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Dean woke abruptly, muscle memory bringing his body up from a prone position and onto all fours before his eyes were even all the way open. This was the norm for him and had been for quite some time. Long ago, waking would have found him with one hand under his pillow, the familiar grip of his pistol in his palm.  Back in those days he’d awakened tense for different reasons. These days, when he jolted from sleep it was with a shudder of pleasure, not fear. The initial sensation of pleasure that had roused him was now subsiding and he arched his back to enjoy the tingling aftershocks that followed. As they rolled over him, his eyes drifted closed again and he pushed his knees further apart on his comfortable mattress. Humming contentedly, Dean began to rock on his hands and knees as a sensual feeling built in his groin and slowly crept out over the rest of his body. Deep in his gut was a curl of anticipation and his body was practically humming with it.

Around him the sounds of others waking teased his eyelids into fluttering back open again. Still groggy from sleep, he blinked rapidly and brought a palm to his face to scrub at his eyes. As his vision began to clear, he could see the rigid lines of the bars on his cage and beyond them. This room, the sleeping room, was long and narrow and contained dozens of cages just like his. In his early days here, Dean hadn’t liked being caged. But he’d eventually gotten used to it. Not only did he not mind being caged anymore, it was how he preferred to sleep.

Looking to his left, Dean could see his friend Benny stretching. The man was quite a specimen. His broad shoulders and strong back were enviable and the narrowing at his waist pulled eyes downward toward his strong glutes. Dean licked his lips as his eyes crept over the man’s naked body. Benny was every bit the bear in his cage, thick muscles tightening as he rocked on all fours just like Dean. Tearing his eyes away, Dean cast a glance to his right where Kevin was already wide awake. The kid was Benny’s opposite, a twink if ever there was one. Young. Delicate. Smooth. He wasn’t on all fours though, he was curled up on his side with his hand cupped over his groin.

It was impossible not to smile as he watched little Kevin moan dejectedly. His dainty little dick was locked away in a cage. Dean could remember the feeling all too well. When he’d first arrived here, he’d been locked away like that too… his body not yet acclimated to the supplements that were used to ramp up his sex drive. He had been far too eager to bring himself off. Those days were in the past though. It had been ages since he’d had to sleep with his cock locked up. Some days he missed the feel of unforgiving metal cutting into his first boner of the day. But, for the most part, he preferred waking hard like he was now. He loved feeling the weight of his manhood hanging beneath him, his crown brushing back and forth on the sheet as he rocked on his knees. But, he could be trusted. He rarely even touched himself in the morning – preferring instead to ride the building lust within him through to his first orgasm rather than try to rush it by jerking off.

Coming fully awake now, he sucked in a deep breath and let it go. There was a palpable electricity in the air as virile, horny men woke all around him and waited anxiously for their first sexual adventure of the day. The scent of musk hung in the air and Dean continued to breath in and take it deep as he stretched his limbs. It didn’t take long for the stirring in cages to bring in the handlers. Turning his body, Dean craned his neck around towards the door where they entered, curious who would be bringing his juice.

He was a bit let down to find Meg approaching. She was his least favorite handler and taking juice from her was irritating. He’d still take it, but much preferred Pam. Pam liked him and would often pet his hair and talk dirty to him as he drank from the bottle. Meg, however, was condescending. She looked down her nose at him as if he were some sort of secondary citizen… some cast off from society rather than someone who had freely chosen to give himself over to a better life.

“Lay down,” she commanded as she stepped up to him. “You get nothing until you’re on your back.”

Making a show of his discontentment, Dean flopped over for her. He gave her an icy stare as she pushed her gloved hand through the bars and put a baby bottle to his lips. A drop had already formed at the tip of the nipple and it wetted his lips even as he opened them to suck it in. As always, the liquid was cool and sweet. Even after he swallowed, he could continue to feel it as the substance moved down into his stomach and beyond.

Empty as his belly was, liquid entering it brought a feeling of expansion to his abdomen. Two ounces wasn’t much, and in a few short moments, the bottle was dry and his sucking brought strange clucking noises from it. Meg smirked as she began to pull it away from him, but Dean held to it obstinately by the sheer power of his mouth’s suction. Staring at her coldly, he held firm and enjoyed the displeasure on her face as she worked to wrench it away from him.

When she’d broken the seal of his lips, she broke eye contact too and walked away. Dean didn’t move though. Instead, he laid there on his back with his swollen cock standing at attention. He didn’t touch it. Instead, he focused on the feeling inside him… the juice doing its job. It remained cool as it slithered through his body and he could feel the walls of his colon responding to its magical properties. Unlike other drinks, this one would never be voided. This one was soaking into him and changing the properties of his very cells. Sadly, its effects would last only for the day. He remained in that position for quite a while as the staff worked their way down a long line of cages and offered bottles to each and every man. By the time the jingling of keys reached his ears, Dean was as wet between his legs as any woman had ever been. His puckered hole, always anxious to be fucked, was now creating its own natural lube and as Dean’s body writhed involuntarily on his bed, a wet spot was forming beneath him. For the first few hours on the juice, Dean’s body would eagerly overproduce the stuff and the effects would leave him literally dribbling like a leaky faucet from his backside. The sensation wasn’t unpleasant at all. In fact, he rather enjoyed the feeling. To him, it was a physical manifestation of his desire. So often in the past he’d slipped his hand down into some girls panties and moaned when he found her wet for him. Now, others could do the same with him.

Anxious and excited in equal measure, he turned over onto his stomach and ground his swollen cock into the sheet to relieve the pressure. It wasn’t easy to be patient and wait for someone to come open his cage, not when he was this horny. Purposefully, he ground his dick into the wet spot on his sheet, humping his bed to keep from losing his mind. Still, he never put his hands to himself or tried to cum.

When Gordon stepped up, Dean clenched his jaw. First Meg and now Gordon. Clearly today wasn’t his lucky day. Still, he didn’t cause any trouble. He didn’t want to take any chances on ruining an entire day of fun by provoking a punishment. He’d learned early on that obstinance was fine; he was free to lip off. But, physically starting a fight was grounds for discipline. So, when Gordon’s rough fingers reached between the bars, Dean leaned into the collar and waited patiently for it to be latched around his neck. He obediently went into his cuffs as well, eagerly scrambling out of his cage when the door was swung open and landing on his feet.

“Well, well, well,” grinned Gordon contemptuously, “someone’s ready for a fuckin’.”

