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ABCs of Creek

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I was fifteen when I first saw him on that stage, Tweek Tweak. Okay yes, it was a high school play, and the reason I went was because it was extra credit for my English class.

Hey, I got to get my grades up as much as I could somehow, right?

Still, the moment Tweek got on that stage, dressed up as the prince, the spotlight focusing solely on him as he spoke his lines, it felt like the breath was taken right out of me.

Since then, I never missed a play that Tweek was in, whether he was a main or background character, I made sure to buy myself a ticket, sit in the front row, and watch his performance. Once the play was over and everyone was clapping, I was one of the few that would actually stand up and clap my hands vigorously, but I wasn't applauding to all the actors, I was only applauding to Tweek.

Ironically though...I never spoke to Tweek. I never hung out with him, I don't know much about him, and I definitely never ask him to be my partner for whatever class we had together. To Tweek, I was just another student trying to get by high school, but to me, Tweek was someone I couldn't help but admire.

Call me a coward all you want, but I wasn't known as being a people person. I'm terrible with words, I'm uncomfortable with talking to people, and I'm not the best communicator. So it's no wonder I never got the courage to tell Tweek what I think about him.

Sadly, I will no longer be able to see another one of Tweek's performance. Tweek and I soon graduated and I knew that I will never see Tweek again. I will never see his astounding performance ever again. So the moment we all received our diplomas, left the school, and went our separate ways, I couldn't help but feel sad the moment I got home.

As of now, I am in college, majoring in film making. Ever since I started watching Tweek act in school, I started to realize that I actually like performances, that I like making movies, and that I like being behind the camera, putting my ideas out there. Of course, film making is a long road and I got to start out somewhere, so while I was studying, I got a job to be a stagehand for a local TV studio.

The studio was well known for all it's dramas and comedy series, I didn't really care much for any of it since the story was so cliche and kinda overused, but I still get some good tips from the writers and director whenever I get a chance to ask them questions.

As I was working, I received news that the studio will be working on a new drama series, which means more work for me and the other stagehand guys. The director said they found someone to play the main male lead and that he was going to come over today, but I didn't really care.

That is...until I realized it was Tweek.

"Hi, I'm Tweek Tweak, nice to meet you all," Tweek smiled.

Everyone said their hellos, while I just stood there dumbfounded.

"Now everyone, this is Tweek's first time acting in a real studio, so please be nice to him, and Tweek, if anyone gives you a hard time, let me know and I'll fire them."

"O-oh! Y-you don't have to do that, I mean...I-I'm not even a real actor yet, s-since I'm still in school and all," Tweek said, stammering like he did in school. Guess that part never changed.

"Nonsense, when I came by your school and saw your performance, I knew I wanted you to be my main lead," the director said, patting Tweek on the back.

Tweek blushed, and seemed very happy to be complimented by his performance. "Thank you."

The director turned his attention back to everyone, "alright people, you're not getting paid to stand around, get to work!"

Everyone started getting back to work, I remained where I was since I was busy painting one of the props before Tweek showed up.

"Alright Tweek, I'll be in my office if you need me, why don't you walk around and get use to your surroundings?"

"Will do," Tweek said.

Once the director left, it was just Tweek and I, though I'm sure Tweek won't notice me, he hasn't notice me when we went to school together.

"...Um...excuse me."

I nearly dropped the paintbrush I was holding before I turned my head and realized that Tweek was standing next to me. ""

"...Aren't you...Craig Tucker?"

", that's me," I said, feeling my cheeks warming up.

"Oh my god, so it is you, hey! It's me, Tweek! We went to school together, remember?"

"Of course," I smiled, "how could I forget, you were the school's number one actor," I said.

Tweek smiled, "oh come on, you're overreacting," Tweek chuckled. "So, how have you been? What you've been up to?"

"Oh you know...going to as a you can see," I said, feeling awkward, "what about you? What have you been doing since we graduated?"

"Oh you can see, I am taking acting classes and trying to be a professional actor," Tweek smiled, "I just never thought I'd be hired to do a TV show though."

"You kidding? You're a terrific actor," I said. I blushed when I said that. Oh god. "I were really great in school...and're...good at acting." I wanted to die in a hole somewhere.

Tweek stared at me before chuckling, "is that why I see you at all the plays I'm in back in school?"

