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Adoration (Namjin)

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Namjoon's POV:

Being bored is my biggest fear. I know it may sound stupid since there are other things to be scared of in this life, but since I was young not having anything to do gave me anxiety.

Now, when I say anxiety I mean that I begin panicking and trembling. I feel the wet sensation of sweat covering my body and for a moment my mind goes blank.

That's why throughout the years, in order to deal with this dread I have done all I can. At first, When the school bell rang and everybody was supposed to go home, I would stay after school instead. I enjoyed studying or joining a club. I had everything a child should have.

I had parents who never divorced or fought. I came from an upper-class family so the economy was never a problem and I was in one of the best schools in the nation. Yet, I was never a happy child...

I wasn't always so care-free with my life. My parents forced me since a young age to think about my future and be involved in academics. I never had the time to play around or be "me". My dad taught me to be outstanding in school and how money works. Even though as a child the concept of "money" was hard to grasp. I saw it all as a game, but that game ended up being my life...

My first experience with murdering was when I was 11. I saw a hurt puppy while I was on my way home. The puppy was limping and had blood all over his leg. The red liquid had already stop flowing but the dog was still crying and moaning. The innocent young me at that time felt bad for the poor little dog. I decided to grab it and pull it to my chest to bring comfort and warm to it. I decided to take it home.

I brought the puppy with me. I was going to keep it a secret but one of the gossiping maids noticed and told my mother and then my mother told my father. 20 minutes after I took the doggy upstairs to my room and laid him on the carpet I heard a knock on my door. It was my parents.

They said they wanted to have a talk with me. I tried to hide the dog but it was already too late. They demanded to see the puppy I brought home. After they saw the small creature they just looked at it weirdly and with disgusted eyes.

I remember the words they said "Get rid of it" said my mom. When I tried to ask her why my dad responded "Namjoon I thought you had better taste. This dog is from a bad breed, looks dirty and can't even walk properly. It's worthless" he said.

The tone of his voice and the word "worthless" struck me. My dad could be very strict and not show affection but the way he had treated a vulnerable small animal who had not done anything wrong to him made me cry. It wasn't what he said, it was the way he said it which felt like daggers stabbing my heart.

When I tried to plead them to let me keep it they didn't listen to me. They ignored me and told me to throw it out as quickly as I can.

After they left, I looked at the dog and wiping tears off my eyes I smiled at it. Perhaps i should had throw it out in the streets where I found it like my mom said. Or I could had hide it under my bed and pretend that it was gone but keep it. Knowing how gossiping the maids could be, I knew that it wasn't an option.

I couldn't bring myself to throw the hurting animal out. It would be cruel of me. The words my dad said stayed with me "worthless". That's what it was. It wouldn't survive by itself and no one else would take care of it. So I did what I thought was best.

I carried the injured animal with me to the backyard and with a shovel in my hands I laid the dog on the ground. The puppy looked back at me with its innocent eyes and still moaning in pain. I wanted to end its pain. If it weren't alive, it wouldn't feel any pain. If it were dead it wouldn't feel anything.

I raised the shovel and started hitting the dog with all my strength. I saw the bones breaking and the blood flying around and wetting the grass. Soaking the flowers. The dog screamed at first and struggled but after 2 minutes, it was done with fighting.

The puppy stopped breathing and closed its eyes. after seeing how calm it became I smiled thinking that I had done something good for it. If I couldn't have it, then no else can. If I couldn't keep the dog then no one else could keep it. I buried the dog with the same shovel.

I'll like to say that after that I did'nt enjoy killing the dog, but I would be lying. I found something to do. Something to keep me entertained. After that I started mutilating all types of animals. It helped me release stress.

I would make sure that my parents weren't around whenever I did it. That way I would continue being the perfect son everyone expected me to be.

I mutilate it all types of animals. My favorite one was when I captured a bird I've been checking out for a couple of months. The bird would always fly around my backyard but everytime I tried to capture it, it would run away.

I felt like it was teasing me because it could fly away and I could'nt. It could use its wings to escape every situation. I enjoyed when I finally put my hands on it and the first thing I did was cut its wings. It was a great feeling. The feeling of being powerful.

I began with animals but after some time, I got bored. I wanted to kill something else. Do something worse. Hurt something bigger and that's how I started kidnapping and killing my victims.

I had the really weird habit of growing bored of them. They were fun at first but after torturing them, they weren't that interesting. The longest someone lasted was 2 months and 4 days. After that I got rid of them because they were "worthless" like my daddy said.

They always are...

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Namjoon's POV.

I have done it again. I killed my latest victim. She had become too submissive for my liking. It's fun at first because they try to deny their fate and escape but once they lose that hope of ever escaping, once they give up fighting it just ruins the whole thing for me. Being a serial killer is no easy stuff. After murdering my victims I need to get rid of the evidence and use bleach to wipe out the blood stains splattered all over my basement. I can't invite other people in my house freely. At any moment my ass can be arrested.


I met her while I was at the club. She was so easy to fool. I just pretended to be interested in her and the dumb bitch fell in love. Not my fault. I don't even remember her name, but that's how it has always been with everyone. I remember some names but can't match those names with faces. No one has really captivated me to the point that I remember them after they're dead. At the end we're all the same. Just flesh and blood, nothing special and no more or less than that. They all get boring and I'm not here for this.


Anyways, after getting rid of her and cleaning the walls and floor of my basement I take a shower and put on casual clothes. I feel like drinking some coffee today and I know the perfect place. There's this place down the street where they serve delicious coffee. Also, the waitresses who work there are very pretty. If it wasn't because there is a security guard who looks after the place I would have already kidnapped one of those beauties.


I need to be careful though. I don't have any plans of kidnapping someone for about a month. I can't get in trouble and make the police suspects me. That's what has made me never be arrested, oh and also the fact that my younger cousin is a crime detective. Knowing my family member's reputation and good work they doubt that Kim Namjoon can be at fault for the people who've gone missing. It just doesn't make any sense that someone who arrests criminals has a family member who kidnaps people and keeps them on his basement.


I arrive at the coffee shop and take a seat knowing that as soon as one of the waiters or waitress see me they'll ask me for my order. I take out my smartphone and begin using it. 1 minute later I can feel someone approaching but don't look up. They clear their throat in order to grab my attention and that's when I stop what I'm doing and look up. With an annoyed face expression that changes once I see who interrupted me, I open my eyes widely. The person standing next to me it's an adorable and gorgeous young boy with the typical restaurant uniform. I've seen the same black shirt and pants before on a lot of people but not on someone so beautiful. I notice that he's tall, has wide shoulders and pink plump lips. I wonder how they'll feel around my d-


"Um... excuse me, can I take your order?" He says while looking at me weirdly. Oh, shit. He's probably creeped out by me.


"Oh... W-what" Fuck, I'm literally stuttering, but he is just so beautiful I can't help it. He's reaction towards my stupidity is adorable. He smiles at me and says "Are you ready to order or would you like to look at the menu?".


"I-I've been h-here before. I know w-what I want." I say with effort. What is happening to me? I am not like this. He must think I'm an idiot but he laughs a little bit and I can't help thinking he sounds like a windshield wiper.


"What is it?" He asks me.


"W-what is what?"


"What you'd like to order...?"


"Oh! C-can I get an I-Ice Americano?" My voice breaks at the end.


"How cute..." He mumbles under his breath with a smile. "Sure thing, anything else?"


"No... that's e-everything"


"Alright, I'll be right back with your order. It'll take about 5 minutes, it's that okay?" He asks me. I was about to reply but after thinking of how my dumb-ass can't stop stuttering I decided to just nod my head. He bows before turning around and leaving.


What the fuck was that? Why did I stutter for? Why was I so nervous? I should make other people nervous not otherwise. He even dared to call me cute. Kim Namjoon is not cute. He's a fierce and sexy beast. Not cute at all. I feel my heart beating loudly on my chest and take a minute to calm down. I've never been so humiliated. I looked around to see if the other customers looked at the whole situation but they were too busy checking their phones and being on their laptops. I'm glad no one else saw that. The worst thing is that he didn't even say anything to make me act like that. He was just polite and very handsome. I don't know what happened to me. I've met a lot of good looking people in my life but never someone who made me begin stuttering like that. I've never seen that waiter in here before. He must be knew.


6 minutes later he comes to my table and gives me the coffee I ordered.


"You're 1 minute late."


"Hm?" He asks with a frown.


"You said that it'll take 5 minutes but you came back 6 minutes later"


"I was busy taking someone else's order. Why, did you miss me?" He says with a smile. 'busy taking someone else's order' I didn't like how that sound. I wonder if he smiles to the other customers like this as well.


"Are you new here?" I ask.


"Yeah, I just started like 3 days ago."


"How's it going?" I ask him trying to start a conversation. When it comes to my victims I tend to pretend that I'm interested in what they have to say even though I don't give a flying fuck, but for some reason I genuinely want to know more about him.


"It's going well. It's still a little difficult for me to learn everything that's on the menu but I'm trying."


"I'm sorry for stuttering like an idiot before. Hope I didn't give you a bad impression. My name it's Namjoon what about you."


"Aww, it's okay. I thought it was cute and there's nothing wrong with stuttering. My name it's Seokjin by the way, but you can call me Jin." So that's his name. Pretty name for a pretty boy.


"Well it's nice to meet you. I really like this coffee shop and come here from time to time. Hope we can see each other more after this." Yikes, I can't help but cringe at him calling me cute but I just fake a smile. Hoping he falls for my charm. A lot of people say they like my dimples.


"Thank you. I hope so too. It was nice meeting you but now I gotta go back to work" He tells me and I get saddened that he's about to leave. What's wrong with me and what is this feeling? ugh so weird and new.


"I'm sorry, I wouldn't like to keep you from working. Goodbye then."


"See you soon." He says while bowing and going to another table.


Oh yes... sooner than you think Jin...

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Jin's P.O.V


I was busy taking all of the customers' orders. I just started working at this new coffee shop like 3 days ago. The salary isn't the best since it's a part-time job, but it helps me pay for college expenses and my own personal needs. My parents provide me with a monthly allowance so I don't need to worry about the rent or paying bills. I moved out of my parent's house recently because I wanted to have some independence. It's my first time living alone and away from my mom. I love my mother. She raised me as single mother after her and my dad got divorced when I was 10. She's such a strong woman and I look up to her.


My dad... not so much. When I was a kid... he did something terrible to me.


He would touch me in a really bad way. He would make me strip naked and feel my privates. I never understood why he would do that to me. He would say things like I was "so pretty" and that I "look like a girl". I never told my mother or friends because I was so scared. I've been holding this secret for a very long time because I'm afraid of what others might say. I thought my mother found out and that's why they divorced and I even blamed myself about it but she never gave me any hatred or abuse for it. I supposed that they got a divorce for another reason and that she didn't know about my father's actions.


It lasted for about 3 years until they separated. I feel bad for saying it, but when he left the house I was strangely happy. I know that if your dad leaves you're supposed to cry and feel bad but I never liked him in the first place. After he left I thought I'd never see him again. I was so wrong because even if my mom had my custody he still was my father and according to the family court, as my parent/guardian he's allowed to have contact with me. I thought he was going to continue molesting me but after the whole court situation I guess he got scared of being caught and stopped touching me. Whenever I went to visit him he would just leave me playing video games or watching TV all day until my mom came to pick me up. He would try to start a conversation but it was just super awkward for both of us. We never got along and I honestly hope it stays that way.


I may not look like it but in the inside I don't have any confidence in myself. I grew up feeling unworthy and insecure but I tend to smile and pretend that everything's fine because I don't want anyone's pity or to be humiliated. I learnt that when you fake that your life is perfect and happy everybody likes you. No one wants to deal with a broken mess. Sometimes when I'm alone...I cry myself to sleep because I still can't let the pass go. I blame myself for ruining my parents' marriage, I hate myself for not saying anything all this years and I absolutely hate myself for making my dad leave me. I don't blame him though, If I was my child I'd leave me too.


Anyways, leaving the past behind, I am currently studying fashion design. I'm in the art department of my school and also doing a business minor. I love drawing, especially sketching clothes. Whenever I'm sad I like to draw dresses or use my sewing machine to make fabric. My dream is to be a famous fashion designer and travel the world. 


Recently something interesting happened at my job. I just met this creepy cute guy who's name is "Namjoon". I've never met someone like him. For some reason he was nervous and kept stuttering every time I talked to him. I may be insecure about myself but people have told me I was "handsome" before. Something to do with "ideal beauty" makes me attractive to others but I don't see it myself.


Namjoon was very friendly and nice to me but for some unexplained reason I feel like I shouldn't trust him. He gives me weird vibes yet he looks so charming. I know that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I should probably stop judging without knowing him. I've noticed that he's been here for over 2 hours. He keeps looking at me all the time. Whenever I turn around I can feel him staring at my booty. He keeps calling me every 15 minutes for another cup of coffee. He's already on like his 10 cup of coffee which I find to be an abnormal behavior but, hey, I don't have a problem with that. More coffee means more money, so cool by me. 


He raises his hand again so I go to his table once again. "Yes, anything else?" I ask expecting him to say another coffee. 


"Can I have a Tiramisu? I'll like to try it." He says while smiling at me. I can sense that his smile is fake because it doesn't reach his eyes.


"Sure, a Tiramisu coming right u-." Before I finish my sentence and turn around I feel his hand grabbing my wrist. I look back at him and he winks at me. I put my head down and feel my cheeks burning as I ask say "Y-yes?".


"When is your shift ending?' He asks me quietly, almost like a whisper. 


"Why?..." I ask unsure and a little scared. I wasn't expecting him to touch me that way. It didn't hurt but I can feel his fingers leaving some marks. He just smirks at me mischievously.


"I can pay you whatever you want if you accept to come with're really pretty". He says and that's all it take to make me tear up. It makes me remember my father and the things I went through. I can't tolerate being called "pretty" especially by a man. It makes all of the memories come back.


"Please stop it, sir. Let me go..." I mumble with tears in my eyes. I feel myself breaking apart and a lump in my throat. I feel the anxiety rising.


"Shh... don't cry. It's okay I'll let you go." He says and leaves a kiss in my hand before letting it go. I look around the room and see everyone else staring at us. I begin panicking and feel humiliated because I just caused a scene but when I look back at him he's just laughing while looking at me. I bow at everyone and say "I'm sorry". I feel embarrassed and decide to enter the employee's bathroom. After entering I make sure there's no one else inside and then proceed to splash cold water on my face. I feel my heart beating fast inside my chest and my breathing getting difficult. 


I can't believe that he would suggest me something like that. What was he thinking? I knew I shouldn't trust him. I thought he was cute but now he disgusts me. Did he just basically asked me to have sex with him for money? I can't believe this. I doubt the people around us heard our discussion since their tables were far apart from Namjoon's and we were talking silently, but it's still embarrassing for me and I feel dirty. I take 8 minutes to calm myself down before getting back to work. 


I'm really nervous to return because I bet everyone will have their eyes at me. I'm nervous because I know Namjoon will probably keep looking at me, but I know that I need this job so I decide to suck it up and and face the problem. Once I come out of the bathroom I try to be careful to not grab people's attention. Some customers look at me and others understand how embarrassed I feel and look away. I feel thankful to those customers. They make this whole thing less worst for me. Taemin, who's one of the waiters working here approaches me.


"Hey, Seokjin are you fine?" He asks me with worry. He must have noticed what happened earlier. Gosh, I'm so pathetic.


"Um.. Yeah, thank you for asking. I'm better now."


"What did that customer tell you? was he rude to you?" He asks me.


"Just to make sure... you didn't hear anything, right?" I say hoping he will say no.


"No, all I saw was how he took your wrist and you started crying. Is everything alright?"