“Keep your jealousy in check,” Dean snarked, “just cause you ain’t been laid since God was a boy doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy it.”

“Yeah, sure,” Gordon threw back at him, “I’ll try to keep my jealousy in check while you bend over for some rando and take it up the ass.”

As he was being led to the exit, Dean couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah, keep telling yourself how demeaning it is, dickwad. You keep on enjoying the occasional six minute fuck and leave the hours and hours of hardcore stuff to the guys like me who can handle it. I bet you’d stroke out if you ever came as hard as I do.”

Moving out into the hall, Dean absorbed a harsh change as he exited the warm temperature and soft lighting of their sleeping quarters. In contrast, the hall was cold and brightly lit. Between his legs, Dean’s gift of a cock was still heavy and plump despite the changes. As he walked, the wetness that slowly seeped from his hole was spreading around between his cheeks. By the time they’d reached the wash room, his inner thighs were moist with slick too. At least here he was finally treated to a handler he liked.

“G’morning, Dean.”

“Hey Cassie, how you doin’?”

“Well, considering I traded out my favorite donut just to be your waxer, I’d say it’s shaping up to be a decent day.”

“Why do you like me so much,” he teased her, giving a flirty smile. “Is it my perky nipples?”

“It must be the stimulating conversation,” she answered dryly. He ducked his head and maneuvered onto her table. Smiling at him, she snapped an anchoring line through the eyelet on his cuffs and ruffled his hair affectionately before snapping his collar into the lock.

“Lookin’ at you for a few minutes will have me rarin’ to go when I get into the rec room,” he grinned. Letting his eyes skim over her cocoa skin, he imagined what she might look like under her crisp uniform. “You’re the sexiest handler by far.”

“Back atcha,” she grinned flirtatiously. “It’s lucky that handlers aren’t allowed to buy time in there. I’d never take a dime home with me.”

Dean relaxed incrementally as Cassie worked on him, losing himself in the predictable steps as she went about her duties. He didn’t miss the way her eyes roved appreciatively over his naked form while she spread warm wax over the traces of his bush and laid strips of paper onto him. Clenching his jaw and closing his eyes, Dean tried not to flinch as she ripped them away because he always wanted her to be impressed with him. He absolutely loved being her favorite.

When she moved up to stand by his head, he turned his face towards her and watched her dark eyes as she covered the bottom half of his face with a warm, wet towel. Then, he listened as she chatted to him about her life while she plucked at his eyebrows, shaved his scruff, and applied a tingling face mask. When she stepped away for a few minutes to let it set, he closed his eyes and drifted off for a bit. Around him were the soft sounds of conversation as other men underwent salon treatments and, though he was resting, his body was far from calm. His cock was plump where it rested and the entire lower half of his body buzzed in anticipation. Between his cheeks, moisture was building and every time his mind flicked forward to imagine what was coming, he could feel his entrance quiver in excitement. Deep within him a dull ache was building and he knew that the sensation would grow much stronger before relief finally came.

When Cassie returned, she resumed light conversation and because he was fixated on her mouth as she spoke, he didn’t miss the fact that her tongue was now stained bright red. She must’ve enjoyed a red soda or perhaps some fruity candy while she’d been waiting for his mask to cure. He closed his eyes for a moment and imagined how she’d look sucking on a lollipop and felt his cock begin to fill.

“Okay Tiger,” she teased, giving his thigh a friendly smack, “it’s time to turn over for me.”

His dick twitched against the side of his leg as he absorbed her filthy words and when he heard the clink of his cuffs and collar being released, he flipped quickly. Lingering on his knees for a moment, Dean took a deep breath and let it go as he processed the slight chill that came with fresh air ghosting between his wet cheeks.

“Boy oh boy,” she crooned as he sank down onto his stomach. “That juice really does the trick doesn’t it?”

“Sure does,” he sighed. Letting his eyes flutter closed again, Dean tried to enjoy the full body buzz he was riding. He’d always loved being waxed, even in the very beginning. No one else really liked it much, griping about the pain whenever the subject came up. It wasn’t that Dean enjoyed the feeling of hair being ripped from his body, but rather that he enjoyed the rest of the experience enough to tolerate the pain that went with it.

He loved the sensuality of being naked in the presence of someone who was fully clothed. Also enjoyable was the feeling of caretaking that came with having someone dote on him. He loved having someone run their fingers over him and look at his nude body with envy and desire. And the sensation of warm wax being slathered on was not to be underrated. He loved the indulgent feel of it.

Even now, with his cock uncomfortably trapped beneath him, Dean sighed contentedly as Cassie spread his butt cheeks apart and bared his hole. He didn’t need to look at her to know that she was smiling down on him. She loved his body and never missed an opportunity to tell him so.

“When your contract is up and you leave here,” she said softly, “come see me and I’ll do this for free.”

“I’m never leaving here,” he whispered, feeling his hole twitch in anticipation as she spread warm wax around it.

Once again doing his best not to flinch, Dean rode out the pain as the last of the unwanted hair was stripped from his body. He basked in her ministrations as she massaged oil into the newly stripped skin. Then, with his ass as smooth and shiny as a porn star, Dean let Cassie lead him over to the adjacent chair. Here, the restraints were optional for Cassie and she left him his freedom as she tipped his head back into the sink to wash and condition his hair. She massaged his scalp with obvious affection and he hummed his appreciation to her throughout.

After, she sat him up and toweled his hair. Using her scissors to trim a few imperfect hairs, she then beckoned him to his feet and over to where the floor dipped down to a drain. He stood there while she used a hand-held shower head to wash him before patting him dry. As always, he grew hard as a rock under her hands, his cock jutting out towards her even as she pushed the fluffy towel between his legs to dry his balls. Dean didn’t miss the way she pressed upward into him, meeting his gaze as she watched him absorb the sensation and smile.

Just then, the harsh sound of Gordon’s voice cut through his euphoria. “Yeah, we get it princess. He’s your fucking favorite. Now, if you don’t mind, get this on him so I can get him to the bidding room. He’s the last one again.”

Dean looked down at Gordon’s outstretched hand and the cock ring it held. Normally, it was the handlers who put on the gear. But Gordon, closet case that he was, pretended to hate the job and almost always deferred to the stylists who worked on Dean.

“Just this?” clarified Cassie as she took it from him.

“Yeah. For today it’s just this.”

