days, and people will start talking if they see you and I together all the time,” Tweek sighed, “besides, I am training myself you know. Training to be a king once my father retires.”

Craig takes a sip of water as his expression shifted at the mention of the king, “pardon me for my rudeness, are quite different from your father.”

Tweek looked at him before smiling, “both I and my father are considered kind men to our people, but everyone would say that I’m the kindest.”

”Why is that?” Craig asked.

”I guess it’s because I do not believe those who commit a small and simple crime deserves death as their punishment, I believe they have honorable reasons for why they committed a crime. Either to feed their family or because they have a sick mother, how could I ever take the life of someone who simply had a noble reason?”

"...Is that why you had a look of worry when you told me that the punishment for thievery is death?" Craig asked.

Tweek looked at him, "though I still think you deserve punishment, I don't think you deserve to die for trying to steal a very cheap looking necklace."

"...." Craig let out a sigh and took another sip of water, he looked up at the gorgeous full moon, "I can already tell that you'll make a better king than your father."

Tweek smiled, "you think so?"

"Indeed. A more honest and trustworthy king. I wouldn't mind fighting for you," Craig said.

"....I know that my father can't always be honest with his words, I even remember him lying to me about what happened to my bird. He said that my bird escaped his cage and flew out of the window, but I soon realized that that was not the case. My bird died after a stray cat found itself inside the castle. I hated my father for lying to me and for not letting me bury my bird, but I eventually believed that my father only lied to me as to not hurt my feelings," Tweek said.

"...Though there are lies that are so small that they aren't very important, there are lies that can ruin families...and destroy homes," Craig said.

"...Has something like that happened to you?" Tweek asked.

"...Yes," Craig sighed. Memories of the blood, his family, and his people flashed in his mind. His heart clenched at the memories, the memories of the king's knights killing everyone he loved.

"I'm so sorry to hear that," Tweek looked at the boy with saddened eyes, "are you alright?"

"...No..." Craig said, as he closed his eyes, trying to prevent himself from crying. "For every time I close my eyes, I still see them...I still see the memories...the pain...the horrors. The nightmares fill my head until I can no longer take it anymore. I cannot sleep...and I will not be able to sleep until the man who is responsible for my misery is dead," Craig said.

"...Revenge will never bring your love ones back, Craig."

"...Even so...I must avenge them...for their deaths have no reason. They didn't deserve to die," Craig clenched his wooden sword, his hand was shaking.

"...Do you want to break something?" Tweek asked.

"Yes...I do," Craig said, clenching his teeth.

"Well then...go ahead and break whatever you see fit," Tweek said.

Craig froze, "I do not have money to pay for the damages," Craig said.

"You don't have to pay me back, I'm the prince, I can afford to replace all these useless items here. Now you gonna break something or what?" Tweek said.

"...." Holding onto his wooden sword, Craig swung it around, knocking over vases, tables, and chairs. When it was enough, Craig would jump on the chairs, destroying them completely, he would rip out the curtains and shred them, he would break the tables until the legs broke off. "Fuck you!" Craig shouted, letting all his anger out.

"That's it! Keep smashing!" Tweek exclaimed, even handing Craig a vase for him to destroy.

"Monster! Fucker! Bastard!" Craig shouted. He nearly destroyed everything in the room, all except for the furniture that was impossible to destroy by hand, the bed, and a painting. Craig glared at the painting, seeing the king's smiling face. Grabbing the wooden sword, he started running towards it, ready to destroy the painting. "Ah!"

"W-wait!" Tweek quickly jumped in before Craig could get any closer. "Please...not that father gave it to me as a birthday gift," Tweek said.

"....." Craig stared at the painting, seeing the happy looking king with his wife and child, oh how Craig wanted to rip that smile off the king's face, but not wanting to upset the prince, he lowered his wooden sword and let out a breath. "Forgive me, my prince...I believed I went too far here," Craig said as he noticed the mess he made.

Tweek smile, "do not worry, when my father comes in, he'll believe it was I who destroyed my room," Tweek said.

"Why would he believe that?" Craig asked.

"...I may have a habit of destroying my room every other day," Tweek said.

"What? Why?" Craig asked.

Tweek smiled, "you don't actually think I'm nice all the time, right? Even I need to release some stress I kept inside," Tweek said.

"...." Craig was surprised, he never thought he'd hear that the perfect prince can also have a couple of flaws. At that moment, Craig believed he and the prince were equals. "....Shall we practice some more?" Craig said.

Tweek smiled, "that's the spirit," Tweek said.

The two stood up straight and grabbed their wooden swords. They took their stance and continued their training. Just as Tweek was about to strike Craig, Craig finally managed to block it and then pushed Tweek away.

"Very good!" Tweek grinned, "if you keep this up, my father might even make you his number one knight. Then once you and my father get along and he completely trust you, he might even help you avenge you family, if you like," Tweek said.

"....Heh...if the king does help me find the monster who killed my family, I'd be very grateful," Craig smiled.

"That's the spirit, so no more hating my father for something minor or whatever it was, okay?" Tweek said.

" prince," Craig said.

The two continued sparring throughout the night. Though one was unaware of the truth, the other knew it was for the best. As much as Craig hated lying to someone like the prince, he knew he can't tell him that the king was the one who ruined his life, that it was he who killed his family.

For now, Craig needed the prince's trust if he were to get close to the king. Even if it felt evil, Craig was going to use the kind prince to kill the king.

It's been a couple of weeks since Craig started training with Tweek, and his sword skills have improved quite a bit. Training with Tweek was much helpful than training with the other knights, who would at times refuse to train Craig and just have the boy clean their armor and weapons, not that Craig minded since he did not like training with the other knights.

Still, when he's not training and is cleaning, he couldn't help believe this was a waste of his valuable time. Craig needed to come up with a plan on how to get the king's trust, he already got the prince's trust, but that wasn't enough.

As Craig was cleaning the knights' shoes, he suddenly hears someone singing in the distance. Curious, Craig stood up and walked around, in search of whoever was singing. When Craig reached the garden, he was surprised to see the queen, who was tending to the flowers, singing in such a gentle voice.

The queen hummed, and it almost felt like the birds were singing with her. Craig felt all his tension melting away as he listened closely. Craig has heard that the king's wife was known for having a beautiful singing voice, but actually hearing it in person, Craig truly believed.

"...I know you're back there," the queen spoke.

Craig flinched and quickly got out of his hiding spot, "forgive me, your highness. I didn't mean to eavesdrop, I shall return to my work," Craig said.

"...Young you like my song?" The queen turned around, smiling at the boy.

"...Yes, your the people have said, your voice sound exactly like the angels," Craig said.

The queen laughed heartily, "an angel? Is that what the people are saying? My...such words," the queen said as she continued to water the flowers.

"'s do have a wonderful voice, my lady," Craig said.

"Oh? Well what about your mother? Don't you think her voice is nice when she sings?"

Craig's heart clenched, " mother rarely sings, but she did have a strong voice," Craig looked down. The memory of his mother brought him pain, he felt his heart being pierced when he thinks about her, wishing he could hear his mother's voice once again, wishing he could hear her sing, wishing he could hear her scold him, wishing to see her once more.

"...Young your mother...gone?" The queen asked.

Craig sniffled, he wiped his eyes, not realizing he was crying, "Y-yes...a long time ago...I was ten years old when she died," Craig said.

"Oh my...I'm sorry," The queen walked over to the young boy, she surprised him by giving him a hug, "I know it's hard to lose someone you love, but not everything last forever, young man."

"....B-but why did she have to die? She didn't do anything wrong...and she just...they...t-they..." Craig was shaking.

"'s alright...let it out, let your tears out," the queen spoke in a soft voice. Craig did let his tears out, crying as the queen held him tight. Craig hugged the queen in return, crying harder at the memories. "You know...I cried a lot when my mother and father died a long time ago...they never even got a chance to see their grandson before they passed away...and to this day...I still remember them and everything they have done for me," the queen said.

"H-how do you get this awful feeling?" Craig asked.

"...You don't...but you learn to live around it. My dear boy, even if your mother is gone, you must keep moving forward. Do not think too much on the past and focus on your bright future...and then...good things will happen," the queen smiled.

Craig sniffled, "did a good thing happen for you?" Craig asked.

The queen smiled, "I met sweetest man who loved me and stayed by my side when I was going through hard times. My husband never once left my side when I cried."

"....." Craig doesn't say anything, he didn't know what to say. He simply looked down, tears falling from his eyes.

The queen wiped Craig's tears away, and surprised him when she placed a gentle kiss on his head. "If you ever want to hear me sing, come to the gardens. I would be more than happy to sing for you, my dear boy."

"....Thank you, my lady," Craig bowed his head once the queen let him go. He excused himself before returning to his duty. Once the queen was out of sight, Craig wiped his tears and tried not to think about his family, he cannot show weakness, not now at least.

Still, Craig was glad to know that he got the queen to trust him. Now he needs to get the other knights to trust him, and he'll soon be a step closer to his revenge.

Craig was once again training with Tweek during the night, they decided to train in the garden since Tweek's room was messy after Tweek destroyed it this time. Craig didn't mind the change in environment, he preferred being outside.

"You remember what we did yesterday, right?" Tweek asked.

"Of course," Craig said.

"Good, let's see if you have improved," Tweek said.

Craig took out his wooden sword and lunged at Tweek, Tweek blocked his attack and pushed Craig away, but Craig managed to get his balance back before striking once more, almost hitting Tweek in the head. Craig then kicked Tweek in the chest, pushing him away before he brought up his sword and was ready to strike, but before he could get Tweek, Tweek used his wooden sword to jab at Craig's stomach.

"Damn it," Craig sighed.

"You didn't improve at all," Tweek sighed.

"Forgive me, but it's difficult to practice when the other knights don't allow me to practice with them," Craig sighed as he poured himself and the prince a cup of water.

"They aren't letting you train with them? Why didn't you tell me this?" Tweek asked.

"You were busy, besides, as long as I'm getting some training, it doesn't matter if I'm training with the other knights or not," Craig said.

"Craig, it isn't just about getting better at using a sword, it's also about building trust and working together. You can't defeat an army if there's only one knight, you need a whole squad in order to have a proper fight," Tweek said.

"Well what do you want me to do about it? The knights still hate me after I spoke badly about the king," Craig said.

"...Then...maybe you can try apologizing?" Tweek suggested.

"Apologize for what? They were the ones who overreacted, all I did was say one word about the king, and immediately they were ready to cut my head off!" Craig exclaimed.

"Craig, the relationship between a king and his knights is that one is loyal to the other, no question about it. If someone were to talk badly about the king, of course the knights will react. That bond between king and his knights is strong and important. Remember that," Tweek said.

Craig sighed, "being a knight seems more troubling than I thought..."

"Well it's too late to turn back now, especially when my father is keeping a close eye on you," Tweek said.

"He is?" Craig felt nervous, did the king knew was what he thought.

"Yes, he's quite happy to see you making progress, and can't wait to have you go out on the field. He just wish you would show your loyalty for him, that's all," Tweek said.

Craig sighed, "I do want to give my loyalty to the king....but the memories of my home is too much for me to bare. For in my heart, my loyalty belongs to only one king, my king," Craig said.

"...From your kingdom?" Tweek asked.

"Yes," Craig said.

"...You never talk about your kingdom that much, nor talk about your king and his family. What were they like?" Tweek asked.

"...I don't know if I can speak of the fallen royals, remembering how they's too much," Craig said.

"....Did they die as well as your family?"

"My entire village was killed because of...of the monster," Craig said.

"My god...what kind of man could do such a thing," Tweek muttered.

"...Indeed," Craig said.

"Well don't you worry, once you become a true knight, I know my father will help you search for that evil man, and he shall be punished for the crime he committed," Tweek said.

"....I thought you said you dislike giving people punishments," Craig said.

"No, I said that I dislike giving people the death penalty, however...I do not mind giving a man like that a painful death," Tweek said.

"Glad we see eye to eye," Craig smiled.

Tweek smiled and sat down on one of the metal benches. "Please...tell me about your old kingdom, your village...your king. I would love to know about them."

"....You really want to know?" Craig asked. Tweek nodded. "....Fine...I'll tell you the story about the great king and his family. I'll tell you the story about the fallen kingdom."

Tweek sat up straight, looking at Craig intently, ready to hear the knight's story.

"....There once was a kingdom...proud and strong. The people were neighborly, and everyone were considered friends. The people would laugh and sing, he children would skip merrily, even the animals looked happy to be living in such a kingdom. However, the one family that loved their kingdom most of all were the ones that ruled over it. The king, the queen, the princess....and the prince."

"Sounds like a lovely kingdom," Tweek smiled.

"...It was," Craig smiled sadly. "The king was a huge man, strong and brave, he was never afraid of anything, and even dared to challenge anyone that said were the strongest. The people respected him. The queen, she was the most beautiful woman you'll ever gaze your eyes on, hair like silk, lips as pink as a rose, and skin so fair. The people admired her beauty, but also admired her strong voice. The princess, a troublemaker she was, but because of her age and adorable face, the people could never stay mad at her, even when she did something naughty. The princess was loved by all."

"...And the prince?" Tweek asked when he noticed that Craig didn't say anything.

"....Then there was a prince," Craig started, "that's it."

"What? How can you not mention the prince? Wasn't he loved?" Tweek asked.

"....He was loved by his family...but not by his people," Craig sighed. Craig looked up at the moon and stars, feeling his heart beating in his chest. "The people loved the king for how brave he was. The people loved the queen for how beautiful she was. The people loved the princess for how innocent she was. ....The people did not care much for the prince."

"Do they not know that the prince existed or something?" Tweek asked.

Craig shook his head, "there are those who knows of the prince's existence, but do not bother to care, and other just choose to ignore him entirely. The only ones who showed any interest towards the prince were the servants, his closest friends, and of course, his family," Craig said.

"Why is that? Why does the people not care for the prince?"

"....The prince does not know why...but there were rumors. It was believed that the prince was weak, and would never make a good king. Some said that the prince was ill, and that he wasn't going to make it when he turns eighteen. Some would say that the king and queen wanted to hide the existence of the prince, to protect him from enemy kingdoms...and some...they believed that the prince wasn't a real prince at all...that he wasn't the king and queen's real son. A bastard child, they would say. All because the prince barely looked like either of his parents."

"That's...that' awful," Tweek said.

Craig sighed, "indeed it is. These are the reasons why the prince refused to step outside his home, why he refused to speak to his people, why he refused to have his portrait painted. There were times when the prince truly believed that he wasn't a real prince...that he didn't belong with his family...that he was merely a stranger...a bastard child," Craig said. " matter what the people say about him...the prince still cared for them, and he wanted...he desperately desperately wanted to prove to his people just how capable he was, and he hoped...he would prove himself once he becomes king," Craig said.

"....But now he can't..."

" he can't...for the kingdom...his people...his family, and....and himself....they all died...because of the monsters. Every last one of them died...all except for me....I managed to escape my death....but there are times where I wonder....if I should just die and join my people in the heavens above," Craig said.

"Why would you say that?"

"...The monster...the monster who did this...he is a man of power...killing him would be a difficult task...killing him would result in my getting killed in the process," Craig said.

"....Not unless you get the help from my father. He's a king and whoever this monster father will not stand for it, no matter how much power this monster has, he will get what is coming to him," Tweek said.

"....I hope so," Craig said.

As much as it pained Craig to hear the prince speak these words, knowing full well that the monster is Tweek's father, he just can't bring himself to tell the truth to the prince, not because he needed him for his plan, but because he knew that if the prince knew that the monster is his own father, the prince would be heartbroken.

Craig wanted to spare the prince's feelings, so he'll continue to be vague with his words, and hope to God that Tweek does not find out the truth. Even when it's all over and Tweek does eventually find out, Craig believed he would be fine if the prince came to hate him, if the queen came to hate him, if the entire kingdom came to hate him, for he knew that once he gets his revenge, he'll be at peace.

The next day, Craig decided to take the prince's advice at heart and decided to apologize to his fellow knights for what he said. Though he wasn't actually honest with his words, he needed to get the other knights on his side if he were to get close to the king.

"Forgive me for how I acted on my first day. I shouldn't have spoken ill of our beloved king. Though my heart still belongs to my former king...knowing now that my new king has accepted me into his kingdom with open arms...I can finally see why the king is an incredible man."

"...Are you telling the truth, young man?"

Craig looked up at him, blushing, "yes...I love the king and I will serve only him. My heart, body, and soul belongs to the king. I will be loyal to only him," Craig bowed his head.

"Raise your head, brother, you have proven your loyalty," the head knight smiled.

"We accept your apology, brother."

"Thank brothers," Craig smiled.

"To our newest knight and brother, let us all feast and give him a proper welcome!" The head knight exclaimed.

"Huzzah!" The knights cheered as they picked Craig up and led him to the dining hall for the welcome feast.

Watching the knights from above, Tweek looked out the window, and smiled at the young knight.

"Tweek, it's time for your mandolin lessons," the queen said.

"Yes, mother," Tweek said and hurried to his lessons, but he couldn't help but smile the entire time.

Things were going well for Craig. He already had the prince's trust, he already had the queen's trust, and he now has the other knights' trust. Craig's plan was going well, and soon, he'll be close to killing the king and getting his revenge.

Still, the guilt that Craig felt kept growing and growing each passing day. He knew that once he killed the king, the people that trusted him will soon want him dead, and Craig was perfectly ready for that day, however, whether the people come to hate him, in the end, he came to respect these people.

He admired the knights and their code of honor, even if it was their swords that killed his people, he knew they had no choice, but Craig does appreciate getting knight lessons from the knights, he now knows how to fight and defend himself, a very useful skill.

Craig also came to consider the queen his second mother for how nurturing she was towards him. She would sing for Craig whenever he came by, and she would even leave gentle kisses over his head. Though Craig will never forget his real mother, he was glad that the queen became his new one.

Both the knight and queen were people that Craig came to love and respect, but the one person he respected the most was the prince himself. It was the prince who taught Craig to fight, it was the prince who taught Craig about relationships with people, it was Tweek who taught Craig to control his anger.

Though Craig still doesn't understand why the prince was doing all of this for him, Craig appreciated it and came to respect the young prince. If Craig was reborn and Tweek became a king, Craig wouldn't mind being Tweek's knight and trusted ally, if Tweek will take him.

Craig was busy training with the other knight, when suddenly, Tweek appeared before them.

"Halt! It's the prince!" The head knight yelled. Everyone stopped fighting and bowed down before the young prince.

"Please rise, no need for that," Tweek smiled.

"Yes, my prince," everyone said, including Craig.

Tweek walked towards the knights before standing in front of Craig. Craig was surprised when Tweek took hold of Craig's hand. "I'm going to borrow him for a little bit, so excuse us," Tweek said as he pulled Craig forward. "Come on," Tweek whispered. Craig nodded and followed Tweek.

Once the two left the courtyard, Tweek let go of Craig's hand and Craig simply followed the prince.

"Is there something you need from me, my prince?" Craig asked.

Tweek stopped and turned around. Craig was surprised to see a distressing look on the prince's face. "I have a problem."

"Problem? What kind of problem?"

"A huge and very personal problem," Tweek said.

"Oh...well uh..don't you think you should get someone else to help you? Maybe a knight that's more capable of problems like this?" Craig asked.

"I can't, only you can help me with this," Tweek said.

"Oh...well uh...what is it that I need to do, my prince?"

"I need you to pretend to be my lover," Tweek said

Craig dropped the wooden sword that was in his hand. "W-what!?" Craig's face became red.

"I said pretend, you are not really going to be my lover," Tweek sighed.

"My prince, forgive but...why are you asking me to do such a thing!?" Craig asked.

Tweek sighed, looking annoyed, "there's this princess named Percy. She and I have known each other since we were children, however, over the years...she seemed to have feeling for me, and now she won't leave me alone whenever she comes to visit. I keep telling her that I'm not interested and that I wasn't ready for a romantic commitment, but she's a very stubborn girl," Tweek said.

"Y-yes do realize I'm a man, right?"

"It doesn't matter whether you're a male or female, you're the only one that is close to my age and Percy doesn't know you. If she believes you are my lover, she'll leave me alone and quit asking me to marry her all the time," Tweek said.

"Tweek, I can't do this...I can't pretend to be your lover," Craig said.

"Craig, if you do not do as I say, I will have your head cut off," Tweek said.

"....I thought you were against the death penalty," Craig said.

"I am...but that doesn't mean I'm completely against it," Tweek said, "so you'll do it?"

"....Fine," Craig sighed, "what is it that you need me to do?"

Tweek smiled, "first things first...I'm going to need you to change clothes," Tweek said.

"....." Craig felt nervous.

After Craig changed into clothes that he knew only the royal family wore, it felt weird for the boy. Though Craig has worn clothes like this a long time ago, he hasn't worn them ever since he left his kingdom. Wearing such fine silk, Craig felt as though he was not worthy to be wearing these type of clothes again.

"You look great," Tweek smiled.

"I feel like I'm suffocating," Craig said as he pulled at the collar."

"Just stay calm and it'll be over before you know it," Tweek said.

"I hope so, I already miss wearing my normal clothes," Craig said.

"Just do as I say and don't fuck this up for me," Tweek said.

Craig sighed, "whatever. Let's just get this over with."

The two left Tweek's room together and headed to the garden where Tweek's childhood friend was to be. Once the two reached the only tall tree in the garden, Craig noticed a beautiful looking girl standing underneath it.

"Percy!" Tweek called out with a smile on his face.

The girl turned her head and had a huge grin on her face. "Tweek!" Percy came running and gave Tweek a hug, pulling the poor boy into her arms. "I miss you! What took you so long?"

"Forgive me Percy, I was just bring my special guest here along," Tweek said, nudging at Craig to introduce himself.

"Good day, my lady. I'm Craig," Craig bowed his head.

"Nice to meet you, sir," Percy said, but wasn't looking at Craig at all. "Now Tweek...did you receive my letter?" Percy asked, smiling.

"...Yes Percy...I did," Tweek said.

"And?" Percy stood on her toes as she hugged Tweek's arm.

Tweek looked at her then at Craig. Tweek took a deep breath, "I'm sorry Percy, but I can't marry you."

Percy stopped smiling, "why not?"


"It's obvious we were meant for each other! Why do you not want to marry me? I'm much prettier than any other princesses you've met before, aren't I?"

"Y-yes, you are very pretty, Percy, but the truth" Tweek gulped as he looked at her then at Craig, who simply nudged him to continue, "...I can't marry you because...I'm in love with someone else," Tweek said.

"What!? Who!?" Percy frowned.

"...Him," Tweek grabbed hold of Craig's arm and pulled him closer.

"Him!?" Percy stared at Craig, looking at him from head to two. "You do realize that he's a man, right?"

"So what? I am in love with Craig, I do not care about his gender, and he doesn't care as well. We are in love, Percy, so please...please give up on me and just leave me alone," Tweek said.

"....Prove it," Percy said.

"What?" The two boys asked.

"I said, prove it. Prove to me that you two are lovers," Percy said.

"H-how exactly do you want us to prove it, my lady," Craig asked.

"...Give each other a kiss," Percy said.

"What!?" The two exclaimed.

"Percy, a kiss is very personal you know, w-we can't just...k-kiss in front of you," Tweek said.

"If you two kiss, I'll leave you alone and stop asking you to marry me, but if you two don't kiss, I'll know you're lying to me Tweek, and I'll have this bastard hung for trying to steal you away from me."

"W-what!? That's not fair!" Craig exclaimed.

"Craig!" Tweek nudged Craig in the chest. "You'll really leave me alone if I kiss Craig?"

"Yes," Percy crossed her arms and glared at the two boys.

"Tweek, I can't do this," Craig whispered.

"Well you have to, either we kiss or you get hung," Tweek said.

"Wait, she was serious about that?"

"When Percy say she wants to hang someone, she will make sure that it happens," Tweek said.

"Oh god..."

"Well? You two going to kiss or what?" Percy asked, getting impatient.

"Craig, forgive me," Tweek grabbed Craig's face and pulled him in.

Craig froze up immediately when he felt Tweek's lips on his. Craig was shaking as Tweek held him close, his entire face became hot as he closed his eyes and try his best to not think about it. However, as Tweek moved pushed his face closer and closer, Craig couldn't help but push back.

"...Okay...okay stop!" Percy exclaimed.

Tweek pulled away, he looked a bit dazed as he look at Craig, he touched his lips, wondering why they tingle. Tweek cleared his throat as he turned his attention back to Percy. "See? We're lovers, so please Percy, give up on trying to marry me. I can never love you...when I'm in love with someone else."

"...." Craig doesn't say anything, he just stared at the ground, his face was still hot.

"'re the cruelest man I've ever met. I hate you and...and your lover! You can both go to hell!" Percy exclaimed as she ran past the two, crying.

"Damn it...I didn't want her to cry. Craig, please head back to my room and wait for me, I have to go check up on Percy," Tweek said then chased after Percy.

"...." Craig stood there, frozen. He lifted up his hands to touch his lips, the feeling of Tweek's lips still lingered on his. Craig wasn't even sure why his heart was pounding or why this was bothering him, all Craig knew was that he wasn't very happy with Tweek at that moment.

Craig eventually does head back to Tweek's room, slamming the door behind him. Craig was breathing fiercely as he took off the clothes he was wearing, throwing it to the ground, he quickly grabbed his own clothes and quickly put them on. Even as Craig was now back to wearing his normal clothes, the anger he felt didn't go away. Craig thought of leaving, but remembered that the prince ordered him to stay and wait for him, but because of his anger, Craig wasn't sure if he wanted to listen to the prince.

Just as Craig was about to open the door, the door opened and Tweek quickly entered. Tweek had a huge smile on his face as he practically skipped inside his room.

"We did it! Percy is finally going to leave me alone! No more forced marriage proposals! I'm free!" Tweek exclaimed.

"....What about the girl?" Craig muttered.

"Well...she was crying, but after I talked it out with her, telling her that it wasn't her fault and that she'll always be my most important friend, she stopped crying and seemed to have forgiven me, however...she did say she won't be visiting the castle for awhile, not that I'm complaining," Tweek laughed.

"...Good for you," Craig sighed.

"....?" Tweek finally noticed the tone in Craig's voice, noticing how the boy wasn't looking at him, and had scowl on his face. "Craig? Are you alright?"

"Fine, may I leave now? I do have knight training to do," Craig said.

Tweek smiled, "oh you don't have to go back, now that Percy is gone, I don't have anything to do today, so you can stay here and we can train together," Tweek said.

"...I prefer to train with my brothers right now," Craig said.

"...What?" Tweek looked at him, he suddenly noticed that the clothes that Craig wore were all crumpled up and thrown on the floor. Tweek frowned, "what's wrong with you? Why are you in such a bad mood?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe because you forced a kiss on me!?" Craig glared at him.

"Well what could I do? If I didn't kiss you, she'd still be clinging onto me, and she would have you hung! I was trying to save the both of us!"

"Save us? You were just being selfish!" Craig exclaimed.


"Yeah, selfish! You couldn't just talk to this Percy girl and tell her straight that you didn't want to marry her, instead, you dragged me into your little romance quarrel and forced a kiss on me!"

"I did try talking things out with Percy, I told you that she was stubborn and wouldn't listen to me! And as for the whole forcing you to kiss me, I didn't see you fighting back or anything!"

"Only because I didn't want to die! But right now...I think I rather be hung than having to have my first kiss be stolen by the likes of you!"

"...Wait...that was your first kiss?"

Craig froze and his entire face went red. "Fuck you," Craig said before walking past Tweek and headed towards the door.

"Y-you can't talk to me like that! I'm your prince!"

"Yeah, a prince. You're not even a king, so you don't have any jurisdiction over me, so fuck you, my prince," Craig said.

"" Tweek was fuming with anger before grabbing a nearby vase and throwing it at Craig's head.

Craig quickly ducked and the vase smashed against the door. " could have killed me with that!"

"Well then, I better not miss with this one," Tweek said as he grabbed another case and threw it at Craig.

Craig quickly jumped away, avoiding the vase. "Stop that!"

"Make me!" Tweek shouted as he grabbed the pitcher and threw it. The pitcher hit the wall, pieces flying everywhere, and the water that was inside splattered onto the wall, floor, and Craig's clothing.

"Stop that! These are the only clothing I have you know!" Craig exclaimed.

"Ha! Clothes like that mean nothing to me since it isn't made with the finest silk!" Tweek grabbed one of the cups and threw it at Craig.

Craig quickly used his arms to shield his head as the cup hits his arms. "Damn you and your fancy clothes, I rather wear nothing than having to wear those tight clothing all the time!" Craig exclaimed.

"Well then, I can easily have that arrange for you if you want!" Tweek shouted as he grabbed the other cup and was about to throw it at Craig.

"Oh no you don't!" Craig ran towards the prince and grabbing his arm.

"Nng...let go you bastard!" Tweek shouted.

"Not until you drop the cup!" Craig exclaimed.

"I said let go!"

"Make me!"

The two glared at each other, tension filled the air as they were breathing rapidly, their breaths hitting the other in the face. Suddenly, without warning, Tweek dropped the cup and grabbed Craig's face, pulling him for a kiss. Craig wrapped his arm around Tweek's waist as he pulled him closer, returning the kiss.

The two pulled away, panting, faces flushed and their hearts pounding in their chests. A trail of saliva connected their red and swollen lips.

"....I still hate you," Craig said.

"Same here," Tweek panted. Tweek leaned forward once again for another kiss.

Craig led Tweek to the bed, laying the prince down. Craig showered the prince's neck with kisses and bite, causing the prince to let out a soft moan as he placed his hands into Craig's black hair, pulling the boy closer.

Tweek pulled on Craig's shirt, wanting it removed, and Craig did so. Tweek removed his own shirt, not caring if they get ruined, and he threw it to the side as he pulled Craig down, biting onto the knight's shoulder.

"A-ah..." Craig shivered as he placed his hands on Tweek's thighs. Craig looked down, his face grew hot when he noticed just how hard Tweek has become.

"You're staring," Tweek muttered as he placed a gentle kiss on Craig's chest.

"Forgive me, my prince...but...may I be so bold as to t-try something?" Craig asked as he rubbed Tweek's erection through his pants.

Tweek bit his lips as he let out a raspy moan, staring at the boy in front of him. "As your prince, I order you to suck," Tweek said. Craig happily obliged.

Craig pulled down Tweek's pants, admiring the prince's cock. Craig leaned forward to kiss the head. Craig went down, licking the base with his tongue. Craig hears Tweek gasped as Tweek tightened his grip into Craig's hair, almost pushing the boy's head down.

"Careful, you're going to rip my hair out," Craig said.

"Then hurry up, I want to feel the inside of your mouth," Tweek panted, looking very impatient.

Craig huffed but does open his mouth a bit to let the head of Tweek's cock inside his mouth. Craig used his tongue to lick the slit, tasting some of Tweek's cum in his mouth. Craig then started sucking the head using his tongue to lick around the head.

"A-ah!" Tweek suddenly pushes Craig head down, almost gagging the boy. Tweek noticed his mistake and quickly let Craig go, allowing the boy to pull back, coughing. "I'm sorry! I got excited," Tweek said.

Craig coughed, but didn't seem mad, "it's fine...I...I kinda like it," Craig blushed.

"...I see," Tweek flushed.

"May I continue?" Craig asked. Tweek nodded. Craig once again placed Tweek's cock inside his mouth, this time bring half of Tweek's cock into his mouth. Craig bobbed his head as he squeeze and rub Tweek's balls.

"A-ah! God!" Tweek moaned as Tweek leaned forward to leave kisses on Craig's back.

"Mmm...." Craig flushed as he felt his own cock begging to be touched. Craig took his cock out and started touching himself as he continued to suck Tweek's cock.

"Oh no you d-don't," Tweek panted as he leaned forward a bit and used his own hands to rub Craig's cock. Craig moaned when he felt Tweek's hand touching him, though Tweek was going at a painfully slow pace, Craig was getting excited. "Don't you dare touch yourself, only I can do that," Tweek said as he continue to kiss Craig's back, licking it, and biting down on Craig's shoulder.

"Mmff...." Craig gasped as Tweek squeezed his cock, so as payback, Craig sucked harder and took in more of Tweek's cock until the head was hitting the back of his throat.

"Oh...fuck..." Tweek panted as he shivered. Tweek quickened his pace on Craig's cock, causing Craig to shake as he felt his cock getting ready to release. "Gotcha," Tweek smirked as he squeezed once more, this time making Craig come.

"Mmmf!" Craig arched his back as he released, he was left in a daze, even when he still has Tweek's cock inside his mouth.

"My...a lot came out of you," Tweek said as he stared at his hand before bringing it close and licking it. "Tasty."

Craig blushed as he focus once more with the task at hand. Craig this time used his finger to penetrate Tweek's asshole, causing the prince to let out a gasp. Feeling bold, Craig inserted another finger as he continued to suck.

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" Tweek panted as he leaned back, grabbing hold of Craig's shoulder. With one last push of Craig's fingers, Tweek finally came, filling Craig's cheek with cum. "Oh god!"

Craig pulled back, coughing and letting the cum spill out of his mouth. Craig was panting as he looked at the prince, smiling.

"W-what are you smiling for? We're still not done here," Tweek said.

Craig smiled, "yes, my prince," Craig said as he leaned forward for a kiss.

After the two rounds of their love making, the two fell onto the bed, exhausted, yet satisfied. Craig laid on Tweek's bed, completely naked with only a blanket to cover his nude body. As for Tweek, he put his pants back on, but remained shirtless. The two laid on the bed, breathing softly as they stared up at the ceiling.

"You know...I've actually been wanting to do this with you for awhile now," Tweek admitted.

"What? Really? Why?"

"I don't have a handsome face...and I'll admit, whenever we train together, I would glance over whenever you take your shirt off," Tweek said.

"My...I never knew the sweet and kind prince was secretly a little imp," Craig said.

"What can I say, I'm only human," Tweek smiled. Tweek leaned forward and placed a kiss on Craig's lips. Craig smiled at him, but his smile faltered when he realized that this was not suppose to be happening, "what's wrong?"

"....We can't be together, Tweek," Craig said.

"Why not?" Tweek asked.

"There are many reasons as to why we cannot be together. You are a prince, I'm a commoner."

"Yes, but you're also a knight. Once my father officially announce you as one of his knights, you and I are free to be together," Tweek said.

" much as I would love that...we still can't be don't know me," Craig said.

"I do know you," Tweek said.

Craig sighed, "you don't know everything about me," Craig said.

"...Does it have to do with your past and family?"

"....Yes," Craig said, "Tweek...if you stay with me, I'll only break your heart."

"No you won't," Tweek said.

"...How do you know?" Craig asked.

Tweek sat up and stared at Craig, "because...from how I see it, you're only a boy who cared for his family and people, you are a boy who believes in justice and wants the right thing to happen, and even if there are those that do not believe in you, you will always stand up tall and look forward. To my mother, you are considered her second son, to the knights, you are considered as their brother, and to are someone I love," Tweek said.

"...." Craig felt his tears in his eyes as his heart clenched, "No one but my family has said such kind words to me in a long time..."

"Well you know what? They should start doing so. Because to me, are a very special person...and you are loved," Tweek said.

".....Tweek..." Craig sniffled.


"Will you stay with matter what happens in the future?" Craig asked.

Tweek smiled as he placed a kiss on Craig's head, "I will stay with you, always." Tweek laid back down, placing his head on Craig's chest, he grabbed Craig's hand, kissing the back of it while rubbing circles with his thumb. "I love you." Tweek closed his eyes, slowly falling asleep.

"....." Craig decided to allow himself to be happy, just this once. "I love you, Tweek." Craig then closed his eyes.

For the couple of months, Craig and Tweek relationship remained a secret from others. Whenever Tweek was free during the day, he would come to the courtyard to watch Craig train for a bit before making up an excuse and saying that he needs Craig for an urgent matter, when in reality, the two would head straight for Tweek's room, mess around and make love with each other.

Craig still trains with Tweek during the night, but whenever they they a break from training, Tweek would pull Craig in for a long and sensual kiss, which would then lead them to getting on Tweek's bed, and going beyond, forgetting about their training for awhile.

"At this point, I'll never be a knight if you keep luring me into your bed, my prince," Craig said.

"Mmm...I don't mind...I don't want to share you with my father anyways, I want you all to myself," Tweek said as he placed gentle kisses on the back of Craig's neck.

Craig chuckled before getting up and putting his clothes back on. "It's getting late, I need to go back to head to bed now," Craig said.

"Can't you sleep here?" Tweek asked.

"As much as I love how soft you bed is, I can't. We'll be find out if I stay in your room, my prince," Craig said.

"Just call me, Tweek, my love," Tweek said.

Craig smiled, "Tweek," Craig said.

"You..." Tweek pulled Craig in for a kiss. "Oh! I have a present for you," Tweek crouched down, grabbing something from under his bed. "Ta-da!" It was a dark blue helmet with a yellow feather on the top.

"W-what's this?" Craig asked as he takes the helmet and admire the look of it.

"It's a present. I wanted to give it to you for when father officially makes you his knight, but I couldn't wait. I can't wait for you to wear it," Tweek said.

"Tweek...I love it, thank you," Craig smiled.

Tweek smiled and got up to kiss Craig on the cheek, "I'll see you in the morning, my love."

"Goodnight," Craig said. Craig place a kiss on Tweek's forehead before leaving Tweek's room. With his new helmet in his hands, Craig headed back down to the knights' sleeping quarters.

"Craig! I'm surprised to see you up," Craig froze when he hears that voice, the voice he came to hate.

"My lord," Craig bowed down, he started gritting his teeth.

"You may rise, my boy," the king smiled. "Why are you still up?"

"Forgive me, my lord. The prince needed my assistance earlier and it took us awhile to finished what we needed to do," Craig said.

The king chuckled, "no need to lie, my boy...I know you and my son are lovers."

Craig blushed, "h-how did you-"

"Percy spoke of you two the last time she visited the castle," the king smiled.

"Oh god..." Craig said.

"Do not worry, I'm the only one she told, I made sure that she does not speak of this to anyone else," the king said.

"Thank you, my lord," Craig said.

"I'm a bit surprised, really...that my son has taken an interest in you, he never taken interest with...well...about anyone we introduce him to."

"Does my lord dislike the relationship between the prince and I?" Craig asked.

The king smiled, "no, of course not. I only want my son to be happy, that's all. So if you make him happy, then I'm perfectly fine with it."

Craig was taken back, here he was, talking to his enemy in a calming and almost pleasant manner. It was actually difficult for the young knight to hold any malice against the king at the moment.

The king truly was a kind man.

"I'm glad the king accepts our relationship. I truly care for your son, my lord," Craig said.

"Please, no need for the formalities, you can call me your father, since it seems we'll be a family very soon," the king smiled.

Craig flinched. The idea of this man being his father made him sick. "Of course...f-father," Craig said.

The king chuckled, "you are quite funny, my dear boy." The king patted Craig's back, but all the boy wanted to do was to cut off the hand that dared touch him. "You know...I've heard that your training is going very well, you even manage to beat the head knight the other day, didn't you?"

"Yes, my lord," Craig said.

The king smiled, "I can sense that you're quite strong, my boy....but I loyal are you?"

Craig was surprised by the question, but that didn't let him falter with what he was about to say, "I'm very loyal to you, my lord," Craig said. "I will fight for you and die for you, if that is what you desire," Craig said, bowing his head.

" think that a couple months ago, you appeared to want my head on a platter, but're like a dog that will do whatever his master say," the king smiled.

"...." Craig was silent, he was trying his best to keep it together and not grab the nearest sharpest object to stab the king with.

"....Since I see that you are loyal...I think you're ready for a mission that I require a few of my best knight to take," the king said.

"....Mission?" Craig felt his heart pounding.

"Yes, but you must swear to me, swear that what you're about to go into, you do not speak a word of this to anyone, got it?"

" this mission, my lord?"

"You'll'll truly test just how loyal you are to me," the king smiled.

The king led Craig to a room that Craig didn't know was here, and he believed that neither Tweek or the queen knew about this room either. What was more surprising was when he saw the head knight and five other knights in the room.

