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Toon Wars: The Final Days

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In Loving Memory of Stan Lee, Stephen Hillenburg, and Chance Champ Lee (My Pet Dog)


The world is in danger. The clouds are intensely darkened around the globe, covering it in dark red and green hues while purple storms shower above from space. The medieval streets are empty and left in ruin. Only the Adventure Academy Tower, appearing worse for wear than in most days, sits perfectly still. Inside, the former classroom of an old professor lay Cattus the One Blade; the wisest of the team, and the ever so timid Bimm. She sits next to her brother, Familiar, who's too busy looking out the classroom window with a Neutron-Crossbow in his hands. As Bimm continues to look scared and confused, Cattus leans forward to her to ease the tension and give her comfort, telling her of a much different time before now. He says softly,"Years ago, when I was but a little one, before I attended the academy here, I was taught the ways of the One Blade. I remember the tradition well. My family consisted entirely of One Blades, given the title for our bravery, wisdom, and heroism. A mantle where everyone can be a warrior no matter the shape or size. A mantle that is not achieved, but is earned. I was the most recent, and the youngest to ever be. And ever since, I have been in a constant state of meditation, spreading my wisdom onto others, vowing to keep the title until one day, someone worthy steps forward." Just when Cattus finished his story, the huge long-haired frog, Phibby Croax bursts through the door with his damaged shield in his hand with a more panicked expression than his usual excitable appearance.

Phibby: ...They're here.

Bimm as her eyes widen: ..!

Familiar: I see it! The clouds are separating! We're not safe here anymore! Then again, we were never safe to begin with..!

Outside the academy, the skies start to distort like a computer erasing a skybox and the surface of the world crumbles into a pure white space, leaving nothing behind! But at the very center of the destruction, a city-sized purple layered halo, almost resembling an eye, stares down at the remains of the Earth.

Cattus: We must escape! (Grabs Whirlwind Magisword) Ready your defenses everyone!

Just as the group step outside, Bimm hesitates tremendously, as do everyone beside her while they have their weapons ready. They walk carefully down the hall, watching from all corners of themselves, trembling in nervousness as though they know what is come. When going through the halls, Cattus and Familiar check and look through the classroom windows. But all there isn't anything in them. The rooms are empty and glitched along with the outside environment. Eventually, they reach the end towards a room containing a large warp gate placed by the Toon Force for situations like these. And in front of it stands Vambre Warrior of Lyvsheria with her back turned.

Cattus: Vambre! Did the escape portal finish recharging?

Vambre: …

Familiar: You alright, V?

Vambre slowly turns around shaking and breathing rapidly with an extremely frightened expression on her face next to a tall mysterious man in the shadows, appearing to be wearing a strange mixture of an outfit reminiscent of that of a familiar samurai warrior and a certain boy genius and ghost boy. Vambre is frozen, unable to even flinch from a dark purple aura holding her in place.

Mysterious Man turning toward the group: ...You know, they say there's a demon in all of us, Warrior. Now it's time to embrace your's.

Familiar: Damn...That's deep!

Phibby: He had us before we even knew it!

Cattus quietly clenches tightly onto the handle of his Magisword and keeps his arm on Bimm's shoulder, holding her behind him for safety.

Mysterious Man: Don't be frightened, my fellow children. Soon you will all be a part of a much better world where everyone can live in perfect harmony. No one will ever be different. Or forgotten like you.

Familiar: And by that you mean kill us and turn us into one of you? You're twisted!

Mysterious Man: Perhaps I am. But that's typical to say for a hero in a script. I'm just trying to break it. (Raises hand)

The group hesitate when the mysterious man shoots a pulse of gravity at them, not really affecting them until each of them look at each other's hands and realize that they're slowly being turned into digitized code that is erasing them from the inside out; much to their unprecedented horror!

Cattus: Oh no..! What otherworldly magic is this?!

Phibby scrambling: I-I can't feel my legs!

Mysterious Man: Normally, we'd be corrupting worlds rather than deleting them. We don't have the luxury to do so elsewhere. But here, all it takes is one hint of our will to destroy you, permanently.

In fear, Vambre manages to break free of her paralysis and desperately clings onto the man's arm trying to tug him away and stop his madness, but her efforts are fruitless! Without looking, the higher being pushes her to the floor with a pulse wave from his palm aiming at her face as she was pulling.

Vambre: Stop! I won't allow you to!

Mysterious Man: Under whose authority, Warrior?

Distant Voice: Mine!

Mysterious Man: ?!

