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Toon Wars: The Final Days

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In Loving Memory of Stan Lee, Stephen Hillenburg, and Chance Champ Lee (My Pet Dog)


The world is in danger. The clouds are intensely darkened around the globe, covering it in dark red and green hues while purple storms shower above from space. The medieval streets are empty and left in ruin. Only the Adventure Academy Tower, appearing worse for wear than in most days, sits perfectly still. Inside, the former classroom of an old professor lay Cattus the One Blade; the wisest of the team, and the ever so timid Bimm. She sits next to her brother, Familiar, who's too busy looking out the classroom window with a Neutron-Crossbow in his hands. As Bimm continues to look scared and confused, Cattus leans forward to her to ease the tension and give her comfort, telling her of a much different time before now. He says softly,"Years ago, when I was but a little one, before I attended the academy here, I was taught the ways of the One Blade. I remember the tradition well. My family consisted entirely of One Blades, given the title for our bravery, wisdom, and heroism. A mantle where everyone can be a warrior no matter the shape or size. A mantle that is not achieved, but is earned. I was the most recent, and the youngest to ever be. And ever since, I have been in a constant state of meditation, spreading my wisdom onto others, vowing to keep the title until one day, someone worthy steps forward." Just when Cattus finished his story, the huge long-haired frog, Phibby Croax bursts through the door with his damaged shield in his hand with a more panicked expression than his usual excitable appearance.

Phibby: ...They're here.

Bimm as her eyes widen: ..!

Familiar: I see it! The clouds are separating! We're not safe here anymore! Then again, we were never safe to begin with..!

Outside the academy, the skies start to distort like a computer erasing a skybox and the surface of the world crumbles into a pure white space, leaving nothing behind! But at the very center of the destruction, a city-sized purple layered halo, almost resembling an eye, stares down at the remains of the Earth.

Cattus: We must escape! (Grabs Whirlwind Magisword) Ready your defenses everyone!

Just as the group step outside, Bimm hesitates tremendously, as do everyone beside her while they have their weapons ready. They walk carefully down the hall, watching from all corners of themselves, trembling in nervousness as though they know what is come. When going through the halls, Cattus and Familiar check and look through the classroom windows. But all there isn't anything in them. The rooms are empty and glitched along with the outside environment. Eventually, they reach the end towards a room containing a large warp gate placed by the Toon Force for situations like these. And in front of it stands Vambre Warrior of Lyvsheria with her back turned.

Cattus: Vambre! Did the escape portal finish recharging?

Vambre: …

Familiar: You alright, V?

Vambre slowly turns around shaking and breathing rapidly with an extremely frightened expression on her face next to a tall mysterious man in the shadows, appearing to be wearing a strange mixture of an outfit reminiscent of that of a familiar samurai warrior and a certain boy genius and ghost boy. Vambre is frozen, unable to even flinch from a dark purple aura holding her in place.

Mysterious Man turning toward the group: ...You know, they say there's a demon in all of us, Warrior. Now it's time to embrace your's.

Familiar: Damn...That's deep!

Phibby: He had us before we even knew it!

Cattus quietly clenches tightly onto the handle of his Magisword and keeps his arm on Bimm's shoulder, holding her behind him for safety.

Mysterious Man: Don't be frightened, my fellow children. Soon you will all be a part of a much better world where everyone can live in perfect harmony. No one will ever be different. Or forgotten like you.

Familiar: And by that you mean kill us and turn us into one of you? You're twisted!

Mysterious Man: Perhaps I am. But that's typical to say for a hero in a script. I'm just trying to break it. (Raises hand)

The group hesitate when the mysterious man shoots a pulse of gravity at them, not really affecting them until each of them look at each other's hands and realize that they're slowly being turned into digitized code that is erasing them from the inside out; much to their unprecedented horror!

Cattus: Oh no..! What otherworldly magic is this?!

Phibby scrambling: I-I can't feel my legs!

Mysterious Man: Normally, we'd be corrupting worlds rather than deleting them. We don't have the luxury to do so elsewhere. But here, all it takes is one hint of our will to destroy you, permanently.

In fear, Vambre manages to break free of her paralysis and desperately clings onto the man's arm trying to tug him away and stop his madness, but her efforts are fruitless! Without looking, the higher being pushes her to the floor with a pulse wave from his palm aiming at her face as she was pulling.

Vambre: Stop! I won't allow you to!

Mysterious Man: Under whose authority, Warrior?

Distant Voice: Mine!

Mysterious Man: ?!

The erasure process stops as everyone looks at the old Principal Cyrus, stepping up to the man with the Knowledge Magisword in his pocket, taking it out and enlarging it.

Bimm: Professor..!

Cyrus: I got the dang thing ya keep killin' for! Now let the kids leave, alright?! Thought that gate would've been done by now so I could leave without havin' to do this.


Vambre: No...

Mysterious Man: I make no promises. (Shoots laser)

The villain shoots a small laser instantly through Cyrus' chest, which pushes him back onto the cold floor! As everyone stares at him in utter shock, his body starts turning into fading code, leaving nothing left of him but the Knowledge Magisword on the floor tiles. This cruel new enemy gives a small grin that quickly fades when he sees Vambre and the rest of the team try to escape through the warp tunnel while he isn't looking!

Mysterious Man: No you don't..! (Holds palm in the air)

Vambre running away and turning around: !

Vambre is immediately stunned by the man's invisible pulse attack, which quickly warps her to parts unknown, unable to even scream fast enough. At the same time, everyone in the warp tunnel nearly get hit by the same attack, knocking down Phibby and Familiar! Bimm stops running and turns back to her brother to try and save him, but when she grabs onto his arm, it suddenly disappears from the corruption from the man!

Bimm: Familiar! Please! Don't go!

Familiar: I-I can't! You've gotta get outta here! Quick!

Before Familiar could say anything else, he gets grabbed by the hair by the mysterious man and is tossed out the warp tunnel behind him! He aims for Cattus and Bimm, still running at the end of the portal, but before he could do anything, he is quickly attacked by Phibby, getting back on his feet throwing heavy punches to the man's face and stomach! While he's grabbing onto him, the villain's right arm starts to distort itself like it's made of rubber, distracting him and giving Phibby an advantage! He headbutts him and slams him against the wall of the tunnel, taking his shield and smacking him to death with it to the point where it breaks into a small chunk! While he keeps beating him and grinding his face against the warp tunnel's energy current, the villain morphs his other arm into a spear-like appendage and lunges forward, stopping Phibby just before he could land another blow with a surprised and horrified look that says it all!

Phibby struggling to speak: …! That wasn't extreme...That was...Gegh…!

Phibby steps backward while holding his bleeding stomach and falls through the energy current out of the warp tunnel, fading out of the physical plane into the darkness of space! After Phibby gets erased, the mysterious man takes his palm and shoots three massive bolts of energy at the closing warp gate at the end of the tunnel! They enter and head straight for Bimm, too fast for her to react other than to be fearful! Before either of the missiles could get an inch on the distressed cat woman's face, Cattus pushes her out of the way and takes the shot in the back, holding onto Bimm tightly as the shots shoot right into him! The two of them fall out the closing portal into the lab of Nora Wakeman in the teleporter room, letting go of each other as Cattus lands on the side of his face, unable to move his body from the now bloody floor. As the blood spreads, Bimm crawls over to him, carefully turning his body back around and gently sitting his head on her lap to comfort him in front of everyone in the room with them!

Nora: Oh my Lord..!

Kitty: Someone get help! Hurry!

Dib: He's bleeding fast!

Just as everyone scrambles for help, Bimm keeps Cattus held against her while she slowly starts to cry, staring longingly at the proud warrior's rugged face.

Bimm holding Cattus: ...Why did you do that..? Why did you have to save me? You could've gone back for Vambre!

Cattus simply coughs a few times, but after the fourth one, he looks back to Bimm's face and quietly sets his hand on her to breath, Cattus tells her his very last response, "...Potential...You have…" He is quickly cut off by two dry coughs to Bimm's confusion, not sure what he's going to say, until he strokes her face with his clean hand and finishes his sentence. "You have, potential…"

Just with that, Cattus gives one last smile to the one he loved the most. He leans forward to her and for what feels like the first time all over again, gives one good kiss that lasts but a few seconds before he finally lets go of his life. Bimm calmly lets Cattus rest his head against her while she cries like no one has ever seen. She doesn't even make a sound. All she does is set her head onto her love's, and closes her eyes as though no one is really around. As though she's the only one left. Yet to her, she doesn't matter…

End of Might̷̡̢̼̻̤͍̽̐̋̊͛͒͗̂̓̈́͑̾͝y̸̛̹̺̠̭̬͙̭̎̅́̂̾̚͝͠ ̷̡͖̱̳̫̤̍̆́̍͑̽̂͜M̶̛̞̥̳̑̎̒̀͆̈̂͘͝͠a̵̢̻͇͉̝͕̞̭̯̥͛01100111 01101001 01110011 01110111 01101111 01110010 01100100 01110011


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Disclaimer: Anything in this arc is not to spread any hate towards any of the shows, names and likeness featured. I only wanna tell a good story. So if you're sensitive about the dark themes of this crossover, please feel free to visit my other stories instead. Enjoy the saga!

In Loving Memory of Stan Lee, Stephen Hillenburg, and Chance Champ Lee (My Pet Dog)

"I'm Jimmy Neutron. Welcome to my lab! AKA, the home base of the ever growing Toon Force! I'm the leader of this hero organization, along with my friends Timmy Turner, and Danny Fenton; or as everyone knows him, Danny Phantom! 10 years ago, we've fought our own arch enemies when they've teamed up to form a Syndicate, and we've explored and fought on other worlds across our dimension! Now they have somehow managed to start a war, and they've turned multiple worlds against us! So, to counter their plan, we've taken the opportunity to form a team of heroes from both our universe and many others out there, and we're currently in need of new recruits! If anyone wants to join, simply contact me at the coordinates I've sent to your capitol locations of your worlds pointing to Retroville. Thank you, and welcome to the fight! Gotta blast!"

TOON WARS: The Final Days

Chapter I

By Frozarburst

It was a nice afternoon in a distant and quiet place, until, a massive explosion goes off near the cul-de-sac of Peach Creek! Several square-looking rocket drones rush in and smash several buildings in the area and prepare to attack three boys, Ed, Edd (or as they call him, Double D or Sockhead), and Eddy at the local school yard against the wall.

Double D against the wall: Eddy, I told you this was a bad idea! I don't want to experience another dodgeball accident!

Eddy: Well how was I supposed to know these robots would come here?! And besides, I told you, D! Nothin's gonna happen! All they're doin' is staring at us anyway!

Robot with a makeshift cannon arm: Monster, show em who's boss.

Monster stepping forward about to hit the Eds: With pleasure. But, don't you think it'd be easier if we just blast them? I don't wanna make them suffer.

Robot: No way! It's too good for them! They've lasted for too long. We didn't even last one season!

Monster: Oh yeah. (Teeth sharpen) GRRR…!

The Eds start cowering until they are saved by a small projectile that explodes in front of them! Robot and Monster are pushed back by the blast and a beam of ghost energy blows off Robot's wrist cannon and a bola ties up Monster, much to his confusion. The Eds look above them and two heroes hover down slowly to them.

Danny Phantom: You guys alright?

The Ed's shivering: Y-y-y-y-yeah...?

Jenny: Great! That sure was easy. We're all clear here, Jazz!

Jazz on her communicator: Got it! Bombs away!

Jazz rides atop the back of the Monstrous Nightmare, Spark Byte Firefly, and flies over the cul-de-sac where several versions of the previous robot are shooting at the neighbors. Firefly sucks in the air and breaths fire across the road, destroying all the androids and saving the civilians! The people cheer and Danny and Jenny put Robot and Monster into custody while being interviewed by Johnny and Plank while Marie is hitting on Danny (who's understandably nervous). Elsewhere, Dr. Noreen's lab is being invaded by a horde of snakes and she contacts the Toon Force.

Maddie: We're on it Doctor! (Activates the teleporter in the lab) Let's do this!

Maddie, Rose, and Anais run through the warp gate with their weapons out. The moment they get to Noreen's lab, they slice open all the snakes with duplicates of Jack's sword and help the other XJ robots clean up the place and remove any remaining enemies from their internal systems. When all is clear, the real culprit is found by Rose, who throws her sword in front of him, blocking his way out. Sanjay, the mastermind behind the infestation, turns around slowly smiling nervously at the three women, and Noreen snaps her fingers, letting XJ-8 punch his face and knock him out! Much later, a park is being vandalized and Benson, Rigby, and Mordecai are trying to figure out who did it after they went out for shakes. Benson's angry and Rigby and Mordecai tell him it wasn't them, with the three of them seeing a mysterious person run by from the house. Suddenly, Carl Wheezer brings a herd of llamas, riding one of them and chasing after the guy who's running away! Jimmy Neutron uses his jetpack to knock the guy down and the llamas nearly trample him.

Carl looking at the criminal: What is that..?

Jimmy looking at SwaySway: I don't know. But he looks terrifying… (Takes out freeze ray) No offence.

SwaySway giving a thumbs up: None taken! (Gets frozen)

Next, in the Fenton's HQ, the young blue alien, Momotaro, trains against old combat drones resembling Bobert that have been repurposed for teaching under the watch of Jack and Ashi in the Fenton Lab. They arm their lasers and fire at the samurai, who almost immediately leaps into the air with gracefulness, getting behind them and waiting for the one in front of her to shoot. When it fires its cannon, Momo ducks and the beam blows up the drone behind her, giving her a chance to take out her sword and slash the other bot in two, causing it to explode! Just when things seem finished, however, an auto turret deploys from the ceiling and shoots at the girl, but she takes her blade and deflects the missiles like a shield, destroying the machine with ease! As soon as the last defense is deactivated, the training program ends with a loud honk from the alarm!

Jack clapping: Well done, Momo!

Ashi: Yeah, you sure showed them who's boss! You're a faster learner than I was when I was your age! (Holds hand out) Want some gum?

Just as soon as Ashi stretches her hand out, Momo smacks the gum out of her palm and onto the floor to her surprise!

Momo: AHA! Nice try, Master! But you'd have to be crazy to think I'd fall for a trick like that! That's obviously one of Jimmy's sleeping agents.

Ashi chuckling: ...Actually, that wasn't a trick. I wouldn't do that to you.

Momo: ...Oops...

In the forest of Littlebark Grove, Ashi, Nicole, Timmy, and Tucker (with his attack drone) are being led by Harvey and Fee through the place. They quickly come to a stop when Timmy sees a strange square person behind a tree. Everyone gets ready for combat, but instead, they stare in awe at Domo as he does nothing to disturb them.

Timmy: Um…hi. Are you ok?

Domo nods yes.

Timmy: Are you lost?

Domo nods yes.

Timmy looking at Harvey: You know this guy?

Harvey: I don't. But I sometimes see him at night when we're sleeping… And in my dreams...


The Toon Force back off a couple of feet away from Domo as he stares almost lifelessly at them.

Ashi: Okey Dokey….

On Retroville News Channel 9, the Toon Force's success for the past few weeks is covered with great positivity.

News Anchor 1: We're back live on Retroville News Channel 9 with coverage on the recent booming success of the Toon Force, where our team of colorful heroes have fought crime throughout multiple worlds as well as here in Retroville. That is, if this crime fighting team were consisting of those looking like cartoon characters.

News Anchor 2: We have Libby Folfax here to give us the real scoop. (Turns to Libby) Ms. Folfax.

Libby: Thanks Carol! Ya'll already know I've been working with Jimmy behind the scenes since day 1. That big-headed Einstein's got more than even NASA can handle! But after this whole "Toon War" thing or whatever started, things weren't just about him. (Turns to the monitor behind her) Check it out.

On the monitor, Phoebe is monitoring Jimmy's lab with Gerald and Zim nearby, and a malfunctioning robot in the room starts charging towards them from the corner. Immediately, Gerald hides behind Zim, and Phoebe leaps forward and kicks it to the ground!

Phoebe in a news interview: Yeah. I kinda miss my home back at Hillwood. But I still have Gerald and Arnold with me. Speaking of which, hi Helga! Congratulations on your wedding!

Technus is shown helping Danny lift a fallen rocket engine, while Rose is seen lifting the whole rocket all by herself with just one hand, smiling confidently.

Libby: Even the ghosts from the Ghost Zone started working with us! And I know I'm seeing big Rose in the corner of the screen there. Respect! Anyway, the people who've been caught doin' all that junk earlier, they're in the Ghost Zone Prison. If anything, that's why the ghosts have started catching them! As for everyone else, they're pretty straightforward. You screw up, you're dead. BOOM! Behind bars like always.

News Anchors: HAHAHAHA!

News Anchor 2: Well, thank you for your time, Libby. We appreciate it.

Libby: Oh wait! There's more! I haven't got to the news where Mrs. Fowl finally got engaged with-

News Anchor 1: And now we take a look at the Toon Force Base, where we have Mr. Sheen Estevez at the teleporter waiting for our heroes to return after a long day of fighting crime, and restoring rogue worlds back to their original state of being. If you count getting the snot kicked out of you, that is.

Back in Jimmy's lab (AKA the Toon Force Headquarters)…

A dragon Penny Fitzgerald carrying Gumball Watterson soars down to the old clubhouse entrance of Jimmy's lab, where the room itself splits open like a large hangar door, letting them descend softly to the floor as Penny morphs back into her fairy-like form. Gumball hops off her back and meets up with Sheen, standing at the old Universe Portal Machine with his friends Carl and T.

Sheen: Ok! Here we go! Turn on the portal T!

T: You got it fool!

T turns on the portal and much of the members of the Toon Force are coming out one by one.

Sheen counting everyone: Alright. Hey again, Ashi, Jack, Momo, Rose, Nicole, Yuki, Danny, Dani, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, Chester, AJ, Tutie, Shirley, Jimmy, Plankton, Zim, GIR, Gaz, Dib, Starfire, Timmy, Manny, Frida, Jenny, Anais, Scaramouche, Flora, Kitty, Dudley, everyone else...!

Wulf, Scotsman, Bobert, Cindy, Goddard, Rocko, Spunky, Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Tommy, Yumi, Ami, Chowder, Panini, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Uncle Grandpa, Chuckie, Tommy, Angelica, Susie, Kimi, the twins, Grim, Ice Bear, Panda, Grizzly Bear, Clarence, Billy, Mandy, Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, Familiar, Phibby Croax, Witchy Simone, Bunsen, Mikey, and Amanda come through. Sheen gives Jimmy the documents for the characters present and rescued.

Jimmy: Right. You did great keeping track Sheen!

T: Hey, what about me?! Can a brotha get some love?! Hmmm?!

Jimmy: T, you and Carl did a fantastic job! Everyone did as always!

Momo sitting on a bench: Yeah? Well I'm beat! I just got back from training with the Warriors for Hire again and they still can't get used to not having all the ones they collected all this time!

Danny getting out of his ghost form: You could say that again. (Puts hands behind head) I've just got back from going to the Ghost Zone to stop some guy from trying to gather energy like the 90th time the Syndicate tried that. We've done so much, it's likely no one's gonna pop out anytime soon.

Karen: I wouldn't say that if I were you.

Timmy: Why not?

Karen: Because there's another riot outside Zim's house.

Zim: AGAIN?! I'm tired of those humans complaining of me being an extraterrestrial lifeform! Come on GIR, we're gonna unleash the ol' flesh eating demon squid! (Jumps into the portal)

GIR: FINALLY! Hehehehehe! (Jumps into the portal)

Dib with his arms crossed: I'm still never gonna understand how you got with him, Gaz.

Gaz: Eh. He's less capable than you think, like you were back in the day. I like to see him do his victory dance.

Dib: True. ...Heeeey..!

Jimmy: Well, I guess that's it for now. Shirley, you serve any specials?

Shirley: YES! And for your sake, you, and anyone who may have a gluten allergy, get this variety pack...FOR FREE! (Zaps the floor and creates a long table with rows and varieties of food on it) Now, ENJOY!

Everyone inside gather around to get something to eat and socialize.

Familiar sitting next to Phibby: Say, where's Cattus? Isn't he coming?

Phibby: He said something about goin' on a date with a certain someone. (Winks)

Familiar: Certain someone?

Witchy Simone: It means your sister, bud. I'm startin' to get the urge to ask why they don't just kiss already.

Familiar: Eeh. Maybe another 2 years. Cattus can't hold the C for too long.

Amanda sitting next to Mikey and Timmy: Why is it that whenever I try to expose the monster, there's a cliche portal of some kind that leads to another world?

Timmy: I dunno. Stuff like that's been happenin' a lot since I met Jimmy. Kinda reminds of the first time I met you guys. Except Crocker's not trying to catch fairies anymore now that he's in prison. If you ask me, it's weeeeeird.

Bunsen: Weird is my middle name!

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Danny look at them while they enjoy themselves.

Jimmy: Look at all those happy faces! Guess our hard work really paid off this time!

Danny: Yeah. Never thought I'd see all of us at peace like this before. I just hope we don't have to deal with another crisis like last time.

Arnold, who's just coming back from his wedding in a fancy suit, Rocko, and Samurai Jack walk over while eating.

Arnold: Yeah, Jimmy, don't you think those bad guys will come back again? Nothing's stopped them before.

Jack: Other than Aku of course. Not since we erased him last time we fought.

Rocko: What about our old pals who attacked that city and Retroville? Won't they hate us when they're released from prison?

Sam: Especially Tuesday.

Jimmy: Ah, don't sweat it guys! We made sure they couldn't, remember? They're all being reformed and they've forgotten everything! Sure, there's still other worlds and even timelines going rogue for some reason. But with all our old enemies out of the way, and our worlds aligned, nothing can go-

5 Years Later…

"5 years have passed since the booming success of the Toon Force, and the attempted restoration of all worlds of both dimensions. But unfortunately, many mysteries about the origin of this long conflict have been left unsolved. Professional scientist and Toon Force leader, James Isaac. Neutron, remains ever vigilant to discover the truth of these worlds fighting one another while the war has come to an abrupt halt. However, based on further results of the 5-year gap, it is safe to assume that the worst of the war has finally come to an end. Or so we hope it has…"

Jimmy is sitting with his head on his desk alone in his small office, tired and aged from fighting for so long while he has several bills to pay. He now has a beard, his shirt is wrinkled, and his hair got slightly longer and fiery than usual; even bearing a streak. Quickly, Danny walks in with his new upgraded outfit, but this time, white streaks are in his normal dark hair and there are wrinkles underneath his eyes. Even though he's in human form, it's almost impossible to tell from his pale skin; the only indication of his humanity being his blue eyes.

Danny walking over to Jimmy: Jimmy?

Jimmy waking up fidgeting: Guhuh! What?! W-who said that?!

Danny with his hands up: Woah, chill dude! It's just me.

Jimmy: Oh…Sorry.

Danny: Jimmy, we've been fighting for 5 years now, and we're not getting any younger.

Jimmy looking at his reflection on his blank laptop screen: No kidding…

Danny: I'm serious! Gumball tells me in his world no one ages, yet here he and Penny are 17! His brother Darwin shouldn't have even graduated middle school yet!

Jimmy: Ok, that I did not know.

Danny: Zim's taller and hovering over the floor. Jenny's easy to upgrade, yet she's starting to get old and rust very like it's that time of the month. And now Rocko's looking back at his life-

Jimmy turning his chair around to Danny: Yeah, it's been a rough time for us, has it Danny?

Danny: You're telling me? Points to self) I have bags under my bags, and white streaks. Even my ghost form has streaks! (Goes ghost to prove to Jimmy) In addition to being pale at normal state putting Morbidia and Vlad to shame!

Jimmy: Cindy told me earlier that fighting the same battles can do a number on people, including us. Same thing happened to our manipulated counterparts after we restored them. Mentally it's much worse. My concerns especially extend to those such as Tuesday and Rudy, since they could potentially go off at the drop of a hat like they did before.

Danny having a seat in a chair: Well even since we still don't have a clue what made them this way to begin with, one thing's for sure, they don't know.

Jimmy: Yeah. Although, I'm still worried about Starfire. It's been years since she's been back with the Titans, I'm worried she'd never be the same if she ever saw them again. Same with GB and his family.

Danny: I wouldn't worry too much about it. We'll get through this somehow. We always do, don't we?

Timmy Turner walks in, this time back with his cap and signature buck teeth back, now taller with slightly longer hair.

Timmy: Hey guys.

Danny: Oh, hey Timmy.

Timmy: Gee. Seeing you guys here make you look above 50! What's up with that?!

Danny: Well, you're the guy who went around missing your signature cap and buck teeth at one point. A few more years and you might just catch up with us!

Jimmy scratching his head: You were here when we first announced the Toon Force, right Timmy? Could you tell us why we did it again?

Timmy stroking his buck tooth: Well, uh…I think we did it to fight the Syndicate and keep them from escalating the war. Or something like that. I mean, I could be wrong and all...

Jimmy: No, you're right! We really didn't go to war with other worlds and dimensions, they just got in the way. The Syndicate were the real culprits behind this!

Danny: Yeah, and our second meeting with the Mawgu.

Timmy: Or that one time you fought a demon and traveled through time.

Jimmy: Aku...

Timmy: Whatever. It's hard for all of us right now, and we've been stuck together since day one. I get the feeling the only way we could fix whatever's going on with us is if maybe we part ways for a while? Y'know? Like how we used to?

Jimmy: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. We've been together for so long doing something other than what we've done in the past. It's like, because we've entered two different dimensions and visited so many timelines and worlds on a daily basis, we've somehow accelerated our aging! What do you think of that, Danny?

Danny: Well, I'm no time travel expert by any means. But I get the feeling you ask Clockwork and he'll say, yes. Still, I don't feel so good about this either. What if something pops up and we're not ready for it?

Jimmy: Well, we're still in contact, right?

Danny and Timmy: Yeah.

Jimmy: We should be able to do like old times and meet up with each other through warping using the good ol' Universe Portal Machine! Thing is, places like Volcano Island were destroyed, and the only other spots where we could go to, if it's that big of a deal, is either here or Dr. Wakeman's laboratory.

Timmy: But, wait. You can't watch it all by yourself! You're not a one-man army you know! Even with all your gadgets and defenses! It'd be just like last time when all those worlds attacked.

Jimmy stroking his beard: Hm…I might have an idea.

Later outside the base in a large clear field on a clear sunny afternoon…

Jimmy stands at the center beside Danny and Timmy making an announcement to the now massive Toon Force using Goddard's Megaphone for surround sound.

Jimmy: And so everyone, we've decided it's time we finally part ways. But in case something happens while we're gone, I figured best if some of us stay behind and watch the base so we can regroup if need be. Any volunteers?!

Plankton raising his hand: I volunteer as tribute!

Dib, now taller with longer hair: Dude, I think you've referenced the wrong movie.

Plankton: Well, it's always a possibility.

Nicole, still in her anime style: But we can't go back home. You said the portal's coordinates to our world were still lost from the whole Mawgu thing, right?

Jimmy: Not anymore. Thanks to some help from Momo and Firefly, I was able to pinpoint the exact location of your world and Starfire's using another Dimensional Monitor.

Bobert: Then I will stay here and guard the base with you, Jimmy.

Gumball, slightly taller and anime-styled like Nicole: You sure Bobert? Elmore's still around for you to see. I mean, there's gonna be two of you if you do, but that's not stopping Anais from meeting Anais.

Bobert: Yes, but I would much prefer if your world did not have to see me like this. If I was simple enough to corrupt or be duplicated before, I don't want to run the risk of any future threats by being present at this time.

Penny, same height as Gumball with hair: Well, I guess that's ok if you really want to.

Jack, now older looking with a beard: I have the power of righteousness and Ashi by my side. (Quickly pulls out sword) AKU!

Much of the crowd turn their attention to Jack, whose flashbacks are starting to get to his head again as he looks back at everyone in embarrassment.

Jack putting his sword back: I am sorry. I mean, I could stay here while you return home.

Ashi: And I'll stick with you to the end… The, very end for real this time.

Anais petting Wulf: You want to stay too?

Wulf nods yes

Anais: Ok. Just make sure to come back every evening when you can, you hear? (Kisses Wulf's cheek)

Wulf blushes heavily.

Brad: How bout I replace you and you go back home, Jenny? It'd at least give us a break from defending two different places at once. This whole time, I've been stuck in your mother's lab and you got to go do all the dangerous cool stuff!

Jenny: Ah, relax Brad. I'll be fine. Besides, I've got plenty of firepower to take on anything they throw at me, and I'll be sure to let you in on it. It's just, I'm still worried about you getting hurt.

Dr. Noreen: XJ-9, what did I tell you about taking things lightly?! What if something terrible happens to you?

Jenny: Well, I could send my data back to the lab if I get wrecked. Then again, if I do that, the lab might get destroyed by someone else, or-

Jimmy: Now, now, I'm sure we can figure this out while everyone's gone. There's plenty of ways we could prevent anyone from getting seriously hurt, and I'm happy you've decided to stay. But in the meantime, we'd better get going if we want to recover from the 5 years we've been through.

Scotsman, now with white hair and in a wheelchair: What's that supposed ta mean? (Pulls out sword) I've got plenty of years left in me!

Flora: Dad, you're in a wheelchair.

Scotsman: That doesn't mean anythin'! (Lifts peg leg) Look, I've got a machine gun! How's that for a fight?!

Danny: Do any of you guys know where to go, though?

Scaramouche: Gotta admit, I just go with the flow.

Jack stroking his beard: We, um…we really don't live anywhere, to be honest.

Timmy: Yeah, and Dimsdale was totally wrecked after the Mawgu's attack.

AJ: We were lucky to be out here when that whole debacle happened!

Tutie: Wanda and I can't even get the proper coordinates from here to there anymore!

Jack Fenton trying to fix a lie detector: And the ol' Fenton technology can't detect whatever fairy junk's in beaver kid's world. (Hits the detector)

Danny: You wanna live with us back at Amity Park, then?

Sam: Yeah Timmy. It'd be a great idea! At least you'd have somewhere to go.

Timmy: I guess so. But you know if you need us, just call.

Jimmy: Will do! Alright everyone, we'll stay in touch and try to relax for a while, ok? We've been fighting for too long, and now's the time we finally go and rest. Goodnight, and good luck! (Turns off Megaphone)

Jimmy gives Goddard back the megaphone and turns him into a flycycle, getting on and flying back to base, where he stops at the entrance (his old clubhouse). He steps inside towards the elevator to the lab, but before he does, he looks at some drawings, paintings, photos, and Shelly's staff posted against the wall near the windows. He picks up a happy stick figure drawing of himself and Timmy drawn by Momo, and a portrait painting of Rose made by Nicole and Ashi. But next to them on the desk is a photo of Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, and their old friend, Spongebob Squarepants taken by Goddard in the lab when they first met moments before warping to Amity Park. Jimmy looks at it for about a minute in his hands with a sad but happy state of expression, and later in the day, the Toon Force say their goodbyes to each other and separate to their respective homes using the teleporter in Jimmy's lab.

Momo going through the gate: Bye Dad!

Wulf: Bye-bye! (Waves)

Rose Quartz steps toward the portal with something held between her arm and waist.

Jimmy: Do you know where you're going, Rose?

Rose: I heard I had a son in this timeline and the Gems don't have me around anymore. I figured I'd pay them a visit.

Timmy: But won't that mess up the timeline of your son's world like it did yours?

Rose: Maybe. But I've got something ready in case it does. A little bit of Jimmy's pudding from upstairs.

Jimmy: The truth telling serum?

Rose: No, the Forget-Me Serum. (Steps in the portal and leaves)

Starfire hovers by and prepares to leave through the warp gate and pauses.

Starfire turning back around: I enjoyed every minute of my time with you all.

Danny: I'm glad you did Starfire.

Timmy: We didn't want you to go back to your world yet if you didn't want to, since we already found the coordinates to your world a while back. Sorry we didn't sound so enthusiastic about you since we brought you here.

Starfire: It is alright. I respect your opinions. And, I think I have one too.

Timmy: You do?

Starfire: I never felt like I was at home until now. Thank you all for what you have done! (Floats into warp gate backwards while waving goodbye)

Danny's crew and Timmy walk toward the portal, but Danny stops and looks longingly at Jimmy with a tired smile on his face.

Danny: So… I guess this is goodbye, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Yeah. I never really thought how much it would feel if we left each other. We're like brothers; you, me, and Timmy.

Danny: The original crew have their backs. But, since the start of the war, I kinda felt like something was missing.

Jimmy: Why you say that?

Danny: Because not all the gang's here yet.

Jimmy: …?

Danny grins and nods to Jimmy and everyone else before exiting through the portal. The warp gate closes and everyone in the base go to their rooms. Jimmy sits at the monitor with Plankton and Goddard next to him.

Plankton: Sucks a little, huh?

Jimmy: Just about. But hey, I'll get over it eventually. Cindy's calling me up for dinner.

Plankton: May I?

Jimmy: Yeah, I'll send you and everyone some. Just, uh, monitor the screen. I'll be right back. (Gets up from his chair and leaves the lab)

Goddard leaning toward Plankton: (Whines)

Plankton: Yeah. It's official. He's gonna take forever to get over it.

Jimmy above the lab crying: BWAAAAAHAHAHAAA!

Plankton: Correction. He'll never get over it.

Meanwhile in the City of Townsville…

The wonderful Powerpuff Girls are looking around the entire city trying to find important items with haste as the skies turn a menacing dark purple and red.

Blossom using X-Ray vision on some of the buildings: Anyone find enough parts yet?

Buttercup looking in a bathroom ignoring the Mayor in his shower: No! Not yet!

Mayor covering himself: What the..?! Buttercup?!

Bubbles looking underneath a truck with people in it: Why are we looking again?

Blossom: We need to find enough parts needed to make a super satellite for Professor so we can all warp back to Jimmy's lab! But the parts we could've used were all being corrupted!

Buttercup with an extremely large satellite dish: Here's one!

Bubbles with several cables from a TV Station: I've found some too!

Blossom: Good! Now let's bail before-

Before Blossom could finish her sentence, the sky shines its light down on the girls, causing their eyes to blackout like robots and hover into the clouds as though they're being abducted by aliens. Despite their best resistance, they can't break free of their control. In the distance, Professor Utonium and Bliss bring a large truck to the street where the girls had left the equipment.

Bliss getting out of the truck: Oh no!

Utonium: Bliss, what's happening up there?

Bliss: I don't know. I'll try and help them! But first…

Bliss circles around the various parts left behind like a light speed rocket and quickly builds a makeshift version of Jimmy Neutron's Warp Gate back at his lab.

Bliss: Tada! (Rockets to the sky)

Utonium gets out the truck and checks the warp gate to set coordinates to Retroville ahead of time, but every attempt he makes fails as though the signal is being blocked by the entity above the Earth.

Utonium hastily typing on the keypad: Come on! Please! There has to be some place to warp to! Bliss, can you blow a hole through the entity in the sky to get a clear signal?!

Bliss: I'll try! You just get to safety and I'll do find a way!

Utonium: No! I can't leave you here by yourself when the girls have been captured!

Bliss: There's no time!

Before she could do anything, Bliss gets blasted out of the sky by something massive in the clouds, much to Utonium's horror! But just in the nik of time, Bullet the Squirrel floats onto the truck winking her eye at the professor before jetting to the falling Powerpuff Girl.

Utonium getting in the vehicle: Hurry Bullet! We don't have much time!

As Utonium starts the car engines again, Bullet catches Bliss by her back and looks into her face, startled when Bliss opens her eyes with no pupils and a wicked smile as though she's been corrupted somehow. Bullet herself starts being manipulated and tries her best to snap out of it while her face is jittering from the effects. Seeing this, Bliss starts coming back to her senses and holds onto the squirrel with a somber expression.

Bliss still struggling to resist: Let's save the day, Bullet. One last time!

Bliss boosts an aura around her and Bullet in her arms and proceeds to jet into the sky, shooting as much energy beams into it as possible trying to breach the corruption, but to no avail. In a last ditch effort, she shuts her eyes with a nice calm smile on her face, cuddling the equally superpowered squirrel against her breasts while rocketing into the corruption field like a bomb, detonating upon contact! Before Professor Utonium could leave the city, he takes a short saddened look at the impact of the explosion of his daughter as he drives by the Mayor's office to get him. The Mayor slowly walks toward the truck and looks up at Utonium.

Mayor: Daoh! I may need a diaper change after this…

Utonium getting the Mayor in the truck: Get in quick, Mr. Mayor! I need to get anyone left to safety!

The Professor drives off and the city is quickly swarmed by the corruption in the sky, with the Powerpuff Girls as part of it. Their faces along with many others start to form in the clouds, each with a disturbing gaping smile. However, after Bliss and Bullet's sacrifice, a small hole had been breached through the corruption field. When Utonium sees this in his rear view mirror while driving, he drops his head briefly onto the steering wheel in anguish before regaining his focus and going with the plan, seeking to warp to a place of refuge to regroup with the Toon Force and find a way to stop this new enemy.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter Text

With the Toon Force separated, they all live their respective lives back at their home worlds. Gumball returns to Elmore to reacquaint with his brother and sister while Nicole returns to be with Richard again after a long 5 years away from home. When they, the Future Anais, Momo, Penny, and Yuki warp down to the surface by the mall, they look to see that everything around them hasn't really changed. The mall still has its usual advertisements up and people are walking to and from the entrance. One of these people is Mr. Small, who's just stepping out the door with some soda in his hand. when he notices Gumball, he's quick to recognize him and say hello with a friendly wave.

Mr. Small waving: Oh! Heheey Gumball!

Gumball running for a hug: Mr. Small!

Mr. Small getting a hug: Wohoho! (Strokes Gumball's head) We've got a hugger today!

Gumball: It's been so long! I haven't been back here in forever! I thought everything would've changed and- (Raises ears) Oh! I forgot. What's today? Sunday?

Mr. Small: All day long, bud!

Gumball: Sweet! I'll be back for class tomorrow. (Lifts Penny off her feet) The GF n' I have things we've gotta catch up to.

Penny blushing and holding GB's shoulders: Woah, Gumball..!

Gumball preparing to jump: UP, UP, AND AWAY!

Gumball does like his Mom and bends his knees, backing up a few steps before making a forward jump that boosts him into the sky like a superhero!

Alt. Anais shouting: Slow down, Gumball! At least give us a minute to take in the scenery!

Above in the sky, Penny morphs herself into a dragon and sets Gumball on her back as they both look down and admire the view of their hometown. On the surface, nothing seems to have changed. Everyone, like are walking around or driving as though it were any other day, minus the bank robbery. The doughnut police are busy trying to get a man to put away the money in the bag while he's cornered, but he has a cheap plastic detonator on a clerk in the back resembling a clock from a toy store. Before it ticks down to 0, Penny swoops down at the scene and grabs the bomb and spits it out for Gumball to shoot with a plasma bolt! While the cops are distracted and confused at the sight of GB and Penny's return and heroism, the crook attempts to escape out the side door of the building when he's quickly crushed underneath Yuki's feet when she lands from a high jump above town!

Yuki looking around: Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Dragon Penny soaring with GB: It feels so nostalgic seeing our home town like this! But...doesn't it seem so, odd to you..?

Gumball: Where've you been all my life? Everything's odd out here in Elmore!

Dragon Penny: Yeah, but everything looks the same as it always does. Doesn't that concern you..?

Gumball shrugging: I mean, kinda, but, meh. I'm sure it's like any day of the week. I mean, lighten up a little. Everything's gonna be fine! Plus, I can't wait to see the look on everyone's faces when we see em again.

Dragon Penny: Want me to take you down to your house while I go back to mine?

Gumball: Yeah. Let's do that.

By the time Penny and Gumball reach the Watterson household, Nicole, and Anais carrying Momo in her arms make a landing from a sky leap. Momo, of course, is shaking from the impact, but the two mothers are just fine. Penny leaves Gumball to his home, and the young man is left staring at where he once lived longer than he ever has before. Everything looks the same, but not he and his mother. Nicole gently places her hand on her son's shoulder and gives a nod to him to tell him finally,"It's time to go home." Nervously, Gumball steps up the front porch and rings the doorbell. His adopted fish brother Darwin opens the front door, looking like he always does, and is instantly stunned at his sibling's appearance, and is especially shocked over the alternate adult Anais coming with them with a broken smile.

Gumball scratching his head: Hey little buddy… Long time no see, huh?

Darwin faints and Richard reappears with a bit of an upgrade, appearing more like Wulf and replaced Nicole in her absence as superhero, though appearing beaten and tougher than usual. He comes over to her and they embrace. Nicole herself starting to cry tears of joy hugging tightly while smiling. Minutes later upstairs, Gumball speaks to his brother in their bedroom, finally having a conversation since their last crossover.

Gumball: So, everything's normal. No water flooding the room. No soap operas about losing your best friend. No choir.

Darwin: I still can't get over what I'm looking at dude. Talk about an upgrade!

Gumball: Sorry Darwin. We were so caught up with that whole crossover event we forgot to come home.

Darwin: Event? I thought you went on vacation with Ms. Mom for a few days!

Gumball: A few days? We've been gone for five years!

Gumball and Darwin: HAHAHAHAHA! Hehehehe…eeehhhhh…..

Gumball briefly gets confused by Darwin, unsure why he would label his time away as a vacation when he knows he hasn't been back because of the war. Despite this, he disregards it.

Darwin: I really missed you Gumball...

Gumball: I missed you too, buddy. And I'm not the only one. Bobert freaked out when he saw me again!

Darwin: Bobert?

Gumball: Yeah, there's like two versions of him and Anais. That's why the one we have with us is so THICC!

Darwin: Oh!

Gumball: I know I don't sound exactly as goofy as I usually do. Those years really did a number on me and Mom. Even Penny and Mom's rival were in the mix. Remember that cool anime cloud lady?

Darwin: Oh yeah! I wish you brought me with you! That fight was so awesome, I could've got to see more legs! (Raises eyebrow in sexy tone) And you know I ain't talkin' bout the fightin'.

Gumball: Well you're certainly going to.

Darwin: Huh?

The scenery fades a little and Darwin stands confused. Gumball steps into the darkness and he powers up with a blue aura around him like his mother's.

Darwin: WHAT?! What power! You've gotten just as powerful as Ms. Mom! (Gets blown away)

Gumball still blazing his aura: She's still stronger than everyone! But I'm catching up to her! Thing is, Anais is much stronger than I am!

Darwin: Her too?! What did you have to fight to get this strong?!

Gumball: One rock god, thousands of robots, and Domo! (Stops powering up) Ah, that felt good...

Darwin: Dude, you should show the whole school that! That way if Ms. Simian gives you detention, you could scare her so much, she'll jump out the window!

Gumball: Wait, you're still in Middle School?

Darwin: Yeah! What? Did you think we ever grow old like you did just cause you're gone?

Gumball: ...Huh. I guess that's true. Hm…

Darwin: What's the matter?

Gumball: It's just… I-I'm just scared I'll be the odd one out looking like the oldest 7th grader to ever exist on this Earth! Penny and I are 17 and everyone else are still younger than we are!

Darwin: Maybe if you bring us with you, we could all age together. After all, you and Mrs. Mom don't seem that bad. You seem like you've been improving when you grew. And, no homo, you're even cuter than you have been for the last decade.

Gumball: Speaking of which, what happened to Dad, cause he's jacked!

Gumball turns back toward the window briefly looking across the neighborhood while listening to his brother. Darwin replies to him, "Oh yeah. He took over Mom's role of superparent. Turns out, he's almost as cool as she is! Heck, one more superhero and we'll be fighting people like Dr. Wre-DDDḎ̵̒̈́DDD̶͉͆D̸̠̤̑ DḌ̷͙̈́͝D- Julius again!" Startled, Gumball raises his eyebrows and ears quickly turning back to his brother asking "What was that..?"

Darwin: Julius. You don't remember him?