"Craig, has the king chose you to come with us?" The head knight asked.

"C-come with you...where?" Craig asked.

"You'll see once you get there," the king smiled.

"My lord...this is highly unusual, what is it that you're asking me to do?" Craig asked.

The king stared at him, a smile formed on his lips, but looking at the smile sent a chill down Craig's spine. "My dear boy...just do as you're told and prove to me just how loyal you are. If you succeed in this mission, we shall celebrate by having a wedding planned for you and my son...but if you do not want to know what will happen," the king said.

"....." Craig did not speak.

"Now my loyal knights, you all know what you have to do. You must go to the kingdom of the southeast...and steal all their croissants and gold," the king said.

"C...croissants?" Craig muttered.

"Yes, my lord!" The knights exclaimed.

The knights all left, including Craig, who followed obediently, not sure what is happening. Once the knights were outside and on their horses, they all headed to the kingdom in the southeast. The moment they arrive, the kingdom was silent, the people were asleep, and unaware of the knights' arrival.

"Ready men?" The head knight asked.



The knights drew out their swords, Craig was hesitant, but took his out as well.

What happened next brought fear into Craig's heart.


"Please! Please no!"

"My baby! My baby!"

Craig was breathing rapidly as he watched in horror as all the knights barged into each and every home, slashing at people, causing their organs to spill out, cutting off their heads, blood splattering everywhere. The head knight even grabbed an old man, cutting off his tongue and forcing the old man to eat it before cutting off his head. Craig had tears in his eyes as one of the knights barged into one of the homes, raping the women inside, two of which were just children.

"Oh god...oh god..." Craig was shaking as he took a step back, watching the bloodbath before him. "Not this...please...n-not this..." memories of his childhood trauma came flashed in his head, the blood, the bodies, the screams. 

It was happening again.

A woman was running when she noticed Craig, who simply stood there with a shocked expression on his face. The woman got down on her knees, grabbing Craig's leg, begging him to spare her.

"Please! Please! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!" The woman cried, begging and begging, holding onto Craig's leg tightly.

"Oi, don't think you can escape that easily, wench!" One of the knights grabbed the woman by the hair, throwing her down on the ground before placing their foot over the woman's chest. The knight drew up his sword and stabbed the woman in the head, right between the eyes.

"," Craig started to cry, he felt his legs shaking, unable to keep himself up much longer.

"Craig!" The head knight walked towards the boy, his entire body was covered in blood. The stench was overwhelming. "Why aren't you doing what you are told. Take your sword and kill these vulgar beings! Make sure that no one escapes this village!"

Craig stared at him, shocked to hear those words coming out of his brother's lips. This was the king's fault, turning good men into monsters, killing innocent people, all because they believed that the king's words were law.


"!" Craig dropped his sword, tear stained eyes glared at the man who was no longer his brother. "I will not take the lives of these innocent people!" Craig shouted.

"You dare go against the king's words?"

"His words are not to be followed! Just look what you are doing! You are killing so many good people...and for what!? For croissants and gold!? This is wrong!" Craig shouted.

"You little..." The head knight grabbed Craig, handing him his blood stained sword. "You, bring that boy over here." One of the knights grabbed a young boy, no older than ten, and brought him forward. "You are to kill this boy and prove your loyalty to our king!"

"I...I will not!" Craig shouted. "I would rather hang than follow that tyrant's orders!" Craig shouted.

"T-tyrant? You dare speak ill of the king!?"

"He is no king...he is a demon! A demon that has corrupted all of you! You are all damned! Every last one of you! For each word you follow from that demon, your hands will forever be dirty with the blood of the innocent you have slain! You are all damned for all eternity!" Craig shouted.

"....We maybe damned...but we will not be the only ones," the head night grabbed hold of Craig's hand, forcing Craig to take the sword.

"No! No! Let me go!" Craig tried to pull his hands away, but the other knights grabbed hold of him as the head knight raised his hand with the sword.

"P-please...I don't want to die!" The little boy cried.

Craig stared at the boy, he started to have flashes of when he was a young boy. Tears filled Craig's eyes as he scream. "Don't! Please! N-no!" Craig cried out.

The sword came down.

Blood splattered all over Craig's face, as Craig watched in horror as the boy's head split open, blood spewing out before the boy collapsed on the ground, dead and bleeding. The knights finally let Craig go, allowing him to drop the sword and falling onto his knees.

"A-ah..." Craig stared at his hands, they were stained with blood. "A-ah....a-ahhhhhhhhhh!" Craig screamed as tears fell from his eyes. He screamed and screamed, his heart was pounding like mad, his hands were dirty.

" are damned just like us," the head knight said.

"" Craig stared at the body then at the sword. Biting his bottom lip, Craig grabbed the sword and swung it at the head knight's legs, cutting them off.

"A-ah!" The head knight fell to the ground, bleeding.

"Damn you!" Craig shouted as he swung the sword and chopped off the knight's head off.

"H-he killed him!"

"Stop him!"

The other knights tried to grab Craig, but he swung his sword and killed one of them. He blocked one of the knight's attacks before pushing him away, slashing at his head.

"Damn you all! Damn you!" Craig shouted as he continued to slash at each knight, avoiding their swords. Even when a sword cut him, Craig didn't stop, he kept going and going until all the knights were laying on the ground, blood pouring out of their lifeless bodies. "A-ah...ah!" Craig screamed. He dropped the sword, taking his helmet off. Craig pulled at his hair as he fell back. "My god!" Craig shouted at the top of his lungs, tears filled his eyes as he looked up at the heavens. "What have I done? W-what have I done!?" Craig cried out.

Craig sat there, blood soaking his clothes and skin. Craig hasn't stopped crying, filled with grief and anger. Craig stared at the helmet that Tweek gave him, seeing how the helmet's dark blue color was now stained with crimson red.

"....I'll kill that monster....I'll kill him..." Craig got up, grabbing his helmet and placing it back on his head. He got on his horse and rode back to the kingdom.

A trail of blood followed the young knight.

Tweek felt anxious when he heard that Craig left for a special mission that his father appointed him, he wondered if Craig was alright and well. All Tweek wanted was for his love to return home soon so he could shower him with love and kisses.

"You are glowing, my son," the queen giggled.

"I-I am?" Tweek blushed.

"Yes...that just means that you are in love, how sweet," the queen said.

Tweek smiled, "well...there is someone very special in my heart, mother...and I can't wait for him to come back home," Tweek said.

The king chuckled, "well fear not, my son, for your lover shall return home very soon, along with the other knights, and once he returns, I shall officially make him one of my knights."

Tweek smiled, "oh father, you are too-" Tweek was interrupted when the doors suddenly opened. When everyone turned their heads, they all gasped when they saw a knight covered in blood standing before them. "....C-Craig?" Tweek looked at the helmet the knight was wearing, it was the helmet that Tweek gave to Craig.

"My boy, you have returned...but....where are your fellow knights?" The king asked, looking quite nervous, "a-and why have you returned...looking like that?"

"....You know damn well why I look like this," Craig spoke in a low voice.

"C-Craig!" Tweek exclaimed.

"My dear boy, what on earth has happened?" The king asked. "Where are the other knights."

"...The monsters you have made are dead, and I killed them," Craig said.

"Craig..." Tweek stared at him, shocked.

"You...killed my knights?" The king muttered.

"...Yes...." Craig took off his helmet and threw it onto the ground. When Tweek looked into Craig's eyes, he noticed that they were dead, "and I...have come to kill you, you murderer," Craig said. Craig drew out his sword and pointed it at the king.

Everyone gasped, and all the knights that were around drew out their swords.

"What nonsense do you speak here, boy!? Me, a murderer? What nonsense!" The king exclaimed.

"Enough with your lies, you damn demon! send you knights from kingdom to kingdom, you have them slay all the people, stealing their most valuable treasures, you have your knights pillage the villages, rape the woman, and harm...i-innocent children. You destroyed families, and ruin a beautiful kingdom. You are the reason as to why all the kingdoms in the past has fallen! Why my kingdom has fallen! You have killed my father, king Tucker...all so you could steal our chickens and gold!" Craig shouted.

"...W-what? Father?" Tweek stared at the boy, he suddenly remembered the story that Craig told him. "You're...the prince..."

"...My dear boy...can you prove to these people that it was I who destroyed these fallen kingdoms? Can you prove it?"

"I do not need to prove a damn thing...I just want your head!" Craig shouted as he ran towards the king with his sword. The guards try their best to stop him, but Craig managed to block and dodge their attacks before slashing at them.

The queen screamed as she hid behind her chair, grabbing Tweek with her. "Tweek, you must hide!"

"...C-Craig! Stop!" Tweek shouted.

"For all the people you have killed! For my father! For my mother! For my sister! For my people! I. Will. Avenge. Them!" Craig charged at the king, raising his sword up high.

"I said, stop!" Tweek ran in front of Craig, arms spread out.

Craig stopped himself, gasping as he stared at Tweek. "....Tweek...get out of the way," Craig said.

"No!" Tweek shouted.

"I said get out of my damn way!"

"No! I will not let you kill my father!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Your father is a murderer!" Craig shouted.

"He's lying, my son. He is nothing but a liar, a thief, and now a murderer. I bet it was he who killed those kingdoms and is trying to put the blame on me," the king said.

"Liar!" Craig shouted. "Tweek, get out of my way."

"No, Craig. I will not let you kill my father!"

"...You said that you'd allow me kill the monster that killed my family...well here he is! Here is the monster!" Craig shouted.

"Lies! All lies!" The king said.

"Craig...I....I am not letting you kill my father," Tweek started to cry, "if you want to kill him...then you must kill me too," Tweek said.

"....." Craig's hand was shaking as he stared at him. Craig raised his sword, glaring at Tweek. Tweek did not budge, he simply close his eyes, as if accepting his fate. ".....Nnngg...nnggg....a-ah!" Craig started shaking as he let go of the sword. Craig fell to his knees, tears falling from his eyes.

"Guards! Guards! Take him to the dungeon!" The king exclaimed. The guards ran over and grabbed Craig by the arms. The guards pulled Craig up to his feet and carried him. "For trying to kill the king, you shall be hanged, right in front of everyone in the kingdom. May you forever be damned."

"...You are the damned one," Craig spoke. "Even if I wasn't able to kill you...I have made my peace a long time ago," Craig said.

"Guards, take this criminal to the dungeon. Tomorrow in the morning, he he shall be hung in front of the crowds," the king said.

Tweek stared at his father, shocked. "Father...I-"

"Tweek, do not try to change my mind. This bastard will never learn his place, he has no place in my kingdom, so he must die."

"...." Tweek watched as the guards carried Craig to the dungeon. Tweek then looked at the helmet on the ground, he picked it up, shaking when the blood stained his hands.

His heart was broken.

Craig sat in his cell, staring at the wall in front of him. Though he has already removed the bloody armor from his body, his skin and hands were still soak in blood. Craig tilted his head back, letting out a sigh, he took out the cloth with his family's crest, cradling it in his hands.

"Forgive me, father, mother, and sister....I have failed," Craig whispered as he kisses the crest and held it close to his chest.

"Indeed, you have," Craig clenched his fist as he stares at the ground. The king has appeared.

"How dare you show yourself, murderer," Craig said.

"My dear boy, have you not thought that it wasn't I who murdered those people, but the knights themselves?"

"You ordered them to kill those people, and from what I learned about the knight's code, the king's words are their law," Craig said.

The king smiled, "ah...the knight's code...a very useful code, don't you think? I was able to make these honorable knights into cold murderers, and look at them now...they no longer hesitate, they simply do as I say....and more. I didn't even tell them to rape the women, I simply told them to do whatever they please as long as no one lives. My once pure corrupted souls."

"You bastard!" Craig tried to reach for him, but the chain around his neck prevented him from going any farther.

"Careful now...wouldn't want to bruise you neck'll be bruised tomorrow morning," the king said.

"....I must know...why did you want me to be your knight?" Craig asked.

The king smiled, "like I said...your thievery skills were very impressive, however...that isn't the entire reason as to why I wanted you here. You really think I would not remember the black sheep of the Tucker kingdom?"

Craig's eyes widened, "you knew of me this entire time..."

"Indeed," the king smiled, "I remember visiting your kingdom a long time ago...and were such a small lad, the same age as my son. I once planned to have you and my son meet...but things became complicated over the years, but at least you finally met my son, even fell for him, how sweet."

Craig started crying, "just why....why did you kill them...why did you kill all of them!?"

The king stopped smiling, "because dear this world...there can only be one king that is loved. I was the most powerful king in the lands, all because of my coffee beans...but when other kingdoms decided to explore more and discovered delicious goods themselves, my power was diminishing...I even remember hearing one of my people say that the coffee from the other lands was better than mine. How annoying."

"All of this...because no one cared for your coffee anymore?"

"Yes...and for power," the king smiled.

Craig was shaking as he fell to his knees, staring at the ground. "You truly are a demon. No longer are you the good king that people say you once were. You're just a wolf in sheep's clothing."

The king sighed, "my boy," the king crouched down to look at the boy, "...that king never existed to begin with. There's no such thing as a kind and generous king. You believed, what the people believed, and what my own family was all an illusion...a lie."

"....How could you say that...these people believed in you," Craig said, "why must you lie to those that shower you with love?"

The king smiled, "I do not need love...I just need people to obey my command, that is all," the king stood up, and started to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow, my dear shall be standing in front of the entire kingdom...a noose around your neck."

"....." Craig did not say a thing, he simply sat there, staring at the ground. He felt sick in his stomach.

Once the king left, Craig was all alone once again. Craig sat in his cell, staring at the wall in front of him, unable to move or try anything. It was pointless anyways, he had no way of escaping, and even if he tried to escape, there were hundreds of knights around the castle. Craig can only wait till tomorrow for his death.

"Craig?" A soft and familiar voice caused Craig's heart to quake.

"Tweek," Craig turned his head and saw the young prince. The guilt overwhelmed him. "Why are you here?"

"....I needed to know...the story of the royal was your family?" Tweek asked.

"....Yes," Craig said. He took out the cloth and revealed to Tweek the crest.

"....And you believe...that my father is the one who murdered your family?" Tweek asked.

"I don't just believe...I know. It was his knights that murdered everyone in cold blood. Beheaded my father, cut opened my mother, and....slit the throat of my...sister...." Craig felt tears falling from his eyes.

".....Why did you lie to me?" Tweek asked.


"Why did you do this to me!? Why!?" Tweek cried. "Why have you made me a fool in all of this!? Why have you lied!?"

".....Remember when you told me about how your father lied to you about the death of your bird?" Craig said.


"....I was doing the same thing that your father did...I was sparing your feelings," Craig said.

Tweek started to cry as he stared at him. "You have tricked us...all of us....accusing my father for such a heinous act, killed our best knights, and...and dare to lie to all of us!? It is you who is the monster here...."

"...Indeed I am," Craig said.

Tweek froze as he stared at him, he clutched the bars as he stares at the boy. "You truly are a horrible man...a criminal," Tweek said.

"...Well then...I guess I deserve the death penalty after all," Craig said, "for my crime was not small, I attempted to kill the king, but have failed. Though I have my reasons to commit such a heinous act...I accept the punishment that awaits for me."

"...." Tweek cried harder as he clutched the bars.

"I have made peace with my god...." tears fell from his eyes, "so I's time for you to leave me and make peace with yours. Live your life happily...and forget about me...a criminal that deserves no love...just like how his own people never showed love to him," Craig said.

"A-ah..." Tweek leaned over, his forehead pressed against the bars. "Before I go...I must know..."

"...What is it, my prince?" Craig asked.

"....Was all of it a lie? With the knights, my mother...and our love? Was none of it real?" Tweek asked.

"....At first...I did not care about you, your mother, or the knights, I simply wanted to kill the king," Craig said, " I spend more of my days with you and everyone else...I soon came to respect you all, I soon admired you all." Craig started sniffling, "with the felt like I had real brothers, with the felt like I had a new mother....and with you...." Craig stared at the prince, his heart ached, "I was truly happy when you said you love me. Aside from my own showed a great deal of love for me...and so I allowed myself to be happy and pretend that I didn't need to kill your father, that I could spend my time being a knight...and be with with your mother...and be with the other knights. I felt love...I finally felt love from other people....and I finally loved myself."

".....Craig..." Tweek stared at the boy, his heart was in pain. "I....I hate you...I hate you for making me love you...I hate you for lying to me...and yet...I still love you...even I see you in chains....I still love you. I truly am a fool," Tweek said.

"....." Craig turned his head and stared at the wall in front of him, "I told you Tweek...if you stay with will only have your heart broken. I tried to warn you, but you would not listen," Craig said.

Tweek walked back from the cell and turned to leave, he continued to cry as he walked slowly towards the exit.

".....Father...mother...sister...and my beloved people...I have failed you all....but soon...I shall join you in the heavens. I may not have killed the demon king....but let's all make our peace...we must rest now...we must rest," Craig cried out, closing his eyes.

"....." Tweek couldn't listen any longer, he quickly left the dungeon, feeling unsure of who he should trust anymore.

Later that night, as Tweek had dinner with his family, there was a cold and dreadful silence between the royal family, even the servants were showing much discomfort as they stood by.

"...Quiet tonight...aren't we?" The king smiled.

"My dear husband...forgive us for the silence, but....after today's's quite concerning," the queen said.

"Do not worry my dear wife, the criminal has been arrested, and tomorrow, he shall be hanged," the king laughed. An unnerving sound to Tweek.

"...I just don't understand...Craig seemed like a kind boy...but to hear him accuse you of murdering his family...why...I'm very confused," the queen said.

"Do not believe in that boy's lie, my dear. He only got close to you and Tweek so he could get close to me, but don't worry...the lies are over now," the king said.

"....Father...I must know something....but why did you send Craig and the knights to the kingdom in the southeast. What business did you have there?" Tweek asked.

The king flinched as he stared at his son, "why are you asking such a thing, my child?"

"...It's whenever you send your knights to other kingdoms and they return with many goods....the news of the kingdoms they visited suddenly has fallen...and today...there were bodies everywhere in the kingdom of the southeast," Tweek said.

The king cleared his throat, "well the bodies of our knights are also there as well. That criminal must have did this. He must have been the one who destroyed those kingdoms in the past, and now he tries to place the blame on me. How despicable."

"...." That didn't make any sense. If it was Craig who destroyed those kingdoms, why would he destroy his own. Craig has proven more than once that he loved his kingdom and his family, and it doesn't seem to make sense for him to destroy the only home he had. What also didn't make sense was that his father accused Craig of doing it all. Even if Craig was an excellent swordsman now, from the time Tweek was training, he can tell that Craig never fought in his life, so how could one boy destroy an entire kingdom. "....Father...what you're makes no sense," Tweek said.

"Tweek, you cannot say that about your father," the queen said.

"Let him be dear, he's just very confused, after was this Craig fellow that he fell in love with, and it appears that Tweek is still in love with him, my poor son. Do not worry, I shall arrange for you to meet some beautiful princesses and princes from across the seas. Maybe you'll find someone of interest over there," the king smiled and resumed eating his dinner.

"...." Tweek suddenly wasn't comfortable sitting with his own father on that table.

Later that night, Tweek wasn't able to sleep, what both his father and what Craig said filled his head. Both speak words that contradict themselves. His father said that it was Craig who cause the fall of the kingdoms, but Craig said it was his father ordering the knights to destroy them. Tweek was conflicted.

Tweek found many problems with his father's argument. Even if Craig was already a good fighter, one man cannot kill an entire kingdom, and for no real reason. When Tweek thought of Craig's argument, it seemed to connect with everything that his father has done. Why his knights would come back with many treasures, but suddenly the news of the kingdoms they visited have suddenly fallen. Why the knights usually leave early and come back during the night when everyone is asleep. Why his father has suddenly started producing goods that originated from other kingdoms, the kingdoms that have fallen.

"....My father....the monster?" Tweek muttered. Tweek sat up in his bed and stared at the painting his father gave to him on his birthday. The painting was of him, the king, and the queen, looking like a happy family. "....." Tweek grabbed his sword and raised it up high. He slashed out at the painting, slashing his father out of the painting. Tweek ripped the image of his father off and threw it to the ground, staring at the man he called his father. "....Someone is lying...but I do not believe it was Craig who lied. I will find the truth," Tweek said. Putting on his cloak, Tweek headed down to the knights' sleeping quarters.

The moment Tweek stepped inside, the knights were all awake, a look of sullen filled their faces. Tweek believed the news of their fallen brothers has devastated them.

"My prince!" The knights bowed down, "what brings you here?"

"....Tell me...was what Craig said...true?" Tweek asked.

"W-what?" The knight looked up at him, "why are you believing the words of a criminal? He-"

"He once was your brother in arms! He was someone you trusted with all your hearts, and he trusted you all...even if he said that you all were the men who killed his people," Tweek exclaimed.

"....." The knights looked down.

"....Tell me now...please...was what Craig said...true? The reason those kingdoms fell, the reasons why Craig came here blaming my father for the deaths of his family, the reason why there is blood everywhere....was it all because of my father?"

"...My prince...."

"As your future must tell me now! For if you don' will truly be damned for all eternity...your hand will never be clean...ever again. Death will always follow you wherever you go," Tweek said.


"So please...tell me the truth!" Tweek shouted.

" was your father who ordered us to destroy those kingdoms," the knights said, "what Craig said was true."

"....My god...." Tweek sat down on one of the beds, clutching his head. "So my father...was the monster this entire time. He was the one who lied to all of us...he was the one who...who...." Tweek felt tears forming in his eyes.

"My prince...please forgive us for our sins. Your father convinced us that the neighboring kingdoms were planning to destroy our kingdom, so we simply followed orders."

"...But to also kill the children?" Tweek asked.

"....The king said to not spare anyone...that included children," the knights said. "By the time we returned and found out the truth, our hands were already dirtied, we could never tell a soul, for fear of being executed, for fear of being shamed for our crimes. We're so sorry," the knight fell to his knees as he cried.

"....This is not your was my father," Tweek said.

" was him..."

"...Then the real criminal here isn't's the king," Tweek said.

"But my prince...what are we to do?"

"We must expose my father for the crimes he had committed. We must save Craig," Tweek said.

"But how? We do not have proof that the king was the one behind the murders. How are we to expose the king?"

"There must be something, anything that proved it was the king who are behind the murders," Tweek said.

"....The scroll!" One of the knights exclaimed.

"The...scroll?" Tweek asked.

"Yes! The scroll. The first night that the king ordered us to destroy the kingdom in the west, he had made a scroll that he told us to read to the people. In the beginning, he thought of just having the people surrender their goods instead of having us murder them, however, no one gave up their goods, know..."

"I get it...but will that scroll expose my father once and for all?" Tweek asked.

"Yes, my prince," the knights said.

"Then where is it?"

"...We do not know. It has been years since we last saw the scroll, too ashamed to look at it. The head knight hid the scroll somewhere in our room, but we have forgotten where," the knight said.

"Damn, we don't have much time before the sun rises, we must search for that scroll now!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Hold on here now, why should we help you? The moment we expose the king, we shall all be sentenced to death for this. Why don't we just let that boy die and forget about the whole thing?"

Tweek frowned and quickly grabbed the nearest sword before pointing it at the knight's neck. "Because...if you don't do as I say, it'll be your head that will be cut off first," Tweek said. The knight gulped. "Now listen here...all of you...I know this is hard for me to ask of you, but if you all help me take my father down, I'll be sure to have your sins forgiven. I will make sure that your hands are clean once more. So must help me."



"....For our future king, we must help the prince!"

"Search every corner of the room and find that damn scroll!"

"Yes sir!" The knights all scattered around, flipping their beds and looking behind tables and shelves. Tweek helped them as well, looking everywhere to find the scroll, determined to save Craig.

By the time it it was close to morning, the knights were exhausted, but they still have not found the scroll.

"God damn it, why did the head knight hid that damn scroll so well!?"

"God, if only he was alive so he could tell us where it is!"

"It's useless men...we're never going to find it, the young boy will be executed soon," the knight said.

"No!" Tweek exclaimed, as he continued to look, "I will not have another innocent soul die, all because of my father! I will not take the life that was spared to him. I will save Craig and I will make sure my father receives punishment for his crime!" Tweek shouted as he kept looking, even digging at the dirt on the ground in hopes of finding the scroll.

"My prince, we've been looking for hours, the sun is already rising and the execution will begin soon. Face it...we're too late," the knight said.

"Cowards!" Tweek exclaimed, "every last one of you! You know what Craig did that none of you have done? He stood up against the king, knowing that he'll die by doing so! He risked his own life just to save future kingdoms from suffering the same fate as the others! Craig would not give up!"

".....That damn brat was always stubborn...proved it when we swung our swords with him," the knights said.

"Indeed he was..."

"....Come on men, we must save our stubborn brother and save him from his fate, as well as save future kingdoms from the king's wrath!"

"Huzzah!" The men cheered as they continued searching. Tweek smiled and kept looking around the room, desperate to find the scroll.

Once the sun was finally up in the sky, both the knights and the prince knew that Craig would be taken out of his cell and would be taken into the village, where the people will see him hang. They must hurry.

"....I...I found it! I found it!" One of the knights exclaimed.

"Well done, John!"

" it really the scroll?" Tweek asked.

The knight looked at the scroll, smiling, "indeed my prince, these are the same words we read the first night. This is the scroll that will expose your father and his crime."

Tweek wanted to cry. "My knights...though we went through many hardships over the years because of my end our suffering. So follow me and let us save our brother!" Tweek shouted.

"Save our brother!" The knights exclaimed.

Everyone gather their swords and weapons, putting their armor on. They all ran out of the room, ready to stop the king once and for all, ready to save their brother from his punishment.

As Tweek stood outside, staring ahead, he grabbed the helmet he gave to Craig and placed it over his head, he grabbed his sword and raised it into the sky, ready to fight his own father.

This shall be the end of the tyrant king.

Moments earlier, Craig was taken from his cell in shackles, the guards placed a sack over his head as they carried him out of his cell and outside the castle. The moment Craig was outside, he could hear the crowd booing and hissing at him, telling him that he was a murderer, a crook, a villain, a bastard child. Oh how Craig wanted to tell the people that it was not he who was evil, but the king, however, he knew there was no point.

The king has won, and Craig was going to die.

As Craig stood on the stage, feeling a noose being tied around his neck, the guard takes off the sack over his head, there, Craig could see the hate and anger of the people.


"Bloody bastard!"

"Go and die you criminal!" Someone threw a rock at Craig's head, hitting his near his eye.

Craig hissed in pain as he started to bleed. As he continued to look around him, he felt like he rather see his own people ignoring his existence than this. "I am not the criminal here! It's the king! He's the real murderer!" Craig tried to convince the crowd that it was the king who was the true monster, but everyone didn't believe him.


"Damn bastard!"

"Lies! All lies!"

"You shall be hanged for lies!"

"I'm not lying...I'm not lying...I'm not lying..." Craig started to cry.

"...Dear boy...please do not cry...for it breaks my heart to see you like this," the queen sniffled as she wiped her eyes.

"Please...I'm not lying....I'm not lying!" Craig begged and begged for the queen to save him.

"...Oh why did you make me believe that I had another truly are a cruel cruel boy for making me care for you..." the queen said.

"My dear, do not feel bad for this criminal, we shall rid him of this world very soon now, so please, rest somewhere and wait for me," the king said as he kissed his wife on the cheek.

The queen doesn't speak, she simply wiped her tears as she stepped off the stage and rested somewhere where she couldn't see the stage, but can still hear.

"My lady..." Craig sobbed as he watched her leave.

"Oh my...not only have you lost your mother, but you have lost another mother. You truly are cursed," the king said.

"You bastard! The gods will have your head for this," Craig said.

"Maybe so...but it is you who shall die today, not I," the king smiled. "Now...why don't we finish what my knights should have done all those years ago," the king said. "You shall die and join your people very soon, my dear boy....or shall I prince?" The king chuckled.

"...." Craig looked ahead, tears in his eyes. All he saw were the angry faces aimed at him, all he hear were the angry voice of the people. No one was going to miss him, no one was going to mourn for him, no one was going to care. As Craig closed his eyes, ready for his death, all he could think about at that moment was that he wished he could see TWeek one last time, and tell him how much he loved him. "....To my beloved heart will always belong to you..." Craig said.

"Execution, prepare to pull the lever," the king said.

"Yes my king."

"I hope you have made peace with your god, Craig," the king smiled.

"...I have...." Craig whispered.

"Ready! And...pull!" The king ordered.

The executioner pulled the lever, and the floor beneath Craig opened up. Craig fell with the rope wrapped around his throat. Craig gasped and struggled for air as the rope tightened around his neck, crushing his airway.

"Nnng...kkkccc..." Craig kicked his legs, struggling to find something to lift him up, but there was none. "Kkkkcccc...ggkkkkk.." Craig slowly started to close his eyes as his vision became darker and darker.

This was the end for the knight. Once was a prince, then became a thief, then became a knight, and now was a criminal. The one thing that Craig will forever regret was that he wasn't able to cut off the demon king's head, and that he wasn't able to say his goodbyes to Tweek.

"T...Tw...eeek..." Craig was about to let go of his final breath when suddenly, an arrow shot out of nowhere and cut the ropes, causing Craig to fall to the ground, and being able to breath once more. "A-ah!" Craig gasped for air as he regain back his consciousness.

"W-who dared to shoot that arrow!?" The king exclaimed.

"I did!" The prince stood in front of the crowd, the knights behind him. Tweek held out his bow and arrow, anger and determination was written on his face.

"It's the prince!"

"But why has he..."

"What on earth is going on here?"

"...My son...w-why have you done this? Why have you saved this criminal?"

"He is not the criminal, you are!" Tweek exclaimed.

The crowd gasped, including Tweek's mother who stepped out and stared at her son in horror. "Tweek!"

"My people...mother...everyone," Tweek looked at the crowd, his heart was aching, "my father...he has lied to us all! He has lied to each and every one of you! My father isn't the kind and generous king we thought he was...he's a monster! It was he who killed those innocent people in the other kingdoms! It was he who murdered all the kings and queens, as well as their children! It was he who has tainted our kingdom and stained it with blood!"

The people gasped, shocked to hear such words coming from the prince.

"L-lies! All lies! I see what this is now! My son is still in love with this criminal, so he is now going against his own father to save his lover, and even take the throne! My son is corrupted!"

"It is not I who is corrupted, father, it is you! You corrupted your knights, you corrupted your kingdom, you are the corrupted one! You ordered your men to steal from others, killing every last one of them, one of them included this poor boy's own family," Tweek said as he gestured to Craig.

The knights helped Craig up and untied him. They all stood by Craig, protecting him from anyone that dared tried to touch him.

"Lies! All lies!" The king shouted.

"Then explained this!" The knights unraveled the scroll and showed everyone what was written on it.

"...Oh my god...the king ordered the knights to steal from the people in the west!"

"He told murder those people..."

"My god...then it's true..."

"L-lies! All lies! My son could have easily written that and use it to frame me! These are all lies!"

"....But husband...this is your own handwriting. I remember how you write very well, with all the letters you send me when we were young. This is clearly your writing right here," the queen said.

"....My dear..."

" hurt people...and were about to take another innocent life right before truly are corrupted," the queen said as she stood by her son.

"The king has lied to us! He has lied to us all!"

"It isn't the boy who is a criminal, it's the king!"

"The king is to be blamed! The king!"

"Punish the tyrant king! Punish him!"

The crowd shouted and screamed, ready to grab the king, the king walked back on the stage, taking out his sword and tried to stop the crowd from getting closer and closer.

"Stop! I said stop! I am your king! Do as I say!"

"You are no king of ours," the people grabbed hold of the king, throttling him, throwing rocks at his head, stripping him of his clothes. The people bashed the king in the head, swinging him around before knocking him off the stage and onto the muddy grounds.

"S-stop! I said stop!" The king begged.

"...You didn't stop when those people begged to be spared," Craig said as he walked towards the king. "You didn't tell you men to stop as the woman and children begged for their lives. So why should we stop when you never showed mercy to anyone," Craig said.

"...P-please my boy...please forgive me. I was wrong. So very very wrong....please...spare my life and...and I'll give up the throne! I'll go away and you'll never have to see me again!"

Craig glared at the man before him, he clenched his fist as he glared at him. Picking up the sword that the king dropped, Craig raised it up high, ready to strike.

"...Craig....even if you got your'll not bring them back..." Tweek said.

"...." Craig's hand was shaking as he held up the sword, tears pricked in the corner of his eyes as he stares at the man who destroyed his life. "Ah!" Craig screamed as he threw the sword down. Craig grabbed the king by the neck and stared at him, "leave...and never return." Craig pushed the king away and took a step back.

"...Craig," Tweek muttered.

"...Tweek..." Craig walked over and hugged the prince, holding him tightly against his chest.

"I'm...I'm so sorry, Craig," Tweek cried as he hugged the boy in return.

"...Nnngg..." Craig was shaking in the prince's arm.

".....You fool," the king said as he picks up the sword and got back up.

"My boys! Look out!" The queen shouted.

The two gasped as Craig pushed Tweek out of the way. The king slashes at Craig's left eye, causing his eye to bleed.

"A-ah!" Craig screamed in agony, as he held his eye.

"Craig!" Tweek shouted.

"Now I'll finish what I have started, and kill you once and for all!" The king raised his sword, ready to strike at the boy.

"Craig! Catch!" Tweek threw his sword, and Craig caught it.

Craig blocked the king's attack before kicking the king away, he then used his sword to knock the sword in the king's hand away, and charged at him, stabbing the king in the chest.

"Hnngg..." The king's eyes widened as blood poured out of his wound. The king started coughing up blood as he looked down at the sword in his chest.

"....May you be damned for all eternity," Craig said as he takes the sword out of the king's chest and cut off the king's head. The head rolled onto the ground, towards the crowd, as for the body, it fell over, blood spraying out of the body.

The king was finally dead.

"...." Craig dropped the sword and turned around. Through his right eye, he saw the prince and queen, faces full of tears and sadness. Craig walked over and hugged the both. "I'm sorry..."

" we who should be sorry...we should have known what my father did...and we...we should have stopped him," Tweek said.

"We should have believed in you," the queen said.

"....It's over now..." Craig took a step back. He looked at Tweek before bowing down, "to our new king! King Tweek!" Craig shouted.

"To our new king! King Tweek!" The knights exclaimed.

"Our new king! King Tweek!" The crowd cheered, bowing down.

"...King..." Tweek muttered as he looked around. Everyone was bowing down to him, including his own mother. Tweek then stared at the boy in front of him, a smile formed on his face. "As for are excused from all the crimes you have committed...from now are my knight," Tweek said.

Craig looked up at him, smiling, "yes, my king."

Tweek leaned forward to place a kiss on Craig's lips. The people rejoiced.

Once upon a time, there once was a kingdom ruled by the most kindest and generous king. Though he was still young and still had much to learn, his people, as well as the neighboring kingdoms adored the young king. There was peace throughout the lands thanks to him.

As for the old king, now gone from this world, his body was buried, but far away from the kingdom. The people chose to not remember the king, they chose to never mention him again.

The lost of his father was still a painful memory for the young king, he was not sad, knowing that his kingdom was now cleansed from its sins. His knights were now free from their guilt and their sins. They were once again pure and clean. His mother, though has chosen to forget her husband and the bad deeds he has done, and only remember him from when she was young, she continues to sing in the gardens, tending to her flowers.

As for Craig, as he finally avenged his family, he chose to stay with the young king, serving only him. Craig soon became the new head knight, leading his troops and training with them. He finally has a place he can call home, he has a new family that cared for him, the people, they admired him, and as for the king.

"My look quite handsome in your armor," Tweek smiled.

Craig stood before the king in his room, smiling at him. "It's still a bit tight around the shoulders, and I can barely move in this thing," Craig sighed as he takes off his helmet.

"My poor knight, I'll be sure to have a blacksmith fix that for you," Tweek chuckled as he takes the helmet and kissed the top of it. Tweek then leaned forward to kiss Craig on the lips. "I love you, my knight," Tweek said.

"I love you, my king," Craig said.

The two held each other, their heads close together. As Tweek left gentle kisses all over the knight's face. Craig held the king tightly as he kisses him on the lips.

"My knight...when will you accept my proposal?" Tweek asked, kissing the knight's neck.

Craig blushed, "if my king demands me to marry him, then I shall do it," Craig said.

Tweek smiled, "then please...marry me."

Craig hugged him, "I'd be more than happy to," Craig said.

The two kissed once more, falling onto Tweek's bed. The two giggled as he stared each other with a loving gaze.

"As your king...I order you to take your clothes off and join me in my bed," Tweek said.

Craig smiled, "yes, my king."

The knight who wanted revenge, and the prince who now became a king, the two lived happily ever after, as the king and his most loyal and beloved knight.

The End.

Chapter Text

The first time Craig fell in love with anyone was when he was four years old, very young to be falling in love, but that's just how it was. Craig was going to the park with his mother when he met the person he fell for, it was a young girl, playing in the sandbox, making a castle. Now since Craig also wanted to play in the sandbox, he ran over and sat a few feet away from the girl.

While Craig was building a castle, the little girl looked over. "Your castle looks dumb," the girl said.

"...." Craig doesn't say anything, he simply pouts before getting up and destroying the castle that the girl made.

The girl surprisingly didn't cry, she simply got up and pushed Craig. Craig stumbled back, surprised, but he got back on his feet and pushed the little girl back. The girl frowns then pushes Craig, this time causing him to fall back and laying on the ground.

Craig looked up at the girl, surprised. The girl smiled and stuck her tongue out at Craig before sitting back down and rebuilding her castle. Craig stared at her, feeling his heart thumping, he got up and sat next to the girl.

"Can I help you build the castle?" Craig muttered shyly.

The little girl looked at him before smiling, "okay, but don't make it ugly!" Craig nodded and helped the girl build the castle the way she wanted.

The two became immediate friends, but for Craig, it was the beginning of his first love.

People soon noticed, his parents noticed, his friends noticed, his neighbors noticed, and the little girl noticed. They all noticed Craig's love for the girl, they can see the hearts coming from him.


"Craig...what are these?" Craig's mother asked as she looks at the hearts that floated around her son's head, some of which have already popped and disappeared after a minute.

"I don't know," Craig said and resumed coloring in his coloring book.

"...." Craig's mother immediately took him to see a doctor.

The doctors weren't sure what was wrong with the little boy. Craig didn't have a fever, he wasn't suffering from any diseases. The doctors checked his ears, they checked his eyes, they checked Craig's head, and they even checked Craig's heart, but everything seemed normal. The doctors were baffled as to what these little hearts were, they would try to experiment them, but the hearts kept disappearing after a few seconds, a minute being the longest.

Both the doctors and Craig's parents weren't sure what to do, they didn't know what is wrong with Craig, they didn't know how to help the little boy.

That is until a young female doctor walked over to Craig, she smiled at him before asking him one little question. "Craig, do you like someone?"

"...." Craig blushed and a horde of hearts came out of his head, almost filling up the entire room. The doctors and Craig's parents were surprised.

" least they aren't dangerous, so I believe your son is fine, Mrs. Tucker, he's just in love, that's all," the female doctor smiled.

Lovebug was what the doctors decided to call Craig's strange condition, for the hearts surrounded his head and flew around, similar to a fly. Since the hearts weren't contagious in anyway, Craig was free to go, but they couldn't help him with the hearts at all.

The car ride home was very difficult.

So, whenever Craig goes outside with the hearts surrounding his head, people would stare at him, confused as to why there are hearts around him. Craig didn't care, for the little girl he fell in love with didn't mind them at all, even considered them to be cute.

"I want to catch every last one of them and put them in my favorite box!" The little girl said as she picks up a heart and tries to keep it, but the heart disappeared after a few seconds."

"....." Craig closed his eyes as he concentrated on making one heart that wouldn't disappear. When he hears the familiar noise of a heart appearing, Craig opened his eyes and was surprised by how large the heart was. Craig takes the heart and handed it to the little girl. "Here you go," Craig said.

The little girl looked at it, smiling. "This one hasn't pop yet!" The girl grinned.