"Yes, it is. It was just a misunderstanding. He... told me the sad story o-of how his mother died and I guess that made me cry." I lied. I honestly don't know why I'm protecting him but I just didn't want to make it a bigger deal. 


"Oh, are you sure? I don't want to mean to say you're lying but I could have swore that you didn't look comfortable..." 


"Is nothing, Taemin and I honestly don't want to keep talking about it." I say tired of making up excuses.


"Woah, I'm sorry for that. Just wanted to make sure he wasn't bothering you. I know Namjoon can be a weird dude and I was worried for you."


"Do you know him?" I ask curiously.


"Of course I do. He's been coming here for a couple of years now. He's a regular customer but he's... I don't know how to explain it. Strange? Creepy? Bizarre? Well, my point is that he has a weird aura. I've tried to get close to him before or get along but he only pays attention the the waitresses. He flirts a lot with them but never makes a move at them. It's kind of weird but I can't really say or do anything about it." Now that I think about it, Namjoon told me he lives around here so he must come here often. I look at his table expecting to see him but all I see is an empty chair.


"Where is he?" I ask Taemin.


"Oh, he left. After you went to the bathroom he asked for the receipt and payed. He had this evil smile the whole time and after 2 minutes he left." He tells me.


"Okay... thanks for telling me. I should probably go back to work." 


"Why don't you take the day off instead?" Taemin asks me.


"Oh, Taemin I couldn't do such thing."


"No, I'm serious. I think you should take the day off today and go home. You know, relax, take a break and then you can just come tomorrow when you feel better."


"Are you sure?" I ask him. I trust Taemin and I know he's a nice person.


"Yes, I am sure about this. Don't worry out shift leader will probably understand. She was worried after you left."


"Well, I'll go home for today then, is that okay?"


"Yes, of course. It's okay we all have days like this and you're shift ended in one hour anyways. Don't worry I got you.


"Thank you so much. I'm sorry for what happened. See you tomorrow then.


"Yup, see you" He said with a smile. God, he's so gorgeous. Since I first started working here I've thought he was kind and good looking but he probably doesn't feel the same way. I wouldn't say I'm 'in love' since I don't know him that well, but I have a small crush on him.


I left the coffee place and right now I'm walking towards my apartment. It takes me around 18 minutes to get home from work and vice-versa. As I'm walking a black car follows me. Every time I make a turn the car follows me but I'm thinking that it was all coincidence. Something like this has never happened to me. It's something you only see in movies but I doubt an actual person can be stalking me. I turn around and look at the car and I notice it has tinted windows. It's impossible to know who exactly is and it makes it even creepier. Damn. 


As soon as I reach the block that my building is in, I can see the car accompanying me. That's when I decide to run just to see if it speeds up. The experiment worked because I see the car becoming faster and I feel frightened by it. I use the keys to open the building where I live and I can see the car stopping. I'm not sure what happened later. Not sure if the driver gets out of the car or tries to run towards me, because fortunately I open my apartment door on time and get inside. I lock the door again from the inside. I'm lucky that the entrance door can be locked from inside and unless someone has a key to open it, it stays locked. After locking the door I run towards the elevator and get to floor 3 where my apartment is. I unlock the door and then close it once again quickly. I try to control my breath and fall to the floor. I hug my knees and put my head between my legs. What was that? 


I don't know but I'm just so grateful that I was able to escape on time. I don't know what would've happened to me. I was so scared. Still are. This has never happened to me. Why can't I just have a peaceful life for once. When I think I've finally found happiness and everything is going fine now I find myself in a very weird situation. Was I...about to just be kidnapped? Why was that person be stalking me? Who would do that to me? I think for a second about Namjoon but then I just shake my head. I can't jump into conclusions so fast. I don't have any evidence and no right to blame him. I stay for a long time in the floor frustrated and overthinking what just happened.


"Oh, no...What am I gonna do...?" I ask myself while crying.


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It had been 3 weeks since Jin met Namjoon. After the controversial scene, Namjoon hasn't showed up again in the coffee shop. Jin thought about quitting but he knew he didn't have much experience so getting accepted to any other job at the moment wasn't the option. He also really liked his new job since it was about hospitality and communicating with people which he liked. The customers who went there were very nice and also tipped him well. He felt like if he didn't stay active he would worry a lot about other things and lose his mind. Seokjin didn't only love his job because it allowed him to meet new people and socialize, but also because it help him keep his mind off things.


After what happened with Namjoon 3 weeks ago he thought that Namjoon would continue bothering him and coming to the coffee shop but he hasn't seen him in a long time. Not that he wishes to see him again. The reason why he thought of quitting was because he was scared to see Namjoon again and harassing him but he was glad that this certain customer hasn't visit his workplace again after what happened.


Unfortunately for him, Namjoon came to the coffee shop again today. Seokjin saw a tall and tan stranger entering the shop. The first thing he recognized was the silver hair dye and knew right away who it was. He got to the conclusion that karma was coming for him. Jin wondered if life was punishing him for the awful person he was and he started feeling guilty for things that weren't even his fault. Like his parent's divorce or...what his father did to him as a child. 


The last time he saw Namjoon was 3 weeks ago and he needed to admit that 3 weeks was long enough for him to reflect and forget what ever had happened. However, he didn't forgive Namjoon completely for embarrassing him in front of a big group of people. 


After sitting down, Namjoon noticed him watching and just smiled at him. As if nothing ever happened between them, he just showed his pearly whites and dimples to the boy he had traumatize. At that moment, Jin just wanted to roll his eyes at him or look away and ignore him but instead he waved at him. Jin felt like an idiot, but after he was caught looking at the other man he thought that if he was mean it would had made the situation worse. Namjoon waved back and told him to come over. Jin didn't want to but he noticed his manager looking at him and telling him to go. Seokjin had a talk with his manager after what happened and the manager had told him that his reaction wasn't professional at all.


He said he expected more of Jin and that if he had a problem with Namjoon he should have let him known so he could had a talk with the customer. He basically told Seokjin that he was wrong for storming out of the room like that and that the customer is always "right". Jin disagreed and felt angry but he couldn't do much. He had to take the criticism and promised not to do it again because he didn't want to end up losing his job. He was shocked that the manager would take Namjoon's side but at the same time he understood that Namjoon was a regular customer and knew the manager for years. Jin also thought that it was because the manager wasn't there to witnessed the scene that day so he was mostly told what happened and chose to believe Namjoon didn't do anything wrong since he's known him for a longer time.


The waiter decided to leave his pride away and take a deep breath. He got close to Namjoon's table and bowed at him before saying "Hello, may I take your order please?" with a fake tone. Namjoon couldn't help but let go of a dry laugh at the situation. 


"You're a good actor." He said while crossing his arms. 


"Pardon me?" Jin asked confused.


"I said that you're good at acting. You're really good at hiding how you really feel. Kind of reminds me" Namjoon said with a grin. Seokjin just tilted his head and frowned. 


"I don't understand what you're trying to say, sir. This is the real me."


"Are you sure about that? You may be a good actor but I'm good at seeing through people and my experience tells me there's something interesting about you." Namjoon said and it reminded him of John Cena. Without knowing Jin let out a giggle. 


"You know what? When I first met you I thought you were a cute and down to earth guy, but now I can see that you're a jerk and an arrogant person." Jin said while looking angry and Namjoon couldn't help but think he looked gorgeous. No one had ever stand up to him like that. At that moment Namjoon felt vulnerable and like Jin could see his true self through the mask he's been hiding himself in. He thought of pretending to be the opposite of a "jerk" or "arrogant" person, so he decided to apologize and be compassionate.


"Oh, I'm sorry but did I give you a bad first impression? I remember seeing you cry and I want you to know that it was never my intention. I never meant to make you cry and I want you to know that I'm not a bad person."


"Then why did you do it?" Why play with my feelings like that and make me feel humiliated?" Jin said while his voice cracked. He could feel tears coming out of his eyes as he remembered what happened. At the sight of Jin breaking down and falling into his trap, Namjoon celebrated inside of him. He knew that he had Seokjin under his control and could change manipulate him to believe his fake sincerity. Bingo.


"I was just having a really bad day. I didn't mean anything I said and if you gave me a chance you'll see that I'm not like that at all. I'm really sorry for what happened." Namjoon said while looking at Jin with a "calm smile" on his face. He knew exactly what he was doing. He had done it to others a million of times before and it has always work.


"I don't want to have any problems with anyone. I just want to get along with everyone and be happy. I think you're not bad Namjoon but what you did really hurt my feelings. You even told me you would "pay" me to come with you an-  the point is, I appreciate your apology and I hope we can be friends." Namjoon smiled triumphantly 


"Sounds good to me. I'm glad we can leave this behind. Actually, I was planning to invite you out today. What do you think if later tonight, like at 8pm me and you go out to eat?" Namjoon said with confidence thinking that he would get a yes but Jin's respond had him shook.


"No, sorry I can't." Jin said feeling bad for regretting his invitation.


"And why is that?" Namjoon said while clenching his teeth. Seokjin got a little intimidated but let him know why he couldn't go out with him."


"Well... first of all you and I don't even know each other so well so it feels a little bit rushed. Second, you're a customer and one of the top rules is to never date a customer, no offence and third, I'm already going out with someone tonight." Jin said causing Namjoon's eyes to expand widely. Who had been the bastard that decided to take Jin from him.


"Who is it?" Namjoon asked. He wanted to know and would make sure that whoever planned to steal Seokjin from him payed. 


"I'm not sure if you know him, but his name is Taemin. He works here and asked me out this morning."


"Yes, I know who he is. Do you like him?"


"Um.. Do you really need to know that?" Jin asked Namjoon. He was confused by his behavior.


"Answer the question, do you like Taemin?" Namjoon asked Jin with his deep raspy voice. Jin was a little intimidated by Namjoon's reaction but he answered nonetheless. 


"Well, yeah. I think his a nice guy and when he asked me out this morning I was really happy. Why do you want to know?"


"Just curious, I hope you enjoy your date. Can you bring me a croissant please and also a hot chocolate? I'm starving" NAmjoon said and jin smiled back. He was so easy to fool. Namjoon couldn't help but thing he was adorable.


"Sure, I'll be right back with your order. Also, I'm very happy that we're getting along. Friends?"


"Yes, of course." Namjoon said with a fake smile. After Jin left Namjoon smiled evilly. 


He decided to stalk Seokjin tonight and ruin the date he was going to have with Taemin. 


Oh, jin trust me. Soon we will be more than friends...

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Jin's P.O.V


As soon as my shift was over, I headed home excited because of the date I was having with Taemin. I just think he's so kind and cute. He's Definitely my type of man and I hope the date goes well. I need to admit that when Namjoon invited me to eat I was hesitating to say yes, but then I realized that it's better for us to just be friends.


I haven't known the guy for that long but is never good to date a customer. I have this unusual feeling when I am around him. I feel like I'm not saved and I need to be careful. He intimidated me the first time I met him and I still get flashbacks over how nervous I got. His apology really surprised me though. It shows that he may look tough in the outside but in the inside he's a sweetheart.


I arrive home like at 7:13 pm and decide to take a shower. It helps me clear up my mind and relax. As soon as I get out of the bathroom I pick out the outfit I'm going to wear. I put my boxers and favorite socks on. I pick a dark red velvet shirt, black pants and black brogues boots. I spray a little bit of my favorite cologne and put on my almost empty chap-stick. I need to remind myself to buy a new one before this one ends. Taemin said he was going to pick me up at around 8:30pm and right now is 8:23. I hear my phone beeping and I notice that my date is calling me. I receive the call with a smile.


"Hello, new phone who dis." I say while laughing at my own joke and I can feel him shaking his head.


"I'm already in front of the address you gave me. Are you ready?" He asks me.


"Yes, You're here like 5 minutes early though."


"Can't let a cutie like you waiting for too long." I feel my cheeks getting red and my face getting hot. Does he think I'm cute?


"Yeah... I'm coming out right now. See you in like 2 minutes." I say and then grab my keys and wallet. I make sure to close my apartment door carefully and then head towards the staircase. My building doesn't have a elevator but that doesn't bother me. Since there isn't a elevator the rent is cheaper and also I don't have a problem with going up and down the stairs since I live in the 3rd floor. When I reach the first floor I stop for a few seconds and fix my hair and shirt a little bit. I turn on a smile and walk towards the door. I spot Taemin right away and he smiles back at me.


"Wow, you look... lovely." He says and I thank him then bow down.


"Thank you, you look good as well." He then offers me to grab my hand and I shyly give in. We then walk towards his car and he opens up the door for me. I get in the passenger sit and get comfortable.


He tells me about this cool movie theater near the mall and we talk about watching the latest movie. He tries to break the ice by asking me questions but we only end up engaging in short conversations from time to time. It's not that I'm bad at socializing, i'm good at pretending to be interested in what people say and agree but I am afraid to say something he doesn't like. I look out the window and spot something strange through the wing mirror. It's the same black car from the other night which was chasing after me. I gasp loudly and Taemin looks at me.


"Is everything okay, Jin?" He asks me and I look back at him.


"Um...yeah I'm alright. just hiccups, but everything is fine." He offers me a water bottle and I take it. I thank him and drink some of the water while trying to calm my rapid heartbeats. I look at the wing mirror again and I try to see who's the person inside the car but the windows are tinted and is hard to tell. "Taemin, how far away is the movie theater?"


"We're almost there, why?"


"Oh, nothing I-I'm just curious that's it." I say and wrap my arms around myself.


"Are you cold?" He asks me and I look at him.


"Y-yeah, just a little bit."


"Want me to warm you up...?" he says the last part mumbling and I tilt my head.


"What did you say." He just shakes his head while smirking.


"Nothing, after watching the movie I want to take you somewhere else, is that okay?"


"Sure" I smile at him as he does a turn to the left and I notice the black car also does the same. I bite my lip while frowning my eyebrows. Taemin notices and he grabs my thigh. I look at him and his eyes look me up and down with lust before turning back to the road. I'm so confused at his action, he's acting a little bit...lewd. Not like the Taemin I know.


The ride to the movie theater is very quiet and awkward. Taemin keeps trying to make sexual advances at me from time to time and that damn black car keeps following me. I think I'm having a mental breakdown but I hide it the whole time. In approximately 10 minutes later we arrive and as soon as I get out of Taemin's car I try spotting the other car that followed us but no matter how many times I look around for it, I can't see it. I hear Taemin giggling and I look at him.


"Jin, are you really okay?"


"Yeah... I-I'm perfect." I lie. I don't want to worry him or try to give explanations of something I don't know myself. "Should we go watch the movie?" I say and he smiles. Gosh, he's so handsome.


"Sure, let's go, come on." He says and begins walking I follow him and together we go inside the movie theater. Taemin buys the tickets to watch the latest movie and I offer to buy the food and drinks.


By the time the movie ends we come out of the movie theater terrified. The movie we saw was a horror-thriller about some psycho killer on the loose. It was really scary because he would kidnap its victims and the movie revolved mostly around one of the victims. I was screaming the whole time and Taemin kept hugging me and rubbing my shoulder. Right now I feel like going home because I'm tired but Taemin keeps pressuring me to go somewhere with him.


"Please? you're gonna like it, I promise." He pouts at me and I can't say no when he does that so I say a simple "fine." and he smiles at me as we head to his car. That makes me think of that big scar black car. I wonder where did it go. I'm probably being paranoid and a drama queen. That car was probably never following me in the first place, it was all probably a exaggeration because my life is so boring. Anyways, the place Taemin takes me to is really far away from the city and quiet. It was almost a 50 minutes ride and by the time we get there is really late at night. There's no one around and it's only us. The place is really high up and I can see the stars from up here. I can't help but smile because the sight before me it's so pretty. 