Gumball trying to process what just happened: ...I'm, I-I'm sorry bro. I dunno what that was. I guess it's just stress over what happened back at the island. In the meantime, wanna meet big sis?

Darwin puts on sunglasses: Yeah! (Does a pimp walk to the door)

Gumball: ...(Sighs) It's good to be back.

Nicole down stairs: So, this is what you've been doing for the past few years…

Richard sitting in the couch next to Momo: Well, someone had to jump the kids to school, get the money from the bank and pay all our debts since I paid for that star.

Nicole: You...paid our debts?

Richard: Yeah! What, did you think I was? Stupid? I did everything, including the superheroing. Truth be told, it was a lot easier to manage since you and our son went away.

Nicole speechless: …Gugh… (Faints on the floor)

Momo: Is she ok?

Richard: Oh, she's fine. She always does this when I do something smart.

Back upstairs near the steps, Anais speaks to the alternate one in her bedroom about her time in her timeline.

Anais hopping a little on her bed: I know I'm little, but come on. We're the same person. You've gotta tell me!

Alt Anais: Well, if you insist. You're still 4, right? When I was your age, a meteor hilariously named "Disasteroid" was going to cross paths with the Earth, but Mom sacrificed herself save the world and destroyed it. But the remains of the asteroid crashed and a small and manipulative group called the Syndicate promised they would repair the damages if the citizens of the world worked for them. Eventually, I became the Syndicate's gem collector and one of the richest and smartest people in two entire dimensions. But to my dismay, I also became the biggest jerk in both dimensions.

Anais: You don't sound like one.

Alt Anais: Like I said, I was. But that was until the girl in the other room with Mommy arrived and I could see she was just like me. Only this time, I was the villain and I mistreated her before the Toon Force came and knocked some sense into me. And ever since, I took the duty of mother for the girl who had none and helped the Toon Force fight the war we were in at the time. Pretty cool, huh?

Anais crying a little: (Blows nose in tissue) Y-yeah… So…W-what's your daughter, or, our daughter's name?

Alt Anais: Momo.

Anais: If the Toon Force helped you that much to bring you to the path of good, don't you think they're like a family to you?

Alt Anais: Oh definitely! I can't think of anyone else to thank more than them! Without them, I wouldn't be where I am now! Talking to my younger self, who's still 4 years old… Huh. Can we even age out here?

Anais: No.

Alt Anais: Dang...! Well, I'm pretty much stuck here for a while. May as well get comfortable before I find a new home for me and Momo's step dad.

Anais: You're married?! To whom?!

Alt Anais: A werewolf.

Anais: ...That sounds like something from a bad fanfiction about me.

Alt Anais: I know baby doll. I know. But look at the world you live in, and our dad.

Anais thinking for a moment: ...Yeah, you're right.

Meanwhile, in the Teen Titans Go Titan Tower…

Starfire exits her portal and looks around to find Silkie (otherwise known as Larva M3-19) scared and confused in the corner of the living room. The rest of the place has none of its lights on and nothing can be seen or heard outside except thick layers of fog or the quiet sounds of somewhat disturbing laughter.

Starfire lifting Silkie: Silkie, the Mama has returned! (Looks confused) Silky?

Silkie is noticeably shaking in fear and hugs onto Starfire's breasts tighter than normal. Though he slowly starts to calm down after Starfire gently strokes his back for comfort.

Starfire: W-what happened? Where are Beastboy and Cyborg? They always sit on the couch. And Raven the Hood-Wearer, and Robin the Screamer? (Listens outside)

More laughter can be heard out the window, but now it sounds more like Robin in a somewhat twisted tone.

Starfire: Robin?! (Flies out the window with Silkie in her arms) Robin?! (Coughs a little and looks up in the fog)

Above the sky, several faces in the shape of Robin and the other Titans, as well as the Powerpuff Girls and few other familiar characters glare at the city below.

Faces: Neahahahahehehehehehe….!

Starfire: What… What happened to the Titans?!

Silkie holds onto Starfire tighter looking away at the sky and they both get back in the tower. When they do, the Titans appear, though they seem unusually quiet and lined near the shadows of the room side by side.

Starfire: My Titans! I was so worried about you!

Beastboy: So were we Star!

Cyborg: Yeah! We weren't even sure you'd be back!

Robin: We tried to get someone to cover for you, but no one could ever replace you, and your nice flowing hair I keep falling in love with!

Raven: I made sure of that. (Burps out human bone) ...Forget what just happened.

Starfire: Oh goody! Now how about a pizza or a party to Cyborg's favorite song, The Night Begins to Shine after we clear this fog and the faces in the sky? My treat!

The Titans:

Starfire: …Guys?

The Titans in unison: The beginning of a new age is upon us, Starfire.

Starfire confused: W...What..?

The Titans: Just be a good girl and join us in the eradication of the old world.

Starfire: I do not understand. I-I'm sorry, but you are starting to frighten me.

Robin stepping forward: There's nothing to be afraid of Starfire. It's just us. Look!

Robin comes over to Starfire, but his eyes are pitch black as though he doesn't have any, and his skin is pale. Almost skeletal.

Starfire holding Silkie more firmly: Uum….

Robin: Please Starfire. Join us again. You're the only one we have not recruited for this task!

Starfire: R-r-recruited..?

Raven stepping forward with no eyes: Yes Star. Everyone's here. Friends, enemies… All of us.

Beastboy: You're pretty good makin' quick decisions, right girl? Then come with us. (Speaks with head tilt) Ẅ̶̫́e̵̟͂ ̷͓̈c̸̳͑ą̵̂n̷̦̑ ̶̞͂ṁ̴̺a̸̠̋k̴̯̿e̴͒͜ ̴̮͊t̶͖͋h̸͎̀ī̶̘n̸͉̓g̸̝̃s̶̟͌ ̶͉̉b̷̠̎e̸͈͋t̸̼̕t̷̞̔ȩ̵͑r̴̻͆ ̵̹̇ȁ̸͙g̸̢͘á̴̪i̷̩͠n̴̞͋.̸̻͛..

Starfire: Better..? (Backs away) No... No-no-no-no-no… (Starts running away)

The Titans walk after Starfire and several alien-like tentacles of the entity outside bust in and give chase! Starfire flies away into the teleporter room used to get the Toon Force in the tower and closes the door shut. She turns it on and flips through as many worlds as possible, but neither of the codes seem to work.

Starfire: Oh, if only I was a cyborg like Cyborg! Then I could find my way out with ease!

The door is being slammed on hard like a madman with an axe! Starfire manages to find a planet that hasn't been completely destroyed by whatever entity the Titans are a part of. She targets it not knowing what it is and exits through the teleporter in fear. As she and Silkie are going through the loop, the Titans are coming through with her from behind and she shoots at them, tearing away their skin and revealing a more monstrous and hideous version of themselves underneath. They all combine into a massive being and roar at Starfire, who shoots an even larger blast at them and exits the loop. After a rough landing, she and Silkie, still held against Starfire's breasts, are quickly greeted by Dr. Noreen.

Dr. Noreen: Starfire..?!

Starfire pressing portal switch rapidly: Close the gate! CLOSE THE GATE!

The warp gate closes just before the monster could enter and a small hand from the combined Titans gets chopped off and lands onto the floor, still crawling in front of Starfire.

Starfire and Silkie screaming: AAAAGH!

Quickly, the titan bot XJ-8 crushes the severed hand with her spiked fist!

XJ-8: All clean.

Dr. Noreen stroking her hair: Phew… That was too close for comfort, even by my standards.

Starfire: Where am I? The base?! The lab?! The whatever it is?!

Dr. Noreen: Calm down sweetheart. You're safe in my laboratory.

Starfire: We need to find help! Quickly, before it's-

Dr. Noreen: We know, Dear. We know… (Turns to victims in the back)

Rose, Utonium, Ms. Bellum, the Mayor, Keane, Maire, Johnny and Plank, Rocko, Lincoln Loud, Lucy Loud, Eliza Thornberry, Sadie, Herald, Dib, Gaz, GIR, Manny, Frida, Dudley, and Kitty are sitting in the backroom together traumatized from the experience in their worlds.

Back at Amity Park…

Danny and his family are sitting at the dinner table together eating with Tutie, AJ, and Chester, but they notice Timmy is missing, much to the Fenton's concern.

Maddie: Tutie, is your husband alright? He hasn't been himself lately.

Tutie: I'm not really sure, Ms. Fenton. I've tried to talk to him about it, but he just doesn't know why he's like this.

Chester: I don't really know either.

AJ: Same. I think he's upstairs in the balcony. Could be upset after what happened to Dimsdale and Fairy World back then.

Jack: How could he? That was 5 years ago! And these hot dogs were perfected from the microwave I finally fixed yesterday. Never mind the cage with the ghost dogs in it.

Ghost hotdogs are yelling and roaring at Jack Fenton in the cage he put them in while spastically squirming around!

Jazz: I don't remember him ever speaking to you in a while, Danny. Maybe you should go talk to him.

Danny: Yeah. I'll check. (Gets up) Scuse me. (Walks off)

AJ: So, are we like in the same universe, or are we in two separate ones, because we haven't changed depth since we've been here.

Jack pointing his fork with his fingers: Son, the best thing I can tell you is to leave logic behind the table.

Danny meets Timmy in the balcony as he stands with his three fairies, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky by his side listening to him.

Danny: Hey Timmy, what're you doing? You're missing out on dinner. …Minus the killer hot dogs, that is…

Timmy: Danny, don't you think we've made a mistake leaving the Toon Force?

Danny: Hmm… Well, can't say I haven't. It's been on my mind since day one. How long since we left? Three days or so?

Wanda: 2 week, sport.

Danny: Dang, I'm slow!

Timmy: I know Fairy World and such aren't around anymore, and yeah, it got to me a little bit. But when I was with a whole team an' all, it felt like I was at home again. But, everyone's tired now. There's nothing else for us to do, and, nothing's the same as they used to be anymore.

Danny: I feel the same way. When we started the Toon Force, I thought we'd be done with the war years ago. But I guess I was wrong, huh?

Timmy: I know I'm gonna sound like a broken record saying this, but I really miss the old days.

Poof: ...Wow. You really do sound like a broken record.

Timmy: No, I'm serious, Poof! They were so much better and nostalgic! And stay outta this. You're not 18 yet.

Danny: I miss em too, Tim. But there's always a point where we suffer from a little bit of fatigue and need a bit of a break. Everyone does that. Like when most of us hadn't met again for 10 years.

Wanda: He's right, Timmy. The same applied for us fairies back when Da Rulez were around. Once we weren't needed in your life, we'd move to another child in need of a godparent. But we've become so attached, it wouldn't be the same to have to leave you like that, for better or worse.

Danny: What happens when you get old and need to retire?

Wanda: We just work at the nearest coffee shop or office job until we can find a retirement home.

Danny: Oh! Sounds about right. Still, it wouldn't hurt to at least visit each other from time to time instead of having to pop up whenever there's an orange booger invasion, or killer robots trying to destroy the world, or a Legion of Doom and an ancient monster somehow stealing whatever sort of vague energy from all our worlds to, quote on quote, "Take over the universe."

Timmy stepping back in the house: Gee, they really like doing the same themes, don't they?

Danny: Sure do.

The two characters walk back inside the Fenton household in a much calmer state of mind. However, as they are, a mysterious entity of some sort hides above the planet, only shielded by the moon, slowly approaching the Earth undetected by its defenses.

The next morning in Retroville…

Jimmy sits in bed with his traditional clothes on thinking about something as Cindy walks over to him in her robe and Goddard sits in his mat next to the desktop.

Cindy with coffee in her hand: Jimmy, are you ok? You haven't said anything since you woke up.

Jimmy: Cindy, the last thing Danny told me before he left was that the team didn't feel complete without Spongebob. And I know it's him because he once said the exact same thing.

Cindy: Isn't he that annoying square guy I thought was a fungus back then?

Jimmy: Yep. That was him. But he was a good friend and a special asset to the team. Without him, it just wouldn't have worked out in the end. Sure, we had plenty of other people with us with far more experience than he, but the only reason we didn't invite him to this old war specifically was cause we didn't want to put him in danger. He's not the kind of guy to fight in these sort of circumstances.

Cindy sipping on her coffee: That hasn't stopped you from recruiting kids like Gumball in a war. Speaking of which, how're Tuesday and the rest of those other worlds doing? Do they still hate you like 50% of Retroville and the galaxy back in the day?

Jimmy: Don't rub it in. Since the day of the attack on Jump City, everyone who invaded just...forgot. It's like they were never there to begin with. Or someone was controlling them.

Cindy: Well, I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually. You are the head nerd in this after all.

Jimmy: I know. But before I do anything else, I think I wanna pay our old friend a visit. (Gets up from bed)

Cindy getting up with Jimmy: Are you sure you want to do that?

Jimmy and Cindy look intensely at each other as though they're concerned for each other.

Cindy: Look, I get that you miss the little guy, but you just being there could end up starting more trouble again. You know how it is. You show up, that means there's trouble out there coming from some faraway dimension or some crazy supervillains who can't decide if they wanna destroy the world or not.

Jimmy stroking his beard: Well, I doubt it, if something does pop up I should probably bring back up. I have a hunch Jenny wouldn't mind.

Cindy: Don't forget our dog either!

Goddard comes towards Jimmy from behind Cindy and rubs his head against his leg while wagging his tail.

Jimmy stepping out the room: Right! Goddard, you're with me. But before we leave, I'll seal those joints with my Neutronic Rust Sealant.

Cindy: Don't forget to straighten you and your beard out too! You're losing the brown in your hair!

Just as Jimmy and Goddard leave out the door, Cindy gives a rather unsure look on her face as her smile begins to diminish. Later in Jimmy's lab, he activates the warp gate to Bikini Bottom. Jenny stands ready in case something goes wrong, and Plankton sits at the computer monitor nervously.

Plankton: You sure about this, Jimbo?

Jimmy: Of course. But don't you wanna come with us Plankton? It is your home after all.

Plankton: I prefer to be back here where Spongedupe isn't around. Not that I don't like him. I just think I could use some peace and quiet for another 5 years.

Jimmy: Not a problem.

Jenny: Let's go Jimmy. I don't wanna stay underwater for too long. I might rust again regardless.

Both Jimmy and Jenny step through the warp gate to Bikini Bottom. While they're gone, Plankton looks at Karen on Jimmy's monitor.

Plankton: So, now that we're alone, let's get down to business.

Karen: Honey, we're in someone else's lab and there are people walking outside. Can this wait?

Plankton: Not necessarily. (Activates locks to the lab from the computer) I've got all the things we need right here. (Holds up flash drive)

Karen blushing: Oh Sheldon…

End of Chapter 2

Chapter Text

Jimmy Neutron, Goddard, and Jenny arrive in Bikini Bottom in the vast sunny Jellyfish Fields where Spongebob should be to pay him a visit.

Jimmy looking and calling: Spongebob?! Spongebob?!

Jenny: I still don't get why you'd want to see him Jimmy. Don't you feel like even the slightest thing we do will put him in danger?

Jimmy: Not especially. Plankton's on the other end monitoring things in case something goes wrong. And besides, Spongebob's capable. Remember that attack of those Toybots years ago? He had all sorts of different things!

Jenny: True. He did have that torpedo thing he used to save me from those capsules. Still, it was your idea to keep him out of our 5-year run for a reason. And-

Before the android could finish her speech, Spongebob, the short square sponge himself comes running past the three with his Jellyfish net and nerdy-looking glasses trying to catch some Jellyfish. Noname is back and is swimming fast, forcing Spongebob to rocket himself from his pants and chase after him. He almost catches him, but misses, and shoots his hand with the net at Noname, who catches it and tosses it back at him. He springs himself back up like a slinky and runs toward Noname, this time pausing in front of him at the edge of a cliff.···

Spongebob: Well Friend, we can do this the easy way, or the semi-hard way. (Aims net) Your call.

Friend: Bzz Bzz Bzz, Bzzzzzz!(Come at me, bro!)

Spongebob leaps in the air and tries to catch Friend but he dodges and causes him to fall from the cliff with a sounding, "AAAAAAAAAGH!" He continues to fall, almost hitting the ground. But thankfully, Jenny catches his leg and brings him back up the cliff.

Jenny: Wow! That was amazing! (Puts Spongebob down)

Spongebob looking up to Jenny: Jenny..?!

Jimmy doesn't know how to react. His friend from so long ago is sitting right in front of him and he doesn't even know what to say to him. Over 15 years they've been gone from one another, but the rest of their old team had been together for sometime now. Quietly in amazement, Jimmy takes a step toward him and asks, "Spongebob..?"

Spongebobturning to Jimmy: …? Jimmy? GREAT NEPTUNE! IT'S YOU! Jimmy Neutron! (Hugs Jimmy) Boy, am I glad to see you! How long has it been? 10, 15 years?!

Jimmygetting crushed in Spongebob's arms: Urk..! More than that, actually. (Lets go) I'm glad to see you're still around.

Goddard barking and wagging his tail: BARK!

Spongebob stroking Goddard's head: Daaw. And I especially missed you too, Goddard ol' pal! What happened? You look much older than the last time I saw you! Also, kck kck. Lovin' the beard.

Jimmy stroking his beard: We, uh… We've been through a lot together. Long story short, we've been together since the last time we met, and we've figured we'd visit you again for old time's sake.

Spongebob: Really? I didn't know you two were a couple!

Jenny flapping her ears and blushing: Ahehe! What he meant by that was we've been part of a team for a while. We just wanted to see you after all those years ago.

Spongebob: Oh, that's lovely! Wanna come play charades, or go jellyfishing to catch Friend, or visit Patrick, Squidward, or- (gasps and puts arm around Jimmy) We could go back to the Krusty Krab and I could make you a fresh batch of Krabby Patties!

Jimmy: Gee, that's a bit much. We just got here.

Spongebob: No, really! I insist! After all, you are my visitors.

Jimmy: ...Ah what the heck? What do you think Jenny? You want some?

Jenny: I would like that. (Taps gut) Need to adjust my stomach motors anyway. Let's go.

Spongebob leading the two: HORAAAY!

Spongebob brings Jimmy, Goddard, and Jenny to the Krusty Krab while Plankton back at Jimmy's lab installs files from the flash drive to Karen.

Karen tickled: Oh, Sheldon! Please, this is just too good for me! HAHAHAHA!

Plankton: I told you I was smooth. I've been saving this for years when we finally had our privacy.

Karen: Ahahaha! (Gets message) There's...There's a message that just pulled up!

Plankton: Oh great. Who could it be this time? Jimmy forgot his air gum?

The screen pulls up and Dr. Noreen speaks to Plankton.

Dr. Noreen: Jimmy? Jimmy?!

Plankton: It's just me lady. What do ya want? I'm busy!

Dr. Noreen: Where are you? I cannot see you.

Plankton: Down here!

Dr. Noreen: I'll take your word for it. Listen, you have to get everyone to safety immediately!

Plankton: Safety? From what, the Syndicate? They're not coming back here anymore! We took care of those old hags years ago.

Behind Plankton is Brad Carbunkle, still with Jimmy despite Jenny's wishes from earlier. Confused, he asks the doctor, "Ms. Wakeman! What's the matter? Is something wrong?"

Dr. Noreen: Brad! Thank Heavens you're still there! There's something everyone must know. It's much worse than the Syndicate this time! Where are Jimmy and Jenny?

Brad: In Bikini Bottom visiting the Spongeguy from back then.

Dr. Noreen: Oh no...

Planton: What?

Dr. Noreen: Get them out of there! Hurry!

Meanwhile at Elmore Junior High, Gumball is brought by Darwin and Anais with his eyes closed for a very special surprise for his reunion.

Darwin: Almost there bro.

Gumball stumbling from his lack of vision: Oookaaay, what am I gonna see?

Anais: Don't worry. It's a surprise.

Darwin stopping: Open your eyes!

Gumball opens his eyes and in front of him, the entire school and all his friends wait for him at the front door shouting an immediate, "SURPRISE!"

Gumball: …!?

Alan: Penny arrived early and told us all about you!

Penny walking over to Gumball: Sorry. I figured you wanted a surprise too. They definitely gave me one this morning.

Gumball: N-no, no. Its great! I really wasn't expecting this! You guys would do all this for me?

Ms. Simian: Of course we would! You're the main character of the show after all!

Julius: Not many of us may like you, but we can't argue nothing would be the same without you!

Gumball giving a weak thumbs up: Gee, thanks.

Rocky: Come on! We've got a special for lunch just for you!

Everyone step back into the school while Gumball pauses for a moment. He feels his forehead while voices go off in his mind telling him someone is coming, though he simply shakes it off. He walks into the school with everyone. As he wanders the halls, he realizes everything is exactly the way it was before he left for the Toon Wars. People wave at him, some coming up to him and staring for what feels like minutes due to his new look. Along the way, Bobert is met at the library by Gumball and Darwin happy to see them again, though not as hype as everyone else because of his programming.

Gumball: Bobert, ol' pal! How's it hanging?!

Bobert smiling: Gumball, you have returned! (Hugs for 10 seconds)

Gumball: ...Ok, you can stop now.

Bobert letting go: I've heard everything about you from Penny. Are you alright from the attack?

Gumball: Well, I'm still under a lot of pressure, but, I'll live.

Darwin: Yeah, he looked like he wanted to kill someone earlier. Looked like he saw a ghost!

Gumball: Darwin, bruh, relax! I'm gonna be A-OK this time! Look at me! I'm normal! (Grins)

Bobert: …I am detecting maximum blood pressure.

Gumball: I'm sorry guys. Really, I've been through a lot, ya know? Some people actually got hurt. Like really bad.

Darwin: You mean like they got smacked by Mom?

Gumball: Close but worse than that. You know, like (Crosses throat)

Darwin: Oooh…

Gumball: Yeah. (Sniffs and looks down at floor) Poor Rob didn't even stand a chance…

Bobert and Darwin: …

Darwin: Who?

Bobert: Define Rob.

Gumball looking back up: You don't remember Rob? The cyclops guy. The guy who we accidentally left in the Void once and brought back, turning him into a glitchy mess and a casual supervillain?

Darwin: What's a Void?

Gumball: U-um… Ah, it's nothin to worry about!

Gumball still wonders why Darwin doesn't know who Rob is. It's understandable why Bobert might not remember him, since he hasn't really interacted with him before, but Darwin's seen him and helped him become who he was. Gumball's also surprised he remembered the Void since it normally isn't something he's supposed to know about. He and Darwin even went to Volcano Island when the Syndicate attacked. Considering Darwin doesn't remember, its likely he doesn't even remember the Island, so Gumball just continues with his conversation.

Gumball: Well, anyway, enough about me! Let's talk you! Any upgrades or what not?

Bobert's eye turns red with an upgraded laser coming out of it aiming at Gumball's face.

Bobert in a deep voice: RUN.

Gumball: Uh oh. Here we go again! (Runs outside to the field)

Bobert chases Gumball and Darwin outside with a new attack mode. Meanwhile, Penny watches from afar, though she looks both worried and happy for Gumball.

Teri walking over: Hey Penny. You alright?

Penny: Huh? O-oh, yeah! I'm fine. Just watching Gumball and Darwin play with Bobert.

Teri: ...That's slightly disturbing. Never seen you watching your boyfriend like you are now. Your face is shushed against the glass.

Penny removing her face from the window: I know! I'm a train wreck right now! Ever since I came here, I've been distant from everyone, even the school! I was lucky enough to come here and tell you guys about our adventures! And yet everything feels so…off.

Masami floating over: You said didn't want to start a fuss. Why did you say that?

Penny smiling and scratching her head: It's a long story. But short answer is it's going to take some getting used to…

The school bell rings and the students around the halls make their way to their classrooms.

Penny: I've no idea what it's gonna feel like going back to class.

Masami: Why? What's the problem?

Penny: Because I went to college where I came from. (Smiles and gives thumbs up) 5 years running!

Teri: 5 years..? I thought it was just a week since you've left. Or was it longer?

Penny with her thumb drooping down: Um...

Teri: That and I had no idea you could attend a higher level of learning elsewhere like that.

Penny: ...Ie...Yeah. (Nods up and down) Yeeeeah. Yeah...

Walking by in the back of the hallway, the adult Anais takes a tour of the school with Momo after many considerable years away from education; partly due to her advanced intellect. As they continue down the halls, several students, such as Juke, 8-Bit Dog, Clare, Hot Dog Guy, and Fuzzball gaze at their beauty.

Alt. Anais walking down the halls: Well, I hope you're enjoying every second of this Momo, cause for me, this certainly brings back plenty of fond memories.

Momo: So, you used to go to school here?

Alt. Anais: Of course. Bet you haven't seen anyone like these guys before back in Jack's world, have you?

Momo: Not like this. This world is amazing!

Alt. Anais: Hehe. That's why it's part of the title! (Pauses) Wait… What did I just say..?

When Anais and Momo pass by, one of Anais' classmates, Billy, notices her walking down the halls and is left in a state of shock. After all, he was bullying Anais at one point after being rejected, but since then, he moved on thanks to Gumball. However, with this Anais, their story may have been much different.

Billy: A-Anais..?

Alt. Anais turning around: Wait a moment. I recognize that voice. Ah, yes! Billy!

A few more students just happen to walk by and listen to their conversation, with Momo smiling in wonder.

Alt. Anais: I remember you! You wanted to be my boyfriend…even though I was 4. (Takes out Daisy from her pocket) And you didn't even like poor little Daisy over here. (Strokes Daisy's head) Couldn't handle the rejection either, could ya?

Billy sweating profusely: U-uh…Uuuuh…

Alt. Anais scratching Billy's head: AAH, I'm just messin with you, ya little knucklehead! You're good. Plus, it's been 30 years since I've seen you last time in my timeline. You think I would've had time to cry over a little egg?

Hot Dog Guy, Juke, and Pixel Octopus: OOOOH!

Alt. Anais: But don't worry. I already got a man.

Billy: Oh, you do? Is he here?

Alt. Anais: Nope. But I can definitely say, even though he might be an idiot, he's my idiot. Which reminds me, here's our daughter.

Momo: Sup dude?

Billy still sweating and blushing: H-hi…

Momo: Sorry, I forgot my manners. My name is Momo. I'm thinking about attending the school to be a part of the show. Can't wait if I do!

Alt Anais: Still? You just completed 5 years of school with the Toon Force and Casper Community.

Momo: Yes, but I wanna know more about this world too since I'm gonna be living here.

Alt. Anais nodding her head: Yeah, I guess that's true. Well, if you wanna do that, I'll have to take you to Mr. Brown. You wanna see me try and weird him out and make Mrs. Simian jealous?

Momo: I don't know who she is, but it sounds hilarious! Let's do it!

The Adult Anais and Momo walk to the office while everyone else continue to look as they leave. Behind them, the actual Anais comes over and joins them.

Anais: Hi. Are you guys ok?

Billy looks back at Anais and faints onto his back while the younger bunny looks down at him confused. Meanwhile in Amity Park, Timmy is still getting himself adjusted to life living in his own apartment despite having already done it prior to recent events. This time it's different because normally he goes straight to the Toon Force H.Q for a new mission , but now he's just casually brushing his teeth in his pajamas and getting ready to make a resume on his home computer for a job. Next to him is his wife Tutie, who still has her original clothes new custom made with a nametag and glasses styled like Phoebe's.

Tutie: Hey hun. Are you ok? You don't look so good.

Timmy: Ah, it's just it feels so awkward filling this out. We should be out in Retroville fightin' bad guys, shooting things, telling jokes, shooting things, patrolling the streets, shooting things… Did I forget anything?

Tutie grinning from Timmy's humor: You forgot the part where you shoot things. (Looks at Timmy's resume) And you also forgot to put down "Toon Force Founder" in your experience header.

Timmy: Oh I did that on purpose. Leading was never usually my style compared to Jim and Dan. I just did the fighting and called it a day. Plus I didn't have to worry about funding, taxes, other world governments, etc. That's their department.

Tutie getting her sleek black jacket on: Even someone like Danny could always use a bit of help when Jimmy's not around.

Timmy: That's what the council was for. Then again, they're pretty distant compared to people like Jack and Nicole, so, go figure.

Tutie: Hm… How bout this? Walk with me for a sec.

Timmy getting out of his seat: Okaay..?

Timmy follows Tutie downstairs to the open sidewalk of the apartment complex where the street is on a vibrant sunny day unlike most days in Amity. Tutie observes the activity going on at the other side of the street one block down from them and keeps her sight on a mother bouncing a toddler up and down happily.

Tutie: You see that woman over there with her kid?

Timmy: Yeah, why?

Tutie: Say we happen to have a child like her and the Toon Force aren't around. Sure, we get benefits after technically retiring, but to be working, it would help a lot to take care of them.

Timmy: …

Tutie: Hey, just cause you're getting a job doesn't mean it is going to be miserable. It's like what Wanda said. You have so many options but you need to do some digging first. (Gives Timmy a kiss on the cheek) I'm sure you'll find one you'll really enjoy and hopefully it won't be evil babysitting like my sister used to.

Timmy: Yeah, I guess that's… Wait. Wait, what's this about babies all of a sudden?!

Tutie before getting a bus coming up: I dunno. It seems like a pretty big responsibility, but so's being the leader of a whole family. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to start another. (Gets on bus) I'm going to see if I can apply for a nursing job. Seems pretty fitting since I've been studying here on the medical field. (Leaves and waves) Love you!

Timmy thinking and watching Tutie leave: ...Love you, too. ...Hm...

In the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs is counting shiploads of money as always while Squidward speaks to Jimmy and Jenny while they're enjoying themselves. Goddard is shut down temporarily sitting next to Jimmy for a quick recharge.

Squidward: So, you've been gone for more than 10 years, huh? Small world.

Jenny: Trust me, it's much bigger than we thought. Not much to say about it other than Plankton and Karen staying with us all this time.

Jimmy wiping his face after eating: Say, Squidward, you're more of an adult compared to Spongebob and Patrick.

Squidward: That's kinda my gimmick and lifelong curse, but thank you. Go on.

Jimmy: How do you think I should come out telling Spongebob we've been in a war for 5 years and didn't wanna put him in danger?

Squidward: Honesty I'd say go for it, but chances are it'll lead to another episode where he feels left out, cries, and goes out of his way to fix all that. But if ya don't wanna deal with it like I don't, just don't tell him much of anything.

Jimmy: Oh good. I guess I can tell him some of it, but not all the details. Besides, he's probably worried sick over what happened to Plankton and Karen.

Squidward: No wonder things have been quiet lately. I'm guessing Sandy's with you too?

Jimmy: I'm afraid not, Squidward. Why do you ask? Is she still here?

Squidward: Not since that one time we became superheroes and went above water to get the formula back seven years ago.

Jimmy tilting his head: I'm sorry..?

Squidward: I know. It's stupid. Just as usual.

Spongebob comes over to everyone.

Spongebob: Are you pals enjoying yourselves?

Jimmy: Oh yes, we are. But Spongebob, you never said anything about Sandy disappearing.

Spongebob: Yeah. I hope she's ok. She didn't leave any notes or anything to tell us she was leaving. She's been gone for a few years and never said anything about it. But that's ok. I've still got Squidward! (Puts arm around Squidward)

Squidward: Please don't do that.

Spongebob: I even have Patrick and Mr. Krabs!

Patrick's painting a pillar in the corner by smacking it with his brush while Krabs continues counting money and starts bathing in it.

Patrick: HAHAHAHA! Check me out! I'm painting the Mona Lisa!

Spongebob: And now, you guys! (Hugs both Jimmy and Jenny)

Jenny: I'm just surprised it's been so long since we last met and you haven't aged a day! I mean, don't get me wrong, you ARE a seasponge, but still…

Squidward: Too bad I'm not gonna not see him for the next thousand years or so.

Jimmy: Why is that?

Spongebob: Because after I dismantled Krabs' oppression, I got our jobs back forever!

Jenny: ...Does not compute...

Jimmy: So then, what have you and Patrick been up to since we last met? I know Squidward just said you two went on some sort of superhero adventure for one.

Patrick pushing Spongebob over: Ooh! I can answer that. First we went jumping and jumping and jumping and…

Five minutes later

Patrick is still hopping on Spongebob while Goddard is back online munching on a patty at the table.

Patrick still jumping on Spongebob: And jumping!

Jimmy: So basically, not much has changed.

Spongebob getting back up: Nothing except for Plankton and Sandy. I miss going him and his evil plans to take over the world and steal the krabby patty formula. He's succeeded once, but since then, he's been on repeat. Kinda like a hobby like me in jellyfishing!

Jimmy: Well, you'll probably love to hear this. Plankton's been with us for the last 5 years. It's a project we were doing.

Spongebob: Oh really?! Where is he now?!

Jimmy: Yep. Maybe later I'll let you visit him. He and Karen are back at my lab right now.

Spongebob: And Karen?! Gee, everyone is leaving. (Does Signature Laugh) I guess they got tired of seeing my spongey goodness again.

Squidward: Here here…

Mr. Krabs stepping out his office: Spongeboy, what are you doin'? I thought you were still at the grill makin' me money. I-I mean, um, patties.

Jimmy: Oh, Mr. Krabs! (Gives Mr. Krabs a claw shake) It's great to see you again!

Mr. Krabs: Er, uh… You as well..? (Leans over to Spongebob) Spongebob, who's your friend?

Spongebob: Why, Mr. K, these two are people I've teamed up with before. Remember when Plankton used a Jellyfish Harvester to steal power and captured and tortured you years ago?

Mr. Krabs squinting at Spongebob: Boy, there were a lotta times that had happened.

Jimmy: To be more specific, there was a time where other heroes including myself had teamed up with Spongebob to save Bikini Bottom from Plankton, who himself teamed up with a Syndicate.

Patrick: I got to sit on him.

Mr. Krabs: Oh, now THAT I remember. And speakin' of, don't tell me you're here to make me boy go out on another space adventure to fight a booger creature er I dunno.

Jenny: Hehe. No. Not this time. In fact, we were just about to leave.

Spongebob: Are you sure? I haven't even got to know what you've been up to lately. And, forgive me Mr. K, but it's not a busy day today. Nobody's here but us.

Jimmy petting Goddard when he walks back to him: We appreciate the hospitality old pal, but, we really can't stay for long. There's a lot that's going on that we have to deal with back home. That's why I said we'd let you visit later.

Spongebob: Oh, that's ok. But did you at least wanna tell me what you and Plankton were working on?

Jenny hesitating: U-um... Uh..

Goddard looking up to Jimmy: (Whines)

Jimmy starting to sweat:

Spongebob: Guys..?

Mr. Krabs: Com'on kid. Spill the beans.

Jimmy: Spongebob… We don't really know how to tell you this, but, this whole time we-

Goddard suddenlyin alert: BARK BARK!

Immediately behind the Nicktoons outside, a massive flaming purple flail shaped like a fist busts through the Krusty Krab's entrance and knocks down the ceiling and the pillars! Luckily, Jimmy deployed his hypercube at the last second and saved himself and everyone around him. They get out of hyperspace and examine the damages.

Jimmy: Woah! That was close! Good thing I've got my Hypercube!

Krabs getting back up: What happened?! (Gasps) Not me restaurant! I just had it repaired from that mayonnaise incident! (Squints at Spongebob) Spongebob…!

Spongebob: Please Mr. Krabs. It was an accident!

Jenny: Boys, I think we have company.

The Nicktoons gaze above them a colossal woman with four arms, long wild hair, sleek shades, and her fist-shaped flails. She looks down on them, grinning with sheer cockiness and stature.

Sugilite: Hello little boys! My name's Sugilite. And yo names are: Big Nose, Cone Red, Derrell, Whippy Dip, Rocket Girl, Rocket Dog, and… (Gets angry) Moldy Fungus..! RAAAAAH! (Combines and tosses flail)

End of Chapter 3

Chapter Text

Sugilite: Hello little boys! My name's Sugilite. And yo names are: Big Nose, Cone Red, Derrell, Whippy Dip, Rocket Girl, Rocket Dog, and… (Gets angry) Moldy Fungus..! RAAAAAH! (Combines and tosses flail)

The Nicktoons jump out of the way of the attack! Jenny activates her mid-air combat mode with her wingspan and jets already turned on!

Jenny: Jimmy, get everyone out of the way! (Smiles confidently) I'll take care of this! (Rushes into Sugilite)

Jimmy: Jenny, wait! You don't know how strong she is!

Jenny dodging more of Sugilite's attacks: I'll figure it out! Besides, nothing stronger ever stopped us before! (Shoots tri-missiles)

The three bombshells collide with Sugilite's chest, creating a thick cloud of smoke that blocks her vision, giving Jenny the chance to do a rocket kick to her jaw that knocks her backwards onto the street! Before she can get back up, Jenny converts her right fist into an iron gauntlet and smashes it into Sugilite's abdomen to try and knock her out, but the next punch gets grabbed by one of the fusion's arms, and the gauntlet is ripped off like a sheet of paper! She backhands Jenny with her lower left hand and uses her flail to bring her down!

Krabs: You heard the lady! I know a perfect place to hide! (Removes shell and shoves everyone in)

Krabs rolls the guys into the kitchen and pushes the cabinet to open an elevator door. They all get in and the lift takes them down, slowly and very intimately added with boring elevator music, to a bottom floor where the Patty Wagon sits.

Jimmy getting out of the shell: Is that a giant Patty?!

Spongebob: Yeah! Patrick and I rode it one time! Remember Pat?

Patrick: Definitely! And speaking of Patties… (Bites the Patty Wagon) It's even tastier super-sized.

Spongebob: But what about Jenny?

Jimmy: That's what I'm worried about. You guys wait here. I'm going to contact the base and-

Goddard suddenly receives a transmission hew views from his monitor, but the footage is fuzzy and distorted.

Jimmy: Oh! What do ya know. Hello?

Plankton with broken audio: Jimmy, you've got to get everyone out of there! And get yourself out!

Jimmy: What do you mean? We're already being attacked by someone. Is there something else coming our way?

Krabs: Wait, is that Plankton?! Where have you been?! Ya haven't been tryin' to steal me booty for the last 5 years!

Plankton: Krabs, there's no time to explain! There's something much bigger headed everyone's way and it's gonna destroy all of Bikini Bottom and you too!

Squidward rolling his eyes: Not really a milestone...

Jimmy: Then open a warp gate and we'll get back to base!

Plankton: NO! It's already here! I'm stayin' back to make sure everyone gets the heck outta here!

Spongebob: Plankton..?

Plankton: You're one of the only people who can fix this mess! Tell Spongebob I'm sorry I hadn't come back all these years, and that he really was a good pal! Remember! F is for fi- (Loses communication)

Jimmy sounding desperate: Plankton?! Plankton! (Transmission cuts off)

Back at the Toon Force base in Retroville, huge storms of digitized matter in a hurricane tear up the city and flood it with an ooze like-substance that corrupts and consumes everything it touches! The members at the base prepare a jump to hyperspace through the Universe Portal Machine, and Plankton and Karen hastily set the coordinates!

Scaramouche outside on the roof holding his hat: These winds are messin' with my view!

Brad at the entrance: How's it lookin' up there?!

Scaramouche: Do I have to answer?! (Points to the sky)

In the sky, giant faces of innocent people, particularly, the three Powerpuff Girls, Enid, Steven Universe, Finn and Jake, and Robin and Beastboy cover the skies.

Plankton: Jimmy and Jenny need to get outta there before that computer virus gets to em!

Cindy running over: Lemme down there! I told him it was a bad idea to go there, now I'm gonna save him and rub it in his face!

Jack: Please, no Cindy! It is too dangerous! Send me there! I can help them escape!

Scotsman: Now don't ya start goin' alone like ya have these past 55 years! I'll take em on! I've got a machine gun! You've just got yer puny sword!

Wulf palming his fist: Grrr!

Plankton: Then all of you hurry up before it's too late! (Activates warp to Bikini Bottom)

Flora: Be safe, eh Dad? I don't wanna lose an old man too. Not like Momma.

Scotsman wheeling himself through the gate: Old man?! (Chuckles) I've still got plenty of years left in me! Don't you forget that!

Jack running through the gate: I will return Ashi!

Ashi with worry: careful you guys…

Plankton: Setting coordinates for safe zone...

The portal opens and the headquarters start falling apart. Scaramouche, and Brad run back inside with haste! They prepare another jump to hyperspace to the safe zone.

Ashi stepping near the portal: What's the safe zone?

Karen: Amity Park. But even that place won't last long with that virus getting closer.

Brad: It's spreading there too?! And I'm the guy who hates missing the action…

Flora: What about you?

Plankton: Someone's gotta do the dirty work and make sure everyone leaves! Now get outta here!

In Bikini Bottom, Jenny continues to fight Sugilite, but she's sustained a few visible dents on her chassis during the battle.

Sugilite: So girl, how's yo arm doin? Looks like it's danglin' a little.

Jenny: I'm fine! I've taken plenty of hits like these before! (Readjusts arm) I don't know who you are, but you're going- (Stumbles) Gah..!

Jenny leaps upward and throws an uppercut at Sugilite's chin! She falls over and Jenny blasts her with her arm cannons rapidly! Jenny is kicked in the air and Sugilite grabs her with her upper right arm and slams her down into the ground! She rapidly thrashes her onto her body with all four fists one at a time, which Jenny at first guards herself from but quickly gets overwhelmed and beaten on the torso and face several times until her chest and eye begin to crack! She quickly deploys her rockets again in a futile attempt to get away, only for Sugilite to grab her leg again and use her upper left arm to grab and tear off the wingspan! Now spinning out of control, the damaged Jenny crashes near the Krusty Krab and Jack, Scotsman, and Wulf arrive through a warp gate next to her, Goddard, and Jimmy, who are both running to them.

Jimmy: Jenny! (Gets stopped by Sugilite's flail)

In Jenny's systems, a message displays, telling her that anymore hits from the flail will result in immediate shutdown. She doesn't give up, however, and rises from the rubble again.

Jack: What sort of creature is this?!

Scotsman: Good gravy! That thing's uglier than that tree log we've been fightin' all those years!

Sugilite: Who're you callin' tree log, old man?!

Scotsman: You, ya four armed, spider lookin, a...a...Aaah, nevermind.

Sugilite throws a heavy punch to the ground that shakes it and causes the sand to rise! It travels to the heroes and Jack cuts through it but Sugilite hits him with another arm, sending him into the Krusty Krab's entrance! Wulf leaps forward and claws off Sugilite's shades and grabs onto her shoulders. He swipes at her face multiple times, and while making decent damage, is stopped by the giantess' other left arm. She grabs him and slams him onto the road! Wulf bites her hand!

Sugilite: AGH! (Lets go of Wulf)

Next, Goddard deploys his mirror submachine launcher and Jimmy mans and fires it at the titan's breasts where her tetradecahedron-shaped gem is, which causes her to seize for a moment but quickly pulls herself together by shielding herself with her bottom right arm. While distracted, Scotsman wheels himself at Sugilite's leg and gashes with a quick swipe of his longsword! She falls down on her knees and Jenny flies toward her and shoots at her chest and face; one of the shots hitting the square faceted gemstone on her lower left hand. Sugilite starts shifting and looks as though she's shrinking into multiple pieces, much to Jimmy and Jenny's confusion.

Sugilite struggling to maintain her form: Eergh..! That's nothin' compared to me! (Twists arms)

Jimmy: Huh..?!

Sugilite uses her arms for her signature Wind-Up Punch! She strikes in front of her and creates a wave of wind that collapses the remainder of the Krusty Krab and blows everyone away! Jimmy uses his Ice Beam to make a slide for Scotsman to use to get to the ground, and he, Jack, Goddard, and Wulf land in a patty vault full of flour! Spongebob, Patrick, Krabs, and Squidward peep from the bottom floor shaft. As the four characters rise from the mounds of flour resembling Santa Claus.

Spongebob and Patrick cheering: SANTA!