Dean shifted his weight to spread his legs apart a bit and Cassie bent down to take him into her palm. She caressed him tenderly as he grew larger in her hand and despite his best efforts, his breath hitched as he felt the cock ring close around his girth.

“Enjoy yourself,” she told him as Gordon tugged him roughly away.

“Always do,” he replied, looking back over his shoulder to wink at her.

The salon was noticeably devoid of naked men when he was led out of it, the only remaining bodies being stylists who were now busily cleaning up in preparation for the next wave of bodies that would soon be brought in. Dean was always one of the last to leave this room – a favorite among most of the stylists. He didn’t think much of it, other than to know that he was an enviable type. Not a twink, but still youthful and fresh-faced; not a bear, but still commanding in presence and formidable in build. He was almost everyone’s type – perfectly proportioned, handsome, confident and proud.

With his hardened cock swaying back and forth as he walked, Dean kept pace with Gordon as he was brought to the gallery. With each step his anticipation revved up and when he looked down there was a small bead of pre-cum forming at his tip. Watching it grow heavy and fall to the floor as he moved, Dean felt his heart rate kick up a notch. He could hear his pulse pounding in his ears as he paused and waited for the door to swing open.

As he usually did, Gordon shoved Dean roughly through the door. This part was likely for show because most of the handlers did it to some extent. But when Gordon did it, Dean fucking hated it. He hated Gordon. Period.

But, nothing could detract from this moment. Naked but for his cuffs, collar, and cock ring, Dean walked into the carpeted room. Applause broke out as he did, and his eyes swept over the gallery. In stadium style seating, patrons watched the main floor where Dean had now joined the ranks of those being offered for sale.

Now, all things being equal, Dean just wanted to get some. His body had been hungry for it since he’d awakened and the slow process of getting ready for it had been like foreplay. But, he did have a type. And though he was technically for sale to the highest bidder, he wasn’t completely powerless in who he’d be having sex with. It was perfectly within the rules of the house for him to work the audience and try to appeal to those he most wanted. Hell, that type of behavior was encouraged and Dean was always a crowd pleaser. He was a big earner, driving up the prices and sometimes causing actual fights between clients as he worked them into bidding wars.

So, as he strode out to the center of the gallery, he exaggerated his usual swagger. Doing so made his cock swing heavily as he moved. Then, turning to face those who would bid on him, Dean scanned the eager crowd and tried to pick out a few that appealed to him. There were some familiar faces, regulars whom he’d serviced before, but most were strangers to him. Some even hid behind masks - likely prominent public officials or celebrities who preferred anonymity here. Dean looked right past them, uninterested.

Settling his attention on a man who reminded him a little bit of his friend and fellow whore Benny, Dean closed the distance between himself and his intended target. Taking measured steps, he kept his eyes locked on the man and licked his lips, throwing out a trademark wink when he reached the glass divider that separated them and could get no closer.

The man’s hand went up repeatedly as their gaze held, continuing to bid over and over as the price was raised. Dean paid no attention to the others who were trying to take him and kept himself focused on the one he wanted – hoping the man would prove to be wealthy. Or at least have plenty of credit.

At the first sign of a waiver from his mark, Dean went to his knees. He could hear an audible gasp from the audience and then a resounding cheer went up as he prostrated himself on the floor. His act of submission was more than a display meant to tempt his target. It was also his own body hungrily offering itself. They’d likely never suspect it, but Dean wanted it even more than these men wanted to give it to him.

He’d spent all night dreaming of depraved things and then all morning trying to be patient as he waited for a chance to live out those dreams. If it was up to him, he’d number these men off in the order that they appealed to him and then take them… one by one at first… and then two or three at a time until he finally blacked out - only to wake up still wanting more and more and more.

But, that wasn’t the job. The job was to command a high price and then satisfy the one who paid it. So, with that thought in mind, Dean looked up from his humble place on the floor and locked eyes with his preferred buyer. Holding the man’s attention, Dean used his body position to make promises to the man. Before long, the ringing of a bell indicated that there was a clear winner.

Rising from his lowly position on the floor, Dean turned to glance at the monitor that displayed the winning bid. “Damn,” he whispered, counting zeros, “that’s gotta be a record.”

Feeling a jerk on his cuffs, Dean’s attention was wrenched away. He tossed Gordon a sour look before putting his attention on his feet so as not to stumble. Then, he turned to the audience and gave a quick bow to the applause as he was led away. Exiting to a long hallway, he was suddenly enveloped in quiet and the sound of his heart jackhammering away in his chest was so loud that he wondered if his handler could hear it too.

His body was tightly wound with anticipation and his cheeks were slippery wet, sliding against one another smoothly as he walked at a quick pace. His asshole was practically dribbling, eager to be speared, and his stomach curled with desire. Behind his eyelids, Dean saw flashes of his Benny-look-alike bending him over and fucking into him, reaching around to stroke him, spanking his ass as he thrust harder and harder. With that fantasy swimming in his mind, Dean hoped that was how things would play out. But honestly, he also kind of hoped that the man would surprise him in some way… introduce him to something new he’d never felt before.

The doors in this hall were all numbered and when they came to the one intended for Dean, Gordon unlocked it with a key card and pushed him inside roughly. These rooms were all similar, tastefully decorated, and containing a bed, a table, and a chair. There were eyelets on all the furniture and walls for restraint and a standard toy chest with the basics arranged inside. When purchased in the gallery, which was always the first activity of a sex day, a man was brought to this relatively comfortable room and bound.

The one who had purchased him would be given the key card and a designated amount of time to play, uninterrupted. There were rules posted on the wall and the winning bidder would have already agreed to abide by them upon threat of expulsion for breaking any. Dean was relatively comfortable in this room, and after Gordon had secured him to the wall by his cuffs, he finally left. Alone now, Dean had only to wait. However, his patience was wearing thin and he wound up pressing his cock into the wall to relieve the pressure building there.

Deep inside him, a dull ache that had been present since waking was growing more prominent by the minute. It was getting harder to ignore. Flexing against his restraints, Dean tried to be patient. He knew from experience that prostate stimulation would relieve his ache. More than anything, Dean wanted a cock in him and the steady leak of slick from his eager hole served as the physical proof of it. When he finally heard the telltale click of the keycard reader, Dean nearly sobbed in relief.

The door opened and Dean’s body tensed. He arched his back and pushed his ass backwards toward the man who would soon fuck him. It was a wordless invitation to defile him. Turning to look over his shoulder, he was thrilled to see the man’s eyes sliding over him appreciatively. Dean rocked back in his restraints and spread his legs farther apart, eager to get started.  