"You're so pretty..." he tells me as he touches my cheek. I look at him with wide eyes and not knowing what to expect. he gets closer to my face and I feel his hot breath. I don't do anything to stop him and he takes that as a sign to put his lips on mine and kiss me. It was not a soft and gentle kiss at all because i could feel him biting my lips and touching me all over my body in a careless way. He gets on top of me and holds my legs in place and I feel like I can't escape. He starts gripping my clothes and trying to take off my shirt. I feel uncomfortable and grab his wrists to make him stop. 


"Taemin, wait I- I don't feel g-good." I say hoping he would stop but he just begins kissing my neck. "Stop, I don't like it. Taemin, you're hurting me."


"I don't care if you like it or not. You're going to be mine." He says and I feel tears beginning to form in my eyes. He never liked me since the start. He was just probably trying to get into my pants and I let him played like a fool. Damn, I feel awful right now.


I give up and start fighting and he starts touching my chest. I just let him do what he wants because I'm just so tired of fighting for no reason. There's no where to go to and no one to run to. People only use me and then leave me once they get tired of me. I'm a good for nothing. I'm so lost in my mind that I don't notice the figure standing outside of the car with a bat in his hand. The figure knocks on the window and I hear Taemin cussing and looking outside. A gasp leaves his mouth and after seeing his face expression I get curious and look as well. Namjoon was standing outside the car, dressed in all black and with a evil smirk on his lips while looking at Taemin. My eyes widen at the view and I feel his eyes turning to me. He winks my way and says;


"Your knight has come to pick you up, princess." 




Oh, boy...could this night get any worse?


Chapter Text


Namjoon P.O.V:


When Jin told me about the date he was having with Taemin, I couldn't help but follow him. Taemin always gave me a bad vibe. Since the first time I met him I realized he wasn't what he pretended to be. I could see through him and knew he had bad motives. Even though I flirted with the cute waitresses and waiters from the coffee shop, I have always maintained my distance from Taemin because I sensed that there was something sinister hiding inside the guy. I noticed it in the way he looks at his co-workers and some of the customers. He would look at them with lust and smirk. I didn't know exactly what was wrong with him, but now I see what. He tried to rape my Jin, but I ain't having that. Thanks God I decided to spy on them, I don't know what would have happened to my baby if I wasn't here. 


Before they enter the movie theater, in a farther place because I could see Jin panicking. I didn't want him to be scared but I also couldn't risk being found out. I waited until they sat down to see the movie so I could enter the same room they were in. I sat down about 5 rows behind them and didn't pay attention to the movie at all. The whole time my eyes were on them. I was furious at the way that Taemin had his arm around jin and he placed his hand on his thigh from time to time. I wanted to kill him at that moment, but I had to keep my self control. The whole time I was busy staring at Jin's beauty. The way he would gasp and his plump lips would separate or the way he will open his beautiful eyes wide whenever there was a jump-scare excited me. Too bad I wasn't the one next to him to grab his hand to prevent him from getting scared. He should only be afraid of me, not some dumb movie. I want to be the only reason for his emotions and reactions.


After the movie ended and they were exiting the movie theater, I made sure to hide my face while they were passing by so they wouldn't see me. I waited at least 6 minutes and after the movie theater was empty to stand up and go after them. I didn't hear exactly what they were talking about but I knew Taemin was convincing Jin of something. Then I saw them get inside the car and I decided to jump on mine and follow them. I kept my distance so Jin wouldn't see my car and freak out. 


It was a long drive and I didn't know where they were going, but I continued driving until I saw Taemin's car stopping on a dark and far away place from the city. It was late at night so the only bright thing were the stars in the sky. I watched them from my car. I saw the way Taemin started touching Jin inadequately. At first Jin was fighting him but Taemin said something I couldn't understand and that's when Jin lost his motivation to escape and just let him do what he pleased while tears filled his eyes. That broke my heart and I couldn't take it any longer. Ugh, what am I saying? I don't have a heart. I lost it ages ago. When I saw the way Taemin ripped Jin's shirt, I automatically lost it. I started looking all over my car for something I could use to beat his ass and surprise! surprise!, I found a baseball bat. Don't ask me why I have that. 


I grabbed the bat and went out of my car towards them. I bent my knees so I could see better and without wasting any time, I knocked on the window of the car and saw Taemin turning his face with an angry expression, like he was about to fight whoever interrupted what he was doing my Jin, but once he saw my face his expression changed to one of shock. I smirk at him and slowly see Jin turning his head to look at me.


"Your knight has come to pick you up, princess." I say and I see him rolling his eyes. Amazes me how he can be so sarcastic in a situation like this.


"Namjoon..." Taemin says and my eyes look back at him. "W-what are you doing here?" he asks me and I can sense his fear. He's clearly afraid of me and wasn't expecting me to follow him. 


"I'm here to protect Jin from trash like you, duh." I scoff and he frowns.


"What's your fucking problem!? Were you spying on him? That makes you a creep, Namjoon." He tells me trying to change the topic and judging me. Jin looks at me and shakes his head.


 "Say whatever you want, but it won't erase the fact that you were trying to rape him. That doesn't make you any better than me. If I didn't arrive on time, who knows what you would have done to him." My mischievous smile slips away and I give him a look scary enough to make him shiver. "Taemin, let him go or you will regret it."


"Or what? What are you gonna do? Kill me?" He asks me with a mocking laugh. He doesn't knows what he's getting to. Doesn't knows who is he messing with.. My eyes open wide and my face turns into a creepy smile that shows each and every single tooth in my mouth. "Yes, that's exactly what I'll do. Get out of the car, Taemin." He hesitates at first but 20 seconds later he's slowly moving to open the car door by Jin's passenger side. To my surprise he turns to the other side where the driver-side is and quickly manages to open the door and begins running away. I follow after him and Jin gets out of the car and runs after us. I hear him shouting for me to stop but I ignore him. How can I let that bastard run away without paying for what he tried to do to my Jin?


Taemin is fast, but not as fast as me I catch up to him. I'm about to hit him with the bat but he punches me first. I feel my lip bust and notice that it starts to bleed. I recover from the aching pain and run as fast as I can. I end up hitting him in the back with the baseball bat. He falls to the floor and starts moaning in pain. Jin catches up to me and grabs my shirt with force. 


"Please, Namjoon don't do it!" I see Jin's beautiful face covered with tears. I stop for a moment to admire his beauty and touch his cheek. I feel the wet and cold tear drops through my fingers and try to clean them away. "Why are you doing this?"


"He tried to hurt you Jin. I'm gonna kill him." I say and then raise the bat over my head to hit the idiot again but jin hugs me. He covers his face on my back and I hear him sobbing. I feel bad instantly and...ugh, what's wrong with me? I shouldn't feel this way. I am numb to feelings, aren't I? 


I see Taemin crawling away and trying to escape but I walk towards him and stomp my feet on his back. "Look at me..." I say but he doesn't look up. "I told you to to look at me!" I yell at him and squat down to grab his hair. He looks at me with fright and starts heavy breathing. "You see that boy over there?" I say and point at Jin. "If you ever look, talk or touch him again you're dead to me, you heard?" He nods at me "Say yes, dumb ass" 


"Y-yes" he says with difficulty. I look at Jin and see him looking at me with fear. I get closer to Taemin's ear and whisper "I don't want to see your face ever again. You better disappear from Jin's life or I'll make sure you die a slow and painful death." I end this phrase with a smirk. 


I let go of him and turn towards Jin. "Are you okay?" I ask and he nods "Y-yes, what about yo...Oh my God!" He gasps "Is your lip bleeding!?" He touches my bottom lips and I wince from the pain. 


"I'm okay don't worry, Jin. It will go away in a couple of days."


"No, if you don't take care of it properly it can become infected. Come with me, I want to help you." He says and grabs my hand. He starts pulling me to the car.


"Where are we going?" I ask him.


"Let's go to my apartment. I have a first aid kit at home." He says and I smile.





This is perfect...


Chapter Text


Seokjin's P.O.V


I'm still shocked that Namjoon appeared and had that awful fight with Taemin. Don't get me wrong, one part of me is grateful that he came on time to save me but the other scared of him. I saw how aggressive and violent he can be. I thought he was a cool and sweet guy but I just saw a side of him that's so different from what he looks like. 


When I offered him to come to my house I noticed the way he smirked. I know I should get away from him because he can be a danger to me but something about him makes me feel attracted and want to get closer. What am I saying? I am the real danger. Don't matter where I go or do, men always seem to want to do things to me without my consent. First my dad when I was a kid and now this. Am I a trouble magnet? Causing problems is everything I'm good for. I really must be worthless.


I give him the address and we drive there. During the whole drive we're both quiet. I just didn't know exactly what to say, so I just started overthinking stuff. Like What if Taemin presses charges against Namjoon? I would feel even worse. Namjoon came to my rescue and even got hurt, It would suck if he got arrested because he was trying to protect me. Why was Namjoon even there anyways? Was he really stalking me like Taemin said?


Next thing I know, 40 minutes passed too quickly and Namjoon parks his car in front of my apartment. It surprises me that he knew exactly what direction to take and even knew a shortcut to get there faster but in the state that I am right now, I don't pay much attention to it. He opens the car door for me and helps me get out.


I get out of the car and we start walking silently until Namjoon hears me sighing and turns around to look at me. 


"Jin, are you okay?" 


"Me? Y-yes I'm just tired...I guess." I tell him without looking him in the eyes. Namjoon grits his teeth at my action and then grabs my face and makes me look at him in the eyes.


"Don't lie to me. It's obvious that something's bothering you. It's written all over your face." My eyes get wide and I feel my body trembling in fear. How is he so good at reading me?


"I-I'm sorry, but I'm still processing everything that happened." I say and feel tears about to go down my face. He rolls his eyes and lets go of my face. "One second Taemin w-was on top of me and touching m-me without any care and next thing I know y-you chase after him and he's on the floor being beaten by yo-"


"Shhh...I did it to save you. It's because of me that you're okay and don't forget that." He tells me with a serious expression on his face. I just cry harder. " Ugh, don't cry Seokjin. crying is for the weak, It already passed."  He says as he cleans my tears with his fingertips. "


I don't know what comes over me as I hug him. He's shocked at first but then wraps his arms around me and put his chin on top of my head. 


"I was so scared." I break down and cry in his arms. He doesn't say anything but holds me like that for 2 minutes. When he notices that my breathing is going back to normal he asks me for the keys to open the front door of the building. I sniff and then look in my pockets for it. I pass it to him and the side of his mouth curves up a little. He opens the door for me and then grabs my hand. I tell him in what floor my apartment is and he asks me if I need help walking up the stairs. I blush and shake my head then he turns around and starts going up the stairs. I can't believe he asked me that. Does he think I'm that weak? 


By the time we finally arrive upstairs I feel out of breath and my face is red but he's not affected at all. His breathing doesn't change and he doesn't seem tired. must have a lot of stamina. He asks me which one is my apartment and I tell him the number of it. He looks around for my description until he finds it. He grabs my keys and proceeds to open the door. Once the door is open, he doesn't waste time and quickly enters. It's strange, It's like he's almost desperate. We go tot he living room then I turn on the switch and the lights go on. 


"Don't move, I'm gonna look for my first aid kit." I tell him and head towards the bathroom. I open the cabinet and find what I was looking for, but once I go back to the living room, he's not there anymore. I frown and wonder if he left while I was gone. I start calling his name but I get no response. Then I noticed that the door from my room is open. I walk slowly towards there and notice that he's inside my bedroom. He smiles like a little kid and I think that is the most adorable thing ever. He notices that I'm in the room and looks my way. I freeze at first but then he smiles wider at me.


"It smells like you."


"What?' I ask confused as he sniffs the air.


"Everything smells just like you." Oh, wow. Creepy.


"Um... and how do I smell? I ask trying to go along with whatever he was doing.


"It's a manly but sweet smell. It smells like an ocean breeze but at the same time feels like home. It's so nice...I really like it." The way this man talks about my scent creeps me out but at the same time makes me feel special. He doesn't even know me that well but he already knows how I smell and seems to like it. It's a feeling of comfort. 


"Oh, thank you. Weird flex I guess, but go off." I say being sarcastic and he giggles at my joke. 


"I love your room." He says as he looks around. He looks at my bed and points at my stuff animals. "You're a fan of Mario?" he asks me and then gets closer to my bed as he grabs one of my stuffies. I nod while smiling. 


"Yeah, I have a whole collection as you can see. You can say I'm obsessed. " He laughs at my last word and I laugh as well. He stops laughing and holds his lip for a few second. His face looks like it's in pain.


"Is your lip hurting!? Oh my God, sit down please. Let me see it." He sits down on my bed and I get closer to him. I check on his wounded lip and see a really bad cut. Yikes, it looks like it hurts. Taemin got good hands.


I grab the first aid kit and look for hydrogen peroxide and cotton. I take it and pour some of the chemical in the cotton then proceed to put some in his bottom lip. He winces but doesn't complain. 


For the next 2 minutes we stay quiet and the air around us is awkward. Namjoon looks at my face the whole time but I pretend to not notice and shyly stare at his bruised lip.


"I'm sorry..." I say and break the silence between us.


"For what?" He asks me.


"For everything, Namjoon. If it wasn't because of me, you wouldn't be hurt right now." I say and put my head down.


"Jin, look at me." He tells me and I look up at his face. "Whatever happened wasn't your fault. Taemin was wrong for attacking you like that. Don't apologize for that." 


"T-thank you" I say. I think is sweet of him to comfort me even though i feel guilty. Then I think of when Taemin called him a stalker. Were his accusations true? Is Namjoon really spying and following me around? 


"Namjoon, please don't take this the wrong way, but... can I ask y-you a question?" I ask unsure and namjoon scoffs.


"You already did, Jinnie." He tells me in a sarcastic way and I giggle at the mention of the pet name. "jinnie", I like it.


"Anyways, why were you there namjoon? How did you find me? I ask and his expression quickly changes to a cold and intimidating one. It send shivers down my spine for a moment.


"it was just a coincidence." He tells me "Don't worry about it, Seokjin"


"O-okay." I say. Namjoon just smiles and brings his face closer to mine. All of a sudden he gives me a peck and my eyes open wide. I cover my mouth with my hand.


Did he just kiss me???


"Namjoon, What was that for!?" I yell and he just winks at me.


"Princesses always give their knights a kiss after being rescued." He says while raising his eyebrows.


"Namjoon, I-"


"What time is it?" He interrupts me to ask.


I look at my phone to check and it reads '12:44am' I tell him the time and he gasps.


"I need to go home." He says as he stands up from my bed and keeps talking "My house is 1 hour away from here and I need to wake up really early tomorrow." he tells me while gripping his hair in desperation.


"I'm so sorry for bothering you." I say feeling bad that because of me he's in trouble. I think about about what to do in this situation and I offer him something I never thought I will before


"So, um... why don't you sleep here for tonight?" I say hesitantly and he looks at me with wide eyes.


"Really, Jinnie? You're going to let me sleep in your house? He looks at me with puppy eyes and I can't say no to that face.




I said even though I ended up regretting it. Have you ever say yes to not disappoint someone else even though you don't really agree? Because that's what happens to me when it comes to Namjoon.


Namjoon smiles brightly at me and starts undressing. I gasp and cover my eyes.


"What do you think you're doing, mister!" I yell at him.


"I assumed that you don't have any clothes that fit me, so i'm going to sleep on just my shirt and boxers." He explains. Oh, that makes sense.


"Wait, a-are you sleeping in my room?" I ask him. I was hoping he would sleep in the living room, but he seems to have different plans.