I blushed, "o-of course not! I mostly go there cause I love the theater! N-not saying you are a bad actor're far from a bad actor and..." I cleared my throat when I realized that Tweek was giving me a confused look. "What I mean is...I're an amazing actor, and I'm happy to see you living your dream," I said.

Tweek was taken back before he smiled at me, "thank you."

We stood there for a bit, it felt very awkward. Looking at Tweek now, I noticed that he's grown a couple inches taller, his hair isn't has messy as it was when we were in school, in fact, it looked shorter. Did he cut it? The one thing that hasn't change is that Tweek's skin was still very light and fair, now that he was older, any acne he had in school was all gone, and he seemed more...confident.

I couldn't help but admire Tweek even more now that he's standing here in front of me.

"Um...I uh...better get back to work," I said.

"Oh um...yeah, sure. Sorry to keep you from that," Tweek chuckled.

"Oh no, don't worry about that. It was...nice talking to you, Tweek," I said.

" too. We should talk again sometimes," Tweek said.

My heart skipped a beat. He wants to talk to me again. He wants to talk to me! Oh god, the only thing that could ruin this moment is if something embarrassing happened to me.

"I-" I was about to place my hand down on the table, but my hand suddenly landed inside the paint bucket. Tweek's eyes widen as he stared at my hand and all I want to do is die somewhere far far away from here.

"A-are you okay!?" Tweek asked as he watched me lift my hand out of the paint bucket.

"...I'm...fine...I'm just...going to go. Yeah...bye," I said as I quickly turned around and quickly got out of there.

"O-okay...bye..." Tweek muttered.

Once I was far away from Tweek, I couldn't help but curse at myself for making that so awkward. God fucking damn it, Craig! Why are you so bad at this!? Ugh...times like this makes me wonder if accepting Clyde's talking to people simulation practice would have been a good idea.

None of it matters, cause now...Tweek probably thinks I'm a weirdo and probably wants nothing to do with me. Great! Just fucking great.

"....." I should probably go to the restroom and wash my hand.

The next couple of weeks has been hectic, with me and the other stagehands working endlessly on preparing the sets to the director and Tweek going over actors and actresses and seeing who would be fit for the roles of the other characters in the show.

Eventually, a number of people were hired and we were getting ready to start filming. Since I now know that Tweek would be in this new drama, I was looking forward to his performance. So after everything was set up and we were getting ready to shoot the first scene of the day, I walked towards the front to get a better view and waited to see Tweek's performance.

"Alright...lights, cameras....action!" The director shouted.

I held my breath as I waited for Tweek to get on set and say his first lines. Once Tweek was on set, I waited patiently for the same performance I saw back in high school.

"....U-uh...." Tweek was staring at everyone, especially at the camera, his co-star stared at him, waiting for him to say his lines. Something was wrong.

"Cut!" The director shouted and the cameras stopped rolling. "Tweek, what's the matter?"

"O-oh lights were...kinda in my...eyes," Tweek said.

"I see," the director said, "get those lights fixed!" The director exclaimed at the lighting people. The crew got to work on the lights and the director turned back to Tweek. "How's that?"

"Oh, that's...great," Tweek smiled.

"Good good, alright people, let's go over this again, starting with Tweek walking in." All the actors went back to their spot, including Tweek. We all waited for the director's orders. "Lights, camera...action!"

Tweek once again walked in, his stride was much more confident, but when he turned to say his line, he froze once again. "U-uh..."

"Cut cut cut! What now, Tweek?" The director asked.

"S-sorry, my a bit thirsty," Tweek said.

"Seriously?" The leading female actress sighed. Tweek looked at her but doesn't say anything. I on the other hand wanted to flip her off, but refrained myself from doing so.

"Someone please get Tweek some water!" The director exclaimed.

"I'll do it," I said as I ran towards the craft's table and grabbed a bottled water from the cooler. I ran towards Tweek and quickly handed him the bottle, "here you go," I said.

"Thanks," Tweek smiled. However, when he reached out to grab the bottle, I noticed that his hands were shaking. Was...Tweek scared?

"...Tweek, are you-"

"You there, get off the set!" The director shouted. I stared between Tweek and the director, but did as I was told since I don't want to risk getting fired. Once I was off the set, the director ordered everyone to go back to their marks. "Action!"

Once again, Tweek walks in with a confident stride, he gets on his mark, turns towards the female lead, and opened his mouth. "I-I h-have s-s-some...t-thing to tell you Miranda..."