“Oh yeah,” sighed the man, pulling the door closed behind him, “this was money well spent.”

Dean grinned and leaned forward again, pressing his dick against the wall as he waited for the man to come and take what was his. When he didn’t move, Dean looked back again and dared to speak. “I want your cock so fucking bad.”

“I know you do,” reassured the man in a deep voice, “but you’re gonna have to prove it by being a good boy for me.”

Oh great. One of these. Dean hadn’t pegged this guy as one who’d make him wait. Or beg. But he’d been wrong before and he’d be wrong again. Waiting and begging might not be his favorite type of game, but he’d play. He always did whatever was necessary to satisfy his customer. It was an investment, he figured, in future bidding wars. “I’ll be good,” he promised, “cause I want you so bad.”

Dean could feel the man’s presence as he came up behind. He pressed his ass back in the hopes that he’d be able to at least feel the outline of the man’s dick against his crack. Then he’d at least know how big the guy was. Knowing what he had to look forward to might make it easier to get through the inevitable waiting.

“No, no, no,” tisked the man, stepping back to avoid contact. “You’re not gonna get me that easy. A whore like you has to earn it.”

Hearing himself called a whore made Dean’s dick jump a bit. He’d never admit to having a kink for humiliation, but for some reason he’d always been turned on by being called dirty names. Especially ‘cockslut’. Maybe because that one was true of him. Even before he’d come to this place, his mouth had watered at the thought of sucking dick. Hiding his proclivities from his father hadn’t ever been easy. But, once Dean had actually started doing dudes, it was as if a flood gate had been opened. From then on, life with John Winchester had gotten more and more intolerable by the day. He’d simply craved more action than he’d been able to secretly procure.

Granted, the man didn’t seem to mind Dean’s easy hookups in diners and dive bars, as long as his conquests were female. In fact, his father had often seemed proud of his son’s prowess. But, keeping it to just the ladies had grown tiresome after a while – especially with the strong appeal of trying something new when the opportunity presented itself. He’d be lying if he tried to pretend that his father hadn’t been a big part of his decision to commit himself to this place.

The hunting life with John Winchester had been rewarding in many ways. But, much like his brother, Dean had eventually decided that life with their father was too confining. Both brothers were now living life on their own terms, far away from their father. Sammy’s life as a lawyer might be a bit more noble than Dean’s, but he’s not be sorry for whoring himself out. He’d chosen this life for a reason. And that reason hung between his legs now, impatient as it waited for this paying customer to give him what he wanted. Needed.

His cock nearly leapt for joy when Dean finally felt a hand come to rest on his flank.

“Gonna let you out,” said the man behind him, “but only if you be good for me.”

“I’ll be good,” he promised again.

“You want my cock don’tcha little boy?”

Dean almost laughed at that. It’s been a while since anyone talked to him like a twink. He’d come here young enough to still embody that particular fantasy, but he’d long since outgrown it.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned, hands falling to his sides as the man released him from restraints.

“Get on your knees.”

“Yes sir,” he answered as he dropped to the floor.

The man sat down on the bed next to him and said, “Take off my shoes and socks, boy.”

Oh fuck. If there’s a kink Dean doesn’t have, it’s feet.

“Yeah, boy, you know what I want,” praised the man as his ugly feet were bared to the room.

Remembering the way he’d laid himself out on the floor in the gallery, Dean tried to find some way to enjoy what he was doing. Working on someone’s feet was subservient, after all, and Dean liked to be subservient. Hoping for the best, Dean leaned in and licked a stripe up the top of the man’s foot  to his ankle. Hoping that a little tongue tease would be all that was needed, he then pressed upwards and tried to push his mouth into the man’s lap.

“Please,” he whimpered as he made a play for it, “please let me suck it.”

“You gotta earn that,” answered the man gruffly, grabbing Dean by the scruff of his neck and forcing him back down.

At least it was a little scintillating to be shoved down. Dean set to work, tongue tracing the lines of the man’s feet and sucking toes one at a time. When he felt like he’d earned it, he looked up at the man in charge of his pleasure and asked, “Can I finger myself? Have I earned that much?”

“Sure you can,” grinned the man, “put on a show for me while you work.”

The ache inside him was quelled the moment his rim was breached. Quivering with desire, Dean pushed his two middle fingers deep inside and began searching for the good spot. Even as he did so, he was opening up to take the man’s toes back into his mouth. Closing his eyes and trying to be grateful for something to suck on, Dean found the magic place up inside of himself and stroked it to life. A shiver snaked up his spine as the ache of want in him was chased away and he groaned salaciously. Contentedly serving his master now, Dean continued to finger himself rhythmically and tried to make it look as sexy as possible.

It wasn’t easy to find new and unique ways to pleasure a man’s feet, but Dean did his level best. Eventually he felt a heavy hand come to rest on the crown of his head and his heart skipped a beat with the possibility that he was about to change activities. Luckily, he was soon being pulled up by his hair and shoved down on a fat cock. This, he thought, is more like it.

With his jaw locked open wide over a huge dick, Dean hummed happily. When the hand on his head pushed him down hard and held him there, he was further titillated. Impaled on a massive cock, he gagged in the best way and felt tears spring to his eyes. Loving the rough treatment, Dean pushed a third finger into his ass. It was so damned juicy back there that he could hear the squelching of his fingering even over the heavy breaths of the man he was sucking off.

“Got that ass ready for me?” growled the man who bought him.

“Y-yghh,” was all he could grit out around the shaft choking him. But, his cock was suddenly throbbing as his brain processed the idea that he might finally be fucked. Suddenly pulled up by the hair, Dean’s mouth gaped open and he panted heavily as he met the man’s heavy stare. “Split me open,” he challenged, “Make me scream.”

The man slapped his face and rose to his feet while Dean recovered. Then, there were fingers laced into his hair again and an iron grip holding him in place as the man slapped his cheek and open mouth with a heavy, wet cock.

“Oh yeah,” he pleaded, fingers still buried in his ass and working rhythmically to widen his entrance. Being mistreated on his knees like this was taking him back to his days before… back when he’d traveled with his father and would wander into the occasional truck stop bathroom. Naked under his jeans and halfway unzipped, his pants would hang low and expose a sliver of his eager ass. An obvious invitation to all comers.