"Well, yeah. your bed is big enough for the both of us and also I don't like sleeping alone, Jinnie." He tells me and I can't help think he's cute. Even though I'm still uneasy about him sleeping on my bed. After taking off his coat, shoes and pants he lays on my bed. I stop covering my eyes and look towards him. He was covering his body with the bed sheets and staring at me.


I feel my face getting hot and I look away as I begin taking off my shoes. I decide to sleep without changing and walk slowly towards my bed. I climb to my bed and lay next to him. I feel him looking at me so I turn around to the side and facing the other way. He wraps his arm around my waist and I stay stiff for a couple of seconds. The room becomes quiet and all I hear is his peaceful breathing and my fast beating heart. The warmness of his body reaches me and makes me feel calm. It makes me feel protected and like I'm safe in his arms. My eyes begin closing.


Good night, my namjoonie...



Chapter Text

Namjoon's P.O.V


He's falling slowly into my trap. My house isn't even that far away from his, I just lied so he would let me stay in his house and it worked. i pretended to be sleeping when in reality I was awake. I waited for him to sleep first. At first his breathing was rigid and he seemed to be preoccupied but after a few minutes he calmed down and closed his eyes. As soon as he fell asleep I sat down next to him and stared at his beautiful face. Gosh, he's so beautiful. How can someone be so gorgeous? I can't wait to have him in my basement all tied up and begging me, but not yet. As much as I want to take him away I know that it will only bring trouble.


 I just killed someone not so long ago and the police are still looking for the culprit. Kidnapping him right now will only bring more suspicion and clues. I rely on my family member who's a police man and covers my tracks but even he confronted me to control my craving. I don't have a problem with getting to know Jin and getting closer to him though. I enjoy spending time with him. It's gonna be fun to make him fall in love with me first and then break his heart when he founds out what my real motives are. 


Last night. while he was sleeping I looked at his face and got closer to his pretty plump lips. I gave him a peck and quickly pulled back. Couldn't risk waking him up. He jerked away a little but continued sleeping. I just grinned and continued to stare at him like a piece of art. I stood up from the bed carefully and grabbed my phone from his desk. I turned on the flashlight. My mission:to found something that belonged to him that I liked and keep it.


He had a lot of plushies and stuffed animals but I was looking for something more rated R. I opened his desk and found something that made me smirk. I saw a pair of black underwear and I took it without a second thought. I put them them in my pockets and then proceeded to look for his closet. I opened it and I heard him moving on the bed. I grabbed the first T-shirt I saw quickly by tuition and then looked back at him. 


His eyes were still closed so I took it as a cue to continue grabbing what I could. My arms were full of his things so I needed something to put them in. I opened the door of the room with difficulty and walked to the living room. I left the objects on the floor and I tried finding a bag or something I could put everything on but failed. I decided to check the kitchen and I was lucky to find a couple of plastic bags there. I grabbed the biggest ones I saw and I walked back to the living room. I placed everything, from his clothes to some of his music CD's. I'll make sure to listen to some of his favorite music so we can talk about it and have that in common. 


After I'm done placing everything in the bags I sit down on the couch and smile. He will probably find out that some of his things are missing but I could care less. I will just lie and say It wasn't me if he ever asks. He's easy to fool so I'll just need to act hurt and he will even apologize for suspecting me. I look at the time in my phone. "2:04" I better go back to sleep so I can wake up early tomorrow. I didn't lied when I mentioned that I had work tomorrow. My father is the CEO of a company and I was forced to study business as his heir. I'm still too young to take over the company even though nowadays I've been covering up for him since he's getting sick.I could care less if he died. It would mean more money and power for me but at the same time owning a boring old company isn't for me. I've always wanted to produce music but my parents would just laughed on my face if I ever told them. I grab my phone and set up my alarm for 5:00 am.


I decide to go back to the room and quietly lay back on the bed. Jin moved and hummed a little but he didn't wake up. I move in closer him and wrap my arms and legs around him while smelling his scent. It drives me crazy and I'm not sure of what I could end up doing to him but I control myself. Soon, I will soon be able to touch him freely and make him mine. I fall asleep with a smirk on my face and hug him tightly.


My alarm sounds at exactly 5:00 am and I don't waste time. I turn it off before Jin hears it and I sit down on the bed. I need to dress up, drive and then shower at home. I get out of the bed vertically to avoid going over him. and find my pants first. i put them on and then see my jacket and shoes laying on the floor. I put on my jacket and then slip on my shoes. 


I grab my wallet and an idea comes to my head. I look around for a pen and find one in his desk then I reach for his backpack and grab a piece of loose leaf paper form his binder. I write him a letter saying thank you for letting me stay the night and grab a couple of thousands from my wallet. I leave the money and letter on top of the desk and then go to the living room. The bags were there but before carrying them I walked towards the apartment door first and opened it. It would be easier that way. 


I grabbed the 3 bags and dragged them outside the door. The hardest part was to go out the stairs while carrying them but with patience and determination, it was possible. I put two of the bags on the trunk of my car and put the other one in the back seats. Then I sit on the driver seat and turn my car on as I begin to drive home. I hope Jin finds the letter and money. I wonder what his reaction will be. Knowing him he will probably hesitate to use it and tell me it wasn't necessary but that's what I've always done. 


I have always relied on money and status since most of the people around me were only my friends because of my family's name. No one really cared for anything else but my money. That's why I've learned to just deal with it and use money to bribe people. Everyone is just like that. Seokjin is probably the same way.


So artificial and fake...

Chapter Text

Seokjin's P.O.V


I wake up by the sound of my alarm. It's 7:oopm and a Monday meaning that I need to attend my college classes today. I start thinking of the really busy weekend. First, the guy i liked invited me the movies only to end up trying to sexually assault me. Then, a wild Namjoon appeared with a bat in hand and fought with Taemin. Even though he won the fight, his lip got busted so I offered to help him heal it and somehow he ended sleeping on my bed.




So crazy.


I sit up and stretch my muscles. I feel great. Namjoon is extremely warm and the way that his arms wrapped around me was so comfortable.I don't like it when people touch me. I feel uneasy but with Namjoon it was different because he's proven to do anything to keep me safe before. I stand up and grab my towel. I really feel like taking a shower since I slept without changing yesterday.


I enter the bathroom and put my towel down. I enter the tub and turn on the faucet. I start washing myself and think about everything that happened with Namjoon. I remember the kiss we shared and touch my lips. I shake my head and continue cleaning myself.


10 minutes later I head out the shower and start wiping myself with the towel. I look for my toothbrush in order to wash my teeth but I don't find it anywhere. I enter my bedroom and open my closet to find what I'm gonna wear today. I'm surprised to only find like the 40% of my wardrobe. I gasp and frown. what.the.fuck. I start going through each particular shirt/sweater and find it missing. This is really strange. I can swear that it wasn't like this before. My head quickly goes to Namjoon but why would he do something like this? He doesn't look like he's in need of stealing clothes.


I need to admit that he was acting weird last night. I thought it was cute and he was just joking but now that I think about it, he looked pretty serious. There's no doubt in my mind that he took my clothes and I need to confront him about it. I don't have his phone number or his address so the only way we can meet is if he goes again to my job. Ugh, but what if I never see him again? What if he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore and disappears after this? I wouldn't blame him. He got beaten up because of me so of course he would try to avoid me from now on.


I start crying and I don't know if it's either because Namjoon stole my clothes or because I'm afraid to never see him again. What am I doing? I have class right now. I wipe off my tears and take the first casual shirt I can find. I'll need to go shopping this week. I put the shirt on and then open my drawer to look for my boxers but when I open it I only see bright yellow ones.


"He took my damn undies!?" I shout out. What the fuck is his problem? I wonder what else he took. I start going around my look and opening my drawers to see what else I'm missing. After checking everywhere I count the things I couldn't find. My hair brush is missing. Some of my stuffies as well as my socks, photo album and even a pillow.


I try breathing in and out and calm myself. I don't want to freak out, but okay, I am. I really don't have time for this. I need to be in school in 40 minutes. Namjoon has a creepy obsession with me and it's very clear. I doubt is a crush because crushes tend to be something cute and innocent, I've had some myself. This is clearly really bad. This is something only seen on those psychopath movies. Taemin must have been right when he called him a stalker. What have I gotten myself into?


My phone begins ringing. I take the call hesitantly.


"You ready?" It was my friend Jungkook. He always walks with me every morning to college.


"Don't scare me like that!" I yell through the phone.


"Jin, I call you every single morning. Are you okay?" He asks me. It's true, I shouldn't shout at Jungkook like that. He's been my friend since high school and has been there for me for me so may times.


"I'm so sorry. I'm having a bad morning. I'll be down just give me a few minutes."


"Bitch, It's cold out here. Let me in."


"Kookie... I don't think is a good idea." I say scare that he might notice that most of my things are missing. He helped me decor my apartment when I first moved here. So he will notice right away. I tried saying no but he kept asking me so I decided to let him in and click on the button to open up downstairs. It can't be that bad, can it?

I slip on my dumb yellow boxers which I don't really like but don't have a choice and then wear one of the only jeans I have left. I notice a paper on the floor by my desk and I pick it up.


"For: Jinnie.

From: Namjoon.

I'm sorry I couldn't wake up next to you,

but I had some things to do.

Hope you see this and know I'm thankful for curing my lip.

Also, I left you some money to thank you.

Love, Namjoon."


He left me money? I see a pile of money next to the letter and I tilt my head. It looks like a lot. I pick up the money and count it. The amount I count seems impossible. so I decide to count it again just to make sure.




Oh my God, why would he give me so much money? I've never had so much money in my hands. No way this can be. Jungkook rings the bell to my apartment so I decide to stand up and go open it but before I do it I leave the money on top of the desk.


I open the door and he smiles at me.


"Ready to go?"


"Um... I need to get my backpack. Wait right here, I'll be right back." I say but the brat doesn't listen to me and enters my room before I can.


"Jin, stop acting sus. What are you h- oh my God is that money!?" He yells and I roll my eyes at his dramatic self. "Where did you get all this money? and don't tell me it's from your paycheck because I know how much you get every week and this is no where close to it."


"Jungkook, listen...It's really complicated, but someone gave it to me."


"Why would someone give you so much money?" he asks but before I answer he raises his eyebrows and grins at me. "I see... you got a sugar daddy!" I face palm and quickly shake my head with eyes hut.


"Jungkook, I love you, but that's the stupidest thing ever!" After i say that Jungkook begins pressuring me for an answer but I don't have the time to tell him everything. if he knew what Taemin tried to do to me he would probably try to poison his meal and leave a 'this is for what you did to Jin.' letter. He's my crazy best friend like that.


" are you planning to do with the money?" he asks me after giving up on trying to find who was the person who gave me the money.


"Give it back, duh."


" you dumb?" He says with disappointment. Isn't it the right thing to do? "Think about it. Who ever gave you the money wants you to have it. Why would you give it back? You should buy those important books that you need with it.


"Listen... since I was young my mom taught me to work hard and earn my own money. Also, I don't want him to think that I'm that type of person." Jungkook looks at me with a blank stare but then smirks, oh boy.


"So the person who gave you the money is a man!? Definitely your sugar daddy!" He says while mocking me. Gosh, I hate him.


"Jungkook, I don't have time for your childishness. We need to hurry up and go to class."


"When are you showing me your sugar daddy?" he asks me with seriousness "Do you think he has any rich friends I could meet? I need one too."


"What?" I ask him incredulous.


"When. are. you. showing. me. your. sugar. daddy." he tells me while breaking down every word.


"Considering that I don't really have one, never." I say and then grab my backpack. I'm about to go out the room but he stops me. "Jin, why aren't you telling me? We've been friends for a very long time. Please tell me what's going on."


"Kook, It's not that I don't want tell you, It's just that I'm in a rush right now. We really need to go to college."


"Promise me you will tell me." He says and I gulp. He can be really stubborn.


"I will, but not now. We really need to go."


"Okay!" he says with a smile and then turns around and starts walking out of my room. Weird kid.


Just as I started walking my phone began ringing. Jungkook looked at me and I looked back at him. It was an unknown call but after a few seconds I decided to take it anyways.


"Hello?" I said wondering who it was.


"Good morning." I heard a low deep voice saying and I could recognize it right away.


"Namjoon, how do you know my damn phone number?" I asked. I never gave it to him, how did he get it.


"Your boss is an old friend of mine. I asked him for it and he gave it to me. Hope it doesn't bother you." He says. Why would my boss share my personal information like that?


"Why are you calling me so early?"


"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just calling to check how you were doing. I didn't want to bother you." He says with pity and I can't help but feel a little bit bad.


"No, It's okay. I'm good. About to go to class. Namjoon, I wanna ask you something." I say referring to my things which he took and also all that money he left me but he interrupted me before I spoke.


"What a coincidence, I will like to ask you something too. I wanted to ask you out to eat. What do you say?" He tells me and I look at jungkook. He looks at me confused.


"Go out to eat? with you? I ask him and I notice Jungkook smirking at me and winking. "I don't think is a good idea, I-" before I can give him an excuse, Jungkook takes the phone from me and answers.


"He will love to! He's free this Friday, how about 6pm?" He says and my jaw drops to the floor. I can't believe he's doing this. "Okay, it's a deal. Better take him somewhere nice mr. sugar daddy, goodbye!" He says and hangs up.


"Jungkook, why would you do that!?" I ask angry at him but he just looks at the time in his phone.


"Oh my God, Jin it's 7:47, we're gonna be late!" He says and then grabs hand while running.


"Jungkook, stop it and answer me." I say but he just ignores me and keeps running.


Ugh, what a great friend...

Chapter Text

Seokjin P.O.V


I still can't believe that Jungkook set me up with that weirdo. No offense but, I don't understand why he took most of my belongings and then left me so much money. I don't think this is healthy at all. Maybe I should get away from him? I feel like I owe him something though. I don't know what would have happened to me if he didn't arrived on time to save me from Taemin. 


Anyways, I'm so mad at Jungkook! he kept trying to talk to me for the rest of the day but how can I act like nothing happened? 


"Jin, I know you're hearing me. Stop ignoring me" He tells me after drinking some of his juice. 


"Shhh... I don't want to talk to you." I say while looking at my food. With everything that has happened I don't have an appetite. 


"What did I do to make you mad at me? I was just trying to help you, hyung." he tells me and I can't help but feel like I'm being harsh to him. His action did upset me but is  not his fault. He doesn't know what Namjoon did to me and he probably thought that by setting me up with mr. Creep that he was doing something right.


"i'm sorry kook. I just had a rough week." I tell him and he smiles at me.


"It's okay hyung. I'm sorry if I upset you. Anyways, how was the date with that  taemin you told me about?" He raises his eyebrows as I blush and look down.


"I-I really don't want t-to talk about it" I say and he frowns. 


"What happened? Did he hurt you? Want me to kill him?" He says the last part like a whisper and I look up and look at him with fear.


"Jungkook, don't say that!" He laughs at my outburst.


"Jin, chill it's just a joke." 


"Stop, don't joke like that." I said seriously and that's when he stopped laughing. 


"Sorry, hyung that wasn't funny, but if he really did something bad to you he's gonna catch these hands." He said and I scoffed.


"It's okay, I don't know why I'm being so sensitive. Taemin and me didn't really click, I guess." I said. I've never hidden anything from Jungkook but he can be a very overprotective friend and i didn't want to worry him. Oh, what a great friend I am. We've been only talking about me. He has a life as well. "How about you, Jungkook? anything new?" 


"Hyung, you're not going to believe it, but I just me this handsome guy. His name is Taehyung." He says with a smile.


"Really? I'm so happy for you! how did you meet him?"


