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It Isn’t Gonna Fill Itself

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Welcome you all! Glad to see you here!
Now what can I get you? We have a wide variety in our menu to select from. And If you don’t find anything you like, just ask for something custom made!

(All custom orders do take a bit longer to create)

Kink Menu:




Drugged Sex (With Consent)

Sex while asleep (With Consent)

Wet Dream

Psionic Bondage





Semi-Public Sex

Semi-Publis Toy Use(Comes with option of; Vibrator, Butt plugs, Nipple clamps, and/or Cock ring)

Gun kink


Wire Play


Spanking kink


Dirty talk

Chuckle-Vo-Doos/Mind control/Hypnosis (Comes with extra side of consent)

Come/Cum inflation (Comes with optional side of having to hold it within their bodies for an extended amount of time)

Nook pearls (Usually only Sea Dwellers but if wanted can be adjusted for land-dwellers)

Safeword Use


Custom: (Please clearly state what is desired)

-With the Kink Menu feel free to mix and match to suit your desires-

*All Kinks come with Safewords, however the safeword is usually not used unless requested to*

***New Item Available!!

Now offering Palerom (Rails with pails), Redrom, Blackrom, and an ashenrom! Please specify how you would like your request. The request comes out much better if I know which quadrant/s I am working with! Of course if you have an idea that doesn’t fall into any of these quadrants please do specify what you would like.

I can do pretty much all Kinks, no matter how fucked up it may seem. The only thing I do not do is Rape/Non Con. If you want rape then I will make it into a roleplay type scene that both parties have consent to.

Same goes with underage. All characters are of age but I can do a roleplay type scene. (Aka little space/Age regression)

I am fully willing to do all ships. I ship all of the above in all stated quadrants.


Remember, I do not accept kink/ship shaming in my comment section. It is very distasteful. So please refrain from acting in that way. This is a safe place to request your deepest darkest needs that you might not be able to find elsewhere.



So Order up as you please! I will naturally assume these are all smut unless requested as fluff. I am ok with doing fluff. :)

(If order is not the way you want it or you dont like it please tell me, and if you can tell me what you want changed!)