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And it was

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And it was

It was dark.

It was silent.

It was empty.


As empty as his prison was, was his heart, the only difference between the two was the dark watch was full with something, or rather, someone, and instead his hearth was full with one emotion, a sadness that rivaled with the darker of all shadows. The mourning for the death of his beloved, the regret of not being able to help him, the anguish of not finding him after all these years.

These emotions and sensations filled his mind and hearth in the endless void of his confinement.


Months, years, centuries, in a perpetual downfall spiral, only interrupted by the months he spent luring humans and yokai alike to use him, so he could use them.


It was endless.

It felt infinite.

It was despair.


No matter how much he looked for him, he couldn’t find his beloved. No matter how bigger he made his army, his beloved didn’t notice him. No matter how famous he became as a tool, his beloved did not come to find him.


Restless were the nights he spent plagued by nightmares full of these emotions, of these memories. Every single night he would wake up crying, every night his beloved would reassure him, hold him and not let go, and every night he would let himself be loved, for such kind affection was the one he used to crave for.


He had to endure his imprisonment for longer than his mind and soul could bear. He was lost in that endless void. It haunted him.


One day, the dreams changed.


It's difficult for him to admit it out loud, for him, centuries of using others made him plenty of enemies and centuries of being alone made him cautious of whom he loved, centuries of longing made him afraid of loving again, but in the moment, in his hearth, he knew there was a new light keeping away the darkness.


But he is weak.


Two are the people that love him unconditionality, two are the people that reassure him with actions, with words, with gestures, but he… he is weak, and every night he would be afraid of losing his only lights. He is terrified of death, he is terrified of his enemies and he could not bear with the thing inside him that keep telling him the most terrible disasters. Because he is a coward, because he is selfish, because he can’t fight back at his own mind anymore and he is terrified of being alone again and once again fall in desperation, time and time again, night after night, repeating an obscure and twisted destiny that fells like fate.


He is desperate just at the thought of being separated of them.

And he is in that dark place every time he wakes up with those unspoken feelings.


And it’s silent.

And it’s dark.

And it’s sad.


But it’s also warm.

It’s loving

And it’s caring.


He could feel two set of arms around him, one little pair of arms just hugging him from behind, the other one is bigger and strong, one arm is cuddling him, the other is petting him on the head with care and love.


And it was bright in the middle of the night.