"it was in a supermarket. He kept eyeing me from time to time and well, you know how straightforward I am. I came up to him and asked him for his name and we talked for the rest of the day." He says and I hug him. 


"Aww, oh my God I need to meet him." I say and he smiles showing his bunny teeth.


"Well, first you need to present me to your sugar daddy." he says and my smile instantly drops.


"Jungkook, he's really not my sugar daddy and don't ask me about him. I don't want to say it.


"You promised to tell me..." he says while pouting. "Ugh, okay hyung. You don't need to tell me now but just tell me when you're ready, deal?" he asks and I nod. 


"Deal, now you better finish your food and hurry up. I need to go to designing class and you need to go to your music lessons." I say and begin eating my food. 


"Hyung, you should study acting instead. You clearly have the face for it."


"Should I? I was thinking about it but... being on camera is not my thing. I say unsure. Jungkook had tried to pursue me to change majors but I have kind of a stage panic.


"Yeah, acting fits you better. No offense, but your fashion sense sucks." He says teasing me. 


"You're such a brat! You'll see, I'll be the best designer ever and you're gonna be so sorry for ever saying that!" I say and we both burst out laughing. All of a sudden I hear my phone ringing. I check the caller ID. "Oh? It's from my job." I say and jungkook tells me to pick it up. I accept the call and put the phone against my ear.


"Hello, Jin how are you today?" My manager asks me and I say I'm good. "were you busy? sorry for bothering you but I wanted to ask if you could please do a shift today from 2:30 pm to 9:00 pm?"


"Yeah, I can do that. Um... was someone else going to do that shift or...?"


"It was supposed to be Taemin's shift but he called me saying he quits. He sounded scared and didn't give me any reasons but he mentioned something about moving far away, it was really strange. Anyways, I'll see you today then?"


"Yes, of course. Um, I gotta go but thanks for calling me." I say and hang up right away. Taemin is running away? I understand that after what happened between us he wouldn't want to see me again but, did Namjoon threatened him? I didn't get to hear what he told him after beating him up. It must have been something really scary. Who exactly is Namjoon?


"Jin, are you okay?" I hear Jungkook asking me and I look up.


"Yes, i-it was my manager asking me to cover someone else's shift today." 


"Oh, that sucks. I wanted to hangout today."


"yeah, but work is work you know? I just began working there and I want them to see that I'm responsible and willing to work."


"It's fine. I just miss hanging out. We should get together this week."


"Yeah... let's eat before the food gets cold." I say and after that we begin eating in silence.




Namjoon P.O.V 


I left most of the things that i took from Jin's closet into my house. I decided to take his shirt with me and here I am sitting on my office and sniffing it. I love his scent so much. I don't feel guilty about taking his clothes. I'll just buy him a lot more, no big deal.


I'm startled by a knock in my door so i quickly hide Jin's shirt on my top drawer and sit up straight.


"Come in." I say and I recognize the person who enters my office right away. "Hello Tae, what brings you here?"


"I was bored and decided to visit my cousin. Why? Do i need a reason to come see you?" He says as he locks the door.


"Not really, but knowing how you are, you probably want something." I say and smirk. I have him all figure out. "You want more money this time? to you know... hide my little secret." I say and he just laughs.


"Just wanted to tell you that the police found the body of Kim Jisoo but I tricked them into writing her death as suicide."


"Of who?" I say confused. I don't know who he's talking about.


"Are you serious? Kim Jisoo? One of your victims and who you killed back in february 23rd? Doesn't ring a bell?"


"Ohh, that girl. I kind of remember her face but she was boring. When I tortured her she didn't scream much but she begge-" he interrupts me before I get to finish.


"Namjoon, I don't need to hear all of that. Whatever you do to them is awful and i don't want to know about it. Unfortunately you're the only member of the family who cares about me."


That's right, Taehyung's mom was my uncle's side chic. She was a woman from a poor family so there was no way their relationship would be accepted and they could get married. After all, being from a rich family means having to keep a reputation and social status. My uncle lived a double life. He had two families and was with two different women at the same time but kept Taehyung and his mom hidden. He payed them a lot of money so at least Taehyung didn't grow up poor but he still lacked a father figure in his life. 


Long story short, Taehyung's mother ended up becoming sick of an incurable disease and dying. The court determined that his father should take him in but my aunt hated Taehyung for being "that woman's son". Taehyung suffered a lot with her and she would always call him names.  My uncle ended up in a really bad depression after Taehyung's mom died and he couldn't take care of him so my parents decided to raise him. 


My parents weren't affectionate to him but at least they didn't call him names all the time. As long as he kept good grades at school and didn't make the family look bad everything was okay. He never had any siblings or anyone to play with so I'm the closest he has to that. I was there to comfort him when he cried about his mom or when he broke up with his first girlfriend. I was the only person who listened to him when he was down so he owes me a lot.


"I need to say that I'm thankful for your help Tae. If you ever need anything you can count on me." I say and he nods.


"Wow, you being nice to me? Am I dreaming?" He says and laughs.


"I'm serious, Taehyung. If you ever need anything I'm here for you."


"Actually, I need some advice. I met this cute guy yesterday and I'm thinking of asking him out. Where should I take him?" He says and I frown.


"Woah, since when do you like men?" I didn't know he was gay. All of his exes had been girls. 


"I really like him and I want to give it a try. You can be gay but I can't?" I scoff and ask him for the guy's age. "He said he was 19 and just starting college." 


"He's young. You should probably take him to the arcade or somewhere like that."


"Oh, good idea Joon. He told me he likes video games. I'll invite him somewhere."


"That's cool. I also met a guy I like."


"Oh, do you plan know." He says worried and I smirk.


"I've thought about it...but he's just too precious. You should see him, he's gorgeous. He has this beautiful lips and wide shoulders. his legs are so long and slim. I want him to wrap them around my waist."


"Namjoon, I advice you to not kidnap him, at least not right now." He says and I roll my eyes.


"yeah, I get it. I'm not that stupid Taehyung. I have done it so many times."


"Don't get too sure of yourself. You're lucky that I'm involved with the police but a lot of the witnesses have claim to see you with the victims before they disappea-."


"They can say whatever they want but no one has proof that I'm the cause of their death. I'm really good at hiding my fingerprints and I cut Jisoo's wrists on purpose to make it seem like a suicide. We even payed someone to write some stupid note pretending to be her and that said she didn't want to live anymore." I say with confidence.


"Joon, I really don't want to argue with you. Just please control yourself for a while."


"Do I still have your protection?" i ask and put my hand in front of him. He smiles back at me and holds my hand. 


"You always will." He says as we shake hands.


I win once again...

Chapter Text

Seokjin's P.O.V


The day to meet up with Namjoon and go on that date was yesterday, but I decided not to go. I considered everything that's been happening between us and I think that the best option is to stay away from him. As crazy as it sounds, I was starting to feel something for him but he gives me danger vibes. I haven't use the money he gave me. Partly because I feel like it wouldn't be right. I want to give him back the money since I don't want to take advantage of his generosity but at the same time, I'm afraid to see him again. I'm not sure how to contact him. I have his phone number...but I don't want to bother him. I don't feel ready to see him again. I'm not brave enough to see him in the eyes even though I know that at some point, our paths will cross again. He's friend with my boss and the coffee shop where I work at is most likely his hangout place.


As soon as I woke up this morning I served myself a big bowl full of cereal and put on some cartoons. Namjoon called me several times yesterday so I decided to turn off my phone. He hasn't called at all today though, which is weird. I didn't want to talk to him or let him know I wasn't going on. It may sound cruel to not go on the date and leave him sitting alone on some fancy restaurant, but I know that is for the best. The more I see him, the more I fall in love with him and love is something I don't need right now. I'm too focused on finishing college and... getting over my past. What happened with my dad is still affecting and because of that, I find it hard to be romantically involved with other people. Namjoon deserves better than me. I'm really not worth his time.


It's 5 pm right now and I'm already yawning. probably because I stayed up last night. I just took a shower and i'm about to go to bed when all of a sudden I hear the door bell ring. That' strange. I wasn't expecting anybody today. Who ever is ringing the door bell sounds desperate because they keep ringing it over and over again. It's probably Jungkook. He's always coming to my apartment without letting me know first. I sigh and go to open the door without checking who it is and I'm shocked to see Namjoon standing there with his arms crossed and looking at me with anger.


"Namjoon... what a-are yo-" before I can finish my sentence he enters my apartment with fury causing me to step back. He closes the door with force and the loud 'thud' echoes.


"You didn't come, why?" He says very softly and I struggle for a second to hear what he said at first.


"Oh..." I say as I see his eyes piercing through me. by instinct, I lower my head and look down to the floor. "I had to work..." I say with shame like a little kid who is being nagged by their mom.


"Don't lie to me. I know yesterday was your day off." He says and I look at his face. He has an expressionless look. Why would he know about my job schedule? Who is he to come into my life and know my every move?


"I-I don't get it." I think out loud. As soon as those words leave my mouth I am shocked.


"What don't you get, Jin?" He asks me while raising his eyebrows.


"Nothing..." I say embarrassed. "It's dumb. Just forget it." I say but he comes closer to me and grips my wrists. "Namjoon, what are you doing? Stop!" I shout.


"You know what I don't get?" He says as i struggle but it's no use. He's much stronger than me. "I was in a very important reunion at work but because of you i decided to cancel it. I put on my best suit, bought you flowers and even waited until midnight for you, but you decided not to come!" He says while gritting his teeth.


"You're hurting me, let me go." I say with tears in my eyes forming but he continues.


"Why Jin? Why do you play with me like this, huh? I called you but you wouldn't pick my call. I even texted you the address hoping that you would show up and waited there until the restaurant staff told em they were going to close. Do you know how pathetic that made me look? Everyone was fucking making fun of me!" He says and after that lets me go. As soon as he lets me go, I start rubbing my wrists. There are faded red marks that I think will last for a couple of days. "I can't believe you could be so heartless, Jin." He says and I look up at him confused. I should be the one who's mad in this type of situation. I mean, he entered my house uninvited and now he's hurting and yelling at me.


"What do you mean?" I ask while frowning.


"You used me. As soon as I gave you money you stopped talking to me. You probably just wanted my money since the start. I hope you're happy with yourself."


"Namjoon, I don't need your money. I never begged you for it, you gave it to me." I say. I can be a lot of things, but never a gold digger. Can't believe he would say something like that about me.


"Don't lie, everyone I've been into only likes me because of my money or looks. You probably already wasted it all."


"I-I never used your dumb money!" I explode and I the way his expression goes from a shocked face to a playful smirk. Weirdo. "I'll show you" I say and turn around walking towards my room. He follows me as I kneel down on the floor and open my bottom drawer. I find the envelope i was looking for and handle it to him. I give it to him and he opens it. Money bills come out and he looks at me with a grin before counting.


"1,600...1,700 and 1,800" He says and then looks up at me. "I'm impressed, Jin."


"Ugh, I told you I didn't use your money. Now, I think you should go." I say as i'm opening the door to my room but he stops me first.


"Not without a reason first. I don't appreciate what you did. I deserve an explanation." He says and for a moment the way his eyes look at me make me break down to his command, but I can't let him control me.


I gulp before saying "You're t-the one who's wrong here." I say and his eyes widen. Guess he wasn't expecting my reaction.


"What was that? I didn't hear you correctly. Can you say it again?" he says and I bite my lip but repeat it again for him.


"I said that you are the one who's wrong. You're trying to blame me for something I didn't ask you to do. You decided to leave me that money even though it wasn't necessary. Then you got mad at me because I didn't got to that stupid date but you set your self up for failure. You should have left that restaurant as soon as you noticed i wasn't answering your calls Namjoon and you came here and entered without my permission and you stole my clothes and-" Before I can finish. Namjoon covers my mouth with his hands and begins laughing. He's really crazy.


"I didn't even take that much, don't exaggerate." he says with a smile and showing those damn perfect dimples. Fuck him.


"Swo ywou admwit thawt it was ywou!? I say with difficulty since his hands are covering my mouth. He puts his hands away and nods at me.


"There's no use in lying. You're smart and found out for yourself." He says and then shrugs.


"How can you say it wasn't even that much? You took my whole wardrobe!" I say and he just laughs. He's so meaaan.


"I don't see the big deal. I could buy you much more than that if you accept to be mine." He says and puts my forehead against his'. My cheeks turn crazily red. Having him so close to me really feels so intimate but I push him back softly.


"W-why did you take them?" I ask determined to get a question.


"I told you I liked your things. I just have a habit of taking things I like, you know? And you seem to be what I want the most in the the moment."


"You're a creep." I say thinking he would get mad but he just smirks.


"I know." He then holds my hand. "I like your braveness, Jin. No one has ever stood up like that to me."


"Why?" I ask and he looks at me with his eyebrows raised. "I mean you may be creepy...but i think you're cute when you don't act like a jerk." He scoffs and holds my face. I shiver at his touch as we make eye contact.


"People are scared of me, Jin." He looks at me with such seriousness that I hold my breath. "I'm nothing but trouble but I want you... You're so gorgeous. At first it was physical but after getting to know you, you're just so interesting Jin." He says and then closes his eyes. I close mine too thinking he's leaning in for a kiss but he doesn't do it. "Don't run away from me. Give me a chance. I can make you feel something you never experienced before." I get impatient and try to kiss him but all of a sudden my phone rings. We're both shaken and come back to reality. I look the other way and he clears his throat. The air around us is filled with tension and awkwardness.


I walk towards my phone and pick it up. It's my mom calling me. I hold the phone in my hand but don't pick it up.


"It's my mom... I think is better if you leave." I tell him.


"Only if you agree to go shopping with me on sunday." He says with a smirk. Wait, how does he knows that sunday is my day off?


"Namjoon, I-" I'm about to say no but he interrupts me.


"I'll give you your stuff back if you agree." I know i shouldn't. but sounds like a good deal.


"Ugh, okay whatever you want but I really need to pick up this phone call." As soon as I say that his eyes light up and he smiles widely.


"Alright, I gotta go to work right now. I'll text you and tell you when to meet, beautiful." Namjoon says then winks as he turns around and leaves. He's so stubborn. I pick up the call and start communicating with my mom but my mind only thinks about him.


I think I'm falling for him...

Chapter Text

Namjoon P.O.V


My date with Jin is today and i can't wait to see him. I'm starting to notice that he's being suspicious and avoiding me. I think that I have been careless all this time and that has led him to see my other side. The one I've tried to hide my whole life but, I just can't help it. When he looks at me with those big and innocent eyes, I can't help but want to touch him and take him and punish him for making me feel this way. I've never felt in love before. Sure, I have dated a lot of different people in the past but I've never really experienced that wonderful feeling that everyone keeps talking about.


Anyways, I need to get out of my feelings. I have to do my best to impress Jin if I want him to fall in love with me. I thought he was this weak little thing that was easy to fool, but he proved me wrong last time. I was kind of turned on by the way he spoke to me and put me on my place. He's definitely special.


I told Jin that I was going to return to give him his belongings back but I have different plans. I'm going to take him shopping and buy him new things. There's nothing money can't buy.


I am in my car right now and driving towards his apartment. I told my assistant to cancel all of my appointments for day. I just want to spend time with my Jin. I decide dial his number and wait for him to pick up the phone.


"Hello?" I hear his sweet voice saying.


"Hey, how are you?"


"Oh, Namjoon is that you?" Guess he hasn't saved my name on his phone yet, but i'll make sure he does.


"Yeah, it's me. Are you ready?"


"Um...yeah, I'm putting on my shoes right now." he says.


"Okay, I'll be there in about 10 minutes."


"Yeah, I'll meet u with you downstairs, bye."