"Cut!" The director exclaimed before slumping in his chair and sighing loudly.

"I-I'm sorry! I'll try again!" Tweek exclaimed.

"Just...let's take five," the director sighed.

"You sure? This is the first scene," one of the writers said.

"If I said take five, I mean it! Everyone, take five!" The director shouted before getting out of his chair angrily, knocking it over in the process.

All the actors got off the set, the leading actress looked very pissed as she walked past Tweek, bumping into his shoulder on purpose. Tweek stumbled a bit, but managed to catch himself before looking back for a few seconds then proceeding to leave the set.

"Hey Craig, need some help here!" Someone called for me.

I look back at Tweek, watching him leave to a random direction. I wanted to go after him and see if he was alright, but knowing that it's not my place to meddle, I headed towards the others and helped out with whatever they needed me for.

Minutes later, everyone came back and were ready to continue the scene, however, there was one problem.

"Where is Tweek?" The director asked.

Everyone looked at each other ad started looking around, but there was no sigh of Tweek.

"He's not here, sir."

"God damn it! We'll never finish this scene if we keep having problems!" The director shouted.

"Well if you ask me, I think we need a quick recast," the female lead said.

"What," I said but it seemed no one heard me.

"Recast? What do you mean?"

"I'm saying that we should just fire that Tweek kid and get someone else, someone with experience." This bitch! Saying all of this while Tweek wasn't here, who does she think she is!?

I was about to go over there and tell her off, but the director suddenly spoke up, "Though that seems like a smart idea, we are unable to get anyone else at the moment. Besides, I've seen this kid act and he's perfect for the drama, I just wish I knew what's going on with him..." The director sighed.

"Whatever, if that Tweek kid doesn't show up soon, I'm leaving. I'm done wasting my time here," the lead actress said.

"," the director suddenly pointed at me, "go look for Mr. Tweak and bring him here, got it?"

"Yes sir," I said as I left and started searching for Tweek.

I looked everywhere, the makeup area, the costume area, the restroom, the break room, and even the director's office, but so far, no Tweek. I continued looking around, worried for him, wondering where he could be. I was about to give up and head back, until I hear crying in the distance.

I turned around, noticing in the corner where the fake palm tree props were. Taking a step closer, I see a familiar figure sitting on a crate, crying. "Tweek!" I called out.

Tweek jumped up, tears in his eyes. Tweek quickly noticed it was me before wiping his eyes. "C-Craig, w-why are you here?" Tweek asked, trying to pretend he wasn't crying earlier, but the redness around his eyes said otherwise.

"...Are you okay?" I was concerned.

"Yeah...of course I am. I remember reading a scene where I have to cry so...I was just...practicing," Tweek said.

"Tweek...don't lie," I sighed, looking at him.

"....Okay...okay," Tweek sighed as he sat back down, "I was crying for real."

"Why? What's wrong?" I asked.

"...It's just...I know I wanted to act, I've dream of acting when I was just a kid, and I thought I finally got my big break when I was hired to do this drama, but...but...god...acting on TV is much different from acting on a stage," Tweek said.

"Why? How is it different?"

"It's's fine when only a handful of people in the audience are watching...but...thousands? Maybe even millions of people watching me? That's...that's terrifying! That's way too much pressure! A-and what if this drama doesn't do so well? What if people hate it? I'll never get hired again! My dreams will be ruined...and...and I'll..I'll..." Tweek was shaking, tears in his eyes.

Seeing Tweek like this breaks my heart. I wanted to help him, I wanted to help him so much, but I was afraid. Afraid that I might make things worse.

"M-maybe I should just q-quit...maybe...I should just g-give up on acting all together," Tweek sniffled, wiping his nose.


"No!" I exclaimed, feeling my heart pounding.

"W-what?" Tweek stared at me with his tear stained eyes.

"P-please don't. Don't ever stop acting!" I exclaimed.

"....Why do you care?" Tweek asked.

"...I've seen you perform, I've seen how you are on that stage. Whenever I see you acting, my heart races and I feel like I can enjoy the show knowing you are the one in it. I didn't care about anyone else, I only cared about you. I only cared about what you said, I only cared about what you did, I only cared about you on that stage. When I realized you were going to be on this drama, I was looking forward to seeing you act again, I wanted to see the Tweek I saw performing in those high school plays. So please...don't stop acting. Please...keep doing what you love," I said.