Craig doesn't say anything, he simply smiled and the two continued playing together, not caring about the hearts that surrounded them.

From then on, Craig and the little girl spent a lot of time together. Craig would feel happy when he sees the heart he gave to the girl, seeing how the girl turned it into a necklace. The two had so much fun together, even if they only see each other at the park.

Craig was truly in love, and the hearts proved it.

One day, while Craig was practically bouncing in his seat, looking out of the car window to see if they were close to the park yet, his mother smiled to see her son so happy. Even if the hearts have become a bit annoying after awhile, seeing her son so happy and in love, she came to live with it.

"We're here, kiddo," Craig's mother said.

"Hurry, let me out! I want to see her!" Craig exclaimed, struggling to take the seat belt off.

"Calm down, the car is full enough with all these hearts as it is," mom sighed as she got out of the car and helped her son out of his car seat.

The moment Craig was out of the car, he ran past his mother and headed to the park, excited to see the little girl. Hearts trailed behind him, hitting a few adults and kids in the way, but he didn't care, all he cared about was the little girl.

"...." Craig stopped running. He sees the little girl, but he noticed she wasn't alone. Swinging next to her was another boy, both of them were grinning from ear to ear. They were laughing, talking, and smiling at each other. Something Craig thought only he and the little girl did together. "....."

He watched as the little girl and the boy got off the swings. The little girl suddenly took off the necklace with the heart that Craig gave to her before watching as the girl handed the boy the heart. The boy stared at it before tossing it in the air as high as he could, catching, then on the seventh toss, he threw it so high in the air that he wasn't able to catch it, the heart landed in the sandbox.

Craig thought the girl was going to get it, but she didn't, she simply laughed and grabbed the boy's hand as the two headed off to another area in the park. Craig simply stood there, his heart was broken.

All the hearts that were around him all disappeared, scaring a few people. Craig walked over to where the big heart was, seeing how it was the only one that hasn't popped yet. Craig clenched the heart in his hands, shaking. He wanted to throw the heart away, throw it at the girl, throw it at something and hope it hits it, but Craig doesn't do that, he simply placed the heart on a bucket he recognized belonging to the girl, he stared at the heart thumped on top of the bucket, he watched as the heart started losing its color. Craig finally left and headed back to his mother.

"What's wrong, dear?" Craig's mother asked, noticing that there were no hearts around Craig's head anymore.

"...Can I go home? I don't feel so good," Craig said, tugging at his mother's skirt.

"....Alright dear," Craig's mother smiled sadly at her son before picking him up and taking him home.

The moment Craig left, the little girl suddenly comes back, looking around. She smiles when she see the heart on the bucket and ran to get it, however, before she could pick it up and play with it with her new friend, the heart suddenly popped, surprising the girl and causing her to fall back.

The girl stared at where the heart was, stared as the only thing left was the chain that she used to turn the heart into a necklace. The little girl started to cry.

As Craig got older, he came to realize that love was both tiring and troublesome. Not just because of the stress of loving someone you don't know if they love you back, but also because of the hearts that keeps popping out.

The second time Craig fell in love was when he was six, his sister was two. His parents wanted to go out for date night, so they hired a babysitter. Craig, or course, was against having a babysitter, saying he was too old for one, but the moment he saw the teenage girl that would be taking care of him, he swooned.

Britney was her name, and Craig loved her name. He liked her hair, he liked her eyes, and he especially like the sound of her voice. The moment Britney looked at Craig and smiled at him, he can already feel his heart pounding in his chest.

So, Craig's parents left, giving Britney a few instructions on what she needed to do. It was now just Craig, his two year old sister, and Britney.

The three were having fun together, watching TV, eating their dinner, playing games, and more. By the time it was eight, Tricia was already sleepy and Britney took her to bed. As for Craig, he was allowed to stay up a little longer since his bedtime wasn't until nine thirty. So Craig and his babysitter would stay in the living room, watching Red Racer together.

"It's so cool that you like Red Racer, too," Britney smiled.

"You also like Red Racer?" Craig asked, looking up at her.

"Hell yeah, it's such a great show. I love the characters, the story, and I especially love the design of each character," Britney smiled.

That was it, Craig was in love.

As the two continued to watch the show together, Craig couldn't help but feel all warm inside, feeling his heart pounding, feeling his palms getting sweaty. He would glance over the babysitter every now and then, admiring her beauty. Craig adored his babysitter, and he wanted to tell her, so while Britney was watching the TV, Craig scooched a couple inches closer.

Britney turned her head, looking at the small boy. Craig blushed as he was about to speak and tell Britney his feelings, she let out a scream. "Oh my god! What is that!?" Britney shouted as she pointed at a heart that appeared.

Craig looked at it, eyes widened. It's been years since the hearts stopped appearing and he soon ended up forgetting about them until now. "T-they're lovebugs...or at least what the doctor said they were..." Craig tried to explain himself, but he wasn't sure what to say.

"Lovebugs!? Are they contagious!? Oh my god!" Britney sprang up on the couch, moving away from Craig in disgust.

"T-they're not con...contag...that! They aren't going to hurt you!" Craig was blushing in embarrassment, unsure what to do or what to say. He wanted to tell Britney that everything was fine and that it wasn't anything serious, but Britney wasn't letting him speak.

"So gross! So fucking gross! Get away from you little freak!" Britney shouted as she tries her best to move away from the hearts.

"....F-freak?" Craig muttered, feeling his heart ache. Suddenly, all the hearts that spouted out of his head all turned black, they then exploded, making a loud banging noise. Tricia suddenly starts crying from upstairs, but Britney simply sat there, screaming. Britney then got off the couch, grabbed her stuff, and ran out of the door.

Craig's parents had to come home early that night and explain everything to Britney and her parents.

Just like Craig's first love, Craig was left heartbroken, but it hurt even more since Craig's second love called him a freak. In the end, Craig came to hate these hearts that kept popping out of his head.

So Craig grew up, he fell in love with people, and he had his heartbroken many times, mostly because of his hearts. By the time Craig came to realize he was interested in boys more than girls, he knew keeping these hearts under control was going to be a hard time for him.

When he finally got the courage to ask the boy he liked in his seventh grade English class, the boy accepted. Craig was so happy to finally go on a date with his middle school crush, but when he came home and a heart appeared, he knew he was in trouble.

Craig tried his best to hide them, he tried his best to get rid of them. Whenever a heart appeared, Craig would grab the dreadful thing and throw it into his trash bin or into the toilet, but no matter how many he tries to throw away, a new one would appear and take its place.

Craig let out a tired groan as he fell onto his bed, he stared at his little pet, hoping to get some advice. He watched as his pet guinea pig stuffed some lettuce into its cheeks, and Craig sudden came up with an idea.

So on the day he was to meet his date, the two headed to restaurant and ordered some food. Whenever his date spoke or talked about things from school or about himself, Craig could feel a heart forming. So when a heart does appear, Craig would pretend to drop something or distract his date, he would then grab the heart and stuff it into his hat and his shirt.

"....You alright?"

"F-fine, never better...why?" Craig was sweating, all the hearts he has stuffed inside his shirt were squirming, trying to come out. He was at his limit.

Suddenly, a heart got loose and floated up in front of Craig's face, Craig panicked and grabbed the heart, but it was too late. "Dude, what is that!?" His date asked as he stared at the heart before leaning back.

"I-it's not a bug or anything, it's just...well...I'm not sure what to call them, but my doctor calls them lovebugs," Craig tried to explain himself, but was failing miserably.

"Love...bugs!? What the fuck?" His date stood up, clearly disgusted, "dude, this is only our first date and you're already in love with me?"

"T-that's not it, I just...well...aren't you?" Craig asked.

"What? No! I barely know you! You're just some kid in my class. The only reason I decided to go out with you was to get to know you better, but right now...I don't think I want to," his date was about to leave.

"W-wait! Don't go! I can explain! I can try getting rid of them! Just give me another-" Before Craig could reach out to grab his date's arm, he accidentally tripped on one of the hearts and all the hearts exploded out of his shirt, going everywhere, even disturbing the other customers.

"My word! What are these!?"

"They're in my food!"

"Oh god! One flew into my mouth!"

"...You two!" The manager looked at Craig and his date, "out, now!" The manager kicked the two out of the restaurant, banning them for awhile.

"Great, now I can't even eat my favorite food here for awhile, thanks a lot," Craig's date said.

"...I'm sorry," Craig looked down, seeing his hearts growing smaller and smaller in size.

"....You know what...don't talk to me, don't call me, don't come anywhere near me. Whatever this's weird, you're weird, and I don't want to associate with you at all," his date turned around and left.

Craig was heartbroken.

All his hearts shriveled up and fell to the ground until they all disappeared. Craig looked at them, hating these hearts more and more, wishing to get rid of them once and for all. Craig headed home, tears in his eyes, determined to get rid of these hearts once and for all.

Craig thought and thought of what could be causing these hearts to appear, but he just can't seem to find any answers to his questions. Why was it that he was the only one that had hearts showing up whenever he was in love with someone? Why was it that these hearts appear out of nowhere and then disappear after a minute or two? Why was it that these hearts come out in different sizes or why the numbers seem so random?

Craig wasn't sure what was up with these hearts at all.

Craig would consult with his doctor, a therapist, who would try his best to bring Craig at ease, but whenever their sessions were over, Craig would leave, feeling unsatisfied.

"You're not getting it! These hearts are ruining my social life! I want to get rid of them once and for all!"

"Craig, have you ever thought that these hearts aren't a bad thing...that maybe they are helping you find the right person to fall in love with, someone that doesn't mind having these hearts appear in your face?" His doctor, who was a bit of a romantic, was saying very useless things to Craig.

"You're not listening!" Craig laid back on the chair, looking up at the ceiling, "...maybe I should get heart surgery, maybe the cause of my problem is my heart! Maybe there's something wrong with it!"

"Now Craig...heart surgery is a very risky procedure, especially for a boy your age, and your heart is perfectly fine. It's doing what any other heart should be doing, pumping blood and oxygen into the body," the doctor said.

"Yeah, while also making these dumb hearts appear whenever I like someone," Craig frowned, "I want to get heart surgery and get rid of these lovebugs once and for all."

"....Well I hope you have a insurance or money for heart surgery, might have a problem with your plan here," the doctor showed Craig how much it cost to get heart surgery, and Craig paled at the numbers. Even if he asked his parents, that wasn't going to be enough, unless they sell the house, which was out of the question.

"That's way too much! I can't afford that!" Craig exclaimed.

"Well my dear boy, you can either live with your condition, find another solution, or...get a job," the doctor said, "your choice." The timer goes off, ending another session. The doctor scheduled another appointment with Craig and walked Craig out of the door. He said goodbye and closed the door.


The doctor was no help at all.

Craig sighed and stared at the pamphlet once more. Craig wasn't sure how he was going to earn enough money for heart surgery, but he was determined to get the money and rid himself of these blasted hearts.

So for the next couple of years, Craig would save up his allowance, do extra chores around the house, even mow his neighbors' lawns just to get enough money for his heart surgery. Craig would then put all the money he earned into a jar with a label that says, "heart surgery money," on it. Craig did have to hide the jar from his parents, knowing fully well that his parents would be against the surgery entirely, but that wasn't stopping Craig. matter how determined Craig was...he still wanted to have fun with his friends.

"Oh man, that game looks so cool!" Clyde exclaimed as he looked into the window and saw the new game that was being sold.

"L-l-looks fun, t-t-too bad w-we don't have any m-m-money on us," Jimmy said.


"I'm not letting you borrow any money from me. Remember the last time I let you borrow money from me? My parents cut me off of my allowance for a week, all because you wanted to buy those stupid porn magazines," Token frowned.

"I was just curious," Clyde pouted.

"...." Craig stared at the game, also wanting to buy it just as much as the other guys, but even with the money he does have at hand, combined with everyone else's, it wasn't enough. Unless he used some of the money from the jar. "....I'll be back," Craig said and ran to his house. Craig quickly headed to his room and took out the heart surgery money from underneath his bed. Craig bit his lip as he reached into the jar and took out a couple dollar bills before placing the jar back under his bed.

He and his friends bought the game and had a blast playing it.

As much as Craig wanted to save up as much money as he could for his surgery, he was still a young kid who wants to have fun with friends and for whenever he goes on a date, if he was lucky enough.

Though Craig would have his heartbroken the moment his dates find out about his condition, Craig kept trying and trying, hoping that one day, he'll find the right person. His friends already knows about Craig's condition, and were supporting him all the way, however, they do not know about the surgery, something Craig decided to keep to himself.

However, on the day Clyde came over to hang out with Craig, he would be the one to find the jar when he accidentally dropped his phone. Clyde looked under Craig's bed, seeing his phone falling under there, he managed to get it, but he soon spotted the jar. Clyde took it out and his eyes widened when he read the label.

Craig came back to his room, his eyes widened when he saw Clyde holding the jar. "I can explain," and so Craig did.

Clyde stared at him for awhile before bursting into tears. Clyde started hitting Craig in the chest with his fists, wailing and cursing at Craig. Clyde then hugged Craig tightly, telling him over and over to not go through with it, that Craig might die if he did. Craig simply sighed and tried his best to comfort Clyde.

In the end, Craig managed to convince Clyde to not tell the others and keep this a secret, though Clyde was against the idea of Craig having surgery, he knew there was no way of convincing Craig out of it.

"W-what if you die?" Clyde asked.

" can have all my games and comics," Craig said.

Clyde sniffled, "I don't want your stuff if you're not going to be here," Clyde said.

"....I'm sorry," Craig said, he then hugged his friend.

The two sat in Craig's room, one of them was crying, while the other one tries his best to comfort him.

The next day, Craig's mood changes from bad to worse when his ex-crush started telling people about his condition, causing everyone at school to mock him, even going as far as bullying him.


"H-heart...f-f-freak..." Jimmy read the words on Craig's locker, looking confused.

Token stared at it, getting angry, "those sons of bitches, what the fuck are they doing?"

"...." Clyde turned around, screaming, "who wrote this!? Who fucking wrote this! Show yourself, cowards!" Clyde shouted.

"Clyde...drop it," Craig sighed, he grabbed his books inside his locker and made a mental note to clean up the graffiti later.

Things got worse when the bullying became more physical. Whenever Craig fought back, it would end with a fist contacting his face, he'd come home with a bleeding nose and a bruised eye. It wouldn't have been bad if it weren't for the fact that one of the people that were bullying him was the person who he liked.

"....Why are you doing this?" Craig asked when he confronts him.

"....Because you're a freak."

Craig clenched his fist, ready to punch him, "all because hearts pop out of my head? Is that it?"

"What do you think? Don't you see how annoying it is, seeing all those hearts showing up? It's weird. It's annoying. People probably hate you even before I started saying anything."

"...It's not my fault," Craig said.

"It doesn't matter, those weird hearts of yours are coming from you, aren't they? So if I were you, I'd find a way to stop those hearts from popping're not going to make it to high school."

Craig watched as the boy left, the urge to punch him subsided as he stared at the ground, feeling his heart aching more and more. Craig was shaking as he starts pounding on the wall next to him, not caring that his knuckles were getting bloody. He kept hitting the wall, over and over until he couldn't feel his hand anymore.

Craig then sat on the ground, shaking. His fists were bloody, and his heart was broken.

Craig swore on his life, that until he gets this surgery, he wasn't going to fall for anyone ever again.

The story of Craig and the hearts that would appear ended up feeling just that, a story. Everyone soon forgotten about the hearts and everything that involved Craig. Everyone moved on, and Craig was perfectly fine with that.

Though there were still a few people that still remembers the hearts, those including his family and friends, the hearts never appeared, they never came up again, if you met Craig, you would never know that physical hearts would appear out of nowhere and surround the boy.

In a way, the story of the hearts felt like a rumor that people were starting to get bored of listening. However, the one rumor that everyone seemed to be interested in is the story of Craig Tucker, a heartless boy.

The moment Craig entered high school, everyone who knew him in middle school all noticed a sudden change in the boy. For one, the boy doesn't smile anymore, though Craig rarely smiles as it is, Craig seemed to stop smiling all together. Even when there's a funny joke, Craig would not react, he'd simply have a blank face. Craig also seemed much more distant with people, even those that wants to be friends or be close to Craig would simply ignore them and even go as far as flipping them off in hopes of making them lose interest in him.

In the end, Craig became an asshole, and no wanted to be close to him.

That was fine with Craig, he didn't want to be close to anyone, he didn't want to be in a relationship, he didn't want to make any new friends, and he especially didn't want to interact with anyone new. Craig knew if he got close to anyone, the chances of the hearts coming back were very high. So even as Craig has to act cold towards unexpected strangers, Craig was fine with that.

Of course, his friends are worried and tries to help Craig lighten up, but Craig's mind was to not be changed, and soon, his friends just accepted this new Craig, no matter how worrying it was at times.

Over all, Craig was still the same boy who likes hanging out with his friends, likes guinea pigs, loves watching Red Racer, and is really into sci-fi films. Not only that, but Craig was still the same boy who is trying to save up enough money to get that surgery.

Years from saving, Craig knew that if he were to get a job, he might be able to get the surgery much sooner than expected. So the day Craig turned sixteen and was now the legal age to actually get a job, at least a part time job, Craig's goal was to make enough money to get the surgery.

" hear that we got a new kid coming to our class?" Clyde asked.

"Must be that new family that moved to town recently," Token said.

"I-I heard t-t-they're the o-ones who o-o-own that new c-c-coffee shop in t-t-town," Jimmy said.

"...." Craig didn't care. He was too busy looking at any places in town that were looking to hire people, so far, most of the jobs he searched up on his phone all required him to having a higher education level as well as a set of skills that Craig doesn't have. Craig sighed and decided to look around town for something after school.

The teacher soon came into the room and told everyone the new kid is here, so everyone sat up, waiting patiently to see who the new kid was, as for Craig, he didn't look up, he simply stared at his phone, trying to find any more job openings around town.

"H-hello, my name is Tweek," a timid voice spoke, causing Craig to look up.

It's as if time has stopped for Craig the moment he laid eyes on the boy in the front. The boy with golden hair, lovely green eyes, freckles decorating his face, light skin, and a cute smile. Craig's heart was racing.


A familiar sound brought Craig back to reality, he turned his head and saw the familiar heart floating around. With quick thinking, Craig reached out and snatched the heart before anyone could see it, but by doing so, he brought attention to himself.

"Mr. Tucker, is something the matter?"

"...No," Craig was sweating as he hid the heart behind his back, but another one suddenly appeared and Craig quickly grabbed it before anyone could comprehend what it was.

"What on earth was that?" The teacher stood up from her desk, looking concerned.

"Nothing," Craig said, he was sweating bullets.

"Hey...didn't that look like a-" Clyde was about to say something, but Token quickly kicked him in the leg to shut him up. "Ow!"

"Alright Mr. Tucker, what was that and what are you hiding behind your back?" The teacher frowned and walked over towards Craig's desk.

"I swear, it's nothing, really," Craig was looking at anyone but the new kid, knowing full well that if he looks at the new kid, he'll spout out more hearts.

"Young man, if you do not want to get a week's worth of detention, you'll show me what are in your hands right this minute," the teacher said.

"....." Craig looked at his friends for help, but they simply shrugged, unsure how to help. Craig then made eye contact with the new kid, seeing how worried the kid look. Feeling bad and knowing there is no way out of this, Craig was about to show the hearts in his hands, when suddenly, he felt them pop. He showed his teacher his hands, holding nothing. "See? Nothing. I was just...trying to kill this fly, that's all," Craig said.

"...Fly?" His teacher questioned.

"Yep," Craig said, looking up at her.

"....Alright, just don't interrupt my class again, understand young man?"

"Yes ma'am," Craig said.

Once the teacher headed back to her desk, Craig let out a sigh of relief, glad that the situation was over. "Tweek, why don't you sit over there in that empty seat next to Craig?" Craig froze.

Craig turned his head and almost forgot about the empty seat that was next to him. Craig was sweating as the new kid walked closer and closer. Craig had to look down at his desk and practically hold his breath in hopes of calming down his heart. Once the new kid was seated, Craig tried his best to no look at him or talk to him because Craig knew that if he even talked to the new kid, he won't be able to hold it in.

"....Hi, I'm Tweek, I hope we can get along," Tweek smiled.

That was all it took for all the hearts to appear, filling up the room, causing everyone to scream and panic as the teacher tries her best to calm everyone down. Craig sat there, blushing madly, his friends all looked sorry for their friend, and the new kid looked confused and shocked at just what happened.

"...God fucking damn it," Craig laid his head on his desk, wishing for the ground to open and swallow him up.

People were staring and giving Craig dirty looks, which is understandable since the hearts kept getting in their faces whenever Craig walked by. Craig wanted to hide, he wanted to run, but knew there was nowhere to hide or run, so Craig simply stuck close to his friends, almost using them as shields.

"Come on man, it's not that bad..." Clyde said.

"Clyde, hearts literally exploded out of me and filled up the entire room," Craig said, "it's that bad."

" least it doesn't seem like anyone knows who you fell in love with, so that's good...right?" Token said.

"Yeah, until the guy I like keeps showing up in front of me and it'll soon become obvious on who I like," Craig blushed.

"W-well w-w-what are you going t-t-to do now?" Jimmy asked.

"For one, stay away from the new kid as possible, two, get a job after school and hope to god that I'll get enough money for-" Craig stopped himself, remembering that aside from Clyde, Token and Jimmy don't know anything about the surgery.

"Job? Why do you need a job?" Token asked.

"...Um...for....extra cash," Craig said.

"Extra cash? What for?" Token asked.

" wanna tell them now?" Clyde whispered.

"w-what is i-it? A-are you two h-h-hiding something f-from us?" Jimmy asked.

I stared at the two, but I quickly came up with an excuse, "I need the extra cash for my therapy sessions. My parents aren't paying for them anymore," Craig said.

"W-what?" Clyde looked at him.

"Yeah, remember Clyde? I told you about how my parents couldn't afford to pay for my therapy sessions anymore?" I said, looking at him sternly.

"...Oh...right! That's why you needed the money, totally forgot," Clyde said.

"Really? Why didn't you just tell us?"

"Oh I know you Toke, you'd probably pay for my sessions and I would feel guilty and have to pay you back, so yeah, that's why," I said.

"I mean, it's no trouble, really," Token said.

"Look, I'm going to get a part time job after school and everything will be fine, trust me," I said.

"Alright....but what about your uh...condition? The moment you fall in love, those hearts of yours don't go away that easily," Token said.

"I'll think of something, trust me," Craig said.

With that, school was over, Craig said goodbye to his friends, and headed to town in hopes of finding a job.

He searched and searched, but no store or business seemed to be hiring, there were no help wanted signs, no ads, nothing. By the time it was getting close to five, Craig thought of quitting and maybe try finding a job outside of town, but he soon stopped when he sees a help wanted sign on the recently opened coffee shop.

"....Please god, let me get this job," Craig muttered as he headed inside.

"Welcome, how may I help you young man?" A man with brown hair greeted Craig with a smile, Craig force a smile on his face, before speaking himself.

"Hi, I uh...saw that help wanted sign over there, and uh...was wondering if you're still hiring?"

The man beamed, "why yes, we're still hiring. You're the first person to apply today," the man said.


"Oh yes, we've recently needed an extra pair of hands here to help clean up the floors, tables, and bathrooms, but it seemed no one was interested at the moment," the man said.

"Oh well uh...I am looking for a part time job, sir, so I don't mind doing some cleaning," Craig said.

"Well that's splendid, so, you able to come here tomorrow after three?" The man asked.

Craig was shocked, "w-wait...I got the job already?"

"Well in my opinion, I prefer those that are the first to get their prize, so since you're the first person here, I think you are up for the job, so what do you say?"

"I...I'll take it," Craig said, "thanks, sir," Craig said.

"No problem young man," the man smiled, "so, what's your name so I can get your name tag ready for you tomorrow?" The man asked.

"Craig Tucker, sir," Craig said.

"Welcome aboard, Craig. I'm Richard Tweak, and I'll be your new boss, let's work together and make this place the best darn coffee shop in town," the man said.

"Yes sir," Craig said. He suddenly froze. "...Tweak?" Craig muttered. Why does that name sound familiar to him.

Suddenly, the door opened and someone came into the shop. "Dad, I'm here, do you need me to- ...You!"

"...Y-you!?" Craig's face went red, he can already feel the hearts forming.

"Oh? You two know each other?" Mr. Tweak asked.

"I uh...I...I got to go!" Craig exclaimed as he ran past Tweek and ran towards the door, he ran into an alley, letting the hearts out, his heart was racing as his eyes widened. "You have got to be shitting me right now!" Craig exclaimed.

The one job that Craig could find, and it's the same place that his crush was in. It just wasn't Craig's day.

The next day, Craig came back to the shop after school, he somehow managed to avoid Tweek during the entire day, even if he felt Tweek's gaze on him when they had class together, but that didn't matter, he knew the moment he enters that shop, Tweek would have told his dad to not hire him, and Mr. Tweak would take back what he said the other day. Craig knew, so he came here straight from school, wanting to hear Mr. Tweak fire him.

"Well hello there, Craig, glad you came," Mr. Tweak smiled.

"Hey...Mr. Tweak," Craig said, looking down.

"What's wrong, son? You look down," Mr. Tweak asked.

"Well...I'm here for the bad news," Craig said.

" What bad news?"

"You know...with what happened yesterday...I just assumed you changed your mind about hiring me," Craig said.

"Yesterday? ....Oh! Right, you and Tweek being class buddies," Mr. Tweak smiled.

"C-class...buddies?" Craig asked.

"Yep, my son told me all about you, including the little hearts that kept appearing from your head," Mr. Tweak said.

"Y-you know about them?" Craig asked.

"Yep, but don't worry, I'm not going to fire you for that," Mr. Tweak said.

"Y-you're not?" Craig asked.

"Of course not, not unless a customer complains about them," Mr. Tweak said.

Craig stared at the man, feeling very confused, "w-why do you want to hire me, Mr. Tweak?"

"'s been hard for Tweek to make friends ever since we moved, so I just thought...having you around...he might finally make a new friend here. I hope I'm not putting too much pressure on you, son," Mr. Tweak said.

"'re not," Craig looked down, feeling his heart beating.

Mr. Tweak smiled, "good." Mr. Tweak patted Craig on the shoulder, "besides...I'm sure these hearts of yours will make great decorations for Valentine's day, don't you agree?"

Craig looked at him before smiling, a genuine smile this time, "yeah."

The door opens and the two turned their heads. It was Tweek.

"Glad you came, Tweek. Say hello to our new co-worker," Mr. Tweak said.

Tweek walked over, looking down, "hello," Tweek muttered.

Craig's heart ached, seeing how Tweek was avoiding to look at him, "hi," Craig said, making sure to not look at him.

Mr. Tweak smiled, "well now that you already know each other, I guess an introduction isn't really needed, so why don't you two get to work?" Mr. Tweak said.

"Yes, dad," Tweek sighed as he grabbed his apron from the counter and walked behind the counter.

"Here is your apron Craig, and your name tag," Mr. Tweak handed Craig his apron and name tag.

"Thank you," Craig said as he put on the apron and put on his name tag.

"Alright boys, I'll be heading out to do some errands, Tweek, why don't you show Craig here what he needs to know about the place?"

"Alright, dad," Tweek said.

Craig was panicked, he didn't know Mr. Tweak was going to be leaving. "Y-you're going to leave us here on our own?"

"I trust you two will keep the place as it is," Mr. Tweak smiled, "I'll see you boys later.

"But Mr..." Mr. Tweak was gone. It was not just Craig and Tweek. "...Fuck..." Craig whispered.

Tweek stared at him, looking unsure what to do. " supplies are in the back, if you need them," Tweek said.

"Oh..uh...okay," Craig said, not looking at him. Craig carefully headed to the backroom to get a mop and a bucket. After Craig filled the bucket with water from the bathrooms, he started cleaning the floors as customers slowly came in.

Everything was fine, no fuss, no worries. Craig managed to not have hearts popping out of his head, all by not looking at his coworker, though, getting anything done was difficult since he had to avoid looking at a certain direction the entire time, but he's still managing somehow.

Once there was no customers around and Mr. Tweak still hasn't come back yet, Craig busied himself with work, avoiding any contact with Tweek at all costs. It has proven to be difficult since Tweek kept his eyes on him the entire time.

" there a problem?" Craig asked.

"Sir? Dude, I'm like the same age as you," Tweek said.

"Yeah're the boss's son, so I just assumed," Craig blushed in embarrassment, he can feel a heart forming.

"....Hey...can I ask you something," Tweek said.

"You just did, but sure," Craig said.

"Pff," Tweek chuckled, but resumed talking, "...just...what are those things?"

"What things?"

"Those...heart shaped things. The ones that came out of your head all of sudden?"

"...No one told you yet?" Craig asked.

"Not really," Tweek said, "but I feel like if you told me, I won't have any problems with any fake facts," Tweek said.

"...." Craig thought about it, but in the end, he decided he might as well tell him, after all, Tweek knows about the hearts already, so even if Craig asked him out, Tweek would just simply reject him, and Craig was ready for it. "They're called lovebugs, at least what my doctors said," Craig said.

"Love....bugs...huh....never seen anyone with that condition before," Tweek said.

"That's because I'm the only one, apparently. They're not contagious or anything, but...since they keep disappearing after a minute, the doctors weren't able to experiment on me or anything," Craig said.

"Thank god! Having scientists and doctors experimenting on you is terrifying!" Tweek said.

"You think?" Craig smiled, but dropped his smile when he remembers that Tweek will never find him attractive or anything like that. "Anyways...I've been stuck with these hearts for as long as I can remember. They usually only appear when I' love with someone," Craig said.

"" Tweek said.

Craig blushed, "yeah..." Craig turned his head, and resumed cleaning.

" you...oh," Tweek blushed and looked at Craig.

"...Yeah," Craig said.

The two fell silent and didn't speak to each other for the rest of the day. The two didn't speak when Mr. Tweak finally came back with bundles of new coffee beans. They didn't even speak when it was time to head home.

"Well I'll see you tomorrow, Craig. Tweek, get home safe, I'll be home soon," Mr. Tweak said.

"Alright dad," Tweek said.

"Goodbye, sir," Craig said.

Once Mr. Tweak headed back inside the shop, Craig turned and was about to leave, but he suddenly felt a hand grabbing his.

"Wait." Tweek said.

"...What?" Craig asked, not looking at him.

"....May I ask you one more question?" Tweek asked.

"...Alright," Craig said, his heart was racing.


"Huh?" Craig turned to look at him, big mistake. The moment Craig laid eyes on Tweek, he felt his heart racing. Soon, small hearts appeared from his head, surrounding the both of them.

Tweek was surprised when he saw the hearts, but not as much as the first time. He looked at them for a few seconds before looking back at Craig. "Just...tell me. Why do you like me? You don't even know me. So why?" Tweek asked.

"...." Craig looked down, feeling his cheeks getting warm. "I don't...know exactly why...I just do. Whenever I see you, I think you're...cute...whenever you speak to heart races. I know it's fall for someone you don't even know...but love is complicated, isn't it? So....I'm sorry that my feelings for you is weird," Craig blushed harder.


"Look, I'll eventually get over you don't have to worry about me for long...I'm use to it by now," Craig sighed.

"Use to it?"

Craig sighed, pulling up the collar of his jacket. "I'll see you tomorrow. Bye," Craig said. He turned around and left.

Craig was trying his best to stay together, but it felt like he was going to break soon.

The next day, things were weird for Craig. For one thing, Tweek seemed to more different around Craig, instead of him avoiding him or just staring at him like a weirdo, Tweek seemed to be more nicer to him, even greeting him.

"Hey Craig," Tweek said.

"Uh...hi?" Craig said. Tweek smiled and continued heading to his locker.

"Dude...what was that all about?" Clyde asked.

"I have no idea," Craig said, but that didn't stop his heart from beating so much in his chest.

By the time it was lunch, Tweek surprised Craig once again by sitting at his table.

Tweek smiled and greeted everyone. "Hey guys," Tweek said.

"Uh...hey," Token said.

"Yo," Clyde said.

"S-s-s-salutations," Jimmy said.

"....What are you doing?" Craig asked, trying very hard to not let the hearts out.

"Eating lunch?" Tweek said.

"No meant...why are you sitting here?" Craig asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry...d-do you guys not want me here?" Tweek asked.

"Nonsense! We don't mind having your around, right Craig," Clyde smirked as he nudged Craig.

Craig blushed and flipped him off. "Fuck off," Craig said. Craig turned back to Tweek, "if you want to sit there, then I guess it's fine. I just hope my little condition doesn't bother you," Craig said.

"Oh it doesn' fact...I kinda find it..." Tweek blushed, "kinda cute."


"Holy shit," Token said.

Hearts exploded out of Craig's head, filling up the room immediately. The group ended up having their lunches outside, as ordered by the lunch ladies.

For the rest of the day, Tweek hung out with Craig along with the guys, talking about miscellaneous things. If this was another person, Craig was sure he wouldn't mind so much, however, since this was Tweek, the boy who makes Craig's heart race, that was a problem.

"See you guys tomorrow!" Clyde exclaimed.

"See ya!" Tweek smiled.

Once school ended, Clyde, Token, and Jimmy left to do something, while Craig and Tweek headed to work together. While they were walking, Craig couldn't help but wonder why Tweek was being so nice to him all of a sudden, it just didn't make any sense.

"Tweek, you don't have to be nice to me...I know what you're doing," Craig sighed.

"What...exactly am I doing?" Tweek asked.

Craig's heart ached, "you're being nice to me because you feel sorry for me. I'm the weirdo who has hearts coming out of him, I get it. So you can quit pretending to be nice to me," Craig said.

"...But...I'm not pretending," Tweek said.

Craig stopped and looked at him. His heart skipped a beat. "What?"

"....I'm not pretending," Tweek looked down, blushing.

Craig blushed himself, hearts popping out of his head. "You're not?"

Tweek shook his head. Tweek looked up and smiled at Craig, "what you said was sweet...and it's the first time anyone has ever said anything like that to me. I don't hate't just assume that I don't want hang out with you just because hearts pops out of your head," Tweek said.

"....." Craig looked away, hearts in all different sizes started appearing, each one would be bigger than the last.

Tweek smiled at them, "come on, we're going to be late for work," Tweek said.

Tweek walked ahead, and Craig slowly followed. The hearts kept appearing for the rest of the day.

Romance was in the air, as both Craig and Tweek came to see. Couples came into their shop, holding hands, being all lovey dovey, and over all, being overbearing. It was sickening.

"Gross," Craig sighed as he wiped the counter.

"I thought you'd be the type to like this kind of stuff," Tweek giggled.

"Just because hearts pop out of my head doesn't mean I like seeing people being all romantic with each other," Craig sighed.

Tweek chuckled, "then you must really hate Valentine's day, huh?"

"I can either take it or leave it, but pretty much," Craig sighed and turned around to clean the display case.

Tweek chuckled before grabbing the freshly baked muffins from the oven, "stay clear, these are really hot," Tweek said.

Craig moved a bit as Tweek carefully places the muffins inside the display case. Though Craig wasn't a huge fan of muffins, he'll admit that the ones that Tweek made smell delicious.

"....Your hearts are showing," Tweek smiled.

Craig blushed and turned away, "sorry," Craig said, grabbing the tiny hearts and stuffing them in his sleeve.

"Why don't you just let them out? With how today is, I'm sure everyone will appreciate it," Tweek said.

"No thank you, I remember the last time I let my hearts out when it was Valentine's day, trust me, you do not want them out where people are too full of each other," Craig sighed.

"What? What happened?" Tweek asked.

"Let's just say it's so sickeningly sweet that you might as well bring a barf bag," Craig sighed.

"Tch," Tweek clicked his tongue, "you're just grumpy because you're single," Tweek said.

Craig blushed, "so are you," Craig said.

"True....but who knows for how long," Tweek said.

Craig stared at him before turning his head, blushing even more. Hearts continued to pop out of his head, all in various sizes. Tweek couldn't help but chuckle.

"Screw you," Craig pouted.

A customer soon came up to the counter, his girlfriend clinging onto his jacket. "Two muffins and two mochas, please," the customer said.

"Coming up," Tweek smiled. "Craig, could you get the muffins while I work on the drinks?"

"Sure," Craig said as he grabbed two muffins from the display case, almost dropping them when he felt how hot they still were. "Ow!" Craig quickly caught them before they hit the ground, sighing in relief when he realized that the muffins were still in tact. "Here you go," Craig said.

"Thanks," the customer said.

"And here's your drinks," Tweek said.

The customers paid for the muffins and drinks and headed to the nearest available table. Once the couple sat down, they stared at each other with adoring looks before grabbing a muffin and taking a bite.

"Gross," Craig wanted to gag.

"Don't be mean," Tweek chuckled. When Tweek went back to look at the couples, he noticed something off with the muffins. "Hey...Craig...did you put some sort of sprinkles on those muffins?" Tweek asked.

"What? Why would I put sprinkles on muffins? And what sprinkles? We don't have any of that here," Craig said.

"Then...what's all that stuff covering the muffins?" Tweek asked.

"...?" Craig turned to look at what Tweek was talking about, and his eye widened when he realized some of the tiny hearts landed on the muffins, probably when he almost dropped them earlier. "Fuck!" Craig exclaimed.

"What? What's so bad if they accidentally ate your hearts?" Tweek asked.

"Just because they disappear after a minute doesn't mean they don't-"

"Oh wow...these muffins...are so good..." The woman said.

"You good..." The man said.

The two locked eyes with each other, their faces were flushed and hearts were in their eyes, not really, but figuratively. Before anyone knew it, The woman grabbed the man's face and pulled him in for a sloppy kiss, practically knocking everything on the table over.

"Oh my god!" Tweek exclaimed, blushing.

"Oh god," Craig pulled down his hat, not wanting to see the mess he has made.

The couple continued to kiss each other on the table, not caring that all the other customers were staring.

"Oh god, I just want to be closer to you!"

"Then let's do it, right here right now," the man said.

"No! This is a public place with children!" Craig blushed. He suddenly hears Tweek laughing behind him, causing Craig to blush even more. "It's not funny!"

"I-it sorta is," Tweek giggled.

Craig thought Tweek's giggling and laughter was so cute, that more hearts exploded out of his head, landing in people's drinks, food, and tables.

"W-wait! Everyone don't-" Too late. Everyone who got hearts in their drinks or food, or simply got them in their hands, they all ate the hearts, immediately, the effects took place. "Oh fuck..." Craig stood there in horror, watching the scene in front of him take place, wanting nothing but to hide somewhere in shame.

Tweek laughed the entire time, Craig can only wait for the effects to run out after a few minutes, and both of them knew that they were going to have to do a lot of cleaning before Mr. Tweak comes back.

After the hearts fiasco, it was time for Craig and Tweek to head home. However, since Craig had to go to the store to buy some ingredients for his mom, Tweek decided to walk with him since his house in the same direction as the store.

"How the fuck did we get away with that?" Craig was still blushing after what happened earlier.

"I don't know, but it was kinda funny, seeing all those people ready to rip each other's clothes off," Tweek said.

"Don't remind me," Craig blushed even more. "I seriously thought you'd be freaking out earlier."

"Normally, yes..but seeing you freak out more than ended up being funny," Tweek said.

"Well I'm so glad my panicking was so entertaining to you," Craig sighed.

"Oh come on, you know I was just having a little fun," Tweek said.

"Well it's not fun for me," Craig stopped walking, Tweek stopped as well.


"....These stupid hearts are the reason why I can never have a steady relationship with anyone. Everyone I met...everyone I cared about...they all end up running away...saying I'm freak because of these stupid hearts!"

"...Well that's not true," Tweek said.

"Yes it is! Kids never want to hang out with me, adults would make sure to tell their kids to avoid me, and every crush I had ends up hating me....fuck I never even gotten my first boyfriend...or girlfriend....hell...I...I never even gotten my first kiss," Craig sighed.

".....You say that everyone avoids you...but that doesn't seem entirely true it?"