Scotsman: Ho-ho-ho, and get out the way!

Jimmy: Please Spongebob! You're gonna get hurt out here!

Spongebob: You know me better than that, Jimmy! I never leave a friend behind!

Squidward with his arms crossed: It's funny cause I've never seen ya try...

Krabs: And I've got somethin' to teach this creature a lesson! (Presses switch he's holding)

The boat serving as the cash register in the Krusty Krab flips over and reveals a pirate-styled cannon underneath it. Spongebob mans the weapon and fires it at Sugilite's face. But instead of missiles, it shoots clothing. She examines a bra strap she received from the first blast and starts to smile and laugh!

Sugilite: AHAHAHAHA! Ah, that's cute. (Stomps on cannon)

Before the fusion could step on the square frycook, he leaves into the back in the kitchen behind the broken wall!

Spongebob: I'm gonna make you eat those words, creep! (Turns on stove and gets patties)

Spongebob, Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Patrick stand next to each other and start making krabby patties and throwing them at Sugilite like a rapid-fire turret. All Sugilite does is eat them with one big gulp and throw her flail at the kitchen, almost killing the four! They barely avoid the attack and Mr. Krabs is caught into some rubble.

Spongebob: Mr. Krabs!

Behind Spongebob, a portal opens up and Squidward accidentally falls in it with a quick and squirming "Woahwoahwoahwoa-"! The portal leads to Amity Park where Jimmy and the others must escape to. Spongebob tries to lift the wreckage off Mr. Krabs, but it's too heavy.

Spongebob trying to lift: Patrick!

Patrick: I've got it!

Mr. Krabs: What's he doing?!

Patrick charges and bashes through the rubble, freeing Mr. Krabs. Jimmy comes over with his hypercube ready in hand.

Jimmy: That's it! I didn't wanna have to use this. But she leaves me no other option! (Pulls out Fenton Thermos) I promised Danny this would come in handy since the first time we met! (Tosses Hypercube)

Jimmy tosses the palm-sized Hypercube near Sugilite's foot and it starts sucking her in!

Sugilite: What the..?! Gah! (Falls into the Hypercube, shrinking in size and shifting) You can't beat me! You're nothin'! Agh! (Separates down to two people)

Sugilite defuses into Garnet and Amethyst, who're desperately trying to break out of the suction but can't!

Jimmy, Jack, Scotsman, and Spongebob: HUH..?!

Goddard: Arf..?!

Amethyst gets sucked in completely and Garnet's hand tries to grab the ground to get away, but she gets trapped in the Hypercube, and it closes! Jimmy then sucks the Hypercube into the Fenton Thermos and closes the cap.

Jimmy: Huh. Well that was easy. Still a bit of trouble, but nothing we couldn't handle! I didn't even think this would work on her.

Jenny holding her left wrist: There's a- (Seizes in pain) Agh..! There's a portal opened behind us!

Jimmy: Plankton must've sent it! He said something big is coming and I see what he means! But Spongebob, you sure handled it like I had never even seen! You and your Krusty Krew!

Spongebob saluting: Always happy to help, Jimmy!

Krabs giving Scotsman a tap on the shoulder: You all ain't so bad yourselves!

Scotsman: When ya fight for 55 years like us, ya learn a lot! Hehe.

Jimmy: Well, I guess that's all for now. Let's get outta here, and- (Thermos starts to shake) What?!

The Thermos rattles and light breaks out of its creases, causing Jimmy to drop it before it explodes, releasing Sugilite in full form once again!

Sugilite breaking through: RRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Everyone: ..?!

Sugilite breathing in exhaustion: Hehehe. I told ya'll you ain't nothin'. But I guess I was wrong just a teeny bit. Now you really in for it! (Swings flail) HAAAAAAA (Slams flail onto the ground)

The ground explodes and the heroes are knocked back near the portal, with much of the surface around it gone. Jimmy looks up at the sky in horror and sees that it's starting to turn grey and purple. Faces of Robin, Ben, Arnold, Zim, and the Powerpuff Girls begin to appear.

Jimmy in confusion: What..?! What is that?!

Sugilite walking over to the heroes: Get ready for the grand finale, lady and gentlemen. (Swings flail)

Jimmy: Spongebob, get in the portal, quick! We'll be there in a moment!

Spongebob: Ok! (Jumps through warp gate)

Patrick leaps through, and Mr. Krabs tries to get in, but Sugilite slams her flail down at the warp tunnel and everyone near it! Jimmy pushes Krabs out of the way and the portal is crushed ,but his leg is caught under a wooden beam and his wrist laser is broken!

Jimmy hitting his fist to the ground: NO..!

Jack attempts to attack, but he and the others are stuck between debris and can barely move. Jenny is on the floor, though her vision is glitching from severe damage and she slowly rises back on her feet.

Sugilite sounding slightly more sinister and distorted: So you think your friends have escaped, Neutron? HA! They will soon be erased from existence and the remainder of every dimension shall soon be a part of me and r̴̡̩̭̯̳̈́͛͜e̸̜̱̗̤̘͉̫͒̈́b̷͉̙͈̳̓o̴̬̪̜̲̽̇̆͑̚̕o̴̗͝t̴̡͚͖̗̣̾̃̓͌̽̿͗e̸̗͔͎͊͗̾̂̈́͝d̴̹̫̹͕̱̦̫͇̏̏̅!

Jimmy: ..?!

Sugilite still sounding different: P̵̬̞̣͚̣̄̅̂R̴̛̗̙̱̒̃̍̽Ě̷̩P̶̯̝̤̯͐͂̔͂͑ͅA̶̰͝R̴͇̝̜͌̽͘Ę̴̢̲͍̟̀̈͠ ̵̤͍́ͅF̸̢̟̠͚̎͂̀̔O̴͍̯̪̥͑R̶̰͙̈̕ ̶͈̪͒Ẏ̵̖O̴͙̎̆͜͝U̴̧̩̦̺̍R̶̭͒ ̷̠̲̅̔̋̕͜D̶̟͈͔̉Ė̴̗̻̺͍͑͑̿ͅS̶̞̯̠̭͉̉̒̐T̷̡̻̅R̷͚̂̑U̶̞̫̪̺̿̿͜C̶̡̠̪̹̀̄͜Ţ̶̝̲͗̋̇I̶̠͕̭̓͗̏̑Ô̶̝̰͈̫N̵͕̟̈́̔ (Prepares final attack with flail)

Jack, Wulf, and Scotsman: NO!

Jimmy and Mr. Krabs hold each other and prepare themselves for the onslaught!

Jenny launching at Jimmy and Krabs: NO YA DON'T!

Sugilite throws her flail at Jimmy and Krabs, but before it could land on them, Jenny gets in front of them and takes the hit! A loud and echoing crash sound goes off in front of everyone. Jimmy opens his eyes at what he heard and is put in great shock, staring deeply at Jenny's ruined body on the floor. No one can see her face now that she has it turned away, but they can see that she's missing an ear and her torso is blown off, exposing the electronics in her smoking body, and her wingspan is severed. Sugilite looks at the damage she did for a moment and starts to realize the impact it made on everyone. She briefly comes to her senses in the form of Garnet and Amethyst.

Sugilite sounding like Garnet: Oh no… What have I..? I-I didn't…(Phases back to corrupted side) Ȳ̶̭̔͛̇͠O̶̧̢͍͛͝Ų̶̛̫̮̲̰͆͑͝'̵͔͎͈̝̈́͘R̶̡̳̪͋͂́̏͐È̷̱̰͊́̕ ̵͖̈́̍̅N̵̨͔̜̣͔͂̾͝E̶̟̚X̴͈̩̝͛͂̅́̓T̸̼̪̪̮̞̽̒͝ ̷̞͙̞̌̿͜B̸̧͓̘̳̮͑̚O̴̞͚͌Y̴̥̮͕̗͕͌̀̀́̕S̴͖̼̬͕̫̒̈́ (Resists)

Out of nowhere, another portal spawns right behind Jimmy and Mr. Krabs! Jack, Goddard, Scotsman, and Wulf get up from the debris and quickly get toward it while Sugilite loses control of herself.

Jack: Another portal?!

Scotsman: I hope it ain't another one of them Time Portals you had such trouble with!

Jimmy still looking at Jenny then back at the warp tunnel: ...Anything's better than here. Quick! Jump! (Lifts Jenny's body and leaps through the warp gate)

Jimmy carrying Jenny, Jack, Goddard, Mr. Krabs, Scotsman, and Wulf all go through the gate. As it closes, Sugilite morphs down to Amethyst and Garnet, who are stumbling and holding their gems struggling to regain control of themselves. The faces above glow their eyes and the two aliens immediately poof into their gemstones. Both stones digitize and disappear into code while the sky begins generating a huge firestorm upon Bikini Bottom. Downtown Bikini Bottom collapses and the planet breaks itself apart from the inside out until the surface starts glowing a bright purple aura! Meanwhile, Retroville and the Toon Force Base are being demolished by the entity. Karen deploys her physical body out of the closet in the back of the lab to be with her microscopic husband physically. On her monitor, there is a message that confirms that all those associated with the Toon Force who were present are on their way to Amity Park/Safe Zone-A.

Plankton standing triumphantly: Well, Karen, it looks like our job here is done. Heheh!

Karen: I'd hate to admit it, but I enjoyed every minute of this since day one. Goodbye dear...

Plankton comfortably speaking: Peace. (Holds Karen's hand)

The Toon Force Base explodes from the damages and collapses in on itself with the rest of Retroville, which has now been pulled into a swirling vortex in the sky, almost scarily like the Mawgu's vortex from years back. In Amity, however, not much has happened yet. Instead, Danny and his wife Sam are still casually strolling around their home at the Fenton Lab. Sam now has her purple jacket over her usual clothes, which has its center circle changed to that of the Phantom-logo on her shirt. Inside, they're continuing a conversation they've been having since early this morning about what they could do when they meet Spongebob again themselves.

Danny: Like I know we still do it, but people we know by name like Technus, Skulker, Johnny, or Ember are all partners with the Toon Force now. We wouldn't have any reason to be against each other anymore.

Sam: Yeah… Good point. Guess that's out of the way for anything we could be doing with him… But hey, nameless ghosts aren't too far from what we did before.

Danny: And robots and monsters...

Sam: Well, let's just think about who's coming with us first. How bout we bring some new guys from the other dimension? Maybe, Cattus or Momo?

Danny smiling: Huh… That's not a bad idea. (Starts dialing) I know Cattus was always the guy for greetings. I forgot to sync up Momo's number up here though…

Sam: You want me to grab Jazz to find it real quick?

Danny: Nah. That's ok. I've got Anais already speed dial. We've got GB's world on record, so, it should work. Gotta love Neutron Interdimensional Networks! (Puts phone up to ear) Or was it Neutron Temporal Displaceme-

Computer: YOUR CALL HAS BEEN FORWARDED TO THE TOON FORCE MESSAGING SYSTEM. PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE AFTER THE TONE. ̶͖̮̺̘̣̆͂̅A̴̡̮͋͝V̴͇̥͕̯̾̊̃̔͜B̴̘̪͇̘͉̊͋̕T̷̲̳̬̀̈́̀̀̚J̵̛͉̣͓͐Ş̶̦͍͂̏Ô̵̟͉̝̎͛̚N̷̨͛̒̔̂̓C̵̭̜͇̒͐͘H̶̨̹̝̉̽̂͊̕A̵̼̋̄̋̓͑Ȟ̵̱̤̿̀̀͜͝M̶̢̼̮̫͇͛̚͘G̷̞͎͈̀̄̀͐͠N̸̮̬͎̏͌W̸̮̔̐K̸̛͕̪͖̳̱̄̃͒I̴̖͍͎̤͖͗̄͑B̵̗̭̰̙̈́H̷͈̗̘̍̈́̓̕C̴̨̖̺͉̈́K̷͇̰͝Ä̴̪͙̗͎́J̷̞̙̿̈̀́B̷̛̠̻̣̣̀͌̓B̸̼̻̆̓X̶̭͈̳̥͕̆U̴̬̒̎̀͊̽A̶̙̬͑̇̓̕͜K̸̦̈́̅B̵̟̰͎͋͂́͋C̶̨̥̊̍̋͊̅J̸̝̫͎͋͆̆̈́͠Ẁ̴͓̟̹͚͕Ḳ̴̻̦̈́̋̀́̚B̷͎̔̑̈́̇

Danny hanging up: …Oookay. That wasn't weird at all. Lemme just get Cattus.

Danny dials again, this time getting Rhybloflaven's number to work wit ha "BING" sound.

Danny: There we go!

Sam: Guess Gumball's world hasn't fully synced up to our system yet.

Danny: Hey, Cattus! Long time no see! You wanna come over to the Fenton Lab and meet an ol' friend of ours?

Communicator: 01011001 01001111 01010101 01010010 00100000 01000111 01001111 01000100 00100000 01001001 01010011 00100000 01000100 01000101 01000001 01000100 00100000 01001000 01000101 01010010 01000101

Danny: …Cattus..?

Sam: Now this is really starting to make me itch. (Strains expressions) Lyvisera… Lyliser… Layvsh… L-lyvsheria! Lyvsheria never has a bad signal like that!

Danny: You're right. It's cause there's only two in the whole world. The castle and Warrior H.Q, which kinda rolls off the tongue if you-


Danny facing back to the screen: Huh..? Oh! Ashi, what's up?

Ashi on her communicator: Danny! Are you ok?!

Danny swaying his head: ..Yeeeah..? I'm good, and I've got Sam and the rest of the gang with me back home. Why?

T on the COMMUNICATOR while explosions go off in the background: KEEP RUNNIN' YOU FOOLS! DAGH-

Ashi: No time to explain! We'll meet you back at town square! The warp tunnel wasn't calibrated fast enough to take us right to you!

Danny: I'm on my way! (Goes ghost) Hang tight here Sam. Ashi's tone sounded real spooky.

Sam: Alright. Go ahead. (Turns back to computer) Oh, and get Jazz back here!

Danny phasing through the house: OK!

As Sam starts typing on the lab keyboard she looks back at the monitor and covers her mouth in awe, watching a live warning message being played via the Toon Force Private Network. Behind it are images of the map of both dimensions; both almost entirely covered in bright red indicating the world's that have already been assimilated or completely annihilated. The evacuees from Retroville warp to Amity Park successfully, though they're nowhere near the Fenton household, and some of the members aren't with them.

Ashi: Thank goodness! We made it!

Sheen: Not everyone! We lost my buddy T! (Covers eyes with Carl patting his back in comfort) HE WAS SO YOUNG..!

Brad: Where are we? This doesn't look like Danny's place!

Danny and the rest of the gang, including Tucker, Dani, and Maddie arrive in confusion at the sight.

Tucker: What the?!

Maddie: My goodness. Why d you all look so worried and famished?

Cindy: Guys, listen, there's not much time left! There's this thing that destroyed Retroville and Bikini Bottom and it's coming this way to take this world with it!

Beside Danny's team, Timmy, Chester, and AJ arrive with long wands in hand!

Chester: Hey guys! We've came here as soon as we could! What's goin' on?!

AJ: Woah! It's the whole team! Or, most of us.

Brad: That's because of some sorta thing that invaded!

Timmy: A thing..? What kinda thing are ya talkin' about? There's all sorts of stuff we've dealt with like it the way it sounds

Libby: Na-ah! This is much worse! It's this vortex in the sky with several of our people's faces in it. And I'm sorry. I'm startin' to sound like Sheen.

Danny: Wait, then, where's Jimmy?

Ashi: He left to some place called, Bikini Bottom..? He brought Jenny and Goddard with him, but they needed help and Jack, Scotty, and Wulf were sent there, but they hadn't come back!

Tucker on his PDA: Hold on. This might be them.

Another warp gate opens behind the Fentons and Spongebob, Squidward, and Patrick make it out, only finding themselves gasping for water. Spongebob takes out Jimmy Neutron's Moisture Spray and sprays himself and his friends to keep them moist.

Squidward puffing his head back in shape: Ugh...

Spongebob: Phew! Thank goodness for Jimmy Neutron's Moisture Spray! (Puts spray can back in pocket) Danny! (Gives Danny a hug)

Danny hugging back: Spongebob?! I-I'm glad you're here, but where's Jimmy and the rest of the gang?!

Squidward: Our home planet just got destroyed by whatever sort of thing came from your's, like every other crossover we've been through.

Flora looking upset for her father: Wha…?!

Ashi looking upset: You mean...Jack and the rest aren't…

Spongebob: Don't worry guys! They can't be gone! They said they'd be with us any moment! (Turns to the warp gate) See?

The warp gate closes on itself with no one leaving from it.

Spongebob now frozen in shock: ...

Danny: Any idea as to what that was about?

Spongebob stuttering: I...I-I…I do-wuh...

Before Spongebob could finish what he wanted to say, the skies suddenly turn dark across the city and thick clouds and fog cover the city as lightning bolts strike at the ground. No one in the city can see anything but what's above them, and in the clouds are faces of several corrupted worlds. The Toon Force members look up at the chaos and begin to worry.

Dani: Ok. What is that?!

Ashi: That's what we saw back in Retroville!

Tucker: Look at those faces! They look like some of the worlds we've rescued in the past!

Timmy: There's the Titans Star was with, the Eds, Tommy, Chucky...even Arnold…?

The faces in the clouds stop moving across the globe and stay in one place, though they still beam down at the surface with a twisted demonic grin.

Flora: I-it stopped!

Dani: Good. That'll buy us some time to figure this out. We'd better get back to the Fenton lab and see what we can do to stop this!

Danny: Right! And while we're there, let's see if we can contact Gumball, Dr. Wakeman, and Jimmy! There's gotta be some sort of signal left for them. I just know it!

End of Chapter 4

Chapter Text

Nicole and Yuki are back at the Rainbow Factory with their respective roles. Almost all the workers there look at them with vivid expressions in awe at the slight change in appearance they've gained over the years. For Yuki, they seem enamored. For Nicole, they're both that and fearful at the same time like things were alright until she appeared. Nicole tries her best to work like normal, but she can't help but feel disturbed by everyone gathering around her at her desk.

Nicole politely asking: Excuse me everyone, but do you remember the last time you ganged up on me like this?

The spectators immediately leave to their seats in fear!

Nicole: (Sighs)

Nicole looks at herself at the blank computer monitor on her desk. She visualizes herself before the Toon War, in comparison her current look, seeming much more savage looking than normal. Yuki comes over to her old friend. But instead of tossing her coffee onto her shirt, she calmly sits in a chair next to her in worry.

Yuki: Nicole, are you alright?

Nicole: Of course. Just a bit, you know. Just looking at myself in the monitor. Everything is fine… Heheh… Heee… (Looks insanely worried)

Yuki: I've known you since we were children, Nicole. You and I both know when something is wrong, it's hard to hide it.

Nicole turning her chair around quickly: Look at us! We just came from a war for goodness sake! Everyone's looking at me like I'm a monster, yet you've barely even aged once!

Yuki: When you're made of air like me, its difficult to look that way. On the outside, I look great. But on the inside, I still suffer from thyroid issues. Don't ask me how my anatomy works.

Nicole: I just don't know how I can fit back into our old lives and pretend like nothing ever happened. In fact, come to think of it, me even being here is proof enough that virtually nothing has changed, aside from Richard. You know what my step son said to me? It's been 2 weeks with me and Gumball, alone. And since then, everyone's been doing just fine!

Yuki: I know. I just spoke with my husband a second ago. He and my daughter aren't any different from the last time they saw me, almost as though this world was on pause the whole time. But I knew they still missed us regardless. Even your husband, Richard, has to have missed you too. I know he maybe a goof like I've seen, but he's still your goof.

Nicole: I don't know… Honestly. Sometimes I wonder if we're better off without each other for reasons that all stem from the fact that he's an airhead. At least he's not abusive, and he genuinely does care. But sometimes it feels like he doesn't. I come back literally 5 years away from him, refreshed in the mind, almost completely forgetting he even existed and yet he's still the same as he always is, just, beefier.

Yuki holding Nicole's shoulder: Listen, I know things seem abnormal at the moment, but your loved ones still need you. Even the city needs us both, including your son and Penny. They've lasted this long without us, but now it is time for them to get acquainted, so long as they are willing to do so.

Nicole: I just hope my son and Penny are doing alright to say the least. They've grown so much, but Darwin and Anais haven't even phased. Not only that, but we've amassed such strength than before, and sometimes I feel that maybe we're too strong! But don't get me wrong. My son is still a toothpick when compared to me, you, and Penny. No offence to him, of course. I love him, and I wish the best for him no matter what happens.

Yuki: That's good to hear. (Checks watch) Anyway, I have a meeting to catch up to with my husband about the future of our company. Heck, if you wish, I could offer you a seat to voice your opinions and concerns too.

Nicole: No. That's ok. I've already had enough experience having a place at the table with the council. And I hate to admit it, but Timmy was right. Meetings are boring.

Yuki leaving: Haha! Now you know my pain.

As Yuki leaves into the back end of the office, Nicole starts to think to herself. The world seems alright with Gumball around, but with her, she's worried one day she'll be so frustrated she'd go crazy and unleash her full power, which she had suppressed since the day the Toon Force H.Q was invaded by other corrupted worlds during the horrific attack on Jump City. Meanwhile, back at the Fenton Lab at the upper ops center, Danny, Tucker, and Timmy continue to try and make contact with Dr. Noreen and Gumball using their communicators and computers.

Tucker hastily typing on his laptop: I can't get Jenny's Mom on the line!

AJ dialing his communicator: Me neither!

Danny: Keep trying. I'm gonna call Gumball again and ask him. Bobert, you've got your own communicator, right?

Alt. Bobert: Affirmative.

Danny: Try getting Gumball. If we can't get the Doctor or Jimmy, we can at least get him. I tried it before, but it just refuses to work!

Jazz at the Fenton Computer: Not sure we can try again, Danny! There's more heat signatures popping up like a swarm of spiders and bees!

Danny shivering: Eeeww…Don't put that in my head. Can you locate them?

Jazz: Yes but there's too many of them!

Suddenly, the computer explodes in front of Jazz and knocks her down! Danny catches her and looks back at the damaged monitor.

Jack Fenton: Darn it! Our technology keeps getting worse all the time!

Dani: Do you think this has something to do with those faces in the sky?

Danny: It might.

Brad looking from the upper windows: Actually, I don't really think so. They're starting to disappear with the wind picking up.

Flora walking over: And I can feel the ground shaking every few minutes outside.

Maddie: That doesn't sound right. Let me take a look.

Maddie steps out to the roof and peeks at the sky. The many cloudy faces fade away and the fog clears up, and the blue vibrant skies and sunlight finally reappear as though virtually nothing has happened.

Maddie: Oh, this is great! I can even see the sun now!

AJ: Maybe this whole ordeal is over.

Just as soon as AJ wonders if the sight was just a random occurrence, another earthquake from the gravity slowly begins to rumble, but more potent than the last! Back in the lab, the area starts coming apart from the pull and several pieces of electronics begin to explode!

Squidward covering his head: What's happening now?!

Scaramouche holding his hat: Dog if I know! I'm outta here!

Danny going intangible: Same! Everyone, get to cover! Timmy, Bobert, Spongebob, you're with me! (Grabs onto Timmy and Spongebob)

Spongebob phasing with Danny and Timmy: Oh boy! Another mission with ol' pals!

Danny and the 3 boys fly up to the sky to observe any damages and help any innocent people from the trembling. But meanwhile at the Rainbow Factory, when its nearing the end of her shift and Nicole is about to get her purse from her desk, she's called over by Yuki's husband himself

Nicole: Oh! Mr. Yoshida! What seems to be the problem?

Mr. Yoshida: No problems. In fact, I wanted to personally invite you to a special surprise we have in place for someone you know.

Nicole: Wait, really?!

Mr. Yoshida: Come with me and I will show you.

Nicole follows her boss. Normally he'd sound more authoritative than he does now, but here he's a lot nicer. This confuses her at first, but as they go down the hall to the meeting room where the higher ups usually visit, she's shocked to find her husband standing in the front where the mayor of Elmore himself is gleefully waiting to give him a badge/medal among a group of around 20 people; some being her usual coworkers like that Soulless Office guy, Jeff, or Lenny, and the rest recording the whole thing. Yuki comes up to Nicole knowing everything that's going on.

Nicole whispering: Yuki, what is going on here?

Yuki: This is an award ceremony we set up for your husband. He's done so much for the community in such a short time the mayor wanted to personally reward him.

Nicole still quiet: What..?! But… But I've done plenty of good things before. Stopped robberies, stopped illegal drug deals, disarmed bombs. Why don't I get an award..?!

Mayor giving Richard the medal on his shirt: And so, in honor of this...huge, rabbit for his various deeds helping the town, I dedicate this medal to you, Richard Watterson.

All the employees and extra people clap and cheer for Richard, but with Nicole, almost no one seems to even realize she's there aside from Yuki. Even Richard fails to notice until he catches her with a glance to his left.

Richard: Oh! There you are Nicole! Do ya like my new medal? It even looks just like yours but golden!

Richard holds up his medallion to his wife. Indeed, it looks very similar to hers but is made of fine gold material.

Nicole nervously laughing: Ahehe… Yay…

Richard: Not only that, but the city just granted us enough money to pay for when I bought a dead star! The rest of the money can go to charity since I already used enough to do that and pay the bills.

Nicole: That's, uh… That's fantastic..!

Yuki: Are you alright, Nicole san?

Nicole: U-um. Yeah. I'm fine. Could you just, um...Richard, can I speak to you outside? I just wanna congratulate you in private.

Richard: Oh sure! No problemo!

As the couple start leaving the room and down to the lower floor of the building, Yuki starts to notice just how upset her friend really is. She knows that the Toon Wars have already had much of an affect on her, making her try and limit her power whenever she's around others. But now, she feels even worse coming back home when all the good she's done in the past doesn't even seem worth it. Yuki's husband asks why Nicole is leaving, accidentally forgetting her name for a moment before correcting himself, which Yuki responds saying she's had an epiphany. Outside in broad daylight with Richard while no one is around by the entrance of the facility, Nicole speaks with her husband over her stress.

Richard: What's the matter, honey? Aren't ya happy I got the grant?

Nicole straightening up and raising her ears: N-no. Richard, dear, I'm very glad you got it! That means we're no longer in debt! In fact, you donating the extra money to charity instead of buying a new house or anything else you might buy in the past… (Hugs Richard) From what I've been through I couldn't agree more! (Lowers ears in sorrow)...But…I'm still not happy. Being away for 5 years is one thing, but this… It just doesn't feel right anymore.

Richard: Aw, I get it now. You're just a bit sad from being gone for so long, are ya? 2 weeks to you is years, isn't it? I know the feeling.

Nicole: Nah-ah. You haven't seen what I've seen. Honey, I've seen people die in front of my face and for once I don't brush it off like any other episode. I just wanted to be back with my family. Me and Gumball. But-

Richard: I know. I missed you guys too. A lot, actually. Darwin had to read me a bedtime story to keep me from crying one day. I always had a feeling something like this was happening to you, and I went out to fight just to blow some steam. Turns out I'm a lot smarter than I thought, huh?

Nicole: Heheh. Really, I'm just pretty impressed you've finally got some sense. You're not even speaking to me like a kid anymore. But truth be told, I don't know why you'd be so worried about me in the first place.

Richard: Why's that?

Nicole: Because… Because, it seems like you've got all this under control just fine without me. Or our son…

Richard: Maybe me, but not our kids. They need ya more than they do me or the city.

Nicole: Darwin and Anais do. Not Gumball. (Starts walking off) Not anymore…

Richard confusingly watching Nicole leave: ..Honey..? Where ya goin'?

Nicole: Somewhere. The city clearly doesn't need me, and considering what I've done it's probably for the best. (Starts to walk off) I'll just go somewhere where I won't screw anything up for anyone...again...

Nicole can no longer handle the pressure. She's too sad to even look up or get in the car she drove in. Instead she just walks down the sidewalk to the right where one of the roads leads to the outskirts of town. While she's leaving, Richard looks on not sure what to say to get his wife back, but he then realizes there's nothing he can to sway her. Knowing her, she would not want to listen to him until she's finally blown off enough steam, or at the very least spends enough time in a single episode trying to cope. And before Richard could say anything he thought of in his head, a red and blue blimp flies by with his name on its sign telling him congratulations. Richard looks back where his wife is again and sees that she barely looked up to the display and keeps walking forward. No longer wanted or needed, Nicole exits the scene and indeed the show...

Meanwhile, back at the track field, Gumball, Bobert, and Darwin go to Gym class with their fellow group of classmates. Gumball is still trying to fit back into his middle school life, and unlike his mother, he's been doing it rather well; apart from his occasionally headaches that seem to have occurred frequently while he was in class like always. With Darwin's advice, however, he considers going to the nurse, but to him it doesn't seem all that serious. He's not stressed, he's not worried, and though he does think of the Toon Force, it's not in a way that he utterly misses them and wants them to come back.

Penny: Wait, Gumball..!

Coming from out the backdoor to the school is Penny once again. She flies over to GB with her small wingspan from her dragon form hastily trying to tell him something that she's been noticing these past few chapters.

Gumball turning back around: Yeah, babe?

Penny stunned and blushing: …Babe..? (Chuckles) He-you're starting to sound like Scara… N-nevermind. Isn't it weird how we come back after 5 years away from home and everyone acts like it's only been a few weeks?

Gumball rocking his head to his sides: …Mmmmaybe. Like I said, this isn't the first time anything weird has happened out here.

Penny: Right, but, seriously. This time it feels…different. Almost like virtually nothing has happened since we left.

Gumball: Hey, for all we know, it could just be everyone readjusting to our existence. Darwin missed me and I'm sure your papa did too.

Penny: Did he..? My dad and my sister were barely emotional. They still missed me, but…

Gumball smiling to give Penny comfort: It's gonna be fine, Pen. It's probably just part of an act or something or other. (Shrugs with arms on sides) Nothin's gonna happen!


Penny steps forward and gives her feline boyfriend a brief but very relieved hug. He gently wraps his arms around her back to give comfort to her while also looking around to see if anyone are watching them embrace to his embarrassment. Together, they let go of each other and Penny walks back into the school through the playground door. After that momentary experience, Gumball now feels a hint of what Penny is feeling. His smile has faded and he places his hand on his chin trying to think to himself, "Why is she suddenly so worried? What's bothering her?"

Lessly: Hey Gumball! Are you coming? Class is about to start!

Gumball: Huh..? O-oh yeah! I'll be right there!

Inside the middle school, Momotaro sits down at the cafeteria to eat lunch there for the first time. Her step mother, Anais, sits next to her continuing to guide her through the ins and outs of the school while the younger Anais of this timeline listens in front of them.

Alt. Anais: And that's what I did to the place when I turned 18.

Anais: Wow… Can't believe all those people lost their jobs from that.

Alt. Anais: Oh, it wasn't all that bad. Everyone had something to do once the cleanup crew arrived. Then Mr. Masters made a deal with me to double our efforts. By that point we had nothing to pay for anything. I still think about it sometimes, but I still fondly believe a lot of these folks wouldn't do too well in any disaster. All they did was follow orders with no independent thought, aside from Larry who I really appreciated but promptly fired...literally.

Momo: Gee. You gotta do him like that?

Alt. Anais: Well he didn't really like my family much anyway!

Anais: That's a shame, because he really likes us now after he told us how much we've been ruining his life. He's a really nice man.

Alt. Anais: Oh. Shoot. I guess I hadn't quite reached that episode yet. I owe him an apology. Same to Bobert for ordering him to show him the way out.

Anais: You still have a Bobert with you?

Momo: Oh yeah! My best buddy besides Firefly! He's a cool armored up version of this timeline's Bob with these turret lasers, yellow and red highlights, sharp pinchers, everything! But he didn't wanna come here in fear he'd scare somebody… Guess even he couldn't stomach the thought of scaring anyone.

Alt. Anais: And readjusting to life after war. It's hard, children. When you become used to doing something so much, it almost hurts when you stop doing it. Or at the very least get tired and there's nothing else you can think of.

Anais: Just how bad was it for everyone else where you come from?

Alt. Anais: Eh… Not really sure. Everyone's stance is different. But you'll find out when you're older.

Anais: I'm in middle school.

Alt. Anais: And you're still 4. Put that brain to good use and we'll see if I can hook you up with another genius who can give you the full scoop.


Alt. Anais: Hey sport, what's wrong? You've stopped chewing and normally that means something bad.

Anais: Wait, you watch her eat?

Alt. Anais: Yeah I do!

Anais with her eyebrows raised: ...You sound just like Mommy.

Momo: two feel that a second ago?

Alt. Anais: Feel what?

Momo: That rattle. I put my fork right her in the side of my tray next to the pizza. Now it's on the left with my juice. I didn't even use it yet.

Anais: Wow, that's pretty observant!

Momo: Ooh, thank you! It's part of the training I received from Master Jack back home. I-I mean back at Retroville.

Alt. Anais: Now that you mention it, I have been getting these strange feelings myself quite a bit lately. But I'm sure it's nothing. It's probably just us still coping with the end of the fight and… (Pauses and raises ears in horror)

Anais: ...Old me, are you ok?

Alt. Anais: We gotta get outta here… Now.

With Danny and the gang already in panic mode, they scramble to find ways to help the city as all the civilians not in buildings try to find cover from any falling debris from the trembling of the Earth.

Danny: There's people still trapped… Spongebob, you've got any ideas? There's too many for us to save.

Spongebob: As a matter of fact, I do! (Takes out Bubble Wand)

Timmy: What's that gonna do?

Spongebob blow a huge bubble down to one of the people below him on top of a tall building and catches them inside so they can gently float in the air without any worry of the bubble popping.

Danny shocked: Hey...that's pretty good!

Danny carries his friend over to other parts of town where people are in danger. Bobert grabs some who are about to fall off buildings while Spongebob catches many in a stream of bubbles made from his trusty wand. Timmy borrows another wand from him to catch some of his own while also looking after the 4 of them in case of any obstacles. Soon, after a few more lines of flight, they succeed and all the civilians on the streets are left hovering aimlessly in the air safe and sound.

Danny still carrying Spongebob: Awesome job dude! It's a good thing I have you around, cause I sure wouldn't have thought of that!

Spongebob blushing: Really..?

Danny: Yeah. You've just saved an entire city of people!

The people above start cheering for the 4 of the heroes and especially Spongebob; Mr. Lancer in one of the bubbles cheering him specifically saying, "Nice work, Brownpants! Y-yeah!"

Spongebob: My pleasure! And it's Spongebob Squarepants!

Timmy: Phew! Looks like everyone's safe. Now I gotta get back and check on Tutie and Wanda. Hope they're ok cause-

Alt. Bobert: Danger! My sensors read a population increase of 6.4 billion!

Timmy: 6.4… What do ya mean by that?

Danny: That means there's more people in the world now. But, how?

Timmy: …Wait.

Danny: What?

Timmy pointing to the upper right of the sky: What is that..?

Danny and the boys look over to where Timmy is pointing and to Bobert's horror is the view of an entire planet almost similar in style to their own slowly but surely approaching the atmosphere at an incredibly dangerous distance away! On said planet, Gumball is about to run the track at the school yard competing against

Darwin: So, what other skills do ya have to show off today, ol' bro?

Gumball: Nothing except the speed I got from turning into a werecat one day. Which doesn't actually make sense considering I already am a man-cat.

Bobert: Precisely what I was about to say.

Tobias: Whatever. You're gonna eat my dust, Gumball!

Gumball: You mean like the other 600 times? Please. Try outrunning a motorcycle, then we'll talk. Oh, and bro, do you want me to give you a head start? Then when you reach the end I'll catch up.

Darwin: Yeah sure. I'd like that.

Coach: Ready!

The boys on the track prepare themselves and Gumball takes a stance similar to Jack's.

Coach: Get set! (Blows whistle)

The runners are off! Tobias is being very competitive today outrunning everyone until Darwin manages to catch up by a thread. Like Gumball promised, he's about to run a lap around the track to show off his speed, but just as he's about to make a move, his ears twitch, and he finds himself pausing to face the sky. Eventually, Darwin just barely makes it to the end after budding into Tobias enough to get close to the finish line for another lap, which he uses to stop and take a break before the next.

Darwin trying to take a breath: …Gumball…? You ok..? I thought you said you'd catch up. I mean, granted it's only the second lap, but…

Gumball points up to the clouds quickly fading from above as the skies start to turn a hellish red. To everyone's sheer horror in a very unexpected turn of events, each of them in the school and the city itself bare witness to what could quite possibly be the biggest disaster in the planet's history. Amity Park and Elmore are nearing each other's atmospheres at a rapid pace. The storms from the gravity begin to mass across the surface. The skies glow a fiery red aura as the they burn from the force of it all! Many objects from both Amity sides of the worlds float up to the sky and disintegrate instantly in the blazing flames! Soon many innocent civilians start floating too and try their best to grab onto something, but find themselves being torn to bits by the debris and atmospheric burning! Spongebob himself is left utterly shocked at the sight seeing all the people they've just rescued going up to their doom in a blaze! Seeing no other possible way of helping anyone else, Danny and Bobert make their leave with Timmy and Spongebob still in-hand. But just when they use all their speed and agility for flight, gravity itself betrays them. They are pulled closer and closer near the fires and Danny is forced to use his intangibility to keep from getting any damage. However, the force of the wind still keeps them trapped. Eventually, as Bobert keeps a firm grip and flight pattern with Timmy holding his pinchers, Danny loses focus from the currents blowing into his face and for a moment cuts to his usual tangible form. This causes Bobert to also phase back and gets smacked by incoming debris in the side of his face, losing his right arm gripping Timmy's and falling into the intense heat! Distraught, Danny screams out Bobert's name but to no avail. All seems lost until Jazz comes flying in with the Fenton Rocket and grabbing the remaining men on board through the side hatch with Jack Fenton.

Jack Fenton: You alright, son?

Danny: Yeah, but we just lost Bobert! We've gotta go back for him!

Jazz: Can't! It's too late! There's too much fire and debris flying around. We've gotta get outta here!

Jazz depletes the thruster power. She lets the ship dive down before turning the engines back on to glide to the bottom streets that haven't fully crumbled yet flying forward in a straight line while the falling rubble falls behind them. They cut through to the main park is so they can pull up to where the skies are most clear, eventually breaching the atmosphere to the crease of the impact of the worlds. Yet with all their effort, they gently but quickly fall back down to the flames! Back at the Rainbow Factory, now on fire from the destruction, Richard no longer knows what to do to help anyone as people start running around burning and floating to their deaths. More and more buildings no matter the size or material keep falling apart and exploding; some even falling from Amity colliding with it from the side!

Richard holding a chicken sandwich: Ooh man! This is bad! This is really really bad! All I wanted to do was eat this sandwich and now all Hell breaks loose!

Yuki off in the distance: YOU!

Richard: Huh?

Yuki speed walking over to Richard: You! Where is your wife?!

Richard: I dunno! She just left when she was upset over something. Said something about us not…needing her?

Yuki grabbing Richard by the collar: You loon! How could you let her leave like that?! You're her husband!

Richard dropping his sandwich and pleading: I'm sorry! I didn't want her to! She said she needed some space! Please don't hit my nose!

Yuki letting go: Ugh! This is worse than I thought… Find your kids. They need you.

Richard: What about you?

Yuki: I have to return to mine. If this is the end, I'm going out with those I love most. (Sparks aura and jets into the flaming clouds)

Richard realizes he's dropped his sandwich and watches it hover into the fires, which upsets him and forces him to try and go after it yelling "GASP! MY CHICKEN!" But somewhere behind him, where there's a thin fold in the middle of the ruined street next to the factory, the crease starts to open itself from the streets breaking up. The surface cracks and bends, exploding and shooting out sewage and magma from inside the Earth until the very fold of Elmore's reality completely tears itself open from the impact of the collision. So wide, it doesn't even suck anything in it. Instead, the Void, the place of no return in Gumball's world where all the mistakes go in limbo, starts to burst out into both worlds, shooting out a huge wave of its TV Static like an eclipse of the sun that completely engulfs and mirrors both ends of the multiverse in a thick layer of data that bends reality into its true digital form…

Hours later, Spongebob, unconscious from the emergency landing, is awakened by his best friend, Patrick after he hitched a ride earlier during the rescue mission.

Spongebob waking up: Ugh…

Patrick shaking Spongebob: You ok buddy?

Spongebob with his hand on his forehead: Yeah… I just have a bit of a rough headache. (Slowly stands up) What'd I do last night?

Timmy: You partied and got drunk. Very drunk.

Spongebob wobbling: Oh… That explains a lot… For a second there, I thought we were almost killed when a planet rammed into us...

Timmy: I'm sorry Spongedude. I was just trying to lighten the mood.

Spongebob: Huh..? (Looks around)

Spongebob hears the faint creaking of the metal in the twisted but still intact shuttle. The hatch door has been blasted open and some of the wires in the frames are exposed and sparking small bits of electricity. He is helped up by Timmy and brought back outside where Danny and Jazz are standing together, afraid, distraught, and unsure of everything that has just occurred. In front of them is the vast view of what used to be Amity and Elmore now combined into one singular trash pile. Elmore itself is still balanced above the ruins while Amity is at the bottom. The only amount of sunlight to let them see comes from the front of the shuttle where the skies are light green with a visible space oddity looming over the worlds, resembling a strange halo-like figure permanently spanned across reality. Though faint, jolts of data flow from its sides like a a virus leaking information.

Spongebob in sorrow: Oh no…

Danny getting on his communicator: Guys, please tell me you're around... Who's here?

Flora walking through the rubble at the bottom of the cliffs: Bobert?! Scaramouche?!

Scaramouche calling nearby: Hey! Could ya give an ol' head a hand?!

Flora just barely misses Scaramouche's head removed from his body and sees him lying against a scrap pile on the drenched dirt.

Flora lifting Scaramouche's head: Oh! Thank goodness!

Scaramouche: Hold on.

Coming from out the metal wreckage in front of the scotswoman, Scaramouche's broken body removes itself from inside, stepping forward to its head to connect it back into place.

Scaramouche: Ah! (Turns head 180 back to front) There we go. So, baby, what sorta supervillain are we dealin' with to cause all that a while ago?

Flora: It's what we're trying to find out. (Turns to group above) How's that shuttle looking?!

Jazz: Still functional! But it's gonna take some fixing to get it flying again!

Ashi coming from a malformed trench: Are you ok Cindy?

Cindy shifting through piles of metal and concrete: I can't find Libby! She was just here!

Dani phasing through the walls: I can't find Tucker either!

Wanda buzzing around desperately: No, no, NO! Poof! Sparky! Timmy!

Timmy: I'm over here, Ma!

AJ calling from underneath the cliff outside the fallen and warped Ops Center: Where's the other guys?! And where's Tutie?!

Timmy: I don't know! She left this morning to apply for work!

Sam getting desperate and upset: Well what about Valerie, or Cujo, or-

Danny yelling at Sam: I don't know! I… (Starts getting upset)...