"....Why...are you doing this?" Tweek asked.

"..." I knew it was time for me to say it, I knew it was time for me to finally tell him. "I admire you. I admire everything about you. To're the only actor I can actually see being on TV."

"....." Tweek stared at me, his cheeks were completely red, so were mine. My heart was racing as I waited for him to reply. "Craig...thank you," Tweek said, smiling.

I look at him, smiling back. "Come on, we got to get back," I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. We both rushed back to set.

We made it to the set on time, but it seems everyone was getting stressed.

"Alright, I'm so done with this! I'm quitting!" The main lead actress exclaimed.

"You can't, you signed a contract!" The director exclaimed.

"So what? I am not working with someone so unprofessional as-"

"Don't you dare talk about Tweek like that, lady!" I exclaimed, holding Tweek's hand tightly and pulling him next to me. "Tweek is going to show you just how great of an actor is, and you're going to eat your words!" I exclaimed.

"Tweek! You're finally back!"

"Y-yes, I'm sorry for not coming back on time, I was having some personal issues," Tweek said, "b-but I'm ready to act now!" Tweek said.

"Finally," someone said.

"Alright then, everyone, take your places!" The director exclaimed.

All the actors got to their marks, including the female lead, even though she looked like she was done with this show already. Tweek was about to leave, but suddenly turned towards me.

"Um...could you do me a favor?" Tweek asked.

"Of course, anything," I said.

Tweek smiled, "stay right here," Tweek said.

I was confused, but I nodded, "Okay," I gave him a smile and watched as he quickly headed towards his mark.

"Everyone ready?" The director asked.

"Yes!" All the actors exclaimed.


Tweek look at the director, he gave him a thumbs up. "Ready!"

"Alright. Lights! Camera! Action!" The director shouted.

The cameras once again started rolling. Like before, Tweek walks towards his mark with a confident stride. Once Tweek reached his mark and was facing the female lead, he started to say his lines.

"I have something to tell you, Miranda," Tweek said.

"What is it?" The female actress said her lines.

Tweek closed his eyes for a bit, the opened them, however, what was strange was that in this part, he was suppose to be looking at female lead, as if he's staring at her lovingly, but when I locked eyes with him, I realized he was looking at me.

"...I've seen you this entire time. I've seen you with a happy smile whenever you see me. I watched as you cheer me on on the sidelines, believing I never noticed, but in reality...I've known for a long time. I've always been watching you, curious on every little thing you do. From your happy moments to your sad moments, to even your angry moments. As I watched you, I feel like I got to know the real you...just as you have grown to know the real me."

"...." With every word Tweek spoke, my heart was racing. It feels like Tweek was addressing all of this to me. It's as if he was telling me all of this, not Miranda, not the director, not anyone.

"So even if I'm late to tell you...even if you have moved on...just know...that I love you," Tweek spoke, "I will you, Miranda," Tweek said. Tweek leaned forward and did that fake kissing thing that all actors learned to do.

"....C-cut," the director said, he was speechless. Everyone was, even the female lead once Tweek took a step back.

"H-how was that?" Tweek smiled.

"That was...that was beautiful," the director said. He started to applaud. Soon, everyone in the room started to applaud as well, even the other actors. I smiled at Tweek and took a step forward as I clapped my hands as hard as I could, similar to when I use to applaud for Tweek after each play he did back in school.

Tweek smiled, "thank you, thank you," Tweek bowed, smiling happily. When he turned towards me, his smile grew even more. I smiled back.

"Alright people, let get a few more scenes and we'll call it a day. So everyone take your places!" The director shouted.

Everyone started rushing back to work, but I stood where I was, looking at Tweek.

"You, get back to work," the director exclaimed.

"Y-yes sir," I said. I quickly started moving the furniture around, and getting the next scene ready.

"Hey Tweek, that was amazing!" One of the actors came up to Tweek, looking astonished, "um...i-if you don't mind...c-could you give me some acting tips?"

"Can you give me some as well?"

"Me too!"

Many of the other actors crowded around Tweek, asking for tips, even the female lead asked for some. Tweek looked at everyone, surprised. When he looked at me, I smiled at him and gave him a thumbs up before I continued moving the furniture.

"...Yeah, sure...I wold love to," Tweek smiled.

Once the next scene was ready and all the actors were in place. I quickly went back to where I was standing so Tweek could see me. Tweek looked very happy to see me standing in his line of sight.