"Take the guys, they like you, and they know all about your hearts, and they are....staying by your side," Tweek said.

"O-only because I knew them during the time my hearts were coming out," Craig said.

"Yeah, but now that they do know about the hearts, they still stuck around. It's all because they like you, Craig," Tweek took a step closer, "I think your problem isn't your hearts, from how I see it, if you find the right people who don't mind your hearts or at least gotten to know you, then maybe you wouldn't feel so alone all the time."

"....What if they end up hating me once they find out?"

"Well...if they like the real you enough...then your hearts shouldn't bother them...I know they don't for me," Tweek smiled.

Craig looked at him, blushing slightly. Craig can feel tiny hearts forming in the back of his head. "" Craig's eyes widened when he felt lips on his. It was a quick and small kiss, but to Craig, it was the best kiss ever. "...."

Tweek took a step back, blushing, "before you get a big head...I just thought...that I could at least help you with your first kiss problem," Tweek said.

"...You do realized that first kisses are suppose to be more romantic than that, right?" Craig asked.

"Yeah...but the next time you kiss least you'll have a bit more experience, right?" Tweek smiled.

"...." Craig's heart was thumping. The way Tweek said that made it sound like there was going to be a next time, between him and Tweek, but Craig decided to think otherwise.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Craig," Tweek smiled. He turned around and headed home, leaving Craig to stand there all on his own.

"....." Craig blushed and pulled down his hat in embarrassment. His hearts exploding everywhere, hitting people in the face in the process.

After working at the coffee shop for a few weeks, Craig has finally made enough money to get his surgery. All his efforts and hardships were about to pay off.

Craig let out a breath as he grabbed the jar from his bed, taking out all the money he has earned and saved up, counting every dollar bill and coins that were inside. Craig was finally going to get his surgery, he was finally going to get rid of these hearts, and he was finally going to be normal.

Craig smiled to himself, imagining his life after the surgery. He'll make new friends, he'll find a boyfriend that won't call him a freak, he'll walk around, not annoying people with stupid hearts, and he'll grow old with the love of his life.

"....." Craig smiled dropped when he suddenly thought about Tweek. Craig stared at the jar, feeling his heart ache a bit. Though Craig would like to be with Tweek, he was sure that Tweek wasn't going to be happy once he finds out about the surgery, hell, Craig even thinks Tweek will come to hate him for doing something so dangerous. Even if Craig wanted Tweek to be the love of his life, he knew he isn't, so Craig knew he had to let him go, no matter if his current or new heart aches.

As Craig headed downstairs, money in backpack, he headed to the hospital.

"Already leaving to stay a few nights with Clyde?" Craig's mother asked.

"Yep, and please don't be those moms that call every hour, it's annoying," Craig said.

"Alright, but you better call me at least and let me know how everything is. A mother worries, you know," Mrs. Tucker said.

"....Yes mom," Craig looked down, not wanting to look at his mother. If the surgery succeeds, his mother will find out the truth and be angry at him. If the surgery fails, then...

Craig suddenly ran up to his mom and gave her a hug, surprising her. "Craig...what are you doing?"

"Just uh...w-wanted to give you a hug, that's all," Craig said.

"Alright...?" Mrs. Tucker patted her son on the back, "you feeling alright?"

"....Yeah...I'm fine," Craig said. "Bye mom."

"See you later, kiddo," Mrs. Tucker smiled.

"....Yeah...." Craig forced a smile on his face before leaving the house and started making his way to the hospital. As Craig was walking, he soon stopped when he saw Clyde standing ahead of him.

Clyde stared at Craig, tears in his eyes. "Y-you're really going to do it?"

"....Clyde...we talked about this."

"You might die if you do this, Craig! Doesn't that mean anything!?" Clyde exclaimed.


"What about us!? What about me? Token? Jimmy? What about Tweek?"

"Clyde, drop it," Craig frowned.

"I'm not!" Clyde exclaimed, grabbing Craig's jacket, "we care about you, man! We don't give fuck about your hearts or anything like that! We love you...and you're going to toss everything away just so you can get rid of your hearts problem!?"

"Clyde...I just want to be normal. I want to be like everyone else. I don't want these hearts getting in the way of that," Craig said.

"You won't be normal if you're dead, Craig," Clyde sniffled.

".....Dude...I'm not going to ask you again...get off and get out of my way. I have an appointment," Craig said.

"....No...I'm not losing you! I'm not going to lose my best friend!" Clyde exclaimed.

"....Sorry, Clyde," Craig closed his eyes and thought about Tweek, Craig could feel hearts forming before they all exploded out of his head, hitting Clyde in the process. Clyde soon found himself buried in hearts, unable to move. Craig then continued leaving, "if I make it...I promise to buy you tacos."

"....If you make it," Clyde said.

"....Goodbye, Clyde," Craig continued heading to the hospital.

Once Craig reached the hospital, he felt his heart thumping in his chest. Craig took a deep breath as he slowly walked towards the hospital, imagining his life with no hearts popping out of his head.

".....You say that everyone avoids you...but that doesn't seem entirely true it?"

Craig was imagining how peaceful his life will be now that no one was going to give him dirty looks because of his hearts.

"Take the guys, they like you, and they know all about your hearts, and they are....staying by your side."

Craig was imagining how people will stop thinking he's a freak.

"Yeah, but now that they do know about the hearts, they still stuck around. It's all because they like you, Craig. I think your problem isn't your hearts, from how I see it, if you find the right people who don't mind your hearts or at least gotten to know you, then maybe you wouldn't feel so alone all the time."

Craig couldn't help but imagine his future boyfriend and how....

"Well...if they like the real you enough...then your hearts shouldn't bother them...I know they don't for me."

"...." Craig stopped, feeling his heart aching. Craig looked down, remembering Tweek's word playing over and over in his head. Unlike all the people he liked, all of them never accepted Craig so easily, unlike Tweek. Hell, even the first girl he liked only continued to hang out with him was because she wanted one of the hearts for herself, she never cared about Craig. None of the people Craig fell in love with ever cared about Craig and who he was...only Tweek.

"....Sir? Do you have an appointment?" The receptionist asked when she noticed Craig just standing there.

".....I...I uh...I do..." Craig said. He took out the jar money, looking at it. "....I do...but...I'd like to cancel it," Craig smiled at her.

"Oh...uh...sure," the receptionist said.

Craig walked over towards the desk and placed the jar on the table, "hey...I'd actually like to donate this," Craig said, handing the receptionist the jar of money.

"Oh you're too kind, sir," the receptionist smiled.

"....Oh wait," Craig opened the jar and took out a couple of hundreds from the jar. "Sorry, but...I did wasted a lot of time saving up, might as well keep some of it, you know," Craig said, stuffing the money into his backpack.

With that, Craig didn't go with the surgery. He's stuck with having hearts coming out of his head.

As Craig left the hospital, having a clear conscience, Craig was ready to head home. However, the moment he took a step outside, he was surprised when he saw his friends.


"Craig!" Everyone exclaimed as they practically tackled him.

"W-what are you all doing here!?"

"Clyde told us everything!" Token exclaimed.

"A-a-are y-you crazy!? W-why w-wouldn't you t-tell us t-t-this!?"

"I'm sorry Craig, but the moment your hearts disappeared, I told everyone, and we're here to stop you!" Clyde exclaimed. Clyde suddenly realized something, "...hey...why are you out here? Shouldn't you be getting ready for your surgery?"

"....I decided not to do it," Craig said.

"What!?" His friends got off of him and stared at him in shock.

"Y-you're not g-going t-through with it?" Jimmy asked.

"Nope," Craig smiled, "I keep these hearts around," Craig said.

"...D-dude..." Clyde burst into tears as he hugged his friend, "oh thank god! I thought we were going to be too late!"

"....Actually...if I had went through with it, what exactly would you guys have done?" Craig asked.

"Simple, we barge into the operating room, grab you from the surgical table, and take you home by force," Token said.

"A-a-and if you were unconscious, it b-be easier for us to drag you o-out of there," Jimmy said.

"...You're the best," Craig hugged his friends, glad to have them in his life.


Craig froze when he hears a familiar voice. Craig lifted his head and looked at Tweek. "Tweek? Why are you here?"

"Clyde told me," Tweek said.

"Sorry, I just thought I'd tell him too. Especially when he looked worried when you stopped coming to work and stuff," Clyde said.

"...Tweek...I'm so sorry for not telling you, I just...I thought I-" Tweek raised his hand, interrupting Craig.

"....Let me ask you one question," Tweek said.

"...." Craig was silent, but he nodded.

"....What made you change your mind?" Tweek asked, looking into Craig's eyes.

"...." Craig looked down, blushing. He can feel the hearts forming. "....I thought about what you said....about how you were right. I thought about the time we spent fun it was...hanging out with you," Craig. "S-so even if you don't like me back...I just want you to know that...I really like you...and I wouldn't mind staying friends if you-"

"Shut up, Craig," Tweek ran over and hugged the boy, kissing him. When Tweek pulled back, he smiled at the boy, "I love you too, you idiot."

"....." Craig smiled as he hugged Tweek in return. Hearts surrounded them.

Craig leaned forward to kiss Tweek on the lips, as the guys stood awkwardly on the side, waiting for them to finish their moment.

"Aw...that's so sweet," Clyde said.

"....Hey...shouldn't we step back a bit?" Token asked.


"Well from how I see it, I think the number of hearts that come out of Craig, as well as the size, all depends on how much in love Craig is, so with him and Tweek being like this, shouldn't the hearts be-"

Hearts exploded out of Craig's head, surrounding everyone in a wave of hearts, but for Craig and Tweek, they didn't care, they continue to embrace each other, kissing. They didn't even care when they heart their friends let out a scream.

"Oh god! I'm drowning in so much love!" Clyde shouted.

"Oh gross! Some of it got into my mouth!" Token shouted.

"I g-guess l-love really is i-in the a-air," Jimmy joked.

"Not now, Jimmy!" Both Clyde and Token exclaimed.

People were annoyed. People were pissed. People were getting frustrated. Hearts surrounded the school, hitting people in the face or blocking their view. People wanted these hearts to disappear and go away, but for a certain chullo wearing boy and his boyfriend, they didn't really care what people wanted, they didn't care about the hearts that surrounded them.

"Jesus...everyone looks piss," Tweek said.

"I'm pretty sure I made them pissed even before you showed up," Craig said, holding Tweek's hand.

Tweek chuckled, "well then...I'm glad they're pissed...makes them know that your heart belongs to me," Tweek smiled.

Craig blushed, and a giant heart appeared in front of him. The heart looked very similar to the one Craig gave to his first crush many years ago, Craig smiled at it before grabbing it and giving it to Tweek.

"For me?" Tweek smiled as he takes the heart.

"This one won't pop, I promise," Craig smiled.

Tweek smiled, "I'll treasure it always," Tweek smiled, he leaned forward to give the heart a kiss. That only caused more hearts to appear. "Oh man, we should really find a way to control these heart before people start forming angry mobs," Tweek chuckled.

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Craig sighed, "I just wish I wasn't the only one who is dealing with this problem," Craig sighed.

"Oh don't be such a sourpuss, Craig," Clyde wrapped his arm around his friend, "with you being the only one with these hearts coming out of you, you're like...going to be famous when you get older," Clyde grinned.

"That sounds tiring," Craig sighed.

Clyde pouted, "oh come on, being the one and only person that shoots out hearts from his body, that's like....going to change the world! I wish I was like you," Clyde pouted.

"Yeah yeah," Craig rolled his eyes.

As everyone laughed, a girl with curly blonde hair accidentally bumped into Clyde when she was rushing to her locker. "Sorry," the girl said. It was Bebe Stevens.

" problem...Bebe," Clyde blushed. Bebe smiled and waved Clyde goodbye before continuing to head to her locker. "Wow...doesn't Bebe look awesome today?" Clyde grinned.

"Someone is in love," Craig said.

"Y-you don't know that," Clyde blushed, feeling embarrassed.




"...Uh...Clyde...what came out of your head?" Token asked.

"....." Clyde turned around and noticed a blue heart floating around. " this-"

"You know my hearts are red...right?" Craig said. Everyone but Clyde started to grin.

"...You have got to be kidding me," Clyde blushed.

Craig placed his hand on Clyde's shoulder, "sorry dude, but looks like you got the case of lovebugs. Enjoy getting girls with that going on," Craig said as he patted Clyde's back and resumed walking with the others.

Clyde blushed even more, staring at his friends. "Oh god!"

Love was in the air, love surrounded all the kids in town, love was everywhere. For Craig, hearts would literally surround him and the love of his life, and Craig could live with that.

The End.

Chapter Text

I hated watching baseball games. They were so confusing and not that very exciting, at least for me. I would always complain to my parents to not take me to a baseball game, but they wouldn't listen to me, saying how they couldn't leave me all alone and stuff like that. When I suggest they just hire a babysitter, they said they couldn't, too expensive they said, though I know for a fact that that was a lie and they were just too cheap to hire a teenager to look after their seven year old son for a couple of hours.

Still, I'm just glad I'm home now and I can go to my room where I won't be disturbed.

So I headed upstairs, closed the door behind me, turned on my lights, and headed to my desk so I can play with my Lego set. As I was playing, I suddenly hear a thud in my closet. I turned around, feeling my heart skip a beat. I climbed down my chair and walked over to my closet. The noises from my closet grew louder and louder, but I kept walking, feeling my heart race. Once I reached my closet, I grabbed hold of the doorknob and slowly opened the door, peeking inside.

Inside my closet, it was dark, few of my clothes and toys were visible, but other than that, I couldn't see anything...well...except for a pair of bright blue eyes staring straight at me. I hear a low growl coming from the monster, watching as it stared at me, looking hungry.

".....Are you hungry again?" I asked, tilting my head.

"....." The monster's stomach growled, he looked at me, nodding.

I let out a sigh, "wait here," I said. I left the door open as I turned around and headed towards my toy chest. I quickly grabbed a stuff animal that I didn't mind losing since I lost interest in it a long time ago. I headed back to my closet and quickly ripped the stuff toy's head off before handing it to the monster. "Here."

The monster stared at the ripped toy before grabbing it and eating the stuffing that was inside. I sat on the floor, staring at him, wondering how he could even eat that considering stuffing wasn't particularly that good. Still, seeing how satisfied the monster looked, I was happy.

"I'm running out of stuff animals you you eat anything else besides stuffing?"

"...." The monster didn't reply, he simply kept chewing on the stuff toy's ear, ignoring me.

"Well...I guess we'll try something tomorrow. Enjoy your meal," I said as I closed the door and headed back to my desk. I then continued playing with my Lego set.

The first time I met the monster was the day I moved to South Park. I was only five years old when I moved to this small town, and already, I missed my home in Denver.

"Come on Tweek, this place ain't so bad. The neighbors seem friendly and it's seems homey. You'll eventually come to love this place," dad said.

"But I miss my friends back home, why did we have to move here?" I asked.

"Well daddy wants to open up a new coffee chain, and this town is the perfect place to start up shop, sweetie," mom explained.

"I still don't like it, I want to go back home," I pouted.

"Sorry kiddo, but the old house has already been sold, this is our new home now," dad smiled as he showed me the new house we'll be living at.

I frowned and stuck my tongue out at the new house, not liking it. "I don't like it. It looks and smells weird," I said.

"Do you mean it looks and smell different?" Mom asked.

"...I don't know," I said.

"Don't worry, Tweek, you'll get use to it, just give it a chance," dad said.

"....." I stayed silent, pouting the entire time.

I was soon shown my new room, it was bigger than my room back in Denver, but I still didn't like it. I still prefer my old room, where my height chart was, where my favorite hiding spot was, where my favorite view was. The only view I got from this room was the view of the street, something I could easily see if I just the house. Boring.

"Don't pout, Tweek. This is your new room and you're going to like it," mom sighed, already tired of me being angry at the new place, "now why don't you put your toys and clothes away?"

"No," I exclaimed.

"Tweek, please?"

"...." I shook my head.

"....How about this, if you put your clothes and toys in your new closet, I'll happily bake you your favorite cookies," mom smiled.

I lifted my head and look up at her, "really?"

"Uh huh," mom smiled.

I looked down, thinking it over. On one hand, if I don't put my clothes and toys away, I don't get cookies and I'll just continue pouting and getting angry until I get tired, but on the other hand...if I do clean up, I'll get to eat my favorite cookies.

"...Deal," I said.

Mom smiled, "alright, I'll start making those cookies, but I expect to see all your toys put away and your jackets and shirts in that closet, okay?"

"Okay," I said.

"Good," my mom planted a kiss on my head, "I'll come and check on your in twenty minutes, so I better see some progress done, okay?"

"Okay," I said. I watched as my mom left the room and I was left alone with two boxes full of my toys and clothes. Letting out a sigh, I started putting my clothes into my dresser and putting my toys into my toy chest. After a few minutes, my toy chest was getting full, so I started looking around for another place to put them away, I then noticed the closet and started heading over to put my toys in there.

I suddenly hear a loud banging noise in the closet.

I stopped in my tracks, shaking in fear as I stared at the door. Was there someone inside my closet? Oh god! What if it's a murderer or something? Did my dad move us to a murder house!?

I wanted to call my mom, but when I hear no more noises from the closet, I simply stood there, staring at the door. "....." Was it my imagination? Did something inside just fell or something? I wasn't sure what the answer was or what that noise was, but after taking a deep breath, I decided that it was just my imagination, that there wasn't anyone in the closet, and when I open it, it'll just be empty and I have nothing to-

The moment I opened the door, I see a figure crouching in the back of the closet, staring at me. I let out a scream.

I fell back with a thud as I crawled away as the figure stalked closer and closer. I soon realized that the figure was a human being at all, it was a monster! It had two giant black horns, razor sharp teeth, glowing blue eyes, and sharp nails that looked like it could rip me to shreds. I was shaking as the monster took a step closer and closer until it hovered over me. I hear it growling in a menacing tone as it stared into my eyes.

"M-m-mom!" I cried out, the only thing I could do at the moment.

I hear footsteps running up and before I knew it, the monster fled back into the closet, shutting the door behind it. My mom soon ran into my room, looking surprised the moment she laid eyes on me.

"What is it!? What happened!?" My mom asked as she crouched down to hug me.

"M-m-monster!" I screamed.

"W-what?" Mom looked at me, confused.

"Monster! Monster in my closet!" I shouted as I pointed at the closet.

"Monster?" Mom looked at me before turning her head to the closet, she looked confused but soon had a small smile on her face. "Oh I get it," mom said as she stood up and held my hand, "You kids and your little imagination. I bet what you saw inside was nothing but a shadow of yourself or an old sweater that the old home owner left here by accident," mom said.

"N-no! There really is a monster! It had two giant horns, glowing blue eyes, rows of teeth, and scissor like nails! It was going to eat me!"

"Alright alright, I'll go check," mom said as she opened the closet door.

"No! Don't let it out!" I screamed. I tried to stop my mom from opening the door, but it was too late.

"....See? Nothing there," mom said.

"Huh?" She was right, there was no one in there, but I could have sworn I saw the monster running inside earlier. " ran in here! I saw it!" I said.

"You were probably imagining it dear," mom smiled and patted me on the head. She picked up my toys and and my clothes and started putting them into the closet. "There we go, all finished. Now, why don't we go downstairs and have some of those cookies?" Mom asked.

"N-no time for cookies! T-there is a monster living in my closet!" I shouted.

"Oh don't exaggerate, Tweek, now come on," mom picked me up and carried me out of my room. However, before we left through the door, I noticed the monster has reappeared, picking up one of my toys and slowly closing the door, staring at me.

"M-Mr. Parrot!" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry Tweek, Mr. Parrot is in the closet where he's safe and sound, now please stop yelling, we don't want our disturb our new neighbors now," mom said.

Mr. Parrot is not safe and sound, he's being held hostage by a monster, but I knew if I told that to my mom, she wouldn't believe me. I just hope and pray that Mr. Parrot is going to be alright.

Later that night, I was prepared. Grabbing my slingshot and a one of my Lego pieces, I waited for the monster to show up. I used my pillows and blankets as a fort as I waited for the monster to come. This time, I wasn't going to down without a fight. I gotta save Mr. Parrot after all.

"Tweek, what are you doing?" Mom asked as she walked into my room.

"Ready to attack the monster!" I said.

"...Oh," mom laughed, "I see, well I hope your little game will be over soon, it's almost your bed time you know," mom said. She suddenly placed a plate with a cookie right next to my fort. "Since you've been a good boy today, you deserve one more cookie before you go to bed," mom said.

"Thanks mom," I said.

"Don't forget to brush your after you're done eating," mom said.

"Okay," I said.

"Have a good night, Tweek," mom leaned forward and placed a kiss on my head. She then left my room, closing the door behind her.

It was now just me and the monster in my closet.

"....Y-you better show yourself, monster," I shouted as I stared at the closet door. "I-I'm not afraid! Y-you better get out here and hand me back Mr. Parrot...a-and then leave my closet!" I shouted.

Nothing. No response, no sound, nothing. I thought the monster was playing a trick, so I stayed where I was, holding up my slingshot and ready to fire the Lego pieces. However, after a few minutes, I was getting tired.

"Come on....aren't you going to show up already?" I muttered. I suddenly remembered the cookie my mom gave to me, and thought I might as well have a snack while I wait. Just as I was about to take the cookie, I suddenly see the door opening. "Ah ha!" I got back into position and I pulled back the Lego piece on my slingshot, firing. The Lego piece didn't hit anything, didn't even hit the door, I groaned and grabbed another piece. "I got you now, so you better stop hiding, monster!"

As I got ready to shoot another Lego piece, I suddenly saw my cookie floating in the air. My eyes widened as a bite was taken out of the cookie, then another and another.

"H-hey! That's mine!" I shouted as I got of my fort and watched as the cookie vanished. The monster soon appeared, chewing on my cookie it just ate. I would be scared right now, seeing the monster, but instead, I was pissed. "That was mine!" I pouted. What can I say, I was a five year old kid, I don't like to share my stuff, especially with a very mean monster like this one.

The monster stared at me and continued chewing, however, he suddenly covered his mouth as if he about to throw up. "Mmmff...mmmmm...." The monster suddenly threw up the cookie, making a mess on my floor. Gross.

"If you didn't like it, why did you eat it then?" I frowned. What a waste of a perfectly good cookie.

The monster made a gagging sound as it spit out the cookie from its mouth. It suddenly turned around and headed back to the closet. Was that it!?

"H-hey! Where are you going? At least clean this mess up!" I exclaimed as I followed the monster. Suddenly, I saw the monster grabbing one of my toys, Mr. Parrot. "Mr. Parrot!" I exclaimed. The monster stared at it before biting Mr. Parrot's head and ripping it off, then proceeded to eat the stuffing that was inside. "Mr. Parrot!" I screamed. I quickly ran towards the monster, grabbing Mr. Parrot by the feet and pulling him out of the monster's mouth. "Let go! He's mine!" I shouted. With one tug, I hear a ripping sound and I soon fell back with a thud. "Ow!" I hissed in pain. I looked back at Mr. Parrot, but paled when I saw the carnage.

Mr. Parrot...he's gone...

"M....Mr...Parrot?" I stared at the pieces that were scattered everywhere. I felt like crying. "You!" I turned back to the monster, it was still eating the stuffing from Mr. Parrot's head. Getting angry, I got back up and pushed the monster away. "Meanie!" I exclaimed.

"...." The monster looked stunned, but got back to his feet as it growled at me. I raised his sharp claw like hands as it stepped closer and closer, but I wasn't scared, I was angry. So without thinking, I punched the monster in the nose, it let out a yelp and fell back, touching its nose.

"Jerk!" I exclaimed, tears in my eyes. "Big fat meanie! No good monster! Best friend killer!" I shouted at the monster.

The monster stared at me, shocked, it soon let out a whimper as started shaking in fear. It see monster shaking in fear.

"....W-well that's what you deserve you big meanie! You killed Mr. Parrot," I said.

The monster looked at the scattered remains of Mr. Parrot, it looked up at me, shaking. I suddenly realized something now that I got a good look at the monster. It surprisingly wasn't actually that big, it looked to be my size actually, and it looked skinny too. Judging from how it looked, it looked, if it didn't have the horns or claws, it would actually look like a little boy like me. This monster...was surprisingly not that scary now that I got a good look at it.

"Hmph, not so scary at all, so why are you trying to scare me? Big meanie?" I pouted, glaring at the monster.

The monster looked to be trying to make himself small as he stared up at me, letting out another whimper, the monster quickly turned invisible before rushing back to my closet and shutting the door behind him.

"Hey! I'm not done talking to you! Get back here!" I exclaimed as I ran towards the closet and tried to open it, but the monster was holding the door, and I wasn't able to make a budge. "Open this door!" I yelled as I banged on the door with my fists.

"Tweek! What on earth are you doing up here?" Mom asked as she walked inside my room, not looking happy.

"The monster is being mean!" I shouted as I continued to kick at the door.

"Tweek, now is not the time, you should be getting ready for bed young man," mom sighed, she suddenly noticed the mess that the monster made earlier. "What on earth...Tweek...did you do this?" Mom asked as she pointed at the throw up and the pieces of Mr. Parrot that were all over the floor.

"No! It was the monster!" I shouted.

"Tweek are to help me clean this up right now, young man. You are so in trouble," mom said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room.

"Wait! The monster! He's the one who did this! Not me! Mom!" I shouted, but she wasn't listening to me.

As my mom continued to drag me out of my room, I looked back to see the monster poking his head out, almost smirking at me. I glared at the monster as I watched him slowly head back inside, not before grabbing Mr. Parrot's head and taking it with him.

If this monster wants a fight, he got one.

For the next few days, I've been planning my revenge on the monster, not only did he got me in trouble, but he killed Mr. Parrot, I was not going to let this go. So stuffing some of my mom's cookies inside one of my least favorite stuff animals, I placed it in front of the closet door, waiting for the monster to take the bait.

I hid inside my laundry basket, waiting and watching for the monster to show up. I soon saw the door opening and before I knew it, the monster appeared, he seemed to be looking around before looking at the doll. I watched as the monster grabbed the doll before ripping the head off and eating the stuffing inside, not realizing he was also eating the cookies.

After a bit, the monster dropped the doll and started gagging in disgust, he leaned forward, clutching his stomach, trying his best to not throw up. This was my chance. 

"Gah!" I screamed as I jumped out of the basket and ran over towards the monster with a blanket in my hand. I wrapped the monster with the blanket, watching as it gets tangled up and can't seem to get out. I quickly climbed over the monster, pinning him down. "Gotcha!" I exclaimed, grinning in victory. I pulled the blanket off of the monster's head, so I could see his face. The monster growled a time and tried to get out, but I wasn't letting him. "Why are you here, monster? You here to eat me and my family!?"

"...." The monster stopped moving and looked at me, he looked confused at what I said, but simply shook his head to say no.

".....Then why are here? Why did you scare me earlier? Why did you kill Mr. Parrot!?"

"...." The monster doesn't say anything, he simply continued to struggle underneath me. It's a good thing that I'm a bit chubby and have a bit of weight on me, otherwise I'm sure this monster could easily push me off of him or something.

"Ugh, can you even talk? Why are you here? Don't you have a home of your own to be in!?" I exclaimed.

The monster froze and he looked up at me. I suddenly noticed how sad the monster looked when I asked him that. I suddenly felt weird in the bit of my stomach.

"....Don't...don't you have a home?" I asked.

"...." The monster shook his head.

"....Then...where's your mom? Where's your dad? Where's your family?" I asked.

"....." The monster doesn't say, but he simply stared at me.

" not have a family?" I asked. The monster shook his head. ".....Oh." I got off the monster, taking the blanket off of him. The monster doesn't run, he simply sat there, staring at me. "....What's your name?" I asked.

"....." The monster tilted his head.

"Don't you have a name?" The monster shook his head. "Oh. Then....why are you here? How long have you been here? Why do you like eating stuffing so much? Why do you throw up from eating cookies? Why do you have horns? Are you a boy or a girl?" I had so many questions for the monster, I was just really confused as to why there was a monster in my closet in the first place.

"...." The monster doesn't seem very interested in answering my questions, he simply let out a growl in annoyance.

"Sorry...I just...what are you?" I muttered as I stared at his horns and his teeth. If he didn't have them, he'd definitely look like any little boy around my age.

"...." The monster doesn't say. He simply stared at me, continuing to struggle to get out.

I knew I had to make this quick, otherwise, who knows what this monster will do. "Look, I can see you understand me, right?"

"...." The monster looked up at me, but nodded.

"Then...hear me out," I sighed as I stared at him. I should just tell this monster to leave and that will be that, but...considering he doesn't have a home and he did live in my closet before I showed up, I might as well make a compromise. "Since you don't have anywhere else to live, I've decided that I'll let you stay in my closet, but if you're to stay in my closet, you have to do whatever I say, got it?"

"....." The monster sighed, but nodded his head. At least he's cooperating.

"Rule one, no more trying to scare me, got it?" The monster nodded, "Rule more eating my toys!"

The monster froze. He turned his head to look at me, he started to growl, as if not liking the idea. I flinched when he growled, worried he was going to bite me, but remembering that I still have him pinned, I knew I was safe.

"I don't want you eating my favorite toys...but...if that's all you can eat...I guess I can give you my least favorite toys, but you're not allowed to touch anything! I'll choose which one you can have, got it?"

"...." The monster let out another sigh, rolling his eyes, but at least he nodded in agreement.

"Good. Now here's rule number three. You can't show yourself in front of my parents, got it? I don't want my mom and dad to freak out," I said. The monster nodded. I smiled, "okay then...then rule number four is...we need to get along and not bother the other person when they're doing something, got it?" The monster nodded. "Good.'s nice to meet you, Mr. Monster, I'm Tweek, I guess we'll be roommates from now on," I said. I finally got off of the monster and raised my hand to shake his.

"....." The monster stared at my hand, but instead of shaking it or anything, he simply ran to the closet, slamming the door behind me.

" was nice...talking to you," I sighed as I stared at the door.

Oh god, I couldn't believe I was going to be living with a monster from now on.

For the next couple of years, I have been living in this house with the monster. We don't get in each other's way, which is good, but that doesn't mean we interact that much either. The more I lived with the monster, I came to learned a few things about him.

For one thing, he isn't much of a talker. Whenever I come home and I see the the door to my closet opened, I would try to greet the monster, but he would simply ignore me and stay inside the closet. He would sometimes slam the door whenever I come home.

"....You can always greet me back. I know you can talk, I sometimes hear you muttering something late at night," I said.


"....I know you're am don't have to be scared of me...I'm...not scared of you you there's no reason for you to be scared of me," I said.


I let out a sigh, thinking this was useless. If Craig doesn't want to speak, then so be it, I can't force him to speak. Still...I wish I could hear what his voice sounds like, hell, I wonder if he even knows how to speak human. I left the closet alone and headed to my desk so I can build a spacecraft with my Lego pieces.

"....Welcome home."

I froze, "w-what you say?" I turned around, feeling my heart pounding, but I get no reply. "....You have a nice voice!" I complimented. The monster still doesn't say anything. Still, I couldn't help but smile. At least I know he can talk. That's one mystery down.

Another thing, he hates sweet stuff. I realized this when I realized that I didn't have that many stuff toys to give him, at least ones that I wasn't too attached to, so I knew I had to give him something else to eat and save the toys for a special occasion. The first thing I decided to give the monster was a cupcake, but similar to when he ate my cookie, he ended up spitting it out, even turning a shade of green.

"Do you not like sweets or something?" I asked.

"Too...sugary," the monster spat.

I contemplated it for a bit, and suddenly came to a solution. I quickly headed to the kitchen and grabbed a box of crackers. I ran back upstairs and handed the crackers to the monster. "Here," I said as I gave him the box.

The monster stared at the box before devouring the entire thing, and I mean the entire thing, box and wrappers included. I wanted to tell him to not eat the box since that wasn't very edible, but he seemed to be content with it, even looked pleased. I just sighed and let him do whatever he wants, I just hope mom and dad won't noticed a thing.

At least I found a solution to my toy problems.

I also noticed that the monster doesn't like leaving the closet for too long, which was very weird considering how cramp the closet was considering there's a shelf and a rod that's low enough for me to reach.

The only time the monster would actually come out is when he needs to stretch and walk around after being cramped inside the closet for a long time, but after that, he goes straight back to the closet.

When the weather was getting cold, I was worried the monster wasn't going to be very comfortable being in there all day, so I thought I offer to let the monster stay in my room and use my bed when I'm not home. The monster declined.

"Why not? There's no heater in there, and it gets really cold at night, don't you want to be in a much warmer area?" I asked.

The monster doesn't say anything, he simply growled before hissing at me. I flinched and stumbled back as the monster grabbed the doorknob and slammed the door close. He's really touchy when it comes to his closet. He's like a grumpy cat that's protecting its territory.

So when night came, the wind howled outside. I was shivering in my bed, even if I had two blankets covering me, but the one thing I noticed was the noises I heard from the closet. Getting up, I headed towards the closet, I opened the door and saw the monster in the corner, resting his head against the left wall, shivering.

The monster seemed to noticed me, he let out a growl, but accidentally let out a sneeze before shivering once more. I felt really sorry for him.

As I stared at the little monster in my closet, who looked back at me, I couldn't help but wonder. "...You cold?"

"...." The little monster simply shivered. I then went to retrieve a blanket for him.

I wrapped the blanket around the monster before sitting next to him. I also brought my own blanket and pillow with me so I could lay down next to him. "I get that you don't want to leave the closet, it's like...your favorite spot, right?" The monster stared at me, not saying a word, "...well...I'm not going to force you to come out of here...but just know...if you're ever can sleep in my's much more warmer than sleeping on the floor."

"....." The monster stared down at the blanket I gave him before turning his back towards me and laying down.

I let out a sigh, "I'm sleeping here, just so you know. I don't want you to get sick, so hopefully with the both of us sleeping close together, we'll be a little warm," I said. I placed my pillow close to him and laid down, wrapping myself with the other blanket. I would look over at the monster every now and then, but he still had his back towards me. I ended up feeling my eyes getting heavy before drifting to sleep. However, before I was completely out, I felt the monster moving and soon felt the monster snuggling closer to me.

He was surprisingly warm.

I smiled as I finally went to sleep.

I don't know if the monster and I are...friends. As much as I would like to consider us friends since it's better to be friends with a monster than have it be your enemy, I don't know if the monster wants to be friends with me. Sure, the monster have started feeling at ease whenever I'm around, or how the monster has started to say hello back to me whenever I come back home, but that doesn't say friendship, at least not between a monster and a human.

Hell, I don't even have a name to give him, I've just been calling him monster or Mr. Monster. So maybe...just maybe...if I gave the monster a name, we'll be close, and maybe become friends? But what name should I give to the monster?

"Seriously? Your mom bought your Xbox from craigslist?"

"Yeah man, came along with games and everything. Though...turns out the seller and my mom are seeing each other now, it's kinda weird."

"I hear that."

"....." I stared at the two kids who were talking near the swings at the playground. I suddenly thought of a name. "...Craig..."

I practically ran upstairs once my mom picked me up. I quickly opened the closet door to see Craig, just sitting in the corner, staring at the wall ahead of him, he didn't even blink when I opened the door.

"Craig! Your name is Craig from now on!" I grinned.

"....." The monster shifted his eyes towards me, but resumed looking at the wall ahead.

"....Hey? You okay? You're more quiet that normal," I muttered as I walked over and sat next to him, bringing my knees in and stared at him, "do you like your new name?" I whispered.

"....." The monster nodded. "Good name."

I smiled, "I thought it would suit you, you look like a Craig," I said.

"....." The monster stayed silent, hugging his lets as he stared at the wall.

"...Are you hungry? You want me to get you one of my toys?" I asked.

"....No," the monster muttered.

"Then...are you sick? You're starting to worry me," I said.

"....Why do you care?" The monster asked.

"Well...." I drifted off. Why do I care? It's not like the monster and I were really that close. The monster barely speaks to me, aside from greeting me every now and then, and the monster doesn't play with me either. So why do I care?

"....Ever feel...lonely?" The monster asked.

I was taken back by that question. Was that why the monster was so...weird today? "...Are you lonely?"

The monster shrugged, "I guess..."

"....." I sat there, hugging my knees as I looked down. I feel something weird in the pit of my stomach, something I can't really describe, but I know that the monster probably feels the same way as me. "You know...before I moved to this town and I use to be in Denver...I didn't make that many friends....even the friends I did have weren't that great. I only hung out with them so I would feel like I belong. matter how many people I surround myself...I always feel lonely," I said, hugging my knees tighter, "but you know...lately I don't feel too lonely...even if I don't have any friends in this town...I have you."

"....." The monster turned his head to finally look at me. "You consider me...your friend?"

I looked at him, "y-yeah...I guess," I said.

"....." The monster looked down before leaning against me. "....That name...I really do like it. Will you call me that from now on?"

I looked at him before smiling, "sure thing, Craig," I smiled.

"....." For the first time, the monster smiled.

Elementary came to an end, and my time in junior high has just begun. It's weird when I reached middle school, probably because of how a lo of the guys were now more interested in talking about girls or how girls were interested in wearing makeup or which guy looks cute. As for me, I wasn't really interested in that, I was more embarrassed and cautious of my body when I felt how tall I have become or how my voice kept breaking.

Puberty is just weird.

Still...I believed that Craig's growth spurt was even weirder. For one thing, he has grown taller, but his horns has also grown, they even curled up a bit at the top. Aside from Craig's sudden growth spurt, I noticed that Craig has become more...scarier. For one, his eyes would now go blank whenever he starts eating, I can't see his blue eyes whenever he eats. Two, Craig's growling sounds a bit more...ferocious, scaring the hell out of me. Three, Craig's teeth were even more sharper than before, hell, I remember how he easily snapped a bone in two after just one bite. Finally, four, Craig gets angry really easily, and would be a bit destructive whenever he was in one of his moods.

Craig has become really scary....but I still like him anyways. Even if Craig has become more moody these days, I usually give him space before it was safe to go near him again, then he and I would end up playing some games or watching movies on my laptop.

No mater how much Craig has changed in appearance, he was still he same lovable monster I grew up with. The same monster who never treated me badly, the same monster who understood me, the same monster who is my best friend.

"Craig?" I peeked inside the closet to see Craig crouching down, eating a bag of chips. I also noticed that Craig has my laptop and was watching a movie on there. "Have you been in here the entire time?" I asked.

"....Yeah," Craig said before popping another chip inside his mouth.

"Dude, you're going to end up fat if you keep sitting here doing nothing and while eating a bag of chips," I said.

"I have a fast metabolism, I won't get fat," Craig said and continued eating his chips.

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes before opening the door a bit wider, " parents aren't home right now...wanna head downstairs and watch some TV?"

"Sure," Craig said and we both headed downstairs to watch whatever was good.

We ended up watching this Japanese cartoon called Red Racer, I didn't mind it, but for Craig, he loved this show the first time he saw it. It was kinda cute when he would tilt his entire body whenever Red turns his car during the race. Craig doesn't do it anymore, but that doesn't mean he stopped loving this show.

Currently, we were watching an episode we've already seen, so of course, Craig would say his favorite dialogue from the characters and copy the way the characters speak and everything. It was annoying, but at least he doesn't do it all the time.

While we were watching the show, I hear my phone vibrating. I looked at it and saw it was a message from Clyde, a kid in my class. I ignored it and continued watching with Craig.

"....Are you going to answer that?" Craig asked.

"It's just a text, I'll deal with it later," I smiled.

We continued watching a bit more, but I soon got another message. Just like the first, I ignored this one and kept watching, but Craig seemed to noticed and would stare at me. By the time my phone vibrated the third time, Craig sighed and turned towards me.

"Whoever is texting you really wants to talk," Craig said.

"Sorry, I'll mute my phone," I said. I picked up my phone and was about to set it on mute mode, but Craig took my phone and read the messages that Clyde sent.

"This Clyde guy really wants to hang out with you on Saturday," Craig said.

"Just ignore it," I sighed as I grabbed my phone.


"Well...what?" I looked at him, confused.