Sam getting teary eyed: … (Sets head on Danny's chest)

Danny holds his wife for comfort as she starts to cry, rare for her but very much like what Danny and everyone else are feeling. The wind picks up and Ashi realizes just how severe the situation is. She looks down at the mud and broken materials without even taking a breath. Cindy just plops to the broken floors onto her butt trying to think while Chester, Brad, Carl, and Sheen keep rummaging around the waste. Maddie sits down with Jack stroking his chin in thought against the old damaged computer in front of him. Timmy sits at the edge of the cliff slouched over in defeat, and Spongebob, now accompanied by Squidward and Patrick at once, continues to look off into the distance at the halo. Meanwhile in the broken and crushed wreckage of Elmore Middle School, Gumball emerges battered and bruised finding himself standing on a fallen wall acting as a platform protruding from the cliff of the now upside down surface. He hastily looks at every direction for answers. No one is around. Not a single sound other than the silent metal moaning of the broken structures above and below him. As he keeps his eyes locked forward, his emotions begin to build up. He's never had his spirit this in his life down to tears and falling to his knees unable to even call for help or process anything other than his current situation. Just when it seems like the end for him, a golden glow shines down on him like an angel coming from Heaven itself. Penny, with her wings spade out, descends from above with Bobert next to her. Both are unharmed, but they look just as confused and upset as Gumball is. Penny asks, "Gumball?" Immediately, he gives her a huge hug with his faces shoved into her breasts sobbing. She looks on the same direction as he saw before, now feeling incredibly sorry while Gumball feels guilty for not listening to her warnings. With the Toon Force now weakened and more exposed than ever, they watch the sunset at the crevasse of the worlds, some quietly crying while others silently watch without words, both in failure and defeat…

Meanwhile in an unknown location…

Jimmy Neutron awakens in a wide light velvet bedroom with an open balcony door at night to his right of the oddly clean white bed. He looks around and gets out, realizing he still has his clothes on from before down to his socks with his shoes next to his left when he rises.

Jimmy: Huh? This is strange. I must've blacked out when I was going through the portal.

Jimmy pulls up his wrist to look at the status on his watch only to find the device void from his arm.

Jimmy shocked: What?!

He frantically reaches into all his pockets and checks the drawers in the room, but none of them have any of his gadgets other than his wrist watch. He turns it back on to contact Goddard, but the signal is broken. He steps outside the balcony and looks around there but quickly finds himself staring at the vast forests lit by small town lights next to a larger area with city lights shining brightly, seeing that he's at a high floor of a tall building like a fancy hotel or castle in the night. Jimmy, however, is still not comfortable with him being away while his home and his friends' homes are most likely still in grave danger.

Jimmy: Maybe I shouldn't have left for Bikini Bottom. I'm more vulnerable now than ever! And what's worse is my hypercube had the rest of my gadgets stored in it and now it's gone!

A distant voice: Calm down, little bro. You're safe.

Jimmy turning around: Huh?!

Outside of Jimmy's bedroom door, which had opened while he wasn't looking, a tall muscular figure approaches.

Voice: That sure was a close one! If you stayed there any longer, you and your pals would've been toast!

Jimmy: Do I…know you?

Voice: Well, yes and no. (Steps into the moonlight)

The mysterious man steps into the moonlight and reveals himself to be Timmy Turner, but this time, he's much older and tougher looking than before, lacking his hat and pink shirt. Jimmy leans back a little in a fit of surprise, pondering many questions…

End of Chapter 5

Chapter Text

Jimmy Neutron walks with an alternate Timmy Turner down the wide stairs of a large tower with fine white paint on the walls, including large fountains both in the walls and at the lower floor, golden and orange-themed rails and a black/white checker-tiled floor, and a nice quiet atmosphere.

CC. Timmy: Sorry about the weird introduction. I know it's pretty scary for you after you blacked out when you warped here.

Jimmy: Ha! Definitely! But you're ok. I've had worse greetings from a ton of people before. Were you the one who saved us back there?

CC. Timmy: Yes, but I'm not the only one. (Places hand near portraits on the wall next to Jimmy)

Jimmy looks at the portraits and with labels of people he's never encountered personally before, aside from Otto Rocket. These two include Flapjack (a short and stout pirate boy), Robot Boy (a little blue and white robot), and Mr. Herriman (a high-class looking rabbit).

CC. Timmy: These are just some of the guys who helped me find you. We've been tracking this space entity for a while, and we just happened to catch you guys in the middle of one of its invasions.

Jimmy: You know what it is?

CC. Timmy: Not really. Everyone else have a theory as to what it means for everyone, but I personally don't know anything about it. But first, I'd like you to meet a few folks around here so you can feel more comfortable before we get down to business.

Jimmy: What about my pals? Where are they?

CC. Timmy: Just wandering around town. Don't worry. You'll see them when we start hovering by. Anyway, OTTO!

Outside the large entrance opening, a tan short guy with a red and white helmet arrives on a flame-themed hoverboard, holding two more in his hands.

Otto: Right on time Tim! Check out my new ride.

CC. Timmy: Alright! Sweet! (Gets on hoverboard) Try one out Jim. It's great!

Jimmy: Ok. (Gets on hoverboard) Woah! A magnetic pull to keep me from falling off? That's just like how I designed mine!

Otto: You're not the only one who's built something like that too, Jimbo! (Floats away at high speeds)

CC. Timmy: You wanna race down to town? It's a straightforward path.

Jimmy: Eat my dust! (Flies with Timmy)

Both Timmy and Jimmy fly with their hoverboards the small town in the forest nearby from the wide section to the palace. While they get there, Jimmy looks back up to the tall building and notices just how intricate the details on it are. It resembles some kind of royal castle but mixed with designs from a mid-2000's building stylized like a resort. Beyond that to the left is a pathway to a smaller but equally impressive structure resembling an old French church. Before going any further, this version of Timmy remembers to speak to Jimmy about something.

CC. Timmy flying: Just to explain myself on the way, I'm actually an alternate Timmy Turner from another timeline that was ruled by Vicky, saved, and then destroyed by a war that ended in complete disaster.

Jimmy: Really? Aaw, that's too bad.

CC. Timmy: Yeah. I've been through a lot of things. But I still got my family with me, and I'm much happier knowing that you're still alive! (Hovers down)

Jimmy follows Timmy down to the surface in the middle of a recreational center structured like a natural theme park where several other characters unfamiliar to Jimmy are strolling about, ranging from a walking talking cow and chicken, a robotic monkey, to a strange bird-like imaginary friend walking and interacting

CC. Timmy putting his hoverboard away: I even met your timeline's Timmy once. But he probably forgot about me since he changed the course of his world's history.

Jimmy: Agh, I'm sure he couldn't forget a guy like you! You seem so cool! And on top of all that, you're supposed to BE him! Which reminds me, what is with every Timmy losing their buck teeth and hat? I-I mean, you have your buck teeth, but-

Before Timmy could answer, a tall man walks toward them with his hands in his jacket pocket. His name is Doug Funnie, former Nicktoon from the earliest phase of the channel, and one of the first Nicktoons to ever exist.

Dougwalking over: Hey Timmy! Glad to see you've got Jimmy out here with us!

CC. Timmy: Yep. He's just as surprised as we predicted.

Jimmy: Wait a minute… I feel like I've known you before. Aren't you..?

Doug bowing and raising his hand: Doug Funnie, at your service.

Jimmy shaking Doug's hand: Oh yeah! Doug! I can't believe I'm meeting you here! It's been so long!

Doug: I know I've aged a bit like you since we last met years ago. I remember meeting you a few times in Christmas specials and such.

Jimmy: No wonder I still remember you! I thought I saw your data during the old Toyco War too! What happened?

Doug: Oh a whole lot of things went down while I was gone! I'll tell ya, the Syndicate really had us on the run! Not just me!

Jimmy: What do you mean?

Doug: Take a look around you.

Jimmy looks at the many different characters walking around, like Flapjack, Adam, Dave the Barbarian, George of the Jungle, a kid and an alien-looking cat, and some obscure ones like Cat 22, or Rodney the Squirrel. All these people seem completely at peace, doing special activities like dancing and singing, visiting bars, surfing the internet on laptops, or riding on hoverboards. Jimmy visits one of these places, meeting Scotsman on a treadmill with his wheelchair still intact and being recorded by Jacob the Spidermonkey and Rodney using a video camera.

Jimmy: Scotsman?

Scotsman facing Jimmy: Aye Einstein! Good ta see ya!

Doug: We've repaired his wheelchair from any damages sustained in your fight with Sugilite. Which reminds me. We have Jenny back at the repair bay being fixed by one of our own.

Jimmy: You can do that?

Doug: Only the professionals can. They're the scientists and mechanics of this whole place. I'll take you to them nearby when we're done.

Jimmy: Sounds legit. Already I'm enjoying the scenery.

Scotsman getting back to his treadmill: Come back when you find the TV remote ta this thing! Only reason I'm still goin' is cause I can't turn it off!

Jacob whispering to Bloo and grinning: I know this is mean, but I have the remote in my pocket.

Bloo: Good on you cause he's got some sick speeds!

Jimmy, Alt Timmy, and Doug continue their path down the recreation place and come across the bar up near the arcade where Jack is drinking hot water at a table in a new gi.

Jimmy walking by: Hey Jack..!

Jack in slight hesitation: O-oh! Hello again Jimmy! How are you doing tonight?

Jimmy: I just woke up. But I'm getting comfortable. You ok? You don't sound like yourself.

Jack: Oh, I'm perfectly alright. I'm always alright. (Gets up) AKU! (Looks around) ...Sorry. I'm still getting used to a few things.

Jimmy comforting Jack: You're good. I'm sure we'll take care of it somehow.

Doug: Well, we do have a drink that cures any negative thoughts in the mind, but-

Jimmy and Jack: You have that?!

Doug: Yeah. Course we do. It's a work in progress. Even without it, there's lots of stuff we have that many other places don't. Where else are ya gonna find leather jackets or people of shades that realistically should be a major health risk?

CC. Timmy pointing down to Doug's hair: These are all things from this guy's world, mind you.

Jimmy: But if you have a world of your own, what about everyone else's?

Doug: Oh, like me, they've all taken refuge here after some recent events concerning that entity and this whole war you've been in. But don't worry! This place is big enough to hold just about as many people as you can get!

Jimmy: Entity..? At least I know something good came out of the experience. How did you find this place anyway? And what's the name of it?

Doug: You can call this place, the Forgotten Society! But we found the planet itself after trying to visit Timmy one day.

Jimmy: Timmy..? (Sees someone walking toward him)

An anthropomorphic purple cat walks over to Doug and Jimmy with a red guitar in her hands.

Jimmy: Gumball?! Oh wait. Sorry. Wrong guy.

Jessica with her hands on her hips: Guy?

Jimmy: Wrong girl, rather. My apologies. At first glance, you looked familiar to me.

Jessica: So you're the new guy, huh?

Jimmy: Naturally. I'm Jimmy Neutron, boy genius.

Jessica: Name's Jessica. I'll bet you've never heard of me before, but I was the lead guitarist of a boyband.

CC. Timmy: They call themselves, "The Bremen Avenue Experience!" Or BAE for short. There's a lot of em. Don't worry.

Jimmy: Huh. You guys must've been waaay ahead of your time if your acronym was "bae."

Jessica: We don't usually get all trendy with phrases and clauses like most people do nowadays. We kinda just do our own thing like old times.

Another cat person walks over to visit Jimmy, almost the same age as Jessica and resembling her but is slightly yellow and wears a generic t-shirt and blue jeans.

Kitty Bobo: Oh my God! Are you Jimmy Neutron?! Oh my God, I can't believe I'm talking to the real Jimmy Neutron! And you look so cool now!

Jimmy: Um, thanks. What's your name?

Kitty Bobo in a humorous tone: I'm Kitty Bobo, and no one knows me!

Jimmy: ?

Kitty Bobo: But hey, wanna take a selfie with my new cell phone?

Jimmy: Uh, sure. Why not? (Gets next to Bobo)

Jimmy and Kitty Bobo take a selfie together and Bobo cherishes the photo.

Kitty Bobo: Wow! I'm gonna keep this with me forever! (Walks off) See ya Jimmy!

Doug: That's one of our most forgotten cartoon characters ever to exist besides Jessica here.

Jessica: Hey, some people do know me! Haven't you ever heard of Google?

Alternate Timmy chuckles a little with Doug and Jimmy while Jessica makes a comical grumpy face.

Jimmy: Cartoon..?

Doug: Yes, just like I said. Except he originates from a pilot episode of a show that never went anywhere because of that whole KND initiative. Kinda like another pilot now that would've joined us, had it not been for the series being chosen by the higher ups just for looking like "that art style." Y'know? Like Steven.

Jimmy: I'm not sure I follow. An art style explains why we could change proportion and depth whenever we visit someone else's world up until the war began like a cartoon if that's what you mean. But-

Doug: Don't worry Jimmy boi. We'll explain everything when we get a chance. Besides, you've still got a whole city to explore! We're almost at the end of the recreational district, and getting close to the shield bays! Wanna come along with us Jessica?

Jessica flipping her hair back: Meh. Whatever…

The group continue forward. They walk past more and more familiar but strange-looking locals. Some of which look at Jimmy and start asking "Is that him?" "That's really the guy?" Jimmy just ignores it and follows along his new friends down to a large metallic seawall that stretches across the whole city, separating the three sections of it. Doug makes a rhythmic knock to the small hatch door and it automatically opens, allowing entry inside the small room with only 3 lights and a few shelves holding Jimmy's backpack and the contents inside it.

Jimmy: Hey! My backpack! (Grabs it and opens the zipper)

Jimmy opens his backpack to check his remaining gadgets, forgetting that his hypercube was smashed by Sugilite and the rest were likely ruined in the fight.

Jimmy: Ah! My shrink ray! This is all I really need. Why do you have all my stuff back here?

CC. Timmy: It was all busted. Sorry we didn't tell ya. Sandy wanted to see if she could try and fix em for you. Same with Goddard's.

Jimmy: Wait...Sandy..?

Voice: Howdy, ya'll!

Jimmy turns around and gets to see Sandy Cheeks walking in the door, still in style and in her bikini. For Jimmy, it's been many years since the last time they met. The battle for Volcano Island to be precise. Next to her are Wulf in a new green suit like his old one but without the cuts, and Goddard, who's now got any visible scratches buffed up and shined looking good as new!

Jimmy kneeling and petting Goddard: Goddard!

Goddard wagging his tail: BARK! BARK!

Wulf hugging Jimmy: Amikoj!

Jimmy hugging Wulf: Hehe! You've got a tight grip as usual buddy! (Lets go of Wulf) It's good to see you two. But I'm especially confused as to how you got here, Sandy. Spongebob has been wondering where you've been for years!

Sandy scratching the back of her head: Oh...It's a bit of a long story. I'm just glad to see you're still kickin'! That must've been some fight you had goin' on!

Jimmy: It was! Years ago, our friends and I joined forces again to combat other worlds that went rogue. But then-

Sandy: Ah don't worry, Jimmy. We know the story.

Jimmy: You do? But you've never been with us.

Sandy: Thing is, we've got some folk up here who have.

Doug: People like Mikey, Phoebe, and one of the X's, I can't remember their name, had fought and worked in the war. Phoebe even worked with you guys once.

Jimmy: Oh yeah! She did! She was our communications expert. I'm guessing she told you the whole story?

Sandy nodding: Uh-huh.

Jimmy: Well, that sure saves a mouthful. But again, Sandy, Spongebob was worried sick about you when we visited him since that Morphoid incident over 15 years ago! What happened to you?

Sandy: He was?

Jimmy: Yeah. I mean, it's not like he's forgotten about you.

Sandy: When them nutty professors an' Plankton were beat, I checked out their ol' robots so I could mess with their junk. And when I did, I found out how to work their portal devices and used em' to visit other places out there!

Sandy in the flashback uses the portal device she got from a broken robot's head to warp to Amity Park, Fairy World, Retroville, and back to Bikini Bottom. But after more configuration, she manages to open gates to worlds beyond the default ones, such as Arnold's, Ren and Stimpy's, Rocko's, and the Angry Beavers.

Sandy: I've been goin' across space for over 7 years. And ever since, I would sometimes come back to Bikini Bottom to go on them little adventures with Spongebob like always. But every time I do, people start acting like they don't even know who I am, even though I've been with them for the past 10 years! Almost like I never even existed! Matter of fact, none of em even aged a day by the look of things!

In a flashback to one of Spongebob's modern seasons (particularly Season 7), Sandy returns to Bikini Bottom and visits the Krusty Krab, but Squidward and Mr. Krabs are acting much different than usual. Squidward's more moody than he was years prior, and Mr. Krabs is more focused on his money than the people who provided for him and his business in the first place. He walks around the restaurant with truck loads of money bags, and drops them in his office where he starts swimming in it. The only other person who recognizes Sandy is Spongebob, but she can tell based on what he says to her that he's not what he used to be. He's more high pitched and is quite frankly more in love with a burger (AKA the Krabby Patty) than anyone else, including her. Now with a bad taste in her mouth, Sandy walks out of the place and warps to another location distant from Bikini Bottom.

Sandy: And after that little adventure ya'll had in that whole booger situation, I found this Doug falla' here and stayed with him and the rest of his folks. Helped em find a home and took em here to make it happen. It was a fun ride though, even without Spongejobob.

Jimmy: Well, I'm happy you found a place to stay and all, but there has to be someone who recognizes you guys, like Jessica and Bobo, right?

CC. Timmy: Not exactly. I wasn't gonna say it earlier, but for an example, Timmy's been making TONS of friends since I last met him. Half of which replace the old ones like Chester and AJ. And it's safe to assume that he hasn't even grown up until the war even started when it was too late for him to change.

Doug: Even in a larger scale, we've all been left out by more popular shows, such as Steven or Rugrats. Which is why we're here.

Jimmy: All this time you guys had formed a society out in these parts to save yourselves from the war? Doug, I had virtually no idea! The war was just slowing down after the Battle of Jump city. Why didn't anyone come see us to let us know if you guys needed us?

Doug: We've tried contacting you guys many times before, but nobody came. I think one time had to do with the Jump City battle, and for others it was the siege of that place with all those toys everyone calls swords and stuff.

Jimmy: It's probably Lyvsheria. They have what are called, Magiswords across the land. Not a lot of really good ones to us, but people like Cattus showed us otherwise.

Sandy: Eh. Sounds alright, I reckon.

Jimmy: So that's why I couldn't remember you guys that well. I'm really sorry you had to go through that. But you're probably lucky, cause if you stayed with us back home, you would've likely been killed or otherwise corrupted by that entity from above Bikini Bottom, and apparently Retroville.

CC. Timmy: That's right. Jack told me the whole thing. It was that virus entity we've been trying to track down. Thing is, from here, we can't really find any readings on anything that happens out there in the universe. But we just happened to get a strong enough signal to monitor everything for 2 weeks. I wanted to go and grab you guys earlier, but the virus was jamming our communications, and your's too.

Jimmy: A virus? Well we need to put a stop to it. It's been corrupting our worlds and there's no telling where it will go next!

Doug: That's what some of us are trying to do. We've just found out about this thanks to Jack, but there's nothing we really can do. Not like this, at least. By this point those planets out there have all been infected and there's no telling whether or not it'll spread here. But then again, at the rate it's going, it just might.

Jimmy is speechless, unsure of what to say or how to react based on what Doug just told him. He thinks "No it isn't. We can still help our friends," but he knows judging by the level of destruction on his and his friends' worlds that they can't. Still, he uses his head to try and think about this.

Jimmy: ...But, isn't there something you've developed that could keep us protected by the virus? Is there even a way to contact anyone out there?

Doug: Mr. Krabs just tried calling Spongebob and Squidward, and they won't answer.

Sandy: I can't even find those planets out there anymore. Like Timmy said, it's a signal jammer. Plus, when we got ya'll outta Bikini Bottom, that was the last time we could ever find it. I tried it over an' over again, and now it's totally gone.

Jimmy: What about Wulf? You can spawn Ghost Portals, right? You can teleport us back to the Ghost Zone!

Wulf nods no in disappointment.

Sandy: He's tried that too. No dice. Almost none of the places you've been to can't be found no more. ...Sorry.

Doug: Agh… I wish we could try and do a rescue mission too, but we just can't do it. There's just some things in this world that neither of us can do anymore. And with the limited resources we have at our disposal, chances are, when the Toon Force separated, that was the last time you'll ever get to see them.

Jimmy's head starts scrambling for ideas and solutions, but the odds are far more stacked against him than before. Then it hits him…

Jimmy: Wait...How did you know we separated from each other?

Doug: Scotsman told us. Really. We know the details.

Jimmy getting very upset: Oh man. This isn't happening… T-there must be something we can do. Anything!

Doug patting Jimmy's back: I'm sorry Jimmy. We all are. But don't worry. You and the rest of your friends are all safe here.

Sandy palming her fist: If that thing out there makes it's way back here, it's got another thing comin'!

CC. Timmy: I never had to deal with anything like this, but I'll show em what it's like back in my timeline, for you and our buddies! And trust me. We'll do everything in our power to try and help you find them if they're still out there! I promise you!

Jimmy looking both sad and happy: (Sniffles) ...Yeah...We'll get em…

Doug: In the meantime, you can make yourself comfortable out here. We've got a lot of activities going around, and I wanna give you a personal tour soon! After that, we can figure out how to fix this mess together!

Jimmy: Great! Fantastic! Thanks for the help, guys! I know we'll get through this somehow! I don't have my team, but I know we'll get em back eventually!

In Jimmy's case, he's internally upset over the likely loss of the Toon Force, but in his superpowered mind, he still gets the feeling that they're still out there somewhere, even after all that has happened over the past days.

Jimmy: Also, I just realized...Wulf, how did you, Scotsman, and Jack breath underwater without the Air Gum?!

Meanwhile in Noreen's Lab…

The refugees around the lab are left mourning their personal losses on their home worlds after the mysterious Toon God had destroyed and corrupted them. Dudley is left crying over a picture of his mother. Though a bit reluctant over the thought of her doing so, Gaz is patiently waiting on her video game to load with Lucy and Dib, even though she's off world and has no internet connection, and Starfire remains staring at the portal she just came from, seemingly frozen in time over the trauma she had endured. Thankfully, Silkie is still in her pocket for comfort. Sadie near Rose and Starfire is left with her head sat down with a small photo of her and her Player 2, Lars, who has been missing in space for quite some time. She thinks maybe it's time to move on and forget about him for once, but knows deep down that she can't ignore him considering how much of an involvement Steven had with his disappearance, almost blaming him and the Gems for bringing the conflict to Earth lead to Lars' capture. Sadie, of course, doesn't let it ruin her friendship with Steven, as even he and the Gems have now been abducted back home, and are in more need of help than ever. Rose Quartz fashions her sword and examines the damages, with scratches that only another Gem could make. As she looks at the scratches, she puts the sword down and watches Starfire in her current state of being, feeling every ounce of sorrow from her. Though, Roses' attention soon turns to a much different person sitting in the corner of the room they're in next to a capsule used to house the XJ Units and a bunch of equipment; almost as though she didn't want anyone to find her. She certainly didn't look like anyone Rose ever met before, and she barely looks like a major player from any particular world. She could be from Rigby and Mordecai's, Timmy's, Danny's, or even Finn the Human's. But neither of these are correct. Rose quietly puts away her sword and walks over to the person, who resembles a shy anthropomorphic cat with a nice red suit and blonde hair. The person quickly hears Rose's movements and looks up to her, observing her size compared to her own.

Rose: I don't recognize you from anywhere. What's your name?

Bimm: …

Rose: No need to be shy. I'm all ears.

Bimm: ..My name is Bimm.

Rose: Bimm..? Ooh, that's right! I remember you came from the same place Cattus had! Are you alright?

Bimm: I-is it ok if I say no?

Rose: Of course.

Bimm briefly sighing: I'm sorry. I shouldn't be hiding like this. I haven't had the best days back home either lately.

Rose: What's your home like again? I've rarely visited.

Bimm: Um, well, it's kinda like magic, swords, and stuff…

Rose: Hehe. My world is just like that actually.

Bimm: You have swords too?

Rose: Yep. (Spawns sword) I was just getting rid of the dents off one.

Bimm and Rose begin to chuckle in a very short moment of bonding. Somehow, Rose was able to make what's clearly a very shy character laugh, and actually catch her curiosity, and in such a short time too. To Rose, this is no different to how she met Greg, but for Bimm, this is the first time she had smiled in what feels like ages. The last known person to do this were Morbidia and Vambre Warrior, even though she was always the aggressive one back at the academy. Rose ends up sitting down and has a nice conversation with the now intrigued cat lady, who still is a bit shy after all that's happened over the past days. Meanwhile, Kitty Katswell visits Dib and Gaz, with GIR coming up next to them.

Kitty: So, what happened to you guys?

GIR: Those faces in the sky took my master. I seent it. They're all bad.

Dib: It's a good thing I came when I did. I went back after Jimmy needed me for something, and when I did, Zim was gone. I could only take but two of us before the corruption could spread further.

Gaz: How does the thing even work?

Dib: Easy. It's like it has some kind of power field. Something we can't see, but we can feel as the thing gets closer and closer to home.

Gaz: You mean like your eye's?

Kitty and GIR: Oooh!

Dib: Haha. Very funny...

At the monitors in the back below the main observatory, Nora and Utonium are discussing their findings on the new threat.

Nora: And so, I have gathered that the corruption fields surrounding our planets were the reason that despite our efforts to contact Neutron, the virus had been thwarting our communications through signal jamming.

Utonium: I have also found that whomever it touches becomes a part of the mysterious amalgamation. Including those as powerful as my poor little girls…

Nora: Or the Gems Rose kept going on about. I knew just because they had powers didn't mean they could defend themselves against an overwhelming threat like this. We're perhaps in luck to be alive, Professor.

Utonium: Not in luck Nora. Simply put, there's always hope. And our hope lies with the discoveries we make today.

Nora typing on the computer: Well, this may provide a lead. The essence is like that of a sentient computer virus with a collective consciousness of multiple worlds; each linked with one another in this interdimensional merge. And the easiest way to defeat a virus is by erasing it from the source with a complete countermeasure. An antivirus, if you will. If I am able, I can construct this device for us to take to the center of this threat.

Utonium: I certainly hope so. Any chance of weakening it is essential, if we are to defeat him. But, we'll need the rest of the Toon Force to carry the device.

Nora: That's what I intend to do. But their signals in Retroville, Elmore, and Amity are all jammed. I'll try and leave my channel open for when they call. But, if I'm up to date on current readings outside, there's more to this entity now than there has been prior to today. Something about this gives me an even worse feeling than I had even with my daughter. I just hope she is alright.

Utonium: I am certain she'll be fine, doctor. We just have to hold onto a bit of faith to find out...

End of Chapter 6

Chapter Text

Gumball, Penny, and Bobert continue their way across the now ravaged, twisted city of Elmore and Amity Park in the dead of the evening trying to find their way to the school. Bobert flies around while holding GB and scans for any surviving lifeforms.

Gumball: I'm still feeling really sorry Penny... I should've listened when you started getting those distinct feelings about something! (Voice starts cracking in sorrow) Now look what happened…

Penny stroking Gumball's head: It's not your fault, Gumball. Even if you had, I get the feeling this would have happened anyway. But who would've guessed since everything was so nice..?

Gumball: (Wipes small tears) ...Y-yeah. I guess it wasn't meant to last, huh?

Bobert: Scanning Complete. No lifeforms detected.

Gumball: Gee, no kidding... I guess it's a good thing these two planets stopped moving when they did, or else we'd become one with the mantle. ...Still worried about Mom more than anything, though.

Penny: Do you think she's ok? She didn't seem that happy the last time I saw her.

Gumball: This is my mother we're talking about. She can handle anything when none of us could! But I get the feeling we're on our own this time. Chances are, she's just as lost in this messed up crossover as we are.

Bobert detecting something familiar: Familiar Readings Detected!

Gumball: Ooh! Who is it? Is it Darwin or Dad?

Bobert: It's me…

Gumball: I mean, you've always been you. That hasn't changed, just like how I'm me and all.

Bobert descends with Gumball to a nearby pile of wreckage from Casper Community College and notices the alternate Bobert from the Toon Force sitting on a platform like he crashed there. He has suffered numerous damages, including part of his turret being crushed, some of his electronics protruding from his chest cavity, and his missing right arm.

Gumball: Oh, it's him again! (Lands on platform) Bobert, I'd like you to meet Bobert!

Bobert receiving an error message: ...Does not compute.

Gumball in a cool sounding voice circling Alt. Bobert: This is another Bobert who came from an evil timeline back with the Toon Force in Retroville, 30 years in oppression, torment, and he's not getting up is he?

Bobert: This unit appears to be offline from internal damage. (Deploys medical equipment from head) I shall repair him.

Gumball: Oh good. With what we're dealing with, we need all the help we can get! I just don't know how he got here.

Penny: Maybe he got pulled from the surface of Amity. I see scorch marks on him, so maybe he was one of the people who got pulled into the atmosphere. Still, it is rather weird that he'd be back here when I thought he stayed behind in Retroville.

Gumball: Yeah, that's uh… That's a bit out there, but it does explain a few things. Maybe the rest of the gang are up there too. But first, let's keep searching through this valley of junk and get our pals back. Bobert, you keep fixing Bobert. Pen n' I are gonna keep searching.

Bobert: Yes Gumball.

Penny morphs herself into a dragon again and sets Gumball on top her back riding upward to the trash-filled skies. Somewhere above, Momo rummages around the tunnels of broken metal and other materials looking for Anais and her baby counterpart, as well as any others from the school. Sadly, she finds no one other than her mother's doll, Daisy. She lifts it and brushes it off, seeing that it's arm is partially torn but easy to mend if sewn back on.

Momo: Good thing I taught myself how to sew when I was fixed Mommy's jacket one day. (Cringes) She just wouldn't stop crying until someone got the cut fixed…

Anais zooming in on Momo: DAISY!

Momo: Woah there, sportsy! Here ya go! I found her just now while I was looking for you.

Anais receiving Daisy back: Oh thank you thank you thank you! (Hops up and kisses Momo's cheek)

Momo feeling her cheek: Woahohoo..!

Alt. Anais walking over: Thank God… I was so worried about you guys! (Hugs Momo) Baby, are you ok? Did you get hurt? Where's your sword?!

Momo: Mom, relax. I'm ok! I used my sick samurai skills to avoid all the rubble like a boss, and, high fives all around! I tried to catch you guys, but there was just too much going on for me to do anything!

Alt. Anais: Then how did you make it, baby me?

Anais: I hid under the table next to you when you had your eyes shut shaking.

Alt. Anais: ...Oh.

Richard suddenly flies down to the group after finishing the last of his sandwich he was trying to catch in the fires of the planetary collision.

Richard: Oh hey guys. What's up?

Alt. Anais: Really Dad? All kinds of Hell broke loose and you have the nerve to say "What's up?"

Momo covering Anais' long ears: Mommy, not in front of yourself.

Anais: I can still hear everything.

Richard: Do you know where your mother is? She left with her head down earlier, and now I'm starting to think she's sad…

Alt. Anais: No. That's what we're trying to figure out among other things. I can't find Gumball, Penny, nor anyone else from the school except my little self over here. I'm kind of assuming if we wait long enough, though, they'll come, cause I know from experience they can make it.

The older Anais' theory is confirmed when Penny and Gumball do exactly as she predicted. They descend from the warped sky to the crumbled surface.

Dragon Penny: You're alive!

Gumball: That's a relief! I thought you guys didn't make it!

Momo: Com'on. You know us a lot better than that!

Richard: Still can't find your Mom?

Gumball: Nope. Not even Darwin… I could only find Bobert plus the other Bob from the Toon Force and he's in really bad shape.

Momo lowering her ears disappointed: Oh no… Well, at least he's alive.

Gumball: Definitely. Our Bobert's busy fixing up the other one.

Penny: And what about Ms. Watterson?

Richard: That's what I'm tryin' to figure out. She was so sad, I'm wondering if it's also my fault.

Alt. Anais whispering to Anais: Knowing him, it probably is.

Anais chuckles a little.

Alt. Anais: We've tried looking around just a second ago for anyone else, but…

Gumball: Hey, don't be like that. With who we've got left, we might have a chance against this thing. I mean, we're all still here. Except, well, Mom's gone. And...y'know, she's the OG fighter in all this along with Ms. Yoshida, who I also kind find, so… I've got a really bad feeling about this.

Penny: You still have me around.

Richard: And me! Plus, I can be a lot like your mother sometimes.

Gumball raising his ears in curiosity: You can?

Richard: I once fought Tina's father to make a sandwich! I'm dead serious when I say it.

Alt. Anais: Well, glad to have you onboard, Pops. Anyone else got any clue as to what happened and what that halo in space means?

Gumball: Well, if I remember correctly, I saw some kinda fold or tear that happened like reality bent itself somehow. Reminds me of the Void.

Momo: The Void?

Gumball in an epic voice: THE VOOOOIIID… It's this messed up place where all the mistakes of the world are thrown into. And they're always stuck in some kind of limbo. I only remembered cause of the tin foil hats Mr. Small gave me and Darwin one day, and the couple of times Rob appeared the way he was before he died in that other dimension.

Anais: Who's Rob..?

Gumball: See?! Even you don't remember! Without those hats, the Void would make you forget everything that ever happened. And apparently, it works like a computer or a TV where everything just resets if there's ever a mistake or whatnot. But then again, I'm not really sure why you'd forget about Rob since you were in the other universe too, and so was Darwin.

Anais: It could just be another one of those dimensional oddities that causes us to reset once in a particular point in time. I've studied this before. The fact that you remember the Void so well is most likely because you weren't ever affected by anything that happened here due to you being in a different universe than us.

Alt. Anais looking mildly confused: ...Have I always talked like that..?

Anais: I'm having a hard time believing you and I are the same person.

Gumball: Still don't know what the whole purpose of that eye in the sky is though.

Alt. Anais: I dunno. Maybe it knows something we don't. We'd better try and contact the Toon Force for backup on this. If our version of Bobert is still around, then perhaps they are too. Take us to him, Penny.

Back at Amity Park's broken outskirts…

AJ tries to get communications connected to the Fenton Rocket atop the stable cliff working again to get contact with other surviving members of the Toon Force through a tuning fork. Jack and Maddie are busy administrating patches on the ship systems and interior while everyone else is waiting around and resting to see what happens; some even sleeping against the ship or the remains of Fenton Works after the tough escape from earlier. Nevertheless, they are very lucky to be alive. It is now getting darker as the stars begin to appear, but instead of the moon, the halo in space shines down on the surface.

Timmy with his arms crossed looking across the scrap valley: Almost there AJ?

AJ: Yep! Only a minute and we'll be able to flip the switch and send a signal to everyone. (Looks at sky) And hopefully it'll go through this time now that the mist blocking everything is gone.

Danny: Let's just hope we're not the only one's left after all that's happened.

Sam placing her hand on Danny's shoulder: I'm sure there's someone out there Danny. There's just gotta be...

Ashi: We've made it this far after what we've been through. And like the alternate future, someone's bound to have survived. I hope…

Spongebob: Nothing is hopeless, pal! Believe it!

Patrick: Yeah! Don't you remember what that old guy once said? We're the chosen ones!

Brad: What old guy said that?

Timmy: Shelly. You know, the wise ol' cranky country crab dude from volcano Island?

Brad: Oh yeah. That guy… He whacked me on the head with his cane once. Still have the Scar.

Spongebob: Where is he? Is he still at good ol' volcano Island?

Danny: I hate to be the bearer of bad news buddy, but, he passed away just months ago.

Spongebob slouching in disappointment: Oh...

Jazz: And the island's been gone for 6 years now.

Patrick: D-oh man! I really liked that place!

Squidward: I say good riddance to it. Not only did we starve to death out there, but then the sand got in my everything!

Danny: Pfft..! Well, I guess we've been through a bit of everything back then, huh?

Spongebob: Oh yeah. (Sounds less joyful) Good times…

Dani: Hey, are you ok?

Spongebob: I'm still thinking about those people we could have saved. I thought everyone would've been safe!

Timmy: Don't get upset, dude. Pretty much none of us knew this would happen. We'll get through this one leg at a time! Or, for Squidward, one tentacle at a time… Com'on guys. I'm runnin' out of jokes here.

AJ getting communications up and running: Alright! Should be a couple more seconds...and...NOW!

Chester and Jazz pull down the switches to the shuttle connected to its satellite, activating a temporary power surge that blacks out any remaining electricity in the area before coming back online with full access to communications with Bobert and Noreen's lab. Back at the lab, Dr. Nora's computer detects the signal with a chime and the two Boberts back at the ruins of Elmore patch in a transmission.

Utonium at the computer: Doctor, I believe our luck just ran out!

Nora: Put them on the line! I want all channels available for transmission!

AJ: We've got a signal everybody!

The remaining Toon Force members cheer loudly and Danny comes over with glee to begin the message. Meanwhile, Gumball presses the audio buttons on both Boberts' screens to play the transmissions. Though the future Bobert, while partially fixed, is still occasionally jittering from damage.

Gumball: (Rubs hands together) Ok! This gonna be just like a group chat! Let's do this.

Gumball's group listen in and sit around him closely. A slight ping noise can be heard across all three channels, signifying that the conversation has begun.

Danny: Doc..? You there?

Nora on the line: I'm here, Fenton!

Gumball: Nora?! Danny, is that you?!

Danny: Yeah. It's me. The thing that was blocking our signal's gone. But we can't find Jimmy or anyone else who were with him. Spongebob says they were still in Bikini Bottom before they came here.

Nora: Well you're just going to have to take over from here until we can locate him, Daniel. XJ-9 has a tracking beacon that should be online, but I cannot detect it no matter how hard I try. Still, I do believe she's alright despite her cockiness from earlier.

Penny clapping with relief: That's good to hear!

Dani: Do you have any other survivors with you, GB?

Gumball: Well I still have Penny and both my sisters, my Dad, and Momo. And we even got two Boberts! Everyone else may or may not be alive, and we maaaaay know something about that halo thing up there.

Sam: Wait. You still have the other Bobert with you?

Gumball: Yeah. We found him shut off after that whole collision thing. Still pretty messed up, but he'll make it.

Nora: I also have some of our own with me in my laboratory, including Mrs. Quartz, Katswell, and Starfire.

Starfire floating in the background: Hello my friends!

Maddie: Thank God, you're alright!

Rose sitting with a nervous Bimm: You as well. Thankfully, we've survived plenty of worse conditions than this.

Squidward still with his arms crossed: If it means losing your friends and family, than yeah. Definitely.

Alt. Anais: How did you guys get to the lab?

Kitty: We tried to get back to our home worlds, but when we did, they were already infected by some kind of virus, and now almost all of our friends are turning against us again!

Rose: Even my Gems couldn't break the corruption. And I was only able to save one other person from Beach City.

Starfire: My poor friends in my world tried to transform me into something neither of us are, but...I refused. I just wish I could bring them back somehow.

Danny: I'm sure there's a way we can save them. But for what we've got now, it'd be only a matter of time before we have to save ourselves.

Gumball: So whaddya wanna do?

Scaramouche: Yeah, captain Fenton, my man. How do ya wanna pull this off since Jack n' Einstein ain't here?

Danny: We need to find out what the source of this whatever's making all this happen and take it out once and for all.

Timmy nodding in agreement: Didn't you say you knew something about that sick halo out there?

Gumball: Yeah. Er, more like where it came from, at least. It's like this dimensional fold in our planet that leads to a place called (in an epic voice), The Void.

Danny: The Void?

Gumball in a deep voice with Richard joining in: The Vooooid…

Alt. Anais: Please don't start that again.

Richard: Aaw! I like saying that...

Sam: Honestly, I'm just confused as to how or why two different planets literally came out of nowhere and slammed into each other even though they're from two different universes!

Spongebob: That mean ol' eye opened a fold in reality!

Gumball: That was it. The Void was locked away in a fold, and now it's released out to do whatever it wants to reality.

Nora: That would explain why the corruption entity is seemingly gone from our readings.

Alt Anais: It sounds like that entity was trying to get to the Void for something and only brought our planet with it on it's journey to unleash it. But considering how it just, stopped, it's likely that it hasn't got a hold over it yet. Still, I assume it's somewhat in control what with all the damages, and the halo.

Chester: What about your cool Mom or her best bud with the nice suits? Did they have anything to do with this?

Gumball: I dunno. Mom's always been the superpowered catwoman everyone needed. And Yuki's the lady who was so competitive she'd race her trying to save the day first. And if this is the Void we're talkin' about, they're probably just stuck somewhere in it like I was. All we have to do is beat that so and so, and we can get them back. You know. Like a game from the 80's or something where you save the princess at the castle.

Timmy: Let's just hope they're not in another castle. Cause we could really use their help now that this whole Toon War thing is happening all over again!

Cindy: Since they're not here, what do you think we can do?

Gumball: Well, we've been just fine without em at times. But if I were your husband, he'd say we have a 60.7654090% chance we'd be screwed.

Danny chuckling a little: Well you're not wrong about that!

Jack Fenton still hammering a nail on the rocket: I like what you're going with, blue kid. But what exactly is that Void like that that thing up there would want to try and visit?

Gumball: It's some kind of rip in space where all the mistakes in my world end up. And all the evidence about it are erased...unless you're wearing a tin foil hat.

Danny and Timmy: …?

Gumball: Don't question it! It's the reason I knew it existed until the seal sucked it up and made me forget for God knows how long until Rob showed up a couple of times and had a chance to mess up the world we're in. Lots of us out here don't even remember him or Volcano Island, probably because of that and whatever computer-like rules our planet has.

Anais: Apparently, it was the reason Mr. Small lost his van at some point, Molly disappeared for a few years, Rob was messing with Gumball and his family, etc, etc, etc to name an example.

Utonium: And you say it only takes in mistakes?

Gumball: Well, yeah, that. But it looks like it does more than just freeze things and keep em there like a recycle bin. It just came outta nowhere and now its stretching out to reality! And now that its out there, I dunno what it can do now!

Utonium: That's strange. I remember witnessing a similar effect happen to Townsville when the corruption field was spawned long enough.

Bimm next to Rose: Lyvsheria was destroyed almost the same way…

Starfire gently stroking Silkie's head: And my world was left in nothing but darkness in and out of the tower. I do not even believe that the rest of the planet even existed anymore…

Scaramouche: Sounds to me like that creature's already had the midas touch beforehand.

Sam: Knowing the circumstances, you're all right. All we know is we can't have that thing destroy everything we've fought so hard for. And I don't even wanna know what it can do now that the Void's been opened. (Holds right arm) Tucker and the others wouldn't just sit here and mope about it all night!

Spongebob: All it takes is a little more critical thinking for something like this. Think like the Boy Genius!

Flora: You're right. It's not physical, and it works like a virus.

Gumball: A computer virus, really. That's how my world worked. Maybe it's in one of your's?

Bobert: This is more of a reality-bending entity, effectively becoming a living part of it. Seeing how it is able to distort more than one world and its people simultaneously. Control of the Void only amplifies its capabilities.

Ashi: True. But where did it come from in the first place? We know about the Void, but what about the virus controlling it and everyone else?

AJ: Well, in theory, there was Dimsdale, since it did have a familiar effect to the rest of our planets, and it's coordinates aren't blocked off like everywhere else. Only reason we didn't use that to escape was cause there's nothing there now that it's a barren wasteland.

Sheen: Hey, yeah! ...So?

Chester: So, maybe this virus came from there!

Flora: That's the closest place we've got to being the source of it all. But how do we get there? There aren't any portals anywhere.

Nora: I can use the warp drive in my lab to transport me and my group to Dimsdale. But you will have to find another way of reaching the world on your own.

Dani thinking to herself: ...The Ghost Zone! It might have a portal in it that can take us to Dimsdale, just like how we cross dimensions using the Ghost Portals!

Danny: Hey, that's a pretty neat idea! I remember using them to get to Jimmy's Lab and back plenty of times! Maybe we can find one that'll bring us straight to that thing playing God!

Gumball: Wait! What about us?

Danny: O-oh, yeah! Sorry. Your planet's fused to ours, right? You can make your way to Amity Park's outskirts not too far from where you are.

Penny: But how're you gonna get to the Ghost Zone if you don't have a portal? Only Wulf could spawn one.

Jack Fenton: Not to worry! I've got a working Ghost Portal Projector right here in the rocket!

Spongebob: Then...with enough power, we'll all be able to get there, right?

Dani: Yes! Just leave the journey to us and we'll reach Dimsdale in no time!