He’d hoped and prayed back then, as he’d dropped to his knees on a dirty floor, that his father wouldn’t come in and see him down there, gagging himself to tears on the day old cock of some beer gutted trucker. But then again, if the worst were to happen, at least he’d be able to stop pretending to be straight for his old man.

As his mind snapped back and forth between the dick he was currently sucking and the ones of his early days, Dean could feel his body starting to build towards an orgasm. It would be his first of the day, and he knew he’d fucking earned it. He was already getting close when he was roughly grasped and spun around. Grunting as his face was shoved down to the floor, Dean braced himself on his knees and elbows. With his asshole quivering and shiny wet, Dean could only cry out to be filled.

“C’mon man,” he begged, spreading his knees further apart, “fuckin’ tear me up!”

But, instead of being penetrated, he got slapped. Not once or twice but repeatedly. It stung badly, but didn’t dull his arousal. In fact, he rather liked it. It was doubly humiliating to bare his ass and beg and still be denied what he wanted. Needed.

His body rocked under the heavy swats and his cheeks reverberated with each new blow. His ass was on fire already and it clenched in fear of more - even as Dean wondered if perhaps more wasn’t exactly what he wanted. “I’m gonna tear up that pussy, you little slut,” promised the man from above.

“Do it,” he cried, needing a dick in him like he needed air.

“Say my name, whore.”

Everything went white. Panic set in. Dean opened his mouth and tried to pull his mind from the hazy state he’d fallen into as he’d been punished and humiliated. He had no idea what name to call out and he needed to know that name if he wanted to be fucked.

From behind him, Dean could hear the jangle of a belt buckle and the sound of a leather strap clearing belt loops. “Call me daddy if you don’t know my name, little bitch.”

“Daddy,” he called out, hating the sound of it. “You’re my daddy. Fuck me, Daddy.”

“Who’s my boy?”

“I’m your boy,” he called desperately, craning his neck to look over his shoulder. Looking up, he saw the man pulling his belt strap back to dish out a beating with it.  He arched his back and spread his knees apart, opening himself as far as he was able. “Get my hole,” he rasped out, simultaneously fearful and welcoming of the coming pain. Clenching his body in preparation, he took a deep breath. The leather strap missed his entrance when it fell the first time, snapping loudly on his pinkened ass and leaving a stinging sensation that stretched over the full expanse of his backside. The next lash landed unbelievably close to his hole and Dean screamed out in the voice of a girl as he absorbed it. With his face pressed to the floor, Dean called out again, “I need you Daddy, fuck me! Fuck your bad little boy!”

And with that, Dean finally got what he wanted. Pushing back with all his strength, Dean screamed out in pleasure as he felt the blunt head of a cock pressing against his hole and bursting past the rim. He didn’t crumple forward as he was penetrated either. He continued pushing back, rocking from side to side a bit as he was violated, eagerly swallowing up every fucking inch that the man pushed in. He felt the skin around his hole pull tight and begin to stretch. He felt the wide girth between his legs and up into his abdomen, almost as if the shaft was long enough to push up behind Dean’s belly button and bow his stomach.

The relief tied to the action of being mounted was so intense that he continued screaming in pleasure until his partner was fully seated. The man obviously liked hearing him carry on, answering his vocalizations with a husky, “That’s right little boy, I’ll give ya what you need.”

Dean was surprised by the sound of his own voice, coming out high pitched and boyish. Before there was any time to adjust to the sheer size of this man’s cock, it was pulling back out of him. “Tight like a pussy should be,” mumbled the man as he clamped his hands down on Dean’s hips. “You wanted to be split open,” he reminded Dean, “so, you can scream all you like, but I ain’t holdin’ back for you.”

I fucking hope not, thought Dean. He bit his lip to make sure the thought didn’t slip out of his mouth and then he forgot about the pain in his knees and leaned into the first thrust. Grunting with the force of it, Dean reached under his belly and gripped his own cock as the man fucked forward into him. The pullback was even better the second time and Dean could feel his entrance clenching around the man’s shaft, clinging to it and trying to keep it inside him. He groaned in ecstasy when the man’s crown caught on his rim and rested there for a moment. When he plunged back inside, it happened fast. From that moment on, it was all Dean could do to keep his knees under him.

Feeling young now that he’d adopted that persona, he carried on like a teenager and wailed for his ‘daddy’. He continued screaming like a virgin as he was roughly taken, and doing so made Dean’s cock pulse pre-cum steadily onto the floor between his knees. The man plowed into him from behind, holding his hips in a vice grip as he set a brutal pace. Dean, still gripping his own cock tightly with one hand, bore the weight of the man behind him with one strong arm and eagerly rocked along as he was fucked. Loving what he was getting, but still mindful of satisfying his customer, he made sure that his begging was well suited to the man. Hating himself a little for the ease with which he did it, Dean continued to call the man his daddy. In a squeaking high voice, he pleaded that the cock was too big… that it hurt… that his little boy pussy was too small. He was stroking the man’s ego and they both seemed to know it, but neither cared as Dean’s sloppy wet hole eagerly took all it was given.

He was only a heartbeat away from a climax when the man suddenly pulled his cock all the way out and painted Dean’s backside with his cum. It was always hot to have someone shoot it on him like that – to feel it splatter on his overheated skin and dribble sloppily around his hole. He smiled as it happened too, picturing what he must look like. He even twisted around to try and catch a glimpse, then locked eyes with the man as he released his own swollen dick in favor of dragging a finger through the man’s spend, spreading it around a little and eventually bringing his finger to his tongue for a small taste. But, despite his award winning act, he was left disappointed. He hadn’t even come.

His client flopped backwards onto the bed and sighed heavily. “Clean Daddy up,” he ordered.

Pulling himself up from the floor, Dean crawled up onto the bed. At least he was off his sore knees. He did as he was asked and began licking his own slick off the man’s wilting cock. Thankfully, a beeping sound soon signaled the end of their time together. After a few seconds of warning beeps, the door clunked open and Dean was pulled roughly out into the hall.

The gentleman who had purchased him was left to clean up and get dressed in his own time. Dean, however, was led down the hall and back towards the salon. His backside was dripping with cooling cum and his own slick. His cock was still hard in its plastic ring and it ached for a release. His stomach was tight too, still hopeful for an orgasm that hadn’t come to fruition.