"Are you going to hang out with him on Saturday?" Craig asked.

"No way!" I exclaimed.

"Why not?" Craig asked.

I leaned back, not looking at the TV anymore, "I just...I don't know...Clyde is probably going to have Token and Jimmy around, and they'll probably talk about girls and stuff," I said.

"Well that guess," Craig said.

"Maybe for them, but not me. Even if I did go...what am I exactly going to say? I'll just be awkward around them, and they'll think I'm annoying."

"....It doesn't seem like they think you're annoying if they're going out of their way to invite you," Craig said.

"Craig...just...drop it, okay? I'm not going and that's that," I frowned.

"Fine...sorry...I was just saying," Craig sighed.

We both went completely silent, even as the episode ends and another show we didn't give a damn about is on.

I don't know why, but I was angry, angry at Craig for going through my business like that, or how he's making choices for me. If I don't want to hang out with those guys, then that's that, why does he want me to go? Is he tired of me or something? Is he trying to push me away? Just what is Craig's deal anyways?

Craig suddenly gets up and heads to the kitchen, I let him go since I thought Craig just wanted something to eat, so I didn't say anything, however, when I hear something shattering, I got up from the couch and ran towards the kitchen.

"What was that!?" I exclaimed. I watched in horror as Craig grabbed a plate and threw it against the wall. "What are you doing!?"

Craig doesn't say anything, it doesn't seem like he was listening either. Craig simply grabbed the nearest object and threw it against the wall or on the floor. I noticed how blank his eyes were, how he was growling, and how monstrous he was acting. I was getting scared as I watched him, but knew I had to stop him.

"Craig! Stop! Please!" I exclaimed as I grabbed him, but he merely pushed me away and I hit the kitchen island that was behind me. "Craig, please stop! My parents are going to be pissed at me!" I screamed, panicking.

Craig doesn't stop, he soon grabbed food from the fridge and cabinets, then proceeded to fling them around, making a mess everywhere.

"Craig!" I felt like crying as I watched him. I bit my lip as I started shaking in fear. "....I'm afraid...okay!?"

"....." Craig stopped and stared at me, his eyes were still blank and monstrous like.

"....I'm afraid that...the people I hang out with are just going to end up using me...then abandoning me. That's why I didn't want to meet up with Clyde and the guys. I'm afraid that they only want to hang out with me just so they could use me for something....and I don't want that...I don't want something like that to happen again. It happened to me when I was in Denver...but I don't want it to happen again now that I'm here in South Park. So please Craig....please stop being mad...please...." I sniffled.

".....Tweek..." I looked up and saw that Craig was back to normal, his eyes were back to the way they were. Craig crouched down and looked at me, "do you really think...this Clyde fellow...and the others would treat you badly?"

"....No...not really. They've been really nice to me since I first met them...even letting me sit with them during lunch...or letting me join in on their conversations, and...would share their food with me whenever I forget my money or bring my own. ....They....they're really nice," I said.

"Then what's the problem?" Craig asked.

"....I don't know...I guess my fears got to me," I said.

"...Tweek....I'm a literal monster standing in front of you, and're not afraid of me, so why should you let your fears of finding a new friend get between you and meeting decent people?"

"......" I looked at the ground, feeling my heart pounding in my chest. "....I never thought about it like that," I said.

Craig looked at me before sitting down next to me. "If you let your fears get in your way, you'll never get anywhere. So instead of rejecting them and hope they aren't bad...why don't you talk to them and see where things go from there? Then you can decide whether this Clyde fellow and his friends are good people or not," Craig said.

"...." I looked at him. I felt my lips turn upwards as I looked at the monster next to me. "Thank you, Craig."

Craig nodded, "....I'm sorry for making a mess....I was in one of my moods again," Craig said.

"It's must be hard being a monster, huh?"

"...." Craig doesn't say anything, he simply looked around the kitchen, "...we should clean up before you mom and dad gets home."


We both quickly got up and got to cleaning. I can only hope my parents don't noticed the missing plates and cups.

Once everything was clean and Craig headed back to the closet, I took out my phone and messaged back to Clyde, telling him that I would love to meet him up on Saturday. He replied back with a smiling emoji, happy that I accepted his invitation. I smiled at the message before putting my phone away.

"...Thank you, Craig." Though I know Craig couldn't hear me because of how low my voice was, a part of me hoped he heard.

Middle school came and went, and I was now starting high school. Similar to middle and elementary school, all I wanted to do was head home and spend my time with Craig instead of being indoors, doing tests, homework, studying, and gym.

At least I have Clyde, Token, and Jimmy, so it wasn't too bad.

Ever since Craig convinced me to give the guys a shot, the guys and I instantly became great friends. Craig was right, they weren't bad people, though...they still talk about things I didn't really care about, at least they aren't assholes like the kids in Denver.

As much as I love hanging out with the guys, I still think a lot about Craig. I did once try introducing the guys to Craig when they came over one time, but when I saw how shaken up Craig looked when I checked on him in the closet, I knew it was for the best that I don't introduce everyone. I guess aside from me, Craig wasn't big on meeting people. I didn't mind, makes our friendship even more special since I'm the only one he would appear in front of.

Anyways, the guys and I were at our lockers when Clyde brought up about his date with a girl he really liked. He seemed to managed to convince the girl to go on one date with him, and he was extremely happy and wouldn't shut up about it.

"Dude, we get it. You got a date, and you're out on Saturday. Will you drop it already?" Token sighed.

"I'm just saying, once I start dating, don't feel bad guys, you all will find dates one day," Clyde said.

"G-g-gee, thanks bud," Jimmy rolled his eyes before nudging his crutches at the side of Clyde's leg.

We all chuckled and resumed with talking about other things. However, I couldn't help but wonder what dating someone was like. I mean, I guess it's like just being with someone you were comfortable around with and stuff, so it must be similar to when you're hanging out with friends, just with a bit more....kissing and stuff? I'm not really sure since I've never been on a date, even when I found out I was gay and stuff, I never got the courage to ask anyone out or was even interested in anyone in our school. doesn't seem so bad.

"You know...I heard we're going to be getting a new kid next month," Clyde said.

"Really? Where'd you hear that?"

"Well...I was sitting at the office to wait for my mom to pick me up after I broke my leg last week from soccer practice, when I heard one of the teachers saying how there will be a new kid coming next month. Saying how the kid was really sick for awhile, but has gotten better. Said that the kid was going to be attending the school soon."

"I-I wonder i-i-if it's a c-c-cute girl," Jimmy said.

"Yeah, I hope she's hot," Clyde said.

"You two need to stop thinking with your dicks," Token sighed.

I didn't really care about the new kid that would be coming in a month. What I did care about was what to give to Craig for dinner later. As soon as the bell rang, the guys and I split up and headed to our respected classes since we didn't share a class during this period. As I was walking to my history class, I couldn't get Craig out of my mind.

By the time I got home, I immediately ran up to my room and made sure Craig know I was home. I headed towards the closet and saw my favorite monster in his favorite spot in the closet.

"I'm home, Craig," I smiled.

"....Welcome home," Craig opened his eyes and looked up at me, smiling.

I giggled and walked over towards him, I sat down and admired his horns. They've really grown over the years, what was surprising was how they were more like tree branches, especially with the flowers that were growing on them. Whenever I asked Craig about it, he'd simply shrug and tell me it's just a monster thing. I believed him.

"The cafeteria was serving pizza bagels today, so I got you some," I said as I handed Craig the leftovers I saved for him.

"They look delicious," Craig smiled as he reached one and popped them into his mouth. As he was chewing, some of the petals from his horns fell down and got into my hair.

I laughed as I collected the petals and admired them. "These are really beautiful," I commented.

"They're fine, I guess," Craig sighed as he grabbed another pizza bagel.

"....Did your mom and dad have horns like yours? Flowers and everything?" I asked.

Craig stopped eating and looked down, "....I don't know....never met my parents," Craig said.

I leaned against the wall behind me, looking at him, "well you must have came from somewhere...right?" I asked.

"....Possibly..." Craig said, "....I don't...remember much...just remember....being in here. This is the only home I know," Craig said.

"....Hm..." I leaned against him, resting my head against his shoulder, "well...don't worry Craig, you can live here forever and ever...I'll make sure you're fed, I'll make sure you're warm and have clothes, and I'll make sure that no one hurts you," I smiled.

"....Thanks," Craig rested his head on mine, but it was a bit difficult with his horns. I just laughed and snuggled closer towards him.

"You know something...whoever your parents were...they made a mistake for leaving you behind. You're really amazing, you know that?"

"....." Craig doesn't say a word, but I noticed that the flowers on his horns grew even more.

I really like Craig's flowers, they reminded me of the flowers that my mom use to grow in Denver. Hm...maybe I should convince my mom to grow these flowers again in our new garden.

As we continued to sit there, I couldn't help but laugh when I noticed how Craig was falling asleep as he leaned against me. Even if Craig still looked terrifying with those sharp teeth of his, he was pretty...cute.

I smiled, "dude, don't fall asleep on me."

"Mmm...just a few minutes...I'm tired," Craig muttered, already closing his eyes.

I laughed, "what did you even do all day? I'm pretty sure you've been doing nothing but sitting in this closet," I said. Craig doesn't reply and resumed sleeping on my shoulder. I shook my head, but made no move to move him. I simply leaned against him, enjoying the warmth from his body. "Silly."

Craig can be really cute at times.

....Okay...I lied. I lied that I wasn't interested in dating people, cause in reality...there is one person I wouldn't mind dating...but dating him seems a bit...impossible.

I was in love with Craig, the monster living in my closet.

I realized my feelings for him when I graduated from middle school. I noticed how Craig was waiting for me with a handmade banner that said congratulations for graduating hanging on the closet door. Craig even attempted at baking a cake for me, which wasn't really edible since it wasn't baked thoroughly. Still, seeing Craig going through all that effort, just for me, it really made me open my eyes just how important and special Craig was to me. How I love with Craig.

I didn't care if he had horns growing at the side of his head, or how he has razor sharp teeth, and claw like hands. To me, Craig was the most beautiful monster I've ever met, heck, he's the only monster I've ever met, but that's still saying something.

So when it was getting close to Craig and my anniversary for when we first met, I knew I wanted to tell Craig. I wanted to tell him how much I love him, and hope that maybe....Craig will love me too.

"Dude, what are you doing?" Clyde asked when he noticed me knitting.

"I'm making a gift friend of mine," I said.

I was currently making a hat that I saw on TV, it was a chullo hat, and I couldn't help but think that maybe Craig would look cute in it. So during my free time in school, I busied myself with knitting the hat, hoping that Craig will like it.

Once school was over, I ran home, feeling excited to be celebrating with Craig. I couldn't believe it's been ten years since Craig and I met and became friends, it only feels just yesterday that I found a monster living in my closet.

When I made it home, I ran upstairs, the excitement building up. "Craig, I'm home!" I called out.

Craig opened the door and peeked out, looking surprised to see me all happy, "you look happy."

"Well of course I am, it's our anniversary, remember?" I smiled.

Craig looked at me before smiling, "of course I remember."

I grinned, "well...I got you something," I smiled.

"You did't have to," Craig said.

"Well I wanted to," I took out the hat from my backpack and showed it to him, "here you go."

"A hat?" Craig takes the hat and looked at it, "did you make this?"

"yeah, I did. I hope you like it. I just...when I saw you looking at the hats on TV, I knew I wanted to get you one, but I thought it be cheaper and more personal if I made the hat myself," I smiled.

"...Tweek...thank you," Craig smiled.

I smiled at him and walked over, "here, let me help you put it on, it'll be hard with those horns of yours, but I'm sure we'll be able to get it on somehow," I said.

"...." As I try my best to put the hat over Craig's head, Craig looked at me, I couldn't really read his expression or anything. "...Tweek...are you happy?"

I looked at him, confused, "well yeah, I guess I'm happy. Why you ask?"

"...I just wanted to know. Are you getting along with the guys?"

"Yeah, we're having lots of fun. Clyde is really silly, Jimmy makes me laugh, and Token is like a second mom. The guys are the best," I smiled, "thanks for convincing me to give them a chance all those years ago."

"....I'm glad you're having fun," Craig smiled. I smiled back and was about to put the hat over his horns, when suddenly, Craig grabbed my hands and pulled them away. "....."

"Craig? What's wrong?"

"....Do me, Tweek?" Craig asked.

I blushed before looking down, a smile formed, "y-you noticed?"

"Answer my question. Do you love me?"

I smiled, "I do," I looked at him, but my smiled dropped when I saw him looking at me, a pained look on his face. "Craig?"

"....Tweek....we can't be together," Craig said.

"What? Why not?" I asked, feeling my heart clenched, "is it because of the whole monster and human thing? I don't care about that!"


"I know it's weird...a human falling for a monster, but I do like you! You helped me with so much, and...and...and I want to be with you, forever!"


"So...I know it's selfish of me for doing this, but I don't care, I love you, Craig!"

"Tweek, I'm not real!"

I froze. "....What?"

Craig looked at me with a pained expression. "I'm not...real." I stared at Craig, shocked at what he said. He's not real? What does that mean? IS he just saying this to make me not like him anymore?

I frowned, tears in my eyes, "I get it if you don't like me back, Craig, but don't give me such a heartless answer like that. I have feelings you know," I said.

"Tweek...I'm serious," Craig said. I flinched and looked up at him, I realized that his eyes weren't glowing anymore. "Haven't you noticed? All this time? How I'm more I seem to easily know what you really need? Or how how I happen to have the same feelings as you? I'm not real...I'm just a figment of your imagination that you created because you were scared of moving to a new town, because you were scared of being alone, because you wanted a friend...even if you had to make one up," Craig said.

"....Q-quit joking," I was shaking, "if this is your way of saying that you don't want to be with me anymore, then just say it, don't lie..."

"I'm not lying, Tweek!" My eyes widened when his voice changed for a few seconds. His voice...almost sounded like mine. "Think about it...if there really was a monster...why am I the only one? Why don't I have a family? Why does the flowers on my head remind you of your mom's old garden? Why is it that only you can see me while others can't?"

"I just...I thought..."

"...Tweek...we both know it's not because I'm shy. You created me to be this friend that would stick up for you, who would tell you the truth, who would never lie to you, and who would be there for you. Face it...I'm the perfect friend that only you could have made up," Craig said.

".....Please...stop lying...Craig," I was shaking as my grip on the hat tightened.

"'s time to let me go. You can't keep me here forever," Craig said.

"...Even if you're telling the truth...what's so bad about keeping your around longer?" I looked at him, tears in my eyes.

"'ll never grow up if you have me around forever. What about college? What about when you find the person you want to marry? What about a family?"

I was shaking, "who cares about that if you're not around!" I exclaimed, "please...please don't leave....I'll be all alone if you leave," I cried out.

"You're not have Clyde, Token, and Jimmy. They'll keep you company. You'll get to spend more time with them once you stopped worrying about me all the time," Craig said.

"Don't say that! Quit it already!" I exclaimed, "do you really hate me that much?"

" know I could never hate you," Craig said.

My eyes widened as Craig started fading a bit, I dropped the hand and tried to grab him, tried to keep him from leaving. "Craig...don't go...please don't go..."

"It's time for me to leave, Tweek. You don't need me anymore," Craig said.

"But what am I suppose to do without you?"

"Do as you always never needed me for anything," Craig said, "it was all you."

I cried harder as Craig continued fading and fading, my heart clenched, "please....don't go..."

Craig smiled at me, tears in his eyes, "it's been fun....but it's time for me to rest. I'm pretty sure you're too old to think monsters are real, Tweek," Craig said.

"Nnnngg....nnnngg..." I stared at him. I suddenly saw flashes of my life up till now. The day I met Craig, there was no one in the closet. The day Craig ate that cookie, it was me who threw it up because I was stressed from being in a new place. The day Craig made a mess in the kitchen, that was me. All those moments with Craig, it was just me, and no one else. There really was no Craig, there really was no monster in my closet.

It was just me.

"Thank you, Tweek...for being my friend. I'm sorry we couldn't be together...but for what it's worth....if I were real...I'm sure I would have accepted your confession," Craig smiled. With that, Craig disappeared.

"....C-Craig! Craig!" I shouted at the top of my lungs before collapsing to the ground. Tears fell from my eyes as I screamed and screamed for Craig to come back, but he never did.

Craig never existed in the first place.

"A-ah...ah....ah!" I screamed.

It's been a few weeks since Craig disappeared, and though my heart still hurts, I knew I would be fine. There really was no monster in my closet, it was just me, trying to adjust to my new life here in South Park. It was all me...and I never noticed till now.

Still...I guess this was for the best, I mean...what would the guys think if I told them that a monster lived in my closet. I'm pretty sure they'd think I was a weirdo...or try to get me some help. Either way....I just hope Craig is resting well inside my head. I'll never forget him.

"Hey Tweek," Clyde smiled when he saw me, "cool hat," Clyde said.

I smiled. I touched the hat that I made for Craig, but since Craig doesn't exist, I decided to keep the hat. I sewed up the holes where his horns were suppose to go through, and adjusted the size so it would fit on my head. It fits perfectly, but I wasn't sure if I was a hat person to be honest.

"Thanks," I said.

"I thought you were making that hat for your friend," Token said.

I smiled, "things happened and I couldn't give it to him," I said.

"D-d-did something h-h-happen?" Jimmy asked.

"Sorta...let's just say...he and I aren't seeing each other anymore," I said.

"Sorry to hear that, buddy," Clyde patted me on the back.

"It's fine, he and I just...kinda grew apart," I smiled.

"Well you know what cheers me up?" Clyde smiled.

I chuckled and rolled my eyes, "tacos?"

"Tacos! The cafeteria is serving them right now, let's go before they run out!" Clyde said.

I laughed, "sure, I'm a bit hungry anyways," I said.

"Great, let's go!"

We all headed to the cafeteria together, talking and laughing together. Just as we were about to reach the cafeteria, we suddenly hear someone asking us a question.

"Um...excuse me, but do you know where the administrative office is?"

We all turned around and I felt my heart skip a beat when I see a boy with black hair and stunning blue eyes. He had a blank look to his face, but he also seemed to be confused and a bit stressed out.

"Sure, it's down the hall to the left. Should have a sign above the door," Token said.

"Thank you, I've been having a hard time finding it, especially since I got here so late," the guy sighed.

"It's no problem man. This school is pretty big. Good luck finding it," Clyde said.

"Thanks," The guy turns around and leaves.

"H-hey...t-that must b-be the new kid," Jimmy said.

"Man, he doesn't look sick at all from what I heard," Clyde said.

"I guess that's the reason why he's allowed to be here now," Token said.

"....." I stared as the boy left, feeling my heart pounding in my chest, " can go ahead without me, I think I want to help out that guy," I said.

"You sure?"

"Yeah...I'm sure," I said.

"Alright man, I'll save a couple of tacos for you," Clyde said.

I nodded and quickly went after the boy. Once I spotted him, I ran up to him, "h-hey!"

The boy stopped and turned around, surprised to see me. "Hey, you're that kid from earlier," the guy said.

"Yeah, that's me," I smiled, "sorry, I just...I kinda thought it be easier if I show you where it is. It's still pretty far, so you know," I smiled.

The guy looked at me before smiling, "thanks, I really appreciate it."

"No problem," I smiled. We both started walking together and I couldn't help but look at him.

"...You're staring," the guy said.

"'s remind me of someone...someone who was special to me," I said.

The guy looked at me before laughing, "sounds like a great guy," the guy said.

"...He was," I smiled. "My name is Tweek, by the way."

The guy smiled, "Craig Tucker."

I felt my heart skip a beat, " wanna hang out with me and the guys later? We can help show you around the school," I said.

Craig looked at me before smiling, "I'd like that," Craig said.

"Great," I grinned.

We continue walking, chatting and enjoying each other's company. For whatever reason, I thought meeting this Craig was fate, or at least this was a final gift from the monster that use to live in my closet.

"I like your hat," Craig said.

I touched my hat and blushed, smiling at him. I take it off and handed it to him, "here."

"You're giving it to me?" Craig seemed surprised.

"Yeah, I'm not really much of a hat person. Consider it as a welcoming gift," I smiled.

"...Well then," Craig puts the hat on, I smiled by how good it looks on him, "I hope we can be great friends, Tweek."

I smiled, "me too."

The End.

Chapter Text

The room was bright, very very bright, almost blinding actually. I winced and tried closing my eyes, but for some reason, I couldn't. After a bit of just sitting...or....standing? My eyes finally adjusted to the brightness of the room and I realized I was in a...girl'

"....?" I looked around, seeing the walls covered in pink and white polka dots. There were huge teddy bears in each corner, many colorful flowers, a giant dollhouse, and a few porcelain dolls here and there. This looked like your typical, cute, and kinda overbearing girl room with all the pink and white that were around. I actually had to look down to prevent myself from getting sick from how very pink it was in here.

"Tea?" I was startled when I looked up and saw a little girl suddenly appearing right before me. She had a sweet smile on her face and was holding up a pink with white polka dots teapot.

"U-uh...where did you come from?" I asked.

"Cookies?" The girl asked, now raising a plate of sugar cookies.

"I-I'm good, but who are you? Where am I?"

"Cookies?" The girl asked once more. I noticed that the cookies changed from sugar cookies to chocolate chip. What the?

"W-weren't those sugar cookies just-" A grandfather clock suddenly chimed and I turned my head. That's weird, I didn't notice the clock was here when I was looking around earlier, how did I missed that? "W-where did that clock come from?"

"Gingerbread?" The girl asked.

I turned my head back to her, seeing that the chocolate chip cookies have now become gingerbread men. "W-what's going on here? Why are these cookies changing? Why aren't you answering my questions? And why-" I suddenly felt something wet dropping on my head, when I looked up, I was surprised to see giant baby bottles full of what I assumed is milk dangling above us. "Why is there bottles of milk in here!?"

"Brownie?" The girl said, now the gingerbread were brownies.

Getting anxious at this moment, I shook my head, "n-no thanks, I think...I want to leave now," I said. I tried to get up, but I couldn't. I looked down and saw long black hands grabbing my legs and waist. I couldn't move. "W-what is this!?"

"Cookie? Brownie? T-tea? C-c-c-caaaaaaakkkkkkkkeee? Lemon lemon lemonade?" The girl started stuttering as the food she was offering kept changing right before my eyes. Her head kept twitching in an unnatural way, making her look distorted and creepy. I wanted to back away, but the arms weren't letting me go, and it didn't help as it appeared the girl was now leaning closer and closer with the plate in her hand.

"W-what do you want!?" I exclaimed.

The girl stopped, she then lifted up her head, some of her hair covering half of her face as she gave me this blank and creepy look. She lifted up the plate, which now had the sugar cookies again. She kept pushing the plate towards me, it seemed she wanted me to take a cookie and eat it.

"...Y-you want me to eat it?" The girl doesn't say anything, she simply smiled at me. "...Okay...I'll eat one...t-then you'll let me go, right?" The girl smiled more and pushed the plate closer to my face. I sighed and using my free hand, I grabbed for a red colored cookie. I stared at it for a bit, it looked normal, it looked like any other sugar cookie I had before. The only thing odd about it was how red it was, did this girl put too much red food coloring in this? "Okay..I'm gonna eat it," I said. The girl simply stared. I opened my mouth and took a bite out of the cookie. It tasted good. "It's good, really delicious," I smiled.


I swallowed the cookie and cleared my throat, "so...c-can you let me go now?"

"....Ha ha..."

"....?" My heart sank when I head the girl let out a small chuckle. "Ha ha...w-what's...w-what's so funny?"

"Ha ha ha..." The girl continued giggling. It was small at first, but she soon burst into laughter, "ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

My heart was racing as the girl continued to laugh, her face becoming more and more distorted. "L-let me go! Let me go! I ate your damn cookie! Now let me go!" I screamed. I tried to pull the hands off of me, but one suddenly lunged out and a hand wrapped itself around my neck, suffocating me. "I ate your cookie! W-what m-more...d-do you w-want!?"

The girl continued to laugh hysterically before she stopped completely. I couldn't see her face since her hair was in the way, but when she lifted her head, I felt a shiver down my spine as one eye was staring at me, and a huge grin formed on her face.

"You didn't even realize what you just ate," the girl said in a creepy and demonic voice.


"You didn't realize what you ate!" The girl screamed, shaking the room.

My heart was racing as I looked down at the cookie I took a bite of. I paled when I saw that the cookie was bleeding, and a finger was embedded right in the middle. That meant...the red

"Oh my god!" I felt sick as I tried to throw up, but instead of vomit, a black mist came out of my mouth, suffocating me even more. Tears formed in my eyes as the room became darker and darker.

I looked at the girl, terrified to see that here eyes were now gone and blood was coming out of her mouth and eye sockets. She still had a huge grin on her face. "You're next! You're next! You're next!"

The hands picked me up and started pulling me towards something, when I turned my head, I screamed when I saw that it was a giant oven. "No! No no! Please! Let me go!" I screamed, begging the hands, begging the girl, begging anyone to let me go.

They didn't listen, and the hands threw me into the oven. The last thing I hear was the girl and someone else laughing in a demonic tone as everything went dark.

I wake up with a start, screaming in the night. I was screaming so much that I woke up Wendy and she came barging into my room with a bat in her hand.

"What is it!? What's wrong!?" Wendy exclaimed, holding the bat up high.

"Oh Jesus! It's just me! Put that bat down!" I exclaimed, now scared that Wendy would accidentally swing that bat at my head.

"...Another nightmare?" Wendy sighed as she put her bat down and walked over towards me.

"Yeah," I sighed, sitting up. Ugh, now my clothes are sticking to my skin because of the amount of sweat I had.

"I'll pour you some water," Wendy said as she walked over to my dresser where I had a pitcher and a glass placed. I watched as Wendy poured the water from the pitcher into the glass before walking towards me and handing the glass over.

"Thanks," I sighed as I took big gulps and tried to calm my racing heart.

"How was it? This time? Judging from your screams, it must have been really bad," Wendy said.

"Oh god Wendy, it was awful! I found myself in some sort of...demented tea party with this creepy girl who kept offering these cookies that kept changing, and when I bit into one, blood started pouring out of the cookie and the girl looked like a demon!"

"Sounds bad," Wendy said as she rubbed my back in hopes of calming me down.

"....It was...but thinking back now...the girl looked...familiar," I said.

"How so?"

"Well...she had black hair, long bangs that covered her face easily if she tilted her in a certain way. She also had green eyes, but I noticed how they turned black as she kept staring at me! She was super creepy!"

"...Kinda reminds me of that girl in kindergarten....Lisa, I think her name was," Wendy said.

I suddenly remembered a little girl who I knew from kindergarten, memories rushed into my head as I felt sick. I remembered Lisa being a total bitch to me and would always destroy my toys whenever I bring them to class or would steal my snacks during snack time. I hated her and how she kept bullying me. I was glad when she ended up moving and I never saw her again, and I never thought about her since then, well...until now of course.

"Ugh, I seriously feel like these nightmares are bringing back bad memories of my childhood and twisting them into horrible dreams!" I said as I laid back down after placing my glass on my nightstand.

"Have you talked to your therapist about it?"

"Yes, but he would simply say that I'm in control of my dreams, blah blah blah. Everyone I see would tell me the same thing. Tell me that I'm compressing my bad memories, that my inner demons want to come out, that the only way I can be cured is either buying these expensive pills or talking about it, which I can't do since paying for another hour is out of my budget," I sighed.

"Well I don't know what to tell you, but maybe you should try talking about them with your friends? I'd be happy to listen if you want," Wendy offered.

I sighed, "thanks, but don't you think I've tried? I've talked this out with everyone, my parents, the guys, Bebe, and I even did try talking about them to one therapist who was a bit more cheaper, but none of it worked! No matter how many times I talk about them, the nightmares still don't go away! It's like I'm cursed or something!"

Wendy patted my back, "don't be silly, there's no such thing as curses. I'm sure there is a logical explanation for this," Wendy said.

"Nnngg!" I placed my hands over my face, "no matter how many times you say that, I still think I'm cursed! This has been going on for two years now! I can't sleep! The only time I can is when I'm too tired to even care what's happening in my dreams, but that doesn't mean it isn't less scary! I can't go on like this!? I can't do my job! I can't focus on my school work, and I'm on the brink of insanity here!"

"Okay okay," Wendy rubbed my back to calm me down, "take it easy, and breathe, Tweek. Just breathe," Wendy said. I listened to her and took a deep breath. "Why don't I help you find a new doctor that can help you, someone that's a bit more of an expert on dreams and nightmares and stuff like that, would that make you feel better?"

"At this point, I'll accept anything that can help me with these damn nightmares," I grumbled.

"Alright then. I'll try to find something after my classes and work, and I'll be sure to find something that'll fit your budget," Wendy said.

"Thanks Wendy, you're the greatest roommate and friend I ever had," I smiled.

"Anything for you, but you do owe me, so I get dibs on morning showers for the next two weeks," Wendy said.

I sighed, "deal, but please don't hog all the shampoo this time, I really like that shampoo but the price is really expensive," I said.

"Fine," Wendy said. She leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead, "goodnight, and try to get some sleep. The circle around your eyes are really getting bad, and no amount of creams and lotion are going to fix that."

"Gee, thanks a lot," I rolled my eyes.

Wendy laughed and finally left my room, closing the door behind her. I shook my head and laid back down, trying my best to go back to sleep. However, when I closed my eyes, I saw nothing but complete darkness and two red eyes staring at me.

I ended up not getting much sleep...again.

The nightmares started when I just entered collage and moved in with Wendy after we both realized we were going to the same school. At first, it was a simple bad dream, such as me giving a speech only to be completely naked, North Korea bombing my town, or even a simple "I'm late for school" bad dream. However, after two months, the dreams got more and more disturbing. Creepy girls, monsters, death, guts spilling out, heads turning, arms grabbing me, and demonic eyes staring at me in complete darkness.

I couldn't sleep ever since then.

The first really bad nightmare I had was when I found myself in a weird circus, I was walking across a tightrope while below me was a giant hole that had a lion, snakes, and alligators, all mashed up into one terrifying creature. The crowd would then start booing at me, telling me to fall off get eaten. I just ended up crying and hope to god that the tightrope would hold and I could walk across without any problems.

Was I wrong.

The moment I got remotely close to the other side, the ring leader suddenly appeared, had a devilish grin on his face before he set his foot on the tightrope and started pushing it, causing me to lose my balance and fall into the hole and get eaten by the monsters.

When I told my first therapist about it, he told me it was probably from the time I went to the circus when I was ten and had a bad experience there, but looking back, it wasn't even that bad, sure the clowns were terrifying and the animals would spook me whenever I walk by their cages, but they weren't that bad, I even got a balloon animal for free before it was time to go home. Still, that is what my therapist said and I believed him...for awhile.

The next nightmare that will forever haunt me was when I was in the auditorium among a hundred people. At first, I thought it was going to be one of those suddenly naked bad dreams, but as I looked around, I noticed that no one was looking at me with a pleased look, in fact, their faces were completely dark and their eyes were red as they stared at me in anger. I gulped and tried to deliver my speech, but a rotten tomato hits me in the chest, then another one hits me in the head, and more flew by and were aimed at me. Eventually, those tomatoes turned into rocks, and they hurt even more as a few would hit me in the face or body as I try my best to shield myself with the podium.

Suddenly, a figure stood before me, shielding me from the rocks, I looked up at them, believing they were my hero and were going to save me, but suddenly, they smirked and held up a giant boulder. I was frozen in place.

"Finish your speech, you little bitch."

"P-please....I...I don't-"

"Finish your speech!" The person said in a demonic voice.

I cried as I try my best to finish a speech I had no recollection of writing or what it was about. When I finished, I looked up at the guy and saw that he was lowering his giant boulder, I sighed and thought they were finally going to let me go.

"So boring, you're boring and I hate you dumb speech," the guy said before raising the boulder once more and crushed me.

I woke up in cold sweat.

However, there was always one nightmare that would haunt me for my entire life. Instead of it being set in a normal everyday building or place, I was on a surgical table, hands and feet tied down, in a dark room that was lit by one light bulb. There was no sound except for my breathing and struggle to get out of the straps that tied my limbs down, but to no avail. Suddenly, I hear heavy boots walking towards me and I started to panic. A figure wearing a skin mask towered over me, holding what appeared to be a machete. I begged and begged for the guy to let me go, that I would do whatever he wanted, that I wouldn't tell anyone, but no matter how many times I begged and plea, he simply ignored me and proceeded to chop off my limbs.

First it was my fingers, going as slow as possible as I screamed in excruciating pain, even though I know it's all a dream and I'm not really in any pain at all. Next, the masked man would chop off my arm, even taunting me with it as my blood splattered all over my face. The man would then chop off my other arm, then my legs and finally make a slit on my chest. What's worse about this is that since its a dream, I was still alive and in a lot of pain as he continued to torment me.

"Off with your head or with your heart?" The man would ask, his voice sounding demonic.

"P-p-please, let me go!" I cried, begging and begging him.

" with your head then, I don't like you talking back at me," the man said as he raised his machete near my neck and with one final swoop, it was off with my head.

I always wake up from that dream and I would never go back to sleep no matter how much I needed it. I just end up crying the entire night until the sun was up.

The dreams kept getting worse and worse, not as bad as the masked, limb cutting, machete holding man, but still awful. I can't sleep, I could barely eat anything, I'm more stressed out, and I usually take out my anger on my friends. I always feel awful when I lash out at people, especially to people like Wendy who were only trying to help me.

However, it seemed my prays have been answered when Wendy came into my room on a Saturday morning, holding up a flyer and had the biggest grin on her face.

"What's that?" I asked.

"A dream therapist," Wendy said as she handed me a flyer.

"...Doctor Harris' dream therapy. Having trouble with nightmares or bad dreams? Doctor Harris is your answer," I read. I looked at the price and saw that it was within my budget, and it looked like it wasn't like any other therapist I've been to, but I couldn't help but feel a bit skeptical about this. "I don't looks like this guy is into spiritual, crystals, and alternative medicine. Are you sure this will work?" I asked.

"Well I'm not really that much of a strong believer in alternative medicine, but we've tried everything except this, so...I guess it's worth a shot," Wendy said.

"Well....I guess it wouldn't hurt to try," I said, I looked up at smiled at her, "thanks Wendy."

"No problem," Wendy smiled, "now get up, we got guess coming and this apartment is filthy," Wendy said.

I rolled my eyes, "I don't understand why I have to help since all you will be doing is make out with him in your room while I'm force to stay in mine since you don't want me to interact with him," I said.

"Well considering he's bisexual and you're gay, I can't take any chances of him falling in love with you, especially with how cute you are," Wendy said.

I blushed, "damn right I'm cute," I felt a bit smug when she said that.

" stop being such a lazy ass and help me clean this place up," Wendy said.

I sighed, "yes ma'am," I said and got to work.

On Friday morning, the only day I didn't have classes, I decided to head to visit this Dr. Harris and hope he'll help me with my problem, so after making an appointment and discussing payment over the phone the day before, I came in and saw him at around nine in the morning.

I got to say...this Dr. Harris is really into spiritual bodies and inner peace stuff...stuff I actually don't really mind to be honest.

"What seems to be the problem?" Dr. Harris said. I would like to note that instead of wearing anything professional that a real doctor would wear, he was wearing a tie dye shirt, sandals, shorts, and this necklace with a small dream catcher as the charm.

"Uh...I've been having trouble sleeping, Doctor," I said.

"Please, call me Harry."

"Oh...uh...o-okay...Harry," I said. I was a bit uncomfortable by this, but not enough to want me to run and never return.

"Well Tweek man, how do you describe you sleeping troubles?" Harry asked.

"Oh you know...not being able to sleep, constantly having grotesque nightmares each and every night, getting stressed out that my hair is not only getting white hairs, but its falling out whenever I pull them, and I'm not even using that much force might I add."

"Hm...mind describing these...grotesque nightmares you spoke of?"

I sighed, "well there's one where I'm being eaten alive by a horde of zombies as one guy stands to the side and not help me. There's a time where I dreamed of being at war and I was captured and being shot at by one guy, who kept shooting at me even when he already hit me in the head! Then there was the time I was drowning and the lifeguard did nothing to save me, even went as far as pushing my head down further and further! Then there was...there was...there was a fucking machete holding maniac with a mask who kept chopping my limbs in a slow manner! Taunting me with them!" At this point, remembering these awful nightmares caused me to hyperventilate and have my heart racing. I was panicking.

"Whoa whoa, my dude, relax," Harry suddenly placed his finger on my forehead and I suddenly relaxed. He then took out what appeared to be tiny cymbals that were placed on hi fingers and thumb before clashing them together, a tinging sound erupted from them. "Now Tweek man, from how I see things, you got yourself a nightmare demon in you."


"Uh huh, a nightmare demon are these little buggers that go into your head and create the most awful nightmares based on your worst fears," Harry said, "they usually target those that have a lot of fears in their hearts."

A lot of fears...s-so someone like me!? "H-how do I get them out!?" I exclaimed.

"Relax," Harry hits the cymbals again and I calmed down a bit. Huh...those things actually works. "To rid yourself of these little demons, you gotta fight them head on."

"F-fight them? How on earth am I suppose to do that!?" I asked.

"Well I'm not going to lie, these little demons usually disguise themselves as things that would fit the dream you're dreaming about, the only way to tell who is the demon is by seeing how different they are from the dream people."

"Different?" I suddenly tried to think of any person in my dream that seemed to stand out. I suddenly remembered the dream with the speech, how everyone in the room didn't have faces...except for one. Then I thought about the dream with the tea party, and even though I didn't see them, I do remember hearing two people laughing, not just the little girl. Then I thought about the lifeguard, all the people in the beach were faceless! Then the circus, the ringleader, then finally...I thought of the masked maniac. Even though he was the only one in the room, I remember seeing a few dead bodies here and there, but all their faces were blurred out...all except for the killer himself. "Oh my god!" I felt sick.

"Now you know who it is you need to look for," Harry said.

"...B-but how am I suppose to fight back? Like you said...those things target those who are afraid of a lot of things, and I'm p-pretty sure I'm afraid of d-demons!"

"No need to be afraid of these little buggers, they're more like little pranksters if anything, they aren't dangerous at all," Harry said.

I froze, "...P-p-prank?"

"Yep, those things just like punking their victims, never really harming them in the slightest...well accept for harming their targets' ability to sleep, but they never go too far, but if you want your sleep back, I recommend fighting them by getting angry and showing them that you're not afraid of them anymore."

"Angry?" I said.

"That's right, if they can sense that you're pissed and not at all afraid, they'll back off and eventually leave you for good."

Oh you better believe I'm super pissed right now. Not only has a demon been haunting me dreams this entire time and causing me not to sleep, but he's doing it just to prank me! When I'm not going to stand for it! If that demon wants to scare the living hell out of me, this means war!

"...Whoa...little dude, you seemed angry...want some herbal tea to calm your nerves?" Harry offered.

"No...I need to stay as angry as possible if I want to get rid of this fucking bastard!" I screamed.

"Oh cool...then mind recommending me to your friends and family then?" Harry asked as he handed me a flyer.


Later that night, I decided to go to bed early. The sooner I get rid of this demon the better. Besides, I was really tired and needed to sleep.

"You want me to bring anything for you?" Wendy asked as she came to my room to check up on me.

"I'm good, thanks," I smiled.

"Alright, just remember, I'm going over to Bebe's place and staying for the night, if you need me for anything or if something happened, just call me, okay?"

"I will, thanks," I smiled.

"Have a goodnight Tweek," Wendy closed my door and left.

I sighed and laid down on my bed, looking up at the ceiling. I tried to focus all my anger to my head and try to stay angry. I started remembering all the crap the demon put me through, the nightmares, the embarrassment, and having to relive through my worst days of my life. Feeling that wasn't enough, I then started remembering all the crap that weren't done by the demon, such as when Cartman use to steal my lunches in school, or how some jerk spilled my coffee all over my favorite shirt and not even apologizing, or how my ex-boyfriend didn't show up to our date when I already had everything planned and just...just...

Augh! I'm so angry!