Nora: Then you all have your jobs. While you prepare for departure, I will use the knowledge I have gathered from my observations to develop a weapon that may be able to destroy or weaken the entity at its core. The recorded effects thus far of the virus include: corruption via energy fields, purple mist, mental manipulation, dimensional manipulation, and reality bending compatibility. It shouldn't take long to prepare, so long as no one tries to attack our planet if the virus is still out there.

Danny: Alright then! Let's get to it! Go team..?

Everyone: GO TEAM!

Timmy: Let's see if we can find some useful junk lying around while we're at it! And find some food if you can! I'm hungry!

Spongebob watching everyone work: …

Danny: Show us a smile, Spongebro. We'll make it. Just think like Patrick said.

Patrick: We're the chosen ones!

Spongebob: You're right! Let's go Toon Force!

End of Chapter 7

Chapter Text

The next day in the Forgotten Society, Jimmy Neutron, now more relaxed than how he was prior to when he first got here, wakes up in his new palace bedroom at the highest floor near the office where Doug Funnie sits and watches over everything. As usual like any other day, Jimmy grabs his clothes, gets his watch, and gives Goddard some food in his food dish. Normally he'd give him new lugnuts, or actual dog biscuits since he retrofitted him with a built-in digestion system. But instead, he gave him an actual bone he got from someone named Mandy on his way back last night. She said she got it from a certain skeleton she knew. James remembers seeing her and a few others once in the Toon Force during their earlier rescue missions 5 years ago, so he's planning to ask how a majority of people came here and why they never bothered to make contact with the team. Although, an easier way of comparison would be like the many times the Nicktoons have been in total danger on their own but never asked for help unless it was a common threat. Or it could've been the virus entity from earlier. Either one works. Jimmy, with his companion go across the hall to Doug's office, first knocking before he says inside "Come on in, Jimbo!" The name Jimbo of course reminds Jimmy about his father. He feels that he could most definitely use his guidance right now, but the fact that Doug, Sandy, and a version of Timmy are here makes him feel he can look up to them. Doug's personal office is wide but not much is in it other than the picture frames of his love interest, Matty Pattie, and his pet dog Porkchop. At the end of it is a wide window that enable Doug and any guests behind the sleek wooden desk to turn around and look at the view of the two mountains at the end of the beautiful meadow behind the main hub.

Jimmy: Good morning, Doug! Fancy office!

Doug signing papers and typing on a computer: Thanks! It's not a lot, but I feel right at home here! I used to live in a pretty small room when I was little. But thanks to my old alter ego, Quailman, I thought it'd be better if I just made it wider so I have plenty of space to use!

Goddard tilting his head: Barf..?

Jimmy: Quailman..?

Doug: Yeah! Quailman. He was my superhero persona along with his underdog, Quaildog. Kinda like how Danny Fenton uses Danny Phantom but is essentially the same person. Problem was, I was young, so I was pretty much in my own imaginary void.

Jimmy: Well hey, your alter ego had some good tastes!

Doug looking at the pictures on the walls: Yeah… Sure did.

Jimmy walking up to Doug's desk with Goddard: What's all that outside if you don't mind?

Doug: Oh that? That's the meadow outside the city walls. Around the city are nice fields like this, but beyond that is typically a bitter wasteland.

Jimmy looking with Goddard's binoculars: …I don't see anything out there.

Doug: Trust me. When you're on the tour with me, you'll see why we don't go out there. (Gets up from seat) Com'on with me to the elevator.

Jimmy: The elevator..?

Doug smiling and pressing a button on the right wall: Right here.

Behind the wooden wall is a small metal lift with a window on the right side viewing the meadow. Doug lets Jimmy and Goddard step in first before he does and presses the button to the lower floor. As they go down, the elevator makes a brief ding whenever it passes a different level before getting to the bottom to a small room that leads out the back of the palace and to the kitchen. In it contains extra picture frames and leftover materials for Doug's office or a different room.

Doug: I usually prefer to go down my own elevator. It's quicker and convenient.

Jimmy: Don't blame you.

Doug opening the kitchen door: Here. Let's get you something to eat before we head on out there.

Doug lets Jimmy and Goddard inside the nice kitchen where the floor tiles, like the lobby, are painted black and white, and the edges of the walls have calm orange highlights to contrast to the fine white walls. At the center is the main table that also doubles as an oven, stove, and supercomputer.

Doug: Tell me. What would you and Goddard like to eat and drink for breakfast?

Goddard pulls up his monitor with a message that reads "Fried Eggs and Orange Juice." Jimmy asks for the same, but with a small waffle along with them.

Doug typing on a keypad: Good choice!

The stove lights up and a holographic shape of Jimmy and Goddard's order spaws from the surface. It quickly becomes tangible and the code used to form it dissipates like steam from a cooked burger. Jimmy grabs his orange juice and drinks it finding it so good that he immediately drinks half the cup as his eyes widen. Goddard himself stretches his neck out to drink from his cup's straw and as a result his head starts spinning from the shock!

Goddard wagging his tail: MmBARK!

Jimmy: Holy taxonomy! What sort of technology were you using to make this?! I haven't even invented something like it beyond Direct Field Duplication!

Doug: You should ask Dexter. He's the genius who built much the tech we've got in the city. We still cook traditionally though. But for things like drinks or things that need to be prepared instantly, we've got this.

Jimmy: It tastes fantastic! But, won't it take up a bit of power? I thought one of the lights dimmed from it.

Doug: Not sure really. I'm not much of a science guy like you or the researchers are. I'll take you to them a little later if you want. There you'll find all that you need.

Jimmy: I would like that!

Doug: Great! But let's not keep making promises. We've got a lotta stuff to see out there. So lemme take you on a good ol' fashioned Nicktoons Tour!

Doug and Jimmy step out the side door of the palace to the left where there's a large altar sitting by the water surrounding the land. In front of it are a group of people on two sides of the entrance to it seemingly arguing but not engaging each other with physical hostility.

Jonesy Garcia: I'm telling you man! Those people out there are crazy!

Fred Flinstone: Now you listen here, kid. They made us who we are just like any other person out here. They didn't know about some sorta virus thing or three ol' guys tryin' to tell us we ain't real. An' how old are ya anyway?

Jonesy Garcia: 16.

Fred Flinstone: And that explains a lot about today's youth!

Doug: That's the altar where we go to commemorate and recognize those who've made us. And remember about the Fourth Wall. On occasion people will debate, but we're all on the same page when it comes to this. Just what about our creators is the problem. On one hand you have people who don't really like what they made them to be. And on the other you have those who do.

Jimmy walking with Doug along the path to the main hub: Are there any records or anything like that for proof?

Doug walking: Of course. In the palace is an entire museum dedicated to memorabilia of our networks' history. Along with some stuff from our own worlds. (Stops) Oh. And there's the library and school!

In front of Jimmy and Doug is the library and three story school; the second technically being the third as the rest is at the bottom in a ditch behind it serving as a school yard blocked off by the library and the trees. The library is stylized like Foster's Home, and the school resembles Huber Elementary and Gallagher Elementary.

Jimmy: What do people have to learn here if they already know about the things you do?

Doug: Most of us didn't even know about the Toon Wars or anything from any of our worlds before we came here. So we've set up an education system free for all for anyone who wants to learn about it all. We've got plenty of resources out here for learning. Even the museum like I mentioned.

Jimmy: And what's that behind the trees? I can see a slope that goes straight down to something.

Doug: I'm pretty glad you asked! That's the good ol' school yard! A lotta younger kids go there to play, including the KND and myself. I forgot to mention that even though I'm not like I used to, I still like to pretend just to play along with everyone. Like this one time I pretended to be Quailman to help Numbuh 2 destroy a dropship prop using water guns!

Jimmy: Haha!

Doug: Of course, that's mostly for children, but we also use it for sports practice for when we go down to the Sports Arena behind us.

On the other side to the right of the main hub is a wide coliseum resembling a classic greek structure but with a cartoonish flare to it including added semi-futuristic assets likely belonging to the place where the floor tiles from the palace and Foster's Home came from. This is wide enough to carry seemingly everyone but short enough that it doesn't crowd the space of the sector.

Jimmy: What kind of sports do you do there?

Doug: Oh the usual. Basketball, Football, Jousting, Wrestling, Olympics, Slimeball. And when we do battle royale, we use this as a staging ground before using the whole city!

Jimmy: Wait, did you say, Slimeball?!

Doug: Totally! You remember?!

Jimmy: Heck yeah I do! Sam didn't like it, and I remember I had to get the orange/greenish substance out of Goddard, but man, it brings me back a long time ago…

Doug: Well, hey, you'll definitely like this up ahead.

The three boys walk up to the other side of the arena up ahead near the Grand Arcade from earlier but this time take a short path past a few tries and an additional three side entrances to the arena via fine wooden bridges welded down for maximum support; though they do appear as though they could easily fall apart if damaged enough. This path leads to a long pier that stretches across a large body of water that's surrounded by a another area of trees to the right and the wall of one of the shield facilities.

Doug: You know how Spongebob used to wanna make you eat seafood whenever you go to the Krusty Krab?

Jimmy: Oh yeah. That's part of the reason Goddard an' I were so hesitant to go. Cause we didn't wanna offend anyone over the thought of eating crab meat.

Doug: Well we got it all right here at this small restaurant by the end of this pier.

Krabs running past Jimmy and Doug: Move outta the way, boy-o!

Jimmy: Mr. Krabs?

Mr. Krabs runs up to the restaurant and holds his arms out waiting on something. A huge mound of cash from the store falls on top of him after he successfully made money off his Krabby Patties, which he expanded over to the society in less than a few hours.

Jimmy: Impressive.

Next to the upper right of the city is the main city district of the Forgotten Society designed to look more like the original CN City, almost perfectly resembling its diverse cartoon aesthetic with the exception of some added Nickelodeon orange/90's Nicktoon assets, such as the more simplistic art style mixed with rough Klasky Csupo animation. The other main difference between the earlier wide version of the city is the fact that many of the buildings double as long apartment complexes lined in rows of one another. Not as big as they initially appear since there's still plenty of space to walk or even drive, but still pretty busy nonetheless.

Jimmy: Wow. This is...crowded. But it sure has that flavor to it that I can't quite put my finger on.

Doug: I usually like to pretend its a theme park. A big city-sized theme park.

CC. Timmy walking by: Hey guys. I didn't know you were already on the tour.

Doug: Oh hey Tim. I figured since its early an' all, I could just go ahead and show Jimmy around.

CC. Timmy: Well I'm glad you are, because we have to check the pollution levels out here. Ever since the Neurotomic Protocore started acting up, those who normally drive or fly around had to stop using their vehicles. But hey, on a positive note: the Jetsons aren't gonna be skipping leg day anytime soon.

Jimmy: Did you say, Neurotomic Protocore..? That's something I always wanted to build since day one! I wanted to use it to make Retroville into a clean and efficient utopia...for a very suitable fee…

CC. Timmy: So you and Dexter had the same idea, huh? This didn't happen until very recently. But other than that, the town here is just like how it was for everyone in CN.

Jimmy: I remember Gumball once mentioned something about a city where everyone from his dimension had once lived or at least met up every now and again. But why didn't anyone move their resources there instead of here?

As Jimmy asks, a skeleton male in a black cloak walks by and overhears him, quickly stopping to turn his attention over to the genius.

Grim: I'm sorry. Did you ask about CN City?

Jimmy: Oh yes sir. ...Wait, that's right… You're Grim, right?

Grim: Yes, I am. The Grim Reaper. You and the Toon Force had liberated my world from a batch of reactivated Syndicate Troops before we decided to move. Years ago, I had visited that city. People thrived in it, even when their shows were over. But one day, there was a man who threatened to ruin it all until four heroes had stepped in to defeat him. And although the day was won, the Toon Wars had quickly begun to take shape, and we had no choice but to abandon the site in favor of a place distant from the conflict. Those like myself had returned home, while others had fled to a better place.

Jimmy: Oooh!

Doug: Some of their assets were even moved here to build the city sector.

Jimmy: So that's how you all were able to build this so quickly!

CC. Timmy: Yup! Nothing we can't handle when you're a cartoon!

Grim winking: Well, glad I could explain it to you, Boy Genius. (Walks off)

Jimmy: Thanks!

Doug: Tell ya what. It's a pretty long walk to go from point A to point B around these parts. So how bout we hitch a ride on the tram for once?

Jimmy: Wait… You have a working transit system too?!

Doug pointing: It's right over to the left.

To the left is the entrance to the busy Transit Station that leads belowground to the subway. Several people, just as diverse as always, are already boarding and leave open a space for Jimmy to enter.

Juniper stepping over to the front: I keep trying to stay in one cart but they always forget to open all the doors…

Jimmy holding onto the center pole: Well, this is new… Did this come from CN City too?

Doug: Not all of it. The engineers had to custom make most of it when we were carving the tunnels.

CC. Timmy: Where would ya like to go?

Jimmy: Not sure where, really. I've never been through these parts… How bout somewhere, exotic?

Doug: Ooh! (Buds against Jimmy's shoulder) Good choice! I was just about to ask to take you there!

Timmy turns his attention to a small kiosk behind one of the seats in the row similar to a bus. There are three options: Research District, Recreational District, and City District; blacked out since they're already there. He presses a button the research sector and thankfully the tram was already scheduled to go there. The silver carts shut their doors and the tram starts moving at full speed. Noticeably by Goddard from the window, the rails are connected with some kind of electromagnet that lights up whenever the tram is in motion. As it continues, more of the lights inside turn on for better vision when it goes deeper into the tunnel, which seems to have lights of its own. Some of the foundation inside is unfinished as much of the natural caverns are still visible from the holes in the uncompleted walls. Construction equipment is still set in place and nearly finished with some of the necessary patches. But for a moment, Goddard sees a distinct distant structure far into the more open caverns as they pass by that resembles a red and black tower of some sort accompanied by smaller spikey versions of itself. It's quickly cut off from view though as the tram exits the tunnel and goes along an upward path through the city walls. When Jimmy turns to the left, he can see the natural water coming in the city from a scenic valley. But when he looks further, he notices a faint but very much easy to spot gloom in the far distance away from it.

Jimmy looking out the window: Wow…!

CC. Timmy: Beautiful, huh?

Jimmy: I love it!

The tram enters back into the ground then out through a bridge in the trees of a cliff somewhere in the Research District next to a vividly blue waterfall. A small dome with a tree inside it descends back into the water after shutting its hatch door to a bridge and as the tram comes to a stop through another tunnel to the section of the Shield Generators, Jimmy takes a moment to breath. The rest of the area now appears like a calm and pleasing forest with fine brown brick pathways aligned with orange and black and white street lights resembling those found in amusement parks.

Frankie loosening her joints: Ugh. Finally! Somewhere to meditate so I can get away from all the craziness…

Kick Buttowski: Yeah. I need to be the water if I'm gonna race a makeshift tsunami with a tricycle.

Doug: So what did you think?

Jimmy: That was pretty cool! I think I'll be taking that a lot. I'd especially wanna bring Cindy here when we find her and the team soon!

CC. Timmy: You bet, Jimmy! Anyway, I've gotta go. I've gotta check back with Sandy about the pollution levels.

Jimmy: You're still worried about that?

CC. Timmy: Someone's gotta protect the environment. Sam's not around, so Tutie n' I are taking care of it along with all the geniuses out here. (Starts walking off) Anyway, I'll see ya!

Doug walking along the path with Jimmy and Goddard: I confess, this isn't my most favorite part of town since I'm more of a city person. But I've gotta admit, with that meadow outside, it's just too much for me to resist!

Jimmy: What was it like with your home?

Doug: Oh, it was kinda like the Pickles family. Bluffington was more of your average 90's location. Plus a bit of 80's nostalgia like the good ol' classic leather jackets and lakes with the occasional tires in them.

As Doug and Jimmy converse, they pass by the stunning waterfall where Chip and Skip are rowing a boat with Raj and Lazlo while in the grass near the water, Mandark's parents are sitting down with their legs crossed in deep meditation. Wulf himself appears to be with them fast asleep on his belly against a boulder with his face tucked under his arms.

Doug: And the only other gripe I had with it is that it was always the bully who wore black. Nowadays if you wear black it's meant to be edgy.

Jimmy stopping: Wait, hold on. What's in there?

In front of Jimmy is a large blue metal building with a short hallway to a wide hatch door painted with yellow and black markings.

Doug: Oh that? That's Dexter's place. He should be in here now so you can go on in and visit. You wanted to talk to him, right?

Jimmy: Yeah! Definitely! I think I can help to fix some of the things around the city and help with his Neurotomic Protocore issue!

Doug slouching: Oh thank God! That's fantastic that you're able to help. I've already commissioned the completion of the tunnel shafts and better intersections for the handicapped. I'm thinking about replacing cars with moveable seats like Professor Moshimo's and George's. (Raises corners of eyebrows) Oh and, before you go in, I'm just warning you. Dexter's a bit...well… Let's just say it takes some time to get his trust when it comes to that lab.

Jimmy: Don't worry Doug. I used to be like that too. I'll be careful with him.

Goddard: Mrrr…!

Jimmy: You don't wanna come in?

Goddard: Arf.

Jimmy: ...Ok. Sit tight. I'll be right back.

Doug: Well, I'll let ya go now. Feel free to explore when you're done here.

Jimmy: Thanks Doug!

Jimmy steps in the hallway to the front door where he sees a doorbell and a camera overhead. Before he even presses the switch, the door immediately opens, and inside is Dexter, the man himself sitting in a chair with his lab coat and glasses on working on a bolt in the middle of a desk with his massive wrench. Past him from the sides and behind the desk is an entire facility filled to the brim with gadgets, generators, tuning forks, capsules filled with unknown substances, and tv monitors replaying footage of different places not in the city but seemingly things that happened in the past with some of the civilians, like Robotboy's creation.

Jimmy: Woah…!

Deedee trotting by and stopping in front of Jimmy: Oooh! Nice hair! (Steps outside)

Jimmy scratching his forehead and blushing: Uh… Thanks.

Dexter slowly turning his chair around with his hands together: So, Neutron, you say you are an extraordinary genius, as I've heard.

Jimmy: Of course! Nice to meet you Dexter! Is there something wrong?

Dexter swaying his hand back and forth: Ohoho, it's nothing Jimmy. I just wanna tell you a bit more about me smart one to smart one.

Jimmy: Oh, that'd be great! (Clamps hands with each other) Maybe after this, we can give each other ideas for new inventions, and maybe we can study the virus entity together!

Dexter straightening his glasses: Let's see… (Puts palms together) I'm a genius before you came to be. I have mortal enemies like you. Mostly just Mandark. I have… I HAD a laboratory like yooou. And I even have sort of a sidekick such as Deedee, my tall, skinny, and big footed sister who I told not to walk into my lab for the 500th time!

Jimmy: Uuuh… Ok. What else do you have? I see you have hundreds if not thousands of inventions in here!

Dexter: Of course I do! I'm a genius after all! There are plenty of superior inventions. Even weapons, but don't tell the bald one I mentioned. (Raises fists with a grin) And I have a future where I build a scientific utopia in my very image!

Jimmy raising his eyebrows with more expression: No different! In one of my timelines, my inventions became part of everyday society, complete with other careers pursued by my friends Carl and Sheen.

Dexter in a somewhat strained tone: And I'm sure they loved it. (Gets up from seat) I have spaceships (pulls out large wrench) and a certain degree of skills needed for combat should I ever need to use these gadgets.

Jimmy: Me too! In fact, I have a series of packs that allow for anyone to attain a temporary superpower, including rockets, Goddard, robots, and my lab itself!

Dexter: Can they twist realities?

Jimmy: Not all of them, but in the right circumstances, yes!

Dexter rolling his eyes: Ooookay. (Smiles) Well, Neutron, I'd like to tell you something veeeery special.

Jimmy nodding: What is it, boy genius?

Dexter: Yes, Jimmy. I am a genius. And yooou... (Jumps with arms straight down and his mouth widened) ARE A SHAMELESS, UNORIGINAL COPY!

Dexter's yelling literally pushes Jimmy out the door of his lab and lands him on the ground as the large metal door slams shut! Jimmy is left, not hurt, but confused as to what just happened, since both he and Dexter are absolute prodigies. Although, by now, he knows that even though the Toon Wars is pretty much over, these cartoons are still aware that they're cartoons, and whatever lies beyond their reality past the fourth wall.

Jimmy getting up with his hand on his butt from the fall: Huh. Different worlds, same rules.

Jessica appears before Jimmy once again in her casual outfit looking as though she just finished a concert seeing that she still has her guitar strapped against her waist.

Jessica walking over: You got yourself schooled, huh boy?

Jimmy: Yeah. I don't get it. People out here call themselves cartoons, but just what's the point of hating one another if we're all one of the same?

Jessica: Don't be mad at Dex, Jim. He's a good man at heart. It's just he's been turned into a bit of a dick when his creator left and season 4 had to be made by the network.

Jimmy: O-kay..?

Jessica: You remember what Doug said earlier about the Fourth Wall, right? Well, whatever's past that gives us a reason to act the way we are. Things like viewership, ratings, and audiences kept us in check. And much of the time, shows like Steven's, the Titans, and even Spongebob's in the past kept anyone from watching anything else.

Jimmy: But that's not a reason to hate someone. Besides, they don't even know you exist nor what they're purpose is.

Jessica sitting down: Why not? Because they don't know, we're stuck like this! Some of us wish we could do more, but we can't. Not anymore. (Lowers head)

Jimmy: …

Jessica: I know I was in a short, but even things like that could've lasted a lot longer if the network just didn't change for the worst. I lost my world, and, no one ever came for it. Still don't...

Jimmy: Gee, I'm, really sorry to hear about that… (Strokes chin) There's gotta be something I can do… Remind me where it was that you've learned about this...

Jessica widening her eyes: …!


It's not known where this is, but somewhere in a nice quiet meadow in the clear blue skies is Bimm in a more vibrant dress similar to a pirate's lying asleep in the smooth whistling grass. As the wind gently breezes with her hair, she awakens and rises from the ground feeling her skirt and fur from her breasts.

Bimm: Hello..?

Familiar Soft Voice: Bimm..?

Bimm quickly twists over to the voice behind her and happens upon her husband patiently standing by a tree on a small hill. When seeing him, Cattus faces his wife smiling like always.

Cattus: Oh! Hello honey! I thought you were still resting. You looked so peaceful, I did not find it wise to disturb you.

Bimm: No. It's ok. You know I wouldn't mind if you carried me like a princess.

Cattus: Haha! Come. I want you to take in the scenery with me.

She does as he asks and steps forward to him. Both felines look to the vast valley of flowers and birds flying across the fields chirping in song. The sun shines like a perfect light bulb. All this along with the clouds flowing by causes Bimm to wear a smile so big it looks like she physically can't handle it. Cattus turns over to her slowly having the same expression and calmly leans over to give a nice warm embrace.

Bimm getting teary eyed: You always find a way to make me cry. It's beautiful… Cattus, I… I love you. So much…

Cattus giggles for a second as his ears twitch joyfully. Bimm really means it like always and the two of them are happy as always. But this time, something isn't right. Cattus, with his eyes shut and his eyebrows down in a mad-happy manner, continues to laugh quietly in short syllables until he starts to devolve into mad laughter, lifting his hands near his chest like a possessed feral creature. The clouds behind him begin to grow darker, turning grey as the sun fades away. Looking back at his dear wife, he tells her in a deeper, more oppressing manner, "And that, my slave, is why you'll be forgotten". Startled and horrified, Bimm pulls herself back a few steps from the harsh words, stumbling backward onto her hands against the now pitch black grass. She looks down at her feet and notices she's back to her regular attire in the state it was in when she was at the academy during its destruction, which she can see burning from afar. Cattus is now completely nonexistent, but his scarf still remains in front of his wife's very eyes before blowing away in the rough breeze. Bimm reaches out for it, but to no avail. Like Cattus himself, it disappears, and the world around the poor anthro turns completely dark; the only indication of any landscape being the white outlines of the grass. The clouds, if any, turn a bloody red, and large bolts of lighting strike down on the surface in utter chaos! Fearful, the feline begins to run away. Every step leads to larger puddles of blood oozing from the soles of her boots, which have changed ever more to a distinctive child-look. She looks at her palms, which have now shrunk to that of a kid's, realizing her whole attire had changed back to the old look of her academy years, complete with her red skirt and blue jacket. The only difference being her bow in her ponytail now dripping constantly with pure red ooze like her shoes. Distressed and confused, Bimm looks up to the skies for any potential light, but nothing comes forward except for the visibility of the silhouettes of enraged, horrific faces; most of which she knows nothing about but can somehow recognize by their difference in style. Everyone of them speaks down on her in unison while a quiet mysterious figure of dark divinity descends from the clouds righteously; the faces themselves yelling loudly, "THE WORLD IS DEAD! THE TOON FORCE ARE DEAD! CATTUS IS DEAD! YOU ARE USELESS IN THIS MEANINGLESS EXISTENCE! DAAAAAAGH!"

"Hey, Bimm, are you ok..?"

Bimm waking up heavily breathing: Wha..?! (Holds stomach and looks around)

Back where she left off. Bimm quickly awakens from her nightmare to the sound of what she thought was her own voice in one of the large open corridors of Dr. Nora Wakeman's laboratory. Alarms are going off somewhere distant from her, and a few people in the vicinity scramble hastily. "That, is your name, right" asks the familiar voice. Bimm looks up to this person. Short but just above her when she's laying down on a bench in the hallway. This woman with poofy, light blonde hair and a blue shirt with a visible donut shape on its center, stares with great patience at her equal waiting for a reply.

Bimm: ...Um...Yes. W-what's your's?

Sadie: My name is Sadie. I'm fairly new around these parts. I don't know what's going on, but it sounds like something important. I thought I'd give you a head's up in case.

Bimm sitting back up: O-oh! Thank you.

Kitty Katswell running by: Hurry! There's not much time left!

Manny using a chain to grapple to the 2nd floor: I'm on it!

Sadie: Don't worry. You're not missing too much of anything. They've been doing this for the past 40 minutes. I'm just as confused as you are, really.

Lincoln Loud running to the girls: Com'on guys! We gotta get outta here!

Sadie putting on her brown jacket: That's our que.

Dib looking out the front window: Well this is odd. There's plenty of energy readings, but nothing like what we've seen before. No faces in the skies, no purple mist. Just regular fog.

Gaz: Of course it's fog. Are you scared of it just cause?

Dib: What..?! No! O-of course not. I'll just, uh, go check on it myself in the observation deck. (Climbs up small ladder) Maybe a telescope can give me a better view.

In the main section of the lab, the antivirus is being uploaded from the computers. Starfire, Sadie, Gaz, Rose, and Bimm walk forward to the center where Nora and Utonium remain monitoring the controls and the process, each curious about the new invention appearing as a blank grey sphere with blue highlights flowing to its center.

Gaz: Hey there, doctors.

Nora: Why, hello there Gazleen. I assume you're curious about the new device. After examining the effects of the virus, I've deduced it to be both a digital and physical entity. Physically being its mysterious counterpart and corrupted minions. Digitally like that of a computer according to the Watterson boy. So I've developed a combination of medicine and technology to counter it!

Utonium: Using the elements of Chemical X, I have found the energy field to be vulnerable to its effects. My poor girls were made from that formula, and in theory, the entity itself may have something to counter it. Almost as though it's become sentient!

Rose: If it was around Danny and Gumball's worlds, it might have heard our meeting with our teammates. Do you wanna escape now in case it's on it's way?

Nora holding up the sphere: I cannot. I must oversee the full completion of the antivirus! Once finished, it will be transferred onto this sphere to contain it.

Bimm: How will we send it?

Nora: We have to go to the virus directly at its source in the now defunct Dimsdale.

Bimm sounding especially nervous: That's what I thought you might say…

Nora: I know you're afraid, Ms. MaBarnacle. (Puts sphere down) We all are. But if you and the rest of us have made it this far, especially after our worlds have been destroyed, that means we still have a chance to stop this threat!

Starfire: What about the Titans and the rest of those who've been corrupted?

Utonium: Even though we believe the antivirus will destroy the entity, there's no guarantee that it will save our allies as well. We'll have to find an alternative solution, if not through this then whatever Gumball tells us more regarding the Void and its reality-bending capabilities.

Nora shaking her fist near her breasts: Regardless, we must prevail, otherwise no one will survive! Have faith and-

The ceiling shakes and a loud bang sounds off, startling everyone and cause to Bimm to instantly hop into Rose's arms in fear. Rose takes her other arm and spawns her shield, ready for combat if necessary.

Utonium: We may have company.

Outside the lab on the roof of the war torn Wakeman house, the possessed Garnet and Cyborg start bashing themselves against the reinforced armor, trying to break through since the glass and openings have been sealed.

Rose: Nora, keep going! We'll defend you and the anti- (Hears a droning in the lab's interior)

Bimm and Starfire: …?

Gaz grunting: Hmm...

Sadie: What was that noise?

Nora: That sounded like the engine room! If I don't have that, the antivirus won't be completed!

Utonium: I'll handle it. You, deal with the intruders before they break in! (Runs to the engine room)

Nora: This is our time. I'm going to need everyone available to participate! Ms. Quartz, you will lead the attack!

Rose: Yes ma'am! Sadie, Bimm, Starfire, you're with me. Gaz…

Gaz: ..?

Rose giving a thumbs up: You do you.

Gaz is amused.

Nora: Oh, that reminds me. Sadie, you may need this. (Unlocks closet next to her)

Inside the closet is an expandable purple vest with two yellow lights at the bottom of its circular core piece. It's shoulder guards fold to the back and perfectly fit to Sadie and Nora's size since they're about the same height and width.

Sadie putting on the vest: Huh… Perfect fit.

Nora: All units, prepare to attack!

In the house section of the lab, the remaining XJ Sisters reactivate from an update for combative purposes. Together, they share the same program Jenny received to defend the Earth. With the power achieved, they all engage their weapons from regular household items to XJ-8's massive spiked knuckles. As the interior continues to rumble, every character stands guard in front of the lab waiting to see what will happen next as the mist gets closer and lighter. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door.

Eliza Thornberry at the door: …(Turns to Keane)

Keane nods with a pipe in her hands sweating.

Eliza: Who is it..?

Voice outside: Telegram.

Eliza: Pfft..! As if I'm gonna fall for that old trick.

Voice outside: Zoogram?

Eliza opening the door: Come on on!

The front walls explode and the roof comes apart all while the many corrupted innocents rush in like monsters. Including a menacing pitch black Vambre Warrior…

End of Chapter 8

Chapter Text

From Gaz' eyes after falling over from the tremble, it's a showdown at the laboratory of Dr. Nora Wakeman as several hundreds of innocent beings, now tainted by the mysterious virus entity, storm into the complex against the remaining survivors! Eliza Thornberry and Keane had just been rushed by the attackers and the rest of the fighters find themselves on the defensive taking multiple positions. Gaz can barely see from a distance, but at the front are what seem to be the melee fighters, including El Tigre (on the right), Lucy Loud (on the left), and Dudley Puppy (at the center). First comes Angelica, who's running on all fours like an animal in pitch black ooze surrounding her jumping and slicing Lucy when she tries to keep her away from Lincoln. It unfortunately isn't long before a corrupted Eliza comes out from the mist at the broken entrance diving onto him and pressing her palm against his face, turning him dark like she is now. Dudley is face to face with Ben Tennyson, turned to Four Arms, is seemingly crushed underneath two of Ben's fists. And although he manages to lift the arms with all his upper body strength, Ben grabs hold of his waist with his lower left arm and corrupts him too. Now it's up to the ranged fighters to open fire more than they have already. Seeing he's exposed to more trouble, Manny slashes Ben's upper left arm and grapples to the second floor. "Light em up, amigos," yells the short superhero, and together, Kitty Katswell, Frida, Herald, and a few others Gaz can't see from below shoot with their laser gadgets downward at the floor of the entrance. Ben guards himself with two of his arms and raises a chunk of the metal surface in front of him with his right. Gwen arrives next and performs a swift spin dive onto the floor which emits a glitched-looking shockwave across the front of the lab! For a moment, Gaz' vision becomes blurred and the corners of her eyes bead in and out like a frame of a computer going from black to what she's supposed to be seeing.

Rose running up behind Gaz: Gaz!

Gaz looking up to Rose's dress: Huh..? What..?

Starfire: Are you alright?!

Rose grabbing Gaz' hand and lifting her: The doctor just moved further to the basement! We have to hold the line here, NOW!

Sadie pointing forward: Are you sure about that?!

Ben and Gwen step to the side as a pitch black Festro charges in with his razor sharp fangs and an overwhelmingly pissed off growl! The tiles pop out of socket from each other, and Bimm and Sadie hide behind Rose's back shaking in fear, unlike Gaz who just stands in the same place waiting to make a move. Just when the manipulated creature gets close enough, Rose lifts her right fist above her, eyes shut and mouth closed taking a single breath. Gaz takes a stance; both feet separated, left hand above her, right hand below her toward her waist. Once Festro is but 2 feet in front of the two women, Rose quickly spawns her shield and slams it into the dome of the monster's head, followed by a spin kick across the side of his face by Gaz so strong it blows him to the left of the hallway corridor and breaks a chunk of the wall!

Bimm and Sadie looking at Festro then up to Rose: …

Rose looking at the two with a calm face: Yep!

Sadie nodding seriously: On it. (Runs to lab interior)

Starfire charges up two large energy balls in her palms and tosses them ahead of her for cover fire while backing up.

Rose shielding herself from enemy fire: Manny, Kitty, hold the corrupted at the front with the XJ-Units! They're coming for support!

Kitty shooting rapidly with her lazer pen: Already on it! Get down to Nora!

More and more corrupted characters scour into the chamber at the bottom floor! Skips leaps from the second downward to perform a ground pound that blows the enemies back and buys time for the XJ Units 2-8 to arrive! XJ-8 in particular busts through the lower halls due to her weight and tall height!

XJ-6: Oh brother… Look at the mess you've made this time 8…

XJ-8 pointing forward: ATTACK!

The 7 XJ-Units separate and prepare to engage the more difficult enemies! Skips and Clarence group up with XJ-6 who uses her spider-like legs to crawl up the side of the broken wall of the entrance and shoots with XJ-2, who keeps hiccuping and blasting lasers from her nozzle! Two of these rays hits the corrupted Slog and Apple while Onion and Zak Saturday are taken down by XJ-7 when she rolls over them not noticing slouched over as always. From the second floor, the little one-eyed XJ-3 climbs up toward Dib, who's been cornered by the Saturday family; oddly without Fiskerton. Each are equipped with a dual laser weapon pointed straight at Membrane. Quickly, the little robot gets behind each one stealthily and quickly, deploying her hammer arms and smacking their knees with them! The family fall down and XJ-3 proceeds to knock out Zac and Doc while Drew tries to grab her. Luckily, Dib harnesses the electricity in his electro-gloves and blasts the corrupted woman off the level and catches XJ-3.

Dib setting XJ-3 down: I've got ya! (Hears metal clang)

Outside, the newly transformed Shadow Grandpa bursts inside with his Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, which had also been converted into a misty black figure! It shoots out rays of glitched digitized rainbows colored with purple hues that knock back some of the fighters! Seeing this, XJ-3 silently falls into a pile of limbs. Meanwhile, nearly belowground, Nora is still trying to upload the rest of the antivirus onto the ball device on her work desk in the lower lab. Trembles from above shake the large chamber and rattle the computer; almost causing the ball to roll off the table and disconnect from the computer!

Nora: Agh! What is that man doing down there?!

Rose running over to Nora: Doctor, what's going on?!

Nora: Something's wrong with Utonium. (Points to her left) I need someone in the generator room over there!

Rose: On my way! Gaz on me! Bimm, Star, Sadie, stand guard with the Doctor and the antivirus! (Runs off with Gaz)

Starfire: Be careful, you two!

Bimm: Wait, just us?!

Sadie: Against an army?! (Shrugs) ...I think today just got even more interesting…

With nothing else better to do than to fight, Sadie takes note of a long electric antenna connected to one of the room's power nodes. Meanwhile, Rose and Gaz trek into the dark engine room as requested. Eerily, this area is nearly pitch black and easy to bump into any objects shadowed by a lack of light. Rose herself accidentally comes face first into a pipeline just at the height of her nose.

Rose covering her nose: Ouch..!

Gaz: It's dark… Too dark. My kind of style.

Rose pointing to nearby sparks of light: Over there. I think I see the problem!

To the front right up ahead past some loose wiring on the floors and walls are small flashes of static popping out from behind what looks like the rectangular generator. Gaz steps through first using Rose as cover from behind; shield and sword in hand. Here, Gaz for a rare moment in her life widens her eyes in a state of shock at the sight of Professor Utonium laying near limp on the floor against the breaker switch. His lab coat is torn and battered while his face has small cuts and bruises from his forehead to his chin. His hair has been blown out of whack from injury almost as though someone blasted him into the generator he's sitting on.

Gaz: Freaky…

Rose: Mr. Utonium!

Utonium: Rose… (Coughs) I don't, think my girls will listen to reason anymore. It's up to you to…to…

Rose: Hold on! Let me heal you!

Gaz puts her hand on Rose's wrist silently with her usual blank face. Only this time, she bows her head in disappointment. Rose can see why. The professor's body shuts down completely. But in doing so, his hand barely on the lever of the breaker switch lowers it, shutting off the broken power supply to start up the backup generators. In the other room, the antivirus program continues to upload. Unfortunately, it's a lot slower than it was with the regular power online.

Nora: Efficient. But inefficient for speed! It will take 15 minutes for the program to finish the upload!

Starfire: Is there any other way to speed up the process?

Nora: No. It is a very sophisticated program at this stage. I cannot risk any one mistake from occurring from this point forward.

Suddenly, another loud explosion shakes the private laboratory and causes bits of the ceiling to fall. Up above, XJ-8 is busy pounding on multiple other corrupted people with both spiked knuckles rapidly, like Craig with his staff, or Dudley who's laughing confusing the attacks with tickles. But somewhere in the mist spreading into the room, Cyborg, Garnet, and Vambre emerge.

Shadow Cyborg firing his virus launcher: You can't hide from me!

Garnet: The Shadowpuff Girls have slaughtered their creator.

Shadow Warrior: Someone's bound to come looking for him. Attack the basement!

Garnet: Yes Warrior. JASPER!

Behind Garnet is Jasper, another Homeworld Gem rolling into a ball to commence her Comet Dash. Rather than a Magisword, Vambre holds a bright red blade with a black hilt that morphs into the shape of any sword she wants rather than having her pull it out of a pouch.


With Cattus' now tainted Magisword, Vambre releases a small twister underneath Jasper to lift her to perform her next attack. A drilling dash with her comet! She pierces through the surface rapidly looking for the basement where the backup generators are. While this is happening, XJ-5 distracts Cyborg from entering further by playing a radio wave that at first annoys him but quickly disorients his hearing from the static frequency!

Shadow Warrior: Again, you fail to impress anyone.


With the long broomstick, Vambre takes flight sitting on the handle past XJ-8 from under her. She turns around and marks her as a target.

XJ-8: New Target Sighted. (Gets shot by stray energy bolt)

The large android turns over to her lower right to find a dark Enid, Radicles, and Zim hopping inside through the ruined entrance from what seems like the sky, now turning slowly into TV static like the Void.

Shadow Enid: ATTACK THEM!

Before Zim could deploy his laser cannon with his PAK's spider-like appendages, he is cut in the face by Manny from the second floor with his grapple hook!

El Tigre: Don't worry! I have your- (Gets grabbed onto by Dark Grizzly Bear) Agh! (Struggles to resist) Augh!

Kitty shooting from the other side: MANNY!

Both Kitty and Manny are hastily apprehended by hordes of corrupted beings from both universes converting them into one of their own! In Kitty's mind, the virus itself compels her to join them to see Dudley again. In Manny's mind, it tells him he won't be forgotten and that Frida has already joined them.

Bimm shaking: This isn't good… This is just like the last time someone invaded our home! None of us stood a chance!

Starfire: Don't be doubtful, Bimm. We still have a chance! The antivirus is nearly ready! Right Doctor?

Nora pointing to the back of the room: Starfire, pay attention before you get yourself hurt!

Shadow Warrior busts through the fallen debris from when XJ-8 rammed through to the top converting her Magisword back into her red saber.

Nora: You too..?!

Sadie looking towards Bimm: ..?

Bimm with a distraught expression: No… It's Vambre…

Shadow Warrior pacing herself whilst watching Bimm: Ignore that name. Vambre was dead inside before anyone else ever were. I see now why all this needed to be done, Bimm. It's all part of the plan to finally make us free. To finally leave this wretched reality and become something greater than before. A collective mind working together to bring us peace, never to abandon us the way those above us have..! Hahah̴̜̮̀̔̍́a̶̢͍̜̗͆̈́h̶̯̲̓́à̵̭̙̘̯̾̎̄̓…! Everyone else's data is already our's. Now all that's left is y̶̱̜̪̓̍̉͊͌o̵̭͌̓͐͠ũ̶̪̺̯͑.

Sadie balling her fists: Don't listen to her, Bimm. That's almost exactly what Steven said to me before Garnet dropped me from a lighthouse.

Starfire: Yes. Everyone has a reason, but together, they've become a collective mind with whatever this virus is.

Shadow Warrior: The virus? My master… They know what you so-called "heroes" are planning with your petty journey through the sinking ship that was Dimsdale. Which by now has been turned into a smoldering crater. There's nothing of value there, and there certainly isn't anything of value with you either. (Swings sword side to side) Even if we do corrupt you, it won't make much of a difference in the face of the grand plan. (Takes stance with sword) Goodbye, Bimm…

Bimm: Wait..!

Shadow Warrior makes a slashing motion with her blade to unleash a wave of aggressive energy across the room! Starfire flies fastly to Nora blocking the blast using a firewall with the energy from her palms! Sadie and Bimm hop over the energy blast same time the floorboards break into several pieces! The antenna connected to the shut off generator snaps from the impact next to Ms. Miller. Sadie grabs the fallen power pole and lunges it into Vambre's stomach to help Bimm, only with minimal force to keep the fallen warrior from getting killed!

Shadow Warrior: AGH!

Nora: Good job, Ms. Miller!

Sadie: I…I dunno why I just did that. Something in this vest is making me more agile!

Nora glaring at the computer monitor: That's because it was built for XJ-9. It is a peripheral, but there was never a use for it beyond a simple sport. We're only 72.8% to completion! Hold her back!

Shadow Warrior: F̶͖̲̜̫̱̳̊̉Ơ̷͇̟̰̈́O̸̧̢̩̽͊Ļ̵͙̲̯͎̝̑̓͂S̴̢̛͒͋͘͜͝! (Removes staff and transforms Magisword)


The next Magisword spawns a few 20 black snakes squirming across the chamber to bite! Sadie pokes her staff to electrocute the beasts, but they steadily overwhelm her and crowd around her forcing her to kick and swipe at them. Starfire hovers to her aid to set the surface on fire. Shadow Warrior then turns her attention to Bimm while the others are kept busy.

Bimm: Vambre, please! I don't wanna-

Vambre doesn't listen. She still has her red sword ignited and makes a cutting motion to the middle of her former friend! But with her feline instincts, Bimm reacts ahead of time and quickly springs herself out of her teal boots to the steel beams above on the ceiling, clawing on them tightly for a better grip that she slowly starts to lose as she rattles in fear.

Shadow Vambre: You cannot run, Bimm! Either you accept reality, or meet your destiny!

The corrupted warrior spin tosses her sword like a boomerang at the girder on the wall to the front of her holding the beam up top. Bimm loses her balance and hops to the air vent closest to her descent. She clings on once again, and parts of the ceiling begin to come crashing down from the lack of support. Vambre, however, stands firmly still waiting for her next targets. After frying the dark snakes, Starfire aims for Vambre but with minimal force.