Once everyone was ready, we all waited for the director's orders.

"Lights! Camera! Action!"

Today was tiring to say the least. We managed to film five scenes, all of which went pretty well. Everyone has packed up and were ready to head home. I was about to leave myself, but I suddenly hear someone calling my name.

"Craig! Craig!"

I turned around and saw Tweek running towards me. "Tweek? What is it?" I asked once Tweek reached me.

"I just...I wanted to say thank you for earlier...and for giving me back my confidence. If it wasn't for you...I wouldn't have been on that set today," Tweek said.

I smiled, "hey...I was just trying to help the person I admire."

Tweek smiled, "admire huh?" Tweek said, he was looking down, leaning back and forth, arms behind him. "....You know...when I said my lines on that first scene...I was kinda hoping you noticed," Tweek said.

"...Noticed what?" I asked.

"You I said I've always noticed Miranda...but I was looking at know," Tweek blushed.

I blushed back, "s-so...this entire noticed me coming to your plays and...watching you?" I asked.

"Well duh, I've never seen you coming to any of the previous show until I did Cinderella, then I saw you more and more...especially when you're always sitting in the front seat, how in the world is a guy like me not suppose to notice?" Tweek smiled.

I blushed, "How embarrassing," I muttered, pulling down my hat in hopes of hiding my face.

"...Let me asked you something though...why have you never tried...taking to me?" Tweek asked.

"...I was...nervous," I said.

"Nervous?" Tweek said, looking up at me, a smile on his face. "Why were you nervous?"

"....Tweek," I looked at him, my cheeks were red, my heart was thumping in my chest, and it feels like my stomach was doing a back flip. "I have something I wanted to tell you fro a long long time," I said.

"...Yeah?" Tweek smiled as he leaned closer his eyes were half closed.

My heart was racing like mad as I look at him. It was now or never, Tucker. "Tweek...I....I..."

"Yeah?" Tweek smiled as he leaned closer and closer until our noses were a few inches apart.

"I...I would like for you to star in my personal project!" I exclaimed.

Tweek froze. "W-what?" Tweek took a step back.

I was blushing like mad, my heart was thumping so much in my chest. I finally said it. "I've admired your talent for many years and became your biggest fan, and for a long long time, I've wanted to ask you if you could be in this movie I've been planning on making!" I exclaimed.

"....T-that' You wanted me to star in a movie you wanted to make?"

I nodded, my eyes were closed and my face was really red.

"...There...isn't anything else?" Tweek asked.

I looked at him, confused. "No? I don't think so," I said.

"...I what you said earlier...I just..I..."

"...Tweek?" I tilted my head, confused.

Tweek stared at me before letting out a sigh, he then force a smile on his face, "alright, yeah...I'll do it," Tweek said.

"Really!?" I looked at him excitedly. "You'll really be in my movie?"

"Sure..." Tweek sighed, "but you have to do something for me."

"Sure, anything!"

"...Why don't we have dinner together once in awhile, hm?" Tweek said.

I thought about it, "sue, dinner sounds great. Oh and we can even discuss the script together and you can tell me if you want to improve certain things," I smiled.

"Oh boy," Tweek said.

We started leaving the lot together, excitement filled me. I feel so relieved, knowing that I finally told Tweek my personal thoughts. I'm so happy right now.

"...Oh and another thing, if you need anything from me, don't be afraid to ask," I said.

Tweek smiled. "Then...can I have your phone number?"


"Oh you I can contact you and stuff," Tweek said.

"Oh, right!" I quickly took out my phone and Tweek did the same, we exchanged numbers and everything was set. "Alright, so uh...when do you want to have dinner?"

"How about this Saturday, maybe at seven?" Tweek said.

"Seven at Saturday, no problem. I'll be sure to find a great restaurant," I said as I took out my phone and started searching up good restaurants that were near the area.

"Great, then it's a date," Tweek smiled.

I froze.

I put my phone down and stared at him. Tweek smiled before winking at me, he then turned around and proceeded to leave. As I watched him leave, I suddenly remembered how close Tweek's face was earlier, and the way he stared at me earlier..and...and...

My heart was racing once again, and my entire face went completely red as I realized what just happened.

"Oh Jesus..." I muttered as I pulled down my hat in embarrassment.

I really do admire Tweek Tweak.

The End.