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A New Alliance (working title)

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The motherfucking dark druid just wouldn’t die. The whole pack had cornered their former math teacher in the school hallway just a few minutes ago, and everything was already on fire.

“Damn it, Parrish,” Ev shouted at the hellhound, “Not all of us are fireproof.”

“Mr. Russell definitely is,” Stiles wheezed, clutching bruised ribs as he collapsed on the floor.

Ev wiped blood from her busted lip, eyes burning werejaguar green. She watched in disbelief as the druid extinguished Parrish’s fire with a simple wave of his hand.

“Your abilities are no match for mine,” the teacher-gone-druid intoned, stepping over Derek’s bloodied, groaning form. “Surrender your power to me, or I will drain it and take your lifeforce as well.”

“I. Hate. Math,” Malia growled and charged, but the druid sent her flying with a burst of purple magic. Ev winced as the werecoyote slammed into Scott, and they hit the lockers in a tangled heap of limbs. Ev shouted her little brother’s name, but Scott didn’t reply.

Kira grabbed the werejaguar’s arm. Her kitsune eyes glowed orange, but her hands were shaking.

She whispered, “Cover me. I’m going to try electrocuting him.”

Ev nodded. “Stay next to me. Liam, stay behind Kira. Don’t let that asshat throw her, but be careful.”

The beta left Mason’s side to join them. Kira brought out her sword, blue electricity sparked up the blade from her hands. .

The trio rushed at the druid. Theo saw them coming and pulled Corey and Lydia out of the way. Ev bared her teeth and roared. The force of it shook the school walls. Liam howled, eyes glinting yellow. Electricity skittered up Kira’s arms to cover her whole body.

They almost made it. Almost.