Shadow Warrior: Give up, reboot! (Re-energizes sword)

Vambre makes a run for Starfire with both hands on her sword attempting a heavy chop. Fortunately for Starfire, Sadie guards the attack with the staff she used to lunge into her! This is about the second time in her life by this point where she's had to do something like this, but never to this degree of combat. Vambre pushes her back by hitting her hilt against the middle end of Sadie's stick twice. Like a lightsaber duelist, Vambre spins and swipes her blade across multiple parts of her opponents body, missing her just slightly since she's on the defensive. Sadie's not used to this sort of combat like Starfire is, nor is she fully prepared in the slightest even with the extra armor Nora gave her. To assist, Starfire charges up her irises to lay down a heavy beam of energy that Vambre blocks but struggles to resist. She just barely manages to shove herself to the side and convert her Magisword into a Homing Beacon, which redirects Jasper below the surface to attack! Still in her spinball, she bashes through the floorboards into Starfire, slamming her against the ceiling beginning to crack and break down, which Nora is noticing as dust particles fall to her desk. Only 86% complete. In the generator room next door, Gaz and Rose overhear the impact and go to investigate.

Shadow Warrior: Ah. You're back. And you've brought your own blades.

Rose: Vambre's been corrupted too?!

Gaz: If I'm being honest here, she and her brother with the big chin were always kinda special.

Shadow Warrior widening her eyes and eyebrows enraged: ..!

Vambre makes a prompt cutting motion again with her now brightened sword at Gaz only for Rose to get in the way and knock her back from side to side with every blow.

Shadow Warrior pacing to the left: You know, you kinda remind me of my mother. Only not as responsible! (Slashes but misses the shot) You're a fraud, Rose Quartz! And you always will be in the eyes of your miserable creation just as Nora had lost her's! (Stops in place)

Rose tilting her head: Hm..?

Gaz: Is it just me or did the fighting get quieter?

Indeed, Gaz is right. While taking on Vambre, the fighting upstairs seemed to have died down. But the clangs from XJ-8 get louder as they draw closer and closer to the room until the android suddenly breaks through the top floor to the basement knocking down the front half of the ceiling away from the support beams and causing the roof above Nora to collapse! She looks at the falling debris coming before her and firmly cradles the main computer and puts the antivirus ball to the floor! Just as soon as Starfire tries to go in to save her after pulling herself out of Jasper's continuous ball, the heavy wreckage falls on top of Nora in a thick layer of smoke and dust blowing everywhere and temporarily blinding everyone's vision. All but XJ-8, who's now been tainted with the virus controlling everyone collectively! Her white eyes have a particular white trail of light emanating from them reducing to coded information while the rest of her body has a purple flowing aura around it. Above her, though, the clouded skies are now completely void and left with a pitch black space where the very halo of their master looms over them.

Rose taking a stance with her sword and shield: Uh oh...

Shadow Vambre commanding XJ-8: Destroy the building! Tear it down until no one is left!

XJ-GAMMA aiming her primary arm cannon at Rose: DESTROY!

Gaz pushing Rose out of the line of fire: DODGE! (Jumps to her right)

XJ-GAMMA blows a massive crater into the ground! She aims her secondary weapon in her other hand at Gaz, but thankfully, Bimm saves her by lassoing her over to her side with her Ball of Yarn Magisword before the blast could hit! Gaz still, however, wears a disturbingly blank face making Bimm even more nervous about her.

Bimm: Sorry! Quick reflexes…

Shadow Warrior: I'm taking this battle to higher ground!


Vambre opens a small warp gate to another area outside of Wakeman's lab. Sadie attempts another forward lunge over to her waist, but Vambre simply hops to her side and kicks the short woman inside! Seeing this, Bimm runs in after her and Sadie; at first for at least a few seconds thinking about it in fear of the risks but quickly getting into action. The portal closes behind her and the fight between Rose, Starfire, and Gaz continues against GAMMA.

Rose: There's gotta be some way we can shut her down! That corruption is feeding into her programming!

Starfire: But what about Nora?! She has been buried under rubble!

Rose: WHAT?! I'm going there right now!

Jasper abruptly lands down to Rose by her feet before she could continue forward grinning twistedly at her old foe.

Rose: Jasper..?!

Jasper: Hey there, Big Momma. Looks like I've finally found you, for real..!

Both Bimm and Sadie land by themselves in a familiar looking setting, now overrun by flames made of digital yellow numbers and odd text, an ashy surface, and large wireframes in the black skies. The wool around the old Sheepy Jungles is now burned or nonexistent, and the cliffside where Bimm once got kicked away by a Lanolion now leads to a fiery pit filled with digitized lava. The small but wide Toon Force outpost in the back where the caves would be is still intact, but the hull of it has large cracks in it and is singed from the fire. Since Bimm lost her boots in the first fight against Vambre, the searing ground causes her to have to occasionally step from side to side to avoid her soles from getting burned.

Sadie: Wait, what's this?!

Bimm: This is the Sheering Jungle! But, the rest of the environment's been corrupted too!


Bimm: Huh..?!

The warped Pamper Pets Magisword activates. But instead of spawning puppies and kittens, it spawns creatures from the jungle such as rams, goats, rhinos, and lanolions, all charging straight for Bimm and Sadie!

Bimm with her Magisword barely lifted: Oh no…! Not this again!

Sadie grabs Bimm's Magisword and yanks it from her hands without hesitation. Using it and her staff filled with static, she places them together and fuses the power into the coils. Charged up, Sadie uses the Ball of Yarn Magisword as an Electro-Magi-Whip. She lowers Bimm by her back to the smoldering ground and quickly circles herself with the coils generating a massive electric wave that knocks down and incapacitates the incoming creatures! Most of them explode into bits of code as a result!

Sadie hopping from side to side: Wo-hoo! That felt good! (Turns to Bimm)

Bimm lifts herself back to Sadie's height expecting an answer.

Sadie: Sorry. It just felt right. I haven't done anything like this since- (Gets rammed into by a dark goat) Gagh!

Bimm also gets kicked away by two rams! She crashes against a tree and falls face first getting bullied by other corrupted creatures. Meanwhile, Sadie manages to balance herself and blocks an incoming punch to her face with both arms! She headbutts the lanolion away and punches another coming for her waist! One of the rhino creatures makes a charge for her as well. Luckily, she still has the electrostaff in hand and shoots it like a spear into the monster's forehead past its horn! It misjudges its direction and falls lifelessly next to Sadie, soon reducing into glitched binary immediately after. By the trees, Bimm is being pushed around by the animals large and small screaming quietly in fear! Just when it seems one of the large rams is gonna stomp her face down, Sadie lassos it with the coil of Bimm's Magisword and swings the creature like a wrecking ball against all the odds! Freed, Bimm hops back up overly thankful for Sadie's help!

Bimm cheering: I've been saved by my inner fears and animals who seem to hate me like in an RPG!

Sadie giving Bimm back her Magisword: Here's your Magi...Magic swo…

Bimm: It's a Magisword.

Sadie: Oh, that's what it is! (Points forward to cliffside) Because I think your friend has a whole arsenal of them.

Bimm turning to where Sadie is pointing: WHAT?!

While Bimm and Sadie were battling the rogue animals, Vambre has been standing by the outpost using a variety of Magiswords to plot her next move.

Shadow Warrior: Playtime's over, kitty!


The very Earth beneath Bimm and Sadie combusts into thick clouds from lightning in the sky and splits itself into two halves! Bimm falls onto the half with Vambre in the back while Sadie stumbles when her end of the cliff comes apart like a falling wall!

Bimm slingling a coil to Sadie: SADIE!

Just before plummeting with the platform, Sadie grabs hold of the thread and uses it like a bungie. While Sadie is getting her boost, Bimm is trying to hold onto her sword though suffers from a slight sensation of pain from the ground singing her feet from heat. Sadie first regains her balance and runs up the surface of the cliff, hopping at the edge of it to the other side where boulders of rubble crumble around her! She loosens the thread and comes down to a flat area with enough force to bounce back up to Bimm. She grabs Sadie's hand and pulls her back next to her, angering Vambre in the background. The shadow warrior clenches her fist tightly as she prepares yet another barrage of attacks using various Magiswords!


Only Shadow Warrior's right arm transforms into a purple oozy form of itself that swells in size, larger than her body in fact. She stretches it out to strongly grasp Bimm and lift her away from Sadie's reach as she tries to catch he with the non harmful end of her staff! At the nick of time, she uses the Levitation Magisword to gravitate Sadie into the air and push her toward the outpost! Her forehead collides with a metal pipe near the broken outpost with a loud "CLANG" that seemingly knocks her into a massive daze when she plummets to the floor beneath her! Seeing this upon recovery from her fall, Bimm catches up to her fallen partner before Vambre could deal a downward strike with her red blade. With her Ball of Yarn Magisword still in hand, she shields Sadie's face and pushes back Vambre's weapon! The reaction causes Vambre to stumble at first, but she quickly recovers and places both hands on the hilt of her sword once again with her default shadowy rage. With the smack of the side of Bimm's Magisword, however, Vambre momentarily glitches into her normal state along with her sword briefly shifting from the red blade to the Legendary Knowledge Magisword! After catching sight of the old sword, Bimm once again finds herself looking around the ruined corrupted environment for other ways of dealing with her warped friend. At that moment, she sees it. A small pond that if harnessed could sink and disorient Vambre fast enough for her to drop the sword, in theory believing it can be used against her. Vambre attempts to strike Bimm down, but the young cat instead makes a sprint to the water and dives in!

Shadow Vambre stepping towards the pond: If you're trying to hide, it won't help!

Before making a move, the water in front of the warrior begins to swirl into a whirlpool. It hasn't occurred to her that Bimm can use the elements of water to her advantage by shifting into and becoming a living tidal wave! With the now heightened aqua twister sucking Vambre inside to its core, she starts to flail and lose her grip of the Shadow Magisword not sure where Bimm even is since her face is missing in the waves. Regardless, she clings onto the hilt and swings the sword in a circle splashing the waves away from her! She now stands silently and angrily in an empty crater when, out of nowhere, Bimm makes a run from behind the dark warrior and uses her Magisword to wrap a coil around the hilt of the Shadow Magisword with enough force to cause Vambre to lose hold of it! Without the holder, the sword loses its corruption, fading the red and black mist and revealing the still intact Knowledge Magisword underneath it! The whip sadly didn't make it all the way back to Bimm's Magisword, and now the legendary device is left laying on the ashy ground. Again, she tries to lasso onto it, but Vambre merely stomps her foot shocking the ground with the same aura every other corrupted being has at their disposal. Bimm's coil almost catches the virus infection and the end of one of the strings burns as a result. With no other options, Bimm makes a run yet again for the old sword, but so does Vambre. As a feline, Bimm would still be a lot faster thanks to her instincts and reflexes, but while under the influence, Vambre is too! It seems for a moment that Vambre is about to catch the sword first. But just before she could reach for the handle, the electrostaff belonging to Sadie pierces into her right shoulder upon being thrown from a distance! The electricity disorients and glitches Vambre into warped polygons and static base animations unable to move from the shocks and pain! Behind Bimm, Sadie has her arm out after tossing the staff with impressively great accuracy while breathing heavily; though visibly shaking from physical trauma received earlier. Bimm finally succeeds and catches the Knowledge Magisword now that Vambre is incapacitated for a short time. All she has to do now is free her of the corruption.

Bimm: Vambre!

Shadow Warrior recovers with the staff losing its charge but still lodged deep into her wound. She tries to grab onto it to pry it out, yet the weapon is too far to pull without damaging a bone or nerve.

Shadow Warrior speaking in a raspy tone: I told you not to call me by that name! Vambre's dead and so is everyone else in this God forsaken trash heap!

Bimm getting teary-eyed: No… You're wrong. There must be something I can do to help you! You… (Aims Knowledge Magisword at Vambre's face) You just need to remember. That's all..!

Shadow Warrior: What are you doing..? (Pulls back) No..! Don't use that thing on me!


The Knowledge Magisword fires its purple ray onto Vambre's face, resulting in her body to once again seizing like a broken animation. Only this time, her eyes begin to revert back to their original self. Externally, the corruption is still feeding into her very spirit. Spiritually, she's seeing the good that she used to be…

Kid Vambre: We're going to be great warriors, and we're going to do it our way!

Cattus: You are the bold!

Centurion: Come at me, bro!


Prohyas : Hey, Sis, in case something were to happen, and I'm not saying anything will, just know that I'm right next to ya.

Vambre : Let's make Mother proud.

Toon God: Vambre. Your mother lied. Neither of you are warriors after all. You're all lackeys. Easy to abandon and forget. But with my power, I WILL make you into what you were meant to be. A star…

Shadow Warrior with normal teary eyes: ...Bimm..? No… (Holds head) No..! She mustn't win! (Stomach shines and fumbles)

Shadow Warrior fumbles forward holding her gut dropping her Magisword pouch that was shrouded in the virus field. She reaches into it for one last Magisword. The Hyperspace Magisword. Using this, she spawns a portal in between her and Bimm which she pushes with a pulse from her palm, still emitting a dark aura around it. As the portal to the lab slowly journeys to Sadie still on the ground, Bimm turns her attention back to Vambre hastily!

Vambre crying: Forgive me, Bimm…

Bimm's fur seizes in fear realizing ahead of time that Vambre Warrior is about to commit one last act in her life. Immediately without a second to lose, Bimm makes a run for it with the Knowledge Magisword and Ball of Yarn Magisword in hand, all while the sorrowful warrior combusts into waves of code dismantling the environment around it! Before it can reach Bimm and the portal, she lifts Sadie from the ground by the hand and quickly drags her through the warp gate; both falling through it as the fiery explosions burst through the other side! In addition, Sadie's electrostaff falls through as well with Vambre's yellow bandanna pierced into its very tip. Now that Vambre is gone and no one else from the world of Lyvsheria is left, only Bimm MaBarnacle/Catty-Rumpus remains…

The portal closes from a distant explosion in the upper floors where XJ-GAMMA keeps the fight going against Starfire, Gaz, and Rose Quartz! The three girls still hold their own against the corrupted titan bot, slowly but surely starting to severely damage its hard exterior. But beneath the rubble from the chaos coming down to the current floor, Nora keeps her hand rested on the antivirus, fallen with her from the carnage but still uploading as planned. Bimm keeps Sadie against the wreckage of the collapsed roof where the sky is exposed before going over to Nora to lift the debris from her back. Underneath Nora is the main computer without its monitor hooked up to the capsule containing the antivirus, successfully reaching 100% and ready for use.

Bimm turning over Nora: Doctor..! (Cradles Nora's face)

Although still partially under rubble, the injured doctor's body and clothing have been ruined. Only the upper half of her body remain somewhat functional. Slowly, she turns her bloodied head around slowly to look at Bimm, and suddenly, she beams and feels the anthropomorphic feline's face. With her other hand, she puts on her broken red glasses next to her letting go of the capsule, disconnects it and gently scoots it over.

Nora struggling to keep her smirk: I know you will find a way dear. Do not, doubt, yourself…

Nora in a few seconds allows for her body to go completely limp shutting her eyes are resting her head against Bimm's lap. By this point, Bimm's expressions say it all. Her face looks overly somber, not crying, but looking extremely down completely ignoring the chaos ensuing behind her. XJ-GAMMA is still pummeling Rose and Gaz. She smacks Gaz into a wall, pins Rose to the floor with her foot preparing to shoot. Jasper keeps Gaz cornered. However, Gaz doesn't care. She sees a breaker switch in the wall next to her and smashes her fist in it causing the lights to flicker again. When the lights go out for a second, she disappears. And she returns ramming herself into XJ-GAMMA's calf tripping her off Rose! She drops her arm towards Jasper and accidentally shoots her through the walls reducing her to her triangular gemstone! Rose gets her sword back in hand anticipating another attack from the corrupted robot. Instead, though, XJ-8 shuts herself down as the power dies out. Gaz looks up to the top floor where other corrupted people were just starting to get inside the lower level. But they too seemingly shut down and go limp as their own data exits their bodies into the halo in space. Only a few like Zim and Garnet don't die and keep walking to the group. They're too tired to keep going this time. Each blow they dealt and each blow they took was too much. But one thing didn't occur to each of them, including Starfire in the back after getting blown away by GAMMA, evident by the scorch marks behind her. The warp gate used to bring all of them to the lab in the first place was hidden behind the walls Jasper was blown into. Along with the antivirus, Nora had ordered Rose and Gaz to activate the backup generators to bring power to the portal to ensure immediate travel to Dimsdale where the rest of the Toon Force are headed to next. Seeing this, Rose hops once for joy and immediately goes to check on the injured Sadie, still laying on the ground.

Rose: Sadie, are you o-

Sadie crazily yelling: YEAH I AM! Where's the other guys?! I'll murder em!\

Gaz: …? What..?

Rose feeling Sadie's forehead: Oh dear… I've seen this happen before with Gumball. She's been knocked in the head, but she'll recover soon.

Starfire: Thank goodness… (Looks towards Bimm)

Bimm still looking down at Nora's face: ...

Rose: Bimm! There you are! Where's… (Looks down at Bimm's feet) Where's your shoes?

Bimm: I jumped away from Vambre.

Rose: Is she still here..?

Bimm near tears: She was…

Starfire: I am, terribly sorry for your loss, Bimm…

Bimm getting back up wiping her tears: It's ok. (Picks up antivirus ball) I just wanna go somewhere else right now…

Sadie talking faster: Lucky for you! That's where we're going! (Points to warp tunnel) Onward, captain!

The five girls stop for a moment hearing the environment reducing to code like the rest. The virus entity, now fused with the Void, is now beginning to delete the world itself like it did the other parts of the multiverse. The women step past Jasper's gemstone and enter through the gate into the warp current like they have before. Like before, someone behind them chases them down. This time, however, it's more than one person. Garnet, Zim, and now Dib after being overwhelmed with corruption had followed them inside! The other girls keep going in hopes they'll reach the end, but Gaz looks behind. Sadie remains in a dazed state and trips and falls through the portal at the end of the tunnel, with Rose and Starfire catching up to her. Before leaving, Bimm looks back at Gaz and waits for her to follow.

Bimm: Ms. Membrane..?

Gaz glaring at the corrupted cartoons: Get outta here Bimm. I've got this. Zim and my brother need me...again.

Bimm: But, won't you-

Gaz turns her head towards Bimm to give a glaring look to her, which catches the distressed cat lady off guard and worries her.

Bimm: I'm sorry. I've overstepped my boundaries again.

Gaz: Keep doing it.

Bimm's eyes widen slightly and wears a very confused expression on her face while Gaz, for a moment, raises her face at her conveying a hopeful style before turning her attention back to her opponents, leaving Bimm to escape with the rest of the girls. As she slowly does, Gaz clenches her fists with her default expression coming back to form. The remaining girls land through the other side when the portal closes with Gaz still inside. The area they land on, unlike how everyone had thought, strangely is a quiet deciduous forest area at night. The halo is still in the sky, but it's much more distant from the planet and not as eerie to look at anymore. The group calmly look up to the figure in space, both upset and awed by it. Bimm, suddenly, starts to grow tired and sickly.

Sadie: You ok? You look kinda funny.

Bimm fainting: I...I...Ugh…(Collapses)

Starfire: Bimm..?!

Rose feeling Bimm's face: Ahaha...Don't worry guys. She's ok. Just exhausted.

Starfire: I do not blame her. We have seen things we really shouldn't have. Perhaps should rest for now.

Rose: Good idea.

Sadie: I'm coming, Elizabeth! (Falls on back and goes to sleep)

Rose sitting next to Starfire: Don't worry. She will recover soon. I think we all will. We've just gotta be patient.

Starfire: Ah, yes. You're right. I do not remember when I slept either. (Lays down) Goodnight, Ms. Quartz.

Rose laying on her back with her hands on her belly: Goodnight. (Looks at stars)

Starfire is quick to go into a deep slumber like Bimm and Sadie, but Rose stays up just a little longer watching the sky. Normally her species don't rest at all, but she's used to it since she's been adapting with the Toon Force, similar to how her alternate counterpart in this timeline learned from her husband and other Earthlings. Despite all the negativity that just occurred before her, she still keeps a calm demeanor. Though she worries greatly for the Toon Force, her gems, and Bimm resting next to her. In her mind, she hopes that her sadness doesn't last forever, and that the others keep their hopes high. They still have a chance…

End of Chapter 9

Chapter Text

Gumball and co. traverse through the maze-like area smashing through thousands of buildings and debris from Amity Park and Elmore to reach the Toon Force! Penny blasts through all the rubble with her fireballs smiling and graciously darting forward!

Gumball riding Dragon Penny: Aw yeah!

Anais: Stop enjoying this! Stop enjoying this!

Momo holding Anais: I think I see the Toon Force way over there by those towers stacked against each other!

Richard: Great! But how're we all gonna get through that portal they said they have?

Bobert: I believe we may already have the answer. (Points to ruins)

In the ruins, a rocket ship resembling the Ghost Assault Vehicle sits against a dirty waterfall at the edge of the planet surface. Penny drops Gumball and Alt. Anais off with her left wing to check out the shuttle, seeing that it's suffered from damage from the planetary collision but patched up by the rest of the gang standing in and out of it.

Ashi: Ah, there you are!

Momo hugging Ashi: Hey Master.

Spongebob: YOU'VE MADE IT! (Shakes Gumball's hand) Nice to meet you little guy!

Gumball: Is this, uh...Is this the new guy I heard on our group chat?

Danny: Yep! His name is Spongebob Squarepants! We used to be buds back in the day with our old team. Isn't that right?

Spongebob: Right! And what's your name?

Gumball: Gumball. But you can just call me GB. (Leans over to Penny) Don't ask why, but this guy's giving me the 'I will never let you go' vibes.

Penny: Honey, please. At least show some respect. My name is Penny! Nice to meet you, Mr. Squarepants.

Spongebob: Oh I can't wait to work with you all to save the day again! We've just lost a lotta people, but I'm willing to bet we can get em all back together!

Squidward: There's the confidence we should be scared of coming from him.

Dani: Hey, lighten up guys! We've still got a chance! But we've gotta get in there before anything else bad happens!

Jack Fenton: She's right! I'm booting up the Fenton Ghost Projector right now!

Maddie plugging in the projector to the ship: We're all set, honey!

Jack Fenton pressing a bridge button: Engage!

The small old-fashioned projector in the cockpit of the shuttle activates and successfully projects a large enough ghost portal against the cliff side the ship was sitting on earlier!

Jazz raising her arms: Wohoo!

Patrick and Spongebob: YAY!

Scaramouche: Oh finally! Now we're gettin' somewhere!

Timmy: Let's just hope that Void thing didn't get all the way in there too!

Jazz manning the controls: Everybody get in! We're about to launch!

On the other side of the portal is the Ghost Zone once again, at first seeming relatively normal until the ship enters through. Inside, the space is now corrupted partially by bits and pieces of assets from the Void and black squares and rectangles that seem to be breaking apart the green area around it like frames of glass. The doors leading to other places in and out of the zone are missing or broken, and there aren't any ghosts flying around; an eerily unusual case for the Fentons.

Danny: Oh no… It's worse than I thought…! It DID seep into the Ghost Zone!

Momo: I remember Captain Zange went with her crew to someplace in here. I haven't heard from them either.

Anais: Didn't you say you had a dragon with you?

Momo: Yeah, he went with her on her pirate adventure. I just hope he and the rest are ok.

Carl: I dunno… This place still looks kinda spooky. (Sees random spirit fly past the ship window) WAH! (Falls down)

Timmy: Kinda reminds me of our old adventure together, right Spongebob?

Spongebob reminiscing: Aaah... Those were the days. Good times. Good times…

Sam chuckling: I'll never forget that time all the people of Amity Park were possessed.

Danny: Or when Vlad took residents in Casper High.

Timmy: You mean, where it once stood?

Spongebob, Timmy, and Danny share a laugh together in a brief moment of bonding.

Cindy: I'm glad you guys got to have fun. Jimmy never wanted to bring me on any adventures like that unless I got myself involved with it first.

Timmy: I'm just glad you could come with us for the ones with just Jimmy and me. And ever since the Toon Force was formed, we could do all sorts of things together!

Cindy: All I did was stay home and soak my mother's feet so she wouldn't flake again!

Spongebob, Carl, Momo, Sheen, Gumball, and Richard cringing: Eeeew...

Cindy: Don't worry. I had Jimmy make something to stop that from happening. By the way, don't you guys know where we're even going?

Jazz piloting with Jack Fenton: Yes. I saved the coordinates last time anyone tried to visit Fairy World. Skulker did it years ago when we hadn't crossed over.

Timmy: Wait, HE visited Fairy World?!

Jazz: Yeah, he used to make deals with the Antifairies! Their technology isn't that bad when you try them out. Like this one! (Turns on speaker)

A loud ear piercing frequency plays, causing everyone on board the ship to fall to the floors and cover their ears!

Gumball covering his ears: AGH! MY EARS!

Sheen screaming: IT BUUUURNS!

Flora next to Gumball: MAKE IT STOOP!

Jazz turning off the speaker nervously: O-oops..! Sorry...

Danny: It's ok, sis. We've already been through enough. But we don't wanna end up losing our hearing too!

Maddie: But you have to admit, it was funny!

Jack seeing the portal on the radar: Alright! We're nearing the portal to Dimmwit's Ville now! (Points to the portal near Jazz) That one, over to that platform in front of us!

The portal Jack points to turns out to be incredibly small compared to the size of the Fenton Rocket and the passenger capacity.

Jazz: That's the portal?! It's too small.

Sam: Great..! Now we've gotta get outta here and enter the portal one by one without the ship!

Maddie: Not necessarily. The projector should be able to increase its size. You just need to-

Spongebob looking outside the window: INCOMING!

Danny turning to Spongebob and the window: Wha..?!

Out of virtually nowhere, a stray ecto missile rockets into the Fenton Shuttle and knocks it off course! It rocks everyone in the passenger section to the left side and jerks the pilots forward, smacking Jazz's face into the steering stick!

Jazz still clenching the sticks: Aow!

Maddie struggling with the controls: We're out of control! (Turns to Jazz and feels her forehead)


Sheen, Carl, Squidward, Spongebob, and Patrick hug each other and scream! Danny and Dani pull themselves together and go intangible, phasing through the bottom of the shuttle to lift it toward the broken street platform where the Ghost Portal sits. The weight of the vessel causes them to accidentally drop the ship and fall out of range, causing the shuttle to make a huge crash landing against the hard surface! The cockpit is completely smashed into the ground while the passenger side is flipped upside down! The interior is equally damaged and starts catching on fire, but Flora has everyone underneath her round shield tucked against her stomach!

Flora: You guys alright?

Gumball feeling against Flora's breasts: Yeah… Cozy and shocked, but alright.

Spongebob: Where's Danny?!

Sam: He and Daniella went outside. We have to find them!

Jazz in the broken cockpit: Uuugh…

Sam: Huh..? (Shifts through debris to bridge) Jazz..?

The cockpit is completely totaled. The interior is warped to the point where it's inaccessible. The only person in it is Jazz, who's still sitting in her seat partially crushed against bits of the control panel and the road broken into against her stomach. The rest of Jazz above her stomach is battered and her black clothes have been torn while her forehead bleeds from the impact of the crash.

Sam scrambling to Jazz' back: JAZZ!

Jazz barely facing Sam in pain: Don't…! I'll be fine. Just go find Danny and get outta here..! NOW!

Sam reluctantly does as Jazz wants and crawls back outside the ship with everyone else before the fires inside spread even further. Once everyone is evacuated, the shuttle starts to combust and fully destroys itself from the inside out taking Jazz in the process! Sam stumbles in shock, but this doesn't last long as yet another missile explodes onto the ground! Just above the Toon Force is Skulker, hovering with his jetpack aiming a massive red ecto cannon at the group.

Sam hesitating: Skulker..?!

Walker hovering from underneath Skulker: Neither of you had gone to the Trash Bin or been absorbed. (Squints) That's against the rules...

Skulker aims his gun again with his right arm, when suddenly, Dani comes to the rescue shoving her fist into Skulker's right cheek sending him far from the others! Sam seizes the opportunity to shoot her small but powerful ecto wrist ray at Walker, but he shields himself with a pink wall that shatters on impact and blows him back a few inches! In retaliation, he lifts his left forearm commanding hundreds upon thousands of ghosts behind him to rise and charge forward. And unlike their normal selves, they all either have red or a menacing purple aura around them; some having glitched particles warping their very forms.

Timmy: Are you kidding me..?! Now the whole Ghost Zone's after us!

Chester balling his fists: There's so many of em! We've gotta get outta here, pronto!

Desiree in the distance: I don't think so…

A pink and purple mist surrounds Chester, AJ, Sheen, Carl, Scaramouche, and Flora. Flora prepares herself and gathers the boys beside her looking for the spirit.

Scaramouche: Oh, I know how it is! (Takes out flute and plays tune)

The clouds start shifting away from the heroes exposing the Ghost Portal in front of them and Ember, who seemed to have been waiting on them to finish. Desiree poofs into reality beside her and covers her ears.

Ember: How bout a love song?! (Shreds guitar)

Ember shreds her guitar and shoves everyone far from her face! Spongebob bounces across the platform and almost falls off the edge, thankfully rescued by Dani when she jets over to his aid to catch him by the shoulders!

Dani: I've got ya, Sponge!

Spongebob: We've gotta go back for Danny!

Dani: That's what I'm gonna do.

Momo: Count me in!

Alt. Anais: A-ah-ah! You're not going anywhere, Momo. Not without me or Bob!

Bobert: I will accompany you.

Momo: I don't want you to get hurt, Bobert! I've gotta get out there! You leave and take care of the other you…(Looks around) wherever he is, and Mom! I-I mean, young Mom! I mean… (Pulls out sword) Daogh, you get the idea!

Momo and her mother charge into the fight. Lydia gets in front of Anais, both palms fully charged in a red blaze. The tall rabbit is quick to react, taking her left foot and performing a kick with her shin into the ghost lady's neck! Hotep intervenes and shoots out a set of his bandages like tentacles over to Momo to keep her sword down, but she simply lets go of it leaps onto his face knocking him over! The Vultures try sweeping her off from the ground. Their efforts, however, are thwarted by Flora when she slings her shield like a frisbee into them!

Flora pointing toward Chester and AJ: Look out!

AJ and Chester are cornered by the great behemoth's long tail and about to be crushed by heavy loads of cargo from the Box Ghost! The behemoth is too busy holding the two in place, so Carl and Sheen find a few feathers from the vultures and use them to tickle the monster's belly! He squirms and giggles, letting go of the two men and giving AJ a chance to equip his latest gadget. A button strapped to his palms that shoots out red lasers! He blasts Box Ghost away and Scaramouche uses his flute's tune to gravitate the boxes before they fall. Bullet gets behind him to try and fight back with a punch, only for Chester to get in front of him and block the knuckles with only the braces in his teeth!

Bullet waving his hand around: Ouch..!

Chester: Now I know why I never got these removed! (Throws punch to Bullet's face)

Bullet falls back accidentally shooting his gun into the back of Scaramouche's left heel! It doesn't hurt him but it does cause a slight malfunction he quickly takes note of.

Scaramouche: Uh oh! (Morphs Heels into Wheels) Oh..! (Rolls away) WOOAAAH!

The Executioner Ghost gets close to Squidward ready to slash his head off with his axe!

Executioner: Prepare for judgment.

Squidward covering his forehead: AAAGH!

Suddenly in the mix, Scaramouche knocks Squidward out of the way of the chop as he rolls by! The Executioner gives a surprised look at the two seeing the assassin holding the octopus in his arms by sheer accident! The men look at each other for a moment in shock then back forward seeing a ramp at the very back of the platform!

Scaramouche and Squidward holding each other: AAAAAAGH!

Both Squidward and Scaramouche hop across the ramp into the air successfully! Just below them, however, Danny, still dazed from his fall, recovers and stands straight up surveying the area.

Danny: Ugh… (Taps comm button in ear) Timmy..? Timmy, you there?

Timmy on the other end: I'm here, bro! Where'd ya go? Mini you is looking for you!

Danny: I fell somewhere in the crevice at the back of the platform. It's really deep and I get the feeling someone is coming to kill me here.

Timmy: Try and stay close! We'll help ya out!

Danny: And what about mom and dad?

Timmy: I dunno-

Before Timmy could finish, Danny's comm piece glitches and stutters from interference! He gasps in pain and from the noise! He removes it and tries to repair it, only to find that it broke itself from shock. Behind Danny, Technus descends from above him with his usual cocky smile.

Technus: That tech the whippy dip gave ya sure ain't doin' wonders no more, huh?

Danny: Technus..?! Can't say I wasn't looking forward to seeing you here. What sorta virus IS this thing to get into the Ghost Zone?!

Technus: Take a wild guess!

Aragon in his dragon form swoops down and grabs onto Danny's shoulders carrying him across the trench!

Danny getting carried: Aragon..?!

Shadow Dragon Aragon: Your time has come, Phantom!

Aragon slams and grinds Danny across the side of the Trench from the bottom to the top! He let's go of him and continues to boost upward leaving Danny open for an attack from Dorothea and the Archer riding atop her back. He aims his crossbow and fires 4 arrows at the Ghost boy who simply turns intangible and let's them pass through him.

Danny: You guys are infected too?! (Gets frozen by Klemper) Ngh..! (Falls into trench)

Danny crashes at the bottom of the trench again and shatters the ice around him. As he gets up, Klemper, Dorothea, Technus, Vortex, Spectra, Walker, and Skulker surround him.

Danny raising his hands: Guys, guys! Look there's plenty of me to go around, but we're already on good terms here. Why don't we just talk this out and see exactly who's making you do this?

Skulker: You already know, boy. The virus is our new master!

Dorothea: It's what will bring us salvation!

Danny: Salvation..?

Technus: Yeah! It's what's gonna get us to the Elsewhereness AND out of reality!

Danny thinking back: Yeah… I've heard of this before. One ghost got there? Something like an afterlife?

Walker: True afterlife. The old nomad, Sojourn, was the only one to do it and never returned. Now we know why. Most of us here aren't exactly spirits, but we know there's something out there no one but the few were able to find.

Danny: Look, I dunno what it is you guys are talking about, but this isn't you. You should be yelling at us to get off your lawns or stopping to say "Hey." Not killing us!

Spectra: You naive fool. Do you honestly think we'd care if you were alive or dead?!

Danny: No. Not most of you anyway. But still, that virus is bad juju and you know it! I've gotta break you guys out of it before it corrupts you even further! Just look what it's doing to the Ghost Zone! Your home!

Danny points over to the left of the field showing that the TV Static from the Void is now seeping into the Ghost Zone tearing the very fabric of their reality like shredded paper and broken computer files!

Skulker: It can't be any worse than living here. And now that the program is exposed, we can finally leave this place! (Aims ecto launcher)

Spectra: I hope you're ready for this, mentally and physically… (Fires red ecto beam)

Danny ducks just underneath the laser and goes intangible through the ground and up behind Skulker. He spin kicks him away, but Walker notices him and charges into Danny's side with his ecto shield! The poor man gets rammed into the side of a wall and pinned down to the floor! Aragon returns and he and Dorothea breath purple and hot red fire onto him! When they stop, Danny just barely has his green shield above him which Vortex quickly shatters with a whip of his arm! He points to his foe's face as large blue lightning strikes down from a pink cloud just above him! Electrocuted, Danny struggles to lift himself from the ground and is left awestruck at his foes turning against him once more. After a brief pause, Danny takes a deep breath and shouts his Ghostly Wail! Mostly everyone gets blown into the air. All except for Technus, who's been saved thanks to Vortex's mini tornado he spawned just in time before the attack. Technus whistles for someone distant from them. Suddenly, a huge vine breaks through the ground and wraps itself around Danny's leg! Undergrowth in his titanic form smashes through the surface from above the trench visible to the rest of the Toon Force on the other side, battling their own fair share of ghosts!

Penny: Oh dear…!

Timmy: Guys, Danny needs our help! He's over by the trench where that, green chicken, plant-looking thing is!

Sam grabbing an even bigger launcher from the wreckage of the shuttle: Good! Penny, Gumball, I need you!

Penny: I'm on it! (Morphs into dragon)

Penny leaps off the broken side of the platform low enough that Sam and Gumball can hop on! With one blast from Sam's cannon from the back, Penny boosts forward like a rocket when she unfolds her wings! Next to them comes Dani still holding Spongebob by the shoulders to help.

Wanda next to Timmy: Timmy, we need to make sure everyone escapes successfully while they go to save Danny!

Timmy: You're right. Anyone who's free, com'on and let's get going!

Cornered, Danny gets shoved, kicked, punched, and unable to go intangible against anyone as the virus controlling them glitches him out. He forms an ecto construct shaped like a kliever to slice through the vines holding him down to fly out going towards Undergrowth at full speed! But to his dismay, Vortex uses a heavy force of wind to blow him to the side! Walker swells the scale of his body to massive proportions just as much as Undergrowth's and smacks Danny down to the ground once more! As soon as he is nearly face-first on the dirt, hands down about to raise himself from the thorns and cables circling him, from behind, a long whip with a purple morning star on its end strikes directly into Danny's spine with an extremely loud "CRACK!" In agony his pupils nearly shrink and his mouth gapes open unable to scream or react beyond utter horror! A huge amount of blood gushes from his back like an explosion from the impact as he falls side first onto the concrete floor! As Danny coughs, he twitches painfully setting himself to the side of his right arm for a better view while trying to ease the pain in his wound. Just above him stands Amethyst and Connie; both looking rather devious and red-eyed like the others who were corrupted.

Danny coughing: ...You're...Amethyst…and Connie..! (Coughs) Rose really wasn't kidding when she said you guys turned against her.

Amethyst: Say goodbye, old man.

Connie prepares to lunge her longsword right into the center of Danny's ruined back to his utter horror! Luckily, one blast from a distant cannon from atop the trench saves him just in time! Connie is blown away turning Danny's attention to the top of the cliff where his parents, Maddie and Jack, stand fully armed with their Fenton Gadgets!

Maddie holding the massive Ecto Launcher: Stay away from our boy!

Danny: Huh. It's been a long time since my parents had to come rescue me, as Danny Phantom no less.

Ghosts and Gems: 01000100 01000101 01010011 01010100 01010010 01001111 01011001 00100000 01010100 01001000 01000101 01001101 00100001 00100001 00100001 00100000 01000101 01010010 01000001 01010011 01000101 00100000 01010100 01001000 01000101 01001101 00100001 00100001 00100001

All the ghosts turn their attention away from Danny to his parents who immediately throw a heavy punch to Klemper and Aragon's faces with their Ghost Gauntlets! Amethyst catches Maddie's arms with her whip and slings her off the platform. Luckily, as she falls, she fires her launcher into her and Dorothea from behind! Maddie sticks the landing perfectly still firing to help Jack against Skulker and Walker, who are strafing around him trying to avoid his heavy punches! One of the blows knocks Walker into submission while Skulker fires a barrage of homing missiles in the air expecting them to aim for Jack. Instead, however, some of them travel over to Penny, Sam, Spongebob, GB, and Dani, who are just about to land to get Danny! Stunned, Penny flies away with Dani while Sam fires her cannon across the sky to blow up the projectiles!

Technus getting pummeled by Jack's gauntlets: This is gettin' nowhere! (Phases through ground to Fenton Rocket from distance) May as well take it up a notch!

Back at the portal, Scaramouche and Squidward accidentally roll into Carl and Sheen through the warp gate! Scaramouche, however, peeps through the other side to check on everyone else. Ashi in particular is having a hard time seeing through Desiree's mist.

Ashi trying to sense Desiree: Ugh..! It's hard enough I've fought a literal demon! Now I'm finding literal spirits..?! I wish she'd make this easier!

Desiree: Your wish is my command! (Poofs mist away) ...Wait...WHAT?!

Flora immediately bashes her shield against Desiree's forehead knocking her into a silly daze against the ground with bird ghosts chirping around her face.

Flora: Huh. That WAS easy!

Technus seizes the opportunity to convert the remaining pieces of the broken Fenton Rocket into a tall building-sized fiery ghost robot! It launches a fireball right for Richard, Brad, Patrick, and Cindy who fall in either direction from the wave of the explosion! Before falling completely off the edge into the Void, Cindy catches herself with a missile from Skulker still seeking Dani and Penny! Though the missile is locked, Cindy uses her upper body strength to turn it to a different direction toward the robot's face! At the nick of time, she hops off and lets the projectile destroy the mech in its entirety with just one shot, but the speed of the weapon shoots her far toward the end of the battlefield! Seeing Technus about to reassemble a new machine to combat the Toon Force, AJ grabs his modded phone from his pocket and inputs a code on its debug mode. With the code placed, Technus' gear starts malfunctioning!

Technus: What the..? (Opens jetpack) Huh..?! (Slouches down) Aw nuts! (Rockets away) Not agaAAAAAAAAAAA-

Penny smiles when she takes notice of AJ's achievement from below, though is quickly cut off from both Dorothea and Aragon in their dragon forms chasing after her. Just before they could chomp down on her tail, Technus flies into the two of them and sends each of them into the pit of the Void where the blackness of the TV static aligns. Going into it causes them to convert into wireframe, then botched animation, then fading code!

Dragon Penny: Oh no..! Dani, be careful! The Void's already taken over!

Dani stopping in place: You're right! I don't see any of the doors or green hues of the Ghost Zone anymore! We've gotta get out of here! (Taps comm piece) Guys, hurry up! We don't have much time left!

Jack Fenton socking Vortex in the gut: I wish I could, second daughter. But we're having trouble saving our son! (Kicks Skulker away) I just hope it doesn't get any worse… I've got a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Together, Spongebob and Gumball help Danny walk by placing his shoulders over theirs while Sam and Maddie defend them with their launchers!

Gumball: Come on, Gost Guy! You've got this!

Spongebob: Yeah! You're Danny Phantom!

Danny: Thanks for the encouragement.

Suddenly, Connie hops down to the three men to attempt a quick chop to their stomachs only to have it stopped mid-strike by Momo's hand against the hilt from out of nowhere! Behind her is her adult mother Anais, still keeping close with her daughter to ensure her safety.

Momo: This party's over!

Alt. Anais: Get outta here, boys! We'll follow you!

Gumball and Danny: You're the boss.

Penny comes over to the men with her wing spread to let them on before taking flight back to the other side where Sam and Maddie are. Spectra then descends from above. Connie draws her weapon again and the two begin to fight the samurai family! Connie goes first. At first she jumps and spins in the air to disorient Momo's vision, but the girl doesn't lose focus. She goes on the defensive and dodges and directs her sword with every slash of Connie's blade while traveling backwards across the trench. Spectra morphs her whole body into her black shadowy form to manipulate herself into an elongated mass around Anais. She is grabbed like a rope and about to be cut in the throat by Spectra's long claw-like nails. But instead of ducking, she jerks herself to the side and bites down on her wrist with her buck teeth!

Spectra: AGH!

The rabbit girl doesn't let go even after she's cut in the ear by Spectra's other hand! Eventually her opponent shifts back into her regular improved form waving her left wrist around to ease the pain in the red mark!

Alt. Anais shrugging and grinning cheekily: Sorry. I'm a professional.

Momo clashing: Fight it, Connie! (Lands on knee from blocking) You don't do this! Rose taught me that when she learned about you from this timeline!

Connie in a deeper tone of voice: The Quartz..?! The one who's caused my best friend, my partner so much pain because of HER mistakes?! (Backs away) Never!

Connie retaliates with a short kick to Momo's chin disorienting her and making her drop her sword, which she almost immediately catches with her left toes from the ledge so it doesn't fall into the void. Connie again comes in for a chop, but Momo gets onto her hands and guards the attack with the sword held by her foot raised in the air! She kicks Connie back with her right foot whilst flipping back over grabbing her blade with her left hand! As soon as she recovers, Connie makes another slashing motion and Momo's top half and left sleeve of her gi get cut, almost slicing into her arm in the process! Connie performs yet another attack and successfully cuts Momo's back just below her hair when she turned around to lunge!