I closed my eyes after finally managing to tire myself out enough to finally get some sleep. The moment I closed my eyes, I was ready to face the demon.

I was in a dark room, no walls, floors, or even any windows. It was just an empty dark abyss, but that wasn't the only thing around. When I looked ahead, I nearly pissed myself when I saw a giant flesh monster standing before me. Arms and legs were everywhere, there were three eyes, one in the middle being the biggest and looking straight at me, and it kept making these disgusting fleshy squishing noises.

I suddenly thought back to my time I had to eat cafeteria food because I forgot my lunch. I remember they were serving mystery meat that day and I remembered that the meat looked suspicious and inedible. I swore I saw an eyeball in the meat. I ended up not eating it and going hungry for the entire day until I got home. Still, seeing this blob of flesh in front of me, if I was hungry at that moment, I would have lost my appetite immediately.

"Oh god, oh god!" I was shaking as I stared at the monster before I noticed a figure standing next to it.

"Like my pet?" A demonic voice said in a low voice. My eyes widened when I realized it was the demon. "Sick him." The monster let out a disgusting roar before moving towards me, it's flesh going everywhere.

I started to panic as the monster got closer and closer, but when I hear the demon laughing, I suddenly remembered why I'm here. I took a deep breath and stood my ground, remembering that this is all a dream and nothing in here can actually kill me. I calmed myself down and stared at the monster, remembering that I'm the one in control of my dreams, not the demon or the monster itself.

"Stop!" I screamed. The monster came to a complete halt as it stared at me, shocked. Even the demon stood there silently, surprised that I raised my voice. I was terrified, but at the same time, I was angry and tired. I need my sleep and I ain't dealing with this bullshit or this prank ever again! ".....I am the one who takes control of my dreams, so you dn't scare me anymore!" I shouted. The monster let out a roar, probably to try and intimidate me, but I ain't having it. "....Turn into a butterfly," I said. The monster did so.

The flesh monster now turned butterfly flew around before it disappeared and turned into bubbles. I smiled to myself, glad that I faced my fear, but now...I have a very annoying demon to get rid of.

"You!" The demon flinched and looked around before raising his hands and hordes of zombies started popping out of the ground. Getting annoyed, I stomped on one of the zombie's arm as it came out of the ground, "fuck off!" The zombies froze before going back into the ground.

"....Tch..." The demon snapped his fingers and the room was quickly being filled with water.

"Quit it," I sighed as the water, barely to my chest, slowly went down and disappeared.

"...." The demon looked troubled before summoning the snake, lion, and alligator monster.

"Seriously?" I sighed as glared at the creature until it shrank and become nothing more than a kitten.

"Ugh..." The demon quickly backed up before changing his form into the machete, masked wearing maniac. He ran up to me, letting out a terrifying roar, but I stood there, annoyed.

"Anything else?"

"...." The demon changed again, this time into the little girl with her eyes gouged out and everything. I was no impressed. "...." The demon kept changing and changing, but no matter what he changed into, I wasn't scared or anything, knowing now that all of this was just a sick prank.

"Are you done yet?" I asked once the demon was now just wearing a dark hoodie that covered his face.


"Whether you're done or not, I'm sick of you and your stupid pranks. Either you get out of my head and fuck off, or quit it with the pranks already, I really need my sleep!" I shouted. Though I was pissed at the demon for what he was doing, I was mostly angry from the lack of sleep, but it's the demon's fault either way.

".....Tch," the demon had the gall to click his tongue before standing up straight and looking at me. I watched as the demon took his hoodie off, revealing his face, his real face. "You're no fun anymore," the demon grumbled before snapping his fingers and the dark room was now lit up. The demon then left without saying another word. 

When I woke up, I realized it was morning, and I didn't feel as tired as I normally was. I stared up at the ceiling, thinking back to when the demon showed his face and all. To be honest, when I heard there was a demon living in my head, a part of me kinda thought it would be some monster with horns, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, a tail, wings, and goat legs, but no...the demon...he looked like a guy...a normal guy...a...very...good looking...guy.

I blushed.

Since my encounter with the demon, he hasn't tried anything to scare me these days. However...that didn't mean he left. I know he isn't gone since whenever I do dream a normal and nice dream, I would notice him in the background, glaring at me with pure hatred, but never really doing anything else. I simply ignored him, knowing he wouldn't pull anything nor try anything now since I'm no longer afraid of his tricks.

Still, I don't understand why the demon doesn't just leave when he knows I won't fall for anything he does anymore. I would spy on him and see what he's up to when he doesn't suspect I'm looking. It looked like he was looking around and trying to find something, but seemed really stumped and would end up giving up after awhile. It looked like he was trying to find the exit, but can't seem to find it at all.

I almost feel bad for the demon.

However, whenever I'm dreaming a nice dream, I would occasionally see the demon not looking too annoyed by the dreams, in fact, he would actually indulged himself a bit. I would see him petting a rabbit now and then, eating some cotton candy, or even looking up at the fireworks. Whenever I see him like this, I would actually call out for him and ask if he wanted to join in.

His flat out response would be to to flip me off before disappearing, but not going anywhere and simply end up going to another part of my dream, where I can still see him.

Honestly, no matter how cute the demon looked, he acts like a brat sometimes...not that I'm saying it's not kinda is...a little.

Anyways, this went on for a few months, and the demon continues to roam around my head, doing nothing but either glaring at me or tying to find the exit. I don't interact with the demon, knowing he'll just run away, and I just get on with my dreams and get some sleep. However, things changed when I realized how skinny the demon has become.

I was walking around in my head like I normally do when I'm enjoying my dream, but I stopped when I saw the demon laying on the ground, looking weak and pale. I stopped everything I was doing and crouched down and tried to help the demon.

"Hey! Are you okay?" I asked as I tried to wake the demon up.

"" The demon groaned as he started coughing. He was coughing up blood.

"Oh shit!" I started to panic and tried to see what's wrong. I'm no doctor, and I definitely don't know shit about demons, but I'm pretty sure you're not suppose to see a demon's rib cage so easily. Was he starving himself!? "Oh god! We got to get something for you to eat!" I exclaimed.

" alone..." The demon said, not even trying to be hostile this time, it's almost like a plea.

"....Nnnggg....look man, you may have been a jerk this entire time and a complete asshole, but I can't let you die like that! That ain't right!" I exclaimed.

"....." The demon looked up at me weakly, before sighing and relaxing in my arms.

Feeling that I got the okay, I tried to think of what demons even eat, at least what this one eats. Let's see...I guess when he was still giving me nightmares, I did occasionally see him eating my flesh or whatever food related stuff was in the dream...and I do remember him eating stuff that I dreamed about, so maybe that will help?

"Nnnngg..." The demon shivered as he continued to be in pain.

"Oh god...ugh...whatever! I just hope this works!" I tried my best to think of any food that came to my mind. The only thing I could think of were cupcakes since I was kinda craving for cupcakes at that moment. A cupcake appeared and I quickly gave it to the demon. "Here, eat this."

"....." The demon stared at the cupcake before turning his head.

"Oh come on! Don't be a spoiled brat! Eat this or you die!"

"Then let me die already," the demon sighed.

Okay, I ain't dealing with this shit! Forcing the demon's head to stay still, I shoved the cupcake down into his mouth, not caring about the fact that his arms flung around and tried to stop me. I continued to shoved it down in throat and even dreaming up a pitcher of water to help it go down better. I then closed his mouth and forcing him to not have any other choice but to swallow it. He does so.

"A-ack! A-are you insane!?" The demon got up and backed away from me. I noticed he was no longer dangerously skinny like before and was back to normal. I guess the cupcake worked!

"I'm insane? I was just trying to help you!" I frowned.

"I never wanted your help!" The demon roared, "just leave me alone!" The demon snapped his fingers and went away, but again, since this is my dream and my head, he only ended up going to another part of my dream that was far away, but I could easily go there in a matter of seconds.

Not really taking anymore of this shit from that demon, I decided to give him a piece of my mind. I managed to get to him in one second and blocked his path. "Why are you such an asshole!? You're the one who barged into my head and decided to pick on me until I finally stood up to you, so why are you being a prick!?"

"Fuck off, human," the demon said and tried to walk around me, but I wasn't having it. "If you don't leave me alone, I'll summon a dragon to bite you head off and destroy this dreamland of yours," the demon threatened.

"Go ahead, I don't care, I can easily dream all of this back and still not be scared!" I said.

The demon glared at me and continued to try and walk around me, but I still won't let him go. "Just leave me alone!"

"Not until you tell me why you chose me! Why you chose to make me one of your victims!" I exclaimed.

"Why should I tell you?" The demon exclaimed.

"Because you're in my head and I can easily do anything to you just as how you did all those horrible things to me!" I exclaimed, "now start talking!"

"....." The demon glared at me, it looked like he was ready to strangle me. He got up in front of me and raised his hand. I closed my eyes, thinking he was going to hit me. "....I wasn't the one who chose you....we demons get no choice."

"....Huh?" I opened my eyes and looked at him. The demon was looking down...almost...looking regretful. "What do you mean you had no choice?"

"...I mean...we demons are given the people our bosses tell us to torment, we do our job, feed on their nightmares, and that's it. We don't even get to leave whenever we want...we're practically stuck in your head for all eternity. Even when our victims learn to defend themselves and we can't do anything anymore, we still can't leave, and our only choice is to stay around and be part of the dream for the rest of our lives...or simply let ourselves rot and die in the person's head. That's it."

"....So when you were trying to couldn't," I said.

"...." The demon shook his head. He sighed and crouched down, he looked smaller as he crouched like that...almost like a kid who felt really guilty for what he did. "...I'm sorry."

I was surprised, I didn't think the demon was going to apologize. "Y-you are?"

The demon nodded, "At first...I didn't want to go far, which is why the dreams were only bad dreams...but when my hunger got in the way, I decided to kick things up...I didn't mean to make you that miserable...but I was just...really hungry," the demon said.

"....Do...does you kind...only eat nightmare related stuff?" I asked.

The demon looked at me, "technically...we don't need to in order to survive, we can easily eat simple bad dreams or normal dreams...we just prefer nightmares since they're the most tastiest to us...but since you stopped having nightmares and I have no way of leaving...I decided to give up on trying to live and let myself die in your head," the demon sighed, "I honestly would have thought you'd love the fact that I was dying...then you wouldn't have to deal with me anymore."

I frowned at him, "look, you maybe an insensitive jerk and all the stuff you put me through were's not like you used my greatest and biggest fear all the time. You only just...made me remember simple bad memories...and that's it. Hell...even the machete and mask wearing psycho was mainly based on that horror movies I accidentally watched as a kid. None of it was really my biggest darkest fears," I said.

"I know..." The demon said, "I knew if I used your biggest darkest fears on'd have a heart attack and we both would end up dying in the end," the demon said.

I paled when he said that, "r-right..." I sat down next to him and stared up at him. Now that I got a better look at him, I can tell that though he looked human, he still had some demon like qualities to him, specifically with his eyes, though they were blue, they were slightly glowing and the iris is quite different as well. I sighed, "look...I know we had our difference and arguments here and there...but...if you're sorry...then...I'm willing to forgive you, but you have to promise me to not pull any of your crap on me ever again, got it?"

"'s not like I can do it anyways when your fears aren't genuine anymore," the demon said.

I rolled my eyes, "yeah well when you find out that the asshole who kept scaring you was doing it as a prank, you tend to stop feeling scared after awhile," I said.

The demon sighed, "....I'm guessing you ain't gonna let me die now, huh?"

I shook my head, "no matter how much of a jerk you are, I'm not going to let you die...even if you are a demon. Everyone deserves to live, especially those that don't actually mean any harm," I said.

"'s not like I won't try to let myself die, you know that right?"

"Yeah...but considering the only way for you to die in here is by starving yourself from how I see it, you better believe I won't let you starve. I got plenty of cupcakes in here to keep you fed and alive," I smiled.

"...." The demon snorted and sat down, not looking at me. "Though I've never met any other human in my have to be the strangest of all of them."

I smiled, "I'm Tweek, what's your name?" I asked.

"....Craig," the demon, Craig, said.

I smiled, " did you like the cupcake anyways? If you were able to taste it after I shoved it into your mouth," I said.

"...Too sweet...make it dark chocolate next time," Craig said.

I laughed, "sure thing," I said.

In the end...I somehow gained a new roommate, even if he was living in my head. Still, from how I saw things, I don't think the demon will be a problem to me anymore. After can someone this cute actually be that bad...right?

From then on, whenever I sleep, I would see Craig and we would talk, or try to in the beginning. At first, Craig was very defiant and would curse at me and flip me off, even going as far as using one of his old tricks to scare me away, but I resisted and continued to try and be friends with him, or at the very least make sure he was eating.

Yes, he was annoying, yes he was a demon, and yes, I could easily not have to deal with this shit if I just let him die, but just knowing that he would die slowly in my head...well...that just doesn't seem right. Besides, he doesn't seem like a bad guy, maybe an asshole here and there, but not someone you consider evil or anything like that. So I continue to force him to eat whatever I dream up so that he wouldn't starve and let himself perish into nothing.

The first couple of weeks have been a struggle, mainly involving arguments, cursing, having to shove food down the damn demon's throat just so he would eat, and a whole lot of flipping me off. I was almost at my breaking point, but I stayed calm and tried to be patient. After all, I basically destroyed the only thing the demon knew how to do, his only purpose for living, so I do kind of owe him.

"Look, I know you really hate this, but can you please stop trying to throw the food back up, not only is it gross and kinda pointless since it's not even real food so you're basically throwing up nothing but air, but I really don't want you to starve to death."

"Tch, why do you even care? I'm just a demon that creates nightmares," Craig sighed.

"Well yeah, but I care because I think you're a good guy."

"Good?" Craig actually laughed, "so making people having to go through hell each and every night is considered 'good?'" The demon asked.

"Well no...but I know you're a pretty decent guy, especially when I saw how you helped that little fish get to the other side of the pond when he was having trouble," I smiled, remembering seeing him helping the fish.

The demon blushed, "I did not...and quit spying on me, it's annoying," Craig exclaimed.

I chuckled, "see? You can be good if someone like you can even help a fake fish that wants to go to a pond for some reason," I said.

Craig looked away, still blushing, "whatever, stupid fish kept crying about wanting to see its mommy and daddy, and the pond was literally right there, so I just wanted it to shut up. I don't even understand why you would even dream something like that."

I smiled. I then dreamed up some more cupcakes and handed him the plate, "cupcake?"

"...." Craig didn't look at me, but does take a cupcake and I happily watched him eat it without hesitation. "It's still way too sweet."

I chuckled, "I'll make it less sugary next time," I said.

I feel like slowly, but surely, Craig is easing up to me. He's still an asshole and flips me off occasionally, but by now, I'm sorta use to it. Now when it came time for him to eat however, I don't give him just sweets, not because of any health problems since again...these aren't even real cupcakes, but I just feel like Craig is the type to want something different every now and then. Besides, whenever I dream up cupcakes, I usually dream them up on how I want them to taste, meaning they always end up tasting sweet and delicious.

"Here, I thought you'd like something that's not a sugary dessert," I said as I handed him a plate of mashed potatoes and chicken.

"....." Craig looked at the plate before grabbing his fork and taking a bite, since his face hasn't change, I couldn't tell how he felt.

"Well? Do you like it?" I asked.

"....It's good," Craig said, but when I looked at him in the face again, I noticed he was slightly pouting...if I can call it pouting.

"What's with the face? Do you not like it?"

"I do....but I prefer the cupcakes," Craig blushed.

"...." I started to laugh and dreamed up some cupcakes he could have for dessert.

Eventually, the demon has grown use to me enough to actually hold a conversation, which I'm so happy about since I was getting tired of starting a one person conversation whenever I try to talk to him and all he does is simply nod his head or simply ignore me.

"How old are you?" I asked as Craig and I stare at the stars I was dreaming about.

"I don't really age, but I was alive for maybe....two years?"

"T-two years?" I turned my head to look at him. "How the fuck do you know so much in only two years?"

"Like I said, I don't age like you humans, and knowledge is given to us the moment we are born," Craig said as he gently pets a kitten that laid on his chest.

"....Were you...simply born just so you could come to my head?" I asked.

Craig sighed, "pretty much, we demons don't have any purpose but to bring nightmares to our assigned victims, but the time the victims manage to take control of their dreams and are no longer afraid of us anymore, we just sit in their heads and rot away. Maybe another demon will be born and take of the victim after our deaths, or nothing happens and the victim continue to live their lives without fear of our tricks anymore."

"Jesus, sounds like a shitty job if you ask me," I muttered, and I work for a food industry that only pays minimum wage and most of the customers are very rude and entitled people.

"It's a living," Craig sighed and continued to cuddle with the kitten.

"....." I looked up at the stars, feeling a bit sorry for the demon. "Well I think that sucks that your life is based around nothing but scaring people just because someone tells you to do it. I mean...what is it that you want to do with your life?"

"...." Craig looked at me, looking surprised at the question. "...I...I don't know...I never really thought about that. I just assumed I would just scare you...then let myself go and...that's it. I never really thought of what I want to do..."

"....Well you're free now and you can do anything you want...well...within my head at least. So...what is it that you want to do?" I asked.

"....." Craig looked down at the kitten sitting on his lap now. "....I want to pet this kitten," Craig said.

"...Okay...what else?" I asked, smiling. That's a start at least.

"...I want to pet...guinea pigs," Craig said, "I remember you dreaming about guinea pigs before and I really like them."

I smiled, "go on."

"...And...and....I want to continue eating well as the other foods you make, and I want to look at the stars with you, and I....I...." Craig seemed unsure of what else to say.

"You can do it...what else do you want to do?"

"....I spend a lot of time with you...and talk with you all the time," Craig said.

I stared at the demon before smiling at him. My cheeks grew warm as I stared at him, feeling my heart racing. "Yeah...I would like that too," I said.

For the first time, the demon gave me a genuine smile before going back to petting the kitten.

"A date?"

"A blind date, Tweek," Wendy came into my room and went on and on about how she and her group of friends were talking about boys they thought were cute, and then how one of the girls said that she met her boyfriend in a blind date that her sister set up for her. Wendy then thought it would be a great idea to set up a blind date for me.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!" I stood up from my chair, shocked that she would do this. "Did you not even consider my feelings!?"

"I'm sorry Tweek, but I just feel that you're sleeping problems are gone and you're doing alright with work and school...I just'd be happier to have someone in your life...especially after what happened with your ex," Wendy said.

"Wendy, what happened between me and James was a long time ago, and I'm over it, but seriously? A blind date? How do we even know that this guy isn't a weirdo or something?"

"Relax, he's Annie's cousin, and Annie said that he is a nice guy, and I'm sure you two will have a great time. Annie even said that you and him have a lot in common," Wendy said.

"I I...I can't go through with this! Just...just tell the guy that I can't do it and cancel any reservations that were made."

"I can't for he was the one who set up the reservation and the restaurant he chose was really expensive."

"....It was?" I turned to her, feeling a bit guilty that the guy must have paid a lot just to have a blind date with me.

"Yep, since he worked there, he managed to pull some strings the very last minute, but he still put a lot of effort into getting a reservation at the restaurant he works at, so you could at least show up and talk to each other for forty minutes at the very least," Wendy said.

"....Ugh...fine..I'll go, but if he and I don't really click, that's the end of that," I said.

"That's fine, as long as you go and you two get to know each other, then everything after that is all on you and him," Wendy said. "Now remember, it's at that restaurant in town that is next to the mall. He'll be wearing a red rose, and I told him you'd be wearing a green tie."

"Okay, and it's this Saturday, right?"

"Yep, and I'll be sure to help you look good for your date," Wendy smiled.

"Yeah alright, whatever," I sighed. I really didn't want to go, but considering how much effort Wendy and her friends must have put into this, I feel like I might as well see how this guy is. Who knows...maybe I might be interested. "If that's all, I'm going to be taking a nap now," I said.

" come you're taking so many naps these days?" Wendy asked.

"Oh therapist said that taking naps more often will help sooth my mind for a bit and give me lots of energy to take on the rest of the day," I lied.

"....Oh, okay then," Wendy said. She then left my room and I let out a sigh of relief.

I sat on my bed, ready to see Craig again. I hope he likes butterscotch pie, cause the one I had earlier was really good. I just only hope the butterscotch pie I dreamed up will be as good as the real one.

As I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep, I soon started dreaming of being on a beach. There were dogs running around and playing with each other, the weather was nice and warm, and the faceless people in the background were just doing their own thing. However, one person I saw sitting on the beach with a towel and wearing a hoodie, black jeans, and his chullo hat, I immediately smiled.

"Hey," I said as I walked over towards him and sat next to him.

"Hey," Craig said as he continues to stare out at the ocean. I noticed he was petting one of the dogs that was now sitting on his lap and panting happily.

I sat down next to Craig on the towel and watched the ocean with him. I smiled and dreamed up a picnic basket for us, since I thought this moment was perfect. "I got butterscotch pie, some sandwiches, sodas, and....vanilla ice cream cones...both of which haven't melted yet."

"This is your dream, I'm sure you wouldn't allow them to melt anyways," Craig said.

"True...but wanna eat them first?" I smiled.

Craig nodded and takes the cone and starts eating it. I sat next to him and started eating mine. As we continue to look out at the ocean, I hear the seagulls above screeching, but instead of sounding like normal seagull noises, it sounded almost as if they were saying "blind date."

".....Are you okay?" Craig asked when he noticed how annoyed I look.

I looked at him before sighing, "Sorta. I was told I will be going on a blind date this Saturday."

"You mean...out in the real world?" Craig asked.

"Yep," I sighed.

"....You do not want to go?" Craig asked, tilting his head.

"Not really, but my friends put a lot of effort into it and I just can't say no to them," I sighed.

"Well if you're stressing about it, then maybe they should be considerate of your feelings," Craig said.

"I know, but again...they only did it because they didn't want me to feel alone," I said.

".....Well are you?" Craig asked.

"W-what?" I turned my head to look at him.

"....Are you...alone?" Craig asked.

"....." My heart was thumping in my chest and I looked away, "o-of course not, I mean...I have my friends, my co-workers, my family, Wendy, and...." I looked at him, "....I guess"

"....Even though I do not exist outside your head?" Craig asked.

"Yeah keep me company even in my head...something my friends could never do. So in the end...I'm not lonely because I have people around me...both inside my head and out," I smiled.

"....What if I were to disappear? Would you feel lonely then?" Craig asked.

I was surprised by the question, "y-you're still not thinking of letting yourself go again...are you?" I was a bit concerned. I grabbed his arm and tried to look at his face to see if he wasn't feeling well.

Craig looked at me before smiling and letting out a small chuckle, "of course not. I gave up on that days ago, all thanks to your persistence," Craig said.

I sighed and calmed myself down, "good cause I didn't work hard to keep you alive for nothing you know," I pretended to be upset by pouting.

Craig smiled and placed his hand on my head, petting me. "I know you didn't. You're a good boy."

I blushed and pushed his arm away, "I-I'm not a dog you know!" I exclaimed.

Craig grinned, "I know, but your hair is very soft, almost like a dog...maybe even like a guinea pig."

"You jerk!" I laughed as I tackled him down and we started fighting playfully.

Once I managed to pin Craig down on the ground the third time, he stayed like that and ended up laughing. I looked at him and started laughing myself, feeling the weight on my shoulders getting lighter. However, as Craig looked up at me with a smile on his face, I felt my heart beating.

"....Craig..." I said, smiling at the demon.

"...Tweek," Craig smiled.

"...." I slowly leaned forward, wanting to kiss him, but one of the annoying seagulls swooped down and yelled at me about the blind date. Fucking kiss blocker! "Ugh," I sighed and got off of Craig.

Craig looks at the seagull, which now that I look again, looked similar to Wendy. Craig takes the bird and gently started petting it on its head. "Sh...quiet still..." Craig said. The Wendy seagull stopped squawking and actually listened to him.

"....Hey...I've been wondering, how are you able to do that?"

Craig looked up at me, still petting the seagull. "You have control of the majority of your dreams and can make or add things whenever you like, as for me...I can change a few things here and there, mostly small things such as animals and stuff, but they're usually small things that won't be noticed in the main dream and don't change anything as well."

I looked down, "so...could you easily...change this dog into a how you did when you created those nightmares?" I asked.

"...." Craig looked up at me before leaning against me, still holding the Wendy seagull. "No...I don't want to do that. I like your dreams..." Craig muttered as he rested his head on my shoulder.

"...." I smiled at the demon and leaned my head against his. We both continued to look out at the ocean until I finally woke up from my nap.

It was Saturday evening and though I really wish I didn't, I ended up going to that blind date that Wendy and girls set up for me. When I came to the restaurant and saw a guy holding a red rose and is waiting patiently at the table, I quickly headed over to him and apologized for being a bit late.

"Sorry for the hold up, my roommate and her friends were trying to help me with my appearance and everything," I said nervously. Wendy and the girls were fussing over my clothes and my hair, trying to make my messy hair into something tamable, which isn't an easy thing to do might I add.

"It's fine, I wasn't waiting too long, so you're good," my date smiled.

I sighed in relief and got to introductions. "I'm Tweek, and I heard you're Annie's cousin?"

The guy smiled and shook my hand, "I'm Tom, and yeah, I'm the cousin," Tom laughed. I smiled at him, Tom seemed like a nice guy.

We both ordered our food and drinks, then started talking and getting to know each other. I found out that Tom is studying at a school that's a bit farther from mine, and that he was studying to be a doctor.

"A doctor huh? That sounds interesting," I smiled.

"I guess you could say that, a lot of work, but hey...when one day you're able to help people, it's worth it," Tom said.

I smiled. Wendy was right, this Tom guy was actually really nice, it's no wonder she set up this blind date between me and him. "This place is really nice, huh?"

"Yep, which is why it was really hard to get a reservation, but luckily for yours truly, he manage to score one since he works part time here," Tom said.

I chuckled, "you really didn't have to go that far for a blind date you know, especially for someone like me," I said.

"Well...I wanted to. When I heard so much about you from Annie, I just...I don't know...I really wanted to impress you," Tom said.

I blushed and took a sip of my water and hoped he didn't notice. Judging from his grin, he did. We continued to chat and enjoy dinner together, and I got to say...he's really nice...charming...good looking too...but...that's it. Yeah he's nice...yeah he's charming...and yeah...good looking...but he doesn't really make my heart go crazy...unlike a certain demon. maybe the reason why I didn't want to go on this date was mostly because of Craig. I don't know what is it about him, why he makes me like him so much. I just...every time I see Craig, every time we talk, and every time I get to spend my dreams with Craig, I feel like...I feel like I finally found someone that gets me...the real me. As much as I hate to waste Wendy, the girls, and even Tom's effort, I just know that Tom isn't for me.

My heart belongs to Craig.

So after dinner, we headed home, at first, Tom seemed to expect me to say we should have another date, but I turned him down, telling him that though he was nice, he just wasn't for me.

"R-really? I just thought...we had so much in common," Tom said.

"I know...I know...but...before this date was made by the girls...I met someone...someone that's...out of this world," I smiled, thinking about Craig.

" must really like this guy to be making that face," Tom smiled, "I understand that I don't have a shot...but hey...if things don't work out with that other can always call me," Tom said.

I smiled at him, "thanks," I said. We both said our goodbyes, giving each other a hug, and then left.

I headed up to my apartment and saw that Wendy was waiting for me. She had an excited glee in her eyes. "Tweek! How was it? Did you guys get along?"

I smiled, "we did, we talked, we got to know each other, exchanged our numbers, and the like," I said.

Wendy squealed, "so, when are you two going on another date?" Wendy asked.

"....Never," I said.

Wendy's smile dropped, "n-never? What do you mean?"

"I mean...there's no second date. We both decided to just stay friends," I smiled.

"...W-what? A-and you're okay with that?" Wendy asked.

I nodded, "I appreciate what you and the girls did for me, gotta let me make my own decisions here, I'm an adult now. If I wanted people to make my own decisions, I wouldn't have moved out of my parent's place," I said.

"....Tweek...I'm so sorry. I should have considered your feelings," Wendy said.

"It's fine, I had fun tonight...and really opened up my eyes," I said.

"What do you mean?"

I smiled at her before heading to my room, "I'm going to bed early, I'm beat. Talk to you later."

"O-okay...goodnight, Tweek."

I closed the door behind me, letting out a sigh. I stared at the floor, feeling my heart racing. I wonder...if Craig can hear how much he makes my heart beat, I wonder if Craig knows already how much I love him. I wonder if...

I got ready for bed and went straight to sleep. I closed my lights and stared at the ceiling for a bit. Right now...I don't want to dream, I don't want any distractions, I just want to see Craig and Craig only.

I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.

When I was finally back in the dreamworld, I noticed that everything around me was completely white. I sighed in relief, glad to know that it worked and that there won't be any distractions, it'll just be me and Craig.

I looked around until I noticed a lone figure standing in the distance. I felt my heart racing as I ran up to him. "Craig!"

"....Hey Tweek," Craig said as he turned around and looked at me. I couldn't read his expression at all.

I gulped and put on a smile, "hey...sorry if there isn't anything here...I...I wanted to talk to you...about something important," I said.

Craig nodded, "I know," Craig said.

"Y-you know?" I looked up at him.

Craig nodded again, "I mean...what else is a demon to do all day in here while he waits for you to show up?" Craig said, "so I would look and see what you do on the really drink a lot of coffee, huh?" 

I blushed and looked down, " know what I'm going to say then? Why we're here and everything?"

"....Yeah," Craig said before sitting down. I did the same thing. "....You do's gonna be hard for you, right?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"...I mean...I can't be out there...I can't be there for you. I can't meet your parents, I can't meet your friends, I can't hold you, I can't touch you...and I especially can't kiss you," Craig said.

I know. I know that he can't do any of this, I know that people would say that it's a waste and I should just move on if they actually knew about Craig, but being with this demon, knowing he'll be there with me for a long time, I was fine. I was fine if he can't hug me, I was find if he can't kiss me, and I was fine if he can't do anything with me outside my head...but in my dreams...we can do all of that and more.

"I know, but I don't care. It doesn't matter if I can't physically touch you in the real long as I can touch you here...I don't care if I can only see you in my dreams, I don't care if I can only see you when I sleep. I just...I want to be with you," I said.

"....You'll only see me at night though...won't that be a problem for you?" Craig asked.

I frowned, "t-then...I'll sleep more! I'll...I'll quit school and stay asleep..forever...I'll even take sleeping pills just so I can be with you!"

"Are you nuts!?" Craig placed his hands on my shoulder, "never say that...never say that just because you love me or because you love someone!"

I smiled, "I won't...I just wanted to show you just how much I care about you, Craig. I know it's crazy...and I know it' matter what...I love you, and I want to be with you...isn't that what you wanted too?"

"....." Craig looked at me, his eyes glowing slightly. Craig sighed before leaning forward to hug me. "You really are the strangest human I have ever met....but that's probably why I fell for you in the first place," Craig muttered.

I smiled and hugged him back. I was so happy to hear him say that. When we pulled away, we both looked at each other's eyes. I smiled at him and closed my eyes, waiting for a kiss. I hear Craig gulping before leaning forward and pressing his lips against mine.

We both pulled away, Craig was blushing like crazy, "s-sorry if it doesn't feel like the real thing."

I simply laughed, "it's real enough for me," I said as I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him in for another kiss.

We stayed close together in the empty white void, even when it was morning outside my head, I decided to sleep a little longer just to be with Craig.

Just as Craig said, our relationship had its ups and downs. There were times where my friends would still recommend some guys that they think would suit me, to which I would turn them down politely, not really giving them a reason because I knew if I told them that I was dating a demon that lives inside my head, they'd probably get worried. There are also times during the day where I felt lonely and wish I could go to sleep and be with Craig, but I can't, I had to be responsible in the real world during the day, and both Craig and I knew that. Still, no matter how many years has past, even when I finally graduated, when I got my first job, moved out of the old apartment and got myself a new home, and living my life normally, I would always look forward to spending my time with Craig in the dreamworld. all dreams, they all have to come to an end.

Turns out, there is a reason as to why demons like Craig always let themselves rot after their victims eventually stop being scared of their nightmares. They don't have a very long lifespan and would eventually die either way. So when I was fifty-five, and I saw Craig not moving in my head, I knew it was his time to leave.

"....I'll miss you," I whispered as my tears fell onto him.

Craig doesn't say anything, he simply lifted up his hand slowly and rested his hand on my cheek. When I looked at his eyes, I cried harder as I read what he was saying to me. Craig then closed his eyes and slowly vanished into mist. He was gone.

Before he left, this is what I read from his eyes. "I'll see you soon...on the other side, my love."

And so...I spent the remaining years of my life, completely alone. My friends would be there, yes, but as I sleep in my house in my bed, I would be alone in my head, and that breaks my heart every time. matter how long I'll have to wait, no matter how long it'll be until I breathed my very last breath, I'll wait. I'll continue to wait and live my life...until I can finally see him again.

I opened my eyes, the light was blaring and it took me awhile to adjust. I looked around and saw many faces walking past me, smiles formed on their faces as they chat with others or doing whatever. The place I was in almost felt unreal, there were amusement parks, beautiful homes, a beach, lots of delicious looking food, and more. It was all incredible to see everything in the world come together like this. It's almost like a dream.

"Took you long enough," a familiar voice startled me and I had a smile on my face as I turned around and saw the love of my life, looking the same as when we first met.

"Well excuse me, but dying from natural causes takes awhile you know," I chuckled.

"I know, but god, did you have to scare your friends like that the other day when it looked like you died? Even I was freaking out when I saw you," Craig said.

"Don't blame me, blame the natural order of life and death," I smiled.

"Whatever, I'm just glad you're finally here," Craig said, "....I missed you."

I smiled, "I missed you too," I said. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a hug. It felt much warmer than the hugs we had in my head. "This feels nice, huh?"

"Yeah...I've always wanted to do this," Craig said as he held me tighter.

I smiled and looked up at him. I grabbed his face and pulled him in for a kiss. "How about that? Did that feel even nicer?" I smiled.

Craig smiled and leaned in for another kiss, "ten times nicer," Craig said.

We both chuckled and decided to look around, holding hands as we enjoy all eternity together.

"So what is this place anyways?"

"It's not Heaven, that's all you got to know. The food here sucks," Craig said.

"Really? No one seems to be complaining though," I said.

"Yeah well it isn't the same...not like the food you made."

"Craig, all that food was fake, I don't even think they had real taste to them aside from what I imagined them to taste like."

"Who cares, I like them either way."

I chuckled, "then once we get our home, I'll be sure to bake you some real cupcakes and see how you like them," I said.

Craig smiled, "looking forward to it."

We both looked at each other, smiling, and proceeded to look around the afterlife, watching both humans, demons, and other creatures alike living happily in harmony. What once was a nightmare for me, ended up becoming an amazing dream, and I hope to never wake up from it.

The End.

Chapter Text

For as long as Tweek could remember, Tweek was always afraid of many things. He was afraid of spiders, he was afraid of snakes, he was afraid of strangers coming into his room to abduct him. Tweek was also afraid of aliens, he was afraid of gnomes that would come at night to steal underpants, and he definitely was afraid of the unknown and the possibilities of getting killed.

However, the one thing Tweek was also afraid of when it came to high school was seeing Craig Tucker.

It was an accident, Tweek swears it was an accident. Tweek didn't mean to bump into Craig like that, he was simply rushing to get to his next class since he woke up late that morning, so how was he suppose to know that he would run into Craig, who happened to be walking around the corner that Tweek was about to turn.

Tweek was on his knees on the ground, his hands were shaking as he looks straight at the dirty tiled floors. Books were scattered everywhere, his hands were trembling, and Tweek was going to have a panic attack. Tweek just bumped into Craig Tucker, the most scariest kid in school, and is now towering over Tweek, probably planning to murder to poor blonde boy.

"I-I-I'm sorry! I...I didn't mean to b-b-bump into you!" Tweek exclaimed, his voice trembled as he feels the gaze of the boy. When Tweek dared to look up and see the other boy's face, he shrunk when he saw the boy was now glaring at him, eyes slanted, his gaze looking straight at Tweek as if he was staring into his very soul. Tweek can tell that the boy was angry. "I'm sorry! I-I-I'll pay you back! Just please don't kill me!" Tweek begged as covered his head.

".....Tch," Craig clicked his tongue before walking past Tweek and left.

Tweek turned his head, surprised that Craig let him go that easily, but then Tweek thought that maybe Craig was going to beat him up later. Tweek didn't calm down at all. Tweek quickly picked up his books and his bag, then quickly ran to his classroom. On one hand, Tweek wondered if Craig was still angry, and on the other hand, Tweek wondered why the boy was randomly walking in the hallway when class has already began. No matter how much Tweek tried to think, he knew for sure that Craig was going to murder him later, probably after school.

"I'm so dead!" Tweek felt like crying.

For the rest of the day, Tweek would watch Craig whenever they have class together. Tweek would watch Craig from the distance, wondering when the boy was going to call him out and tell him that he was dead. At one point, when Craig made eye contact with Tweek in chemistry class, Tweek imagined that Craig was going to grab one of the dangerous chemicals and pour it all over Tweek's head, burning his flesh and killing him slowly, but instead, Craig simply bent down and grabbed the pencil he dropped and turned back around in his seat.

All this waiting was driving Tweek crazy.

During lunch, Tweek would keep an eye on Craig, even as the scary boy would be sitting by himself, eating his lunch and ignoring the world around him. Tweek couldn't trust Craig one bit.

"Dude, why do you keep looking at Tucker over there?" Stan asked, biting into his sandwich.

"Nnnng...I-I bumped into Craig this morning."

Everyone in Tweek's table gasped and stared at the blonde boy, they then started saying how sorry they were for Tweek and that they hope Tweek had a good life before he passes. Tweek was both frightened and annoyed that his friends immediately thought that it was curtains for Tweek.

"You do realize that Tucker is like the most scariest kid in our school, right?" Clyde exclaimed.

"I-I know!" Tweek exclaimed.

"I-I-I heard that T-T-Tucker once b-b-beaten up a k-kid so badly, t-t-that the f-f-family had to m-m-moooooove," Jimmy said.

"That's nothing, I heard that Tucker once pushed a kid off the stairs, kid still in the hospital to this day," Cartman said.

"Oh God," Tweek started biting the nail of his right thumb, a habit he does when he's really stressed.

"Well I heard that Tucker once pushed a kid in front of a car, the kid survived, but Tucker force him to stay silent. The kid now wishes he was dead because of Tucker keeping an eye on him," Kyle said.

"Nnnngg..." Tweek was now pulling his hair in addition to biting his nail.

"Well I heard he once cracked a kid's skull open, and all because he felt like it," Stan said.

Everyone in the table kept talking about stories of what Craig Tucker did, from almost killing someone to breaking someone's bones to even having the family be afraid of him. Tweek would listen to all these stories and grow increasingly worried.

"Oh yeah? Well I heard that Tucker once killed someone over a family feud!" Butters exclaimed.

"Oh god!" Tweek got up from the table and started running out of the cafeteria, he no longer wanted to be in the same room as Craig, even if he was sitting far away from his table.

Everyone in the room looked at him, including Craig, but they eventually turned back and continued eating their lunches.

"...Did Craig actually kill someone, Butters?" Kenny asked.

"....Oh wait...that could have been this one TV show I was watching last night," Butters said.

For the remainder of the day, Tweek waited and waited for Craig to call him out, and with each passing minute, Tweek grew more and more tense. Tweek kept wondering what's taking Craig so long to telling him that they were going to fight? Tweek wondered if Craig was planning something big, or if he was going to murder him after school. Tweek didn't know and it was driving him crazy.

So by the time school ended and everyone was going home, Tweek was utterly confused. Not once has Craig came up to him and told him to meet him up for a fight, not once did Craig even acknowledged him. Tweek wasn't sure if he should be relieved, confused, or a bit offended.

"Hey," a voice caused Tweek's blood to go cold.