The erasure process stops as everyone looks at the old Principal Cyrus, stepping up to the man with the Knowledge Magisword in his pocket, taking it out and enlarging it.

Bimm: Professor..!

Cyrus: I got the dang thing ya keep killin' for! Now let the kids leave, alright?! Thought that gate would've been done by now so I could leave without havin' to do this.


Vambre: No...

Mysterious Man: I make no promises. (Shoots laser)

The villain shoots a small laser instantly through Cyrus' chest, which pushes him back onto the cold floor! As everyone stares at him in utter shock, his body starts turning into fading code, leaving nothing left of him but the Knowledge Magisword on the floor tiles. This cruel new enemy gives a small grin that quickly fades when he sees Vambre and the rest of the team try to escape through the warp tunnel while he isn't looking!

Mysterious Man: No you don't..! (Holds palm in the air)

Vambre running away and turning around: !

Vambre is immediately stunned by the man's invisible pulse attack, which quickly warps her to parts unknown, unable to even scream fast enough. At the same time, everyone in the warp tunnel nearly get hit by the same attack, knocking down Phibby and Familiar! Bimm stops running and turns back to her brother to try and save him, but when she grabs onto his arm, it suddenly disappears from the corruption from the man!

Bimm: Familiar! Please! Don't go!

Familiar: I-I can't! You've gotta get outta here! Quick!

Before Familiar could say anything else, he gets grabbed by the hair by the mysterious man and is tossed out the warp tunnel behind him! He aims for Cattus and Bimm, still running at the end of the portal, but before he could do anything, he is quickly attacked by Phibby, getting back on his feet throwing heavy punches to the man's face and stomach! While he's grabbing onto him, the villain's right arm starts to distort itself like it's made of rubber, distracting him and giving Phibby an advantage! He headbutts him and slams him against the wall of the tunnel, taking his shield and smacking him to death with it to the point where it breaks into a small chunk! While he keeps beating him and grinding his face against the warp tunnel's energy current, the villain morphs his other arm into a spear-like appendage and lunges forward, stopping Phibby just before he could land another blow with a surprised and horrified look that says it all!

Phibby struggling to speak: …! That wasn't extreme...That was...Gegh…!

Phibby steps backward while holding his bleeding stomach and falls through the energy current out of the warp tunnel, fading out of the physical plane into the darkness of space! After Phibby gets erased, the mysterious man takes his palm and shoots three massive bolts of energy at the closing warp gate at the end of the tunnel! They enter and head straight for Bimm, too fast for her to react other than to be fearful! Before either of the missiles could get an inch on the distressed cat woman's face, Cattus pushes her out of the way and takes the shot in the back, holding onto Bimm tightly as the shots shoot right into him! The two of them fall out the closing portal into the lab of Nora Wakeman in the teleporter room, letting go of each other as Cattus lands on the side of his face, unable to move his body from the now bloody floor. As the blood spreads, Bimm crawls over to him, carefully turning his body back around and gently sitting his head on her lap to comfort him in front of everyone in the room with them!

Nora: Oh my Lord..!

Kitty: Someone get help! Hurry!

Dib: He's bleeding fast!

Just as everyone scrambles for help, Bimm keeps Cattus held against her while she slowly starts to cry, staring longingly at the proud warrior's rugged face.

Bimm holding Cattus: ...Why did you do that..? Why did you have to save me? You could've gone back for Vambre!

Cattus simply coughs a few times, but after the fourth one, he looks back to Bimm's face and quietly sets his hand on her to breath, Cattus tells her his very last response, "...Potential...You have…" He is quickly cut off by two dry coughs to Bimm's confusion, not sure what he's going to say, until he strokes her face with his clean hand and finishes his sentence. "You have, potential…"

Just with that, Cattus gives one last smile to the one he loved the most. He leans forward to her and for what feels like the first time all over again, gives one good kiss that lasts but a few seconds before he finally lets go of his life. Bimm calmly lets Cattus rest his head against her while she cries like no one has ever seen. She doesn't even make a sound. All she does is set her head onto her love's, and closes her eyes as though no one is really around. As though she's the only one left. Yet to her, she doesn't matter…

End of Might̷̡̢̼̻̤͍̽̐̋̊͛͒͗̂̓̈́͑̾͝y̸̛̹̺̠̭̬͙̭̎̅́̂̾̚͝͠ ̷̡͖̱̳̫̤̍̆́̍͑̽̂͜M̶̛̞̥̳̑̎̒̀͆̈̂͘͝͠a̵̢̻͇͉̝͕̞̭̯̥͛01100111 01101001 01110011 01110111 01101111 01110010 01100100 01110011