As the handler walked him through the door of the salon, Dean’s eyes shot to Cassie’s station. His hopes of being cared for by her were dashed when he saw another man on her table. He was led over to the empty table of a woman named Lydia. She wasn’t as nurturing or flirty as Cassie, but she was attractive enough that he liked having her hands on him. He laid there and tried to relax as she cleaned him up. She gave him a standard mid-day massage which included special focus on his butt cheeks to help his gaping hole regain its shape. He was also given an artful teasing to make sure that he was eager enough to return to his work.

With that short break behind him, Dean was moved once more. This time, rather than the gallery, Dean was brought to the rec room. This was always where the remainder of a sex day took place. Unlike the gallery where everyone was auctioned off, the rec room was accessed by paying a standard fee per hour. Once they’d entered the rec room, customers were allowed to play with anyone in the room for the duration of their time there. Dean liked the rec room.

Upon entering, his handler removed the cuffs and left him in only his collar. He was now free to roam about. The rec room was actually a collection of connected rooms with varying themes. Some areas were more private while others were more public. Some rooms were laden with heavy equipment for dom/sub play and others were full of comfortable furniture and soft fabrics. Other rooms were themed to look like a pool hall, library, or classroom. Whatever environment a customer wandered into, there were places to fuck and be fucked, toys in abundance, and video cameras rolling.

If one were so inclined, they could even purchase a tape of their encounter in the gift shop on the way out. Dean had enjoyed every room in this maze at least once, but he had his favorite places. Heading for one of them now, he kept an eye out for someone to score with.

One of the things that Dean really liked about the rec room was that there were both men and women using it. Today, however, he was in the mood for a heavy handed man so that’s what he hoped to find as he wove his way through to the room in the back that looked like a pool hall. When he arrived, he went straight to the pool table. He would’ve liked to have ordered a drink, but he tried not to think about that particular desire. It’s not like the bartender would have served him anyway. Drinks were only for customers. Besides, no one was allowed to eat or drink on sex days. Anything imbibed might interfere with the drugs they were given or the ‘juice’ that they’d been bottle fed. Not to mention possibly ruining the freshly douched entrances that were offered here.

Since he wasn’t able to partake, it was better to just keep his mind completely off of alcohol. Racking up a game, Dean kept himself focused on pool as he watched and waited for someone to approach.

He didn’t have to wait long. A group of boisterous men entered together, sidled up to the bar and did a shot, and then turned their eyes to Dean’s naked form. He gave them a wink and then bent down under the pretense of lining up a shot. But really, he was just showing them the goods.

His stomach was knotted up tight in anticipation and his balls were aching with the need to cum. His asshole was still leaking slick and when he turned it towards the men gathered at the bar, his puckered entrance was quivering impatiently. Ever hopeful, his dick seemed to agree that a gangbang was just what he needed right now.

“Fellas,” he greeted when they ambled over, “you UP for a game?”

“Oh we’re up for it,” grinned the obvious leader. “I’m Vic and this is Max,” he said, gesturing towards the man next to him.

“And I’m Gavin,” added the third man, who stepped up to shake Dean’s hand as if they were actually meeting in a regular bar.

“Gavin’s gettin’ his cherry popped,” laughed Vic.

“Yeah,” added Gavin, “I just turned eighteen.”

“Well, it’s good to meet ya,” grinned Dean, happy to play along.

“You wanna show the kid how to line up a shot?” asked Vic.

“Sure thing,” he answered with a wink. Turning to face the young boy, Dean signaled him to come forward and then laughed as he told the kid that he just made him come with one finger. It was an old joke, but everyone laughed as though it was the first time they’d heard it.

Taking the pool cue in hand, young Gavin stepped up to the table as if to take a shot at the nearest ball. Dean bent down with him, wrapping an arm around the boy’s waist to reposition his hip. Then, breathing into the boy’s ear as he said it, Dean told him to form an imaginary line between the ball and the pocket he wanted to put it into. “Got your line?” he asked in a husky voice.


“Okay then, get behind it.”

Dean moved with the kid as he shifted to the left and took aim. For a second, it seemed like the boy might actually get off a shot. But, no. Instead, one of their group stepped up to goose him while distracted. The boy practically jumped out of his skin at the unexpected contact.

“Take it easy,” whispered Dean as he leaned in to help the kid recover. “and if it’s easy, take it.”

With that, the young man turned his head and said, “I wanna take you.”

“Well,” he grinned, “I’m easy.”

The pool cue clattered to the floor forgotten as the boy turned to Dean and pushed him forward over the table. Dean smiled warmly, knowing he wasn’t going to get off from this, but oddly happy to be the boy’s first. He let those shaky hands latch onto his hips and when he felt denim behind him, he pushed his bare ass back into it. Around them, the older men cheered for their young friend as Dean rocked from side to side, letting his ass tease the boy with light contact through his jeans.

It didn’t take long for the young man to find his courage. The dusty cowboy music playing didn’t entirely cover the sound of his zipper coming down, or the muffled noise of his jeans as they flopped down to his ankles.

“Oh fuck,” the kid whimpered as his little cock pushed between Dean’s cheeks, “you’re so wet.”

“For you,” Dean goaded, “I’m wet for you. Whatcha gonna do about it?”


“C’mon, man,” Dean pressed, still bent over the pool table, “you know what you want. Take it. It’s yours.”

From behind them, Dean could hear Vic and Max issuing challenges to the boy to get him going. Dean waited patiently, looking over his shoulder and flashing his most adorable smile whenever their eyes met.

He was trying not to get too anxious, but even bending over like this was revving up his motor. And with others watching, his exhibition kink was flaring. “Gavin,” he said firmly, pulling the boy’s eyes back to his face. Then, when he knew he had the kid’s attention, he pushed two fingers into his mouth and sucked them for a second. Gavin looked like he wanted to suck them too. Slowly Dean pulled the fingers from his mouth and moved his hand towards his own ass. With exaggerated sensuality, he drug those fingers down his own crack, a little surprised at how wet he really was.

Pushing through his own slick and down over his puckered hole, he teased at his entrance with wet, shiny fingers and soon felt the boy’s erection bump against him. “That’s right, sweetheart,” he crooned, “It’s for you. C’mon.”

The young man’s prick was small. Childlike. It didn’t stretch him at all, slipping in as easily as a finger would have. The kid moaned aloud as he sank inside, his hands coming to rest gently on Dean’s hips. Dean, wanting to make it nice for the kid, laid his own hands over top of the boys and began to move with him. Slowly and gently, he began a rolling of his hips that soon had the kid breathing heavily and hunching forward over Dean’s back.