Tweek turned around and saw that Craig was standing behind him, his intimidating look pierced through Tweek. "Y-y-yes?" Tweek closed his eyes, waiting to hear it, waiting to hear Craig's words before he dies. Tweek just only wished he could have told his mother and father that he loved them, wished he could tell his friends that he was going to miss them, wished he did more with his life, but then again, Tweek was only a teenager in high school, so of course he wasn't able to do more with his life, but oh well.

"You dropped this," Craig held up what appeared to be Tweek's thermos, his favorite thermos actually, the one that Tweek would never forget up until now. Tweek must have been so stressed about Craig beating him up, that Tweek forgot to take his thermos with him.

"...." Tweek takes his thermos and held it close to his chest. He wasn't sure how to feel at that moment.

"....Okay...well...bye," Craig walked past him and kept walking until he was gone.

"....." Tweek turned around, and watched the other boy leave. Tweek continued to stare, even as people walked past him, wondering why he was just standing there. Tweek felt his eye twitch as he thought of how much he was stressing all day when nothing was going to happen. Tweek gritted his teeth as he realized just how worried sick he was for nothing. Tweek then let out a scream. "You got to be fucking kidding me!" Tweek shouted, waving his arms around and continued screaming, causing a few students to stare at him in shock before carefully walking away from him and avoiding getting hit from his waving hands which were still holding the thermos.

Tweek was so angry and distracted from everything else, that he didn't noticed that he upset a random bee until the bee landed near his face and stung near his right eye.

"......" Tweek froze as he felt the pain in his eye getting worse and worse. Tweek then let out a scream of pain.

Tweek was now sitting in the optometrist office, waiting for the doctor to see his eye. After getting his eye stung by the bee and telling his parents about it, Tweek wasn't able to see anything in his right eye because of how much it was swelling. So after seeing a doctor, he was then told to go see an optometrist for special medication for his eye and to make sure nothing was damaged.

Everything was fine, but now Tweek had to wear an eyepatch for a month. Tweek knew people were going to bully him endlessly for the eyepatch.

"....Mom, do I really have to wear this?" Tweek asked.

"You heard the doctor, you need to wear that all day, put on this medication at night, and keep wearing it until your eye heals. Just be glad that your eye hasn't been damaged and you'll be find after a month," Tweek's mother said.

Tweek sighed and continued to wait for the doctor to give him and his mother the medicine that he needed. While the two waited, Tweek's mother excused herself to use the restroom, so now Tweek was all by himself. Tweek decided to look around and check out the display of glasses they had. Tweek smiled as he looked around, finding a few of the glasses very pretty or nice looking. Though Tweek was glad he never needed to wear glasses since he felt having them would be too much pressure for him, he will admit that those who wear glasses always looked good to him.

As Tweek continued to examine each and every glasses, even trying on a pair for fun, Tweek was about to grab a pair with thick black frames and was more of a rectangular shape. As Tweek reached for them, he accidentally bumped into another hand that was also about to reach for them.

"O-oh, sorry!" Tweek turned around to apologize, but froze when he realized who it was.

Standing before him, wearing the same blue hat and jacket that Tweek sees him wearing everyday at school, was none other than Craig Tucker, who was wearing a pair of round shaped glasses and his usual slanted eyes were no longer slanted.

"C-C-Craig!?" Tweek squeaked.

"...." Craig dropped the glasses he was holding and began to blush in embarrassment. Craig quickly pulled down his hat to cover his face and started running out. All Tweek could do was stand there in shocked.

"Since when did Craig needed glasses!?" Tweek exclaimed.

Tweek was so shocked at what he just witness that even when his mother came back and they finally got the medicine, Tweek couldn't get Craig wearing glasses out of his head.

Ever since Tweek found out about Craig wearing glasses, Tweek would feel Craig's gaze on him. Whenever he's sitting in his desk, he would noticed Craig was looking at him with those narrow eyes of his. Even when Craig was sitting in front of Tweek, Craig would purposely drop his pencils, erasers, or pens and have an excuse to look at Tweek while he picks them up.

Tweek was really confused. He knows for a fact that Craig did wear glasses when he saw him the other day, he just doesn't understand why Craig isn't wearing any glasses during school.

So while Tweek pondered about whether or not what he saw that day was true or not during a normal lunch day, Craig suddenly came up and slammed his hand on the table, scaring not just Tweek, but everyone else as well.

"Hey, I need to talk to you," Craig said, narrowing his eyes at Tweek.

Tweek gulped, feeling the sweat formed in the back of his neck, however, when he thought back to Craig and him wearing glasses, Tweek was more curious than afraid. "O-okay..." Tweek said as he got up.

Everyone gasped and stared at Tweek, Craig even looked surprised himself, but continued to have his stern face on. "Follow me," Craig said. Tweek nodded and followed him.

Before Tweek could leave, Clyde grabbed his hand and pulled him down a bit to whisper to him, "if you need us to call the police, send us an S.O.S." Clyde said.

"I'll be fine, Clyde, don't worry," Tweek said. Tweek then proceeded to follow Craig out of the cafeteria as everyone in the room watched them.

"What a brave soul he is...I'm gonna miss him," Clyde said, tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

"There there," Token said, patting his friend on the back.

Once Craig and Tweek were in an area where there weren't any kids around, Craig turned towards Tweek, having a scowl on his face. Tweek gulped and was trembling a bit as he stare at the boy in front of him.

"....Did you tell anyone?"

"H-huh?" Tweek looked up at the boy and was confused.

"Did you tell anyone...about what you saw the other day?" Craig asked, crossing his arms.

Tweek was surprised, that was why he wanted to talk in private, Tweek wondered. "N-no..." Tweek replied.

Craig looked at him for a few seconds before sighing and started leaning against the lockers that were behind them, looking very relieved. "Oh thank god."

"...." Tweek stared at the boy, feeling all tension melting away. For Tweek, Craig didn't look at all scary, at least not at this moment. "W-why don't you want me to tell anyone?" Tweek asked.

Craig looked at him, his eyes still narrowed. Tweek flinched and regretted asking him. Tweek looked down when he heard Craig getting something from his backpack, Tweek wondered if it would be a weapon that Craig will use to murder him.

"Sorry, my head is hurting a lot, I need to put this on real quick," Craig said as he takes out a small black case and took out the familiar pair of glasses that Tweek saw him wearing the other day. Craig puts the glasses on and no longer was he narrowing his eyes, in fact, Tweek would say that Craig wasn't making a scary face anymore.

"W-wait a minute, this entire time when you were making those scary faces, it was all because you couldn't see!?" Tweek exclaimed.

"....Yes?" Craig seemed confused.

"W-what the fuck man!? Do you not realize how many people you scare half to death with those scary faces of yours!?" Tweek exclaimed.

"...Was it really that bad?" Craig asked. Tweek nodded. Craig sighed and leaned against the locker once more, "it's not that I want people to think badly about me, it's just that....I'm really...self-conscious about wearing my glasses in school," Craig admitted.

"....T-that's your reason? Why you don't want people to know? Why you're not wearing your glasses? Dude, don't you realize how dangerous that is!?" Tweek exclaimed.

Craig frowned, "I know, why do you think I always sit near the front or always squinting my eyes, or even walking around really slow? I'm very careful and try not to make people notice that I'm almost blind as a bat here," Craig sighed.

"...." Tweek was absolutely shocked. All this time, the scary face Craig wasn't actually scary, he just can't see very well without his glasses. "If you really hate wearing your glasses, why not switch to contacts?" Tweek asked.

"Don't you think I try? The ones that are prescribed to me are uncomfortable as hell, and they always make my eyes red, and they are so hard to put on. Since I'm not very patient when it comes to contacts, I don't really use them," Craig sighed, "besides...glasses are much cheaper than contacts, according to my dad."

"...." For some reason, Tweek almost felt bad for the guy. "You know...I'm sure people won't care about you wearing glasses."

Craig stayed silent as he looked away, "yeah well even if they won't care, I'm sure it won't change a thing about what people say about me," Craig said.


"Tch," Craig clicked his tongue and let out a sigh, "don't think I don't know what you and those guys talk about behind my back, how I beat up a kid, how I forced a family to move away, how I almost killed someone. All of that is total bullshit and not at all what really happened," Craig said.

"W-what? Then...then what actually happened?"

Craig sighed, "The rumor about me forcing a kid to move, that's not true. His dad got a promotion for another country, so he and his family had to move. There was no fights or beating. We were just friends that like to wrestle. For the guy who people said I push, it was an accident. I was walking around without my glasses and I didn't see the stairs that were in front, so the guy tried to stop me, but I accidentally bumped into him, and pushed him by accident. He's also not still hospitalized, he's fine, he just ended up moving to another school since his mom was worried that her kid was going to get hurt again."

"A-and the car?"

"That never happened. Some of these rumors are completely made up by assholes or people too bored and want to make me look even more like criminal," Craig sighed.

"T-that's...that's awful!" Tweek exclaimed.

Craig shrugged, "I'm use to it," Craig said.

Tweek stared at the boy for a good minute before feeling something in his chest. "....Y-you should really tell people the truth, maybe then people will start treating you better and maybe you can finally wear your glasses," Tweek said.

Craig frowned, "the moment I tell people anything, they'll either see it as a lie, a threat, or an excuse to beat the living shit out of me."

"T-that's a very negative way to see your schoolmates," Tweek commented.

"Dude, if you haven't noticed, almost everyone in this school are complete assholes, then there are those that are waiting for the perfect opportunity to hurt those that they deemed weak. If I even dare try to show myself with glasses or even tell people the truth about myself, they won't hesitate to target me and make me their next punching bag," Craig sighed.

"....." Tweek wasn't sure how to respond to that. Tweek knew that Craig wasn't lying, Tweek has seen it himself, which is why he always sticks close to his friends just so he wouldn't risk being the target of a bully.

"...Look...just...please don't tell anyone that you saw me at the optometrist the other day, and I'll leave you alone and never bother you." Tweek seemed surprised by that last part, "don't think I didn't noticed how stressed you looked when you bumped into me that morning. I bet you were thinking that I was going to kill you or something, right?"

"....." Tweek looked away, not wanting to say the truth.

Craig sighed, "figures," Craig got up, took his glasses off and placed them back into the case. "Bye." Craig then started to leave.

".....C-Craig," Tweek called out, causing the raven haired boy to stop. "....You shouldn't be ashamed of wearing glasses, there's no reason for you to be scared of wearing them, and if someone says anything about them...they can go fuck themselves," Tweek said.

"....Yeah? Well who's going to tell them to fuck themselves? I can't, not with my bad reputation, so who?" Craig stared at Tweek with a blank stare before turning his head forward and continued walking away, leaving Tweek.

As Tweek watched him leave, he couldn't believe what he just witness. This entire time, the scariest kid in school was nothing more than a normal guy who just really needs glasses, and is having some social problems.

Tweek doesn't know why, but he couldn't let this go.

The next day, during lunch, Tweek decided to commence his plan. Grabbing his lunch, instead of heading to his usual table with the guys, he went straight to the table where Craig sat. Everyone in the room gasped as they saw Tweek standing right next to Craig and placing his tray down, even the lunch ladies seemed surprised.

"Uh...what are you doing?" Craig asked as he watched Tweek sitting down across from him.

"Eating my lunch, see?" Tweek showed Craig his lunch, which consisted of a sandwich, a cookie, milk, and of course, his thermos filled with coffee.

Craig frowned, causing a few people to shiver in fear, "you know what I mean. Just leave me alone and go back to your table with your friends," Craig said.

"Why?" Tweek asked.

"Cause I'm sitting here?"


"People will start talking about you you know," Craig said.

"Who cares?" Tweek said.

Craig frowned even more, "this is my table, so please leave," Craig said more sternly.

"....Does it have your name on it?" Tweek asked.


"Does this specific table have your name written on it?" Tweek asked.

"N-no, of course not," Craig said.

"Then technically, it's not yours. In fact, none of these tables belong to anyone. Anyone can sit here, and I want to sit here today, so you can just shut up and ignore me, or keep talking and have everyone continue to stare at us, your choice," Tweek said and then took a bite of his sandwich.

"...." Craig stared at Tweek for a second before sighing, "don't say I didn't warn you," Craig said and continued eating his lunch.

"Mmm...don't worry, I have something up my sleeves just in case anyone bugs us."

"....What do you-"

Just before Craig could finish, a group of boys suddenly came walking towards them. Craig noticed the one in the middle and quickly lowered his head, as if trying to hide. Tweek looked at him then looked at the group of boys, realizing that this group were probably the people that Craig was worried the most about. Tweek did felt intimidated seeing three boys, much taller than him, walking towards them, but he stood his ground. After all, it's not like he didn't have a plan on how to deal with people like this.

"Hey Craig, I see you finally made a friend, how much you paid him to sit with you, huh?" The leader of the bully smirked.

Craig doesn't say anything, he simply stared at the boy, his eyes slanted a bit, to most, it looked like Craig was glaring at the boy, but to Tweek, he now knows it's because Craig can't really see that well and is trying to focus on the face.

"He didn't pay me to sit here," Tweek chimed in, feeling annoyed already.

Bully one looked at Tweek before glaring at the blonde, Tweek flinched, but stayed strong. "Oh? Then why are you sitting here? Are you paying him for protection or something?" The bully asked.

Tweek frowned, "neither of us paid each other anything. I'm simply sitting here because I want to, because...because...." Tweek looked over at Criag, who had his eyes on him. "...Because Craig is a good guy and he's my friend."

The moment Tweek said friend, everyone in the room gasped, even the lunch ladies. Tweek seriously wondered if the old ladies even have anything better to do besides serving lunch and hearing students gossiping.

"Friend? With this psycho? Don't you know he could easily hurt little wimps like you?" The bully poked his finger against Tweek's chest.

Tweek glared at him before slapping the bully's hand away, "fuck. Off," Tweek said. Everyone gasped.

"Tweek! Just stay down and pretend to be dead! They might leave you alone!" Clyde exclaimed.

"Clyde, shut up!" Tweek shouted back.

The bully glared at Tweek before grabbing him by the collar, "you're dead meat, asshole," the bully winded up his fist and was about to punch Tweek in the face, but before he made contact, Craig quickly leaned forward and grabbed the bully's wrist.

"Let him go," Craig glared at him, making his face even scarier.

The bully seemed to flinched when Craig made that face, but he didn't deter. "Oh? Don't want to see me punch your boyfriend here?"

Craig glared at him more, "I said, let him go," Craig said, making his voice deeper. Even though Tweek knew this was an act, the way Craig spoke sent a chilling chill down Tweek's spine.

"Make me," the bully said.

At this moment, Tweek couldn't help but wonder why no one was doing anything, he also wondered why the lunch ladies weren't doing anything. They were the adults here and are suppose to stop students from doing anything disruptive, and right now would be the perfect time for a lunch lady to intervene.

Before anything could happen, one of Tweek's friends, Token, suddenly got up and helped Tweek out by pushing the bully away, "knock it off, asshole."

"Oh, rich boy here want some too, huh?"

"N-not j-j-just h-him," Jimmy came up and got in front of Tweek and was staring down at the bullies. "Y-you got to g-g-go through me!"

"...Dude...I don't think I can hit a crippled," one of the bullies said.

"Shut up," the first bully said.

"You also have to go through me," Kenny said.

"And me," Kyle got up.

"Me too," Stan said.

"Same here," Butters said.

"Y-yeah, me too," Clyde said.


"...Cartman," Kyle turned his head to glare at the boy.

"Oh fine, whatever. I'll help the little spas too," Cartman sighed as he got up and stood in front of Tweek.

Tweek looked around and smiled, "so what are you gonna do? Fight all of us?"

"Yeah? What are you gonna do?" Craig glared at the bullies, causing the other guys to have a shiver down their spine.

"...Are you all mental or something? That guy is a killer," the bully said.

"No he's not," Tweek said. Tweek then took out his phone and showed everyone the messages he got from the guys that people thought Craig hurt or bullied. "See? These are all the people that everyone thought got hurt, but in reality, they are completely fine, even said that some of the things Craig did never happened or were simply a mistake! Look!" Tweek showed his phones to the guys and they read through all the messages that were on there.

"Dude...he's right," Clyde said.

"So does this mean...Craig never murdered anyone?" Butters asked.

"Butters, Craig never murdered anyone even before this. Are you still thinking about that show?" Kenny asked.

"It's a really good show with a good story and characters," Butters pouted.

"Look everyone, I know you all thought Craig is this scary guy, but he isn't! He's actually really nice, so please...don't believe in these rumors," Tweek said.

"...." The guys all looked at each other before looking at Craig. Craig still had a scowl on his face, most likely trying to focus his vision, and everyone flinched, but looking at the evidence that Craig wasn't really what they thought he was, they decided to trust Tweek and soon began sitting at Craig's table. Tweek smiled.

The bullies stared at them before backing away and glaring at everyone. "Oh sure, believe what that little twerp showed you, but I'm telling you, a guy with a face like that, he's gonna snap all of your necks one day, then you'll all regret it," the bully and his friends then left.

"....Oh man, I almost pissed my pants there," Clyde said.

"Thanks you guys, for believing me," Tweek said.

"Well we know you wouldn't lie and you wouldn't do something without a reason or purpose, so if you really think that Tucker here isn't so bad, then we believe you," Token said.

"Thanks," Tweek smiled. Tweek then turned towards Craig, "Craig, you wanna say anything?" Tweek smiled.

Craig looked at everyone, who were now looking at him. The moment their eyes met, everyone shrunk down from Craig's scary gaze, and Craig simply sighed, "whatever," Craig packed up his lunch and decided to leave.

"C-Craig!" Tweek was about to chase after him, but Kenny grabbed his arm.

"Leave him alone, it's best you leave him be for awhile, even if he's not going to attack or anything like that," Kenny said.

Tweek sighed, "I'm serious, Craig Tucker isn't what you think he is, he's just a normal guy," Tweek said.

Tweek truly believed that Craig wasn't a bad guy.

The next couple of days, Tweek tried everything he could to talk to Craig, but no matter what Tweek did, Craig would simply ignore him and walk away. People who haven't heard about the truth from the cafeteria would give Tweek weird looks whenever they see the blonde trying to talk to the scariest kid in school, but Tweek didn't care, all he wanted to do was be friends with Craig. Tweek would even have his friends help him, but no matter what they did or how close they were to talking to Craig, they would end up backing out because of how scary Craig's face was.

"I'm sorry, but it's like he's staring deep into my soul whenever he looks at me like that!" Clyde exclaimed.

"Oh don't be ridiculous, the only reason he's making that face is because...." Tweek stopped himself, remembering that he promised Craig that he would not tell anyone, not even the guys about why Craig makes those faces.


"...B-because...because....he's...simply...c-constipated?" Tweek said.



"....That...kinda makes sense," Clyde said.

Tweek knew he was going to have to apologize to Craig later.

Tweek's hopes of talking to Craig will soon come true when one day, Tweek ran out of the drops he needed to put into his eyes to avoid infections and more swelling. So Tweek headed over to the optometrists office, and load and behold, there was Craig at the glasses display, picking up and trying on different variety of glasses.

Craig doesn't seem to notice Tweek when he came in, so after Tweek got his refill on his drops, Tweek decided to sneak up on Craig and see what he's up to. Craig was currently checking himself in one of the mirrors, while wearing one of the display glasses, seeing if he looked good in them.

"Those look nice," Tweek said from behind.

"Jesus!" Craig turned around and hit the mirror with his back, holding his chest. "Don't sneak up on me like that," Craig glared at him.

"Sorry," Tweek smiled.

Craig sighed, "what are you doing here?"

"Getting a refill on my eye drops," Tweek said, holding the small paper bag.

"I've been wondering, why are you wearing an eye patch? Did something happen?"

"I got stung by a bee a few days ago, I thought you knew, everyone has been telling people about it after I told my friends," Tweek said.

"Hello, this is Craig, the guy who has no friends in school, so of course I wouldn't know anything about school gossip and the like," Craig sighed.

"Jesus, you're sounding so emo right now," Tweek said.

"I feel like that's offensive to those who are actually emo, and no, I'm not an emo, as if I could pull off black that well," Craig said.

Tweek poked at one of displayed glasses, putting one arm behind himself, "you really have low self-esteem, don't you?"

"Doesn't anyone who becomes teenagers have that problem?" Craig said.

"Yeah, but you're more open about it," Tweek said.

Craig sighed, "what do you want, Tweek?"

"All I want is to talk, that's all. I want us to be friends," Tweek said.

"Not happening," Craig said. He took the glasses he was wearing off and put them back on the display case.

Craig then started leaving, but Tweek wasn't going to end things like that, so he ran after Craig and started following him.

"Come on, Craig, let's talk and get to know each other," Tweek said.

"Weren't you terrified of me a few days ago?" Craig turned his head and questioned him.

"Yeah, but after realizing that you're not as scary as I thought, I thought I'd make amends and get to know the real you," Tweek said.

".....Why on earth would you want to do that?" Craig asked.

" seem like a good guy, after did save me from getting the lights knocked out of me from that asshole, remember?" Tweek said.

"Tch...I only did it because I don't want things to escalate any further," Craig said.

"Oh yeah like grabbing him and telling him to let me go wasn't going to escalate if my friends didn't show up," Tweek said.

Craig stopped walking and turned around, "look, I appreciate that you're worried for me and want to help show everyone I'm not a total monster, but could you not go this far? I prefer being alone," Craig said.

"Wow...that's just sad," Tweek said.

"Oh my god," Craig sighed and continued walking.

Tweek stared at him before smiling and started walking next to him, " come you're looking for new glasses?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Just wondering, you looked like you were having a hard time choosing a pair, even though you told me you were never going to show people that you wear glasses," Tweek said.

Craig sighed, "I never said that I never want to show people I wear glasses. I know one day I'll eventually have to start wearing them as my sight gets worse and worse, so until that day comes...I thought of getting a pair that won't make me look...too weird," Craig said.

"What's wrong with the ones you have now? I think they look great on you," Tweek said.

Craig stopped, he turned around to stare at Tweek, "you think they look good on me?"

Tweek stared at him before blushing slightly, "I think anyone who wears glasses look good with them, so I definitely think you look good in the glasses you have now," Tweek said.

".....Tch," Craig turned around and continued walking, Tweek continued to follow.

From then on, whenever Tweek finds the opportunity to get close enough to Craig, he would come and follow the boy, whether its from a visit to the optometrist or when they were heading home. Tweek would follow, and Craig would say nothing about it, knowing he will never change the other boy's mind.

Eventually, the two started to talk, mostly when Tweek starts the conversation.

"So then Clyde was dared to eat the nickle, and it took him two days to get it back," Tweek said.

"That's disgusting," Craig said.

"Yeah, but it was funny at the time...but now, whenever I see him paying that involves a nickle, I would cringe," Tweek said.

"Pfff, seems you and the guys are close," Craig said.

"We are," Tweek smiled. He then looked up at Craig, "you know...if you open up to the guys a bit, I'm sure you can be close to them as well."

"No fucking way," Craig said.

"Oh come on, why not?" Tweek asked.

"One, none of them are the type of people I enjoy talking to, two, I hate most of them, and three, they're still terrified of my face, no matter how many times you tell them that the rumors are fake."

"Oh come, they aren't that bad. Besides, if you hate most of them...then why are you talking to me?" Tweek crossed his arm.

"Because you force yourself onto me?" Craig said.

"Come on...admit it, you enjoy talking to me, you like having me around," Tweek smiled.

"I do not," Craig said. Craig looked away, but Tweek can see the small smile forming on Craig's face.

Tweek stood in front of Craig and prevented him from walking any further. "Come on, Craig, why don't you join me and the guys? We're having game night this Saturday," Tweek offered.

"Sounds terrible," Craig said, but Tweek can see that Craig was a bit interested in joining.

"I know you want to join us, so come on, I'll tell the guys that you'll be coming and everything will be fine, I promise," Tweek said.

".....You're not going to let this go until I say yes, huh?"

"Yep," Tweek smiled.

Craig sighed, "Fine, but I'm leaving the moment shit goes down," Craig said.

"Trust me, nothing will happen," Tweek smiled.

It was Saturday afternoon and the guys were preparing everything for game night. Tweek was very excited for tonight's game night since he knew that Craig will be coming to his house, where the game night was being held that day.

"Dude, I've never seen you be this excited for game night," Clyde noted.

"Yeah man, you're usually always freaking out over every game we play," Token said.

"What? N-no I don't," Tweek muttered.

"What about when we played Smash Bros and you were screaming the entire time as you try to control Princess Peach?"

"I didn't want to be knocked off the platforms!" Tweek exclaimed.

"How about when we played Resident Evil and you kept hiding behind me as Stan played?" Kyle asked.

"I-it was scary! Totally a natural response!"

"Then how come you were losing your shit when we were playing Monopoly?" Cartman asked

"....I didn't want to go to jail! Jail is scary man!" Tweek exclaimed.

"It's a fucking board game, Tweek!" Cartman shouted.

"Gah!" Tweek really hated when people yell at him. Suddenly, Tweek hears the door bell ringing and he excitedly ran over to the door with a huge grin. Tweek opened the door and smiled when he sees Craig. "You made it!"

"H-hey," Craig muttered, looking a bit uncomfortable.

"Come in, we're just setting everything up," Tweek said.

"Okay," Craig came in and Tweek closed the door behind them. The moment Craig headed towards the living room, all the boys stopped what they were doing and stared. "...H-hey...guys," Craig said, feeling nervous, but to the boys, it looked like he was glaring at them.

Everyone was silent and Tweek couldn't help but be nervous as he waited patiently for someone to speak. Kyle, being the braver one of the group, stepped in and greeted Craig with a smile.

"Hey, Craig. Glad you could make it. You ready for game night?" Kyle asked.

All Craig could see was a reddish blur, Craig squinted his eyes, making it looked like he was glaring at Kyle. Kyle flinched and took a step back, wondering if he made a mistake talking to Craig just now.

"Craig, your face," Tweek whispered.

Craig looked at Tweek before clearing his throat, "sorry about that, but yeah, I'm happy to be here. Thanks for having me," Craig said.

Kyle looked at him before laughing nervously and sat back down with the others. Everyone was still a bit uncomfortable, but Tweek assured them that nothing was going to happen.

Game night began with a game of Super Mario Party on the Switch. The pour people to play were Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman, while everyone else watched, ate some snacks, and waited for their turn. Stan seemed to be in the lead and everyone was now cheering for him, Craig included. While Stan was busy playing, he didn't noticed Craig sitting next to him until Craig reached out to grab the bag of chips on the coffee table, scaring Stan when his face got close.

"Shit!" Stan cursed from both being scared and for losing his chance of winning the mini game they were playing.

"....Sorry," Craig muttered before sitting back, he wasn't even able to grab the chips.

"I-it's okay, dude," Stan said as he continued to play, but would occasionally look back between the TV and Craig.

"....Tweek, maybe I should go," Craig whispered.

"What? No, Stan was just surprised, that's all. Come on," Tweek said. When the boys finished their game, it was now the other boys' turn. "Here, why don't you play?" Tweek grabbed one of the controllers and handed it to Craig.

"...You sure?" Craig asked.

"It's fine, come on," Tweek said as he grabbed another controller. Craig sighed and sat next to Tweek as they started a new game.

The four players to play this time were Craig, Tweek, Token, and Clyde. Craig decided to pick Bowser, Tweek chose Luigi, Token chose Toad, and Clyde chose Mario. As the four started a new game, picking out mini games they all wanted to play, they soon began playing.

Though Tweek was trying to beat Craig in the game, he couldn't help but cheer for Craig in his head whenever Craig managed to get ahead of everyone. By the time they began their fourth mini game, Craig was already ahead of everyone. The guys were impressed.

"Go Craig!" Butters cheered, clapping his hand.

"G-go C-Craig g-go!" Jimmy said.

"You can do it, Craig!" Tweek cheered.

"Dude, aren't you trying to beat him?" Stan said. Tweek smiled sheepishly.

Craig was concentrating so hard, by the time Token and Tweek were out, it was now just Craig and Clyde. Craig is trying very hard to get ahead of Clyde, but Clyde was catching up. Craig would look at Clyde in his peripheral vision, and Clyde did the same. They stared down each other as they continued to stay alive and try to get the win. Craig was so close to beating Clyde, he just needed to concentrate and hopefully he'll be able to win.

"Come on, Clyde! Beat him already!" Cartman shouted, scaring Craig and causing him to lose his concentration.

"Cartman!" Tweek angrily glared at Cartman.

"What? I bet Kenny that Clyde was going to win," Cartman said.

"Dude, you did that on purpose, didn't you?" Kyle glared.

"Oh, you'd like it if that was true, it was an accident you stupid Jew," Cartman said.

"Shut the fuck up, fat ass!"

While Cartman and Kyle started to argue as Stan and Kenny tries to stop them, Craig sat there, watching the victory going to Clyde. He was so close to winning.

"Hey man, good game," Clyde tried to lighten thing up and be a good sport by trying to shake Craig's hand.

Craig simply didn't take it, he was too distraught that he lost unfairly. Craig can tell that Cartman did that on purpose, but couldn't help but wonder if the other guys were in on it. They weren't exactly welcoming to Craig. The thought just made Craig's blood boil.

"U-uh? C-Craig?" Clyde stared at Craig, who looked very pissed, causing everyone to look and get scared.

"C-Craig, come's just a g-game," Tweek said.

Just a game. Just a fucking game. Craig was never given a chance to join in on anything, he never gets to win on anything, and everyone was always being unfair to him, all because of how he looked, all because of the rumors, all because of the hate he received. So the moment Craig was about to win, it was all taken from him in one swoop.

Craig was pissed, "I told you that I didn't want to come here, Tweek!" Craig shouted, glaring at the blonde boy.

"Eek!" Tweek fell off the couch after being startled, he started trembling in fear as Craig glared at him.

"This was so stupid! I told you I didn't want to come to this stupid...." Craig trailed off when he saw how scared Tweek has become. Craig suddenly lost all of his anger and started to feel guilty for yelling at Tweek for no reason. "T-Tweek...I-"

"What's your problem!?" Clyde exclaimed as he stepped in front of the two.

"I...I just got upset and-"

"Oh what a surprise. The scariest kid in our school got upset over a little game," Cartman said.

"I know it was childish, but you-"

"Look Craig, we invited you because we trusted Tweek and stopped believing in those rumors about you, but when you start getting upset over the littlest things, we're starting to wonder if letting you join us was a good idea or not," Kyle said.

".....Is that how you all feel?" Craig asked.

"....." Everyone was silent, looking at each other.

"Whether those rumors are true or not, when you start acting like this, we can't help but think that maybe you don't belong here." Kenny said.

"I really wanted to give you a shot, Craig, especially with Tweek saying nice things about you," Butters trailed off.

"....." Craig looked down, feeling his heart ache. He really thought he was finally making some friends here. "I get it. I'll leave," Craig got up, grabbed his stuff, and started heading out of the door.

"Craig, wait!" Tweek finally calmed down and tried to stop him.

"Just leave him alone, Tweek. He isn't worth it," Stan sighed.

The moment Craig left, Tweek became angry. His fist was trembling before he turned around and glared at everyone. "You guys promised!"

"Tweek, we tried, but he's intimidating," Clyde said.

"It's not his fault that he looks like that! You guys promised that you'd give him a chance, that you would get to know who he really is, and not judge him for how he looked! Now you made him feel worse about himself!"

"Tweek, he yelled at you," Kenny said.

"Yeah, and you hate getting yelled at, remember?"

"Ugh! I hate a lot of things, I'm terrified of a lot of things, yes! I'm scared of being in a dark room all by myself, I'm scared of gnomes stealing my underpants, and I'm definitely terrified of being yelled at so angrily, but I never let those get to me, and you all know it!" Tweek exclaimed, "you all gave me a chance, even with my why can't you give Craig a chance?"

"....." Everyone stayed quiet, feeling guilty for what they did. Tweek was right, who were they to judge someone for their flaws when they have flaws themselves.

"Jesus, why are you all so dramatic all of a sudden? He's just a dude who got butthurt from losing a game," Cartman said.

"Cartman, that was your fault he lost and got angry, so shut up!" Kyle exclaimed.

"....Tweek? You think Craig will forgive us?" Clyde asked, stepping up.

"I don't know...but I'm going after him," Tweek said. Tweek left his house and started running after Craig. Tweek eventually managed to find Craig walking down the street, Tweek quickly caught up to him, grabbing his shoulder to stop him. "Craig!"

"....What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be playing with your friends?" Craig said, looking down.

"Craig, I know you didn't mean to be upset and yell at me, and the guys are sorry for everything that happened. They really do want to get to know you and be friends, so why don't we go back, and talk it out?" Tweek was about to grab Craig's hand, but Craig pulled away. "Craig-"

"Why can't you just leave me alone? I was fine being on my own you know," Craig said.

"...Craig...come on-"

"Just why do you want to be my friend?" Craig turned around and stared at Tweek.

"....I...I don't know," Tweek said. "I just...when I saw you at the optometrist...and you telling me the truth about yourself...I just...I just wanted to get to know the real you," Tweek said.

"Why? Why do you care so much about me when we never got along before you realized the truth about me!?" Craig asked.

"....." Why did Tweek care? Why did he care for someone like Craig. Yes, turns out that Craig wasn't the scary kid he imagined him to be this entire time, yes, Craig actually needs glasses in order to see, but refuses to wear them, resulting in people thinking he makes scary faces. Craig was just a normal guy, so why did Tweek care so much. Tweek looked up at Craig, and felt his heart skip a beat. Realization went and hit him right across the face. "....I....I don't know," Tweek said, trying to calm his beating heart.

"....Goodbye Tweek," Craig turned around and kept walking.

"Craig! Come on! No one deserves to be alone!" Tweek exclaimed as he tries to grab Craig.

"Well I do!" Craig exclaimed. "Face it....someone like me deserves to be alone, and you just have to let it go," Craig said.

"....Craig," Tweek said.

"Just leave me alone, Tweek. Please," Craig was actually begging Tweek.

"....." Tweek stood there in silence, not really sure what to do. He could fight a little longer, but judging from Craig's face, he was tired of all of this.

"It's for the best," Craig muttered before turning around and continued leaving.

Tweek just stood there, watching Craig leave, he couldn't do anything at all to stop him. Once Craig was out of sight, Tweek started trembling before falling to his knees and was trying his best to hold back a scream.

Tweek started to cry.

For the next couple of days, Tweek never saw or met up with Craig again. Whenever Tweek had class with Craig, Craig would ignore him the entire period, and then would immediately leave once class was over, not giving Tweek or anyone enough time to stop him. Craig even stopped eating lunch at the cafeteria, the table that Craig would usually sit at was now being occupied by other students, and seeing the table made Tweek's heart clenched. The worst part for Tweek was when he finally could take his eyepatch off and was seeing the optometrist for the last time.

It was strange how everything began on in this familiar office, when Tweek found out about Craig's little secret and developed a friendship after that, but now it was gone.

"Glad to see that your eye is all better and the swelling is now gone. You're all good, no more swelling, puss, or anything. You're finally free from that eyepatcha and no other damages has been done to your eye."

"Thanks, doctor," Tweek said.

"Alright, before you go, I'll need you to sign a few things and you're free to go," the doctor said.

The doctor leaves to get whatever it is he needed, while Tweek waited in the waiting room. He looked over and saw the display of glasses. His heart sank when he realized that Craig wasn't there. Tweek wished he could see Craig again, he wished he could be with Craig, he wanted to see Craig again, but he knew that was never going to happen.

So things continued on like this. Tweek's friends try to help and apologize to Craig, but Craig wasn't going to listen. Everyone was getting frustrated as their attempts kept failing over and over.

"God! I don't know what's worse, his intimidating face or him being a stubborn ass!" Cartman sighed.

"Shut up, Cartman," Kyle sighed.

"I'm sorry you guys," Tweek said.

"Don't be, it's our fault he's acting like this, I just wish he'd stop and hear us out," Token said.

"Yeah well until Craig stops being an asshole about this, he's never going to listen to us," Cartman said.

"You know what? Why do we have to apologize when it's your fault that he lost that game!" Kyle exclaimed.

"Oh fuck you, you stupid Jew! You're as guilty as me when you started blabbering about how Craig didn't belong with us and shit. All I did was make him lose a game," Cartman said.

"You fucking-"

"Enough," Tweek sighed, "look, I'm going to try and find Craig and see if I can talk to him," Tweek said.

"Do you want us to come?" Clyde asked.

Tweek shook his head, "I think this is between me and Craig."

"Oh come on, Tweek, what if you can't find him? You don't even know where he goes during lunch these days," Cartman said.

"I don't care, I'll keep looking around for him, so just wait here and I'll be back," Tweek said. He got up and left the cafeteria. As Tweek searched around the halls, he couldn't help but wonder where Craig could be. Tweek checked out in the field, no Craig, Tweek checked the boy's restrooms, no Craig, Tweek checked a few of the classrooms that Craig could be in, still no Craig.

Tweek kept looking around, checking his watch every now and then. Lunch will be over soon, and Tweek still hasn't found Craig.

"God damn it...where are you?" Tweek muttered, as he looked around the hallways.

"Who the fuck gives you any right to bump into me, you fuck!?"

"I said I was sorry."

"Sorry ain't enough, you know how much this shirt cost!?"

Tweek suddenly heard voices in around the corner of the hallway, and Tweek knows whose voices those belong to. One of them was Craig's. Tweek peeked around the corner, and gasped when he saw that the bullies that were messing with them the other day were now surrounding Craig, the first bully grabbing the collar of Craig's jacket.

"So? How you gonna pay for this?"

"It's not that bad," Craig said, squinting his eyes, making it look like he was glaring at the bully. This upset the bully even more.

"Not bad? You spilled my juice all over my shirt, all because you were too high and mighty to not bump into me!"

"Look you fuck, I'm not in a good mood right now, so if you know what's good for you, you'll leave me the fuck alone!" Craig glared at the bully, but the bully simply scoffed.

"Tch, you're all talk and no bite, Tucker. Ever since those rumors about you have been debunked, no one gives a shit about you or that face of yours. You're not tough at all," the bully said.

Tweek paled when he realized that Craig's defense mechanic has failed, and judging from Craig's expression, Craig realized it too.

"I'm so going to enjoy beating the crap out of you," the bully said as he winded up his fist and was about to punch Craig in the face.

"No!" Tweek ran down the hall and quickly pushed the bully away, knocking him onto the ground. "I-I won't let you hurt him!" Tweek shouted.

"It's the fucking spas," the bully glared at Tweek before getting back up. "Get out of the way if you know what's good for you," the bully said.

"N-no! I won't let you hurt him!" Tweek exclaimed, standing his ground. His legs were trembling really bad and it looked like he was ready to cry, but Tweek didn't want to leave Craig like this.

"Look, the little spas is shaking," the bully's friend laughed.

"...Tweek, just go, I can take them," Craig said.

"I-I won't leave you!" Tweek exclaimed as he stood up straight and glared at the bully. "I don't care if you beat me up, but I'm not going to let you hurt Craig!" Tweek shouted.

"Tough guy, huh? Well? What are you going to do about it? Huh? You think you can take me on?" The bully asked.

Tweek glared at him, "there maybe three of you, and I'm fucking scared to death right now, matter what, I'll fight you if it means saving my best friend!" Tweek exclaimed.

"....Tweek," Craig stared at Tweek, feeling his heart beating fast.

"...Get him," the bully said.

Tweek's eyes widened as he quickly hugged Craig before the both of them were pushed down to the ground. Tweek quickly shielded Craig as he felt a foot stomping on his back repeatedly.

"Tweek!" Craig tried to get up and help, but Tweek held him down, hugging him tightly as he took the punches. "Tweek, just get out of the way!" Craig shouted, as he stared in horror.

"I won't! I'll take all their punches," Tweek started crying as the bullies started kicking him in the sides, arms, legs, back, even in the head, but Tweek didn't move as he continues to shield Craig from the attacks.

"Fuck you, you runt!" The bully exclaimed as he kicked Tweek really hard in the sides.

Tweek winced in pain, knowing a bruise was being formed there, but he continued to hold on, even if he couldn't hold himself much longer. Tweek collapsed and fell on top of Craig, but hugged him tightly as he continued to shield him.