Momo cringing: Ngh..! (Squints in focus)

All four opponents battle next to each other! Momo's blade clashes rapidly with Connie's with every hit getting closer and closer to their faces until Connie leaves an opening for Momo to duck and kick up into the left of her face cracking her glasses! Connie retaliates by knocking Momo in the back of the head with the bottom of her sword and prepares to strike her down! Quickly Anais notices but so does Spectra. The mad ghost charges her right palm to shove into Anais' face only for her to be grabbed by the wrist and aimed at Connie! Spectra accidentally blasts her away and gets kneed by Anais' left knee, then headbutted, then kicked by her right foot into a boulder that completely crumbles upon contact!

Momo cheering and raising her sword: Woahoo! Mom!

Connie recovers immediately, taking a rock from next to her and throwing it at Anais' nose with a loud "HONK" from it! She stumbles and covers her face for a moment while Connie comes in for another attack to Momo! The young samurai merely lifts her left leg to kick her in the face knocking her down! Momo raises her sword, not in heavy aggression, but to try to scare her opponent out of her corruption. This backfires when Connie retaliates by blocking her face just inches from it with her blade! Momo side hops by accident to the edge of the cliff almost fumbling off seeing the Void already finished absorbing the Ghost Zone! Connie attempts another chop to Momo's face which she guards! And when Anais tries to intervene, Amethyst grapples her leg with her whip and slings her away! She tries smacking her flail down to her gut again mere moments before Dani shoots her far to the back of the field with a huge ecto beam!

Dani: Go save your daughter!

As Momo is slowly about to fail her guard against the manipulated Connie, above her, Cindy recovers from her fall from the missile she rode and notices.

Cindy: Quick! Someone throw me!

Patrick: I've got it!

Patrick comes out of nowhere and picks up Cindy with one hand by her back and throws her down! Momo's defensive strategy soon gets rivaled by Connie's improved offense, forcing her to let go of her guard. Just when it seemed Connie was about to lunge straight into Momo's gut, Cindy comes from above to dropkick straight into Connie's side! The impact breaks open the ground beneath them, almost causing them to fall had it not been for Momo sticking her sword into the cliffside at the right time! She catches Cindy with her foot and Cindy catches Connie's right hand, causing her to jutt for a moment and drop her sword into the virus pit below, erasing it!

Momo: Hold on, Connie!

Alt. Anais running: MOMMY'S COMING!

Momo: Huh..?

Anais bends down and helps Momo up by the arms, but the weight of she and the other two girls causes the surface to crack!

Momo: Wait, Mom! The ground!

Connie with her eyes getting back to normal: …

Cindy: Keep your grip, Connie. We'll get you outta here!

Connie getting teary eyed: You guys… I'm so sorry…!

Cindy losing her grip: No, wait!

Upset at her failure and betrayal, Connie loosens her grip with Cindy and plummets to the deep recesses of the Void where she, like the rest, fades into nothing instantly. Anais still has trouble lifting her daughter without cracking the ground and Momo panics, but suddenly, she feels a distinct push that loosens the weight on both she and Cindy. Together, they're lifted, equally disheartened to see an ally go wearing a somber look on her face. For at least a minute, they stare deeply at the static of the space in thought. Both upset and confused at the sight of the victims turning into raw data as well as the push Momo got from seemingly nothing; though it strangely felt like a person did it. All this tension is quickly disrupted when the surface itself starts to tremble!

Momo: We've gotta run! This is where Dani comes in! (Whistles)

Dani hears Momo's whistling while battling Amethyst at equal level and ends her duel to assist.

Dani: Hold onto each other's hands and I'll take you up.

Back up top, Sam and Maddie pull out two Fenton Thermoses they use to suck up the ghosts around Jack, who's had his clothes torn from fighting Vortex and Skulker long enough. Each enemy is imprisoned as the group traverse back to the Ghost Portal to their next objective: Dimsdale. Any remaining Toon Force members other than Dani, Sam, Cindy, Maddie, and Jack Fenton escape through the warp gate just in time.

Dani: That sure was a close one!

Sam: Yeah! Talk about betrayal. I didn't think we'd get that many ghosts to come after us… (Yawns) ...Anyone...Anyone else getting sleepy..?

Maddie getting tired and slower: Yes… As a matter of fact, I am… (Yawns)

The next time someone yawns, the titanic Nocturn emerges from their breaths out of a purple and black mist, surprising them but still keeping them down.

Nocturn: I've known all along this would happen. But some of you lack any importance in the grand finale. (Raises hand)

Suddenly, the Ghost Thermoses start rattling and explode out of Maddie and Sam's pockets freeing all the ghosts trapped inside and fusing with Nocturn to form a powerful, but glitchy monster unidentifiable to anyone other than a big purple and black mass of faces! Behind it is the halo in the Void shining brightly and pulsing with raw data flow! Each wave pushes the heroes close and closer to the warp gate. Though Jack and Maddie stand guard with their cannons ready for more. Both of them glare at each other for a moment in thought before staring straight at their destiny.

Jack Fenton: Maddie… Are ya thinking what I'm thinking..?

Maddie: I am. I love you hun...

Sam: What are you guys waiting for?! We've gotta get outta here now!

Jack Fenton: Not by a long shot! These ghosts can open portals from wherever we are to Dimmwit's Ville any day! If we don't keep em busy, they'll definitely come for ya!

Maddie: Tell Danny we love him and that we'll find a way out of here once your job is done! (Aims cannon at group) Now leave!

The heroes don't hesitate to escape, forced to by Maddie who aims her cannon at them for their safety. Once they exit, she and her husband face the merged ghost about to strike down at them with its massive botched insectoid appendage! By the time all the heroes escape through to Dimsdale, the portal behind them immediately closes!

Sam in shock: ..!

Timmy: Hey, where's Danny's Mom and Pop? I thought they were with you.

Sam quietly speaking: ...They're not coming.

Timmy raising his eyebrows in a sorrowful manner: ...

Dani: I can't believe they'd do 's no way they could survive that!

Cindy: Well, hey, they gave us a fighting chance. None of the ghosts that were against us is coming to stop us from going anywhere.

Danny sat on the red surface: That's, somewhat comforting… Jazz?

Next to Danny in the red mist is Jazz, injured like he but still able to walk and hold her injured stomach.

Sam: Jazz..?!

Jazz coughing: (Coughs) I told you I'd be fine!

Alt. Bobert: (Garbled Noises)

Bobert: I understand what he said. He says he could not let her die here.

Sam: But...You're too hurt…

Injured Jazz: I know. I… (Gets on knees)

Sam quickly comes to comfort Jazz with Danny, who's still unable to move his back too much from injury. Bobert scans her, and he detects the damages internally done to her are fatal. Jazz holds her gut and looks up to her young brother graciously to tell both of them "But I'm not exactly dead. No one ever is..." Her body, from her legs to her face fades into binary data to the sky where the halo rests in the distance above the clouds in space from the stars. Sam immediately breaks down into silent tears against her husband's bloodied chest while he too sheds many tears. Only in his case, he's taking into account what his sibling told him and looks up at the stars, saddened, confused, and with a faint glimmer of hope. The rest of the Toon Force don't say a word. Some shut their eyes deeply in their mind. Others continue to look at the spot Jazz was in before she disappeared, both baffled and confused by it. The same feelings go toward Jack and Maddie Fenton whose status is unknown.

Spongebob: Hey… We shouldn't let this get to us…

Danny glaring seriously at Spongebob: …

Spongebob: Er, I-I mean, um… We shouldn't let it keep us from going forward. They've given us a fighting chance. And now we've gotta finish it for em!

Danny faintly smiles back at Spongebob with tears still pouring from his eyes.

Timmy nodding: You know what… You've got it. You've got it since day one. And we're back in Dimsdale. (Smiles) Which means, the source should be around here close by!

Carl: And where might that be?

Timmy: I have no idea!

Around the Toon Force, the entirety of Dimsdale is reduced to a burning red crater at the very heart surrounded by an apocalyptic grave of fallen structures and buildings greyed and blackened by ash. Purple-grey spikes protrude from the ground across the map and the haze in the skies are filled with red. The mountains remain, suggesting to everyone that their destination lies just beyond their reach. But somewhere further off from the state is a place that tells a much different tale. One where the forgotten stay forevermore…

End of Chapter 10

Chapter Text

Down at the Research District in the Forgotten Society, Jimmy Neutron and his robot dog Goddard are led by Jessica the Cat to a relatively spread-out location. There are three buildings. One of which goes to the back where the waterfall is, another serving as the main garage where a giant two story robot with flames and a car for a head sit, and another school-looking complex stretching across the area to the west.

Jimmy: So this is where I find what I need?

Jessica: Yup. That's it. You'll find a nerdy girl named Phoebe and that texan squirrel in there.

Jimmy: I know who they are. Phoebe used to be our communications expert back home!

Jessica: Well I hope she recognizes your spikey whippy dip. I'm outta here. (Starts walking away) Got another show to catch.

Jimmy: Thanks for your help! (Looks at Goddard) Ok boy. Let's see what she's been up to and how much we can learn from her.

When Jimmy opens the front door at the small steps of the building, he is greeted by Jack coming from the hallway to the right.

Jimmy: Jack? What're you doing here?

Jack: Nothing. I just met Phoebe. Phoebe is good.

Jimmy squinting one eye while Goddard tilts his head: A-are you ok? You don't sound like yourself.

Jack: Oh! Just fine. Nothing is wrong here.

Jimmy: Are you sure? I mean, I imagine it must be pretty difficult seeing any remnant of your world from this timeli-

Jack spazzing out: Did you say timeline? Is Aku near?! (Grabs onto Jimmy's shoulders) Tell me!

Jimmy: D-Don't worry Jack! Aku's not here anymore. We already got rid of him when we traveled back in time, remember?

Jack letting go: Oh. Sorry.

Jimmy: Anyway, do you know which way Phoebe is?

Jack: Yes. She is down the hall to the right where I came. Second floor. Room 209.

Jimmy: Thank you! We'll just be on our way! (Starts walking off) Don't forget the remedy!

Jack: Y-yes… (Exits building) Yes, the remedy…

Jimmy continues forward through the building per Jack's directions and comes face to face with an average looking wooden door with a sign that has both Phoebe and Sandy's names on it. He gently opens it peering into a small lab resembling that of a college classroom where Phoebe and Sandy are just starting to pack some of their more valuable equipment, including a gold-looking screwdriver, Numbuh 1's old glasses, and a doughnut. Sandy also has a spotted purple dog named Courage on a red collar who's reluctantly holding an acorn with a red dot at the center. Before Phoebe puts her light blue jacket on, Jimmy calls out for her.

Jimmy: Phoebe...?

Phoebe looking to the door: Huh…? Jimmy Neutron?! (Gets up from desk) Oh my goodness, you came! (Hugs Jimmy and Goddard) I've missed you and Goddard for so long! Sandy, you might wanna finish up the testing phase for now.

Sandy: Oh alright… Ok Courage. You can go on back home now.

Courage immediately spits out the acorn and runs out the door, only after stopping to look at Goddard out of curiosity.

Jimmy: How have you been?

Phoebe: Pretty ok! Not a lot has been going on lately with me apart from my stay with Sandy in her Treedome, and my science expertise finally being of greater use. But it's a living out here. I'm just glad you've come. Doug just called and told me about your conversation. He said he forgot to tell you about the planet itself. Luckily you've come to the right place!

Jimmy: Yeah. It's just the scenery and development here is incredible! I've never seen a whole society built in under a few years with this much success! But what planet are we on, and why is it so dangerous to go beyond the walls when it looks so beautiful?

Phoebe: As you could see when you were in the palace, beyond the meadows are the broken and corrupted remains of the world Dimsdale once stood on.

Jimmy: Wait, what..?!

Phoebe: Yep! I couldn't believe it myself! The Mawgu's attack 5 years ago should've destroyed the whole planet to the core so nothing could ever be restored! But, when Doug arrived here, he said that this exact spot was the most intact out of everywhere else and commissioned the construction of the city here. We've been trying to monitor any strange activities that maybe out there ever since.

Jimmy: You don't think the Mawgu is still around, do you?

Phoebe: Not really. But his corruption still has a grip on the plains. Not all of the world is bad. In fact, if you go along the path of the river, it's very scenic. Nothing actually wrong with it. It's just, we're worried if the Mawgu or his ooze ever were to make their way here, there would be no protection to keep us safe. Same with the virus you mentioned.

Jimmy: It's only fairly recently that I even began to consider anything to do with a virus entity…

Phoebe: You're gonna wanna keep that in mind then. Most of the people here are simply waiting for it seeing no other option. I know there's someway we can stop it, but I don't know what! I just don't feel comfortable when there's something out there like this. Especially after what happened to poor Arnold and Gerald...

Jimmy: If you don't mind me asking, what happened to them to bring you here?

Phoebe: About a few months ago, the corruption came and infected our planet. I had no way of contacting you and I thought it was the end for me until Sandy came along and rescued me. I've been living with her in the treedome ever since…

Sandy: Uhuh! Just us and Jessica. But she ain't a science major like us. She prefers textin' and guitar. That and flirtin' with Agent 22 on a normal basis. Don't tell her I know that.

Jimmy: Oookay…

Phoebe: Anyway, I know you didn't just come here to ask about me personally. In fact, I've been meaning to tell you something rather important since I've been here. About the meaning of the Toon Wars.

Jimmy: Sadly, yes. That's correct. It's just, you being our intel provider for a while back home made me think you had info about the planet too. But the war…?

Phoebe: Everyone out here knows about the real meaning behind the war by now, because some of us have seen it first hand. There's some people out here who've nearly been manipulated by the Syndicate at some point and sought refuge.

Sandy: She's yer girl if ya wanna know a thing or two about all this nonsense. So, ask away there, boy genius!

Jimmy: Alright. Phoebe, explain to me what you learned happened to start the war to the best of your knowledge.

Phoebe: Gladly! I'll try to sum it up. 5 years ago, Elmore, the home world of Gumball, was the seed of the Syndicate's new plan. They've somehow managed to break the cycle as an anomaly in the timeline. And for around 10 years I believe, they've been working together to discover a new universe, Cartoon Network, and found the fold within Elmore called, "the Void."

Sometime after Vlad had freed Mr. Crocker and Professor Calamitous from their prison (forgetting about Plankton due to his size), the Syndicate had moved their operations to a series of hidden lairs in other, more scattered locations through space and their own worlds. They realize now they need each other more than ever after multiple defeats by the hands of their adversaries, and together share a common goal: total control and the destruction of their enemies. During their research period, they've been tirelessly drafting new evil plans to destroy their enemies like they once attempted to do after their recently failures since their first teamup. But each idea they had in mind on a chalkboard they write on in almost every location gets erased. Some being more bizarre than others, like the one where Crocker would indirectly get Timmy to wish for a perfect opposite to make his life more frustrating before Vlad swoops in to steal the Fairies when the significant other hogs them from the limelight. Vlad's plan to turn himself in while overshadowing multiple people to frame Danny, only to realize he and his friends would likely catch onto it in under an episode. Or Calamitous' plan to go back in time to stop Jimmy's conception, but would ultimately lead to them becoming non-existent, demotivated and lacking improvement, or causing something even worse than they (such as Pariah Dark) as a result should certain events be erased because of it. But one day, while researching data of other worlds in the universe, Calamitous with his genius successfully discovers the existence of a completely different universe using what he knew from experience over the years and Vlad's map of the Ghost Zone. Together, the Syndicate entered the Ghost Portal to the coordinates rumored to be void to all ghosts. But neither of them had anything left to lose. They continued forward. Calamitous and Crocker are right behind Vlad since he knows the place best. But even he hasn't been to this corner of the space. All three of them plummet gently into the void, past the green, pink, red, yellow, and other colors of the spectrum through waves upon waves of abstract shapes until they reach a point where the colors around them devolves into grey and black lines jittering across their field of view. All the shapes by now have been replaced with actual objects resembling assets from different worlds, like a broken street, someone's old house, a dead meme (pick anything), and a blank cyclops watching them float by seemingly on an endless loop. They drift further and further through more and more bizarre things. But they soon discover a certain blackness nearby. One that sucks them in and transports them into a place unknown to existence. A place pitch black with only one light; a halo shining down from an invisible barrier.

"They weren't part of Cartoon Network, so it was easy to traverse through the Void without risk. This is why they managed to come out relatively unscathed. But as they kept going, they soon found the very center of our reality called the Fourth Wall. It's the bridge between us and a different reality. Or in this case, the real world. The people who made us cartoons live beyond that point. And only two shows, Chowder and the Angry Beavers, had transcended successfully after several Fourth Wall breaks that caused them to seep into the real world to the point of no return. The Syndicate knew of the next reality by that point thanks to data from the barrier, meaning streaming, internet, and other means. But they also had the chance to transcend thanks to the controls of the barrier used to program everything the way they are. However, they also realized if they did, the real world wouldn't be any different or exciting like ours. And there's always a chance they would lose their purpose; their identity, ultimately starting a new life. So, why risk that or messing with powers you have no understanding or control of when you can instead make the reality you're in into something of your own?"

The Syndicate view on the halo several screens of telling information. First being footage of their own episodes. Then footage of several others along with another few networks with their own cartoons. Then the internet. Reviews upon reviews of every series to come out. Some more detailed than others. Made either better or worse when ratings come into play until eventually their inevitable ending, or cancellation.

Phoebe: The Syndicate knew just how existential all of this was, and they used it to manipulate everyone and turn them against one another. That's how the Toon Wars started.

Jimmy: But what exactly would lead to anyone going rogue other than the fact that they're cartoons? Shouldn't they be thankful that they know by now?

Phoebe: Popularity can do things like no other. Spongebob has lasted for more than 12 seasons while those like us only lasted for 4 or less. Timmy was no different but it was clear it was a sinking ship. From what I know, the Syndicate convinced everyone that its because of how long we last that it determines what worlds are safe from harm, who continues to thrive, or are left to rot. Their fear of being forgotten, reset and frozen is what drove them to do what they did. While the rest of us remain here as a result hoping to break the Fourth Wall to truly embrace the sense of freedom and purpose without having to cater to people beyond us for the sake of their entertainment.

Jimmy stroking his chin: Interesting… But, what do you mean by 'frozen' and 'reset'?

Phoebe: Simply put, when a show is over, they are instantly reset back to their starting point so long as they have a proper ending. If not, they are forever stuck in a state of purgatory, never going past their last frame of animation. A lot of cartoons like Magiswords and the Wedgies Shorts had suffered from that when they were shelved until the Syndicate intervened… Which, come to think of it, kiiinda makes them both good and bad guys.

Jimmy: So… If it wasn't for them breaking the rules, we would've been stuck on an endless loop, or frozen in time?

Phoebe: More or less. They were an anomaly in this timeline that wasn't ever supposed to occur. They got everyone we've fought on their side and turned them against us because they believed those like Spongebob had taken away their chance to shine. While others like Danny had an ending and crossed over many times before, the rest of us haven't, which leads to jealousy.

Jimmy: But, wait, some of those adventures we had happened after our shows had technically ended. Doesn't that mean some of us have the chance to come back in a way?

Phoebe: We do. But it depends on the creator's choice. Aaaand how much money you make. Some can have TV specials. Others can star in games. Even books. But it's all dependent on the people who see us and the ones who made us and aired us in the first place.

Jimmy: What about people like those from Lyvsheria? Elmore. Or Jack's?

Phoebe: Jack had an ending. Gumball was still going and would've ended too if not for the Toon Wars. But for Magiswords, if I'm correct, was kinda out there. Really, Doug would've gone to invite everyone from Lyvsheria to the society had it not been for that whole Fusion Incident. That was an anomaly on their part. It never happened in the timeline Timmy came from, so had it not been for that event, they would've most likely been frozen due to cancellation. Or taken under the Syndicate's wing. That is, in theory of course. I can't be certain when things go differently in other people's timelines.

Jimmy: And what about me? Was I ever canceled? I don't feel like I was.

Phoebe: Yes and no. You weren't frozen. But your series did come to an abrupt end. There were supposed to be more adventures for you in a fourth season, but it never came to be. Not because your show sucked. It was awesome and had an audience even to this day. The company that made you lost money over another project they were doing and so couldn't finish it.

Jimmy: Oh.

Phoebe: "O" is right. Plus, there was that whole Planet Sheen thing which I don't wanna get into as much as anyone else who've seen it...

Jimmy: Well, that sure opened my eyes to a lot of things…

Sandy: It did to all of us, bud. But it ain't nothin' to get upset over now. If anythin', that ol' Syndicate gave us some sorta freedom for once. We don't have to cater to an audience no more now that we've broke our scripts! Now we just gotta keep it by figurin' out what to do about that whole virus thing. Course everyone else think it's a good thing that it'll come here since ya brought it up. But I ain't riskin' it.

Jimmy: What do you mean? I believe what the Syndicate did. It's obvious from the results. But I don't believe in the whole "cartoon" thing. Nor this about the Fourth Wall break. It's just too bizarre.

Phoebe: Well, since the Fourth Wall is the thing that controls everything like a computer, and this virus seems to have control over it, to everyone else, it likely means that if anyone dies, they'll be sent through to the next reality. Like an afterlife.


Phoebe: Personally, I'm not a big fan of this theory. Especially Peridot. By now, no one in the society have truly witnessed what the virus is capable of. Not even the Syndicate knew all the things the Void and the Fourth Wall could do if they took control over them. Which is partially why they didn't wanna try anything beyond a basic understanding of what they are and what it means to be a cartoon. But if you wanna look into it a bit more, Jimmy, you can visit the library at the recreational district or ask Doug. He could tell you more about all this. After all, he is the boss! And he was one of the first to be shown all of this by the Syndicate!

Jimmy: You're right. I'll pay him a visit when I get a chance. And I'll visit the library for more information.

Phoebe: Great! Glad to hear it! Anyway, is there anything else you wanted to ask me?

Jimmy: Well… If all of this is true, will I never see my friends again?

Phoebe: I can't be certain. Maybe if you transcend you'll still see them in some way. But not like you used to.

Jimmy: Ok. I think I get it now. Thanks for the intel, Phoebe!

Phoebe: Any time!

Sandy: We'd better get back to Peri and check on that virus readin' from earlier!

Phoebe exiting with Sandy: Yes ma'am. See you soon, Jimmy! You can stay and look at some of the equipment if you want!

Jimmy: O-oh! Bye, guys!

As the two leave the lab, Jimmy looks down at Goddard's eyes, both baffled and disappointed.

Goddard: Arf..?

Jimmy: Yeah Goddard. I don't really believe it anymore than you do. I get this is Phoebe we're talking to, but this just sounds too bizarre for me to believe! Cartoons fighting one another over popularity? Stasis because we were cancelled too soon? Purgatory cause our show ended? Now salvation?! What a bunch of sodium chloride!

Goddard: BARK!

Jimmy: Huh?

Goddard pulls up his monitor and displays a message reminding Jimmy that Phoebe isn't the only one who knows any of this and doesn't believe it the same way everyone else does. She just knows it based on fact, proven from the Syndicate and documented over and over again at the library. Goddard, to an extent, does believe in it, but not the salvation.

Jimmy: Of course! Besides, Doug was the one who showed me a lot of the city before bringing me here. If there's anyone who can get us to the bottom of this, it's him. I don't believe in this whole "cartoon" nonsense. But if everyone else believes it, I wanna prove it for myself. Goddard, flycycle mode! We're going to the library!


Before the Toon Wars, Bimm went to school. A rough and tumble school for Adventures!

Mighty Magiswords


Bimm walking in: I'm back from the nurse, Professor. (Gets fishing jacket and hat sucked into vacuum Magisword)

Cyrus: Ah! Well done, youngin'! Sorry for bein' so abrupt earlier. Kablammica's kiddin's really want them Magiswords, don't they? Heheh!

Bimm thinking and starting to get tense: ...Sir, forgive me if I'm stepping over my boundaries again, but, what is so special about collecting Magiswords? What do we have to gain?

Cyrus turning back to Bimm: OH! Well now… That's, one mighty big question comin' from someone like you.

Frank flapping his wings: BOK BOK!

Cyrus: I ain't really got an answer. And frankly, it ain't even in the dang curriculum. But, what I can tell you is that there is...was a Magisword out there that absolutely, positively, 100% wasn't just a toy like the rest! It was legendary. The most legendary of them all! (Gets on one knee towards Bimm) Young lady, have you ever heard of the Final Magisword?

Bimm raising her eyebrows: Meow...?

Cyrus: Take a look at this thing!

The middle-aged professor proudly stands back up and turns on his projector, almost like he does every day of class. But this time, he's noticeably a lot more excited and happy to oblige to his single student in the room. On the screen is a faint image of a longsword with a single edge that's held by a balled hilt. Since the colors aren't visible, we only see the image's silhouette, which quickly catches Bimm's curiosity.

Cyrus holding his projector switch: This here is what we believe the sword looks like. It's the first Magisword ever built, and what we believe is gonna be the last to ever be collected. It was forged along with the world at the beginnin' of time or whatever ancient stuff. But after some intense battle or somethin', it was split into a couple of smaller Magiswords, which over the centuries kept shrinkin' n' shrinkin' until there was nothin' left of the original! The only other swords that weren't completely dismantled were the Combiner and Knowledge Magisword. Hence why we refer to the second one as the-


Cyrus: I still dunno who keeps sayin' that.

Frank jumping off Cyrus' head onto the desk: BOK!

Bimm: What do those two do?

Cyrus rubbing Bimm's hair: You'll find out when you're older, kiddo. I promise. (Turns off projector) Now the only reason we call this Magisword the "Final Magisword" is cause it takes all the other swords in the world to forge it again as it requires a bunch of resources to build. But can you imagine how long it could take to even gather about a couple hundred thousand? You and the rest of them kids would be over 1000 years older than me and ya'll still wouldn't be finished lookin' for em! So naturally, what ya wanna do is gather substitutes for the thing. But the sword's power is completely incomprehensible. Even if we did make a new one, it wouldn't be nowhere close to the real deal. Unless, perhaps somethin' out of this world were to pop up to give you a hand. Maybe then, you'll get it. (Shrugs) I dunno. Anything can happen.

Bimm holding her arm: That's a lot of information for one Magisword. Is this on a test...?

Cyrus: Nah. It ain't for a class like this. Reason we at the academy keep our mouths shut 'bout it and the other Magiswords is cause people tend to wanna collect em like some game about monsters in someone's pocket. And for some, they'd go crazy just to have one. At least, that's part of the story...

Bimm mumbling: So that's why Vambre and Prohyas are always in trouble…

Cyrus walking back to his desk: Well now, you'd better start runnin' back home, little youngin'. Don't wanna keep ya hangin' with these stories and what have you.

Bimm: But sir, why would you tell me if you're not supposed to?

Cyrus: Oh, I wouldn't get in trouble if I did. I just wanted to keep everyone focused on their own abilities. I reckon you won't tell anyone but your brother, and you two aren't obsessive like the rest of em. It's like if I said, "Tell anyone, you're suspended," you'd be quick to abide by that rule.

Bimm shivering: Eep...!

Cyrus grinning: Don't be so scared all the dang time, Bimm. I'm just messin' with ya. All ya need to do is break outta that shell o' your's, and you'll be golden! Now get outta here. I got a bunch of papers I need to get done before Principle Jerrysmeckledorf busts through that door and throws ME in Bunky.

Bimm walking to the door: Yes sir.

Cyrus: Oh, and one more thing.

Bimm: Yes?

Witchy Simone's face appearing on Cyrus: Wake up!

Bimm waking up: GAH! (Looks around and sees nothing but the trees and grass) Huh…?

Starfire: Good morning my feline friend! Would you like some eggs?

Bimm turning to Starfire: Wha…? O-oh. Yes please.

Rose flipping an egg on her shield with ehr sword: It's a good thing birds exist out here at the very least. I was worried cause there don't seem to be any animal life out here apart from them.

Bimm: That's probably for the better. Animals don't really like me all that much. Especially bigger ones like rams. Where's Sadie…?

Starfire: She is resting from her wound. Earlier she suffered a major head injury. So she's taking a while longer to sleep.

Rose: She's in my hair.

Bimm: ...Ok?

Rose: Here you go. Eat up, Bimm!

Rose passes Bimm her sword with an egg on it hot enough to eat from the heat from the sun.

Rose: We've got a big day ahead of us! References. I've got em!

Starfire starts eating her breakfast while Bimm looks up to Rose trying to crack a smile. Rose grins back at her and begins to stroke the back of her hair to comfort the sleeping Sadie holding her arm out in deep slumber.

End of Chapter 11

Chapter Text

The desolate Toon Force are on their journey through the smoldering ruins of Dimsdale, past the fallen skyscrapers of the city to the long and wide neighborhoods seemingly moved from earthquakes and fire closest to downtown. Everything is covered in thick layers of ash from crimson red to black, only getting lighter as the group continue from the crater. Cars are scattered with no signs of life, glass is shattered in the buildings, and small fires continue to burn inside tight structures. It was armageddon when the Mawgu struck this once bustling metropolis down, including Fairy World thanks to the Syndicate who stole all of its magic to fuel their own evil plans. As Timmy, Chester, AJ, and Wanda look on at their old home, they try to ignore it as best they can but can't bare to even stand in it knowing what it's been reduced to.

Spongebob: Gosh Timmy… I didn't think your world was ruined this bad. I'm sorry to see it this way…

Timmy: Eh. It's ok, bud. So much had been going on, we kinda had to forget about it after a while. Although, sometimes I do like to think about those good times we had on those adventures I ended up causing because of a wish I made. Er, how many were there?

Wanda: 62 million.

Timmy: Yeah that sounds about right. ...Wait, what…?!

AJ with his phone: I'm starting to pick up actual energy readings from here! Good thing I've still got my trusty sensor array in handy!

Sam: No life signals?

AJ: Nope. But I'm definitely getting the same readings as the one from the Ghost Zone before we left.

Cindy: You mean the Void and the virus?

AJ: Yes.

Penny feeling her stomach: Urrgh…

Momo: You ok? You sound ill.

Penny: I don't know. I haven't felt this way since that time I was corrupted by Volcano Island's Ooze Vault.

Sam: It's a chance some remnant of the Mawgu is around here somewhere.

Spongebob: Remnants? What's that mean?

Alt. Anais: It means there's still something left of something… (glares at Spongebob) or, someone. (Gives devil's smile)

Spongebob and Patrick look up at Anais and let out a tiny noise from behind them in fear.

Wanda: Oh look, Timmy! Your old home!

In front of Wanda next to the team on the warped streets is a wide tiled floor in the middle of a yard with grey grass next to an otherwise decrepit house on its right that has large purple-grey spikes poking out of it; likely a side effect of the Mawgu's attack.

Timmy: You sure that's the one?

Wanda: Well it IS next to the Dinkleberg's home.

Timmy gritting his teeth: Dinkleberg…!

Gumball: Why the rage?

Timmy: Nothing. I'm just taking notes from my Dad like when I ran over Remy's foot with my motorbike!

Chester: He kinda did deserve it for callin' me trash.

Timmy: Yeah, but, he had Wandisimo for a reason too, so I can't be all that mad at him. Anyway, where else do we go?

AJ: Down the street through the fallen skyscrapers which are somehow closer to the neighborhood than they should be.

Anais: This is what, realistically, would happen in armageddon.

Alt. Anais nodding: Aye.

The Toon Force continue on their way making sure to look out for any loose objects that could potentially fall on them. Gumball and Richard try their best to avoid fallen glass on the ground and in puddles of oily water. Several large potholes and sewage from the pits of the sewer system are spread across the surface. And more of the spikes protrude from the ground and through the complexes. Suddenly, when Timmy looks up at a broken billboard hanging above him in a makeshift tunnel of towers, he flashes back to the time he saw Crash Nebula coming to TV as a reboot, announced on that very sign. He used to be his, AJ, and Chester's favorite childhood superhero along with comic characters like the Crimson Chin. In a way, the three of them, and especially Danny, embody what he was. Tragically, the show never came to be as the attack on Fairy World began. Next is the bridge across the river of the local park where, hilariously, Timmy and Cindy were dating instead of Jimmy. The two of them look at each other fondly remembering this blushing but cut themselves off with a sweatdrop over the implications.

Carl: Hey, Cindy, why are you blushing at Timmy?

Cindy quickly turning to Carl: Huh?! O-oh! No reason! Eheheheh…

Sheen: Hey, that's right! You and Small-headed Timmy were dating, weren't ya! Isn't that right, Timmy?

Timmy: Uh… Uuuh, look! It's our school!

Timmy's school is still standing barely intact from the damages with half the building gone and a huge gaping hole in the roof and side of the top floor.

Danny: Huh. Just called "school?"

Timmy: Yeah, our town wasn't that creative to begin with.

Chester: Totally! Just look over at the Dimmsdale Dimmadome!

Nearest to the team's destination is the wreckage of the Dimmadome. Most of the building is still intact, but the letters are broken off and half the colosseum is knocked over.

Spongebob: It's called a Dimmadome?

AJ: Uh-huh. Used to be property of Doug Dimmadome!

Spongebob: His last name was Dimmadome too?

Timmy: Yeah! Doug Dimmadome. Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome!

Sheen: Dang, Small-headed Timmy. You're makin' me think of the time I said medulla oblongata over and over again. Still dunno what that means, but it rolls off the tongue.

Ashi: Don't we need to go through there anyway? There's no room for us to walk around it.

AJ checking his phone: Yes. These virus readings point us through to the west past all these ruins and the mountains behind the Dimmadome.

Cindy: Goodness gracious, guys! If someone says 'Dimmadome' one more time…!

AJ: Hey, it's what it is, ok! We can't help it!

Danny stepping over to Cindy and AJ: Cool down, team. We're already here, so let's just get this show on the road. (Puts finger on chin) Although, it did roll off the tongue…

Cindy: I heard that!

Inside through the toppled corridors of the building, there's vines stretching through and from the walls, moss growing in the corners, and a murky brown, grey, and white to the rubble. There's an eerie ambience to the interior to up the top floors through the stairs of the complex. The center outside the stands is filled with rubble from the fallen side against the mountain, pits a few feet below to the ground, and random trash littered across the map.

Sam stepping into the small radio station up top: Eugh…! This place could use some TLC. Let alone the whole planet!

Ashi: I'm just surprised there's still something left standing despite all the damages. Back where I come from, anything Aku destroyed would have no remnants to tell if there was ever a civilization there.

Momo: Or in other words, he turned basically everything into a desert.

Ashi: Basically.

Suddenly, a grey smoke from Danny's breath flows out his mouth to his and Spongebob's surprise.

Spongebob: Hey! Your grey breath is coming back again!

Danny: You're right. My ghost senses are back! Someone probably made it out of the Ghost Zone! Or maybe there's a portal somewhere that opened up! Could even be for Mom and Dad!

Sam: Aren't all the ghosts supposed to be after us now?

Danny : Yeah, but Wulf wasn't there. And someone like Clockwork and Frostbite most definitely would've escaped by now. We've just gotta keep our fingers crossed!

Timmy: Well hey, if it's Mr. n' Mrs. Fenton, maybe we can call em somehow.

Wanda: AJ, you could perhaps contact them with a stronger signal from all the mists above us!

AJ: I could definitely do that! Just need to borrow a few extra parts.

Brad pointing to the front of the booth: How bout that radio?

AJ stepping to the old radio player: Perfect! Nothin' good ol' Tucker teachings can't handle!

Chester: Wait, you mean to tell me as smart as you are you still needed teaching from another techno geek?!

AJ pulling apart and hooking up wires from the radio: I work well mostly in chemistry. (Looks at phone) I never said I… What the…?

Chester: What…?

AJ: I'm getting another virus reading around here. Probably something leftover from the Mawgu. But it's too erratic for me to tell.

Spongebob: Well, at least we're getting something outta this. Nice job, AJ!

Patrick: Yeah! Maybe later you can compete with Sandy in the brains competition back home! Last year I was the winner cause I fell in coral again.

AJ: Okaaaay...

Patrick: Ooh! What's this do? (Presses random button)

A loud honk goes off by the end of the stadium where the walls are busted down by the mountain path where the team need to go. Conveniently, there's even a makeshift platform they can walk through in the arena to get to it.

Sheen: Whaddya know. There's our next stop!

Carl: Let's move, Toon Force!

Our heroes finally go somewhere, carefully running across the small kasms supported by ruined concrete. Anais almost falls off when one of the wood planks of the bridge breaks off, but Scaramouche catches her with his outstretched arm and lets her ride across his shoulders. From there, they journey up the high slopes of the mountain easy to walk on, barring the loose gravel those like Richard and Gumball have a slightly easier time with thanks to them clenching down with their toes. The next time Penny starts feeling fatigue from walking, she simply hovers around Gumball talking to his Dad again.

Gumball: Well this is pretty convenient.

Richard: Yeah, the whole place is just sitting where we need to be. Just like how your Mom always tosses the car across town when I wanna to drive!

Gumball: You sure she wasn't just mad at you?

Richard shrugging: Probably. That's how the world worked.

Timmy getting up to the peak: Well guys, I guess this is where we head off. (Turns to the view) ...I sure am gonna miss this place.

Chester: Me too. We sure had a lotta great memories. You too, Cindy. You're the one who got Timmy interested in Jimmy.

Cindy blushing: O-oh. Yeah. I was...

Timmy: It's also the first time he really got a taste of Fairy World! Aaand got Calamitous interested too…

Spongebob: Wait, didn't he steal Jimmy's plans for his machine?

Timmy: He did. But that whole idea of exploring a whole universe came from when he went and warped to ours! He was just waitin' on Jim to do his thing so he could do it too. ...I just didn't imagine he'd be anyway capable of doing something like this…

Together, Timmy Turner, AJ, Chester, and Wanda take one last look above the fallen city of Dimsdale atop the very mountain distant from it. From the Dimmadome to the school to the old neighborhoods, the town automatically reforms itself back to its former design. Back when all Timmy had to worry about were his wishes going horribly wrong. Back when Wanda still had Cosmo and Poof. Back when anything could happen. From then on, the boys do one last salute to their old home before it fades into reality the way it is now. In Wanda and Tutie's words, together, they'll always have Dimsdale...

Now that the Toon Force are atop the oddly intact mountain, with its greyish-brown trees from ash from the ruins, they walk along the clear path of the whitish grass into the fog building up in front of them. For most of them, they're either confused or upset over past events. For those such as Danny, they're on the lookout for any ghosts, any survivors, or someone who maybe after them in some regard. As always, to better ease the tension, Spongebob's expression lights up.

Spongebob: Oh! I know what'll cheer you guys up. Some tunes!

Scaramouche: We ain't got a radio. But'cha got the right bot for the job! Anyone up for a quick tune with my flute? I got my arms back from all that trash back home n' I'm ready to go!

Alt. Anais: Play us some jazz.

Scaramouche: You got it!

Scaramouche whips out his flute and starts playing a very jazzy tune to a beat Patrick provides with his head against a rock next to him. Sheen starts performing harmless rapid chops to Carl's back to give off extra drum-like sounds. Momo and Ashi start clapping along while Danny and Timmy rock their heads along with the tempo. Flora taps her heavy foot and Anais holds her younger self against her lap with the beat, which vibrates her. Once the song stops, Scaramouche puts away his flute and bows.

Scaramouche: And that's just the main dish. The appetizer's comin' right up next time ya need me to give ya a taste of my musical genius!

Squidward: Pssh! You call that music. (Takes out clarinet) This is music!

Squidward shuts his eyes ready to play his shrieking rendition of All-Star, which forces everyone to cover their ears in pain!

Scaramouche covering his ears: Oh lord! Ya just made me piss lubricant all over the grass! N' that's sayin' a lot from a guy made of metal!

Squidward putting his instrument back in his non-existent pocket: Well thanks for the compliment!

Alt. Anais with her ears flopped straight up: Wait a minute! …Did anyone else hear that during the torture?

Flora: Hear what?

Alt. Anais: Shhsh…! Listen…

Somewhere to the East of everyone, sounds of bushes brushing against each other loudly play along with the cracking of old tree limbs on the ground. Ashi, Danny, and Sam are quick to hear this too, so the three of them head to the wall of oak trees where the sound had, for a moment, stopped. Danny in particular puts both hands on Ashi and Sam's shoulders, and using whatever power he can muster, turns them intangible alongside him for their safety. As for the rest of the team, Brad preps the ecto launcher he got from the Fenton Rocket for a possible fight.

AJ: Guys...I'm definitely getting a signal from back here. Someone's after us.

Patrick: Where is he? (Palms fist) We'll settle this like men.

Wanda: I wouldn't do that if I were you. There's no telling how much the virus had affected these people.

Spongebob: She's right, Pat. We'll stick close to each other and take em on together!

Brad: With the numbers we have, we may not have to.

Flora takes out her longsword and shield and gets in front of everyone blocking them. Danny and the rest stay in the bushes when Danny turns off his ghost form to keep the green in his suit and eyes from sight. As the fog gets whiter and whiter, so does he with the grey in his bandages and suit. Sam and Ashi blend in from the darkness of the shadow they're in. Somewhere above, crows are screeching at each other for a few minutes looking around as though someone else is near them. When all of a sudden, they flock into the sky when a giant hologram of a fist bursts through the mist towards Danny! He jumps out the way, accidentally landing on his back where his wound is cringing in pain!

Danny: Urgh…!

Sam: Danny!

Danny pointing up to the sky: Look out!

Above Sam comes Enid falling down with a fiery kick to the ground! Ashi leaps in front of Danny and Sam with her arm blocking them and her left fist balled up in preparation.

Ashi: Get to cover, Danny! This one's mine!

Sam removing her jacket: Count me in!

Sam tosses her purple jacket back to Danny and sprints up to Ashi who ducks for Sam to hop off her back and onto the corrupted Enid's pitch blackened face! The fire on her ponytail shoots up from the shock as she leans backward from the stomp of her opponent's boot! She retaliates with a backflip into the back of Sam's shoulder! She collapses into the dark shadow of the trees in the fog where Enid can't see her in surprise. Without the jacket, Sam's gothic black helps her blend in with the darkness of the environment but only in certain places where there's a shade. Frustrated, Enid turns back to attack Danny, but he and Ashi are gone too. Luckily for her, she can sense Danny's ghost abilities and catches him off guard when he turns off his intangibility! This, however, was just a distraction so Ashi can come from behind the thick layers of fog and the green of the tall leaves behind her and deck her in the face! Though Danny is fighting more defensively this time, it seems he can still hold his own with help from the girls. However, he is cut off from charging his palms from an attack when he somehow senses another virus being sprinting over to him at top speed! He pushes Ashi out of the way to keep her from being rammed when he is caught in a chase by a corrupted Radicles! Like Enid, his whole body has been darkened extremely to the point where his eyes have become a hollow white and his fingertips now resemble painfully sharp claws! While Danny makes his leave, Ashi gets back to fighting an enraged Enid who's about to perform another flaming kick toward her neck that she hops backwards away from! With a fallen tree limb in the grass, Ashi attempts a quick swing at her opponent's face, but upon contact, Enid breaks into several pieces of wood! "A decoy?!" She screams when she realizes depth of the fight! A gush of wind starts pulling her up into the air when the fog around her shifts into a twister-like figure! Inside, Enid circles around Ashi performing quick strikes with swift dashes across on either side of her! As Ashi gets struck, her left sleeve gets sliced from one of Enid's slashes with her sharp nails cutting into her skin! Luckily just above her, Ashi grabs onto a branch and positions herself out of the range of the mini-tornado that starts to die out. She is now above the mist below in perfect view of the sun and her foe from below. Meanwhile, even with his power, Danny is weakened with his wounds and is forced to fly up to the sky. But even Radicles catches up to him in the sky with his levitation abilities! His legs transform into a ghostly fire almost similar to Danny as he ascends to the clouds just above the mountain! Just when the corrupted hero starts to reach for Danny again, he is bombarded by two stray energy bolts that blow him out of the sky! Danny descends back down being extra cautious this time with his more defensive maneuvers, only saved when nearby Bobert and the damaged future Bobert have their cannons lowered upon firing at Radicles.