"See you." I say and hang up to focus on the road after that. There wasn't a lot of traffic in the way so I got there on time. I park my car and see him waiting outside. He had a white shirt with blue jeans on. He was dressed in a simple and basic way but still looked beautiful. I get out of the car and smile while walking towards him. He gives me a small smile back and I open the door of the passenger side for him. He gets inside and I close the door then get on the other side. I get in and turn the car on and start driving towards the mall.


He doesn't have a clue where we're heading but doesn't bother asking. He probably assumed we're going to my place so he can get his things.


At first the atmosphere between us is really awkward but I ask Jin about his day and he starts talking about this hard assignment his teacher gave to the class. He smiles while telling me the story. I can't help but joke about the things he says which causes his windshield laugh to appear. Gosh, he's so cute. I've notice that he has a good sense of humor. he laughs easily and likes really silly dad jokes.


22 minutes later I pull up outside a shopping mall and he looks at me weirdly.


"Namjoon..." He calls out my name and I look at him.


"What is this?" He asks confused.


"A mall, duh." I say and sarcastically.


"No, why are we here?"


"Well, malls were made to buy and shop for things."


"Stop acting like that. You know I didn't want to come here. Why did you bring me?" I just shake my head and grab his hand.


"Jin, I know that you will probably be against it but I want to do something for you. Let me spoil you, baby." I say and he looks down while blushing.


"I-I don't think this is right, I mean... I don't w-want you to think that I want your money. I'm okay with the things I have." He says with honesty but I'm not changing my mind.


"Jin, listen to me. You're not taking advantage of me. I want to do this."


"No, Namjoon... why can't you just give me back my clothes and that's it?" He says and I let go of his hand.


"Well, I don't have them anymore." I lie so that he stops insisting.


"Wait, what do you mean?"


"I burned them." I say with a poker face and hold the urge to laugh when I see his surprised expression.


"YOU BURNED MY CLOTHES!?" he exclaims and I bite my lips to prevent a smile from slipping.


"Yeah but It was an accident, oops." I say and he blinks multiple times and looks like he's trying to comprehend the situation. He facepalms and I take his hand away from his face.


"I'm sorry for that." Lies, why would I be sorry over something I didn't do? "but let me make it up to you, yeah?"


"Namjoon, you're a mess." He says and I smile at him.


"I know, right?" He hits my chest lightly while pouting and then lays back on the chair. I get out of the car and he follows after me.


We get inside the store and as soon as we're there I ask Jin which store he will like to go to first but he just shakes his head and looks down at the floor timidly.


"Wherever you want to." He says and I grab his hand then walk with him to a really popular and expensive store that I know has things with his style.


We enter and I begin looking at clothes and asking him what he thinks about them. At first he would deny everything I showed him. I guess he felt guilty that I was buying him stuff but he would stare at something or touch it and I'd get it right away knowing that he likes it.


After all that clothes picking I have about 11 shirts and 7 pants. He also chose some boxers by himself even though I volunteered to do it for him but he's just too shy. I don't know why though. He has an amazing body. He should show it up more.


We look around for a fitting room so he can try all this stuff on. Luckily, the store is really big and there's not a lot of people so we find a room with about 8 changing rooms but like only 3 people inside. jin enters alone and I stay outside waiting for him. What he doesn't know is that I took a pretty pink pastel skirt for him to try on. I smirk and imagine how the skirt would look on his beautiful body.


Jin has a manly body and that's something I love about him. Wide shoulders, thin waist, long legs and strong arms. I need to admit that even though I'm bisexual, I'm more attracted to women but with Jin is different. Women are physically smaller and more fragile than men so you need to be more careful with the way you treat them.Not saying all women are weak since there's some of them who are as strong or even more than the average guy, but from my experience is easier to manhandle a woman than a man.


With men you can be more rough but is not the same since it's harder to hurt them and I only take pleasure on harming people. Jin has the body of a man but the innocence and vulnerability of a woman, so is like the best of both worlds.


I wait for 5 minutes before knocking on Jin's door. He slowly opened the door for me and I stepped in. He had a blue shirt and black jeans on. I looked him up and down.


"Handsome..." I said and winked at him. He blushed and looked down. "There's something I want you to try on." I said and showed him the skirt. His face became as red as a tomato and he stopped breathing.


"What i-if someone sees m-me?' He asked and I just smirked.


"No one will. You can put it on right here. You don't need to go out with it."


"I'm not sure, I mean... I don't think is right..." He said while looking at his shoes and I couldn't help but awe in my head at how cute he is.


"Please, Jin do it for me. You will look so adorable with it on. It's just for fun." I plead him and he just sighs. He takes the skirt from my hand and nods.


"Okay, I'll do it b-but you need to t-turn around. You can't s-see me putting it o-on." He says as his voice trembles. I smile widely showing my dimples and he gulps loudly. I quickly turn around and I hear the sound of his zipper going down as he take his pants off. I can sense when he puts the skirt on but I still wait for him to let me know when I can look.


"I'm done..." He says and I turn around. The skirt was really short and high waisted so I could see his meaty thighs. He was covering his face and I thought he was the cutest thing ever. After seeing him like that I just couldn't control myself and got closer to him. His back hit the wall and I placed my hand on his waist. I began kissing his neck and he started moaning.


"Shh..." I said and put my finger in front of his mouth. "Do you want them to hear you?" I said and he shook his head. I kissed him deeply and even though he was a little stiff at first, he eventually gave in and kissed me back. I put his skirt up and started rubbing his thighs as he moaned into my mouth. I bit his lip and he placed his arms around my neck. I lifted him up and he wrapped his legs around my hips.


He was a bit heavy, but nothing I couldn't handle. He was losing breath and pushed me back to get some. When we separated there was a small drool of saliva between our mouths. We looked at each other's eyes and I gave him a wink. I noticed something poking me in the stomach and when I looked down, Jin had a boner.


I looked at him and smirk while he covered his face. I went down on my knees and put his boxers down. His penis was hard and pointing upwards. I took it in my hands and started to lick it. He grabbed my shoulders and put his thighs closer.


"S-stop." Jin said but I continued to lick it and move my hand up and down his cock. I put it in my mouth and he moaned loudly. I looked around and found one of the boxers he chose. I placed the underwear on his mouth and he bit down the piece of fabric. I went back to licking his dick. I kept changing my rhythm from slow to fast. I would go very fast but whenever I felt him shuddering and about to cum I would slow down to prevent him from reaching orgasm. He would bit hard onto the boxers to hold his moans even though he was quiet a loud moaner and would fail to keep them in.


I kept torturing him and holding his hips in place for about 7 minutes until he grabbed my head and started face fucking me. I wasn't expecting it but I went along and in no time he came so I swallowed it. As soon as he came, his eyes rolled back and he opened his mouth as the boxers fell to the floor. All of a sudden someone knocked on our door. Talk about cock-blocking.


"Is everything okay in there?" Somebody asked. Probably the staff from the store. Jin looked at me like he didn't know what to do so I decided to answer back.


"Yeah, I'm just helping my friend with his clothes. We're almost done." I said and the lady shouted an 'okay' then left. Fuck her, She ruined this beautiful moment.


I stood up and took the skirt off Jin then helped him put on his pants silently. He avoided looking me in the face out of shame. As soon as he put his outfit back on we grabbed all the clothes and I took his hand. We went to the line in order to checkout and I couldn't help but smile the whole time.


Oh, Jin you're so hot...

Chapter Text



Seokjin's P.O.V


I'm so embarrassed right now. Namjoon just went down on me inside a changing room. i couldn't hold my moans in so some sounds escaped from my mouth here and there so the people around us got suspicious. A staff member knocked on the door right after I came so Namjoon lied about "helping" me put my clothes on. Right after we got out the fitting room everyone's eyes fell on us. Namjoon just side smiled while I looked down. I wish the ground could swallow me up. 


The worst part is that I'm the only one affected. Namjoon doesn't feel shame at all. He just holds my hand and walks in front of me while I hide behind him. I wonder if he had done this before, you know like... sucking someone's dick at the mall. He acts like it's nothing but for me is really serious and intimate. What if he was pretending to being my friend this whole time to get inside my pants? What if he gets bored of me once he gets what he wants? I really hope not. I feel bad for admitting it but for a moment I kind of got flashback back to when my dad would touch me as a child. As the situation continued and I focused more on how good I was feeling I started enjoying what Namjoon was doing to me so the bad thoughts went away but it brought bad memories to me.


I tried having sex multiple times when I was in high school with girls and boys, but I would always end up crying and the other person ended leaving me alone. I tried to erase what my father had done to me by substituting my trauma with new experiences but it never worked. I don't know why I didn't end up crying when Namjoon started touching me but I actually liked it. I enjoyed feeling his rough hands against my skin and the way he went on his knees jut to please me. It kind of made me feel loved and... adored in some way. I just don't know how to explain it but it made me forget about everything for a moment and just pay attention to what was going on right there, right now.

Maybe the other times with other people didn't work because I was trying too hard and pressuring myself to be into it and forget about what happened with my dad. However, with Namjoon it as so easy and unexpected. He really knew where and how to touch me exactly to the point of driving me crazy. I can tell he has a lot of experience when it comes to sex and he's comfortable with the topic. I wish I could have his confidence and not be so shy, weak or pathetic.


I'm so deep into my thoughts that by the time we get to the register I don't even notice. The cashier begins to scan our items and and after hearing the beeping sound I get out of my trance. I stare at the things as they're being scanned. The woman looks up at us and says the expensive price. My eyes widen and I look up at Namjoon. I beg him not to with my face expression but he just smiles at me and hands her his credit card. She swipes  the credit card into the machine and tells him to put in his pin. He does and it takes a while before she hands him the card and receipt back. she smiles at him with the typical "Thank you for shopping with us." and hands him a pretty paper bag. He holds them but I take some way from his hand as we begin to walk out the store.


We get inside his car and he instantly makes sure I'm wearing the security bell.


"Wow, that was lot of money." I say and he looks at me.


"Not really... but if it is to make you happy then it's worth it." He says while shrugging and then showing his cute dimple smile.


"I'm sorry you had to pay that much... I can repay you with food. Whatever you want to eat is on me." He looks at me with a poker face which makes me bite my lips in nervousness.


"You already repaid me in the fitting room." He says with a smirk. I can't help but blush. I feel my face get hot and red as a tomato. I don't know how to reply to that.


"Namjoon, I... W-what are we?" I ask him while hesitating. I'm a bit scared of his answer. 


I don't really know him that well but it's very clear that our relationship is very intimate. 


"I don't know, it's whatever I guess. You want us to be friends?" He asks while looking at me but I can't look at him without being embarrassed. I don't think friends kiss or hold hands and they definitely don't suck each other's dick. 


"I mean... are we going to ignore what just happened? Namjoon, you can't just do 'that thing' to me then pretend like it didn't happen. I don't want to be just your toy." I say and look down. He stays quiet for a few seconds and I start sweating.


What if he really was just using me but doesn't really like me? My heart would break if that was the case.


"You're not a toy to me, Jin." He says with a soft tone and I immediately look at him. "I do want you and I want us to be more than friends but at the same time, I'm no good for you. You will probably leave me if you knew the true me." He says and I can't help but feel shivers down my spine.


"What do you mean by that? You are literally the definition of 'perfect' Namjoon. You're handsome, cool and have a lot of money. You could have anyone you want so why me?" I say confused. I don't understand what someone like him is doing with me honestly. He has a lot of good qualities so I don't get why he would refer to himself as "no good".


"Perfect? Jin, no no no. I am far from being 'perfect'. You are the one who could do so much better." He puts his forehead against mine and I feel his hot breath hitting my face. "You're the one who's perfect." He whispers and then begins to kiss my neck. "So gorgeous." I put my head back and enjoy the feeling of his lips against my skin. "Such a pretty fucking boy."


I hear him say as his hand slides down my thigh. I think back to when my father would tell me things like that and touch me lewdly so I push him back out of reflex.


My heart is beating out of my chest and so I start breathing in and out carefully. I try to control my breathing and after 1 minute I look back at Namjoon. HE's looking back at me in shock.


"I'm sorry for pushing you. Oh my God did I hurt you?" I ask worried.


"I'm fine, don't worry. Did I make you feel uncomfortable?" He asks me and I shook my head.


"It's nothing. I just... I feel l-like, like we need some time to get to know each other, I-I mean... If that's okay with you, I want us to get to know each other better... I guess..?" I say unsure but he nods right away. 


"Yeah, that's fine by me. I don't want to force you to be with me. I'll give you all the time you need." He says and smiles at me. I smile back and he gets his keys. He turns the car on and begins driving. I lean back on the car seat and look outside the window as I think about everything going on.


Should I trust him or should I be scared? My dad is bad, Taemin is bad but not Namjoon. He saved me once from being sexually assaulted and he bought me nice clothes which proves he cares. Namjoon seems overprotective but he's nice, right? He wouldn't hurt me on purpose.



Or would he...?


Chapter Text



Namjoon's P.O.V


After the hanging at the mall with Jin, We got inside our car and I tried to touch him again. Unfortunately he just pushed me away and we haven't talked ever since then. He avoided me the whole during the whole ride. Everytime I tried to start a conversation with him, he would just nod his head but not say anything. i decided to stay quiet the whole time instead.


I just smiled and told him it was okay but It isn't fair. No one has ever rejected me. I am fucking Kim Namjoon. I could have anyone I want with just a snap of my fingers, but I can't have him. Jin is too precious and fragile. There's no way I can hurt him. It will just ruin everything if I were to show him my ruthless side. I need to be patient. After all, good things come to those who wait.


We arrive outside of my penthouse and I find a parking spot. I park my car and check at Jin. He was sleeping so I covered him with my jacket on the way. I smile at his cuteness and shake him a little bit. I lean in and whisper in his ear.


"Jinnie, wake up. We're here." I say and he opens his eyes slowly. He looks around confused but then he sees me and settles down.


"Where am I?" He asks me with sleepy eyes.


"We're outside of my apartment. Come, I'll show you the inside." I say while offering my hand. He looks at it hesitantly but after a couple of seconds he holds it. I smile and help him get out of the car. We walk slowly inside of the building and get on the elevator.


"I'm hungry..." He says with his eyes close.


"It's okay. I'll buy you some pizza." I tell him and his eyes suddenly lit up.


"REALLY!?" He asks me and I nod while laughing at his cuteness.


"Of course. What do you want? pepperoni?" I say and he shrugs.


"Anything as long as it's pizza. Just not pineapples."I gasp and act hurt.


"Hawaiian pizza is the best. How could you?" I say and he shakes his head.


"Ew." He says and I laugh out loud. He laughs with me and the elevator stops at my floor. We get out and his eyes get wide. "Is this really the 17th floor?" He says.

"Yup, this is where I live."


"What the heck. How many floors does this building has?" He asks me with curiosity.


"Oh, like 30 I think." I say and he looks at me shocked.


"WHY IS THERE SO MANY FLOORS IN THIS THING?" I put my finger in front of his lips to shut him up.


"shhh... you're gonna wake up the neighbors." I say seriously and he gulps intimidated by my dominance.


"Sorry..." He mumbles. "but why do you live in a building with so many floors? What if there's a fire or an emergency???"


"A lot of important rich people live in this place so the police protects it a lot. Nothing to worry about, it's really safe."


"Wow..." He says. "The things money does." He says and I just smirk. Being rich is not as cool as it seems. Yeah, you get benefits and can buy a lot of cool things with it. Even though money can't buy happiness. I sometimes wish I could be normal like other people. They can make their own choices and don't have overly strict parents with no care. Bet Jin had a better childhood than me.


We walk towards my apartment and I look for the key. once I find it I open the door and move to the side to let Jin in first. He's fascinated by the things he sees. He looks at the decorations and paintings on the wall.