"T-Tweek! Please!" Craig exclaimed as he tries to move Tweek away.

"No! No matter how much I'm getting the shit beaten out of me, I'm going to save you! You're my best friend, Craig! I care so much about you! I....I fucking love you, man!" Tweek shouted as he continued to get hurt.

"T-Tweek," Craig started to cry as he continues to try and push Tweek out of the way, but Tweek wasn't letting him.

The bell finally rang and students started walking down the hall, when everyone saw the fight that was happening, everyone surrounded the five, and watched in either amusement or horror.

"Tweek!" Clyde came running in and started trying to stop the fight. "Get off of him!" Clyde shouted as he pulled one of the bullies off. The bully simply turned around and punched Clyde in the face.

"Clyde!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Hey!" Token came running in and tried to help Clyde, but as a result, got hurt as well.

Soon, all the boys came running in and tried to stop the fight, punching, kicking, and hair pulling. Since the guys outnumbered the bullies, they all managed to restrained two of the bullies, while the rest continued to try to get the leader off.

"You little shit, you should just fucking die already! No one likes you and everyone thinks you're a fucking spas!" The bully exclaimed as he continued to kick Tweek's back. Stan and Kyle tried desperately to get the bully off, but the bully kept fighting back. "Always so paranoid over every little thing! Even thinks gnomes exist! Little weirdos like you should just fucking die!" The bully then kicked Tweek in the head so hard that Tweek finally got off of Craig and cried in pain. His face was swollen and bruised. He had cuts all over his face as well.

"T-Tweek!" Craig got up and stared in horror.

"Enough!" Kyle shouted as he, Stan, and now Kenny managed to finally get the bully off and retain him.

"Tweek! Are you okay?" Craig asked as he crouched near Tweek and held his head.

"Nnngg...everything hurts...but I'm still alive," Tweek muttered, but hissed in pain. Tweek touched his head and saw that he was bleeding slightly.

"Y-you could have killed him you psycho!" Craig shouted.

"Oh I'm the psycho? Well you have the face of one," the bully said.

"Dude, shut up," Kenny exclaimed.

"Yeah, even though we don't really know Craig that well, I do know he's not a fucking asshole like you!" Kyle exclaimed.

"Yeah, in fact, we'd rather have Craig be our friend then having to deal with the likes of you!" Butters frowned.

Everyone started muttering, looking between the boys. Everyone looked at Craig and were surprised to see that Craig was actually worried for someone, seeing as he's cradling Tweek's in his lap.

"Oh you all are a bunch of little fucks. I bet you're all weirdos just like that little fucker over there. I hope he fucking dies!"

That was it. Craig wasn't going to sit there and listen any longer. Craig gently placed Tweek down and stood up. His fist was clenched as his hands started to tremble. "Shut the fuck up."

"Oh? Don't like me talking shit about your little boyfriend? Well what are you going to do about it? Like I said, you're all talk and no-" Before the bully could finish, Craig turned around and made the most terrifying face that everyone has ever seen on the boy. Craig winded up his fist before running towards the bully and was about to punch him. The bully yelped and tried to back away, but with Stan, Kyle, and Kenny holding him down, he couldn't move. The bully watched in horror as he braced himself. Craig was getting closer and closer, and before you knew it, he swung his fist, but stopped inches away from the bully's face, not actually hitting him.

"....Scared, aren't you?" Craig said as he noticed that the bully was shaking as he stared at Craig's fist that was inches away from his face. Craig looked down and noticed that the boy had pissed himself, causing the three boys to let him go. The bully fell to the ground and backed away, staring at Craig in horror. Craig continued to glare at the bully as he put his hand down. "You're right...I'm all talk and no bite, but that doesn't mean I won't do something. Those rumors about me might not be true, but if I ever see you anywhere near me, Tweek, or my friends ever again...I won't fucking hesitate next time," Craig said, his face getting close to the bully's.

The bully nodded his head in fear, not saying a word and stayed completely silent.

"....You know kept going on and on about the many flaws that both Tweek and I have, but look around you, we all have flaws. Who the fuck says we're all perfect? We're fucking teenagers, we're literally in the most stressful and awkward time of our lives, and you spouting out fucking stupid shit isn't helping either. So before you start saying shit about people, why don't you take a good look at yourself and see all the flaws you have, cause you have a lot of them," Craig said. Craig turned around and noticed that one of the kids was filming the entire thing, Craig walked over towards the kid, causing them to flinch when they saw Craig's face. "Go get a teacher and you better show what really happened, or else," Craig said.

"Y-yes sir," the kid said as he left.

"As for the rest of you, get the fuck out of the way," Craig said. Everyone nodded and made an open path for Craig. Craig sighed and walked back over towards Tweek. He helped Tweek up and helped him walk. "Come on, I'll take you to the nurse's office," Craig said.

"O-okay," Tweek said.

The two started walking as everyone else watched them. No one said a word, except for one guy that said that Craig was actually cool looking earlier. As the two continued walking, they managed to get far away from the other students and were now on their own in the hallways as they continued to walk.

"Are you okay?" Craig asked.

"I feel like throwing up and my head is slightly ringing, but yeah...I'll live...probably gonna need to see a doctor," Tweek said.

"Yeah well if you do end up going to the doctor, than that asshole and his friends will be getting into a lot of trouble with the police," Craig said.

"Good, they really hit me hard, I'm surprised I'm still conscious," Tweek said.

"....Tweek," Craig looked at Tweek, "why did you do that? What would happen if they kicked you so hard that you go into a coma? Then what?"

"...I couldn't bare to see them hurt you," Tweek said.

"....Yeah're completely fucked up because of your little heroic stunt. I could have taken them," Craig said.

"No you couldn't. They knew you aren't a monster like in those rumors about you," Tweek said.

".....It doesn't matter. I...I was so afraid you were going to get hurt...I...I wouldn't know what to do if something else happened to you," Craig said, feeling his tears forming.

"...Craig," Tweek stopped walking and looked at the boy. "Are you crying?"

"Of course I'm fucking crying! I almost lost you!"

"...." Tweek was surprised, but he still had a smile on his face, "why do you care?"

Craig glared at him, but tears continued to fall, "like you're my best friend! So of course...I didn't want to lose you. I care for you. I...." Craig started to blush, "I like you."

Though Craig didn't say love like how Tweek said it earlier, it still brought a smile to Tweek's face. "Oh Craig," Tweek leaned forward and placed a kiss on his lips.

Craig blushed and pulled away, "w-we shouldn't be doing that!"

"Why not? We're alone and no one is around," Tweek smiled, he was slightly blushing.

"Dude, you're fucking bleeding. We really need to take you to the nurse's office and call your parents," Craig said.

"...Good idea...I fell like I'm going to have a concussion soon," Tweek said.

Craig looked at him before sighing, "I got you, hold on," Craig said as he wrapped his arm around Tweek's waist and wrapped Tweek's arm around himself. As the two continued walking, Craig looked at Tweek before smiling. "....I wouldn't mind doing that again once you're healed," Craig said.

"...." Tweek doesn't say anything, he simply leaned against Craig as the two continued to walk.

Though Tweek's body was hurting and he felt that maybe the confession just now wasn't exactly the ideal moment, at least Craig was now standing by his side.

Tweek waited patiently at his locker, looking at his watch and wondering where Craig could be. Craig did texted Tweek that he'll be awhile since he was seeing the optometrist that morning, but said he was definitely coming to school with a surprise for Tweek.

"Still waiting for your boyfriend?" Kenny teased.

Tweek blushed, "s-shut up...t-technically, Craig and I are still on the dating stage...w-we haven't made it official quite yet," Tweek said.

"Oh god, if you two don't hurry the fuck up, I'm going to be sick by how lovey dovey you two get every time we see you," Cartman sighed.

"Cartman, shut the fuck up," Tweek glared at the fat boy before looking and looking at his watch.

"You know, I still can't believe that all this time, Craig actually just needed glasses," Clyde said.

"Well if you think about it, it kinda make sense. The way he kept slanting his eyes, or how he kept bumping into things, or when he's trying to grab something only to miss by a few feet. I'm surprised we haven't notice until Craig told us," Token said.

Tweek smiled, glad that the guy finally knew the truth, "just remember, when Craig comes with his glasses, don't make fun of him."

"We'll try," Kenny said.

"I mean it, one laugh and I'm going to kick your ass," Tweek said.

"We won't laugh, Tweek, I'm sure Craig will look normal with glasses on," Kyle said.

"Well I hope so cause I kept debating on whether to wear these or not," a familiar voice startled them.

The group turned around and gasped as they saw Craig. Tweek smiled when he saw the familiar glasses that were now placed on Craig's face.

"I thought you were going to pick out a new pair at the optometrist," Tweek said.

"At first I was...but then I remembered you saying that you like these pair, so..." Craig blushed and adjusted his glasses a bit, "what do you guys think?"

"...Holy shit, you look so weird with glasses on!" Clyde exclaimed.

"Clyde!" Tweek exclaimed.

"I don't mean it in a bad way, you look good fucking weird!" Clyde said.

"Clyde," Tweek groaned, feeling embarrassed.

"It's fine Tweek, and thanks Clyde....I think," Craig sighed.

Everyone around was staring at Craig in shock, they couldn't believe that the scary faced kid looked less scary now that he was wearing glasses. It was very strange, but not so bad.

"So does this mean you'll be wearing glasses from now on?" Token asked.

"Possibly, or until I finally find a pair of contacts that actually work for me," Craig said.

"Well I hope that never happens because I think you look good with glasses," Tweek smiled. Craig stared at him before blushing.

"Oh my god, just fucking make out already and move on, this is making me sick!" Cartman shouted.

Tweek blushed, "I-I told you that we're still on the dating stage, Cartman! We're not boyfriends yet!"

"We're not? I thought we were after that date we had last Saturday," Craig said. Tweek stared at him in shock, feeling his cheeks warming up. Craig blushed, "do you...not want to be boyfriends?"

"I-I-I do! I want to be boyfriends!" Tweek exclaimed very excitedly. Tweek froze and his face turned completely red.

Craig chuckled before leaning forward and kissing the top of Tweek's head. "Good."

"Oh my god, if you two are done now, I want to start eating soon," Cartman sighed.

Kyle sighed, "we better go, Cartman is being a little bitch again."

"You're the little bitch!" Cartman shouted.

"Shut up, fat ass!"

"Not again," Stan sighed.

As the group continued walking, Tweek looked at Craig with a smile before grabbing his hand. The two walked next to each other, smiling and feeling happy now that Craig was being more honest with himself and showing who he really is.

For Tweek, he was afraid of a lot of things. Sharks, spiders, creepy clowns that stare at you in your sleep, he's even scared of things that don't make much sense such as missile targeting his house specifically, gnomes that steal underpants, and creatures that may or may not exist. However, the one thing that Tweek will never be afraid of is his cute boyfriend, Craig Tucker.

The End.

Chapter Text

South Park, a city filled with crime, villains, and just your average everyday douchebag that will come and try to rob you in daylight. South Park has been known to be filled with dangerous people, corrupted governments, and people dying each and everyday. Some would say there is no hope for this small city, some would say that this city should just be destroyed, people should just leave, forget this crime filled city, move somewhere safer. There will be people who are able to move, but there are those who are less fortunate.

Yes, this city is full of crooks and evil from every corner, but luckily for this city, it also has heroes that would come and save the day.

"Coon! Look out!"

"God damn it!"

"Well well well, if it isn't the little rodent and his super friends," a villain that goes by the Dutchess has used her mechanical claws to throw a large piece of debris at the heroes known as Coon and Friends.

"That's Coon and Friends, you bitch!" The self-proclaimed leader, the Coon, started getting pissed as he tries to scratch one of the claws off with his razor sharp claws.

"What a filthy thing you are! Do not touch me with those hands!" The Dutchess screeched as she pressed a button on her mechanical dress and the claws started spinning, similar to that of a weed wacker.

"Shit! Don't get too close to those arms!" The hero, Kite, exclaimed as he flew far away from the mechanical claws, trying to avoid them as best as he could.

"God damn it, Kite, just use your laser beams or something!"

"I can't, I'm still recharging from the last time I used them!"

"Oh my god, what's the point in having laser beams shooting out of your eyes if you have to wait ten minutes for them to recharge!?" Coon shouted, getting more annoyed.

"Screw you,!" The Kite exclaimed.

"Oh my god, will you two just shut up already!? I'll deal with this," A young man wearing nothing but a dark blue hoodie with the words SP stitched onto the front, a black mask that covered half of his face, and fingerless gloves stepped up. Super Punch was his name, and he was already tired of all this bullshit.

"C-c-c-careful of those c-c-claws, S-Super P-Punch!" Fastpass, the speedy hero exclaimed to his fellow teammate.

Sucker Punch sighed, "I just want this over with."

"Oh? What is it that you're going to do? Little man?" The Dutchess smirked, seeing how out of all the heroes here, Super Punch didn't look like much, "judging from how you dress, I'd say you're better off playing hero with little children," the Dutchess laughed.

Super Punch glared at the woman before raising his two fists. Summoning up all the energy into his hands, he pounds his fists together, causing a shockwave to erupt from his hands and pushing everything in front of him, that included the Dutchess.

"Ah!" The Dutchess screamed as she was suddenly pushed back. She hit the ground, creating a crevice before stopping after hitting a wall of a building. The Dutchess started bleeding from her head, wincing in pain as she tries to sit up, which was difficult to do because of her mechanical dress. "Y-you little bastard!"

Super Punch simply shrugged and stuck his tongue out, mocking the villain. The Dutchess was mad.

"I'll get you!" The Dutchess screamed, her hair now a complete mess and going everywhere, she started running towards Super Punch, ready to strangle him with her mechanical claws.

Super Punch tried to move away, but while he was making his power move, his foot got stuck in the hole he created during his attack. "Shit!" Super Punch tried his best to get his foot out, but it wouldn't budge.

"Super Punch! Get out of there!"

"S-s-she's going t-to k-k-k-"

"She's going to kill you!" Coon shouted.

Super Punch tried to come up with a way to get out, but he was running out of time as the Dutchess got closer. Super Punch thought of using his move from earlier again, but as he tries to summon enough energy into his hands, he winced in pain when he realized that his hands were still hurting. Super Punch knew he wouldn't be able to do his attack again until his hands healed, not unless he wanted to mess up his hands permanently.

Without a way to get his foot out without cutting it off, and he wasn't able to use any of his other powers, Super Punch summoned a shield hope to god that once he was hit, it wasn't going to hurt that badly.

"I got you now you little-" Before the Dutchess could grab the young hero, a lightning bold suddenly hits the Dutchess, shocking and short circuiting her and her dress. "Gkkkkkk!" The Dutchess stood there, a pained look was written on her face. After a minute, the Dutchess stood there before falling to the ground, flat on her face. Super Punch could only watched in shock, but also annoyance as he knew who threw that lightning bolt.

"Someone call for real heroes?" A heroic sounding voice annoyed Super Punch to death, as he turned around, he saw the one and only Wonder Kid.

"You," Super Punch muttered as he glared at the blonde haired boy wearing a light blue jumpsuit, white gloves and boots, as well as a light blue goggle that were still around his eyes.

"Your welcome," Wonder Kid said as he walked up to Super Punch and helped him get his foot out of the hole by using one of his elemental powers. The ground shook and the hole widened, allowing Super Punch to get his foot out.

"I could have done that, no need to show off, Wonder Dork," Super Punch said.

"Oh really? Then how come you didn't do it when you were about to be killed?" Wonder Kid glared at him.

"I had my shield up, I would have survived. Not only that, I had the situation covered," Super Punch glared.

" destruction on public property is your way of handling everything?" Wonder Kid said as he gestured to the large craters and crevices that Super Punch has made when he used his move earlier.

Super Punch glared at the blonde hero and grabbed the collar of his jumpsuit, "listen here you uptight little-"

"That will be enough, Super Punch," a voice that could only be heard in Super Punch's head suddenly spoke, and before Super Punch knew it, he was suddenly being lifted up in the air.

"...Great," Super Punch sighed as he noticed a group of familiar heroes walking up.

The Freedom Pals, heroes that believed in justice, equality, and furthermore, doing everything by the books. They were self-absorbed pricks, at least that's what Coon and Friends believe they are.

"What the fuck are you doing here? This is our turf!" Coon exclaimed as he came running up, looking pissed to see the other group of heroes.

"Hey, we're heroes too, and we are allowed to fight crime wherever, especially when your team is doing nothing but destroying this city," A hero wearing robotic tech all over his body glared at the Coon. Tupperware was his name.

"We were not destroying the city, we're saving it!" The Kite exclaimed.

"Saving my ass, look at all the damage you all have done in mere seconds!" A mysterious hero, that goes by Mysterion, glared at the heroes, "if the people here haven't evacuated already, you could have hurt someone!"

"W-w-we would n-n-never!" Fastpass frowned.

The two groups started arguing back and forth, each one blaming the other for either destroying the city or for getting in the way of their job. The two groups then started fighting over things that they've fought before, such as which team is better, and who deserves to be the only hero team in the city. The bickering and shouting continued until Doctor Timothy, the leader of Freedom Pals, had enough of this.

"Enough!" Doctor Timothy used his telekinesis to separate everyone from each other and pulling them back. "Now I understand that we all have beef with each other and would like for one side to disband while the other takes the role of this city's heroes, but we must all remember that we're all heroes, and that we all have one thing in common. We all want to make this city safe, we all want to protect the citizens. Isn't that what being a hero is all about?"

"....No, it's all about getting famous and being rich! As well as having a great superhero franchise!" The Coon exclaimed.

"Dude," The Kite elbowed the Coon in the stomach, he sighed, "he's right...we're all heroes...and we all are doing this to protect the why can't we all get along?"

"Um...excuse me, but I have something to say," Super Punch, who was still in the air, spoke up, ", mind putting me down now?" Super Punch sighed.

"My apologies," Doctor Timothy said as he placed Super Punch down.

"Thank you," Super Punch cleared his throat, "I don't give two shits if we're all fighting for the same thing, there's no way in hell will I ever work for stuck up little pricks like him!" Super Punch then pointed at Wonder Kid.

Wonder Kid gaped and glared at the hero, "you little fucker! I also don't want to work with someone so rude, destructive, and has no control of his powers! Also, I don't want to work with someone whose name sounds like a brand of fruit juice!"

"Fuck you!" Super Punch raised his hands and flipped him off.

"No, fuck you!" Wonder Tweek glared and flipped him off.

The two continued to glare at each other while flipping each other off. Everyone could see the anger and hatred between the two. Out of everyone in their groups, it seemed that these two hated the other much more than anyone in their own respected team.

Mysterion sighed, "it seems us teaming up isn't happening any time soon, and I don't mind that one bit."

"Same here, you edgy bitch," the Coon stated.

"....I understand," Doctor Timothy sighed. He placed his hand down, no longer communicating with everyone in their minds.

"Well now that we got that out of the way, can we now take this bitch to prison now?" The Coon asked.

"What? We're the one who stopped her, you can't take credit for that!" Tupperware exclaimed.

"We were fighting her way before you guys showed up, we get dibs on taking her to prison!"

"That's not fair!" Wonder Kid exclaimed.

"All is fair in love and war," Super Punch smirked. Wonder Kid glared at the hero before snapping his fingers and shocking the hero slightly, causing his hair to stand up. "Hey!"

"Ha ha ha," Wonder Kid chuckled, not even holding back his laughter.

"Why you little-"

"Enough," Mysterion sighed, getting tired of this, "fine, you can take her to prison, but if we see you causing anymore destruction like this again, we will intervene."

"Whatever you say, edge lord," the Coon said.

"Better watch yourself, fat boy," Tupperware said as he turned around and started leaving. Mysterion gets behind Doctor Timothy and helped wheel him out since the ground was a bit uneven for him to get by on his own.

"Hey! I'm not fat, I'm just big boned!"

"Whatever!" Tupperware exclaimed.

"That son of a bitch!" The Coon exclaimed.

"Just leave it, Coon, its not worth it," Kite sighed.

"You better watch yourself, asshole," Wonder Kid said.

"Same to you, dick," Super Punch glared at him.

The two continued to glare at each other before finally walking away, Wonder Tweek walking with his teammates, and Super Punch staying with his.

"God, I hate those Freedom Pal dicks!" Coon said, getting angrier and angrier.

"A-a-at l-l-least w-we're g-getting to take the v-v-villain to j-jail this time, t-they a-always t-take the credit after one o-of our f-f-fights," Fastpass said.

"Well technically, those fights were theirs since they got to them first," Kite said.

"Are you taking their side now, Kyle?" Coon exclaimed.

Kite's eyes widened and he looked around before glaring at him, "dude! Don't say my name, what if someone hears?"

"Oh relax, those Freedom dorks left already, this bitch is unconscious, and there's no one here," the Coon sighed.

"Cartman, you just can't...ugh!" Kyle groaned, already not calling the Coon by his hero name and instead started saying his real name, "honestly...I wonder if I would have it better if I joined the Freedom Pals."

"Don't you fucking dare, we have a contract and you said you'd stay with our team until we managed to get at least a good chunk of this rotten city cleaned up from bad guys or until we get our franchise up," Cartman said.

"I only signed that contract because you fucking tricked me! Telling me it was a contract to help the sick children at the children's hospital!" Kyle shouted.

"Oh man, you were so gullible when you believed me," Cartman snickered.

"Fuck you, fat ass!" Kyle lunged at Cartman and started beating him up.

Super Punch sighed, getting tired and annoyed by this, "can we just go now? Clyde and Scott are waiting for us back at H.Q."

"C-C-Craig's right, the two must b-b-be getting bored h-having to w-wait f-for us to c-c-come back," Fastpass said.

"Fine, but this isn't over, Cartman," Kyle said.

"Whatever you say, Kyle," Cartman said, flipping his teammate off.

Kyle made the most grumpiest face the entire walk the police station and back to H.Q.

Once Coon and Friends were back in their headquarters, they all started removing their hero uniforms and started changing back into their normal clothes in the locker rooms.

"...You got to be kidding me!" Super Punch scowled as he noticed a small lightning bolt shaped burn on his costume. "I'm going to murder that fucking asshole!"

"Craig, calm down," Clyde, also known as Mosquito when in his costume, tried his best to calm his friend down.

"I'm not going to calm down! Ugh! I hate that stuck of prick!" Craig exclaimed as he threw his costume into his locker and slammed the door shut.

"We all hate the Freedom Pals, Craig, you're not the only one here," Cartman sighed, taking off his mask.

"Y-yeah, b-but it f-feels l-like you h-h-hate W-Wonder K-Kid the m-m-most," Fastpass, or Jimmy, said.

"Well I do, I hate him so fucking much! If he got hit in the head by a villain right now, I'd be so happy," Craig said.

"If all those pricks in Freedom Pals got hit in the head, then I'd be so happy myself," Cartman said.


"What's wrong, Kyle?" Captain Diabetes, also known as Scott, asked when he noticed the distressed look on his fellow teammate's face.

"...I've been thinking...why don't we up with the Freedom Pals?"

"What!?" Everyone exclaimed, staring at Kyle.

"Why on earth would we work with those pricks!?" Cartman glared at Kyle.

"Hear me out, Doctor Timothy is right...we're all heroes...and you got to admit, having to find jobs all the time and hope we get there before the other group is kinda tiring. I just think...if we all worked together, then maybe we wouldn't have to fight each other on who gets to save the day, we wouldn't have to worry about claiming parts of the city, we would have bigger numbers, and maybe...we can all finally get over our differences once and for all," Kyle said.

"....Kyle...that has to be the most stupidest thing you have ever said," Cartman said, "as if we'd work with those pricks! We're fine as we are, now if those assholes would just get out of our turf, then we could be the one and only heroes of this city, but no, they got to be all noble and shit, ha! Well wait until they see our franchise and how successful we get," Cartman said.

"Here we go again," Craig sighed before grabbing his normal blue hoodie and putting on his favorite chullo hat.

"Don't start with that franchise crap again, Cartman, you've been talking nonstop about that since we were ten! Way before we even started this hero business of ours! Face it, no one cares, Netflix isn't going to make a movie or TV series about us, and we should be focus on something more important, such as saving lives!" Kyle said.

"You're just jealous because I'll be the first to get his movie, sequels, and series! I'll be world famous! I'll be on every magazine! I'm going to be awesome!"

Craig, not wanting to hear anymore of this crap, he finished putting on his normal clothes, grabbed his backpack, and started leaving, "I'll see you guys tomorrow," Craig said.

"S-s-see ya, buddy," Jimmy said as he waved goodbye to his friend.

"Stay safe on the streets, Craig, you never know when evil will lurk!" Scott said in his usual heroic tone.

"Yeah yeah, Scott," Craig rolled his eyes. He got into the elevator and pressed the up button, he was then heading up and finally reached the top of what appeared to be an old clock shop. Craig will never understand why the Coon made their secret headquarters underneath a clock shop, but considering how not a lot of people come in except to maybe buy an antique clock or have their clock repaired, to which one of the teammates would have to stay behind to pretend to work at the shop, it wasn't a big deal.

Craig continued to walk down the street, making sure to keep his guard up as he walks past dark alleyways, knowing all too well that anyone could emerge from them, anyone who is dangerous. As Craig continued to walk, he suddenly tried to take out his phone when he winced when he felt a static shock the moment he touched his phone.

"God, how long does this shit even last," Craig frowned, remembering when Wonder Kid shocked him earlier. Craig truly despised the hero, wishing he never met him. Craig still remembered the first time he met the hero as well as the other members of Freedom Pals. Coon and Friends were fighting a big villain when the new hero group showed up and took their mission from them, of course, Coon wasn't happy, but everyone else didn't mind, thinking that it was fine since all they wanted was the citizens to be safe. 

Things went south fast when the new heroes started criticizing the heroes and their tactics. Saying how they were way to rough, how they were way too destructive and how they could have hurt someone. However, it was what Wonder Kid said to Craig that really grinds his gears to this day. Wonder Tweek would make it seem that Craig was the most dangerous one of the group because of what his powers involved. Wonder Tweek never once criticized anyone else, he only criticized Craig and his powers, saying that Craig was irresponsible, he was not thinking at all, that he was an idiot for using a power move that powerful. Craig immediately disliked the blonde hero, and now the two were enemies fighting the same cause. They maybe heroes, but that doesn't mean they like each other.

"I swear, if I ever find out who that fucker really is, I'm going to beat the living hell out of him," Craig muttered. Though Coon and Friends don't really know the true identities of the Freedom Pals, and vice versa, all they can do is hate the other group and hope that they never cross paths with them, even outside their hero costumes.

Tweek was angry, he was beyond pissed. Tweek was typing on the computer before he ended up slamming the keyboard over and over on the table, letting out his frustration from earlier.

"Gah! Son of a bitch! I hope he dies!" Tweek shouted.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Tweek, easy dude, calm down!" A black haired boy still wearing his hero costume, came running up to the blonde boy and tried to stop him from destroying the keyboard and possibly the computers.

"Ugh, I'm sorry, I'm just...ugh! What is with that fucking prick from that Coon and Friends group? Why does he have to be such a prick!?" Tweek exclaimed.

"You mean that Super Punch guy?" Mysterion asked, his hoodie was off and his true face was showing now that he has taken off his mask as well.

"Yeah, him," Tweek slumped into his chair, getting more annoyed as he thought about the dark haired hero from the opposing team. "I just don't get him like at all? All I'm trying to do is tell him to go easy on those powers of his, and what do I get? I'm being cursed out, getting a middle finger shoved in my face, and a whole lot of arguing!"

"Well...the first time we met Coon and Friends, it did feel like you were singling him out," Stan, also known as Toolshed, said.

"Only because out of all of those members, he's the most dangerous! Have you seen how much damage he has done with one single punch? He caused earthquake level damage!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Tweek," Doctor Timothy comes up to the young hero and used his mind reading powers to talk to Tweek in his mind, "I understand that all you want is to protect the citizens and make sure that Coon and Friends don't do anything that would be dangerous, but you must remember, they are heroes as well, and as fellow heroes that also want to protect the people, we must respect each other and not single out one particular person just because their power is a bit more powerful."

Tweek stared at the doctor before sighing, "I get it," Tweek looked down, but he still wasn't happy, "still...I wish that asshole wouldn't be so hostile towards me, all I'm saying is that he should learn to control those powers of his before he gets someone hurt or even get himself hurt considering he foolishly managed to get his fucking foot stuck in a hole earlier," Tweek said.

"I get how you feel dude, but what can we do? It's not like our teams are ever going to be working with each other and getting along," Stan sighed.

"Stan is right, no matter how many times we suggest we all team up, Coon would just snap at us and tell us to fuck off," Tupperware, also known as Token, said.

"I fear we will never put our differences away, and this little feud between our groups will continue on until one of us admits defeat," Doctor Timothy said.

"Well that doesn't matter, no matter what, Freedom Pals will always stay on top and we will make sure those so-called heroes realize that what they're doing isn't the right way of dealing things," Mysterion, also known as Kenny, said.

"Ah...but who are we to judge on how someone does their job, hm?" Doctor Timothy asked.

"You're way too nice for your own good, doc," Kenny sighed.

Tweek sighed and suddenly they get a call from Call Girl, also known as Wendy. Call Girl tends to stay out in the field and usually only comes back to H.Q. when needed or if she has big information for the group, so seeing a call from her means she might have something for the team.

"Hey Wendy," Stan smiled happily when he saw his girlfriend on the big screen.

"Freedom Pals, I have some information about Professor Chaos and his little minions," Wendy said.

"Chaos?" Kenny frowned at the mention of his arch rival.

"Yep. After following a couple of Chaos' minions and looking at what they've been searching online, I can say that Chaos is up to no good," Wendy said.

"Are you positively sure, Call Girl?" Kenny asked.

"Well I'm not fully sure quite yet, but I'll keep checking things out and get back to you," Wendy said.

"Thanks Wendy," Stan smiled.

"That's Call Girl to you, Toolshed," Wendy winked before hanging up the call.

Stan sighed dreamily, "she's amazing."

"Yeah yeah Romeo, but did you forget about what she just said? Chaos is up to something," Token said.

"Indeed, it's best we all keep a lookout for any possible attacks from Chaos," Doctor Timothy said, "for now, why don't we all get home after a long day of work?"

Everyone agreed and started getting ready to leave. After changing out of their costumes and packing up their things, they all started leaving their secret base, which happened to be a large apartment complex that belonged to their fellow teammate, Token.

"Get home safe you guys," Token said.

"We will, see you tomorrow, Toke," Kenny said.

"Bye," Tweek said as he started leaving Token's property.

Once all four heroes left, they all said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. Tweek started walking home when he suddenly felt hungry and decided to head to the nearest convenience store to get something to eat before heading home.

Once Tweek found the convenience store, he headed inside and noticed that there weren't that many customers, maybe about five people in here including the teenage employee at the cash register, Tweek was glad for that since he didn't like big crowds. Tweek walked around the aisles, picking up a few snacks and drinks he wanted to eat once he gets home, he suddenly stopped when he saw his favorite chips on the rack. Tweek smiled and was about to reach for them, but just as he was about to touch the bag, a his hand bumped into another and because of Tweek's powers, he accidentally shock both of them.


"S-sorry!" Tweek cursed at his powers.

"It's fine...a little static shock won't kill anyone," the guy said.

When Tweek looked to see the person he unintentionally shocked, he held his breath when he got a good look at the guy. Dark hair, blue eyes, slightly dark skin, and wearing the cutest hat he has ever seen. Tweek couldn't help but think that this guy was very attractive and sorta his type.

Craig, who just came into the convenience store not too long ago was looking around to get something to eat before he headed home, what he didn't expect was to see a blonde haired guy with beautiful green eyes, freckles decorating his face, and smooth looking skin. Craig's heart skipped a beat.

"Uh...y-you were reaching for this, weren't you?" Craig said as he noticed the bag of chips that he wanted to get since they were his favorite, but seeing how the cute guy next to him reached for it, he thought he should just give it to him. "Here, you can have it."

Tweek finally came out of his daze and realized what was happening, Tweek slightly blushed and smiled to see how kind the cute stranger was towards him, "oh it's fine, you had your hand on it first, you can take it."

"No no, I insist, you take it."

"It's fine, you can have it," Tweek smiled.

The two stared at each other before speaking out in unison, "please take the bag!" The two looked at each other before chuckling.

"What are we doing? There's clearly another bag right next to it," Craig said as he hands the bag to Tweek and he takes the other one that was next to it.

Tweek laughed, "yeah...we're both being silly here," Tweek smiled. The two smiled at each other, their hearts were fluttering a bit. "...I'm Tweek, nice to meet you," Tweek said.

Craig smiled, "I'm Craig, nice to meet you," Craig said, Craig looked at the bag of chips they were holding and couldn't help but ask, "so...I'm guessing you like these chips?"

Tweek smiled, "yeah, they're my favorite, I especially love the barbecue flavored ones," Tweek said.

"No kidding? Me too! I love the barbecue ones as well," Craig said.

"Small world we live in, huh?" Tweek grinned.

"Yeah," Craig said.

The two stared at each other for what felt like a minute before realizing that they should probably go and check out the items they wanted to buy. The two cleared their throats and started heading to the cash register.

"Oh can go ahead," Tweek said.

"Well it looks like you got more stuff there, so you can go on ahead," Craig said politely.

"I insist," Tweek said.

"I gave you the bag of chips, so you can go ahead," Craig said.

"Well because you gave me the bag of chips, you can go on ahead," Tweek said.

"But I-"

"Are we really doing this again? It's starting to get old," Tweek giggled.

Craig blushed, and Tweek couldn't help but think it's the cutest thing he has ever seen. Craig nodded silently and started heading towards the register, while Tweek waited in line. Tweek bit his lip as he looked at him from behind, Tweek will admit, the guy was good looking, not really that tall, maybe a couple of inches taller than Tweek, but that's all. Tweek also liked how Craig's backside is.

Tweek started to blush as he looked away in embarrassment.

While Craig was getting his items scanned and Tweek was waiting patiently in line, another person comes into the store, his hoodie was up and half of his face was covered. Just as Craig was about to pay for his items, the hooded figure suddenly came up to the register and pulled out a gun.

"Everyone down, now! This is a robbery!"

"Oh shit!" The teenager lifted up his hands and started to shake in fear, all while the other customers backed away and crouched down in fear. Only Craig and Tweek stood where they are, trying to come up with a plan to take this robber down.

The robber glared at Craig before pointing his gun at Craig's head. "Hey, idiot, I said get down, now!"

"...." Craig doesn't speak, he was too busy clutching his fist and trying to summon up enough energy to his hand in hopes of taking the bastard down.

"Hey retard, did you hear me just now!?"

"Yeah I heard you, and I'm telling you to fuck off," Craig said, glaring at the guy.

"You little piece of-" Just before Craig could even punch the robber when he saw his opening, soda can suddenly hits the robber in the face, and Tweek rushed in to grab the gun out of the robber's hand once he was distracted.

"Quick, help me take him down!" Tweek exclaimed.

Craig looked at him, surprised, but does as he was told. Craig quickly grabbed hold of the robber now that the gun was taken away and the two quickly pinned the robber down as the teen quickly called the police. After a few minutes, the police soon came, arrested the robber.

"You two did good, you managed to stop that robber from seriously hurting someone," the police said as he finished questioning both Craig and Tweek.

"Well you know, when a hero isn't around, it's up to the average everyday citizen, right?" Tweek smiled.

"I hear that," the officer chuckled before heading back to his cruiser.

Once everything was settled, Craig looked at Tweek and couldn't help but feel amazed yet also felt a bit bad. Here he was, about to use his powers, when he's not suppose to do that. He can't risk having his identity being known after all. Still, he wished he could show how cool he was in front of the cute stranger, but he guessed that's not happening since Tweek did most of the work anyways.

"You alright?" Tweek asked when he looked over at Craig.

"I'm fine," Craig gave him a small smile, "you were pretty brave back there, all I ended up doing was freeze up," Craig said, even though before Tweek did something, Craig was going to super punch the asshole.

Tweek blushed, "oh it was nothing, i-if you weren't there to distract that guy, I wouldn't really know what to do. S-so in a way...we were like a team back there."

Craig chuckled, "Yeah, team. Maybe not as big as Coon and Friends, but still," Craig smiled.

Tweek's smiled dropped a bit, "'re a fan of Coon and Friends?" Tweek asked.

Craig looked at him, confused, "yeah? You?"

Tweek cleared his throat and straighten himself out, "they're okay...but I'm more of a Freedom Pals guy, I especially am a huge fan of that Wonder Kid," Tweek said, trying his best to not laugh.

Craig frowned, " like...Wonder Kid?" Craig wanted to gag.

"Yeah, isn't he great?" Tweek grinned.

Craig wanted to say no and say how uptight Wonder Kid was, but looking at how happy Tweek was, he decided to lie, "he's okay...I guess. Not really a big fan, but hey...he's a hero, so that's what matters, right?" Craig felt like throwing up.

Tweek smiled, "so...who do you like in Coon and Friends?" Tweek asked. Though he hated everyone in that team, he was crossing his fingers and hoped the cute stranger wasn't going to say the one person on that team's name he absolutely hated.

Craig smiled, "Super Punch is my hero," Craig said.

Tweek wanted to punch a wall right now, "oh...really? Super Punch? Why's...that?" Tweek was trying very hard to not spout out how Super Punch was irresponsible, dangerous, and a complete asshole.

"I think he's cool, his outfit is also pretty cool too," Craig said, smiling smugly.

Tweek wanted to say that Super Punch's costume shouldn't even be classified as a hero's costume considering it was just a dark blue hoodie with the words SP written on the front in red. Hell, even the tight black jeans that Super Punch wore weren't even that impressive.

"I guess so," Tweek forced a smile.

The two felt awkward at that moment, kinda wishing the hero that they hated would just drop dead already, but refrain from showing how much they hated the heroes since they didn't want to be seen as disrespectful towards each other.

"...Oh shoot, your stuff," Craig remembered the items that Tweek wanted to buy. The two were about to head back inside the convenience store, but suddenly, the teen closed the store early because of the incident. "Dude, come on! It'll only be a second!"

"Sorry sir, but it's our policy, if a robbery was committed here, we have to close the store early and report it to the manager," the teen said.

"Seriously?" Craig sighed, "it's not like you guys actually got rob, we stopped him before he did anything!"

"Sorry, rules are rules. Have a goodnight," the teen said before leaving.

"...Great," Craig sighed, "sorry we couldn't get your stuff."

Tweek shrugged, "it's fine, I have plenty of food at home, so it's not like I'll starve or anything," Tweek smiled.

"...." Craig looked down at the bag he was holding, seeing the bag of barbecue chips. Looking back at Tweek, he takes out the chips and handed it to him, "you said these were your favorites, right? Take them."

Tweek stared at the bag of chips, "I-I couldn't, you bought these," Tweek said.

"I insist...and we're not doing that again," Craig smiled, "just take it. Besides...I kinda need to cut back on the sodium levels anyways," Craig said.

Tweek stared at the bag of chips before taking it, "Craig...thank you," Tweek smiled.

Craig nodded, "you're welcome." The two stared each other for a little bit, getting lost in each other's eyes, before anyone could say anything, Craig cleared his throat and started turning away, "I better get going. Have a good night, Tweek." Craig then started walking away.

"....." Tweek stared at the bag of chips in his hands before clutching it. He didn't want this to be the end, he wanted to see Craig again, "w-wait!" Tweek exclaimed.

Craig stopped and turned back around, confused, "what is it?"

"...." Tweek started blushing since he's never done this before, especially with someone as normal as Craig, Tweek thought, "I was wondering...if you...would like to go out to dinner with me," Tweek said, blushing madly.

"D-dinner?" Craig started blushing himself.

"Y-yeah...oh b-but as a way to say thanks...for...for...the chips!" Tweek said.

"....Chips?" Craig started chuckling, "wow...if you ask people out for dinner to just say thanks over something like a bag of chips, you must really like those chips then," Craig said.

Tweek blushed, "w-well...we did had a strenuous night after all, about it?"

Craig looked at the blonde boy before smiling