Practically panting into his ear, the boy groaned as they rolled together. Soon he began to actually pump. Dean matched his pace and before he’d even had a chance to enjoy their little slow-motion movie-style fuck, the boy creamed inside him. With his body rigid and his mouth locked open in obvious ecstasy, young Gavin lost his virginity to Dean Winchester. In a brothel.

Their sweet and gentle moment was over too soon, the older men shoving forward to congratulate Gavin and then pushing him aside with claims that they’d “show him how it’s really done.” It was almost a little sad. For a minute to two.

Before long, though, Dean was lost in the throes of passion as he was roughly fucked against the side of the pool table by both men in turn. Dean enjoyed it immensely, especially since his rock-hard cock was thumping against the pool table on every thrust. He came quickly and shamelessly, spurting opaque jizz onto the wooden side panel as he was fucked by Vic.

Dean liked the way the men fucked. They both had a certain snap to their hips that tugged at his rim with each thrust. With the glow of his first orgasm still enveloping him, Dean was all too eager to agree when Max suggested they double up. He watched Vic crawl up onto the green velvet table top and lay himself out flat with his legs bent at the knee and his feet dangling over the edge.

Dean hoisted himself up over the man and made a show of situating himself over that big black cock. Then, he slid down nice and easy on him and leaned forward. With his dick trapped between his own stomach and Vic’s, Dean waited patiently for Max to climb up behind him. Then, he arched his back so that Max’s fingers could push up inside him and stretch him over the second cock as it pressed its way in.

Practically vibrating with lust, Dean waited for Max to get fully seated before sitting halfway up and bracing himself on his knees. Then, when Max began to thrust, Dean used his weight to push down on both of them. Spread wide over two big dicks, Dean could’ve wept for how good it felt. Rocking back onto them and feeling himself stretched to his limits, it was impossible to keep silent. He panted and cursed as he impaled himself over and over while his own cock jutted straight out in front of him. Vic’s eyes were locked on it as it bobbed and swayed with Dean’s humping motions and when he took hold of it, Dean lurched under the lightning strike of pleasure that snapped through it. Across from them, Gavin was watching with his mouth hanging open in shock.

Glancing down at Vic, Dean recognized the glassy-eyed look on his face. The man was enjoying this tremendously, but having just come, he’d not be reaching his end any time soon. He was just along for the ride, barely moving. He was groaning aloud each time Max pushed in, their dicks rubbing together sensually while buried inside of Dean.

Max was far more skilled than Vic, and that was saying something. The man was incredible, thrusting with his entire body rather than just his hips. Dean couldn’t believe his luck and he leaned back onto the man, loving it when strong arms wrapped around to clasp his shoulders. Guided by those hands, Dean grinned madly as he was pulled back heavily onto the full girth of two hard cocks. Each dick grew even wider at its base, and with Max pulling him down progressively harder, his greedy hole stretched father with each repetition.

Their pace was increasing and a searing heat built between their bodies as they moved together, towering over Vic who was now gripping Dean's cock as though it were a lifeline. Eventually the sound of skin slapping on skin grew louder than the background music. Dean’s body gave and gave, his hole stretching wider, always wet as his body continually pulsed its own lube from deep inside. The squick of cocks pushing into him and pulling back out was salacious to his ears as he bounced on them and all three men spouted a litany of curse words as they closed in on a second climax together. Onlookers began to gather alongside Gavin to watch and Dean loved how sexy he felt as he put on a show for them.

When he came again, he was looking down at his cock and able to watch as he shot a load from his engorged tip. It spattered across Vic’s chest and as it happened, he felt the man beneath him go rigid. His eyes clenched shut as he came hard into Dean. Then, as Vic was coming down, Max grew erratic behind him. The man dropped his forehead to Dean's shoulder as he shot his second load up into Dean’s eager hole.

The three of them groaned loudly in satisfaction as they peeled themselves apart. Dean scuttled over the edge of the table and balanced himself on weak knees. Between his legs he felt hollow, his hole clenching wildly but far too stretched to hold in the spend of three men. Along with his own juices, it spilled out onto the floor in a splattering mess that he almost didn’t want to look at.

As he was pulled away by a handler, Dean received accolades from the men he’d just banged and a rousing round of applause from the onlookers who’d witnessed his debauchery. Back in the salon once more, he was lucky enough to find himself being ushered to Cassie’s area this time. His over stimulated dick fell slack as soon as his cock ring was removed and he sighed with relief.

“How was it?” she asked as she led him over to the drain in the floor.

“Fan-freaking-tastic,” he told her with eyes closed.

“Good,” she smiled warmly, turning on her little hand-held shower head. Slowly and gently, she washed him with a soft cloth and warm water. He stood with his legs apart so she could douche him and then stayed still to be cleaned fully before being dried off and ushered back over to her table. The recipient of her incredible massage, he found himself fading in and out of a contented sleep while she worked his muscles into relaxation for him. It didn’t take long for him to start waking up again, though. Not once she started in on the butt massage.

Beneath him on her table his dick began to stir. He adjusted himself to make room for his package and even as he was doing that, his puckered entrance was growing moist again. “Mmm” he hummed.

“Turn over for me?”

“Not a chance,” he grinned, “keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Okay,” she said warmly, “You get five more minutes.”

“You’ve got magic hands.”

“Just wait til you turn over,” she teased. And with that said, Dean decided he didn’t want five more minutes of ass massage. He rolled over and grinned at her, his flaccid cock laying there in a heap as it waited for her attention.

She kept him waiting for a few minutes, gentle hands working his pecs and biceps and even his thigh muscles before bringing her fingers to his groin. She teased his dick to life skillfully and then began to stroke his shaft when it lengthened in her hands. Before long, Dean was feeling the familiar tug of the cock ring being guided back into place. For good measure, she stroked him a few more times once it was on him and looked into his eyes as his arousal became fresh and new again.

When he was pulled away from her in cuffs again, Dean sighed wistfully. He’d be returned to the rec room now and had high hopes of his next encounter being with a woman. Hopefully, one with gentle hands and a soft voice. He was now in a mood to pleasure someone with soft curves and voluptuous breasts. Someone who would whisper things in his ear rather than bark curse words at him as they came.