"Namjoon, I'm-" He says and stops himself. "Your living room is literally bigger than my whole house. I feel uncomfortable." He says and covers his face.


I walk up to him and wrap my arms around his thin waist from behind.


"Um... Joon, I think-" I interrupt him before he can finish.


"Sorry, stay like this just for a second. It's all that I ask." He begins relaxing his muscles and enjoying the hug. I can feel his heartbeat going from fast to slow as the time goes by. I smell his comforting sweet scent and feel his warm body. I close my eyes and the only sound heard in the room is my breathing. 3 minutes later Jin decides to clear his throat and wake me up from my daydream.


"Namjoonie... I'm" He says and I notice that I was hugging him too hard. I let go of him and apologize. He says it's fine while blushing. I grab the phone and dial the pizza place. I order 2 pizzas and a large coke. After I finish speaking on the phone, I notice that Jin went to use the bathroom so I wait for him to return. When I see that he's not coming back I go to look for him.


I went to the bathroom but noticed he wasn't there. I then went to the kitchen but it was empty. I started panicking thinking that he had regretted coming into my apartment so he went home, or worse, that he found my collection of bondage and pictures I took of my victims. That's when I heard a loud thud coming from my room. I ran there and found him picking up a lamp that fell. I sighed and put a smile on my face pretending like I wasn't just panicking.


I walk towards him and he turns around.


"I'm sorry... I think I broke your lamp." He says with a guilty look and I just shrug.


"It's okay, I'll just buy a new one. Nothing money can't replace."


"Yeah..." he says and puts the lamp down.


"What's wrong?" I ask and he looks at me.


"Nothing. I was just thinking... Namjoon, you don't have any family pictures or childhood photos?"


"Oh, no I don't. I don't like those type of things, why?"


"Nothing, I was just curious. Your room it's well decorated don't get me wrong, but it feels kind of plain. It's like you have a lot of furniture in here but it feels kind of..."


"Empty, it feels empty. It's that what you're trying to say." I say with a serious face and he bites his lips. "It's okay, I know that's how it looks like. I'm not really close to my parents and that's why I don't have any family photos. I'm closer to my cousin."


"Really, and how is he?" He asks me and sits down on my bed.


"His name is Taehyung. His mother died when he was young so he came to live with my parents and me. As an only child, it was fun to have someone to play with and take care of. He's like the little brother I never had."


"Wow, sounds like you guys are close." Yeah, jin. So close that he helps me hide dead bodies.


"Yeah, we had a lot of fun together. Even now, for holidays he's the only one I celebrate with."


"What do you guys do for holidays." Jin asks me while smiling


"A lot of dumb shit. Once for Christmas we went skiing but he went dressed with ripped jeans and put on just a short sleeve shirt underneath his coat. We had to stop at a store and buy him a warm sweater with some sweatpants to put on with his jeans. It was funny." I say and Jin begins laughing like a windshield wiper.


"I bet." After our laughter dies down I realize that I basically told Jin something personal. I've never told my victims anything personal nor gotten too close to them. I fear that if they know about me they may use it against me. My older brother relationship with Taehyung is the only human bond that I have. It's the only one I need and the only type of love that hasn't hurt me or betray me.


I shouldn't tell Jin such private and personal things. I don't want him to become someone special or dear to me, but I fear that it might be too late.


"Um... I already ordered the pizza. It's coming soon. It's better if you stay here tonight."


"Stay here... do you mean like sleep in your apartment?" He says and I nod.


"It's too late anyways, and you don't have to work tomorrow." I say and he frowns.


"i'm not even gonna ask how you know I don't work tomorrow, but like I have classes." He informs me.


"Yeah, I know. It's okay don't worry. I can take you there myself."


"Oh, w-what about my clothes? I think I should look for some at home." He says but I know he's trying to look for an excuse to not sleep here.


"JIn... we were just at the mall, remember? I bought you clothes. You can wear those tomorrow to school."


"Ohh, yeah, um, I forgot" He bites his lips and I smirk.


"Why do you want to leave? Haven't I treated you nicely?" I say and he looks down while blushing.


"I-I'm not trying to leave or anything, I'll just sleep here if that's what you want."


"Good boy." I say and pat his head. \


Then the bell rings and I know that the pizza is here. Jin stands up and looks for his wallet but I grab his arm. 


"What are you doing?" I ask. 


"Namjoon, You've already done so much for me please let me pay for it."


"That wouldn't be nice of my part, Jin. You're the guest. I should be the one treating you."


"but-" He tries to say but I put my finger on his lips again to shush him. 


"Let's do something. This time I'll pay but next time we go out to eat you'll pay, deal?" I say and he nods his head happily.


"Good, you can tip him if you want."


"Oh, sure!" He says and quickly reaches for his wallet. He hands me some money and I take it.


I take my own money and open the door. I give the money to the delivery guy and also give him Jin's tip. I close the door then head back in. Jin is already putting some cups on the table filled with ice. I smile and put the boxes on the table. I hand him some napkins and he's the one to take a piece of pizza first. I serve us some soda in the cups and turn on the TV. I only ate like 3 pieces of pizza but Jin ate the whole damn thing.


I can't believe he could eat all of that. Hope he doesn't gets a tummy ache. I watch him drink the coke and Suddenly, an idea pops up into my head.


I make his glass cup fall on purpose but pretend like it was an accident as it breaks. I apologize and take it promising to get him another one and clean up the mess. Once I'm in the kitchen, I take out a pill from the drawer and put in on his cup. This will make him sleep. I put in 3 more just in case and then go back to the living room. I pass him his cup full of ice and pills as I begin sweeping. Then he pours some soda into it and I watch him gulp it down. 


He watches the TV for a couple of minutes but then he starts to close his eyes and feel dizzy. I smile to myself as he loses consciousness. He lays on my couch and I start taking his clothes off. 


Then all of a sudden I remember the fun day that we had today. I think about all of it. From before we arrived at the mall and him telling me about his day and his weird dad jokes, then when I gave him that blowjob to when I told him about Taehyung. Did I really wanted this? He was vulnerable right now and I could easily kidnap him and hide him away in my basement, but wouldn't that ruin our relationship? He was just starting to trust me. 


"Namjoon, don't be dumb. this is your opportunity. What are you waiting for? He's yours." I tell myself. "yeah, but for what price?"


I look down at a innocent and sleeping Jin and sigh.


What should I do...?


Chapter Text

Seokjin's POV

I woke up in a very comfy bed. Expensive silk sheets surrounded me and my body felt so warm. I felt a hand shaking my shoulder and I opened my eyes. When I looked up it was no one else but Namjoon who helped me sit up.


"Good morning, baby." He said. "Slept well?" I nodded my head as I looked at him. He patted my head and told me he was going to take me to school. I got up and and he gave me a towel. I took it and began walking. That's when I looked down and noticed that I had on clothes that weren't mine. How though? I can swear that I fell asleep on the couch in my own clothes. Ohhh, that's when it occurred to me that the clothes I was wearing were probably Namjoon's and he probably dressed me while I was sleeping. Wait, but then that means... that he saw me naked!


I couldn't help but blush at that thought. He saw my naked body. He probably thinks I'm hideous. Oh God, the cringe. I hope it wasn't too much trouble to change my clothes and carry me to bed. How embarrassing that is.


As I shower I think over and over again about yesterday. A part of me it's scared of what might happen if I let Namjoon in my life. These past days have been filled with drama because of him. My life used to be quite calm and silent. Not peaceful or happy but tranquil. Then he came into my life and everytime he's near me I feel my heart beating fast. Is this normal? Do friends feel this way. I don't feel this for Jungkook and he's been my friend for such a long time.


I don't know if what I feel is love yet but he has win his way to my heart with how nice he's being. I've never experienced anything like this with someone else. I tried having sex before with girls and boys but because of my tragic past, it just didn't work. I remember crying myself to sleep because I felt like what my dad did to me as a kid scarred me for the rest of my life. Namjoon makes me forget about that trauma during the times we are together. When we were in the changing room the way he gave me oral sex made me see that he was pleasuring me not forcing me to do stuff for him like my dad did. So maybe that's a good sign?


Now he's taking me to college without wanting nothing back. I feel like he cares for me after all then. Namjoon on my door telling me to hurry up before it's late so I turn the shower off and as soon as I get out I put on a towel. He tells me I can change in his room and he'll be waiting for me in the living room. So I enter his room and begin picking the clothes I'm gonna wear. 12 minutes later I get out of the room and go to the living room. Namjoon was sitting on the couch and looking at his phone but once I came inside the room he looked up with a surprised expression on his face. 


"G-gorgeous" He said with a stutter. Kind of reminds me of the first time we met and how cute he was. It makes me feel special that I can make such a powerful man stutter. 


"Thank you" I say while I smile and blush. He smiles back and we make plans to go my apartment first to pick up my backpack. We also plan to leave the new clothes there and then go to college. Once we come out with the bags he makes sure to lock the door using his security system or something like that that rich people use.


We go down in the elevator and we get outside. He opens the door for me and I happily get inside. He puts in the bags full of clothes in the trunk and then gets on the car. We go back to my apartment so I can get my backpack and things for school then leave the bags. He puts on the radio and I sing along to the catchy music. He just laughs while watching me. Before I know we arrive at my school and he pulls up outside. I get out and see other students looking at us as I get my backpack. 


I hear someone calling for me so I turn around and see Jungkook walking towards me. 


"Good morning, Jin!" He says while waving and I wave back. "Who's the guy with you?" He asks.


"Let me introduce you guys, Jungkook this is Namjoon, Namjoon this is my best friend Jungkook." I say and they shake hands.


"Hey, Namjoon is nice to meet you. Jin talks all the time about you" Jungkook says and I hit him playfully as i tell him to stop. Namjoon just smirks.


"Oh, yeah? What does he says about me?" Namjoon asks and I blush.


"He likes you a lot." Jungkook says and I feel like punching him. Namjoon laughs and then looks at me


"I gotta go. Don't forget to text me." He says and I nod. He gets inside his car and begins driving. I look at Jungkook and he smiles at me.


"How was the date?" 


"It was...okay I guess." I say embarrassed as everyone is still looking at me and murmuring.

"Just okay?" Jungkook says with his arms crossed and I smile.


"I'll tell you all about it later, not now." 


"Okay, if you say so." He says and begins walking with me. The crowd of people who were watching us starts to  "I like your clothes by the way" He says and I thank him. "Oh my God did he buy it for you!?" Jungkook asks loudly and I shush him.


"Yes, but don't tell anyone."


"Don't worry" He says "Your secret is saved with me, but you better tell me about how everything went."


"Trust me, I will." I say as we rich the school's entrance and get to our classes.


I had such a great time with Namjoon. Hope it can stay like that because he's so nice.



Or am I talking too soon...?

Chapter Text



Namjoon's P.O.V



I'm in my office, trying to fill some papers and documents but I can't concentrate. Every few minutes I space out and think about Jin. Everything from his hair, his eyes, lips, and thighs... God, I'm obsessed. 


I don't know what's going on with me. Am I becoming "normal" like everybody else? My plan was to use Jin's body and then lock him in my basement. I wanted to keep him to myself and away from the outside world but somehow I ended up taking him to school. 


When I was so close to kidnapping him, something in my head changed. It was like I imagined how frightened his beautiful face would look after realizing that I was a bad guy. I couldn't bring myself to breaking his trust. I'm spending so much time with this boy that I'm eventually showing feelings for him. Ugh, just perfect.


I'm a ruthless killer, a monster. I can't fall in love with someone as pure and kind like Seokjin. He's the second person I know who doesn't uses me for my money, the first one is Taehyung. Damn, don't be fooled Namjoon. He's just a whore like everybody else. He just wants you for your money. You should hurry up and kill him...before it's too late.


I want Jin to be mine but it's so hard to say. He's just too precious to be out in this cruel world. He should be locked in a cage, my cage. Just like a bird so that he can be protected. He's just like that damn bird that I killed as a child. It was always using its wings to fly high while I had to stay down here on earth and watch it fly away from below. 


No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to reach Jin. When I think I finally got him, he slips from my hands. It's strange though. No one has ever rejected me when it comes to sex like he did when we were in the car. Anyone would kill to even be near me but freaking Kim Seokjin thinks he can push me away whenever he wants. 


Wow, I'm really going crazy. I think I need a break or something. Maybe have some drinks after work. I should call Taehyung and catch up with him. Maybe have some drinks. 


I'm woken up from my daydreams when I see my secretary standing on the door and calling my name. 


"Sir, your mom is here and wants to see you. What should I tell her?" She says and I tell her that to let her in. She nods her head and goes back to her desk. 1 minute later my mother comes in and looks at me up and down before sitting down on the couch across from me. 


"What are you doing here?" I ask her and she crosses her arms. 


"I can't come visit my son now?" 


"Well, that's unusual coming from you. You never visit him but when you do is because you're after something." 


She just smirks and says "bingo" as I shake my head. "Your dad is going to have a really important business party and he wants you to attend."


"Tell him I'm not going." I say while looking at the papers I'm supposed to review. 


"Namjoon, I didn't raise you to do as you please. As part of this family you need to do what you're told and I'm telling you to come to the business party." she says and I look up at her.


"You two never invite me to your boring parties. Why do you want me to go this time?" I ask curious to know the purpose behind this. They never want me with them unless it's beneficial. 


"Well... our business partner has a very pretty daughter and since you're single we thou-"


"Stop right there, wait. You guys want me to date some girl. Is this what it is about?" I say frustrated but not surprised. My parents have done a lot of things to maintain their power and wealth but I never thought they'll go as far as this.


"You'll love her. Her dad is a very well known business man and she's enrolled in a very prestigious university."


"What do you want me to do with this girl, seriously? I bet you don't expect me to play UNO cards with her." I say and she smirks again. 


"The plan is that you make this girl fall in love with you and persuade her to make her dad give us a part of their company's money." I just scoff at her request. 


"And I thought I was ruthless but here you are planning to fool some rich bitch for money." I say and she squints her eyes at me.


"Namjoon, you better go. We already told her about you and she can't wait to meet you. This is a good deal. Don't be a failure and screw it." She stands up and fixes her skirt. "I'll tell your secretary to add it to your schedule and remind you. See you at the party." She smiles without humor and walks out of the office. Ugh, so annoying.


Now, I really need a drink. Alcohol will help me forget about all of this. I bring my hands to my head and try to control my anger. People might think that I'm happy because I grew up in a family full of money. When in reality I wish I could be an ordinary person. At least they can do what their heart desires. 


I look around the office and spot my phone. I take it and try to look for something to distract me. That's when I look at my photo gallery and come across my most recent picture. It was a pic I took of Jin sleeping last night. He looked so peaceful and calm sleeping that I couldn't hold the urge to take a picture of him.


I look at the image and without knowing my mouth's corners lit up and my dimples start showing. I'm smiling while looking at Jin doing something as simple as sleeping. Just like magic, I don't feel angry anymore. I feel happy and joyful like a little kid. 


Jin is no good for me. He makes me go back to the Namjoon of the past. The one who let everybody walk over him and was nice to others. I need to stop before it's too late and we become something else.


I wouldn't forgive myself if that happened...

Chapter Text

I'm so sorry for the delay guys, but I've been really busy with work and other errands. I'll make it up to you guys by uploading another chapter possibly tomorrow or this Sunday. Thank you so much to everyone for reading,
love y'all <3

Seokjin's P.O.V

It's been 2 weeks since the last time I talked to Namjoon. He hasn't contacted me ever since the shopping spree and it has made me very worried about our "relationship' or whatever is it that we have. Is he bored of me? Doesn't wants to see me anymore? Ugh, how frustrating.