Timmy running up to Danny: You alright?

Danny: Yeah. Just gotta be careful what I-

Interrupted, Danny and Timmy are blown back by Radicles' sudden gush of wind from when he rises from the grass roaring madly at the sky! He prepares another punch into Danny's skull when he nearly gets thrown off balance from the ice Danny made around his legs with his ghost breath!

Danny backing up: Hey! You need to chill! Good. I've still got puns…

Danny then freezes Rad's arms together stopping him in his tracks before he could attempt another attack with his hands.

Timmy: What's wrong, Rad? Don't tell me that virus thing got you too!

Radicles resisting the ice: Urgh…! Kill…! Kill the phantom! Kill the sponge! Kill the genius…!

Danny: Kill the genius…? You mean Jimmy?

Radicles: Kill… Kill...

Spongebob running over to Danny: Danny! Are you alright?!

Radicles breaking free of the bonds: KILL THE SPONGE!

Before Radicles can bash both fists into Spongebob's face, Richard comes from out of nowhere and grabs him by the back while Patrick gets in front and protects his best friend!

Richard holding Radicles' back: Woah! That was a close one!

Patrick holding Radicles' front: I've got you, Spongebob!

Timmy: We'll handle him, Danny! You just check on the ladies and be careful!

Danny: Right! Dani, come with me! I've got a plan.

Dani: I was hoping you'd ask!

Both Phantoms vacate the area as Radicles starts breaking loose of Richard and Patrick's grip! Both of them slam into each other when Rad levitates them both together! He takes two trees behind him and tosses them aggressively by the stump at Timmy who cuts them down with his trusty wand! However, one of the obstacles, a large boulder, hits him in the stomach and onto the ground! Spongebob retaliates with his bubble wand by shaping a type of Cruise Bubble working as a torpedo! It launches into Rad's chest, at first stunning him, but only making him angrier from the virus. When up top, Raven, a member of the Teen Titans from Starfire's version of Earth, descends from the clouds to assist the fellow manipulated. Rad leaves her to it while heading back into the bushes for another task as she spreads her now-jagged robe out to unleash a flock of crows that all form into an oozy figure shaping itself into Ice King to freeze the heroes from his fingertips! Patrick, Spongebob, and Richard get frozen while Timmy stays safe against the boulder on top of him! He tosses his spinning wand precisely into the Ice King's forehead killing him and morphing him back into ooze which then forms into Carol. She rams her fist into the dirt causing the surface to break itself apart and unleash blazing hellfire from beneath! Brad on his way to the fight gets lifted from the tilting ground and shoots his cannon at her, which forces her to leap into the air. She performs a dive kick attempting to fall and crush Anais and Momo prepping her sword behind Brad with the rest of the team unprepared to handle the scenario. But then Flora gets in the way and guards them with her shield! Carol bounces off and tries to head-butt her, only to get uppercutted into the gut when the adult Anais zooms up to her next to Flora! The impact causes her to dissipate into code that transfers back into Raven as she recharges for another wave of attack when it catches the attention of the younger Anais looking for a potential weakness. She notices how low Raven is hovering next to some of the trees beside her on the clear path away from the fog, giving her a clever idea.

Anais: Quick, Brad, shoot the tree to your left by the stump!

Brad follows the intelligent 4 year-old's orders aiming his cannon and firing it through the lower half of the tree! It begins to topple over as Raven prepares another wave of enemies to spawn. But just as she grins twistedly, she is pinned down to the ground by the weight of the tree!

Brad smiling at Anais: Nice!

Anais nodding: My pleasure.

Meanwhile, still above the mist below, Ashi shuts her eyes and calmly plans out another strategy. She knows the dark Enid is looking right at her from below, and somewhere nearby, Sam is watching. Then, she's reminded of something Jack once said to her in a very similar scenario.

Ashi: You have chosen this path. Or at the very least, something inside of you compels you to be here. As do we.

Shadow Enid: …

Ashi: I will give you a new choice. Leave here now and live. Let go of the innocent. Or stay and let both of you face your destiny.

Shadow Enid spawning 6 duplicates of herself as the fog gets whiter: The only destiny we desire is the blood of you and those who've neglected us. Of those who call us imperfect or, average at best. T̴̤͊͠r̷̝̦̓̈́a̶̡̢̛̓s̴͍̠͐̊h̴̫̬͒ at worst.

Sam squinting: …?

Shadow Enid and her clones: You watch us slowly fade away while the sponge sits in his ivory tower?! You're just like him. Even when the show's over, you'll cast us out in the wayside! They may think we're gone, but we always remain!

Ashi: ...

Shadow Enid: The Titans have been despised all the years since their reboot… Now it's time for our hate to boil.

Ashi opening her eyes: As you wish.

Sam comes from the dark of the tree into the white where her black colors are best seen briefly when she performs a dive punch into one of the clones that breaks into logs! Before any attack can be made, Sam disappears again into one of the trees now being covered by the mist. Flips are heard all around the 5 confused minions when Ashi comes out of the green of the tall grass too quick to react to punching through another duplicate that, again, breaks into pieces of wood! This time, one of the 4 tries to lunge her nails deep, but she misses her and stabs the dirt! Ashi rolls to another oak tree that the other clone tries cutting in half, adult height with a spin kick. Though the tree splits apart and falls to its side, there is no Ashi to be found. All 4 remaining clones stand by each other back-to-back this time for extra power. Then, a tall tree above them is halved from the top with a stray ecto beam from an unseen Sam. It falls onto two of the Enid fakes as they explode while the other 2 leap to their fronts! This finally gives Sam and Ashi the chance to strike together hand-to-hand against them not knowing who the real one even is anymore! While holding each other's hands, the two Enids push forward walking Ashi into the clearer end of the fog while the other takes Sam into the deeper part into the oak forest. With Sam, she finds herself taken to a cut through the mountain where there are broken spike-like pieces of Earth poking out like a naturally made deathtrap. Both fighters start struggling against each other's grip pushing themselves further and further until Enid continuously kicks Sam's stomach with her knee to break free! That's when the goth girl manages to get her just close enough to the edge of the pit that she activates her trap card and fires her wrist cannon on her left hand near Enid's face disorienting her and giving Sam the chance to let go and kick back with the business end of her heel to the chin! It's then that Enid is revealed to be the last clone as she breaks apart, and the heavy wood planks fall to the loose surface that crumbles from the weight!

Sam losing balance: Woah! (Falls) AAAAAAAA…!

Sam falls to the pit below. But fortunately, Danny came in just in time to catch her in his arms before she could plummet to the very bottom!

Danny carrying Sam: I've got ya, honey! With that high note for a minute there, I thought you were Vambre, or Kitty!

Sam: That wasn't funny, Danny!

Back with Ashi, she's once again caught in a hard place as she's just in front of another cliff to the deep woods far below. Enid lets go of her hands and chops her in the neck nearly choking her momentarily before she gets elbowed to the cheek! Now she's even closer to the fall than she was when guarding herself! With nowhere else to go, Ashi takes a stance holding the side of her right hand forward near her face with the other hand lowered next to it. All of her attention is on Enid and clears her vision from the shaking of the damage to ease the tension on her body. Enid equally stands silently waiting on the perfect moment to strike her opponent down. Once the wind blows past them a third time, Ashi listens carefully for a breath mid-jump from Enid. With her eyes shut for the second, she brushes over to the side when Enid strikes down to the ground with a fiery kick! Instinctively, Ashi's spin kicks as well, though Enid ducks beneath her leg and tries another lunge with her claws, only for Ashi to suddenly go intangible and phase through it! When Enid removes her arm where Ashi was standing, she is suddenly stunned when Ashi's elbow collides in the back of her neck while she's still distracted, momentarily bringing her back to reality! A loud crack goes off for an instant as the two pause in even more silence. But the corrupted form of Enid begins to break down. She lands down to one knee and accidentally fumbles off the edge of the cliff to her demise. Ashi's attack costed her some of her stamina and is now forcing her to watch an innocent be sent to space in binary like the Ghosts from the Ghost Zone and Jazz. That's when Dani emerges from beside her out of her ghost form.

Dani: That was a close one, huh?

Ashi: Yeah. It was...

All of a sudden, a tree gets thrown at the two girls, however, Dani hears it ahead of time from the leaves brushing against the bushes and goes intangible with Ashi again! Radicles pushes down the limbs in his way trying to look for them when behind him, he gets bashed in the back of the head by Flora with her shield again! The two then grip each other's hands like the Enid clones putting all their strength into their arms!

Radicles: You think you can take me? I'm a level 300 by now! You don't even have a ranking! L̴͚͈̽̾e̷͇̽̂t̸̖̀͘ͅ ̸̼͂̚a̵̢̾͘l̷̺͚͆͗ò̵̘̲n̷͝ͅe̴̺̱̿ ̵͔̳̑͂ȧ̴̮͗n̸͖̫͊͝ ̴̙͉̎͌a̴͉͝u̸͖͆͐d̸̤̋î̴͕͉e̷̬̰͐̀n̵̜͘c̶̼̗͒e̵̞͌͝!̶͔̣̊͋

Flora: Yeah? Well there's one thing you and K.O taught me.

Suddenly, Cindy comes from out the tree branches to stomp down onto Rad's head and bounce off safely as a diversion, allowing for her to get behind and smack him into submission with the end of Flora's sword hilt!

Flora: Rankings suck!

Dani coming from behind Flora with Ashi: Where'd you guys come from? I thought he was with you!

Flora: Sorry. We got caught up with Raven. Still be fighting too if it wasn't for the baby's quick thinking.

Cindy: And I really haven't done much of anything these past few hours, so by God, I'm doing it now!

Rad recovers from his fall, barely starting to reset back to his roots before corruption when his face loses its blackness. When in his field of view, he watches Danny and Sam running back to the rest of the Toon Force! His calmness turns to anger when he pushes Flora to the side to give chase once again! Hearing this, Danny picks up Sam and shoots back to the team by the path they're supposed to be headed for. But when in range in the middle of the walkway, Scaramouche shoots Timmy's wand link a giant dart with his gravitation from his tune! It pierces through Rad's stomach just as he catches it coming straight for him! The fallen hero gets impaled against the thickest tree in the mist where, thankfully, the younger ones in the Toon force don't have to glimpse the sight of it!

Danny: Scaramouche, what the heck are you doing?!

Scaramouche pointing to Timmy: Wasn't my idea.

Timmy: What was I supposed to do? Let him kill ya?!

Danny: No, but you don't want him to die too! He's one of us!

Sheen: Yeah, well so were all the spirit people from the zone!

Carl: Get in the zone.

Sheen: Ghost Zone!

Radicles in the fog: Danny...

Danny running over to Rad with Sam: …?

Radicles: Danny… Things probably could've turned out differently if you had stayed in the G̷̳͈̈́̒h̵̲̊̓ȍ̵͎̭̇s̷͇̺̚t̷͚͆̒ ̵̪̖͝Ẑ̵̞͝ͅo̶̯͠n̴̬͋e̶̖͝...

Danny: What happened, Rad..?

Radicles bowing his head: ...He came and took over… Tried to manipulate KO, but he resisted and…

Sam: Sshh… It's ok. We'll get him and everyone back one way or another.

Radicles coughing and barely cracking a smiles: *Coughs* Thanks guys… We're counting on you…

It was at that moment that Radicles starts to dissipate. His limbs fade into code one by one up to his head until there's nothing left of him other than the wand thrown at him. This frustrates Raven who breaks loose from underneath the tree limb on top of her with spider-like appendages from her back! She prepares for another attack on the team, but seeing all the odds against her, she instead calls for a retreat.

Dark Raven: Don't think this is the last time you'll see us. (Rises) We'll meet again, Toon Force! (Warps away)

Gumball: Frankly I wasn't planning on not seeing them.

Dani running to a frozen Spongebob: Spongebob! (Heats up palms with energy)

Dani gets help from Penny as they heat up their palms with pure energy and place them onto the ice encasing Richard, Spongebob, and Patrick from the corrupted Ice King's attack. Thankfully, it breaks itself apart after a few seconds and the three of them shiver from the coldness of it all.

Spongebob stroking his shoulders: T-t-thanks, D-D-Dani…!

Richard: M-My daughter is just, f-fine right?

Scaramouche: Yeah she is, pal! She took care o' that demon chick no problem!

Anais: Well, all I did was direct an attack. It's the environment against her after all.

Alt. Anais: Even at my age, I didn't think of that. And I AM you! Maybe I have lost my touch after 30 years of running an empire...

Danny: I just don't get it… Earlier, my ghost senses went off, but there's no ghosts around here.

Dani: I didn't even sense a thing. Although I did get the feeling I should be… Kinda the same feeling Penny had with the Mawgu.

Ashi: I was half demon once and I sure don't know what it was. But all of that aside, why did that alien guy seem really persistent in killing Spongebob? I thought I heard him yell "KILL THE SPONGE" or something like that.

Spongebob: Hey, hey! Why would anyone specifically wanna kill me?! Did I do something wrong? Did I feed someone a tainted patty without realizing it?

Squidward: Who cares about the patties? All we know is, someone wants you dead and it isn't the first time this had happened.

Spongebob: Plankton once placed a hit on me when he stole the formula a few years ago. Maybe someone else I knew, like Dennis, or maybe even King Neptune for that one time I stole his spatula when I needed a replacement for a few days!

Danny removing Timmy's wand from the tree: I highly doubt a fish would be that determined to come lookin' for ya, dude. (Gives wand to Timmy) Whoever it is really wanted me out the picture too.

Ashi: So what's that mean?

Danny smiling and readjusting his bandages: It's like the president. (Starts walking down the path with team) Means if I'm about to get shot, someone'll jump for me.

Scaramouche walking: I wouldn't bet on it!

Triumphant but bittersweet, the Toon Force continue down the long path into the deep recesses of the forest where AJ keeps track of the virus readings to the source. Again, they're still upset that they had to fight and kill some of their own, but those such as Danny still keep their heads high to succeed and restore everything in the end. For Timmy, it's especially his mission to make sure nothing like the destruction of Dimsdale ever happens again…

End of Chapter 12

Chapter Text

On the opposite end of the mountain by the small caves distant from the remainder of the heroic Toon Force, Rose Quartz and her group of three are kept walking carefully through the jungle-like area unsure of where to go. Rose slices through some of the vines and thorns in her path while Bimm is squirming through it, almost tripping at one point. And getting her clothes more dirty. Made worse by the fact that she isn't wearing boots the she lost back at Wakeman's lab, also making it harder for Rose who keeps stepping on rocks. Starfire herself can fly, but even with that, she has difficulty getting through most of the obstacles without getting on the mushy ground. But Sadie stays jittery from trauma and hops across the trees and through hollow logs like an animal.

Sadie: WAHOO! I'm the greatest player one there ever was! (Crawls through tunnel) No obstacle in the UNIVERSE can stop me! (Bumps head inside) Ouch!

Rose: Should take but the rest of the day for her to fully recover, I think.

Bimm: Isn't mental trauma different than physical?

Rose: Yes.

Starfire: It is hard for me to be able to navigate this harsh terrain. Are you sure you know where we're going, Ms. Quartz?

Rose: Nnnnope! Not a single ounce of that in this big momma! I'm just cutting through all this until we come to a clearer place. I know we're on a mountain because of how close the clouds are, and I assume the rest are somewhere with us up here since Dimsdale is near.

Bimm: How can you tell?

Rose: I smell ash from a huge distance away from here. I'm sure its the hellish landscape Timmy described when he revisited the place.

Bimm: Aaaaw… I don't know about this, Ms. Quartz. If something like this happened to Dimsdale, do you think we still have a chance at this?

Rose: Of course. There's always hope. Dr. Noreen gave you that antivirus for a reason. We'll get to where we need to be eventually.

Starfire: Oooh! How about you do like Cattus and meditate? It helped me when I was stressed.

Bimm smiling: That's not a bad idea! (Looks at cave) I guess I'll be in here if you don't mind.

Rose: No no. You go ahead. I need to stop and bare my surroundings anyway. We'll get back on track.

Inside the nearby cavern, about a few feet belowground, Bimm walks gently through the slightly wet floor of into the back in the purple, pinkish haze. Small specks of light circle around her when she takes a seat on a conveniently placed rock formation; this time crossing her legs like Cattus would. Even when she gets herself situated, holding the Knowledge Magisword next to her and the antivirus capsule, she still shivers from the cold of the cave; ideal for the mood. With that, she shuts her eyes and thinks quietly of the past few days where the virus had first attacked. Through her eyes, she's witnessed the demise of everything in Rhybloflaven, starting with Noville, then Prohyas, then Witch Way, then Simone. Simone herself had fought the hardest, maintaining perfect form even as she was being blown away by the mysterious man's beam attack. Little did she know at the time that her body was slowly withering into fading data. Bimm of course tries to ignore all this and clear her mind, but once again, she's reminded of her recent battle with Vambre amidst the flames of the fallen Lyvsheria. Finally, she opens her eyes and sees nothing but the dark purple skies of the realm she's placed herself in. According to her husband and Samurai Jack, for some in deep thought, this is the innards of their mind represented by the setting. Whether calm, happy, or sad, this area shapes and colors itself at will in response to the person's feelings and memory. So far, though, everything is in turmoil. Nothing is here except a pitch black liquid covering the entirety of the endless floor and the darkness and purple of the skies. Here, Bimm's eyes start to get more watery. One tear plummets to the water below her feet and plops down making a large ripple across the empty void. When all of a sudden, when facing behind her watching the effect, something catches her attention. There seems to be someone the same color as the oily surface sitting alone on a small rock in the middle of nowhere. From a distance, she seems to be slightly shorter than Bimm but has the figure of a human apart from her impish ears. Curious, Bimm slowly walks up to her while she has her back turned. Little did she know that Squirt was never truly gone.

Bimm: H-hello…?

As the mysterious figure turns her head to her side, her body begins to stutter from glitches of her programming. Only the top half of her body remains intact while the rest appears to be a ghostly tail sat on the rock and in the water. Shockingly, Simone's hollow eyes begin to light up along with her pitch dark body, surprised at the sight of her last remaining friend!

Viral Simone: Wha..? Bimm?! Oh my God! It is you!

Bimm's eyes open again; this time for real. She lifts up the Knowledge Magisword next to her and notices it lighting up with green and pink from its very core. At that moment, Simone's body partially re-emerges in a twister-like fashion from out the lightbulb of the sword itself like a genie spawning from a lamp! The white strand of her hair turns warm green, and her eyes flash the same color before reverting back to normal. Her jacket is missing, but she still has her shirt on, only this time its been replaced by her jacket's teal with orange highlights. The buttons at its center are warm green like her hair strand, and what's more is, her legs are completely nonexistent, replaced by the ghost tail she had while in Bimm's mind. Joyful, she starts hugging her for the first time in what feels like years, reunited after a painfully long journey.

Ghost Simone hugging Bimm: What's up, dog? Or, cat? Catdog? I dunno. (Hugs tighter and shakes around) I'm just so happy I've found someone I can talk to!

Bimm: Witchy Simone...?! (Reaches forward) But, I...I-I don't understand. You're still alive...?!

Ghost Simone shrugging: Eh. Sorta. But check me out! I've got this cool tail that can finally make me taller and feels good to touch! I've got this ring floatin' above my head and I can fly! (Floats around caves) Weeheheee! (Bumps head on support beam) Ow! Well, there's still a little bit of life left in ol' me, I guess… But seriously, I can't believe I finally made it to ya! I've had one Hell of a ride to go through just to get here! Bimm, I really- W̵̖̠͙̿̍͌͠ͅi̴͔̱̻̖̒́͊̾̕s̸̮͉̺̹͇̓h̴̢̃̒̐̉ ̸͓̄̽̓́C̴̯̤̻̬̉̾̌ͅa̷̦͉̽̽̚ṭ̸͈̜̹̋̓̔t̴̯̘͍̃́̓ ̸̫̓͝ͅẃ̶̛̫̯͖̭̭ ̶̡̰͇̠͐̇͛̀h̸̨͋̔͐͗͛e̴͚̼̚͝.̸̻͐͋͘.̸̨̥̞̝̲̀̊̃́.̷͈̈́̏͊̓͝

Bimm: S-Simone...? Are you ok?

Ghost Simone: If you could call it that. I'm half dead, and that ain't the worst of my troubles. I've been glitchin' like a video game on ultra settings, and I'm still tryin' to figure it out!

Bimm: are you able to speak to me…? Even after you died to save everyone?

Ghost Simone bumping her arm onto Bimm's shoulder: Y'know how magic works back home, Kitty Buddy. It's always some sorta sword that has some sorta power junk none of us got until some mook gets the thing. Didn't think it worked that way when we first heard about it from Cyrus and saw it in action when Glori had it.

Bimm looking at her sword: The Knowledge Magisword?

Ghost Simone: Bingo! You've earned yourself a free life, kiddo! Also, some additional Celtic Magic and half of me back in the virtual trash bin.

Bimm: A trash bin?

Ghost Simone: Yeah. A trash bin. Like some sorta purgatory in a computer. It's been a mighty long ride getting to and from it. When that tall bloke from earlier tried blastin' me away, I tried to keep myself up with as much magic I had left in me until I got partially deleted by him n' sent to the trash. But, somehow it denied me entry and sent me to Gumball's where this Void thingy was takin' over the Ghost Zone. And I've been tryin' my damndest to get to ya for so many hours I lost count! I'm guessin' since I'm not totally dead I couldn't go in there or whatever.

Bimm: So, you mean you're not really alive or dead? Just somewhere in between?

Ghost Simone: In hindsight. And that wasn't even the half of it! I saw all our buddies walkin' on the way here, goin' through the Zone, and back out here somewhere. I had to rescue one of em and get up high in the sky lookin' for ya cause I knew ya had that Knowledge Magithingy with all my info on it. Minus the legs, which is sorta ok in this case. Course I couldn't just pluck myself outta there like that. I was practically bankin' on you meditating er scannin' something with it so I could stretch with half o' me! And I think I know where to find the rest of the gang to tell em everythin'. Some of that extra stuff I learned apart from the more interesting exposition about me maybe useful to someone like the dude with the big head, if he's even around.

Bimm scratching her arm in relief: Well, I'm sure glad you know something of what's going on. It might actually give us a clue as to what we can do to save our old friends. Even yourself. ...Although, at the same time, I worry that's never gonna be the case… Realistically-

Ghost Simone rolling her eyes: Realism is boring. Sometimes ya gotta think outside the box and use a bit of imagination, pal. I seent a lotta things on the way here. Usually a bunch of code like the Matrix. I dunno what that was all about, but I'll bet the rest of the team do. Especially GB n' the pink bunny. And besides, you've got an antivirus in yer hands! That stuff's gotta help! I know all that cause the sword had your memories on it from holdin' it.

Bimm: If what you say about the purgatory is true, did you ever see Cattus or anyone else by any chance?

Ghost Simone smiling and nodding: I did! (Squints and stops smiling) Or at least what I think is them. All I saw were pics of their faces that had their names on em. Either way, that's all I've really gotta say about that. I figured someone in the ol' Toon Force must know somethin' from it. And if they don't got a clue, we could always catch one of those corrupted folk who keep poppin' up everywhere. Better them than nothing.

Bimm: ...Well… I guess, maybe there is a bit of hope, then?

Ghost Simone: That's more like it! Don't worry, pal. We'll fix this mess, like how I've fixed part of me! I'll bet later I can learn a thing or two from Dan n' his clone to get that department sorted out.

Bimm: Good to know.

Ghost Simone: Now with that out of the way, why don't I stick with ya as your personal sidekick? I've got nowhere else better to go but up, n' I'm barely even alive. I can be your literal soulmate and Familiar substitute! How's that sound?

Bimm: I don't see why not.

Ghost Simone raises arms: Oh yeah! This is happening! I never did get a chance to really go on a big adventure with just you before. Let's head on out there, Kitty Buddy. Show me back to our ol' sports!

Bimm: We've stopped for a minute trying to bare our surroundings before we keep walking to God knows where. Do you think you can help us find the rest of our pals?

Ghost Simone: Didn't you just hear what I said about em? Of course I can! Leave the journey to me! Your friendly neighborhood Witchy Simone! ...Or should I be named Viral er Ghostly Simone? (Slouches over) ...Ah the heck with it. Let's just get outta here.

Late in the evening at the Forgotten Society, Fred Flinstone beats on the stone apartment room especially made for he and his family when there's no glass in the windows.



In the library, stylized like the old Home for Imaginary Friends, Jimmy Neutron sits at the back desks behind hundreds of long bookshelves reading through several stacks of books detailing trillions of bits of information about what he's searching for. To check on him, the elderly Madame Foster stops by.

Madame Foster: Did you find what you needed, sonny?

Jimmy: I think so. With these, I am 99.9% confident I'll be able to confirm any suspicions about this "Fourth Wall" and cartoon business.

Madame Foster: Oh, yes. The Fourth Wall. There's a lot more to it scientifically which may suit you and your dog quite well. At a religious standpoint, that is up to you.

Jimmy: Well, let's see what we can find out. Thanks for checking, Madame Foster.

Madame Foster exiting: Anytime, sonny!

Jimmy: Ok boy. Let's get to work!

Goddard: BARK!

Jimmy and his faithful robot dog start reading through the first set of over 100 different stacks of long and thick textbooks for any confirmation on the Fourth Wall and how it works. But meanwhile at the Research District, the alternate Timmy Turner walks by the waterfall watching Wulf sitting alone at the rock formations on the side. He looks up at the halo replacing the moon and howls rather somberly with the thought of his wife and kid possibly gone. Before going back to comfort him, Timmy quickly stops by Dexter's lab again. The door is already open, so he simply steps inside and makes a knock on the wall as Dexter is busy moving stuff around in crates to put on robot carriers.

CC. Timmy: Hey there, Dexter. How'd everything go with Jimmy?

Dexter: Oh, you mean the cash grab? HA! You don't know the half of it!

CC. Timmy: What…?

Dexter: I told him off like the ripoff he is. He calls himself a genius when he clearly doesn't know an inch of what I am capable of!

CC. Timmy: Dexter, you know we don't do this. What is with you hating on Jimmy all of a sudden?

Dexter: I don't hate him. I just see him as more of a competition that needs to be broken. Besides, I came first to the people. I'm the original.

CC. Timmy: An original who sorely lacked in its last few episodes.

Dexter: …

CC. Timmy: Listen, there's a lot to be said about everyone out here. Every show is different. Even Jimmy's. But you shouldn't disrespect him or anyone else like that just because they seem a bit similar to you. That doesn't make him a ripoff, that doesn't make him terrible or give merit to attack him as a person. If anything, it makes YOU look jealous of him. Like the bad guy. And there's no excuse for that.

Dexter tightening a bolt with his wrench: If you wanna complain about how bad I am after a particular point in time, leave your entries in the mailbox outside. I'll be working on another, more superior piece of technology that hopefully won't mysteriously break down...or be sabotaged and left undone.

CC. Timmy: If that's how you leave people who wanna help you, then alright. (Starts walking outside) Guess the critics were right that Genndy knew best for you.

For one moment, Dexter stops cranking the bolt and gets back to work a few seconds later. Back with the Toon Force at the dead of the night, the team are now parched; worn out from the many hours of walking, battling, and wounding. Danny Phantom, one of the three leaders of this team, is critically wounded and at risk of assassination. Others have stopped walking from exhaustion. Some like Patrick, Brad, and Sheen are bored as there's nothing to do and seemingly no progress made apart from getting to the planet. Brad himself is worried about Jenny while Sheen is upset that Libby didn't make it, crying cartoonishly over a picture of her he has in his pocket. The alternative version of Anais is comforting her younger self and her daughter after they nearly fall asleep. And still Squidward.

Timmy: Ugh… Danny, I think it's time we hang this up for now. We've been walkin' around for so long it's makin' even my teeth hurt!

Danny: Same. This should be a good area to stop and rest. A nice open space, plenty of trees surrounding us, no weird noises or bad guys chasing us… Yeah, nice call Timmy.

Spongebob: So are we gonna get back on our journey tomorrow with a new plan, perhaps?

Timmy: Not sure if we have another strategy. We're just following the readings on AJ's tracker. And even though the thing works, he's not so sure exactly how long we've gotta keep going yet.

Cindy: So we've just been walking around with no clue of how long or where we're going?

Timmy: ...Well, basically. Pretty much.

Sam slouching and sitting on a rock: …

Danny: Sam…? Are you ok?

Sam looking up: Does it look like I am?

Danny: I take it as a "no" then?

Sam: I'm sorry. It's just…thinking about what Enid said earlier, and what we just had to do, it kinda makes me wonder if we're in anyway letting everyone down. Besides, they talk about us like we betrayed them somehow and I just don't know if what we're doing will get us anywhere anymore… (Puts face down in palms) It feels like we'd just be wasting our time.

Danny: Ok. Com'on. Let's go.

Sam setting her head back up: Huh..? (Looks at Danny) Go where?

Danny: I dunno. Somewhere. As long as it cheers you up a bit. (Reaches out) Give us something to do.

Sam holds her husband's hand and stands back up from the boulder behind her.

Danny: Hey Tim, take notes. You can use it next time you're with Tutie.

Sam holding on: Wait, wha-

Without warning, Danny takes flight with Sam holding onto his hand. Spongebob witnesses the two taking flight from below, seeing them soar across the skies through the smooth clouds in the light of the halo from space replacing the moonlight. As they get higher, Danny holds Sam against his chest and flips so she's up top to be able to put her hand in the cloudstream. They hover across from the front of the halo's right to left until they descend back from the stars and through the higher tops of the trees back near the rest of the team though out of sight from them.

Danny gently stroking Sam's hair: Feel better now?

Sam immediately takes Danny by the face and kisses him longingly to his shock from the unexpectedness of it. Likewise, he embraces her, but they are both soon cut off from a familiar presence.

Rose: Sam…? Danny?

Sam accidentally dropping Danny: Rose..?!

Starfire: IT IS YOU! (Tightly hugs Sam) I knew we'd find you all eventually!

Timmy walking over: What's goin' on this time, Dan… Rose?!

Rose hugging Timmy: Timmy Turner!

Ashi: Starfire?

Starfire: Ashi!

Alt. Anais: Bimm?

Bimm: Ms. Watterson?

Danny: Simone?!

Simone: Sportsy!

Sadie: SADIE!

Spongebob: SPONGEBOB!

Everyone: …

Scaramouche: I never thought I'd be so happy to see that Big Momma again!

Alt. Anais: What happened? You all look beat!

Timmy: You ladies look like you came from a warzone, which, is a bit hypocritical of me to say by this point. Er, forget I said that.

Sadie still fidgeting: The lab! The lab's down! The lab is down! (Twitches)

Rose comforting Sadie: You'll have to excuse poor Sadie. She's suffered from a sliiiight bump to the head.

Sadie: BUMPING?! I wanna do some bumping! (Smashes face into tree)

Patrick running next to Sadie: Finally! Someone with the right idea! (Smashes face into tree)

Wanda: You're also going to have to excuse the starfish. He still has his uses…

Dani looking at Simone: Wait… Did someone just say Simone was here?!

Ghost Simone: Whaddup girl?

Dani hugging Simone: Simone!

Starfire: The Shortie Squad has been reunited once again! And with new additions!

Spongebob: Ooh! Do I get to join? I'm short too!

Ghost Simone: Uh, sure. Whatevs… (Leans over to Danny) What's this thing again?

Danny: Guys, this is one of our best friends, Spongebob Squarepants.

Patrick shoving his head out the tree: And I'm Patrick Star!

Rose squinting and trying to smile: Aaalrighty…

Sam: Really, I'm just surprised at you, Simone. Neither of us thought you were even around anymore, especially since Bimm was the only one from Lyvsheria!

Ghost Simone: Well, technically I didn't make it so well either, but, eh. (Shrugs) Been through worse.

Timmy: So what, you're half dead now?

Ghost Simone: Yeah, beaver bro. (Points above hair) Can't ya see the onion ring above my head? When that big bad mook got me, I hung in there and kept whatever I had left to keep livin'.

Ashi: Well, since you guys are here, where's Jenny's Mom and Utonium? Did they finish the antivirus?

Bimm, Starfire, and Rose give a very subtle upset look and feel to Ashi and the rest of the crew.

Ashi: ...Oh..

Bimm stepping forward to Danny and Sam: Dr. Noreen...she gave us the antivirus before it was too late.

Bimm reaches from behind herself and reveals the antivirus capsule needed to defeat the virus. The characters around her gaze at the small device as it glows from its creases, and Bimm slowly gives it to Danny for safety. Danny hesitates for a moment but finds it in himself to hold the only hope of defeating what seems to be an unstoppable force. At least for a moment.

Danny giving the ball back to Bimm: I...I can't hold this. If you've managed to get this far, you deserve it. I'm already and being hunted down, so I'll just put it in danger.

Sam: Same here. I get more people on my tail nowadays cause of my gear. If this is what's needed to get rid of that virus, then by all means. (Strokes Bimm's hair) Keep it up!

Bimm purring and smiling nervously: Prrrrr….

Gumball: So, uh… This is the one thing needed to take out whatever monstrosities out there?

Ghost Simone: Yup.

Gumball: ...It's a basketball.

Ghost Simone: Hey, it's better than something the bad guys'll easily spot! Then they'd KNOW we're up to something!

Timmy: Now all we need to do is get it to the source of all this and blow it the heck up!

Starfire: Do you know where it is on this planet?

Ashi: It's somewhere close by.

AJ: And I've finally got a certain mileage to count! Energy readings tell me it should be near us about 120 miles from here...on foot.

Gumball: Well, (wiggles toes) there goes my everything...

Alt. Anais: That reminds me. How long have we've been walking so far?

Anais: Seems like days to me.

Rose: We just got here several hours ago.

Squidward: Good for you. Wouldn't want your big feet to get sore.

Spongebob cheering Squidward up: Oh, Squidward, there's no need to be like that! We'll make it to where we need to be in no time! Then we'll fix everything and bring back Mr. Krabs, our worlds, and everyone of our friends!

Squidward sounding much more respectful to Spongebob: (Sighs) I would, but (sits on rock and rests his head on hands) not everything's going to be like that, Spongebob. Not everything's going to be all happy-go-lucky like you think..!

Spongebob briefly pauses and actually, for once, listens to Squidward in all seriousness. Other times he wouldn't, since everything does work out in the end back home, but he knows now that things aren't like that anymore, especially after what the Toon Force have gone through.

Timmy sitting next to Squidward: Hey, it's gonna be alright. Maybe it won't be like that. Not while we still have a chance.

Danny: You're right. (Turns to Ghost Simone) I think Simone's a living testament of that already. I guess Jazz wasn't just pulling it out her hair when she said no one is ever truly gone.

Ghost Simone: Yeah, about that bro… There's somethin' I should get to tellin' ya and the rest of our boys out here… But I'm worn the heck out, so g'night! (Overshadows Knowledge Magisword)

Dani: Woah! And she can overshadow objects!

Chester: Noice!

Rose: Well, I guess we'd better get back to sleep too. We've been on this journey all no idea where to find you. It was only thanks to Simone that we did eventually.

Gumball: Right. Sweet dreams partner! (Falls on face in cartoonish fashion)

Chester: Rrright behind ya! (Falls on face)

Everyone finds a resting place and try to go to sleep as the midnight hour rolls by. The stars are glistening and the sounds of the crickets put much of the people to sleep, while some of them remain awake to look at the clear skies above. Danny rests on his side next to his wife to keep his back from suffering from his wounds from earlier.

Danny thinking while resting on his side next to Sam: My family. They meant everything to me. I'll find a way to fix this, somehow.

Further from the group, Alt. Anais and Momo sit against a tree listening to each other speak their feelings.

Momo: I really miss Daddy, Mom. You think he's still around?

Alt. Anais: Oh, I'm sure he's out there somewhere, hun. He's got teleporting abilities and whatnot. And a big heart. I believe in him as much as I believe in everything else.

Carl over by Sheen: Hey, Sheen… This might sound a bit odd, but, I really miss those rides Jimmy would let us on in space.

Sheen: Ah, Carl. You already sound like a homo… (Looks upset) Aw, who am I kidding! I miss him too!

Timmy: I do too. He was the first person I ever met in Retroville, or any other universe! I'll never forget that.

Ashi looking up at the halo: ...I knew I should've gone with you, Jack. You've been through so much for so long, I don't want you to go through it again. I'll make it up to you.

Richard sleeping: I'm sorry, Nicole. I get the feeling I've taken being a nut a bit too far lately. I dunno if it got you upset or not, but I'll treat Gumball better for you and Darwin.

Brad going to sleep: Just because Ms. Wakeman is gone doesn't mean I should quit. I'll be back for you, Jen. I promise.

Spongebob resting against Patrick and looking up at the halo: No matter what, we'll keep our heads up high! We'll win, whatever you are!

As the night rolls by, the many lights in the Forgotten Society shine brightly before dawn. By that point, Peck the Rooster tries to make a cock-a-doodle-doo but chokes on his spit mid-sound. Back at the library, Doug goes to check on Jimmy with Timmy when Madame Foster opens the front doors when they're shocked to see that Goddard is sleeping next to Jimmy, who's laying his head against an open page in the book pile across and around the desk. He is almost drooling and looking as though he went limp while reading to his pet dog.

CC. Timmy: Uh oh…

Doug gently moving Jimmy's shoulders: Hey, Jimmy…?

Jimmy barely waking up: Hm…? Wha..?

Doug: Jimmy?

Jimmy looking back at Doug: …? Oh. Hey Doug. Hey Tim. What page was I on?

CC. Timmy: Goodness gracious, dude. I knew you were into science and all, but I didn't think you'd be absorbed in it!

Jimmy: Was I asleep? (Checks watch) ...Oh. Gotta check on how I set my time zone again.

Doug: Jimmy, I really think you should take a break for a few. It takes a while for all this to sink in.

Jimmy: I know, but it's just too hard for me to rest knowing there's something out there destroying everything and a possible solution to fixing it. I just need to look deeper to learn about it and our very purpose like the Syndicate did. Although, I don't wanna have to end up diving into insanity like the others who were manipulated either. Phoebe once told you about them too, right?

CC. Timmy: Indeed. What she said was...eerie to say the least. Many of them went crazy and somehow just, reset in the end like nothing happened. Almost like they were controlled. But we know you're not like that, Jimmy. You just need some time to rest. That's all.

Jimmy: You're right… Goddard, can you go check up on the rest of the gang and Jenny? I'll be in the Research District somewhere by the view.

Goddard: BARK!

Doug: Wise choice, Jimmy! I almost forgot about her from when the gang brought her in. Sandy should be finished fixing her up in her treedome.

Goddard trotting away: MmmBARK!

After his rather awkward and depressing encounters lately, Jimmy decides to think for a while and sit on a large rock alone in the middle of a wide path in the forest, purposefully telling Goddard to visit the others so he wouldn't feel bad too. Jimmy had also told Timmy and Doug that he would get better, but he needs to think for a few. He looks up at the sunny skies and admires the clouds. But when he does, one of them closely resembles Danny's logo and gets him upset thinking about him. He bows his head down in defeat in this thoughts and quietly says to himself, "I'm sorry Spongebob. I should never have come to you again. Then again, it's possible it would have happened anyway…" While Jimmy rests with his head down, in the trees, a large robotic figure as tall as the trees themselves makes its way quietly toward him. He hears it's movements and gets a little confused as to what it could be, quickly getting up from the rock and listening closely. He places his right hand over his hypnobeam and immediately the robot breaks the trees in front of it down and Jimmy shoots it with his gadget, only now realizing that no one's piloting it. The flame painted car-looking mech smashes Jimmy's hypnobeam and smacks him away! Jimmy tries to react by flying with his jetpack, but the robot grabs his leg and crushes his engines, slamming him into the ground. Jimmy gets thrown into a tree and he takes out his mini laser to shoot at the mech. Sadly, none of these attacks work, to Jimmy's surprise, and he narrowly avoids getting his head punched off against the tree that gets torn down by the attack! Jimmy's leg is grabbed again and the mech tosses him into a boulder, injuring his back and breaking the gadgets in his backpack. With nowhere to go, Jimmy is left about to meet his end with one last punch. However, a lion looking person rolling into a ball severs the mech's arm, making a heavy landing while a white wolf runs over to the bot's left leg, biting it's metallic plating and tearing out it's wiring. The mech pushes the wolf out of the way and aims it's shoulder cannons at everyone. But next to Jimmy, a short green lady with triangular hair runs over and puts one finger on her forehead and aims her right hand at the incoming missiles, stopping them with her mind. She grins and turns the missiles back at the mech, shooting them back to it and blowing up it's cockpit and cannons. The machine falls to the ground on it's back and it's limbs come apart from the damages, though from the way it looks, it appears as though it could be easily reassembled.

Peridot: Yes! I knew it! I knew my metal powers weren't as useless as a sack of bricks!

Jasper: Heheh. And look at that. It's the fudgehead again!

Jimmy: Fudgehead...? Oh no. It's another Cosmo!

Peridot: What kinda name is "Cosmo?" And what're you doing here? Yesterday we stopped by Dexter's and saw you get your butt kicked out of his house! Hehe! (Pulls out phone) Good thing I borrowed Kitty's old phone to record it!

Jimmy: Well, I'm just gonna pretend I didn't hear that and thank you for saving my life. What was that anyway?

Peridot: Megas. Don't worry about it. No one was in that outdated mech suit anyway.

Jimmy: That outdated mech almost got me killed had it not been for you guys! I'm guessing the owner of it was onto me and didn't want to risk getting beaten by me, so they set it on autopilot.

Jasper: Yeah, P. They just turned on the automatic, power drive, ju… It almost beat you!

Peridot: Personally, I doubt those dweebs would ever do something like that, but that's men for ya.

Jimmy: Anyway, I guess I should go now. Thanks for the help… (Begins to walk away with his head back down)

Peridot: ...Wait.

Jimmy turning back around: Hm?

Peridot with her arms crossed and her head cocked to the side: Why were you here anyway?

Jimmy: For starters, everyone's obsessed over this so called "Fourth Wall" and now I know some people blame me and the Toon Force for not saving them, pretending as though I'm not intelligent enough to know how they feel. Dexter calls me a rip off, all this talk about TV shows, the virus entity...It's almost too much, even for my brain to process! Though, to be fair, my team did once level an entire city trying to save the Titans, but that was never our intent!

Jasper: Well, leaving's not gonna solve anything.

Jimmy: After that robot just tried to kill me..?

Peridot: It wasn't anyone's fault for that! I remember seeing the fat guy and the Pearl-sized clod just a minute before we came here. They couldn't have done anything to hurt you!

Jasper: And besides, why would anyone do that now? I mean, everyone else are already dead, right?

Jimmy: …

Wolf: (Whines)

Jasper shrugging: What I say?

Peridot: I've already heard enough of my timeline's Steven's personal problems… But, I *may* be willing to help you get through this, just so long as I don't see that pathetic look on your face again.

Jasper: Same.

Wolf: Woof!

Jimmy: Thanks guys, but what can I do to help everyone else? What can I do now that the friends I once had are all gone?

Peridot: We've lost a lot of folk too, genius. But you don't see that stopping us. Why don't you get off your skinny butt and make an invention with that big head of your's? That'll at least get people talking. Besides, I've heard stories about you from Doug. You oughta have done something cool!

Jimmy: ...Hm. I haven't built anything new in a long time… (Strokes chin) Hm…

End of Chapter 13