He did get his wish of a female client, though she was far less attractive than he’d been hoping for. At least she had a nice rack. She pushed his head down between her legs under a table in the mock library and to please her, he ate her out for far longer than he really cared to. When she was primed and ready, begging him incessantly, he put her up on the table to fuck her. His eyes had lingered on her bouncing breasts as he sank in and fucked her, his dick pushing into tight, wet heat and eliciting a contented moan. He brought her to a climax before finally allowing himself to orgasm and then he banged another lady after that. It felt so incredibly good to push his dick up into someone, but by this point his asshole had grown envious. It twitched as he thrust to remind him that it was empty and needed filling. As if that weren’t enough, he was still leaking slick the entire time he carried on because there was no stopping that shit once a man had drank the juice. In a perfect world, he’d have been pegged from behind while fucking that second woman. But sadly, his attention hadn’t been split between two partners that time and he had to climax from stimulation to his cock alone.

After that, a trip to the salon had him feeling fresh and clean again. He ventured through the rooms slowly, making himself available. All around him others were lost in various stages of carnal acts and it was quite sensual to walk amidst the clusters of people fucking. Back in the room with the pool table, he let out a whistle to get everyone's attention and then bent over against the bar to make his intentions known. Feeling like he could never be fucked enough to be fully satisfied, Dean took on a chain of men, one right after the other. They lined up for him, each taking their turns while he jerked himself to orgasm again and again. Enjoying the change in dynamic from one man to the next, Dean kept his back arched and his legs spread wide, taking all comers and keeping at it until his knees grew too weak to hold him up anymore.

Gripping the bar rail with one hand, he used the strength of one arm to hold himself upright as he sagged to his knees between fucks. Still wanting more, he kept one hand on his cock and called for two at a time. Taking two cocks at once did the trick - elevating him to a new level of turned on and making it possible to reach his peak a few more times. As he grew weary, though, the climaxes were progressively less powerful and almost nothing was spurting from his tip anymore. Thankfully, his fucked out hole stayed slick as he was tag teamed. Loving what he was getting and unwilling to stop, he grew weaker and weaker until eventually the handlers interceded. He blacked out as they pulled him away and when he woke, he was being positioned on a table in the salon.

Rejuvenation took a long time, fucked out as he was, but the massage he was given was wonderful and he faded blissfully in and out of sleep a few times as his body recovered. Dean's last round of the day was with a regular who came to fuck him often. The guy was overweight with wild eyes and wilder hair. His name was Ronald Reznick and Dean remembered it because the guy always gave both his first and last name like a dork.

Despite being relatively unattractive, Dean liked the guy a lot. He professed to love having his mouth between Dean’s cheeks and was one of the few customers that could be counted on for a rim job. Dean knew the man had a crush on him and he didn’t mind at all. In fact, he frequently went out of his way to make Ronny feel like Dean had a bit of a thing for him as well.

Knowing what the guy liked, Dean led him by the hand to a room decorated like a regular bedroom. He kept his eyes locked on the heavy man as he worked to undress him and then pulled him under the covers.  This was where the man seemed most comfortable and true to form, he was soon guiding Dean onto his stomach. Dean stretched out luxuriously as Ron bent down to lick him out and the man kept at it until Dean was quivering with delight. Turning him over again, Ron grinned when their eyes met and sank down to blow him – the only time all day that anyone had actually wanted to blow him rather than be blown.

Grateful beyond measure for the extended foreplay, which Ron was likely paying a small fortune to provide him, Dean held eye contact as he climbed on top, seated himself on Ronny’s cock, flashed a winning smile and began to ride it. With his eyes wide, Ronny laid there and soaked it up, his hands clutching Dean’s strong thighs as he artfully bounced there, gradually increasing the pace until he’d brought the man to climax. When it was over, Dean found himself pulled into an embrace, Ron hugging him tightly under the covers and whispering that he wished he could take him home for keeps.  

By this time it was late, coming up on four in the morning. The bar-rush was at its end and the rec room was nearly empty. So, with his mind on one last orgasm, Dean rolled them over and wrapped his legs around the big burly man who was obviously infatuated with him. With his legs spread wide, Dean’s wet hole invited him in and Ronny sank inside, slow fucking Dean missionary style.

Pulling the man’s face down, Dean arched his back and practically shoved his nipple into the guy’s mouth, encouraging him to continue sucking there with a litany of debauched sounds and whispered words. He slung his leg up over Ronny’s shoulder and the man responded by repositioning his own legs to fuck in deeper. Dean gasped aloud and fisted his cock, never breaking eye contact as he whispered over and over how badly he wanted to come again on Ronny’s cock.

Eventually he did blow again - on his back with a cock buried deep and his arm muscles burning with the effort of jacking himself off. Ronald watched him orgasm as if he were a gift from the gods and when Dean started to come back down from it, he made sure to give the man a deep kiss filled with emotion. He always tried to give the customers something to come back for, even the ones he didn’t much care for. But honestly, he did have a bit of thing for Ron. The guy was funny and sweet and sincere, his personality going a long way towards compensating for his unfortunate looks.

Dean smiled indulgently as he was cleaned up one last time. Laying down on a table in the salon, he settled in to enjoy his final massage of the day. He was quite satisfied and drifting on a warm cloud when the nurse pushed her computer cart up next to him.  

“Hey Anna.”

“Hi Dean, how was your day?”

“Awesome,” he grinned, remembering the high points as she checked him over and entered notes into the system. As he watched her prepare his injection, she asked him which encounter of the day had been his favorite. Despite knowing that she was just making polite conversation, Dean searched his mind for the most honest answer he could give. As she located his vein and plunged in the needle, he smiled warmly and answered, “The virgin. The one with the tiny dick.”

He watched an answering smile play over her lips as she withdrew the needle. Then she leaned in over him to plant a kiss on his forehead. “Never lose that sweetness, Dean, it’s why we all love you so much.”

Already he could feel the effects of his injection. A moment ago he’d been completely satisfied… one hundred percent fucked out and done. But, just moments after the prick of a needle, he could already feel a heady eroticism building inside him.

Still physically exhausted, he knew he’d sleep and sleep well. But thanks to the shot, he’d be plagued with delightfully dirty dreams all night long.

When prompted, he rose from the table and followed along in his cuffs as he was led to the sleeping quarters. Divine exhaustion sinking into his bones, Dean was asleep before the door to his cage had even been locked.  His dreams mounted quickly, lascivious images flashing through his mind and indecent acts bombarding his subconscious. Upon waking, as expected, he was already half out of his mind with lust, rocking on all fours again and desperate to be fucked.