I've tried to text him but he never answers. Last time I even called him after hesitating for hours only to be sent to voicemail. Nobody has ever shown so much interest in me and I'm afraid to lose him. It's happened to me before that people get close to me and then leave.

The only ones who have stayed by my side are Jungkook and my mom. No one else cares about me beside them. I thought Namjoon was different and he was going to stay, guess I was wrong. He got what he wanted from me and then left Maybe it's time I delete his contact and block his phone. Let me just...

Oh, wait. As soon as I looked down at my phone, I noticed that the screen had an incoming call from no one else but Kim freaking Namjoon. He ignored me all this time, there's no way I'm forgiving him that easy.

I let the phone ring until it stops and I'm glad when it's over but then Namjoon calls me again. Are you serious? This time I decide to cancel the incoming call and hope that he won't bother to contact me again but I was he wrong as he continues.

Still though, I won't give in easily. I set my phone on vibrator and leave it in my room. I walk towards the living room, sit down on the couch and turn the TV on hoping to get him off my mind.

I switch channels but find nothing good. I settle on watching a k-drama until I get bored. There's not really much to see on TV. So once the k-drama ends I head back to my room to use my phone but I'm shock of what I see.

My phone is filled with more than 69 text messages and 21 missed calls from Namjoon himself. Unbelievable.

At this point I'm feeling bad for ignoring his calls. I never thought he needed to talk to me that badly. What if it's an emergency and I'm here acting petty? No, I need to be strong and make him regret not talking to me for weeks. I wait for the phone to ring again and once it does I sigh and take the call.

"What do you want?" I ask trying to sound annoyed.

"Jin, I need you..." I hear him say with a raspy and low tone of voice. It makes me shiver a bit but I hold my composure.

"Why did you call me so many times?" I ask.

"I want to see you, baby. Please come." As soon as he says that, I feel my face getting hot and my heart beating fast. He makes me feel wanted and sexy. My mind flashes to that time when he sucked me off at a store and the thought makes me bite my lip. My submissive side feels like giving in to his dominant one. Jin, no, you shouldn't give in so easily.

"A-and what can I do about that?" I say teasing the situation but at the same time hoping for an apology from him.

"I want you to come to my house right now, you know the address, right?" He says and I gulp. I see where this is going.

"What if I don't want to go?" I say and I feel him smirk over the phone.

"Oh, you will. You know you miss me. Jin, I really need to see you."

"Why have you been ignoring me then?" I say with sadness. I really felt like he was just using me this whole time.

"Something bad came up and I didn't want to bother you but I feel better now. That's why I'm calling you. I haven't forgotten about you."

"Oh, if that's the case then I'm glad you feel better now." I say rather shortly.

"Why? Miss me, baby?" He says and I can imagine him smiling over the phone.

"Maybe..." I say and he just laughs.

"Ignore you on purpose? No, I'll never do that. Sorry for not talking to you." He says and we both stay in awkward silence after that. Namjoon clears his throat and then continues talking. "So, um... Are you coming? Because I really want to see you." He says and I sigh.

"I-I really don't know. I feel like we should talk first about our relationsh-"

"I'll eat your ass." He says and I suddenly go quiet.

"Oh..." I pause thinking what to say next then say "I'm going there right now." and he just busts into laughter. I start laughing with him as well. It's crazy how I was mad at him at first but now I'm laughing with him.

"I like your laugh. It's cute" He says and I blush. I find my laugh weird. Jungkook teases me about it and says I sound like a windshield wiper. To hear someone say they like it makes me feel happy.

"T-thank you"

"So what do you say beautiful? Can you come to my house at 6pm. I'll send you a taxi to pick you up."

At that moment my mind was saying no but my heart was saying "yes, let's do it!" The right thing to do was probably to say no, hang up the phone and ignore him but my dumbass decided to follow my heart. Namjoon said that he will be waiting for me. Which made me nervous. What if I wasn't good enough? I wish I could change my emotions for a brain or some confidence.

Namjoon said he was going to send a Uber to my house. I decide to take a quick shower and when I get out I look out my window and spot the taxi car. I get dressed as quick as I can and go downstairs. I ask the taxi who he came to pick up and he says my address so I hop in the car.

The whole drive I think about how to act when I see Namjoon. He's probably going to want to do sexual stuff judging by how he sounded. The problem is, I don't know if I like that or hate it. He makes me feel good but afterwards I feel like it is wrong. We're not even officially dating.

That needs to change. The problem is that I'm not sure if I want it to. What if things don't work out? That'll break my heart because I don't give it to just anyone. Namjoon has let me down many times so I'm not sure if I can trust him.

The car stops and I feel my nerves kicking in. I look out my window and see Namjoon's penthouse.

How will this go?

Chapter Text

Namjoon's P.O.V

I see a taxi cab in front of my building and I grin. It's probably Jin.

He must be mad at me for not talking to him for over two weeks but I was having a breakdown after the conversation I had with my mom. It was like I got very frustrated with the fact that I couldn't do things my way. It was either accepting what they wanted me to do or being kicked out of the Kim family and if I did, I wouldn't be where I'm standing now.

I worked so hard to run the business and losing it all at this point is not an option for me. The party is in 2 days from now so I still have a lot of time.

When I get angry I can be pretty dangerous. I didn't want him to see that dark side of me. If normal Namjoon is scary, then mad Namjoon is even more. I  need to gain his trust. I can't let him see me acting like that.

I decided to invite Jim because I've been missing him a lot. I just want to hold him in my arms and kiss him.

I hear my door ringing so I walk towards it and open it right away knowing that it's Jin. We make eye contact as he smiles and waves at me. I smile back and lean in for a hug.

When we part I hold his hand and drag him to my bedroom. There is no time to wait. As soon as we get there I put my hands on his sides and begin kissing his neck. Jin is surprised by this and pushes me away.

"What are you doing?" he asks while frowning and I let out a chuckle.

"Isn't it obvious?" I say and he lowers his head. I put my forehead against his.

"Why did you ignore me all this time? Did you know how worried I was?" I start caressing his hair.

"I'm sorry, baby. I was going through some things... Things I didn't want to bother you about. I missed you a lot though."

"I missed you too..." He says as he voice cracks and tears form in his eyes. My Jin is such a cry baby.

"Jin... I want to do a lot more than just kiss you or cuddle. I want to go all the way. Will you let me?" I look into his eyes waiting for him to say yes. This never fails. Everyone falls easily once I make this face.

"No... We can't. We're not even dating and I don't want us to become fuck buddies. You mean a lot more to me than that." I just roll my eyes. Damn it, thought I got him. I sit on my bed and look at him with a serious face.

"Come here." I demand and he walks slowly towards me. I grab him and make him sit comfortably on my lap. With my chest against his back. I wrap my arms around his waist and I feel his whole body stiffened.

"What do you want us to be then?" I whisper on his ear.

"Namjoon..." He says and I bite his ear softly.

"Answer me, baby." I say teasing him and he tries jerking his hips away from me but I hold him in place.

"mmm... I don't know... Can w-we date?" He asks shyly and I smirk.

"Is that what you want?" I say then make my hands move down to his meaty thighs. He gasps and grabs onto my arm harshly. I can feel his nails leaving marks on my skin.

"Y-yes I'll like to t-try it." He says and I begin unbuckling his belt.

"Okay, so we're boyfriends now, happy?" I ask and he nods as he bites his lips.

I leave kisses on the back of his neck and my ears fill up with the sound of his sweet moans. I raise his hips up a little bit to put his pants off then I grab his hips and push his ass down my crotch. I moan and put my head back at the feeling.

He arches his back and I make him move up and down my lap. He bites his lips to hold in his moans which makes me stop for a moment.

"Let your voice come out, baby I wanna hear it."

I decide to change positions and I make him lay on the bed. I take that opportunity to take his boxers down his legs and leave him with a naked bottom. He covers his eyes in shame and I can't help but smile at his cuteness.

I raise his shirt up a little then begin putting kisses on his stomach and I can hear him moaning. I slowly go down towards his privates. Jin puts his hands on my shoulders and I look at him. His cheeks are so red and his eyes are watery. Totally beautiful.

With a smirk on my face I look at his eyes as I lick his tip. He throws his head back and lets out a loud moan. I waste no time and put his dick on my mouth. I take it in as much as I can and he's losing his mind in no time.

"I'm c-cumming" I hear him say so I stop before he does. He looks at me with a disappointing pout but I just smile at him. I put my hard dick in front of his face and he knows what to do right away. He licks his lips and then places his mouth on top of my penis.

He starts out slowly but after 2 minutes I get desperate so I grab his head and begin setting a faster rhythm. He grips my thighs from time to time to let him stop and breath some air.

I let him take a lot of air before making him deepthroat me and I groan. I can feel some drool coming out the side of his mouth. I throw my head back and groan.

I take my penis out of his mouth before I cum and look for the lube and condoms in my drawer. He looks at me with wide eyes and I smirk at him. I raise his legs to the point his knees are touching his chest then put some of the cream on my fingers but before I put them in Jin moves away and sits on the bed.

"N-no!- He says and wraps his arms around himself. I twist my head to the side in confusion and ask him what's wrong. "I don't like it." He says and I sigh.

"Okay, we don't need to do it then but let me at least make you cum." I say and his lips turn into a flat line.

He lays down on the bed and I lay next to him. I wrap my hand around his dick and I put his hand on mine then begin massaging it. I'm using just one hand but he's using both of them to give me pleasure. I kiss the top of his head and whisper on his ear.

I feel an orgasm about to hit me and I know he's about to as well because of his breathing.

"Cum with me, baby" I say and seconds later we both shoot semen at the same time.

He closes his eyes and I kiss his sweaty forehead. He falls asleep on my arms and I smile contently. Even if I didn't get to fuck him, I'm happy that I finally got him like this.

Still though, I feel like there's something bothering him when it comes to sex. It's like he's almost afraid of it. Nobody else has ever rejected me when it comes to sex before and it's not the first time he does.

It's like he's okay with handjobs, foreplay and oral sex but penetration it's a whole other thing. There's something going on with Jin.

And I'm willing to figure it out

Chapter Text

Taehyung's P.O.V

I take a sip from my cup of wine and send fake smiles to everyone around me. I was forced to come to this business party but it's no fun at all. At least I got Jungkook next to me.


We've been hanging a lot lately and even though we're not official you can tell that we like each other. I want him to meet Namjoon. I'm sure they'll get along.


Talking about Namjoon, where is he? I'm sure that he's coming today. He messaged me that he was. I just hope that he's okay and not causing any problems.


I still remember the first time he murdered someone. It's a memory I'll never erase. He was standing there; with blood all over his clothes and a knife on his hands. He started begging me to help him and even bowed down to me with tears on his eyes. The scene was truly hard to stomach.


To see my oldest hyung so broken. I didn't want him to end up in jail. Namjoon is not a bad guy... he's just a little crazy.


He's the only family I have after my mom's death. I have to do something to protect him just how he protected me when I was a poor vulnerable child.


I sigh and look at my companion. Jungkook smiles at me and I feel my heart beating faster. I smile back.


"What's wrong? Why so quiet?" He asks me.


"Nothing, just thinking" I say and he raises his eyebrows.


"About what?"


"It's not important. Anyways, do you like the party?" I ask and he looks away.


"Yeah..." He says but I know he's lying.


"It's okay if you don't. I'm dying to leave."


"Me too, it's kinda dead." He says and I nod


"Sorry for inviting you here. My family kind of forced me to come."


"It's okay, at least the food is good." He says as he eats some of his cake and I laugh.


All of a sudden my grandma who I haven't seen in years comes up to me. I greet her with a smile but I'm dying in the inside. Ugh, what does this old hag wants?


"Hello dear, how are you?" She asks and comes forward to hug me. I accept the hug even though I don't like it.


"Hi, I'm good and you?"


"I'm good too. It's been such a long time." I nod but I secretly just want to run away from her. She didn't care enough to accept me in her house and raise me when nobody else wanted me. "Oh, who is this?" She asks pointing at Jungkook. I bite my lip and lie to her.


"That's my... friend." I say and Jungkook looks at me with a hurt expression on his face. I can tell that he didn't liked to be called "just a friend" – but knowing how homophobic my family is, I can't say that he's my lover.


My grandma smiles and greets Jungkook. He says hi back with no enthusiasm.


"Tae, how are you and Jennie doing? What happened to her?" My eyes widen and I can feel Jungkook's eyes glinting at me.


"Um... We're not together anymore, grandma. We broke up, but we're still good friends" I explain.


"Oh, really?" She says disappointed. She was the one who introduced me to Jennie and she really liked her. She tried to push us to get married but me and Jennie didn't work out together. She was too full of herself and liked someone else anyways. "That girl was perfect for you, Taehyung — I'm upset you let her go. Aren't you ever going to settle down? I'm starting to think you're never going to get married, dear." She says and I shrug.


"I'm just very busy with work, grandma, but there's someone that I like..." I say and look and Jungkook hoping he catches the reference but he simply rolls his eyes.


"Really? That's nice Tae. You should present her to me one of these days." She says and I scoff. If only she knew that her grandson is gay.


"Excuse me, but I need to go to the bathroom." Jungkook says and walks toward the restroom. I excuse myself as well and follow him. I try to grab his arm but he pulls away from my grip.


"Leave me alone." He says and I seem to understand that he's mad at me. I didn't mean to make him upset. I still haven't come out to my family. They don't like me already and letting them know my sexuality would just make it worse.


I decide to give him some space and go to the snack table to get some more wine. This is gonna be a long night and I need some alcohol to deal with it.


Just then I spot Namjoon in the crowd. He's wearing a very elegant suit and has his hair slicked back. He comes up to me and I wave at him.


"Look who finally decided to show up." I say and he smiles.


"You know it." He says as I take a sip from my cup of wine. "How you doing?" He asks. This is what I like about Namjoon. I can be myself when I talk to him — he's the only person in the family who I can talk to without pretending. Everyone else judges me but not Namjoon.


"I decided to invite the guy I like today and he got mad at me." I say and he raises his eyebrows in confusion.




"Basically, grandma came up to us and asked me about him. I said we were just friends because... What else was I supposed to say?" I make a pause then lick my lips before continuing. "Anyways she asked me about Jennie and I told her we weren't together anymore. After that he got upset and walked away." I tell him and he just facepalms.


"Taehyung, this is why you're gonna be single forever." He says and I frown. Before I get to respond to him my aunt comes up to us and takes him away. They begin talking and while she seems excited Namjoon's body language looks like he's struggling with something. It's like he doesn't approves what she's saying. Not like they're close anyways.


I decide to text Jungkook and see if he's alright. I hope he comes back quickly because I really need to talk to him. He doesn't answer at first so I think about going to check on him but he stops me before I do by telling me not to bother him. Ugh, damn.


I look around me and see Namjoon speaking to some rich girl. Wait, isn't that Hyuna? She's a famous CEO's daughter. Why would Namjoon be speaking to her? I thought he didn't like her at all.


I'll like to think they're just friends, but friends don't grab each other's hands. Now he's hugging her. Okay, what the fuck is going on? I spy them for quiet some time and I can't believe what I'm seeing. Is he planning to make her his next victim? She's well known by everyone.


If she went missing her dad would pay the best investigator to find her. Namjoon can't be that dumb, can he? I thought he liked a guy. He was telling me about him the other day. Why is he being so close to Hyuna?


I was so lost in the scene happening before me that I didn't noticed Jungkook filming the whole thing. Why is he recording this? I don't get it.


I was about to go up to him and tell him to put the phone down when all of a sudden Namjoon kissed her in front of everybody. At that moment Jungkook and I looked at each other. At this moment I knew that there was no excuse or lie I could make up.



Namjoon, what is he planning...